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Meet Geeni. Your wish is Geeni's command.
Control all Geeni smart home and smart health devices in one easy app, from ANYWHERE in the world. Geeni is easy enough for anyone to use and combines the SIMPLICITY of an on/off switch with PREMIUM features such as:
- Easy, powerful control of each device. Choose a color or mood of our Color bulbs, schedule a smart switch, check in on your cameras, and track your weight, all from the same app!
- Group devices and control by room
- Smart Health products support tracking weight, BMI, Body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, bone mass, visceral fat grade, and more, and track on the app or sync to Apple Health
- Set smart scenes for automated actions
- Schedule when devices turn on and off to allow more control and security
- Choose which devices your friends, guests, roommates, or your family can control thanks to account sharing
- Cloud based services so you can log in and control your home from any phone
- HealthKit functionality for our new Smart Scale: synchronize your health data with Apple Health!
- and more.

Compatible with all Geeni-enabled smart devices. No complicated hub required; each Geeni device is smart enough to connect directly to your home wifi network.

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geeni Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Geeni 2.0.0 offers huge new features and improvements including: - View multiple cameras on one screen - Link your Geeni account to Alexa or Google Assistant - Apple ID Login now supported - Two-Factor Authentication now supported - Pairing new devices is now easier than ever! - Apple Watch Support - UI Improvements, improved smart scene support, and more

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- Love my cameras!

So we bought three new cameras for our house recently. They were really cheap maybe $20/$25 apiece and I expected themTo not be that great I didn’t expect the picture to be very clear or to be able to see the cameras at night do you always hear that saying you get what you pay for...Well in this case that is not true I got a lot more than what I paid for! I could not be happier with these cameras,they were very easy to hook up and I installed the app and within minutes I was looking at all the rooms I had placed the cameras in. What surprised me the most was how clear the picture was and the colors were bright!I am pretty sure the picture was in HD as well. I love the fact that it has the motion detector and sound attacked her and the one thing I was also very happy with was the wide angled view I can see the whole room!I was constantly having that problem in my kids playroom which is a very big room I could not find a camera that would be able to view the whole entire room. It would normally only do half of the room and I would have to buy two camerasJust to be able to see the entire room. Butbnot with the cameras!I can see the whole entire room and clear as day I couldn’t be happier!I actually recommended these cameras to my sister who also went and purchased a few of them and she is also very happy with them as well! I would definitely recommend these cameras especially for the price you can’t beat it!

- Geeni OW101

I’m a DIY personality, so I have every type of battery operated tool they sell. I keep the Chargers and batteries, for all my electric tools, inside our home in my hobby room so the batteries do not overheat. Anyone that has ever had to buy batteries for power tools can tell you they are not cheap! The only problem I had was forgetting to remove the batteries from the charger, or unplug them when I finished a project. If you leave the batteries charging constantly, it is very hard on the battery cells and eventually destroys them. After making several trips to the closest hardware store to buy new batteries and spending over a $100 on each one, I quickly started looking for a solution. That is when I came across Geeni’s smart plugs. I bought one and took it home to install it, which was a breeze, and set up an automated schedule for all my battery chargers. I have it set to turn on every few days to charge any dead batteries that are on the charger, and even set up a schedule to power off everything nightly in case I forget. I loved all the features of the app and charger so much, that I quickly went back and bought several more plugs for the house and garage. When my wife noticed them, she had me install one under the couch that controls multiple lamps in the living room. I soon connected the app to Alexa so she can turn the lamps on or off through it rather than always stealing my phone! Great product and very easy to install!

- Minor issues but overall it’s a good app

Bought the cw007 yesterday and mounted it to watch our front door from our window inside, since we have recently had a couple packages “disappear” from our doorstep. I wanted something cheap and easy to use until we can afford something better and saw that this model had good reviews. I love everything about it except for the fact that the playback won’t work on the app, it keeps saying “failed to connect.” We made sure the micro sd was empty on our laptop before plugging it into the camera. I formatted it through the app at least 3 times. Restarted the app. Restarted my phone. Restarted the camera. Etc. and even though it looks like playback is recording on the app it won’t connect. Preview which is live stream is working fine, but the main reason I bought it is so it can record and playback so I can see what is happening with our packages. Until this gets fixed or until customer service responds to my request I sent them yesterday I will be leaving a 1 star review. Update: within a few days of posting this review the playback issue has been fixed. Guess there was an issue with the app because we stopped trying to mess with it. Never received a response from customer service but overall just glad the issue was fixed.

- I thought I wrote a review already

But I’ll write another! I’ve had this little camera for over a year now, set it up in the office to see what my cat got up to when I wasn’t there and now have it in the living room pointed at my dog’s crate where he stays when we go somewhere. After the initial setup, it’s been a great little camera. I downloaded the wrong app at first, as I suspected a lot of people did who have this one star because it didn’t work, but called customer service and got the help I needed to get it straight. Btw, app is Geeni, NOT Merkury. Also, I recall I had to make sure the camera was synced to the 2.4 wifi and not the stronger 5 (we have both, and at first I automatically put it on the 5, apologies that I don’t recall the actual name but every time I sign into my account to get my internet connection I see both so I remember the numbers, I hope if anyone reads this they know what I mean) so that was also something I had to straighten out. Once done everything’s been fine, but recently I switched phones and have a new number, and I can’t see any place to change that, so I contacted customer service in-app and am waiting for a response. If I can’t change it I’ll have to create another account, I guess. Minor annoyance but doable since it doesn’t involve set up of the product haha. I hope this helps someone out there. It’s a good product, give it a chance!

- Love love love them

I have a bunch of the outlets that have to be wired in place. I will say they have some issues connecting with quick connect but the AP or slow connect works well. I use them inside and outside my house. They are perfect for holiday lights set a schedule to turn on and off no timers or bulky things needed to control them all done easy least in the app. I have both the usb ones and non usb. My electric bill has lowered with these too. I have a few night lights in the house like in my stair wells and bathrooms I schedule them to turn on and off with night hours wonderful feature. Put it on my kids tv outlet so when I don’t want her using it I can shut it off on her. One thing I will say that makes these easier is go buy a small extension cord cut off one end and crimp on the little fork connectors. That way u can connect them to the out let plug in the outlet and set it up before working them into the wall Because they can cause troubles every now and again they eventually connect but can be hair pulling happens about 3 out of every 10-15.

- Technology at its finest

So first off I will start by saying I myself have not had any issues with this app and it’s ability to connect to my Wi-Fi or any issues with my Wi-Fi to connect the app to any of the Merkury LED bulbs, WiFi plug-ins or cameras that I own. To be honest with you it’s great knowing the fact that I can turn any of my lights on or off in any room at any given time with the push of a button on app screen is just amazing and then add the fact that you can change the color and brightness of these bulbs on screen sliders to adjust the brightness as well as the on screen color wheel to set the color of your choice. Also I love the fact that you can set a schedule so you can program a schedule for your lights to turn on and off while you’re at home or while you’re away this is great if you’re away from the house and you want to program your porch lights or garage lights to come on and off at certain time intervals. It’s been a game changer as well as innovative and fun for our family. The only issue I had and this has nothing to do with the app or the product is if someone manually turns the light off by the switch itself while the device is on and been turned on through the app this puts the light into off-line mode and you have no control over it until you that switch is turned back on.

- No response from Customer Service in app

I WAS very happy with these cameras in my home. So I put a camera is in my grandpas room in his Adult living. He is on hospice with Dementia. Up until two weeks ago I could watch all day with flawless picture and perfect sound. Something has changed. As of a few months ago, customer service no longer responds in Chat/email in the app. I had one question regarding notifications months ago no response. The last two weeks including this very moment, the camera shows 92% yet no sound. There has been constant 4-5 second pauses if not just completely freezing up. Or it just will not reload and gives a network error that is the most constant daily pain. I have excellent Wi-Fi connection in the facility and perfect Wi-Fi connection in my home and I am adjust a few cities away from him and the camera. I constantly close and restart the app and even shut off and restart my phone. Even a few hours ago the weather and temperature no longer is being displayed on either of my two devices, (Iphone 8plus & 7plus) Customer service is nonexistent using the app. I say this because there has been huge problems with viewing my grandpa and the app saying ( Failed to turn on sound) and constant screen freezes. I would love correspondence. It’s pointless to have that feature on the app if there is never a reply. Hoping my review will bring some support. Candy

- Cute, Good tech

I chose this monitor because it had all the (simple) tech features I wanted and I liked the look of it compared to a lot of other monitors out there. We wall mounted it and I am happy with the radius of movement the head swerves and zoom in feature. I like I can look in from afar (like when I am at work). I am a bit creeped out though when Dad happens to be looking in (because he got a notification there is sound or movement in the room) and he can move the camera or talk through the camera/camera app. On the other hand, this is a great feature and capability! I wish there was a way to see either on the camera or an app notification that the other parent (or whoever has the password to the app) is looking in. The video stream in encrypted and I trust this. I do wish there was a feature to block viewing or shield the camera just for an added peace of mind so even if someone tried to look in while I am breastfeeding, they will see black. (Just ideas Geeni!). Only works on 4G network according to the instructions, though no problems. Oh, I also had to buy a longer cord to mount it where I wanted and it has to be plugged in all the time to (a very small expense). Again: cute cute and fits into the nursery! Works just as I need it to.

- For the price, no major complaints.

