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What is fetch rewards app? * America’s Favorite Rewards App - data.ai
** #1 Best Cash Back App for 2022 - Motley Fool
*** Must-Have Shopping App - Apple App Store Editorial
*** Top 5 Cash Back App for Earning Money When You Shop - Experian

Fetch turns your receipts into free cash and gift cards from your favorite retailers. Snap receipts from any store or restaurant. Then redeem your points for gift cards, charitable donations, sweepstake entries and more!
There’s no coupon clipping or chasing down deals. Earn rewards on every purchase you make.

• How Fetch Works
1. Shop anywhere - grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and more
2. Snap pics of your receipts to earn points
3. Redeem points for gift cards, cash cards and more
4. Earn extra with featured brands, Special Offers and friend referrals

• Seriously, Every Receipt Counts
If it’s a receipt, it’ll earn you points with Fetch. You’ll get 25+ points for every receipt you snap! Earn points at any grocery store, restaurant or retailer. Gas stations and drug stores count, too. Everyday savings, here we come.

• Online Purchases Earn You Points, Too
Shopping online? Submit your eReceipts with just a tap, right in the app. It’s that easy! Earn points and save money every time you make purchases from popular online retailers like:
Sam’s Club
And dozens more!
• Get Extra Points on 500+ Popular Brands
Fetch partners with tons of popular brands to help you earn more on your favorite stuff. You’ll earn points no matter what you buy, but you’ll get extra when you buy from popular brands like Starbucks, Colgate, Ben & Jerry’s, Pepsi and more!

• Earn Points Fast with Special Offers
Special Offers reward you with tons of points for buying specific items, shopping at certain stores and eating at popular restaurants. We update your Special Offers daily, so there are always new ways to save on your favorites, discover new products and score more rewards.

• Earn Free Gift Cards with Fetch
Easily redeem points for your favorite rewards. Earn Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, Ebay gift cards, PSN gift cards and more. Turn your receipts into coffee, Uber rides, flights: whatever you’d like!

• Get Your Favorites from the App Store
Use points to get free iTunes and Apple gift cards that can be used to purchase movies, music, apps and in-game currency like Robux, PokéCoins and more!

• Use Your Points for Good By Donating Them to a Charity
Want to use your points to help others in need? Redeem points for donations to a charity of your choice. Choose from organizations like American Red Cross, Girls Who Code, NAACP and dozens more.

• Unlock More Savings with Fetch Clubs
With Fetch, you’ll have access to Clubs like Huggies Rewards+ and Pepsi Tasty Rewards. Clubs help you earn more points and give you access to exclusive content and giveaways. New, exciting clubs are right around the corner.

~ Huggies Rewards+
Earn extra rewards on every Huggies purchase

~ Pepsi Tasty Rewards
Unlock exclusive recipes, giveaways & more

~ General Mills Good Rewards
Treat yourself to offers and content from your favorite General Mills brands

• Get More Points | Refer Friends, Enter Sweepstakes & More
You can earn thousands of points by referring friends to Fetch. You’ll get at least 2,000 points when someone signs up using your referral code and snaps their first receipt.

Fetch sweepstakes, giveaways and in-app experiences like Brand Bracket and Summer Snappin’ give you even more ways to earn points you can use for free gift cards.

• Connect with Friends & Family
Now, you can Fetch with all your friends! Compete in our monthly Leaderboard challenges, keep up with your friends’ points activity and more.

Download Fetch before your next trip to the store!

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How to contact Fetch Rewards (Fetch Rewards)?
Find this site the customer service details of Fetch Rewards. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1182474649/fetch-rewards/contact

Fetch Rewards Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fetch Rewards Version 2.81.021 November 2022

We’ve been in the lab fixing a few bugs to make your Fetch experience even snappier. Get the update now for an improved receipt snapping experience. Need help in the app? Visit our Help Center on the ‘Me’ tab. Loving Fetch? Let us know with an App Store review..

Fetch Rewards Comments & Reviews 2022

- Where has this app been all my life!!!

I absolutely love this app. It’s ridiculously easy to use. So simple just take a picture of EVERY receipt you get for anything from anywhere and you start stacking up points immediately and super fast. I just downloaded this app took maybe 10 receipt pictures and I’m already almost to 5,000 points!!!! It’s that simple. Think about it, if you’re like me you stop at least once a day and buy something. Doesn’t really matter what you purchase either because everywhere you spend money no matter what you’re spending it on as long as you just take a picture of that receipt you get at checkout you will get points. I took a picture of my gas station receipt I got for purchasing cigarettes and got points!!!! As long as the date of purchase, the store name, and the total can be seen and read by the camera to capture, you’re good to go. Then to top it off you can stack points quickly. Use those points to get gift cards to your favorite places to shop or dine or other pretty cool stuff. I really don’t understand why I have NEVER heard of this app til today, and don’t know how the heck I ever was able to live without it either. I’m super addicted to just taking pictures of receipts now lol. Whoever came up with this one needs to be worshipped like a God for coming up with such a brilliant idea. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! One very satisfied customer 😁😁😁

- Super fun to have this app

This app is extremely fun. I love the fact that you can save money just by scanning receipts and you earn points which is equivalent to how much money you'll be getting. they are such things every day receipts like some of them are not grocery stores and you have to get a certain brand to get more points but if it's like an every day receipt you're only earn 25 which is literally nothing by it builds up as how many receipts you get. I also love the fact that there are deals every single day that you get more points like over 1000 points for example and it's just really really nice. you even can get the gift cards right equivalent to $10-$100 depending on which stores it is. So far I've been having this app since May 2022 and I'm only 15 grand yeah I know it's a little slow but at the same time I don't really shop I just collect receipts from my family and see how many points I can get just day by day. I would hardly recommend it to anyone who isn't a buyer that collects receipts from families why are they do grocery shopping or if you're like younger generation like you don't even work you can get yourself does app to scan and save and collect as many points as possible. Or if it's not for you totally fine but I personally love it very much because it it gives me motivation to save up points and use the gift cards.

- quit breaking this app every time you try to fix it!

there is nothing more frustrating than discovering that when an app is updated to supposedly fix it, it ends up not working as well as it was before because the developers are so worried about new features that the most important and existing ones seem to get neglected. and unfortunately, fetch is the latest example of such. For example, where is for the longest time you’re able to see your points total you’re the top left of the screen, I have no idea how many points I have anymore. I can’t find the total anywhere, not on the Discover page, not in my account page, nowhere. it’s great that they’re trying to allow more interaction with the social features, but the bottom line is this App is supposed to allow you to scan picture or email receipts, collect the points and use them towards the gift cards and other goodies they offer. And it seems that once again with the latest updates those features are suffering. Especially when as I mentioned in the last review those of us that use voiceover don’t have access to redeem the gift cards because it is not working properly with the final confirmation step. much as I have enjoyed using this app over the years, it’s getting annoying enough that if they don’t find a way to make it so the basic features work reliably all the time or at least most of the time, I’m going to find a way to cash my points and cancel my account. Please, please, please fix this once and for all!

