Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp download

Find furniture you like and design a campsite that suits your style!

Tents, hammocks, fireplaces, a stuffed-animal sofa...mix and match to your heart's content! Make a trendy open-air café, or line up some microphones and guitars to create an outdoor music festival! In the mood for a little extra fun? Set up a merry-go-round and open a theme park. You can even make a pool, or fill the sky with fireworks!

◆ Design your campsite, camper, and cabin however you want

◆ Collect themed items from Fishing Tourneys and Garden Events that happen throughout the year

◆ More than 1,000 pieces of furniture and 300 pieces of clothing and accessories are available to choose from, with more being added all the time

◆ Features more than 100 animals with quirky personalities

Fulfill animal requests and watch your friendship with them grow! Once you become close enough friends, you can invite them to your campsite. The more the merrier!

Design a show-stopping campsite, invite your favorite animals, and take an in-game photo to show your friends. If your friends like what you've done, they may even give you kudos!

The great outdoors has so much to offer!

Notes: This game is free to start, with in-app purchases available. Internet connectivity is required to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Data charges may apply. May include advertising.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp App Description & Overview

The applications Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was published in the category Games on 2017-11-21 and was developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd.. This application file size is 232.32 MB. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp current version is 3.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

It's the two-year anniversary of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

We're making some big changes this time around.

Changes include:
- Added the Pocket Camp Club subscription service.
- You can now load any furniture or clothing onto Gulliver's Ship.
- Adjusted the difficulty and rewards in Gulliver's Ship.
- Updated menu design and function.
- Adjusted on-screen display.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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jeshikalu   4 star

How do I change animals at campsite?. I really like this game. It brings back such good memories of playing it on the DS (minus all the weeds lol). The new update has ads to buy stuff in game displayed a lot more prominently though, which kind of disrupts the pleasant atmosphere of the game. Also, how do I change animals at my campsite now???

EVEE🧝🏻‍♀️🦈👢   5 star

Love. Love love

cmdispa"mxowla   2 star

Overwhelming. This game is fun if you have a lot of free time. I love the DS version (New Leaf) and wish this version was an improvement. It’s not. The amount of things you have to do is overwhelming: multiple contests/events go on at a time, you have to fill orders near constantly, you get rewarded too many items so you’re constantly checking your mailbox, you have to decorate 3 things (cabin, camper, and camp ground), you have to craft items near constantly, and the animals have to socialize with you all the time— meaning they’ll just give you something or say something meaninglessly just so you spend more time on the game. If you add friends, all you can do is send kudos and visit (which means just look at their camp layout). Also, the animals never really just talk to you like in the original. They don’t have homes to visit and never share candid thoughts, never ask for your opinion on their clothes, never ask you anything except for you to find their lost belongings. Too much materialism, which goes against the whole theme of camping.

VickiT82430   4 star

Love it...but I have suggestions. I love the game but now I'm having trouble updating

smellyfrog   2 star

Disappointed. This game used to work on my phone, but since the latest update it keeps crashing. This happens when clicking anything, from a button to talking to an villager. Hope this is fixed soon.

goldie is the best dog!!!!!!!   5 star

Love this game!. OMG! Love this game and would only change having to pay to get the club and warehouse and that stuff like you should be able to pay in leaf tickets!😊

Puzzle/Girl   4 star

Return the timer, please. This latest update removed the timer on the map that indicates when the character turnover happens. Please return that to save mentally figuring out how much time is left. Thanks!

RPGenie   4 star

Perfectly playable and enjoyable without spending. I will typically spend some money in a game I enjoy to show support if the prices are reasonable. Until the sub options I hadn’t spent anything because I don’t spend money on premium currencies in games. I think the 2.99 sub is helpful to people who can’t log in a ton to complete events and it’s not an unreasonable amount for the hours of enjoyment you can get in this relaxing game. I do however think they should add more items to the game that can’t be received by other means than fortune cookies because the markets hardly have anything in stock just the same few things on rotation.

Deztimer   4 star

OBSESSED🤩. I LOVE this game, I’ve owned all animal crossings and never have time to go home and set up my old consoles to play. But this mobile game is a life saver! It’s adorable and I love the fortune cookies. But I need to say that the new fortune cookie club idea is cool, but I wish it would include the Sanrio characters, hello kitty, cinnamon roll, etc. I’d even pay more if they brought it back. Those are my favorite cookies and I’m so sad they’re not included 🥺

Arkascha   5 star

Thank You for Listening.... ... and pulling ACPC back from the brink of destruction. Our beloved trash bird Gulliver is once again taking all the garbage, and bringing us goodies in six hours. The point system for the islands is very fair, and manageable even for newer players. Not sure if the cookie island is going to be in standard rotation, but that one definitely has the community cheering. The Helper Plan is too adorable to even discuss, a must-have. Not sure about the Cookie Plan though, I find five cookies and storage a bit meager for 7.99. Maybe adding a few more cookies, or shaving off a couple of dollars would push many of us who are currently interested but not convinced, to press the subscribe button. Overall, nothing but happiness with this update; I went from a one-star rating back to the full five. Please keep it up, and we’ll keep playing!!

Brapples69   2 star

Yikes. Disappointed in this game. Going back to New Leaf until March.

Eriickuuhh   5 star

My favorite game. Always my go to when I’m happy or sad it’s a great game

egSebastian   5 star

いぇs. lov絵いt

August3197   5 star

Awesome. I like fish.

Jorddddd94   1 star

Okay not cool. I’ve been playing this game for a year now, and of course on the day of the games second anniversary I totally missed it because my game wouldn’t start after an update. Sad and annoying!!!!!

Kelsi L   2 star

Used to be a great game now it’s a money grab for AC. When I got this app over 2 years ago, it was very fun. There was tons to do, and it didn’t cost me a dime. NOW if you play this, you’d better have money or you’re only going to have access to ugly furniture. If you want a cute town that has a theme, better have money to throw at this game. The new and cute furniture always comes in special fortune cookies, those fortune cookies RARELY cost bells, almost always cost 50 leaf tickets, per cookie. While yes, you can earn leaf tickets without spending money, it is nearly impossible to receive an entire matching set of furniture unless you spend money and trust me, you will. Also, they haven’t found a way to make it to where you don’t get duped items in the cookies. One time I spent $40 on leaf tickets, and spent each ticket on the Beau Artisanal Cookie, I still have about 8 brick ovens, and never got the 5 star item. Oh and don’t get me started on gullivers ship. You used to be able to send ugly terrible furniture with him in exchange for snacks for your camp guests, now you have to build crates, which cost a lot of supplies to build, then you must PAY LEAF TICKETS to retrieve the items from Gulliver when he returns, even though you just paid for the items with materials and bells in the form of a crate. SUCH a HUGE RIPOFF! I hope the new switch animal crossing isn’t like this. One more thing- the animal crossing club is a monthly subscription. Just another way to bleed the long time and new animal crossing fans dry. STOP BEING GREEDY a$$holes animal crossing.

