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----The main function of VeryFit - Smart Band----
1. Includes checking exercise, sleep quality, the state of the heart rate monitor, a smart alarm clock to wake up, APP message alert.
2. etc.Application through physical activity and calorie consumption, monitor the effect of walking and running.
3. When Veryfit sleep monitoring, recording deep and shallow sleep, sleep, sleep help users monitor their sleep quality.
4. Because the application needs to remind background, it has been running in the background.
5.This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life
6. Connect to synchronize data to Apple Health (HealthKit), to achieve data movement, data and consumed calories sleep simultaneous recording to Apple Health (HealthKit)

VeryFitPro App Description & Overview

The applications VeryFitPro was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-11-18 and was developed by an he. The file size is 71.29 MB. The current version is 2.3.18 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

1. Compatible with watch ID205;
2. Compatible bracelet ID132 Color HR;
3. Modify known bugs;

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Over all happy but...  Criccardo  4 star

The watch stopped tracking my sleep after night 2. I update each night before bed. Am I supposed to keep it open? I have another sleep app that’s more specific. Also curious about how I manage to over 5000 steps just cleaning my home, is this truly accurate?


Great fitness watch but,  Ilovelynxes  4 star

I love the fitness watch a lot, but, whenever I go into the app it says “device not connected” and it gets really annoying. I try everything to make it connect but it still does not work. The app is not that great but the watch is really worth buying. It’s cheap and has very good amenities to it. It has heart rate, time, how many steps you walked, walking distance, etc! Worth buying if you need a cheap little fitness watch!


Worse Product and App I’ve Bought  Dmiller184  1 star

Sometimes you really get what you pay for. When I saw the reasonable price for this simplistic fitness tracker product, I thought the price was low because it didn’t have some of the capabilities of the newer ones, e.g. heart rate monitoring, phone connectivity. BUT, it’s cheap because it’s cheaply constructed and the app is horribly unreliable! My band stopped lighting up after only two weeks, completely black even though it’s charged, and the app needs to be resynchronized repeatedly (everyday). Do not let the price tag fool you into buying this product! You will get about a $1’s worth on your $29 investment.


Considering,  @jgx  2 star

the price it’s lasted longer than I thought. Although several month later the app has an upgrade but it won’t. App crashes and closes. Uninstalled, re-installed, turned the iPhone off and on again. Click do download, nope. Crash/close. Tried to send the issue through feedback, hit send and after spinning for about a minute got “network anomaly”. Ok. No upgrade I guess. Again for the price I guess it’s served its purpose and still works without the upgrade. For now anyway.


Great Some Bugs  mragamealex  4 star

This is a great app but when I try to change the weight it crashes. Please fix.

A Nebula

App collects too much personal information!  A Nebula  1 star

Not necessary. Beware! Deleting from my phone ASAP.


firmware update  Picklzs  2 star

Cant download the latest firmware update.

Jk lol brb

Love  Jk lol brb  5 star

I just got the app and device and it’s very easy to use and says the information needed, my only suggestion is that Snapchat notifications should be added but that’s more of a me want type of thing than a problem or need. I haven’t experienced any problems and it works perfect for me. The app itself is very simple to figure out


Works great  hgjawhari  4 star

It looks like there’s just a bug with it adding all the calories you burned throughout the whole day with your “daily” kcals it shows at the top. It makes me feel motivated to burn even more calories


Cannot upgrade device firmware  mfa0692  2 star

When I go to update my watch, the app crashes as soon as I hit start.


Very good  PurpleStarDust  3 star

This app is amazing, but I don’t know what the point of the call reminder is, and I wish there were more backgrounds for the watch. Thank you.


Nomoreupdates  immogwn  3 star

Why is it that all previous information is deleted with every update?

My nickname is spade

perplexed  My nickname is spade  3 star

i’m a little perplexed by this app and this watch. it seems to be so good in some ways, but there are definitely little niggling issues that should be addressed so that this product can function at its best... 1- there is no way to track from a daily basis how many steps were taken. i can’t believe it actually. that should be standard. i want to be able to look back and check how many steps i did on ONE day. weekly/monthly i could care less. is there a way to please add in daily steps? 2- app does not always open, i have to open + close a few times before it will register and work for me. the app itself seems quite simple so for it to not be opening on the first day i’m using it doesn’t make me feel all that comfortable with my purchase.


Crashes more than it works  Burton21  2 star

This app is really good when it works but it crashes so much it’s essentially unusable. It doesn’t even open half the time, even when I restart my phone. If they can fix this, it will be fine but right now it’s 90% useless.


