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Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts [Shopping] App Description & Overview

The quickest and easiest way to save when you grocery shop or dine out.

Fetch Rewards turns your grocery and restaurant receipts into savings. Simply scan any grocery, drugstore or restaurant receipt after you shop, and save on thousands of popular products throughout the store. Earn points on every receipt or eReceipt you scan. Turn receipts into gift cards for online retailers, e.g. Amazon, Target, and others. With our receipt scanner, there’s no more clipping coupons, chasing down expiring deals, or missing out on savings. Just shop, scan, and save. It’s that easy.

*** Don't miss rewards on your Black Friday shopping, and get a head start on your Holiday & Christmas gift list! With Fetch, you can earn gift cards while shopping for presents - and online shopping counts! ***

The Fetch Rewards app brings everyday savings to your life with a quick and easy mobile app that rewards you for the purchases you already make. With Fetch Rewards, just snap a quick photo of ANY grocery, hardware, drugstore, or restaurant receipt, and in seconds we’ll deliver points to your account on thousands of popular products. You’ll earn points on every receipt or eReceipt you scan.

Unlike cash back and rebate apps that require you to unlock coupons before you go grocery shopping or dine out, causing you to miss out on savings, Fetch Rewards gives you savings EVERY TIME you purchase a participating product or eat at a participating restaurant. Just scan your grocery or restaurant receipt after you shop or dine and redeem points in seconds. You don’t have to chase grocery coupons to save on your bill, because Fetch Rewards delivers those savings every day with a quick and easy scan of your receipt. The more you scan, the more you save.

** Sign up for Huggies Rewards + in the app, and unlock surprise rewards when you buy Huggies diapers and wipes - on the top of all the Fetch points you’ll earn! **

To save money and earn rewards, simply scan your receipt from grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, big box stores or anywhere in between, and submit. Within seconds you’ll have points in your account that can be redeemed for hundreds of rewards and gift cards to online retailers like Amazon or Hulu. Use your points however you want. With one scan, turn your grocery or restaurant receipt into a free cup of Starbucks coffee, a taxi ride with Uber, a night at the movies, a relaxing day at the spa, or a birthday present for your child.

You can submit any grocery, restaurant or retail receipts, from grocery stores and restaurants to hardware and liquor stores, up to 14 days AFTER the purchase date on the receipt, and you’ll still get all your points. Other gift card and grocery reward apps require choosing coupons before or after or after you shop in order to save, but sometimes you forget, spontaneously eat out, or make an impulse purchase. That shouldn’t keep you from turning your receipts to gift cards or earning rewards. With Fetch Rewards, you can just shop and let the savings come to you.

In addition to offering quick and easy savings with a scan, Fetch Rewards also features helpful tools to plan your shopping trip, find inspiration for your next recipe, and track your grocery budget. You can view your personalized shopping history to see where you shop, whether it’s Target or Walmart, and how much you spend and save.

Fetch Rewards makes it easy and rewarding to save on groceries. Simply shop, scan, and save.

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Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The latest version of Fetch is ready for you. You’ll find an all-new device verification feature for an added layer of account security, plus stability improvements for smoother app performance and a more reliable snapping experience. See for yourself with your next receipt!

Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts Comments & Reviews

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- I don’t know why you wouldn’t use it.

I love your app. I buy both brand name and store brand products. Sometimes I like the feel or smell of a brand better, sometimes I like the value of the the generic brand. I have run across running out of submissions because I have more than 14. It’s a bit worse lately because now you accept fast food and restaurant receipts. I just leave them until the end because they are only 5 points. I do tell people to look over your points because sometimes you don’t get them like you should. Walmart is notorious for giving things odd abbreviations or hard to see receipts. Gatorade always gets points but they call it GZ 32 sometimes. (Gatorade Zero 32ounce). So I just fix it. So be sure you look and get all of your points. Fetch even lets you scan the product if that’s easier for you to show what you really bought. Thank you so much for your APP. It helps my budget go further when I get money back for buying what I was going to buy anyway. Sometimes I do make a choice between 2 items because one gets points. But usually I just do my shopping and scan my receipts. Oh, the best time to scan your receipts is just after you put them in the car and before you leave the parking lot. I put a little notch on one corner so I know I’ve scanned it. That way it’s done but if I need to return something that doesn’t fit, etc, I still have an intact receipt.

- Limited Submissions

Overall I’ve had no issues with this app! It’s simple to get around, but I do have one chief complaint! This app has a weekly limit of scans to submit for rewards. The limit is 14 that’s average out to two shopping trips daily per 7 days. I don’t think that there should even be a limit on the number of times to submit a receipt for rewards. I don’t even get the same items each shopping trip. I take care of a mind failing paraplegic who tends to forget more than she remembers. So sometimes I’m sent to the store two or more times daily. Or we shop at two different stores daily. When we shop there may be two separate orders to pay for in one trip per store. So in one week I may be sent to the store 16 times. Today is a prime example I shopped at Kroger then she remembered she wanted cash back, round two at Kroger was like this, because atm was down I had to buy something else. Then we get home and she needs something from Walmart. Oh then after I get her to bed she asked did ya get this or that. I reply it was not on the list so yep I was sent back for round two at Walmart. So see four separate shopping trips in one day is the norm for me and because each item is different there should not be a limit on anyone’s submission for rewards. Other than this app is wonderful, but ya only get 4 stars because ya limit my shopping trips.

- Super Super Easy!!! No gimmicks!

I love this app!!! Seriously I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use this app. They accept all grocery & convenient stores receipts! All you do is literally scan your receipts! You don’t have to go through to choose your products or specify which store, like Ibotta (which drives me nuts!), it does it all for you! Even if you have no products that redeem points, you still get at 25 point bonus, but that rarely happens because this app has products you actually buy!! They have joined with tons of ‘household name’ companies, not off the wall random companies & products that you’ve never heard of. I’m about to redeem my points for a $25 gift card! We all have to buy groceries, so why not earn money on things you already bought!? They even accept e-receipts if you order your groceries online. Only once have I had an item on a receipt not give me points when it should of, but they allow you to easily correct it and will give you your points instantly. (And To be fair the receipt labeled the item weird so it was understandable.) This is BY FAR the best grocery app out there, and I’ve tried quite a few. I’ve been telling everyone about it! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!!!

- Pretty good but one problem

I downloaded this app recently and quickly through referrals and scanning receipts I was able to get to about 25,000 points which worth a $25 gift card. The app is great and easy to use but I have had one issue with it. Twice now I have referred someone to join the app through my link sent to them to receive bonus points to me and the friend I sent it to, and I know they signed up through my link but I wasn’t rewarded with my points for getting them to sign up and scan a receipt. This has happened during bonus periods where instead of the normal 2,000 point bonus for referring someone it is 4,000 points. It’s really disappointing because I know I should have 8,000 more points but when I first contacted them through the app they said they couldn’t do anything about it, and then after it happened the second time through another person I tried asking if there is a time limit that someone has to sign up using the link I sent but it wouldn’t let me send my question in the section where it said contact us. Overall it’s a great app to get some gift cards, but I really wish I could have gotten those 8,000 points because I know for a fact that 2 people signed up through my link but it doesn’t even show up on the list of people I referred

- Love watching the points get deposited!!

So far this is a great App. I love all the different type of offers they have from the companies that produce the products as well as the Fetch Rewards program itself. Sometimes I wish I could scan more receipts then what we are allowed, however I just file away the ones I'm unable to scan and scan them in when the 7 days is up. It's great what Fetch has to offer in the 'Rewards' Department. So many different vendors to choose from. I also like that you can donate points or even redeem them for sweepstake giveaways. I still have not redeemed my points for a gift card yet, I want to use my mine for an iTunes card and only have a few more points to go. I have, however, entered the September monthly sweepstakes and am waiting anxiously to fund out the results. It's great that Fetch is constantly updating it's capabilities. I can't wait to see what they add next!! Great Job Fetch, this is a fun app with a ton of different features and even though it can be stressful spending a lot of money, it's nice to know you have a way to get something back in return. 😄😊

- Scan Limit......please

I’m not trying to be bitter or a Karen. I recently downloaded this app a couple days ago and loved it! I thought this app was way better then all the other apps out there for “money back” by scanning your receipts. All the popular apps did nothing for me, THEY were scams. Download bates. When I came across this one I really enjoyed it, until it said I hit a scan limit. Really? The reason I enjoyed it was because you scan all your receipts and you earn points no matter what. You can earn points to earn prizes. As an everyday consumer I thought this was perfect. Until it said I couldn’t scan anymore receipts. Keep in mind, some of us have big families, some of us are forgetful and need to rush to the store to feed there families. Some of us can’t always keep track with every household product they have and don’t have. Some of us are laid off of work and want to get out and go somewhere once in awhile. What’s there to do? Well, America says we should eat out more, spend money, shop at all our available grocery markets and don’t forget to tip, tip, tip!!!!!!! Times like this, being an American is rough. If Fetch Rewards could take this in consideration that would be lovely. It’s not my fault I’m a disabled veteran, who’s forgetful and just trying to protect and take care of my family. I’m just doing my job. I’m not a criminal always reaching there “Scam limit” I mean “SCAN LIMIT” Thank you and have a nice day. 😃

- Trying My Patience

This app should be simple, but it has some major issues. The scanning program lacks "intelligence" and misinterprets words to the point I think I am reading a lost language. There is no way to verify accuracy BEFORE the scanned receipt is submitted creating the cumbersome task of addressing items "not accepted" days after the submission. There is nothing like saving a bunch of packaging with barcodes for days after the product has been used to be on the safe side of being able to adequately challenge Fetch Rewards "denials". Today, I had a receipt denied because I had reached the maximum of 7 receipts in 14 days without having any reason to know that is FR policy. Where is it written? Why??? Some people shop often because they cannot store a lot at one time. I would think the food manufacturers would love people shopping for their brands several days a week. There is no clear way to know which inventory within a given brand is acceptable before purchase. I have somehow managed to accumulate 3,000+ points pretty fast, but I spent a ridiculous amount of time to earn points equal to $3. I chalked up the low earnings vs time spent to improving my learning curve. Would someone please explain how point distribution is determined. Does it vary by brand, price, item or according to whether or not the planets are in proper alignment. I am trying to be patient because I WANT to like this app.