Treomatos   1 star

Charged for everything. When will it stop?. Pocket Camp is putting out some great new content. The developments with a camp caretaker are wonderful because it finally gives a sense of having a friend. Someone who sticks by you and helps when you need it. BUT this isn’t a friend, they’re an employee. They require payment for you to enjoy their company and assistance. Just $3 a month. No big, right? Well, it is a big deal because this is the very kind of content Animal Crossing should have been adding into the game without extra charge. They have generic campers/villagers which they never build on to give more distinct personalities. Let alone your interactions are always limited. When it’s FINALLY changed to where there’s more personal interaction it’s for a price. Really? Let me explain something which should be a simple concept to a successful business. The reason why it comes off as annoying and insulting to the user base isn’t because there’s paid content in the game. It is because it’s a REQUIREMENT to pay money to get certain content. To keep people happy and still make a profit Pocket Camp MUST make the paid content optional on how it’s obtained. Make it to where it is obtainable by in-game participation OR by money. That way, those that don’t have the funds or don’t want to pay have that option but the people who don’t mind paying can just pay and get it without the extra work or time investment. So... put simply, people will stop lashing out at Pocket Camp if it makes the Camp Caretaker obtainable through leaf tickets AND provides more FREE leaf tickets by completing tasks and gathering event items. The whole 3 leaf tickets at a time when everything seems to cost leaf tickets now is still very withholding. Docked 4 ⭐️s because this company should know how to make profit while simultaneously not taking advantage of its user base. Fix this, for real.

AlexMichelle   5 star

Awesome Game. I’ve played a version of this game since I got my GameCube way back when. I’ve always loved the concept and this app is fabulous!! It’s a great game to play at really any time, and it’s always fun. I’ve really loved seeing it grow with all the updates - since I started playing right when the app initially came out. The updates have been what has kept my attention, for sure. You can def run out of things to do if you play too long, which can be a bummer. But that comes with the territory. Overall, I love the crazy furniture and the items that campers can interact with. However, it is annoying to get so much duplicates from fortune cookies... I am loving this newest update with the helper and such, but can you please add back the countdown to when the three hours is up? It can be hard for me to keep up with sometimes with everything else in life. It’s just an easy reminder. :) also, it would be really cool if you could make the campsite area for furniture larger - even if you have to pay back a loan! I’ve already expanded my camper as much as i can, and paid back my loan in full. There’s just so much empty space that could really be utilized by being able to decorate there! Also, please make the scenery less expensive.

Young veebs   5 star

Wonderful fix. The newest update is much more fair on the players. Excellent work by the team.

S. G. M.   1 star

Update. I love the game. I play it every day. There are small things that bother me though. Mostly little unnecessary changes like changing the bottom of the screen. I hate the new bottom and wish i could go back to the old. Since decorating is a big part of the game when you change something small like that it be cool if you could decide if you want the old or new one. The side bar is harder to use and looks bad. Maybe let people choose which design they want on that too. I like the paid subscription ideas but it seems expensive. And lately everything nintendo has been getting paid subscriptions. It feels like their jamming random things in to get extra money. It always felt like you cared about your users but thats slipping. Animal crossing is my happy place please don’t ruin it. The more i play the more i notice. Everything is smaller on the map and it looks sad. And the beach looks like it was moved to make room for the subscription. Great.

raichu-of-the-hills   4 star

The Pokemon Go of Animal crossing. I love this game because it lets me experience animal crossing without the factors I dislike in standard animal crossing games. I always have fun playing it, and it’s a good way for me to start the morning. The only notable problems I have is that I wish there was more online freedom, such as being able to say prewritten phrases and/or actually hang out with your friends. It was an aspect that I loved in acnl, and am sad didn’t go in this game. My other problem is the games music. The sound effects are fine (if not a little loud) but I wish that KK Slider songs could be played in campers. I’m about level 46 but have not yet gotten ANY music. Overall, this is possibly one of my favorite Animal Crossing games so far, I just wish these problems could be resolved :)

Love.Kills.Slowly.   5 star

BEST update yet!!!!. I love the new update & personally I’m subscribed to both of the memberships. I have been hoping for a monthly subscription service like this for a year. For the people who actually want to pay for the cute content, this is amazing. I don’t understand how other people are complaining about a membership they don’t even have to subscribe to. I AM HYPE FOR THIS UPDATE. pls keep adding more paid for items, i’ll take them all 😸🦊✨

herswansong   4 star

one of my all time favorite games. one thing i love about this game is how the developers actually listen to the players. fixing the gulliver update was a huge deal for me and has made the game a lot more fun again. my only critique now is that there is no longer the clock/timer that shows you when animals move from locations. i have no idea how much time i have left with an animal and that is frustrating. i also hate that there are ads everywhere for the subscription services. i understand that it’s just been rolled out, but i feel like after you flip through the ad the little alert for it should go away. i have spent so many hours playing this game. it’s so fun and genuinely helps me relax.

Grantie25   1 star

Sooooo disappointed. I have been playing Pocket Camp for awhile. I have also been purchasing and playing Nintendo games with my children and then, my grandchildren for many years. I am extremely sad that Nintendo has joined the ‘money grubbing parade’ of internet app producers that overcharge constantly to play their games! Up until Nintendo joined the ‘app parade’, their console games have given quality games (that were especially appropriate for children) at a reasonable price. However, Pocket Camp is typical of these Internet app games and constantly requires that we spend actual cash to get ‘extra’ game play to really enjoy the game. And it adds up very fast! I won’t be playing Nintendo app games in the future and just hope this greediness doesn’t seep over into their marketing of Nintendo console games. Sooooo disappointed in Nintendo!

jfiebxuwkuwiehdkshxiwkdhir   5 star

I love this game!!!. I absolutely adore this game! It is fun and exciting but in a laid back way. Every update is as good as the last! I love the recent navigation style update! Keep up the good work!! ❤️❤️

noury 2010   5 star

Sooo cool!. I love this game it’s pawsome but there’s only one problem the game is good but the leafs tickets are hard to get but the game is still so cool I love the forchen cookies it’s an a some idea thank you for reading

