Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

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Rally your troops, deploy your traps, and prepare for the largest battle the Realm has ever seen. Lead your forces to victory and dominate the Realm in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire!

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a mobile MMO experience that delivers massive warfare and thrilling adventures on your device.

The possibilities are endless in the Realm. Want to ride a Chocobo to scout an enemy Empire? How about fighting Monsters and raiding their lairs for rare loot? Explore a vast world bursting with content as you build, upgrade, and fight your way to glory.

Infantry, mages, cavalry, and siege units are yours to command and level-up. Put your army to the test by fighting alongside your Guild — and even competing in colossal Realm-vs-Realm events!

In addition to defeating foes, you can enjoy countless features, including:
- Unlock new playable Heroes like Lunafreya, Gladiolus, and Ignis
- Build your very own Empire and set powerful Traps to halt your enemies
- Craft weapons and armor for your Hero, from Gladiolus’ Hardedge to Aranea Highwind’s signature lance.
- Battle Monsters and scavenge their lairs to uncover rare loot.
- Chat with players from around the globe, receiving real-time translations in your language

Be bold or be destroyed. Summon your strength in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire!

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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire App Description & Overview

The applications Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire was published in the category Games on 2017-06-28 and was developed by Epic Action LLC. This application file size is 184.65 MB. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire current version is and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Step into Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and join the adventure! Play with Noctis, Cindy, Lunafreya, and many more of your favorite characters! Explore the endless world of Eos, hunt for treasure, and Rule the Realm! LOG IN NOW to see the LATEST UPDATES!

* Join a Guild to make friends with other players.
* Face off against other Guilds, Realms, or fight for the Crystal!
* Defeat new monsters for amazing Loot!
* Unlock stronger Troops!
* And More!

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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You are incorrect if you think   1 star

Cannot progress without spending. I along with probably many of you have spent some money on a game. This however is designed for you to consistently spend to be able to continue progressing unlike others where you can still have a good time playing without having to spend but may choose to. On top of that building your city and army, you’re constantly attacked randomly by those who have wasted paychecks on the game to which you have no chance to defend yourself against. Unlike say 300, where you might have held off an army and killed thousands, here you’re instantly disadvantaged and taken down, losing your resources you’ve been gathering and Troops you’ve been training. I cannot recommend this game to anyone unless you like throwing away your money.

Moat Monster   1 star

Money pit with terrible support. My advice after playing this game for well over two years, is don’t bother. While fun at first, and the interaction between players can be enjoyable at times, this game becomes a MASSIVE MONEY PIT, and will require well over $5000 in pack purchases for you to remain remotely competitive. Even that will be short lived as the developers continue to add more levels, stronger troops, stronger monsters to train, and more powerful heroes. It’s a never ending wallet drain. Do yourself a favor and find a game that’s worth it and not so focused on pay to win, or the packs don’t cost $100 each. This game will be dead in another six months. Just to add an update, the devs performed a complete reset of the game by introducing “dark” buildings, resources, and troops. Everything people had purchased prior to this point is now WORTHLESS. Some people have spent 10s of thousands on this game...think about that for a minute. I stopped playing the game and now only login to talk with the friends I’ve made in the game. That’s about the only redeeming aspect of this game...sadly. Way to screw up, Epic Action.

Aimee Giles   1 star

Worst customer support ever. Don’t bother writing tickets.. No one in their customer support actually bothers to read them. You will get a generic response typically to an unrelated issue . You will go back and forth at least a dozen times, wasting hours of your time and energy for the first 6 responses to be generic nonsense.. the next 2 responses will be repeats of one of the 6, none of which solves the issue and at this point no one had even bothered to address the correct issue.. you are now 8 emails in and if you are lucky, they have given you some useless token of the appreciation.. typically some tiny amount of Noctis medals.. but your Noctis is over 200 and they give you like 50 of the the ones you use when you are less than level 100. But they don’t care, that would actually have required them to make an effort to look at your account.. look into the issue.. no one ever does.. it’s a money pit where every support rep must be trained to ignore the first 5 responses because it happens every time.. Flint, Charlie, Regina , ivy, Susie, Leroy, aurrez.. just a few of the names you will see over and over who never read your ticket .. just blow you off and ignore system issues, broken events , game glitches, etc

TLCNibler   1 star

There’s An Ad Of It In Dune That Has No X. GO AWAY!!!! NVM It’s Hidden But Omimitize Ad For iPhone X

C a r l a RN   3 star

Pack purchase. Oh the packs you see below $1.99 I have never seen in this game. They are $99

snajiajsjjdksks   1 star

YOU HAVE TO PAY MONEY TO WIN DUDE. dude actually u have to pay to have fun

halebz   5 star

Bugs. This game can't handle iPhone 6 I can't buy any device please help 😰I love my game 😢😢

Jwelch59   2 star

This game is great if.... You go into it with the knowledge that the developers are wildly dishonest, get off on false/exaggerated advertising and want your money more than they want the game to be enjoyable. 1st off: Ghe screenshot previews are inaccurate. Graphics aren’t that great, and the battle action they show in the above screenshots does not exist. It’s much more basic and tame. The astrals are no more than mere sprites that slowly walk towards an empire when used. Not at all huge and lively as shown in the “preview”. The developers will blatantly lie about what is in packs, give misleading names to the packs to entice you into purchasing, and have an item that gives “ALL” of a type of item/passive boosts without listing each boost provided with your purchase, then give you a small percentage of what is available, only to tell you that the lifetime boosts you’re mailing them about not receiving is not available in the pack, and that they appreciate your input, but they need you to understand that your input will most likely not be put to use. Don’t expect to be a contender or effective against higher level players unless you spend thousands of dollars(or whatever currency you use) to build your empire. Anyway, the game is like that selfish friend you only hang out with every once in a while because they’re entertaining. And P.S. The game resets every 100 citadel levels, making everything you have built essentially useless, outdated, weak and obsolete, literally. So if you do put loads of money into it, don’t expect it do you much good for very long.

Mbogombogo   1 star

Very sloppy programming. Horribly coded communication protocol leads to great difficulty even signing in, at all. Programmers are obviously quite ignorant of proper deterministic response, as I have no problems with other applications.

