Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire [Games] App Description & Overview

Rally your troops, deploy your traps, and prepare for the largest battle the Realm has ever seen. Lead your forces to victory and dominate the Realm in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire!

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a mobile MMO experience that delivers massive warfare and thrilling adventures on your device.

The possibilities are endless in the Realm. Want to ride a Chocobo to scout an enemy Empire? How about fighting Monsters and raiding their lairs for rare loot? Explore a vast world bursting with content as you build, upgrade, and fight your way to glory.

Infantry, mages, cavalry, and siege units are yours to command and level-up. Put your army to the test by fighting alongside your Guild — and even competing in colossal Realm-vs-Realm events!

In addition to defeating foes, you can enjoy countless features, including:
- Unlock new playable Heroes like Lunafreya, Gladiolus, and Ignis
- Build your very own Empire and set powerful Traps to halt your enemies
- Craft weapons and armor for your Hero, from Gladiolus’ Hardedge to Aranea Highwind’s signature lance.
- Battle Monsters and scavenge their lairs to uncover rare loot.
- Chat with players from around the globe, receiving real-time translations in your language

Be bold or be destroyed. Summon your strength in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire!

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:
Game Page:

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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Step into Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and experience the magic! Storm Eos with all of your favorite heroes, villains, and companions! Hunt Monsters, protect your Empire, build your forces, and Rule the Realm! LOG IN NOW to see the LATEST UPDATES! * Battle against other Guilds & Realms, or fight for control of the Crystal! * Slay more powerful monsters for amazing Loot! * Unlock unique, specialized Troops! * Participate in awesome NEW Events! * Earn improved Titles! * And More!

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Comments & Reviews

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- Avoid this game

The game is near impossible to progress without spending extraordinary amounts, if you don’t spend the money it leaves you exposed to players that unload their life spendings to attack you, and that makes the game very frustrating to play. It would be a great game if it was fair but it is far from it. I don’t recommend this game at all it is 12 months of my life I will never get back.

- Broken... won’t load buildings/UI

Stopped playing for a bit. Came back to the app and it wouldn’t load buildings and some elements of the ui. Tried uninstalling or restarting but nothing worked

- Support is terrible - avoid at all costs.

Avoid this game at all costs, it has a decent interface, but the developers make massive errors and generally do not recover, it’s also very expensive to place. Avoid this game at all costs!!!!!

- Money pit - avoid!

Worst game I have ever played. You get nowhere without buying lots of packs. I dropped about $3k over a year and I was strictly a second tier player. You cannot stay relevant without buying at least one of the $160 packs per month. Don’t start. A constant stream of shiny new things that you can buy makes it very addictive. Save your dollars and your sanity and JUST SAY NO to this terrible game. Zero stars if it was possible.

- This game is cooked

Mz are all about the money. The game play has that many faults.Mz are always screwing up events and have no customer service.if you like being screwed over then this game is for you. I would stay away from any mz games because the company is a joke

- Hope your rich

Be prepared to spend a a thousand a week to get zeroed the next week 😂😂 mz are very greedy and never fix things properly because they don’t care there just after revenue. Same bs as game of war

- Game crashes wont load

I will be rating this game 1 star from now on a game that I love to play but no longer can due to never loading I will refuse to buy any more packs and will ask for all players to stop buying packs due to not being able to play and the game developers to never fix it or care for those who only have a iPhone to play on as I’m sure this game does not care 1 bit about loyal players who been playing for yrs and yet no matter how many times you complain about a issue it never gets resolved at all

- Staggerlee

Hey if anyone plays with stagger tell him to contact me


This game just after your money very expensive package and most time when you pay the pack gets the wrong pack and when you contact them they say they can’t refund or even offers something else 😡😡 and nexuses Stone don’t work it’s their way to scam you to buy packages that never work 😡 it’s waste of time and DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY it’s just scam😡😡

- Great game, but beware of packs and chat

DON’T INSTALL AND DON’T START A great game that requires a lot of ongoing money (hundreds each month) to play competitively. Support is limited and racist, sexist and bullying comments are rife. There is no way to report comments easily and there is no monitoring of realm and guild chats by support. This game is definitely not suitable for children. Do not buy packs if have Apple family sharing. Packs do not load and developers do not issue refunds. Also, PACK PROMISES DON’T HAPPEN. You’ll have to go through Apple for refunds and this takes weeks.

- Terrible game

Terrible game, accounts been broken for months now and they’re doing nothing to fix it! Unplayable

- Expensive, inconsistent, lag issues, poor customer support

The above says it all. New releases almost daily, developers offer fixes only to have them useless a short time later. One pack gets the player no where you need to purchase ten plus at a time. False advertising often on packs and when evidence is provided via screen shots it takes so long to rectify that the player is still at a disadvantage. Worst gaming experience ever.

- Money hungry

This game consistently requires you to feed hundreds of $$$ just to complete any in game events. Unless you're willing to drop $100USD a week on this game don't bother playing


OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF Ok i had to stop writing to make the bed but please someone donate robux names HotLava287 Just please

- No response to account glitch

It has been 8days now that I cannot Rally or Attack from main account on current device, yet I can use a different account on the same device and it works perfect. I have sent tickets everyday and screenshots as asked, still developer tell me they are working on it. Really poor attitude towards and paying player. Bad ratings from me with all the glitches.

- An expensive and greedy game

Hi very very expensive unless you have buckets of cash to spend weekly stay away. Moved to darker side.

- Scam game avoid the download

This game is a complete scam. Immediately after download you will be prompted to agree to change of terms and conditions to start the game and once you agree you will be bombarded by ads to make purchases. What appears to be $5 packs will grow exponentially after a couple of purchases to $150 to progress any further in the game whilst bullies have nothing holding them back from completely destroying your empire and and burning any real money you spent on the game! Total waste of time and money! And a true pay to play disguised as a free to play!! Beware and download at your own risk

- Poor support and expensive

Played a lot of games and this one is a total dud..whatever you spend on game is outdated within the week and no warning of a reset that makes everything you spent on worth nothing overnight...

- Pathetic

Game was great until developers lost interest and screwed everyone out of their money. Lots of potential here, but not when they decide to kill a realm and not refund the packs you bought not long before they’ve done it. Disgraceful.

- Expensive

This game is expensive and the “in app purchase” prices listed are false. I myself have played for over 2 years and have not seen a pack at the price of AUD$3. The cheapest one i have seen was AUD$8 and it was for iphone users “special” when you first start playing. The prices i have seen are from AUD$80-$160. It is not cheap. The development is very slow and the pictures you see above are nothing like the actual graphics of the game. Every time they release anything new, it’s full of bugs and you need to purchase a pack to obtain this new release item. They’ve released a dark world edition in the game with many new troops, resources and currency recently. They are overly powerful than the ones you would get starting the game. It was a whole reset and made everyone’s money into nothing. They are just constantly releasing new things to extract money out of you. Please try this game if you are planning to stupidly dump a lot of money into it to stay relevant. Others who want to play without dumping money into it, I wish you best of luck before you get zeroed by someone 10x the size of you.