Ant & Drew's Grandma   1 star

How do you play this?. NINTENDO! Everyone is unhappy about this unethical cash grab. We all pretty much agree that we would pay for the game but these cash grabs are despicable. I can’t even figure out how to play it. You’re losing a lot of faithful Nintendo fans over this BS. I’ve been playing AC since GameCube and I can’t figure this game out at all. Too hard to understand. Yes, I’m old but I’m an experienced AC player. 0 stars. This is the dumbest game ever and an insult to AC fans. I will never spend real $$ for virtual crap.

caitynnnnnnnnnnn   5 star

Membership Problem. I play on two different phones and have never had a problem doing so. One is my new phone, one is my old phone. I joined the ACPC membership thing on my old phone thinking it would just transfer like it always does, but it doesn’t. Now I can’t play with my membership on my new phone, which I use all day. I tried canceling, restoring, deleting the app, and it still won’t let me be a ACPC member on my main phone I use all the time! Please help me fix this!!!! I’ve been playing for 700 days!!!

idoldaes   5 star

best mobile game ever. i’ve been playing this game since it came out and i gotta day its rlly captivating and one that never bores after a while. everyday, week, month is a new even that keeps things exciting and haves you checking back everyday. some people complain about the club membership but for 2.99, it’s not bad. and if you choose not to get the membership, you can play as normal so nothing changes. rlly one of my favorite games out there

thegoob14   1 star

Game is money centric. You don’t have to pay for anything in the game but you can barely do anything fun because they don’t give enough leaf tickets to actually do anything. They just keep asking for more and more money to keep up with the game.

Advertorial    5 star

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Kurtumus prme   5 star

Woah!. When the second anniversary came Animal Crossing: Pocket camp has changed a lot! I love it keep it up! What will the third anniversary be like?!

Paige/Alex   5 star

Love it. This game is super cute and easy to play! It can be a little repetitive but I love the quests they give and how easy it is to advance :)

Rufasta2?   5 star

Hi Nintendo 🤩. Just a heads up...... when I try to use the find a friend option it freezes and I have to close the game and start it again. This has happened every time so far. Would like to use it but can’t, please send update to fix. Thank you, 😃 p.s. Really like the new features, well done 🥳. UPDATE: Game keeps crashing, tried to craft..... screen went black then kicked me out. Please fix a.s.a.p. Cannot play at all, keeps closing.☹️

Notonguewithbutt   5 star

New Subscription Isn’t Bad. Contrary to popular belief, the new subscription isn’t actually that bad. The $2.99 one actually seems like a steal. I have no issue with it and will be purchasing it. People are making a big deal out of nothing.

Kite the kat   5 star

Kudos. This game is so therapeutic, but I’d love it if there was a way to send kudos to all my friends at once

EEVEECHY   3 star

It’s A Cash Grab At This Point, But Still Enjoyable.. I played this game a few years ago, and remember loving it. When I decided to download it again on my new phone, I realized that it’s basically become a cash grab, and Nintendo wants to get the last few dollars out of every player until New Horizons is ready. I do like the game though, but it would definitely be better if every singe cool thing didn’t cost 250 Leaf Tickets, and in-app purchases wasn't almost needed to have a good time.

Weoderp   5 star

very wholesome. Can’t fall asleep at 2am? Just redecorate your camp, go fishing, pick fruits, do design challenges. Honestly if you just want some positive energy in your life, play this game. It’s really cute and might make you more inclined to be a generous and motivated person.

Zoe.96   4 star

Crashes. I love playing this game.. but it lags all the time and then crashes. Please fix this 😭

Annie Reviews   1 star

As if the greed wasn’t bad enough... A paid subscription?At this point I won’t be surprised if I start having nightmares about the cute little AC creatures shaking me down for cash and stealing my wallet.

Dee.KJ   5 star

been playing since the day it came out, the best!. Best game ever!

evefire   3 star

Y. I can’t do I anything it’s just stuck on this what’s the difference

Lizeghg   2 star

Why. I really enjoy this game but they need to change Gulliver back to the way he was. I now have no need for regular fortune cookies, they just keep piling up, I have about 60 of each kind unopened in my inventory!!! So now there’s also not much point in giving rare items to animals since I only did it for the cookies (furniture/clothing) to send away with Gulliver! Completely changed and ruined something that was perfectly fine the way it was! It’s like the others are saying, cash grab!

TiannaMerie   1 star

It’s not working since the update. For some reason it’s not working for me

technicolortiger   5 star

Incredible. I love how the paid currency (leaf tickets) aren’t forced in your face for purchase and are fairly accessible through regular gameplay.

CR sister   5 star

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I absolutely love animal crossing and I’m addicted to it❤️. I would for sure give it a five gold star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ If you are weary about getting the app, don’t be because their is nothing forcing you to buy anything in the game. I’m Animal Crossing you can explore many different world and in each world you are greeting by an animal friend and you give items to them like fish, fruit, bugs, etc. I’m return for useful crafting items. You also get to name and 😀costomize your own character!! Have Fun, and leave a five star rating⭐️😁

r❤️saliii   2 star

:/. i went to download the app because i never went through my “animal crossing” phase and i was so excited to try it out! shortly after opening the app i was very disappointed, i couldn’t get past the title screen because the app is under maintenance. i dont know how long it’ll be under maintenance for but this really sucks :( i was ready to stay up all night learning the ways of 𝘢𝘯𝘪𝘮𝘢𝘭 𝘤𝘳𝘰𝘴𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨 ✨ but i guess not.

Fidelities1982   1 star

Greed. Entertaining little mobile game is ruined by greedy micro transactions and now will be even worse with upcoming subscriptions ($2.99/mo or $7.99/mo USD). This level of greed is ridiculous and ruins the game, so not worth it now.

Fdhyhkafrjfart   5 star

Best game I’ve ever played. On any console.. This game is very simple, and calming. I have anxiety issues and this is the biggest relief for me. I solemnly recommend it to anyone who wants a pure-hearted, soft game or a means of calming down.

ChineseCounterfits   1 star

I hate this app!!!!. This app is useless if you’re not willing to spend money. GREEDY!!!! Animal crossing sucks now!!!!!!!!

minamicchiii   2 star

Fix the favouriting please!. Don’t like the Gulliver update and the app auto favourites most of the clothes and furniture which makes the favouriting feature useless

lihcstbk   3 star

Crashing. App keeps crashing after most recent update especially if i check my notifications outside of the app. Also doesn’t keep my spot anymore and brings me to the title screen anytime I switch between apps


Save Campsite Feature. Hey! So I really love to design my campsite with different themes (especially with the fortune cookies and stuff.) It’s always a pain to redesign and all that and on top of that, I have to remember where each things go. Yes, I could just screenshot the current design but that’d mean having to put all the stuff back again (which I don’t mind doing.) I think an easier method for this is to add a feature in which you can save campsite designs so you don’t have to keep redesign theme by theme yet again. It’ll probably require a lot of space and such but this is my only suggestion.

