Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp [Games] App Description & Overview

Find furniture you like and design a campsite that suits your style!

Tents, hammocks, fireplaces, a stuffed-animal sofa...mix and match to your heart's content! Make a trendy open-air café, or line up some microphones and guitars to create an outdoor music festival! In the mood for a little extra fun? Set up a merry-go-round and open a theme park. You can even make a pool, or fill the sky with fireworks!

◆ Design your campsite, camper, and cabin however you want

◆ Collect themed items from Fishing Tourneys and Garden Events that happen throughout the year

◆ More than 1,000 pieces of furniture and 300 pieces of clothing and accessories are available to choose from, with more being added all the time

◆ Features more than 100 animals with quirky personalities

Fulfill animal requests and watch your friendship with them grow! Once you become close enough friends, you can invite them to your campsite. The more the merrier!

Design a show-stopping campsite, invite your favorite animals, and take an in-game photo to show your friends. If your friends like what you've done, they may even give you kudos!

The great outdoors has so much to offer!

Notes: This game is free to start, with in-app purchases available. Internet connectivity is required to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Data charges may apply. May include advertising.

Terms of Service/EULA:

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Implemented bug fixes.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Comments & Reviews

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- Call stuffed I didn’t found out today

I just learned you can buy this game on a tablet

- This app make me mad!

I gave it a three because my sister kept on getting the special cookies for 5,000 bells and all I got was clothing, Timmy and Tommy cookies and I thought This was unfair.

- Really Fun 🍩

I love this game! it is very relaxing and I’m already addicted! 🤗 I recommend to download this game! I love playing this game when I am bored. 🍦 The Quality of this game is 100% ✨ There are lots of events which makes the game more fun! 👍


Thank you who ever make this game❤️🔥⚡️

- Guys stop this is rude!

Stop hating on animal crossing game I like the series. I have every of one animal crossing game. So just get it it’s free like bruh



- So fun

I play this all day

- Can’t connect to Facebook

This game is really great, very relaxing. You get leaf tickets often enough to get what you need. I’m just having trouble connecting my Facebook account.

- Very Entertaining

I like it a lot the gameplay is simple and the graphics are AMAZING things in the shop are expensive though but overall passed the vibe check ✌️😌

- Can’t afford

Since I can’t afford animal crossing new horizons, might as well just play this until I can



- New game

Well are people still playing this even after new horizons

- Recommend

I don’t agree with the pay to win I’m lvl 28 11 animals at my camp over 200 000 bells and haven’t purchased a single leaf ticket 10/10 game

- Wow love but one problem...

I love this apps best app ever! But Idk how to put one tha dress and clothing. I’m only a little bit sad about that 😿. The game is still super fun and I love tha animation. I wanted to have this game for a long time and I love this version of animal crossing: new orison . Bye now !


It’s a very cute game and I love it! I have been doing research about the fortune cookie and I wish that the “Stella’s sleepy cookie” would come back... it’s a 5/5 for me!

- Amazing


- Pocket Camp App

Love this game! A few changes would be great but overall pretty fun!

- Me and my friends can’t see each other it’s just a robot

This game is good but when ever my friend joins me we can’t see each other so please fix It

- J hi I


- grow. UP.

not sure why everyone is complaining because of the gulliver update. if you feel the need to complain then don’t play it? like they won’t change it just because you don’t like it.

- I love this game so much 💜💜💗💗👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💛💛❤️❤️

I love this game the cute villagers and you can decorate your own camper and camp site this is one of the best games I have ever got will never get rid of it I wish I could give the game 290000 stars

- Love it😂😂

Hi i just love this game you make THE BEST GAME

- Great on iPads

People say you need to pay 💰 but it is free you only pay if you want to get stuff quicker than normal like any offer game or you can work for your stuff but it dose not take long great game i’ve been playing for hours and I just got it yesterday


DO NOT GET this app is super sketchy DONT RISK IT

- went to the gutter

keeps crashing everytime i try to open it? and even in game, the higher u level up, the less things there seems to do/the more you have to wait unless you have to vip membership or u buy tickets.

- Sad

The game keeps crashing and it’s not my iPad the problem because he’s new from 12 hours ago and this was my first game on it...

- Wholesome app!

This app is so fun! All the animals are adorable, and everything is very detailed. I always turn my volume up when I talk to one of my animals because the sound is so cute! I really love the fortune cookie update, it’s so fun to open a cookie and get something good! I’m okay with how leaf tickets are so hard to get because if they were easy to get, the game would be boring. This game is one of the best games in the world!

- Very fun game

I love it so much please do more

- Gifting

I love this game so far but my sister and I wish we could gift things to each other or actually see each other in a campsite (so like a multiplayer thing)

- adore

adore animal crossing beaucoup c’est le meilleur jeux que apple store a faite depuis des années 🥰🙈

- I love it!

I love it but it’s so hard to get leaf tickets and I wish you could exchange bells for leaf tickets but then the game would be so easy :)

- Amazing

I love this game a lot. But if an animal is wearing an accessory, you can’t wear that same accessory unless you take it off the animal. I would really like it if you could wear the same accessory at the same time as an animal. Other than that, this game is amazing!

- Animal crossing new horizons

Animal crossing new horizons is way better on Nintendo Switch you should try the Nintendo Switch one ok way better ok everyone dis one the worst ok Nintendo Switch one is better.

- 😡😡😡

I wasted 600,000 bells on a leaf ticket map that I couldn't finish because every single time it rolled me a 1. Very 😡I am very upset I opened a cookie 4 times and I got the same thing every time!! Customer support does nothing😠worst game ever

- L

I love animale crossing

- Game Error

When I click at the app icon a picture of something and does not work!

