VeryFitPro [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

----The main function of VeryFit - Smart Band----
1. Includes checking exercise, sleep quality, the state of the heart rate monitor, a smart alarm clock to wake up, APP message alert.
2. etc.Application through physical activity and calorie consumption, monitor the effect of walking and running.
3. When Veryfit sleep monitoring, recording deep and shallow sleep, sleep, sleep help users monitor their sleep quality.
4. Because the application needs to remind background, it has been running in the background.
5.This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life
6. Connect to synchronize data to Apple Health (HealthKit), to achieve data movement, data and consumed calories sleep simultaneous recording to Apple Health (HealthKit)

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Fix known bug, compatible with some watches

VeryFitPro Comments & Reviews

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- Great for the price

So I’ve had mine for approximately 24 hours now. My coworker has a couple of Fitbit devices we compared side by side and the interface on the device looks nearly identical. There are a few additional functions on this that are pretty cool that are not on the Fitbit! I especially like the picture taking function and the ability to skip forward, backward and pause songs on the Bluetooth connected device. The heart rate monitor and the sleep rate monitors work well and I liked the details you can view on the graphs in the app. So the cons... If you allow the gps function to be turned on, you will have to keep your phone on you to track your steps or it won’t count them. (what’s the point of using this if you are going to carry your phone, because then your phone is doing the tracking?) I love having the ability to use the device for weather capabilities, however, this is an area still needing improvement... the weather function requires you to turn on gps permission for updates on weather to push to your tracker. So at this point I’m toggling gps permission on and off so I can use all the features. The app has a lot of tools in it and it’s nice. I wish it would have the ability to allow certain functions access to gps so it won’t interfere with step tracking or weather updates. But so far I think it’s worth the money spent!

- It gets it done

For the price? People can't complain. We knew what we were getting ourselves into when we opted for the $40 fitness watch vs the $200 Fitbit watch. I'm using an iPhone 6 Plus. The app DOES record my sleep (awake, light and deep state), it does record my steps, notifications DO work, music control DOES work and it displays what time and date it is.. that's enough for me. One of the "face displays" is of a snowy mountain and the weather. I wish it would actually display the current weather "snow/rain/fog/sunny" instead and I do wish the temperature would be the actual temperature instead of a fixed temperature reading. With that being said, if you activate the weather feature, you can swipe up to the weather: however, it does not display your locations. Weather app said I was 75*F and the screen said 85*/93* .. guessing for the lowest to highest. Very inaccurate and I don't know what city it was taking that data from. I've showered with it w/ Zero damage. And I don't know how accurate, if at all, the heart rate monitor is. I was running on treadmill (185 heart rate according to the treadmill). Watch said 105. I had it tighter on my wrist as the instructions suggest when working out. No difference on how tight I made it.

- Rating the App, Not the Device

The device is what it is, an inexpensive knock off of a Fitbit. The app, that’s what this review is for (as reviews should be in the App Store). It presents the information well enough. Graphs are easy to read. Colors aren’t obnoxious. Where it fails is in its usability. Interface isn’t terrible. What would be intuitive, swiping left or right to see a different metric, isn’t there. You tap on the metric name to bring it into focus. When you tap on “Today,” it allows you to scroll left and right, unlike the main screen, to see values for different days. You can even go to that day to bring it up but as an afterthought, they added the words “back to today” in the upper right. There’s a catch though: there isn’t enough room so it actually reads “back...oday.” A simple “back” would have sufficed. Lastly, the details screen is lacking what it purports to even contain. It’s just overalls for the three categories. That is more a function of the device only measuring what it does. But the graphs, especially the heart rate graph, just show overalls, or in the case of heart rate, your resting heart rate each day. Why? It would be nice to switch what the graph shows, but alas, that function doesn’t exist. Missed opportunity. I guess you get what you pay for, it in this case, got for free.

- Okay but needs more work.

The app is generally fine. But I wish you could modify it to include a background refresh like most apps do. I hate that I have to explicitly open and refresh this app to record my activity and it doesn’t have the background app refresh option in iPhone settings. Quite a few times I lost my activity record simply because I forgot to sync it to the device. Also, it would be VERY helpful if the notifications for the same message did not repeat themselves on my watch. Once is enough. Sometimes I scroll through notifications and it’s multiples of the same email message. It almost feels like each time when watch reconnects with Bluetooth, it sees the same message as brand new one. That’s very annoying. As much as I like to preview email, I’m thinking about turning off this particular notification because it gets repetitive and extremely annoying. Haven’t noticed the same with text messages. I think these two features mentioned above would make the app better.

- Works, but needs repairs

The app basically works on my iPhone 5 with my wrist device and enables me to access data from it, but there are many problems. The graphic trace of heart rate while exercising used to be very good, very detailed, but now it's gone. The only useful (and seemingly accurate) information with the later app versions is the average and maximum heart rates. Non-exercising heart rate is still nicely shown on a plot, although very coarse (that's OK with me). However, the definitions of "average" and "resting" heart rates are obviously wrong. Often "average" is lower than "resting." I highly doubt the accuracy of "deep" and "light" sleep, and the laughable "wake sleep" often doesn't detect when I'm awake, even when I get out of bed (although it *usually* does the latter). One sees English mistakes in several places. For example, a pop-up says "Get it" when it should say "Got it." The app developer needs to get a better speaker/writer of English to help him or her improve it.

- Seems alright

So, this was a major pain to connect to the watch. But once it was synced up, it was pretty good. I have to frequently refresh the app so it’ll sync with the watch’s current step count, heart rate data, etc... but it’s been accurate so far. I do like the sleep’s cool to see the cycling between deep and light sleep. It even got it right when I woke up for a few minutes and shifted around before going back to sleep. I know this isn’t a unique feature, but I like the sedentary alerts (the little exercising stick figure is cute). All in all, I’m happy with both the app and the watch itself. I just wish the app automatically synced up with the watch, without the need to regularly refresh the app. Mind you, I’m not doing any serious athletics...I just wanted an extra push to be more active. And it does that. If I was training for a marathon or something, I’d go for a Fitbit.

- Good value for money but room for improvement

I bought the watch to measure my sleep and it does this well - most of the time. If you have an early night and wake/get up during the night it does not record the early part of the sleeping. If this could be improved that would be wonderful. I have been swimming with it and the display started blinking but pressing the button on the watch for a few seconds got it working again. The greatest deficiency (for me) is that when you change time zone all your statistics recorded in that time zone will be saved in that particular time zone but don’t transfer to your “usual” time zone; e.g. if you live in NY and travel for a week to LA, your LA statistics will not show when you go back to NY and equally your NY statistics won’t show while you are in the LA time zone. As someone who travels much this is disappointing and it would be great if this could be fixed.

- Watch is good, app is asinine

There are a hundred items I could outline on how horrible this app is, but I would like to post that since the last update the app is recording me waking up at 7:47 am everyday. Totally defective sleep monitoring. Also getting start time wrong, but that kind of pales in significance to the bogus end time. Another major flaw I will post is the graphs have no numbers, just plots. Are the unable to employ developers who know how to type?? They have all the data so why no numbering for any of the graphs’ axises?? The bottom is presumably zero, and the top is whatever goal number you setup for your profile. For example my steps graph is 0 at the bottom and 9000 at the top, and I’m supposed to guess at all the daily dots or go into the area where I can view each day separately. If they aren’t going to plot their graphs with numbers why did they bother?? Kindergarten level app. I need real accessible adult numbers. Many other errors and awful featureless probs I could post. Watch is great, super battery life, app shouldn’t be allowed in App Store.

- Totally inaccurate on treadmill timing

I look at the clock before I get on the treadmill. Start the treadmill app and instantly noticed it was lagging way behind. I did 70+ minutes and 5+ miles and it recorded 25 minutes with 3 miles. Given the fact that I walk between 3.5 and 4.1 mph that makes zero sense. I also did 20 + minutes of weight training and the watch showed 7 minutes. I timed everything by the clock and can only assume you get what you pay for. Heart rate appears to be somewhat accurate and it does have a good long charge on the battery. I do not track my sleep so no comment on that. Update. It also keeps resetting my stride to the default 25 inches. Resting heart rate shows 98 bpm and average 68 bpm?? Yes you do get what you pay for. I’ve ordered a simple pedometer for my exercise until I can afford the real thing. Used a simple pedometer today in addition to the band. Pedometer showed an accurate reading of the 5 miles I walked and the VeryFitPro band was at least 3000 steps behind. Conclusion - this is a nice watch but or fitness recording is pretty useless

- Like it but...

VeryFitPro is great! I know how many calories I’m burning, and how I’m doing in everything else. One thing I have to tell you though is that the app needs some work. Digitally the app is perfect. I think there should be workouts that you guys upload, so that way we can burn more calories when we don’t have time. Just the basics. Like if you don’t have anything to do during your sedentary time and it’s saying for you to move, pop in one of the workouts and bam sedentary time done. It’s should also tell you how many calories you’ve gained. I also think you should be able to walk through how to revive messages on your watch. I’ve had mine for a week and I still don’t know how to revive texts on it!! Which would be nice to know how to do!!! It’s should come with more than one bands. Like one for the office then one for the workout time. App is great but these are my complaints.

