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Quizizz is used by more than 10 million students, teachers, and parents—at home and in the classroom.

Choose from millions of gamified quizzes covering every subject. Compete with friends and customize your games with themes, music, memes, and more!

Learn and review with:

- Millions of quizzes for different subjects, topics, and grades.
- In-class, homework, and global game modes.
- Optional read-aloud questions so everyone can participate.
- Seamless integration with Google Classroom.

From the Quizizz Community:

"Wow! Students wanted to do a quiz on @quizizz over again. They never ask to do a worksheet over again." — Nora, High School Math Teacher

"My 3rd graders absolutely loved using @quizizz today to review for their geography test. They asked to play another round! " — Katie, Student Teacher.

"This is the best website EVER!" — 4th grade student at Home Brink Elementary

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Quizizz: Play to learn App Description & Overview

The applications Quizizz: Play to learn was published in the category Education on 2016-12-14 and was developed by Quizizz. The file size is 22.54 MB. The current version is 3.1.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Select your preferred memeset before starting a quiz
- New Summary page
- Support for new game settings

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Quizizz: Play to learn Reviews


The pros  maria🥵  5 star

It’s exciting and fun yet at the same time educational I love it!😁


It’s good but we need to sign in or log in  ELIZABETH P SWEETHEART  5 star

It’s nice for facts and learning but I just don’t like logging or signing in


I love this app!  TesG12  5 star

I found this app right before I had a science test (8th grade chemistry) and it is so helpful! I was struggling with one topic, and after taking a couple quizzes, I fully understood. I also love how it is an app and. website. I definitely will be recommending this to all my teachers!


Fun to play  ArmyRachel  5 star

This game is so fun to play with your class! I love the questions. My crush and I actually bonded over this app.

declan patton

Awesome  declan patton  5 star

An amazing studying site for kids

Olivia Drudge

Great  Olivia Drudge  4 star

I’m a student myself and I use this app and I never fail. One thing I don’t like is that the answers get cut off but it is a great app in general.


Good  pfogodogufybug  5 star

I ikr it it is good


Review  Coraltheswimmer  4 star

I love the app the only I hate I mean hate about is that everyone I want to play or take a quiz I have to sign in over and over again but overall it’s good quality


Quizizz  quizgenuis  5 star

It’s so fun to play when you have to practice something!!


Love it  bxdjfbf  5 star

I play it when board. Also it keeps me occupied


AMAZING!  flynnedwardsshredz  4 star

It is an amazing learning tool because it is both fun, has bad memes and is competitive. I didn’t give five stars because it isn’t the best it can be.


MEMES  K.UAFGAK.GFDKF.dfk.v  5 star

Memes every where! I love it!

Musiz lovers

So good  Musiz lovers  5 star

It is so good better than robot but fortnite still rules even more


This is great!  Lgbtqlesbo  5 star

Quizzez is a fun free game and if you press any of the quizzes you are sure to have a huge amount of fun


Pretty good  Alyssak12  4 star

How do you create your own because I keep signing in but I don’t know how

Chris Shanaz

Pretty Decent  Chris Shanaz  4 star

This app is pretty cool it promotes learning in a fun way but it is not as fun as other tools like this such as Kahoot! and Quizlet Live

Donuts are life🍩🍩🍩🍩

Make more memes  Donuts are life🍩🍩🍩🍩  4 star

I love this app but plz make more memes it will help shrek and his swamp oh and donkey to I guess

DH Maverick

😍  DH Maverick  5 star

I love Quizizz so much. It is a fun way to learn new things.

1006318 :D

AMAZING  1006318 :D  5 star

My teachers always use this app! It helps me study for a test WOULD RECOMMEND


I use it for studying  wsalas417  5 star

My school uses it all the time and the students (including me) me love it it’s great for studying

Snuggle Reviews 🥰

Profile pic  Snuggle Reviews 🥰  4 star

How do you change your profile picture?


Greg Monroe  $Mastermax25$  5 star

Wellllllllllllll first off let me get something straight here we are not friends because you smell like burnt tuna fish alright? Good now overall this game/ studying tool is great. I use it all the time. If your under the age of 99 do not install it but if your 100 definitely buy it. Well thanks for reading this review and I hope you learned from it. Bye and don’t forget to wipe your butt


Quizizz is gud  BDA_4  5 star

I think quizlet is good because it game me a 100 and I knew that so that’s what I honk thanks for giving me the freedom to play thanks a lot my YouTube channel is Brandon aguirre subscribe


Great educational app  Connser88  5 star

It’s fine with no bugs


The baddest app of the century  imafurry456  1 star

It keeps freezing and bugging out and when I hit the right answer it says it’s wron

won't of the dawn 101

Yona of the dawn  won't of the dawn 101  5 star

Quizzes is a wonderful way for u to learn and study for a test and is perfect.You can compete with your friends by telling which one of y'all knows the most on the subject.Teachers can use it to help see which kids know on which subject and which kids don't.


Wrong Answers  ygaj  1 star

I tried to get answers for my students because I lost my book and I found it it was written and incorrect answer on the app on We were there too! Lesson 15 5th grade number 10. Don’t use this app it gets your grades even lower!!!

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