- Terrible rip off game

Very bad game the company is a scam artist company don’t start playing this game.

- Scam App

Appalling money grabbing scam of an app. Takes your money then takes no responsibility for delivering any content. Recent full game update made all previous purchased content null and void. Buy packs one day, the next day the content is made redundant. Do yourself a favor and don’t even download this scam of an app.


Do not down load this or any other game associated with EpicAction. Players are angry with how they are treated, ignored, lied to etc, so that the developers can get and keep your money. There is no actual”game “ associated with this app, it is just a gouge for your money, boring and waste of time, you cannot progress without buying, you will not receive what you pay for, what you get is obsolete next week, progress is painfully slow, and then, everything is useless, as the game is rebooted. So money put into game has amounted to absolutely nothing. JasaB

- Lacks in all areas

I have been playing this game for 3 years now. Was fun in the beginning. Purchases are expensive but to get anywhere in the game you need to pay. Free players don’t get very far and you can’t fend off big players without a bubble which is pointless. Graphics are the only good thing about this game. If you also need to get in contact with developers be prepared for copy and pasted generic responses that don’t even apply as an answer to your question. Money has now been completely wasted as they have done a rest and sent everyone back to square one! Currently seeking full refunds since my purchases are now null and void. They will do this without notice, make changes that people struggle to keep up with. Don’t waste your time and money.

- Warning stay away

The developers of this game are only interested in your money. They have recently applied an update that wipes the worth of all previous purchases. You in effect are starting the game from day 1. Don’t waste your time or money. The developers shouldn’t be allowed in the iTunes Store.

- Used to be a good game

Trash. The game is good for about a day. Then the developers make all progress redundant. Too greedy and don’t care about players. All About a company feedings it bottom line. Needs to be removed from all approved platforms

- Final Fantasy 15

Don’t even bother to install I’ve been playing this game for over a year & I’m a paying player. Slow server , no support now as to many players ticketing support for answers that they just send generic copy paste answers to. 380 mill made from game but still to slow servers 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

- GG

This game give me Fortnite v bucks I love it

- Do not play this game

I have pulled into the ponzi scheme that this game is, and with the most recent release it is just ripping people off. Do NOT get involved ...

- Rip you off

The devs just stealing your money and sending wrong packs for $160 cause you are addicted , it is poker machine unfortunately, fair enough ....

- A really good game

It was really good the thing I loved the most where the graphics

- Somehow worse than the ps4 game.

Free game 100% dominated by people willing to spend hundreds of dollars per week on the in app purchases, not worth playing unless youre an idiot like these people honestly. Also you cant start a new game without buying a new device, making server changing or creating a new game cost more than a 36 month subscription on FFXIV online.

- Worst game ever

This game is ultra expensive. It is riddled with bugs and slow system. You spend your time doing admin tasks on antiquated screens. I have had problems with purchasing pack that were not delivered. Support is non existent. When they grace you occasionally with a response to a problem, they have no clue how the game is played. AVOID THIS GAME

- Soul destroyer

I’ve spent over $30,000 on this game and still feel like I’ve gotten nowhere. The developers are constantly releasing new things which literally de-value thousands of dollars worth of assets OVERNIGHT. Not to mention the customer service is atrocious. The worst I’ve ever seen, they copy paste responses for days and barely treat you like a human being, rather like you’re a mindless cash machine. I want to quit but I have so many good friends. The community is the one nice thing about this game, other than that it just leeches your soul. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

- Money Hungry

This app eats your wallet. Packs cost a fortune and when there’s issues support doesn’t want to know you. Social side is great. If you want to keep up with the realm be prepared to spend serious $.

- Fun, addictive but expensive

I enjoy playing the game and chatting to other players but if you want to actually get anywhere you need to spend a lot of money. You can get around it for a little while, but you won’t catch up to the big money spenders. The packs the ridiculously expensive.

- Good game. Easy to play

Good game. Easy to play

- Mobile Strike clone

This game is sadly another mobile strike clone. Expect to spend a few hundred a week.

- Worst Final Fantasy Game EVER!

To many fans of Final Fantasy... this game is not... and I repeat... is not worth your time, money or any effort... it’s a trap that gives you the player anxiety and stress... it is an unfair and quite cruel at times game that has... well... has nothing to do with FF15... it’s just another mobile war game with a skin to call itself Final Fantasy... If I could give this a zero score I would... I will never play this game again... and neither should you... 👎👎👎

- It’s a horrible cash grab.

Did I get you attention developers this is all the game is, sure there is some stuff you can get at the very start but to make noticeable progress I imagine someone would have to spend over 50$ just to get going. Final comment : Utterly disgusting you don’t fix even though it has been requested hundreds of times whoever makes people pay for a free game is vile human scum.

- Worthless cash grab

It’s a half assed empire game which we totally have not seen enough of. Nothing about this game is good it’s ugly boring for the first twenty minutes i was taping were it told me to tap and then I stated the game and I had not materials and it told I need 10,000 stone to upgrade a building and my quarry was making me 600 and hour. Worthless cash grab.

- introduce the game to someone you hate

It’s the only way I would recom it’s a good game

- Stupidly expensive, slow and full of cheats

This game is particularly slow and the only way to speed it up is the either cheat or spend money. The in game adverts are over the top with constant bombardment. To keep pace with the high level players your going to need a lot of cash, or even to stay competitive you will need to buy expensive packs. Really just a waste of money and time.

- Very greedy developers indeed

I have play for a little while and the pack and so expensive and even if you buy a pack like monster farm to unlock u can’t upgrade past lvl 1 unless u have 200 blue print to upgrade lvl ,so then u need buy another pack to upgrade again past lvl 1? What a fuk joking you greedy developers,my advice do not download this game or if do and want progress then keep putting your hand in u wallet

- Very good game!!!

Hi this game is very very adictive I love playing it it’s so good but one thing that isn’t a problem for me but maybe for you guys the packs are so much money but the game is the BEST!!!👍🏻


Events are always bugging out, monsters disappearing and Rebel base events that just started the rallies are all bugged. With how much you charge people for packs in this game and how many people DO buy them, you’d think you would make enough to be on top of it all.

- Money pit

This is one of those games for payers, not players. They seem to have lost touch with game playing as you will never succeed by dedication and commitment.

- Do not download waste of life game

This game is fine if you can get over the overpriced cost to play and proceed in the game , if you can overlook the constant bugs that ruin your attempted gameplay so detrimental it creates havoc more so for the people developing the game than anything, they are constantly behind the 8 ball fixing stuff ups that nothing ever gets fixed on time and people miss out on a good game, unless your willing to drop $$$ don’t even bother downloading it’s a waste of life attempting to play this game.

