Five Nights at Freddy's: SL

Five Nights at Freddy's: SL [Games] App Description & Overview

NOTE: A device with at least 3 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly.

Welcome to Circus Baby's Pizza World, where family fun and interactivity go beyond anything you've seen at those *other* pizza places! With cutting-edge animatronic entertainers that will knock your kids' socks off, as well as customized pizza catering, no party is complete without Circus Baby and the gang!

Now hiring: Late night technician. Must enjoy cramped spaces and be comfortable around active machinery. Not responsible for death or dismemberment.

NOTE: Game entirely in English.


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Five Nights at Freddy's: SL Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Scott Cawthon and Clickteam bring the superior version of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location to mobiles! - Remastered version from the PC version - High resolution graphics - High quality audio - Options screen - Various bug fixes and improvements

Five Nights at Freddy's: SL Comments & Reviews

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- Fun but really hard

I love this game and I am friends with the creator of this series. My personal opinion about this game is that 🥰. It is just so hard.

- Good but hard

Night 4 is to hard, I know you made it easier but it’s hard for me. I don’t know how to wiggle off the minirina on the middle, I just want to beat that night. Overall it’s a good game! J like how if has like that animation feel, unlike the other games

- Unstoppable

On night two when your supposed to be under the desk I did not make eye contact and she dragged the wall and got me somehow

- Update finally!

I love the game series, don’t get me wrong, but this port from the PC version to iOS felt very rushed. Many things were missing, no time at home watching “The Immortal and The Restless” after your shift, the dialogue between William Afton and Elizabeth Afton before your shift, part of the dialogue in-game from the characters will sometimes get cut-off, and the Primary Control Module is cut-off (the ceiling mostly, where the Ennard mask is supposed to be). The game is fun, but EXTREMELY challenging, let me tell ya! I’m usually up for a good challenge, especially when it comes to FNAF, but this just felt like insanity... On night 2, you are told by Circus Baby to hide under your desk, because “they” are coming. You soon find out that the “they” she is talking about are the Bidibabs, creepy little baby-themed animatronics, that are trying to get you. THIS FELT IMPOSSIBLE! I spent hours trying to figure this out, but eventually had to take a break, otherwise I might’ve exploded. The trick is; when the Bidibabs start pulling on the metal dividing you from the creepy animatronics, you have to press very hard on the screen. VERY. Learned that the hard way... heh... you have to kind of drag it as well, you may need to release for a moment, but eventually they will stop pulling on the metal sheet. You will need to repeat this once more, this time it will be a bit harder, but once you’ve beat them that second and last time, the animatronics will crawl away, saying that “she’s here”, thankfully it’s Circus Baby they’re talking about, and they seem to be wary of her. Another tip is on night 3, I believe (Sorry, I’m not quite sure if this is night 3 or 4, but I’m pretty confident it’s night 3), When you have to fight off the Minireenas, instead of repeatedly tapping the spring locks, just hold down on them, it’s much easier. And to shake them off the spring lock suit, tap left and then right a couple times, but don’t over do it, otherwise you’ll trigger the spring locks. Now here’s the hardest bit in my opinion, night 5... dun dun DUUUNNN! It’s pretty straight forward, just crawl through the vent to the Primary Control Mudule, and then crawl through Funtime Auditorium so that you can send Circus Baby to the Scooping Room; don’t worry about Funtime Foxy, he/she/it’s not there (still not sure of the gender). Follow Circus Baby’s instructions. Now HERE’S the hard part, once you start to go back through Funtime Auditorium, She tells you to go forward. Tap and hold in the center of your screen. Then she tells you to stop. STOP IMMEDIATELY. After a moment she says to go forward and left, to do exactly that, hold the far left side of the screen. That’s how to get the “Real Ending” (took me forever to figure that out, and you really do need to be cautious with where you tap and hold on the screen). To get the “Fake Ending” you need to complete the Circus Baby Mini-game. (Still also haven’t finished that...) after completing the mini-game play night 5 again, this time instead of going “forward and left”, go right by tapping and holding the far right side of the screen. You’ll find yourself in a secret room where you’ll have to survive until 6:00a.m. (Sound familiar?) Apparently Ennard is hard, along with Bon-Bon and Bidibab, so I can’t wait to try beating THAT... Ooh, one more thing, to access the Circus Baby Mini-game, you have to die; sometimes it randomly gets triggered, and the other way to access it, and it’s way easier, is to go into the “Extras” option and press the area next to “Main Menu”, also took me a long time to figure that one out. If you need help you can always just look up how to beat the mini-game on YouTube, ‘cause again; I still haven’t figured out how to beat it. Anyway, hopefully this was somehow helpful, it was an extremely long review, but I just wanted to say everything I could think of that I would like to be added, along with tips for how to beat the game. Mr. Cawthon, if you’re reading this, or if Clickteam is reading this, please add those few things to the game, it would really benefit the game. I know that there are many other reviews like this, but that’s because it’s something we all want; for the games to be just as great on iOS as they are on PC. Other than that the game is great, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to have a fun new game to play! Can’t wait for Ultimate Custom Night to be added to iOS! And for the future games that will be released; this series will live on in the hearts of many, maybe even in our nightmares as well! Thanks for reading this, much appreciated. (Updated on March 25th 2020) HOLY HECK, the game was updated 5 days ago, and it’s awesome!!!! So much better now, I’m completely happy with this update. It’s got everything in it that was missing before; Dialogue in between nights, The show at the end of the nights, And all the other little details that the game was lacking before. I was waiting for the game to update for the past couple months, checking constantly on the App Store, but kinda just gave up and stopped checking. Then I checked to see if it was updated, and BAM! So, haha, yeah. I’m pretty excited about this update. I still thoroughly recommend this game, the gameplay is great, it’s a lot of fun, and is intriguing. I personally think the main reason this game series is being revived is because of its thrilling plot and story, which has a lot to offer. Whether playing the games or reading the books, you’re sure to find it interesting, in a dark, “twisted”, (heheh) kind of way. Thank you for reading this stupidly long review.

- This IS THE BEST FNaF game

This game is goooooooooooood

- It’s good but some bad news

The old version you were able to enter the private room by just holding the right side. new version I try to do it but nope I can’t and when Circus baby to turn how are u a post to turn I like the old version

- Awesome port! But Night 5 needs fixing.

The Private Room Night 5 is impossible to beat. The power drains too quickly and there aren’t the right Audio cues in place. When ennard appears outside the door it’ll play the Audio cue of him walking away. When ennard walks away it’ll play the audio of him very close. The power is a big problem. I even used the camera twice and used audio cues for the rest and still lost power and lost. Please fix this.

- Can you make the buttons bigger and the jump and shoot reverse

I like this game it’s so good but can u make the buttons bigger bc I play in iPad but I can’t beat baby’s mini game also can u make the jump and shoot reverse like jump is buttom and shoot is up please in the next update

- Can u let us update this?

Dear Scott I don’t get why you won’t put a update cause I can only move to right and left cause I think I bought it in 2017 my cousins bought it in 2020 this year and they can move any where..and keep the work up and soon can you make a Fnaf UCN on IOS please and thanks and keep up the good work Scott <:3

- Love this game but....

Thank you Scott and clickteam for making this game but there is a problem, on night 2 where you have to stop bidybab from jumpscaring you I keep getting jumpscared. I keep screaming,”Bidybab if keep jumpscaring me I swear I will grab a knife come into the game and stab you until you are broken!!!!”

- This is what I wanted

I loved the fnaf series but I didn’t have a pc. So my choices were getting fnaf games on Nintendo switch or iPhone. switch didn’t have fnaf 5 so I got it on my iPhone. The first week I got it I thought it was a cheep rip-off of the fnaf 5 on pc but 2 weeks later they released a update which made fnaf 5 iOS into a full pc version. The game is so polished and fun. I recommend getting this game.

- Night 4 is really hard

The only problem I face is once I get to night 4 and I can seem to beat it I think night 4 should be nerfed to make it a little easier other wise the game is perfect!!

- This is amazing

I finished the game by beating the secret ending before the real ending, the private room is hard, but now when I try to complete the real ending, It automatically sends me to the private room, so now I will probably have to play the game all over again to get a new ending. Edit: Clickteam just remastered the game and it is great. My past question was answered and I love that you can look around, Baby has new voice lines, there is more then just one jump scare noise, and it looks way better. The original SL port stripped away a lot of what made Sister Location good, but Clickteam brought all of that back with, new cutscenes and what was previously stated. My last question is when is Sister Location coming to consoles?

- Best game ever

It’s pretty scary and medium hard it’s pretty fun it builds tension and yes I’m a kid but I’ve loved five nights at Freddy’s ever since the first game came out.

- Update for touchscreen changed everything...

Ok so I just found this update that was for touch screen and I thought it had restarted my hard progress but then when I realized everything was different I was jaw dropped. I WAS TOUCH SCREEN AND THE UPDATE CHANGED EVERY THOUGHT ABOUT THE GAME. The options area was open, The buttons were different, Circus Baby had different voice lines, I was now able to look around and more! Make sure to get this game and enjoy! Also I give out a shoutout to the voice actors, they did an awesome job. Thank you Scott for this I am very thankful and your welcome for supporting you!!! Also game is really scary and I love it

- Really fun game!

I have all the five nights at Freddy's and this is really fun to!!!!!! I just can't beat night 2 yet but it's really fun if you did not know this is the 5th five nights at freddys

- Night 4 is near impossible

This is one of those times that I miss the terrible port. It was actually easier to beat night four in that. But now I can’t beat it. It takes too long to go from one side to another. The minireenas get way too aggressive. Good game though. Also, is ucn coming to mobile?