Picked up the indoor security camera from a BIG BOX store. Setting up I hit a snag. I have both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz networks in my home. My particular camera is designed to operate on using the 2.4 GHz network of only. Went thru the setup many times with many devices and it would not work at all. Double checking every time that I was connecting to the 2.4Ghz network. I could get ally the way thru to a solid blue light, but the app would give an error msg that it can’t connect. Just about to give up and return the camera I had an “Ah Ha” moment. My two networks (2.4 GHz and 5.9 GHz) have different SSID’s. To simply things around the house I gave the two different networks the same password. When setting up the camera I would select the 2.4 GHz network and type in the password which is the same for both SSID’s (network names). Would not connect at all on the app, but the camera would go from flashing red, to flashing blue, then solid lit blue as if connected. So I logged into my router and changed the 5.0 GHz password by adding an extra character to the end. Two separate passwords fixed the connection problem. * * * TLDR, will not work on 2.4 GHz network if the password is the same as a 5.0 GHz network.

- Highly disappointed after latest update

I have been a fan of my Geeni WiFi cameras since getting them a few months ago, however after installing the latest update I have experienced more problems than ever. One continues to just keep restarting itself. Randomly we will hear it make the start up noise when no one is around it, then it will be flashing red and we have to log on & add the device again. This happens anywhere from 2-3 x a day & is not helpful at all if we are not @ home. Another issue we have found is that when we are away & log on to view live feed, the app just stops & disappears. Log back in & try again, same thing for about 5 times. It’s very frustrating. Lastly, while recording from playback, you can no longer fast forward or rewind nor can you view the playback while recording with your screen flipped sideways so that you can see the bigger picture. We have tried deleting & reinstalling the app numerous times & resetting both devices in hopes that by doing so it would fix the issues, however it did not. I once recommended these cameras to everyone I know. I even have recommended them over the Ring doorbell bc I keep one in between my front & storm door & like that you can go back and view the footage of the time of an alert. Sadly, I am not so sure that I will be recommending them any longer.


Door Bell Camera does not go to wide screen on app after update. About half an inch of black screen on either side. Every time they update its a disaster. Zero customer service and they never fix any problems listed on here. Blaming COVID for the lack of CS even tho I reached out Dec. 2019?? For a different issue never heard back. Every time I look always the same problems. Get a RING and skip this company who does not even have an existing customer service . I cant even see out of my camera and it was working fine before you all mess with the software. My Camera is on the right wifi signal its YOU NOT ME . Why are you guys messing things up when they are fine? Last time they updated it did the same thing then a few days later it was fine another update its not working STOP making software blunders The Response: A LIE ! I contacted you December of 2019 same recording of nobody available same non existent support its not Covid dont blame that on ur crappy service. Do not fall for the COVID delay garbage. This type of CS problems going on WAY before COVID. FIX the software that is making the camera not open all the way. Because clearly it is always fine until you all mess with software. I will keep posting negative review until you take us seriously for a product we paid for.

- Overall Mercury Review

The company has given the consumer a variety of options within their product selection for an extremely reasonable price. I have given a rating of 5 for the simple fact that I can simply “plug and play” in a sense, there is no frustrating hub to have to set up and hide away(embarrassing). No matter where I am I can simply control every single device synched up to the Geeni App. I have not had any trouble with any of the products I have purchased, except for one time and it was due to weather and network failure but that is expected of nearly all technology and of course storm passed and products connected quick and efficiently. I can truly say that they offer us products at an affordable price and with actual quality. The Geeni App is a simplistic program that runs very smoothly and is not going to drain your battery. Overall the App and products are promising, I always recommend their products and talk highly of the overall experience I have had with Mercury. Thank you and I hope this review has helped.

- The latest version, 1.7.0, broke it

The app has changed to be more stupid than before. Before the update, all the motion detection screen captures were listed together under Notification Center, whether it was from a single camera or multiple ones. You scrolled down to view all the captures, when you reached the bottom, if you wanted to delete all, just tap Delete, Select all, then confirm. Now, they group the screen captures by camera, and they put Select All on top of the screen so when you start to scroll down, the Select All disappears. So now when you reach the bottom and want to delete all, after you tap Delete you have to scroll all the way up so the Select All will show up. And since I got three cameras, I need to repeat this process three times, since the screen captures are now grouped by camera. Very very very idiotic! Previous update didn't change the interface much, but the cameras connected a little faster than before. This new version, not only did it force me to log in again, but the interface was significantly different I had to relearn how to use it. But the worst is the connect time. Now I tap on one of the cameras I have to wait much longer, even longer than before it was last updated. Why would you take the time to make it worse???

- Amazing, but...

Where do I start? This app has everything you could want with all the devices you might get! I’m a fierce supporter of this company, their light bulbs are extremely high quality, and the program runs amazing! I’ve set several smart scenes already, and I’ve been working on the automatic modes, trying to work out what I can or can’t do. All in all, a company deserving of 5 stars! However, I’ve noticed a slight problem. When I try to set up smart scenes, I have very limited choices and capabilities. I can set it to white, color (that the light is currently set to) or scene presets, such as rainbow, rave, etc... I believe that this app could benefit from a broader selection of options, perhaps placed under an “advanced scenes” tag. This is not even covering the issues with automatic scenes, and I will not cover them, as I have not tested all the settings in depth, but I HAVE noted that there is choices of scene 1,2,3,and 4. Nothing more. Other than these small issues, this is fantastic and easy to use! Great job overall!

- Geeni smart light + app convinced me that $90 for two Philips LED lightbulbs is worth it.

When I saw that Philips Hue lights were almost $100 for two, I nearly fell backwards. It’s just a lightbulb, what on earth could make it worth $45 compared to the $15 or so Geeni bulbs? Well, that was a year ago... trust me, once you have to deal with Geeni’s products for that long, you WILL understand the need to spend more than $15 on one of these products! I have wasted probably hours of my life trying to make these products work; it just can’t be done. the fact that you almost certainly have to reset the lightbulb every time you go more than a day or so without turning it on is completely unforgivable and makes these lightbulbs UTTERLY USELESS for most rooms. When you try to turn on your lights, they’ll blind you with rapid flashing that doesn’t stop until it’s connected! Such a horrid feature when combined with 2-5 min waits for the app to connect. The app is slow, buggy, and dysfunctional. The tips it gives you aren’t helpful, and the whole design of the app strikes me as archaic and reminiscent of the apps I remember from 2010. The hours worth of frustration spent resetting and reconnecting these bulbs to your phone and alexa devices is not worth the saved pennies.

- Surprisingly resilient and simple!

My home network contains so many devices that no router made can allow them all to connect at once. I have to have 3 routers using double NAT on each to keep everything online. Many of the cheaper IoT devices have to be regularly unplugged and plugged back in to maintain functionality/connectivity. The Geeni system, for being one of the cheaper lines, somehow is one of the most reliable of all the different manufacturers and brands that I have interlinked. Stays connected better even than the Belkin and iHome products. [Update: Somehow just realized I was writing a review for the app not the camera...I have 2 White scale bulbs, 2 smart outlets, and one of their cameras. Also, I have a different manufacturer of smart camera in every room, including 2 in the hallway (one at each end) and 2 outside) - explicitly TO test them against and with each other and demo differences and compatibilities to potential smarthome builders. Review applies to all 5 devices that use this app as well as the app itself. ]

- Very pleased with App & Cameras.

I’ve had three cameras now for almost a year. Paid $20 each at Walmart and they have worked as described 94% of the time. Exception being while attempting to access from a weak or less than 4g signal. Motion detection, night time display, sound and intercom works well. Been a great comfort checking on pets and monitoring access by others while on vacation or away. I put the max Mini-SD card (32GB) in each one and reformat them before leaving or just when they get full. I can snap pictures from the video for viewing later or save the video complete with sound. I can talk to the dog while away or the wife if she’s not getting her phone. When all other camera systems were $150+ I got this one for less than $65... and purchased the cameras individually over a three week period. Occasionally a power outage will disable the cameras due to the lag time with the WiFi, but easily fixed by turning them off and back on again. A GREAT VALUE FOR THEIR INTENDED PURPOSE.

- Love the camera, the app isn’t as great. Well not anymore.

We bought our Geeni camera around Christmas time because our packages tend to come up missing. Everything about it is great. My only concern is that ever since the recent update, I am unable to select all of my notification snapshots for deletion. I don’t look at them often and they tend to add up pretty quick. I swear I scrolled for an hour straight one day deleting the snap notifications. It is starting to make my phone lag because it’s taking up so much space and I don’t have a few hours to kill just to delete everything. I have thought about deleting the app instead. I wish Geeni would fix this and put it back the way it was before. **Developers... anyway that this issue will be fixed? I have deleted and reinstalled the app, I have deleted the notifications too! But no matter what I do, THEY COME BACK! ?

- CW007 camera

I bought this to keep an eye on my dog amd it works gretwhen I am home. But once I leave home whenever I try to look at the live feed ot says “constructing encryption channel “ with the spinning wheel then after a few minutes I get the message, “constructing encryption channel failed” this has been happening for the past two days since. I tried to request help through the app with no response to the 3 messages sent. I have an iPhone and made sure it was connected to the 2.4ghz wifi when I set up the camera. I haven’t yet purchased the micro sd card but for live feed but according to the manual that is needed if you want to record and playback. I also bought the doorbell and also can’t that set up cia the easy method or QR. The software and set up of these devices shouldn’t be this difficult especially since I am somewhat tech savvy! I checked the articles on the website and there was nothing about this error! Not helpful information there!!!! I’ll try again tonight but may just need to give up and return.