- Quite Misleading in the description

upon searching for apps to earn with i came across Fetch Rewards & thought " just what ive looked for!" i read the description & few older reviews & downloaded it! I was soon on my way to earning & i was so so happy that id Finally found an app that actually does what it says! UNTIL i brought out my 3 grocery receipts to scan & was alerted immediately by a pop up that read --> Youve reach the scan limit, you can only scan 14 receipts so come back in 14 more days!"😢 Seriously?? I shouldve known Fetch was too good to be true. You Really should CLEARLY state in the description that Theres A Catch!- not just "you can scan receipts up to 14 days old. Ive been saving up all my receipts to scan in at once but now half will be out of date when im eligible to scan again. Had i been aware of This, i wouldve only scanned in the more expensive receipts to get more points & tossed the smaller ones that id already scanned as well. Im not sure how someone who reviewed this app was able to reel in 40,000 points this way...ThiS is gonna be Way Slow going if i decide to keep it🤨 I know it was set up this way yo keep people from earning, but you couldve stated these things & I would've just kept going. not sure what to do now

- Great app!

I’ve had this app for about 7 weeks and love it! I have a couple of other rebate apps that I use faithfully but the great thing about Fetch is there’s no barcode scanning and you don’t have to buy “multiple” items in order to get credit. Getting points for qualifying products is great but the added bonus is the receipt scan points. Even if I don’t have products that qualify, I still get points just for scanning my receipt! It did take a few times to get things figured out but for the most part, it’s pretty easy. So far, no problems with taking pictures of the receipts as others have stated. Overall, I love that I don’t have to scan every single item in order to get credit! Fast, easy and simple! It would be nice if there was a way to get more points, however. I’ve been using the app for about 7 weeks and have only accumulated a little over 11,000 points and I shop A LOT! That being said, it isn’t so bad that would give the app anything less than a 5 star review. So much easier than other apps and way more rewards to choose from. Definitely recommend!!

- Thought it was bogus until I actually started earning real rewards!

I love this app it’s usually very quick efficient and I love how it keeps track of all my receipts and makes graphs of all the stores I shop and actually has attainable real rewards that are reedamable with the points earned from my spending! And I love how you guys outdone yourselves with allowing receipts virtually from anywhere I spend money! But unfortunately It seems ever since the latest update I haven’t been able to access the app. In the past every time I have went to use the app I’ve always been automatically logged in. And now lately I’ve been logged out and no matter if I type in my email and password or click the google or the Facebook login, I keep getting the same message: “unable to login (1)” and it’s really really frustrating! Idk if any other users are experiencing the same issue but I hope you guys figure it out soon because as each day goes by, I’m losing the opportunity to enter receipts to receive points and it’s very disappointing 👎 please fix 🥺

- I liked the app at first but now not happy

When I started using the app, it worked well. I was able to scan receipts with little trouble. Since the e-receipt was added, my app started crashing after I took pictures of the regular receipts. It got frustrating so I stopped using it for a while. Last week I went on and all of my points had disappeared. I reached out to customer service and was told that I did not use my points in the specified amount of time and that they had sent me an email, so all of my hard work, and earnings had expired. They send so many emails, that it’s hard to keep up. It was only a couple of days since the expiration date, which I was not aware of, but now I am, and they would not instate them. I complained a second time and they reinstated the points. Now two days later the points are missing again. And I’m having trouble scanning receipts. It was their fault that the app was not working properly and crashing. Still crashing. Most receipts only have 25 points. It is difficult to make it to the volume of points they are requiring for payouts. Except if you wan’t to enter the contest, which I’m guessing chances are slim of winning. I will continue a while longer, but if the problem still continue, then it is not worth it.

- Much better!

I am editing my past review! There have been many improvements and receipts get credited immediately now and all the points seem to be there. I decided to keep the app and it is now in my top 3 favorite rebate apps. I am giving it 4 stars just to give them a little more room to grow. It’s a much better app than it used to be! I am not sure why it has to take so long for a receipt to process. My other apps similar to this one take no longer than a day and most of the time it’s less than hour! When the receipt finally does process, it is inevitable that if I have qualifying products they have not been pointed properly. I have missed qualifying purchases a few times and didn’t know until too late so that is frustrating also. Not to mention there really doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to how the points are awarded. There have been several receipts that I have thought should have been awarded higher points due to past purchases. I will stick with this app long enough to finish up getting a gift card I’m working for but then I will be deleting. Too much work for too little reward.

- One of the easiest and best!

I’ve been using this app for awhile now...easily over a year...and it really doesn’t get much easier. Scan receipts collect points cash in. No scanning barcodes of every item on your receipt and no waiting 3-7 days or weeks for your receipt to be processed! You scan it and unless you have to make a change which is rare it’s done right then! Points processed! If you do have to make a change it’s done within a few hours...personally I’ve never waited more than 12! I’ve never had to complain about not getting my rewards again you get it RIGHT AWAY!! No waiting days or weeks. Referral codes can take longer simply because it depends on how fast or slow someone else fulfills the offer. This is by far one of the easiest and most dependable apps I’ve used. If you aren’t using this app...why?? You must be independently wealthy and have no need for any extra money. This isn’t going to make you rich but it will give you a couple extra bucks to use for whatever. So go! Get it! Click the button! It’s up there!! ^^^

- They deactivate you account for no reason and ignore emails

They wait till you save up points than deactivate your account with no notice and no reason. When you email them they say what ever random crap they want(in my case they said I submitted receipts that weren’t mine) and tell you they won’t reactivate your account. When I was able to submit the e-receipts for EVERY SINGLE RECEIPT linked to my ONE Publix account and photos of every item in my possession they stopped responding to me. When I was given a different email to write to on my last review the story I’m being given has now changed and all of a sudden the receipts that all printed off at the stores are suddenly counterfeit and I don’t know how they are excusing the fact that there are e-receipts and I OWN the stupid products. They are just choosing to ignore the evidence and keep the $50 in rewards that I earned doing exactly what they asked me to do - but the products and scan the receipts. This app is a scam. The only way to contact them is email and they respond once to tell you that you are SOL that they aren’t going to do anything to help you. And stop responding after that. They only want people that get nickels and dimes not people that actually spent money to earn real rewards- those people they deactivate their accounts right quick.

- Super Easy, and Makes Shopping a bit more fun!

I have been using Fetch Rewards for several months now, and I can’t find a single thing I’d complain about! Let’s be honest, as a mom, who enjoys the mundane task of shopping for household supplies and groceries?? I’m sure most would say they dread it, as do I. I use the receipts from my excursions of shopping with my Children to upload to Fetch Rewards. I save the points as a treat for myself. Whether I use the points towards a gift for ITunes to download music for my workouts or maybe save them for a gift card for a relaxing day at the Spa, Fetch Rewards makes it possible for me to treat myself once in awhile, without spending money out of mine or my finances pocket, on things I may normally not have extra money for. It’s super easy! They offer all kinds of added contests to enter, and extra points for purchasing their promotional items. I encourage everyone to download this App! Why not get rewards for every day shopping! The only thing I would have done differently, is I wish I had discovered Fetch Rewards a VERY LONG TIME AGO!!

- Easy App - No Prior Shopping Craziness

I love this app for its easy snap a picture and automatically adds 25 points for any receipt. If there are items on it that are more points you get more points. No jumping through hoops to prove it. Simple. There are many times I forget to look at all the savings or coupons I’d have to get before shopping. I am forgetful during these “crazy Covid-19 times” I am trying to get in and out of stores carefully. Mask ✅ gloves ✅ sanitizer ✅ debit card ✅ glasses ✅ I don’t want to really go in at times but have to. It would be great to add a little bonus right now for “in-store” purchases as a little incentive maybe. Times are hard. Yes, we can all order online now but some of us hate it for everything. It’s ok to be human and shop. So not doing so much work here is nice, thank you! I also love that it tracks my spending at what’s stores and totals everything up. That’s a great bonus!! I never knew how much I spent where until I used this app. Five Stars 🌟 I use to use other apps and they required a lot of pre planning.

- Great app! Just a few tweaks needed!

This app is extremely easy to use. I was pleasantly surprised how quick and effortless it was to scan in a receipt. However, Upon initial use, I must not have read the fine print regarding the weekly limit on how many receipts you can scan. I reached fourteen and a pop up message stated that I could not scan anymore at this time. It would be nice if that pop up came up every time and showed you how many you had scanned in to date. Also, it would be great if you could scan a receipt and a pop up like that let you know if it was valid or not before you submit it and let you make a note on the app so you can keep a short list of places that it doesn’t accept. Lastly, since the app allows you to scan receipts in that are up to two weeks old, then once I reach fourteen receipts, I would like to scan in the receipt to store them until I am able to submit them OR have an option to accept uploaded pictures of them from my phone. I am a neat freak that hates keeping a receipt to upload when possible. Still a a good little app just as it is.

- Too much work!

I originally liked the app but you have to verify everything!! It doesn’t seem to pick up items I should receive points for. Also having trouble with it working correctly. When I used to submit a receipt, it would prompt me to verify items fairly quickly. Now it’s been days and it just shows my receipt is processing. I contacted support and it showed waiting for items to be verified on their end. She was able to reprocess. Submit another receipt today and same issue. This is happening on my iPhone and iPad. Deleted app and downloaded again, didn’t change anything! Would be a great app if these issues could be fixed! Support was quick to respond but don’t want to have to email after submitting every receipt. Update: new version is so much better! It immediately identifies the items that qualify and so far I haven’t had to verify anything and haven’t had any eligible items missed!!! So happy, hopefully this continues!

