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Picsart Animator - GIF & Video [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

What is picsart animator - gif & video app? Make awesome animations with the newest cartoon maker from Picsart!

Animations are made easy with Picsart Animator - the animation creator and cartoon maker that’s designed for ease of use and maximum functionality. Make cartoon videos or animated GIFs in a snap, without any experience, and all right on your phone! Make funny videos and cartoons - no advanced drawing skills required! Animate directly on top of your photos and bring them to life! Just doodle, have fun, and amaze your friends. Get ready to be asked, “How did you do that?!” A lot.

Looking for something a little more advanced? The animator has got all the functionality that the pros use - for free and without the learning curve! Jam-packed with animation features like duplicate frames, layers, fully equipped drawing tools and much more Animator is the only animation and cartoon-making app you’ll ever need. No complicated animation tutorials or cartoon-making steps required. Whether you’re animating selfies or sketching cartoons, Animator will make it awesome.

• Draw frame by frame animations
• See animation timeline with play mode
• Use frames management and duplication
• Draw on your photos and make animated selfies
• Get advanced drawing and sketching tools
• Use multi-layering for complex animations
• Control Animation length and speed
• Easily save as video or GIF and share to social networks like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram
• Add music to your animations

Picsart Animator is 100% free and without ads!

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Picsart Animator - GIF & Video Version 1.6.408 July 2021

Bug fixes and performance updates.

Picsart Animator - GIF & Video Comments & Reviews 2023

- Great job... but not the best...

I really like this app but there are some flaws in every good app (well, most). One of them is that it is sometimes GLITCHING like CRAZY. So I tried to make an animation, and it’s like glitching all the time. Another flaw is that I can’t choose the fps. So I want it to be slightly faster, but the app won’t let me. Now not only do I have glitchy videos, but also slow ones. For the first flaw, if that is happening because of my iPad (which it probably isn’t because it’s very new and is one of the latest iPads), then a that will be my own fault, but the fps is definitely the app. I’m not trying to be harsh, it’s still a good app, and I would definitely recommend this app to any other eager soon-to-be animators, but I just hope that you can make a tiny update? I’m honestly not asking much... But please!!! I love this app, but it has MAJOR flaws, which is why I’m only giving this app three stars. Not to be rude, but I kind of expected more because of your other great editing app.. I know that I might seem like a grumpy person because of this review, but I promise I’m not. Have a good week!

- Great app overall, but is missing some big features.

Overall, I LOVE this app, it is so much easier to animate on and more fun than Procreate which is what I was using before. The only major flaw that is in procreate but not here, is that in procreate, when you draw, say, a sloppy line, you can hold down and it auto straightens it! Then once it auto does something, at the top you have a bar of similar shapes you could have meant and you can turn it to that. This is a MUST HAVE for good animation apps. I am personally completely lost, and not wanting to use the app when this feature is missing. On the plus side, I adore this app and would recommend to anyone who is new to animation. The app makes the frames come together smoothly, and give a big variety of options for things to do, including (obviously) a color wheel, and different brushes. I am still fairly new to this app, so I didn’t discover all the features just yet. I think this app would be a LOT more popular and have a LOT better ratings if this feature was added. So please, if the developer sees this, PLEASE add this feature, it would be a life saver. Overall, love this app, just ADD THE PERFECT SHAPES!!! Pls :)

- It's Good And Bad

Well, I love it, it runs smoothly. Colors are great, it's great for small animations. When I had a 1 minute animation, every time I tried to save it, the app would close. I was really upset because I worked all day on it! And it should have more features like, if you want to move something around you have to copy it then paste it. Then you have to delete the one you had before you moved the picture. And when you go to the homepage and open an animation up and close it, a pops up as a new animation, so you have 3 of the same animations. So in conclusion I recommend it if your going to do small animations. And #Am rocks the same thing happened to me.


This is a great app but I think it could use a few more tools, such a as a lasso tool that most animation apps have and to be able to drop what you lassoed into another frame. Also, to be able to highlight a bit of animation over the course of a few frames and drop it into another one. The fill bucket could be a whole lot better. Less lag would be nice as well. A small thing to add is a color mixer, it makes things look better. To zoom in with frames. Here's an example, if you're animating a person and you want to zoom in on the face you won't have to redraw the person until the frames get close to the face. You could have each frame zoom in a little bit until it's zoomed in enough. Stabilizer, this app needs one. it would make animations look so much smoother and look better. A stabilizer is so important to making a good animation app. And lastly a feature that you could turn on that would let you draw in a previous frame and have it appear in the other frames. Like if you forgot to add something into your animation it would show up in the frames in front. I hope that my ideas can be added to such a great app like PicsArt Animator.

