OmniGraffle 3

OmniGraffle 3 [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

Design, create, sketch, and diagram. An incredibly powerful app for both beginners and professionals. Start the 2-week trial now.

Create quick, beautiful, and portable charts, graphics, designs, mockups, and more. Use your iPad and iPhone screen as your paper, canvas, and whiteboard—all in one. It comes with thousands of searchable objects via Stenciltown, like server racks, space planning stencils, iconography, and more.

OmniGraffle provides a thoughtful, professional interface for creating everything from basic wireframes to polished interface sketches, tools to construct SVG graphics for your next website, or designing the layout for your next hundred-server project.

A thoughtful sketch or professional diagram communicates far better than words. When you need a clear understanding of how information needs to be presented or how processes are carried out, OmniGraffle 3 for iOS is the tool to help you organize your thoughts visually, document them beautifully, and communicate them to the world. OmniGraffle 3 has features and functionality you won’t find anywhere else, and it behaves exactly how you’d expect an iPad and iPhone app should with multitouch gestures, Share Sheet integration, and more.

- Redesigned interface to make common tasks readily available.
- Canvas Size Modes: choose between Fixed, Flexible, or Infinite.
- Cross-Platform Automation with JavaScript
- SVG Import
- Unified Sidebar List of Canvases, Layers, and Objects
- Group Visibility
- Artboards and Artboard Layers (PRO)
- App Lock
- Hot Keys for Tools
- Convert Text to Shape (PRO)
- Zoom to Object, Scroll to Selection

PRO features (in-app purchase):
- Visio Import and Export
- Blending Modes & Fill Effects
- Artboards and Artboard Layers
- Shared Layers
- Shape Combinations
- Shape Tables
- Automation Plug-Ins and Actions

STANDARD features (in-app purchase) include:
- Layers
- Grids
- Automatic Layout
- Unit Scaling
- Shape Recognition
- Bézier Lines & Shapes
- Point Editing
- Full Screen Split View
- Smart Guides
- Free Stencils via — search and download on the web or in the app
- OmniOutliner Import & Export
- Freehand Sketch
- Automatic Diagram Layout
- Create Multi-Page (canvas) documents
- Share pages quickly with PNG, PDF Export
- Wrap text within custom shapes
- Quickly change a shape’s style with the Style Inspector
- Save Documents to Photos

Subscription Terms of Service:

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OmniGraffle 3 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Omni Automation [PRO]: Omni Automation now supports storing and accessing credentials in the Keychain. For more details about this change and other recent Omni Automation improvements, see the `API Reference` Release Notes (available via the Automation button in the toolbar). • First Run: Fixed a bug that could cause OmniGraffle to display an inaccurate error message after signing into an Omni Account associated with an expired trial. If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free tech support; you can email, call 1–800–315–6664 or 1–206–523–4152, or tweet @omnigraffle. If OmniGraffle empowers you, we would appreciate an App Store review. Your review will help other people find OmniGraffle and make them more productive too.

OmniGraffle 3 Comments & Reviews

- Needs update

The current version running on the last generation iPad Pro on the latest iOS has video update delays. It is very frustrating when trying to type test in boxes and copying and moving boxes. The screen does not refresh with the updated text until I click again on it. The moved boxes tend to resize before move and the undo does not appear to work since the screen is not refreshing properly. Please look into this. Your products are great.

- Gesture Issues

The UI updates are very good and intuitive (especially if you are familiar with previous versions). But this latest version has huge problems with the gestures I’ve used from earlier versions. For example I use “Duplicate” very often. I touch and hold the object and then two-finger tap where I want the duplicate to be. Instead of duplicating the object, the original object displays it is selected. The older versions would have selected the original object as soon as it was touched. If I two-finger tap a second time the object will be duplicated. This is very awkward. Another problem is that if I tap and hold an object and then two-finger tap (which selects the first object) and then remove my finger from the original object and tap-off to unselect the first object a selection circle is displayed randomly on the screen. If I tap-off again then a selection bubble is displayed. It takes 3 tap-offs to fully clear the selection. I use an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and this issue displays regardless of the proximity of the Apple Pencil. I use this tool professionally and this is costing me time. Please fix the gesture issues and I will bump this back up to 5 stars because the new UI is great.