- Losing connections

My band and phone are constantly losing connection with each other. I will sync them but within minutes, the band is alerting me that the connection is lost again. Sometimes it happens about 12 times a day. Very irritating! But there are times when it works for days with no connection issues. When that happens, I enjoy using the technology. It reminds me to get up and move, tracks my steps and length of activity levels. If the connection bug can be fixed, I will be much better about using it. But I have to admit that when it keeps alerting me that the connection is lost again for the 12th time in an hour when the phone is right next to it? It makes me rip it off, whack it with my hand several times (instead of slinging against the wall or stomping on it), and slam it on the table.

- The app & product are bad, get a different fitness tracker/wearable device

The wearable device and app are bogus. I was given the product as a gift. I’m tech savvy and good with devices, but this one is simply not user friendly. I think the product must be from China. Whoever wrote the language in the app certainly doesn’t speak English as their first language. The FAQ says things like: “The back of the hand ring automatically hair green light why?” They call the bracelet a “hand ring” which is hilarious, but it makes understanding anything you read on the app impossible to understand. I was looking forward to reading my sleep data. The device records none, I can’t figure out why, and when I try to read about it on the app, it makes no sense because while it’s written in english, it’s just a bunch of words strung together that don’t make sense. Spend your money on a better product. One that at least hired quality control people to make sure the app language and instruction manual are readable & make sense.

- Great Value For The Money

I got the watch as a Birthday present. I looked at the reviews when I downloaded the App and was very apprehensive about what I was given. So far, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised. I’ve never owned a smart watch before, so I have nothing to compare it to. But as far as functioning as it is supposed to, and working with the App, I have no complaints. I’m sure if I had already had an expensive watch with all the bells and whistles, then I suppose I might be disappointed. But I like this watch, I like the App, and I’m very happy with both. My only dissatisfaction might be that online, it shows a guy using it for swimming, which is the reason it was given to me for, but there is no swimming activity function. But like I said, so far I’m very happy with it.

- This is complete junk.

I had to add to my review. I cannot stress how much you should avoid this app, it is complete garbage. Just a little 5 miles into my ride today and the app shuts down. When I bring it back up, it starts at the home page and I cannot see any of the data from my ride. When I go back to the tracking page and try and restart, it says that the device is already in tracking mode. I have no way to see the data or to save it. If I restart it says it will stop the previous activity and start a new tracking, but none of the data from the previous is saved. So either it is the app or the device, either way avoid both and spend a little more and get a fit bit, you will be happy you did. It really doesn’t work too good. Every time I use the it to track my bike riding it shuts off or it goes back to the home page and I can’t get back to the tracking page. I am at the point that I don’t even use it when I ride.

- Watch great, app bad

I think the watch is great especially given its price range. It records my steps, my sleep data, my activities, and my heart rate (even though I am not sure how exact it is). Also the battery lasts long. BUT! If I dont sync it with the phone before midnight every day, the data on the app gets confused and doesnt accurately show the info. For example: If I go back on the calendar f.i to yesterday, it says I took only 300 steps (that’s when I had synced it), but shows 7000 steps if I click on the hour by hour graph (which is the accurate number). I click back to steps target mode, and it goes back to 300 steps. This is VERY annoying. Also doesnt sync with Health app correctly anymore. I see the data separately but doesnt add numbers up to show the total number. So please fix the app. ASAP. Thanks.

- Works but could be better

Everything seems to work except the heart rate. Haven’t tried the sleep cycle thing yet. I really wish it had an option to show snapchat notifications and not just apps i never use. I would give five stars if that could be added. I also wish there was actual directions built into the app. Found some hidden functions that I wouldn’t have found if I wasn’t observant. Holding your finger on the button while the screen with the “running man and arrows” starts a countdown timer and puts the watch in stopwatch lap mode. Do the same to exit. Some misspelled words and weird grammar but the creator is not english so that’s okay to me. Needs more features that are advertised on the packaging and websites it’s sold from

- Suggestion for the sleep chart.

I’m really enjoying the VeryFitPro watch and app but, I would love to be able to have a closer look at my sleep data. It gives you a general idea of when you went to sleep and wake up, but I’d like to be able to “zoom” in on the bar to see when I wake up for short periods or when my deep sleep cycle began and how long it has lasted. I realize this information isn’t always exact but I’d like to know what the watch is picking up. I think that would be an excellent update. Now, for why I left a one star. To hopefully get your attention to fix the sleeping chart now saving all of the sleeping data. An example, If I go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 5am for a bathroom trip, when I go back to sleep at say 5:05, when I wake up and check the chart all it’ll show me is I went to sleep at 5:05 am. It won’t show the whole chart. So I don’t really get to see how I sleep. Please do something about this.

- Good product, not great. Much room for app improvement

Ive had this watch for a while now, and as far the watch goes its great. Great battery life, great looking, and functions very well. The app is what gives it up though. Things I would like from the app: 1) I better interface when it comes to looking back at previous workouts and exercises. I personally bought this watch so I could see my progress over the months but this app doesn't make that possible. You can only see a day at a time and its very annoying and slow to watch. Please create a part of the app that can list all your previous workouts so we can view them easily and compare them. 2) Make it work faster and have it save the workouts because my app takes too long to go through stuff, makes it frustrating, and many times I have to switch back and forth from days until the activities I completed on that day pop up. If you can add these things like these and improve the interface to make it easily and faster to use you guys would have a great app that gives nobody a reason not to buy this watch and save a great amount of money compared to other fitness watches. Please and thank you

- Pretty good, just needs more

We have had (2) Fitness Tracker, 007plus D115 Concise Style Point Touch Activity Tracker on both my kids 10 & 8 for the last year and a half. We sync them to our phones every few days. The OS does a lousy job accurately tracking the calories. For 12,000 steps Im sure they burned more than 150 calories. And when I tuck them in around 8:30-9 and they wake up at 6:30 am I am sure they do better than 7 hours sleep. But other than that, its a great watch, great step counter, easy and fast to charge, easy to wear and durable on my kids. The icons and look match my Fitbit and, having them encourages them to complete with me, each other as well as classmates and their teacher. Please fix the calories and the sleep and they will be just as good as mine.

- Shoddy, unreliable

Tired of hearing people defend this piece of junk by saying “it was cheap, you get what you pay for”. Sure, the device is bad enough, but this app doesn’t belong in the App Store with other good products. If you change time zones (e.g. vacation), it erases all the days you were gone once you return. If you update the app, it erases EVERYTHING! On an update! Heart monitor doesn’t do squat unless you are on that screen on the app, and then is is wildly inaccurate. Device doesn’t register exercise without specifically hitting button to start, and even then randomly decides to stop exercise mode, even if your pulse is racing away. The sleep tracker has 3 modes: deep sleep, light sleep, and something bizarrely called “awake sleep.” Which may be the perfect oxymoronic metaphor for this device and app. It’s a glorified pedometer with a dim, unnecessarily-complicated interface. Some of the “features” might as well be stickers. Boo.

- Works Great until You Travel

This application works wonderful giving all one could want or need in a fitness/sleep/weather/heart rate/extras way. Tracks pretty accurately sleep and steps so good there. For Heart rate does the same. 5 star app in those regards but..... In fact they ONLY thing I don't like is if you travel to another time zone them you get messed up. It seems as if the program/software/fitness monitor can't just change the time zone - say two hours - as on my recent trip - but it must for some reason RESET the watch/monitor completely. With that you lose ALL of your previous information. ALL of it. Back to day one. Steps/sleep/heart data details - everything! That should not happen in my opinion and other frequent travelers will probably agree. Fix that and I will give this the 5 star rating it desires.

- Great for Fitness, Not for Sleep

I’m currently a healthcare worker on night shift and was hoping to find a watch that could track both my fitness levels and log my sleep to ensure that I wasn’t throwing my body too far out of rhythm with everything going on right now (Corona). I’ve been super pleased with the fitness tracking, but have been disappointed with the sleep tracking. I often sleep in multiple short periods throughout the day and it seems the software is only able to track one stretch of sleep per day. I’ve also seen that the times are quite off, as I have been awake and at work and it’s still counting me in a sleep cycle. For the price, I can’t complain too much - I just wish the sleep tracking function was improved.

- Ok Step Counter Watch - Bad for Activity & Bad App

I basically now only use the watch as a step counter, a watch, and to take a photo with my phone remotely (even though the pic has my finger tapping the watch). I go to the gym and use several machines. One day I did an hour and 45 minutes. Over 16 miles, and burned over 600 calories. This was based on me inputting my weight on the machines at the gym and actually working out. The watch only recorded 16 minutes of activity, and about 115 calories burned. The heart rate is always much lower than the gym machines (and I can tell by my own heart beating). I mean as drastic as 160 on the machines (treadmill, bike, stair climber) and the watch says 70. My RESTING HR is supposedly 65, no way it’s only 70 while I’m out of breath. The app translations are terrible. Sometimes it takes 3-4 times of closing and opening the app for it to sync to my watch. One day at the gym, the watch counted my steps during “activity” but every single other day it stops counting steps during activity. That one day was the only day I surpassed my daily goal, when I know I’m actually surpassing it daily. I’m stopping the activity usage on the watch and just using the stats from the gym machines until I get the expensive version.

- Like it for what I paid

I wanted to track my steps. This device and app does just that. Yes it is a cheap knock off brand and isn’t that fancy. It does struggle with recording sleep. It is very easy to use. It does have Too many buttons and you can’t zoom in to the sleep patterns or anything. I struggle with connecting the device to my phone while running or hiking- and I can’t find the GPS map of the trail I just ran even with the GPS on and location services on. I want to track my trails but the app doesn’t show me or the location services don’t work. The app doesn’t save my data anymore. I can sync it and view it for 24 hours but at midnight the app deletes my data every night so I can’t view the previous day or week to compare.