338584)&&)&;&   3 star

I just downloaded it. I play it all the time in the commercials it’s hopefully it’s fun when I play it

Not free. Cannot play without purchasing

shaner541   2 star

99$ for a bundle?!??? So great for a while and then they screw you. The developers of this game for the last month have really turned it around until someone in the development department t figured it would be funny to do a trick on its players for Halloween, where one of the 7 days of Halloween would be a total loss of your MP supply which is what’s used to attack realm bosses and monsters in the real to get cool gear, treasure and all that. . It takes a while to build up this mp to attack, but guess what they have some’ you can buy’ at the App Store for a minuscule dollar amount of oh say $ 99 each time. Are you kidding me?!?? And you think it’s a good idea to trick people on a budget for entertainment which shrinks and grows with the economy, and think that’s funny. People don’t waste your hard earned money. Play something else. You’ll be glad and financially secure if you do.

ORbitalhalcyon   1 star

The developers refuse to help. In this game it is impossible to grow significantly in it without spending thousands of dollars and when you do spend money and they advertise something do not expect it to be correct! When you ask them for help with the problem they just tell you to restart the game it’s horrible you spend money in the game to not get what was Intended to buy! If you like game developers like these guys who will do nothing to help please go ahead and down load this near addict level game

Evolution is a fraud   1 star

Could be a great game but the developers are too greedy. This is a great game, but the developers are so greedy they are ruining it. Lowering my rating again. The game is an engaging game where you rule a kingdom (which is called an empire) within a loose association of kingdoms (called a guild, not an empire). You have to manage your resources, forge alliances and trade with others to get ahead in the game. Or if you have a ton of money you can just skip that and become a god and just be a bully. There are frequent events that cater to the big spenders and the rest are sidelined to wait it out. If you have saved up enough, you can put up a shield to protect yourself during these events, but it takes two weeks of concerted effort to save up and the pay-to-play events happen weekly or sometimes several times a week. Be very careful if you buy something in this game. Usually you will spend a lot of money to get very little capability. For instance if you buy materials, they do not give you enough to craft anything. If you buy a Monster unlock, you actually get nothing at the first level other than the ability to hatch eggs. You cannot employ the monsters without buying another in app purchase which again gives very little capability. Most purchases that run $100 give you very limited and fleeting capability. You can expect what would cost you $1 in most games will cost $100 in FFXV. Don’t worry if you are a new player, though because your first few purchases are discounted. I believe the price points are $2, $25, $50 and then almost everything will be $100.

user2847571947   1 star

Rewards from advertiser not honored. I downloaded this game and worked through the achievements to receive a reward in another game. The ad providers states that this game developer will not honor the achievement. If you are downloading this to support currency in other games, don’t bother, it doesn’t track your performance so it won’t work.

KaySu81   1 star

The developers steal your money. Purchase one in game pack and the prices go way up to 99. Packs are misleading, developers starve a realm of items essential to game play, and at higher levels it becomes impossible to progress without spending 1000’s of dollars. To participate in events you have to purchase building unlocks that only come in $99 packs. The developers don’t care and if you voice a concern, they send you auto generated emails and then gift you items that have nothing to do with your original concern. There are “glitches” that they hope you don’t realize so you will have to spend more making special mercenaries. This game is robbery and should be banned from the App Store. Don’t download this game unless you want frustration in your life.

Count cal   1 star

Has potential. I enjoy the game and accept that it is a pay to win game, but the whales can capture your hero, which means you can’t play 50% of the game for three days. You may get lucky and have the hero returned early, but potentially you won’t be able to play for 72 hours. I’d rather have a debuff for a month than not be able to play the game. I’d recommend to stay away, unless you have deep pockets.

Bbybysti   5 star

I need response. Hi just I want to know if someone can help me to recover my account please I change my device and I can’t enter again I spend a lot money in this game!

Farmed to Oblivion   5 star

Very strategic. 😭I just simply can't put my smartphone down!😧😡😂 Get into a friendly guild and you don't have to spend a dime, a little patience goes a long way.

hostoftheparty   3 star

Language. Err, how do I change the language to English? Because it’s in Korean for me and I can’t read it very well

ffxvnew   1 star

Good but...... Good game if not for pay to win :(

Lolawants1812   1 star

Price gouging, as well as, bait and switch tactics. I initially enjoyed this game quite a bit. Unfortunately, the devs are more concerned about making money than they are about their players. To progress in the game you have to by packs. There is no way around it. If that’s not bad enough as soon as you buy a pack the prices immediately go up every time. This results in you paying $100 for a pack that someone else gets for $5. The exact same pack. Then you have to read what is offered on the pack closely. Many times you aren’t getting what you expected. ‘Lifetime’ boosts are only good for a limited time. Also, I bought a pack that specifically stated that it would give me an ‘additional’ 50% off of research and building costs. I never got the additional 50% off building costs and the research reduction lasted 7 days and stopped. This was a ‘lifetime’ booster. When I contacted customer service they tell me that there packs never stack even though it listed it as an additional reduction in costs. Several emails later they still refuse to fix the problem and refuse to answer why it worked temporarily if stacks don’t happen. Again, they are only interested in making as much money as possible. Steer clear of this game.

Small joy   1 star

Should be No Stars. So if you want an easy rundown of the game...the game or rather the company and people behind the running of the game are crooks. The game is stacked in such a way that only some are allowed to progress while others are not. For example right now there is currently an event. I however cannot take part in the event bc I cannot obtain the acquired materials. I cannot buy the materials with game currency nor can I buy with real world currency. Upon reaching out to the support staff of game their response is telling me to do the event to obtain the materials (see the stupidity here yet?). I have however found not only are my fellow guild mates doing the event they are able to purchase the items for the event with real $$, yet my gold store does not offer what I need. Again support told me to check the gold store. (Again they are capitalizing on stupidity). This is just one instance of many where the stupidity and unfair business practices of Epic Action comes out. I can give you hundreds of times. This is not a good game, or it could be if the persons behind it had a soul, a brain and knew right from wrong. My personal recommendation is to stay away from this game. All it will do is waste your time, creating unnecessary headaches and skew your view on corporations that claim to be about the people but only care about crushing you and stealing your hard earned$$.

