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Have you ever wondered who have interacted with your Instagram profile recently? How about a list of your secret admirers who have been interacting with your profile most? This app lists the users, who interact with you most.

This app is displaying the list of users in the order who interact with you most. The lists are based on interactions which others have had with your Instagram account. The interactions which others have had with your Instagram account include comments, likes, follow request and media tagging, etc.

Disclaimer: This app and its makers are not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, Instagram,Inc.

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The applications Who Stalks for My Instagram - Super Spy Pro was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-11-07 and was developed by Zhao Yong. The file size is 11.08 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes & new algorithm

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Stalkers  Tightfitrightfit  2 star

The Apps shows the same ppl. It never changes and as soon as you try to see the ppl a Ad jumps in and block you. Not very accurate

Theodora (Tia)

Horrible  Theodora (Tia)  1 star

I noticed it followed random pages and it wants you to pay so don't even bother...


Changed 5 times in 3 mins  White1209872  2 star

The list of who stalks me in this app changed 5 times in 3mins, I cannot make sure which one is correct!


Very satisfied  Lunae_6  5 star

This application provides great information and true to the findings. This is my go to for IG top views


Doesn’t work.  THIS APP DOES NOT OPEN  1 star

Doesn’t work


Don't bother  PJammer76  1 star

It's overrun with adds and that's after you pay. It shows you the people who like your pics the most often as being your "stalkers". A total sham.


Doesn't work  K.Michelle062976  1 star

It Doesn't work!!!!

Peed of gy tht dnldd dis app

Way to many ads  Peed of gy tht dnldd dis app  1 star

Plus you only can veiw your top 4


Perfectă pot mai!  TeAmobrasil  5 star



No actualiza  jeancpm  1 star

No actualiza


Needs more  mikalmyers03  3 star

It needs to tell you when did they stalk your Instagram profile


Love it  @V_Ann_555  5 star

Love this app sooo much😂😂👍🏼👍🏼

Madison brook5921

Ugh  Madison brook5921  1 star

It's really annoying that you have to pay to see who is doing it. I don't want to know so badly that I'd waste my money on it


Not for me  BrightRainbow  2 star

It gives you your "top five stalkers" but then you have to buy the rest. I wasn't really looking to spend money but I've gone through a lot of apps like this and every single one requires you to spend at least $2.00 or more.


Horrible App  hannahkeop  1 star

Wouldn't even let me log in..


Idk  Djxjsosneocbsjdn  5 star



Doesn't make sense? Can someone explain?  Kv92star  3 star

Ok so I don't get it - does this app show you who VIEWS your profile the most or LIKES your posts the most (aka stalker)? I find that sometimes when someone doesn't like my posts for a day or 2 they come off the list. Then when they catch up and like the posts they've missed they are back on the list. So my question is, is this based on who actually clicks on your username, and views your profile? Or it's based on how often they like your posts? Can someone answer please? I click on the little question mark at the top and it says who INTERACTS the most - but doesn't explain if it's likes or views? Thanks


Yay  EpicScale  4 star



Awesome  Oldslur  5 star

Cool app


What???  stk34  1 star

The app was fine I just have a question tho does it hack my insta account cause idk really

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