- Last update broke it!!!!!

Don’t buy this watch until they fix it. Update broke it badly! Every time I connect it says Device not connected, so it loses all previous days data to that connection. The app said I walked 3 miles in the activity section, but no steps or no activity showed up. Keeps losing steps. The activities I select won’t display. So I get Walk, Run and Bike instead of Workout, Yoga and Dance. I don’t do any of the listed ones and I changed in app and they showed up when the update was first made, but now won’t despite changing other settings to try to get it to correct. I’ve tried rebooting it and still wrong activities. Wrong numbers are still going to the Apple Health app too. Closer than before, but still not correct. I dance several times a day, so I really need this feature. Please fix it! I’ll correct my review when these are fixed.

- Needs improvement

First, I tried removing my first day stats by clearing the cache and resetting wristband. Mowing on my z-turn caused it to say I walked 18,000 steps and I wanted accurate stats. The steps continued to show up after multiple times of resetting wristband AND clearing cache. Removing the app and reinstalling it was the only thing that worked. Next, the app refuses to save my correct birthday. My birthday is June 16. It keeps reading June 1, no matter how many times I reset it. Close the app and go back in to see the wrong birthday. Next, the heart-rate measurements are wrong. My weekly average stays the exact same lowest resting heart-rate. And lastly, it records sleep as total time lying down, not sleeping. And only at night. The total sleep should be the deep sleep and the light sleep added together without adding the middle of the night awake times. I have to manually add that in my head to see if I got enough sleep or not. And I often nap in the afternoon. It would be nice to add that to my sleep totals and get an idea of the quality of my naps. The interface could definitely use a user-friendly upgrade. So far I am wholeheartedly disappointed.

- Okay

It’s a free app, to be fair. Some things don’t work well. The sleep function is really inaccurate — thinks I’m asleep the moment I go to bed, even when reading in bed, and wake up time is pretty disconnected from when I get up. Doesn’t register naps either. For this insomniac it’s not too useful for knowing actual hours of sleeping. Also, the steps and distance function doesn’t register accurately for gym equipment at all. No setting for elliptical machines, and using treadmill setting for these results in weird data. Also a small beef with default weight setting for 5’9” women—110 pounds, really? Good thing I’m not anorexic. The target weight they default to isn’t much better. Devices should project realistic , healthy weight goals, not supermodel fantasies!

- Watch is fine, the app on the other hand

I’ve been using this app for about three weeks and while it technically does what it’s supposed to do, it doesn’t do it well. Heart rate can be graphed throughout the day, but sometimes, despite syncing the watch, the app does not update the graph. And this isn’t just a few minutes, this can be hours of data not showing up. The app is also supposed to be able to send information to the Apple Health app but it reliably stops sending heart rate data to the app at 12:00/noon. I have “rebound” the watch, reinstalled the app, and restarted my phone but nothing seems to work. It has the data from throughout the day, but just doesn’t share it.

- Don’t waste your money-Loses all data

This app serves several different wrist bands. It worked fine for a while, until it didn’t. Since the last update a month ago, I haven’t been able to use my tracker. The update of the app COMPLETELY wiped out my data! ALL DATA GONE. Further, it doesn’t track. I might see a flash of a number of steps, but then it is 0 later or the next day. I’ve reached out to the developer several times via the app, but to no avail. They don’t respond to any kind of attempt to reach them (except here in the “reviews” where they like to blame the user). I’ve already reviewed my particular tracker where I purchased it, but, since it is the application that allows you to use the tracker, I thought I should warn you before you make any purchases. If the app doesn't work, neither does the tracker! Save your money!!

- worth the money

i really like this watch and think it’s pretty accurate but i don’t have some complaints. I turned on find my phone but now every time i’m not by my phone it starts to vibrate even if i’m not trying to find my phone. It’s really annoying and i don’t know how to get it to stop so i’m about to turn off find my phone. my other complaint is i can’t figure out how to switch the time because of the time change. i’m a millennial and i can’t figure it out so either i must’ve missed something or you can’t. please help me if i’m just being dumb other than that i like everything about it besides my watch band died because of my blue hoodie

- Ii is buggy!

I’ve had this app for about a year now & most of the time it works fairly well, but I’ll be the first to admit I don’t use its full capabilities. I mostly use it to track my daily steps & heart rate. That said, it’s buggy. Periodically, it loses data on entire days with no obvious reason. The steps walked displayed on the home page pull-down for yesterday or the day before don’t always match the weekly display. Aldo, it absolutely CANNOT handle time zone or time changes! Once it “settles” into the new time, all the old stuff disappears but if you go back to the 1st time zone, the old stuff reappears & the data from the 2nd time zone disappears. Same for the switch to daylight savings time. Unless, you’re on a very tight budget, it’s not worth the price. I’m going back to Fitbit.

- Need help but can’t find out where to get it

First, let me say I had a Fitbit but it didn’t last as long as this watch however; if I were having problems with my Fitbit I would be able to find someone who can help me unlike this watch. My problem is I can’t read my heartbeat anymore. I get a picture of a wrench with a -2. I have set and reset, bind and unbind, my watch but the problem still exists. There is nothing in the manual on how to fix this problem. If anyone out there knows how to fix this problem I would appreciate your info because it seems unless you have a problem that is not on their menu, you are out of luck! This problem happened to me before but I reset and unbound the watch and it worked great afterwards but not this time. It’s a shame because I really do like this watch.

- Not as much integration as I expected

I got the watch and app with the idea of syncing with the Apple Health app. It turns out that syncing is limited. For instance, the main reason I got this was for blood oxygen but it doesn’t share that with the Health app. It also doesn’t sync that data or blood pressure with its own app. I know the measurements are not exact but I want to see trends. As far as I can see so far, the only info the Health app gets is pulse. It doesn’t get workout data either. So, if your goal is something that will integrate with the Apple app, this is not for you. It’s a shame too because the watch is great for the price and the deficiencies seem to be all with this poorly thought out app.

- Don’t waste your money on the Skygrand tracker

The Skygrand fitness tracker tech itself is great, love the pretty screen, and ease of charging without a specialized cable, but that’s where my ‘likes’ end. The app is absolutely horrible, if you aren’t on your phone constantly (and there are a lot of people who aren’t) then the device and app don’t stay connected! I bought this for my father, we needed the heart rate tracking and step encouraging, but the app was very difficult to set up, then forgot EVERYTHING the next day. So we sat it up again, it monitored for about 2 hours then stopped sending data. Returning the two we bought and buying the reliable Fitbit, which stays connected to your device forever and stores all the data for you whether you are checking your phone minute by minute or week to week.

- I love my sports watch but

I love my sports watch but this apps disconnects some features sometimes and I have to manually reconnect them, also it won’t show any of my sms messages on the wrist watch as advertised. Could you please update the app so this function will work also some of the features are outdated as I used this app before in the past with a previous watch and they are still the same I would figure they would update some things since then. All other features work perfect except the step counter seems a bit off. Please fix these issues. I would love to be a continued user. Especially for the text and notifications features.

- Resets at midnight

This app had worked with my phone and watch from day one. I’ve had no connectivity issues with it and no major function qualms. Two things I do not like about it - the heart rate readout uses light colors on light colors. The graph is very hard to read and can’t be enlarged. Second, after midnight of any day, the thing turns into a pumpkin; and you cannot look back on the days or weeks prior to see your exercise routines. Why in the world does this app not record your recorded exercise day by day? It logs and records daily sleep and steps but not exercise routines. If you don’t look at it before midnight, it’s gone forever.

- Was good a few months ago...

I initially really liked this app, but about a month or so ago I started having issues with it. I noticed that I was no longer receiving my notifications. I tried deleting the app from my phone and downloading it again but that didn’t work. My kids had the same fitness trackers as me and I thought maybe it was my fitness tracker. So I tried one of theirs and still no notifications. On top of that, the app wouldn’t let me adjust my notification settings. It kept saying it was refreshing and wouldn’t move past that point. I tried everything I could think of to get it to work again and nothing. I was also missing some bits of data, like sleep, even though I wear it every night.

- Inconsistent

I love my fitness watch it’s great and does everything I need it to for a low price. I DONT love this app. The first three days were perfect but for the last month or two the app has been basically worthless. It does not automatically sync with the watch anymore and so unless I go in and make it sync there is no data in app. It’s time consuming and I lose data. And Now the heart rate tracker isn’t working at all. The watch will display my heart rate but it rarely transfers to the app and the graph that’s supposed to show you your heart rate throughout the day has been blank for a week or two so no tracking that works or anything related to heart rate. The app used to work perfectly so it should be able to do so still, but it needs fixing.

- Wrong date

I want to change my activities, but whenever I push the “more” button on app, it just freezes and can’t do anything. →update:They soon updated the app and fixed the problem. I appreciate! I still have problems of the recording date. I always wear my watch 24/7. I don’t know why but the sleeping part already has a data for the next few days :/ Although the tracking is pretty accurate, the data of both activities and sleeping are recorded on the wrong date. I was thinking of reinstalling the app, but my husband who has the same problem already tried, and nothing changed...Just his past data disappeared.