- I don’t know why you wouldn’t use it.

I love your app. I buy both brand name and store brand products. Sometimes I like the feel or smell of a brand better, sometimes I like the value of the the generic brand. I have run across running out of submissions because I have more than 14. It’s a bit worse lately because now you accept fast food and restaurant receipts. I just leave them until the end because they are only 5 points. I do tell people to look over your points because sometimes you don’t get them like you should. Walmart is notorious for giving things odd abbreviations or hard to see receipts. Gatorade always gets points but they call it GZ 32 sometimes. (Gatorade Zero 32ounce). So I just fix it. So be sure you look and get all of your points. Fetch even lets you scan the product if that’s easier for you to show what you really bought. Thank you so much for your APP. It helps my budget go further when I get money back for buying what I was going to buy anyway. Sometimes I do make a choice between 2 items because one gets points. But usually I just do my shopping and scan my receipts. Oh, the best time to scan your receipts is just after you put them in the car and before you leave the parking lot. I put a little notch on one corner so I know I’ve scanned it. That way it’s done but if I need to return something that doesn’t fit, etc, I still have an intact receipt.

- Trying My Patience

This app should be simple, but it has some major issues. The scanning program lacks "intelligence" and misinterprets words to the point I think I am reading a lost language. There is no way to verify accuracy BEFORE the scanned receipt is submitted creating the cumbersome task of addressing items "not accepted" days after the submission. There is nothing like saving a bunch of packaging with barcodes for days after the product has been used to be on the safe side of being able to adequately challenge Fetch Rewards "denials". Today, I had a receipt denied because I had reached the maximum of 7 receipts in 14 days without having any reason to know that is FR policy. Where is it written? Why??? Some people shop often because they cannot store a lot at one time. I would think the food manufacturers would love people shopping for their brands several days a week. There is no clear way to know which inventory within a given brand is acceptable before purchase. I have somehow managed to accumulate 3,000+ points pretty fast, but I spent a ridiculous amount of time to earn points equal to $3. I chalked up the low earnings vs time spent to improving my learning curve. Would someone please explain how point distribution is determined. Does it vary by brand, price, item or according to whether or not the planets are in proper alignment. I am trying to be patient because I WANT to like this app.

- Customer service is questionable

So I recently just downloaded this app! I absolutely love this app because of how easy it is to get points when shopping and then getting gift cards. Recently I went shopping at Walgreens and I had no idea that they sent receipts via email so I tried to use the receipt scanner in the app to detect the email but it didn’t. I took screenshots and sent them to my husbands phone so that I could try to scan them and get the points! Well it thought I bought something completely different so I went to correct the items with the item barcode and sent it. Well it didn’t work so I contacted customer support and sent proof of everything for them to tell me that I was basically lying and so I looked to make sure that it was a store that they accepted and it was so I sent that and even verified my email and that everything is linked and I would even send proof from my bank statement that I did shop at Walgreens! I’ve already referred 5 people to this app and if I don’t get help I’m just going to tell them to delete the app and not even bother with it and I won’t recommend it to anyone. If it was only worth 25 points I wouldn’t care but the 2 items I bought are worth 2,000 each! All the other stores were out of the body wash so I went to Walgreens. This app needs to do better with detecting email receipts or get rid of that option all together because I’ve seen other people having issues with the same thing!

- Fetch rewards is the best

I love this app it doesn’t take much to get points I just wish that we would be able to get more points for certain items and I wish that the minimum points that we get for each receipt should be 100 or 200 points instead of 25 or 50 and I believe that they should take all receipts no matter what receipt it isOther than that I don’t have a problem with this app this app is awesome and there’s a variety of things that you could do and I really like that they do giveaways and I like the fact they are starting to do contests so other people can win other things I really like this app a lot it helps me regulate and also helps me with the receipts if I have to return anything I can show the cashier the receipt at leastThe cashier will be able to scan the receipt from my phone because I still have a picture of it through this app and it collects all of my receipts from the time that I started this app which is crazy and cool at the same time because if I need to go to court for my kids I can show the judge the receipts that I have for the money that I spent on my kidsThis app is amazing and it works wonders thank you fetch rewards we appreciate everything you guys do for us and we appreciate your hard work that you put in to make us customers happy I give this app five stars because it is the best

- Limited Submissions

Overall I’ve had no issues with this app! It’s simple to get around, but I do have one chief complaint! This app has a weekly limit of scans to submit for rewards. The limit is 14 that’s average out to two shopping trips daily per 7 days. I don’t think that there should even be a limit on the number of times to submit a receipt for rewards. I don’t even get the same items each shopping trip. I take care of a mind failing paraplegic who tends to forget more than she remembers. So sometimes I’m sent to the store two or more times daily. Or we shop at two different stores daily. When we shop there may be two separate orders to pay for in one trip per store. So in one week I may be sent to the store 16 times. Today is a prime example I shopped at Kroger then she remembered she wanted cash back, round two at Kroger was like this, because atm was down I had to buy something else. Then we get home and she needs something from Walmart. Oh then after I get her to bed she asked did ya get this or that. I reply it was not on the list so yep I was sent back for round two at Walmart. So see four separate shopping trips in one day is the norm for me and because each item is different there should not be a limit on anyone’s submission for rewards. Other than this app is wonderful, but ya only get 4 stars because ya limit my shopping trips.

- Update Fail

I have loved using Fetch Rewards for the last two years. I have been able to get rewards from my normal shopping activity. There are times when I am buying an item like soda and It isn’t brand specific, so I will choose one that offers bonuses (ex. buying Pepsi vs. coke). Getting gift cards on all my purchases has been great. However, the December 2021 app update added a feature that made me want to immediately delete the app forever. I am a private person and don’t share purchases or anything else personal with friends, family, and definitely not with strangers. The Social/Beta feature immediately showed what “friends “ my account was connected with from referrals. I could see all the activity these people had with Fetch. It also showed them everything I did, so that we could “compete”. One of these friends was a person I did not know at all (Wes). Now, my friends may have always been able to see my activity and I didn’t know it, but that is something I will never appreciate. After a long time researching I figured out how to disconnect friends from my account. This fixes future activity, but these people (remember Wes is a person I have never met), can still see previous activity. Also, if you invite others to join Fetch, they will be able to see your private information unless you manually disconnect them. Fetch, please remove this feature. I will not be sharing your app with friends as long as this feature is an automatic feature.