- Good but flaws...

I love photography and animation and stop motion. A bunch of the bad reviews on here are from people who don’t have patience for animation, but this is how animation is. It’s a long and hard process. This is a good animation platform but there are some flaws. You can’t delete the examples that you start out with when you first open the app. Also, when I post an animation on PicsArt, it glitches for about 10 seconds and only shows three of my frames before it shows the whole animation. This is annoying because it causes viewers to be confused and not vote/like. Please fix these! - Doggie Photography

- This is Almost the Best App, But...

While I DO love this app, I’ve found some flaws. First of all, when I try to draw a shape, it’s the wrong shape, which means that I have to memorize the shape that is each shape. Also, the app crashes at random times. I’m trying to download a really long animation I just made, but my phone crashes every time I try to download it. This could just be my phone, but it could also the app, so make the app better. Also, the screen bugs out at random times, which could just be my phone. Also, please add the ability to add text. It’ll make things so much easier for me.

- Cool, but A LOT missing.

So, I love to draw and stuff on my phone, tested out the app, made a simple animation that I liked, but as I progressed into larger projects, I noticed some huge flaws. 1. The layering system is TRASH. So hard to understand, and in general it’s glitchy and unresponsive. Fail in my books. 2. There is a lot of tools that need to be there that are not. Most importantly for me, A stabilizer. That is a HUGE flaw in any app that involves art/drawing. 3. There is no blend tool. I can’t stress enough the fact that that is a necessary tool to create all different styles and looks, 4. In general, the app is slow. That might be my phone, though. (iPhone 6) 5. The app all together is done simply, and normally that’s what I want in a drawing app, but this one is so simple it’s hard to understand. (Simple instructions, controls, etc.) But, this app is great for beginning animators and such. I recommend it! I mean, if you don’t like it, you can uninstall it. Ps, one good thing, I haven’t seen any ads.

- The pros, and the cons.

So, this app does not act as it's advertised. It animates well, but when I try add a second layer it messes up everything, and it doesn't zoom in that well when I try to draw or color in something small. To be quite honest, I'm pretty disappointed in this app. It could be much better. Although, there are some pros in this app. I like the fact that you can change the speed of the animation so it's not to slow or too fast. If you're looking for an app that makes animatics, than this is definitely the app for you. But it's not very good for animation.

- I love it but...

I absolutely love this app, and think it's one of the best animation apps out there, but I have a problem. I was working on this animation, and then after I tried to save it, the app crashed. It happened continuously, but eventually I was able to save it. But, now if I try to go in it, it says that the project is corrupted. It won't let me look at my project, or anything. It just puts tells me it's corrupted. I spent over 3 hours on that animation, and I would love it if you could make it un-corrupted by updating or something. Other than that, this is truly an amazing app.

- I like it but

This app works really well and has perfect potential if they add more updates. Except the other day it deleted all my videos on the app? I had already saved some but others sadly weren't saved. I'm not sure if it just crashed or if it will do this again but bottom line: it's a cool app but save everything to your phone no matter what unless you don't care about it Edit: it keeps crashing so until that's fixed I wouldn't recommend it

- It’s good but something happened today I’m from 2019

I’m from 2019 here so the app is good and everything but for some reason yesterday I made an animation and when I came back to the main page where you can see all of your animations ALL OF MY OTHER ANIMATIONS WERE GONE i was using an I pad mini by the way so if anyone knows how to get ALL OF MY ANIMATIONS BACK PLEASE TELL ME and does the app do this if you reach a number of animations or what.I EXTREMELY DEAD INSIDE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE ALL OF MY PRECIOUS ANIMATIONS ARE PROBABLY GONE FOREVER!!!PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thank you😔

- Wonderful, a few bugs/glitches

I think this is an amazing animation app, it has lots of very useful tools for making animations. Just a couple things you could definitely improve - •The Emoji Me tool. A lot of times it doesn’t pick up the face I recorded, and the result is a little weird sometimes. It has lots of potential though, I can see how it could be really useful for animation. •A few bugs and glitches here and there.