MahaHola   1 star

Scam. Among lots of in-game scams, they also make unauthorized purchases. Over the past few month I have been charged USD$1205 for purchases I never made and that never reflected as in-app purchases in my account. The interpersonal environment is also wildly toxic. Try something else please 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

KGM89   1 star

Dark World and Support a nightmare. Well the game WAS great at first now the Dark world has become a nightmare for everyone including me . If you have millions to drop on the packs you’ll manage just fine. That is if you like paying for something and it dose not get delivered to you and you contact the game maker and they copy and paste a response instead of trying to correct the situation they cast off blame to the player. Also what you buy today or win in any event is obsolete the next week but wait you can always get more in the gold store for 100.00 ! Also be prepared for a glitchy experience, no matter what device you try and play on it will glitch so if your working on trying to be patient with things this is the game for you. And how they have 4 stars is beyond me ! Probably bots or someone paid to give good feedback! Oh well not like they will read this or if they do I will get a copy and paste message. Either way here is the one star you deserve developers and makers of the game known as the pay all to not play !

CandaceAmaara   1 star

You won’t go far without $. The devs put that they offer things in these packs and when you buy them and they don’t work they just keep arguing with you and refuse to refund you at all. Also your not going to go far unless you want to drop at least a few thousand.

Dookie Ballz   1 star

Fun, but be aware..... This game is a lot of fun don’t get me wrong. My empire is a level 15 blah blah. So I decided to buy one of the micro-transactions because my resources were scarce and the higher you go the more resources you need. You get my drift. Anyways, the first transaction was 4.99 right. I was like okay no problem. So I closed the app. Got back on a few hours later and what do you know. All micro transactions are 19.99, 49.99 and 99.99. What the hell happened to the 4.99 ones. This game is a definite money grabber for sure. Don’t download game if you aren’t willing to pay the price. Other than that it’s a real fun game for when your sitting on the toilet taking a crap. Update: I am now currently at Citadel Level 77 at 12.5 billion power. This game needs a serious fix. Micro transactions are 100$ bucks a pop. Unbelievable. Do not buy if you planning on starting this game. Telling you now, it’s going to burn your pockets. Great game but the creators are total scam artists.

The wolf 6868   1 star

Not satisfied. I have payed a pack that I didn’t get what it’s included, I have pictures for everything, so I have to react and complain for iTunes and apple care with a copy of what I said and for what I see it as tricked the customer and stealing money without getting what was paid for , “ you can name it whatever you want “ , in addition to , Realm event is coming soon in hours and I can’t do anything except ( watching) people participating and not doing anything, so , will you try to solve what you did or I will not stop , now I’m still writing to you , it could end up being ask for a refund for all what I have paid until now ! , I’m not satisfied at all about that ,

JerJerrod   1 star

!!!!AVOID THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS!!!!. ED 10/4/19 This game is dead. The realm l was in was completely destroyed by petty bully gamers who could spend limitless amounts of money on the game and then literally drive all but themselves to quit. Also my account was stolen by my nephew’s friend when they were on my phone. All it takes is to put in a new email and the verification goes ONLY to the new email, without sending an email to the current one. So, l was told since l had ‘shared access’ to the account, the account was banned, l could not and would not receive any money back (l stupidly spent money on this game) and they will not have any further responses or contact regarding the issue. So basically, l was told to bleep off, they don’t care, and all l asked was to have the account email changed back. Nice of them. The development company is the greediest group of ‘developers’ in gaming history and they ignore their customers issues and suggestions. The amounts they want for basically nothing is hysterical. The game is dead, and was snuffed out by the very people who created it. Pathetic. Avoid this game at all costs!!!!!!!!!! ED 7/25/19 the game is on life support. The developers are ignoring the game, probably working on other things. There are no decent events, and the ones they have now are totally useless. They do not respond positively to contact and most of their server 1 players have quit. Dozens of players on my server have quit and are dead accounts. Don’t waste your time and especially your money on this game. I have been playing the game a long while and it is pretty much dead, as the developers have seemingly written off half of the players. Their events are pathetic at best, and the rewards for what events there are are useless. Hero characters cannot be advanced past certain levels even though players have billions of EXP points for them. The Noctis character needs Heroic medals to advance past level 100, yet you cannot get them in the game to promote him more. The Prompto hero HAS Heroic medals to promote him more but he cannot be promoted past level 101. ??? It went most two full weeks without any events and people are starting to leave the game. The map l am on is full of dead accounts and lots of us are rapidly losing interest in this game. I have never seen a game that purposely is trying to run off dedicated players. Oh, and packs are ridiculously expensive. $99.99 for a pack and in many of them it does even give you the necessary resources to do one upgrade on one building. Packs at lower prices would sell more of them, making more money, but it seems simple economics is not required to become a mobile app game coder.

not to be hustled   1 star

Pay to play. This is a pay to play game where only the people with he deepest pockets can win. No skill involved at all, just lots of money to buy expensive packs. Packs typically run $99.99 USD on iOS. They occasionally run discounted packs and they are cheaper on android devices. But you can easily drop thousands of dollars on this game in no time. My advice - stay away. Game play is very limited, pretty juvenile and pretty pointless beyond feeding your own ego.

Advertorial    5 star

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Destiny Pickachu   2 star

Robux. I’m doing this for robux

myfriendsgame   1 star

Game. No good get rid of it

Franconesan   3 star

Mixed opinions. Okay, I don’t know if my opinions are any good)because this is the first game like this I have ever played) but this game isn’t a good war game. I got bored waiting for the attack to finish! But, other than that this hame is surprisingly good

Jp1749   1 star

Play-to-win. Packages to play the game cost over $100us and $149.99canadian dollars. They do not amend any mistakes if you make errors. The game is a 100% play-to-win only!! Not worth your time unless you are wealthy.