- App is okay but could be greatly improved

We got two cameras to use in our windows for security reasons. The cameras work great and were easy to set up. The app really seems to be lacking some features and has problems with play back. Sometimes playback works the first time and sometimes I have to restart the app several times to get it to work. There are several things that could make the app better. Being able to view more than one camera at a time would be amazing. Also having an easier way to scroll through the playback would be good. Being able to control the speed of the playback would be nice. I think the biggest help would be if there was a website you could view your cameras from. My husband doesn’t have a phone and his tablet and computer are both windows so he has no way of viewing our cameras. We will end up replacing our cameras in the future so he is able to access them and so we have more options with playback, recording, and the ability to view more than one camera at once.

- Minor issues but overall worth it for a quick and cheap security

I got two of these from Walmart and placed one of them on my front porch facing my driveway and another on the end of my house facing the road. The one on the front porch works well due to it being close to my WiFi modem, the one on the house not so well due to it being farther away. Also, if a vehicle is driving at a decent rate of speed it will be very blurry. Another thing is when taking a picture at night of a car traveling by “creeping” you can’t see or tell what the car is or anything due to such a bad glare on the picture from the headlights. Another thing is I can’t figure out how to share the cameras with my wife so she can also have them on her phone as well! Anyone willing to let me know I’d sure appreciate it. But honestly, overall for $28 no way you can go wrong with these especially being able to speak through them and hear back with your phone.

- Blown away

At first I was very skeptical about purchasing some lightbulbs of this brand and not knowing anything about it but I am absolutely blown away by the product and the app itself. You can control your lights from anywhere in the world very easy installation and no hub required the app is very user-friendly you can name all the bulbs in your home different names for each individual room I can Control each one individually to your liking. You can adjust brightness change the colors of the bulbs set schedules for on an off time and set the mood lighting for different settings which is very convenient. The only minor downfall I have with the app is that sometimes after I load it it does not connect through the cellular connection and I have to shut down the app and reopened it other than that I am blown away by this product and very pleased that I purchased it.

- Overall good camera for the value

Nice little camera, has high definition and night vision as well which is the main reason I bought it. Only thing that was annoying to me is the options to record. In order to have continuous uninterrupted recording, you have to keep your phone on and stay in the app itself in record mode. Will take a SD card, but only records to the maximum amount of data and then dumps it afterwards. Still haven’t found out how to actually keep recordings on the SD card itself. Has a speaker capability which is nice but almost always cuts out and you can’t hear it at times when speaking. Also, there’s constant feedback/crackling in the audio which is annoying when I’m trying to listen in on random sounds in our room. For a $40 camera, this is fine for us, but if you’re looking for a high-security camera that has beneficial and user-friendly features I’d probably look elsewhere.

- Don’t waste your time or money on this P.O.S.!!!

What should be a live view is instead a black screen that only says “constructing encryption channel” and never ending loading symbol. After calling customer support I learned that the only troubleshooting technique/idea they have is to uninstall and then reinstall the app on your phone and try again. They were less than useless to put it nicely. (Update). After reading the developers response to my review I am even more disappointed with this company, the developers and the WiFi camera I purchased from them. I find it interesting that they have the time to respond to every comment made here in the AppStore yet I am still waiting for them to respond to the 2 different claims I’ve filed through the app. Additionally, no response to the two different ph calls I’ve made to them requesting help and my mother has also contacted them for support on 2 occasions with no response to either of those. We have asked for help 6 times and have yet to hear back from them. The only attempt they have made at communication is their response to this AppStore review.

- Great App and Product Line (Good Prices Too)

Just starting using your WiFi smart plugs and a WiFi camera this week and so far all seems well, I was super impressed with how easy it was to set it all up with the app to get devices connected to WiFi and linked to account and firmware updated on camera and video/picture quality seems pretty impressive based on size and price of camera I was pleasantly surprised! Keep up the great work! All that said I was wondering if you could look into adding scheduling function for sunrise and sunset? That would be great since daylight times change so much seasonally and with DST and all, this is a function my previous security/automation system (iris by Lowe’s) has but since Lowe’s is shutting the iris platform down the end of the month I’ve switched to three other systems to replace it. Thanks for your help! Have a great day! God Bless!

- You can’t beat the quality to price ratio

Why four stars? I started buying these products when they were marketed as “Merkury” so I have plenty of experience with the product. I have multiple LED strips, multiple LED RGB lightbulbs and a few cameras. The setup process is SO simple, the UI is fantastic and the google home compatibility makes them literally the best bang for your buck. Again, why four stars? While all the pros are a sure fact, the feature set within the app is limited. The inability to create scenes that work as selected seems strange and some lights have different hues compared to others, although projecting the same color. While minor I say this.... This is a true “fan boy” request. If these lights could sync with the music playing from google or from an external source with my google home as the listener, I would give this a 5 star rating. Along with the expansion of the UI overall. Happy to help?

- No contract just internet conection

I have bought other security cameras at Walmart and they work fine , but after one month you have to get a contract and i didn't like that. With this surveillance camera all you have to do is connected to your internet connection and thats it. I really loved it. I now have two cameras and planning on buying more so i can set up on different places on my house just because where i live its not a safe zone. I tell my friends they should buy this camera and i always show them how great it is and for the price its worth it. I am very very happy with this camera. Though i wish the cable to connect it was a little longer because its way to short and for that i always have to use an extention cord and glue it on the was for support. But the rest works amazing!

- Geenie Real Value, Good as Ring or Nest for 1/2 to 1/3 the Cost

We had a Nest video doorbell on our previous house. It worked great; my wife and I were able to monitor all the real estate agents and potential buyers to know when we could return home after showings. Nest was wired. I bought a Geenie wireless doorbell for our new home at Batteries Plus for 1/3 the cost of the Nest unit. It works the same way, sending us notifications on our mobile devices, sounds great, and gives a good quality image. I would have given it 5 stars except for it needs monthly recharging. Easy to recharge, though, with a 300mA mobile charging device. Installed a 128GB SanDisk microSD to record and play back. Power went out when ZETA passed and Geenie worked the whole time audibly alerting us when power went off and came back on, giving us video of the storm the entire time. I recommend it to anyone shopping for a video doorbell.

- Works but doesn’t integrate

Was able to pair 3 out of 4 lights with my home network without any trouble (4th light won’t come on but could be the lamp, and working with the other 3 first)- brightens, and color control was easy and smooth via the app - the problem ai’m having is adding the devices to my home assistant - Google Home is unable to find the devices and therefore can’t control them - which was the primary reason I bought the lights in the first place (confirmed that they are on the same network, powered on, working in th Geeni app, Geeni app is on, . . . . ) - instructions show “screens-capture instructions” that don’t match any Geeni or Google Home screens (presume written for an earlier version of one or the other) - hope this gets resolved quickly otherwise will be forced to return these and go with another product Update: am now able to connect w/ Google Home, however occasionally drops one light and then reconnects later at random - having the same issue on my parents network at an alternate location.

- Easy Smart Home manager

I but a lot of smart power devices when I added solar panels. I love how easy it is to control my devices, lamps, power strip, outlets, with the Geeni app. The interface with Alexa / Echo works very well. The app is well thought out, with the ability to set a schedule, create groups of devices, and change lightbulb colors from the iPhone. The app ids also great for traveling or if you’re gone for the day (or longer) and want to control lights from your phone so you don’t walk into a dark house. Geeni provides stats on power use which is handy to work within a KHz limit with solar production. I do wish they would update the app so that you can re-order the list of devices. As I’ve purchased more devices, the primary list is in chronological order as added and I would like to group them in the list by room, and move the lamp I use most often to the top of the list.

- Geeni works great most of the time...

Geeni works great most of the time, but sometimes it disconnects from my WiFi and it takes me about an hour before it works again. I have WiFi and data, but Geeni randomly disconnects as I said before, which made me super angry and annoyed. By the time it turns on, I’m super tired. I use it almost everyday; I don’t know why it disconnects. I turn off my WiFi and turn it back on and did all that, but it still flickers which creeps me out. It always scares me when it flickers because it has a horror movie feeling to it. I would really, really appreciate it if Geeni did something to fix this. My uncle installed it and he was just about to loose his mind. My phone is connected to one of two different WiFi’s, and Geeni is on one. I have a strong connection as it is very close by the router. I still enjoy it I’d just ask that it wouldn’t flicker super quickly as it has, I’ll say it again, a horror movie feeling.

- Used to be a fan of Geenie

As the title says, I used to be a big fan of Geenie products. So much that the last count I had was up to 17 items. I had bulbs, sockets, diffuser, and was steadily adding more. Until the latest update! I purchased the floodlight/camera item, as well as two more sockets. I starts my normal process to add these new items and no matter what I did I could not get the app to connect to them. I tried the easy mode as well as the manual mode. Still nothing. So after a couple of hours resetting everything, and trying all I could, I called the tech support line. Well that was a complete waste!!! All they did was read the instructions to me, and then say the product is bad and to return it. What kind of support is that!? So me wanting to give another chance, I do just that. I return and get replacements. Guess what, still same issue! The only thing that changed was the new version of software. So it looks as if I will be replacing this brand with something a little more reliable. Signed Use to be loyal customer

- Ok but needs some improvements

I use the led light bulbs in my room and I find it being a little unreliable. Sometimes one light will be offline and the other won’t and I have to restart the app so it isn’t too bad. My main complaint is I have to go to each bulb individually to turn them off even if I set them both in the same room. Group control would be great where I can press a button and they’ll both change colors or press a button and they’ll both turn off. Home kit support would be great as well but I understand that Apple isn’t very third party friendly with it. Make the app more intuitive. The pairing process was ok at first I had some issues with it being out of range from my router but that was solved by using my WiFi extended as the access point. Overall great value just need a few minor improvements with the software.