- legend

look out for eXi, a complete nimrod

- Ye

Fortnite is an online video game created in 2017, developed by Epic Games, and released as different software packages having different game modes that otherwise share the same general gameplay and game engine.

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- Getting deleted

Stupid waste of time

- Awesome

Easy and fun to play game

- Ok

Same as most games

- Put a some kind of lvl cap

It’s horrible that people 20 lvls higher than u can just wipe u out like nothing and take everything u own. I’m sure it makes lots of people not bother to play as much as they would other wise. I can attack someone who is lvl 1 and I get nothing being lvl 20 but a lvl 50 can kill me and take numerous resources losing but one soldier. Very discouraging to continue on cause they target u just to get their kill number up 😕.

- Decent game destroyed by developer greed

This game has enjoyable and addictive aspects if you're put in a realm with people you like, but there are several reasons I can't give more than 2 stars: - To advance in the game, you either need to pay hundreds/thousands of US dollars or have a high level player sending you resources all the time. - The game's support staff are very disrespectful even to paying players. They don't fully read customer issues, they provide canned answers, they lie about their logs on event results, and the force players to send in numerous inquires to get items the game doesn't award due to technical issues. - When there is an event that gives reasonable rewards, the game gets modified to nuke the event in the future. - Even after paying real cash to get a building, you have to pay more to upgrade that building.

- Fun

Fun game. Great to meet new guild mates.

- Big time PvP

Good game, always adding in additional items and new events. Typical build and PvP game, not very innovative in its set up though, and it’s additional pay-to-play content is very pricey after the first introductory price package.

- Game

I love th game super detailed and addicting. Would recommend to anyone

- Losing interest

Every time you open the game there’s an ad to buy a useless package. I refuse to buy anything in any game so it’s really annoying. Also takes forever to get ahead. I’m definitely losing interest. There are much better time wasters out there

- K

Who else did this for a different game

- Just bad

Bad graphics. Annoying ads. Super boring.

- Take My Money...Wait! No don’t take it

Pay to win in the worst way possible.

- Downloaded but just can’t do it, reviews are sooooo bad

I don’t mind spending but when every review is that you need to spend thousands to just compete to not get cleaned out, YOU DONT DO IT, don’t download this game, it is a lie and just worth the effort. Take the adds off Facebook

- Hello

Worst money game i never play its so annoying with 50 000$ you’ll be able to do nothing 😂 there’s no goal

- Trash

Wasted 30 dollars just to find our that the Giants whales with 250 million power are bullying us

- Pay to Win with horrible customer service

This game is pay to win. Skill is not a factor. The graphics do not resemble the battle scenes in the advertising. If you have to send a message to customer service for any reason, the best response you can hope for is a generic form email that does not answer your question. Save your time and money. Stay away.

- Very disappointing


- Customer Service is Horrible

I wrote in to there player help because of something they did, you see they mislead there players into purchasing packs within there game by promising them special “mystery” chests with them. Well what they didn’t tell there players is that not every pack will unlock said chests even though there own system email CLEARLY stated that it would. This is actually illegal and after spending 3 WEEKS!!! Writing back and forth with these developers they have still refused a refund for the money they got from me by lying. This is unacceptable and unprofessional not to mention shady. After not getting ANY response from my last email too them I decided to write a new support ticket asking why I never received a response. Well the response I got was that they had apparently “lost” my original complaint that was submitted. This has been a complete nightmare and I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone, so do not give this shady company your hard earned money when there so willing to exploit there players for a profit.

- TikTok

Only getting this for more fans on Tik Tok

- Only One word can describe my mood Now is angry

If your playing this game trying to do an achèvement to get reward in an other game Forget it

- Design is awful

Ok game but honestly no effort in the graphics it’s disappointing. The sales ads pop up all the time it’s just annoying

- Not good

It advertises itself with the slogan “rally your friends” and yet you cannot actually play with friends because you cannot select your realm, nor can you move to a friends realm.

- I haven’t played but...

Screw you

- Hdhdh


- Pay to win

This game has non existent customer support. It makes my iPhone 8 run extremely hot. It is also pay to win. This game is such a large commitment if you want to keep up in power with anyone. There are players that dropped $12000. They are so far ahead it's unreal. And even if you spend money on this game, in a month what you bought for $100 isn't even worth $5

- Issues

Thanksgiving chests disappeared from my inventory. Performance issues. No easy way to submit a support ticket.

- Could be a good game if...

Developers need to get serious and make the game feasible even for ppl who don’t want to spend a thousand dollars. It’s ridiculous. It could be fun but you’re forced to P2W in order to survive otherwise big fish take you out in a small pond. Also make it easier to get items from monster drops and events, players take this seriously and want to be rewarded for their efforts.

- Rip off

P2W very greedy developers, expensive booster packs. $$$

- No Strategy required, just deep pockets

This is not a war strategy game like advertised, simply the person who spends the most wins. In your face ads, a glitchy server and customer support staff the never clearly answers a direct question. Wish I had never signed up.

- Next update -Full Screen for iPhone X users

Please work on the iPhone X/Xs full screen update.

- Pay-to-win

Impossible to progress without spending 100s $€£ every week! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Just a terrible money-grab that has nothing to do with the Final Fantasy franchise.

- Pay to win

Pay to win. At the start it’s easy to advance but after it take week

- Garbage

Any 5 star ratings are lies

- ⚠️⚠️⚠️

Devs r crooks! These kind of money grabbing games should not exist! The amount u spend should be capped, but like I said they are crooks! They don’t care if a kid maxed their parents credit card!!! No morals

- Great until lvl 15

After you reach level 15, you dont get to use your hero again as they will always be captured by other players. Such a hassle...

- No fun

Joined for a Tapjoy offer. Tapjoy never actually full filled the agreement. Played for two weeks and found you need to buy to advance. You need a faction to survive. RvR totally ruined the game as a new player. A punching bag for high level players. Get attacked loose everything rebuild and repeat. If your not strong and in it for $$$ then don’t bother playing.

- F

This game can be summarized in just a few words, no reason to exist

- So bad

Prob worst game ever.

- Doesn’t seem worth it

I did download the game but before playing it I read the reviews and honestly it made me remove the game straight away from my iPad seeing as I absolutely hate pay to win games and I would rather not have to buy packs every single time just to get ahead, plus with what the other players experienced made me go “ nope not gonna bother and remove it right now from my iPad “

- Bullying

Bullying is not monitored. Blocking players does not help. People even tell you to kill yourself in public forum. Nothing is done about it. May as well be writing a ticket to Santa Claus.

- Complete pay to win, don’t get into it

Only play if you’re willing to spend literally hundreds to thousands of dollars. otherwise nearly impossible to compete with other players when they have spent money and constantly squash you.


I haven’t played it yet but if you are skeptic to get it or not then don’t get it bye have a good life

- They want you to pay, not play

Throwing Ad for deals in face, every time you open game. Deals are useless, every time saying that it's a special, but it not at all special. Game want you to spend 100s of $ every week if you want to progress further. It's a classic pay to win game. Many items are pointless that these game makers should be Sued for it..

