A Normal Lost Phone

A Normal Lost Phone [Games] App Description & Overview

A Normal Lost Phone is a game about exploring the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone was found by the player.

The game takes the shape of a narrative investigation: you have to search the phone’s text messages, pictures and applications, in order to learn about its former owner. Through this phone, you uncover Sam’s life, friends, family and relationships, until the evening when they turn 18 and mysteriously disappear.

- An immersive and intuitive way of introducing the narrative through a fake smartphone interface.
- A game that bridges the gap between reality and fiction by letting players act as themselves. The game asks a simple question: if you close the app but still think about the game, have you truly stopped playing?
- A relatable story that helps build empathy with the characters, allowing to explore difficult topics.

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A Normal Lost Phone Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Adapted the game to modern iPhone and iPad screens and fixed some minor visual glitches.

A Normal Lost Phone Comments & Reviews

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- Please read before downloading

This game is really a page turner and kept me engaged. Only had a few problems... -i had to look up passwords because this game can be very hard. You have ti read through evvvvverrythingggg... -i had no idea how to get started because i didnt understand..maybe explain something.. -its fantastic but after i finished my options were to delete the $1.99 i spent or do the same thing again..dont really love those options.. Other than that i love the message of the story and how fun this game is. I will probably restart and let my friends enjoy the game but please add more stories!!

- Thank you

Playing this game was like reading an incredibly interesting book, a real page turner, combined with the experience of solving the puzzles of an escape game. Like with a good book you get to the end and you wish it was longer. But I don't think it was too short either. I played this game for hours on end but I think most people would play it over the course of several weeks. But if you're like me you won't be able to put it down and will even look up a couple hints, because honestly there were a few passwords I never would have guessed and it's better to cheat a little than give up on the game. I have never written an app review before but I just had to thank the developers for creating this game and encourage them to make more. I would pay another $1.99 for a game like this in a heartbeat. This game could really change some people's lives. Five stars, no regrets.

- Good but a bit short

Had a great time playing but I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel too short. In the end the sorry it's good and well told and was a natural progression so I do feel complete and satisfied but am hoping the next will be longer. After reading a review of one of the their newer similar games, I bought this one and two of the devs other games all at once because I like this concept. One glitchy thing: while playing, I had gotten to the diary section and was reading it but fell asleep because it was late. When I woke up and opened the game later, all my progress was gone. I am relatively sure I didn't do anything so maybe a glitch? I used a guide to get back to the diary quickly and then finally finished the game. It was a bit frustrating to have to do that but like I said above, good game.

- Im getting Chills

Its incredible to think that in this day and age. You can learn everything about someones life through their phone. With a little investigation and time you can learn about the kind of person they were, the people they lived with and who they want to be. A Normal Lost Phone excels in telling a story the story of a person with a lot of troubles, with a family who doesn't understand. Its easy to navigate with a lovely soundtrack and I found myself reading everything in the phone to learn more about Sam’s life. By the end of the story I found myself running throughout the entire system trying to find a way to send a message to Sam. I was so invested in the story I wanted to reach out to them, I wanted to communicate to this fictional character. It was incredible, I loved this app very much.

- Short, But Quality

I had a hard time deciding between four and five stars. While the game is interesting and creative, it was also far too short and I feel they really didn’t milk the unique setting of the game enough. There are many creative ways to incorporate puzzles into the framing device if the game, but I don’t think the creators explored those options nearly enough. On the other hand, this game manages to tell a compelling enough story, the puzzles that are there are solid, and the music is some of the best I’ve ever heard in a mobile game. Ultimately I am giving this five stars because I would like to see more of this kind of investigative game on the app store, and for managing to tell a classic LGBTQ story without falling into horrible outdated cliche.

- More PSA than game - spoilers

I finished this ‘game’ a few minutes at a time over the course of a couple days. I was intrigued at first, but it soon became apparent that this is not so much a game meant to be enjoyable for the players as it is a means to push a message. The reveal has the player reading long passages of a fake forum meant to give insight into the life of the main character who is transgender. I’m not upset about the message, but I feel that the game was incorrectly described in the App Store. The developers true aim is to help people empathize with trans people. But they pretend that the game is a mystery/voyeur game to attract interest that they know would not exist if they were forthcoming about their motives. I am a supporter of the LGBTQ community, but I feel like I got tricked and ripped-off with this purchase. Honestly, I would have been better off spending an hour or two reading over an LGBTQ subreddit.

