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What is mobile legends: bang bang app? Join your friends in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the brand new 5v5 MOBA showdown, and fight against real players! Choose your favorite heroes and build the perfect team with your comrades-in-arms! 10-second matchmaking, 10-minute battles. Laning, jungling, pushing, and teamfighting, all the fun of PC MOBA and action games in the palm of your hand! Feed your eSports spirit!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, 2017’s brand new mobile eSports masterpiece. Shatter your opponents with the touch of your finger and claim the crown of the strongest Challenger!

Your phone thirsts for battle!


1. Classic MOBA Maps & 5v5 Battles
Real-time 5v5 battles against real players. 3 lanes, 4 jungle areas, 2 bosses, 18 defense towers, and endless fights, everything a classic MOBA has is here!

2. Win with Teamwork & Strategy
Block damage, control the enemy, and heal teammates! Choose from Tanks, Mages, Marksmen, Assassins, Supports, etc. to anchor your team and be match MVP! New heroes are constantly being released!

3. Fair Fights, Carry Your Team to Victory
Just like classic MOBAs, there is no hero training or paying for stats. Skill and strategy are all you need to be able to win the intense competition on this fair and balanced platform. Play to Win, not Pay to Win.

4. Simple Controls, Easy to Master
With a virtual joystick on the left and skill buttons on the right, 2 fingers are all you need to become a master! Autolock and target switching allow you to last hit to your heart’s content. Never miss! And a convenient tap-to-equip system allows you to buy equipment anywhere on the map so you can focus more on the thrill of battle!

5. 10 Second Matchmaking, 10 Minute Matches
Matchmaking only takes 10 seconds. And a match only takes 10 minutes. Gloss over the quiet early-game leveling up and jump right into the intense battles. Less boring waiting and repetitive farming, and more thrilling actions and fist-pumping victories. At any place, at any moment, just pick up your phone, fire up the game, and immerse yourself in the heart-pounding MOBA competition.

6. Smart Offline AI Assistance
A dropped connection could mean hanging your team out to dry in an intense match, but with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s powerful reconnection system, if you get dropped, you can be back in the battle in seconds. And while you’re offline, our AI system will take control of your character temporarily to avoid a 4-on-5 situation.

Contact Us
You can get customer service assistance via the [Contact Us] button in the game to help you with any problems you may encounter while playing. You can also find us on the following platforms. We welcome all of your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang thoughts and suggestions:

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Instagram: @mobilelegendsgame

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Version June 2022

1. New Season, Rise of Necrokeep, is arriving soon with upgraded season rewards and visual effects! 2. Revamped Heroes: Vexana, Faramis, and Leomord. 3. Ranked: S24 will end on 07/01/2022 at 23:59:59. Players who've reached the Master or higher rank will receive Grock "Ancient Totem" as the Season Finale Reward..

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Version April 2022

1. Revamped Hero: Akai, the almighty Panda Warrior, is ready to cause more chaos with his updated kit! 2. New Event: The 515 Party is about to begin! 3. New UI: The Profile screen has received a full revamp. 4. New System: Creation Camp, a new Custom system, is available soon. 5. Magic Chess S8 will end on 04/30/2022 at 00:00:00 (server time), while the new season, Magic Chess: To Be Hero, will begin shortly afterward..

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Version February 2022

1. New Hero: Cursed Needle - Melissa, A rebellious girl that runs a tailor shop and solves problems for people. 2. New Feature: Graffiti and Skin Paint will be available soon. 3. New Mode: Overdrive will be available soon..

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Comments & Reviews 2022

- GREAT GAME 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I love this game. Been playing for a really long time. I think the game gets really boring so they should add more game modes. The only modes that are big are classic, rank, and brawl. The other modes are trash and they should put more work into them. The main game is really good though. This game has no ads for other games, usually just for skins in their own game. There is a way to get heroes in the game for free but it takes a while. They should make it easier to get heroes but they also need money. There are skins in the game that I would recommend buying if you want to and only if YOU CAN AFFORD IT. The skins do give you a very small buff, but they look really cool. If you get a bunch of your friends with you to play the game, you both get some rewards and they can have a fun time with you. If your friends and you all get skins and party up, you will look super intimidating to the opponent. My best tip for this game is to focus on mastering one character for a while then going to another character. Just saying they might revamp or redo a character that you already mastered so you might want to pay them again. If you left, they keep in adding updates to the game and you should come back and check them out. BTW I’m not a developer that is just boosting the game for more people to join. These are my true feelings for the game. Go out and get to the field, Soldier!!!

- Favourite game, but I have a big issue

I agree with all the other previous reviews so I won’t praise the game (as much as I should probably since I play it everyday) because right now I am quite frustrated and have no other way of contacting/sending a report to the ‘game’, there is no option in the application. I have a serious problem with other players reporting me for example feeding - just because they abandon me so the other team kills me 4vs1 - and then they call me names and tell me to die and im a noob etc, then report me for feeding?!?! I get instantly banned for awhile, it’s happened maybe 3 times to me in a couple of months but the point is someone should first look at the video of the game and not just punish gamers right away... it’s not cool that when i report rude and mean people who insult me I get no feedback, but theirs sometimes does (again, instantly so nobody has certainly checked who is telling the truth). I have been threatened, insulted, (not to mention when they see that I am a girl then the real fun begins with rude and inappropriate comments) etc. during games, even after the game is finished they find my private chat and continue, I can block them but not report them. Not cool. It is making me thinking of quiting because I hate injustice. I had to say it.