When I got all the mobile Fnaf games I was so happy but when they made all the apps in 2.0 and updated the animation, sounds, fixed bugs etc. I was thrilled to see that Scott didn’t just throw these games together yet on this game SL night 2 is so hard! Great games though

- Night four is kinda hard but I still got past it(BEST GAME EVER!!)

Lol when I got to the springlock thing, that took me a while.But the rest is AWESOME,BEST.GAME.EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) no bugs at all!


I Love This Game But The Thing That Annoys Me Is You Can't Go Right To Do The Secret Room But I Already Done That On The Previous Update, And On The Cupcake Minigame Which I Already Completed Is Just A Black Screen.

- :D

I love this game so much keep up the good work!!

- Night 5 is HARD

When baby says “go forward and left” HOW THO!?!? pls giv me help :(

- {The Truth Behind Fnaf Soster Location}

{Hey Everyone!} {If you Don’t Know the truth behind fnaf sister location! I have already beat the game myself so when you are fixing the baby animatronic she will tell you ballora is coming and then you see a ennard looking person that’s ballora baby was telling you about but it’s not really ballora 🧐 if your confused it is really ennard you can see the wires behind baby and you can look him up and you will see the resemblance because when you get to the crusher we’re they take apart the animatronics and put the new parts on you can see balloras parts she was already crushed so if you didint know that then there you go} {And here is another truth if you go to options in the corner on the starter screen in sister location you can actually play the game and practice without having to feed all the kids and giving them cupcakes when you get to the actual game that might be a small truth but hope it helps!} {Another secret when you get back to the original fnaf where you look at the cameras and everything still sister location but different but if you see the keypad beside the screens that don’t work you can type a secret code that will turn the Cameras on and actually it’s recording fnaf 4 live from someone’s screen so you can see what to do hope this truth helps you if your a fan of fnaf 4!} {Ik pretty much every body might already know this but when you get under the desk and manage to escape bidbab circus baby will tell you you will have to crawl threw the ballora gallery that is true but she tells you to go slowly threw the gallery but then the voice helping you with your shifts he will tell you to go as quick as possible to make it to the parts and service room but I listened to circus baby and went slowly because of you go quick ballora can’t see but she would hear your footsteps so listen to circus baby and go slowly} {This is my last truth about fnaf sister location when you beat the game you actually get to see Elizabeth and circus baby’s true self circus baby’s eyes weren’t originally green they were blue but when she killed Elizabeth circus baby was possessed by Elizabeth so at the end of the game Elizabeth is no longer possessing circus baby after the whole incident the pizzeria is closed and you no longer have any shifts you can still play the game you would just have to restart hope these all help with the game now you know the truths about fnaf sister location!}

- Plz add this game to ps4

So I best sister location on mobile but I can’t seem to get past the ennard boss fight though. I just want to have the same experience but with headphone and vr (all ps4 games can be played with vr) and I want to see the challenges for the game and the minigame Please add this game to ps4

- Can you fix this plz

So I was on night five and then I accidentally press new game and now I have to start over. There souled be a warning saying with you want to do it or not after you press new game. Also you are not able to turn left or right on night 5 or at least I don’t know how to. Please make a help page that will explain how to do so. Other then that the game storyline or is good. Oh ya and this is all on my mobile device, But over this game is really fun and challenging.

- Amazing Update!

The new update certainly fixed every single problem the original mobile port had, and it’s completely identical to the PC version! However, there is one issue that remains. I’m not sure if this is just the original renders, but it seems that in some screens ( e.g. the soap opera and the vent crawling ) have significantly lower image quality than others. This is also present in the Pizzeria Simulator mobile port ( during the office sequence; the office image quality is pretty bad ), but aside from that, let’s give a big round-of-applause for Clickteam! Awesome work, guys! This makes me very excited for Ultimate Custom Night.

- Night 5

Great game but in night 5 when she tells me to go forward and left I don’t know how I searched it up but I could find any gameplay for the IPhone XR (the phone I’m playing on) I only showed iPhone 6-8, please add a way for the iPhone XR to go left

- Good game, but one major flaw

I’m stuck on Night 5 and when she says go forward then left, could you please make it easier for the people that don’t know how to do it with a button that says left or something? It’s getting me annoyed and most people can’t even beat this even though you remastered it 4 days ago🤦🏻‍♂️please and thank you!


this game is AWESOME! great 👍 job Scott for creating this amazing game.

- Thanks for responding!

Good game! I’ve never had a response on my review before. Thanks again! ;) -Applebutter

- Night 4 Patch

I've been wondering if you put the patch on night 4 because i keep putting the 3 minutes on my IPad and i last 2 minutes and i die at 39 or 40 or 36 seconds if you put the patch please say it on Youtube i did watch the SL Remastered Trailer but put something so i know you put the patch Bye P.S.Where is FNaF World And Ultimate Custom Night

- Impossible

I spent 5 hours trying to beat the circus baby mini game. You have to get it perfect or you die by the time

- New Update is Great!

I love the new update and the Look Around feature! The game feels a lot more like the PC version and Ennard actually has sound orientation! While the Cupcake minigame controls are finicky, it really doesn’t matter to me because I already beat that game anyways. If I were to make a suggestion, I would suggest that Ennard should go straight to the doors when he’s standing in the hall rather than hide in the closet first. Him hiding in the closet all the time makes his level very misleading.

- I actually rate 3 stars

The game is good and all it’s just it is really difficult to beat night 5 because the mechanics make it really hard to turn and walk. It is impossible for me to turn right to enter the private room because I keep getting jumpscared. There is no “access denied” voice line and I already have the two stars from beating the game and beating Baby’s Minigame. Could you possibly change the walking buttons to arrows or give options to turn when available? It would make the dark area in Funtime Auditorium way less of a burden to navigate through. I also think that there should be checkpoints for when you “repair” Baby and in the Private Room when you are trying to survive against Ennard.

- Very good

Scott I love your work I’m almost as obsessed as mat pat just one suggestion TELL US LORE and make night 4 easier it is the hardest thing

- Best FNaF game so far with few major flaws

There was multiple bugs I faced on nights 2 and 3 but otherwise it was really good. I am very confused on night 5 when you are instructed to go forward and left which is now nearly impossible since the new update. You used to be able to tap and hold what direction you wanted to go in but now since the two sections are reserved for crawl and crawl fast I have no idea where to tap and hold. I also hate the Circus Baby Mini game because the controls at the bottom of the screen are way too tiny. I thought this update was supposed to fix these things! I do like the fact that you can now move around but you should invert the axis area because on night 4 I kept moving in the wrong direction because of the way I was swiping. Other than those issues, the game is fantastic!

- A Bug I Think But Still A Great Remaster! 😊

Hi, while I was playing the remaster of this game I think I may have found a bug or glitch where in the 5th night when Baby tells you to leave and go to the scooping room, when she tells you to go forward and left I move my viewing point to left and the I go forward. Am I supposed to go forward then turn left? I don’t really know! But I would really like to now if there is something wrong with the game! I really wanna beat the Private Room night because I was never able to beat it so I just waited until this game was remastered along with the other mobile port remasters of the FNAF franchise. But anyways, I love the remasters 10/10 5 Stars. Just please I would like to know if it is a glitch or bug or anything like that! Thank you if you respond!

- Welcome to Circus Baby Entertainment and Rental

This game is a wonderful pinnacle of difficulty, story, and above all, horror. This game has been one that I have enjoyed for many years now, despite it having had numerous bugs in the old mobile version. But now, with the updated version, it’s much harder, much more fun, and all of the mobile-exclusive bugs have been ironed out. This makes the playing experience so much more enjoyable and playable. I remember back on the old mobile version, I would tap randomly around Funtime Freddy until I successfully got Bon-Bon. This game is much better now, now that it has been updated to its full self.

- Almost perfect

Honestly Scott, this game is almost PERFECT. the only reason it’s not is because night 4 is like impossible but it’s really really fun. I wasn’t expecting an update to this one!!

- Sound

The sound is not working

- Fnaf 6

Nothing is wrong with the game but can u make a FNAF 6

- Please help me

Hey Scott I need your help. When I reached Parts and Service, Hand Unit told me to press the buttons on Funtime Freddy’s faceplates: Under his right/left cheeks, next to his right eye, and above his nose, I did that, got his power module, next he told me to get the power module from the Bonnie hand puppet but the puppet didn’t show up and I waited for like 6 or 7 minutes then got jump scared by the Bonnie puppet. Scott I know you’re busy but I really need your advice.

- Remastered version

The remastered version is amazing and nights 1 through 4 were awesome. But when I try night 5 and follow Baby's instructions to go left I get jumpscared. I don’t know if this is a bug or what I can’t seem to get through that part but overall I love it so far and thank you Scott and Clickteam for this amazing game.