- I need help

Hi can u help me idk if it’s my iPad or the app so basically I download the app so I could get free gift cards and when I download it I did the sign up but I deleted it bc I thought it was fake but then later on months I saw some tiktoks about fetch rewards how you can get free gift card for robux so I tryed to download it again and it worked but when I clicked the sign up button it says email already exists on devic something like that and I tryed to log in but I forgot my password so ya but I download it on my moms phone then I did the sign up thing and I put the same email and it said email exists so then I I refreshed it the I was in the log in or sign it thing sign so I tried to do it didn’t work but then an like weeks later I tryed again didn’t work btw I was on my moms phone anyways today I tryed apple log in and I put the email and and I clicked forgot password and it said put email in so I did and I got a notification to make a new password and I did and I got in! And I decided to log in my iPad and it worked but it said it need to be updated btw the update was ios 14 but it said download old version so I clicked update but it didn’t work and I clicked it again again again didn’t work BTW MY IPAD IS A MINI IPAD 2 PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ITS MY IPAD IS OLD AND THATS WHY IT ISNT WORK or anything else ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼🤓 PLS HELP

- Great app; some enhancements could make it even better

Overall, I feel this is a great app. It is extremely easy to use and the reward options are great. However, I find myself forgetting to add receipts. With a few enhancements, I think this app could be even better: - Link accounts within a household; my husband and I generally shop for our household, rather than as individuals. It would be nice if we had the option to scan receipts for our household and share Rewards points. - More customized Offers: this could be accomplished by either predicting Offers that may appeal most based on prior purchases, or by allowing the user to provide feedback on Offers, such: as a rating scale, like/dislike option, ability to favorite or hide Offers, or a survey to let users describe the kinds of Offers they want to see or do not want to see. - Allow users to grant permission to proactively get eReceipts/Amazon receipts. I am able to do this with other apps, and like that I don’t have to manually prompt the app to get this information. Would love if Fetch automatically grabbed this, and then notified me and advised that I earned points based on my recent purchases. - Give users the ability to provide suggestions for enhancements outside of rating the app :)

- Great app-with suggestions

I’ve been a fetch member for a few years now and it’s been a great app thus far. In comparison to other similar apps, I feel that Fetch offers a great value of points with receipts. As a single person household, I’ve found other apps to be way more difficult to build enough points to redeem any rewards. With fetch, you can get gift cards for as low as 3,500 points. My one big suggestion that I would love to see implemented in the Fetch app is to offer special rewards for vegetarian and vegan brands. I would love to see Fetch partner with brands such as MorningStar, Daiya, SweetEarth, Amy’s, Alpha Foods, to name a few. Or even to offer special bonuses when you purchase a plant-based version of something that typically is not (hidden valley ranch vs HVR plant-based). I believe this could encourage more people to try these brands or to try a plant-based version of something they normally wouldn’t. These foods are often times a great deal more expensive than your typical dairy or meat containing foods as well (Daiya non-dairy Pizza [~$9] vs any Red Baron pizza [$4-5], for example). So, perhaps knowing that they can receive redemption rewards points in exchange for paying the extra cost for specialty items could take a little bit of the sting off the wallets.

- Email receipt issues

I will keep this short and simple! I wanted other users who experience this problem to know they are not alone. I have had this app for a while now. I actually do love the app, however, the inability for this app to pick up email receipts is ridiculous! The first time this happened I reached out to customer service and didn’t receive any real assistance. The solution was turn your phone off and back on and try again….Then when that didn’t work I was told to delete the app and redownload it. That also did not work! I was then told log out of fetch, delete it again, and turn off my phone…. This again did not work! I decided to let it go, but continue using the app and trying to use the feature anyway and maybe it would pick up and maybe not. Eventually it did begin picking up my receipts again, magically and with no explanation. Then it stopped again. I tried the steps I had previously been given, this time it did work! My issue is that this continues to be an issue. Here I sit again with fetch logged out and deleted, phone restarted, about to download it YET AGAIN. This is a good app, you can build points, but this feature never working…. The one feature that actually sold me on fetch because of the pandemic and the online shopping…. This is gonna lose me in the end. Please fix it!

- So handy & rewarding

So I initially downloaded Fetch to help someone get the bonus points offered for refer a friend and hadn’t considered it to be an app I’d really have a use for .. boy was I wrong.. they gave me points for joining as well as to my friend so I started looking at what it was all about and was I surprised… first off, it’s not one of those shady apps that promises money back if you buy from a short list of products or clip digital coupons or jump through any numbers of hoops and still never get the “money” .. you simply take a picture or upload a digital receipts and their top notch app takes care of the rest .. here’s the kicker .. if you’re like me and have needed to start tracking your spending for sometime and just constantly forget to take or hold on to receipts to do that .. this app will help .. it makes remembering to get receipts and scan/save them a habit (not a hassle) but it’s fun and they reward you doing it … check it out and you will see … you won’t get rich but you get rewarded, they get market information on market trends and such (without invading your privacy) and the App makes it all so easy .. it’s a win/win/win … Thanks Fetch .. you are doing a great job and you’re doing it the RIGHT way.. keep up the good work.

- GREAT APP! But I have one complaint.

This is a wonderful app! It was slow earning points when I first got it because I didn’t know the ropes of it, but I quickly started getting points through friends who didn’t want their receipts. Even despite the scan limit, I get plenty of points. I’ve finally made it to 20,000+ points! I got so excited when I saw that because now I can get a good gift card for myself. Here’s my complaint. I went to scan a receipt over a week ago now. I had been logged out. Normally that isn’t a problem; log back in and you’re good. Not the case. I am having a persistent notification after clicking my method of login which claims there was a problem, but that there is also no further information on the matter. It is very frustrating knowing that I could have gotten that gift card by now, when I can’t even log in at this point. I’ve downloaded another similar money back app, but it’s just not the same. I want my Fetch Rewards app back! I have recently had issues logging into other apps that typically keep me logged in, so it could be my phone. But I’m really hoping it’s just all these apps coincidentally not working for me all at once.

