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Volt uses revolutionary performance training AI to get you the best results from every workout. Try it free today and join over 1M people who trust their training to Volt.


“Volt is a 10/10 game changer”

“In 4 months I've made more gains than I did in 1.5 years on my own. I absolutely love this app”

“I’ve lost 10 pounds of fat and gained serious muscle”

“I kinda let myself go after I hung my cleats up. Volt has recharged my enthusiasm for fitness in and outside the gym”

“Since starting Volt I am 19 lb leaner and this is the strongest I've been in years. Volt is legit!”

“I’ve been looking for an app like this for a long time”


Whether you’re a competitive, recreational, or tactical athlete — or just want to train like one — you need to build strength, endurance, power, speed, and durability against injuries. Volt’s training is optimized for athletes, which means that every training plan is designed with performance in mind. Choose to train for over 30+ different sports, tactical fitness, or balanced strength development with our All-Around Athlete program.

Volt is powered by Cortex, a revolutionary new performance training AI. Cortex leverages decades of sport science and research, along with expertise from the world’s best performance coaches, to continually optimize and personalize your training. As you train, Cortex adjusts each set to make sure your training is perfectly tailored to help you see results.

Volt’s training is designed by experts to progressively build strength, stamina, and the optimal athletic qualities for your sport. Every 3 to 4 weeks, Volt ramps up your training to drive results — and periodically decreases your intensity so you never feel burned out. It’s how the pros train to be in peak condition at the start of their season.



• Cortex, Volt’s performance training AI — Cortex continually optimizes and personalizes your training plan for the absolute best results
• Personalized Workout Plan — a custom workout plan optimized for your sport, position, gender, training experience, strength levels, and more
• Step-by-Step Workout Guidance — including how much weight to lift each set
• Smart Sets — Cortex, Volt’s training AI, adjusts your weights from set to set for optimal results
• Gatorade Fuel Hub — fuel your workout with everything from motivation and inspiration from pro athletes to nutrition, hydration, and recovery resources backed by Gatorade science
• 1,000+ Exercise Choices — whether you’re missing equipment or want a more challenging exercise variation, Volt’s got you covered
• Unlimited Workout Variations — limitless programs and workout possibilities, so you never get bored


All-Around Athlete
Alpine Skiing
Cheer & Dance
Combat Sports
Field Hockey
General Strength & Fitness
Half Marathon
Ice Cross
Ice Hockey
Rugby Sevens
Tactical (Military, Fire, Police)
Track & Field
Water Polo


You can cancel anytime. After your free trial, your subscription will automatically renew unless turned off in your iTunes Account settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go to your iTunes Account settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew. Your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to the Volt service, where applicable. By completing the purchase, you understand and agree to Volt’s Terms of Service (www.voltathletics.com/terms) and Privacy Policy (www.voltathletics.com/privacy) and Gatorade’s Privacy Policy (www.gatorade.com/privacy-policy).

Volt: #1 AI Workout App App Description & Overview

The applications Volt: #1 AI Workout App was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-02-21 and was developed by Volt Athletics, Inc.. The file size is 80.78 MB. The current version is 2.11 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

We’re dedicated to bringing amazing AI-driven training to everyone, everywhere.
In this release, we’re excited to introduce new athlete movement replacements for everyone! If you’re an athlete training on Volt as part of a team, or individual, you can now customize your workouts by replacing any movement with another from our library of 1,000+ exercises. Whether you’re training off-campus without equipment, in a home gym, or just want to try something new, we’ve got you covered. Just in time for summer!

We've also improved overall app performance, and increased reliability. We hope you enjoy!

Thanks for all the great feedback. Keep it coming!

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Volt: #1 AI Workout App Reviews

Mark Lugenbeel

Best Workout Program on the market.  Mark Lugenbeel  5 star

Workouts built in real time with a great system. Been using for over a year and half and seeing tremendous results. Used for my high school athletes as well and they love the technology.


Great App!  Quozmolo  5 star

Very functional app and great workouts. App should be available on watch, but isn’t.