- Barely Usable

I’ve grumbled through Omnigroup’s bait-and-switch “upgrades” for years now, but have stuck with them because OmniGraffle was the best alternative I’d found for my needs—“was” being the key word here. This version is barely usable on my 2020 iPad Pro. The user interface is infuriating—drawing connecting lines resizes shapes instead, deleting selected objects requires some twisted secret series of gestures, gestures to pan/move/select are confounded, tools that are supposed to stay selected randomly revert, and it isn’t uncommon for the undo button to mysteriously stop working when trying to resolve one of the aforementioned snafus. The company has obviously been hearing about these problems for months or longer and is doing nothing to resolve them. This would be frustrating even if the app weren’t so exorbitantly priced. Not sure what is going on in the company, but whatever it is, we can only hope they get it together soon.

- Frustrating to use

I want to like this app. I want to USE this app. But it’s very clunky. I try to position shapes but they snap to weird positions that aren’t even on the grid. Creating custom stencils was brutally non-intuitive (apparently they don’t show up if you save them in the cloud?) Sometimes it gets into a mode where I can’t even add text boxes. That was the tipping point for me, leading me to write this review. I know there’s a powerful tool underneath here, it’s just HARD to use, especially compared with the desktop version. Not what I would expect from an app for which I’ve paid so much, nor from a company with so much experience. I don’t want to have to carry my laptop with me just to make some basic diagrams—that’s why I though the iPad app would be useful. I’m sorry, but this app is just really not quite there.

- Version 3 updates your paid for app into a non-working trial

I purchased OmniGraffle for the iPad when it first came out. I used it off and on. Version 3 comes out as an update. It is not an update. It replaces the full version you paid for with a trial version. Pay more money or give up. Other companies make a new app when they want to charge again (I have GoodNotes 4 and 5 on my iPad at the same time), but OmniGroup just causes the one you paid for to be removed and replaced by a non-functional trial. I have used Omni products for years. I bought OmniGraffle for the iPad when it first game out. Removing a customer’s ability to use a previously purchased app is simply unacceptable. I sure am glad they can’t do the same thing on a Mac (at least I hope they can’t). It’s a pity, I used to respect this company.

- About to give up

I have been using OmniGraffle for many, many years on Mac. I really want to use and like this app. But it is an exercise in frustration with a gesture-based UI that is too fiddly, too complex, and too multi-modal. Want simply to move a shape? I end up re-sizing it. Want to deselect a entry in the left-side nav bar, it will not, even after tapping Deselect All. Likewise, tapping to rename a label causes the entire list to scroll to the bottom, pushing the item being edited out of site. Plus, there are some serious data-losing bugs (I am using iCloud for storage and sync). My suggestion: 1. Have option to invoke isolated, distinct edit modes that do only ONE thing, like moving an item, like resizing an item, like editing labels and text, like changing a color. 2. Fix your bugs. I just lost an hour of work when I went back to the top-level document chooser and then re-opened the same document on the same device to find my last round of edits were gone! 3. Have a non-Edit mode that allows for viewing a document without fear of changing something

- Convoluted money grab

Spent $79 for this app, that’s a lot for an iPad app. Now they’ve “updated” and I’m back to a free version that won’t let me do anything. Have tried to get the upgrade price, it fails. Have tried to restore purchases, it fails. Basically, if you want to pay for this app, decide if it’d be more fun to burn that money in your back yard, or give it to the OmniGroup. It’s basically the same thing, but you don’t get to watch it actually burn if you give it to them. Note: this review comes from someone that’s been an OmniGroup customer for 15ish years. I’ve advocated for them, bought countless licenses for my business and have been a loyal customer...until today.

- shady bait and switch into purchasing v3. not me!

been a loyal customer for years, upgraded twice. then they pull the bait and switch. sorry app you paid for gone...? unfair business practice. i’d stay away until they can make this right. heard it’s glitchy anyway. Update: Developer contacts me and states that both apps are availible for download... Yeah, but one I bought doesn’t work anymore with a newer device and the other one I bought 2 is not on the store anymore. Extra frustrated now since I was reminded that these devs took our money and claim it’s our mistake... There’s better apps out there. Some of the best are free. My review is now negative 1 star... 👎🏼

- Too cumbersome to be useful

I’d been a long time user of OmniGroup tools on my laptop for years, and wanted to be able to transition over to using it on iPad. This app is just way too clunky to consider it for my workflow. All the tools you need to work are hidden behind so many clicks and settings. It has a lot of features, but they aren’t organized in a way that help you focus. Instead your jumping around between panels and pop-ups to do even the simplest things. I can’t recommend it until OmniGroup makes a serious overhaul to the UI — especially when there are so many better alternatives that aren’t as expensive.