- Yes but no when it works and adds correctly

It’s a good app easy to use but this one thing is what I don’t like now through end of the month offering extra points on restaurants well it doesn’t always register or correctly add the points I’ve submitted several restaurant receipts and it’s up to the generator whether or not it counts it. When restaurants are clearly in the name of the place it should be adding but nope I’ve been scammed on so many points this way I can submit 2 similar receipts sometimes it adds the points correctly sometimes it doesn’t kinda bummed other than that it a good app easy to use variety of options for rewards only other thing I have to say is it’s very picky what e receipts it accepts I’ve had several in my email and again it picks and chooses what it selects or uses. I’ve tried leaving them in my inbox vs deleting doesn’t matter again up to the system generator or whatever it is. Also shouldn’t limit receipts but that’s just personal preference because some days I don’t put them in right away I’ll do it all at once or sometimes I add them right away. But I always get the limit reached and sometimes you get close to a date for the receipt to expire and you can’t always scan in time I do wish that even if a receipt is expired it should still scan it because I love this app for saving my receipts.

- Used to love this app until now

I rarely leave reviews. However, to hopefully prevent my situation from happening to anyone else, I’m taking the time out to leave one. If I could give this app zero stars I would. Today I had 51,000 points I had been saving for some time. I went to redeem only $10 worth for papa johns and kept getting this error message. Finally I opened the app after force closing to find I only had 11,000 points left. I never confirmed redeeming my points. I immediately messaged customer service like the error message said to do to get a lady named Gabriel who I sent screenshots of the error message and I sent proof I don’t have a vpn downloaded so no way for one to be on. She told me sorry this can’t be reversed after arguing with me and trying to convince me it was my fault which no it was not. It was solely the responsibility and fault of the app. Gabriel didn’t respond after my last message showing proof of no VPN until I messaged support again. Then she responds to say she’s sorry this can’t be reversed and they forwarded this to the development team so it don’t happen to anyone else. That was 40,000 something points I just got ripped off for. Never did she try to make this right in any kind of way. So just a heads up be really Leary of this app because us people who utilize this app are not what matters to customer care. I’m done. I am not going to ever use this app again nor will anyone I know use it. Thanks a lot Gabrielle!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻smh

- Pretty good but one problem

I downloaded this app recently and quickly through referrals and scanning receipts I was able to get to about 25,000 points which worth a $25 gift card. The app is great and easy to use but I have had one issue with it. Twice now I have referred someone to join the app through my link sent to them to receive bonus points to me and the friend I sent it to, and I know they signed up through my link but I wasn’t rewarded with my points for getting them to sign up and scan a receipt. This has happened during bonus periods where instead of the normal 2,000 point bonus for referring someone it is 4,000 points. It’s really disappointing because I know I should have 8,000 more points but when I first contacted them through the app they said they couldn’t do anything about it, and then after it happened the second time through another person I tried asking if there is a time limit that someone has to sign up using the link I sent but it wouldn’t let me send my question in the section where it said contact us. Overall it’s a great app to get some gift cards, but I really wish I could have gotten those 8,000 points because I know for a fact that 2 people signed up through my link but it doesn’t even show up on the list of people I referred

- The best and easiest app I have ever used

I absolutely love the fetch rewards app! This app gives you points towards gift cards, etc. just for buying things that you normally would buy anyway, who ever heard of such a thing? It’s better than any credit card that I’ve had that gives you cashback on things you buy, it’s a simple to use just snap a picture of your receipt click submit and get your points not to mention the extra points you can earn for buying certain products that a lot of them I buy all the time anyway. The developers of this app are absolute geniuses! I tell everybody I know about this app and how simple it is to use in the benefits that you get from it. Thank you so much for making my life easier with this app it gives me something to look forward to every time I go to the store or shop online, you have one very very satisfied user here and I will continue to spread the word about this app, I will always use this app every time I shop anywhere. The benefits are great it’s like getting rewarded for doing in buying things that you do on a daily basis. Thank you very much federal awards, sincerely a lifelong that’s rewards app user. Henry Barnett

- Scan Limit......please

I’m not trying to be bitter or a Karen. I recently downloaded this app a couple days ago and loved it! I thought this app was way better then all the other apps out there for “money back” by scanning your receipts. All the popular apps did nothing for me, THEY were scams. Download bates. When I came across this one I really enjoyed it, until it said I hit a scan limit. Really? The reason I enjoyed it was because you scan all your receipts and you earn points no matter what. You can earn points to earn prizes. As an everyday consumer I thought this was perfect. Until it said I couldn’t scan anymore receipts. Keep in mind, some of us have big families, some of us are forgetful and need to rush to the store to feed there families. Some of us can’t always keep track with every household product they have and don’t have. Some of us are laid off of work and want to get out and go somewhere once in awhile. What’s there to do? Well, America says we should eat out more, spend money, shop at all our available grocery markets and don’t forget to tip, tip, tip!!!!!!! Times like this, being an American is rough. If Fetch Rewards could take this in consideration that would be lovely. It’s not my fault I’m a disabled veteran, who’s forgetful and just trying to protect and take care of my family. I’m just doing my job. I’m not a criminal always reaching there “Scam limit” I mean “SCAN LIMIT” Thank you and have a nice day. 😃

- Surprisingly easy to use and very useful!

I’m not a coupon clipper or even a coupon looker. I buy what I need when I shop and try my best not to shop hungry. This app is one of the most useful decisions I’ve made in 51years (that includes my 1st and only marriage to a conscious less, cold hearted woman that I thought I loved. 26 years of marriage and her multiple affairs and foolish I forgave, only to find out that all of my accounts had been emptied and closed including retirement, investment etc. I care little for money but realize it’s importance in life and comfort. Fortunately I’m quite good at investing, don’t mistake this for intelligence it’s more animal instinct, so I’ll make the stolen funds back. This app is a solid step in that direction. I highly recommend it to anyone who does the household shopping and doesn’t mind taking a picture of your receipts. No hoops to jump through, app is Easy to navigate and full of coupons and items specifically tailored to be useful to each individual. Try it for a week, I promise you won’t be disappointed, unless your name starts with Elon and ends in musk, if that I’d the case continue creating skynet (named dojo now) after warning is about the dangers of AI. 😘

- Super Super Easy!!! No gimmicks!

I love this app!!! Seriously I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use this app. They accept all grocery & convenient stores receipts! All you do is literally scan your receipts! You don’t have to go through to choose your products or specify which store, like Ibotta (which drives me nuts!), it does it all for you! Even if you have no products that redeem points, you still get at 25 point bonus, but that rarely happens because this app has products you actually buy!! They have joined with tons of ‘household name’ companies, not off the wall random companies & products that you’ve never heard of. I’m about to redeem my points for a $25 gift card! We all have to buy groceries, so why not earn money on things you already bought!? They even accept e-receipts if you order your groceries online. Only once have I had an item on a receipt not give me points when it should of, but they allow you to easily correct it and will give you your points instantly. (And To be fair the receipt labeled the item weird so it was understandable.) This is BY FAR the best grocery app out there, and I’ve tried quite a few. I’ve been telling everyone about it! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!!!

