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Exhausted? Overwhelmed? We can help!

Atlanta’s best-kept secret, Moms on Call, strikes again with this updated App that provides parents with peace of mind in the palm of their hand!

With pre-set schedules created with the Moms On Call method, you'll discover the joy of predictable routines (according to babies/toddlers' natural rhythms) that promote great feeding and sleeping habits. You'll know exactly what to do and when with helpful tips along the way. And, as moms who live in reality, we include what to do when your day does NOT go as planned. (Please note: This is not a tracking app, and does not receive input from the user.)

You'll be an expert on feeding and sleep schedules, helping you stay sane while parenting your baby.

This App is designed to work in tandem with the Moms on Call Book series

** What's New? **

The Moms on Call App now has color-coded, side-by-side combined schedules for babies and toddlers, the latest updated 8-16 week schedule that has babies sleeping all night faster while maintaining great feeding habits and easy to see routines listing every hour of the day. And we added more advice, encouragement and tips that really work to help families sleep, feed, laugh and LOVE the time they share together. Thank you for letting us be a part of your success story – Jen and Laura


o Schedules from birth to four years of age, PLUS side-by-side, combined schedules for families that have babies AND toddlers in the same household! You can do this!
o Together with the Moms on Call book series, babies and toddlers are enjoying routines that promote improved feeding and sleeping habits– which means that families are well rested and less stressed!
o Set notifications for baby feeding times (how much should they eat and how often? It is all at your fingertips.)
o Get reminders when it is time to progress to the next schedule and get closer to ALL NIGHT SLEEP with each progressive routine!
o Tips for getting baby to sleep all night and how long naps and/or awake times should last.
o “Crazy day” button, with one tap, you can see what to do on those crazy days that don't go according to schedule.
o For breastfed and/or bottle-fed babies. Works great for babies with GI reflux too!
o Feeding and sleeping tips from two pediatric nurse moms who have experience with thousands of families across the globe. (In fact for 16 years this is all they have done; help families gain confidence, get on a good routine and help children to sleep all night)
o Have a baby AND a toddler?The side by side schedules help moms and dads find time for:
o Time to run errands
o A 1-2 hour break each day with BOTH children napping
o All of the children on a schedule that promotes healthy sleep/feeding habits

*What is Moms On Call? Moms on Call LLC is an Atlanta-based phenomenon. As two pediatric nurses and moms, we started serving local families with in-home parenting consultations from birth to 4 years of age. And now, by combining technology, common sense and a passion for families, we have supported and partnered with parents all over the globe. Our schedules, books, swaddling blankets, online resources and seminars have helped thousands of families to have dependable daytime routines as well as babies and toddlers that SLEEP ALL NIGHT! Why do our methods work? Because we have been there! With 8 children and 20 years of pediatric nursing behind us, we learned a few things that we love to share. We invite you to find out more about us at

Note: The schedules in this app are pre-set, and not customizable at this time. The schedules are created to act as a supplemental, on-the-go resource intended to be used in tandem with the Moms On Call books.

Moms On Call Scheduler App Description & Overview

The applications Moms On Call Scheduler was published in the category Utilities on 2017-02-27 and was developed by Moms on Call LLC. The file size is 7.33 MB. The current version is 2.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

o Updated to fit the iPhone X screen
o Added scheduler options
o Improved performance
o Added custom scheduling

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Moms On Call Scheduler Reviews

Christina B. R.

Just use the book  Christina B. R.  2 star

This app is not worth buying if you have the book.

J&L Mama

Wish It Did More!  J&L Mama  2 star

You have to take this app for what it is... I wish you could track your feedings and sleep in it! I have to use 2 apps for what I want and it would be so nice if I could implement in just the MOC app. Also, when you modify/custom the schedule, it would be nice if you could just modify “one hour” and select all day.


Errors  Eab0039  1 star

The app was working good for the first week then when it changed schedules since my son got older it now gives a notification for the new schedule and the old! I’ve tried turning the notifications off and it still dings at the times! I keep going into the app to make sure the notifications are set to off and they are!!! The app is up to date so that not the issue! Was of my 3 dollars! Wish I could get my money back!


It’s just a schedule. Nothing else.  amomwithtwo  1 star

It’s literally a schedule. Can someone refund my money?