Lots of potential, a few major oversights  jakush  3 star

Needs a way to put in what equipment you have in your gym so it will stop suggesting exercises you don’t have equipment for. Every other major training app (including Fitbod which I used to use) has this feature. Very annoying to have to manually replace exercises you can’t do each time you go to the gym and work through the workout. Also annoying that you can’t send feedback in the app unless you use the default iOS mail app which many don’t have set up... but that’s a smaller concern vs. gym equipment personalization.


When’s the Apple Watch app coming?  RushJustice  5 star

All in all, great app that lets you focus on doing the actual workout instead of wondering about the amount of weight, reps, sets and rest time. The app also boasts a great collection of warmups, primers, and finishers, which is great to pair with your workout. However, I’d be highly disappointed if there wasn’t any plan to develop the corresponding Apple Watch app. The only thing you’re doing on the phone app during a workout is reviewing the current exercise, and the associated weight/reps, and then hitting Done. The Apple Watch could pair beautifully with these steps! The only time you’d need to use the phone app is to review how to perform a certain exercise or how to complete a circuit. I think a Watch app would increase productivity and make the experience more enjoyable.


4 day workout  JohnBoy&Wiz  5 star

I switched to Tactical as a Marine, but I don’t see the 4x per week option/change.


Doesn’t sync with Apple Watch and Health  FrustratedMonk  4 star

I really liked the app and workouts. I would have rate it 5 star if it would sync with apple watch and Apple health app. Hopefully you guys are working on that.

AK Fan

So so so much to love, BUT...  AK Fan  3 star

Love the structure! Love the real time modifications of subsequent sets based on difficulty! Love easily swapping exercises which helps navigate both personal limitations and the after work gym rush! My only beef...I WANT TO TRAIN FOR MORE THAN 3 DAYS PER WEEK!!! CAN’T MY PROGRAM LENGTH BE ADAPTABLE TOO? I literally hate this part and it makes me not want to use the app. If I’m stupid (which is possible) and there is a way, please let me know.


!!  user16457  3 star

please add gymnastics as a sport because it’s not available and it’s more of a sport than some of those other options


All marketing, sleazy subscription ripoff  wayne8472  1 star

This app has great UI design and looks beautiful. Unfortunately that has nothing to do with the content. The workouts are too fluffy and they very obviously buried their subscription mode to try to rip people off for $70. This is the only app on my phone that doesn’t show up in Settings>list of apps. Why? Because then you could easily unsubscribe before they stole your money. Instead they buried it in App Store>(click on your profile)>Settings>Personalized Recommendations>Subscriptions. Which after a few seconds of loading screen will take you to a page specifically for unsubscribing before they charge you $70 in 2 weeks. Scammy, dirty, all fluff, no filler. No thanks.


Help  Aszymanski  1 star

I cannot unsubscribe to Volt and they do not have a phone number or email available. I tried canceling it on my settings and it keeps charging my card. Please help as I can’t afford it.


Perhaps an Equestrian program  Rosequarts😎  3 star

Seems like some good stuff and a lot has been put in however really would of loved to of seen an app finally that has workouts ideal for equestrians It is a sport despite what some people think and we too need work outs that make us stronger and more fit to be able to improve and excel and unfortunately it’s hard to find a well thought out app that caters to the sport and gives us a guided workout, really simple stuff that could really help is upper body core and leg work outs with the same guidance as the other sports on offer and you’d have a lot more interest if this was included I think Just some food for thought


Own a HIIT Gym as well  Aussir  5 star

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 15 yrs. Also own a popular HIIT gym and this is a good substitute for anyone unable to make it to a HIIT studio. Nothing like working out with others but for the ones lacking inspiration at the gym this is for you. Good work to the VOLT team

Mac Office 365 User 1

Easily the best workout app I've ever used.  Mac Office 365 User 1  5 star

Literally just pick your sport, pick your start date and the app calculates everything you need to do to be on top of your game come start of the season. The best part is showing up to the gym and not having to think what to do, how much to lift... It tells you everything. My favourite app on my phone.


Awesome App!  RenLouco  5 star

I’ve been using the app for 2 months already and I’m loving following the program and its tips and exercises. However, all of a sudden I’ve been logged out and unable to login again despite my attempts to retrieve my password both via the app or website. I managed to contact the Volt team via email and twitter and I got a very quick response, which made me also very impressed. Keep it up with the good work!


