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Quizizz: Play to Learn [Education] App Description & Overview

Use the Quizizz app to learn anything, anywhere. You can study on your own or engage in group quizzes, assignments, and presentations—in person and remotely. Quizizz is used by more than 20 million people per month in schools, homes, and offices around the world.

Our app is designed to help you participate in group activities and study on your own. To create and host quizzes for others, please create a free account at www.quizizz.com.

Participants may also join games from any device without the app at joinmyquiz.com

At home and in the classroom:

- Join a game with your class
- Study on your own with millions of quizzes covering every subject.
- See questions and answer options on your own device.
- Challenge your friends for instant study groups.
- Find free quizzes on mathematics, English, science, history, geography, languages, and general knowledge topics.

At work:

- Participate in training sessions and compete with your peers
- Get the data to see what you know now, and what you need to review.
- Respond to live presentations and polls
- Complete surveys and eLearning.

From the Quizizz Community:

"Wow! Students wanted to do a quiz on @quizizz over again. They never ask to do a worksheet over again."
— Nora, High School Math Teacher

"My 3rd graders absolutely loved using @quizizz today to review for their geography test. They asked to play another round! "
— Katie, Student Teacher.

"This is the best website EVER!"
— 4th grade student at Home Brink Elementary

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- Support for slide themes - Bug fixes

Quizizz: Play to Learn Comments & Reviews

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- Great but theme problems

Quizizz is fantastic. I use it the most in biology and it has seriously improved my grades. I am normally really bad at studying and this has helped me get around that. There is thousand of quizzes on all sorts of things that are all user made. I love making up my own quizizz and then texting them to friends so that they can play them. Quizzizz also offers themes but only when you have a streak for a certain number of days. If you have a one day streak you get the synthwave theme. One more and you get the dogs-vill theme. But if you lose that streak you’re back to the basic theme. I really like those themes! Some of them look really cool! Just change this to where you get to keep the themes you earn! It makes me so mad! Grrrr! Also when creating a quiz I had a lot of problems with changing the quiz name, cover photo, and its settings. I spent a bit puzzling over this before I turned my device on it’s side. In the side view the settings are right there but holding my device straight up, all the settings were invisible! This was really frustrating. Still love the app.


As a student in school I sometimes find it hard to study by staring at words and reading things. Then in my Spanish class the teacher introduced Quizziz and I and other students loved it and found studying to be a lot easier. I did some research on it and downloaded the app so I could play what I wanted. I also introduced to other teachers because I like this so much. You can host live games with friends or play solo. Teachers have the option to put a game on their computer for the class to play. Quizziz is the main studying tool at my school and I highly recommend it.

- Teacher Honest Review

I love Quizizz! I use it at least once per week (on desktops). My students love it and will actually attempt additional quizzes if he/she finishes early. Main drawback: why isn’t the app available in teacher mode? I would love to be able to create quizzes when I am not near a computer. Also, can we have more options for questions? Teacher notes: the space to write the questions is larger than competitors (mainly Kahoot). Also, the ability to adjust the quiz settings is wonderful! I change it up so some correct answers get higher points for answering more quickly, and other times, I use the standard “all points” method. Both varieties allow for student surprise and reduces possible student boredom. I also like to hide the leaderboard occasionally to help students feel less humiliated if they miss a question. Best part of Quizizz is that it is FRE!! Thank you for this awesome tool!

- Be ready

I cannot summarize my hatred for this app it’s excruciating to even think about. It’s horrible execution is on par with IXL but Quizizz falls short for its ability to kill off my soul even more. At least with IXL you get to at least second guess yourself when you tap on a answer (sometimes). That is absent in Quizizz also instead of just a point system there is a competitive point system. I learn nothing from this app other than we can hope that our children will never have to experience the horror of this app. This app is a disgrace to education. A whole other thing is that it can be insanely buggy with it thinking you tapped a different answer to the one you chose to just completely kicking you out of the game. The kicking part infuriates me I am almost done with a already infuriating “quiz” if you can call it that I get kicked out and have to completely restart. I am deeply saddened by this disgraceful excuse for a “learning” app I feel sorry for the people who made this thing and then remember they were paid to make this abomination of a “educational” app.

- Worse than paper

Paper quizzes are far superior to this. On a paper quiz or test you have a set time to finish the whole thing, this means that you can use a few seconds to answer easy questions and 5 minutes to answer harder ones. In quizizz however, you only have a few seconds to answer for all of them. There are some questions that take slow readers 30 seconds to read, which means we get little to no time to even read the answer choices, never the less think about what the question is asking. Also on paper quizzes you can second guess your answer and change it which isn’t possible with this, if I miss-tap or miss-read and answer choice its instantly wrong with no way of changing it. Kahoot suffers similar drawbacks and google forms is probably the closest to a good testing program. I don’t expect this app to change i just want to explain my complaints. There are a few things others might find beneficial like how it goes by quicker, but for me and many others its just too stressful.