- How do u delete animations in this

So if you got this app i bet you don't know as much as the older people that got it i am one of the newbies of the app and......well i don't know how to delete the old animations but until u guys that made this app fix that I'm going ti give u 3 stars tge second reason is that it needs to tell u the basics of how to USE THE DARN APP but i have to say this is the best animation app i have used not counting the things i mentioned other than that its amazing!!

- Excellent, but...

I love the overall app but when I try to publish it after adjusting frame rate it will crash suddenly... this bug is very new... I’m able to see and edit my project, but when I try to publish it will crash no matter how many Times I try it... please fix this. It would be a HUGE letdown if I had to switch to another app


Hopefully you'll read this! Being a very key component to making your app much better and more popular among several other animation and art apps in general YOU MUST ADD STABILIZER TO YOUR APP! As you know the stabilizer makes each line you draw correct itself or in other words makes the line clean It's a key component to any art or animation app! Multiple artist use computers and very expensive equipment but many don't have that caliber of an upgrade so in order to do any animation of such we rely on mobile apps. So making this app much better for those general people and people just wanting to have fun a stabilizer IS KEY. I hope you read this and put some thought into it -Thank you

- A lot of bugs and needs updates

Okay, hi creators of PicsArt. Today I’m going to report s me of the issues I had. And what are the issues you ask? Well, it’s not much, really. So I downloaded this app today and deleted it the same day because it was really slow. Another thing that I want to report is that maybe you can have some updates? I don’t think I can put volume in my animation, and maybe you guys can make an update about that! Sounds good? Okay! Bye!

- Good but could be better

I like the app but there are a few little things. One thing is it can’t really take in small things if theres no big thing. I did a dot drawing and had to keep drawing big scribbles then erasing them in order to save the dots. Its also a little glitchy.

- Good but....

I like this animator a lot and I’ve been using it for a while but ever since a couple of days ago all my animations keep getting deleted and I can’t find a way to fix them. So if you can try to fix that I would use this animator more

- Good app but here's some things to make it better

Honestly it's really good most apps for animation is bad but this one is pretty good but I think you should add bucket tool and a feature to zoom in that's really it (sorry if they already have these options)

- Ug. I hate it

Okay I was making an animation when it crashed. But that's only the beginning. I wanted to finish it so I opened it again and it said "unsaved changes open or delete?" I said open and it opens my animation I soon finish and then want to make another because I had an idea. It loaded and loaded. Then the screen tuned black and crashed!! I tried it again and again but it kept crashing! So I tried to save it and it also crashed. So I came to write this review.

- Fatal crashes

I absolutely love this app, everything about it is truly wonderful. The simplicity, the lack of ads, the complete lack of "pay for content" However it has some very serious errors upon which cause it to crash. I spent hours making an animation for my girlfriend, and now all of the sudden the app is starting to crash continuously. Please update the app, this is by far the best animation app I've ever seen and I'd hate to see it stay in this stagnant useless state.

- Great but one issue

I really like making animations and this app is good for it. But it wont save one of my animations i worked hard on! It does save but as untitled1 and everything i dont save and leave does and i dont want to delete it. Make it easier to save larger projects plz

- It’s fun but I have suggestions

I love animating it’s so fun! I have some suggestions, to make the app more enjoyable. I think you should add the choice for people to choose there speed and movement of the animation, kinda like flipaclip just easier! If you do see this, thank you for reading this! Please consider my suggestion have a good day!

- Force Close issue

If there is an option to save your animations, i wouldn’t know because it won’t let me get past the rendering screen before the app automatically forces close. I’ve refreshed, I’ve redownloaded and still the same result

- Its amazing...but

I love the app. It is awesome and fun to use, but when I tried to upload it so my friends can see it it just suddenly crashed. I tried to restart my IPad to see if that would work, but it didn't. Could you please fix the problem? I really would appreciate it a bunch. Everyone who has the app would appreciate it as well. Please fix it. BloodyLoneWolf out-

- Unusable

The UI seems pretty straightforward but I am just trying to get started messing with shapes. However, if I choose one shape, it’ll ACTUALLY select the shape 2 spots over. So it doesn’t matter if a triangle is highlighted, I’m using the rose apparently. Hasn’t been updated in a long time so I don’t have much hope it’ll get fixed

- Not really that great

I’m an animator as an 11 year old child and from what I can see and tell, this app is disgusting. It could be so much better, you could change the position of the back and forward button those are in a really inconvenient spot. And also when I’m drawing face/etc whatever it always either moves it or makes it go away completely. Sorry I was rude 😅

- Buggy, unusable

This app makes for a nice mobile cell animation tool, but there are many problems. The UNDO button often undoes the wrong edit or removes more than one edit. When moving to the next slide, often things get incorrectly carried over or deleted. Drawings/edits sometimes multiply, resulting in two lines where the user has only drawn one.

