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With PicsArt Color (currently featured in the App Store Best of 2017) incredible digital illustrations are now easier and more awesome than ever.

PicsArt Color offers a full drawing suite with immense functionality for novices and pros alike. Layers upon layers, a color mixer for any color combination you can imagine, fully customizable paint brushes, and an amazing texture brush are just some of the creative features at your fingertips (or drawing stylus). Doodle on that selfie you just took, paint breathtaking fantasy worlds or just do some picture coloring - Color is for everyone! And an intuitive interface makes sure you spend more time drawing awesome things than looking for things. From a sketch to fully polished illustrations, PicsArt Color is the only digital drawing app you’ll ever need.

-Texture Brush - draw not only with color but with texture!
-Pattern and Color Fill
-Full library of customizable brushes
-Color Wheel and Mixer to match any colors you want
-Multiple Layers
-Blending modes
-Text Tool that allows you to draw and erase with text
-Auto-recovery so your drawing is never lost
and much more is available for free and with no pesky ads!

Download PicsArt Color today and completely transform the way you draw on your tablet or phone.

PicsArt Color Paint App Description & Overview

The applications PicsArt Color Paint was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-12-22 and was developed by PicsArt, Inc.. The file size is 46.29 MB. The current version is 1.8.3 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes, bug fixes galore!

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PicsArt Color Paint Reviews


Bugs  CrankyAsparagus  4 star

Please fix, there are a few bugs with the background textures. I think it is a great app.

Dan browski

It decent  Dan browski  5 star

Dear color creators can you please change the default brush? It not the dark black am use to and the line art is to light I find I prefer the old update then the new one please change it

I❤️this game!

Love it!  I❤️this game!  4 star

However, I extremely dislike the new default brush, the opacity is no longer solid, and the pencil-like look really annoys me. Because of this, I’m finding the app very hard to use, as my art style requires a solid colour.


Why?  IsabelleIsGreat  2 star

Why not just use PICARTS or adobe art? This is pixelated and the tools work better on PicsArt and Adobe art


Deliriously expensive - GOTCHA marketing.  Frwbxhy  1 star

“Free App”, you say? Lies. This application takes your details then unrepentantly markets itself for exploitive levels of money. I would rather pay that kind of money for Adobe Photoshop per month than what is being asked here. Get real. Goodbye!

bubble head bill

Bad quality  bubble head bill  1 star

This is a pretty crappy app, I am going to stick to the normal picsart or adobe draw


I love it  Ann-nee-nee-ka  4 star

I wish you an use the blend tool with mirroring on


Good but needs improvement  CutiePie361  3 star



👍🏾  Rohma03  5 star

This app is honestly just, the best


Hmmm.  Siennamhill  1 star

So, after using this app, I was slightly, (ok really) disappointed. It's very pixelated and laggy and does not have a pen that runs as smoothly as the original Picsart app. The app itself is very slow. The only good thing about this app is that it has a paint bucket icon to fill your drawings with colour, though what I do is go onto Picsart, draw my drawing, then go to Recolor and tap "import drawings", import my drawing and colour it in there. So I suggest just having Picsart and Recolor than this crappy app.

Unicorn_ Smartnerd

Just got the app  Unicorn_ Smartnerd  5 star

I just reviewed on another app of PicsArt and there other app is completely Awesome 😎 I’m hoping this app is the exactly the same way I feel about there other app I reviewed on currently! Once again thanks to PicsArt for the amazing 😉 art and BEAUTIFUL creation they have brought today for us!!


I love it but it’s not currently working  Nnrts  4 star

So I was doing a drawing and out of nowhere all of the icons were gone. And I was working on this for a long time. I even left the app for a DAY to see if when I came back it would bring me to the home screen. When I came back to the app it was still broken.

The cute little girl

Amazing  The cute little girl  5 star

When I’m somewhere without a piece of paper this app is amazing for drawing

Siah 💜

Editor  Siah 💜  1 star

Trash, Just trash, how do you use this app ?


Bloody Awful  JudaiYuki64  1 star

Only ONCE have I been able to draw something successfully using this app. I have done two other drawings since then and the app crashed both times. I'm going to be using something else to do digital drawings. This app is absolute trash. Unbelievable. If you're looking for a drawing app. This ain't it.


Unbelievably Frustrating  hitlersbreastmilk  1 star

I got this app because it seemed easier than drawing on PicsArt, but good lord this feels impossible. While I’m drawing, suddenly the page locks up and I have to close the app. When I re-open the app, half of what I had been working on is gone. Do you know how awful that is? Until you can somehow manage to fix this (spoiler alert! you won’t) then this app deserves its trash rating.


Fall from glory    2 star

This app used to be really good, now it’s just meh. I used to use it for all my drawings but recently, it’s been having issues. Like when I’m drawing the app will randomly decide to quit. And sometimes when I press the undo button it quits and when I come back in (IF I can get in)the drawing hasn’t saved and I’ve lost my progress. It’s hard to use this app to put out art anymore. I’ll be searching for a newer app due to all these isssues.


Best drawing app ever!  caidles  5 star

I love this app so much! I finally found a style i like and this app makes drawing super easy for me! The blending tools are perfect! I draw almost 24/7 now because of this app


Great App  Sugar.gutts  4 star

I love the app but wish it had more useful brushes and materials. Would recommend to others regardless

unicorns and cupcakes😂

How do I even use it?  unicorns and cupcakes😂  3 star

I am trying to make an animation of my self so i am taking a picture and TRYING to draw on top of it but i am soo confused.... How do i Erase my mistakes with out pressing the clear button and making everything go away.... I think this app needs more tools to use it like an eraser tool and other things to really help and make it easy to make a drawing of yourself. For me I find this app hard to use and seems like it needs some more work not trying to write a bad review but I feel like it needs more.

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