- Total criminal

Spent tons of money on game someone hacked my account I finally get it back into my name change password then they tell admin that the account is there’s and they ban my account after spending thousand of dollars so good luck if you want to be scammed

- Not bad

Game keeps me intrigued but then after purchasing 2 reasonably prices packages, the cost is now an outrageous 139.99 CAD!!! If you are not willing to put out hundreds of dollars a week you will never have full access to all the game options and you will never get ahead..... good try but falls short of being a great game.

- Staff do not care about you

I’ve played for months and with rules they set in place they refuse to follow those themselves and have a big problem with bullying at the moment and if you also play I urge you to go forward speak out

- Brutal blatant money grab

If you are not willing to invest $150 a week, you will not enjoy the game. It is a pure pay to win application. The customer service from Epic is beyond terrible. They only want more money. Even the sales are a scam, you pay to unlock something then you have to pay to level it up so you can use it. All of the five star reviews are fake. Don’t believe them. Unless you are willing to pay a lot of money. Skip this game.

- Pretty bad

Dont do it lol

- Cash grabs

This game is just using the title Final Fantasy, to get people into downloading it. It sucks and is not an original game. Just like every advertisement related to this kind of games, it’s 100% misleading.

- Crap

Is always wanting money to advance and even when you do try and buy more the half the time you end up with an error.

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- Don’t waste your money

I wouldn’t even start playing this game is the worse money grabbing game on the App Store and the customer service team for this just don’t care I brought a pack last night for £50 then a hour later the game took loads items back from my purchase and they won’t give them back to me after 3 months you need to be spending about £300 to £500 a month to not be zeroed if you want to try and be one of top dog on this game your better of investing the money on a house


The game starts out fun, you might even be lulled into a false idea that you can play this game for free. Please be warned that you categorically can NOT maintain your empire on a level playing field with others unless you chuck 100s even 1000s into the game. Packs start our reasonably priced & you may be tempted to part with 4.99.. but you will soon find yourself with packs priced at £99 a pop! If you do try and free play then be prepared to invest up to 12 hours of your day every day and still not manage to hit tier without a pack purchase. Events are now based on spending money to get the best results.. and when events are here the prizes are barely worth a moment of your time let alone hours! Then you have their customer service.. which is by far the most appalling you may ever encounter. Generic canned responses that don’t answer your query, a real lack of will to help you, a different agent for each reply with no real logic in response or an actual resolution. You feel a piece of your soul die with every email response you get from them. The only 1 positive in this game is your guild mates. Although I am significantly poorer, If it wasn’t for them I’d have quit a long time ago!!

- Steer clear of this money trap

After having played the game for about 6 months, I decided to leave. The developers greed is unreal, even if you decide to pay and keep up, they bring out new releases which makes your purchases null and void, forcing you to spend a bucket load of cash to get back to the same level. I spent nearly £6000 on the game, had fun for a while, but then all that cash went down the pan when the new “phase” of the game started. The game is psychologically very draining, there are some really nasty and vindictive people playing this game. People can be really really cruel. Lastly, even if you decide to pay to win, you have to spend an enormous amount of time plugging away at it. If you don’t pay, you have to spend 12hours a day playing to stand half a chance. AVOID AVOID AVOID, there are far better MMO games that does not break the bank and with clear online social guidelines.

- Scam alert

Packs that are purchased are often missing items. Customer support will deny this and insist that everything is as it should be. Customer support are not helpful, often giving automatic replies. They do not address the issue and will go around in circles. Every reply is with a different agent, who will repeat what the previous agent has said.

- Outrageously expensive game

In order to play this game you have to invest hundreds of hundreds of dollars, absolutely the most expensive game ever and is not the most entertaining.

- Disappointing

I’ve been playing the game for a year and I am becoming increasingly disappointed. It has become impossible to play the game without spending £100 at least once a week to stay competitive, I hate to think how much money I have wasted on this game and I am no where near strong enough to attack or participate in any action. I have to hide under a protective barrier 24/7 which needs replacing every 3 days, if I forget to replace it and it runs out I get completely wiped out. The game is extremely addictive so unless you are a millionaire I would suggest not trying it at all, because before you know it you’ll be £1000 in and considering selling your house to upgrade your citadel.

- Money, money, money

Please don’t think you can play this game for free. Even if you pay to play there are always people With deeper pockets that will come and take all the stuff you just bought! Customer service is appalling too! I’m only still here because of the friends I’ve made along the way. The game is very clever! But you’ll never get anywhere without spending money! Some in my realm are spending hundreds every week just to keep up with everyone else. Save your money and your sanity and go and pick another game. Anyone you speak to that plays this regrets spending a single penny on it! And then there are the trolls and the bullies!

- Pay to win garbage

It’s a waste of time and money don’t bother

- Money Pit

This game has gotten worse and worse! Packs are a joke! Avoid this game unless you have very deep pockets. It’s impossible to keep up with the spenders in a realm! Sure we have a dev in our realm, over half the players are one individual! Everyone would buy a £5 or £20 pack but then all are coming in at £99... Not worth it! I’m done, 16 of us quit the realm simultaneously.

- Money making con!

I’ve been playing for about 6 months now and although it was fun to start with, it’s clear you can’t progress unless you’re willing to spend hundreds of pounds. Also, the game is very glitchy and I’ve had numerous problems with packs I’ve bought and things not been available. Reporting the issue does not resolve anything. The devs don’t take your issue seriously and do nothing to resolve the problem. Appalling customer service and there is no way to escalate complaints. There seems to be no one holding the developers accountable or regulating them so they can do and charge what they want. Absolutely shocking especially considering people spend so much money on the game!!

- Great game .. ruined by greed

The game concept and execution is great! However, the greed of the developers, coupled with the dismal support to players, has ruined the game. Unless you spend big money you will never keep at the cutting edge to compete. Unless you buy very expensive packs, at $100 per time, to grow your Empire, the Support Team won’t bother helping you. This is definitely pay-to-play and pay-or-no-support. My advice; avoid all games from this developer. They place greed above the gameplay quality and above the players. You have been warned.

- Latest update makes it unplayable

The latest update makes it unplayable. The game logs then immediately crashes. Please fix. You have obviously not tested it properly

- Really annoying

I don’t even have this game but crashes other games with adds.

- Essentially a way for rich people to bully poor people

I love this game. I’ve made so many friends through it and I struggle to put it down. The problem with it is that I have spent over £100 of real money through in app purchases and that has progressed me nowhere. Sure I made what seemed like big progress at the time of each purchase but once you play long enough you realise the only way to keep playing and actually enjoy the game is to spend ££££. The latest game update gave players over a certain level the option to purchase a pack to jump their empire up to a lv 60 for £99.99 which in our realm was unheard of yet. That now means that anyone unable to spend money gets ritually bullied and destroyed and unable to progress. Unless you are willing to spend £100+ a month on this game then it’s not worth picking up in the first place. I wish I had known what a waste of money it was and what lengths the developers would go too to force you to buy packs to keep playing. This game punishes you for being poor so just don’t even start playing.