- More to options

I love the game but you should add a option to take away touch and drag tip so ya

- hot do i get to secret room with new update

this game is realy good. but to get to the secret room to get the 3rd star. idk hot to go forward and right with the new update. so it anyone sees this plz tell me. thanks

- Bug in Funtime Auditorium Night 5

The update to this game is really great, it adds in the critical features and atmosphere that were missing from the initial mobile version, but there is a fatal and possibly game breaking bug that occurs in Funtime auditorium in Night 5. When Baby tells you to crawl forward and left, there is no button or hint on how to go left ( or right to the private room), I even tried pressing the right side of the crawl button to reach the private room, it didn’t work, and it doesn’t work for the scooping room either. Please fix this bug, the rest of the game runs pretty smoothly, but this part prevents you from getting to either of the endings, if you could add crawl buttons for going left or right, that should fix it. Thank you for reading this (By the way, you all have done a great job of remastering the other Fnaf games too)

- :D

OMG THANK YOU SCOOTT FOR ADDING PC VERSION although I can’t figure out how to get to scooping room part when she’s says turn left ??no turn left button :(

- Night 5

On night 5 It tells me to go right and left but thar is no left or right button please fix this

- Buttons too small!

Scott for the mini game the buttons are too small and every time I press the button it is delayed. So ☹️ but besides it’s still pretty good.

- Way too hard

When I first got under the desk every time bidy bab... KILLED ME!

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- It's a bug

The mini game does not work and I need to complete it to unlock custom night pls fix it

- Great but...

I love the game and when I saw the new update I was really excited, but on night 3 when u got to fix Funtime Freddy, the buttons on his face don’t work, and if the face and chest DO open, Bon Bon takes forever to start showing up, and he doesn’t expose his chest. Also, Handunit stops instructing after he says where the first button is. And Bon Bon’s jump scare has no audio. I have beaten the game before this update, and I loved it. But now I can’t beat night 3 because the buttons don’t work. Plz fix this T^T

- Bon Bon

Thanks for the response. Turns out I wasn’t going into the corner enough, so I caught Bon Bon and beat the night. Still love the update:)

- Night 3

I love this game so much, but I’m having an issue with the Bon Bon puppet in the remastered version. The guided book by Scott Cawthon tells me to wait for the Bon Bon puppet to appear at the edge of the light. I can no longer see him and he continues to move no matter where my light is.

- :/

It’s good and all but on night 3 the Bonnie hand puppet won’t come out from behind Freddy (I’m on phone)

- Bad and good

So I am on night 2 because I had to restart on night 5 anyway I stop playing and there is an update and it got way worse I can’t jump high enough to go on anything the buttons are to small and now you have to drag your finger across the screen to see you made this game so bad fix the game until then I’m giving u 1 star

- Make it on Xbox

Update it on xbox

- I Love It!

Hey Scott I Love All The Fnaf Games Especially Sister Location But When You Made This Update It Ruined It For Me I Still Love It But Just Please Turn It Back To Normal -Loving It!

- “Go forward, and left”

I like how this game is almost like the pc version, it’s unique and very exciting to play especially in a bigger screen (I.e and iPad Pro). But I’m having trouble on going to the scooping room in night 5 because the layout right now is different from the last version of the Sister Location. I thought there would be a button where I could go left and right when following Circus Baby’s voice. Overall, I had fun playing it and I will be try to find a solution for this problem, until/unless the developer notices my review (I hope so).

- Love the update!

The update made it 10x better! Also a tip for those who want to get into the safe room you gotta look to the right or if you want to go to the scooping room just look left when baby tells you to.

- THE BEST UPDATE!♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much scoot for this update! Now it look like I play in a PC!!❤️❤️❤️

- Pls click teem read this

I got 2 stars and I do crawl and press right and it says stop like normal idk what’s happening? Can you tell me how to go in secret Room

- Power in secret room

Scott I keep on dying on night five in the secret room at 5AM and the power goes down really quick using power or not so can u please let the power go down a little slower on 5 am please overall I love the game and thank you for making this game😊 Thank you Scott (If u add me in messages, I want to tell u a strange dream I had about the new fnaf 7 coming out) Your biggest fan

- Good game

But it needs to be remastered

- I need help for the secret room on night 5 please!

Night 5 is difficult because you can’t tell if ennerd is on there left or the right. And on 5 am he moves TOO FAST. SOME TIMES I DON’T HAVE TIME TO REACT AND I ALWAYS DIE. Please make it where you can her him on left and right. I already tried headphones and they don’t work. Please fix this if you can because it would be a lot of help. Thank you

- Baby doesn't tell you to stop in night 5

When I'm playing the game in night 5 and I'm walking through the room, baby doesn't tell me where to stop (please fix this!!!)


I just wanted to say this game is amazing but please add the tv and show the rest of some of the things you missed such as the danger meter , the rest of the control module and the rest of the voice lines I'd also like a new game such as ultimate custom night and making fnaf 5 get better graphics

- aayyyeee

666th review

- You had one job

Scott pls make an update adding back baby’s missing lines and adding the TV

- Sound doesn’t work

It’s really fun



- It doesn’t work for me

I want a refund

- Help!!

Unbelievable, on IOS you don’t even get the mini games! And On night five when baby tells me to follow her..she says to go forward and doesn’t say anything else. Then I run into Enard!!! Total bs

- Ultimate custom night

Great but can the next game you release be ultimate custom night both me and my friend want it and we really would enjoy it

- Help

Baby doesn’t tell me to stop on night five. Maybe a bug?

- Impossible

The game is fun but the part with bonbon is hard but baby’s mini game is impossible some of the kids are impossible to shoot with the cupcakes!😯🤬😢

- Title:

Love the game but can you put a five on the picture of the game and make Funtime freddys face zoomed a bit out more

- Pretty great

Yo Scott amazing game but Scott man in waiting for the update when will u update it plz update

- Some things need to be fixed

You should add a screen to bring you back to the menu and you also have to add a save system during the part where you have to repair circus baby whenever enerd kills you get set back to the start of the night also you should have an update we’re the code for circus baby is one code and deferent codes that’s all the negatives I have for it overall tho I think the games ok

- No sound on ipad

My kids installed it and it’s completely silent. Disappointing... 🙁

- Circus baby

Why does circus baby tell me to go forward and then I get killed on night 5?! I doesn’t make sense great game tho

- Circus baby does not say anything besides go forward then I die

Each time on night five circus baby said go forward then I die she does not say go left stop or anything

- Can’t turn left on night five

Can’t turn left

- Why Scott

Why did you have to remove fnaf one and two

- Nice game

Nice game but I can’t hear anything trough my iPhone I’m not sure if this is a bug or a common mistake but other then that I really enjoy your game and hope you make more!!

- Good game but I don’t get popcorn or TV

Good game but I don’t get popcorn or TV

- For some people

If you tap on the sides of the screen you will look to the sides. Also if you have troubles on night five5 wind the springlocks for top to bottom. Also wait for the minirenas to be almost to the top before shaking them off

- It is pretty good

I love the game I like how they add all the details in the characters it’s pretty cool but you have to win to play custom night

- Très bon jeu

Par contre, le son n’est pas stéréo, ce qui rend le niveau de ennard impossible à faire. S’il vous plait mettez le son en stéréo.

- The good game

The goodest game. Very good



- Thank you so much Scott

Ils so cool end guys you can turn left by touching the screen left lol.

- Money back plz

Just to say Scott I LOVE fanfics but it's not downloading I want my money back I want a refund

- It doesn’t work.

So I’m trying to open it, I bought it a few days ago, and I haven’t had time to play it, but it refuses to work. And the first time that it DID open, it glitched and lagged, and then closed itself. Please can I have a refund? That would be appreciated.

- Five night at freddy sister location

J'adore se jeu

- Take out bidebabs on night 2

Take out night 2 gust the bidieybabs

- Best FNaF game ever!!!

I luv this so much 5 stars!!!

- I want a refund

The game is not working night two it will not let me stop the babbys opening the door and everything is just not working

- private room

I can’t enter the private room :(

- The five night is easy

The fifth night is easy

- Y E S

It’s Gud.. maybe a couple of glitches here and there but it’s still... G O O D

- Great game but...

Fnaf sister location has become great again on mobile because of the new update, but went i got back on i had already completed some of the custom night challenges but in the new update if you bet one of the challenges on very hard difficulty you would get 1 of 8 cutscenes but i only was able to get up to 3 cutscenes so that means i wouldnt be able to watch all 8 cutscenes can you fix that for the people that have the same problem as me in the brand new update thanks

- Make...

Can u try 2 make fnaf world?

- An excellent game from Scott

This game is crazy good but there is just one problem I don’t know how to get custom night would someone pls let me know:)

- The minigmae is to hard!

The mini game is too hard cuz l tryed the mini game but l can never

- How to get to the secret room in update

The update is sooo cool it makes the game more realistic however now I cannot get to the secret room circus baby tells you to go back to get to the secret room you must complete the mini game then go right but now you cannot go right please tell me how to get to the secret room in this updated

- Good game but one problem

This game is amazing I made a few videos on my channel but when I go to the baby mini game there is a problem the controls were small and the timer was to short so I tried playing it for 2 hours but I couldn’t complete it so if you guys can update the baby mini game we’ll I’ll be very happy

- Finally!!

I have been waiting so long for an update on FNaF sister location

- Love the game

It’s a great game! I love how the mobile versions are now as good as the pc games, but we all need ultimate custom night and fnaf world!

- Why I’m seeing this to Scott

Hey Scott after fnaf 6 when all animatronic die when will fnaf 7 pop out it’s not vr but Scott if you read this thank for 2020 rebesting the first of the awesome horror games hope you come back and make fnaf 7

- Please

Scot please make a another FNaF game

- This needs to be fixed.

Okay, starting this of, I really liked the design and the details that you have put together and these nights are just amazing, but there is a problem. The problem is, on night five, after fixing Baby, she is meant to instruct you to stop, yet, she does not, leading you into a jumpscare to Ennard. I'm not sure how many people have had this issue, and I know your busy with producing the new games, but please fix this bug. Please.