- A compelling experience

I had watched a couple of YouTubers play this game before, which kind of spoiled it. However, I fell absolutely in love with it and wanted to play it for myself. When I did play it, it was so much more immersive. I felt like I was actually going through a real phone and reading the story of a real person. It was amazingly executed, and I love it so much. I don't usually buy apps, but this was well worth it. It's such a beautiful story. The graphics and music are so pleasant, it's very colorful and calming. I think this game certainly brought attention to a subject that is very important in today's world, and it really told the story well.

- Not a game

I tried out A Normal Lost Phone and was done with it in 30 minutes. I think it would have worked better as a short story because it really didn't need to be a "game", if you can call it that. Just a little bit added to it could have made it an actual game but as is it is just short text snippets and bad/obvious number puzzles. Just let me interact with some of the characters. Give me a puzzle that isn't figuring out some dumb kid's obvious number passwords. And I really didn't like the ability to not interact by the end of the game since in real life I would have texted the dad or mom. Regardless of circumstances, no parent should have to wonder where their kid disappeared to unless there is domestic violence or something extreme. I won't go into it further since I don't want to spoil anything but I didn't enjoy it overall.

- I'm lost for words

I never thought in a million years that I would EVER write an (honest) review for a game but today- my mind is changed. This game is amazing. When I got to the end, i was speechless by what i had to do and when i did it, i cried. there's so much hatred in this world right now simply because people just don't have the time to stop the hatred and just listen. "it" doesn't have to be your lifestyle for a person to need to understand equity. this game really shocked me and if only one person learned something by playing this game, then it was worth it. thank you for this touching story. very emotional.

- Thoroughly impressive.

Perfect combination of nonlinear storyline and puzzle solving challenge. The player can explore most parts in any order, yet some information is only useful after other areas are explored, striking the perfect balance between freedom and direction. It really captures the feel of exploring someone's private world and seeing it unfold one interesting step at a time. I played all in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. The game set ambitious sights and then followed through admirably. I wish there were more interactive stories this engaging and accessible. Seriously, well done.

- Lovely

I love this concept. And as you dig you almost feel like you're actually invading someone's privacy, and in that aspect kind plays out as a nice social experiment. The story is compelling and touching, but it plays very quick. I could easily see a sequel being made with a The player finding a different phone. If the developers do, and I hope they do, I would like to see more available options. Dialogue options for texting or emailing back, voicemails, there was a whole music section you couldn't listen to, etc.

- Thoughtful story

I’m a casual gamer, I don’t play much aside from Tetris, but I thought I’d give this a try! So from the opinion I’d say this was a lot of fun! The story was really interesting and rummaging around for passwords wasn’t too challenging with some thought. As the story progressed I had a lot of “aha!” moments. I learned more about the lgbt community as a whole, some things I didn’t know or understand before make more sense now. Honestly it’s a fun game you can play through in one afternoon. I just wish it was longer! Twice as long? Still I’m glad I made the purchase.

- Fun and unique gaming experience

Very much enjoyed this game, it’s a nice no-pressure type of game that lets you investigate the mystery at your own pace. The puzzles are clever but not impossible. I also appreciated that I learned some things, but I won’t say about what and spoil any of the plot :-) Just one word to the wise—if you leave the app open and don’t touch it for too long it logs you out of the session and you have to start from the beginning. Dunno if that’s a bug or not, but it happened to me twice! If you close out of the game it’s fine, though.

- This helped me a lot I love it❤️❤️❤️

I was just looking for a game to buy and I came across this and I though oh this would be a good time killer. When I started playing it, I instantly fell in love. I love how this game is mostly about a trans woman and other people apart of the LGBTQ+ community there aren’t many games that have that topic. It also talks about real life problems that people may have experienced before. I don’t really know what to say but this is a great puzzle and story telling game for people part of LGBTQ+, or people that are allies this is a great game!❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Liked it but could be better

While I did like this concept and it was intriguing and short enough, I really wish there could be dialogue like set scripts that we could send to different people but I understand why that also may not work or give a lot away. I liked the WiFi & calculator passwords because while they weren’t obvious & you had to dig a little deeper, they weren’t out of your reach either. Everything you need is in the app, you just have to be patient. This game took me a little less than an hour to finish so I wish it was a little more challenging or had a puzzle element or something.

- What I expected, but...

I really like the concept behind lost phone games. I think the story often eats away the gameplay, though, and that definitely happens here... so if you’re not interested in the topic, it will fall flat. The three-star rating is because of a bizarre glitch. If I leave the screen idle for a minute or two, the game resets. 4 new messages from dad and everything is gone. This happened to me about 4 times... luckily there isn’t really that much to do to progress in the game. There’s about 4-5 inputs and you’re done. Again, I would have preferred more puzzle and less exposition.