- Please don’t download!!

Hi! I just wanted to say this game is awful. It won’t even lemme play the darn game!!! Apparently my time and date is wrong?! Seriously?! People, please don’t waste your time on this game!! If you read this please press and hold and say it is helpful. This app is THE WORST!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮😡😡

- Best game ever

This is one of the best games

- Nintento account

This app wont even let me link my Nintendo account, but super mario run will let me link it with no problem.

- Please fix it’s been more than a week!!!!

I can’t log into the game anymore! I just wanna play but I can’t get past the loading screen without the game crashing. I’ve tried re installing but nothing is working. The game is unplayable now

- $$$

this game use to be amazing but the price to buy anything went up this game is all about money theres not enough tasks and it’s getting more boring u should add more tasks to animal crossing therefor none of us would get bored but it was fun in all you guys are being wayyy too gready

- Another Animal crossing review

I really enjoy the game however I have this bug where I can send animals I have on my campsite to my cabin however I can’t do the opposite (send my villagers from my cabin to my campsite) Now I am losing villagers unless they stay in cabin which I only want specific villagers to be in. Please tell me how to solve this problem

- It’s the best

It’s the best

- How to escape anger from the error

1.When you see it, Stop playing and wait for 2-5 hours or log in tomorrow 2. Make sure to either delete 1 photo and delete 1 app If 2 does not work try doing 1

- Une question

Si je n’ai pas de conte Nintendo je fait quoi

- Fishing 🎣 Tourney

So, I missed a tourney and I want to compete in one so please do one in May, and also when you link your Nintendo Account to the game and u pass the opportunity to buy something (mainly because you don’t have enough coins or you do not have animal crossing new horizons) how do u get back to the store where you buy these stuff and get 50 leaf tickets for ACNH? And also please make more space for guests. Please return the old Gulliver!!!

- NOT a cash grab, such a cute game

I love love love this game!!! It’s so adorable and calming. I don’t know what people are on about with it being a cash grab. It’s charming and cute!! My only complaint is that it runs a little slow, but that’s probably my old phone’s fault. No ads, just fun!

- This game should be more well known

This game is amazing for a free mobile version! I absolutely love it!!

- du mal changé son personnage

je suis la seule a avoir du mal a chargé de look mon personnage au moins rajouté un bouton pour le personnalisé S.V.P

- Neutral Wall

I really love this game, as an animal crossing lover this is perfect for me. I would like it if the “Neutral Wall” you gain by default could be crafted. I made the mistake of getting rid of it not knowing it couldn’t be remade. Seeing as it’s such a basic wallpaper, it feels like it should just be something you can craft.


This game is amazing for players without a Nintendo. Even when it says that h gotta pay in app purchases, u don’t actually have to since you can earn the leafs just as easily! 10/10 game!

- Bad

Why im play this game but...the not enough space available try cleaning some data your device and restarting why😭😢

- Great! But one problem.

It’s all awesome but I wish there was a offline mode.

- bob

good i like it

- Shovelsite Quarry

I love the game but when I go to the quarry I get Ruby’s and Sapphires so I only get. 15.000 bells can u fix this please keep up the good work Nintendo and the cookies Can you fix how we get Duplicates all the time and when we get good cookies on stock more thanks

- I have no words, it’s beautiful

Amazing game!!! :D, no glitches whatsoever very addictive , in fact I love it so much I’m getting the switch version!! Nintendo you are amazing, simply amazing. I don’t know how you do it, but keep doing it!! If I could rate more I would probably rate over 3 billion stars! :D

- Love it

Absolutely love this game, just one problem and I may sound a bit like a karen but the fortune cookies are so hard+leaf tickets alongside and I am very interested in this game and is making me spend money over and over, as what i’m suggesting is maybe make the leaf ticket prices a bit lower and heres a great idea. How about if you like wanna craft a fence something like that maybe we could stack on how many we can craft like lets say 5 maximum, and yes I know the way to craft more furniture ext, you have to pay leaf tickets but it would be very helpful if we could stack of what we are crafting so we can craft 5 at a time

- Good game

Pocket camp is a good game but if you want things to come quicker then you have to spend leaf tickets and you bairly get leaf tickets I really want You to fix this and please make sure to let everyone get leaf tickets when they go on the game

- Pocket Camp

Amazing game it’s just so fun

- Please allow more items in the parcel!

I looove the game and every update is getting more and more thrilling! I wished I could put more items in the parcel though, it seems like I reached the maximum but I have a lot of small little items like desserts, I wished I could display all of them :(

- Good game

I enjoy this game but most things need leaf tickets. You can only get these when you level up and from goals, but after a while there are no goals that get you leaf tickets from and then you can’t buy the limited time stuff. I wish there was more than one way to get leaf tickets. But after a while you get maps and the leaf ticket ones are so expensive in gold and your materials. I think there should be more of Isobel’s goals that get you leaf tickets and once your finished them you should get some new ones. Otherwise a very fun game.

- Hello

It’s was gonna be the best game if the multiplayer was players not npcs if I was wrong chat me

- The Best Game ever!

I love it so much. I especially love the animals

- Animal Crossing

So good

- Love the EVERYTHING in this!