- It ain’t perfect, but it’s simple.

It ain’t the best, but it’s good enough. Also, it’s simple enough for me to not have a stroke using it. All I would like is to be able to edit shapes after you place them instead of having to undo.

- I love this app but it crashes wayyy too much!

I use this app a lot to make animations for my friends like for Easter and Christmas! But it crashes for no reason all the time. I would not recommend this app since it is such junk! I would love to love the app but you need to fix this ASAP!!!! Nobody likes it when the app crashes over three slides worth of animation.

- Waste of space

If I could rate it zero stars I would and don’t come at be saying your not patient with the animation process BECAUSE I AM! I have fallen into your trap and downloaded the game but I noticed that it didn’t keep the brush size the same and the game make a new animation every time I click on it and if you fix the garbage game I MIGHT REDOWNLODE THE GAME but for now I’m stuck on a search for non trashy free animation apps that are for pros not babies

- Very underrated!

This app may not look like a lot, but it has everything a beginner animator would need! It’ll take a bit to get used to, and much better than flipa clip.

- Help

I wish I can upload sound from my photo library that is a big flaw in my opinion please fix that, otherwise it’s a great app

- Great app for drawing

If you need somewhere to start if you wanna become an artist/animator this is the perfect place, they have everything you need for making this art it’s so good


Picsart is a great app, but It always crashes randomly when I’m animating. So, I open it back up, try to go to the page that I was working on, then, it CRASHES. So please fix this!!!

- False advertising

When I got the app I it was fine but then I found out that the arrows where different shapes in fact all of them where not the shapes the pictures show👎🏾 ✌🏾

- There is an annoying bug.

It’s the best animation app in App Store! There is only two things: First there is a bug when drawing shapes. It’s drawing another shape not the selected one. 2nd selecting a part of the draw or copy the whole drawing is missing.🌹

- This broke my phone

My phone was in perfect condition. Until I got this app. When I finished a short animation that was at least 1 minuet long. I tried to save it. But It exited me out. And my phone wouldn’t turn off. And when I tried to watch it without saving it still exited me out. Wow! What a great app. I wasted my time doing this for the internet. And now I’m very disappointed. Thanks “animator.”

- It works better on phone

Ok this app is good on phone, it runs better, there is less of a pixel delay and it’s just the best on phone ,but on a tablet. It runs like crap, Ok I said it, it won’t even load the drawing and always shuts down, btw it kills all the work I and other people do on it, but I know you people can fix that bug/issue so please make it better on tablets.

- I love it but

It glitches every time I try and press next after adjusting the time on it and it crashes and when it goes back on it just does the same I love this app but I can't even save my animation☹️

- Good, but needs something

It is a very good app and I really enjoyed animating on it, BUT, when I tried to export a video it just crashed me whole phone!! I spent a lot of time animating a project and then I couldn’t export it! I need this footage for something important but it won’t let me export it!! PLEASE FIX THIS!!

- It keep crashing

I’m trying to open the app then it crashes please fix this

- Kept crashing and wasn't able to save it

Guys don't waste your time on this. Every time I tried saving what I made, it crashed a lot. A lot of the times, this thing would make a copy. But when I was forced to delete it, the copy was deleted along with is :/ I'm just so upset too because I put a lot of effort in making it.

- Weird Glitch.

I don’t know if I’m am doing it wrong but every time I try to put a circle into my frame, it keeps putting pentagons instead. Can you please fix???

- I don’t like it, wouldn’t recommend.

When I had my iPad, I couldn’t get something like FlipaClip so I tried this. It leaves so many white dots when using the bucket tool is unreal. Also, there wasn’t something for the FPS. It just says speed. If you use FPS, I think it’s a lot easier to make the animation smooth. Overall, I would rather use FlipaClip.