- Lovely game

I’ve been searching more for games with LGBT content, and this one is wonderful. Most of the puzzle aspects are straightforward, though i did have to use google once. Other than that, the characters are incredibly compelling and it makes me happy to know that someone out there made this. If you’re somebody that wants to learn about trans people, or maybe you’re a young trans person yourself and you want to explore that, this is a great game/visual novel. Very much worth the price of admission! ❤️

- Peachyyhope

I dunno. It was way too short for me. I loved the message and all but I sorta regret spending the money on all of it, since it lasted me barley 10 minutes, this is more of a game I would get to teach someone something. Not to play. Yes the puzzles were challenging and fun, I’ll admit that, but spending money on it wasn’t worth it. It’s a one time play game, yanno? Though the story telling was amazing, and I loved learning about the girls life and everything. not to mention how close to home it hit for me, being an LGBT member and growing up in a conservative town, but I just feel like it needs more to be a “game”. But maybe that’s just me.

- Overpriced

The game was really good and enticing but too short for the price. Overall this game took like an hour to complete and it was 3 dollars which is expensive for a phone game. The other problem is that the ending leaves a little bit to be desired. I would like to see what happens next. Either way if you have the money please check out this game it’s an amazing experience if you overlook those 2 problems. 4/5

- A terrific snapshot of life, executed perfectly

A great concept and really well executed. The glimpse into these people's lives is appropriately uncomfortable without feeling vouyeristic, and seeing a catalog of a person's life and thoughts and unique sides is exciting. The game cleverly gates its section in an intuitive, satisfying way, and the ending, which I won't spoil, is as satisfying as it is elegant. In an age where we wonder if technology is keeping us from becoming closer, this game makes a strong argument that this is far from the case.

- Great concept, meh execution

The concept behind this is fantastic, and I hope that someday someone takes this idea and creates something really special with it. However, there's not really much content here. I beat the game in around 15 minutes, and there's not much (or any) replay value. In addition, the "story" so to speak is shallow and predictable (much like many other games that deal with the same subject matter unfortunately). I was hoping for a deeper mystery, but you'll probably be able to guess what happened correctly in the first few minutes of the game. I'd say wait for this one to become free.

- I wish I could play this

Having thoroughly enjoyed "Alt Frequencies," I bought this one with the hope that the same attention to accessibility had been paid, and eager for a new story game of this type. I was especially interested when I saw the nonbinary representation in the description, being nonbinary myself. My eagerness was dashed, though, when I opened the app and could not navigate using VoiceOver. Please consider including VoiceOver accessibility in this game so I and other blind players can truly play the game and give it the awesome rating and review I feel it would be worthy of if I could only play it.

- This game is sam thing else

A normal lost phone is a great indication of the potential that indie games have. It's scope is tiny: a phone with some apps, a few fictional townships, a small cast of characters, few of which actually pose significance-but it's implications are large. How does a young person go about reinventing them self? It's supposed to be easy in this day and age, but is it really? As we pry deeper into sams personal life, the grand mystery fades quickly, and I wish it didn't. I predict that in this company's next effort, it won't.

- Wow

I was initially disappointed because it finishes so fast. Especially if you cheat because the only thing that makes the game long is the PASSWORDS. Which are like impossible unless you have an IQ of 160. BUT I’m gunna go ahead and give it 5 stars because of the raw untold narrative and how real reality gets. This was cozy, sad, romantic and uplifting :)) 10/10 would erase memory and play again. But seriously if you don’t have 1.99 - watch a walkthrough babe.

- Amazing storyline

I really felt like I started to get to know ‘Sam’. The story had its twists and turns and I didn’t expect nearly anything of what happened, amazing! The game is missing one star from perfection because of the price... even though I loved the game I only spent a couple of hours on it, and for 3$ on an iOS game I think it is a bit pricey. This been said, I would definitely buy a sequel (with another phone/character of course)

- Played Until My Phone Died

I could not stop. For anyone who’s very curious (ahem...nosy) by nature, this game will be a delight. I cried at the end, and now I’m wondering what’s in store for Sam. I don’t know if everyone would play this the same way, so I’m sure experiences will vary greatly. Luckily for me, I seemed to stumble upon the key bits of info in the perfect order by just naturally snooping around the way I would. More of these “lost phone” games, please! A good thriller would be extra nice!! 😎 SPOILERS AHEAD I think the password for her calculator was too hard. I mean, other than the WiFi password, everything had been dates. I tried all dates related to the LGBT group/book club, parade, etc. I had to search online to see what it was.