- Needs more notifications

App is decent but it would be great if I could allow notifications from other apps. I don’t use the social apps so I would rather have alerts from things like Ring, ESPN, Eufy, weather, etc. I had an Amazfit before this and they had an option for “other” that allowed everything else that shows up as notifications on your phone. Actually if you could just allow all notifications, I would just manage what I get using the iOS settings. This is how Pebble used to do it and that was great. I like to keep my phone on silent since I have a smart watch, but now I think I’m going to have to at least turn on vibrate.

- Needs work!

Why does all the data disappear when you change time zones? Then when you go back the old data returns but the days spent in a different time zone are all zeros. The heart rate graph shows only resting heart rate. Heart rate does not match rate on treadmill (and is obviously low). The display shows things that are not in the manual and it seems to vibrate and start activity countdowns without touching it. The some displays shown in App Store do not seem to exist on device (like steps over the course of a day or more than just resting heart rate). Steps match pedometer well most of time, but not all the time. Neat device but software needs work.

- Stopped syncing with my pedometer

I am a student taking an “online PE” course where students must report their steps weekly. I’ve been using the pedometer itself for awhile now, and have had no problems with it, and initially it synced with the app without issue. But then, halfway through the course, the app stopped working. It didn’t display previous weeks, and wouldn’t correctly sync with my pedometer for the present week. This is information I have to turn in, for a class, from images of the app, and it stopped recording my steps. There is no other program I know of that works with this pedometer, and I need this information. I am incredibly unhappy, and may fail the class if these issues are not fixed.

- Notifications Not Working

I had an issue where I stopped receiving notifications (even after turning settings off & on, unbinding the device, deleting the app & re-downloading it, etc.). If you have this issue, go to your Bluetooth settings, choose the device & turn on “Share System Notifications.” This fixed it for me and I get all my messages again. Hope this helps! The app is pretty great. The only other issue I have is that it’s not compatible with Dark Mode. All my settings and menu options are completely black & there is no lettering that can be seen.

- Great app! Here’s some features I suggest

I love this app. It’s a good way to track your steps and health. Here are some features you might want to add. 1. Discord SMS 2. Exercise color. On the Fitbit that I got, the exercise color looks similar to it just being off. If you can get it to be fixed, that would be great. I understand if you can’t, because it’s the device. Not the app. 3. Swimming sport. Again, if you can’t add it, I understand. It’s the device, and the app. You can’t change the device. (I think). 4. I don’t know, but great app and keep working on it!

- Does not record heart rate

My only purpose in purchasing the Willful tracker was to monitor my heart rate. I can tap through on the tracker to see my current heart rate. It does record data for my heart rate while running (when I start the “Run” function), but only gives this information in the form of a graph on the app as well as calculating my average heart rate. It is a guessing game to figure out what my heart rate actually was at any point during my run. And even though I have the app set to “automatically” record heart rate, it does not, even when the device is paired. I can see my current heart rate on the app but no data is being recorded. Very frustrating. If I can’t figure this out I will send back the Willful and will save up for a real fitness tracker like I should have originally done.

- Doesn’t keep data!

The watch is fine, but the app is crap! I have had this for quite a while now (probably close to a year) and while the watch keeps track of my stats just fine, the app is another story. I update about every other day, but the app does not keep all of my data! There are days where I have had a number of steps over my goal but after I update the stats are just not there — it shows “0” for my steps! What the hell?? Also, it only shows progress for the current day, then some data for previous days but not the day before the current day (so I cannot see the data for yesterday — it basically skips a day). It’s very frustrating not to have the app keep up with your stats — super disappointing!

- Updates

Hey I’m lovin the app but I think you should make it an option to answer calls from the watch and text from the watch for example my friends texts me and I don’t have my phone but I have my watch and I see the message but I can’t answer it and what if someone calls me but I’m outside without my phone but I have my watch so I can only decline the call but I want to answer it and talk to the person through the watch i think that would be cool and maybe add some games? That sound cool right! Thanks anyways bye!

- This app may have saved my life

The app graphs your heart rate over the course of the day. Values over 100 are colored yellow. Under are blue. Unknown to me my heart rate was spiking to 150 at rest. But I couldn’t feel it. As part of a new fitness program I bought the activity tracker associated with this app. . I happened to look at the graph for two days running, and it was mostly running fast even in sleep. So I got to the ER and after two days in hospital I am back to normal rhythm. I may never have known til damage or a clot happened. So grateful to clever developers.

- Unreliable Software

I’ve been using this for a couple of months, and although I like being able to keep track of my weightlifting as well as my treadmill workouts, I’m extremely disappointed with the app losing data. Today, for example, I did free weights for about 30 minutes and recorded the data under “Workout” mode. Then I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and recorded under “Treadmill”. When I later updated the phone app, the “Workout” data was there but the “Treadmill” was not. Three weeks ago the app lost four days worth of information and the date shown was off by two days. I had to uninstall the app and reinstall it to get it to work properly.

- Ok for the price...

But far from great. Deleting app. I finally bought a better device. I needed more than what this product and app provides. I needed the data to be more: specific, user friendly, sharable, etc...Gifted this device to a family member who doesn’t need all of the extras, like I do. My advice: If you need an economy fitness band with basic tracking info, to just track basic data for fun, then this product/app may be all that you need. But if you need to seriously track and share your specific data, for health or exercize training purposes, then this app most likely will not fufill your needs.

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- perplexed

i’m a little perplexed by this app and this watch. it seems to be so good in some ways, but there are definitely little niggling issues that should be addressed so that this product can function at its best... 1- there is no way to track from a daily basis how many steps were taken. i can’t believe it actually. that should be standard. i want to be able to look back and check how many steps i did on ONE day. weekly/monthly i could care less. is there a way to please add in daily steps? 2- app does not always open, i have to open + close a few times before it will register and work for me. the app itself seems quite simple so for it to not be opening on the first day i’m using it doesn’t make me feel all that comfortable with my purchase.


as someone who uses this avidly watch and app to analyse my data (particularly steps) since I updated a few days ago the app just won’t open. It will come up with a white screen and says ‘version upgrade, data loading...’ with a losing symbol but then just crashes back to phone home screen. could this please be fixed ASAP, as my watch has now died and I don’t want to charge it for fear of loosing all my data from last few days!!! in the 7months I’ve had it otherwise, the app has worked fine but this is super annoying!!

- Great effort, many bugs to squash!

Overall, I really like this app with my ID155 plus HR, but there are plenty of interface issues: the sync & share buttons crash over the signal strength & battery icons on my iPhone 6 [iOS 11]. I can only sync by opening another app, then switching back, hoping that the icons move down by themselves! There's the occasional chinese text, spelling, capitalisation & gram a ticsl errors, but for the price of the watch a. app, it's a great start! BTW; there are also some typos in the watches' firmware ['butten' instead of 'button']. Can't wait to see an update soon!

- Sleep tracking

It was working ok. I mean it gave me an idea of how my sleep was. But now it’s saying I was asleep when I wasn’t even in bed yet and the end time is always when I check it. I’ve been awake since four but it’s telling me I’ve been asleep to 8 am which is when I checked it. I don’t understand? I was sitting up checking Instagram, fb etc but it says I was asleep 🙁

- Mostly good but issues

It’s overall a really good concept. It does not sync all information or correctly. For example during my workout my heart rate got up to 116 and stayed there for several minutes. When I went into my app it only registered my max hr as 107. Which as I’m trying to improve my fitness it’s kinda useless as an app for that side of it. Now I have to write it down and keep written track of it which makes the app useless for my needs. Step calculator seems accurate.

- Out of the box.

Okay, so the eyesight isn’t the best, so I decided to photograph the instructions using my iPad - this makes it large and easier to read...imagine my surprise when it automatically scanned the Qcode and requested permission to open the application? Yes! I said. Automatically the iPad, and then my iPhone opened the app. Next, I simply picked up my new tracker and iPhone in one hand, so I could read the instructions on my iPad, and Lo and Behold, the tracker and iPhone automatically synced, all I had to do was approve it. It then hooked up with Apple Health, so all my data is already loaded. Even the time updated itself. Out of the box, this has got to have been the easiest piece of technology I’ve ever been gifted. Thank you - let’s hope the rest is as simple.

- UX now impacted by Flashing Ads at start

I have been using this app now for about six months. Some of the earlier versions seem to run more smoothly than the current version. Lately, ads have started to flash when loading which creates a negative experience. Functionality is good but sometimes instability requires a reset. Needs a little more work.

- Ads - seriously annoying

The App has recently included 4 sec ads on startup, very annoying. Just to make a few $$$. Overall App does what I need it to. Not consistently accurate - but for the comparative cost of this unit over a Fitbit - meets my requirements. Get rid of the ads - they are short but nothing more than spam!

- Very good

After reading all the reviews I thought I wasted my money, but after I binded the watch and phone, it works very well, it just took some time to figure out how to charge the watch, otherwise this was perfect

- Getting better

This app is similar to Fitbit now. The one thing I’d like for the app to add, is to be able to adjust the sleep tracker. It often says I’m sleeping when I’ve just been relaxing before sleeping or I had a nap one day and it added that as my daily sleep but didn’t pick up my night time sleep that day.

- Where’s my app

After not using my Very Fit band for about a week I noticed it had changed from metric to imperial units. When I went to the app to change them back I was presented with a white screen where the app should be. Stopping and starting the app, redownloading & downloading to another device all proudest the same result. Also no search in iOS will bring me to this app. Has it been deleted? If so what can I use to configure my smart band ?