Chadical Chad   5 star

Love it. I’m Obsessed

TheHighestPriest   5 star

Fortune Cookie Appearance Rates Are Garbage. Fortune cookies are a waste of tickets; buy 6 cookies and chances are likely you’ll just get multiples of one or two different items. Also Please let me put clothing on K.K. His bare torso is... Terrifying

Funnygamergirl509   5 star

Make it for iPad. I've been playing on my phone and I just got an iPad and wanted it on there but it doesn't download onto it?

Oliver DeSousa   5 star

A World of its own. Such a beautiful and detailed game...

Un dominicano   5 star

Soooooo good. I love the game!!

SupaNate456   5 star


Ree dad   5 star

Best cute little mobile game i’ve ever downloaded. It’s really nice to come home after school and just play on my campsite and make all the villagers happy without a care in the world :)

hbybsysy   2 star

It,s sooo dumb. It won’t let me play more. And your next update put fix bugs in it

Advertorial    5 star

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Y-JJJ   4 star

no longer available ... This game is very interesting, I love it. But I can't update this app. No longer available new version .. please help me 😢

fydgjhi   5 star

Hi im Harry. Hi in the. Nekst update I would love to have it that you can drive your own camper please thank you Nintendo great game

LouiseLj423   4 star

App crashed again. Since the newest update/new look, everything is laggy. When I try to scroll or make my character walk it’s very glitchy and things are very slow to load and if I scroll too fast the screen freezes and then crashes the game. This has only been happening since the newest update/new look. I want to explore the new look to the game but it’s almost impossible to navigate and play at the moment. Playing this game really helps with my Anxiety :)

uwu🌸✨🐇   5 star

This game is wonderful. It isn’t like animal crossing new leaf but it is great, it is one of my most used apps and it never glitches for me I don’t regret getting the app. People complain about how it isn’t like the mainstream games but how much of that could you fit into a phone?

The dark sylveon   5 star

Awesome game!. I love this game! 10/ 10 would camp again!!

cwy85   4 star

Cannot open. Cannot open

Lol bubblegum wolf   5 star

Aww!. Absolutely in love with this cute game!

reek***   5 star

Hfcjfkn. It’s really good and very different I didn’t know it egsisted until this year but it’s very confusing 💕💞🐝

Amber love ipads   3 star

Help Me Please, Please Read!. Hi, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp doesn’t work for me it’s just in the loading sign ( the first one ) and it just stays like that, so please tell me what to do. Thanks For Reading!Please Tell Me What To Do. This Game Is So Awesome! Bye For Now!🙃😉😌🙃😍😋😜😛😝🤪🤩😎☺️🙂

natalie 🐫   1 star

used to love it but now... i still really love this game it brings me so much joy in times like this but it wont frucking update so now i cant play it anymore and that makes me so mad and upset i want to die genuinely

hjmibnibhghnuigun   5 star

Amazing!. This game is so amazing and I got nostalgia to the old versions! Thank you for making this game! However, It may need a few updates but still 10/10 5/5 whatever! It’s just a great game so really continue making updates so it can get 5 stars and not 4.8!

universa21   2 star

Predatory. This game is already riddled with micro transactions and has been a grind fest for players who don’t play. Now they’re adding a paid premium service for the anniversary which no one wanted. Just the excuse I needed to finally delete the game. A letdown.

Mkatrina   5 star

Issue. Fish no red snap snap, mission say I get red snap snap but fish no snap snap. Please fix this glitch. Fish need to not be blak Bass, coz no flip flop. This game is good. 5 stars, I love that there is no glitches with the red snap snap. Thank you for SMAP SNAP. Umm actually I just found a snap snap so forget the issue good gam, I wood play.

Ays4535   1 star

Scam. I like this game, it’s fun and all but I recently bought a pack for $5.99 for 100 leaf tickets, the event fishing net and a normal net but when I purchased it, it didn’t give me what I bought and said “bad connection” and then the game crashed and when I tried to open the game again, it never opened.

KawaiiKitty!   4 star

Awesome game! A phew things though. I love the game but there are a phew thing i would suggest adding: 1: you should be able to buy craft materials straight from your inventory 2: you should be able to sell clothing and furniture in your market box 3: i often have no leaf tickets so can you them either easier to get or cheaper please :3 If you could do these things i would play the game waaaaaaaaaaay more!

Lima Oscar Victor Echo   4 star

Great game.. Like many other reviewers have already said, this game is pretty good! It runs smoothly and overall it’s just a great game. However, after completing the animals requests it gets quite boring. There isn’t much to do other than fishing, catching bugs etc. The seasonal events are exciting too but after a while it does get repetitive and not as fun. Perhaps an element like Toritimer island where you can do mini games and purchase items with medals could somehow be incorporated into the game as that was a very exciting feature of the game.

Scrubcakes alysha   5 star

Animal Crossing requests. Honestly a great game. I love it so much, and everything and everyone is adorable. A few requests: 1. Please create an option to multiple select furniture/clothing when putting them up for sale 2. Please create an option to eat multiple fortune cookies at once from inventory (like when you purchase a box of fortune cookies) 3. PLEASE change Gulliver

DeP1nt0   1 star

Huge waste of time. the game is ok but the thing is i keep trying to connect back to my old nintendo account and it says that it didn’t work because i already have an account on another device, so i went onto the website on the account and click sign out on all devices, went back to the game page went to sign in, and it still said the same thing.

juicecoo<3   5 star

Very good!. I love this game!! It is very cute and fun and it helps me to relax. The only thing is that I wish you could sell/gift items to your friends. Sometimes, I get duplicates of very rare items and I don’t want to just throw them out, I wish to give them to my friends who might not have gotten a chance of getting them yet. Other than this, I think this is an absolutely wonderful game and I would change nothing about it!

J_gerl   5 star

Amazing❤️❤️❤️🥰😍👧😺. I love this game because you have lots of ideas and you can store them in here it’s like a real campsite most of the time I spend my time on animal pocket camp I don’t like any of my other apps I just wish you could have more people at your campsite 🏕 and have the fortune cookies at a low price and so you don’t have to pay leaf tickets just bells because I have only got three cookies but I like my campsite and my name is Emi and I love the game and I am only 8 years old and I’m on level 41 or 42 everything else is okay and I love it soooo muchhhhhhhhhhh

giizemxox   5 star

changing username. i love this game but im stuck with a username that i hate !!! please update it so we can change our usernames! please please please !