- I really enjoy this app

I have installed and uninstalled so many similar apps! I needed to find the one that worked best with me, the stores I shop with, and my shopping routine. Fetch Rewards is that app for me! I love how easy it is, Just scan your receipt from ANY store. You don’t have to waste time adding products you “PLAN” to purchase ect. The only downfall to that, it takes quite awhile to get a good amount of points to earn $5 $10 $15 gift cards. Maybe I just don’t shop as frequent as others or buy a lot of the brands that rack up the most points. However, I still really enjoy this app and always look forward to scanning my receipts. Also I just read that they will no longer be offering the “Plan Ahead” feature! :( This is a section in the app where you can browse through recipe ideas and then add the ingredients for a recipe you plan to make on a list to purchase! I LOVED THIS ABOUT The Fetch Rewards App, I found plenty of last minute meals on there. I guess I’ll have to wait and see when it’s gone if I’ll still like tithe app as much. Either way how the app is right now is great!


BEWARE!!!!!!! This company is a scam they show you offers and when you actually use the app for what it is intended for they deactivate your account so you can not redeem the points. They will not even provide you any explanation just a vague reason and tell you their decision is final. ***RESPONSE TO THEIR REPLY*** They accuse people of violating their terms because they do not want to pay out the money due to you. They accused me of violating their terms but after multiple emails can not tell me what exactly I did or provide me any sort of evidence. I even sent them a breakdown of my points with my receipt pictures asking them where I did something wrong all they could tell me was their decision was final, they swindled me put over over $50. If you question what I am saying look them up on BBB they have an F rating and about 31 complaints similar to mine, where they deactivate accounts so they don’t have to pay them out. I now know how they earn their profit as a company, stealing from their app users. I have had to report them to the brands they show on their app as well as the BBB, FTC and a few other sites. I am just hoping that they will be held accountable for their scamming business practices and taking advantage of people to earn a profit.

- Too many issues lately

Their customer support seems to be heading downhill. I submitted a report almost a week ago about missing points and it took a week to hear back only for them o try and tell me I didn't complete the offers indicated even though the app clearly shows that I have finished the offers but won't reward the points, so now I'm stuck here waiting around to get points that, at this rate, I won't get until after the messed up offer is expired. This is even more frustrating given that we're right back to having to submit every single receipt for review because the app misses not just one or two qualifying items, but ALL of them, and if you submit more than one support ticket while others are open they all get combined into one ticket and it makes even more of a mess because apparently the people dealing with it don't now how to handle it. At this point, the whole thing is turning into a scam. Starting to think that alleged top app ranking they were raving about has gone to their heads. That status won't last long at the rate they're going. The fact that they're also now encouraging users to waste money on intrusive tabloid garbage like people magazine is a sign of just how deep into the dumpster their headed too.

- I thought this app was great until...

I was loving this app. I got tons of points for buying items I already buy. I would even get bonus points based on the price I paid for some items. I was building up points very quickly. If items were missed I could update the receipt with no problem. Now when I update a receipt to add missing items, my bonus points drop off when the receipt is updated. This has happened twice now and I’ve lost thousands of points. When I initially uploaded the receipts it showed the bonus points so I know they were supposed to be awarded. After I added missing items and my receipt was processed & updated the points were gone. After the second time I contacted customer service and after a lot of back & forth they told me what I was describing is impossible. I even sent screenshots of past receipts showing the points I should have received. Mayra basically called me a liar and refused to look into it further. I’m not very happy with Fetch right now. It’s too bad because this has the potential to be an awesome app. They need to fix the problem of deleting bonus points after updating a receipt & educate their customer service staff.

- This is getting annoying

I have had fetch for a while now and I love it I use it to get Xbox gift cards and iTunes gift cards but I have been trying to get another iTunes gift card but it keeps telling me that there is a 48 hour security audit and I have been waiting for a week now and it has been happening over and over again I have contacted fetch 4 times now and haven’t even gotten a single email back and I’m getting so annoyed that I’m about to delete the app but I don’t want to because I have so many points and I am able to get multiple gift cards and I have put so much hard work into saving up to get a lot of points but I am really getting annoyed and I just want my gift cards please fetch give me a reasonable explanation I’m getting so tired of this my family is obsessed with this app but this has happened to them too and we just want to know why it’s still telling us that we have to wait 48 hours and when we do it says the same exact thing I keep hoping and hoping that it won’t pop up again but it just keeps happening and we are really mad please help me!!

- Amazing ! Real rewards ! Easy to navigate !!

I don’t ever write reviews for any apps , but I Had to write one for this app .. I have tried all the other “receipt apps “ claiming that they pay u for your receipts, but it takes forever and the other apps are wanting to make you “sign up” for all kinds or offers and then they Spam Your email with nothing but junk !! The rewards are few or far from attainable. Or they want to make u play some sort of silly”oink game “ to get rewards . All the while promising rewards that I never saw !! This app is actually rewarding me for my uploaded receipts!! No games! no spam ! Upload your receipts(within the time allowed ) and BINGO, u have ur points for rewards . You can use their coupon offers if you want to up your points , but again you don’t even have to do that ! Scan and get rewarded !!! I appreciate apps like this , I am busy like everyone else and during these times .. simple is what I need !! Thank u!! Dawn

- Weird .

It was all fine at first, i downloaded it after being told about it from a friend and i had a lot of receipts around the house so i thought it would be a great way to make money back from spending money. So i scanned my receipts and everything and i referred friends and i already had racked up about 7,000 points . I go to redeem them to put money on my apple card, and then it says i have to have the app for 24 hours until i can redeem , so i wait 24 hours . I come back more than 24 hours later and try again and it says due to a random security audit i have to wait 48 hours . I wait more than 48 hours again... and i try again and it says the same thing about the audit and 48 hours. So i just use the time to scan some more receipts , and today i open it to scan a receipt and it comes to show that the app has logged me out. I tried to sign back in using my google, facebook, and regular email and password and it says “error” and for the email and password it says the password is wrong which i know for a fact it’s not. So i press the forgot your password , confirm my email, and they “sent it”. I never got a email from them. After multiple tries. Fix your app.

- It’s better than Ibotta I’ll say that

Been using this app for a while. It’s taken me a long time to reach over 10k points, which for most things is a payout of $10 for a gift card. I really dont like that it’s taken me this long to reach over 14k, and the options to get gift cards such as a Visa or MasterCard gift card are no longer an option. That was the whole point of me using and keeping the app and now I dont even get to choose what I wanted to start with?? They’ve had those online gift cards for over a year, and now they’re gone when I want to get one with my points?? Not cool. If Fetch brings them back then I’ll adjust my rating. Not sure why they did away with them, but there are other gift cards and such to get with the points. I just liked having the option to get a Visa or MasterCard gift card because that’s a lot more useful, especially during a time where money is tight from Covid. Still better than Ibotta as far as getting rewards back...at least Fetch offers a 25 pt reward if the receipt doesn’t have anything that gets you points.

- It’s “okay”

It’s not a bad app to have; truthfully, it’s rather easy to use and not much time has to be invested in it, if you’re using it casually. For those reasons, it’s fine. It’s nice to earn gift cards for purchases that you were making anyways. However, it crashes nonstop (it seems to have a never ending “bug”); you seriously have to watch your points, as it rarely gives you the correct points; it does Let you edit your items that are incorrect for up to 3 days, though it’s rare they even go through the system or are adjusted/approved correctly; points advertised upon opening the app are a little misleading (read the fine print); and it does limit your receipts per week. So if you shop solely for what you need that day, every day of the week for budgeting purposes, or if you shop several different places for different needs, it can be a real hassle to figure out which receipt is best/most profitable to scan. But again, if you use it solely to scan receipts to earn points for gift cards and don’t invest much else into it, it’s pretty nifty to have on your device.

- Don’t Waste Your Time

I got this app and now I strongly regret putting time into it. I scanned receipts, I referred friends I did everything. Once I got enough points to get $5 it keeps telling me “Sorry...For the security of your account, we are reviewing your Reward redemption which may take up to 48 hours. We’re sorry for this inconvenience.” The only thing I did was refer someone and then tried to get my reward because I had enough points, and now I get that message? I contacted the support team and they aren’t responding. I’ve logged out and logged back in and it doesn’t work. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still doesn’t work. I even looked online for help but nobody seems to have experienced this. I’ve been getting glitches ever since I referred a friend and got the points. I switched my reward goal to the $10 option and whenever I came back to the app it went down to the $5. Whenever I click to get my reward from the reward goal area it loads the screen two times. I tried going through it a different way and it still sends me the big long message. I’m very unsatisfied with this app. If you’re thinking about getting it I wouldn’t waste your time on it.

- An ok App but not as great as I thought!

I downloaded this app a friend of mine referred, the app seems great until you actually use it. The first time I tried to use it I took around 20 pictures (seriously 20!) and the app keep popping an error message saying the picture was blurry and I needed to retake, I gave up on that receipt, after trying a different receipt, few tries later I was finally able to submit it. It took about 1 day to process my receipts and when they finally did I earned 0 points for a $100+ purchase and for some some $30+ purchases, I didn't understood why until I actually read the review of those specific receipts and I noticed the total amount was off, for example on my $37 purchase It showed i only purchased $3.50 and for my $100+ it shows I spent only $15 so that's very confusing. When I tried to correct the total amount of my receipts I was not able to do so because #1 items popping up weren't the items purchased and #2 I didn't had the option to just correct total amount. I still earned few point but I'm not sure exactly on how this app works, I might delete it after all!

- Love the App, but...

I love it! I don’t buy many brand name items but I still get points just for scanning a receipt which I think is awesome! I’m about to hit 10,000 points which is equivalent to $10 in gift cards. My husband and I plan on using the gift cards to restaurants for date nights! Very excited. However, I wish there was a way to link it with the Walmart Grocery app. We have a two month old and taking her IN the grocery store is a struggle. As far as I’m aware, there’s no way for me to get points for those grocery pickups because Walmart doesn’t print a receipt for you, it’s an electronic one on the Walmart Grocery app (therefore no way to scan it in the Fetch Rewards app). I’ve spent several hundred dollars so far with Pickup—wish I could have gotten points for all those groceries. Overall, I LOVE this app! It’s amazing that I can get “money back” for SPENDING money at the grocery store!!