Okay so the major thing that I wanted to point out in this as I haven't played this game before, I love! And I mean it when I say it LOVE how you can play the little game while downloading the data so you don't get bored cause it's really fun an keeps your interest in alot an helps you improve your things. Especially with the run through, which is really good for the people who haven't played Animal Crossing before, th run through is really good to make sure they know the right thing that they have to do so that they don't need to go through the stress criteria of not knowing what to fo or what different buttons meant, because otherwise I would have been completely lost and not knowing what to do or what to expect, so I'm glad that they acknowledge these thing and make sure we understand them so that we can have a smooth running experience! Overall Animal Crossing pocket world is a really nice app and I'd totally recommend it to anyone who wants a fun, quick and easy gameplay so they can relax and hav fun after school or, after work which can be really helpful to come back after a busy day at work or school and come back to a fun little gameplay campsite all putnin your phone to come back to whenever you want! So this app is definitely five star cause it is just really fun and easy to play and enjoy after coming home from something rather stressful or rather fun!

- Respect 100

This series of games have been with people across the years, and have made millions happy. And I respect that.

- Just Something Little

Hi, I just wanted to say that what you should provide is more options of hair. Like I had the same selection for at least 4 years. Please add more elegant and detailed hair to pick. I also would want you to do that when you where wigs you can put on accessories for your hair pls This is my review.

- Pretty good

I love this game A LOT and it has been so much fun to play but obviously not better than new horizons so as much as I like this app I would be really really happy if you made new horizons a mobile app as well

- Lovely

I absolutely adore this game! The only thing I wish was available was a gift system. I would love to give my friends clothes or furniture that are in their style but not so much my cup of tea!

- A Great Game!! However......

I love the game it’s great!! However somethings really bother me. Some of my issues are... If I try to follow building step by steps and most of the times I can’t because I don’t have the special season items. I get really annoying when this happens because I love how people decorated there camper and campsite etc. Another thing I’m bothered about is in the new game “New Horizons”..... It’s a much better game then pocket camp in my opinion. I wish Pocket camp added things from “New Horizons” such as making your own shirts and houses! I think it would really inspire some people!! Another issue I find annoying is that the amenities take so long to build!! I just got the new Tree Swing and it takes a least 48 hours... or if you had enough leaf money you would be able to buy it for 180 leaf money! Which regular players would probably not be able to buy!! Maybe some Youtubers and players who save the money up for ages. I think there should be easier ways to get leaf money.. My last problem is that I wish the loans we not as high... I just bought a VR and it cost me 35,000 bells. I also expanded the space of my camper and it cost me 10,000 bells. If I had to delete something from the game it would probably be the maps where you roll the dice and spend all your money. When I was new I saved up all my money to decorate my campsite. I accidentally went onto one of my maps. And pressed roll.... I then realised I had just lost 11,000 bells. I became very upset and angry at this. But overall I think the game is amazing! Just maybe a few touch ups and it will be an even better then before!!

- :D

I love pocket camp but I think maybe the starting characters should be better :D

- Super fun

I love the game but why can’t I sell things that have the price of 2000 bells?

- Love this game, but...

I love this game!! However, lately I have not been able to play due to a glitch in the new update :( I open the app, and it crashes straight away! I would give this app 5 stars if it wasn’t due to the bug :( I hope it gets fixed soon!


I love this game, I couldn't afford a Nintendo Switch but this works out just fine


It’s so much fun I’m so happy to play this it makes me happy and I can just chill out with this game it’s so amazing it’s not amazing it’s INCREDIBLE!!!

- 面白かったけど、、、

無料にしては良かったのかもだけどレベル50まで達したらあとはなんのモチベーションもなくなってしまう レベルもどんどん上がりにくくなり、家具も作れるものに限りもでて、お金がたまっても使う場所もない。 使わないキャンピングカーを飾ってなんの意味があるのか必要性が感じられなくなる為、改造する気にもならない 。魚や虫も種類が少ないし、リーフがないと結局何もできない。友達が増えてもコミュニケーションもとれないし、テントもレベルをあげる為だけの為にずっと工事中。1か月もたたないうちにレベル50になり飽きてしまった

- Fun but could do better.

I love this game a lot, although I definitely wish you could play with friends like ACNH and visit eachother.

- Love this game, but would love to see new features!

I used to play animal crossing on my DS when I was younger, so to see that they made one to play on my phone was so exciting! Like other reviews, the features are so similar to the DS game, old characters (Goldie’s my favvv). Improvements I would love to see in the future!! - Be able to send friends gifts, including clothes, furniture, bells, letters, etc. (There’s not much interaction you can do with friends at the moment) - Sell clothes and furniture items in the Market Place (There’s clothes and furniture I wouldn’t use that I’m sure my friends would like purchase/have) - Be able to purchase more spaces to craft stuff! - Be able to expand campsite/cabin! (I have sooooo much furniture but not enough space to put it all!) Overall I love this game and play it practically every day haha, but I would LOVE to see some of those features implemented!!! It would make the game even more fun!!!


I love this game it is fun and entertaining .the game runs and my friends love playing this game altogether and love the adventures but there are more too explore!

- Relaxing

Cute and calming game ♥️

- Cool beans

This app is amazing to play, it’s got lots of fun challenges and on top of that the characters look adorable 🥰

- It’s awesome

When I first. Downloaded this I thought it would be stupid I love it Can’t believe I thought it was. Stupid it’s a amazing Love it I love it it’s worth downloading download it now #Iloveanimal crossing

- Animal crossing review.

I personally think this game is great. But I just recieved my new iPhone 11 and the game keeps crashing?

- Best games

This game is as good as animal crossing new horizons

- Wonderful game ❤️

hey~ would be really glad if there’s a capybara character in the game! And thanks for creating this wonderful work!