- Love!

I use Fetch all the time (and I’m not usually one to go for stuff like this). I don’t ever let it dictate what I buy and brands though. I just naturally shop. Difference now is I take the receipts I would have gotten anyway and I scan them before tossing them out. Not only do you get points for them that leads to rewards. It is also useful as like a receipt data base of sorts! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed a receipt to take something back or double check something, unfortunately I’d already thrown it away but luckily I had it on here still. Only negative I would say is you barely get any points by using my method. You obviously get more points the more brands / products you get that are sponsored on there. Unfortunately so far I haven’t seen anything like that for very loyal users. Pretty much you get about 25points each receipt unless having one of the above mentioned that’s sponsored. But either way still a good app and why not take like 10 seconds and turn a piece of paper into points! After a bit it got me my pair of really nice Adidas for like next to nothing due to turning in my points for a gift card.

- Falsely accused of fraud

I use this app solely for the Huggies rewards and I initially thought it was the greatest thing and had been recommending it to all my mom friends who use Huggies. I bought diapers and wipes yesterday and when I scanned my receipt I got an error message saying my receipt couldn’t be accepted because my account had been locked. I immediately contacted customer service and was told that my account had fraudulent activity including submitting false and altered receipts. I have never submitted false or altered receipts so I’m really confused and pretty annoyed. One receipt that was submitted was a reprinted receipt that the store gave me because the register did not print my receipt. I can’t control what the store gives me so why am I being punished for that? Additionally, after scanning a different receipt I noticed Fetch did not give me the correct amount of points. I had close to $100 in diapers and wipes and they gave me credit for $1 so I submitted a correction. Again, not sure how that’s my fault when Fetch didn’t read the receipt correctly?? I’m really disappointed that I’m being falsely accused of something I would never do and that my account was deactivated without any notice. I also find it rather convenient that I’m close to earning another Huggies reward and my account got deactivated. I’m seriously disappointed and will no longer recommend this app to my mom friends.


I personally never write reviews on apps. But, I HAVE to on this one! I am so happy with this app! Just this past week I reached 50,000 points and was able to receive a gift card and I chose Bath & Body Works and just had a field day there! Now with me, it DID take me a total of two years to get to 50,000 points. That seems like a very long time, however, there were a lot of times that I could’ve probably reached it a lot quicker if I had of paid attention and made sure that I scanned my receipts weekly. Because it only goes back two weeks by the date. Overall, I think this is the best app ever! I was a little skeptical at first and wondered if I would really get the gift card. But, once I chose which one I wanted, which was Bath & Body Works, it was two days later & it was ready for me to print out. So, I printed it out & then I called Bath & Body Works & explained to them that I received this printed out paper gift card from the Fetch app from scanning receipts and asked them if they would accept it and they said yes! So, this is one happy customer! LOVE THIS APP! Thank you Fetch app!!!! Y’all are awesome! So glad that y’all created this app!!


I really love that I can get points on pretty much ANYTHING I buy. I use it for all my shopping now even if I spent like $1 on something. I don’t have any family really close to me anymore most of them are on the west coast so I’m really loving this because I know that paying for a flight out there to see everyone is going to be so much easier now than it usually is. Right now I’m saving my points for a gift card for a trip out west, so I’m hopefully going to be able to take more cash for spending money on this trip rather than having to put most of it towards my flight. It’s really nice to get some points on the things that I HAVE TO GET (like cat litter for example) because now I’m getting something back that I can then use for something else I need or want. The one thing that I don’t like is the receipt limit per week being 35. Which is really not that big a deal, I just wish it were not limited. Since I buy SOMETHING almost every day that limit means my receipts just stack up. Which is a bit annoying when you can only use receipts from the last 2 weeks. Otherwise I’m really glad I found this app

- Love this app!!! Finally an app that’s easy and actually PAYS OFF!

Thank you Fetch Developers for the Fetch App I absolutely love love love it, I finally found an app that’s truly easy to use and PAYS OFF, with NO DOUBT! I use this app on a regular basis bc if I don’t my daily schedule isn’t complete. I just wish the adamant app users that has had and used the app continuously would have the receipt limit raised per month/week bc I tend to receive the message where I have hit my receipt submitted limit and it makes me go awe Nooooo bc then I’ll have to wait until I can start scanning them to the app again once allowed. I do understand if the limit was unlimited for everyone it would cause debatable issues or problems for someone I’m sure. With that being said though I do still think at the same time the users who regiments the app without dry spells should be thanked by raising said limit a bit higher. Maybe have different levels for receipts submitted on the fetch member case/status/app usage. Either way if you actually take my thoughts or not I still love this app. Thanks again Fetch Developers!

- Would be great if E receipts worked!

During this pandemic and the age of car pick up at grocery stores this site boasts that it reads e- receipts. While that is true some of the time don’t count on it. Especially if you are expecting large points from promotions. Also, if the email read receipt fails they do not allow you to use any other process to enter the information. You cannot print out the receipt and enter it. You can not screen shot the receipt and load it. It either works or doesn’t. When complaint is raised they tell you to delete the app and re load it, which on my case didn’t work. I found it odd that this feature only failed to work for me when I had a receipt with 10,000 points because of a promotion on the app. It had worked every other time even read non grocery store receipts before and after this issue. If you are looking to slowly add points this site works. It is nice to use every physical receipt on a app. But do not rely on it for the big large point promotions they show and do not expect your e receipts to work. Even if you utilize a Grocery store chain they recommend. I will note they say that the e receipt system doesn’t always work. But what they don’t tell you is if it doesn’t there is no way to enter the missed receipts!