- Pls make it better

Hi I’m wondering why the other FNAF games have been updated but not this one I’m stuck on the Funtime Freddy minigame can you please make a update thanks clickteam and Scott

- Good game but

So I’ll have to admit the ennard night is way to hard I’ll make it to five am with five % if it is possible plz make ir easier to beat and btw good game all together but a remaster of this would be great thanks Scott.

- 👍 update 👍

I think there should be a update like fnaf 1,2,3 and 4 + the bidybab challenge is to hard

- Needs fixing

Whenever I try to complete the mini game that comes up when I either get a game over by Ennard or F-Foxy, there’s this glitch where the children are IN THE GROUND! How can I beat the mini game WHEN I CANNOT THROW THE CUPCAKE AT THE CHILD?! The structure of the game gave this app 5 stars. The mini game bug caused the app to loose a star. Graphics and performance could also be improved, but I think it’s just my iPad gen 5 causing the problem.



- Lol best Fnaf game

This is a amazing game I’m bad a the secret room 😖 it’s my fault that I get jumpscared by Ennard and I love baby mini game 😋😋😋😋

- Really good game except for one glitch

I was up to night five and when I was heading to the scooper baby had a lack of instructions and you could not turn anywhere otherwise I would rate it five stars.

- Awesome but needs some added stuff

The mobile version of fnaf sister location doesn’t let the tvs work in ennards room! Pls add this as it is near impossible to defeat ennard without them.

- How to beat night 5

It took me ages to figure out how to beat this. 1. To save time, fun time foxy is not active during the 5th night to just walk straight 2.Enter the key code (pretty simple) 3.Baby will tell you to go forward. Press the MIDDLE of the screen. NEVER STOP MOVING UNTIL BABY TELLS YOU TO STOP. Go forward until baby tells you to stop 4.She will (most likely) tell you to go forward then left, hold down the middle of the screen and WITHOUT lifting your finger off the screen swipe your finger to the left. Go forward for about 1 second then swipe your finger She will tell you to stop. Stop. Then she will say go forward then left. Do the same as the instructions I mentioned earlier

- Bug on night 5

The game is great about details and good story of gameplay but there is a bug on night 5 when on the way to the scooping room the second line of baby "Stop" never happens and we just get jump scared and we don't know when to stop and we are just getting sick of it we want to complete the game and go to extras and custom night please fix this bug we really love your games Thanks for understanding Kind regards Random humans

- Great game

Hi Scott, This is a very good game, very good graphics, though not as good as PC version, but please could you do an update to this game like the first 2 games. This game has lots of bugs and glitches that doesn’t work, so an update would help, by adding better graphics and possibly in app purchases for those who might need it like the first 2 games. This is a great game, thank you. Please also add ultimate custom nights to mobile, as I love that game on PC and a PC is not mobile, and cannot move, and I often play games when I am not at home. Thank you

- Night 3 doesn’t work

After you take out Freddie’s power module in parts and service the Bonnie disappears like normal but it doesn’t rise back above his right shoulder and it doesn’t randomise it just jump scares you at the same time every go without the Bonnie rising. The mobile version doesn’t work very well


Hi, now Scott. PLEASE ADD ULTIMATE CUSTOM NIGHT TO IPAD! I AM BEGGING YOU! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah, please And thank you for your time. 🙂


In Custom night, you can open and close doors through cameras.

- Bruh

This game is sick I’ve been playing it since part 2 came out I’ve got all games except fnaf simulator and ultimate custom I’ve only played custom night a friends house but I don’t own it. Fnaf help wanted that’s what I have it’s awesome I’m about to finish to unlock pizza party and their is a game I think you and steel wool (I think that’s the name) are working on a game called flash light freeze I don’t know what it is but I’m waiting for it

- Fnaf at its lowest

This game is substantially worse than the others in the series. The gameplay is not entertaining, and the game is hardly scary at all. This is a 3 star game. 3 Stars on PC. The mobile version is so different, and this decreases what you can do in the game.

- Fun game but fix somethings

I love this game even though I’m too young (I am 10) but it is very fun but fix the key board and the name “eggs Benedict” it’s very annoying!+the key board is so buggy it always moves side to side but I guess it is the whole aim of the keyboard 😏😥😐😑🤷🏽‍♀️ all well who care because it’s a very fun game and I still rate it 4 stars!🥺🥺😍😍😛😛😝😝🥰🥰😛😝😜😄😄😄😄

- Please fix this glitch

If your on iOS playing this game you might be struggling to complete night 5 same. The thing that I hate about it is that when I press the green button to send baby to the scooper and I go back she told me to go forward so I did then she never said to stop or go left I just got killed please fix this glitch. One more thing I am on iOS and the baby mini game is hard because the kids are stuck in the ground😕

- bug

Wonderful game, but there’s a bug that when you are going to the scooping room while following Baby’s instructions, she says go forward and then doesn’t give you any other instructions til it says access denied and you have to restart from nearly the start of the night.

- Please OH PLEASE make a ultimate custom night on mobile

Dear Scott cawthon I am 8 years old but I want you to make an ultimate custom night for mobile can you? Well my friend Noah P has ALWAYS been waiting for this

- Please make pizzeria sim and ultimate custom night

Scot can you please make pizzeria sim and ultimate custom night for mobile because I really love watching them but I can’t experience the amazing gameplay for myself so can you try and make a mobile version for these two great games.I also loved Sister_Location but I can’t get custom night so can you try and fix that. By thanks for these great games.

- Help

The game is fun.. but I have ran into a problem, I and beat ennard in the private room....... Scott, of your reading this.. please fix the power dropping rapidly problem, thanks


Mate Scott you could of made them a tiny easier. I have been a fan since I was 6 and there is a few glitches I know in FNAF 1 try to make them a bit easier like the smiley face one LOVE IT just a little of a easier update would make me happy!!! 👍 also please read this FUSIONZZZ09

- I love it! but...

The version of this is wayy better on PC, but on mobile, I wouldn’t suggest... you’re probably better off playing on PC.

- One of the best games in the world🤩

This game is so good and i love the fnaf series I was stuck on under the desk but I finished it plz get fnaf 6 on iPad and make more fnaf Scott!

- Dear scott

The ennard on the game is to hard and he keeps doing silent moves and when I’m at five am and 19 power I get so fare but then he jump scares me I’m so mad but great games but I’m just a bit frustrated about ennard can you make it that he is a bit easer please from Thomas


Okay Scott,I absolutely love the game and I love fnaf but I don’t know how to put down the ice cream on mobile apple iPad I CANT FIGURE IT OUT on the mini game level I don’t know how to put the ice cream down at the end 😭

- Please fix this glitch

Great game but when I am doing night 5 and am following “baby” she tells me to walk forward and all audio will dissapear


In the 5th night, there is a bug with baby’s or ennard commands about left or forward (not really sure about the name). I played and carefully followed instructions but I got jump scared by the Endo skeleton which really upset me because I followed instructions and therefore should not have been jump scared in funtime auditorium (funtime foxy’s area). Anyway, I hope this gets fixed, Kind Regards

- Well done Scott!

This game is a perfect finish to the *original* series! ( well just not including Pizzeria Simulator and Ultimate Custom Night! P.s I am a professional game maker and lets just say This is authentic! Thanks Scott Cawthon for making the FNAF games on desktop, can’t wait for FNAf help wanted VR 👍

- So good!!

I got this game because of a person called p.s.a rayhan check him out and recommend it to people who like the dark and horror If your young ask your parents first but do it at your own risk have fun in the game!!😀!!

- Yay

I do like this a lot but can you let us play extra even know we haven’t fished the game and there also a glitch i didn’t even look at the bibybabes and the still open the door

- Screen Sizing

Please add iPhone X/XS/XR screen size suppurt!

- Important

Better fix the game the computer version is better and better quality so better fix it


I have been a fan these games for ages. I love this game as well, especially the custom night. On the other hand, golden Freddy mode is impossible on tablet as quotes sometimes don’t load in! I have this because minirinas cancel audio when tapering with oxygen. This is a glitch, not intended game mechanics. If this were to be fixed this 100% be 5 starts. It is just sad that I have completed everything else but I can’t beat the final challenge due a glitch.



- Good.... but easy

I watched YouTube videos and this game seemed a lot harder..... I passed it without dying..... there were a lot of things that weren’t included, I understand that because it is on mobile. But maybe we could use our finger to look around instead of tapping in the direction we want to look. Great game though!

- Fixing the glitches

It so good but there’s one problem when you find the keystone you have a really big JUMPSCARE but then it glitches you out to fix the glitches you must shake the screen and count to ten three times and it gets scared and the anamorphic makes it go away so good luck

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- About the update.....

My brother plays sister location and when he got on he was screaming, it was so ANNOYING my ears could fly off my head and the thing he hates most that was updated was under the crafting table part he says it’s to hard. Can u please take away the update thank u so much if you do!!!!

- Nice

This has to be the best mobile port for a game i’ve seen in so long! You guys have done a good job doing this!

- controls

Please make the controls bigger on ipad thanks

- Will not let me trough the 2 night when the baby’s are out

It makes me want to cry 😭😿😢😭😭😿😢🥺😩😩😫😫 but’s it’s good can you tell me how to get to the next night

- There’s a bug

I love this game it’s fun but I can’t finish night 5 after you’re done with putting the passcode in baby’s thing you have to go back and it tells you to go forward and left and I do that and ennard kills me fix this please

- Fantastic game! Love it!