- Awesome learning app

This app is perfect for all sorts of things. With it I can study for tests and exams at home or at school and at school our teachers can give us a break by letting us play a game that still lets you learn about that subject. I also use this app at home to play fun trivia games on things like warrior cats (book series) and flower types. This really is an amazing app and I love to use it at home and at school I just wish I knew how to make my own quiz to test my parents and friends. I have never had any adds or lag which is verry nice. I simply cannot express how good this app is. 💜💜

- Awesome!

As a Freshman in high school, my amazing teachers will make a quiz and share it to our google classroom. This app is one of the most effective ways of studying out there! My friends and I also make quizzes for different subjects, and we compete. Competition is one of the best ways to learn, because not only you are trying to get a good grade, your trying to beat your friends! Quizzez has an amazing simple layout, that makes studying easier unlike quizlet where you have to pay to do stuff and it’s DUMB. So I rate this 5/5 stars!

- Answers get cut off

App is great apart from a few issues. My main issue is that if an answer for a question is long, it gets cut off. I have used a quiz several times on my computer (using the online page) and it doesn’t get cut off, but when I use the online website on my phone, or if I go to the app, the answers end up cut off. This is kind of concerning in a way, because there are some answers that are identical apart from a few key words, but if those key words are cut off then it’s almost impossible to know what the right answer is. I feel like this is a glitch that could be fixed easily, so I would really appreciate it if it was fixed.

- AMAZING!!!!!!

Hi, I think this game is really awesome!!! My teacher (I’m in 6th grade) uses this game LITERALLY EVERY DAY!!!!! We use it as a warm up. I do have one suggestion though. When you pick your answer I think you should have a submit button because if you are starting a new question and accident press the mouse (if you use a chrome book) twice you will accidentally hit an answer and most likely get it wrong. So plz fix this problem, otherwise I really love this game!!! Thank you!

- Perfect

I am a fifth grader who takes Chinese for half of the day learning sience and math in lander an Chinese. It is not hard to learn the characters but is boring just to sit there an look at the characters. When my teacher introduced quizzes my class played against each other. Now I will play by my self and sometimes my friends and I will host one for fun. My grades have been much better and now I like to study. Quizizz is the perfect app to use. This is my perfect revue.

- Really useful!

I’m a 3rd grade teacher. My students love Quizizz! I find that this app is more geared towards students using it on their devices. I have an iPad Pro and I use it frequently in the classroom in place of my laptop. I was hoping the app would be just as easy as the desktop site to make quizzes, but it’s a little more challenging. My recommendation is to update the quiz making part of your app. Otherwise, the UI is gorgeous for taking the quizzes. Thanks for all the recent updates with streaks and power-ups. Really engaging and fun!


OK SOOO! Quizizz I have used in school and at home. It is absolutely the MOST amazing app to learn on and take quizzes on. I personally like taking tests on math,BTS,STRAY KIDS,ASTRO,and a lot of that and I find it all! I SO recommend Quizizz for young ones and school,I hope it gets noticed more than more apps! I LOVE QUIZIZZ!!!! Hopefully this review helps all of you who want to get it,all the reviews with a bad rate are lying cause Quizizz is absolutely THE BEST app to get if wanting to learn and take tests and quizzes! .. U

- Love it ❤️

This app has made studying so much easier for me, I’m a high school student and how I found out about the app was in my math class. My teacher created a quiz on it, and I have fallen in love ever since. I usually have a hard time studying notes but with this I’m totally focused and can retain the information. What I also love about this app is the fact that it has a different subjects so I can study history, science, and math whatever I need help on.

- Quizizz is a good way to learn while having fun!

Quizizz is a good game for learning but at the same time as having fun! You can join free games and you can take tests and much more! Make sure to download Quizizz for free so you can see what I’m talking about! This game is 10 times better to get students to learn at have some fun, they can look up quiz’s they want to play, they can host quiz’s,and lots more! Make sure you download Quizizz for free on your apple phone!

- Perspective from a 9th grade student currently studying for midterms

I honestly love this app so much! I mean, it does have some flaws but overall great way to review. If you want it at a slow phase you can turn the timer off and if you only feel like doing work, you can turn the memes off. The best part about this app is that you can do it on one device anytime, anywhere with internet connection. I’m so glad this exists; so thankful!

- Quizziz Review

Quizziz is such an awesome way to study! It’s so fun and gives you memes after each question. It also provides you with the right answers at the end of each game if you scroll down then click on the following cards that you got wrong after scrolling down to study them again before starting another round so you can get the right answers next game!

