Truck Simulator PRO 2

Truck Simulator PRO 2 [Games] App Description & Overview

This is the moment everybody has been waiting for - we present the brand new Truck Simulator PRO 2, a bigger and better version of the highly successful last year’s edition. Build up your transporting empire driving huge and powerful trucks on American soil in the best and most advanced simulator
game available on mobile devices.

An enormous open world with thousands of miles of precisely mapped roads awaits for your arrival. Admire carefully designed viaducts, huge road intersections and bridges as well as more diversified routes amongst hills, valleys, deserts and swamps.. TSP2 enables you to explore the eastern half of
USA's highway system and visit 12 big cities: Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Helena, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, El Paso, Albuquerque, San Diego.

Have you ever wondered what is it like to work as a professional truck driver? Experience the struggle through realistic fatigue and fuel consumption systems that can leave you with your gas tank empty in the middle of nowhere! You need to plan the route carefully and manage every aspect of your work to deliver your cargo on time and maximise your gains. Remember, you are not alone on the road – the police will be watching closely, so any type of reckless driving, speeding or damaging other vehicles can result in tickets and penalties that affect your wallet.

Along the long and winding road to wealth you will get to acquire and drive 8 different, fully customizable trucks, each with a different driving model. You can customize various elements of your trucks, from mechanical like gearboxes and engines to visual like wheels, fenders, exhausts and other
chrome goodness- you are limited only by your imagination!. Feel free to create a powerful truck of
your dreams and compare your designs to those of your friends.

Sick and tired of repetitive tasks? That is no longer an issue! In Truck Simulator PRO 2 you will
experience realistic quests of a professional driver – like delivering timber to sawmills or heavy
machinery to road works. Hundreds of missions to accomplish will keep you occupied for a long
period of time!

▶ 8 trucks with different driving models that you can own, customize and upgrade
▶ Variety of cargos to transport across a huge map covering the eastern half of USA
▶ Over 30 different types of shipments/cargos to deliver
▶ Breathtaking open world to explore
▶ 12 big cities to visit
▶ Realistic fuel consumption and fatigue system
▶ Expanded customization
▶ Hundreds of realistic quests
▶ Detailed interior view for each truck

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Truck Simulator PRO 2 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Howdy Truck Simulator PRO Friends, iPhoneX support! Enjoy the best truck simulation for mobile on the gorgeous edge-to-edge display! Fixes and improvements in current version: - MAJOR UPDATE - added assistants mode - now you can hire other drivers to do your jobs! - Improvements in car traffic - Improvements of truck behaviour in higher speeds - Graphical enhancements - Other minor fixes and improvements. Thank you for your continuous support! Have fun!

Truck Simulator PRO 2 Comments & Reviews

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- So much fun!!!

Just like Oregon trail!!

- Need more Truck Customization and Jake Brakes

This game is amazing but after i spent money on buying a peterbilt there were really no good customization i can do like bumper, fenders, headlights, visor, and most important lower the trucks. Also the handling needs improvement. You also need to add jake brakes which makes the game 10 times more fun and real.

- Add

It’s a awesome game but the trucks need a jake brake!!!

- Question pour ajout pour les camions

C’erait il possible d’ajouter le son d’un Jacob sur les camions ?! Si oui sa c’erait super Merci !!😊

- Kenworth W900L hauler

This game is super fun and driving and all but it’s annoying how there is so many guard rails everywhere especially when making a wide turn onto the highway bridge ramp, I make a wide turn and the trailer still gets damaged because of how close the rails are to the road it gets quite annoying. Please also fix when your driving and all of a sudden the resting thing shows up and u have know idea where ur going and u crash into something. Put like a sleep bar so u know when ur getting tired instead of it just jumping out at u!! I really like tho how there’s other trucks hauling different trailers.

- Best truck game!!!!!!!!!!

This is the best truck game ever its so realistic you have a time for your load or noutrions the only bad thing is it costs $17.00 but its worthed but im not telling you to get it because each person has an oppinin

- Garbage

Waste of money don’t buy this

- Fix the steering

If I’m hauling a load and want to steer it jus shoots across the road and hits the side rails and goes outa control it’s impossible to get a good run cause my truck is constantly shot and trailer iv done everything I can with settings and it didn’t fix the problem so please fix it or i would like a refund !!

- Remboursement

Le bogue 😡😡😡😡sans arrêt

- Crash

Je veut être remboursé, car ça arrête pas de crash.

- Don’t buy

Worst game ever waste of 6 dollars because it doesn’t look realistic and bricks are unresponsive and I want my money back.

- Come on you guys!