Giorrov   1 star

One of the most disrespectful. Some of the people there are disrespectful at all you ask a question about random I don’t know and after to treat you as a none human one! I wouldn’t recommend you to play at this game if you’re different because it’s this respect full I said and I strongly invite all the creators. To this comment because this is a cyber intimidation case! I also been sending a request to the company but never received A return on this! I’m normally a kind of team player but not on this game. Anyway! You will see by yourself!

flip flop k   1 star

Total crap. The ads don’t even depict anything close to resembling the actual game. Support... there is none. Their response is totally irrelevant to the topic you submit a ticket for. And don’t be surprised if they “accidentally” add items into packs for you to buy at an outrageous cost and then when they realize the “mistake” remove the item you paid for with little to no compensation. I couldn’t be paid to reinstall

gdtjoehdjfoeoabx   1 star

Totally misleading. For one the prices showing in the App Store for this game are false there is no such pack for 2.79$. Second the game devs only want your money they do not care to help you with any issues at all. The only way you will play this game is to put your money into it and if you do expect to be ripped off. They will remove items from packs you have bought claiming it was not supposed to be there and not reimburse you at all. So be warned this game is a scam and should not even be allowed in the App Store

CanuckleChris   3 star

BATTERY KILLER!!!. Fun enough game, interesting. But why is it a phone destroyer!?

Peden power   1 star

Money Grab. Don’t waste your time or money. All these pay to win games are terrible (unless you’re one of the people willing to pay).

x_Samantha   1 star

Annoy ads, 2008 graphics, and a name with no correlation. I don't need an ad each time I open this game. If I didn't buy a package the last 6,000 times I got the ad when I opened the game, I certainly am not going to buy it now. Building and research wait times are ridiculous. It would take at least 30 years (literally) to get anywhere without spending or riding on your guild members' coattails. The graphics in this game seems at least 10 years old. Also, this game has nothing at all to do with the Final Fantasy franchise. In conclusion, this is fun to play until you get to a certain point where you'll be waiting at least 3000 days for a building to upgrade or research to be completed (unless you spend real money to have millions in gold to buy speedups, of course).

ghghyytresfghurr   3 star

Meh. It’s really hard to keep up unless you r willing to spend money

SmilezWGuns   2 star

Lots of issues with in game purchases. I bought the Spring pack. It’s supposed to give you 2 different items, one of 10k gold and another of 20k gold for 30 days. I haven’t received my 20k tokens in 4 days and I have sent messages but still nothing. Now I’m afraid to make in game purchases.

westeorld1   1 star

The worst game app. Anything you buy or spend time building in the game will be ultimately useless as developers suddenly make updates to the game. Fraudulent tactics trying to make people pay up.

tryagainlaternicknametaken123   1 star

Customer support doesn’t listen. I’ve been playing this game for 2 years, each time something new comes out glitches happen. No matter how many times you send emails explaining the issue, you get a form letter back, which doesn’t even discuss your issue, and it says “thank you for your input, we value our players”. The game owners do not care about the players, just the money that is spent. Don’t expect the customer support team to care about anything. I’ve been waiting three weeks for a response (even if it is a form letter).

Jully514   1 star

Horrible app. Many glitches. Bad customer service.

Onemoreonemoreonemore   1 star

Criminal. This game is criminal. People have spent $30,000-$50,000 or more and can lose it all in a matter of seconds. The game is designed to rob you blind with misleading descriptions and events. Stay far far far away from this game.

captain gamer12342   3 star

To pricey. Way to pricey and can you pls lower down the prices

Turtles1965   1 star

Money grab. Fun game to play but you have to buy packs for everything.

yeahh7buddy   1 star

Bad note. I’ve spend 3000$ on this game and I can’t get back my account no answer from the developer real shame

MarcusofBrampton   1 star

So sorry I installed this app. The coldest game useless would be to give it to much credit. Is far worse than useless, it is absolute trash, and I wish I’d never installed it.

king fij   2 star

It’s a good game till after lvl 50. Don’t start this game no amount of grinding will help ... base amount to spend is 4 grand .. just so u don’t burn .. this game was good in the beginning till the devs decided they want more money .. and customer support is automated aka they don’t care if the game glitches and you lost something .. if you do decide to play and buy ..screen shot every pack you buy so you have proof ..hope this helps

Steve1234poi   1 star

Scam game.. Works off bait and switch principles. Customer service is run by morons. Avoid this game, it’s cancer.

HonniiG   1 star

Keep scrolling. The have recently done a reset........after spending thousands of dollars everything is suddenly obsolete, just another money grab

Steveriner   1 star

Devs are unscrupulous and devious. This is a pay to win game. You can’t do anything unless you continually pump money in. The developers also just did a game reset so all the pay to win players start off at ground zero. Many have left the game leaving largely abandoned realms. This game has run its course folks. Time to move on.

Xav1024   1 star

Bad game. The concept of the game is cool... but it the game allow a player who got over 58M power crush over players with 100k and even less power. At lvl 15 they can even capture your hero... Totally a pay to win game, with no sportmanship or ethic.

Mercenary468064   1 star

Avoid*$$$ GRAB. I've been playing this game for a few months and have regretted putting any money towards these scammers. Poor customer service and support. Game glitches and fails and game support non existent to keep players happy-developers only in it for the $. Other games will gladly give freebies when they screw up, you will not see this here. Game is ridiculously expensive for output you receive- please avoid for your own good!!!

TJim 2019   1 star

You will get bankrupt if you play. A comment said the players of this game paid 30,000 to 50,000 USD. That is true! The developer spent all the effort to rob the players from the game through misleading and kept changing the data and calculation. They even took away the function player bought like add extra requirement of monsters. Changed the calculation of hero mp then cause the system fail.

Kinglosz   1 star

Unfriendly. Huge money grab! Also does not follow up on offers to clients as a scam to lure unknowing clients. Do not waste time with this game or company

Panglain   1 star

Money grab. This game could be fun, but after a certain level, it can take weeks to get enough resources to upgrade anything... that is unless you spend a lot of cash! Annoying and constant pop-ups to spend hundreds of dollars also hurts this game. Terrible They also steal your cash and don't give you what you purchase. Complete rip off!

Bjlovesu   1 star

BAD. didn’t even get my Hash coins and I got all the requirements.