Cpausia   1 star

disappointed.. um, i love this game so much but i’m pretty sure i read that they were going to be reverting Gulliver back to how he normally was in a month or so... well it’s been a month and this still hasn’t happened. disappointed because i was congratulating nintendo on fixing the thing that everyone was complaining about, but i’d like to take that back now... i just hope it won’t continue to be like this because now all the furniture and clothing i get from fortune cookies is all for nothing and it just sits there slowing my game down.

Emilykatelin   4 star

I love this game BUT.... I think it’d be cool if we could design our clothes like we used to be able to on the old DS game. I also think we should have more clothing and hair style options, and why can’t we sell ALL our items? Like furniture... I’ve been given three of the same items from a cookie which I really don’t need. Also can we have an option to watch ads for (maybe 5) leaf tickets? These things would make an already great game even better! Thank you for making it and releasing it!

pinkspider_314   5 star

73447164570 friends!!. ❤️❤️

Harrison Ens   4 star

Animal Crossing On Mobile. The Animal Crossing Feel is there. Microtransactions & reliance on currency cards blows

Natural producer❤️   3 star

Pro’s, con’s, overall opinion.. Pro’s of pocket camp: . Choosing what you say to people. I think it’s a great way to control what you do through games👍 . Your own camp. Designing your home is a pretty fun job for those who aren’t old enough to have their own house in real life 👍 . Trades. Trades let kids learn how to spend their things wisely and not waste their valuables when they’re older👍 Con’s of Pocket camp: . Multiplayer. It just isn’t fun enough without being able to technically communicate with real people in game 👎🏽 . Same things. After playing for only just 20, 25 minutes or so, you get bored running round the island in circles doing the same old thing 👎🏽 .Charge. My charge runs out too fast when I play this game, leaving me no choice but to keep constantly charging it up again 👎🏽 . Saving. It says it saves your data, but once I got back in the game and I had to do everything I had already done all over again👎🏽 . Avatar. One thing I noticed was that there weren’t many choices for hair on my avatar 👎🏽 Overall opinion for Pocket camp: Boring game, but has a few aspects that are I guess are pretty cool but they just don’t fix the game. Thank you for reading this Nintendo and all kids and parents.

#PeachesPaech#2🤓   5 star

Not updating... why???. So I did a big update 3 days ago and I updated about 60 apps on my iPad. The thing is, Pocket Camp hasn’t yet updated- what I mean is that it is inaccessible (I can’t go onto the game), and in the App Store, it still has that square with a circle around it- the icon thingy that comes up on the app when it is updating. The app is tinted a blackish colour and I’m not sure why though! I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, but when I hold the app down, it doesn’t have the little ‘x’ pop up in the top right corner of the app. I’m going to shut my iPad completely off and then turn it on again and see if that helps. If that doesn’t work, then I have no idea what will. I would like to know why this has happened (if you know) and/or how I can fix it, or if I need to do ANOTHER software update on my iPad (pretty much a new update each week 😒) Please read ASAP as I really want a solution to my problem. Thanks!

moonstargirl2001   5 star

superstar. I love how the game was animated. The first time I played i this game l discovered a whole new friend ship thing.This game was like l was learning about a the whole friend ship thing.I told my friends all about this game and after a few days only a few days they told me they would rate this game 5 stars.We all enjoyed this game a lot.Thank you !

5T0RMY   1 star

Gotten too Complicated!. I liked playing this game if I had a spare 5-10 mins at a time. Now with all the extras, it takes so long to load (requiring me to ‘tap to close’ each new notification window), that by the time I actually get to the game... I’m not interested any more.

Thebester2103   5 star

I love this game!!!. I like it cause you can make friends with any one and I’m really excited about Halloween in the game!!

Addison O.   5 star

Amazing. I love this game I can play it for hours and I don’t normally enjoy mobile games but I love this one the graphics are amazing the storyline is amazing 10/10

a shiba foce fan   5 star

Nostalgic childhood memories enjoy. I played animal crossing on the original ds and I showed my older sister this we tried it and now I can’t stop

Princess Xochh   4 star

☹️. Love the new subscriptions but mine won’t let me purchase/ get the first month free :(

제목이곧내용입니다00   5 star

제발 한국 포켓캠프좀 만들어주세요. 제곧내

AlonnaT   5 star

You deserve 10 stars. This anniversary update with Gulliver fix and everything is just perfect now. You’re the best Nintendo. I have one more request though for the love can you please add a give kudos, lending hand and water all buttons? And can you add camp, cabin and camper layout slots so we can save our design please ?

6:8:9   5 star

So cute and happy!. This game is so cute and fun! I play it whenever I need to relax after a hard day. They are always adding new stuff so it never gets boring. You can be creative and customize everything. I brings me great memories of playing on game cube as a kid! :)

IGotMoose   1 star

Terrible Update. Ads for overpriced subscription service are everywhere and cannot be removed. Contacts, one of the most helpful screens, is now buried.

skypluse   5 star

Nostalgia Aboard. First thing I have to say is that with the amount of time, quality, design, and cuteness the creators put into this game, it is mind blowing that you can play for free! Especially as someone who played animal crossing on the GameCube, this game is a great way to kick back for a minute and feel like a kid again. I get excited every time I see a new update or event with new furniture! Such a fun way to pass the time.

Sub space   1 star

Why. Just why would you do this to us.

Bookareida   1 star

Microtransaction hell. Need I say more? They’ve sunk to just recoloring the same items and charging an insane amount of premium currency for them, and now SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES? If I’m paying every month for a campsite helper, Bob better show up to my real life house and start cooking me breakfast. smh.

Remihoang   4 star

what is going on. I just updated my app and it said “problem with updating” when I opened it. what is up rn. There seems to be a lot of problems and changes with the app lately and I find it a bit annoying tbh. I just want my camp to relief stress 😩

pup cat   5 star

Best game ever. Make more pocket camp l’m 7 years old and I love this more than anything else in my life and they’s new things every day make more

Ubejealous   1 star

bad update. can’t see when animals are moving anymore... that was a crucial game mechanic for me that has been removed in the update... also that you can’t easily go between contacts and crafting and items and the rest of the menu. honestly the update all around seems like a downgrade.

joolibooli27   5 star

OUTRAGED!!!. i hate this game bc it went on maintenance so i wasn't able to craft the reissue item i wanted Good Bye.

TrinTheBin   1 star

Ugh. I just want a free trial of the membership thing. I don’t have a credit card to put in so can’t have that free trial 😒

JessieChan_Plays   5 star

My childhood favorite game. I’ve been playing this game ever since I was a little girl, the animals from animal crossing, they’re so adorable! I also love the furnitures they have as well. Designing clothes is the best part ever!