- Doesn’t Feel Up to Omni Group Standards

It is hard to put in to words how I feel about the iOS version of OmniGraffle. While not a power user, I have used the desktop version going back to OG3. Something just feels “off” with the iOS version. I’m almost at the end of my free trial version and I think for the first time I’m going to pass on purchasing the app. In the short trial period I find it frustrating to use. There seems to be some sort of delay selecting objects and it makes it difficult to use. Maybe it’s the limits of iOS, maybe it’s the way the app is written. Whatever it is, it just doesn’t work for me. Personally I feel it is no where near as polished as other OmniGroup products. If it were a $20 app I would accept it, but not at the price OmniGroup is asking. I have a much better experience using Jump Desktop to connect to my Mac and working that way than I do with this native iOS app.

- Good software... but not omnipresence

I really like on the software. It is expensive, but it’s good. On the gravel is amazing and definitely worth the cost. Or use it for teaching and find it immensely helpful. But I would love to see simpler and less Italy sinking solutions. Getting things working and running consistently is a pain. iCloud would be awesome. Thankfully, this doesn’t affect user experience in the long term because Once it’s set up it works well.

- Weak, flakey, hard to use

Looks good but not ready for me. I hope this app is top of their list to fix so it’s usable as a serious creation tool. I downloaded the UML General stencil set. Dragged out a class with properties and methods and immediately the shape collapsed on itself. Managed to enter a couple properties anyway but they are overlapping the class name. I can’t even enter methods as that box doesn’t look selectable. This sort of thing should Just Work. The file selector is harder to use than I’ve seen in other apps, particularly Apple’s. While it does handle live updates from cloud-based documents, it resets your zoom and scroll position. The desktop app is very spiffy and based on that I took the plunge for the pro iPad app. I know Omni is a good company so I expect top flight products. I’ll keep my eye on the updates and revise this review.

- Nice Attempt

Why no pen/bezier tool? For $100 there’s no excuse not to add this. There are $10 apps available with this functionality. Why have a free form tool and Bézier curve editing functionality but then not include a pen tool. I know I know some people say Omnigraffle isn’t a drawing tool. That being said, the thing holding me back from purchasing this tool is the lack of a pen tool. Please make me give you my money by adding a pen tool.

- Usability and restarts not as good as it once was. (Updated)

Sometimes I have to quit the app completely and restart it to enter text inside shapes. This used to be a great application. Now it’s kind of a letdown. What happened? Developer replied and fixed the issue! We all make mistakes! It’s back to being great again!

- Nice but crashes often

I’m running the latest iOS 11.1 on an iPad Pro 9.7 creating a simple process flow diagram, and OmniGraffle has crashed on me at least 20 times. Restarting iPad did not improve the instability issues. It’s a nice, highly polished app, but I’m hoping they can improve stability. It’s just too aggravating at this point to try to use it with the constant crashing.

- Crashes

I’m a big fan of Omni and have all their products on both platforms, but this version of ‘graffle is buggy as heck. Crashes frequently and the last caused me to lose a bunch of work, which is inexcusable in this era of autosave etc. Also put in a darn bezier tool so I don’t have to use a stencil to do one of the central functions of this type of product.

- Two product crashes during trial

Crashed twice when trying to open Visio file to explore how this app supports Visio, as it claims in its description. Removed.

- 5 minutes into Trial and it’s so laggy

I don’t understand, I have a 10.5” iPad Pro, why is this so laggy? I’m dragging the stencils around that I downloaded for AWS and it looks like nothing happened. 10 seconds later something moves. It’s not just the stencils, it’s the lines I’m drawing too. This iPad is hardly a slouch performance wise. I don’t see the point to purchasing this unless I’m doing something wrong?

- Tired of buying this again and again

I’ve been using Omnigraffle for Mac OS X for a long time, and at one point bought the pro version. Evidently that only lasted so long and I had to buy the basic version all over again, and still have to buy the pro version again. Now they want $60 for a basic IOS version. I’m going back to pencil and paper.

- It’s quite bad, and getting worse

Omni Group’s software has always been a bit quirky in its UI design choices. But poor UI design is far from the biggest issue in this app. Constant crashes attempting to open files created on the desktop app, undo/redo losing track of itself, and unintuitive touch controls make this app, for me, a no go.