Advertorial    5 star

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BigJoeHere   1 star

Don’t waste your money on this game!. Do not waste your money on this game the developers are crooks, they will just steal your money. They offer packs with awesome things for the game but then tell you can’t use them and that it’s their mistake but can’t offer any fixes once the pack has been issued. They keep you running you around in circles saying they are trying to help while they laugh at you in the background saying what an idiot we just got another hundred dollars of out them. You have been warned, they will screw you over any chance they get and then say I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do about it once the sale has gone through, it more like we got your money you idiot stop bugging us.

doug3938   2 star

Money. This game Is good for the people that like to spend money on games

inta_TOG   1 star

Lies, deceit and just not worth it!. I have been playing for 7 months now and at first it was great. Now, it seems the devs have abandoned our realm and server. In 7 months we have lost more than 1/2 the players we started with because of how the pay to play set up is. If you spend more, you excel far faster than those that don’t spend. Those big spenders what to put their purchase to use which makes all the smaller, non-spenders a target so any growth from that non or smaller spender is gone. It really is discouraging. It’s a war game but the playing field is completely uneven. To top it all off though, the devs are blatantly lying to us. They say we will win prizes if we meet a goal then they don’t give us said prizes and lie about not meeting said goal. Currently, I am fighting with them over not being able to use an item out of one of my purchases, being told the feature is not released to my realm yet which is an absolute lie since i have purchased it and use it on my other pack, in the same realm. I have created a fraud ticket with them to the Apple store. The whole game is a scam! They trick you into buying things and blatantly lie to you about anything they don’t want to deal with. There are several other games out there more worthy of time and money.

StormKCH   1 star

I can’t even. Ok so I downloaded this game because of the ad, where you defend a wall. Yet I opened the game and NOTHING IS THE SAME!! I tried it out because why not but ITS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!! You have to wait for DAYS for your stupid buildings to build!!!! I’m very impatient. 😡😤☕️

G4M3R PR0   1 star

With USD$100,000+ to spend on game, you might win. The only way to be competitive in the game is by spending tens of thousands of USDs on packs sold in-game. And that won’t guarantee your kingdom won’t be wiped-out by someone who has spent far more money than you on the game. Top players easily spend over USD$100,000– sometimes not even half way through game. It could have been a great game if they had actually made it a skill-up to win game. As is, it’s pay-to-win, and with other players spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on it, you’ll also need to spend tens of thousands to be competitive.

Wickedhashbrowns   1 star

STOP IT. I downloaded and deleted this just to make this review. STOP MAKING ADS THAT MAKE ME PLAY YOUR STUPID GAME. It's bad enough that I'm bombarded with ads in every game I play but at least I can just sit there and watch the screen for 30 seconds. But nope, not with yours. I'm playing puzzle games or something and your stupid ad pops up and makes me play this dumb thing and won't go away until I play. So because of your ads I will never in my entire life play this game. I hope everyone else follows and helps eliminate the problem with mobile games and ads

Userx014   1 star

Sadly the poor reviews are correct. This game started out fun, and even if you’re willing to pay to keep up, or pay much more to get ahead, the developers path, that seems to be driven by pure greed, spoils the game for most. Support seems to only respond by picking from a list of canned statements and hoping something matches your inquiry. If not repeat. If that doesn’t work blame the sales department and see above. Repeat. I could go on. But like the title says many of the other poor reviews are correct. If your willing to spend money on a game that entertains try something else you’re feedback is not welcome here. Be warned by the time you’ve figured this out it will be too late.

J-Bizzle Dizzle   1 star

STOP Creating Advertisements that won’t let you continue with the game you are playing!!!!!. Your virus ad is keeping my kid from playing a different game bc your ad won’t allow us to close it!

Rentas1972   1 star

I can’t open. I can’t open a new game is don’t let me

Terrence Glover   1 star

Pay to play Terrible Service. There’s no way this game is rated at a 4, of you look at the first several pages 99% are 1’s. Definitely a pay to play game once you start leveling up. The “packs” they offer you get more expensive the more money you spend, the quality of the $19.99 packs decline significantly, and the $4.99 packs are no where to be found after the initial purchase. It is tricky to even contact the game makers for assistance, you have to search for contact under “help and support” and no one EVER gets back to you. The packs are not listed - they showcase 3 to 4 packs and then you have to “search” for them when you click on your gold bar. It’s funny, all of those packs are available for a “limited amount of time”, but when you click on “more” it shows you everything the pack has, and a timer that counts down to ‘0’ and then resets itself as you watch. Nothing unlimited about these $100 packs. You will never be able to level up on your own- you will have to spend several hundred dollars to stay moderately relevant.

Techtao   1 star

Can No Longer open the game.. Can No Longer open the game. I’ve been playing this game for over a month. Now, the game crashes every time I try to open it. I’ve contacted the help desk and I’ve received no response. I’ve tried all the usual things: rebooted, erased game and downloaded again Nothing has worked. The game no longer opens on my iPhone.

3090A4   1 star

POOR SERVICE. Game is all about one thing that’s there bottom line how much cash they can get from you. And if you don’t pay well then don’t play. Even tho there are some events they are far and few between. And the rewards are nothing that you need. Good luck trying to talk to customer service they just pass you off to the next person who sends the same cut and paste email. Or they try to buy your silence with items that you can’t use.

Bruudwin   1 star

Pay to win pay to play. I already wrote a review before. Not sure if this one will override the previous one or what. But its what this reviews title states. Pay to win pay to play. I dont get how people can play such a heavy micro transaction game. Its travian esque is all it has going for it. It constantly bombards your screen with intrusive ads and promotions to buy their junk to play the game better.

Azure a   1 star

Awful.. Used to be worth playing when they had events on the weekends. Now our server seems to have been forgotten and we have had the same mundane events for months now, and none on the weekends. If you don’t spend thousands of dollars, you won’t get very far. Save yourself some grief and don’t download this game.

Nobleone2458941379387295592   1 star

Horrible! Can’t give zero stars!. Lack of content updates for months on end makes the game extremely boring. Defense weighted system makes futile to attack anyone, in a “war” game. They have an event system that is the same events over and over and over, well you get the point. They monetize the game by selling packs, the first one is $5.00, then, $20.00, $50.00 etc, once you get to 100, everything is 100 and I mean everything. The game gets insanely expensive fast. Don’t be suckered into this game! It is not good! It is not fun! It WILL take your money. Did I mention that support in the game is nonexistent and player griefing is common place. Literally picking the extremely little guy is the only thing to do in the game. A lvl 60 attacking a lvl 60 of equal power is pretty much a guaranteed loss for the aggressor.