- Quizziz

I've never been so excited to use a study tool for the first time right before finals! Studying is hard enough but switching up the game completely took me a minute. I absolutely love the meme algorithm going on when you get a right or wrong answer. Color codes are randomly put behind answers which I'm hoping is supposed to help me remember the right answer but we will see. Thanks for being free

- This is great to learn

Quizizz helps you learn and retry when wrong and schools can use this as an online teaching study for something you had done at school because the virus is here so you can use a computer or a phone and a tablet inside at home for learning more things as a quiz in quizizz (no pun intended) so keep learning unless your an adult or graduated before or online so use this to learn something new :)

- This is amazing

When I’m in class and I don’t understand what we’re learning I come here and I can review and since I don’t time myself, I have more time to understand what I’m looking for and being asked so I can prepare for quizzes and tests. This is wonderful! Definitely helps to prepare for tests and helps me understand and see things better! Highly recommended for you students and parents!

- Ok, could be better.

We use Quizizz a lot in school to study for test. One possible improvement would be, being able to control if the questions are timed by yourself. Another possible improvement would be being able to do the questions you got wrong over again without having to redo the whole Quizizz. It would be great if they changed it to be more like the app Quizlet. Overall pretty good for studying.

- Quizzes is AMAZING

Quizzes gives you a fun educational way of learning and i go on it every day to do quizzes on stuff that I like to learn about so if you are reading this quizzes is awesome it even lets you make your own quizzes there is one thing I’d like to point out I don’t like that you can’t learn somethings like some of them are personal and ask like how old they are so if you can please ban those that would be great otherwise quizzes is the best learning game EVER Later😉

- Quizzzz

It is very helpful to memorize for a test. You get to know what questions you get wrong and then you can retry by doing it again. As a student I love using it before doing a test. A lot of the teachers use it as a useful way to study. It is also useful when you make your own about the subject you need to study about. This is an amazing app to get an A on that test. Good luck

- Great

Although it is a bit overrated it’s overall a good resource for studying and interacting with your classmates in a little competition. It’s a great and fun opportunity to learn knew stuff. There’s also things like memes, slime, etc. that also have quizzes. You already have a chance to retake it if you fail or if you just want to retake the quiz. The only thing I would fix is bugs, occasional crashes and a very slow server. It’s a great app and is highly recommended.

- What I think about quizzes

I like quizzes, but it always makes me go lower even though I get the question right. For an example, one time I was playing quizzes at my house, and when I was on second place, I got the question right, and I was like YES!!! but then when I looked at the leaderboard, it made me go to fifth place and I was like why?! And then I slammed the iPad shut and I went to my room and yelled. That’s why I don’t really like quizzes, and it happened to a lot of people in my class to, I think when you’re about to go to first place, it just makes you go down 2 or more places just to make you mad or sad

- Good app, frustrating when I fail

Good app, but there are a few things that tick me off. One of those things is when there is no correct answer, which has happened a few times and other little bugs that are hard to notice but are still there. Don’t worry though, this is nothing major, as the app is still mostly enjoyable, fluid, and all around a good user experience

- Review from a student

Hi, I’m a 4th grade kid who is getting teach with 5th graders. I like how this has a completely competitive aspect, and it’s more compatible in online Zoom schools then Kahoot. I like how you can do redemption questions so you can fix the mistake that you made. My suggestion is to add more power ups! The power ups right now are really cool, but I wanna see more of competitive game power ups.

- Learning

So I’m one of those people who sometimes reads reviews and just never has the time to ever wright one ,but quizzes has just helped me so much. My teachers give me quizzes and let me do it as much as possible till I make a 100 and I always end up doing great on test after taking them. I 100% recommended any student and teacher using this as strategy’s to learn

- Love it, only one small change

Absolutely love this app for my language classes, I’m a student. The only problem I have is I wish that when you click the right answer the wrong ones don’t turn red and then fade away. It always freaks me out because I see the red flash and think I got it wrong even though I didn’t

- Love it!

This is such a good game for when I’m in the mood to play my tablet but am suppose to be learning I can finally do both at the same time! I’m a 4th grade student and is excited to learn on this app whenever I’m assigned it for homework it’s the new king of our school!Keep up the good work! But there’s one problem The answers get cut off if I hold my tablet a certain angle so I can’t answer the question,No offence

- School like, but really cool!

This app got me into learning about religious stuff. Thus, meaning, I actually thought learning was kinda cool. With this app, you don’t sit in a classroom for seven hours straight, you actually get too experience learning in a fun way. Learning with this app, memes aside, is pretty cool. Unlike most things, this app gets straight to the point. They’re awesome, and you’re awesome.