- Voices!

I love this game❤️❤️ it is the best. You should download it now. The only thing that annoys me is the voices of the animals. They have these really weird high pitched creepy voices. Please fix this and this game would be perfect.

- Great!

It’s a really great game especially for me that cannot buy nintendo switch!

- 다 좋은데 한국어도 넣어주세요 ㅠㅠ

현제 계정 국가를 바꿔서 플레이 하고있는 한국유저 입니다 하지만 한국어가 없어서 쫌 힘들어요

- epic

this epic



- 여자

모동숲 드디어 깔수 있게 되었당

- My review!

This game is amazing so far! It’s soooo addicting so I don’t know if I can get off it qwq. Anyways it’s a really fun and cute game! mayyybbeee make another like it so I can addict to it :/ Thx BYE

- One of the best apps in the world!

I gotta be honest, the moment I opened up the app I knew it was gonna be EXCITING! At first I saw my friends playing it and a few you tubers playing it, so I decided to download it to see if it was actually fun, AND IT WAS!!!! Animal Crossing is now one of my favourite apps! I really want the New Horizon version, but unfortunately I don’t have a Nintendo, but the pocket camp version is just as amazing! I would highly recommend this game!!! 😃😊😎👍

- Cutest game ever

This game is the best.its soooooo cute.

- The most popular game in quarantine?

Omg this is by far one of the best games i have played! Love it.

- Ok

I love the game good job and you maybe add in the crafting system a tool box but a amazingly good game .

- Good game

Its so fun

- I love it!!

It’s so cute and relaxing to play, I made lots of new friends as well ☺️

- request

i love this games so much, it runs smooth and the graphics are really nice. But i wish they added an option where we can create or own clothing

- Goood but friends.

This game should be safe you can add friends I want in the settings so you can have no friends only the ones from the games thank you this game is fun. These strangers can try to get in your homes please

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When u first got this I played NON STOP!!!! Ommggg this game is everything!!! THE GANE IS PERFECT I LOVE IT SO MUCH! THERE ARE SOOOOO MANY CHARACTERS AND STUFF TO SO!!! 🤩💖 100% recommend this game it’s heaven!!!😊👍

- 4/5

I like this game a lot but there are a few small things that bug me. I feel like you shouldn't have to waste time and materials crafting clothing, you should just be able to buy it. Same thing with furniture you've already made. You shouldn't have to use up all of your materials to make the same thing, it should just be available after that. Or if not make it require less materials than the first time. There's nothing wrong with these features, crafting just gets tedious and the game starts to get boring after awhile lol

- Updates Plz :o :)

This Is A Very Good Game I Don’t Dislike It At All The Only Thing I Want In The Game Is Trading And Updates Very Good Game I Like It Cause U Get Money Clothes Items Fruit Bugs Fish And Even Friends So It’s A Very Good Game

- This Game is Amazing!

I started to say and i can’t stop playing this!

- This game had served its purpose

Look I just got this game to fill the void that of Animal Crossing wholesomeness cause I don’t have my 3ds with new leaf and I don’t have a switch yet to get New Horizons

- Great Game!

I use this game as a fun way to learn my target language, Japanese. I started out on English the first day to get the hang of it, and then after that I played it in Japanese, and without it, I wouldn't know much Japanese. It works great for learning a new language because you're constantly talking to characters, and talking about and making everyday items, from household appliances, to buildings! I also was willing to try it because I love Nintendo and all their games and systems-this one's no different!

- A recommendation ☺️✨

I love this game and it is really fun to play but I have a question, are you going to do a pride month event in animal crossing? I just think that would be really cool and you could buy like flags and stuff like that I hope you read this recommendation 😅✨🏳️‍🌈

- I love the animals but the fortune cookies...

I absolutely love the fortune cookie idea! One complaint I have about it is that I have bought one certain cookie so many times and I have even spent my own money on it and yet I still have not gotten all the items I want from it. I don’t rely on my money anymore and wait to level up for more leaf tickets. It is extremely frustrating when I wait 5 long levels for 50 leaf tickets just to get something I have already gotten and waste my leaf tickets. I wish that the fortune cookie doesn’t randomize the item you get and you get different items every time. I also have another suggestion. You can trade items back for stamps. This idea will be incredibly useful to me and will most likely make fortune cookies more interesting. Thank you if you decide to follow one of these suggestions. Overall, the game makes me very happy.

- Really Annoyed

I can’t link my account to Facebook for the bonuses for linking my games together. Really annoying. I’m ready to delete the app.

- 😍

😍🥰 love it me and my my sister love this game but we would love if it was a multiplayer game so me my sister can play together so she can have a animal crossing prom since covid 19 will not let us go to school.and if we could give each other furniture

- The best game ever

This game makes me happy when I feel sad or angry.


Okay don’t get me wrong this game is but I’m here to talk about one certain problem so we all know; Blather’s Treasure Trek right? So I did some maps they were pretty good, but i had a problem with the 50,000 coin map thing so I did the map and ran out of friendship powder (witch you need to roll the die) so I clicked out to get a couple more before continuing and had to completely start over so I wasted all my powder for nothing. Maybe I hit something wrong but I am 100% I didn’t hit the restart map icon so idk what happen but please help or fix this problem!!! Thank you💕🙏

- Butterflies

Can you make it easier to catch butterflies, please

- Love this Game!

I really love this game! My sisters and my dad also play this game and we love! But the only thing we wanted to do is trade items, sometimes others have items that we want and other has theirs, so there could be like a level to trade items or you can trade without a level max?

