FTSearch - Fast Track Bid Tool App Reviews


FTSearch - Fast Track Bid Tool App Description & Overview

What is ftsearch - fast track bid tool app? Sometimes finding items on BidFTA can be difficult. However, with FTA Search, your days of scouring the auction pages for the best deals are over!

FTA Search, the unofficial tool kit for Fast Track Auctions, provides a friendly user experience for searching, filtering, and following items on the BidFTA platform.

FTA Search includes a full text search engine for searching the entire database of items available on BidFTA. You can search, filter by location, and sort by relevancy or items ending soonest.

FTA Search also allows you to save items that you are interested in to your watchlist, or request a push notification so you don't miss out on a sweet deal.

--- Full list of features ---

• Powerful search features, exclude terms (-) or phrases ("")
• See what items the current high bidder is winning.
• Get a sense of the average price similar items have sold for.
• Search for items across all locations, or filter by locations you are interested in.
• Filter by condition, filter by New, Open Box, or Damaged.
• Browse items across the entire site, sorted by Lowest High Bid, Ending Soonest, or Newly Listed
• Get SMS notifications or Push Notifications when an Item you are interested in is about to end.
• Bid on items using the in-app web browser, or open items in Safari.
• Save items to the App Watchlist, and use the app watchlist to keep track of item's you're interested in.

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App Name FTSearch - Fast Track Bid Tool
Category Utilities
Updated 22 August 2023, Tuesday
File Size 18.62 MB

FTSearch - Fast Track Bid Tool Comments & Reviews 2023

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Wow!. Are you freaking kidding me!? Dude. This is a GAME CHANGER. You can’t search in the website!? I’ve been using bidfta for YEARS. I have spent a year of my life browsing through auctions endlessly. Now I can search for exactly what I want! Idk how you did it but amazing job. Please keep it up!

Time saver when looking for items. Edit: Works again! Would still like the ability to get alert when keywords have items added! Thank you. ---------------- Decent app could use some enhancements such as notifying when keywords become available. Also it does miss finding some of the auctions but still better then me search through them all. At this time the app doesn't work anymore, Fast track updated their URL and it broke this app. I hope the developer fixes this.

Please update for new locations. App is great and I use weekly but BIDFTA added a handful of sites and I would love to have added to the app.

Used to function. I just downloaded the app a week or two ago and it used to work without issue. Now it won’t return searches using words in the description. I have read the other suggestions of clearing locations and updating but this doesn’t help. For example I can search “roomba” and get no hits. If I type in “652” I get hits with roomba 652 in the title.

Better than the website. But just barely.

Search not working. I was using this for a while and now he search does not work. The last update does not work well. Please fix it. Updated review. Thank you for the quick fix!!!

Use this app daily, but push notifications have ceased. First, I love this app. So many great things to say about it. In the last several days the push notifications don’t seem to be getting pushed - not sure if there’s something different on the FTA website causing this or not since this app still knows items are ending given text message reminders still work if I use those - but I really liked the push notifications much more. Am I the only user having issues with them or is this something others are experiencing?

Good but descriptions have issues. I like the app. It worked well before the bidder interface changed. Now the issue is that most descriptions appear to not match the bid FTA description which makes the search hard to use. For example, search table saw and you get minimal results. Search “delta” and you get saws. It is cumbersome.

What A Waste!. I paid $2.99 for this app when I used to have it for free and u could bid look at actions and all that but was laggy and still was way better! This app is garbage for the main things u want it for! It tells u very little and not worth the $2.99 I spent on it at all, I am disappointed in this because I love the site but this is just horrible.. I want my money back from this app.... wasted money.. Vincent: how can I respond to you if I have no way to contact you? Please respond with a way to contact you in order to better this app.

Happy Customer. Great prices, easy to use site

Used to work. Now it doesn’t show anything. Everything you search for says no results found. A waste until you fix the search function again. Dev fixed my problem. Thank you

Must Have!. This is a must have app, if you frequently search Fast Track. This app makes it so much easier, to find things you are looking for. The app is easy to navigate, and very well designed. I would like it even better, if watched items synced between devices. When I am not at home (ie. away from my iPad), i can’t check on items I have saved 😥

App makes searching easy. I just purchased this app, and it makes searching and browsing items on the Fast Track auctions really easy. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. I emailed the developer with a question I had about one of the features, and the developer answered my question within a couple of minutes. Very pleased with this app so far.

