FaceApp: Neural Face Transformations

Transform your face using Artificial Intelligence in just one tap!
- Add beautiful smile
- Get younger or older
- Swap gender

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FaceApp: Neural Face Transformations App Description & Overview

The applications FaceApp: Neural Face Transformations was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-01-24 and was developed by Wireless Lab OOO. The file size is 34.36 MB. The current version is 1.0.13 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and performance improvements
Multi-face: apply different effects to different faces (Pro version only)

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FaceApp: Neural Face Transformations Reviews

Roast the twhnrywmeumtehmetj

Crazy good  Roast the twhnrywmeumtehmetj  5 star

I was messing around. Checking the features I was freaked out by how cool and possibly realistic the future me one was I recommend it.


Misleading  GideonFrost  1 star

Desperately needs a full size option for ALL filters, and more attractive teeth without a weird blue hue or yellow tooth. The photos above do NOT represent the quality of the transformations you actually get. You removed the best feature spark making this purchase largely underwhelming. Save your money


It wouldn't work with the face part:(  |=,(  2 star

I saw good reviews about this and it look fun so I decided to get So about seconds later it was hear,So I tried to do the face part and it didn't even work!I mean I just got it!Please just try to fix this and I'll maybe fix this review...


Only Goes One Way  Zarzi41  3 star

You can easily swap the gender of a male in a photo and have it look so amazing, but switching a female to male is not good at all and lacks the smoothness and expertise of the male to female pictures


Amazing fun!!!  LaineeBird  5 star

It lets you see who you really look like in your family!!!

Morgan Baxter

YASSSs  Morgan Baxter  5 star

I love this thing


Great an funny  davidsitomejia  5 star

Great and funny


IT'S SO REALISTIC  EclecticSinger  5 star

It really trips your brain to see it! I love this app! Totally keeping it!

not smiley

Faceapp  not smiley  5 star

This app is both fun and effective

Glad gal

Wow  Glad gal  5 star

It is eerie how much my male self looks like my brother!


Not great results  Etatro  2 star

I see everyone else posting interesting pics. Mine all seem to show erroneous smudges and stuff.

Ally Spengler

Love  Ally Spengler  5 star

AMAZING so funny will love this app

noelle duck

I love/hate it  noelle duck  5 star

I like it


Missing feature.  Whywhathow  1 star

Only bought it because I liked the hot feature and then one week later they removed it.


A+  Lolascloset  4 star

Lol this is so dumb


Hilarious  Harrypotterlova23  5 star

This app is so funny and fun for everyone!! I would like them to add more filters but overall amazing!!

iPhone user333

Quite hilarious and entertaining  iPhone user333  5 star

When the pictures are taken well, and at different angles, the app really can work its magic. I personally like to take a picture, and then apply a filter, then take that filtered picture and add yet another filter. It is quite fun, and this even allows for more realistic and interesting changes! The more familiar you are with the app the much more accurate it can become!


GIF  JSCorbin  4 star

I liked the app and it made me laugh when I used it on my friends, but I didn't like how you couldn't put female or male filters in the GIF's. There also are not very many choices


No difference between free and pro  Snappingmtl514  1 star

Paid 4$ for pro version. Spark filter is gone. No additional filters. Same thing as Free version. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!


Faulty  Katinabox22  1 star

Loved the concept but the face recognition is really temperamental and just plain does not work well. Additionally, it was unable to load and use photos already in my phone's album after multiple tries. Again would love the concept of this app but the execution is pretty bad.

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