- Phenomenal

Since I live in a roughly 100 year old house with nothing resembling today's smart home technology, I was of course, skeptical of the "smart wifi LED bulb". I am a technology enthusiast, though; so when I saw these bulbs, I could not resist buying one to try out. I hit a couple of hiccups while setting up the bulb to connect to wifi, but finally after a few minutes, I succeeded. Now mind you, my smart bulb is in a ceiling fan that dates back to the '80s! I was, however; so far from disappointed. The bulb, (along with the Geeni app, of course), works as perfectly as described and I couldn't be happier. ? I fully intend to purchase more bulbs for my house. If you're a fan of dimmer bulbs and technology, run...don't walk...out and buy yourself some 'Merkury Innovations - Smart Wifi LED Bulbs' today!!!

- Everything was fine until...

I was checking my message center to view all the motion detections, when I saw someone else’s camera, inside their home! I could see an elderly woman sitting on the couch and her dog was in a pounce position at the front door. Not only that, but you can communicate through the Geeni camera, well several times have I heard someone talking through the mic on the camera, when the only people who SHOULD have access were in that room. UPDATE: contacted costumer service they had me reset the camera, pretty much the same thing I did when I initially set it up. haven’t had any ones motion detector pop up on my messages, yet. I have not shared device with anyone at all, so sharing it was not an issue to begin with. I’m giving this a 4 star review because I do like the camera. I just want Geeni to look more into the privacy of these devices.

- Cheapest smart home technology you can get

I started off with a single color changing light bulb. It worked great, although could be a little brighter. I then upgraded and got two more bulbs. And then I got a smart plug. And then I got the doorbell with the camera. Now I’m fully integrated into the ecosystem and it works seamlessly. I bought a Ring doorbell and returned it because this one is so much better (and doesn’t require a subscription). And it works on the same app as my bulbs. My favorite part is that there’s a widget so I can easily access all my devices without having to open the app. Alexa integration is perfect. My only complaint is that sometimes the light bulbs lose connection but this is mainly because I consistently turn the lights off through the switch.

- disappointed

LED lights are becoming very popular, so ofcourse, I bought some. I didn’t realize I bought the ones without the remote, but I figured it’d be alright. I payed 20 dollars for a 6 foot strip, which is completely fine. The problem is the connection between the phone and the lights. It’s absolutely awful. Every time I open the app the “device is offline” .. even when my phone is connected to wifi. I have very good network/service and my connection isn’t the problem. But the lights NEVER stay connected for longer than 5 minutes . As soon as I leave the app they disconnect, and to get them to reconnect (for example if i want to adjust the brightness) I have delete the device, get up, hold the button on the little box down, and wait for my phone to get to 100% to reconnect all over again and then I can finally adjust the lights, but as soon as I leave the app it starts all over again. Very disappointed, definitely returning these if i continue to have this problem .

- Good app, good device, just one thing needs improvement

The only thing that I would like to see added/improved upon is this. I wish that the playback feature from recorded video on the SD card would allow you to scroll through frames. It’s hard to detect movement that wasn’t caught by the motion trigger by playing back. You have to select a time frame, and then the frame on the screen changes. It would be perfect if you could scroll through each frame (like videos on iphones). I really hope that you can add this feature as I am considering buying some of your higher end models. Otherwise, the app is very easy to use and feature full, and I haven’t discovered any other issue thus far. Thank you! Would recommend to anyone.

- Mmm ok I guess!!

Definitely not something I like to brag about. But I got this to keep an eye on things when I moved into a multiple family home. Everything seems to be working great I just hate the fact that you have to have your new people in your family add an account every time you want to give them access to be able to use the app. Very annoying I would rather be able to just invite them then download the app and make their own or enter my password. However I do like the fact that you can add multiple devices to multiple rooms which makes it very handy but still at times it’s very annoying the fact that you have to go in and make sure you add each appliance to each room when you want to group them together I gave it to stars because I have had a hard time trying to figure out how to go about sending people request to have them enter my family and have access other than that I guess it’s OK.

- Great for cost

Bought at Walmart for $25 and I absolutely adore it so far. I read the reviews before downloading the app so I was weary about the setup process, but it was actually quite painful. Hardest thing I had to do was change my ghz on my phone from 5 to 2. I bought 2 cameras and setup both in less than 15 mins. I used this app on my iPhone 7plus and it is great; I even shared it with my hubby so he can view video stream as well. Process is really quick and simple. If all you need is something for precaution without all the bells and whistles this your product. It has great night vision, clear 2 way talk, and easy app usage. I’m thinking about buying another one as well. I will definitely recommend to family and friends.

- Useless Wi-Fi Camera

Junk! I placed two cameras at my camp and when I went to playback the Geeni software provided quite a few color daytime snapshots of my private drive. While scrolling through the photos, The cameras captured photos of intruders around my camp. I immediately downloaded the pictures for the cops. Then this lousy Geeni program shuts my iPad down with a battery at 100% and starts saying I have no SD card. Why/ How did they record the shots for the last week. Then they keep banker hours and they are unavailable to chat or call. I should of waited the extra 3 or 4 days and bought the Momentum. They make a camera that keeps 7 days of action. You can record on demand! These Merkury cameras are a waste of money and time.I was in a hurry and needed anything that would film thieves who frequent my property. So, this system takes snapshots of motion, but then must delete your photos while you look at them. Pure junk! Don’t buy. you will be throwing your money away. Go with a Momentum.

- Terrible Set up process

The set up process for their smart lights is the most inconsistent process I think I have ever experienced. I honestly believe that in the time that I have spent trying to reconnect my smart lights after changing the WiFi password I could have found a vaccine for COVID-19. Also, which engineer at geeni had the bright idea of makin the lights flash repeatedly while in connection mode? Like did a fully competent team of engineers seriously sit down in a conference room and decide “yeah let’s make these lights repeatedly flash at full brightness for hours on end while they try and set them up”. I had these lights working just fine, until changing the wifi password and now after hours of trying to connect these things (with the newly changed password) they are now more disabled than me after thirsty Thursday with the boys? All complaints aside, once they are connected they are very nice lights.

- Very satisfied

I wish I got this sooner! I had 7/8 of me and my bfs tires slashed 2 nights ago and didn’t see it coming . The next night there was a rock through my bfs back window . This is my first night having this camera and I’ve been able to get alerts if there is motion/noise . It picks up easy but it’s adjustable and I live in an apartment complex in town . It has sound, also you can talk through it if you’re lucky enough to catch someone in the act . I’m hoping this will stop whoever is doing the vandalizing , if not, I’m sure it will catch who it is . I’ve been practicing play backs so I’m ready to go . Very affordable for the tight situation I’m in considering all the damage I’m having to pay to fix .

- Great functionality Features to be desired

So we bought some of the Mercury lights for Christmas and their working great and I love the color and everything along with them the only thing negative I have to say is to ask for a feature to control multiple lights via the rooms, to be able to change more then just on off in the schedule like I want my lights to turn on when my alarm goes off but I can’t set them to go to very bright so they can wake me up because it’s not a feature another feature I’d love to see is making the create a scene a little less tangled because it seems very hard to understand at the moment but again the hardware works amazing and the app you have works great however some QOL changes would be greatly appreciated Thank you

- Very close

The app overall works well and does what it is supposed to, although it has some limits. There is one issue that I would like to be fixed. When opening up a light from “My Home”, there is a full white background during the transition. This is really jarring, especially at night when trying to manage lights. Could this please be changed to a black transition background, or better yet eliminated, and use the same smooth transition that happens when returning to “My Home” from the light page. I would also love the ability to choose specific colors for individual smart scenes, and not rely on whatever color was already set. Finally, it would be great for the smart scenes to be customized by light state, instead of needing to add three actions to turn a light on a specific color with a specific brightness.

- I love the Camera and the lights.

This allows me to stay in bed and turn things on and off and monitor what’s going on outside. I had a older camera it was 4 years old & I needed a new one because I keep it outside. I have to say this little camera is amazing !! It’s encrypted and safe and I can watch my house from another state and the camera was less than $40 dollars and it syncs in my smart bulbs and my alexia , but I have the power to turn everything off at the push of a button so it can’t be used against me. Either way. Whatever it’s looking doesn’t matter to me. I’m not doing anything illegal. I love the new updated cameras !! Thank you !! Once you learn your way around it. It get easier.

- Awesome purchase

I bought this camera for my sons bedroom. In larger living areas of my home I actually purchased a hidden nanny cam that could pan 180 degrees and was around $200. I love these more. After seeing how well it worked and the fact that I can have audio too. And can speak thru the cameras. All for around $25. I have now bought multiples and now my family has as well. I’m in nursing school so my teen babysits her little brother often. I never have to worry. I can look in on them in real time and can’t tell you how cheap these are for the peace of mind you get. My mother in law just installed one in her elderly mothers home for the exact same reason. Can’t say enough about this camera. GREAT PRODUCT!!

- It won’t connect : updated

I wanted to update my review. As frustrated as I was with the tech support lack of response, my wife was able to do some homework and found we had to turn on the location option on the phone so it recognized where we were. After another update to the app, we were able to get all the devices working. The color changing bulb is the coolest device as we tell Alexa to turn the light green on our Yoda lamp. We have a few plugs and a lightbulb that worked great. So we purchased a new color changing bulb and set of spot wall outlets. And have tried for a week to connect them to the app and our WiFi. No luck. And worse luck with any response from tech support. Is anyone else having luck. Very frustrating

- One of the best cameras! Only 1 issue...