Pays For It   1 star

Wish I could give it 0 stars. Bought several packs from $99 and didn’t get the items. Have tried for 3 days to get a hold of them with no success. Stay away unless you would like to have the same experience!!!!

MiniLadyGaga   1 star

Scam alert!!! Stay Away!!!. The makers of this game pull you in with a great concept and an ability to grind events. Then they hit you with expensive packs to purchase and events and items that cannot be completed without purchasing said $100 packs in multiple. You don’t purchase packs? No problem. They’ll hit your account with unauthorized charges that you cannot get refunded. This game doesn’t deserve one star.

Top Banana [email protected]   1 star

not good. terrible game. the worst game. don't play this. it’s a trap. i’m trapped playing bcs i used real money for some things.

LittleTrouble4u   2 star

Expensive Game $$$$$. Unless your willing to pay hundreds of dollars this is not the app for you! Great premise and wonderful game play, but if your not willing to pay hundreds of dollars you don’t stand a chance against other players that do!! Even upgrading is a whole money grab. Some upgrades take up to a year if you don’t spend the cash😱

Carlborm   1 star

Final Fantasy xv a New Empire $$$$$$$$. Game only $$$$$$

JHLL2   3 star

Fun, but.... I have a lot of fun with the guild I am in. There are always people with tons of money that buy their way to the top of the game, and there are those that cannot afford too. Now that several have bought the Instant 60 pack everyone attacks the little empires daily and the developers answer questions in a round about way and never to the point. They hick up packs like $100 and any normal person is not going to buy a pack for that amount of money. I’ve also been cheated out of getting what I purchased and the developers say it wasn’t in my pack and to look very carefully before purchasing the pack. They don’t give you your money back or anything in return. Pretty sad that it takes forever for them to do events and some people get gems that started earlier in the game while others don’t get them... it an unfair game, but have made some nice friends.

Toadya   1 star

Cost of support. Don’t play this game it will cost more then a new car. Then they will give away your car for free.. worst game ever

banna uno juji   5 star

B. It is a great App

lol0_0   5 star

Robux. Robux

notpayingadime   1 star

Game of War rip off. Spend Spend Spend offer a free pack onetwofree that only certain people can collect. Guild Adventure Hall is a joke Luna hasn’t gifted any contracts in a few months. No longer worth my time to play need building blue prints or research prints what a joke I go back to game of war

Willietuxedo   1 star

DO NOT DOWNLOAD! SAVE MONEY. I am sure you have read so many other reviews about the downside of this game. Honestly, this game used to be fun when I joined two years ago. However, the developers have demoralized players that do not have the money to keep up with the big spenders. In the past we were able to earn prizes to keep up, however, that has changed to buying $99.99 packs to keep up. In addition, once you break break down and buy a pack the next week, even the next day the same pack will be there only better. The only reason I have not quit is because of all the friends of have made during my time. To developers: Once you give me my money back, I will reward you with a five star rating.

SunuvaBulbasaur   1 star

Pay to do anything. I used to play this game and spent an embarrassing amount of money just to get a few buildings. Eventually I stopped and after a few years I decided to download it again and to my surprise, I am limited to do anything in this game. You want to defend yourself against everyone else? Pay up. Want that new gear set or character? Pay up. The biggest slap to the face is that dive received some “catch up” buffs that level cap me at 50, but you guessed it, you have to pay to break the cap and everything you could want to do WILL cost you money. If this game catered to the people who don’t want to pay up to $50 a day to play this game, that would be great.

Yuki Grandma   1 star

Stay away from it. A low level game

TKimball7   1 star

Money pit... Stay away. Pay to win game... One of the worst

AzzuLuzzA   1 star

Worst Customer Service. This game would can be fun, but the fact is their customer help/service members are the absolute worst. When glitches happen with purchase items, or hackings destroy your account. They simply say it your fault for the glitches. I would not recommend this game to anyone. Waste of money and time.

Teuton 2   1 star

Take My Money...Wait! No don’t take it. Pay to win in the worst way possible.

Ghtygybfgh   1 star

Downloaded but just can’t do it, reviews are sooooo bad. I don’t mind spending but when every review is that you need to spend thousands to just compete to not get cleaned out, YOU DONT DO IT, don’t download this game, it is a lie and just worth the effort. Take the adds off Facebook

umbrella9111   1 star

Hello. Worst money game i never play its so annoying with 50 000$ you’ll be able to do nothing 😂 there’s no goal

LivinginWar22   1 star

Trash. Wasted 30 dollars just to find our that the Giants whales with 250 million power are bullying us

MHFox   1 star

Pay to Win with horrible customer service. This game is pay to win. Skill is not a factor. The graphics do not resemble the battle scenes in the advertising. If you have to send a message to customer service for any reason, the best response you can hope for is a generic form email that does not answer your question. Save your time and money. Stay away.

DeadVrag   1 star

Very disappointing. 🤮

Scarlet672   1 star

Customer Service is Horrible. I wrote in to there player help because of something they did, you see they mislead there players into purchasing packs within there game by promising them special “mystery” chests with them. Well what they didn’t tell there players is that not every pack will unlock said chests even though there own system email CLEARLY stated that it would. This is actually illegal and after spending 3 WEEKS!!! Writing back and forth with these developers they have still refused a refund for the money they got from me by lying. This is unacceptable and unprofessional not to mention shady. After not getting ANY response from my last email too them I decided to write a new support ticket asking why I never received a response. Well the response I got was that they had apparently “lost” my original complaint that was submitted. This has been a complete nightmare and I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone, so do not give this shady company your hard earned money when there so willing to exploit there players for a profit.

milosophies   1 star

TikTok. Only getting this for more fans on Tik Tok

crosseur   1 star

Only One word can describe my mood Now is angry. If your playing this game trying to do an achèvement to get reward in an other game Forget it

Di0ra   1 star

Design is awful. Ok game but honestly no effort in the graphics it’s disappointing. The sales ads pop up all the time it’s just annoying

Zodiak brave   1 star

Not good. It advertises itself with the slogan “rally your friends” and yet you cannot actually play with friends because you cannot select your realm, nor can you move to a friends realm.

umomgeiy   1 star

I haven’t played but.... Screw you

fdjffgg   1 star

Hdhdh. Ghehehrh

TheZombre   2 star

If you like getting ripped off... This is the game for you! Only sell packs for $140 Canadian and game modelled so even if you refuse to spend, you will hit a point where you can literally no longer do any builds/research etc without buying. Game freezes at the top of every hour and crashes multiple times in between. Basically non-existent “customer service” and 0 sh!ts given about the players. As long as they’re pulling in money they’re content offering glitchy, slow and constantly crashing gameplay. At $140 a pop per pack there’s no excuses for the game running so poorly.