Fetch was very easy in the beginning but it’s becoming a pain in the but. It took me about a whole whopping 2 months to save receipts. When I scanned some of them it said “You have reached your scan limit try again next week.” Like seriously? So I waited my time til the next week. Each receipt only gave me 5 points!! All my time was basically wasted. BUT I still gave Fetch another try. I had referred this app to 2 of my friends so they could try the app out and I could get my 2,000 points. FETCH DIDNT GIVE ME THE POINTS! This was very frustrating at this point because they obviously are stingy and just want people to download the app. Anyways, after a couple weeks I had FINALLY reached 5,000 points (because I wanted to get a $5 gift card for ITunes). I was very happy until I clicked “Get my $5 dollar reward” and it said “For the security of your account we are reviewing your Reward redemption which may take up to 48 hours. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.” I thought that was pretty neat that they wanna protect my account and that’s understandable. Until I waited 48 hours and I DIDNT GET A SINGLE EMAIL OR TEXT. Like now looking back you don’t to review my reward nobody should be able to get into your account because you sign up using via Phone Number. This has been a COMPLETE waste of 2 months and 48 hours. Do not download this app.


I started using after Huggies switched their rewards system to this app/system. I’ve been using it for close to 2 years now and grown to love the rewards systems, recommending it to many friends and family.. until this weekend that is. I had a friend ask if I was still using the app because they could no longer see my account, which I thought was odd as I had just scanned a receipt the other day. I tried scanning a receipt yesterday and then received a message that my account was inactive but didn’t say why. I reached out to their Support Center to be told that my “receipts may have been folded, cut, pieces together, obscured or otherwise altered from the original format,” and thus a violation of their Terms of Services and my account had been deactivated permanently. I have never altered a receipt as described or anything else to violate their terms. I simply scan my receipts, see how many points I’ve earned and move on my merry way. When asked which receipts were in violation, I was told that they could not disclose anything about the receipts or review to keep their internal review system “robust.” There was also no formal notification of my account being deactivated or warning that my receipts were in violation. I will never again recommend Fetch to anyone, this is entirely disappointing.

- Quite Misleading in the description

upon searching for apps to earn with i came across Fetch Rewards & thought " just what ive looked for!" i read the description & few older reviews & downloaded it! I was soon on my way to earning & i was so so happy that id Finally found an app that actually does what it says! UNTIL i brought out my 3 grocery receipts to scan & was alerted immediately by a pop up that read --> Youve reach the scan limit, you can only scan 14 receipts so come back in 14 more days!"😢 Seriously?? I shouldve known Fetch was too good to be true. You Really should CLEARLY state in the description that Theres A Catch!- not just "you can scan receipts up to 14 days old. Ive been saving up all my receipts to scan in at once but now half will be out of date when im eligible to scan again. Had i been aware of This, i wouldve only scanned in the more expensive receipts to get more points & tossed the smaller ones that id already scanned as well. Im not sure how someone who reviewed this app was able to reel in 40,000 points this way...ThiS is gonna be Way Slow going if i decide to keep it🤨 I know it was set up this way yo keep people from earning, but you couldve stated these things & I would've just kept going. not sure what to do now

- Horrible Customer Service

I use to love using Fetch Rewards, I was able to get a $50 gift card and buy a few Christmas gifts for my family. Then after scanning a few receipts, I tried to redeem another gift card and was told to wait 48 hours while they review my account. After 2 days my account was permanently suspended, and I didn’t do anything to violate the terms and conditions. I contacted customer service and was told to provide screenshots of delivered products. I did and was told again to show proof, I told them I sent them in my last email and was very kind and willing to cooperate. I was willing to go as far as I could to get my account back with the amount of money I spent. After sending my last recent email I was told that my account was permanently banned and will remain that way, and was still told I violated terms and conditions. Not only did I waste my time but I also wasted a lot of money. Don’t waste your time with this app nor your money, if your account did get banned don’t even bother contacting customer service, because they won’t help you.

- Great app! Just a few tweaks needed!

This app is extremely easy to use. I was pleasantly surprised how quick and effortless it was to scan in a receipt. However, Upon initial use, I must not have read the fine print regarding the weekly limit on how many receipts you can scan. I reached fourteen and a pop up message stated that I could not scan anymore at this time. It would be nice if that pop up came up every time and showed you how many you had scanned in to date. Also, it would be great if you could scan a receipt and a pop up like that let you know if it was valid or not before you submit it and let you make a note on the app so you can keep a short list of places that it doesn’t accept. Lastly, since the app allows you to scan receipts in that are up to two weeks old, then once I reach fourteen receipts, I would like to scan in the receipt to store them until I am able to submit them OR have an option to accept uploaded pictures of them from my phone. I am a neat freak that hates keeping a receipt to upload when possible. Still a a good little app just as it is.

- App no longer works.

December 26th E-receipts stopped working. It will not recognize any emailed receipts. In app help feature also does not work. If you contact them via email they will give you steps to try to fix the e-receipt problem. I have followed these steps numerous times to no avail. This is what customer service has to say: Please be aware that our eReceipt scanning feature depends on the email format being used by the store. These stores occasionally change their format, which requires our development team to make proper updates in order to get those eReceipts pulled in. This is also the only way we can accept eReceipts into our system. We are unable to accept manual submissions, forwarded emails, or pictures of such receipts. Unfortunately, we do not have an immediate fix for what you are experiencing. I've passed this example to the correct team who will look into resolving future instances such as this. We take this specific issue seriously and will continue to work hard to find a resolution. In the meantime, I'd recommend repeating the eReceipt troubleshooting steps any time you see an update for Fetch Rewards. Thank you for your understanding. They have no alternative to accept emailed receipts and basically tells you, you’re out of luck. Do not waste your time with this app. They don’t care.

- The best receipt scanning app just 1 thing wrong……

I think this is absolutely the best receipt scanning app the 1 problem I had with it (and it’s a pretty BIG problem because I had lost a LOT) is you can only be “not active “ on the app for 90 days before they yank ALL your points away from you!!!!!! So my iPhone broke and I could not afford a new 1 at the time. (Server during the pandemic & it LITERALLY took over 6 months before I got my unemployment!) and as soon as I could get a new phone I did, set up and pulled up my old account and ALL my points “POOF!” Totally gone! I even wrote a email and they said “sorry no go don’t care!” And I’m not talking a little amount I was almost to 50 bucks on gift card At Least!!!!!!! & it just hurt cause it was a tun of work and I could have really used the help at the time but I’m still sticking with it, started all over and trying again because I do believe it’s the easiest, best so far (other then 1 other receipt scanning app that did not take all my points!) that are ligit and actually give you your gift card right away no funny stuff so other then that problem I had I would suggest anyone to try it I got my Father totally hooked on this app!!!!