Doesn’t work any more. This is the only application I have found to search bid FTA. This app was working intermittently in the past, but basically stopped working about a week ago. It no longer searches the bid FTA website. The developer has been unresponsive to My emails and texts to fix it. Until you see a review that says it started working again, I would not buy this application.

Just some improvements. I love bid! A few things I think could be improved with the app/website as a whole. 1) link them more/work nicer with each other. If I save things on app it doesn’t show up saved online 2)leave a “keep me logged in” option (having to log in and out every single time is a lot) - website mostly. I do love bid! Just think some improvements could better the experience and the ease of the experience. Thanks for all you do!

Good app that keeps improving. I left a so-so review when this app was first released. I’m leaving this more favorable review because Vincent has improved the app and continues to do so. While the app crashes occasionally (for me especially with really long lists of search items found), it is still a daily app to use for me! You can find any item you’re looking for across any of the bidFTA auctions no matter how far out the auction is. The search accuracy has been improved in the past several months. Connection to Bidfta’s site when looking at an item has been improved. Vincent will also respond quickly to you if you leave feedback for him through the app. There are improvements still to make like in the Saved Searches tab, but I think Vincent has a winner with this app and it should only continue to improve with each new update. This review is my own opinion, and I don’t have any business or other connection to the developer.

Best way to search Fast Track It Auctions!. Fortunately I found this app very early on with fast track it & it has helped me tremendously, when searching auctions! I also requested a couple of enhancements a while back & he implemented them in a couple days, if that. Thanks!!

Please add the following feature:. Vance, please add a history of recently searched items or a favorites list so we can search for the same items every week. This would make the app nearly perfect and save a lot of typing. Thank you for your great work! This app is really solid.

Late Texts. Disappointing. Good for narrowed searches. Several times I’ve been notified via text that an item is ending only to find out it has already ended! What a waste. Guess I need to go back to setting alarms and reminders on my phone. You shouldn’t charge for an app if it doesn’t work. Charge once you’ve got the kinks worked out!

Needs work. Needs work, would like to log in a track everything from the app, not be redirected to the web to log in anyways.

Needs update. Simple app but great for searching for a specific item but is not working with the latest changes on bidfta. Hope the update is imminent.

Better than the website but.... This really needs the ability to filter by condition. So much time is wasted simply looking at items with conditions I do not want to bid on.

Very good app. In general very good app. Couple of improvements will make it awesome. Display item condition on the search so you don’t have to open the site. Also select locations based on distance from your current location

I CAN SEARCH!!!!!!!!!. Seriously, scouring the BIDFTA website is terrible if you’re looking for a specific thing. I was looking for a lathe and the website will show any auction that has “lathe” including words like lather (as in soap). But this app pulled up a lathe. Looks like there are more features on here too but seriously, being able to do a simple search and get direct results is totally worth the $3.

Good not great. Good not great a lil expensive for what you get but it does make searching through auctions 100X easier. Seems to need more polish for price . Doesn’t show accurate last fetched bid. Doesn’t find all auction items with search engine, and sometimes you’ll run into small bugs that cause inconvenience.

Search isn't working anymore. Worked up til Saturday. No longer works. I've tried a few different devices. And my friends are complaining about the same issues. Searching no longer pulls up any results. Bummer. Please fix!!

Spam texts. I want to give this app 5 stars because being able to search for exactly what I’m looking for and be notified when an item is ending are great features; however, I’ve never received spam texts until the moment I entered my cell number in the app to be alerted when an item is ending. I wish I could take that decision back! I am so annoyed now and deleted the app. It’s not worth it.

Fasttrack. I’ve been bidding on items through Fasttrack since 2019. I always check Fasttrack it before shopping anywhere. Most of my purchases have been as expected. Great company.

Awesome. Great app to follow the auto on. The search function is powerful and links easily to the auction site.