- No to 3

I’ve been using all of the Omni products, both Mac and IOS since the beginning. Ofocus, OOutiner and Ograffle have been my go-to and most recommended apps. I absolutely hate version 3 of OmniGraffle. It’s non-intuitive and unusable. Half my time now is spent trying to figure out where something is or how to do something that was super simple in the past. It’s a fail.

- Wonderful app with desktop power

Omnigroup has done an amazing job of bringing Mac desktop power to the iPad. Works amazingly well with the Apple Pencil too.

- Unexpected Awesome

July 27, 2018, I just have to say two thumbs for using inclusive design in the App Store video previews. Captions, Audio Descriptions, and the use of Touch Accommodations made the video inclusive. Super Awesome!

- Not impressed at all...

After spending about 4 hours of my time on a diagram (very simple one) for a patent application - this app lost most of my objects and drawing. I wasn’t even doing anything - they just disappeared. If I switch to another app and come back - they flash and go away. Regardless - free isn’t free isn’t free... you get 14 days until you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money... Good it only took me 4 hours to realize I’d never use this thing. Oh - and I’m sure they’ll still charge me in 14 days even though I’ve uninstalled.

- Stability Issues

Seems like a very robust version of OmniGraffle, but it closes my document constantly. Should have waited before upgrading to Pro.

- Version 3

I've been using the Mac version for far longer than a decade, and the iPad version since it came out. I have created thousands of diagrams, some with literally hundreds of objects. I find this version nearly unusable. Sad.

- Update turns app into a demo!

I spent good money on this app but with the recent update I’m left with nothing more than a 14 day trail! The most money I ever spent on a app and now it’s useless! Just another money grab for an already over priced app. So frustrating!

- Bugs make the app unusable

There is a major bug that causes the canvas to shift partially offscreen when you zoom out. And if you drag an object while the canvas is slightly off screen, the canvas moves even further off screen, and sometimes disappears all together. I’ve reported this to Omni Group A YEAR AGO. They acknowledged the bug as “a known issue” and “hopefully will get a fix soon.” It’s been a YEAR. And no fix. The app is unusable this way.

- Not at all loving that they killed prior versions

Fifty something bucks was a lot to spend on an iPad app in the first place. That they kill off the old versions and make you have to buy upgrades is a non-starter I get that omnigroup is one of the few independent OS X/ iOS software houses left, and that they have to make enough money to stay in business. But they have got to figure out a different way to monetize their mobile apps. Maybe try a subscription model guys, because nobody expects to have to pay for app upgrades on iOS, at any price point. And certainly not at 50-100 bucks. You might sell more licenses at 10 bucks a year.

- No where close to usable

Expansive marketing but very little functionality. If you want to do anything more than basic rectangles and circles, find something else. I can create better diagram on KeyNote!

- Can’t even open OmniGraffle files

So let me get this right, I can’t even open a file from my overpriced desktop copy of OmniGraffle that is saved on Dropbox? So how is this useful exactly?

- Really big problems in sync

I tried both Dropbox and iCloud Drive. Cannot work well in sync documents. Please fix this issue. Really bother me

- Copy and Paste Doesn’t Work

Compared to Mac version, this is crap. I love the Mac version but on iOS version, something as simple as copy and paste doesn’t work — very disappointing!

- New iPad and lost my purchase.

I paid $100 for OmniGraffle 2 Pro and now I no longer have access to it. Awesome.

- It’s totally screwed up my line diagrams

Deleted and will never use again!!!!

- I expect more

Loyal desktop user. It’s iOS equivalent is not good. Wonder why it was released.

- Absolutely the best vector graphic program

I've been using OmniGraffle for the mac for a while to make diagrams for my lectures. While I've enjoyed that product, I have wanted something that let me produce high quality diagrams but drawn with a pencil. Since getting an iPad Pro I have tried many many different vector graphic programs. Many of them our nice but wouldn't suit my needs in one way or another. Finally, my search is done with OmniGraffle 3. After using the trial for 2 hours, I went ahead and bough the pro version. This is professional-grade software and I am happy to finally have it.