- Hard to catch up

Great game even for people that don’t spend but it’s impossible to catch up when you have only just joined so always on the back foot. Not even the £100 packs contain stuff you need to complete the research needed

- Total rip off

In the early days of the game it was a good game, then the developers got greedy. The only way to progress in the game is spend £99.99 per pack and with several new features currently being released weekly you will need very deep pockets indeed. You submit a support ticket raising concerns, like today for example, I usually wake to to emails about bonus chests that might be available that day. I woke this morning to diddly squat but bought a pack needed to progress which yesterday contained a couple of extra items, not today's offer though, it was a buy one get one free pack. What is the point of a buy one get one free when you are forced to take the free pack they offer you rather than a pack of choice? Within 20 minutes of making the purchase low and behold 5 bonus chests were released in to the game, all day since fobbed off by their support. These pirates will screw you over every which way unless you live in the USA and have deep enough pockets to be able to afford an attorney to fight a case for you. For new players thinking of joining the game I'd say avoid it at all costs.

- Games gotten worse over time

The game has just become about in app purchases, there aren’t many ways of getting the items or resources you need after a certain level other than paying, the packs start at £4.99-£99.99, that seems normal until you realise that once you have spent any money the packs prices increase and there is no way to select what you want to buy so you end up with only £99.99 packs available for honestly not all that much. If you want to unlock buildings or hero’s there aren’t many ways to get them other than buying them and not having them leaves you at a massive disadvantage, the support team that deals with complaints and problems always seem to be on a script even if that script has nothing to do with your problem and some are even ignored indefinitely. The events you get often require payments to even get any rewards and often at times aren’t worth paying for, my honest opinion of this game is don’t download it unless you want to feel stressed and in the end it would be cheaper to have bought a console or even a pc and some games for it.

- Mugs game

Don’t waste considerable time and money becoming addicted to this game. If I could give minus stars I would, read the reviews, it’s really bad

- Game for deep pockets

I’ve been playing this game for a number of years, as well as some players and to be honest the main reason we are still playing it’s because of the friendship bonds we’ve developed with on another. Saying that most players honest hope that game will revert to its old ways where players that work hard to develop can earn their way without spending a lot of Money however that is not the case. Like many reviews spending £100 per pack is not ideal and the sad part the customer service isn’t the best when you log your issue with the customer support team or try to avoid helping you etc etc... it’s a very well known fact with all players that the support team aren’t helpful and “apparently they don’t have a complaint department” strange right ? Yep everyone thinks so. Regardless there are players with very deep pockets and this does tilt the game stats and therefore more and more items are ONLY obtained by buying them. I really enjoyed playing this game because the rules were balanced between players and it made it very interesting to develop strategies however that is now lost, your best bet is to buy a protection bubble whereas in the past if you had a very strong defence then it would have taken a lot of effort to actually capture your hero and vice versa. I hope the developers have a serious rethink about the future of the game .. it’s a wonderful game if you have the money to spend weekly !!!

- Good

Good I enjoy but a lot of things need real money

- Rubbish

Your add keeps stopping me from playing my games you should take the add down or start putting a x on the top right corner and if you don’t I will soow the game

- Greedy

Wish I’d read the reviews before downloading. The actual playable area of the screen is covered in ads which are nearly impossible to avoid. A lot of the features are restricted and you have to pay to unlock. Anyone who thinks it’s worth paying £100 a pack on a mobile game needs their head examined, go and spend it on the real world.

- Not worth it

Pay to win game without a doubt. After you buy 2 cheaper packs all the other cost £99.99. Items from packs are usually unavailable without paying and on higher level you cannot even complete simple events without paying. If you’ll decide to buy packs you have to take into account that the items you bought will be useless after few days as new, more powerful gear, merc troops, heroes will be released. You may have a lot of fun at the begging if you’re lucky and in a good guild.

- Pointless

Game is no fun after 2weeks without putting money into it don’t waste your time

- Stop hating

Guys, you should stop hating, you make a game and script, I’m an scripter and it is quite hard, make your player move, it was easy for me but it can be harder for people that don’t know a thing about game making, you have to actual script, I want to see your game once you made your player move they put a lot of hard work into the game and that is why the prices is so high, you’ll see when you make an game like that game. It costs the DEVELOPERS to just publish the game more for an website to download for computers to download AND to advertise. Understood?

- Slaughter fest

Don’t think for one minute you have any chance to progress in this “game”. You will make just enough progression to get you hooked (and you will be hooked) then BLAM you will be attacked and attacked and attacked and robbed of billions of resources you need to grow by all the megalomaniac rich folk who pay to win. Add to this the developers change the rules so what you’ve built and bought is utterly useless and you have to do it all again, ignore any complaints or copy and paste a reply most of which is lazy rhetorical nonsense and addresses nothing of your complaint. Yes you will find a guild that is lovely supportive and helpful and this keeps you playing but then BLAM devs spring a surprise kill event at 3am and its all gone when you wake up. You have no defence as their is zero strategy and it’s all about the size of your wallet feeding a greedy developer and not the size of your army. The sooner this game dies a natural death the better.

- Poor customer service

There was a connectivity problem which didn’t let me login and coz of that I was attacked me lost everything. Explained everything to customer service all I got was 5% of what I lost and was told that’s the limit they can give. Really bad experience. Poor customer service. Developers are really greedy.

- Addictive ....a bad way Addictive...don’t play... money pit

If you want to spend half your life and all your cash on a game and get nothing back in return THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU! Every day there’s new stuff coming out for the price of a pack... £100 7 days a week. The only way to keep up is to pay or sit in a bubble and do nothing. The packs are a ripoff, never getting what you need to complete quests, or missing components. The developers do nothing regarding complaints. Been playing for 18 months and it’s completely taken over my life, spent money I haven’t got and now in debt...... Now Dark is here... EVERY THING I HAVE BOUGHT IS OBSOLETE.... so angry

- Great game, but don’t get it

This is actually quite a fun game, and a little addictive too. But please think about this warning. As others have said, this game thrives on purchases. To advance quickly, you need to spend. Defensive set up in Game is always very strong, so you buy to improve your attack although you never quite improve enough. Frustratingly, at around citadel level 70, things change. With the move to dark world all your progress to date is meaningless. Any money spent, meaningless, all effort, meaningless. This greedy developer essentially tricks you into spending money that is ultimately a waste as all progress made is superseded by the dark world update. I would strongly advise not downloading this game.

- Rubbish. Pay to progress.

Devs do not care about you or the fan base. This game is 100% pay to win. We’re not taking £100 a month but instead £500 to keep up. They release weekly updates that make previous spending obsolete. You can spend £2000 on this game and a few months it means nothing. Do not download this game. You can’t compete on one server with 500+ people spending hundreds a month. Top 100 spend thousands.