- Great game but annoying to update

I actually love this game but because it doesn’t allow me to update it in the AppStore so I have to wait for it in app with bad internet and tap it occasionally so my p home doesn’t turn off so ya once they fix that 5 🌟 it’s annoying and nulls the enjoyment


This game is now my world!!!!! We are in COVID-19, so I can’t go to my favorite family camp🥺 My mom got this game thinking it would cheer me up. IT TOTES WORKED!!!!!!! OMG IT FEELS SOOOOO REAL!!!!! Is Camp being ruined for you too? This is a great game! INSPECTOR EEVEE HAS SPOKEN!!!!’


Ok 👌🏻 I’ve always loved Kawaii stuff now THIS IS KAWAII I love it sooo much it the best game ever I’m addicted to it. If could I’d give it 1000 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1000%

- Love this game!!!!

This Game is absolutely awesome!!! Honestly I have no complaints about this game because it is so cool. This game is just like the real one. You can pick fruit,catch fish, and even catch bugs!! I don’t wanna spoil it for you but it’s great. Best part is there’s no adds!!!!!!😦🥳 Amazing right?!?! I do recommend if you are wanting to have this app get it !!!!

- 그러나 ITS A JOKE!

장난하나 🥴

- ACPC App Suggestion

Please include a option for players to write mails and send letters in animal crossing pocket camp. All the other animal crossing games, like on the nintento switch, allows players to write and send mails/letters. Please include the addition of mail/letter writing into the animal crossing pocket camp app game. Please have a option for players to communicate with each other. You can charge the mails/letters with bells and the players will purchase to send mails/letters. I think the mail/letter idea is great to include in the future of animal crossing pocket camp.

- Saving animals?

Hello! I’m Taley, and I really enjoy this game, it kills time fast and events are always going on! But, there are 2 things that I’d love to see added, if possible. I will go into tons of detail so developers and readers like you, can understand what I’m getting at. So first off, It’s multiplayer. I love the game, it’s just not being able to fish with friends, catch bugs with friends, or even hang out at your own cabin or campsite together! I know you can friend others and help them and such, but there is no way to, play together. And I feel like such a big part of animal crossing is missing without that. It’s about relaxing and hanging out with friends. The second thing, is a way to capture, or contain, animals! Fish, bugs, etc. Since blathers doesn’t have a museum, I thought that players might be able to contain bugs inside a glass cage or something like that. But alas, there is no way to do that. I caught some pretty cool fish I wanted to keep, but eventually I sold them. Maybe if there was a critter-pedia? Like in new horizons. So people can remember what fish they caught. And maybe a way to make a pond or rice in your own campsite to contain and hold fish caught in the river and ocean? It would mean a lot to have these added to Animal Crossing Pocket camp, and if it’s not possible somehow, you can always respond to this review. Thank you, Taley. Also, for all those like: “i wanna be able to BE an animal!!!!!” Or, like: “Where’s the island?” Okay, so this is POCKET CAMP, There is no island or else the options in new horizons would be useless because this is free. It is a mini version of new horizons and other AC games. If you become an animal, (I really don’t like this one so I’m fighting myself to not say ‘ew furry fkuuuu so if it sounds rude, I could be worse) Then what’s the point? You just WAIT for someone else to take over your camp???? The other games don’t do that at all. Be reasonable, the animation would be way to difficult, and again. This is a mini (free) version of animal crossing. Be thankful you can play this without paying. And finally, Be detailed and descriptive of what you want added. If you let your anger control you, you become unreadable. The developers will have no idea what you want. THANK YOU. I am so done.

- Forced to pay for pointless things

That is exactly what animal crossing forces us to do. Besides that, animal crossing is an excellent game!

- Amazing! But...

I LOVE this game! But it doesn’t save all my progress PLEASE CHANGE THAT but every thing else is fantastic!🤩So fun!And I LOVE when u can help out more & more people/things!!! I LOVE IT!!🤩🥳😍🥰💖🎉🎊🎂😆❤️🥳....

- So cute! But I have a suggestion🙂

So, this game is really cute! My mom and brother and sister pla6 it too, but my mom came up with a idea, Maybe the creators can add a trade button when you meet a play! I hope you like this idea. Bye!

- Crashing

The game is rlly fun, but it keeps crashing. When I click on an island to go to, it would crash or stay on the load screen and never open up the island

- Great game but

I have been playing AC games for like my entire life. One of my favorite features is how when you catch a fish or bug that you like, you can display it in your home. I’d LOVE to be able to do that in this game as well. I’d also like to be able to earn leaf tickets easier and not have to buy them as often. Thanks!

- I love your game

I love your game so much but can there be a button we’re we can have emotions Pls.

- OMG!!!!!!

I have been saving for this game on the switch lite and now it’s free on iPads this game is great.


Ok so my iPads time is off by 6 minutes ok so... IT WILL NOT LET ME PLAY!!! 😡 But it is a grate game ok I only and ONLY can play on my mom’s phone. But yes it is a grate game so I do say that you should play I am thinking about getting rid of the game on my iPad and my mom’s phone because I am not really allowed to play on it because I have a iPad but as I said PLAY THIS GAME! Thx for reading! P.s. make sure your phone, iPad, computer whatever you are using has the right time!

- 👋🏼

Could you just make the beginning where everyone is talking to, Could you please make it shorter?

- Please add this to the game!

