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Do you think your iPhone is too bright in the dark?
Do you have a problem with eye strain and fatigue when you surf the web?

If so, let Dark Night Browser protect your eyes now.
Dark Night Browser is an Eye care web browser that comes with all standard features that a web browser should have and also plus many advanced features for an advanced user.

Eye care features:
- Brightness filter: Lower brightness than the system offer.
- Blue light filter: Help you sleep better.
- Dark mode: Help you read better in the dark.
- Increase font size: Help you read easier.
- Turn off all animation: Prevent you from dizzy and motion sickness.
- Rest your eye warning: Prevent you from Computer vision syndrome.

Standard browser features:
- Portrait and Landscape supported.
- Multiple Tab browsing.
- Bookmark.
- History.
- Clear history, cache, cookie.
- Request desktop site.
- Find on page.
- Reader View.
- Translate website language.
- Full screen browsing mode.
- Private browsing mode.
- Save and Autofill passwords.
- Selectable search engine.
- Search suggestion when typing.
- Most visited list.

Advanced features:
- Unlock with Passcode, Touch ID.
- Download and preview file.
- Many swipe gestures supported.
- Capture website screen to the image: Both visible area and entire website.
- User Agent switcher: Simulate your device as Mobile, Tablet, Desktop.
- Manage MIME action: Change default action for each file type.
- Customize Display, Font size, User Agent etc. for each website individually.
- Keyboard helper: Help you type a number and symbol without switch keyboard layout.

*The Dark Mode and Screen Filter does not work outside this app.

Dark Night Browser App Description & Overview

The applications Dark Night Browser was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-12-28 and was developed by Prasomsak Khunmuen. The file size is 2.94 MB. The current version is 1.3.0 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Clear history, cache, cookie by specific website.

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Dark Night Browser Reviews

played ok

No more eye strain!  played ok  5 star

Perfect browser with nice features that not available in other browsers especially the night mode is very useful for me. If you looking for some thing that will help you reduce your eyes strain when use your phone, This is your choice, but please remind this is a web browser and the night mode will work only in this app.

Divine 5919

Dark night browser.  Divine 5919  1 star

What a waste of two bucks. Like trying to operate a space ship. WTH? All I want to do is view my phone without blue light. Not learn how to code. So complicated. Video to how to use is outdated and I don’t even get in anyway. Unless you’re a tech genius you won’t know what to do with this app. I wish I could get a refund.


Good Browser.  ronaldo-009  5 star

This browser is very good when you want to read something on your bed. The dark mode will safe your eyes by convert the white background to the dark. This is one of my favorite browser for now. Update: The last update with voiceover feature is very helpful for me.


Only works in app?!  GooshyBerry  2 star

I thought that I finally found an app that would work to dim my screen and run in the background of my apps so I can do other things like go on snapchat and instagram but this app that I payed money for only works in the app to search on a web browser. Don’t make the same mistake I did to anyone considering buying the app. And as for the company please try to add in the fact that this is only usable in the app which is just a search engine.


Remove Ads?  Suzy711  4 star

I really like this browser because I use it every day when I read but sometimes I get ads that will come down a little bit when I start to scroll down and it has a down arrow you click to make the ad go back up and kind of out of site but the arrow is still kind of visible. It’s a bit annoying so I was wondering if there is a way you can put an ad block option or something like that.


it’s not what you think  moshturbatiing  1 star

you can ONLY use this dark feature on the app itself. i just paid to have an extra internet explorer on my f#ck#ng phone. don’t purchase this unless you’re only planning on using the one app... DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. i was mislead by the good reviews on here. who the h#ll bought this and thought this was a good idea??? this is an adult app. my eyes still hurt!!!


Suits my needs  Bosezon  5 star

Top tier app. Nothing can compare

Fan 2063

Great  Fan 2063  5 star

I am s-o-o glad I got this app for my older iPad that does not have the night shift feature. I have low vision and in addition to being able to warm the screen, my usual features are available - reader mode, bookmarks, etc. and features like " speak screen" work as usual.


Waste of money  czepeda176  1 star

Can’t use it with out being in the app


Wow  leomessibruh10!  1 star

I thought it was gonna work outside the app lame.

Sage of Breath-413

Good if you don't want to watch videos  Sage of Breath-413  3 star

Basically what the title says. It's good and serves its purpose but when I tried watching videos on the browser, the play button wouldn't work. It could be because the website doesn't support this browser, but anyway. If you don't plan on watching any videos on sites that support only particular browsers, this is great.


Copy error and too slow  tevfikgoksu  2 star

Copy error and too slow, please update.

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