- Rich Vs Poor slaughterhouse!

Such a shame. What would have been a great strategy game is blighted by wealthy players spending £/$1,000s (literally) buying enhancements that annihilate those who spend less. In the early stages you fly along but it doesn't take long before you hit a wall. My next building requires me to buy several, £100 packs! Build times are so long too. Yes they give you speed ups but they soon run out. I have to wait 129 days before I progress or pay real money, yes you guessed it, £100. So if you are rich and want to get rid of a shed load of money buying non-existent things so you can kill virtual people less fortunate than you, then this is the game for you. I have a diary note to login again in 4 months time so I can press a button to start the next building...

- . Very bad advertising and a ripoff

Don’t buy nothing I payed for a bogo priced at 49.99 as a bogo but never got it I send tickets photo with the evidence of price and I was told it as a mistake by them no refund or was I given the bogo. Very bad advertising and a ripoff

- Con and rip off

4 times I have tried to contact the developers after having spent money on a pack and not received what I paid for. A great game with huge potential ruined by con artist developers with no customer service.

- There isn’t really a game anymore

When this started it all made sense, you produced and gathered rss and did events to get gold to build up your citadel. You attacked monsters and raided their lairs for matierials and their eggs to craft gear and breed you’re own monsters to attack other city’s with, this gave your hero exp etc. Now it’s more or less pay up or bubble up, you might as well just track who’s paying you the most and they win the game this game is about you sucking money from the players nothing else now. Sell outs.

- Horrible they are not following GDP RULES and regulation

There is not any option for delete your account by yourself once you create account you get trapped

- Do not play

After 2 years of playing and over £10,000 spent I have quit this game. They reset the game to the dark world and basically made everything I’ve done obsolete. Disgusting. If there were laws regulating this it would be a class action lawsuit. Update. I am so happy I quit. This game took over my life for 2 years and I neglected real life. I suffered financially and mentally because of this game. My family suffered my business suffered. My home suffered. I would stay up to do complete tasks and capture the crystal at stupid hours. My weekends were taken over by RVR. I can’t believe I played this so long. Ruined my life. Never again will I do anything like this again.

- Pay to win

You have to spend about £400 per month to keep up with everything. No fun, obvious money extractor. If you do buy a pack it will be obsolete in a few weeks. Play something else that is free.

- DO NOT GET unless you’re mega rich

While I understand a free to play game needs some pay to win mechanics to support the game and the servers they run on, this is pure egregious greed from the developers. Every single damn thing is paywalled. Your first pack will be $5, your next pack will be $20, but from then on every pack you want to buy costs you a whopping $100. Currently you can train up to tier 6 troops for free, and tier 7 if you build a specific expansion otherwise tier 7 troops need packs to train them. However I’ve been playing the game for just over 1 year and the state of the game as it is in now means your basic tiered troops are worthless at any level. Recently dark troops were released which are crazy powerful. Want to train some? That’ll cost you a pack. There’s research that’ll help bolster your defence but guess what? That’ll cost you a pack. Their is absolutely ZERO chance of getting powerful troops through grind. The developers hate you getting something for nothing so they’ve taken greed to the next level to try and out-greed EA and Activision Blizzard and co. If you’re on a low income, avoid this game like a plague. Most other online free to play games allow some sort of grind to help you get what you want, but not this. After a year I’m done with this game and want nothing more to do with it. Sure I’ve met some genuinely nice players in this game but that won’t save it. Some of those players I’ve met quit a long time ago as well. The devs care more for lining their pockets as much as possible as quickly as possible than provide a fun, balanced and competitive gameplay. I’m only giving a 1 star because I can’t give it zero stars. AVOID AVOID AVOID this garbage.

- Final fantasy

Enjoyed playing this game to begin with, but not anymore. The devs are super greedy that they make it very difficult for those who don’t buy the packs. There’s no balance with in the game. Can’t believe people spend thousands on a game, it’s ridiculous!

- Cool!

This game is quite cool! It’s hard to get Citadels.

- The Worst, and Best Game You’d Ever Play

First of all, I’m going to start off with why this game is great. I’ve been playing this game for almost two years now. The friends and community you get from this game is great, especially for those socially isolated in real life. I’ve seen many people on here start dating in real life, or become real life best friends. You can spend all day every day playing if you wanted, there is so much to do on this it’s great if you have a lot of spare time. Downsides are that it is toxically addictive, this game becomes your life. Looking back, and thinking of the amount of screen hours I’ve put into this game is horrifying. At worst, 8 hours a can play this anywhere, and it often ends up being whenever you can. It’s a fantasy world you can consume yourself in and forget all your real life problems. Which brings me to another reason it’s bad— the packs. Sure, the developers will try and tell you you don’t need packs to survive. But you usually can’t play a game like this casually, you get upset when you’re zeroed...feel a rush when you buy a pack. Feel depressed if you fall behind because you can’t buy. The developers are greedy when it comes to money and will use every manipulative sales technique in the book. Players will spend money they shouldn’t have, it also becomes somewhat of a pride thing, with rich players paying lots and poorer people not wanting to seem....well, poor. Getting this game deleted will be the hardest thing for me, as I’m truly addicted. But I’ve already spent way too much time, and money. Also, cutting off that community is difficult too. It leaves an empty feeling for sure.

- Life-ruining, do not play this game

This game has given me a severe addiction. I’ve spent half my student loan on it and i’ve no idea why. It’s like every time you buy a pack it becomes completely useless the next day. Terrible game and the people who create it laugh at reviews like this because they get exactly what they want no matter what they say, your money. Don’t waste it on these monsters

- Pay to play

Started out as a great game, but the packs become increasingly expensive, start at £5 then increase in price to £99 per pack. You need to buy packs to progress and once they sell you a pack the items in the pack quickly become obsolete (often within days). The packs are often changed to what you thought you’d bought so beware take screenshots. However don’t hold you breath getting your money back as the customer services are shocking. They talk round in circles and I don’t think they understand the game to understand your problem. The only plus point from this game is the online community of the fellow player. I used to love this game but it’s become too expensive to keep up and has become boring as a result.

- Waste of time

If you’re here to get credits for another app, don’t waste your time. You’ll spend hours on the game, you will not get paid, they will not reply, they will not take any responsibility. The game itself is ok, it looks good, but it’s stuffed full of pop-ups and, as usual, pushes you to spend loads of £££ to progress anywhere fast.


Too expensive , greedy developers and very very unhelpful customer service. This game is all about taking your money off you - They will ruin and leave you broke ! AVOID Expensive packs and basically buy everything! All the stuff you dont need wilk be offered cheaper or for free so you basicalky getting the same Sh@!t again and repetitive same events over snd over again and release far too many ‘new’ purchasable items - Stricty a buyers game AVOID

- Fraudulent app

I’ve been with the game for almost 2 years and if we ignore the lag, bugs and the consistent money sucking by the developers, they had reset the game without any warning, making everything I have spend obsolete. They are ignoring any emails and I must say the support is more than a joke as 99.99% of the time they send a template response if of course they send any. To all the new players my advice is do not spend a penny with this app and if you can avoid by any means. The app is a scam, do not fall for the shiny cover!

