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AT&T Call Protect uses the power of the AT&T network to automatically block potential fraud calls, show warnings of suspected spam calls and gives you the power to add unwanted callers to your personal block list. Also includes access to AT&T Mobile Security which helps protect your phone from mobile threats. Req’s download of separate apps.

Avail. for AT&T postpaid and business wireless customers with eligible wireless service. Excludes government, FirstNet network and AT&T PREPAID.

AT&T Call Protect:
- Automatic Fraud Blocking: Detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters
- Heads up on Suspected Spam*: Warns you of telemarketers and other suspected spam calls so that you may decide whether to answer, ignore, or block
- Personal Block List: Allows you to add unwanted callers to your own block list
- Report Spam Calls: Help identify suspected spam and likely fraud calls. Your reports help us to continually improve our service for everyone

AT&T Call Protect Plus (In-app purchase):
- Custom Call Controls: Take more control by choosing entire Categories (Telemarketer, Political Calls, etc.) of callers to allow, send to voicemail or automatically block
- Enhanced Caller ID*: Identify your incoming callers by name and location
- Reverse Number Lookup: Enter a U.S. number to get caller details. Up to 200 queries per user within 24-hour period.
*Available in AT&T HD Voice coverage areas

AT&T Call Protect: Automatic Fraud Blocking: May inadvertently block wanted calls. Suspected Spam Warning: May allow service messages and/or other permitted calls. Personal Block List: Permits blocking of individual phone numbers (excludes unknown numbers). Manage all settings via app.

AT&T Call Protect Plus: Subscribers pay $3.99/mo. Auto-billed every month through your iTunes account unless canceled. Subscription automatically renews and your account will be charged $3.99 unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. To manage your AT&T Call Protect Plus (“Plus”) subscription, go to iTunes. Once your Plus subscription is canceled, you will be downgraded to the basic free version of AT&T Call Protect. To remove the service entirely, you must cancel within the app or via myAT&T, once your iTunes subscription ends. Payments are nonrefundable (subj. to applicable law).
Custom Call Controls: All call categories, except Fraud, are automatically set to allow. Manage all settings via app.

Eligibility: Compatible device is required: iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 9.3+ and includes AT&T HD Voice-enabled smartphones. Smartphones sold by other carriers may not be eligible.

Rates: Data charges may apply for app download and usage. Other charges and restr. may apply.

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AT&T Call Protect App Description & Overview

The applications AT&T Call Protect was published in the category Utilities on 2016-12-20 and was developed by AT&T Services, Inc.. The file size is 25.45 MB. The current version is 1.8.7 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Fix to signup process
New! AT&T Mobile Security
Updates to Custom Call Controls and Block page
Improved UI
How to report SMS Spam

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AT&T Call Protect Reviews


I have my doubts if this will work!  Hylerj  5 star

I have been putting up with these calls for about 2 yrs now. These telemarketing companies have about 200-300 extensions at each location. When they call and believe me u will know if it is one before u answer because it will say on your phone identifier “United States”; no name available or some other name u know is not identifiable. What AT&T needs to do is Monitor these calls and inform them of harassment charges that can be brought against them if they continue this unwanted activity. I have over 2000 phone #’s in my block phone # list on my phone. Sometimes I receive 4 to 5 of these phone calls each day. If they tell u to select item 2 to be put on there “do not call list” do not think they will not call u again. And if u block that call they will just call u on one of the other 200 lines the have at the call center. [email protected] must take a more aggressive approach to this “big” problem!!


Cannot even get it to start  JAndersn  1 star

How many times do they need to send me a pin to verify my number!!! After the sixth time I gave up.


Filters 1% of calls. Useless  Njjock1234  1 star

You have to manually block calls.


Should be included as part of phone bill  xallthey  1 star

Already paying AT&T for phone service. Now they want to charge you to not get calls from spammers.

No nickname avaialable

Crap software from crap company  No nickname avaialable  1 star

Get your act together att


Mediocre  AndyGgdrgh  2 star

Allows too many calls through, even when they are labeled as telemarketer or spam. Does not fix the problem.


Scammers gone  diana0802  5 star

Best addition to AT&T. Scammers are under control out of my life!!!


Mistake  GrammyDia  5 star


Mike OKC

Robot calls  Mike OKC  4 star

Still getting too many robo calls

UCF Student

Please auto block know spam  UCF Student  3 star

Calls marks as potential ATT scam on caller ID are not automatically blocked?


Reverse Call Lookup Should Be Free  szeyxqre  1 star

“Reverse Call Lookup” should be free. Before I report an “Unknown Caller” as spam, I’d like to verify the caller. Some unknown callers may be people I know who are calling me from a different legitimate phone number.


Not sure how this is helping.  Neogirl75  1 star

Sure... it flags calls as telemarketers, but they still ring. I thought it would stop the calls from even coming through, but it sure doesn’t. Furthermore, it does absolutely nothing to block the robocalls, so I still get endless calls from numbers with the same area code and first three digits as my phone number. Perhaps I’d be more impressed if I upgraded to the premium services... but I already pay AT&T a lot of money... I shouldn’t have to dish out more. If you’re using the basic app without upgrading, it’s pretty pointless as far as I can tell.


Thx for the block app  perrychase  5 star



Mostly useless unless you pay  124684905843  1 star

Most features are useless unless you pay to upgrade. I expected this app to have some intelligence and block spam without even the call coming in. I have had no reduction in traffic and most useful features are paid only.


Premium version  retegrfdrder  1 star

I thought paying for the premium version it will be a great blocker for unwanted incoming calls but for my surprise it’s not. What it does block calls from real ppl and those risky calls keep coming . Hope they do Something about it


Countless calls still get through  Meeshell_91  1 star

This app is useless. I still receive many spam and telemarketing calls throughout the day. The FEW calls that the app actually catches, its just a caller ID letting you know it’s a spam call. Rarely does it actually block the numbers. Also, a few times when I have reported and blocked a number through this app it still let the same phone number call me the next day. AT&T needs to work on protecting our information instead of creating useless apps.


Great program  Gumbolovr  5 star

Love this program, I can enjoy my phone without all the bs calls.

Wally Burger 999

Waste of time  Wally Burger 999  1 star

Total garbage. It just doesn’t work at all. If anything I get more Robo calls than I did before. Why does AT&T even bother with this junk. Robo call blocking should be built-in as part of the iPhone.


Blocked calls  danno411  5 star

Does a great job blocking all unwanted calls


It helps but it could do more  Sferguson85  3 star

If there is no way to identify these calls from spoofed phone number as bot calls PLEASE!! Add a function to just block all calls not in your contacts list and then add a section to view only those specific blocked calls in case you want white list them or add them to your contacts

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