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Sometimes finding items on BidFTA can be difficult. However, with FTA Search, your days of scouring the auction pages for the best deals are over!

FTA Search, the unofficial tool kit for Fast Track Auctions, provides a friendly user experience for searching, filtering, and following items on the BidFTA platform.

FTA Search includes a full text search engine for searching the entire database of items available on BidFTA. You can search, filter by location, and sort by relevancy or items ending soonest.

FTA Search also allows you to save items that you are interested in to your watchlist, or request a push notification so you don't miss out on a sweet deal.

--- Full list of features ---

• Search for items across all locations, or filter by locations you are interested in.
• Filter by condition, filter by New, Open Box, or Damaged.
• Browse items across the entire site, sorted by Lowest High Bid, Ending Soonest, or Newly Listed
• Get SMS notifications or Push Notifications when an Item you are interested in is about to end.
• Bid on items using the in-app web browser, or open items in Safari.
• Save items to the App Watchlist, and use the app watchlist to keep track of item's you're interested in.

FTSearch - Fast Track Bid Tool App Description & Overview

The applications FTSearch - Fast Track Bid Tool was published in the category Utilities on 2017-03-29 and was developed by Vince Internet Company Enterprises LLC. The file size is 12.12 MB. The current version is 1.9.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Added a "Next" button in the Saved Searches screen. You can use this button to move through your Saved Searches easily

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Wow!  alfieblevins  5 star

Are you freaking kidding me!? Dude. This is a GAME CHANGER. You can’t search in the website!? I’ve been using bidfta for YEARS. I have spent a year of my life browsing through auctions endlessly. Now I can search for exactly what I want! Idk how you did it but amazing job. Please keep it up!


Great to be able to search, just missing some things  eleazar123  4 star

I love being able to search for items, but it's very frustrating that you can't search for a saved term, and then go back and search for a different term. You have to force close the app to search for a different saved search term (it's this way on Android too). Please add the ability to filter by open box, appears new, damaged, etc. This would be so helpful It would be great if the app could search for new items that match saved search terms and notify you when they are listed, or at least before the auction ends. Also it would be nice if there would be a way to filter out search results that you've already seen. For example, if you're searching for an item that returns many results, have the ability to "mark as read" the items you've already seen, so it's easier to see new matches. Thanks for the app!

The best,cool,funny!!!!!!

Do not buy stuff from fast track  The best,cool,funny!!!!!!  1 star

Don’t buy anything for forgers fast track !!! Purchased electronics and it’s trash ! None work ! It’s a rip off !


Good but descriptions have issues  dock7453  4 star

I like the app. It worked well before the bidder interface changed. Now the issue is that most descriptions appear to not match the bid FTA description which makes the search hard to use. For example, search table saw and you get minimal results. Search “delta” and you get saws. It is cumbersome.


So many crashes  e9876543211  1 star

Lists all the “ended” items, but crashes before I even get to the “ending soon”. Basically about 45 seconds into any search, expect it to crash


Frequent Crashes  FreeTheHamburglar  1 star

The app frequently crashes making it unusable.


Better than the website but...  GDean  3 star

This really needs the ability to filter by condition. So much time is wasted simply looking at items with conditions I do not want to bid on.

Auction Hunter

Question Regarding Search  Auction Hunter  4 star

Is there anyway to create predefined searches and receive a notification if new auctions match those keywords? An example would “drill” and then receive a notification if drill is in the subject of the auction item.


Please add the following feature:  WAREHOUSE77  5 star

Vance, please add a history of recently searched items or a favorites list so we can search for the same items every week. This would make the app nearly perfect and save a lot of typing. Thank you for your great work! This app is really solid.


Garbage app  Eg6_skipie  1 star

Used to buy a lot from here now constantly having to login just to view items and always kicks back to main page tried this app and can even use the app completely useless and a waste of money waste of space on device and 2.99 I won't get back


Crashes...a lot  Cincyjosh  4 star

Updated on 5/23 The latest update seems to have brought stability. Now the app works as it should. You can set search locations and it keeps them. The biggest improvement is no more crashes! Moved from 2 to 4 stars. -----original review----- Want to click on an item, it crashes. Want to save a search, crash. Want to view a saved item, crash. Good application in general as it fills a gap from the crappy bidfta website but it needs A LOT of work.

Butch ababa

Crashes  Butch ababa  3 star

I love the app but everything I click on crashes the app. Needs work but has the potential to be a great app.


Needs a little work  Apathyisambition  3 star

If you're looking for one thing in particular, this app is perfect. I would give 5 stars if you could just browse all items for a single or group of locations. Also search feature seems a little buggy and I've had a few app crashes. Keep improving! Most Recent update is crashing when trying to view my watched items. You can you your items but when you touch them the app crashes. Getting better though!


Some improvements perhaps.  Samdief  4 star

App crashes a lot, does not always list all the items that are actually available from the site, can't save location. Improve this and it's pretty good! Also maybe add in being able to search for multiple items with multiple keywords


Works, Needs Improvement  AquaticJess  3 star

Overall this app is decent. Serves its purpose. But considering I had to pay for it, I feel like it should offer more. It doesn't allow me to save my location search settings, which is probably my biggest inconvenience, having to select which locations every time I type a new search. Also some minor force closing. I would also suggest a category search option. Otherwise, it's an okay app.

Helpful, to an extent

Helpful, to an extent  Helpful, to an extent  3 star

While it is helpful, it has it's bugs. For instance, I set myself reminders on my watch list, but i've never received one notification 5 minutes before the bidding ends on a certain item. It also doesn't necessary have the time left to bid correct (it will say 5 hours when there are less than two hours at times) However, it beats the heck out of scrolling through the thousands of items on the website itself. It would be 5 star if it set notifications and actually gave notifications, incredible if you were able to log in to your bidder number and bid directly from the app (especially considering you have to pay for the app)

Salem Baer

Such a a time saver!  Salem Baer  5 star

I love this app-- it's kinda crazy it didn't exist earlier. Much easier to find and browse for the things you're actually looking for. There are a lot more features I'd like to see, but Im excited to see how the app improves overtime.


Best app EVER  BetsyTh  5 star

This makes using bidfta so easy!! No more scrolling through pages of items to find the gems, now you can search for the items you're looking for. This app is genius.

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