- Good

The game was pretty good. It is similar to Goon Home in that the ending is completely different then what you thought it would be at the beginning of the experience. It kept me playing from the moment I picked it up til the end. It is only about an hour and a half, maybe less if you are a better detective then me, but for the price I feel it was worth it.

- Too short!

I read the reviews on this “game” and was really excited to purchase the app. I was disappointed when the story was over in approx 30-45 minutes. I feel ripped off. I was going to purchase the other one but really don’t want to waste my money. I do have to say it was a good message. But just way too short.....if it was longer and had more interaction I would have definitely given it 5 stars. But really, really feel like I wasted my money on this one.

- A Normal Lost Phone

It's a good game overall, but I'm having some issues getting past the security question. The app doesn't seem to respond to my answer, instead the "Please provide the answer to the security questions" warning stays displayed on the screen. I hope there's an upcoming update to get rid of this bug, It's really frustrating not getting my money's worth AND not being able to progress further in this immersive game. I'll rate it a solid 5 stars as soon as my issue's fixed.

- Decent, but incredibly short.

I started and completed this game during a single workout session on my treadmill. I know the point was that there's a message, but it was just too easy to solve the few puzzles and the gameplay was frustrating at times, and not because it's a tricky game. You couldn't reply to any email or texts. It restarted on me a few times, no idea why. And the ending is abrupt. No replay value here; I'm deleting.

- oh my gOD

I love this game. The story is so well written, and it's so heartwarming. I think I started crying at one point. To potential buyers: if you're looking for tons of hard puzzles to solve you're looking in the wrong place. If you're looking for a touching story with lots of pieces (and lots of reading), I think this is worth your money.

- Lovely Game

A wonderful concept with a powerful message. The soundtrack added so much to the game. Seeing Sam’s journey through his messages and pictures was eye opening and gave me such a cathartic feeling. My only complaint is that it is too short of a story for how much it cost.

- This will forever be my favorite mobile game ever, maybe even more.

I loved every bit of this game, there is not a single thing that I dislike about it. Amazing story, amazing puzzles and just over all an amazing game. I’m really filling this up with compliments aren’t I haha. Honestly I can relate to this game personally but anyways, love this game.😊

- This is so amazing!

I got so emotionally involved in the story that I had to have a page of notes. The creators did a fantastic job. I didn’t put it down for a whole day and now I’m sad that it’s over! I think I’ll give their other app a try too. Thank you to the creators for such a great game.


The art in this is gorgeous. The music is absolutely lovely. The gameplay is fantastic. The puzzles make a lot of sense and flow together really nicely. The plot is hauntingly beautiful. I've never even written a review before but I HAD to for A Normal Lost Phone. I won't forget it any time soon. <3 Thank you!

- Not relatable

The reason I’m giving this app 3 stars is because it wasn’t relatable. I see now that you all have created another app ( which you have to pay another $1.99 for) that does have a female who plays the protagonist. I wish I would have known that there were separate apps for different sexes. I am so happy that this app is here. But like I said "apparently" I paid for the wrong app. That didn’t "fit me".

- Superb

Went in expecting something fairly straightforward. Got something extraordinary. Not a super deep puzzle game, more like an excellent novella with some fun detective work to get to the next scene. Enlightening, surprising, emotional, and engrossing. Definitely going to be checking out more from the developer.

- Emotional game

This game has changed my life. It has made me think on a whole new spectrum. The only problem I had was I'll be in the middle of the game and all of the sudden the game would restart. Other then that, the game was amazing. I hope this review helped.

- Loved it!!

I thought this game was really good, i just wish there was more! it took me an hour or so to do the whole thing and i loved every bit. Now i’m sad i kinda sped through the game because i wish there was more to play.

- Cool concept

Cool concept. Love that you’re getting LGBTQ+ politics out there in an engaging way. The functionality and logic of the puzzles leaves a lot lacking. Nothing is obvious and you really have to go digging, and even then it’s still a lot of guess work, which is really time consuming. You lost me at time consuming. I guess I’m just bummed that I paid for the game only to realize it had these issues. Goodbye dollars.

- Unique and delightful

As one of the previous directors of the Global Game Jam, I am always on the lookout for games that launch from our event, and this one is something special. A unique style of storytelling, it really drew me in and got me to start caring about the characters. Well done!

- Amazing :)

This game was in a word “Amazing”. It dealt with real problems and real struggles that people deal with. Also, I was so under the illusion that I was actually looking in someone else’s phone! The art is also really good! I definitely recommend this game :)

- Wow... just wow...