Jkbarbiekillers   5 star

Best game on my phone!!!. I absolutely love animal crossing ❤️ pocket camp is so engaging, it’s has features similar to the games in the past but brings so much more. You get to interact with people from all over the world by gaining friends and being able to assist them with parts of their campsite along with buying items from their market boxes. In this game you get to customize your character and also other characters as well which makes it all the more interesting. There are constantly new goals and achievements to receive, they include seasonal events as well which all keeps you captivated and wanting to play more and more. Animal crossing pocket camp is for all ages, overall I give it 5 stars and truly recommend it.

bmk012611   5 star

Best game. Been playing since a kid I play this on my phone everyday since it came out on mobile absolutely love it

Cody2000   2 star

Sadly another free to play, but pay to win. They make it a total grind if you want to play for free. BUUUUT, if you want to pay, well then we’ll give you the good stuff. They should just charge for the game and be done

Thank you I love it   5 star

I updated so wat is it work sadface I. Animal crossing

Penny77790   1 star


Humdrum1989   1 star

Guess I’ll just wait for new horizons. Just like every other mobile game, ACPC has been taken over by micro transactions. Sorry I’m not willing to pay actual money just to get loot boxes aka fortune cookies. Pretty insidious to promote this kind of gambling in a game about adorable animals.

DaveMori   5 star

I love this game!. This is my favorite game EVER! It’s fun and cute and engaging — new things are added all the time and I love redecorating my campsite and cabin!! 💕💕💕💕💕

Wittlebb   5 star

I L O V E I T. I love this game !!! Can’t get enough of it. They always come out with new updates and it’s always fun and something new to do! So much furniture to collect and so many cute little animal friends to make ! ❤️❤️❤️

404invalid   5 star

Favorite game. Spending real money is optional. I chose to get both subscriptions

CandleLitSmile   1 star

Animal Crossing Deserves Better & So Do You. Charging players too much for the cookie subscription service, too many gatcha/lottery mechanics to be enjoyable. Not the quality experience I expect from Nintendo. I would gladly pay for the game, but these practices are predatory and diminish the Animal Crosding brand.

igybabanaw   5 star

Love the game but. It’s under maintenance 😭I want to play how long do I Have to wait

christinamarie1991   5 star

Love this Game 😍. I’ve been playing animal crossing since it came out on GameCube the layouts are beautiful and it is relaxing 😌

#games123are123awe123   5 star

BEST GAME EVER!!!. This game is now my favorite, this game is very fun for everyone!

peppapiGstanuwuluv   5 star

Me and many other people would like this game to change. Hi this game is not perfect 😔. To make it perfect this game should have the option to send gifts to friends (not those animal friends) and receive gifts ofc, that will be awesome. Also it will be even better if we are able to do more things with friends like going on missions and playing some cool games 😎. Thank you

CarlyTheEpicGamer   5 star

How do you delete saved data. This game is really awesome but question how do you delete saved data

Skyemedic   1 star

What a shame. I love this game, I’ve played since the very first day of release and thanks to all these greedy updates you’ve ground my affection for it into the ground. It’s now expensive in real cash to get more animals - why would I do challenges for gold and silver food daily when I have nothing to feed. The cookies for special treat are obscene I bought some thinking I’ll try it out of 10 Halloween ones I got 7 of one item out of 10 I could get. For the cost there should be no repeats. Now you want me to pay tons of money and resources to send a ship many times on the off chance I’ll get something. And it’s 300,000 in game money to swap islands if the quest I need like maps isn’t an option, oh it I got an island with maps of things I already have. Ive spent too much real world cash for no worthwhile return. Greed at it’s best, You’ve managed to make something sweet no longer fun. I’m so mad I won’t even buy the new switch version.

CyrenaJ   5 star

Simply Adore. Great game, lots to do daily and achievements plus majority of the cute animals from all the other games. Pretty much an awesome game for that in between time until new horizons and even after! 🥰

darkRio32   4 star

Fun game. Just like the other games but with a camp theme.

Oceana Lynn   5 star

Animal Crossing. love this game!!

oooooofmor   5 star

Is cute and amazing. i know animal crossing for 1 year (lol) and when i saw this app so i added it and when i played it i found it so CUTE AND AMAZING so i rate this a 5 star ;)

emmafewerda   5 star

Amazing!. I played the old school one and I can see big improvements!

WinfieldXP   3 star

Animal Crossing for iPhone!!!. I stopped playing because there is no more space to put any items and I like my current items. Also there is nothing to buy with the millions of bells. The solution is to modernize in 2020. Let us build a high rise and add unlimited floors for $1,000,000 per floor. Then there will be an incentive to keep playing to earn more bells to get more floors. And to keep getting more items to put in our different themes floors. That is a way to keep this game sustainable and people playing long term. Looking forward to playing this game again when I will have more space to put new items.

erin cassidy   5 star

great!. This gane is 𝔸𝕄𝔸ℤ𝕀𝔹𝔾!

AgentTunaGhost   5 star

Great but some problems. I love this game so much but there is room for improvement, such as I would like to see a feature where you can send your friends items like clothing and furniture, and where you can sign in and out of different accounts, otherwise this is an outstanding game

Thiccytoes   4 star

HATS. Please make it so we can wear hats and wigs at the same time. I think we deserve to wear hats and wigs at the same time because honestly imagine your all excited to make your character even cuter with their little kitsune mask with the cute wig you finally bought but it turns out nope. You can only have one. I was pretty upset myself

HilaryP93   1 star

Gulliver update. Extremely displeased with the latest Gulliver update. It’s such a task to get rid of my excess furniture now with little/no reward. Please bring back the old Gulliver boat!!

meowkiechan   5 star

All of the improvements have pulled me back in!. Thanks for taking the time to listen to your players! Keeping events going and being sure everyone can play and earn cash currency is a great way to keep people like me attached ^^

BebbyBunny   4 star

Love Animal Crossing- Leaf ticket problem👎🏻. I love this game SO much. But if y’all think I’m gonna pay 250 leaf tickets for a seasonal background you’re absolutely out of your mind. Leaf tickets either need to be more easily obtainable (meaning more than THREE for a quest reward) or the items need to be more affordable. A seasonal background should be more like 50 tickets not over two hundred. Not to mention the new animal items where a pair of bunny ears is 120 leaf tickets... absolutely ridiculous. I’ll just wear the bunny hood and get the same effect 🤷🏼‍♀️. While you guys are fixing Gulliver maybe consider changing the leaf ticket situation as well. Not all of us are willing to shell out real money in excess for cute items that should cost way less.

whivvy   5 star

comforting. 10/10 shari makes me feel loved and like im a good friend

HHAAHH16   5 star

Just when you think Animal Crossing can’t get any better!. First I’d like to say, I’ve played every version of animal crossing out there, for every system. Amazing game. Truly awesome. I’ve been playing Pocket Camp since it first came out and still holds my attention. LOVE how there’s constantly events going and the theme changes per season/holiday- really gets you in the holiday spirit! Also great how you can change your appearance any time you want! Including hair & eye styles and colours. Great for all ages, can’t recommend this game enough! Thank you Nintendo!!!!

saraabdulazizzz   5 star

BEST GAME EVAA. My all time favourite game for a full year now:) love me some animal crossing

Sasparilla72   3 star

New amenities please!. Animal Crossing is the best!! However, I just wish they would put out new amenities from time to time rather than just so many back to back to back events. Also special items like Blathers desk or new terrain costs too many leaf tickets!