I absolutely love this game it’s so fun and challenging! I love that each night there’s a different task that you have to do such as restoring power or working on animatronics. This time it’s really not just about survival, it’s about experiencing things you normally wouldn’t experience in any of the previous games! If you’re curious about buying this game, buy it! You won’t regret it one bit! And thank you Scott for creating Fnaf in the first place! You’ve done a great job over the years! Keep up the good work!

- Night 5

The game is great, but Night 5 doesn’t seem to work. Maybe add a new keypad option so you can go in the other directions. I have tried to swipe like in the rest of the game to turn, but it has never worked for either direction. Turning needs to be easier by either tapping on different parts of the screen to move like it was previously, or give an easier way to walk in a direction.

- This is the best game I’ve ever played

Thanks to the remaster I’ve beat all the custom night modes except golden Freddy mode but anyways this game is so fun but I do have one question. On night 5 when I head to the scooping room when she tells me to go forward and left do I press crawl and drag my finger to the left or do I go opposite btw I’m playing on iOS

- Invisible bonbon+give me more time

It will not show bon bon and if it dose it only gives me 4 to12 frames to react please give me more time😡😡😡😡 can you please give me MORE time to react like 30 frames is good not 2

- Night 5 ennard

The updates good I have one slight problem.. what in the world is ennard smoking he literally zips everywhere like billy b.a I know he’s suppose to be hard but literally at night 5 I die continuously at 5AM :/

- Amazing update

All FNaF games on iOS are amazing now that you and click team have gave all the FNaF games on iOS pc quality please add FNaF world to mobile.

- Night 4

Scott night 4 is to hard for me maybe you can skip that night for me

- Ugh

It’s a good game but when I go to the secret room it won’t let me I’m looking on that side and still won’t go pls fix this

- Whoa...

Deep below the ground we found ourselves the brand new version of FNAF: Sister Location! This is wonderfully remastered in faz-tastic HD! No problems what so ever! Though just one issue... On Night Five after you beat Baby’s Mini-Game how do you access the Private Room? But just that minor hiccup this is amazing to see our Funtime Friends again. Now our true final stop is truly terrifying! So terrifying that I wouldn’t challenge with 50 foot long pole! FNAF: The Ultimate Custom Night.... (If you decide to do it) All I can say is... I wish us all good luck...

- Bug

Soooo on night 5 in the new update you cant get to the scooping room. Ive tried looking left, pressing the top of the screen to move forward... nothing worked.

- The game is awesome

He game is amazing but im only on night 2 and i keep dying from bidybab with the under the desk thing because it is extremely hard but i can’t even like stop her from jumpscaring me because she says knock knock then the desk starts opening and i can’t even pull the desk back so I don’t get killed 😬 but the game is pretty cool

- Mini-Game Trouble

Hello!! I’m having problems with the mini-game. Each child needs to be fed 2 cupcakes right?? Well, I run out of cupcakes too fast. Another thing is where the children are placed. One of the children is placed too high, so when I go to shoot the last two of my blue cupcakes, it won’t get to the child. I’ve been trying to beat that mini-game for weeks. I know that y’all just updated, but do you think there’s a way to where y’all can move the children around?? I love this game so much!!! It’s fun, suspenseful, scary, and unpredictable.

- Okay... bro real good, but...

I love this game it is one of a kind! The only problem is: BRO WHY THE FREAKING WHY IS CUSTOM NIGHT ONLY FO PC?! I was more disappointed than Shrek realizing he had to live with an annoying talking donkey. Other than that. . . Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is pretty good! 🦊 🐰🐻🐤

- I’m glad I played before the update

I’m so glad that I beat the circus baby 8-bit minigame before this new update, because this update makes it way harder!

- It is an amazing game but only one complaint

In night 5 endoskeleton comes more faster please respond Quick

- My comment

I love this game every time I go to privet room at the last second I die I use the best type of head phones and strategies but I still die I give this five star because this game is so hard and cool and scary

- Fun but uhh...

I love the update but I still have this problem. I CAN’T get pass night 2 cause in the desk it feels impossible. My finger always hurts because I keep trying to keep the desk close but it NEVER works. Maybe it’s just me being stupid,or something else.Just respond to this please.Just give a way for me to beat that level.

- Ennard is to OP

I like the game there is one thing about the game is that ennard is way to hard you have no time to react please fix it

- Bon-Bon

FIX HIM NOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

- The Baby Mini Game.

Sorry, but I don’t like the new version of the baby mini game because it’s difficult with the jumps and how it plays, I keep dying at one of the all the time and can’t figure out why.

- 1 night

I can’t door from opening die every time

- 0_O

Um so... I am a big fan of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series and I kept hearing about this game. So I got it. It is actually a really good game thanks for the response I now know that there was something wrong with my volume. This is an excellent game and I really enjoy it especially how it tells a story. It is unique among other Five Nights at Freddy’s games. I really enjoy and it is definitely worth downloading. Every turn is a mystery and you really get a full on experience. This game is awesome.

- Night 2 is hard

Bidybab kills me over and over

- Thanks

I like that when the remastered version came out on click team i didn't have to pay for it again unlike some games trying out the remastered now

- Nice Upgrade

Scott! Your amazing! Like wow you did upgrade this really good! I was so excited when I saw the update! I was waiting so long for this! I have been hearing things that your making a new Fnaf game this year! I’m so excited! Keep doing good work


They finally remastered it! AWESOME

- Good but one thing (please read)

I have all of your fnaf games on mobile and love the series. I even beat fnaf 2. But something about this game makes it seem challenging. Night 2 is really hard under the desk. But I love the update

- Fix glitch

Uhh...I have a problem where I was on Night 5..Circus Baby didn’t tell me when I hold on left and I got jumpscare by Ennard

- Fnaf songs

Umm it’s good but night 2 Has a serious bug to where when bidybab open the desk you cant close it back and you die very fast please fix that

- HOW TO do NIGHT 4?!?

How to do night 4 please :<

- Mhh

Its good but the freddy games are better

- Great update but an issue with night 5

Ok, so this update is great. It’s so much like the PC version and now we get the cutscenes and all the dialogue and such. There’s is just one problem that I’ve noticed so far and it isn’t really a problem. I was just wonder how to get to the private room and scooper room on night 5. I have the keycard but am unsure of what to do when. Hopefully someone can help me figure this out and so I can get to custom night. Thank you

- Yes

We finally get all the after night cutscenes

- Ayyyyuuu

It’s good new update coming today let’s go

- AMAZING!!!!!

This game is really good for people that like horror games but if you don’t like scary stuff I would suggest NOT to play this game probably because there’s a lot of jump scares and the fact that it was based on a killer named William Afton. So if you want to play f.n.a.f. I would either think about how scary it is and if you really want to get or gust get f.n.a.f. one because I have f.n.a.f. 1...2...3...4... and sister location and I LOVE horror games and I don’t even play some JUST because the game frightens me a little. That’s why I think sister location is AMAZING (and other f.n.a.f. games).


I loveeeeee sister location! It’s a really really really good game! Funtime Freddy is my favorite. But there’s a problem.....when I got to night 5 baby tells me what direction to go to forward,left,right, but she doesn’t tell me when to stop! Please fix this for me. GET READY FOR A SURPRISE! :3

- Fnaf sl r

Where’s five nights at Freddy’s sister location remastered

- Fnaf

It is good but I think it could I like it but a could add unlocks the thing it’s so so so awesome and keep up the good work

- Help

The game is good but the 2nd night is VERY hard give me a walkthrough

- boring and does not make sense

It is not like the older FNAFs this one is more of a story not survival and gets boring fast.

- Good but left some things out

Good game and a good way for people without a laptop or are cheep to play fnaf 5 put you left out a couple little things like going home after every night or some words were missing

- Night 2 is too hard

The animatronic that opens the desk door. And it is to hard to close the door for desk.


I like it that’s all I can say

- I’m a big fan

I loved the game it’s scary but super fun .The first night glitched a bit but over all its AMAZING.Ive always loved fanf and the games .It the best

- Help I cant hear it!

So I found out fnaf a few years ago and I loved it I told all my friends about it and it’s like all we talk about so I have every one except number3 I love S.L. Because baby and I relate so much being short the singer the helper yet betrayer but I need to hear the sound to get past any nights no matter what I blast the volume yet nothing no sound please help!

- FNaF Sister_Location

Awesome game!!! I love everything about it! It’s funny, creepy, and FNaF!!! (The part when you’re in the room with F. Freddy was awesome!!! It creeeeeped me out so much!!! I saw the spring trap cut scene!!!

- I can’t hear

I want to love this game because I’m a fnaf fan but I can’t cuz there’s no sound for me I’ve deleted this game 17 times and re buyed it to try and make the sound work but it doesn’t work plz jix


I can’t hear it pls fix soon

- I can’t look up

I can’t look up but I can look left and right

- Sound won’t work

The game is overall amazing it’s a really good game. And when I first got it there was no problem with it it was working fine. Except for the second time I opened the app, I couldn’t hear anything and I still can’t. I’ve tried with head phones I’ve tried with the ringer on I’ve tried everything but there’s no sound so I’m not sure what to do. Someone help me please.

- Nice game

This is a good game but u should ad some new nights but it’s a great game.