- More music

I love this app like crazy one of my favorite app to use for tests it’s easy and simple, I LOVE the memes there absolutely rlly good and I wish my science teacher would use this app but she thinks quizlet is easier, which I don’t agree lol, but the only thing I would like more is more music maby we could add are own music ourselves. Although it’s a great app!

- As a Student...

As a student, i love using Quizizz. I think it’s a great way to learn certain topics and it can be fun! It is a great app and not only is it used for learning it can also be used to test your knowledge on any topic that another user had made. Another thing I like about Quizizz is that there are memes after completing a question right or wrong.

- Needs to be fixed

I use quizizz regularly on my computer but I decided to get it in my phone for when I don’t have my computer so I downloaded the app. When I first got on I put my email and password in and then it showed me to the quizzes that I had done recently, but when I clicked on one of them the screen would glitch and then turn all white. I’ve even deleted and downloaded it again and this still happens. Please fix this or suggest something I could do to try to fix this problem.

- Helpful

As a student I often use the app quizlet, I just discovered this app last week and it makes studying way more fun. The funny details like the memes after every question really makes a difference. It also has tons of quizzes for any test you have. This game is brilliant! Highly recommend 👍


This app is my go to when I I am going to be tested or quizzed on a unit in school. it’s the most fun way to grasp information and apply it to an assignment in a fun game like a way that is actually educational. I do not like studying from notes and packets but this app is a way for me to understand the concepts learned in school in the best way possible!!! Oh and it’s free!

- Be prepared for 1 star student responses

This app and website is amazing. As its popularity grows, I warn all readers of the comments of students who aren’t rating this fairly as they are made to learn through it. As a teacher, I haven’t had any qualms with anything regarding this app and it is amazing that it is free. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

- Quizizz the best app ever

Quizizz has helped me to study for so many years in school. It helped to do what I need to be prepared for a quiz and the best feature about it is that, unlike Kahoot, it doesn’t give points based only on speed. It gives points also for accuracy too. Now that is stress free way to study.😉


My teacher uses this app all the time in class ,and this app makes it that much easier to study ! It is so much easier than using paper and you can play it against friends in a competitive way! I hope everyone learns how easy it is to get this app and enjoy it as much as I do!😁

- Great App, One Suggestion

This is a great app! My teacher uses it for hw, but I have one suggestion. When you click/tap on the answer, there should be a submit button, like there is on the multiple choice questions, because a lot of people accidentally choose the wrong one. Thanks.

- Cool

It’s pretty great you get to make a Quiz and most of them can be fun! So when you do your math Quiz you can do a fun one to! If you a teacher this is a great game! After you teach them the math part you can do the fun part!and the timer is not too fast (like Kahoot) it’s highly recommended for all! Five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Students POV

Quizizz is super fun and interactive! I use this app for my school and add them to my projects and slideshows. Making one is really easy, and the memes add a funny aspect. Many times I just use it for fun- to play a game of trivia in my free time, as this app is fun and challenging. It is much better than me just wasting my time in games.

- Awesome but needs one lil change!!!🤗

I love Quizizz because it’s a brain game and you get to pic so many kinds of quizzes. but the bad thing about it is that there is a timer and that just makes me loose my cool and get frustrated a lot. So if y’all can change that it would be amazingly awesome thnx y’all

- Teacher/admin app

I love using Quizizz for review games, quizzes, etc but the app needs to have a teacher access point. I would love to be able to quick grab my iPhone or iPad and assign a quizizz to a student that was absent or needs the extra review or has an extended time accommodation. Could add to this app or create a separate one! It’s what every teacher is waiting for!

- It really helps!

Coming from a 6th grade perspective, starting middle school is really stressful. But thankfully I use quizzes whenever I have a test and I’m doing well! This really helps and it’s amazing how you can get it on your phone! I’m writing this review on my way to school, from my phone! 5 stars!

- Awesome app

This app is awesome. I use it in class all the time for tests. My teacher loves it to. It is amazing it helps me learn a lot. You should definitely get this app. Especially if you are a teacher. All of my friends love the app cause it makes quizzes fun. You can even do a team round.

- Rate!!

I give this a big thumbs up!! It helps kids study and also gives teachers the chance to quiz kids when they are not at school!! It is also fun because you are competing against others to try to get first place !!!

- Needs to be integrated with Schoology

I discovered this game app and fell in love with the extra features that Kahoot doesn’t have. These features made it ideal for distance learning. However our school district makes us use Schoology, and Quizizz only integrates the classes from Google Classroom. Please make this happen with Schoology!

- Can’t make a quiz

This app was super laggy, and it gets worse. When I tried to make a question, it sent me back to “Make a quiz🤓” I was on the last question of my making my quiz, and I noticed I forgot to select grade level, when I tried to do it, it wouldn’t work and it would send me back to “Make a quiz🤓” . 3 tries later and still the same conclusion. Please fix your app, but taking the quizzes is a walk in the park.