Lilylily213   1 star

Gulliver. The Gulliver update is terrible please change it back

kfjroforjhfkfkfjdldoridkd   1 star

Of course it’s p2p. As is Every. Free. Mobile . Game. EVER

jrdnlol   5 star

great game. this game is a literal masterpiece. thanks for creating something so great

Harvey Winstein   5 star

Hype. This is boutta consume my life force

nintendo is very nice boy   5 star

Awesome. I never seen a animal crossing good like thx Nintendo <3

Diamondsareawesome   3 star

Love it, but... I love it but the sad thing is that you can only save your progress if you set up a Nintendo account and I don’t have a Nintendo sooo. 🤷‍♀️ (Also the Gulliver update is STUPID. 🤦‍♀️😑)

CelesteP2   1 star

Started out fine, turned horrible. I rated this game as a two when it started to become a blatant cash grab but seeing as it just got worse with the Gulliver update, I’m dropping it to a one because Nintendo obviously didn’t listen to players complaints. I’m a die hard Animal crossing fan and this version of the game has really put a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, we have to pay for every single new wall, floor, and almost all clothing options that come out? This feels very predatory Nintendo!

Daseincog   1 star

Greedy trash bird. Literally played this game everyday since it came out since I’m a huge AC fan. The new update is atrocious and obvious cash grab. Paying real money for a lottery fortune cookie? Sure, you get something out of it and you used to be able to trade in duplicates to Gulliver for other gifts and items and maps he’d give you in return. All you had to do was wait 6 hours for him to come back after setting sail. Now, there’s no mechanism to off-load duplicates, you make Gulliver-only trade items whilst spending all of your bells, rare materials and significant amounts of time (up to 30 hours! For both the build and waiting for the ship) only to get ONE measly “prize” that isn’t worth anything in comparison to what you’ve spent. And! To top it off, if you want more than one prize, you’ve gotta pay. Who the hell decided this would be a fantastic feature to add? Way to alienate loyal AC players by taking away game mechanics in favour of being a giant cash grab. This game is officially dead to me. Can’t support a game that has obviously fallen deep down the greed hole.

Leannnnnnnnnaaaaaa   4 star

HATE Gulliver’s update!!!. Please switch it back!! We loved making clothes and items and sending them off ... now I have ridiculous amounts of cotton, steel and wood! Beyond annoying! Losing stars!

MaggieS5   1 star

Cash grab Update 🤬. Nothing but a cash grab with the new update. 🤬

Twinklepink2000   5 star

Excuse me?!. Why does everyone hate this game so much?? I love it!

sammykakuno   1 star

Horrible update. This new update really takes a lot away from the game. Please fix it!

Cherryfantastico   1 star

A blight on the AC franchise!!. This game is a thinly veiled money making machine, which relies on the good will of us AC fans who’ve been playing for 10+ years. Do yourself a favour and don’t bother, it’s a sad, greedy mess.

brainlesscutie   1 star

REVOLTING UPDATE. What a scam. I’ve been playing since launch date and omg has this game gone downhill. What used to be such a fun game with loveable characters has become the epitome of corporate greed. How did they think this Gulliver update would make the game more enjoyable? Or is the gaming industry not about that anymore? This is such a let down. My question is: Why would Nintendo believe this would be a good transition into NH? It’s left an awful taste in my mouth and I’m not willing to put my hard earned money into what has become such a theft franchise anymore. It’s goodbye from me.

boppinbiddy   1 star

Animal Casino, marketed to children. Some time ago the game updated to offer “fortune cookies” that contain sought after items of different themes relating to different animals. One fortune cookie costs 50 “leaf tickets” to buy, and 100 leaf tickets cost $5.99AUD. Each item you get from a cookie is randomised, and you are more likely to get the less appealing basic items than the nicer ones. They are basically the game’s “loot boxes”, encouraging players to spend hundreds on the chance that they will get the item that they want. Considering that this game is widely played by and marketed to children, I think this is disgusting and reflects very badly on Nintendo. It has severely damaged the once wholesome “Animal Crossing” brand in my eyes (and from what I have read online, the eyes of many others) and I think that these gambling-encouraging practices should be investigated and outright banned.

milkboymedia   4 star

New Gulliver changes. First - I adore Animal Crossing and have for 15 years now, so thank you! My review would be 5 star, but the new Gulliver system bothers me a little. First - the package system is great and adds a fun new element. But not being able to get rid of duplicate furniture and clothing items is irritating. I have many duplicates from fortune cookies and used to trade them with Gulliver - I can’t anymore with the new system. I’d ask in future updates if you could perhaps add a feature, like; * maybe selling duplicate furniture or clothes in your Market Box * or making packages for Gulliver able to be filled with items of your choice * or introducing trading with other players (my most wanted feature, as my daughters also play and I’d love to send them duplicates of Leaf Ticket items that I don’t need!) Thanks Nintendo, you guys are killing it. Can’t wait for New Horizons!

Albz 😊   1 star

I hate the new update. The new update is god awful. The gulliver travel thing was so easy and cheap before,, but now its too confusing, time consuming, expensive and just awful. I want the old gulliver back.