Baggel a   1 star

Pay to win. This game has non existent customer support. It makes my iPhone 8 run extremely hot. It is also pay to win. This game is such a large commitment if you want to keep up in power with anyone. There are players that dropped $12000. They are so far ahead it's unreal. And even if you spend money on this game, in a month what you bought for $100 isn't even worth $5

Kuiperama   1 star

Game is pay to win. After several months of watched MZ keep throwing out “buy this pack to unlock this cool item!” along with events we can only win if we buy packs, it’s clear they have set it so only paying players can enjoy the full scope of the game. Don’t waste your time on this unless you literally have thousands to spend on a continuing basis. There are always additional things to unlock (and you have to buy packs for this), and you have to keep buying packs because you can’t obtain necessary items to upgrade things..or make mercenaries, or have cool monsters, or have decent hero gear, or have more than one hero....the list goes on. And if you don’t buy packs, you can’t build up to the strongest troops and you get crushed by the spenders. MZ sends canned responses to complaints regarding their system and refuses to fix issues caused by bugs that delete items. Good luck if you spend your time on this.

LeaLaurine   1 star

Issues. Thanksgiving chests disappeared from my inventory. Performance issues. No easy way to submit a support ticket.

Sylsmurf   2 star

Could be a good game if.... Developers need to get serious and make the game feasible even for ppl who don’t want to spend a thousand dollars. It’s ridiculous. It could be fun but you’re forced to P2W in order to survive otherwise big fish take you out in a small pond. Also make it easier to get items from monster drops and events, players take this seriously and want to be rewarded for their efforts.

abk56   1 star

Rip off. P2W very greedy developers, expensive booster packs. $$$

Green Apple2   1 star

No Strategy required, just deep pockets. This is not a war strategy game like advertised, simply the person who spends the most wins. In your face ads, a glitchy server and customer support staff the never clearly answers a direct question. Wish I had never signed up.

crissirc83   3 star

Next update -Full Screen for iPhone X users. Please work on the iPhone X/Xs full screen update.

MaXim3ow   1 star

Pay-to-win. Impossible to progress without spending 100s $€£ every week! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Just a terrible money-grab that has nothing to do with the Final Fantasy franchise.

xxx3)(7$/+   1 star

Pay to win. Pay to win. At the start it’s easy to advance but after it take week

lumiga   1 star

Garbage. Any 5 star ratings are lies

backlashhh   1 star

⚠️⚠️⚠️. Devs r crooks! These kind of money grabbing games should not exist! The amount u spend should be capped, but like I said they are crooks! They don’t care if a kid maxed their parents credit card!!! No morals

Diatonically Challenged   2 star

Great until lvl 15. After you reach level 15, you dont get to use your hero again as they will always be captured by other players. Such a hassle...

Msn4ever   1 star

No fun. Joined for a Tapjoy offer. Tapjoy never actually full filled the agreement. Played for two weeks and found you need to buy to advance. You need a faction to survive. RvR totally ruined the game as a new player. A punching bag for high level players. Get attacked loose everything rebuild and repeat. If your not strong and in it for $$$ then don’t bother playing.

Sukhman v2   1 star

F. This game can be summarized in just a few words, no reason to exist

Nicamaxine   1 star

So bad. Prob worst game ever.

Catou1305   1 star

Doesn’t seem worth it. I did download the game but before playing it I read the reviews and honestly it made me remove the game straight away from my iPad seeing as I absolutely hate pay to win games and I would rather not have to buy packs every single time just to get ahead, plus with what the other players experienced made me go “ nope not gonna bother and remove it right now from my iPad “

nahnahyeah   1 star

Overpriced. Unless you can afford $160 a month minimum you cannot stay and play in the game. Packs contain nothing worth while so multiple packs are required to progress at any rate.

Mel136869   1 star

Don’t download. It’s pointless playing the power difference between those who spend money and those who don’t is ridiculous most of the players are quitting because of this

random dude 3   2 star

Slow & Expensive. Without friends. The game is good. The packs are overpriced, it’s hard to progress in the game without packs. I wish the developers would allow players to teleport permanently to a new realm so you could play along side them. Take this into consideration.

Bandar a a a   1 star

A waste of time and money. You have to pay a lot of money to get advanced.

Gorrith   1 star

Such poor value. The game itself is a slow paced real-time social game, it should be fun. What kills it is that the packs are just insane. You have to buy them. They have deliberately programmed so many road blocks into the game so that you can’t progress without them, and they are between $100 - $160 each depending on your country. They will give you the thing you need to progress plus some currency and a bunch of fillers. The value for money aspect of this game is utterly awful. Possibly the worst on the entire App Store. It’s pitched at the top 5% of players who are happy to spend many many thousands of dollars to be at the top of the game the rest of the population is there to keep those players spending. Each pack you buy leaves you feeling so disappointed by just how little progress that major purchase just afforded you. This game has been specifically designed to make you spend as much money as possible, actual game play is very low down on the priority list.

Skremn01   2 star

Expensive and slow. You can not go beyond a certain point in this game without either buying items and uprgardes, or creating a massive amount of multiple accounts. In the bed you will find it fruitless due the the larger groups who have already done this crushing you at least 3 times a week.

endosperm   1 star

Bad for your health. Success at this game is secured by spending thousands of dollars and being able to spend every waking moment watching the screen to stop having your empire destroyed. Garranteed to induce anxiety in normal people . Ridiculously overpriced bundles.