- Sync issues

The concept is great but the implementation isn’t the best. The biggest problem is that the app doesn’t sync properly. I haven’t had data show in a week which is frustrating.

- Terrible app.

I have been using it for a few months now and over the last fortnight it isn’t syncing with my watch and now a message pops up, in Chinese. I can’t read Chinese and the language I selected when downloading was In English. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the app plus done the recent update and it still won’t connect to my watch. So disappointed by it all to be honest.

- Can’t maintain Bluetooth link

One of the attractions of this device was the ability to notify of calls and texts. It does that for a short time after setup then drops out - without notice - so you don’t realise you’ve lost connection until things have been quiet for while! Frustrating and disappointing.

- Hit & miss

This app has some really good bits and some terrible bits. The good points are walking steps, heart rate (sometimes). The bad points are cycling. I finished a 46km ride today which took 1h45m. The app says I cycled 1h45m and only went 0.08km at an average speed 1393’12”. :-/ I also remove my watch when I sleep but apparently my bedside table has a pulse too... who knew?! LOL *Watch model KAM3FTHWCHA*

- Crashes more than it works

This app is really good when it works but it crashes so much it’s essentially unusable. It doesn’t even open half the time, even when I restart my phone. If they can fix this, it will be fine but right now it’s 90% useless.

- Very good

This app is amazing, but I don’t know what the point of the call reminder is, and I wish there were more backgrounds for the watch. Thank you.

- Does not synch

I got this watch reading that this app would connect with strava and apple health but it doesn’t do either. The veryfitpro option doesn’t not appear in my apple health app at all as an option. It means I cannot then synch my data to my other relevant health accounts.

- Sleep

If you wake up during the night for anytime. It doesn’t record the time before the wake time. So last night I woke up after a couple of hours sleep, I needed some tablets by the time I got these and got back in bed. It only counted sleep from 2am not the 10pm I went to bed.

- Excellent

It would allow me to do camera shooting and many more, I really like it.

- The sleep tracking not adjustable

The sleep tracking not flexible online pick up night time sleeper I am actually a night shift worker and need to monitor my daily rest/sleep but the app doesn’t seem to record when I sleep It shows zero hours

- VeryFitPro app

Downloaded this but hit a road block when trying to find/open ‘side bar’ to pair it with iPhone. Disappointing that ‘help’ from Kogan was not readily available either. Very frustrating.

- Cycling info??

I’ve just received this watch and find this app not very user friendly. I have cycled today and although the app shows how long I cycled for there is no distance showing, please help

- Doesn’t connect

Keeps disconnecting my smart watch and not allowing me to reconnect it again. It can detect my watch via Bluetooth but will not connect. A message keeps coming up in Chinese yet it’s set to English. I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times

- Font size

This app would be more utilised if the text or font was bigger in the sleep results. I have to read it with a magnifying lens

- Disappointing

Now I know it’s information is false. I was awake for most of the night due to a dog constant barking. At not point did I go into a deep sleep and it told me I did. Also when I am awake it’s telling me I am in a light sleep... the only information that may be true is the steps walked

- Nomoreupdates

Why is it that all previous information is deleted with every update?

- How do u text??????

How do u text??????

- Calls

How do I answer calls off my watch

- No sms / facebook notifications

Hi, I just purchased a Kogan active + smart watch, I’m confused as the calls work ok however the texts / facebook notifications just don’t work. I have an iPhone

- Please fix the call alert and sns alert for ios13

Good app. Call alert and SNS alerts stopped working since the upgrade to IOS13.

- Drains iPhone battery

In a 24 hour period I used the app for 3 minutes but background activity was over 7.5 hours! That’s crazy. Please fix this. Otherwise the app is reasonable.

- Ok app but unstable

The app was working well but now crashes about 10 seconds after opening for no apparent reason.

- Snapchat notifications

Please add Snapchat. Otherwise good app

- Doesn’t work with iOS 14.2

The app couldn’t pair/detect/recognise the unit on iOS 14.2. I tried on 2 iPhones and 1 iPad. They’re running iOS 14.2 and none found the unit. Please fix.

- Heart rate

Can anyone tell me if the heart bpm shown at end of a bike ride is the maximum or average reading

- Strava sync?

Overall I’m ok with the app however the sync Strava does not appear to sync GPS or heart rate data? Only time and distance. Update: Now nothing syncs with Strava, this app is junk

- It’s ok

It’s an ok app. Ever since the last update that now has ads in at the app I can’t sync the watch to the app.

- Can not recharge

I charged and used my Fitness Tracker once try to recharge it with no success would not recommend.

- This app is broken

The app does not work on iOS 14.2 update your app please

- Pair with Watch.

Cannot pair this with the OSHEN watch so disappointed

- Won’t stay connected

Great smart watch, shame the app lets it down by constantly losing connection. Have to re-pair the app to the watch several times a day, frustrating to say the least!

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- Sleep not accurate

When I first got this device, I was on afternoon shift. I thought it was tracking my sleep fairly accurately. Now that on day shift, and go to bed quite early, it’s not. I am asleep by 930 on day shift and my app doesn’t track sleep until 11pm. So I know I’m getting more sleep that what it’s telling me. As for every other feature on this app, I do like it very much!

- Please help!

When I first got the watch and the app and I hooked it up it was working perfectly fine but then one day after a while it stopped opening the app it would be stuck on the loading screen I reinstalled the app still didn’t work I reset my phone and it still didn’t work can you please fix this problem!

- Add Snapchat notifications!

The app works well, just wish that the watch could display notifications from Snapchat.

- What would make it better

I wish you could get alerts from snapchat

- Horrible

I wouldn’t use this app if I didn’t need it for my watch. Doesn’t sync properly. I need to manually do it everyday to register my steps. Worst of all, It started doing video ads. So when I’m updating my progress for the day, I have ads blaring in my ears, waking up my baby and husband. Underarmour has great fitness apps. Use those.

- App is awesome

It’s impressive how it works together with the watch.

- Please update more frequently!

I just bought the best smart watch that uses this app. Please update the watch faces that are suggested. If you could add 20 more watch faces such as digital watch faces that would be great!! I am very impressed with this App. The features are very good. Please don’t abandon this app!!

- Awful

Not user friendly, very Buggy. Info missing and /or misreported. No REM sleep, awake confused with sleep time and Vice versa. Heart rate now has a whole day missing plus today! Some stats shown on screens NEVER fill in and remain at zeros! Instructions slim to nil and confusing graphics on watch not explained. Troubleshooting made worse as it loses more data. UWatch and this software are Horrible!

- It doesn’t work

When I tried to open the app it didn’t work so I was a bit disappointed in the app

- Stay away

Bought one went to set it up defective. Bought second one and guess what defective again. Not worth the time or money and if there was a zero to rate it I would. Plus they never responded back to me Amazon had to get involved. 👎👎

- it’s okay

I really wanted this for getting notifications when I working ... I’ve tried everything but I’m not getting Facebook etc notifications... what am I doing wrong ??? I get text messages .. and I’ll assume phone calls (not received one yet) but my business is attached to Facebook !!! Do I return or will someone help me !!!

- Update Problems

Since the most recent update, the app has not been tracking my health. The app needs to fix that issue

- Good watch

For me it is great . I used it now my son and grand son both use it, more than two years now.

- Using Uwatch 3

This is an excellent watch and the application has been doing everything that it stated it does. I’m using it on an iPhone 7. Most important feature for me was to get all of my alerts, and messages which works great.

- Very dissatisfied

absolutely garbage. Want the app fixed or will be calling and contacting every day until I get my money back. Absolutely garbage for your company to not replyingto the amount of angry customers you have had. Will be making sure NO ONE buys anything from the supplier or downloading this terrible app.

- It's okay?

It does what it says it will I guess , sleep tracking is kinda sketchy. Don't expect it to last long. I bought my watch 3 months ago and it now doesn't work, won't charge. No response from the company 👍🏼

- It’s okay

Been using this app for a while now, but I noticed that if you forget to charge the watch (ie if you let it die completely) you will lose all your previous data. It does track your steps but if you workout at the gym it doesn’t track your heart rate correctly when doing anything other then the treadmill or elliptical but other then that it’s okay

- Junk

A junk watch and a junk app. The app barely tracks, and when it does it’s inaccurate. I couldn’t pair the watch to my iphone7. I had to pair it to an iPad. The iPhone never detected the watch. The iPad only detects in now and again. Wasted my money on this.

- Great app but needs a couple tweaks

Need to be able to customize alarm names if not able to sync with phone, otherwise it’s reliant on you knowing what each alarm is for. No feedback section of app.

- Can’t even connect

I can’t even connect the watch with the new iPhone 11 wasted my money on this junk Someone help

- Doesn’t tell me parts of workout

I just did a workout but it doesn’t say the part of ‘Warmup’ Intense Fat burning etc Why can’t I see it? I see all the other stats of my heart beat but not how much of my workout was high effort etc What can I do ?

- Return your smartwatch

Don’t even bother installing this app, it’s useless and does not work properly especially if you have an IOS device. Messages wouldn’t show up on the watch.

- Can’t connect

Never been able to connect the watch even with the new Iphone SE. really frustrating.