Solid camera, almost no complaints and one of the best picture qualities in a non-commercial home security camera out there. Only way to get a better picture quality is to go 4K with an ugly dome type retail store camera. The only negative, and I feel they could incorporate this very easily, is to add an alarm sound to the actual camera. Mine is in the garage, if there is someone in there or possibly about to go in I would like to sound an alarm as a first line of defense which most people would leave knowing they are now on camera, several of the competitor cameras have this feature already so might need to switch if it’s not incorporated in the next version. Only reason I -1 Star. Otherwise great camera!

- It’s no LARKKEY

Update: The camera does not notice something until it is almost out of frame, if at all, and the app notifies me minutes later instead of within seconds like LARKKEY. When I try to view the live video the Geeni app takes forever and I have to exit completely. Most of the time that doesn’t even work. Thank goodness my LARKKEY cameras are arriving today. Update: This camera catches very little. Something could be moving on screen, but if it is in the background the camera, or not within a foot or two of the camera, it will not notify you that there is movement and it will not film it. Stars keep lowering. LARKKEY was so much better! I will go back to LARKKEY ASAP. I bought a LARKKEY camera months ago. It was awesome! The Geeni camera is VERY similar, but there are a few small things that it doesn’t have that I was used to with my LARKKEY camera. I bought this camera when my other one became destroyed 1) because I needed a camera quickly and 2) this was the cheapest one (+). This one is sold in stores (+). Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the features of this camera and how easy it is to set up, as well as the price. It gets the job done, and that’s all that really matters. Update: I thought it got the job done. (Never again will I write a review before testing the product for less than two days.) Thank you, Geeni!

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- Connect to Wi-Fi

Under iOS 13 the app doesn’t find the Wi-Fi that the phone is connected to when adding a new smart plug. I managed to connect the plug through an iOS device with iOS 12. This App needs an update. Otherwise no issues whatsoever. Love the products.


You cannot change the notifications to make noise! Totally useless!

- What happened?

Was working beautifully but the cameras no longer are detecting motion. We have multiple cameras and they all stopped sending alerts and motion detection at the same time.

- Would Not Reccomend

Impossible to connect to not download

- Not connecting!

Very bad quality and could not connect it after 30 min of wasting time!

- Well that didnt last long

Used the service with a smart plug for not even a day. Damn thing unlinked from my google home and wont reconnect.

- Can’t connect to wifi ios13. Doesn’t recognize the 2.4 wifi. Wasted money on my bulbs!

Can’t connect to wifi. App needs update!

- Sound problems

Can’t here my self talking when some one rings the doorbell

- Won’t connect!

Very disappointed. I just bought the colour changing lightbulb today and the ap mode won’t connect to my internet! I tried looking up how to do it, even reading the instructions but didn’t help.

- Good while it lasted

Got a new phone a had to disconnect my smart link from my google home, very disappointed I’ve tried multiple times to reconnect, still nothing has worked. Please fix this issue.

- Even 1 star is too many

If I could give less I would. Don’t waste your time or money.

- Dont buy it

The flood light comes on every 2 mins even in dead silent weather. Customer service is horrible they will not reply. I put the light in a garage where there is zero movement. Still takes a pic ever 1-2 mins and flood light comes on. Will be returning.

- Bad

When I cut a piece of the light That piece stopped working and I read everything and they said that there cuttable and it’s tearing my walls A part

- Update now

Just update the freaking app and we’ll all be happy. IOS 12 doesn’t work even with IOS 13. It’s so problematic and it didn’t even set up properly, please write back

- Not good

Working fine but then I woke up and all of a sudden it wouldn’t pair with my google home app. Please help.

- Crap crap garbage


- Update sucks.

Worked perfectly fine. Once I installed the latest update I can’t get access to my outlet timers unless I start a google account. Like I just want to turn on some damn lights. And now I have to start a google account.

- No music sync option

App states there’s an option to sync lights to music, there is no option in the scene like stated. Don’t false advertise or fix this issue.

- Not connecting

I have multiple cameras I got two new ones and my app updated and now I can no longer connect because they are only compatible with 2.4 and not 5gh... super disappointing

- Waste

Just spent 50$ on led strips and it won’t connect thanks

- Lacking visible security on the user end

I’ve not found anyway to secure the device with a security pin or password. Must rely 100% on the manufacture to secure it for me. As a system administrator, I’ve always told my users if a device accesses the internet directly it should be secured with at least a password or a security pin. As well all the security experts out there say the same thing. Since I have to trust Geeni to secure the device this gives a single point of failure. Due to this I do not recommend these products

- Dont buy

I bought two light bulbs for $25 EACH and they don't even work properly. Waste of time and money. I've only had them for one day and 95% of the time they don't even work. I have never made a review, or a bad review at that, but this product is so overwhelmingly disappointing that I would never want any one else to experience what I have. It is beyond infuriating to not even be able to turn on your lights, especially when I could have instead bought 2 light bulbs that were much cheaper and actually WORK. I consider myself a reasonable person, but this is ridiculous. I don't know if its just the app that needs updating, but based on how many other complaints I see on here, I suggest that you, Geeni, fix it asap.

- This sucks

I think it’s stupid you have to have a 2.4Ghz and not higher

- App support file 404 not there

So you state that it should Lise to music & there isn’t any music mode in the scene mode. & it’s up to date , so any good explanation for me ?

- Bug

Svp ... j aimerais bien que l appli soi a jour car j ai un Iphone avec ios 13 et je n arrive pas a me brancher sur une cam ... dommage si j arrive pas a me brancher je vais retourner la camera au magasin

- Hacked!

Checked my alert notifications after not using the App for a while. Found that another device had immediately logged into my account after I had set it up. Scary that someone has been looking into my home without my knowledge. Disappointed

- Mal voyants déçu

J’utilise Cette application depuis quelques mois avec voice over de apple. Ça fonctionnais quand même asser bien. Mais depuis la dernière mise a jour je ne peux plus régler la luminosité de mon ampoule. Beaucoup de bouton étaient nommés par VoiceOver mais maintenant VoiceOver dit « bouton » plutôt que de dire a quoi il sert. Par exemple « bouton meteo » ou bouton »brightness » En esperant une amelioration tres bientôt

- NUL, compagnie fermer

Fermé, plus de support, server fermé, tous les produits sont en liquidation. Bon pour les vidanges, même les vidanges en veulent pas ils ont pas ramassé mon sac!!!

- Difficult to Connect

I’ve never had this many issues trying to connect a smart bulb. i’m bored of trying different things, this is going back to the store. tried again, got it connected. it worked for about a minute. adjusted brightness, and to try a different colour and now i can’t get it to work at all. great, that was worth the effort of trying again

- Another Account based app.

I was just starting to like this device until it started asking me to register by email/google and then I lost all my settings. Thanks.

- i hate this so much

made me sign out and won’t log me back in there is nothing good about this app

- Must register an account

Apparently now to use the led light you have to create an account so they can use your personal information. I shouldn't have to make an account for having led light in my bedroom. I will be throwing this in the garage.

- password

updated the app. forgot my password. now cannot open the app. app said it sent a verification code to my email, and it did not!

- Garbage

Bought the water and flood sensor. Must have tried to connect it to my iPhone XS 20 times. When it wont connect via Bluetooth It gets stuck on the AP connect every time. Uninstalled, reinstalled. Nothing works.Ugh. going back.

- Ne fonctionne pas

Ne fonctionne pas avec hélix de Vidéotron

- Poor hardware build

Products are unreliable. Very poor customer care. Avoid any mercury and geeni products.

- Random and unstable

I have 30 devices spread over 3 separate locations. Out of the blue, all my Geeni cameras stopped streaming. Geeni smart doorbell randomly drops wifi for hours or days at a time, and just as randomly reconnects — this happens very, very frequently. Whole “system” is not reliable, predictable or stable. I really want this system to work — I’m fairly invested in it. But unless Merkury/Geeni technicians can improve products and/or app, it’s a non-starter and I will be forced to install a different system.

- Hate / Like these products / App

These products are great, but needs many fixes. Be prepared to spend 5/10 minutes per day deleting the notifications. There is no way to delete all notifications at once. You can only delete a few at a time. ?????? No customer support in the app. You can not contact the company to ask questions. ?????? Kills my iPhone battery a couple times a day since I’ve installed. ?????? The admin is supposed to have full control of the settings. But... yet the rest of us on sharing this app can change the admins settings. ??‍♀️????‍♀️ But.... Like how easy the set up is ?????? Like the price point ?????? Like the concept ?????? Great wifi connection. Pleeeeeeease fix these issues and your item would be amazing!

- I am 15 and you just wasted my only income on this bs

The smart lights won’t connect no matter what update like fix your problem or comp those who got you busted stuff

- Cant connect my lights

I bought the Smart Wifi LED Strip and it won’t connect to my internet, you guys need to change how this app scans for WIFI bc I use a username and password to connect to my wifi and the app only asks for a password so Everytime o try to connect it gives me error...

- Improvements

Please make widgets available for the iPhone home screens. For example, I would love to have this feature without having to find and open the Geeni app to turn on or off a light.

- Does not work

You have to have an iPhone 8 or better and I’m not buying an iPhone just to get the silly app when it doesn’t even work. It’s a waste of money and waste of time I’ve been sitting here for four hours trying to get this done. I don’t recommend this app it is a waste of money waste of time there’s no way to connect to the Internet and then there’s no instructions of how to use this. Do not get this app!!!

- Offline

The cameras frequently go offline and need to be reset. Tough to do when you are monitoring from away. Don’t bother buying these products. Spend a little more and get something reliable.