- It is okay

I am a professional app reviewer. I state that students can achieve well academic beliefs with this app (that is a good thing). Although the “Power ups” Take way to long when it spins. I also think that people must have permission to create a Quizizz game. Another reason why it is not the best app is because it teaches students to really on technology, to achieve well studying habits.

- Great for Students, Lacking for Teachers

My students and I love Quizizz, and the app makes it easier for them to play whenever and wherever they’d like. As a teacher though, the app is pretty useless. I can’t create quizzes or monitor assignments I have in progress or look at reports. It’s a huge bummer and something I hope gets addressed, especially with schools across the country forced into eLearning until this pandemic is over.

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- Fix it Felix

Why aren’t I getting any victory royales. For some reason the game keeps making me lose. If this isn’t fixed I’m going to switch back to roblox to see all of my girlfriends and boyfriends. Swiper swiped my map and did a line of coke when I tried to get the border I should’ve won the egg quiz. Boris is upset.

- Epic leaning experience

I love going class and say everybody play Quizizz and it’s just so amazing I like the means as well they’re pretty cool and the memes and having a login but even that’s amazing like because so you can like save yourself even make me a Quiz it’s epic I love it. Epic learning experience

- Quizizz

This app Quizizz is an awesome teaching app to set games to help your child’s learning so the teacher can set a quiz and you can do it. Have Fun! Enjoy!

- Amazing!!!❤️

I love this app so much. I is a huge help. Thank you so much for making this wonderful app!!😍

- Please add a “remember me” option

Please add a remember me option because it’s so annoying to keep signing in every time I open the app


It is an amazing learning tool because it is both fun, has bad memes and is competitive. I didn’t give five stars because it isn’t the best it can be.

- So good

It is so good better than robot but fortnite still rules even more

- This is great!

Quizzez is a fun free game and if you press any of the quizzes you are sure to have a huge amount of fun

- Pretty good

How do you create your own because I keep signing in but I don’t know how

- Anonymous

It's great Lots of different quizzes and categories


This app is so cool it helped me with a lot of stuff and is still helping me

- Boss app

This app is amazing so many cool quizzes to test your knowledge, I love this app!!

- Pretty Decent

This app is pretty cool it promotes learning in a fun way but it is not as fun as other tools like this such as Kahoot! and Quizlet Live

- Best ever game

Helps me in school the fin way

- Needs to be fun

It’s a great way to pass the time when your bored

- :D

Literally all I search up is memes xD

- Godd

This app cured my autism I fell know autism no more

- Memes

The kids love the memes! They love it more than Kahoot!

- Amazing

One word. Amazing

- Hm

Where is the victory Royale


Memes every where! I love it!

- No u

No u

- Its not kahoot

I dont care

- Good


- Good


- It

Gay very gay and I mean it hate it

- I love Quizizz

I Love Quizizz because it’s fun

- Make more memes

I love this app but plz make more memes it will help shrek and his swamp oh and donkey to I guess

- U clonx

U clonx

- Yoy

Ya Yeet

- Quizizz

I love quizizz but it’s so hard like galaxys

- Mmmhmmmm


- goodies


- Great

Uuuklbj. Kjl uk

- Poop


- Quizizz

I think this app is a great opportunity for children to learn more about space and is a good way to learn.Thank you

- Amazing and handy but.....

I love this app! I’m a pretty competitive person and like beating scores so this app is a perfect way for me to learn! The only complaint are I keep having to log on again and easily forget my password since I’m used to just going on to an app and have my password saved. So can you maybe add a ‘save’ or ‘remember me’ thing? Except for that I LOVE IT! YOU MUST MUST GET THIS APP! IF YOU ARE A SCARED TO DO CERTAIN THINGS FOR YOUR KID PARENT DON’T WORRY! AS LONG AS YOUR CHILD IS SAFE AND DOESN’T USE A USERNAME THAT WILL GIVE ANY INFO ABOUT THEM THEN THEY WILL BE FINE!

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- I 😍 Quizz

My students love quizz and I have been using it since 2014. It is fun to observe technology combined with learning. Overall I am very happy with this app

- Important feature please!!!!!

Listen please, so quiziz is fun and all but the thing is : Teachers are using it for formal tests and assessments now, which would be fine but the thing is, you can’t look back at your answers and the timers they give are so stressful!!!You have no idea how many times I’ve gotten a something wrong because of the stress of the timer going off and randomly clicking any option or typing incomplete sentences because I freaked out and it gets so frustrating. I think there should be a feature where instead of timer on each question you can just put a timer on the entire quiz itself and once that timers over the quiz just ends and you can’t continue. You should also include being able to look back at your answers or other questions for example, if I want to be able to skip a question I don’t know and come back to it, I can press ‘ next’ and when I want to go back to it, I press ‘previous’. You can name this feature examination mode or something. I don’t mind playing normal quiziz for fun or for small tests but for exams that are like 75 marks it’s so bad.