I would love it if we could choose if we wanted to be an animal or a human and you could choose what animal you want to be. But you should be able to choose that at any point in the game so you don’t have to uninstall and re install the app. Please add this, I have been waiting for this since the game came out.


I know it’s for 4 year olds but I’m really in love with it! I love animals and the outdoors so this game basically fits me! But one teensy Bitsy thing... i always have low leaf tickets, and I would have to buy some. but it’s so annoying that every time I try and get leaf tickets it doesn’t make the purchase. And the thing “having trouble?” Doesn’t work either. So please fix this!

- Needs a Mail to Friends Option

Title says it. Great game, but would be way better if you could send presents, (at least, if the idea of letting people send messages gets too messy for child friendliness reasons), like you could in the old games. I have friends in real life that are my buddies in game and we all have items we don’t use which we would love to send each other. Kudos just don’t really cut it. Otherwise, very cute and fun game.

- Fun but...

Fun but it keeps crashing!!!

- It’s good

I don’t have much of a comparison because the only animal crossing game I have other than this one and it’s the wii one and my wii is broken as in it is not showing the proper colors because it looks like urine with some green mixed in thare so I have only played for like a hour because I can’t stand the colors but I have enjoyed this game so far it has been fun and I hope I can build a good campground (:

- Crashes When Opened

I loooove this game but I haven’t been able to play for a week now because the app keeps crashing upon opening :(((( Please fix this!!!

- Suggestions!!

1. I think it’d be super sweet to be able to buy leaf tickets with bells so that people who want things in the game but don’t have enough leaf tickets can buy them! Like 10 leaf tickets for 300,000 bells or something like that! 2. PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING PACIFIERS LIKE NEW HORIZONS. I WOULD DO ALMOST ANYTHING TO HAVE A PACIFIER:( 3. It’d also be cool to be able to send essence and stuff to friends! So that if I need it I can let people know somehow (like a message by my character on my marketbox,) and then others can send me stuff if they have enough! 4. Last but not least, creating our own clothes would be cool! (I’d like to design my own pacifier not gonna lie.) But, even just having more say over the colors of clothing and stuff!:) Thank you if you took the time to read or to take any of my suggestions!!:)


Please allow us to play multiplayer on here 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺. Otherwise, everything is fine.

- GOOD GAME!!!! :)

This is a very good game to play if you wanted animal crossing new horizons and feel left out. This game is EXACTLY like the Nintendo game! In this game you customize your character catch butterflies and fishes. You can plant in your garden. And also decorate your camper (car). Please install it!! It’s so fun to play!

- Crashing

I love this game but it won’t even open anymore! Keeps crashing!

- Closes on launch

I can’t ever get this game to work on any of my iOS devices. It closes when I launch it. No help anywhere for the issue either :(

- Amazing 💙💙💙💙💙

This Game is amazing and addictive! And there is no subscription

- Great! But not like animal crossing new horizons

This is a great app but it’s not like animal crossing new horizons. I love the clothing but I hate that you cannot change your hair (or I am just not at that level) Being on an island is more fun than this camp I wish they’d make your person on a island. I love the tents and the furniture! I think this game is great and fun but I wish it were an island game instead

- I can’t get past the loading screen

When I first got this game I loved it, but now it feels like an old game that I never use anymore. Whenever I try to play it, it just crashes. I’ve rebooted my IPad, deleted it and reinstalled it but nothing seems to work. Is it possible to fix this issue? If not that’s ok.


PLEASE FIX THIS GAME! It haven’t been able to play in over a year. Literally every single time I click this app it won’t load past the opening screen without crashing. It is impossible to even play this game. Please fix this!!!!

- Amazing

This game has made me satisfied, and prepared for new horizons, sure, it really asks for money, A LOT, but not as often as other games. It also has no ads, this is my choice for a free mobile game, coming into new horizons prepared!

- Animal Crossing and Some Suggestions

Okay, so I’ve been playing this game since April, and I gotta say, it’s pretty good! You get to design your character, invite animals to your campsite, make friends, craft items, meet more animals, and level up! It’s an amazing game and I’m glad I got it. The only two things I’d complain about it that there’s no search bar when I want to craft an item. Sometimes I have to spend a few minutes trying to find the thing I want to craft. If there was a search bar to craft things that would be amazing and make things so much easier. The second thing is that when you preview an item you want to craft, there’s no grid to let you see how big it is. I couldn’t find anything where it let’s you see how much space an item would take up when you preview it. I want to craft things but I also want to see how big the item is first. Other than that, I love the game! I recommended it to all my friends and I got 5 of them playing! We always text each other when we need more materials or fish/bugs/fruit. It’s really fun!

- Super fun


- Yeeeeeesssss!!!

TOTALLY RECOMMEND!! this game keeps me occupied for HOURS. IT’S SO FUN!!

- .

Great game, but it’s crashing a lot

- Cuteness

Oml it’s soooo cute Goldie is very cute

- Super

C’est un super jeu , dommage que les campeurs ne puissent pas communiquer entre eux sur le jeu ! Sinon rien a dire 🌱

- Addictive

Great game. It’s a free game so expect tons of notifications for deals on leaf tickets. I can still play a ton without spending a dime so unless you press buttons mindlessly I don’t see how it can trick you into spending real money... remove your $$ from Apple Pay if you have no self control? It’s really not a pay to play game unless the aesthetics of your camp and friends is THAT important to you lol I took away a star because the stripy loading screen hurts my eyes.

- Animal crossing review

Your game is sooooooo good I love it😍😍❤️❤️❤️it’s soooooo fun to play and I just can’t get enough of it I play it every single day that’s how much I love your game!!!!! Thx for making this Super fun game!

