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Elk is the fastest way to convert currencies on your trips.

It knows where you are, and automatically picks the right currency for you.

It does away with cumbersome keypad entry, and makes converting currencies fast and fun.

On the iPhone, Elk is a handy and interactive rates table.

It picks a suitable starting value, and converts the next ten values to your home currency.

Swipe left to increase these values; swipe right to decrease them. Tap on a value for more accuracy. Or press deeply on an iPhone 6s or later to peek.

On the Apple Watch, Elk is optimized for watchOS 3. It launches instantly, and is ready to convert whenever you raise your wrist.

You tap, swipe and rotate the Digital Crown to convert currencies.

Elk is free to download, and offers a 2-week trial of the Pro version where you have access to all currencies.

Elk Travel Currency Converter App Description & Overview

The applications Elk Travel Currency Converter was published in the category Travel on 2017-04-10 and was developed by Clean Shaven Apps. The file size is 42.62 MB. The current version is 1.2.3 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Supports iPhone X screen size

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Elk Travel Currency Converter Reviews


Not the easiest to use  Numba1si  3 star

Just put this app through the paces on weeklong trip to Italy. I used the app on my phone and iwatch and must say it’s not the easiest and quickest app. If you’re going to use it on your iwatch get ready to set aside some time.

Rodolfo Álvarez

doesn’t work  Rodolfo Álvarez  1 star

I want an specific calculation of the money but it can only give me the information of whatever they want.

Why not use the Apple ID name

Needs multiply currencies displayed  Why not use the Apple ID name  5 star

What the app has done, it has done well (Except the lock screen implementation is not live.) However it is still not my go to converter app since it lacks multiply currencies. There is lots of room on the display unused, why not create additional columns for additional currencies. An auto font resizing based on the amount of currencies being converted would be the best emplementation. The app also provided CAD to me for free but did not provide it to my friend, go figure. For me I still prefer to use the app called Converter+, includes multiply currencies and converts anything to anything.


Just perfect  FerraraZ  5 star

Super simple and beautifully designed. It’s interface is minimal but exactly what you want when traveling and not understanding the value of an item. It has a single purpose but does it in a way I can’t imagine improving upon.


Honestly not great.  sdoregon  2 star

How, in any world, is fussing with these charts faster than typing a number in? The UI is pretty, but at the expense of a good UX. Unfortunately, this app with the bad UI is about the only option that lets you set a custom exchange rate. So I’m stuck with it.


Easy interface  Cameron_L  5 star

Only does what it’s meant to do. Easy to use when you need it. Watch app works great also.


A very handy and up to the minute currency APP!  jinglealltheway  5 star

A very handy and up to the minute currency APP! Finally a top of the line APP!


So Easy to Use  Kenterrific  5 star

We just returned from San Miguel de Allende and this app made our lives so much easier! I can’t recommend it enough.


Thieves  cheated7374859  1 star

Hide your money! This app will cheat you and steal from you. They won’t allow you to cancel your free trial until after they charge you. Plus the app is horrible... It maxes out at low dollar amounts and only does intervals so you have to do the math anyway. Hope karma comes for these people!


Best currency app  Ho3ein___78  5 star



Would love a complication.  johnnymogs  4 star

This app is delightfully simple, clean and useful on my Apple Watch. A complication showing your favourite currency exchange (like some competitors) would be a good addition.


Everything is locked  Ct128  1 star



Make a widget  Magnusbaron  2 star

Please make a widget that shows 10 conversions units that you can choose from for iPhone . It could be 2 columns or 4 columns to save vertical space . Easy to pick which 2 currencies to select for the widgets Thanks

Dj khakis

Clean, initiative and fast  Dj khakis  5 star

Best way to gauge how much you are spending while overseas


Great little app  Bondiguy  5 star

Does one thing and does that one thing well.


Great app  Kazz-13  5 star

Simple, clean interface and easy to use.

l a n e

Excellent app. Leaves xe dead in the water  l a n e  5 star

Best currency conversion app I've come across.

Lifeless Potato

So great and would love an iPad version!  Lifeless Potato  5 star

Such a beautifully and well designed app, looks sensational. Would hugely appreciate an iPad version as it really is that good!


Asdf  Supermmmmmooooffffffo  2 star

Default free version is usd to aud, the rest are paid only

John Noble

Superb use of the Watch  John Noble  5 star

Just brilliant. I have nothing else to say. Okay, I'll say it again. Brilliant. Genius. Well done.


Stupid  Royfhg  1 star

You have to pay to get all currency?!?!?!?! why not just use google?!?!?!


Rip off  Calvinnnnnnnfkdlgpe  2 star

Nice design, but only a few currencies are available, the other ones you have to buy. I'd rather just google the exchange rate, thanks.


Best interface for the Apple Watch  SPTrask  5 star

The interfaces of most currency converters make entering new amounts difficult, undiscoverable, and/or unintuitive. They only get worse on the small screen of the Apple Watch—which should be the easiest device to use when you want to quickly check the price of something in a store in a foreign country. This is the only app I’ve tried that’s designed to quickly enter an amount in one currency and see what it’s worth in another. How no one else sees that as the point of a currency converter is beyond me.


Good product,but...  Raj485  3 star

Should offer more for the free version. There is other software that does this conversion for free, could offer other premium features. Interface is not that easy to use, should be able to change increments...10/100...etc...


You have to pay  Connor13$$$  1 star

You have to pay to look at most currencies it's not worth it you can just google it.

Maui Kid

It's just ok  Maui Kid  2 star

Looks nice and works, but definitely not worth $3.99 when there other very good apps that do the same thing for less or even free.


Gorgeous, clever UI  Rtwgerk  2 star

But in reality it's really hard to use. I thought it could be a replacement for XE which I use all the time but alas, no go.


Not free for my currency, description should have mentioned what are free  Aslesh  3 star

Great design. Not free for my currency, description should have mentioned what are free. I would not have downloaded if I see this in description.

Ladi Agbaje

Great app  Ladi Agbaje  5 star

Minimalistic effective app

DigitalNinja ZA

Simple & Clean  DigitalNinja ZA  5 star

This app utilizes the 3D touch on my iPhone perfectly and feels perfect ❤️

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