That game was truly incredible.. there are other games out there like this and I love playing them but this one... this one felt different, it is different. And it's so.. so good. I love it. It's something that I will play again.

- Heartfelt and sincere

I loved this game. It's an intriguing unfolding of a story of a young person in the middle of vast life changes. Told through interactions and relationships, it may not be everyone's cup of tea but I saw my own experiences so honestly and sympathetically rendered. Everyone should play this game.

- A little short but really interesting

I would have love a way to get hints within the app when lost on how to even continue and in what direction, but this was a great story and worth the two dollars for sure.

- Wow

Being able to see a supportive trans community in a game like this is absolutely one of the most amazing things I have seen in a long while. Thank you, for absolutely everything.

- Powerful

One of the most original, empathetic, and well executed games I've played. I feel like a better person just having played it.

- Truly Amazing

This game captures what many people have to experience on a daily basis. I love how there are hidden hints for passwords. I do wish this game was a bit longer. Maybe a part 2?

- This gets in my top three games!

It felt like real people were telling the story and it felt so real thanks for making this!This game really explained a lot of problems LGBTQ+ people have and I loved it!

- An unexpected delight

This game was nothing like thought it would be, and much better than I expected. Very intriguing, and a great way to spread understanding of some very controversial issues. Thank you!!

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- Amazing game !!

This game was very interesting and mind stimulating. I love that fact that it delved deeply into topics that most other games wouldn’t dare to touch. It gives the players a lot more insight into the LGBTQ+ community, which was really lovely to see. I can only hope that people who have played this game have changed their stances on this community and have become more accepting. This game was beautifully written, with amazing graphics and a captivating storyline. I can’t wait to start playing the next game in the lost phone series.

- Best game on iPhone

And I say that not only because it's fun and rewarding game, but because it also showed me the errors of my ways and taught me how to be a better person in a world like ours today. Not many games in life can teach you this, but this is one of those games that can.

- A game with a message

This is a really clever way to address people's concerns and questions about the topic at hand whilst still being fun to play. It ended too soon though, I was just getting attached to the characters!

- Inclusive and Interesting

One of those addictive narrative-based games that raise questions you keep thinking about and thinking about til you get to the bottom of them. I only wish it had been longer :(

- Kinda Funny sent me here

Fantastic mobile experience that recreates finding a lost phone full of mystery and secrets.. Gets the Greg Miller approval 👍

- Could’ve been better

I had high hopes for this game as it looked really good. However, it was a bit of a disappointment. The game was incredibly short, could be finished in under 15 minutes. The content was mediocre, it was a great idea which was executed badly. I recommend this game however I do believe it is very overpriced for what it is.

- Enjoyable

I truly enjoyed the game but it’s VERY short, unless I just spend too much time on these apps. Probably do. So I perhaps wouldn’t have wanted to purchase knowing it would be this short. But awesome, meaningful story. Do continue making this stuff. Maybe longer stories or cheaper games? Cheers

- Pretty cool

Enjoyable game! It's quite short, you might be able to finish the whole thing in under an hour!

- too short

it’s an amazing game but i wouldn’t have spent my money on it if i knew it was going to be so shory

- Incredibly boring

This game's story content is entirely benign and vacuous, using a bland coming-to-terms plot of a trans kid in place of something of worth or interest. I'm gay and this was an absolute snooze. It stinks of pushing an agenda also rather than focussing on creating a good story for a story's sake and a fun game. Don't purchase.

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- Application géniale

Très belle histoire. Concept génial. Pas trop difficile de trouver les repères lirsque tu suit bien l'histoire. Juste un peu nul que l'application ne soit pas gratuite puisque ce n'est pas le genre de jeu où on y passe beaucoup de temps et/ ou il y a une fin alternative. L'application est assez chère mais comme dirait un ami, le prix n'est rien comparé à l'expérience que tu as vécu en y jouant.

- Good story, OK game

The story is good and presented to the player in a good pace. As for the gameplay, the puzzles are at the best OK. I would still recommend this as a short interesting game.


This is the first review I’ve ever wrote because i usually don’t care enough to do it but this game is beautiful. Great story, really nice platform and very informative on important and relevant issues in today’s society! 🏳️‍🌈✨💕

- Awesome!!!

I LOVE this game it is so beautiful and powerful, not to mention the music is really amazing!


I usually don’t leave reviews but this game was perfect! Not only did it cover the right topics, it covered these topics well. Great game!

- Incredible!!