- Scam

I scanned receipts for months and got almost $15 worth of points I was about to cash out into one of the gift cards options when they suddenly canceled my account. I reach out to the company through email since it was a mistake. They took forever to even get back to me and I had to send multiple emails to even get a reply, and then they just said they found “evidence” (never did find out what that evidence would be since once again after multiple emails I never heard back from them again) that I had multiple accounts, which is complete crap, and refused to to restore my account and points. What a complete wast of time. I keep getting excuses on why my account was canceled. They keep saying my name is associated with different accounts. Another review said their account was shut down after they referred people to the app. My account was also shut down after referring family members. My name is a associated with multiple accounts because of referrals not because I tried to make multiple accounts. Something is way off with their algorithm and they owe a bunch of people apologies and their points back for using their app!

- Love it! ....when it works....

I love this app! The concept is easy and quick and rewards add up quickly which makes you want to keep using it! A few disappointments though: 1) I wish there were more health food brands and special diet (allergy, etc.) accommodations for earning extra points. Most of the products and brands that earn extra points are ones that I am restricted from medically. Plus, it is really encouraging people to buy lots of unhealthy food! 2.) The app keeps crashing every time I try to take the second pic of my receipt. I haven’t used the app in a month or two because of this, and I just got a notice today that my points will expire if I don’t scan another receipt today. Well, I tried and failed again... several times. It just won’t let me finish capturing the pictures of the receipt even after updating the app. I assume these issues are temporary (hopefully). This is really a great app and I love using it when it works properly.

- Not worth the time

I have had nothing but issues with this app. The idea is great, but way too many kinks to work out. The receipt reader has misread my receipt so many times and shown items and prices that are not on my receipt so I’m constantly having to fix it and resubmit it. Then my receipts have been rejected after resubmission and it doesn’t tell you why. The e-receipt submission is a joke. I’ve gotten ZERO points for Costco online purchases for Huggies wipes and Huggies Diapers when Huggies is clearly a company that participates. When I try fixing my receipts, it’s once again rejected for no reason. It’s so incredibly frustrating. And then I contact support, I get some robotic reply about how they are still “beta-testing” the app, so just try again at another time. No apology, no awarding the points manually, just “try again.” I’ve also missed out on thousands of bonus points because of misreading of my receipt and by the time the receipt is reviewed and accepted, the bonus is over. I’ve contacted support in this issue too and they did nothing about it. It’s been nothing but frustration for me and not worth my time. I would not recommend this app

- Scam

I was gonna go on the app a couple days ago but it wouldn’t let me login. I decided to send them an email to let them know so maybe they could fix it. Two days later, my account gets deactivated. I sent another email and haven’t gotten a response. They wait for you to save up points and then deactivate your account. I know this because I have friends who lost their accounts as soon as they hit 7000+ points. They use this app to steal your information. In the terms of service thing it say that they can collect and sell your data. And when people put reviews about this problem they reply trying to make it seem like it’s our fault by saying “We don’t like to freeze anyone’s account, but sometimes we have to when someone violates our terms of service. Usually folks get their accounts removed for creating fake accounts or attempting to hack into another persons account.” Also if you read the reviews, you see they reply to everyone. But when someone talks about how they steal all your information they just ignore the review. So basically what I’m saying is this app is a scam and you should not use it.

- Was going to be 5/5, BUT

EDIT: Fixing rating as my account is accessible again, but I’m keeping it fixed at a four due to the fact that this seems to be an issue with several people. I don’t know if the fix is from a response or if it’s just some kind of cooldown period, but my account is back, which was most of my worries to begin with ____________ ORIGINAL: I really did enjoy this app for the time I used it, as I was earning points really quickly! The thing is, just tonight I was scanning a receipt and decided to do a small correction to try and get some more points because the app promises to offer extra bonus points on “name brand” items. I bought a Mountain Dew at a grocery store less than an hour ago and it said on the receipt that it was just “soda”, so I tried to fix it. It then notified me that my receipt was going to be under review. I thought “Okay, no problem” and I waited until I was notified. I come back a few minutes later, it tells me my receipt failed the review, told me to go into the app for further details, so I did that and it instantly gave me a lovely error message saying that there was an “unexpected error” and kindly refused to let me back into my account, or my Facebook which has the same email. How wonderful! Looks like I’ll never be getting those 10,000+ points back. Going to be contacting support tomorrow, wish me luck! (Their hours are 7am-4pm CST by the way)

- Phone carrier not supported? Really?

I wanted to try this app, but was a bit annoyed when trying to set up an account. First, they wanted my birthday. Don’t they know that that information can be used be people who want to steal your identity? I don’t WANT strangers know my personal info! And, though the company is probably keeping the info in their "private" files, I’ve had my charge card information stolen MANY times from companies I bought from on line. And we‘ Ed all heard the reports on the news about company computers being hacked! I don’t trust all the employees that go through the company doors over the years! They don’t need that info! I'm 68, if you want to know if I’m "of age." You don’t need my birthday! Second, they wanted my cell phone number, so they could "text me." I already get WAY too many unwanted calls and texts on my cell phone! And, I keep the number PRIVATE. Only friends and family have that number and I want to keep it that way! They already asked for my email, so why can’t they email, rather than text? So, I couldn’t finish the account set up because my "phone carrier is not supported." Boo hiss!

- Fetch rewards

I gave this app 2 stars because of the fact that it does not help with money situation or financial situation we’re only allowed to get a 10 to 25 to 50 $ and it probably takes about 10,000 receipts to do that I think we should get more points for the receipts that we scan we shouldn’t have to buy certain stuff not everybody’s going to want to buy diapers not everybody has kids I think that this app could use a lot of improvement especially with the financial situation I understand that the company is trying to help but it does not help the customers I also believe that the company that made this app should involve a lot of other different things to not every Receipt that I scan goes through nor do I get points for it that’s not fair we should be able to scan any receipt and get any type of points or a certain amount of points the point thing it takes forever to get 20,000 points this whole year alone I might’ve gotten maybe 60,000 points that’s nuts that’s not even worth my time scanning roommate receipts

- Easy Peasy

Never has making money been so easy!! You have to eat, right? So, you go to the store at least once a week, more often if you forget things like I do. So. Every time you go to the grocer store, you use the Fetch app, to take a picture of your receipt. No worries, they will walk you through it if you need help, then hit the submit button, and before you can take a deep breath they tell you how many points you have accumulated. Points earn rewards and there are rewards for everything, so you are sure to find a reward you will want. Also, they will tell you about special things that if you happen to purchase them, you get bonus points! As I said. You have to eat and all of us go to a grocery store, once in awhile even a big box store counts. I cannot imagine why anyone would not want to “cash in”. On this great deal!!

- Decent App, Until You Need to Contact "Support" With an Issue

App is decent, but "Support" team is anything but helpful. I've been using this app for about 3 months now, submitting receipts from the same 3 grocery stores that I shop in my area. Randomly, receipts will be rejected for "Missing Information," even though they contain the same information as my other receipts I have submitted from the same stores. I have tried contacting support about 2 different receipts to see if I'm doing something wrong, and the only response I receive is a generic one that does not specifically say why MY receipt was rejected. I am capable of reading the instructions in the app which provide that information, so it would be nice if the "support" team could take the time to actually review the rejected receipt and provide a resolution, rather than just sending me a copy-and-paste response that starts with "Receipts may be rejected for a wide variety of reasons. ..."

- Limited methods of submitting receipts

I have had this app for several months and have submitted receipts over that time period. They say that they are constantly adding new companies and also added the digital receipts scan function. But they will only accept receipts from limited online companies despite claiming that you should scan all receipts. I was just sent a message by the site telling me that I can’t use the camera function of the app to scan an online receipt because they don’t “deal “ with the company, rather than reading the receipt for the information of acceptable list of products for credits. The app has become very selective in what kinds of receipts are acceptable and has become just like those shoppers app that only encourage buying from specific stores. I may have to delete this app because it is limiting the types of receipts based on specific companies. The whole function of the app has radically changed over the months since I started using it.

- Worst service of any reward app!

I used to use the other Shop Fetch app at a local grocery store until they discontinued use of the app...the support was caring and genuine. Fetch Rewards is anything but! Technical issues typically generate a canned response. If you reply with more detail for the issue you are experiencing, you get another canned response. If you are lucky enough to get a human response after several days, the help they provide is virtually nonexistent and inconsistent at best. All receipts are supposed to earn 25 points regardless of purchasing specific brands that earn bonus points. I have had dozens of receipts still earn 0 points. They have made no attempts to fix technical issues. And most recently refused to manually process receipts that the system incorrectly processed even though they claim they upgraded so that issue won't happen again. How about just admit the mistakes with whatever upgrade really was done, own up to bugs that haven't been fixed and credit the points you advertise the app to earn instead of collecting data that gets resold and the customer gets nothing in return?!

- Being patient..

Love the simplicity of the concept, but some bugs still need working out. Unlike Ibotta, there are no hoops to jump through to get credited initially, but the transcribing of the receipts is dreadfully done. Haven't had issues with the pictures, but am having to go through each item and search for the correct product so that I'm credited. Some products' pics shown are misleading in that the brand may be shown, but the item is not in their database. For instance, Oscar Mayer Lunchables...Oscar Mayer is a participating brand, but Lunchables are not a searchable item, so not creditable. Diet Mtn Dew is another, typing in "Diet" will just show a pic of Diet Pepsi. The points are awesome and add up really quickly, but it really takes some serious time to compare paper receipts against what their transcribing system is entering. Ideally this will be worked out and perhaps even link to loyalty cards like SavingStar does so the app does all the work for you. Overall, it's a brilliant idea, just has a few kinks to work out.

- I used to love this app

I loved this app initially l, was a faithful user, and quickly built up a decent amount of points. However, over the summer I happened to notice an email stating my new point balance was zero when it had previously read 7500+. This was a shock especially since I had logged into my account multiple times that month because I was planning on using my points for a gift card. When I reached out to customer service I was told that although i had logged in, since I hadn’t scanned a receipt within the designated time my account was deactivated. I was told “there’s nothing I can do.” This was quite offensive since the only reason I had been slacking on the receipt scanning was because we just had a baby that month so our shopping routine was all over the place. Other apps of this sort just charge a service fee for inactivity... I would recommend moving to something like that. It’s way less offensive. I hardly use this app now, because I’m still upset about my points being taken.