- a joke

Trued to connect it to LED strip lights and it couldn’t. No matter what I tried, it wouldn’t connect. Had to return the lights because they couldn’t even work without the app?.


For the most part it does the job, but wow the app needs a widget for iPhone like Globe where you can go from your lock screen to turn on your lights or smart plugs. Please fix this otherwise I’ll be switching completely to Globe because it’s way more practical...

- Just me

This doesn’t work very well at all. Don’t waste your money!!

- Buggy app

Was really happy with my smart plug so i bought a second. Now I can’t link it to my phone because the app says my phone isn’t connected to my Wifi network (even though it is). Very frustrating please update the app and fix this issue.

- App crashes

I got two cameras for Christmas and they work well enough, but the app leaves much to be desired. Every time I turn on the motion detection setting, the whole app crashes after registering that motion detection is on. When I reboot the app, I am unable to open the camera or the settings without the app crashing. I have to turn off the motion sensor from quick actions before I can open the camera in the app.

- can’t connect to wifi, ios problem?

i have been trying to get the lights to connect to my wifi for the past two hours thinking something was wrong with my router, but turns out everything is fine. i finally decided to read through some of these reviews & they all seem to have the same issue as me; either it’s not connecting to their wifi or their IOS software is 13+ making it “too advanced” for this app. please fix this asap because i have been looking forward to these for a long time now, & it would’ve been a waste of money if this app doesn’t update.

- Awful

Bought the lights and smart plugs they worked fine for a few days then they stopped working. I unliked tried re linking keeps telling me error linking with google home. Geenie refuses to link with google home and I have logged out deleted the app reinstalled the app and logged back in still doesn’t link to google home. I have deleted devices and started fresh and when trying to link to google home I still get an error message and unable to link. I’m returning everything to the store getting my money back and going with a different brand yes mercury is affordable but not worth the headaches.

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- Cameras!

I absolutely love the quality of the cameras especially for the price I paid, I would have never expected the picture to be so clear and for them to be so easy to set up! I would have thought they would have been much more expensive. The only complaint I have is the sound, after watching the playback for a few seconds the sound gets real choppy sounding. And if you record any of the playback the sound is very choppy and any noise it does pick up it echos really bad in the recorded video. If the sound could be fixed, the cameras would be the next best since sliced bread lol. I’d give five stars but the sound brings it to four.

- Disappointed

I’ve had the smart outlet for the past couple months. Difficult setup but manageable, however about every month or so when you manually turn on or off specific outlets the entire device becomes disconnected. Seems like every time I attempt to reconnect the device to my Wi-Fi there is a new unique issue with the app. Also please work with Developers to add additional information when connecting your device. It would be very helpful to get real-time feedback on when the device fails to connect instead of letting it run its course to 100% only to receive an obvious ‘failed to connect’ message. Simple add-ins like that would help users troubleshoot themselves and save your team time and money in the process. I have many more suggestions about your app interface that are extremely simple yet very helpful.

- No Apple Watch support

This app is very difficult to use the user interface is particularly inconvenient, I’ve connected 12 lights and you’d think id need to be an engineer to set up this app. As best I can tell you cannot add tiles so if you screw up you actually need to re-add the light. Renaming devices is tricky, I managed to get most of them grouped appropriately however I think because I renamed a few devices I need to delete all the lights and start again, also if you do anything out of order such as adding your left bathroom mirror light after you’ve created a group then theres no way to adjust the list. There is no ipad app for this and the fact that its locked in landscape is troublesome as well. I know this app has many many positive reviews but it’s nowhere near ready for mainstream, and how is there not an Apple Watch app??? The light switch i need is on my wrist, we can definitely do better.

- Scenes does not work

Update: Tech support is clueless, my issue has not yet been resolved, they have asked me to update to version 1.4 on my ios device. I have had this all along. This version crashes when i try to set an automation schedule. Stop sending emails after prolonged times without the issue being resolved. Very very disappointed in myself for investing time and money in your product. Update: After rating it poorly i received an email asking to upgrade to 1.6, Well this update is not in the app store and the app itself keeps crashing. So yes this has been a painful experience because of it my automation at home DOES NOT WORK As not yet resolved App keeps crashing when trying to create new scene

- Not impressed

I should have viewed the app before purchasing bulbs. Connecting to wifi was cumbersome and very time-consuming as it took several tries before it finally connected. I got the dimmable bulbs so I set up my timers. The options are very basic and lame. Time on, time off are only choices. I can't select the brightness I want with each timer that turns on my bulb, I have to go in the app every time to adjust that. So far the only functionality is the same as I have on my manual $5 Walmart plug-in timer. Not worth the extra money in my estimation. The app has a scenes function which I have no clue how it is different because it appears to be the same as the timers with the same limited options. (Scratches head..)

- For the led light bulb

I just got the led light bulb that changes colors and I love it. I turn it on in my room while I walk upstairs and its bright enough to illuminate the hallway and stairs. I had a regular led light that didn't change colors and connect to an app and it was much less bright. But I mainly bought this for the dimmer option. Didn't think I would love it so much but I do and if I owned my own house id rig it all with these light bulbs. Oh and I had the app act silly for my once, but all I did was turn off the bulb and turned it back on and it was totally fine. I'd recommend this to anyone and for the record this is like my second ever review of an app. That's how much I like it.

- Started out impressive... but

I purchased the doorbell camera and the lights and sensors etc. All started out fine, then one day I no longer get notifications from the door cam. I went through every setting to no avail. I went online for answers and there are quite a few others out there with the same issue! No fix on the horizon! I emailed support never got a response! I can view the camera live but no notification if it gets triggered. If someone pushes the button I get a notification that I have a visitor. I set a scene with 3 lights and only one of them will respond. Yes all of this is inexpensive compared to others and no service fees, so I guess I shouldn’t expect it to work all the time...... right? My old Lowe’s iris worked fine unfortunately they are shutting down!

- Cameras

When I first activated the cameras in my grandfathers home for his safety I couldn’t have imagined any better programming but after receiving a new iPhone I’ve spent the last two months trying to contact customer support to install the app on my phone it continues to say critical update needed but it won’t update it’s horrible absolutely horrible I have emailed I’ve tried to find phone numbers it’s absolutely horrible if you need help sure they’ll email you back but if the solution doesn’t work then you’re stuck waiting and waiting and waiting so I went out and purchased different cameras I do not recommend these if it anytime you need it support !!!! ‘’’’’ The number that you give for your revamped support is horrible never received a callback left multiple multiple messages day after day week after week never received any help whatsoever and still haven’t

- Love It!

I absolutely love it. Set up was easy and my assumptions was correct of someone in my family taking things from my bedroom. They know now that if they go in my bedroom they are recorded immediately and i am sent an alarm immediately. Great product. I read other reports and want to tell everyone thatvat first i got ahead of the instructions and went to the wrong app by using the company name instead of the instructions. I was ready to throw it away like everyone else when i went to the instruction book that lead me to the correct app. Us men think we can do things without instructions sometimes and we get in trouble. Lol

- Disappointed

So I bought a 6.6 feet LED lights called merkury, I buy them for 10 bucks and I have no idea how to connect these. As I was looking through the instructions it told me to download an app called geeni. After I downloaded I went on it and it told me to hold the box button until it flashes so it connects to my phone. When they connected it would load but then say “Unable to connect” ?? I was pretty mad at this and I kinda want to return the lights. I don’t know how else to connect them. I needed help so I went to the help button and it took me to a page where it told me to check if I had a 2.47 GB bc 5 GB would not work. It didn’t tell me how to check and I was so confused. I try again and again and again and it does NOT WORK. My wifi is good I have great internet connection and I even restarted the router. I don’t know what to do I mean it’s really frustrating.

- Needs location based actions

I have the geenie camera and while the camera is fine, the app needs some work. But the BIGGEST missing component is location based actions. When my wife and I are at home, I shouldn’t have to do a custom scene to tell the camera to not alert me about sound or noise. Since I’m working at home now, the app alerts me every time I move in my house and that’s just dumb. What NEEDS to happen is more defined automation for when we are not in the house. For example, when we leave an area, turn the motion detection and sound detection to “on” and alert us if anything happens. When we come home, those settings should be automatically set to “off”. If this can’t be done in the native app, at least let us do this with IFTTT.

- New phone issue

I see other people have had issues after switching to a new phone. I had the same happen with me. Nothing would work and after deleting the app and re-installing the latest version from the App Store, it told me my phone was not connected to WiFi so I couldn’t do anything. Tried on my 2.4g WiFi as well as the 5G WiFi, each with its own network name. In the end, I deleted my Geeni account and created a new user account under a different name as if I was setting up the device for the first time. That ended up working and now the camera is running great again. Hope this helps anyone who might have the same issue. It’s a great little camera.

- Love the app/camera!

Love both-this app and my wifi cameras! Both are simple to use and easily walks you through the installation process with such ease. I enjoy using both for checking in on things while I am away via my iPhone! Or I can set the app to notify me for any movement detected and I can see why in a couple of clicks. (Friendly advice.... Don't leave a TV on while using this motion detection feature or your phone might receive a few too many notifications and possibly drive you crazy!) Thanks for great products that work flawlessly together and for the great features added in this app.

- Works ok but has flaws

I recently bought and installed the Smart WiFi Camera. Though the camera works fine the time clock that is on screen is off by 6 hours even though it is set to the same time zone as my cell phone. There is no way that I could find to change it to the correct time. Plus the outdoor temperature reading never changes even when the temperatures do change outside. Thought it might be a glitch with the camera that I bought I got another one and still have the same problem. Plus the microphone feature to allow you to speak to whoever is in the room does not work. When you try to speak to people in the room while I’m in a different location it sounds all garbled.