- Can you make new games there hits

Plz make more fnaf games when you have a dream nothing can stop you

- Help me on night 3

How do I pass night 3? I can’t find Bonnie

- It's really good

I'm already halfway to the secret ending I already finished the baby minigame

- Good game

My first night was great 😀

- Short

The game ends so soon you spend four dollars for not much play time

- Omg

OMG it’s so. Fun I love you Scott thanks 🥰

- Good game but can’t play an Mac

Just read the title

- Awesome


- Not bad

The only issue I had with this game was the fact that I had to delete it off my phone and reinstall it because I couldn’t hear anything that they were saying throughout the game after night two... After I reinstalled it the sound did not comeback, so I wasted 3 dollars on this :( and my volume is all the way up and I have turned off my phone and turned it back on

- Super fun!

I love this game and I always repeat the game I love it so much but I wish you could play the mini games more often but overall fnaf is one of my favourite game

- Hello I love you games :3

Ummm so I’m stuck on night 2 and the ballots thing not bad but it’s and fun tine Freddy is so bad I don’t like it but I love your games plz make another one

- It’s awesome

This game is so cool Scott but in night 5 I tried to get to the private room but every time I get jump scared by ennard what are you supposed to do? but anyways it’s a really fun game

- Hey!

What happened to the tv, popcorn, and Vampire show? Also what happened to Elizabeth Anton’s lines before every night? Please add, overall, great addicting game! 👍🏻

- where the heck is bonbon?!

on night 3 i can’t find little idiot where is he?!

- Sister_Location

Night 5 is not possible I tried to do what it said turn left but I can’t won’t let me very frustrating

- How do you unlock custom night

Games awswome but I can’t unlock custom night I’ve tried so much plz just tell me how

- Scott Reed this please

I keep getting to enard But I always run out of power and like I’ve done this 100 times

- Good job!!!!!

I have the first star😃😃

- Help

Funtime freddy really has four stages #1 on his stage #2 offstage and behind breaker #3 to the left of breaker #4 to the right but super close to you Hope that helps 😁 (also give a subscribe to DANTDM HE AWESOME IF YOU DO Thx)

- Nice game

Nice game but when circus baby says go forward and left I don’t know how to go left

- Cool game

I play this game every day is the coolest

- 😡😡😡

Its to hard to press the buttons for the doors and cameras on custom night and and when I click the vent camera the right door closes or opens and the bidybab is missing one of its sound cues please fix this the game is way to hard then it is on pc

- This game is FANTASTIC

But though you should Release FNAF 6. and also FNAF 7.

- No danger level

On night 2 there is no danger level so I don’t know when I have to play audio so I always die

- Game is broken

Baby tells you to go forward and then ennard jumpscares you! Could you please fix it I want to have extras! -Anonymous


Scott, I Played Fnaf Ultimate Custom Night, And, I Beat 50/20 Mode! IT TOOK SO FLIPPING LONG!

- Great game, although...

Awesome game! Great graphics, well put-together storyline, and as amazing as I hoped it would be! Definitely worth $4, although there is a small game glitch that I am unsure of how to fix where, on night 5, it gives me no other direction than to go forward, and then I am jump-scared by Ennard. I’ve tried stopping a few times to await further directions, however they are never received and I am never able to finish the night. Does anyone know how to fix this?

- Sister location

Not scary no good

- Fantastic

Wow,Great work again Scott. Probably the best game yet there are completely new objectives you have in this game so it’s not just security camera watching. Keep up the good work Scott! P.S Please fix the baby minigame, I’ve done everything correctly. I went back and when I press shoot nothing happens.

- A few bugs

Ok I LOVED the game it’s really fun but you might half to fix some bugs like when you half to turn left in the enard stage it won’t let you also this is a glitch or something cause it’s wired when you half to shock baby my control shock machine kept going on and on and on... and then the game crashed but over all it’s really good but I personally think fnaf 6 is my fav

- Plz... Fix it!

I love this game but I have one problem. On night four, the “wiggle left” and “wiggle right” buttons don’t work! This makes me really mad because I was hoping to be able to play the Custom Nights at the end of the game. Thanks Scott! 😠

- Fix this!!!

I can’t close the wall in night 2 so I always die.can you make it a little easier.thanks

- It’s great

It’s a really fun game but it’s missing so many features from the computer version. I also think that Baby’s mini game is glitched (On my device at least). When I get to the green cupcakes, I go to shoot one at the four kids next to the platform where you get them. But I only manage to hit three kids and the fourth, the one on the platform, is impossible to hit. I’ve watched tutorials on YouTube on how to play the mini game properly, and all the videos I watch, the player manages to hit all four kids with one of the green cupcakes. I’m wondering how I can fix this, thanks.

- Golden Freddy (very hard mode)

I need some help. So in this game Freddy says something and that mean whether he is moving or telling bon bon to go get you but sometimes bon bon will come get me without saying anything. I’ve tried using head phones but it doesn’t help. Do you guys or Scott have any ideas to help me

- Good but...

I can’t drag the desk

- I loveee fnaf

Sma nurf da durf i watch people play this everyday but for a smurf a durf reason i get worse at it each day

- A secret you should update sister location for

Shouldn’t you make a secret in the primary control module can you make blinking face a secret for circus baby’s minigame


I am literally obsessed with fnaf thanks for the amazing games Scott!!!

- I'm playing

YES NOW I CAN PLAY IT 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Awesome game

This is worth 4$ it is the best game I have on my phone




She told me go straight but I went right it said access denied and then I died so the secret room is there but it's not fair you can't get iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!! WHY SCOTT WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! YOUR NOT FAIR SCOTT PLEASE JUST UPDATE IT PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Night five is not possible

Yes it is you jest hold on the left or right side of the I pad Or tablets I know because I completed it

- Its great but I cannot get past night 2.

I can’t get past night 2

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- Hard game

In night 4 is the hardest

- Night 2 problem

This game has a bug for iPhone and iPads I recommend you play on pc because night two under the desk doesn’t allow you to drag the desk to avoid getting Jumpscared by the animatronic. All the other FNAF games are great but this on doesn’t work properly and I don’t recommend buying it on an iPhone or iPad because you are probably wasting your money

- I’m not sure how to play it

I don’t know how to play this game but my friend is an expert at it soo I’ll ask him

- Great game but...

On night 5 while listening for baby’s instructions she says go forward and no further on dialogue can be heard😢

- Ennard Boss Battle

I have noticed that almost every time I get to 5 am I die because of power the night lasts 9 Minutes and I keep dying when it’s about to turn six am and he moves very fast on 5 am And all I downloaded it for was the custom night so can you please make the hours shorter

- I love you Scott

If it weren’t for you Scott I will never lose my insanity thank you Scott Cawthon and the rest of the dev team keep these games up I love them definitely worth the money I LOVE your games Scott please keep the series going you’ve made up to I think the sim whatever it’s 2020 23rd you work it out how many games are out by then but please keep the fnaf games up please!

- This is amazing now Scott and the team updated it

Before Scott updated the game it was hard but now he has updated it is so much better now Thx Scott

- Love this

I love the remastered However the only problem is Custom night ballora,I cannot tell where she is even with earphones so it’s hard to know please fix

- When can we get custom night?

Thanks for making the game great but it’s buggy on the iPhone 11 pro also when will we get the custom night content? Do you know also if ultimate custom night will come to iOS?

- Great game Scott

I’ve been playing fnaf for a pretty long time probably since the first game but I never expected this or fnaf vr I’m impressed ;)

- Night 2

I can’t do the underneath the desk please make it easier

- Good

This game is really good but there’s a problem with ennard’s night it’s buggy and difficult

- It’s a good game but...

I like the game but at night 3 where you have to tap underneath Bon Bon’s tie, Bon Bon doesn’t show up and I can’t find him/her anywhere so I can’t pass the night and move further on the game

- OMG Scott I actually think this is the greatest fnaf game you ever made

Scott when I first got this I thought this is gonna be sooo bad ‘cuz every animatronic is a girl 👧 apart from Funtime Freddy but then i realized its not a bad app it’s actually super great 👍 not just because in all the other games your just stuck in an office as a sucurity guard but in this one it’s a electrician and you don’t just stand in an office you actually move around but one just one thing I’m not saying your game is bad no it’s really good I would have rated this five stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ just it would have been better if there was a Funtime Bonnie and a Funtime Chica I know there’s a Funtime chica in FNAF 6 but I still think she should be in here and also I’m a kid and my mom only let me download this fnaf ‘cause she watched the trailer and it said this one looked less scary than the other fnaf’s so I got this and I’m happy 😆 😊 😃 and also when the keypad 🔢 moves it makes your name eggs Benedict and I showed this to my best friend and when it Made his name eggs Benedict he laughed soooooo much but also I downloaded this game on my tablet and it doesn’t work properly and on night 2 when the mysterious voice tells you to go under the desk and then she tells on you it is so hard but I got the mobile version and if that doesn’t work i still won’t be angry again this game is great and I think that in fnaf 2 the phone ☎️ guy is the purple guy and the purple guy is you ‘cause you created five nights at Freddy’s and made up that those kids were killed in your imagination I also think that circus baby,Funtime foxy,Funtime Freddy and ballora were all murdered by the purple guy but also at the same time I don’t because we all know purple guy was killed in the spring trap suit in fnaf 3 but maby he came alive again hwo knows anyway thanks for reading and emm... bye 👋.

- Buttons

I still so hard when you whined the buttons and it run out straight a way

- Horrifies me but brill

It’s annoying that the table section is hard but Scott did a good Job.Ennard was hard to beat but I did it . Scott please add Ennard to custom night.Tom Hughes

- Night 2 too hard

Night 2 is way to hard please make it easier the hard bit is the thing with the power control box whatever it’s called please make it easier and les rooms to do thank you

- Good game

It’s a good game and everything but I completed the game and I can’t go onto the extras menu?