- Lies of altered receipts

I get an email stating my account is deactivated and they want an ID after I completed their 3 referral=10,000 point promotion. Upon completion I could not enter to at least redeem said points after bringing the app 3 new users. After explaining my Facebook account would not match my drivers license I was told their system says that the receipts I’ve scanned had been altered and did not match the stores system. If I only shopped at Walmart, Publix, local gas stations and grocery stores then I cannot explain why these receipts cannot be similar to large company receipts or why a store chose not to use bar codes but the receipts include a cashier, times stamp and amount as well as which bank card I use. Of all apps for one to commit fraud, Fetch does not even cross my mind just for $5 and $10 gift cards. Yet for this fraud. My bank and EBT records match my purchases. Yet I didn’t scan many receipts, I just had referrals and a receipt from Walmart. I suggest you scan no receipts and bring them referrals but you may be suspended. Just scan receipts with no referral during a promotion and you should be fine

- OK at first, but...

I love the idea of this app. Not having to hunt for specific offers, reward for lots of brands that I buy often, etc. However, the actual time it takes to use this app successfully is ridiculus. First, you have to take photos of your receipt. This usually takes several attempts due to messges about clarity, legibility, etc. Also, your reciept can not be longer than 4 sections, so no big shopping trips people! Second, once your receipt is processed, you have to verify some purchases and double check to see if all of your items were credited. If you did not recieve rewards for certain items, you have to resubmit the receipt with a list of the specific items that were missed. That means comparing receipts item by item! Third, there is no accounting of which items give you rewards, or how many each item is worth. It would be nice to know what I'm actually earning rewards for. Not sure how long I will have the patience to keep up with this...

- It locked me out my own account

When i had made my account, i chose to save my password. All these passed days has been good with this app. I was kinda new and i never gotten a reward before. I had 4,000 and something points i was saving up for 5,000 to get the $5 apple gift card. Today i gotten another receipt and was ready to scan it until i came upon a problem. It logged me out, i but in my password and email and it said incorrect and i knew it was correct because i saved it on my phone so all i had to do is put in my finger print to log back in. I click forgotten password and it told me to put in my email which i did and then it should've sent me an email to change my password as usual apps. Multiple times i had refreshed and refreshed my email page, still i haven't received any emails from Fetch Rewards. I was very disappointed because i really thought id get my free Reward, all that hard work of me looking for receipts gone to waste. I was really looking forward to getting that gift card. 😕

- Loved it until they took away all my points

Have been a member for over a year and was enjoying the app very much. Even referred my nephew who signed up and has been using it. I accumulated quite a few points and was looking forward to cashing in on some rewards. Then I had a family issue that came up and wasn’t paying much attention to minor daily activities like scanning receipts for a while. Imagine my surprise when I finally logged in again, only to discover that all my points were gone, including the ones I got for referring my nephew!! Apparently if you don’t scan a receipt for a certain period of time you lose all your hard-earned points. Would have been nice to know that, but you don’t really make that obvious, plus you don’t give people a whole lot of time to go scan-less. So now I have to start all over again. I will still use the app, although I’m looking at other points for receipts apps that don’t have this feature. I will certainly think twice about referring others, and if I do I will warn them about this, because the app sure doesn’t.

- Good app but needs improvement

Overall it is simple to use and a great app. The only thing that is a bit annoying, is that you always have to check your processed receipt very carefully! Just today I was asked to verify 2 items. One of them bananas and the other breyers ice cream (which should give you 1500 bonus points in the moment). A few hours later I get a notification that the receipt has ben processed. It tells me I have gotten 25 points total. They took the ice cream completely off the list?! That’s the reason why you always have to check again! I said down with the receipt in my hand and added every item they had missed and corrected a few others. Also keep an eye on the date they pit in as your purchase date since that got messed up with one of my receipts too. Customer service is happy to help with that! They are really good about it. I still like the app and will continue to use it. I just wish the extra work wouldn’t always be necessary.

- Issues with points

I’ve been using this app for probably a month now, and I’m really excited about it. I already have 11,000 points ! I want to try and reach 50k or more! It would be great to help with Christmas. I am just curious, if it actually gives you money into a gift card or not? How long does it take to have it put on? I kinda want to try using my 11,000 points to see if it actually works but also don’t want to lose them all already. The only issue I have with this is, I have noticed by accident that I had scanned a receipt a second time not realizing I had already done so, and it gave me more points than it did with the first one. Normally I wouldn’t complain, I mean, who would? But that just somewhat tells me that I’ve been getting cheated some points.. overall it’s a great app so far. I just hope it’s legit about the gift cards !

- A really big disappointment!

Beware! They just want to get you in so they can scam you! Just when you get barely enough points to get a reward they will take away all your points and deactivate your account! I got this app and was enjoying it. Everything was going good for the first week, then I got a message saying my account was suspended and I needed to respond or it would stay that way. So I emailed support and asked what was going on and how to get my account fixed. Eventually I got another message saying my account was deactivated because they “found evidence that duplicate information was being submitted across multiple accounts”. I responded saying I don’t have more than one account and I’ve never submitted duplicate information so there must be some mistake. And I asked how I could get this resolved? They never responded. I only did what the app said to do and I read the terms of service and I did nothing to violate any of them. I can’t find any logical reason why they did what they did other than that they just wanted to collect information from me to scam me.

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- Best app for $ back

I have used so many apps to get cash back or make extra money and this is by far the best one! It’s awesome how you always get a minimum of 25 points per receipt, even if I didn’t buy groceries I get the points. I’ve had this app going on three years and I’ve cashed out for over $150 in gift cards. You can get restaurants, clothing stores, makeup like Ulta or Sephora or even just regular visa gift cards which I’ve used for even getting gas. Plus I don’t shop near as much as most people and I don’t even upload the majority of my receipts, so someone that actually takes the time to go through all their receipts and shop for items that give bonus points, there is the potential to earn so much money with this app! Plus they even allow receipts from shopping online now! The developers definitely got this one right!


I got this app a 2 weeks ago and I didn’t know if it was real or if it was a scam but it was working until I got enough points to get a gift card , i picked the gift card I wanted but it told me I had to wait 48 hours so I waited 48 hours and check but it kept saying I had to wait 48 hours I got mad but just waited a week later I look to see if I got my gift card but turns out my account was suspended and deactivated I emailed them and they said my account will remain deactivated I got so mad they stopped responding so I don’t know what to do now after that happened . I asked some of my friends that have used the app and the same thing has happened to them I really had hope that this app would work because many of my other friends said it worked and they were able to get any gift card they wanted , but now I’m just mad that this app is dumb and if you make one mistake no matter how much effort you put to get a gift card it wont work I didn’t have money so I used fetch but looks like imma find another app that actually works . 💀

- Great App, easiest to make $ quick off paper receipts

Fetch is by far the easiest App of it’s kind to make $money$ off things you buy in store. Better yet in ANY store. You’re NOT LIMITED to get cash back at only specific stores, on specific products, on specific dates, like all others like Apps. You get points from ANY store, ANY product, ANY time... EVERY-TIME with BIG bonuses on new products Fetch is adding to the App. You easily turn those points into money/gift cards. Unfortunately at this time you are limited to points only with paper receipts. Sadly their Beta testing with their “e-receipt” feature has never worked. I try almost daily to get my points. I’ve done all their suggested troubleshooting including re-installing the App. It would have been a nice feature to work right now while most of the U.S. has turned to online shopping due to the virus pandemic. Hey at least Fetch is trying unlike other Apps!

- I hope this is just a one off issue

I just scanned a receipt in which I new I would acquire a decent amount of points due to the branded items purchased. However to my dismay.. once my receipt was loaded, I only received 50 points. When I checked the receipt items they pulled, they had the receipt total correct but several items were missing. 22 items to be exact. More specifically, all of the point earning (brand) items were missing. This meant I had to manually enter them myself. But I almost missed this and only just barely noticed. I did manually enter them and now my receipt is “processing”. This really put a bitter taste in my mouth because now I’m curious if this has happened before and I missed points. This also makes me feel the app is shady. I’m leaving this here, for now because I’m really not happy about this. Update: my receipt has now been rejected. I reach out to FS support only to have “Bethany” pretend to offer assistance. I’m done with this app. There are too many other options that offer the same rewards. Dear FR. You lost one. ✌🏽

- Horrible Customer Support

If I could give this app and company 0 stars, I would. I consistently have issues with the app recognizing Lowe’s Foods as a grocery store. I understand that this is probably not as popular a store as Publix or Walmart, but it still a very large regional grocery store chain. Each time I scan a receipt from this store, the app gives me 5 points instead of the appropriate 25 points. It does not allow me to edit the receipt at all because it apparently doesn’t recognize the store as a grocery store. Most recently, I purchased a special offer item at Lowe’s Foods and should have earned 1400 points including bonus points. The app gave me 5 points. I immediately contacted Fetch customer support. Nearly 5 days have passed and I have received NO response other then the initial automated response. 5 days. When I got this app I was excited about the fact that you earn points on every receipt. But between the app not properly recognizing stores and awarding appropriate points, and the complete lack of customer support - I might be done with it.

- Fetch rewards

Although this app is fairly easy to use for the most part there are some features that could be better. One thing is that not all things on receipts scan in correctly so you should be able to make all of the corrections at once. It only allows for one correction at a time. When you try your second corrections it makes a duplicate receipt. Or you have to wait a while to make a second correction. Second is that you don’t always get all of your rewards. It has a lot of bugs in that way. 1500 points is a lot of points to not receive for an item on your list of items chosen for you but when you buy it and scan your receipt you don’t receive the points it’s disappointing. Honestly I think if I continue to have these issues I will go back to only using my other app. I’ve never had to email or file a complaint, fix my receipt, and I receive larger reward points on my receipts.

- Love this app, but there is one thing...

I love this app! It’s simple and I don’t have to spend a lot of time picking rebates out in order to get the rewards, like Ibotta (annoying). My only issue and the main reason I stopped using ibotta is...The products!! At first everything was great, lots of stuff we purchase had nice reward points. Now the products are dwindling. For instance, I am on today and there are major points for baby items and can goods. We have no use for either. As a matter of fact, I know a ton of people who use this app and none of us have babies or a use for baby items. Also, we rarely eat can goods or prepackaged foods. So if you could consider bigger rewards for more healthy things like fresh veggies, bottled water, vegan items, and maybe some wine rewards, that would be great! Thank you!