- Very Good Application

This application came a long way. I use it just about everyday and it hasn’t left me down at all. Very simple interface and it syncs well when adding additional Geeni cameras. I have 4 cameras synced to the app and have no issues. My only suggestion would be to add more options like turning night vision on/off or maybe a few other adjustments for the cameras within the app. The main reason I keep buying more cameras is because the app works so well. Please make your app compatible for MacOS. Keep up the good work! I’m am waiting for another update soon. Thanx for keeping the Geeni app very stable and dependable.

- Works awesome as a baby monitor

I spent many, many hours searching all the web cam options that are out there. This is my first child and I wanted a decent web cam and had no idea how many web cam options there are in the world. Somehow I narrowed the search down to three cameras and bought this one. Love the camera! It blew me away how simple set up and connection to my phone and WiFi was, no issues at all, pretty much plug and play. My wife also really enjoys the camera. I liked this purchase so much I bought a second camera to use in the garage to monitor my pets when I am at work.

- Easy to use

Simple to set up and use. Multiple options to choose from. Wish there was an option to set light to come on X minutes prior to sunset. Would love to be able to remove device from scene without having to delete scene and start over. I’ve noticed on app the smaller hubs don’t have on/off option on main screen but have to click on it for the on/off option. The larger hubs do, and even the bulbs have the on/off option on the main screen. Only complaint is, when there’s an update, sometimes I’m logged out of the app. And, the random times that the schedule isn’t followed. Overall, it’s been a really good product.

- Less Anxiety with Geeni

I have been using the geeni smart-plug-ins in conjunction with the app for over a year. At first I bought a couple and saved the receipt, unsure if this device would be worth it. It was and I ran out and bought more! Knowing I can turn lights on and see inside my home before I even get to my door allows me an extra level of peace. These little devices keep my day-to-day seamlessly chugging along. Most importantly they quel much of my anxiety by being able to turn off important appliances from anywhere. I’m looking forward to purchasing more geeni products in the future.

- Awesome light automation

I have had colored light bulbs, just white bulbs, outdoor plug and an inside plug for about a year. It has worked practically flawlessly the whole time. I’ve read about issues with the app but it must of happened while I was away from home. I have connected it to google home and it makes turning things on and off effortless. There is even a time schedule that can be set to for what ever and whenever you want to turn things on and off. I am not sure what all this app can control but the Merkury devices I use are the best and so far have not had to change anything.

- Scenes

I don’t even care about the automation smart scenes at all as much as the color scenes. If you guys can add more scenes or fix the ones that are already in there, that would be a huge step up. Rainbow for example is way to fast and out of control. Or forest seems to pulse and them glitch at the end of the loop, this just looks like a lack of review. I have more control over the 20$ LED light strips in my room than this smart bulb and app. why is the smart bulb and application on iphone more shotty and cheap than LED remotes. Customization of color scenes would put you on par with competitors, go the extra mile with the software since you put the effort into the hardware. Fix color scenes by letting it be customized, created and shared by the geeni community.

- Saved money vs electrical work.

We got this because it looked neat, but also because we have two fixtures on a single circuit (same switch) that we needed separate. It probably would have cost us hundreds to split them between the wiring and the Sheetrock that we’d tear up. Now we have them easily separated and remote controlled so I don’t have to get up to turn it off while watching a movie. Also nice for parties. Had a PJ mask themed birthday party for my son so we ended up buying two more to put in another light fixture so we could have 3+ colors instead of just two. Nice for Christmas too.

- Good idea bad software

I have 2 geeni lightbulbs only one works the other says it’s offline and WILL NOT connect I’ve had it linked before but now it just won’t link. Not to mention the one lightbulb that does work takes 30 seconds to turn on I open my app and it says it’s off when it’s on and if I want to adjust the brightness I have to tap the power button three or four times for it to work this isn’t a cell phone problem I have an iPhone 6. I just wish my one lightbulb worked and the one that dead didn’t take forever to turn on. There’s nothing like walking into a dark room and saying oh wait hold on pulling out your cell phone unlocking your phone clicking the app waiting for it to load pressing the power button 3 to 4 times selecting your desired lighting and then closing the app.

- Better scenes and options needed

Product and app great! But it needs better scenes to compliment the full range of colors the bulbs can produce. ESPECIALLY for the rope/string lights!!! Needs a strobe effect,chase, twinkle etc. The color options seem endless but the apps lack luster scenes and no ability to make any changes seems to them is disappointing. Most rope/string lights have multiple settings for movement of light back and forth and random. Even the bulbs on other apps and manufacturers seem to have way more options. I like these bulbs and rope/string lights just hoping the developers can come through with better scenes and options? Seems easy enough right? That’s the only reason it gets 3 stars....otherwise 5!

- Siri?

I absolutely love the lights I got for my room a while back and they work great! I had a little trouble connecting one of them at first but I reset it and it worked just fine. I saw that you could control it using Alexa and google home and I was wondering if you guys have ever considered connecting it too Siri too? Not everyone has a Alexa or google home and I feel like it would add a lot of convenience for some users to be able to use Siri with the app, for example if your hands are dirty and you can’t touch your phone using Siri would be a great solution! Over all I really love the product, I just wish I could control it with Siri.

- Love my plugs, my lights and my cameras! But! lol

So I have 5 plugs 3 bulbs and 2 cameras and live them, and the app is simply n easy to work even my wife can do it ?? but I just bought a 4th bulb for the hallway and when I install it the Geeni app tells me that device can’t be connect bc i need to upgrade my app???? But my app does not have any updates available lol... ? so with that said can you help solve this issue for me.? Everything else works great besides that one. It does let me turn it on n off thru app or Alexa but not change colors or dim thru your app? Thanks so much and keep up the good work !

- Bad Update!

UPDATE- you broke it! Motion detection no longer works! Resetting the modem and router and camera does not correct this! I’ve had this camera for 10 months and I’ve noticed if you start having problems with it connecting to WiFi it’s because they did an update to the app and you have to reset router/camera than it all works fine, motion detection has stopped working and nothing helps. “Live View” works but I notice the “percent connected” in live view just keeps spinning but live view works! Somehow this is connected to the motion detection not working any longer. I have cleared the cashe in app and reset everything and it still don’t work. This camera is too much work and can not be trusted if you leave house for any length of time in my opinion...keep shopping!

- It works, sure, but it could be better

I bought some LED lights that work through this app and the lights are spectacular, however the app could be a little better in terms of control. By that i mean that the “scenes” option isn’t really functional, and i’d love to be able to customize scenes or make my lights change through custom colors (i have other, similar apps that have more in-depth options around that, but this one is just lacking in that department) other than the rather surface-level customization options, the ability to add siri shortcuts would be another major improvement. Aside from those two main things, the app is great and i love how it works

- Very nice but wish for more convenience

I have the color changing lightbulb and it’s great I just wish for a little more convenience. Being able to set colors as buttons would be nice that way if I want a certain color I don’t have to set it on the slider every time. I also wish that the smart scenes and regular scenes weren’t so connected like if I want a smart scene to run the nature scene with the color orange at a certain time I can set it to do that without having to change the nature scene itself. That way I could have a morning smart scene set to nature scene orange and a different one like a rainy day scene set to nature scene blue without messing up the morning scene.

- Just started using the App for the Merkury Bulb

I really like the concepts for the smart bulb, overall a great product. However, 3 stars due to the "scenes" being confusing and not very intuitive - I've figured out some of it so far - some triggers should include (with the Geeni app having access to your phones location) when leaving and arriving at home. If the app could sense when I leave, then I can have all bulbs shut off and vise versa. Having triggers like humidity, weather and temperature is just plain dumb in my opinion, I'm sure they have they're uses though; but nothing practical for the typical consumer. Also, and this is the whole reason for writing this review, PLEASE ADD WIDGETS TO IOS TOOLBAR. I'd love to be able to just slide up on my phone and push a button (that's synced with a scene or not) and turn on my light(s). That would be way more convenient than saying "okay google, turn on my lights" which doesn't even work on iPhone anyway. I will give this App five stars and the product itself give stars if you update the app to do at least the toolbar button. Thank you.

- Exceptional value and quality

I purchased several Merkury cameras for my house. The “Hi-Res” version was under $30 each. These cameras have exceptional clarity and superb low light performance. The Geeni app came free with the camera. The app allows you remote viewing of your property through your smart phone and The cameras are motion activated and record video clips on a microSD card. One of the best values of anything I have ever purchased. I highly recommend these cameras and the Geeni app! You could pay hundreds of dollars more for a “high end“ system that has the same quality and performance.

- Easy smart lighting

I love my geeni bulbs and plugs! Very simple to set up. We have about 20 devices set up at home and easily control them with the app or Google home. I haven’t touched a lamp or light switch in three years. My favorite feature is being able to turn lights off in other rooms—very helpful when you’re in bed and notice a lamp still on from the hallway. I also love that I can dim an entire room easily and evenly, and can control the brightness throughout the day. In the evening, the lights are bright and functional, and later they are soft and relaxing.

