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Find Chords that Work

In the chord palette your can explore chords that are available in your selected scale. While a chord is played, related chords are highlighted so you can easily find chord sequences that progress smoothly. Once you found a nice chord sequence, you can drag and drop chords into your song to build your composition upon it.
If you want to start your song with a melody and find a suitable chord progression, you can do that just as well: select notes and tap the search icon to show chords that match your melody fragment. It's real fun to experiment, seeing how different harmonic contexts affect the perception of the same melodic fragment.

Create Beautiful Melodies and Flowing Chord Progressions

In the piano roll, notes that are in harmony as well as the chords' root notes are highlighted. This makes it super easy to create leads, arpeggios and basslines and to experiment with different chord voicings to let your chord progressions flowing nicely.

Intuitive Editing

A simple, yet feature rich and context-aware user interface helps you build up your ideas into whole songs:
Group sections into song parts and arrange them via drag and drop.
Duplicate, copy and paste, playback selected notes.

File Export

Export and share your creations with audio file export.
Edit your song in other Apps with MIDI-file export.

Use your Favorite Instrument Apps

It's just more fun to explore and create with those awesome Instrument Apps that are available in the App Store: Klimper supports Inter-App-Audio Instruments like Animoog and Model 15 as well as Audio Unit Instruments like Ripplemaker and Mersenne.

Video Tutorials

The included tutorial will help you getting started. Stay tuned for additional video tutorials published on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClWxkJLttqC8lQ1m2mqAfFw

Included Instruments:
Synthesizer engine with a range of tweakable sounds,
Grand Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Violin, Cello, Harp, Glockenspiel, 8-Bit Synth, Soft Synth Bass, Electric Drumset.

Klimper App Description & Overview

The applications Klimper was published in the category Music on 2017-01-03 and was developed by POLYDIGM Software UG (haftungsbeschraenkt). The file size is 163.25 MB. The current version is 1.2.0 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

New internal synth engine for inspiring sounds out of the box

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Klimper Reviews


Great creative tool  Franco3909  4 star

Can you please make a mode where you can free play on the chord chart. At the moment. Every time you press a chord you have to press it again to be able to hear it again


The future is cool!  TaylorTheDiscordian  5 star

This app is super cool for exactly what is says it will do. Really appreciate this as a tool, super useful, even for learning some theory stuff. Also love that it integrates with other apps, way to support your fellow developers!! Couple little bugs but still learning the quirks and nothing show stopping.


Fantastic App  Jack11111112111  5 star

It’s great. Thank you. The only thing I would suggest is making the piano roll notes easier to extend and make smaller. Sometimes it’s difficult to quickly put the notes exactly where I want. Otherwise it’s very intuitive and a pleasure to use. And add more instruments!!


Issues  Tkillashots  1 star

The exporting feature is confusing. First, I can’t figure out how to label my songs. Then once exported the beginning of the tracks cut off in the first chord. This doesn’t seem like a completed work because of these issues. Please fix this. I like everything else so far and I’d hate to have to ask for a refund.


10 minutes in this is already an indispensable tool.  Wildstyles  5 star

Was sceptical, but decided it was worth it. I compose on my phone a lot and am always looking for a way to streamline writing. With this setup I think I can pump out great chord progressions with ease. This is a must have.

Dante Orpilla

Pretty useless on an iPhone X  Dante Orpilla  2 star

All of the notes in the step editor are hidden behind the notch. Also when the video is done, the controls are hidden to exit. You have to quit the app and go back.


Alright  RobbieDelRey  2 star

Concept was alright but not what I expected or needed. So now I’ve wasted $9 so thanks for that 🙃

Art Asa

HELP  Art Asa  4 star

Can someone please tell me in the piano roll when I go to make a melody why all my notes are gray and not lit up with color?


Useless  datttu3992  1 star

Bought it! Use it! Useless software. Garageband is much better!

Please Give Me This Name

Where is the Locrian mode?  Please Give Me This Name  4 star

Very fun app to play around with. The UI is pretty good, definitely better than most other music making apps I have used. Really my biggest concern is the absence of the Locrian mode. The app lets you select the scale/mode you want to play in, however I can’t seem to find the Locrian mode. Another strange thing is there is both the Ionian mode and Major scale to choose from, but these are the same things... Why give two options for the same mode? So this confuses me.

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