Yuck  jjjjahagshaha  1 star

How the fck do you cancel!


Subscription  lycan1969  3 star

How do you cancel subscription

tabb hunter

Needs more  tabb hunter  1 star

I was disappointed when i saw there was no category for weightlifting at all


Excellent tool for Athletes and anyone else looking for a full time training program  Hdkendinrbzuandbxb  5 star

The Volt App is fantastic! As a National team member I've worked with a lot of different Gym programs and the Volt program is by far the easiest to use and effective program I've ever worked with. I love the detail the program offers, it tells you exactly what to do and how much of it. I also love the way the program adapts as you go, there's no need to chase up personal trainers trying to get renewed programs or figure out by how much you should increase your lifts, it's all done for you.

sorry. not okay.

Great app!  sorry. not okay.  5 star

Really changed my workouts and I'm seeing instant improvements!!

starti g to walk

Free trial = doesn’t work  starti g to walk  1 star

Download the app try to start the free trial....app stops working. No way I’m going to risk signing up to this


Great workouts but time consuming  twzzlr  4 star

I love the sets but I’d like to see them notified for time. Let’s see if you can get the most bang in the shortest amount of time. When I add my 10 min commute to the gym, warmup and full program I’m losing almost 2 hours out of a busy schedule.


Helps me stay focused!  ndr8ncgrl  5 star

I’ve tried multiple apps, this is simple and yet it’s the only one that has helped me stay focused for specific workouts towards my sport. As an ex Personal Trainer I have an understanding of the this design and how it will help me. Keeps me on track.


Great App, Great Customer Service  DirtyWater1533  5 star

The app itself is simple and adaptive to your schedule and progression. Videos easy to follow, and the variety if alternate moves is great, especially if you’re low on equipment or if the gym is busy. Have been using the month by month subscription for the past year, but someone from the app contacted me today to remind me that the annual subscription is $50 less expensive than continuing on the monthly plan for another year. She totally did this out of the blue which impressed me! So thoughtful


Awesome App  Nou2a  5 star

Awesome workout app for athletes of all level!


doesnt have my sport :/  Jada3806  1 star

The list of sports does not include equitation... Please include the “less popular/known” sports bc equestians, gymnasts, dancers, etc need a workout routine too


I’m a fan  coltstw  5 star

This is a cool app. Fundamental exercises, many of which can be done in a garage gym.


Finally  BIGTT08  5 star

Worked out for years without really seeing results because I never tracked my progress. I play college baseball and football and got injured and used volt to come back stronger than ever. Best investment I’ve ever made, seriously. If you’re thinking about purchasing, do. It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made regarding your fitness


Great App, just one minor suggestion..  COOL KID1997  5 star

I have been using this app since my college athletics program introduced it to our team. Now, two years after graduating I am still using it every day because it is a great tool for staying motivated and have productive workouts. The only suggestion I have would be to add some sort of optional alert tone that could be turned on to indicated the end of each rest period. This way you wouldn’t have to constantly look at the phone to see how much rest time is remaining. Other than that, it is awesome! I am looking forward to using it many more years and can’t wait to see what other new features the Volt team decides to introduce!

Jack Heruth

Exactly What I Hoped For  Jack Heruth  5 star

I have lifted a good amount for about 10 years. Sometimes with set programs in high school, and on my own since. It is great having a program again and not having to carry around paper and pencil is nice. Super easy to use too. Full disclosure, I hadn’t lifted for about a year when I started Volt and lost some strength. I wanted to make sure my form was right and didn’t want to over-exert/injure myself right away so I started really low with every weight. It automatically has gotten me back to the point I was at in high school in less than 2 months, without feeling like “too much”. For me, the best features are: mobile, automatic difficulty adjustments, video and written instructions for each exercise, and the ability to replace lifts (in case you don’t have the equipment or are rehabbing). I also just found out they have a yearly plan that is cheaper. Would recommend to anyone looking for inspiration or who is plateauing.

Volt Lover

Great app  Volt Lover  5 star

Best app ever. Completely worth money

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