- Love

I love the genie up because it suits me you can share your profile so if your mom or somebody in the house wants to control your lights in your room and you can do so I bought these lights because I wanna smart bulbs but I did not get the change in colored ones I need to go back to Walmart and get some but I got the others instead and you don’t have to have a smart hub but these are reasons I love it they are not overpriced like Phillips and the other brands I wish that I can control them with my home app like apple home and Siri they should make that happen

- Geeni you need to fix notification glitch

I loved this camera and this app up until 2 days ago when the app stopped notifying me of motion and sound detection. I use this camera as a baby monitor because of its convenience of allowing me to monitor my baby on my phone while at work. And the notification feature was the best because i would get a notification that there was sound or movement and then i would go to the app to check what it was instead of having the app constantly open to monitor my son which if left open it will drain the life out the battery. As you can see I’d love to give the app 5 stars, but I’m giving them a 1 star because without the notification it’s just another camera that doesn’t do anything for me unless I’m staring at it 24/7... PLEASE FIX ASAP... thanks

- Super Easy and Very Fast

We have been using Apple products only so it was a mind shift to get another device. We did some research and saw that we can have a better faster more stable network for the more than 40 devices using WiFi . It utilizes our fiber optic high speed optimally and it is fairly simple to set up the guest and 2.4 and 5 ghz networks. Reports are great and tracking restricted sites and protecting family members with restricted filters is easy. Great product and works with google devices and seem less with Apple, and Microsoft Thank you!

- Playback automatically deleted

I bought this camera CW007 because I needed a video camera that had voice and record, when I needed it to. I needed it fast beachside I was going through a divorce and to eliminate”he said, she said” and to record when moving came to effect. The camera did its job with notification of motion alert on my phone and tablet. It took a photo but I hade to manually record. That’s not a problem. When I got home, I reviewed 2 hrs of recording. However, when I went back to playback the next day, the video was gone. I only had the videos I recorded on/off when needed it on my phone, so there are lots of segment that is lost. But my SD card shows more memory used which is confusing. Because my playback video was automatically deleted, I’m rating it to a one star.

- Volume

I have the SmartCam which cost me $79 on sale, u can zoom in on anything which I really like, the sound is great and clear, the only downside is it freezes a lot & takes a while to load. I bought the Geeni 3 days ago set it up and I loved the way it loads so quickly wherever I’m at, the only downside is you can’t zoom in (open picture with 2 fingers I mean like a cell) and I can’t raise the volume, I’ve looked thru all settings can’t find anything that raises volume... unless it’s a defect!! Also, It would be nice to leave a customer service number instead of having to leave messages or emails... so annoying.... otherwise I would give it a 5 star rating

- Cheap color changing lights work with app but terrible with Alexa

The color changing lights look nice and work well with the Geeni app manually. However the app doesn’t allow for setting up custom tap-to-run color scenes. It seems like it is supposed to be there but it is missing the part where you actually select the color! Alternatively, I tried setting up color scenes in the Alexa app but Alexa only changes the color of one light in the group with voice commands. Alexa doesn’t seem to have a problem with voice commands for simply turning lights on and off though. I’m confused why the Geeni app isn’t automatically set up for dimming the lights as well. Overall, I am pretty disappointed with the app and the integration with Alexa.

- Disappointed

So I thought this product would be great and it was for a short while now al of a sudden after a month of use they will no longer work correctly first I noticed when I would go to the app and choose the camera it would automatically go to back to my main screen then I tried resetting not working then I deleted the entire app and tried staring all over to only be more disappointed as nothing is working now sorry I spent so much on two cameras that will no longer pair to my phone

- Rainbow mode brightness

The app is amazing, and the light is amazing, there’s only a few things I would change. The first being; allowing the user to change the brightness of preset scenes such as rainbow mode. Sometimes I want rainbow mode to be less bright, like when I want to go to sleep it should be able to be less bright than when I’m having a party or something. Second; the rave mode should be able to have a speed slider with color changing options other than red, and other scenes should also have a speed and brightness slider. Other than that the light and app is perfect. 4/5 stars.

- Consistent crashing issues with Wifi camera.

I’ve used this app for a few years to control my bedroom lights and have had no problems. However, I connected a Wifi camera today and am having issues with a couple of buttons completely crashing the app. Whenever I press the buttons for Alarm and Motion Detection Setting, the app shuts down completely. I’ve tried restarting my phone, and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still crashes when I try to open those settings. Also, I can’t figure out how to turn off notifications for sound detection.

- Issues

Camera worked fine the first day I had it, I absolutely loved it. Now 5 days later the video keeps freezing, doesn’t want to play, sound supposedly doesn’t want to work. Everything keeps saying “timed out” or “failed”. I’ve reset the device, reset the WiFi, disconnected it from the phone and removed it from the app then reconnected it to everything and nothing wants to work. It’s laggy, and doesn’t want to play longer than 2 seconds. I’ve checked for updates for the app, and camera and have tried messaging the company for multiple issues with the night vision kicking off and on every 5 minutes doing it nonstop and haven’t heard anything back. I don’t know if it is the camera or the app but I wish someone would help me out!

- Terrible

When I first got this camera as a Christmas gift I was super excited. I thought to myself I could finally see what my cat does while I am at work. I followed the steps on how to install the camera and sadly it never connected. I thought my WiFi was not working so I tried again. Again same error. It never can finish the installation because it claims I have no internet connection when I do. I even tried rebooting my iPhone 8 and still the same issue continues. So I tried contact customer service through the Bernie app by leaving feedback and no one has ever responded to my feedback. I am wondering if there is a phone number I can call or even anyone from the company who can contact me in order to remedy this situation... Then I can change the star rating.

- By accident

I had bought the camera brand new on a run in run out of the store scenario we were away from home for a few days and needed something for surveillance of my front door. Funny thing I grab the first one I grabbed the first when I saw. I quickly drove home in the front door open the box plug the camera in set it in the window facing my front door set it up in the car as I was leaving...No I was not driving I was in the passenger seat and basically all I needed was my Wi-Fi password and I was on very clear picture too.

- Very Good System

I have used other brands before and usually ran into huge issues after a few weeks. I bought the Geeni and installed a few different items and they installed and functioned great. Initial setup only had one issue with a camera, but after a quick reset of the camera, it installed and functioned great. I have all the products installed and have had no trouble keeping them online, functioning, and staying stable. I would recommend this product as an easy to use system and very reliable.

- Error 502: Bad Gateway

When I tried to control my lights through the Google Home app like I normally do and have been doing it said they were offline but I could control them from the Geeni app. So I reset my lights and nothing happened. So I figured it was something with the connection between the 2 apps. I unlinked my account from the google home app and now it won’t link again. It loads FOREVER and then when it does and you enter your account information and click “link” it continues to load until finally saying “Error 502: bad gateway” or when I click on Geeni from the google home app to link the 2 apps, it will take me directly to the error page. Geeni will not link with my Google Home app anymore!

- Love, love, love!

This purchase was not a regret whatsoever! Quality is perfect, sound is amazing, you can even speak to whoever is at the door through your phone or any device which is a plus! Night vision works great & the option to record, screenshot, and mute is awesome. I get a notification every time the camera detects sound or movements! (You also get the option to turn that down or off if you prefer which is great too) Overall my boyfriend and I are extremely satisfied with both the camera & the Geeni app!?

- I want to love this app

But the truth is I don’t. I had this for about a year. When I had just 2 light bulbs it work wonderfully. When I added the camera 3 months later I seen a difference but loved the light bulb and the fact that I can turn them on and off and change the bulb color. Then I added another camera all from the same company now the app works when it wants to. Goes off line most of the time and alerts you when nothing is moving and going on and does mot alert you when someone walks by the camera. I thought it was suppose to be the other way around. I know what I not going to buy this year and what I have to throw in the trash( this app and the Merkery cameras)

- Poor documentation!

The products seem to be great products however ever the documentation is severely lacking! For instance the photos of the app screens are not current and therefore basically useless. I was trying to find the difference in Alarm vs Alert, nothing mentioned. I receive 20+ alert tones when activated and nothing mentions how to set limits. Nowhere is there any mention of what AP means or what the difference is in Easy Setup. I would say the product is about 85% on target but if the weak documentation problem is not addressed then it may mean down the tubes for a company with some very innovative products. Customer reviews express the same issues!

- Great product, awful service

Hi! I recently bought the lightbulbs that are both rainbow color changing as well as plain white. Honestly I love the way the app works, it’s been really easy to use and I just love it and the product. However, I recently had one of said lightbulbs mess up, causing only the white function to work. Would be alright if I could get into contact with their customer service. I’ve sent in 2 reports, with a good bit of time in between each ( roughly a week, a little more possibly ) and still haven’t heard anything at all back. I wish their customer service wasn’t so bad, or this would definitely be 5 stars.

- Keeps Crashing

I love the camera and it’s functions when it actually doesn’t freeze up or crash on me when I try to change the settings. I wish I could say my experience has been better I reached out to support a month ago and haven’t gotten a response yet. So as for now this is the only review I am able to leave sadly. Update: still no response or help from support this is getting to be more and more of a disappointment. My camera never works. Update: still nothing from these people and my camera has only gotten worse! Looking into another brand this has been terrible experience

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@Mikey_Johnston Hi, Thank you for letting us know and we're sorry to hear that you came up on this situation. This is not what we wanted you to experience and if you will give us a chance, we will certainly make sure that you will experience how Geeni devices supposed to work.

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geeni 2.0.0 Screenshots & Images

geeni iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

geeni iphone images
geeni iphone images
geeni iphone images
geeni iphone images
geeni iphone images
geeni iphone images
geeni iphone images
geeni iphone images

geeni (Version 2.0.0) Install & Download

The applications geeni was published in the category Utilities on 2016-11-18 and was developed by Merkury Innovations LLC [Developer ID: 1177386275]. This application file size is 157.08 MB. geeni - Utilities app posted on 2020-11-11 current version is 2.0.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.merkuryinnovations.geeni

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