So much potential but when the steering is constantly cutting out and the brakes only work half the time because they are to close to the gas pedal it is very hard to have fun. Truly wish I could get a refund:(

- Bad

Not real. Bad not worth 6.99

- Games is pretty good

I really like this game, it’s fun and the graphics are actually good, but you guys need to add multiplayer, if you add multiplayer you’ll make this game, a lot better instead of, doing jobs by yourself, with someone else it gets more exciting and you have someone to play with!!!! So please add multiplayer!!

- Truck game

No steering wheel and that just makes the game unrealistic

- Pro? Nope.

Fun, I guess (not really). But at night and your in the cab of the truck (first person) and you obvious have your headlights on, it glitches out, BAD so during the night you can’t drive that way, the only way to see your GPS is by having a huge square on the side of your screen which covers up your mirror, and if you have the mirrors activated where you can see both at once, one is in the middle of the screen almost. There is a huge list that I could go on about, there is no “jake” break, the normal breaks almost make you stop instantly. When you go to back up your head looks out the window and you can’t move your head. The horn just sucks, not really important but you would think they could get something simple at least sound right. So for know, I would recommend a free trucking simulator other then paying $6.99. If you could reply that would be GREAT so I could maybe understand why you can’t get the simple stuff done.

- Great game but

The brakes and the steering has to be realistic, the braking is horrible you can’t slowly hit the break the the truck slows down when you hold the break it completely stops the truck? It’s a great game love playing and assistants help to make some more money every couple hours. What would be nice if you have more options on trailers like double trailers or actual long hauls of 2-4 trailers maybe idk just ideas to help make the game fun and better option of transporting... everything else is good. Bet these questions answered! You’ll have dope results but that would be nice with the trailers

- Update!!!!!!

More trucks and trailers please

- Great Game But One Thing...

Great game but the semi trucks could have or have an option to put JAKE BRAKES in the trucks; and have more realistic lights on the trailers at night, and last of all you should have an air brake sound when ever you completely stop and hold the brake pedal. Make it like truck simulator USA mobile.

- Do not buy.

It’s a waste of money. I made a mistake and thought Truck Simulator USA made a second version, got excited and made an impulse purchase. As soon as I opened the app I had realized I was mistaken but still tried the game. After 5 ,injures of gameplay I gave up. The graphics are nowhere near as good as Truck Simulator USA, nor is anywhere near as realistic. Unless you have both, a GB of space to spare on your device and money to waste, don’t bother. I gave it the second star because despite my negative review, it is still better than SOME free Truck Simulation games.

- Add air brakes

Would like to see air brakes added and improve the sound of the engine on the tractors. Sounds nothing like the real thing or close to it🙁

- Great but..

The brakes aren’t very realistic. Also the steering isn’t very sensitive

- 😡😡😡

Same I can't play it. It always crashes either you guys should fix it or give us our money back witch I payed 6.99$

- Good game

I love this game but it would be the best game I have played on my phone if you had sliders for throttle and steering.

- Not worth it


- Crash

Cant play crash everytime i start it

- It doesn't work

Every time I want to get it it won't let me I want my money back 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Plz fix

Every time I hit drive it crashes plz fix so I wont regret buying this game.

- Fix


- 😁

Amazing game I love it!

- Simulator2

Bought this game but can't play it. As soon as I hit play it crashes!

- Cool game but please UPDATE!

Amazing and realistic game just needs some upgrades and updates in the future

- Needs better graphics

The graphics where pretty bad and the trucks seem to slide a lot other then that it's a good game

- Interesting

Please add some Canadian city's.

- Can't connect

Can't connect trailler to truck and need to pay penalities for that.

- Awesome game

Keep up the good work, updates are good, keep on adding upgrades for trucks, would be nice to see different engines to pick from. Different engine sounds but be awesome as well. Jake break would also be good to have. Maybe add a few more trucks as well but all in all this is a damn good game 👍

- Good gameplay, easy to keep interested. Would be nice if there was more to it.

The gameplay is fun for awhile. Levelling up is nice, but I feel like it's pretty slow for each level and by the time you reach level seven it seems like you've already hauled and drove all there is to drive without getting much reward. I think it would be nice to eventually level up and be able unlock the ability to start your own trucking company or something of that sort? Another way to keep interest would be to add a online aspect? So you could drive with friends or other people. Just my two cents overall gameplay was really enjoyable.

- Not stable on ipod5

I just started the game and when I try to customize my truck the game crashes please fix the game or give me my money.I am on iPod 5

- Great

So stimulating truck simulator game, in the game we could choose our favorite driving models, we could customize and upgrade it as we want. So we can have fun. Full rating!

- Like the game

I like playing truck racing games very much, so I downloaded many similar apps before, it is the most interesting and helpful one. It is suitable for my needs. Wonderful app, five stars.