- Don’t bother!

Nothing but a money grab for the devs. Unless you’re willing to pay hundreds of thousands of your hard earned cash on this game just to get ahead then I wouldn’t bother. Every update they do adds new content like buildings, heroes and gear which you have to pay 100+ for. The game has been lagging and crashing for over a year and yet they still won’t fix any problems within the game. Instead they focus on how much more money they can scam you out of. If you do buy a pack however there’s always something missing after the purchase and when you contact them about it they refuse to refund you and try saying the missing items weren’t included in the pack you bought.. even when shown a screenshot as proof they still refuse. Even going directly to iTunes/apple produces no results as they also refused to refund any purchases made.. don’t play and don’t buy. Stay clear of this app

- Advert is false

Advert is not what the game is

- Boring!

This game is pretty dead, and yeah. I’ve made a mistake to pay these unlocked heroes and others. I was really that stupid.

- New user

This game is absolute nonsense!!! I got it as the advertised game play seemed pretty cool. I’ve spent countless hours just building for no reason... the advertised game play is in no way what this is about, plus all it does is ask me to pay for stuff!! That the hell is that all about?!!!???!!! I wish I could give this game a minus rating.

- Downloaded for on reason but this game is fun

I only got this so I can get free robux on a game called roblox, Yet this game is really fun! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Not worth the time and money

After I purchased the first two packs, I instantly know that I won’t go any further. $160 for something that would consume very quickly, you must be kidding me.

- Wow stupid game

Only played to lvl 10 but I got ripped off I waisted all my time I never ever got my Jurassic alive cash you thief’s pls give me my cash you owe me 4000 Jurassic world alive cash for reaching lvl 10

- Worst game ever

Everything is so expensive!!

- Overpriced

Unless you can afford $160 a month minimum you cannot stay and play in the game. Packs contain nothing worth while so multiple packs are required to progress at any rate.

- Don’t download

It’s pointless playing the power difference between those who spend money and those who don’t is ridiculous most of the players are quitting because of this

- Slow & Expensive. Without friends

The game is good. The packs are overpriced, it’s hard to progress in the game without packs. I wish the developers would allow players to teleport permanently to a new realm so you could play along side them. Take this into consideration.

- A waste of time and money

You have to pay a lot of money to get advanced.

- Such poor value

The game itself is a slow paced real-time social game, it should be fun. What kills it is that the packs are just insane. You have to buy them. They have deliberately programmed so many road blocks into the game so that you can’t progress without them, and they are between $100 - $160 each depending on your country. They will give you the thing you need to progress plus some currency and a bunch of fillers. The value for money aspect of this game is utterly awful. Possibly the worst on the entire App Store. It’s pitched at the top 5% of players who are happy to spend many many thousands of dollars to be at the top of the game the rest of the population is there to keep those players spending. Each pack you buy leaves you feeling so disappointed by just how little progress that major purchase just afforded you. This game has been specifically designed to make you spend as much money as possible, actual game play is very low down on the priority list.

- Expensive and slow

You can not go beyond a certain point in this game without either buying items and uprgardes, or creating a massive amount of multiple accounts. In the bed you will find it fruitless due the the larger groups who have already done this crushing you at least 3 times a week.

- Bad for your health

Success at this game is secured by spending thousands of dollars and being able to spend every waking moment watching the screen to stop having your empire destroyed. Garranteed to induce anxiety in normal people . Ridiculously overpriced bundles.

- Massive pay to win

I’m just glad I sold my acc before I had to contend with someone who dumped $10k onto theirs

- Manipulative marketing and false advertising

These developers DO NOT provide what they promise nor what you pay for. Their whole game is based around coercing and manipulative marketing making false promises to entice you to spend then delivering nothing. I’m staggered they haven’t been legally stopped. Don’t bother complaining to their “customer service” it’s merely a cut and paste reply of no substance..please don’t be ripped off by these frauds..I wanted to give a zero rating but unfortunately one star is the minimum...I’m appalled that such a reputable company like Apple deals with these Cowboys

- Heavy

I don’t know what makes the game so heavy, few minutes play already too heavy for iphone 6. And often force closed.

- Do not download

This game is heavily addicted and for nothing. Boring and a complete money hole. Do not start as its hard to quit

- Could be better

Basic cash grab game that forever throws “buy this!” ads at you. Not a long term game.

- Latest update = bugs galore

Been playing the game for a long while now, but since the last update it crashes frequently and half the time no matter where I touch the screen in my empire it brings up the "Get resources" option. I know the developers aren't gonna care.

- Aussies - give it a miss

The Game itself is fun and addictive, but the packs cost triple if you live in Australia than the rest of the world, someone has screwed up the conversion rate. US players get a pack for $49 - Aussies pay $159.99 for the same pack - you are seriously disadvantaged and constantly playing catch up - they grow much faster than you can as a result - if you have deep pockets, go for it, otherwise, choose something else.

- ゲームに集中出来ません!!

課金の案内多すぎ。。。 ゲームをさせたいの?それともとお金を払わせたいの? だったら最初から有料にして。。。 ウザくて消しました。

- Account login switch

I would like to see an account login switch. Without the need to logout of the another account. So then it's more flexible. Other games have that too. Also I don't recommend this game since gold bundle packs are overpriced. I would consider buying more packs if it wasn't expensive. But since it's not. I don't recommend this game to anyone that wants to become more powerful.

- This game is OK

I think we shouldn't have to pay money for packs it's very annoying and that's pretty much the only way you can level up besides fighting. Besides the other thing this game is enjoyable and addictive but I thing it's a bit of a gambling game plus the only reason I downloaded this game is because there's soo much adds about it arggggg🙄🙄🙄🙄

- What a scam

I was playing a game and this ad popped up, it was a clip of this guy runnig around slashing people, but it actually looked like a person was playing the game so i thought it would be great but then i downloaded it and its just a scam. The next problem is i have to rate it before i can send it, the game is worth no stars at all so i f you see a star it is because i have to

- cool

really good i love the persons and that i can message it in my friends and ya!

- 5 star game-$$((

Great game but very heafty to the pocket

- $159 for a pack DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME

Not worth a dime trust me you get no where with this game. You spend seconds minutes hours days weeks months years on this game and pay hundreds on this and honestly just when you think you’re finally reaching upto the big guys you have to wait for 156 days JUST to get to lvl 29. They put events on and they make sure you can’t easily reach to the 3rd prize just so you can buy another pack. Once you level up your hero upto 50 you have to buy a pack to unlock the hero AGAIN? Once you unlock a special building you have to buy a pack for things to upgrade that building! And they make sure for each pack you are only able to upgrade that building up once or twice so you’ll still need to buy another pack to upgrade that building again to be able to fully utilise everything with that building. I swear to Jesus the devs are greedy!