- One of the best

I love the whole FNaF franchise and was hyped when it came onto mobile it’s hard but not to hard! I was just thinking if you could fix the jump button on baby’s mini game but overall it’s great!

- Night 2


- I ❤️ FNAF


- Love this game!

Love it it make me and my family get scared it nearly send’s us through to roof bc we get so scared,pls keep the game going what you are doing,Keep the good work up


You know when you complete the code on baby right well I’m not shor about anyone else but on mine you can only move forward when going to the scooping room and I get jump scared by ballora every single time and it’s so annoying. Bye


I’m only 10 but I have a thing for fnaf! I would recommend this game if you like a game with a story and with a good concept! I will also recommend getting fnaf 6 it is also a awesome game and it has a great ending! And it is totally worth £6.00 altogether! :D great games I will also tell you that getting these games will possibly give you nightmares! 😅 ( I don’t get them ) also this game is a very well designed game . Also if I where you I would get this app as well as fnaf 6.And remember only get this app if you like games with jump scares and you don’t have a weak heart! Also this game is so worth £2.99 (£3.00) I hope if you get this app you will love it as much as me!! :D -r.c-

- Decent

In my opinion, why should it cost to get a mobile version of a game when it could be free. There aren’t many things to say that I don’t agree with but the main one is the fact that you have to pay to get the game

- It’s alright

It was really fun up to night 5 on night 5 when you go back through Funtime thing baby tells me to keep on moving but then I get Jump scared. So plz fix that bug because I really want to try cn

- Can’t beat night 2

I seriously can’t beat circus baby bit on night 2 plz remove the bug

- Problem of moving

So I was on night 2 on the section with the bidy babs but when I tried to keep closing the door when they opting it I struggled because for some reason when you touch it it does not work much so the bidy babs jump scared me and can we have custom night first thing because people who struggle at the game can’t get it and they will want to play it but still a very good game

- Make update were you free roam

Put free roam in

- Terrible

I can’t get past “Under The Desk” cos I cant move the desk back when it moves itself. Just add an easy mode From ur pal SCP-008_2

- Good very good but...

It is a great game and I'm glad it's on mobile but there's one thing wrong,so I'm on the private room minigame on night five and to make it more fair I got two ideas... 1:if you die by ennard then it brings you back to the office so you do not have to "repair" baby again 2:so say your on 12% power you can earn power back by stop using thing that gets the power down I hope you like it SCOTT and hope you make his into a update bye.

- I'm glad it's on mobile but

Look,when I found out this was on mobile I was sooooooo happy but I have one issue. Night two is hard. The second time bidybab tries to pull the metal thing away I can't do it and it frustrates me!

- 10/20 mode

Hey I love this game only one problem can you make Funtime freddy announce his attacks all the time because I was playing 10/10 mode and at 5 am I got killed by Bon-Bon so can you please put so this doesn’t happen and can you make so we can here if she is to close because I can’t beat 10/20 mode

- Please read

So I’ve recently played through fnaf 1 on iOS and saw it had been updated and remastered and I thought it was amazing I rated 5 stars! But I was wondering if the rest of the games will be updated if so when?

- Ok

It is a ok game but the circus baby part is impossible how do you not get caught by the baby this is a game i thought was going to be like the others but is not it is so hard

- Its good but......

Its good but when i get to the bit under the desk when Bidybab/electrobab opens the door i cant keep it closed for some reason im on moblile i watch FGTeeV and they could keep it closed please reply and fix the bug for mobile im stuck on night 2 😖😖😖😖😖

- Can not wind spring locks😡

Can not wind spring locks😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤯 your a poopy head💩

- Sound not working

This is really good and the app is amazing but there’s one problem: there is no sound on my phone this is a bit irritating because it’s hard to progress without sound so please fix this

- A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Scott, what the heck! I didn’t think you would ever make a FNaF sister location, so I bought it last week, the week before that I was thinking, Hm. I wonder if there’s gonna be a FNaF 5? And there it was, a week later I was crying for joy because it came out. I CANT WAIT TO DO CUSTOM NIGHT!!!!

- G. G., But...

I thought Fnaf World was going to be released before this one. I just hoped it will come out because most people love the game. Don’t care about the haters, care about the lovers. Here’s the thing! 1. Undo the mistakes that you did on Fnaf World. 2. Carry on with the updates that you’ve planned for. 3. Once you done the updates, move on to the Mobile ports. 4. I just want the game like you do. (You know you want to! Right?) 5. ARE THOSE HATERS FAT AND HIGH!? DOWN WITH THE HATERS, THEY ARE HIGH AS POO! PS: Remember what I said. PSS: I can’t wait! PSSS: Why, God? WHY!? PSSSS: WHAT AM I SAYING?! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

- Best fnaf game. EXOTIC BUTTERS

Best fnaf game from the series. Good to move from room to room. Good new animatronics. Should allow us to look up and down and bring back the audio from the pc one.make night 5 easier to move left and forward and right. Make the baby mini game not as hard too because I can’t do it I really want the custom night the only time I played the custom night was on crazy games and that was bad. (add five nights at candy’s to the App Store. I know you didn’t create it, but I have wanted to play five nights at candy’s as long as I wanted to play bendy and the ink machine before I got it) EXOTIC BUTTERS

- Night 5 Problem

If your on mobile at night 5 baby says go forward and left but there isn’t a way to go left or right

- Great but ...

This game is great but when i do the hide under the desk part my finger start to hurt so I get jumped scared by the freaking billy babs


Meh so happy


I feel really bad for them because everyone hates them but anyway I love the games

- Night 2 hard

Night 2 too hard fix it impossible u can’t even drag it pls

- I Love It But...

This game is amazing and fun.What I hate is since I play on an IPad, it doesn’t let me walk on night 5 to the scooping room.I still do recommend this game.Thats my only problem at the moment. There’s so much effort put into this game.


Great game and quite humorous at times but I’m stuck on night two where you have to hide in the cupboard so it would be great if there was a tutorial, the game is cool but sadly I had to delete it 🙁

- What a good game

Such a good game

- I can’t beat the breaker room due to bugs

The breaker room segment is bugged i keep playing the response audio and Freddy still kills me

- :3

Where’s the tv? And Circus gallerie vent

- Best game ever! but...

I had been loving FNaF since 2014, but when ever I play in the private room it’s very hard because you can’t hear if Ennard is on the left, right or middle even though I am wearing headphones. When I watch you tubers in the private room I can hear left, right or middle.Please fix this. You are still the best game publisher ever!😘😀

- Good job Scott

Great job Scott on all the fnaf series you’ve done a good job 👍 I love all the fnaf series including five nights at candy’s I think you did a great effort on doing it by the way I gave you a little gift 5 rated stars! And before I go again awesome job Scott 👍😀🍕💎🧸💸💵💴💶💰💳💎💷bye Scott your awesome hope you enjoyed bye

- A Very fun and creepy game. THANKS SCOTT!!!😊

The game has a creepy atmosphere my first jumps are made me scream and fall of my chair. I’m very happy I bought this game because it wasn’t to hard but definitely wasn’t easy. So all I’m saying is if your having second thoughts about buying the game, ignore them and buy the game!

- Five nights at freddys games

Fanf 1 2 3 4 5 and fanf world are great by Alexander (names for me Alexander, Alex, Al, lex and xander

- Not good

I cannot close the cabinet apple plz if apple doesn’t make the cabinet work get it on the computer

- Dolls,attack!

My experience with the Five nights at Freddy's Sister location: Custom night has not been regrettable. I am up to "Dolls,attack!" and I cannot defeat it. There is no third sound in the vents indicating Bidybab is right outside the vent door, meaning I have to check the cameras, which wastes power. Please fix this issue as I'm sure many people have the same problem.

- I’m so glad everyone is liking my games 👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁

I am the creator of these amazing games

- Fnaf 6 on iOS

Maybe it would be a good idea if you fnaf 6 on iOS


Hi there I’m am a bit sad that these no FNAF 6 and no FNAF world please can you put that on the App Store because I want to play those games

- Mixed feelings

THIS GAME IS SO FRUSTRATING!!! I CAN NEVER GET PAST THE BIDYBABS!!! But other than that it’s so awesome and addictive and I love it!

- So awesome Scott,but...

Ever sine I got part five of the franchise I have to say it’s one of the best games I’ve played so far but I’m having difficulty with accessing custom night and when I finish the shift when it say “enjoy some time at home” it doesn’t take me plz I rlly need a response plz

- I need help

How do you beat night 4 and THIS GAME IS AMAZING!

- The only problems I’ve seen

The only problems I’ve encountered are the mini game after you die I got to the end 5 times trying to get the 2nd star and when you exit the game and go back into it on night 2 or maybe every night it leaves you where ever you are like on night two before you go into the bellora gallerie if you exit the game and go back into it ur stuck in the control module and have to restart the night to fix the solution

- Good game!

I love this game cos unlike the other games you are able to walk around the restaurant Please make more FNaF games like this!

- Complete version pls

Hey Scott I’m loving your games but I realised the complete version isn’t on iOS I was so excited to talk to baby and listen to the tv show and eat popcorn and see the ending and the awesome beginning when you first boot the game and the full title screen but I was kinda sad when that was only available in pc oh and could you pls add the feature that you could play the mini game over and over again without dying cuz I’m getting tired of wriggling around in the spring lock suit PLS ADD THEM!!!! Keep up the great work!!