ToniPiho   2 star

A wholesome game riddled with micro transactions. I used to love this game and have been playing since the start (with a short break) but lately the greed and use of Leaf Tickets for everything has really started to put a sour on this. I do not recommend this game until Nintendo has sorted out the overpriced micro transactions

ashlovesjoon   3 star

what’s happening?? not the same. disappointed.. for the first few months i had this game, i’ve enjoyed it so much like its literally so cute and nice. it helps calm me down and i love the encouraging words from the animals. but recently? the game developers seem to have become money-hungry. i think i open this game once a month now when usually i opened it everyday. the events used to be decent, you could get the big prize without spending too many leaf tickets but now you have to go through four pages of such difficult quests to even inch closer. 250 leaf tickets for small cute items? 50 for one cookie? and then producing so many cookies thinking we’ll be able to afford them. it just annoys me at this point. and the new system with gulliver? don’t even get me started. i hate it. this keeps getting harder and is no longer fun at all. might just log off, if i’m not enjoying myself and just getting stressed. i don’t have the money the game wants me to spend on this, i’m a college student after all. thanks for the few good memories early on. i probably won’t continue playing! unless the leaf ticket prices can drop and things can get easier. it’s just unrealistic at this point. kind of disappointed!! :/

Ghosty.1234   5 star

New feature idea. By far, this is one of my favourite games. But what would make t even better is a trade system where you can trade furniture or clothes with people. Or have something similar to a market box, but a trade box. Being able to chat to people and play online together at each other’s campsite while they’re active would be so cool; like the DS New leaf where you could play with friends. Otherwise, this game is amazing

3zzyK   4 star

Please add !. I love this game so much I miss playing animal crossing on my dsi:( the features you have a really good but can you please make it more interactive like when you go into some buildings your character doesn’t go in it’s just a pop up screen I want to be able to walk around the building and talk with the people inside. And for the market can you add buildings we can enter and maybe we can work inside a store. Also please add the museum I miss it ! But over all everything is great I’d just like some more places and that we can go inside

Ja_Mass   5 star

Fun! Try it out. You will not regret it. Try it out. You will not regret it

Umm:(   5 star

Really great game. Would recommend 👍🏼

chaesonny   2 star

Issues. Hi! I absolutely love this game, it’s extremely addictive but unfortunately my game no longer opens? It never gets past the loading screen, it only stays open for half a second before closing. I have an iPhone xs. I’ve tried restarting my phone, updating the app and deleting and reinstalling the app. Nothing works! Please fix this issue!!

Not Trying To Complain But...   5 star

I LOVE Animal Crossing But A Few Things MUST Change. Hi I am loving playing this game and I can’t stop playing, but I’ve spotted a mistake in “Pheobe’s Fiery Cookie”. I think there is a mistake with the item “Will-O-Wisps” as this is spelt “Will-O-The-Wisps”in the game. Second thing is I think Players should be Abe to explore/go inside of all amenities. Thirdly I think you should be able to buy Leaf Tickets using Bells, not real money. It would be a LOT less stressful than trying to complete twenty goal to craft an item. Finally I think you should be able to buy event cookies with Bells and NOT just Leaf Tickets. Thank you so much for bringing this game to not just me, but to EVERYONE!!!

MookieArdaiz   4 star

It’s good!but. It’s really good...or it would be if I could play because I can’t play cuz of a STUPID LOADING SCREEN I can’t play cuz it always says no internet no internet blah blah blah it would be a great game if you fixed this glitch.Thank you.

FactoryPlayer   4 star

Free dialogue with other animals:). Hey guys this is my favourite game at the moment I love it! I just wish I could talk to those ridiculously cuuuuuuuute animals hehe, is there any way you could implement a system that allows this?

lolahhans   4 star

Eating more than one fortune cookie at once.. I really enjoy this game but I end up collecting a lot of the ordinary cookies (clothing, Timmy and Tommy) and eating all of them one by one when I’ve got 60 is.. painful. Would love to see a function where I can eat a ton of them in bulk.

ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ♪♪♪♪♪♪   5 star

SO ADDICTIVE. It is really addictive I can’t get out of it👌👌👌👌

Roztastic   5 star

Great for any Animal Crossing fan. I’ve loved the Animal Crossing series since the GameCube version, and love this one too. It’s really cute, and resources are quite easy to save up, so you don’t feel pressured to buy in app purchases. I would like an option to sell bulk clothing and furniture to the shop, and possibly a way to get rid of maps. As someone who’s been playing since release I have maxed out all my resources. Either that, or increase resource storage. I’d also love to be able to design my own clothes again!

uujhgvf   5 star

Great but there are problems. This is a great app and I do recommend you download this. The only problem was that I lost sight of the old version and I had to update so so many times. Other than that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this app and I definitely do recommend you downloading because it is so cute and fun to play!

Im not that patient..   5 star

Totoro cookies please. Hello, I love your game. Last few years- it’s been wonderful. I have one request, could you think about making a studio ghibli cookie. Perhaps totoro?? Would be SO AMAZING! Thank you

yfyxycycucuvigdtaserijlb   5 star

Amazing. This is amazing it’s one of a kind I love it

A friend 😊   4 star

Love it! But a few things can be fixed.... I love Animal Crossing! I still remember playing ‘Wild World’ for hours on my old DS Lite - and having it on my phone brings back all those fantastic memories! ☺️😍 But a few things have popped up while I’ve been playing it over the past 3 months... 1. Leaf Tickets are soooo hard to get a hold of in reasonable quantities. Especially for those large items that cost 300 of them!!! 2. These maintenance periods are really annoying!! Not being able to play my beloved game is really disappointing... is there any way to fix the game while we play? And 3. I’d like to see some of the community sprit come back. Like the letter writing to the animals. And being able to swap clothes and furniture with other players would be a great addition! Animal Crossing is great - don’t get me wrong - but with a few tweaks it could be even better! I look forward for more Animal Crossing games for IOS in the near future. 😊

모모러브8787   1 star

뭔 겜이 맨날 오류고 공사중이냐!!!. 뭐가 맨날 오류 하루 하면 하루는 오류 났다고 오류 접는다고 뭐라 쌀라쌀라,,,

tmitch022   4 star

Almost perfect. Completely addicted to this game! Always new events going on at the camp which keeps it exciting and my three year old loves joining in by helping me catch fish and tend to my garden. The game would be perfect if there was a way to gift unwanted items to other players. Also bring back the Mario event that was by far the best event yet!

estrio06   5 star

Love this game. Amazing game! I loved the game and it’s been so much fun playing it. I recommend to everyone that is looking for a fun and joyful game

CreepersAreAwesome. :)   4 star

New Update Problem. I used the new bundle treats feature to give 246 bronze treats to a villager and I cannot craft the special item.

SkyPirateKel   5 star

Thank you!. This update is amazing - being able to bundle food gifts is exactly what I’ve wanted for so long and you’ve delivered! Yay!

Gsjdhsnshsh   5 star

Lovely!. Usually I keep myself too busy with friends and school but this game gets me looking forward to free time! It’s so serene and truly my happy place :)

rbrhrhuj   4 star

I like it but... This game is amazing but I wished they made a moible version of animal crossing where your the mayor of the town and you could go out to sea and do a lot more and fun things then just a camp.....

sairzie🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄   3 star

Very fun however. It is a great game. The animal are cute but there voices are annoying. The biggest concern is that it takes up soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much space in my beautiful phone like bro I want my phone to be really fast.

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