I want my money back  jaayellle  1 star

This is a rip off. It is not an app. It is just a stationary schedule for your baby. Something you could find with a quick (free) Google search. In their defense, in the description, it does say no user inputs. I was inticed by the color coded schedule. I thought you could possibly customize the schedule somewhat. But nope. I do not understand why this was $4. Should have read the reviews before I bought. 😞


Ok, needs more personalization  mkelsmom  3 star

Good for very simple and basic schedule foundation. Wish I could personalize schedule more. I’d like to be able to schedule reading time, cognitive learning, walk outside, etc. anything I want my baby to do


GREAT FOR IT’S PURPOSE  BethPaige12  5 star

I download this app mainly because I read the Moms on Call book and like to do thing in their fullness so I wanted to see what it was about and how it could help. For having an easy to view schedule that gives you notifications and small details about each task, I think it does good job! As mentioned by others, being able to log what your child actually did that day (ie., time they went to sleep, where they slept [car seat, crib, etc.], when and what they ate, when they woke up, etc.) would be incredibly useful!! But for the app’s current intention, it works very well. I am so thankful for Moms on Call!


Ehh  elsburyfam  2 star

I like the idea of this app but it really needs to be improved because it’s not worth the money at this point. There needs to be an easier way to adjust the daily wake time without having to edit each individual part of the schedule. It automatically has 7am as wake up for my kids. They both wake at 8am and it’s extremely annoying that I can’t just bump the schedule to 8. My 2.5yo does not nap and I wish I could delete the nap from his schedule but it won’t let me. I have tried absolutely everything to keep his nap but it’s just not happening. Not all children need that nap at his age. It would be really nice to have a bit more freedom with the way schedules are displayed. I also agree it would be nice if we could track feedings/sleep/ect in the app to compare. This app is honestly not worth money and should be free at its current state.


Perfect  Rennie5445  5 star

This was just what I was looking for. Never heard of the mom on call book before but will def check it out. The schedule feels very natural and easy to implement. I’m getting so many more hours of sleep at night bc of this. My only issue is that I have the notifications set, but they ding at the wrong time and I can’t figure out how to fix it.


Waste of $3.99  geewalt1  1 star

If you have the book or even just pictures of the schedules, this app is worthless. It just restates the schedule. It’s a shame that they charged anything for this.


What a waste of $4.  RLW1  1 star

There's no one-size-fits-all method of parenting, but you'd sure think so from this app! What about toddlers that breastfeed? What about families that are up earlier? This app is a joke.


Just purchase their old ap!  CLS0620  1 star

Just like the other comments - there is no customization or even the "later day option" available in the other MOC ap. It is their typical schedule and you can put your kid's name on it - that's it! Save your monies!

Cort Marshall

Ripped off  Cort Marshall  1 star

This is just a schedule. Nothing else. Total rip off. Do not buy it. Very disappointed.


Not worth it!  Emb0715  1 star

Disappointed in this app. Like the other reviews said it's just a schedule. Don't waste your money!


Don't Do It  schafed  1 star

HUGE waste of money. This app does nothing except give you a sample schedule to follow. You can't modify or input any information into it. It's basically a template schedule that you can find anywhere on the internet or in a book. For $3.99 this was a huge disappointment and rip-off.


Such a disappointment  Erin657890426843  1 star

The only thing the app offers is a schedule, which you can find on Pinterest for free. Where are all the other features the description claims to offer? So disappointed.


Please add option to choose your start time  TenleyJ  3 star

I like the concept of this, but you should be able to choose your "start" and "end" times according to what fits your family. I want to use the format but start at 7:30, etc. Yes, I can adjust in my head but it's nice if the app and alerts followed--the reason people are willing pay $3.99! And print/share with other people.


Useless  Kmarts  1 star

I thought that for $3.99 there would be some level of customization here, but beyond choosing your kids' ages it's a set schedule, which you can find in the book or online. What would be super useful to me is if I could tweak the schedule to reflect my life with two kids since the reality is the baby's schedule will have to fit around his brother's. In an ideal world, I would be able to plug in my older son's schedule - including things like school drop off, etc - and the app would help create an ideal schedule for the baby around that. But even just being able to make manual changes would be a big improvement. Don't waste your money on this app

Candy coated miss

Don't waste the money  Candy coated miss  1 star

It's just a schedule. You can screen shot it. It has alarms for feeding times but you don't really need them as baby is the alarm. I was disappointed 😔

Moms On Call Scheduler Comments

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