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How it Works
-Personalize your macro goals to your specific body type and activity level.
-Goals include losing weight, maintaining weight, or gaining mass.
-View and record nutrition goals, so you can consume the right amount of calories, protein, fat, and net carbs (app can count total carbs optionally).
-Use our simple search engine to input food and beverages, or scan the product’s barcode.
-Search suggestions mark foods to avoid maintaining your daily goal.
-Record your burned calories and steps.
-Set your daily goal for water consumption and track it.
-Record your weight changes.
-Export food logs to PDF file.

Key Features
- Create your own Meals and Recipes.
- Scan barcodes.
- Track meals altogether or separate by Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.
- Synchronize with Apple’s Health app, including export of your nutrition data, water, activities, and weight.
- Import your activities from Fitbit.
- Sort consumed foods by any macronutrient simply by tapping on the corresponding circle.
- Create grocery lists.
- Product databases for USA, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Try it for free! A subscription is needed only if you want to count more than 5 foods per day.
No subscription needed if you make a one-time purchase in the app.

Purchase a PRO Subscription to get the most out of your nutrition tracker, while saving money. PRO Subscriptions are available for three different time periods:

-1 month for USD $2.99
-3 months for USD $5.99
-6 months for USD $9.99
-12 months for USD $11.99

A PRO membership is also available for a one-time payment of USD $29.99, which includes all PRO features and lifetime access.

If you choose to subscribe to a PRO membership, the purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to it running out, and you can manage it from the User Settings in iTunes after purchase. You have the capability to cancel the auto-renewing subscription in your iTunes settings. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase any subscription.

Terms and Privacy Policy:
Contact us: [email protected]

Download (formerly Keto Diet Tracker) today to achieve your health and fitness goals! - Keto Diet Tracker App Description & Overview

The applications - Keto Diet Tracker was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-10-31 and was developed by Mikhail Platonov. The file size is 47.92 MB. The current version is 4.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions. will help you take control of your Keto diet.
In this update, we have created new "Quick foods" with the ability to calculate consumed macros info from nutrition label and convert to any portion type.
Tap the "Quick food" icon next to the barcode scanner in search mode, enter the portion size that you have consumed ("1 cup", for example) and the portion on the food's nutrition label ("per 100 g", for example) and we'll calculate your consumed macros.
And after that, you can search for the created food, and reuse it with any other portion size or type, no need to create it again.

And we have made lots of improvements and bug fizes, and are looking forward for your reviews! - Keto Diet Tracker App Tips, Tricks and Rules - Keto Diet Tracker Reviews


I hate  Tabdad  1 star

You should not be made to have a free trial going into a subscription! That is dirty and underhanded! It would not let me opt out of a subscription!!! Says free when u download but then forces you to subscribe or it won’t work! 😡😡😡😡


No star  Cocomicotoo  1 star

Don’t waste your time downloading. It says it’s a free app but as you load your food it constantly tries to sell you the pro version. Very annoying.


No fat people allowed  jcrow917  1 star

If you weigh more than 176 this app is useless. I was actually impressed with what I read and was looking forward to trying this out but no fat people are allowed to use this apparently.


Easy to follow  1234Sal  5 star

One of the first apps that has actually made me want to upgrade. A really useful guide to help keep you on track with fat/protein/carbs ratio. Easy to use and to add your meal ingredients.


Very limited use  craiser1070  2 star

This app looks like it would be good, but in order to input realistic amount of food you have to upgrade to pro. So if you eat less than 5 items a day, this baby is for you. If you’re like anyone I know you probably have main meals with toppings, some sides, maybe some snacks during the day etc. then find another one because you will just have to upgrade to track that.


Latest version... needs help!  Al_Capony  2 star

The latest version I believe only worked on big fixes, but it did effect it when you open the app - it’s like it’s frozen for 30-45 seconds. Please fix this!


Ads ads ads  Noantidote  1 star

Full of ads


Makes you buy “pro” to continue using  sunflowerslily  2 star

It starts out free then they trick you into buying a subscription because you can no longer use the apps preprogrammed macro info. Also if you program the macro info yourself, they only let you use it for one day and won’t carry over to the next day! No thank you.