- i want to trade >:((

pocket camp is great and all yay! but like i wanna trade clothes and furniture when’s that gonna be a thing??!?!?

- Love the game but when playing it has but was not made with care

I love you game but when playing it looks like it had no card into it I have your guys new game and the new game you made for tentdo it’s better then this but I do love your guys game


I’m loving this new animal crossing, it’s just like the real version! Others might say this app is horrible but to me it’s great!

- tips that would make the game a lot better:)

this game is pretty good, except that the clothes cut off at the sleeves and lower body on animals? please change this, it’d look a lot better. also, it’d be nicer if the animals’ personalities were a bit more unique. also, charging 300 leaf tickets for a basic raining terrain? i think it should rain should be something that comes naturally at the campsites, it would make the game much better. adding more hairstyles, clothes in the crafting menu, etc would make the game way better since most of the good clothing are either in cookies (which costs leaf tickets) or the limited edition clothing (which also costs leaf tickets). if better things required little to no leaf tickets, this game could be a lot more enjoyable than seeming like a huge cash grab. last point, could you add a museum or more islands to go to? the 4 islands are getting repetitive, and it’s getting boring. adding a museum could be a way to get rid or extra, unwanted bugs, and it would be a little more like the og animal crossing games. overall i think you should focus more on the gameplay than on the money. this game has become really repetitive, the only new things that are being added are items that cost leaf tickets or the repetitive events that come every month.

- Its good

I love this game. But once my brother deleted it on my phone because I was a higher level. Please more updates!

- I really like this game

This game is pretty good but why are there so much bad reviews anyway unnn

- Wth

Why does this game want are money now like every single update there’s something new that cost like 500 leaf tickets like I’m not buying that much plus the happy helper plan is so much money a month like it’s just a game

- Amazing!

I love this and new horizons!

- Do it

Make this the rating everybody will see / Animal crossing camp of the pocket is yes 😎😎

- Meh!

Always needs you to update. Eats a lot of data since I usually only use it when I’m on the go and not using WiFi. Can’t play it half the time so to needing updates

- Ummmmm...

Every time I try to go into the game of are in the middle of playing it say “error please check your wifi connection” my internet’s not that bad, so Idk if anyone else is getting this message like crazy, as I am getting it every time I play in repeated sessions

- I just love this game

I just love this game,I want this game to be on Doublescreen Then I will rate off-charts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Not bad?

It’s very fun, but definitely not as fun as the original version on the nintendo switch or 3DS. A lot of reviews say it’s terrible, or just downright bad, I wouldn’t say it’s THAT bad, judging from my own experience with this game. Honestly, it does seem kind of like a rip-off of the, you know, ACTUAL game, but I think that you get what you pay! It’s very fair that you would get the good-quality, very fun game for money, and you would get the alright, not bad game for free! On the bright side, I’m really glad that you can get this for free on the app store, and I would say, don’t listen to the reviews that say it’s soo bad, you can just try it for yourself and see how YOU like it! It IS free, after all, so it wouldn’t hurt to try it out, right? Though, I will say, the updates are terrible 🤮 But try it out and see if you like it! But... uhm... you probably won’t 🤢😩😬

- Awesome and adorable game

The animal crossing franchise is so cute and amazing, and even though pocket camp is not the highest rated, it’s still amazing. The characters are super cute, there are so many outfit options to choose from, and so many ways to decorate your campsite and cabin! I was super excited to download, because I can’t get it on my wii, and I don’t have a switch or a Ds. I know some may not agree, but my friends and family do. I love this game and I recommend you play it! It does get a small bit boring after you finish most tasks, but you can always decorate and play other games. Download this game!!! :)

- 😑


- I loved it but

Honestly I loved this game probably one of my most played game within like a day. I had a lot of fun in it but then I got a new phone and I couldn’t do the quick transfer like transfer stuff from my old phone to my new phone so then I thought that unlinking the account would bring the account but would delete it on the game so I thought my actual account I used was still with my Nintendo account and then after that I pulled up animal crossing on my new phone and I realized it’s gone after that I got really sad that I couldn’t play this game and having to spend another day on it like I already did that would be the same thing. But overall this game is really fun and I haven’t met any pay walls or pay to win. Is it possible if you can retrieve my account in any way? The account name was Link and also you don’t have to do this.

- Cool

I love games like animal crossing now I can play animal crossing with my phone anywhere

- Bogs

J’adore l’art, et comment ses fait, mes il a un tout petit problème qui fait tout la différence. Mon jeux est très lent à charger, et sa bogue pendant une milliseconde ou une seconde quand je bouge. Mes même a sa, j’ai quand même le jeux...

- i’m too broke for new horizons why do you keep asking for money

i got this game right after acnh came out because i can’t afford a switch and a sixty dollar game. every update just seems like they get more greedy but this game really helps me with my anxiety other then that it could burn and i wouldn’t care.

- Custom clothes please!!

I would give this game a 5 star rating but there is no custome clothes or watch an ad and get 10 leaf moneys but other than that 4 stars hopefully they can add this

- Money grab

It’s just a money grab.

- Cute game

Pretty fun to play but I'd really like it if I can host more guests at my cabin after unlocking the second floor. Please make this happen

- Crashes and a cash cow

It keeps on crashing. This is a attempt to cash on to there own franchise and also its unplayable when you don’t update it

- Best game ever😍😍

This is the best game ever you all should download this! My mom is so good at this she’s already on level 70 because she loves it so much! Best game ever!