Does not give you the right info abt inventory and price. Does not show all the items from the auction . It’s not getting updated with the inventory. Just found out when I checked the site, I had been assuming that there were no new items for bidding . Is this what you get for paid app ???

App update. I updated and now my watchlist shows nothing in it every time I try to use the app. If I search I can find the item and see I’m watching it but it doesn’t show in watchlist anymore. The update didn’t work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and restarted my phone and nothing works

Good interface, not great, but good. Update to fix daylight savings time difference, please! Keep the good changes coming! Please also create reminder options beyond 5 minutes.

Decent app...but.... I purchased this app in hopes to help me keep track of some of my watched items and alert me before auctions close, which it does, but I think it is missing some key features. Would like to view and browse through all current auction lots and select items to watch from there. Would like to see current price of watched items. One issue that I am running into is that I am unable to search for some items that I see online. Update 9/4/17 - As I mentioned before. There in an auction lot that I am watching online, but I am unable to search and locate items through the app. The entire auction is missing. So I can't use the app to track items...will have to resort to using the website.

Great when it works...UPDATE. The “watch” and “remind” functions are great tools to keep tabs on items you want.....when they work. The remind function isn’t alerting me of closing auctions until an hour after the auction has closed. Defeats the purpose of the app all together. Update - they corrected the issue. 5 stars.

cancel my card from this app. I hope they don't take more monthly money from my card, I bought this app today and there is nothing good, that's why I want to cancel my card from this application I hope it responds

Something change?. Used to be able to search but as of August 30th I am unable to see my watches items nor can I browse. Used to be a great app but not being able to search defeats the purpose of owning this app.

Very helpful when it’s working. This app makes searching so much easier. Unfortunately the app is no longer finding recent auctions in the search. Today is 3/12 and I see no future auctions past 3/13. Items I see in on the website are not showing up in the app. Revised: developer was very responsive to the issue. The app has been fixed.

The only consistent way to find and track items. BidFTA constantly changes their site; and their search is laughable. This app provides a consistent experience to browse BidFTA, and a very handy level of filtering and on top of their site. The search engine is fantastic, and the sms notifications are a nice touch.

Garbage app. Used to buy a lot from here now constantly having to login just to view items and always kicks back to main page tried this app and can even use the app completely useless and a waste of money waste of space on device and 2.99 I won't get back

Latest upgrade causes the Watching tab to freeze. As of today, when going to the Watching tab, the app freezes and need to be relaunched, rendering the app useless. Also, when looking at some saved searches, the app suddenly closes. Seems several bugs are present in the latest upgrades. (iOS 16.3.1)

Simple, but does help. I use this all the time now to find stuff. I like the added feature of seeing actions I won. It is worth the low price. Suggestions: make it more obvious how to filter to just some locations and clearer on if watch list is one saved in app or bidfta. I also use on my iPad in evening so would like the notification alert to come via a text message.

Question Regarding Search. Is there anyway to create predefined searches and receive a notification if new auctions match those keywords? An example would “drill” and then receive a notification if drill is in the subject of the auction item.

Searching for items is so easy!. His app is great. Since. BidFTA doesn't have their own app this developer decided to conquer the task. He has done a great job and the app works so well. I always hated having to scroll through countless auctions trying to find items I wanted. Now all I I have to do is use the search feature on the app and find exactly what I'm looking for. It's great also that the app developer regularly updates the app with new features and bug fixes. Highly recommended

Buggy. For a paid app, it’s very buggy. Do not use the “remind” feature. It “reminds” you to bid hours after the deal ends. Literally hours later.

Search Feature!. Love the search feature and notification settings!

Can’t do anything. I was expecting an app with lots of features. I thought I would be able to place bids and look at all available products with real time updates. Many of the auctions are missing from the app and you are unable to bid without being redirected to the website. Love BidFta but this app is not helpful!