- Sleep tracker does not work

Sleep tracker does not track at all. Something with the last update has affected it. Need to review your app and make it more user friendly

- Needs improvement

I was using the old VeryFit app with an idhr model and I liked that it showed 20 minutes fat burning 3 minutes peak exercise etc. But this new version does not. Am now using a uwatch. Also for the “my day” and different activities like treadmill, walk etc I would like to see a break down on one page of the steps, Km, cal, heartbeat, duration for EACH sport mode. It is not detailed enough. And you need to please add a swimming option. Please improve upon these areas and I will up my star rating. I tried contacting your support and it’s literally impossible. You need to fix that fact that it is not showing me fat burning heart rate warm up heart rate etc with EACH activity I do. Your old app did it. Now this one isn’t. I’ll never recommend your app to anyone and will be getting a new watch that is not ran by this garbage of an app.

- Cheap app and tracker

Syncing sucks - Need 3-4 times before all the data is correct. Reviewing previous days data is a nightmare and awkward. The strap broke on the tracker and the company won’t return my emails for a replacement so I’m switching to a Fitbit Inspire HR. You get what you pay for - cheap price - cheap tracker and cheap app.

- Notifications problem

Je reçois même pas les notifications sur la montre.

- Lackluster

Pretty bad communication with watches, does not get information out. The app is mostly for tracking steps, everything else is pretty weak. No maps to track or anything to really track progress.

- app look

when i downloaded the app, the first thing that i noticed is that it looks exactly like the original app, not what the pictures describe. i would like it if other app notifications showed up, not just texts and insta. thanks

- Where’s my steps?!

This app has a hard time recording my steps. I will update it before I go to bed, double check and everything is there. I come back in the morning and 1/2 my steps from the day before are gone! Otherwise it is easy to use.

- I love this app!!

I love this app. Just I wish it could give notifications from every app.

- Text message notifications

Not working on iOS 13

- Th best

This is really accurate and is a great app for fitness

- Doesn't sync

My workouts do not sync to the app and it shows that I have done zero steps everyday. The graphs stopped showing steps, heart rate and hours slept. Lastly, the date is one day behind. If I travel and change time zones I lose all data. The app is useless.

- The only thing that works is its time

I put my alarm for 9:00am and I woke up at 11:00am😒☹️. Also my steps do not work even when I’m sitting down it’s saying I’m moving uhh 🙄. Like I said then only thing that works is the time I would much rather get a Fitbit

- Inaccurate

I was riding the bus and my watch counted steps even though I was sitting down...also I fell asleep around 9:00, woke up at around 6:00, and the app says I fell asleep at 11:00?? Also I have to sync my data EVERY day for it to save... Plz fix this!!

- Add more notifications?

For a forty dollar fitness watch it’s pretty good, just don’t expect it to be accurate. Other than steps and stuff like that, this watch works good. You can set sedentary alerts, see text messages through the watch, set alarms and make your phone take photos using your watch (I don’t really get the use but it’s a good party feature!) if they could add hangouts and gmail to the message viewers that would be great!

- Can't log in after reinstalling

After the last update, the app would crash. Removed and reinstalled fixed. “forgot password" says email does not exist. Tried to register and it says account already exists. Broken system. Please fix!!!

- China.

China through and through.

- It’s garbage and doesn’t work!

I just purchased this today. It’s fully charged and It won’t let me register or login. It does not receive any texts or emails. I have rebooted, unbinded and binded again and restarted my iPhone. Nothing works. Are you going to fix this?? I’ve owned a few of these and they all worked fine until the last update. I receive calendar and messages from Facebook, calls but no text messages or emails

- Sleep not working since last update but otherwise App works well.

Sleep not working since last update but otherwise App works well. Please fix the sleep because it’s been mixing up or doubling days, which screws up the readings and the history. It’s messed up!

- Rate

The app will not connect to the internet.

- Please add Snapchat notifications

Even if it doesn’t display who snapped and just that we received a notification would be good enough

- Language and updates

Don’t buy. Return product if you did. The translation is the poorest I’ve ever seen. As for the features, they don’t work. Can’t set an alarm. Can’t set the sedentary alert which is supposed to be a feature. And it doesn’t synch with the iPhone half the time.

- No more alerts

Since the iOS 13 update I no longer get text notifications

- Stopped working with IOS 13 upgrade

Useless right now. No more notifications on my fitness tracker. This needs an update. Please fix!

- Deletes steps

So I’ve been curious because I noticed sometimes it hadn’t been counting steps/ or at the end of the day my step count is a lot lower than expected. Today I was at 4,600 and started counting my steps and watching, the watch counted up to 6,700 and then when I went to sync with the app deleted those steps and went back to 4,600...!? Um what?

- Problem with day showing

Currently today is Sunday and in the details it is showing as my steps are registering on tomorrow, Monday.


So many issues so little time: -won’t sync data automatically -randomly skipped a day of the week and now my app is a day ahead of my watch -when I redownloaded the app to fix the glitch it deleted my data but wouldn’t fix even though I saved my data to the cloud. -this watch/app is GARBAGE and they are ZERO customer service. There is literally no one who reaches out after seeing bad review after the next. So stupid and such a waste of money and effort.

- VeryFitPro

I love the app because you can get the Fitbit to get you notifications like when some on is going to call you it will tell you or like a text message it will tel you it is from and what it says you can not answer on your Fitbit but it can all so track your sleep and steps in heart rate and how far you gone and calories burned😎so it is the best if you pick the right app for your id107hr or some other Fitbit like a VeryFitPro that is mine but it is mostly called id107hr thanks for listening

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- Not the greatest, but not the worst...

The device I have (ID115U) was easy to learn without the manual, as it was a hand-me-down, but today it claims I took 9048 steps, but my phone says I took 5000 steps. I know that most of them are false, because my step goal went off while I was sitting down, playing piano. I understand that the device is just tracking movement, and the speed it moves, so it isn’t super accurate, but I would recommend something like this for younger people or elderly, as a simple fitness tracker, not for the serious athlete. If you are the serious athlete, I’d recommend an Apple Watch or a Fitbit.

- Music Control Gone! 😲

When I was checking the app I few seconds ago I found out that there was music control. Well I knew I just forgot. And I was like really when I’m at school during recess I could put music. But then I was like dang it they removed it. Please add back more activities. One of the reviews I did was the workout one. Please add both workout and music control back. If you do I will be like this when I see the thing back, 🙂😀😃😄😁😎 if you don’t I will be like, 😟😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩🥺😢 So please add them back🙏🏻 pleaseeeeeee.

- Pretty Bad

I got my wristband about a week ago and that itself is working fine for me. However, this app is terrible. First, there are grammatical errors and typos everywhere which makes it difficult to understand what the app is trying to tell you. I wish they would have had it proofread by a native English speaker. Second, I have to turn off my phone and turn it back on if I even want to open this app. It just won’t open for me when I want it to, it always crashes unless I turn the phone off and back on. And I can’t delete it and reinstall because I will lose all of my data. I’d be much happier with it if they fixed those two issues.

- I like the app but it doesn’t have my sport

I think the app in general is fine, it sends the data just fine. It reads my steps and tracks my sleep fine. My problem is where you can pick your sport I have walking and dancing but I ride horses and that’s not an option. I really wish you would put a horse on there cause riders work hard it’s not just the horse so you should put that in there. Most equestrians use fit bits to time how long they ride and we don’t usually use our phones at the barn so when we get off we can tell our hart rate.

- Pretty Good App

Pleasantly surprised by this app. From a look at the comments and the multiple versions in the apple store it seems like it has been a work in progress. The current version seems to be functioning pretty well. The one issue that I am experiencing is the date on the details tab is in correct. It seems to be a day off. I tried multiple things and have rebooted/deleted and reinstalled the app but it’s still incorrect. It’s almost like the year is wrong or something. Hopefully the developer will offer up a solution.

- Unbinding

The app randomly disconnects from my watch without telling me. So I go to check my nights sleep or my activity and it says nothing. My Bluetooth is still connected to the watch, but I have to go in, disconnect the bluetooth - then go in the app and “unbind” my watch and try to bind it again which takes FOREVER. This has happened for about a week now at least once a day. It is so frustrating. That being said, it does record sleep, steps, certain workouts (running, walking & biking) and heart rate. As far as I can tell, it works well. Just the constantly needing to reconnect is frustrating.

- No way to turn off wrist sense

I love my watch and the app. My only complaint is I can't turn off wrist sense because for some reason it is missing from my devices menu. Other then that I have no issues with the app or the watch. This is my second watch since I had lost the first one while grocery shopping. I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not but it's a little irritating to have it turn on every time I slightly move my wrist. I've deleted and installed the app twice and unbound my device twice as well and still no wrist sense toggle.

- Not Accurate for Sleep

I only wanted this to monitor my sleep after a year of insomnia. Wasn’t willing to spend $$ on a Fitbit for that. The watch itself is fine. The App, however, isn’t up to snuff. It doesn’t log my actual sleep from bedtime to awake time. It only stops calculating once I check the App. For example, if I go to bed at 10pm and awake at 5am, get up and start my day but wait until 10am to check my sleep patterns, the App says I slept for 12 hours!! This makes me question the rest of the data. Why doesn’t it stop calculating once I am up and clearly moving? Because of this it also isn’t logging my steps accurately. Not severing it’s purpose at all.

- China or the United States?