- Needs Improvements

I like the idea of the app but it def needs some improvements!! When you take pictures of your receipt sometimes you have have to take many many pictures over and over again because the app will say that the picture is not clear when it is perfectly clear, they don't give you the correct amount of points because the things that they come up with on your receipt are out of this world so you most of the time have to correct your receipt, when you purchase the bonus items you almost always have to correct them because they do not give you the bonuses that you are due and they almost never give you points for all the brands on your receipt that they participate with!! I wish they would have just kept the MobiSave app and redesigned it instead of coming up with this new version to take its place...hopefully they fix the problems and bugs...I will give it a little more time and if they don't improve I will be deleting this app


If I could put 0 stars I would I saved up my points to get a $10 reward for Texas Roadhouse first it told me that i was going to have to wait 24 hours for a review of my account. Okay cool fine understandable. Three days later i tried to redeem it again, only to get on the app and be logged out and told my account has been deactivated. Contacted “help support”(which needs to be changed to no support cause they didn’t care at all). So a few hours later i received an email stating that my account was closed because i was using the same receipt on multiple accounts,when i only had 1. So I replied that wasn’t correct only had one account. So another few days passed and i got another email stating i was using out of the country receipts to get points. Which is also incorrect because i never been out of the country, is what i replied. But all i got in return was my account will continue to stay locked thanks you . 🤷🏽‍♀️. Received a reply to this about recontacting “no support” but i really don’t have the patience to be ignored again.

- Love this app! It's so easy to use but I do have a few suggestions!

This app has been wonderful for me! I'm a single mom and with friend rewards and receipts I am eligible for a gift card every week to every other week. Just a few suggestions, if you could count as we are using the app how many receipts for the week we've sent that would be helpful. I never know if I'm close to 14. Also I wish you would also base it on the points received rather than receipts. I have TONS of smaller receipts throughout the week so it's frustrating to find out I used up a few for 25 points, 73 points and a 600 point receipt and then even some long ones only get 25 points :( I'm starting to be more conscious of buying the items with more points now and I do absolutely adore this app but just a couple of suggestions! Thank you!

- Very easy to attain points

I love this app. At first I was skeptical about it but this is the easiest app to use. You merely bring your receipts home open up the app and scan everything in. It tells you if the receipt is a little blurry and if you should retake it. There are extra points for certain products. There are a ton of sweepstakes that you can use points to enter. I bought something that was worth 5000 bonus points the other day. The only downside, if you consider it a downside, is that there is a limit to the number of receipts you can submit within a week. I personally have never reached that limit but I know a couple people said that they have and they didn’t know about it till they went out and purchased some bonus items and then couldn’t get the points for it. Love this app.

- Lots of work to use this app

This app is great in theory, but in reality it is difficult to use. My chief complaints are limited photos per receipt, knowing what you should buy to get you points, and a multi-step process to claim your points. First of all this app won't allow you to scan a receipt that won't fit in four photos. So screw you if you buy a lot of stuff. If you don't want to know what can earn you points and you just want to take photos, then this app is perfect, but unlike other grocery apps, FetchRewards only give you a few items that will earn you points. There are many others of course but I haven't figured out how to see what those deals are. Finally, after I submit a receipt, I want to be done with it. Instead I have to check back and see if they interpreted the items on my receipt correctly and fix it if not. Way too much work. Update: got a generic response to this review telling me to download an upgrade and reinstall to see if it will fix my issues.

- Starting to dislike this app more and more

This app has tried to rip me off on my last 4 receipts with eligible items. Today was the worse of all their rip off attempts. I had 6 items that were eligible for points on my receipt and Fetch missed all 6 items! Get to know the brands that earn you points so you can correct your receipts. If you don’t catch the app’s mistakes you can lose out on a lot of points. I can see maybe one or maybe two items being missed, but 6?! That is unacceptable. I’m starting to dislike this app more and more. Thinking of deleting it after this last fail that caused them to miss everything on my receipt! Maybe 2 months ago I would’ve given it 4 starts, but today only 2 & if it continues downhill as it has been I will end up giving it 1 or 0 stars if I could.

- 4/5 It’s great but

I’ve had an easy time so far. Have enough for my 3rd $5 after 3 weeks but, I go shopping a lot at dollar general to donate to nursing homes and Ronald McDonald house. Each week I easily hit the 14 receipt mark. You get much more points by referring friends though. Despite hitting the limit you only get 25 points per receipt unless you buy a bonus item from the list. 14 times 25 is only 350 points a werkwhich is 35 cents. So basically you either put the special item on your list or get friends or random strangers you harassed on the street to scan your extras. It’s pretty nice when I already need said item but it’s been harder to get people to sign up after everyone in my family blocked me or signed up. The family reunion will be much smaller but the $15 dollars was worth it.

- New update is disappointing...

With the new update, it processes your receipt immediately. The issue with that is that it doesn’t include half of the items that were on your receipt, even those that are “participating brands”. Yes, you have the ability to manually type the missing items in, but when you have over 60 items on your receipt, and maybe 20 show up, its not exactly convenient to manually type in all of the other items that didn’t show up that are “participating brands”, when it’s more then 10. I emailed them about it and the persons only response to my emails was to “manually type them in”. Clearly, I won’t be using it or referring people to it anymore. ————- The app is updated, I even deleted and re-downloaded it. I emailed and the lady told me that that’s how it is and was rude. Today I uploaded another receipt and it didn’t even recognize the stuff that it should have, Gatorade, which does qualify.

- Issues with email and receipts accepted by app

I have been using the app foe several months. Initially it worked well, but I have come to find out that even though your app says you accept instacart, you don’t. Receipts don’t upload. I have had to print them and try and take pictures of them to get credit. I missed out on several receipts because I thought your app was accepting them, per the approved list, it wasn’t. On top of them, my email has been connected all along, all of the sudden it said the email wasn’t connected and needed to be reconnected. I have been trying to “reconnect” it for over an hour now. I have deleted the app, signed in and out, shut down my phone, you name I did it. Nothing. I have outlook and when I try to connect it just keeps spinning. Any other email provider I pick loads right up which is great for them but I have an outlook address. Are you having. Problems with outlook? I’d like to be able to use the app and refer friends but until these glitches get worked out I don’t feel I can.

- Pretty Good and kinda Bad

This is probably one of the better rewards apps out there for receipts. You don't have to wait and built up money/points you can redeem once you reach only just 3,000 point. If you buy bonus items you'll reach it pretty quickly. The only things I'll say is keep an eye on what items it's counting I've noticed alot of items skipped or not counted at all. I've had to go back and correct alot of receipts. Also I never got my referral bonus rewards. I reached and redeemed my first 5,000 point pretty quickly and easily but tryn to get another 5,000 has been slow going and the amount of corrections seems to be increasing to almost every receipt. The process is easy enough to do but extremely time consuming and somewhat frustrating to find the right particular item.

- Great App

I love this app! Not only the app but customer service is awesome as well. I got a new phone and couldn’t log into my account which had all of my points there. I ended logging in through FB and it started me all over again like a new account. I contacted customer service and I got help from Matt. Each time one option didn’t work he emailed me back with another in all attempts to recover my original account. This went on for days due to my timing and schedule. Matt was there every day to help and it paid off. I recovered my account and I am so thankful to Matt. God bless him. He never gave up and he cared. He deserves a raise. The app is a really great app because I get rewards for the things I buy on a day to day basis. If you don’t have it yet, get it. You have nothing to lose but lots to gain. 5 star app

- New to this app

Update: (28 Feb 2020) Do NOT cash out to a VISA. Not only is it a 6000 pt cost for a $5 reward, it DOES NOT come with a scannable barcode. I took it to some friends who work at a major chain grocery store and they said that they don’t enter card numbers manually any longer. No barcode, no use. Our experience with Fetch has been great so far except for this VISA stupidity. ***** A pair of friends turned us onto this today. They already knew we were coupon and Ibotta users, so they showed us how Fetch worked. They’ve “cashed out” before, said the process was painless and legitimate. We don’t waste time with nickel-and-dime receipt apps, so this looked worthwhile, but considering just how much shopping we do, the 14 receipt limit is a little absurd. Not a disqualification at all, but somewhat misguided. Women do a LOT of the household grocery shopping. 14 receipts get gone pretty quickly.


Fetch is super easy to use! They sometimes have a limit on receipts but it’s a super easy way to gain a small amount of money easily. It has a large variety of stores you can get gift cards to which is great! There is an ISSUE THOUGH- it can steal your information... Yes, read the policies before agreeing. It could potentially give away your name, gender, and other aspects to third party places... NOT GOOD! I already had an account before realizing this so I still use my fetch account! I’ve had no issues so far and they have not tried to steal any of my info as far as I can see, so I still use fetch. So use it at your own risk! If you want to use it I would simply recommend to not link it to your email address because it could potentially mess with it (I’m assuming)... otherwise I do like the app! But always keep in mind that there are usually cons as well as pros, so I knew it was a little too good to be true.

- App is faulty

I’ve had so many problems with the app it is ridiculous the concept of the app is great if only the app would work properly and also points expire just so everyone is aware of that fact points expire look it up and remember this app is faulty it constantly closes completely out of the app either in the middle of taking the pictures that are always getting some sort of blurry alert when I have an iPhone don’t tell me that my picture is blurry again when I can clearly read my receipt in the picture or right when you hit submit or right after you hit submit and be careful to go over every thing that the app is supposed to capture and make sure the app logged all your items instead of making up nonsense for your items make sure you double check everything and that you have gotten all your points too cause this app is faulty the response from the complaint place isn’t so bad but the app horrible

- Love this app!