I don’t normally leave reviews but I absolutely haaaad to for this one. There were some moments I anticipated and other parts I didn’t. My breath was held in anticipation the further into the phone I delved. There’s a level of depth and profundity regarding the human spirit woven between the lines of this game. If I could give it more that 5 stars I would. I’m sad it’s over and I hope the developers work on something like this again!!!

- Amazing!

I love this game so much! Gonna regret staying up so late tomorrow but I just HAD to figure out how the story ended! The story is amazing but a little difficult to piece together but other than that it’s amazing!!!

- Amazing

I just found out about this game and holy. It is such a fun game. I love the mystery and solving everything, especially the story. It was fantastic. I really recommend this game to anyone looking for a good little mystery.

- Superbe

Tres beau jeu, histoire touchante. 2 heures à peu près de plaisir <3 Amplement comblé !!! Vaut son prix 100%

- A Powerful, Emotional and Encouraging Story

This game was great! It told an amazing story! The puzzles were ok but the journey was what this was really all about. Not what I expected it to be, but it ended up being even better than I thought it would be. Great job!

- It was good but expensive

The story was amazing, the music was good, and the puzzles were brainstorming but not too hard to solve. I am planning on buying the next one, “another lost phone” since I enjoyed it so much. However, even thought I enjoyed it, the story was a bit too short and the ending was pretty expectable. I liked the game but it probably wasn’t worth a $4.

- Only meh, and short

This game was okay, terrible and not a good ending, along with it only took me an hour to finish. Waste of 5 bucks!!

- Cher

C’est vraiment un des meilleurs jeux que j’ai joué malgré tout sa coûte vraiment cher pour si peut... je trouve le jeux vraiment court... j’aurais aimé diverse fin au jeux...

- Not great

There was some effort put into the game but it was just boring. Puzzles were too hard so I had to search them up. Just not worth playing

- Just not worth it

I’m really into these kid if games, so before I bought it I read the reviews to see if it was good so I bought it. Honestly I’m disappointed, I got so bored that I didn’t even bother to find the answers myself. I just searched them up. In my opinion I wouldn’t waste my money on this game! Just not worth it

- Nice but short

Very nice narrative/puzzle game, but expensive but the playtime. Took me around 2h to complete it, but great game nonetheless!

- Absolutely normal

And yet extraordinary at the same time. Eye opening.

- Wow

Le jeu est vraiment génial et super original. J’aime beaucoup ce genre de jeux d’enquête! On en apprend beaucoup sur (ATTENTION SPOIL)... Les transgenres et c’est très intéressant. J’ai aussi joué à « Another lost phone » qui est tout aussi bon. Le jeu est légèrement trop cher pour ce que l’on a, puisque c’est un jeu qui se joue seulement une fois. Bref, j’attend d’autres histoires avec le même concept avec impatience!

- Great to pass time

It was fun and a great time killer... wish there had been more to the story. Doesn’t take long to finish, but definitely worth checking out

- Meh

Good message, boring game, why would someone whos sooo secretive keep their phone unlocked? Makes no sense....

- Lovely

This was a really lovely, creative and clever game. You legitimately feel clever when you figure out how to advance and unlock more of the story bit by bit. Really loved it. 💖

- Décevant

Jeux beaucoup trop court pour la somme demandé (environ 1h et même moins pour l’histoire). Une histoire vide sans péripétie. Je ne conseille pas l’achat de se jeu.

- Really nice game

Nice game, short and sweet. It's a new type of game for me, it was interesting feeling like you are snooping in someone's phone.

- VERY cool concept... a little short

Very cool concept. Clever framing of the discovery of a story and identity of a person, who themselves is having an identity crisis of their own. And very sensitive way to make us discover a world that's too often misunderstood. On the other hand, the game is somewhat short! Finished it in 2 days! Wish there was a sequel with entirely new characters and an entirely new phone to discover. :)

- This game would be nothing without good writing

Luckily, the writing is excellent! Really great game and isea

- Superbement ecrit

J'ai decouvert ce jeu grace à ZQSD et c est une réussite, intelligent dans son concept, sa mecanique et surtout son écriture. Bravo!

- Amazing!

This game was possibly one of the best mobile app games I've played all year! It really presses down on issues with acceptance and loving who you really are. Thank you for creating this game.

- Hoooollyyyy Booooiii

This game is so damn good! Playing this on your phone feels like you've found a real lost phone! Writing & suspense are so good. I only have 3 complaints: 1. I'm Canadian so I didn't know that cities have zipcodes 2. Didn't know what format dates were in (MMdd? ddMMYY??) 3. You can't play any of the music :( probably an issue with porting to ios, since the songs titles were included in the credits Anyway, buy this game. Worth.