- Great app

Easy to use, fun, great way to learn This app works well for studying or taking quizzes for fun, but it’s less easy to navigate when it comes to assigned quizzes for school. It would be nice to have a section on the homepage for Quizizz classrooms, even if the teacher hasn’t assigned a quiz yet. I can’t tell if I’ve successfully joined my teacher’s class until they post their first quiz, and there’s no way to see the list of my classes in the app’s settings. Also, it’s inconvient to have to go into “Activity” and then “Completed” to view my marks. Thanks

- It’s good

Great game to play with your class or friends. It’s kind of better then Kahoot!

- Good but

It keeps saying that they have trouble loading my activity

- Sucks

It doesn’t load up the game

- Trash usage.

My teacher used this for a test. A grade 11, academic chemistry test. There is no checking your answers, no going back and fixing them. Also it’s just a worse version of Kahoot!

- Outstanding

I thought that this helped me so much for studying, but also just for having fun.

- Perfect app

I like it

- Quizizz is a Lifesaver!!!

I definitely prefer Quizizz over Kahoot. This app is a total lifesaver because I was studying for my test tomorrow and I googled some practice questions and this app came up!! I was really happy i looked at it and then instantly downloaded! Super simple set up with just email or google account, then you search up a quiz you want to take. Once you found one you like and click on it it has things that tell you everything about the quiz! It tells you the difficulty level, it gives you an example question, etc. I love the setup for once you are on a quiz, it asks you if you want the timer ⏱( which I think is great since you might not want it on your first go ) and it asks you to pick a MEME SELECTION!! That’s one of my favourite parts is that you get a different meme after each question!! Some encourage you if you are wrong, and others praise you if u got it right. The app it’s self is awesome 😎 it has coins you receive each quiz and if you couldn’t find a quiz, you can make it yourself!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP to students the night before a test. Push aside that study guide!! Because this is a fun interactive way to ace your exams!! The best part: ITS A FREE APP!! So download now what are u waiting for!!!!! Honesty everyone should get this app. I would rate it ten stars if I could. BEST APP EVER ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Epic

I love it

- It is good

But i hate the fact that the letters of the answers are all messed up.

- Epic

Pretty epic

- Needs Improvement

Could be better. The templates are awful! Also, I don’t like that you can’t host LIVE multiplayer quizzes! Very disappointing. The app is very glitchy on the iPad, so if you are going to use it go on your PC. I prefer Kahoot!

- Quiz’s

Quizzz is awesome app

- Hello

It was cool is a good app for learning

- Good

Fun but I’d still choose Kahoot!

- Needs ability to host live quizzes.

I’m rather disappointed by the app. I’d expect the same functionality as the desktop version. As a teacher, this is frustrating as I use my iPad in the classroom but still need to host via the browser application.

- Great app!

A fun app to learn as a class and just to have fun on. Way better than Kahoot!

- Dkdkd

Supprimez l’app

- Bad, the hit box doesn’t work well

And when I click on something it say an other thing . Really bad, Kahoot! Is better.

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- It’s a great app

We use this a lot in school. It’s a fun way to help me study. It helps me want to try over and over again till I get the right answers. These are always on my teacher blog and I always use them! I think this is a amazing way to study!

- Really good, but s slight problem

What was kinda sad is there was a quiz called “black people” and stereotyping us. I was disappointed when I saw that, and I hope it will be taken down. Overall, this app is BEYOND AMAZING! I love it. I’m in 9th grade and I’m struggling with biology and these quizzes helped me! It challenges me and it’s amazing.

- Quiz

I love this app. I would search for places to help me study for quizes and tests and quizlet wasn’t a good app cause it would give u the answer. But this app reminds me of games I played when I was younger and it brings more of my attention to study with this app I’m so glad I downloaded it🙂

- Loving it

We use Quizizz all the time in school and it is a really fun way to practice different things. It is also very good and fun for studying. I use this app to study for tests in all my subjects. In conclusion, Quizizz is an amazing app and if you haven’t already, you should definitely get it!

- I love this app!

I found this app right before I had a science test (8th grade chemistry) and it is so helpful! I was struggling with one topic, and after taking a couple quizzes, I fully understood. I also love how it is an app and. website. I definitely will be recommending this to all my teachers!

- Love it

I love this app it can be a learning devise in class and a game at home I’m learning my horse breeds at home and the Stone Age in class my teacher loves it the avreg 6th graders Attention span is 12 min this is like a game it renews us and helps us focus it’s compation you try to beet your friends while learning.