- Rip off

Warning to everyone, do not try this game. Unfortunately, I could not go below one star. The game constantly advertises packs for purchase which are $160. Yes, 160 dollars. Unless you have this kind of money to spend constantly you will go no where in this game. I think the game developers support players that will disrupt your play just so that you buy the ultra ultra expensive packs. This is a scam and not transparent. Shame on Apple too for allowing such a huge money grabbing system to exist on the store.

- Hope you like paying $150!!!

I’m a FFXV fan, but this game/app is without a doubt the most priciest one I have ever seen. Any of their promoted content whether it been coons, mercs, monster farms etc generally costs in excess of $120 (each time). Plus it could be argued it promotes online/cyber bullying as it allows players that are 10, 15 or 20 levels higher than you with millions of more attack points to actively target you and virtually wipe you out each time. In real life police would be involved.

- Disappointed

2 out of 10, no worth to play trust me.

- Why are there bugs???

I cant do missions even i tap on them repeatedly, can edit the customizes for languages and such, also cant reply to messages, ripoff packs, slow progress...

- Boring.

I usually don’t put money into games but I decided to for this one. I bought the first 2 packs and refuse to pay for any more because it is just too expensive. More stuff has been added to the game which I can’t play unless I shell out $160. It’s not a game you should play unless you’re willing to spend $160 every month or so to stay just above average. There is no ultimate goal at the “end” (jk there is no end) and is more of a farming game than anything else. An endless grind and a big snooze-fest.

- Advert won’t close

Ad won’t close. Forcing download

- Okay game

An okay, even fun game ruined by pay-to-play power gamers who pick on weaker players and guilds. Currently there is nothing to balance out high levels from bullying lower levels which is what this game amounts to.

- Final fantasy

This game has to be the biggest rort out of all the games I've ever played, this one takes the cake, developers are constantly trying to suck money out of you for packs, unless your a millionaire with no common sense & no regard for money, don't download this game,im saving you the headache. 👎👎👎👎👎

- Must pay in order to achieve

I tried to play this game without spending any cash and as long as you come up against others doing the same, the game is pointless as the imbalance is ridiculous. I spend days building up defences and troops only for them to all be destroyed in one attack from someone who clearly has spent serious coin on the game. Ultimately a waste of time unless you want to pay. The guild system can be fun as long but in the end you will come up against the game’s major flaw - failing to address the imbalance.

- Pure Cash-Grab

I have had this game for about 3 or 4 days, and it's made merely to take your money or in another words its pay to win. Within the game, you have to upgrade buildings and as you do that your resources deplete. Simple logic, however, the demand for improving a structure is so unfairly high that you can never accumulate enough resources reasonably. So you must pay. Their so much more going on inside the game that it should be investigated.

- Are u awahere

People use your app for hacks and generators for games at u awahere

- I’m confused?!

How is it expensive? Y’all clearly never played the sims it’s literally twice as expensive. For $8 u get the whole package in the sims with $8 u get clothings n thts all

- Horrible money waster

Don’t waste your time on this game it annoying and waste your money. It’s over priced and stupid. I regret downloading this game. This game just show how greedy people are with money! I feel like puking because nearly all the comments are about the greediness of the game.🤮🤢🤕🤒



- Horrid review.

This game rewards the wealthy whilst punishing non financial players. Straight away this game pushes “value” packs on its user every time you load the game. Valued at $19.99 each. Once in the game it is a constant grind until you manage to get the resources to upgrade all of your buildings. Or if you are impatient you can spend $1000 to get everything quickly. To even unlock all of the buildings in the game you are looking at a charge of $700+ depending on region. They have an even that is a realm vs realm in where only players that are happy to spend thousands for in game gold will reign supreme. I really love this game, but I find it hard to even try considering you will always lose unless you pay up big time. I strongly suggest that if you like final fantasy 15 you go and play that, as it’s cheaper and offers far more in ways of enjoyment.

- Has potential

This game does have the potential to be great but as many others have mentioned, its packs are way too overpriced. That and it takes forever to level up without the expensive boosters. $159 for a pack?! Better to buy the original on Ps or Xbox for less and a one time payment only.

- I hate this game

So many adds and when I was playing a game de add popped up deleting all my progress and now I have to get my I-pad fixed because all it’s data is gone I hate you creators of final fanitcy spelt wrongly lol

- WHAT????????????

I don’t get this game! It makes it look fun on the add! But no, I got this game because it looked fun on the add but it is no fun! Mabye because I’m a girl and this is a boy game!!

- Rip off!!! Deserves zero stars

$159 for a pack? Are you kidding? F that. Can’t catch a break without boosters. So much to collect to build armour. Can’t unlock the Mythical Forge or upgrade the Treasury without spending a fortune. Keep this game away from children. Even as an adult who wants to waste a bit of downtime on a game, thinks this is far too expensive. And OMG the Gold purchase ads are constantly in my face! There are these buttons that just magically appear when I’m trying to build things that launch Gold purchase ads, for $159 a pop, and it’s so annoying! I hate this game. Hate it.

- Rip off merchants

I get it, if you want to pay to play that’s fine. But finding out I’m paying $160 when others are getting the same packs for $99 is a joke! Don’t waste your time on this piece of junk.

- lol

Only got so I can get my free diamonds on another game

- Great game

Good to pass the time

- Greedy

Developers forced a merge between realms. A merge that caused a lot of players to quit. A merge forced on to four day old players with two month old players. Where is the sense in merging new players still growing with well established players who have already spent a fortune? The new players just got pummelled on new entry. I do not recommend this game. Purely for the money. Everything is ridiculously overpriced.

- Lol

It’s a.scammm don’t get they stoll one million dollars off me 😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱


I am sick to death of your ad coming up and there being no skip button! Like seriously your just making me never want to play the game ever because you obnoxiously forcing me to do your stupid ad tutorial and don’t even make an option to skip! Reporting to apple mutliple times

- Not working

It keeps saying that I need internet connection.. I turn it on but it immediately switches off my internet connection

- Very addictive

Can't drop my iPad since installing this game

- I love the game


- Great game!

This is an amazing game! Although it crashes every now and then (please look into this) but overall it's enjoyable. I've not been able to put down my phone since I got the game. Cool stuff.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a mobile adventure that lets you rewrite a favorite classic to fulfill your uniqu…

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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Screenshots & Images

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire iphone images
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire iphone images
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire iphone images
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire iphone images
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire iphone images
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire ipad images
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire ipad images
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire ipad images
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire ipad images
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire ipad images
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire (Version Install & Download

The applications Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire was published in the category Games on 2017-06-28 and was developed by Epic Action LLC [Developer ID: 1140629705]. This application file size is 192.72 MB. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire - Games posted on 2019-11-21 current version is and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence

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