- Fetch is the best

Which is the best app that I had because it we can literally buy anything we want and we don’t have to use our credit cards or nothing it is really fun since I’m a little kid that it’s only nine years old and I don’t have to use a credit card to buy anything expired by using fetch points and this is really saving my savings right now because sometimes I need to pay in real life and now because saving a lot of money I have $350 because the fetch delivers really quickly in a few days or sometimes the same day it is so fun and the thing that you have to scan receipts it’s so fun to because then people could get more and more things about lake ideas about the app and they don’t have to use they don’t want to use a credit card and maybe that’s saving the savings to and that’s maybe the best thing I love it even for like like when you like say some money and you don’t like when you don’t have enough money just use fetch don’t waste all your money this is like the best app ever you can’t order anything and it’s the best try it out

- One of the Better Receipt Apps!

I have been using this app, as well as many other receipt scanning apps for the past 3 years and this is one of my favorites. I really like how you get 25 points just for scanning any receipt but also have the opportunity to earn more points if you buy from their preferred brands or redeem a special offer. They used to only offer 5 points for restaurant receipts but that recently changed to be 25 for all receipts, which makes my points add up much faster! I also really like how there doesn’t appear to be a limit to how many receipts you can scan, (at least not that I’m aware of) and similar apps will only let you submit a certain number or receipts per week. The only thing I wish was different is that there isn’t an option to redeem cash as a reward through PayPal, it’s all gift cards. Gift cards are great too, but I would prefer to get cash because I like to consolidate all my points across apps and cash in all at once when I need the money. Hoping this option will be added in the future!

- Account deactivated

My account was deactivated without warning as they are allowed to do, the policy says you also have 30 days to dispute it. I emailed support first and then found account inquiries after in the policy, both gave the same automated response. Per the first response it was deactivated due to me making fake receipts, editing, cutting, or obscuring. I’ve never once did that. My response to that was another automated response saying a detailed investigation was conducted. They won’t give me an example, I had no warning of violating policy. I have used this app since 2019. I asked if they could just take away the points in question or even all my points, I had enough to redeem 2 $50 gift cards. Which has been sitting there for months. So much for disputing and getting help when I only get automated responses. If I was going to steal points I would have stolen more than 2-5k per month and I would have redeemed my points when I had enough to get gift cards rather than letting my illegal points sit there. I’m disappointed in this company as I’ve had no help or explanation as to what was deemed in violation to their policy. If you use this app make sure to redeem right away as you never know when they’ll just deactivate your account for violating their policy or as the policy says because they want to.

- They deactivate you account for no reason and ignore emails

They wait till you save up points than deactivate your account with no notice and no reason. When you email them they say what ever random crap they want(in my case they said I submitted receipts that weren’t mine) and tell you they won’t reactivate your account. When I was able to submit the e-receipts for EVERY SINGLE RECEIPT linked to my ONE Publix account and photos of every item in my possession they stopped responding to me. When I was given a different email to write to on my last review the story I’m being given has now changed and all of a sudden the receipts that all printed off at the stores are suddenly counterfeit and I don’t know how they are excusing the fact that there are e-receipts and I OWN the stupid products. They are just choosing to ignore the evidence and keep the $50 in rewards that I earned doing exactly what they asked me to do - but the products and scan the receipts. This app is a scam. The only way to contact them is email and they respond once to tell you that you are SOL that they aren’t going to do anything to help you. And stop responding after that. They only want people that get nickels and dimes not people that actually spent money to earn real rewards- those people they deactivate their accounts right quick.

- Edit: Thanks for the response!

Updated review: I wanted an app to keep track of my receipts, and one of my friends suggested this one. This app makes it easy to take pictures of my receipts and go back and look at them later, and the rewards were a great bonus! I am aware that the way I use it isn’t the main point of the app, but I find it really helpful, and the rewards are a nice bonus! With the most recent update, I wasn’t able to figure out how to see my receipts anymore, since that feature had seemingly moved. After clicking around quite a bit, I honestly thought it had been removed. But the developer response was super helpful! It’s still pretty clear that this isn’t a prioritized feature, but that’s probably completely fine for the vast majority of users! I’m still not a huge fan of the social feature, as it’s not something I see myself using. However, the receipt uploading part always seems to work well for me (although the eReceipts can sometimes be a bit hit or miss).

- I liked the app at first but now not happy

When I started using the app, it worked well. I was able to scan receipts with little trouble. Since the e-receipt was added, my app started crashing after I took pictures of the regular receipts. It got frustrating so I stopped using it for a while. Last week I went on and all of my points had disappeared. I reached out to customer service and was told that I did not use my points in the specified amount of time and that they had sent me an email, so all of my hard work, and earnings had expired. They send so many emails, that it’s hard to keep up. It was only a couple of days since the expiration date, which I was not aware of, but now I am, and they would not instate them. I complained a second time and they reinstated the points. Now two days later the points are missing again. And I’m having trouble scanning receipts. It was their fault that the app was not working properly and crashing. Still crashing. Most receipts only have 25 points. It is difficult to make it to the volume of points they are requiring for payouts. Except if you wan’t to enter the contest, which I’m guessing chances are slim of winning. I will continue a while longer, but if the problem still continue, then it is not worth it.

- Much better!

I am editing my past review! There have been many improvements and receipts get credited immediately now and all the points seem to be there. I decided to keep the app and it is now in my top 3 favorite rebate apps. I am giving it 4 stars just to give them a little more room to grow. It’s a much better app than it used to be! I am not sure why it has to take so long for a receipt to process. My other apps similar to this one take no longer than a day and most of the time it’s less than hour! When the receipt finally does process, it is inevitable that if I have qualifying products they have not been pointed properly. I have missed qualifying purchases a few times and didn’t know until too late so that is frustrating also. Not to mention there really doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to how the points are awarded. There have been several receipts that I have thought should have been awarded higher points due to past purchases. I will stick with this app long enough to finish up getting a gift card I’m working for but then I will be deleting. Too much work for too little reward.

- Thought it was bogus until I actually started earning real rewards!

I love this app it’s usually very quick efficient and I love how it keeps track of all my receipts and makes graphs of all the stores I shop and actually has attainable real rewards that are reedamable with the points earned from my spending! And I love how you guys outdone yourselves with allowing receipts virtually from anywhere I spend money! But unfortunately It seems ever since the latest update I haven’t been able to access the app. In the past every time I have went to use the app I’ve always been automatically logged in. And now lately I’ve been logged out and no matter if I type in my email and password or click the google or the Facebook login, I keep getting the same message: “unable to login (1)” and it’s really really frustrating! Idk if any other users are experiencing the same issue but I hope you guys figure it out soon because as each day goes by, I’m losing the opportunity to enter receipts to receive points and it’s very disappointing 👎 please fix 🥺

- Picky about which receipts you use

I recently had my account deactivated because they chose to decide which receipts were mine and which they said were not . but all of my receipts were from my household. My suspicion is is that I was close to getting a reward for the second time and they decided they didn’t want to have to live up to their terms of service so they decided to become very picky about which receipts are use. Sometimes I shop in other communities along my way. And I will use different locations of stores that I visit like Walmart. Apparently they’ve decided which stores I can go to and which stores I can’t and use this as an excuse to suspend my account right when I was about to get to the amount of points needed for a reward. So I highly recommend if you use this app be careful not to put a lot of effort into it as they are very chintzy and they do not like to reward you a second or third time they will become actively suspicious of where you go shopping and accuse you of using other peoples receipts as they have done me. But I do recommend Receipt Hog. you get your rewards when you’re supposed to it takes a little longer but they never accuse you of anything like this app does and they don’t cheat you like this app does.