- This even better than Quizlet.

Although Quizlet is helpful the answer choices are random. On Quizizz you can set the answer choices. Also teachers are able to use these for test.

- Has helped so much!

It’s unbelievable just how much this app has helped me to study for my classes (even at a university level)! I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone that needs to brush up on their learning skills on virtually any topic!

- College a Student Review

This quiz app was used in a college rated class that was based in a Criminal Justice. This app really helps the whole class as a whole study as well as provide the instructor with a class average which allows him to know what the class knows

- So much fun

This is better then kahoot. Your own personal fun games for teachers to teach to students like me to have a fun experience in class. With technology on the rise, it’s always fun to be on the computers and be on Quizizz when things like this are the future

- Incorrect grammar. False facts.

Great app, but grammar and some facts are incorrect. Developers, you need to change information, and make sure your research is correct! Called out by my seven year old daughter: multiple grammar mistakes throughout quizzes. Cheetahs are not marsupials. There are more than 300 species of sharks. Etc. Please do more research and don’t teach children and adults the wrong answer.

- Love it for school

I am a student but I recommend this to teachers it helps and it makes want us to get to first and not miss them (when we get them right we overreact) but I do recommend is for school mostly and helping us learn

- Good review

This app is pretty great I can use it during school to help study and the memes are pretty great they give you a boost and help you keep going you can also use it for fun and make your own quiz and let you friends play it

- Best game ever

I like the pictures when you get one wrong and when you get one right. I don’t like it when you start once the timer is done there is a 1second wait. Anyway, I like it it is similar to Kahoot and I like it.

- I love it

This is like the best app that I’ve ever use during school. It’s so much fun and easier than writing everything down. My whole class enjoys using Quizizz And we all agree we have more fun learning when we use it

- Awesome app

I use this app at school and home you all are just rating it bad bc you want to get it removed yes some glitches can happen but it really helps me so you can stop lying I’m sorry if you are not but please stop lying

- Very Helpful

Quizizz is an amazing app that will help you study for quizes, tests and many more. Using Quizizz has helped me get through many tests and quizes. I 100% recommend quizizz because of how much it helps. Download Quizizz now for free to help you now and in the future

- Pretty cool

My favorite feature on this game is the memes!!! 👍🏻👌🏻 And the background music is really good. Pretty much the only thing I don’t like is how you can’t change you answer and that countdown line at the top. It stresses me out. Other than that, great app. Makes learning boring things fun.

- My review

We u see this app at school and I think it’s a good and fun way to study and u can search anything school like. I think it’s great for kids cause it has nothin inappropriate as I’ve seen but if ur kids need help with school I suggest this app.😊❤️

- Not recommended

My teacher uses this app daily in his classroom and I must say I have never felt so uneducated in my entire life. Every time I miss a question it is supposed to let u review it but unfortunately this app sometimes does not tell me what I missed. I feel as though this is a terrible learning tool because you can retake the quiz and remember the same answers without learning. I wouldn’t recommend that any teacher and/or student use this app.

- Quizizz is the best

I highly recommend quizizz over any other learning app. It is highly inclusive and has the option to turn on/off powerups and timer. Overall it is the best learning game I’ve ever played.

- 4 star

I love this app I love to challenge my friends and I love making my own quiz but I finish so I take the test to see if I like it and somethings I messed up on and it doesn’t let me redo the quiz or change thing. Over all I love the app I recemend you download it if you are reading this

- Quizizz is fun and free

This app lets me work on things from school even when I am out of school because of events that are currently happening. It also lets me compete with my friends, make easy A’s, and it’s free!!

- Puppy’s

Thank you for this helpful game it makes my brain smarter you guys should make more games like this like puppy games and math games because I was bad at math now I feel better and i love this game and puppies and kittys and thank you for making a puppy quiz

- Informational text about Quizizz

The Quizizz app is great for pandemics for example, say there was a new sickness going around and you couldn’t leave your home you could use Quizizz if your students needed to take a test.

- Would be 5 stars but....

As a teacher I would like to be able to sort submissions by date. Also I would like to be able to set specific dates for quizzes to close. You have up to 14 days but you cannot go longer.

- 👏🏻👏🏻

This is a very useful app not only can we use it in school to go over what we learned we can also use this app for exams, quizzes, tests etc This app has helped me so much and I’m happy to keep using it!

- Student review

Awesome you can play with lots of other people and do so many different quizzes as well Plus after each question you get a funny meme and the profile pictures are so cute/funny It is really fun to play in and out of school and you learn new things.

- Hate it

I needed to use kindergarten/first grade and it wouldn’t set to it, it was set to high school and I changed to what I needed but it still wouldn’t change, wasn’t happy with this, it is a very bad app and it really isn’t fair to the younger children when a app that is suppose to help them with there education only helps the middle school and high school kids, you need to fix this, my child was really disappointed, as I was very angry.


