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Find Chords that Work

In the chord palette your can explore chords that are available in your selected scale. While a chord is played, related chords are highlighted so you can easily find chord sequences that progress smoothly. Once you found a nice chord sequence, you can drag and drop chords into your song to build your composition upon it.
If you want to start your song with a melody and find a suitable chord progression, you can do that just as well: select notes and tap the search icon to show chords that match your melody fragment. It's real fun to experiment, seeing how different harmonic contexts affect the perception of the same melodic fragment.

Create Beautiful Melodies and Flowing Chord Progressions

In the piano roll, notes that are in harmony as well as the chords' root notes are highlighted. This makes it super easy to create leads, arpeggios and basslines and to experiment with different chord voicings to let your chord progressions flowing nicely.

Intuitive Editing

A simple, yet feature rich and context-aware user interface helps you build up your ideas into whole songs:
Group sections into song parts and arrange them via drag and drop.
Duplicate, copy and paste, playback selected notes.

File Export

Export and share your creations with audio file export.
Edit your song in other Apps with MIDI-file export.

Use your Favorite Instrument Apps

It's just more fun to explore and create with those awesome Instrument Apps that are available in the App Store: Klimper supports Inter-App-Audio Instruments like Animoog and Model 15 as well as Audio Unit Instruments like Ripplemaker and Mersenne.

Video Tutorials

The included tutorial will help you getting started. Stay tuned for additional video tutorials published on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClWxkJLttqC8lQ1m2mqAfFw

Included Instruments: Grand Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Violin, Cello, Harp, Glockenspiel, 8-Bit Synth, Soft Synth Bass, Electric Drumset.

Klimper App Description & Overview

The applications Klimper was published in the category Music on 2017-01-03 and was developed by POLYDIGM Software UG (haftungsbeschraenkt). The file size is 131.70 MB. The current version is 1.1.16 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Fixed display of note names in some scales.

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Klimper Reviews

Dante Orpilla

Pretty useless on an iPhone X  Dante Orpilla  2 star

All of the notes in the step editor are hidden behind the notch. Also when the video is done, the controls are hidden to exit. You have to quit the app and go back.


Alright  RobbieDelRey  2 star

Concept was alright but not what I expected or needed. So now I’ve wasted $9 so thanks for that 🙃

Art Asa

HELP  Art Asa  4 star

Can someone please tell me in the piano roll when I go to make a melody why all my notes are gray and not lit up with color?


Useless  datttu3992  1 star

Bought it! Use it! Useless software. Garageband is much better!

Please Give Me This Name

Where is the Locrian mode?  Please Give Me This Name  4 star

Very fun app to play around with. The UI is pretty good, definitely better than most other music making apps I have used. Really my biggest concern is the absence of the Locrian mode. The app lets you select the scale/mode you want to play in, however I can’t seem to find the Locrian mode. Another strange thing is there is both the Ionian mode and Major scale to choose from, but these are the same things... Why give two options for the same mode? So this confuses me.


Very cool  Shrikke  3 star

This is a ton of fun to play around with but without AudioBus support it remains in the ‘toy’ department. Would be fantastic to have AB support and hope the developer will consider it.

Busta Philips

Great concept, not for iPhone X  Busta Philips  2 star

First warning is that it’s not notch safe, and the notch does disable creation of sections completely. You will have to just do one long section. Editing notes on the notch is also impacted, but it’s doable. If you just want to export midi to arrange in your DAW like me, it’s still worth using, but this is still false advertising. The piano roll is clunky and awkward, but this is always the case with a touch screen. Placing notes is easy enough, but moving, deleting, highlighting and changing length is painful. It does get easier, but the lack of documentation makes it very frustrating, because you get it to work, then try to figure out why it worked. Now, when it comes to writing music, this app really shines. Creating a chord progression is very intuitive, but the highlighted piano roll really is a game changer when it comes to melodies and basslines. The documentation seems to just be some quick videos, but they’re extremely unclear as to how the gestures really work.


Too Primitive  Nabeel "PRYZM" Ansari  2 star

The chords are given only in basic diatonic scales with 0 ability to explore outside of it. This isn’t much better than sitting at my keyboard and playing all the white keys in thirds (hitting the “transpose” button to get different key centers). The sharps and flats are straight up wrong for many of these. Why is it showing me “G#” and “A#” for C minor? C minor is a three flats key. This isn’t hard to program correctly. My last beef is that the chords are played in the most clunky, uninspired voicings possible. Basic root position, in thirds, no spread whatsoever. This app could be so good if JUST THIS was fixed. Give it a bass octave, spread the extensions to the higher octaves, voice things in fifths and fourths, etc. There’s also 0 voice leading from chord to chord, which adds even more to how primitive it sounds. There’s no harmonic motion. Even without letting you escape the diatonic scale, voicing the chords to actually sound good would be way cooler for iOS music production. You already have stored all of these extended chords; just spread their voicings out, and employ some basic internal ability to voice lead even just the extensions.


Exactly what I need  Forerunner2018  5 star

I have been searching for something like this to replace my piano apps and voice memos. I am a composer and spend most my time writing in my studio; however, I needed a quick way to record ideas and compose snippets on the go and at the time an melody pops into my head. Instead of singing, humming into a voice memo or playing my piano app and trying to memorize the part real quick. Anyway, I would only suggest to the dev to add a more practical way of changing tempo and making an option for triplets at a smaller level. You can write quarter note triplets but nothing smaller, forcing you to redesign your note layout, and adjusting the bpm. Regardless, this app is still a perfect app for what I intend to use it for but I could see it being very limited if people were to use it as a platform for full composition.

Tyler Dunphy

Great app, could use some more things  Tyler Dunphy  4 star

I love the chord progressions that you can make with this app. It shows you chords that work best with each other so I can make chord progressions much better than what my tiny brain can make ;) anyways, this app would be perfect 5 stars if it had some more features. For example: more instruments, a swing rather than simple on the beat time, half steps rather than only using notes in the key, things like these. I would still recommend this for any music lover! Worth the money!

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