- One of the easiest and best!

I’ve been using this app for awhile now...easily over a year...and it really doesn’t get much easier. Scan receipts collect points cash in. No scanning barcodes of every item on your receipt and no waiting 3-7 days or weeks for your receipt to be processed! You scan it and unless you have to make a change which is rare it’s done right then! Points processed! If you do have to make a change it’s done within a few hours...personally I’ve never waited more than 12! I’ve never had to complain about not getting my rewards again you get it RIGHT AWAY!! No waiting days or weeks. Referral codes can take longer simply because it depends on how fast or slow someone else fulfills the offer. This is by far one of the easiest and most dependable apps I’ve used. If you aren’t using this app...why?? You must be independently wealthy and have no need for any extra money. This isn’t going to make you rich but it will give you a couple extra bucks to use for whatever. So go! Get it! Click the button! It’s up there!! ^^^

- Super Easy, and Makes Shopping a bit more fun!

I have been using Fetch Rewards for several months now, and I can’t find a single thing I’d complain about! Let’s be honest, as a mom, who enjoys the mundane task of shopping for household supplies and groceries?? I’m sure most would say they dread it, as do I. I use the receipts from my excursions of shopping with my Children to upload to Fetch Rewards. I save the points as a treat for myself. Whether I use the points towards a gift for ITunes to download music for my workouts or maybe save them for a gift card for a relaxing day at the Spa, Fetch Rewards makes it possible for me to treat myself once in awhile, without spending money out of mine or my finances pocket, on things I may normally not have extra money for. It’s super easy! They offer all kinds of added contests to enter, and extra points for purchasing their promotional items. I encourage everyone to download this App! Why not get rewards for every day shopping! The only thing I would have done differently, is I wish I had discovered Fetch Rewards a VERY LONG TIME AGO!!

- Boring... 🥱

First month it was somewhat fun, raking up lots of points 1,650., 2ed month 1,200., 3ed 940., it’s sort of just declining in rewards I haven’t scored past 25 points lately, everything they encourage to buy for extra points I have no interest in, and places I shop like whole foods don’t earn much points at all, so far I have scanned $23,000 worth of receipts and earned only 3,974 points so speaking in points earnings it’s boring and I’m ready to just let it go. The only positive thing about this app is that you can see your spending each month but there’s other apps just for that. Maybe if they would promote more plant-based foods or healthier snacks perhaps I could earn more points and have a little bit more fun. This app is not for me. Also I was referred by a friend and she never got her 4,000 points so I didn’t bother with referrals to earn points, another annoying thing is if it can’t read some info on the receipt receipt gets submitted for review and I still don’t know what ever happens with that. It’s still free money even if it’s painfully slow process and gains are very little I’m sure it adds up, but it’s to annoying for me to deal with. Also I don’t know how my information gets handled I didn’t research that and probably should 🤔

- Unable to get Points for Referrals

I just recently started using this app as I thought it was a great concept! Then the other day they were running this awesome promotion “refer two friends & get 7,000 points” better yet! So, I had two friends sign up, but I never received my 7,000 referral points that were promised. I’ve tried all week to get in touch with someone from the company but it has literally been impossible. I also had a friend that I referred, sign up today & it shows her under my referrals but it doesn’t show towards my accumulated points, so why exactly am I referring people to sign up for all of these “points” when in reality I’m not actually getting any points in return for referrals? I promise I’m not usually a Debby-downer that leaves negative reviews on any pages to complain(this is actually my first negative review, EVER), but this seems to be the only way I can even reach out to possibly get an answer to any of my questions given the lack of points that I should be getting! I was super excited to get people to sign up so we could all start enjoying the app together & using our extra large bonus points starting out.....but nothing. :( Super Disappointed!!

- Love Love Love

I have been using Fetch for over a year now and it is awesome! It is so simple to connect your email to get points for online purchases. It is so simple to scan a receipt when you get one and get rewarded for things you already buy. I love that it does not matter if it is the corner country store or a big box retailer like WalMart—you get points. I have gotten rewarded also with great magazine subscriptions as well. I have referred as many friends as possible which rewards both them and myself. All my friends love it too! **It is a little frustrating that it doesn’t pick up my Dollar General, Meijer, and other digital receipts like it should. I do think that the email scanner is something they need to work on. If I am actually inside a store I always get a paper receipt, but if I have just did an online order with Kroger or Bath and Body Works etc, I don’t sometimes get the points. I think if they could connect to the app for grocery stores like Walmart, Kroger, Meijer it would make that simpler.

- Reasons why this app is not worth downloading

When I first got the app I thought it was amazing. Plus it gives you simple instructions on what you have to do. All you had to do was scan recipes and get points from it. Once I finished scanning my receipts I went on the app the next day. When I tried logging in it said my account was deactivated. I don’t know what happened so I emailed them about the situation. They wrote back to me a few days later saying my account was going to stay deactivated. Supposedly I had scanned invalid receipts. I don’t know why they told me that when all the receipts I scanned were real. Because of this I tried making another account but it said I already had one with the device I was using. This was so frustrating and I feel like that feature shouldn’t be included. I haven’t redeemed a reward yet because I didn’t have the app for more than one day. So I don’t know if that feature on the app actually works. So far my experience hasn’t been so pleasant as you have read. I hope they figure out what went wrong because I am extremely sure I didn’t scan fake receipts. Some one could have hacked my account or they could have done it through my phone but I am positively sure I didn’t do it.

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Fetch Rewards (Version 2.81.0) Install & Download

The applications Fetch Rewards was published in the category Shopping on 2016-12-07 and was developed by Fetch Rewards [Developer ID: 674564102]. This application file size is 186.63 MB. Fetch Rewards - Shopping app posted on 2022-11-21 current version is 2.81.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.FetchRewards.HopBeta