- Super fun game

The graphics are great and it's a lot of fun to play. A very unique game. The app runs well. Overall, I really enjoy playing this game.

- Interesting game

It is an interesting driving simulation game. Though it is not easy to control such big vehicle at first, I played it well then. Thank you for the developer.

- Ne perdez pas d'argent

Le jeu bug constamment... je roule et un moment donné paf! Comme si j'avais frapper un mur invisible... pas moyen de rien faire... n'est pas prêt...

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- Needs update

I love the game but I was wondering if there was anyway to get the trucks, to have a jake break and make it where you can go into Canada and more of the USA.

- Huge question

If your broke and you played real money for a truck and you ran outta gas and can’t hire someone what can I do to drive that truck Bc I spent my own money on it and if I have to restart imma be really mad (won’t play the game ever again) if I can’t drive it can someone please help me out??

- Great game but some problems

I just got this game and the truck you start out with is a cabover which I think is cool, but my problem is mine glitches and I crash into guardrails , cars, and buildings. But on the other hand everything else is great

- Game is alright

I like the game, it’s a good way to pass time! BUT, the steering in this game is absolutely broken, and the in town roads are way to small for a truck and trailer. Fun game to play but not worth the $2.99 to play it, I regret paying for the game 🤷‍♂️

- Bad game

Well it’s ok. When rest time The screen just goes blank says rest time then you crash Plus the trips are too long what are you do is drive on the highway boring

- Truck sim

Good game but you should be able to sleep wherever I mean the trucks come with sleepers

- Good game ! But

Great graphic’s but needs motels & diners on highway’s & truck runs out of fuel to fast!!!!

- Good graphics, that’s all

This game has really great graphics, but it’s unrealistic. Very. I don’t care to type more.

- Truck simulator PRO 2 🚛🚚🚦

This game is hard and my mom is going to get a new phone which will have 4X more space than this phone.

- Disappointed

Love the game, but you cant earn coins by watching videos or mini games. So you have to purchase the game and then make more purchases just to enjoy it

- Amazing

This trucking game is the best one I have ever had !!!!

- Awesome game

Just amazing for a mobile game

- This is sad

I just recently re downloaded this app, when I noticed their was no “restore purchases” now all of my previous purchases was lost

- Being timed

I hate being timed on the jobs also if I sleep then it makes me late and no trailer damage other than that I love the game

- You should Willy by it

Because it has everything you can think of besides e brake

- Entertaining game

I’m a real life truck driver and while off not truck driving I seem to enjoy truck driving. The game is great and what is to expected of graphics on a Mobil platform honestly I would’ve have a 5 star rating if it weren’t for the in app purchases. I would’ve liked to have been able to purchase coins and gems together not solely separately. Other wise great game runs smooth on a 8plus.

- Great game, but could use a few things.

This is a great game, especially for the price. The trucks are good and the graphics are decent. The map is great and the size of it is fine, but I wish they would add a new city every once in a while. I also wish the cars on the freeway went faster and their were more trucks on the freeways. It is a great game and you should buy it, but I wish they would fix these things.

- Could be better

Where are the hazard lights? Jake brake? Strobe lights? There is a lot of cheap freight and the fact you have to level up to get the add-ons is dumb. Need a bigger variety of trucks and trailers. Among other issues it has the potential to be a great game. But needs a lot of work

- Horrible!!!

This game is horrible!! Biggest waste of $5 ever, don’t even bother

- Gems

Good graphics however did not receive the gems that I had purchased

- Truck sounds

It’s a great game it just needs some improvements 1) jake break should be introduced especially when caring heavy loads 2) introduce parking break and trailer break so that you can get that real life trucking experience also slowing down should r gradually no sudden when I press the breaks to stop 3) needs more room to turn, some of these corners are really to small especially when carrying a long trailer 4) trucks need to sound more realistic instead along with the horn Please consider these in the next update

- Time

Need more time to drive, there’s no way you can make the 500-1000 mile drive in 5 mins

- Multiplayer

Please add multiplayer with a stable connection! Would love to play with friends

- Horrible

Is it possible for me to delete this and be refunded? I’m highly disappointed.


This game is the best truck game ever.

- Needs Work

Been wanting to get into mobile gaming more and especially a simulator. This game offers a great experience. Full consumption, huge map. Realistic physics and traffic. But.. the controls are quite bad. Especially the steering wheel, honestly might be the only reason why I can’t play it. I want to so bad but the controls are funky. The sounds of the breaks and start up also needs some work. I also just recently invested into the Steelseries nimbus to play on my iPhone with a controller. Please add controlled support to game. With all of this being sad, at its current condition. I would advise anyone else to play Heavy Truck Simulator, it’s free. Once This is game gets updated and the controllers are fixed then this is a must buy if you’re looking into trucking games.