Poker shay   1 star

Massive pay to win. I’m just glad I sold my acc before I had to contend with someone who dumped $10k onto theirs

totally apalled   1 star

Manipulative marketing and false advertising. These developers DO NOT provide what they promise nor what you pay for. Their whole game is based around coercing and manipulative marketing making false promises to entice you to spend then delivering nothing. I’m staggered they haven’t been legally stopped. Don’t bother complaining to their “customer service” it’s merely a cut and paste reply of no substance..please don’t be ripped off by these frauds..I wanted to give a zero rating but unfortunately one star is the minimum...I’m appalled that such a reputable company like Apple deals with these Cowboys

how about thiss nickname   3 star

Heavy. I don’t know what makes the game so heavy, few minutes play already too heavy for iphone 6. And often force closed.

Stephyax   1 star

Do not download. This game is heavily addicted and for nothing. Boring and a complete money hole. Do not start as its hard to quit

Ayamette   1 star

Could be better. Basic cash grab game that forever throws “buy this!” ads at you. Not a long term game.

Pussie kitteh kat   3 star

Latest update = bugs galore. Been playing the game for a long while now, but since the last update it crashes frequently and half the time no matter where I touch the screen in my empire it brings up the "Get resources" option. I know the developers aren't gonna care.

-Tak-Nem-   5 star

Aussies - give it a miss. The Game itself is fun and addictive, but the packs cost triple if you live in Australia than the rest of the world, someone has screwed up the conversion rate. US players get a pack for $49 - Aussies pay $159.99 for the same pack - you are seriously disadvantaged and constantly playing catch up - they grow much faster than you can as a result - if you have deep pockets, go for it, otherwise, choose something else.

000000000991   1 star

ゲームに集中出来ません!!. 課金の案内多すぎ。。。 ゲームをさせたいの?それともとお金を払わせたいの? だったら最初から有料にして。。。 ウザくて消しました。

GAMESuiteGuides   1 star

Account login switch. I would like to see an account login switch. Without the need to logout of the another account. So then it's more flexible. Other games have that too. Also I don't recommend this game since gold bundle packs are overpriced. I would consider buying more packs if it wasn't expensive. But since it's not. I don't recommend this game to anyone that wants to become more powerful.

BloxiSquad   3 star

This game is OK. I think we shouldn't have to pay money for packs it's very annoying and that's pretty much the only way you can level up besides fighting. Besides the other thing this game is enjoyable and addictive but I thing it's a bit of a gambling game plus the only reason I downloaded this game is because there's soo much adds about it arggggg🙄🙄🙄🙄

dilby0632   1 star

What a scam. I was playing a game and this ad popped up, it was a clip of this guy runnig around slashing people, but it actually looked like a person was playing the game so i thought it would be great but then i downloaded it and its just a scam. The next problem is i have to rate it before i can send it, the game is worth no stars at all so i f you see a star it is because i have to

Kwoandkand   5 star

cool. really good i love the persons and that i can message it in my friends and ya!

charlie michael mason   5 star

5 star game-$$((. Great game but very heafty to the pocket

676Lucy   1 star

$159 for a pack DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Not worth a dime trust me you get no where with this game. You spend seconds minutes hours days weeks months years on this game and pay hundreds on this and honestly just when you think you’re finally reaching upto the big guys you have to wait for 156 days JUST to get to lvl 29. They put events on and they make sure you can’t easily reach to the 3rd prize just so you can buy another pack. Once you level up your hero upto 50 you have to buy a pack to unlock the hero AGAIN? Once you unlock a special building you have to buy a pack for things to upgrade that building! And they make sure for each pack you are only able to upgrade that building up once or twice so you’ll still need to buy another pack to upgrade that building again to be able to fully utilise everything with that building. I swear to Jesus the devs are greedy!

AKBR13   1 star

Rip off. Warning to everyone, do not try this game. Unfortunately, I could not go below one star. The game constantly advertises packs for purchase which are $160. Yes, 160 dollars. Unless you have this kind of money to spend constantly you will go no where in this game. I think the game developers support players that will disrupt your play just so that you buy the ultra ultra expensive packs. This is a scam and not transparent. Shame on Apple too for allowing such a huge money grabbing system to exist on the store.

Tim_downunder   1 star

Hope you like paying $150!!!. I’m a FFXV fan, but this game/app is without a doubt the most priciest one I have ever seen. Any of their promoted content whether it been coons, mercs, monster farms etc generally costs in excess of $120 (each time). Plus it could be argued it promotes online/cyber bullying as it allows players that are 10, 15 or 20 levels higher than you with millions of more attack points to actively target you and virtually wipe you out each time. In real life police would be involved.

Vvvvvaissson   1 star

Disappointed. 2 out of 10, no worth to play trust me.

Tynadevinci   1 star

Why are there bugs???. I cant do missions even i tap on them repeatedly, can edit the customizes for languages and such, also cant reply to messages, ripoff packs, slow progress...

Andrea Vo <3   1 star

Boring.. I usually don’t put money into games but I decided to for this one. I bought the first 2 packs and refuse to pay for any more because it is just too expensive. More stuff has been added to the game which I can’t play unless I shell out $160. It’s not a game you should play unless you’re willing to spend $160 every month or so to stay just above average. There is no ultimate goal at the “end” (jk there is no end) and is more of a farming game than anything else. An endless grind and a big snooze-fest.

M1k377   1 star

Advert won’t close. Ad won’t close. Forcing download

Scy pete   3 star

Okay game. An okay, even fun game ruined by pay-to-play power gamers who pick on weaker players and guilds. Currently there is nothing to balance out high levels from bullying lower levels which is what this game amounts to.

Stanbo WA 69   1 star

Final fantasy. This game has to be the biggest rort out of all the games I've ever played, this one takes the cake, developers are constantly trying to suck money out of you for packs, unless your a millionaire with no common sense & no regard for money, don't download this game,im saving you the headache. 👎👎👎👎👎

Angry curd   1 star

Must pay in order to achieve. I tried to play this game without spending any cash and as long as you come up against others doing the same, the game is pointless as the imbalance is ridiculous. I spend days building up defences and troops only for them to all be destroyed in one attack from someone who clearly has spent serious coin on the game. Ultimately a waste of time unless you want to pay. The guild system can be fun as long but in the end you will come up against the game’s major flaw - failing to address the imbalance.

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