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This simple to use app is compatible to play on IOS devices and offers a dynamic market view of latest sneakers available on this virtual kick store..
How the app works?
The Insole allows its users to open a shopper’s account and keep it password protected. Once the account is open you can access the entire inventory of the kick store. All the stocked- sneakers are displayed on the app’s interface with HD quality images, which you will find eye candy for their get up as well as for the price.
Once you will place your order fir the sneakers you have selected, you will get a tracking ID against your order so that you can track your consignment. Simply by tapping the share tab you can share the sneakers’ images with your online friends.
App’s Features:
The Insole offers some utility features for making your online shopping safe, hassle-free and convenient. Check the features here to facilitate your online sneaker deal:
·User friendly interface: thee app is really easy to navigate,
·Once you place the order you will get the tracking ID to track your consignment,
·Tour shopping is protected by 60-days money back guarantee in case you are not happy with the product you have purchased,
·All images of sneakers are of HD quality,
·You can contact the virtual Kick Store 24x7 simply by tapping the CONTACT button!

Insole - For Running Shoes,Basketball shoes App Description & Overview

The applications Insole - For Running Shoes,Basketball shoes was published in the category Shopping on 2016-12-21 and was developed by InFinishone .. The file size is 14.00 MB. The current version is 1.0.1 and works well on 7.1 and high ios versions.

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Mala experiencia en esta app  tenimalo  1 star

En esta app solo venden artículos falsificados en la app lo muestran muy bonito pero te envían copias a mi me paso y además de eso me lo enviaron toro y hace tres días les envié un Email pidiendo un reembolso y no me has respondido todavía. No los recomiendo comprar aquí.


Don’t do it!  SteezytheRapper  1 star

App took my money and wouldn’t reply to any of my messages asking about the tracking number. Nobody has tried to reach out to me or anything. Don’t order from here.


Not a Scam to Steal Your Money  nickskates360  3 star

Found out about this app from a customer at my work. They had on a pair of Human Race NMD’s (which are extremely rare and very hard to come by). I asked her where she got the shoes and she said she ordered them from this app and said she got them for retail price and they looked super legit and not fake. So i went ahead and downloaded the app and gave it a try. I ordered a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350’s in the “Turtle Dove” color way. The listed price was $119 and they were on sale from $300. Being able to get them for that cheap had me worried so i was kind of expecting to get scammed and the company wouldn’t even send me anything which is why i paid for them with my credit card so i could dispute the transaction if it was. About a week after ordering the shoes a DHL box arrived at my doorstep. I opened the box and sure enough i got the shoes and a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses that they said were included with every order for free. After examining the shoes i have come to a conclusion that they are in fact just replicas. But they’re good replicas. Everything is on point to the real deal including materials and build quality. I am satisfied for what i paid for the shoes but i give this app only 3 stars because of their misleading “authentic” title for all of their shoes. So if you’re looking to buy a pair of shoes from this app don’t be alarmed about the sketchy feeling that it has because you will in fact get what you order and within a timely manner.


كذب  SA.Mad  1 star

الآب انا شخصياً م جربته لكن ابحث عنه فاليوتيوب جميع الي جربوه قالوا انه كذب و يسرقك فقط





SCAM  Kjohns132  1 star

Company took my money then told me they don’t have the shoes in stock. Never issued me a refund

I'll be sure Always

Highly Recommend for Retail price Hyped Sneakers!!  I'll be sure Always  5 star

I ordered a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 v2’s Beluga from here, I was caught by surprise that these were authentic! I wore them, and even got a legit check from YeezyBusta, Highly recommend this app!


SCAN  Liljay870  1 star

Shoes are not authentic. They are fakes do not I REPEAT do not buy from this app. 100% fakes my Jordan’s was so fake it’s unreal how different they was from the authentic pair. I never been so humiliated in my life!!!


The sell fakes don’t buy  mxsxn_c  1 star

Friend bought yeezy from her and asked me to check out a pair of yeezy belugas for him turned out they were fake


I don’t want to get scammed  DooleyHookeyBoot  1 star

I ordered 2 shoes from them last year and they were perfect. I recently ordered some shoes and checked my bank they charged me for the shoes and sent me an email that I haven’t paid yet idk if it’s a scam or they sent me the wrong thing. 😥


Fake  adzab  1 star

No no no fake


Fake fake fake  Seketee  1 star

No refund policy ,fake than anything I can think of just don’t ever ever buy from these monsters

adz 199999

SCAM  adz 199999  1 star

SCAM SCAM SCAM! They made me pay for an item first to then tell me they ran out of sizes! Why advertise it then?! 🤬 refund takes 2 months. Hope apple removes this app ASAP

sneaker opinion

Sneaker opinion  sneaker opinion  1 star

If you know ANYTHING about shoes you would know that no one around sells yeezys for $170. So you get what you paid for. Aka Fake yeezys, Dont sook. Do your research


Fake af  KwT-MaJHo0oL  1 star

I've purchased yeezy shoes $200 and I haven't received yet , it has been over four weeks then they replied my email with broken English. This is fraud!


Fake  ranjhan  1 star

They are fake don't buy them


?  Idube1  1 star

I don't really care if they're fake but are they fake yeezys?

Byron Hughes

Ms Hughes  Byron Hughes  1 star

I am writing to insole about a complaint on their shoes. They have fake advertised their shoes saying they are 'Authentic'. I am very annoyed that I have wasted my own money on these shoes. I would like a full refund on these shoes. If my request is not met I will be taking this further!!


They are all fake shoes  Lzf222  1 star

Don't buy shoes from this app, they are all fake. they don't do exchange or refund.


FAKE !! FAKE!!  ALANLST  1 star

The manufacture is located in Putian Fujian Province. Famous fake shoes produce place. They sell the same shoes in China for Aud$40-50 only!


Help  YOYLOL  2 star

I know everyone says it's a scam but when you look at the reviews that people put on the shoe,it looks legit.


Awnser  Alejo0127  2 star

If Somone is real and not a bot tell me if this app is fake or not before I buy somthing


Fake Jordans  Mslex  1 star

Do NOT buy from here! These shoes are not real! First they say you will get in 7-10 days. It took 3 weeks! Shipping is not free! Got the Jordans and they are fake! I wanted a refund which their site says they give and all they offer is $10!! Scam!


Fake Shoes--SCAM!!!  XxNaveenHockey76xX  1 star

The shoes are fake and they steal ur credit card info! I'm hoping this review will save people falling into their trap

smooge gamg desciple

Sooooo fake  smooge gamg desciple  1 star

This is fake lol


Scam, Credit Card Frauds, and Fake Shoes!  HWweebbeerr  1 star

Do not download or buy. All reviews are fake and generated most likely by bots. The company steals credit card info and causes a lot of problems with your bank that is certainly not worth your time and money.


Fake??  Ususueushshdhdj  1 star

Are these yeezys fake because I have seen a lot of bad reviews on this app. If legit I would buy a pair of yeezy zebra v2.


Fake  xXpinkpandax  1 star

Pls don't order the item was not real it's FAKE. I return my shoes until now they did't give me my refund. I will not stop until they return my 157 us dollar back. I returned the shoes 3/29/2017 they claimed they didn't recieve the item gurrrr.


Don't get it  BrendanMy  1 star

All the shoes are fake I can even see it from the picture

Senior da545 app

Excelent product, I Liked!!  Senior da545 app  5 star

I really love this shoe. It is probably the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn in my life.

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