- The original was good...

...but when Picsart took it over it got buggier & lost features. Like, you can’t cut & paste between layers. Anyone know of something better? Please, Picsart, do just a minimum of work on this otherwise cool app!

- Add audio!!!!!

Hello, I love your app, its better than flipaclip, but one problem. ADD AUDIO PLEASE, please make us use our files, let us crop it PLESE add this type of audio feature!!!

- Please help!

So whenever I make a long animation, and try to save it, the app just crashes every time! Plz update!

- Typer

I think there should be like a typer in it with like different founts that would make it so much better

- Not impressed

When I got on the app, I had no idea what was going on. I figured a couple of things out but everything else I was so confused about. I could see potential in good edits and stuff but I just didn’t understand how to use it. Needs some work.

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Animator is a great app! BUT it hasn’t been saving and all the shapes are messed up. It crashes all the time AND it’s not working right at all.... If you asked me if I’d recommend it I’d say NO but if they fix the bug and things I’d definitely recommend it. PLEASE FIX THE ISSUES!!

- Pretty Good, actually (it’s long)

Animator is a great app that when you look at the reviews of other animation apps, this one stands out. I don’t want to be a critic, but it has 2 flaws which can be easily fixed. My first one is. . . When you flip your device (in my case, an iPad Pro), the content doesn’t flip. It would be great if it flipped because one, sometimes I need to charge my iPad while animating, and two, I feel like it would be more spacious and easy to draw. My second flaw is a. . . Bug? When you just tap once and draw a dot (not a circle, literally just tapping once), when you go to the next slide and then go back, the dot isn’t there! And when you draw that same dot back where it was, it does this weird square thing. I wish I could do 4 and a half stars because 4 stars by itself is too low. Anyway, please fix these flaws, it would be much appreciated. Sorry for the long review! :p Have a great day (‘u’)/

- Great app but one one major flaw

Animator is a great app but one major flaw is that when you tilt your device it doesn't flip which means it can only be in portrait mode which I actually hate. Other than that it’s a fine app and if they fixed that small but massive flaw I would review this app higher than 5 stars. Thanks for reading! CartoonsKulezsh

- Usually a great app

Recently I’ve been having this problem where when I try to save a project it crashes (kicks me out of the app) otherwise its great for animation

- Please help

So I did a really cool looking animation which is only about 7 slides long. I wanted to save it but when I checked it in my camera roll it was a blank white screen... I keep on trying but it just isn't working for me. Please help if you could, thanks.

- Boooooo size horrible

EVERY single time I try to draw it changes the size so frustrating and when I’m using the pen. I can’t lean on the iPad with my hand to draw without making a mark really hating this app so bad. No one should even think stout getting it super bad if your reading this don’t download this app!👿👿👿👿👿👿👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😤😤😤😤😤👎🏾😤😤👺👺👺

- Awesome app

This app is great, the only problem I have is when I'm trying to save my animation to my photo gallery, but it keeps crashing! Please fix! But otherwise great app!

- Pretty Bad

When I was doing my animations assignment, it took forever and ever, and when it was finally time to submit my video, it CRASHED!!Why...... please update it to not crash and please do something about it!!!

- Crushed

Whenever I try to save the work I sent hours on, it keeps CRASHING. If u producer are reading this plz take away the bug

- Sad yt

Recently the app hasn't been saving my animations to the gallery when I press save to gallery

- Ugh

It’s ok, except I can’t flipping SAVE THE ANIMATION AT ALL!!!!!!! I HATE DA APP! DONT WASTE UR TIME, SIASLY!

- Definately good

This is an awesome app, but it would be good if you could select a specific area of the drawing, copy it, and then add it to another slide in another area. It would also be awesome if you could include connection to imessage so that you can send your GIFs to friends.

- Merge layers

I have no idea how to merge layers. Could you make a built-in-game tutorial for the animator? Thanks.

- Needs bucket fill tool

I would like this app to have a bucket fill tool because I want my animations to have coloured characters

- Awesome but.....