Works good. Little clunky but works, it randomly cleared all my saved locations and I thought it quit working. Sent email to support no response

Crashes...a lot. Updated on 5/23 The latest update seems to have brought stability. Now the app works as it should. You can set search locations and it keeps them. The biggest improvement is no more crashes! Moved from 2 to 4 stars. -----original review----- Want to click on an item, it crashes. Want to save a search, crash. Want to view a saved item, crash. Good application in general as it fills a gap from the crappy bidfta website but it needs A LOT of work.

App works great!. Only thing I would change is if the notify me of the watched item ending was tied to the end time of that exact item, not the generic ending time of the entire auction that the item is in... thanks!

Makes Auctioning WAY easier. I love how I can search by key word and then save the items to watch. Much easier than searching auctions 1 by 1 My App improvement recommendations would be: - ability to setup push notifications. So I make a keyword search like “chair” and it notifies me anytime a chair is posted. With this, also the ability to set frequency of “alert immediately” or “1x/day send everything that’s been posted since the last time it pulled. - I like looking at the Ending Soon. Maybe a multi filter so you could filter the Ending Soon to a dollar amount. “Show me everything ending soon under $10” - ability to export everything you’ve purchased into a spreadsheet with the auction #, description, tag #, quantity, and pickup timeframe. Plus an extra blank column so when you arrive, you can pencil in all the locations.

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Do not buy stuff from fast track. Don’t buy anything for forgers fast track !!! Purchased electronics and it’s trash ! None work ! It’s a rip off !

What’s happened. The app isn’t working right anymore. It’s an hour behind the actual auction. And it isn’t showing all that’s available at the locations. Please fix it.

Best app EVER. This makes using bidfta so easy!! No more scrolling through pages of items to find the gems, now you can search for the items you're looking for. This app is genius.

Frequent Crashes. The app frequently crashes making it unusable.

Notify to bid. Excellent app but would like ability to receive a little more time before auction ends. Currently, only option is 1-5-10-30 min. 60 or more would give time to get back to computer to bid.

Stopped working. Latest update seems to have killed it. Every search shows no results. Likes the app before.

Unable to see donot waste your Money. This is a horrible app

Terrible after most recent update. The formatting is off, it no longer renders fully.

Not worth $. I am currently paying $2.99 a month for this app with no instructions on how to cancel. Please help!

Doesn't find items. Misses a lot of items. I know of multiple auctions where items I am interested in are and they don't show up in search. Waste of money. Wish I could get a refund.

Super helpful app!. Love how easy this makes it to search

Not Working. The app isn’t allowing me to enter my bid number which means I can’t view what I’m bidding on. I pretty much wasted $2.99 on an app that doesn’t even work.

Worth every penny. After bidding on FTA’s for years, I was telling my sister that they need an App where you can search for specific items and she told me they do! Not only has this app saved me a ton of time when I’m looking for something specific, but it’s also saved me a lot of money because I no longer bid on a bunch of random things I see while scrolling through auction after auction. Which is probably the very reason the owners of Bidfta.com didn’t purchase the app from the developer. Lol There are two things that I hope they will fix about the app, the first is the reason I came to do a review in the first place because it was driving me nuts! I wish it would allow the app to go horizontal on my iPad! I hate having to flip my iPad to the side so it’s up and down in order to use the app. It would also be nice if the items you save on the app would also save on your bidfta.com account. Each time I see something I’d like to save I have to hit the link to see it on bidfta then re-login each time. Overall this app is worth every penny! Thank you for developing it!

Not user friendly at all. Was hoping that this would be a mobile version of the actual Fast Track It web site but thats not the case. I was hoping for a mobile version that was user friendly and so that I could search, watch, bid and track items easily without having to be at my computer. 1. You can’t actually log in. 2. I can’t see the items I am watching that I saved on my desktop computer. 3. I when I do see something and use the go to bidfta.com button.. Well I might as well just go to safari and search it that way or sit down and use my computer. Giving it 1 start because I had to pay $2.99 and it’s not user friendly and not what it’s suppose to be.

Such a a time saver!. I love this app-- it's kinda crazy it didn't exist earlier. Much easier to find and browse for the things you're actually looking for. There are a lot more features I'd like to see, but Im excited to see how the app improves overtime.

