Keto Diet Tracker

How it Works
-Personalize your macro goals to your specific body type and activity level.
-Goals include losing weight, maintaining weight, or gaining mass.
-View and record nutrition goals, so you can consume the right amount of calories, protein, fat, and net carbs (app can count total carbs optionally).
-Use our simple search engine to input food and beverages, or scan the product’s barcode.
-Search suggestions mark foods to avoid maintaining your daily goal.

Key Features
- Try it for free! A subscription is needed only if you want to count more than 5 foods per day.
- No subscription needed if you make a one-time purchase in the app.
- Create your own Meals and Recipes.
- Track meals altogether or separate by Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.
- Synchronize with Apple’s Health app, including export of your nutrition data.

Purchase a PRO Subscription to get the most out of your nutrition tracker, while saving money. PRO Subscriptions are available for three different time periods:

-1 month for USD $2.99
-3 months for USD $5.99
-12 months for USD $11.99

A PRO membership is also available for a one-time payment of USD $24.99, which includes all PRO features and lifetime access.

If you choose to subscribe to a PRO membership, the purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to it running out, and you can manage it from the User Settings in iTunes after purchase. You have the capability to cancel the auto-renewing subscription in your iTunes settings.

Terms and Privacy Policy:

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Keto Diet Tracker App Description & Overview

The applications Keto Diet Tracker was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-10-31 and was developed by Mikhail Platonov. The file size is 33.16 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

We've made lots of improvements, thanks to your feedback!

In this version you can:
- Separate the foods list into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. To turn on this option, tap the three circles button next to the "Meals" title.
- Move saved foods in the list or between the meals. Just tap and hold a food you want to move.
- Get your custom foods in search results. Even the foods that you have saved before this update.
- Export your macros to Health app. To turn on this option, tap the three circles button next to the "Meals" title.
- Count total carbs. This option is available in settings.
- Edit foods inside "My meals". Now you need not delete the food to make a change.

We also have a new, bold and flat design.
We are working on even more features and improvements.

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Keto Diet Tracker Reviews


Glitches  Cecy139  3 star

App won't start some days and I go days with out tracking.


Not free- forced upgrade  jahnee5  1 star

Don't get this app if your looking for a free one. I used it 2 days and then it stopped letting me log food unless I upgrade. It should be in the paid section of apps since you can't actually use it without paying. I don't mind paying for something but I refuse to be forced to pay.


Easy for everyone  DziekujeZaMilosc  5 star

Basic and easy to use for anyone doing Keto. Also VERY affordable compared to other apps. I live things simple so this app is definitely for me. I like the fact that I can customize meals and adding something new is easy to do. Keeping on track is great with this app!


Easy to use  Kawaiilala  5 star

App is great for a quick, user friendly way to keep track of macro nutrients.


Useless without purchases  NinjaCoder  1 star

Useless without purchases


Good update!  Chrissy0919  5 star

Loved the app before, but I don't think I realized how difficult it was for me to read until I just went in and saw how much easier it was. Nice update!


Would give it 5 if it worked right....  itsbetterthanyours  1 star

Is no one else having trouble with the net carbs calculating correctly when creating meals???!!? I hope they are working on fixing this soon, or I paid for NOTHING.


Not free  Filforsix  1 star

You have to buy the app to access all the functions. Free is misleading.


Not free  spideylisa  2 star

This app pretends to be free. But halfway through the first day, it forces you to buy a subscription. They should just charge for the app in the first place.

HospiceNurse 2014

Helpful!  HospiceNurse 2014  5 star

Helps so much to log what is conusmed. Dropping pounds and inches.


MyLoc MyLoc_Tracker 3 star

@stockpilingmoms: How to Start the Keto Diet


Apps TopAApps 3 star

Keto Diet Tracker - Mikhail Platonov -


My Healthy App myHealthy_app 3 star

Get started with this -


Needs more info  Ally-san  3 star

So far this app does a decent job of managing keto. I like the visuals and I haven't had too much trouble finding what I need. A few suggestions though that are seriously making me consider dumping this app after my paid month it over 1) For a keto app, why is this not tracking sodium, magnesium and potassium? This needs to be added as those are important numbers to balance in a diet as well!!! 2) Meals. It's great that you can save meals but why when you add a meal to your day does it get mixed up with all the other foods from that day? Do something visually to show the individual means, maybe color code them or something. It's tough if you need to edit or remove a meal you added by mistake. I tend to input things a day early to plan but sometimes things change. A solid app going in the right direction, but please fix those things above or I will go to MFP.


How do I cancel membership?  annabodhi  1 star

I need to cancel membership before they charge me for another three months. No one helps or answers here. I don't know what to do!


New user  Boyonthewall  1 star

I was about to add breakfast and lunch only after that you have to pay to add more meals for your day.... f that! Deleted it right away


Not free! False advertising  Vada_1980  2 star

It works the first time you use it, but then you can't log anymore food until you pay money!!!


Not worth the cost  Mali  2 star

I like the app but I think there needs to be additional things to track. Like your progress if you are trying to lose weight as well as ways to add exercise which will change how much you should be eating in a 24 hrs cycle.


Forces you to purchase. NOT A FREE APP!  BezerkoBob  1 star

After only a 1/2 dozen entries I was forced to purchase an upgraded app in order to continue. Screw that! I deleted it!

Jimmey crack corn

Frustrating  Jimmey crack corn  1 star

I got this app as it started out as free. Day one as I'm trying to log food the first meal and it won't let me without upgrading to pro. So frustrating and a waste of time. No thanks👎🏼

King John 3rd

Great App.....  King John 3rd  5 star

Body transformation status...... I'm down to 7% body fat...,,,


Works for 5 food entries then you have to pay  Denise12686  1 star



Great!  DoMiNuSJD121  5 star

Great app and very helpful

Keto Diet Tracker Comments

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