I type in all the nutrition info on almost everything I eat  Los678590  3 star

I tried to scan popular food and I end up entering the nutricional bar manually


My first Keto Regime  DocVader1138  5 star

I just started out on this Keto Diet 6 days ago and lost 4lbs. I had relatively no info to Keto before doing this. But Im losing weight so Im happy. I did free for 3 days and decided to do a 1 month subscription to see how it goes. If I do well I might do the lifetime. For those that wants “Free” everything. Developers has to make money too. I enjoy this app allot


Good info and cost  Cferg95  4 star

For a small cost I got everything I needed to help me with my KetoDiet. I can’t find some specific products when searching but have always found equivalent easy enough.


No way to unsubscribe  catspyjamasnz  1 star

Signed up for pro version but have stopped doing keto. Can't stop this subscription though. No information in the app or on the website. Can't be controlled via subscriptions in the App.Store... Avoid!


Over charged for a subscription  Melski_Apples  1 star

Just got charged $22 for a year subscription when it was advertised for $1.50 normal price $17.99. Extremely unhappy.

Fitz' Last Steak Dinner

Trash App  Fitz' Last Steak Dinner  1 star

Tried to log a whole days worth of work and my meals but then half way through logging my meals it says I have to pay or “Be A Pro User” to continue logging the food, which is absolute garbage


Really useful even without subscription  marinadm  5 star

I find it invaluable letting me know when I am over my count for carbs quickly and visually very clean and clear.

Mati downunder

Supposed to support family sharing  Mati downunder  2 star

It’s probably a handy app but even though it states it supports family sharing it asks for additional payment.. shame!


Difficult to use  ketokath  1 star

It is hard to add the foods to your daily food diary. Press the circle to add a good and you just get directed to upgrade. Stopped letting me add foods on day 2. Give it a miss unless you are prepared to upgrade


Need to upgrade after 1/2 day  cohen13964  1 star

Didn’t even get to enter a full day of food before it told me I needed to upgrade and pay. Delete


Spend your money elsewhere  ***Krist10***  1 star

Works great for 5 Mins then made to upgrade as nothing will work. No free trial available. I noticed many Australian foods not available even when barcode is scan and only compatible with Fit Bit not Apple Watch. Still trying to get subscription cancelled and refunded from support team. I’d suggest looking into other options.


Free version is hopeless  Kirstysbeautyspot  1 star

I downloaded this App, didn’t even enter one days food before you simply can’t add the foods you need to upgrade to paid version. 100% waste of time 👎 Do not use


If you drink coffee this app isn’t free  Chambo#1  1 star

Coffee for “pro” users only


Ad Pop-ups Prevent Usability  Vixen-16  1 star

This ap has potential—but is bogged down with pop-ups that prevent you from using key functions. So unless you buy an ad free version, don’t waste your time. I spent hours loading recipes in only to discover I couldn’t add them to my daily meal count due to pop-ups that blocked any use of the ap. Try a better ap that keeps you motivated.


NOT FREE!!  Pmsgirl  1 star

Day 1 I go to put in my dinner and I can’t because I need to upgrade to the pro version. I would buy the app IF it actually worked, but since you can’t put a full days worth of meals on the app before is makes you upgrade I wouldn’t know! So it’s getting deleted.


Love it!  Kskwkeckmsklalslxms  5 star

The net carbs are super accurate and the pro is worth it


Not worth it  steffio316  1 star

Too many glitches, can’t find any of my foods. Just get My Fitness Pal. Way easier to use.


Disappointed  jamie1721  1 star

This is not a free app! You have to pay to access most of the food. This was disappointing. I was really looking forward to using this app.


Watch your subscription  $exy$tacy85  3 star

I tried to subscribe for 1 year because it was the cheapest option. It’s what I selected before I did the 3 day free trial and entered my billing information. But after the 3 days it didn’t renew for the year at $11.99 noooo it renewed for 6 months at $9.99, so that upset me quite a bit and I may even unsubscribe because of it. Other then that I obviously very much like the app but dang why


More units of measurement please  Starryice2  4 star

I love this app. I am new to this diet and it has been super helpful. Everything I eat gets logged. My only complaint is that for every ingredient, we need more units of measurement. Putting in a new dinner recipe means sitting there and doing a 15 minutes worth of math because a certain ingredient can only be logged in tablespoons or ounces, and one serving is two of them.

Rebus puzzle

HW  Rebus puzzle  5 star

This app is great and the no cost, unless you want to keep your saved foods, which I did, is fantastic. Thank you


Nice App  BigPapi2018  5 star

Has lots of features - Keto Diet Tracker Comments - Keto Diet Tracker Health & Fitness Download