- Wish there was more too it…

I'm giving this a 3-star rating because the story has a good message and features characters that we don't see enough of in interactive media, but the game is threadbare. I can't really call this a game or interactive fiction as the interaction is minimal. The player is on a fixed path and can't make choices, except the choice to not see the story through, but where's the adventure in that?

- Great game!

Made me think of Gone Home and that's a good thing!

- Great game but way to short

Great game with nice story, but the content of the game is way to short. I finish it within a hour including being stuck long time at one of the password

- Great game!

A really clever story-driven game with some fun puzzles. You develop an amazing connection to the Sam

- Beautiful subtle story

A game about empathy :)

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- Good

I like it for the most part, it’s interesting and fun. The problem is that it’s not long at all, you could be done with it in a good 30-60 minutes. I just don’t think it’s exactly worth 2.99.

- Unique and fascinating!!!

Loved this game! Truly hoping the developers will make another! Fresh, unique, fabulous! It does play out quickly, but that is partly due to the fact that, like any good book, you can't put it down! Anxiously awaiting a sequel game!!!

- Was that it???

After I found out why the phone was lost, I went back and read nearly everything because I didn’t think that could possibly be the end! This one wasn’t very “puzzling” at all. I paid for the combo that includes Laura’s story, so hopefully that will be better—or at least not make me feel like a chump for spending money on it.

- I gotta admit ..

Games like these don't roll around often. I don't wanna give away plot, but it is honestly a touching subject I know nothing about. So glad to have opened up my eyes to it.

- Problem?

I finished the game but it won't let me go back to the settings to delete all the stuff on the phone so I can't actually finish it

- A terrific story and message

Not much replay value if you take your time, but once is definitely more than enough.

- Best thing I’ve played in a while

Amazing story and interface. I even found the text in it might be useful (while not obvious)

- An innovative, inspiring story

In a sea of junky clones of the same arcade game, A Normal Lost Phone stands out as a creative game that really pushes the boundaries of mobile games and interactive fiction. Thank you for the absolutely wonderful journey!

- Fantastic Little Game!

It’s a short ride, but powerful. Take your time and read everything for full effect!

- Beautiful

Really loved the story just wish it was a little bit longer since it was paid but still so sweet and amazing.

- So impressed and touched!

I absolutely loved this story & I'm so glad I bought this game on a whim. Recommendation: don't read other reviews or you'll spoil it for yourself!

- So impressed and touched!

I absolutely loved this story & I'm so glad I bought this game on a whim. Recommendation: don't read other reviews or you'll spoil it for yourself!

- So impressed and touched!

I absolutely loved this story & I'm so glad I bought this game on a whim. Recommendation: don't read other reviews or you'll spoil it for yourself!

- Overall ok with an average plot.

You find a phone and compelled to look thru it. The APP Store sells it as a mystery, but turns out, without giving plot, is a quick coming-of-age tale. The music is nice. Real photos would have made for a better experience, but I'm sure it was done for budget reasons. Not much regards of mystery or a big reveal. Thinking about the main character's plight, however is sad.

- Verge of Ugly-Crying

This game is amazing. The storytelling is superb, and the characters have a lot of depth. This one hits pretty close to home. 10/10 would absolutely recommend 😭😭😭😭😭

- Excellent

It was such a good story. I was very invested and had just the right mix of a bit of puzzle and a story where I needed to know more!

- For a younger crowd

I like the gameplay, it was fun figuring out a mystery while breaking the taboo of going through someone’s phone. The story though, it fell a little flat. For anyone familiar with these themes, it loses its challenge, so it feels more Young Adult than anything.

- absolutely slaps

this game does in fact slap very hard. playing it was fun and relaxing and heartwarming. it has a great grasp on what it can feel like to not only figure out who you are but figure out how you want to share that with the world. i loved playing it and i’d totally recommend it to anyone interested, it’s absolutely worth the 99 cents.

- Weighed and found wanting

Run of the mill game. The concept was interesting but the story was basically exactly what you expect. Formulaic in general. It's too bad it wasn't longer or more interactive. Maybe if it was $0.99 it'd be worth it.

- Stop and buy it - it's worth it

Amazing and creative game. The story is so engaging and the puzzles are great. If you're on the edge of buying this, you need to play this.

- Whatever

This game was really easy. I wish I was longer then all the games I play on my iPad and my iPhone.

- Incredible.

Wonderful story. Not great English. Seems like it isn't the primary language of the writers. Still very very enjoyable.

- Amazing Game!

I want to spoil it so bad, but I won't. Anyways, this was such a beautifully designed game and I would love to have a sequel! Totally worth the money

- Pleasantly surprised.