This is one of my favourite fnaf games because of the level of interactivity and how it isn’t just the same thing over and over again like the other games (I love all of them I’m not hating). But, there is a glitch in the custom night. I’m trying to do Golden Freddy mode on Normal but when Funtime Freddy calls out to say he’s attacking, you can’t hear it because the sound of the minireenas playing with the oxygen cancels the audio, so you get jumpscared by Bon Bon with no warning that she is coming. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this glitch because I have finished all of the other fnaf games and i really want to complete this fairly because I know I can! Please Scott!

- Good but...

1) The ending has no impact without the mirror scene 2) Ennard sometimes doesn't make a noise when he moves 3) A chapter select would be fantastic for both this and the PC version

- Dear Scott

I know it has been a while since fnaf 6 has come out are u able to make it so fnaf 6 can be played on iPad, phone and more if u are in the works that’s great -random girl who is in the fnaf fandom

- I need it back

Ok I got the game and when I went to delete a boring app I had and accidentally deleted it and I tried to get it back it didn’t work can you help me get it back because I heard it was great so please help me get it back thank you Scott Cawthon

- Cool 😎

I love the game but when I’m on night 5 when baby tells you to go forward and stuff a robot girl says access denied and ennard jumpscares me I don’t know what to do

- Custom Night

This isn't one of those five nights at freddy's games where you want to keep doing the 5 nights because it's fun. It gets boring very quickly. However, the custom night is the mode that made me want to buy this in the first place, and the reason I keep coming back to play it. Yes, the way to unlock custom night is extremely difficult, the mini game is so demanding of you to get things EXACTLY right. Then the final night against Ennard. However, it is ultimately rewarding.

- Five nights at Freddy’s.

Can u poot five nights at Freddies six on the iPad?

- Greatest game I have ever played

When I was scooped ennared was behind the window of the scooping room when you get scooped Ennerd weres your skin and you are purple guy the cutscene shows your purple guy with ennared whereing your skin 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤯 nate McCullagh wrote this note By

- Ye Mum

Ye mum

- I get so mad and frustrated

At the part At night two where you have to hold and drag the thing I can’t do it I’ve been stuck on it for 3 months plssss give advice

- The new FNAF game is better

You see these games are good but the Easter eggs are easy to spot because there on YouTube so it’s good but you don’t want to spoil yourself so try to avoid those videos so hope you know what I mean because just please I don’t know what to say so bye

- I love it but...

I love the FNAF series but when you play it on an iPad,it’s not as good as when you play it on a computer,so in further updates can you plz make as good as on the computer.thank you so much😘😍😎🔥😱😔

- Please

Just Ya’Know Are You Able To Make A Mobile Port Of Fnaf World Some Of Us Still Love It. It Would Be A Dream Come True If It Had A Port. Love Your Games

- Best game ever

I think it’s really good because unlike any other one you actually get to walk around so I rate it 5 and scott cawthon rules

- Don’t judge

I found night two hard when you have to turn the power on manually but still great game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- How to beat the baby minigame...

So it took me a few tries but heres how I did it, First grab the pink cupcake and give it to the alone kids that have no other kids with them, shoot them 2 cupcakes each When you have done that go back and grab the blue cupcake, Then stand where you can see them and fire twice, Then theres another 3 on platforms, go on the platform where only 1 kid is standing and fire twice. Then grab the green cupcake, The green cupcake feeds all kids that are standing next to each other, so grab the green cupcake go back then fire the cupcake and run to the kid on the platform so it goes to him as well. Then go back more and fire a green cupcake at the 3 kids, then go back, past where you collect the green cupcake and keep going until theres 3 kids on the platform, jump and fire and make sure you look at all the 3 kids or else you will leave one. Then keep going, collect the ice cream then go all the way back to the starting point and go a little further back until you reach the barrier, walk back a little until it lets you shoot the ice cream, a little girl will come and try and take the ice cream and... See what happens... It comes from absolutely no where. Yeah and to try again follow babys lead to the scooping room then literally die and then you get access to the extras menu, press extras and right of the main menu button just press the right of it and you get infinite more tries. CUPCAKE MEANINGS: Pink: Shoot 2 at one kid and it feeds them. Blue: Shoots up, middle and down it takes 2 tries to feed the kids Green: Feeds all kids in a row Ice cream: If you feed all the kids you can get the ice cream take it back to the very start and shoot it to the floor.. Overall amazing game Scott!

- Great game Scott

This the first FNAF game I played and I really like it it’s not bad I thought it would be one of those games you loose interest on

- How do you get to the scooping room?

When baby says to turn left I don't know how to turn left so I die plz help me

- I give it 5 stars but...


- My prediction

I enjoyed the game a lot with all the other games but it's way way different to computer but I loved it

- Great game but about the secret ending:

I like the game a lot but I have been trying to beat Ennard for so long and the power is just way to short. Can you please make the power just a little bit longer, thanks

- Impossibly good

Hey Scott just saying that I loved the first 2 games, then the next 2 I was wondering if I should actually keep playing your games but you changed my mind completely! I’m loving it right now the only problem is... night 4 seems impossible! Still, keep up the good work

- Its scary

Im up to night five and i checked ballora and i was like, wow, she is there for once! Then i checked on Funtime FOXY and i saw the *SPOILER ALERT* guy that was hanging from the celing, HANGED. I WAS SO SCARED AND I DONT WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE 😂 BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO I MEAN SHOULD I PLAY AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS OR... 😂😂😂 thanks so much for this game scott, you have officially scared the living daylights out of me. 😂 i have also been telling my friends about it and they get creeped out! Me and my friends are MASSIVE FNAF fans, and when the trailer came out for this game most of my friends were like “WOAH, COOL!” While i just covered my eyes 😱. Thanks again!


On custom night, there is no audio cue that tells me Bidybab is about to come out of the vent. I hear "I don't want to play hide and seek" and when she is in the middle of the vent I hear, "I think I've found a way inside". But when she's right outside my office I don't hear the vent movement sound. I have to keep checking the cams to see if she's there and that wastes power. I noticed on a video I saw that the sound played on their phone. Please fix its really frustrating. It took me ages to complete "Dolls, Attack!" when it should only have taken me 1 or 2 tries.

- A lot of bugs

It’s a good game definitely, but the bugs, OH the bugs! One of them was that if you get jump scared by Funtime foxy, do the baby death game and go to the power module, HandUnit doesn’t talk, thus making you restart. It was still a great game! I just need a few bug fixes and you’ve got 5 stars Scott!

- Best game

There is one thing the ennard part doesn’t come up for me plz fix this

- Please listen Scott

If your reading this Scott you need to make a 7 game plz I cried because it ended I’m an extreme fan I don’t want it to end make a twist do something just make a 7 GAME

- Fake ending is hard so please update this scott

Scott the fake is unbeatable so please update it there are reasons why I want you to update 1 the power drains too fast and it shouldn’t drain that fast un like pc and 2 the am time takes too long and it’s long enough for the power to drain quick and ennard will get you easily and it’s very unfair the am time shouldn’t take that long it should take at least 6 minutes for it change to 1 am - 2 3 4 5 6 and it’s not fair that ennard can fake you by moving with no noise sometimes because people listen every time and if you can’t hear him move they will fail so update it please I’m giveing this review 2 stars because these reasons that I have are unfair for people to make or not make it threw the fake ending because I really want custom night and if the gose in the private room ennard shouldn’t jumpscare that late he should take like 5 minuets before he jumpscarea so please update this then I will rate 5 stars then have a nice day and I hope this gets fixed by a update.

- Mini game

I love the game but when you get the death mini game one of the kids are I g the grown can you fix that thanks

- How do I get to the private room

[Even tho the key pad on the elevator is so small ;-;] I can't even go there and do the custom night ;-; {Assess Denied is what I get :P} Plz update so the key pad on the elevator is not so small

- I DIED BY ENNARD 60 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SCOTT! IM SICK OF ENNARD IM SICK OF THIS S*** I WAS SO CLO-O-O-O-O-OSE (Crying)😡😭🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻



- It a good game but

I am playing the game on my iPad it so hard can you fix it please

- Five nights at freddy's

I love the game and I love the jump scares

@Clickteam: She will find the way out.... Five Nights at Freddy's: SL remaster is now live on the App Store and Google Play! iOS: http…

@Clickteam: She will find the way out.... Five Nights at Freddy's: SL remaster is now live on the App Store and Google Play! iOS: http…

@PandaHelperApp: 🍎 UPDATES: #iOS #PandaApp Stardew Valley Hack Real Steel Hack Stardew Valley Pokemon Go++ by iSpoofer🔥🔥🔥 Five Nights a…

🍎 UPDATES: #iOS #PandaApp Stardew Valley Hack Real Steel Hack Stardew Valley Pokemon Go++ by iSpoofer🔥🔥🔥 Five Nigh…

@Clickteam: She will find the way out.... Five Nights at Freddy's: SL remaster is now live on the App Store and Google Play! iOS: http…

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Five Nights at Freddy's: SL 2.0 Screenshots & Images

Five Nights at Freddy's: SL iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Five Nights at Freddy's: SL iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Five Nights at Freddy's: SL (Version 2.0) Install & Download

The applications Five Nights at Freddy's: SL was published in the category Games on 2017-01-03 and was developed by Clickteam, LLC [Developer ID: 1438432084]. This application file size is 332.51 MB. Five Nights at Freddy's: SL - Games posted on 2020-03-20 current version is 2.0 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Five Nights at Freddy's: SL Advisories: Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Frequent/Intense Horror/Fear Themes

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