I don’t understand why people would trust a company like this. I barely trust Fitbit but I feel as an American that I can trust a company in America a lot more than a Chinese one. Especially with something as what I see as precious being my physical data. I suggest to anyone looking just save your money and get a Fitbit their app is much more intuitive, they’re American, in that they aren’t a random Chinese company. Edit: on another note this app literally requires you to turn on location to “connect to your device” but there is no reason if you’re using Bluetooth, I’m sure they just want you to forget and leave it on tracking you like all the other poor invasive applications

- Snapchat

I wish that we were able to get Snapchat alerts. A lot of my family (kids) are able to have Snapchat and that is the only way to contact me. Everytime I feel my phone buzz and not my watch I have to check which kinda defeats the purpose of having my watch on for my apps. Several apps don’t go over to my watch so that is why I have to check my phone in which it’s not always Snapchat. Other than that it’s great :)

- Not bad!

The LetsCom band is a decent device for the price, and the app is fairly easy to use. I do, however, wish they’d bring back the ability to find your phone with the fitness tracker. I’ve read about this feature in other reviews although it appears to no longer be available. I also wish there were a larger range of apps supported for notifications. Specifically SnapChat. I communicate quite a bit with SnapChat and notifications on the fitness tracker would be very useful for me.

- I can't deal with the bad English

The grammar and phrasing within this app are absolutely terrible and it drives me crazy. I get that it was probably created by a non-native English speaker, but they should have at least had someone proofread it! Some words are capitalized and others are not. Phrasing is often completely wrong. This just really makes the entire app come across as unreliable and unprofessional. It's functional though, for the most part. It also communicates with the device very quickly, which is nice. Still, I honestly think I may return the band because I just can't get past the typos in this app. It's just a massive pet peeve of mine.

- Sync to Apple Health does not work

The app needs a big upgrade. The only reason I got this watch was so it could be synced up to my phone, so I don’t have to have my phone on me to track my steps. The VeryFitPro app tracks steps separately from the phone. The app does not sync up with the Health app on the phone. The steps that the watch counts and that my phone counts are completely different, where as the Apple Watch syncs to the phone and the steps are counted the same no matter which device tracks it. So, I still need to keep my phone on me when running/tracking steps. Just a regular watch at this point. Also you can read text messages on it, but that was not a need for me.

- Easy To Use

This app is very nice. I like how it tells you how long you slept, along with the other details (ex: deep sleep, awake sleep etc.). It can tell you all your details from a yearly, monthly, and weekly basis. It shows your calories burned, distance walked, and how many steps you have taken. I use the alarm to wake me up each day and it does a good job, and it isn’t obnoxious. This app is well put together and has different things you can customize and add on!

- Worst app ever!

If I could give this 1/2 star I would!! Problems with NOT being able to edit personal data. This app put my weight at 37 pounds and I am not able to edit/correct it! Your calories burned are based on your weight- so this inability to correct this makes this function of the app totally UNAVAILABLE. The sleep app is not accurate either. Only records your sleep from midnight on— which is stupid! I’ve emailed them through their in-app assistance page three times and nothing!! Not even an acknowledgement email that they received my complaint!! I guess I will be looking for a different tracker based on the quality of the phone app!!! Sad!!! You are going to lose me for good!!!

- Meeehhh

For the price, I’ll deal. However, the sleep does not track well. It seems to decide that if you are awake for a certain amount of time, you must be done for the day, just like my body. Whatever it uses to measure whether or not you are asleep, it didn’t track the last 5 hours of my night. Insomnia is part of the reason I wanted sleep tracking to begin with, so I can measure if there’s improvement. There’s also the fact that the first time I used the app, I was able to see the day’s breakdown chart for each category. Now, no matter which one is selected, it only displays my (inaccurate) Sleep chart.

- Accurate— when it works

There are constant issues: 1. Wrong date range on display 2. Dropping data display & recording The date range displayed is always 1 week earlier than the actual date. The device stops recording and charting data repeatedly. Sometimes the manufacturer responds to System Setting > Feedback messages about this by filling in the missing data (usually, by all indications, accurately), sometimes they do not. There has never been any response to repeated Feedback about the error in the displayed date range. There have been several app updates since I purchased the device, with no improvement in performance on these issues. It is really too bad that the manufacturer refuses to correct these bugs. They compromise an otherwise fine product to the point that it becomes useless. Having already designed, built and marketed a device that measures accurately and is reasonably waterproof, they would be competitive with similar devices costing far more if they fixed these issues.

- Passable, would like a couple more features.

I think the device is good at what it does, i just wish it would integrate a couple more features. Because it binds to your phone via Bluetooth, I wish they would put the weather app’s temp on the screen. I also wish there was a way to view the results of using the stopwatch/activity monitor after the fact. It seems that specific data is just merged into the whole day, rather than being able to see it specifically.

- ...

I was really excited about the watch. I love the look of it and everything. My bro bought the itouch air but it was t compatible w his phone so I gave him this smart watch and kept the itouch to return. I wore it and was like I really liked my original watch I’m going to repurchase it. So I just got it and I can’t get it to deliver my messages. It doesn’t tell u on the face the amount of steps u take like the itouch. So being that I paid the same price for each I’m gonna keep the itouch since my messages and fb notifications actually come through on it.

- Swipe left when you are on the orange welcome scree

After i installed the app it would sit at a orange looks like a loading screen. I though the app was broken and reinstalled the app a few time . Then I accidentally swipe left and it move to the next page . So the app is not broken we just need to swipe to next page and start pairing. Over all it’s a okay app and the watch is cheap. For the price you paid it’s not bad . So not a 5 starts perfect app and cheap watch . It’s a well deserved 4 starts.

- Mostly functional

1. Seems to inconsistently write data (specifically, HR data) to the Health app. There are whole chunks of days that go missing for reasons that I haven’t figured out. 2. Clunky interface (not all of the words for various data actually appear on the screen; as only one example, “average heart rate” on my iPhone 6 appears as “ rate.” Not attractive, but it gets the point across. 3. For what I wanted it for (something relatively cheap that I could use to track the length of my runs/walks without having to bring my phone along) it works.

- Not great

I’m rating the app here, not the device (which I’m very happy with for the price). The app will not update steps unless you open app every day. Okay, that’s fine. But some days it won’t update at all so I have zero steps on the app even though I met my step goal and opened, closed, opened the app again. The data it sends to the Apple health app isn’t the same number of steps I’ve taken or this app has recorded. So let’s say I’ve taken 1900 steps so far, Apple health only shows 1600 and that’s not from my phone (iPhone 6) because I don’t carry my phone around all day. So basically I use the device, I see if I’ve met my goal or if I need to get more activity in for the day, I use the app to change my step goal and set alarms for things like taking meds and the sedentary reminder. But the app doesn’t reliably record or communicate data. My device doesn’t have hrm so no comment there.

- Hello

Hi. It’s late so I’m sorry if there is any spelling errors so imma do this quickly. First things first: Pros -It has a heart rate -it is motion activated Cons: -in the shower it turns off my alarms? -my alarm for waking up does not go off. This one is a big one. I don’t know if anyone else had this problem, but if someone needed to take medication, and they set an alarm, the alarm won’t go off. I don’t take medicine, but I do use it to wake up, but Spence it has not been working I’ve been waking up at 7:15 not 5:45. I know it’s early but not early enough to finish my homework. -when I move my arm in the middle of the night, it thinks I’m looking at it and turns on. -same with the heart rate. It turns on ever 10 minutes. Ok sorry this is a little rushed. Can you please fix the alarm one? Please respond because I don’t know how to fix it. -Winnie

- Pretty good, but a couple changes I would make.

1) I wish you could zoom in on the chart for sleep patterns. The print is very small and you can select anywhere on the graph to check. 2) Sleep tracker is a tiny bit off. I woke up to feed my baby, and when I came back to bed it didn’t track any of the next two hours of sleep that I got. 3) I think it would be great if they added a water intake tracking feature for how much you have entered that you have drank for the day.

- Watch out for the privacy violations!

I love the app itself. Excellent quality for the price. But after a few months of use a screen will come up that forces you to read the privacy policy. I was shocked that they want The right to access and share my camera, my contacts, my sex, height, weight, etc. That is way too much information to give anyone permission for! At that point I disagree to use it and the app will no longer work in connection with the phone. However the step counter will continue to work on your wrist.

- I think I may be missing something.

I like the Letsfit Id205 watch. This app is supposed to be used with it but I keep looking for features that SHOULD be there; I just don’t see them. For example, I see a screenshot of a map on the app download page. Where is that in the app? Is gps available on the watch? I am mainly interested in heart rate analysis but I can’t see it for days in the past. Not just resting heart rate; the whole day. I have used the amazfit app and I like it. This app isn’t quite there, but this watch measures heart rate more accurately.

- About what I expected for the price, but wish it synced with my fitness pal

For a $40 watch I feel that this does mostly what it says it does. I question the accuracy of a heart rate monitor, and definitely there are times that I question the accuracy of the step tracker, but on the whole I am pleased with the purchase as I did not want all the bells and whistles of a $200 expensive activity tracker. I do wish that it would sync with my fitness pal or some other fitness apps, to monitor calorie consumption and fitness/activity levels more seamlessly.

- Heart rate max and average

I've mostly enjoyed the watch and app for two weeks now. It does what it says except that it is really good at recording my resting heart rate, but not the HR max. There are days I exercise and see that my HR is up and it shows for the day, but will not show in the details (tracking for the week). I'm not sure where they are getting the HR average, but sometimes it is the exact same as my resting HR. This has caused me some frustration. I wish they would fix this because other than that, it is a good product for my purposes.