I love this app it is so much fun and the characters are so cute

- good game

I like this game but can we have more clothes to choose?

- Cash grab!

I honestly LOVE this game. It is very cute and fun but it seems like everything cost leaf tickets, which require REAL money. Cool landscapes and themes? Leaf tickets. Fun clothing or hair? Leaf tickets. You want Isabelle or KK at your camp site? Leaf tickets. And it’s not just ten or 20 leaf tickets it is HUNDREDS of leaf tickets. It’s very sad and unbelievable that Nintendo can’t just let people enjoy this game without constantly bugging people to spend their money, why not just let everything be available to everyone for regular in game currency? Not to mention they already have the Happy Helper and Cookie Depot plan WHICH is a rip off as you can buy the same cookie for each 5 times and you aren’t even guaranteed to not get doubles. I bought 5 of one cookie and 4 of the items were the same. If I could get a refund I would!

- Amazing

This app is awesome and you can do anything you want

- I purchased leaf tickets and didn’t get them

I purchased 200 leaf tickets and didn’t get them it even took money out of my account

- Goldie Rosie merry

I LOVE THIS THERE SO CUTE When I deleted it I cried but I’m getting it again!

- Amazing game!!

I love this game but there were free cookies in the game but I didn’t get the Nintendo cookie witch I’m very sad about I think it was a glitch but instead I got 3 leaf tickets 😢

- Hours of fun for children and adults

I love that I can play this with my kids. The ability to change looks and furniture set ups is fun for everyone. Helping others is a good lesson for the kids, BUT now it is impossible to play without paying ... if it’s all about money now I’m done . Too bad Nintendo is so greedy

- Pretty good


- New feature?

Heya!!! I absolutely adore this game!!! I was wondering if maybe you could implement a way for people to text via the phone, and even an option to mute them. This way they can ask people for certain items and even make friends in a safe way!!!

- Pretty Good

I know that a lot of the reviews are about how much of a cash grab this game is, but honestly, I haven’t even bought anything yet and i’m as content as can be. This game is super fun to pass time, but a lot of the stuff takes a long time to craft, which annoys me sometimes, like a pair of boots took more than 5 hours! Jeez. Anyways. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves Animal Crossing or just an adorable game to play, because I find it really fun and relaxing. Though I would like it if there were more things we could do, because then I would stay on the game longer. That’s all I can say about it.

- Used to be Good

This game was amazing a year ago when I started playing. Ever since the Pocket Camp Club was implemented, and the most recent major update was added, it’s nonstop messages about paying the subscription to be part of the PC Club. It’s annoying. The game used to be so wholesome and fun but now I’m being berated with ads for in-game purchases.

- Game is ok but it’s there’s problems

Literally anything you want to buy cost money and the new update sucks because my game keeps crashing over and over

- Epic

This game is epic lol

- Fun but not great

One of my biggest issues is that there is not enough space at the original campsite. You can only craft 2 amenities which is really annoying and after you get to higher levels, the game plateau’s because there isn’t much to do except for unlock clothes and redesign your already very tiny and limited space. There’s just not enough to look forward to anymore.

- Where is BlueBear?

I got everything I needed to get BlueBear and so I called them to my camp so he would stay but I never saw him there and when I clicked my contacts it said he was already at my camp when he was clearly not, I don’t know why I can’t find him and i just want him at my camp can someone please explain why he is not there I used a lot of meterial just to try and make his favorite items and I just wanted him in my camp. I really love the game I just want to have BlueBear in my camp please T^T

- I am obsessed with this game

I would DEFINITELY recommend downloading this game, so addicting

- Maybe maybe not

It so fun but it has a lot if automatic updates and they say you have to pay for leaf tickets but you get so many free ones

- Fun

Amazing to me

- slow

so slow and annoying. why do the animals need to talk to much. speed it up because it gets annoying. should create more spots for amenities to be built.

- eh

The game itself isn’t bad at all, but there are a few things that need to get fixed. Please lower the prices they are a bit too expensive. Another thing that I would like is for you to make your own clothes like actual animal crossing! The last thing is that you should add exciting updates that people will like. :)

- Good but

It’s a great game, however, they’re trying way too hard to make money out of this, so lots of actividad are restricted unless you’re willing to pay .. annoying!

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I need animal crossing pocket camp moots 👉🏼👈🏼 #acpc #animalcrossing #pocketcamp #AnimalCrossingpocketcamp

@nicssntg Animal Crossing:Pocket Camp sizt! Variation siya ng Animal Crossing na pwede laruin sa phone. DM ko sayo how. :')))

on a little lighter note, i don’t have the switch animal crossing and i wanted to join in, so welcome to my pocket…

i hate animal crossing pocket camp bc it do not let me be girl and have short hair at the same time and it won’t let me change my name </3

I’m just glad I got my dream wedding Tux in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

@WaffleLapkin @HikariTanabashi Animal crossing pocket camp

Alguém aí jogando o Animal Crossing Pocket Camp? Voltei a jogar ontem e quero amigos! 42903192887

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp 3.2.1 Screenshots & Images

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp iphone images
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp iphone images
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp iphone images
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp iphone images
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp iphone images
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp ipad images
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp ipad images
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp ipad images
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp ipad images
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp ipad images
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Version 3.2.1) Install & Download

The applications Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was published in the category Games on 2017-11-21 and was developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd. [Developer ID: 1062496488]. This application file size is 218.63 MB. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Games posted on 2020-05-11 current version is 3.2.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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