Broken. Vince , looks like something broke on accessing the auction pages. Starting about a week ago searches result in nothing found. Could it be they finally changed the format to enable the paid “black app”?

This app is horrible. Much easier to justLook through safari. You can’t even link your account to this app 👎🏻

Excellent Web Crawler. Great.

Log in. I can review items but if I want to view on Bid app, I ha e to log in every single time which gets old!!

Why charge. This app has everything the FREE app has...seems pointless

Horrible. This app is horrible don’t waste your money. Mine looks nothing like the preview. Hard to navigate.

Works, Needs Improvement. Overall this app is decent. Serves its purpose. But considering I had to pay for it, I feel like it should offer more. It doesn't allow me to save my location search settings, which is probably my biggest inconvenience, having to select which locations every time I type a new search. Also some minor force closing. I would also suggest a category search option. Otherwise, it's an okay app.

Helpful, to an extent. While it is helpful, it has it's bugs. For instance, I set myself reminders on my watch list, but i've never received one notification 5 minutes before the bidding ends on a certain item. It also doesn't necessary have the time left to bid correct (it will say 5 hours when there are less than two hours at times) However, it beats the heck out of scrolling through the thousands of items on the website itself. It would be 5 star if it set notifications and actually gave notifications, incredible if you were able to log in to your bidder number and bid directly from the app (especially considering you have to pay for the app)

So many crashes. Lists all the “ended” items, but crashes before I even get to the “ending soon”. Basically about 45 seconds into any search, expect it to crash

Search stopped working.. Worked the day I purchased it and hasn’t worked since. Please repair.

Just seeing a white screen. I have downloaded this app but unfortunately all I see is a white screen. Is there a new update to be aware of? Let me know where to go for help.

Needs work.. Can't get back to the home page. Stuck on the search page.

Is the app still supported?. The last update was working great but it looks like it hasn't been updated since May 2017. BidFTA got a new website and the app is t pulling everything that is listed. Only getting a couple returns for basic searches. Is there a update coming soon? Thanks, Ryan

Was five stars. When I downloaded this app it was God send. Now the search isn't find thing posted to their site feel issue. It giving me 5 minute warning on thing that already ended.

Some improvements perhaps.. App crashes a lot, does not always list all the items that are actually available from the site, can't save location. Improve this and it's pretty good! Also maybe add in being able to search for multiple items with multiple keywords

NECESSARY. Bid FTA doesn't let you search its catalog and this app remedies that. My life will never be the same.

Needs a little work. If you're looking for one thing in particular, this app is perfect. I would give 5 stars if you could just browse all items for a single or group of locations. Also search feature seems a little buggy and I've had a few app crashes. Keep improving! Most Recent update is crashing when trying to view my watched items. You can you your items but when you touch them the app crashes. Getting better though!

Obsolete. This app doesn’t work with Fast Track’s new bidding engine that was released Oct 1,2018. Don’t waste your money!

GARBAGE. Don’t waste your money. Search function doesn’t work. Example: search for “ceiling” and a bunch of things come up. Search for “fan” and the same ceiling fans you just saw will not show up. Should have bought three lottery tickets instead.

Updated. Make sure you update locations. Nothing tells you to do this, but is absolutely critical for app to function!

Don’t work. App no longer find anything. Items ending on website and you can search for it and the item can’t be found through this app.

Crashes. I love the app but everything I click on crashes the app. Needs work but has the potential to be a great app.

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Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.20.2
Play Store at.classyh.ftakit
Compatibility iOS 12.4 or later

FTSearch - Fast Track Bid Tool (Versiyon 1.20.2) Install & Download

The application FTSearch - Fast Track Bid Tool was published in the category Utilities on 29 March 2017, Wednesday and was developed by Vince Internet Company Enterprises LLC [Developer ID: 1168501702]. This program file size is 18.62 MB. This app has been rated by 1,639 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. FTSearch - Fast Track Bid Tool - Utilities app posted on 22 August 2023, Tuesday current version is 1.20.2 and works well on iOS 12.4 and higher versions. Google Play ID: at.classyh.ftakit. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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FTSearch - Fast Track Bid Tool App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixes crash when saving items to your watchlist.

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