I wasn’t expecting this game to be so personal. It was very relatable and I’d highly recommend it to anyone questioning themselves.

- Please Just Do This.

This left me feeling emotional and unsettled in the next possible way. What a beautiful, eye opening story. Please play this!!!

- Unexpected

The idea, the interface, design elements, and soundtrack are really great. The story wasn't high stakes enough for someone who isn't connected with the type of community presented though. I was hoping for a deeper mystery with more devastating consequences.

- Needs more

I was hooked during my entire experience with this app, and it ended too abruptly. We find out so much about Sam and then there's suddenly nothing more. I hope the devs can add to this mystery.

- powerful

Didn't realize the game would be so relatable for so many people. Would love to see a sequel into Sam's world!!

- Not a Good Game

I can’t believe i paid money for this. the previews made it seem like such an entertaining and fun game, but it really isn’t to me. i’m not understanding how to get into wifi on it and the wifi is basically the only way to do anything. i’m disappointed and really do not know why i spent money on it.

- Well written

This is the best interactive story i have played. Check it out

- Tears

I love this. I will be getting other games from the maker (this is my second, including Bury Me, My Love).

- Eh

The story line was good, however I downloaded it an hour ago and already have it finished with no outside help. Maybe if each time you passed it it created a new level that was harder?

- <3

I loved every aspect of this game, thank you for making it.

- Amazing!

This game was great, I've always loved these types of games! Uncovering the secrets and story was fun and I enjoyed the message of the game.

- Amazing

Probably one of the best mobile games I have ever played.

- 2 Dollars Well Spent

Great narrative exploring the hardships and realities of LGBT life without diving into irrelevant political nonsense like many stories of this topic tend to do.

- Short and worthwhile story

It's an interesting concept for a game and a well told story. Buy and enjoy

- Very short

Would have given it 3 stars but it was away too short. Definitely not worth the $2 I paid for it. It's sad because it could have been so much better. Even the ending was kind of like meh.

- Amazing

this is a good good game and i hope everyone plays it, im so glad it has a happy ending.

- Good game but not worth all that $

Great game it's just not long enough to cost this much money...

- Not a game

The story is great. But it’s a story; not a game. Took 30 minutes and there were 4 puzzles essentially consisting of finding information in text messages/ emails/ photos. No challenge. Love the story, but call this what it is. NOT a game.

- Great game good story

I really enjoyed this game good games are hard to find these day

- Good game

It would be a 4 Star if it didn’t keep losing my progress :( Had to play 3 Times to beat it

- Love the story but keeps crashing!!!

I adore the premise of this game but am beyond frustrated with how it randomly erases all my progress and restarts from the beginning on my iPhone 7. It’s happened six times now!

- Very nicely done

Well thought out and good for LGBT I liked it.

- Yup

The game was really good and I enjoyed it I just think it should’ve been free instead of paying. Dollar for it

- Eh

Good graphics and could go somewhere but definitely not long enough for the money.

- Love!!

I loved this game. I just could not get enough!!

- Perfect yet flawed.

The music was amazing. The art was fantastic. The story was magnificent! All three enclosed in a shroud of mystery that you, the greatest detective, will solve to bare witness the conclusion that will stay with you forever. However... the game was too short to be worth $2.99.

- Cool game but mostly a PSA

I like the idea and the format of the game but I kind of feel tricked because it’s really about piling on so much information about how to “pass” as a woman if you are a man

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My real name

@GreggJarrett We can see you're sending this from your iPhone. What are you even saying is happening? You've lost both WiFi and cell phone service? There's clearly strong interference near your house, so go check it out like a normal person.

ℓαcєу ✨

Me: casually going about my business and cleaning the house, being a normal functioning human being. My phone: *plays lost in the dream by MX* Me:


Goodnight tiny twitterers in my phone. Normal service will resume shortly. I’ll get there. Thank you all for being incredible. Except you ya chancing bastards who have pounced like a lion on a freshly killed gazelle. You can get lost.

A Normal Lost Phone 1.4 Screenshots & Images

A Normal Lost Phone iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

A Normal Lost Phone iphone images
A Normal Lost Phone iphone images
A Normal Lost Phone iphone images
A Normal Lost Phone iphone images
A Normal Lost Phone iphone images

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The applications A Normal Lost Phone was published in the category Games on 2017-01-25 and was developed by Plug In Digital [Developer ID: 608306412]. This application file size is 103.99 MB. A Normal Lost Phone - Games app posted on 2020-10-20 current version is 1.4 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.plug-in-digital.Anormallostphone

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