- Help

I am a big omnigroup fan...have been using OmniFocus and OmniGraffle on MacOS and iOS for years. I use the Mac OmniGraffle app for mockups, wireframes, graphics, algorithm mapping, etc and love it. I have used past versions of OmniGraffle for iOS and they have been good...somewhat hamstrung by my 9.7” and 10.5” screen sizes. I upgraded to the 2018 12.9” pro hoping to be able us OmniGraffle but the experience so far has been horrific. Latency and unresponsive in a small file that I have tried working on from OmniPresence and local iPad storage. I have restarted the app and device as well as in/reinstalled. Painful so far. I will look forward to updating my review with a few more starts soon, I hope. EDIT: It seems that the app chokes when multiple elements within a canvas are copy/pasted. Performance improves greatly when the file is closed and reopened...until the next copy/paste.

- It's pretty goddamn good!

Wow, That is great!

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- Waste of time

Not only has it crashed multiple times, it loses significant amounts of work each time, and then editing the file becomes buggy. Have invested multiple hours on the trial version, will now find something else. This is a shame, because my memory of an older computer version led me to think this was a good choice

- Desktop quality app in palm of your hands

I often find omni apps on phone hard to use due to their crowded and complicated Uis. But OmniGraffle 3 certainly improves in that department. As matter of fact it’s a leap forward. Very good app and a good library of image to use. There are so many features and countless possibilities that I can’t simply write about them in a few words. Fortunately 2 week trial time was more than enough for me to see what potential this app holds. Takes time to learn a bit but as matter of fact you can learn most of its feature just by playing around and this is achieved by having an amazing UI. Very good source of help as well. It’s a vey good app for designers considering you have iPad cuz i found out using the app on phone specially if you are not on plus is a bit hard. Price is good- I recommend to try the trial and make sure you choose the right version (between standard and pro) for yourself cuz in my line of work the pro features are not useful. Overall a professional and desktop quality app on your phone. Thanks

- Don’t buy until they fix the crashiness

It’s a great app except for the fact that it crashes very frequently. I’ve spent 3-4 hours on it today trying to learn how to use it and it crashed at least 5 times during that time. For the price they are asking, this is flat-out unacceptable.

- Full Price for a third of the desktop .app, No thanks.

I’ll pass on the iOS app. I will reluctantly keep the Mac version, until either a better Mac and / or iOS app comes along...

- never been able to make it work

clunky to use, can’t open documents i created 6 months ago. crashes frequently. i regret my purchase. one of the least useful apps on my 10.5 ipad pro. massive disappointment.

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- Fix your pricing structure

I occasionally use OmniGraffle to make org charts and roadmaps on my Mac. It’s useful. It would be useful on my iPad, but not ninety-dollars useful. Grafio does what I need OmniGraffle to do on iPad, but sharing between Grafio iPad and OmniGraffle Mac isn’t a thing. Once Grafio launches their desktop App, I’m dumping OmniGraffle.

- What I needed

I wanted a tool to make org charts and swinlane workflow diagrams. This tool is better than anything else on on iOS and is more enjoyable to use than Visio on my computer. It isn’t perfect, the interactions and use cases are well thought out. IMO, it is worth the in app purchase price because this is pro software.

- Old Guard. Obsolete. Overpriced.

Try Notion, Coda, Airtable, and others.

- Constantly losing work

This is totally unacceptable and killing my productivity This app used to be great but whenever I close and reopen or try to export a project the app frequently loses a lot of the additions I’ve made and I have to re-do the work I’m really disappointed such a great app has gone downhill Something is wrong with you’re autosave and I things pushed onto the stack aren’t being saved and work is being lost. Please fix this urgent bug that has persisted even after updating to the latest version and updating my files

- Can not open anything in my ipad pro 2018

I uninstall it after 2 mins

- They don’t let you use the app

Why not just make the app have a cost rather than pretending it’s free?

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OmniGraffle 3 3.15.4 Screenshots & Images

OmniGraffle 3 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

OmniGraffle 3 iphone images
OmniGraffle 3 iphone images
OmniGraffle 3 iphone images
OmniGraffle 3 iphone images
OmniGraffle 3 iphone images
OmniGraffle 3 iphone images
OmniGraffle 3 iphone images
OmniGraffle 3 iphone images
OmniGraffle 3 iphone images

OmniGraffle 3 (Version 3.15.4) Install & Download

The applications OmniGraffle 3 was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2017-07-12 and was developed by The Omni Group [Developer ID: 281731738]. This application file size is 176.93 MB. OmniGraffle 3 - Graphics & Design app posted on 2021-03-22 current version is 3.15.4 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.omnigroup.OmniGraffle3.iOS