Not only do I accrue points that I give to my daughter to buy online funds with for a game she plays (which saves me money), but it also shows you how much your spending each month and on what or in which stores. It also keeps a copy of the pic of the receipt. I had to make an exchange for a coat that was too big for my daughter. I did not have the receipt. So I started looking through the app to see if I could find proof of purchase and I was able to pull up a pic of the actual receipt. The lady at the store was able to scan the receipt right off my phone and let me do the return/exchange. It started out as my daughter bugging me to use it to get the points and I now use it a lot for more then just the points. Great app on more then one level!!!

- Ok

Initially when I used it I was excited to see how fairly fast points accrued. However, today I figured out that you can only scan so many receipts, I believe its 7, before you are locked out for the week. That’s ridiculous we dints purchased things just to scan them into this app, we purchase because we need things. I do most of my shopping all in one or two days, so I have not scanned a single receipt for probably a week and now after work one day I’m locked out. All of the products where you can get extra points I do not buy. Literally every single product that I have seen we never purchase. They need to add healthier, clean food and product brands. Also, it is disappointing that you can only do receipts of convenience stores, grocery stores, or club stores. I do purchase a lot of things at the stores, but another app you can scan every single receipt as long as it is itemized.

- Update on email receipts!

I was told several months ago that the software developer would be working on reading email receipts. It is now October and software is still unable to read complete email receipts. I see this as a major problem with this app since many stores are doing digital receipts. I had no complaints with this app until I started grocery shopping online at Walmart. I receive only an email receipt from Walmart. I have my email and Walmart connected to my Fetch account. When Fetch reads my email receipts it only sees part of the receipt. Today Fetch gave me credit for about $10 when my receipt was actually close to $200. I have contacted Fetch about this and they said to delete the app and then reload and reconnect to Walmart. It did not help. I was told by Fetch it was a developer Issue that they will be working on. This has been going on since March and I have lost thousands of points because of it. I may just have to call it quits!

- I like it so far

For the most part it’s not a bad app. I have not redeemed any points yet, but hopefully it should be a smooth process. However, regarding their promotions, it gets a little tricky, because their system does not read every product on the receipt correctly, which is fine with me, therefore, the only way to redeem your promotional points is to manually fix the receipt by clicking the top right pencil ✏️ button. It’s not a big deal at all, as long as the help center is quick and helpful, and for the most part, the help center has been very professional and understanding with me, after I have presented them all the receipt corrections. Hopefully, the help center keeps up the good work, because IF NOT, this app would not be good anymore. An understanding and professional help center is the key to the success of this app 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

- My Account Got Deactivated, Made Another One And It Got Deactivated.

I made an account, and for some reason, it got deactivated because of ”fraudulent reasons” when I actually didn't do anything improper. I emailed them and the customer support team said I put in items that weren't in my receipt, I told them I didn't do anything wrong and they didn't give a crap. I asked them if they can reactivate it but they said they're still going to deactivate it because I ”violated” the regulations. I created another account on a DIFFERENT device so I can use the account on the current phone I'm using right now, and OH jolly it said it's deactivated! Once I just registered a few MINUTES ago. I wrote them an email regarding the issue and they still haven't responded. I'm disgruntled and I'm writing Fetch Rewards a review. This app has so much potential if they looked into the issues most customers are complaining about. However, that is not the case, 1 star, and I'm deleting the app. Farewell, Fetch Rewards it was ”good” while it lasted. 👋🏽

- Worst app ever!!!

HORRIBLE APP! I gave it 1 star because 0 wasn’t an option! I have been working so hard and saving points for Christmas. The other day my app locked me out I had it connected with facebook and then it would no longer connect. I emailed customer service. I did everything SHE TOLD ME TO DO. Uninstall, reinstall, remove permissions from fb, reallow permissions, try to login to a different account from my phone (i had already told her my mom and husband had accounts that were working fine) to see if the problem was the app or my phone. Today i get an email that the fraud dept has deactivated my account for having multiple accts on 1 device. I only have 1 account. I tried to login to others but wasn’t able to. She told me to do it to help figure out the problem. So now I don’t have an account that i had almost 20,000 pts saved on and my husbands and moms accounts are also gone as FAKE accounts on my device even though they are REAL accounts that were created on their own devices. Worst app I have ever used.

- Love it!

This app is one of my favorites. It is so easy to use and you get free stuff just for uploading receipts from shopping....that’s it...it’s that simple! I also love how you have a digital copy of all your receipts in case you need them and how it keeps track of your spending. A friend told me about this app and I have literally became addicted making sure everyone in the house gives me their receipts lol it takes a ton of points to get rewards but it’s fun watching your points grow and seeing the things you can get. I have tried multiple other apps and sites like this one and so far this is the only one that is simple and really pays off for doing almost nothing extra but taking a pic and hitting a button. I tell everyone about it. Love love love it!!

- Protect your personal info

I have used this app for 2+ years. I was completely satisfied with the performance and options UNTIL they allowed someone to change my personal info. My phone number was changed on my account and my 83,000 points were stolen. Whoever changed my phone number purchased $85 worth of iTunes cards. Fetch customer support was absolutely useless. They just wanted to tell me how it was someone else’s fault that my account along with ALL of personal info was compromised. I contact Apple for the iTunes cards and one of the 3 cards purchased still had a partial credit on it. They blocked the used of the remaining credit but they were not allowed to give me the credits. So Apple came out the winner. The thieves who stole my info didn’t get the money that was spent with Apple to buy the cards but the credit didn’t go back on my account either. Technically Apple sold a card and then didn’t have to uphold their sales.

- I cant reset the email

SO I LOVE THIS APP but there is one thing I am trying to reset the email on the app and it’s saying I already have an email signed up for it when I’m trying to create another account because I don’t know the password to it and it’s forcing me to log into the account that I don’t the password to so I click the button I forgot my password and it doesn’t even work so but other then that the app works amazing please keep up the good work I just thought maybe I’m doing something wrong I have no clue. I’m back yes i know your probably tired of me but I’m just outraged why this app does not allow you to reset you email I don’t understand what’s so hard to put a button that says use a different account. Not only that why would you put you already have an account sign in “sign in” means make a new account I clicked on that and what do I get my old email that won’t let me reset it so I would appreciate if you put a reset your email or use a different account button.

- Multiple flaws & errors within the app.

This is my second review on Fetch Rewards, a horrible app. The developer has told me to contact them with their email & I did. It has been over 7 days since they have responded, & they still haven't. They have terrible customer service. Also I haven’t been on the app in most likely, 2-4 days & randomly I was logged out of my account. I’m trying to log back in but it says “Unable to login [11]”, (mind you, I have the correct email & password.) Also I have another problem, when I was logged back (before I was logged out, prior to those days) into my account there was an issue with a “security audit”? What is that? the audit claims that they would let me get rewards once they audit went away (the audit claimed it’d be resolved in 48hrs), but that is a total lie! It’s been over a week since I’ve gotten to get any rewards! Please fix these errors & flaws, would really appreciate it.

- Don’t waste your time

I had 200,000 points ( equals 200$ ) and I worked my but off but some how I got my account deactivated . That’s not all . I scanned receipts and I got enough points were I was like ok my birthday is coming up I’m just gonna use my points to buy the makeup I want . When I click on the button to buy it , it says sorry ..... 48 hour audit . So to get my stuff I had to wait 48 hours I was like ok I can live with that until the next day I got an email saying your account has been deactivated so I went to go check it out and of course it was logged out and every time I tried to log in it wouldn’t let me. So if the fetch rewards people hear this , can I have my account back with all of my points my birthday is coming up and for you to do this really upsets me . But if your look at the reviews and you’ve gotten this far ... all I got to say is DONT WASTE YOUR TIME as your reading this I am using different apps like recipet hog and another one AND I HOPE I MADE MY SELF CLEAR - I hope you have a great day

- Really? Email a person about 5 times a day, reject something no contact

I can’t believe in the day and age, you don’t tell new app users that you the user are required to visually make sure you can read everything on the receipt and we won’t contact you at all if we reject it. And then you will be out over a lot of points because the receipts you rejected were huge receipts with a lot of items you know $250+. Yes I pay attention to the reward points, low and behold they dropped from over 6,389 to 4,200. You flood my email with solicitation after solicitation but to you have no concern about contacting about legitimate customer issues. I really am disappointed in “fetch”, how hard would it be to set up an automatic apply to the account holder email to say receipt is being rejected? New user, very quickly not impressed. Maybe I should have read more of the reviews before I downloaded the app. Guess that is my fault.

- It’s not properly working for me.

I downloaded this app because I was interested in seeing if this app actually performed how it was displayed on social media apps such as tiktok. I immediately noticed when I tried to sign up a few times in a row an error message popped up saying that I couldn’t sign up. After trying over and over again it finally let me into the app. I was loving it and was so excited to keep scanning receipts to add up all of my points, until this morning. I opened the app and it opened up to the beginning sign in screen. Without thinking much of it I signed back in and it gave me an error message saying “unable to login [11]” I tried re-logging in several times but it just kept on displaying the same exact message! I even deleted the app multiple times and reset my phone, and it made no difference. It is still displaying this message too. Please help me figure out if it’s just me or every other user!

- Excellent!!!

I was a little confused about how to use the card I chose for online purchases so I emailed them through the “need help”feature. I was sooo amazed at the quick response from Lindsay(customer and tech support) who addressed my question and concerns in a very pleasant, patient and caring manner. I had briefly shared a family emergency in my conversation and she was thoughtful enough to express concern about it in her response. They take all your concerns personal. Their responses are not pre-recorded as some apps I’ve encountered. They will respond as many times as need be til you are satisfied with the information you need. You are made to feel valued. Love the app and the support you are given if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for making this app available to the people.

- good app but has some flaws!

I enjoy using this app and earning point for scanning my receipts! However, I do not like the limit for how many receipts I can scan per week. Since I live in a big household we do a lot of shopping and go to multiple stores in one day. As a result, I am not able to use the app to its full potential, because I can not scan every receipt I have due to the weekly limit. Also, there is a policy where I can not scan receipts that are more than 14 days old, but due to the weekly limit my receipts go bad because I am not able to scan all of them. I believe these problems should be fixed for a better experience of using the app! Edit: The company emailed me saying they will temporarily take off the scanning limit. However, when I went on the app nothing was different and I still could not scan receipts because of the weekly limit.