I enjoy Quizizz a bunch and use the app a bunch for studying and in class, but there is a bug on my iPad Pro 10.5”. When there’s an image on the question, the question itself does not show! Please fix this bug, and thank you for your time.

- LOVE IT!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Qizzizz is a great way for kids to study and being a kid in 6th grade, quizzing has helped me a lot with the transition from Elementary School to Middle School. This has helped me on so many big test and even smaller ones. This is a great tool to use. IT’s FANTASTIC 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😃

- Amazing

I found this app in tech at school. We played it and after that I loved it. It helps me study, but sometimes I just play it for fun. Overall the app is the funnest and the most helpful app.

- This app isn’t good

I’m a teacher at Harvey elementary school and my teacher friends say their kids work well with it but mine don’t. My students hate working with it causing them to be loud and disruptive.

- Great!!!

I love fun trivia quizzes about my favorite books or movies but sometimes they are hard to find or just aren’t good! Quiz Izzy is awesome!! I’m a student so I can find quizzes to help me remember material or just find ones to have fun. I play this EVERY DAY!!

- 5 out of 5 for sure!

I honestly prefer this over Kahoot and Quizlet. If you had to choose one, it would HAVE to be THIS ONE! Choose this one teachers! Please! I’m telling you (even though I like Kahoot a bunch)!

- Good App, Minor Problems

I tried this app out because we were using in in my class on the website. It was good on the website but when I got the app and downloaded it it did not load. I had full bars of LTE. I don't know if this was my fault but oftentimes it happens again. Please fix.

- Amazin

Love this app. It’s a very good way to study and its fun. Way more fun than staring at a paper pretending to study and then wondering what you had for lunch yesterday. Also, the memes are great, and kind of like a reward for answering the question. Great job!

- Great

Great study tool and I use it all the time in college. Very helpful and I think it has been a major factor in my success. Wish it was easier to search quiz names or usernames

- Teacher Mode Please!!!!

If the app had the Instructor Dashboard, then it would get five stars! Especially when I pay for the extra features... I deserve to be able to use it on my phone as well.

- Quiz Scores/Game History

The app keeps logging me out; the scores for some quizzes are not showing up correctly (no matter what score I make, the score shows up as 0 under my recent games); need to add a feature that allows players to edit or clear game history

- Why what and you

I love this game it is so fun and easy to play even if some games are in Chinese it is my fave game to do after school other than Kahoot if you are reading this get this app then get kahoot

- Great app to study or gain knowledge

I use this app whenever we have a social studies test coming up. This quiz app is fun and helps you study! I recommend this to you if you have a test or just for fun!

- Objective statistics that can be used in classes anywhere

Use it as a classroom assignment, exit ticket, quiz, group work, class competition... lots of ideas to use this product as objective measurement tool

- Um excuse me

My only complaint is that i dont have a complaint to rant about. Like how dare this app be so perfect that i can’t even find a tiny flaw like bruh Also for the meme lovers, they have memes. You’ll love it.

- Best quiz app

I love this app I wouldn’t make it through nursing school without it I love that you can put the full question and answer choice without a character limit


The website can be confusing but the app is really good! I really like this app I use this for school as a student and I would consider it for even my parents! This is a very fun, useful, and functional app.

- Amazing

I saw other reviews about the "memes being old" I mean geez it's an amazing app, and I always have fun creating and playing the quizizz as a review game in my projects. Totally would recommend the app.

- Major issue

Please Please add the option to study flashcards before a quiz, my classroom has longer quizzes and having to go through 77 questions just to see what I missed is incredibly frustrating

- The problem

You know the problem Quizizz, the “funny” stuff. So you can copy and paste the same response you give to everyone, they won’t help at all, but other then that, great app, though Kahoot! already exists.

- Quizizz

It’s great to have the app on my phone because it so much easier to use instead going browsing it and waiting for WiFi

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Even kids need to know about the Digital Footprint and Online Reputation. We found a fun game for your kids to play and learn! via:

Quizizz: Play to Learn 4.42 Screenshots & Images

Quizizz: Play to Learn iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Quizizz: Play to Learn iphone images
Quizizz: Play to Learn iphone images
Quizizz: Play to Learn iphone images
Quizizz: Play to Learn iphone images

Quizizz: Play to Learn (Version 4.42) Install & Download

The applications Quizizz: Play to Learn was published in the category Education on 2016-12-14 and was developed by Quizizz [Developer ID: 1160249041]. This application file size is 34.79 MB. Quizizz: Play to Learn - Education app posted on 2020-11-27 current version is 4.42 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.quizizz.game

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