- 😔

I bought this game due to I can’t afford a gaming pc to launch steam games. And I am very disappointed I wasted my money on a game that glitches a lot, and yes I have the newest iPhone and it shouldn’t be doing that. It didn’t do it at first until I did my first load then it started glitching again... very dissatisfied

- Good graphics, trash game.

Thank you for trying, but this game is dodooododood poop. It’s way to complicated and the other ones are better. Don’t waste your $$. 😭😭😭🍑🍑🍑👍👇👆👎💩💩💩💩👺👺

- Please update!!

There is a lot of lagging now will have a perfect drive and while turning will jack knife and mess up perfect drive. Can you add more truck, different truckers, more customizations to the trucks add jack brake sound when slowing down. New routes ect.........

- Needs some work

The game is awesome but can use more updates like flashing beckon lights for on the truck and jobs where you can hall more then one trailer at once and have some special trucks like a tow truck and missions where we can hall broken down cars

- Frustrated

Game is glitchy and makes it hard to control the semi. Definitely needs fixes since customers are paying for this app. Hope this can get fixed ASAP

- Update please

This is a fun game, it needs some updates similar to Trucker Pro EU. however, we also need to be able to sell trucks and fire assistants.also, it doesn’t rain in tunnels and under fuel overhangs.

- Graphics

Graphics are slow and cause you to wreck. Thus, making missions delayed.

- Love it

Really love the game (best truck simulator I’ve played) it’s a great time passer. But! I would really love an engine brake! Thanks 👍🏾

- Nice

We need more trucks and variety of cargo but so far I love it

- Needs improvement

The game is good but it’s too laggy. I can’t even get past the second mission because I reck from the lagging

- Refund

I would like my money back please

- Waste of money

Game is very glitchy. Causing steering to me difficult and sometimes not even true to what your trying to do causing crashing. Waste of money. Don’t buy

- Needs improvement

Improve acceleration when u get up to speed it’s cuts off an just rolls till stop then u can go agian plz fix it an need more time on delivery besides tht good game

- Unplayable

This game is unplayable on the brand new XS Max. I played it for about 10 minutes getting no more than like 10 frames per second. Truly an awful experience don’t waste your money.

- its bad

it wont let you drive

- Overpriced

there are similar games that cost next to nothing compared to this one, but their functionality is practically the same. Unfortunately I couldn't get a refund, but I definitely don't recommend this to anyone for how expensive it is.

- Need to update

I have big fingers and the buttons are to small can you make them bigger in a update

- Why is there no settings

Why aren’t settings to steering Eazy and more I give this a 3

- Good Game, Terrible Controls.

Okay, I love this game but the controls are way too messed up. Tap the arrow button to turn? Run into the guard rail/barrier. Want to accelerate? Takes 5 minutes to get to 40 MPH. Fix the controls.

- Glitches

The game would be great, but it constantly glitches, which makes it very hard to drive.

- Could be better.

So far this game is great, but you should consider adding border patrol and cops should pull you over, i also would like a multiplayer mode like most truck simulators so i can play with my friends

- Not impressed

I like the idea of the game, but when hauling a trailer it’s super laggy. Every time I hit a lag spot I hit a wall. Brand new IPhone so it’s not the phone.

- Sweet game

I love this game. I play it every day for hours. The only thing I wish you could do to make it better is to put a exhaust/Jake brake on the trucks. If that could be applied to the game this game would be the best truck Driving game out there. So please please add that minor detail of the exhaust/Jake brake.

- Lag

I have the iPhone XS. So I should be able to run this game without lag right? No, all I ever get is lag. I once was on the freeway driving straight then I lagged so much I just ran into the wall and was not able to drive the truck. That is the only issue please change it.

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Truck Simulator PRO 2 1.7 Screenshots & Images

Truck Simulator PRO 2 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Truck Simulator PRO 2 iphone images
Truck Simulator PRO 2 iphone images
Truck Simulator PRO 2 iphone images
Truck Simulator PRO 2 iphone images
Truck Simulator PRO 2 iphone images
Truck Simulator PRO 2 ipad images
Truck Simulator PRO 2 ipad images
Truck Simulator PRO 2 ipad images
Truck Simulator PRO 2 ipad images
Truck Simulator PRO 2 ipad images
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Truck Simulator PRO 2 Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Truck Simulator PRO 2 (Version 1.7) Install & Download

The applications Truck Simulator PRO 2 was published in the category Games on 2017-02-02 and was developed by CONSULIT PIOTR KAZMIERCZAK MICHAL MIZERA SPOLKA CYWILNA [Developer ID: 611120073]. This application file size is 1.27 GB. Truck Simulator PRO 2 - Games posted on 2017-12-19 current version is 1.7 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions.

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