- Doesn’t award correct points

I used to be happy with the app then I really started to buy the stuff that was promoted and realized I wasn’t being given the amount of bonus points that the app would say I should have. I end up Haiti g to fight my receipts and then they give me points for the product and some random amount towards what the bonus points was even though I had clearly spent more than what was needed to gain the bonus. I’ve had to contact support now multiple times for this and it’s starting to really become a pain in my behind. Word to the wise if you start really watching the points it gives you, you are probably not getting the true amount you deserve. Check you receipts for products. Make sure you get what they are supposed to give you and dispute any and everything they do wrong. They need to know that their app isn’t working as well as they intend. If they know this is a problem then they are just scamming the consumer and that’s just poor business.

- Love love love this app

Seriously, who doesn't absolutely LOVE free money?!?!? I HATE FREE MONEY- Said nobody EVER! Lol - get free gift cards just to take pictures of my receipts??? Yep I'll take it! Thank you so much fetch rewards and makers of this app because the free Starbucks gift card has helped me so many times when I'm in a horrible crunch- there's a few apps like this one but 28 receipts in a 7 day period is much better than 7 or less! I mean I truly wish it was an unlimited amount but hey 28 is a large number when you can get thousands and thousands of points with literally just 1 receipt! Anyhow! Def worth it for certain! I have NO REGRETS JUST A NOTE TO THE MAKERS! Great job and please add more brands but overall thank you for helping a momma n daddy of 4 human babies- 2 furry babies and 2 reptile babies! Xoxoxo love this

- Easy to use.... but!

It’s easy to use! However, there isn’t a huge variety of things that my family purchases. I do like that we get some points though for a variety of stores we shop at. My biggest complaint though is the limit imposed on receipts per 7 day period. My husband may do some errands during the day as do I. For instance, he may go out to lunch or the convenience store and I may do the grocery shopping. We are at at least one store or more just about daily. Sometimes we realize we need something else and need to run back! Financially we can’t afford to do a big shop every week so we need to purchase our items as we have the funds. Perhaps when we are in a better place with our budget we can do that. Again, I just find it frustrating to not be able to use all my receipts. Change that and I’d definitely be able to say a 5!

- Not worth the time or effort

Don’t get me wrong, I love the app. Super easy to use, great opportunities to use points...but when trying to get my rewards it takes so long for them to review my point redemption. Like I have things I need to purchase ASAP, I don’t have time to wait 48 hours. What is the point of reviewing my points if they’re the ones who scan my receipts? Just let me use my points. It annoys me and is irritating. I hope this gets fixed in the future because it’s so annoying. Update: My account has now been suspended for “suspicious activity”!!! Don’t get this app. So stupid. I got 66,399 points in TWO MONTHS and my account is no suspended. I kept up with the deals and requested many people. I am unsure if they’ve used the app afterwards but it was family and friends. If I could sue, I would. I feel like they just took my information and suspended me. This is absolute bull. Fix your freaking app before someone actually DOES sue you.

- Doesn’t connect e-receipts for online/curbside orders

I’ve linked my email that’s connected with my grocery store’s app (H-E-B) and it’s not picking up my grocery receipt. I’ve followed their instructions to unlink the email, delete the app, turn off my phone, turn it back on, reinstall the app, and reconnect the email address (TWICE) - which are tedious steps to go through, and it’s still not picking up my receipt. This is especially frustrating because I’m pregnant and not comfortable going to the store to shop in person so my receipts will all be e-receipts - basically the app is useless unless you shop in person. And considering there are plenty of other similar apps that offer that without glitch, I don’t see the point in keeping this one. I also wish you could select your store and then select the items specific to that instead of having to go through every single product within every single category. This app is just inefficient compared to other similar apps.

- Awesome Idea!

I’ve tried several different apps with this same basic idea, however, they were very limited about which store receipts were eligible to use. This app accepts so many stores & I haven’t had a single receipt rejected & all have earned some level of reward points & they begin to really add up quickly! I can’t wait to get enough points to use on whichever gift card I decide to use. I’m still figuring out some small benefits but it is fairly intuitive. Now I have a small basket in my kitchen & my family knows as soon as they come in to put every receipt they get so I can scan them into the app.....it’s actually kind of fun! This app surpasses all others I’ve tried, hands down! I would give it 10 stars if I could!!!!

- You will receive spam and robocalls within hours

Do not trust this app. The only way they make revenue is by selling your information to third parties. I foolishly signed up and within hours was receiving robocalls and spam calls. Even after they explicitly state they will not share your information with anyone. Be warned because it’s pretty upsetting to be woke up at 3 am by robocalls that you never once received before signing up for this app. I’m sure my review won’t last long as I see “Fetch Rewards” is paying Apple for advertising their app. I believed when I read good reviews for this app that it wasn’t a scam. But now I understand that Apple will delete any bad reviews if you pay them enough for “advertising”. And then allow said company to post their own fake reviews. So yeah, you shouldn’t download this app and share any information if you would like for that information to remain private. But if you enjoy spam and robocalls then absolutely get “Fetch Rewards”

- Can’t change phone number

At first I had liked this app it was easy to use and you got free stuff! Pretty cool right? Yes, but I don’t like the set up. When I was logging in O accidentally put in the wrong birthday and hadn’t known what it was. Then when I tried to revive my reward, I realized that my phone number was wrong and my phone number was no where near the last 4 digits that they had in my bio. Initially I tried changing it but of course you had to know the birthday you put to change the number. I tried various birthdays but couldn’t get the right one. I then contacted the help center and they never responded with their “48 hour response rule” so I gave up. The next day I go to check in and I am logged out and cannot log back in. I tried creating another account but it would not let me. I am very disappointed because I had 10,000 points ready to get my gift card with that I worked on for a MONTH and never got it.

- Becoming buggy...

I’ve been uploading receipts for a couple weeks now (only 25 points per receipt at this point for more than a week), some having to reupload because of errors, and I’m trying to upload a receipt from a couple days ago (Costco) that wont upload because the reader says it’s from 2015. I would only get 25 points anyway because the Philadelphia cream cheese always causes problems (Costco just calls it “cream cheese”), but I’m starting to not care for this app. Since you need 1,000 points for $1, I’ve been stalled at $5 for most of the past couple weeks, after the fun of all the new user bonuses (I don’t buy things I don’t use just for any app’s points). You’re also encouraged to spend points in-app on sweepstakes...I’m going to cash out and hope my gift card is not buggy! This new app just needs time to grow before it feels worthwhile to me.

- Trinity

I love Fetch. It is a great app I have already redeemed for a gift card. Since the last update it is awesome. If you look through the icons given you can find out all you need to know about the item and their qualifications. Why are you people griping about Fetches rules? It is free money for goodness sakes. It does take some time to get there but anything good is worth the wait. I was able to by my grandsons expensive formula for my daughter who couldn’t work because of her cancer surgery. Sure I had to put in some of my money but the fetch reward card was a blessing. Thank you to the person at fetch that fixed my app. It took a while but I’m just great full someone finely figured out how to solve the issue. Many thanks to the person who fixed it.

- Awesome

I think this app is awesome. I haven't ever tried one of this type before but I downloaded it just to see and it's so easy to use. Just found a few recent receipts I had stuck in my purse and scanned them and I have earned 1145 points in just 2 days. I am aiming for 5000 just to get a free iTunes card worth 5 dollars. It may not sound like a lot but it's so easy to do why not do it and get free stuff when you can. I would recommend this app to anyone because you don't just have to buy specific things to get points although certain things do give you more points but just a receipt laying around is worth something. Thanks and keep adding new products to earn more points and I'll aim for a bigger gift card next time lol

- Fun~Easy~Rewarding App

Very easy to get started you have nothing to loss you gain from this app you get rewarded for buying and shopping at you normal place you would be shopping at anyway why not get a little back for scanning your receipt takes only seconds your done and on your way to getting points to get what ever your goal is for the item you chose from the long list of rewards excellent app I have not yet had any problems just earning my points for a few gift cards for places I shop thumbs up definitely a great idea remember you have nothing to lose on to gain also like that I can go back look at my receipt to see what I have spent keeps track of your spending too on the receipt you scanned...!

- Good app, but can be so much better

UPDATE: After contacting customer service, my receipt was looked over and the bonus points were credited. 4 stars Fetch is a good app, but it can be better. It has some good offers but when you scan your receipt you don’t always get the credit. I have had to “fix” my last two receipts and both times the bonus points for the offers were not given to me. If they are in the app I should receive them. If the receipt is accepted immediately you will usually get the bonus which is great. But some stores have issues with the printer which makes you have to edit the receipt and Fetch has to process the receipt and I lose the bonus points. Fix the app, the problem processing the receipt and the bonus points and this app will get the 5 stars.

- Slow to improve

I love that I can rewards for my regular shopping trips. The app is very easy to use but still lacks accuracy when retrieving receipts for online purchases. I have contacted customer service on several occasions but they don’t offer any solutions besides unlinking accounts and then adding them back which doesn’t seem to work. ***Fetch claims online receipts is still in beta testing-for almost a year with no improvement or updates? At least the bug with Outlook was fixed to allow for email to be linked at all. With the current conditions globally, online shopping makes up a large majority of purchases being made so it’s a shame that this isn’t the priority in the app right now. Suggestion: provide list of potential qualifying products by manufacturers instead of just brand to help plan for shopping trips.

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uh ok

If you guys want to get robux you guys should use fetch rewards all u have to do is literally scan receipts can get literal gift card depending on the points and for a boost when you sign up use the code GF5F1 it gives a extra 2,000 when you scan one #roblox #royalehightrades

Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts 2.40.1 Screenshots & Images

Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts iphone images
Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts iphone images
Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts iphone images
Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts iphone images
Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts iphone images
Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts iphone images

Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts (Version 2.40.1) Install & Download

The applications Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts was published in the category Shopping on 2016-12-07 and was developed by Fetch Rewards [Developer ID: 674564102]. This application file size is 132.24 MB. Fetch: Rewards On All Receipts - Shopping app posted on 2020-12-15 current version is 2.40.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.FetchRewards.HopBeta

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