This app is fun and so easy to use but a tutorial and the ability to record yourself and add it to the video such as talking. PLEASE IF YOU READ THIS MAKE AN UPDATE WHERE YOU CAN RECORD YOURSELF TALKING SO YOU CAN ADD IT TO THE ANIMATION AND MAKE IT EASIER TO NAVIGATE

- It’s Pretty Great

Hey anyone that sees this! My thought Is that this app is Awesome! But I want to be able to show my animations on YouTube and the shapes are messed up and swapped. Also, to everyone wondering ‘>:( Y iS ThIs CraShInG?’ It’s just because for some reas on, if your animation has more than 50 fra mes, then it will probably crash.

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- Liked Fire version, but...

I’ve used this same version on my fire tablet. But this version is a lot more buggy then the other one. Like a bug where it doesn’t show the correct Shape like I choose circle, HEXAGON.


Cette application est simple à utilisé et très efficace. Elle m’a servi beaucoup pour un projet et j’ai eu une super bonne note grâce a l’app.

- Hi

Nice but when I got on one day all my animation were gone so ya I’m upset



- Horrible

I can’t even save my animations!

- I-

Does anyone else have this bug? You pick: like a circle template and it does a hexagon? Or a tear/rain drop and it does a swirvy line? Can you add a copy in paste to make it easier to add the same things and be able to move it a bit more??

- I love it but...

Please fix the glitches! It keeps kicking me out of the app when I try to save projects that have more than 30 frames! I want to make more than just crappy gifs, I want to make full on cartoons! I figured out if you hit the x button it saves but then it creates a clone of the aniamtion :( please fix!

- Christms


- Horrible

I could not use it without glitching and you could only use the templates

- 3 stars :P

I recommend this for making gifs because gifs don't have any audio but for video, WITH audio, I kinda don't recommend this app. I also want u guys to upgrade the app even though we have to wait, I want a bucket tool for filling in cause it's hard to fill in all by yourself and infinite frames and infinite audio limits(I know it might take you guys hard work but keep it up!) hopefully you guys will do that in the next update! But keep up the work for making people's dreams come true of being an animator!

- Good

I wish that you could animate on a video


it’s good because when I post this on YouTube it goes well it’s so good


Better than the other animators I used, I used this app for a year now and I’m in shock to see that there are only 9 reviews and almost half are one star, but after my year long experience, I’m giving it a 4 star because ITS GREAT but Is a little buggy on my iPod touch 6, I know I’m not very up to date but it still runs on the latest firmware iOS 11.3.1

- Not for presentations

Its a really good app, but it cant handle more than 30 frames. Here i am just a few hours before we sit and get a zero grade because i couldnt even save my own animation... IT TOOK ME HOURS AND IT COULDNT SAVE !!! PLEASE FIX IT



- Does not let me save

I made an 1min and 30 second video and I tried to save but it went back to my home screen. I opened the app again but a notification pops up saying that I didn't save it and asked if I would like to open or delete it. I open and try to save but it keeps making me going back to home screen. Not letting me save it. Please fix this!!!!!

- How do I delete a project?

Hi! I think this app is just amazing.. but I can't figure out how TF to delete a project.. and it's come to a point where I have to scroll for a minute, if I wanna work on one, can someone help?

- Overall very nice!

This is one of the most easiest to use animating app I've downloaded so far! My only problem is that I can't seem to get my animations out of the app, I can go as far as the screen where you can changed the speed and chose to use the PicsArt watermark, after I press the blue arrow button on the top right hand corner it freezes for a few seconds then crashes.

- Bad.

It would be better if you could insert audio or it wouldn't crash every time I tried to save my projects. The way it is now, it's really mediocre.


I used for a School Project and Got Great Results. I definitely Recommend trying it. Everything is Organized. It really is COOL!

- Nice by need help to delete animation

I just got the app and the little garbage can delete icon is not working. It is not enabled. Need to be able to delete an entire project with one press. Unable to delete the first screen created of each project after I deleted the others. Thanks.

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Picsart Animator - GIF & Video 1.6.4 Screenshots & Images

Picsart Animator - GIF & Video iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Picsart Animator - GIF & Video iphone images
Picsart Animator - GIF & Video iphone images
Picsart Animator - GIF & Video iphone images
Picsart Animator - GIF & Video iphone images

Picsart Animator - GIF & Video (Version 1.6.4) Install & Download

The applications Picsart Animator - GIF & Video was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-12-17 and was developed by PicsArt, Inc. [Developer ID: 587366038]. This application file size is 84.86 MB. Picsart Animator - GIF & Video - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-07-08 current version is 1.6.4 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.picsart.animator