Ads - seriously annoying  RADAUST  3 star

The App has recently included 4 sec ads on startup, very annoying. Just to make a few $$$. Overall App does what I need it to. Not consistently accurate - but for the comparative cost of this unit over a Fitbit - meets my requirements. Get rid of the ads - they are short but nothing more than spam!

chiba totoro

Where’s my app  chiba totoro  1 star

After not using my Very Fit band for about a week I noticed it had changed from metric to imperial units. When I went to the app to change them back I was presented with a white screen where the app should be. Stopping and starting the app, redownloading & downloading to another device all proudest the same result. Also no search in iOS will bring me to this app. Has it been deleted? If so what can I use to configure my smart band ?


UX now impacted by Flashing Ads at start  Clawzon  3 star

I have been using this app now for about six months. Some of the earlier versions seem to run more smoothly than the current version. Lately, ads have started to flash when loading which creates a negative experience. Functionality is good but sometimes instability requires a reset. Needs a little more work.


It’s ok  ambercurtin  2 star

It’s an ok app. Ever since the last update that now has ads in at the app I can’t sync the watch to the app.


Disappointing  Friggindissapointed  1 star

Now I know it’s information is false. I was awake for most of the night due to a dog constant barking. At not point did I go into a deep sleep and it told me I did. Also when I am awake it’s telling me I am in a light sleep... the only information that may be true is the steps walked


Mostly good but issues  Denzzii  4 star

It’s overall a really good concept. It does not sync all information or correctly. For example during my workout my heart rate got up to 116 and stayed there for several minutes. When I went into my app it only registered my max hr as 107. Which as I’m trying to improve my fitness it’s kinda useless as an app for that side of it. Now I have to write it down and keep written track of it which makes the app useless for my needs. Step calculator seems accurate.


Pretty good  n0T_mE•  4 star

For the price it’s very nice but maybe add add a few more functions like being able to check the weather or being able to check gmail or reddit, discord, hangouts and maybe if you have the ring doorbell maybe notifications for that. But overall very nice

spen soen spen spen

need to update app  spen soen spen spen  3 star

I think you should add a food option to properly count calories and know how much you lose. also option to add custom excersize stats. the braclet is inaccurate. the treadmill told me i ran 3.5 miles but the braclet says 2.5. calorie loss is inaccurate too.


Bad sync with Health App  Ga738  2 star

The Apple Health App only syncs data sporadically and only morning readings from VeryFitPro. I have missing data from Feb 27 to March 3rd. Would be nice if it improved.


App won’t sync heart rate to Apple health  Mike0807  1 star

App won’t sync heart rate to Apple health and won’t sync heart rate to Apple health tried using it for almost a year.

Wee Meggie

Clearly not designed by an English-speaker  Wee Meggie  3 star

In the help section it says things like “The back of the hand ring automatically hair green light why?” and “Whether to wear a hand ring to sleep, do not wear a hand ring sleep synchronization after the app will not work produce sleep data” as its advice if you’re having trouble getting the bracelet to record sleep data.


Update failure  LSF5  1 star

It literally just crashed my watch and it’s stuck on the update sign


Not impressed  innaccuarte  3 star

Not very impressed. The band tracks your wrist movement so is not accurate at all. Things like folding laundry, brushing my hair, doing dishes etc. all count steps so the reading is completely inaccurate. Deciding if I should return or count it as a $25 watch...


Heart rate  StoopsTroops  1 star

Completely worthless. I will buy a Fitbit now


Can’t upgrade and shuts off  Love2playGames1234567890  2 star

Quite often the app just shuts down. There is an upgrade and it starts to sync for the upgrade and then just shuts down. Very frustrating. Love the fitness tracker, but not the app.


Doesn’t sync with Apple Health  arttmislove  1 star

App is pretty easy to use, but doesn’t always sync properly and save my data. Specifically when I was traveling in a different time zone, the whole app “reset” and only showed data during my vacation. When I returned home, all of my previous data displayed but my data during my vacation has no data. My biggest issue is that it does not properly sync with Apple Health. It only uploads information when I open the app, but even then the data from this app isn’t transferred over. Thinking of switching to Fitbit.


Excellent  rosta18  5 star



Needs a lock function  eire321916  3 star

Needs a lock function, so when in the gym if you touch the watch off your chest or other arm it stops recording your workout


Problem  Hjghhn  1 star

Application is not opening at all.


Inaccurate step info  PixieJD1971  2 star

Hand movement measurements not steps ! Very silly !

Maia Reynolds

Notifications for Snapchat  Maia Reynolds  4 star

Very good expect for notifications for Snapchat and maybe YouTube


Charged for this  JessicaSimple  1 star

I was charged for App and tried contacting the developer and never received answer. No where on app does is state it’s chargeable and I have no idea if this will come out again as part of subscription or if it was a once off payment

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