- Need to fix time zone issue

I have no complaint on the device and software. So far, it monitors my steps and heart beat very well. Other functions will be nice but not needed for me. One more Hing needs to be fixed is time zone change. When I travel to a different time zone, the band will synchronize the time. However, after coming home, data at different time zone got erased. I think it should be simple to fix.

- Activity Bug

I’ve recently encountered a bug using the watch to initiate an activity. In the app you can select 3 activities that you can start using the watch. The three I’ve selected bike, fitness, and yoga are not pairing with the watch. The watch has bike, walk, and run. I’ve been able to change the activities before but I can only start yoga and fitness using the app itself now. Overall the app functions nicely but the FAQ needs a better English translation.

- Not altogether useless, but...

I got it mainly to record sleep, and as another reviewer noted, this is far from top of the line and is priced accordingly. Still, that only excuses the inaccuracies and frequent syncing problems and the hardware, but some of the app defaults just don't make any sense. Why is awake-in-bed time counted as light sleep, if it clearly knows the difference? What made me finally write a review is that suddenly it's decided to change to date to a year from now, and there's no way apparent way to fix it. Why would they put so much effort into making something almost work?

- Worse Product and App I’ve Bought

Sometimes you really get what you pay for. When I saw the reasonable price for this simplistic fitness tracker product, I thought the price was low because it didn’t have some of the capabilities of the newer ones, e.g. heart rate monitoring, phone connectivity. BUT, it’s cheap because it’s cheaply constructed and the app is horribly unreliable! My band stopped lighting up after only two weeks, completely black even though it’s charged, and the app needs to be resynchronized repeatedly (everyday). Do not let the price tag fool you into buying this product! You will get about a $1’s worth on your $29 investment.

- Misrecording / not recording data

I had a great experience with this watch and app until recently. It’s easy enough to use, but recently my app started saying “0 steps” “0 hours of sleep” on one of my days on the graph, then it copied the data from the day before when I viewed that day. I was wearing the watch the whole day, and on the details page, the data is correct - but everywhere else in the app is not. I have rebooted my phone and synchronized several times and the problem persists.

- It’s oaky

So device works okay... it tracks sleep (sometimes), only the first time that you go to sleep, if you wake up go to the bathroom and go back to bed it doesn’t record that. Also I wish find my phone worked! I press the find my phone feature on watch and nothing happens to phone. My phone is right next to me and still does nothing! I wish they could update that because it would be so useful! And yes I’ve checked settings and done everything that I could and still nothing! The app records steps, and love the alarm option works all the time!

- Please let us sync WORKOUTS with Apple Health!

I got the watch as an inexpensive fitness tracker. I liked that it specifically had a yoga mode since that is my primary activity. However, it is very disappointing that your app does not sync workout data to Apple Health. I appreciate that it allows us to sync steps and other things but not actual workouts? This is unacceptable. Please rectify this. I normally don’t write reviews, that’s how big of a deal this is. Please consider adding this to a future update. Thank you very much.

- Not happy...

So I bought the first 205 and it wouldn’t connect properly. So I buy the 205L because reviews claim it’s great and will connect to my iPhone and get the notifs since the previous one wouldn’t. Well, it doesn’t. Look, I know they are not expensive but can’t they at least work? I paid money for the thing so can we at least get it to work properly as you claim it should? Otherwise that is false advertising that it does these certain things and then we get it and it doesn’t. I need it to work. At least give me call and text notifs and keep track of sleep and steps. Alarm. But they barely work. :(

- What the what?

Just received my tracker and downloaded the app. New version updated yesterday. Ever since then when I try to do any device updates, the app freezes. When I am able to get to the updated info, it doesn’t seem to take the update. I also don’t like the fact that I can’t enter my sleep hours. It doesn’t start to track until midnight and I go to bed at 9. Oh and it says you get get message notifications but there is no SMS selection that I can find. It’s a great step counter though but my phone already did that. Disappointed.

- Not incredibly helpful.

I’m a new user coming from Fitbit. The only reason I switched was because I have a different smart watch now. This app compared to Fitbit’s is not compatible. It’s not that user friendly and doesn’t really offer much. It’s also slow to sync your device compared to others. Another downfall is it cannot connect to the “Lose It” app the way Fitbit’s app did. And I’ve paid for a year subscription for that and now have to enter things manually. Definitely disappointed in this app and hoping for an upgrade. PLEASE UPGRADE!!!!!

- Great App, Bad Watch

I bought this and I was quite impressed at first. Unfortunately, it lasted two days prior to losing a charge. I know it says to use a usb charger to charge it and the first one didn’t work, so I ended up doing another charging port, that one didn’t work either. Now it won’t even show me a battery charging on the watch face screen. I am not impressed and definitely returning this. I’m not paying $30-40 for something that doesn’t work. Save up the money and buy something more expensive because it’s probably more reliable and not going to die on you two days after use on a half charge.

- Works But Could Be Better

I really wanted to track my step for the day and did not want to spend so much money on a tracker. It works, but kind of difficult to change things on the app. When I saw there was a sleep tracker, I wanted to test it out. However, it defaults to going to bed at midnight. I tried changing the times, but the app would not allow it. Since the time is wrong, it doesn’t give an accurate reading. It is not user friendly. I guess you get what you pay for.

- Lost all my data with new update

Really annoyed right now. After the last update all the history of all my previous data is gone!! I also had to go back and fix all my settings again! *Edit* The app is not functioning properly now. Despite going in each day to sync my watch it’s not storing my data properly now. This all started after the last update so they really need to launch a fix to their fix. My app was working just fine. They issue a new update with a supposed fix and now all kinds of glitches :(

- I got what I paid for I guess

It’s tracks steps perfectly. Hear Tate monitor I think is way off, I was moving stuff around and working up a pretty good sweat and I check the monitor and it said 65 bpm, I know that’s off because as a 20 year old my resting heart rate is about 72. Calories is wayyyyy off, it says I’ve burnt about 1500 over the last four days, but even not working I should be at about 2000 a day. One day I had 19,000 steps and worked pretty hard the whole day and it said I hadn’t even burnt 1000 calories.

- Please fix activity sync problem

This app works fine tracking my sleep and waking me up in the morning through my watch, but unfortunately struggles to sync my workouts. I have to manually sync my steps through the app which is a tad annoying and for the past week it hasn’t wanted to sync my workouts. It’s not the watch, because after I exercise it’ll show me my workout stats on the watch for a brief moment, but that is the last I see of it. It never shows up in the app. PLEASE FIX THIS! Once fixed I will change my rating. I have the ID115Plus HR.

- The app is rubbish

I’ve had this fit watch and app for six weeks - ample time to test, record, track, measure and compare. The app will record data daily, and for a whole week, but the “fun” stops there. The problem is: the data then disappears. So, when you click over from your weekly to your monthly review of your progress, and then to the yearly review - you’ve done nothing, zero, zilch. You can’t actually track any of your progress. This app is absolutely useless. This fit tracker + VeryFitPro App is not worth the money or download. There are other comparable fit trackers/apps that are working much better.

- Great fitness watch but,

I love the fitness watch a lot, but, whenever I go into the app it says “device not connected” and it gets really annoying. I try everything to make it connect but it still does not work. The app is not that great but the watch is really worth buying. It’s cheap and has very good amenities to it. It has heart rate, time, how many steps you walked, walking distance, etc! Worth buying if you need a cheap little fitness watch!

- Worth the money

This was a really good item. I’m glad I got this I use it every single day it was pretty cheap to. The heart rate might be off but the Fitbit that is around $200 doesn’t have a correct heart rate either. This was $35 and it does the same things. But this fitness tracker alerts you when you get a text on your phone. I would really recommend this fitness tracker.

- Gets time right...however

This watch and app does everything it said it is supposed to do. However recently it will not give any message or call alerts. When try to turn the setting on, it try’s for about a minute then says “setting failed”. (The regular pairing with steps and sleep works fine) This has become very annoying because without it is just like any other watch.

- It’s okay but need MUCH improvement

Okay, So let’s start off on the good. It’s really engaging for me, and also super fun to look at the time, and my fitness, or health. I works alright. I also love the feature that you can customize it. Now let’s begin with the down side of this app, and device. The weather and heartbeat are no accurate WHATSOEVER. It keeps changing, and to be honest it’s probably just guessing. I really hope they do fix these problems, and make it more flexible and compatible.

- Inaccurate

Misses step count consistently. Device finally stays tracking after 20+ steps, which means hundreds of lost steps calculated daily. Spent several days with family that also had step trackers and was consistently behind by 2000 steps every single day doing the same walking activity. Weekly tracker keeps dropping day's activity, HR, etc off the details chart, a week at a time. Kind of the main point of a darn tracker! While it's a considerably less expensive device/app, the expectation is for some level of accuracy for Fox's sake.

- It works great!

It was easy to set up! For some reason my iPhone 6+ reads the steps from the fitness tracker but doesn’t reflect it on my apple health. Overall it’s a great product for $30. Although I do wish This app had the option of challenging other users/friends on the app. It’s also kind of unfortunate it doesn’t sync with other fitness tracking apps.

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VeryFitPro iphone images
VeryFitPro iphone images
VeryFitPro iphone images
VeryFitPro iphone images
VeryFitPro iphone images

VeryFitPro (Version 3.2.4) Install & Download

The applications VeryFitPro was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-11-18 and was developed by an he [Developer ID: 964688185]. This application file size is 102.4 MB. VeryFitPro - Health & Fitness app posted on 2020-12-17 current version is 3.2.4 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ido.veryfit

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