- decency

You’ve already read the title. Now you get point. This game if you don’t already know is a 5v5 team fight game. You can earn battle points, battle tickets, and etc to buy more powerful heroes. Now my point in this review is to discuss skilled based matchmaking. It may sound silly, but i’ve dug really deep into this issue and found this critical for everybody’s experience. They should matchmake by win rate, level, and heroes. I, myself had found this an issue and here’s why; I started playing this game a few months ago and really liked it at the start. I had a really high win rate, and didn’t really have any difficulties with teammates. But, just recently I’ve noticed my win rate has gone down by a lot because of skilled based matchmaking. Here are some issues I have DAILY; 1: Whenever I’m an retribution equipped assassin or fighter, another teammate will choose retribution as an inefficient role, meaning that they will help me with all my buffs, steal them, reduce my exp rate and etc. I also get insulted a lot, due to other teammates toxicity. Racism, discrimination, and slurs. I’d also like to give some inspiration to this game from other games by adding a 1v1 player mode. This mode would be quicker and more efficient when you’re on the go. Thank you developers, for taking your time out of your day to read this review. I hope you can fix this critical issue and would make this a better game for everybody.

- USED to be a good game.

I have played this game since it’s came out and I’ve seen the ups and downs of updates and game changes and never had a problem with anything untill recently. All these new events keep going up in cost and then when you actually buy it you have to level it up 150 times to unlock everything you just PAID for ? My issue isn’t even with the game itself just the way moonton basically steals our money. I’ve spent probably over 5 thousand dollars on this game I have almost 100 heroes and well over 100 skins and most of them are epics, special and legendaries. Save to say I spend a lot of time and money on mobile legends and the new events just get more crappy and crappy. I remember when a new skin would come out and it would either be 269 diamonds or 1000 something and there was no “event” with so many levels you would have to play for a month to collect everything you paid for. Sad to see such an amazing game become something I hate all because they care more about the money now. I can’t think of any other reason prices keep changing and events keep becoming harder and harder to complete. When I first started playing I was a kid with no job no responsibility and I could do these 150 level events but I would have to play all day everyday just to get close to that in the amount of time I have left to complete the tasks now days. I probably will no longer play this game or any other games like this. Extremely disappointed in how things changed so much.

- Needs a better community.

As far as a MOBA game could go, it does need some improvements and more fine tuning with characters and overall gameplay. One thing for sure though is that what makes this game a hard time for people is the community and its player base, it is very toxic and no one ever seems to put any sort of attention to team sportsmanship and over all team communication. I could you not just got out of a ranked mythic game and got banned off of ranked for “afk activity” when i had been playing the entire game and set back due another player taking farm from me and not being able to catch up in gold and equipment for the rest of my team, it doesn't seem right and fair that people like this exist in this community where any sort of inconvenience to a player makes it so they HAVE to report and get me banned for dumb things like this. I get its a game but paying attention to these sort of things matter in the long run, and it is what separates this game from other titles both mobile and PC. SBMM on this game as been a noticeable issue for ranked where ill frag out of my mind one lucky game then get placed with newbie or bad players, that sort of system where i have babysit those sorta players handicaps me from progressing in ranks and the skill level i want to achieve. This game requires a lot of attention and fine tuning if it really wants to spread out to the world as a good MOBA game. For now that is all.

- Unfair banning system

Don’t get me wrong I love this game by the fact that you can buy heroes from different categories that fit you better and that you can build strategies with teammates by attacking in certain areas by the reinforcement option which is super useful! The playability of this game is amazing but the banning system is horrible and totally unfair. I was on a classical mode game and I was writing something in the chat to my teammates and suddenly I get points off from the game for being AFK when I was just trying to write a message. I was also playing in random classic and there was a lot of long range attack people who were camping all the time in their crystals and just attacked us from distance, I was playing with Zilong a warrior type hero so I didn’t have much range so all I could do was try to drag them out but I kept dying so when we were voting for surrender a guy on the chat says “everyone in here is trash” in that moment we lose but I need to leave because I had to eat the next thing I know is I got 1 ban for feeding and I know exactly just who was the one that did that. In that moment it was too late I couldn’t ban him for being a negative player instead I got banned because of something that I couldn’t stop from happening, Now I can’t even play classificatory even if I’d want to thanks to the unfair banning system.

- Awesome game but this needs to be fixed.

Some events I can’t participate in because I don’t have FaceBook. And I don’t plan on getting it. I would like to invite friends back without FaceBook. And I would like to do other awesome things, like getting rewards without the only app they say to use. Other than seeing an improvement in this, it’s overall a good game. Lots of Hero’s to choose from, and cool, gone things to win/earn. I’ve played this game since I was a little kid with my first tablet, and I loved it! I still love it to this day, and I am glad that a lot of people enjoy such an outstanding game. I love how they ask the players about improvements they think should be added. They ask about the artwork to make it fit the peoples interests. I think they’re doing a great job. I also forgot to mention the reports. I don’t understand why I can’t make a report of my afk teammate(s). It’s annoying. I get reported for being idle for 5 minutes. 5 MINUTES!! So when it comes time to “write my alibi” it’s not “good enough”. The creators should look at the battles instead. I even tell the players that I’m going afk, and they all understand (I hope). I hope everyone realizes I have a life outside of technology. I have a family, two dogs to take care of, and people to take care of. I can’t be locked in the game ALL the time.

- Bruh

First off, I just wanna say that I LOVE & HATE this game and I spent a well over $1k on it. Omg, anyways… I just feel like ranting today. Yeah, So anyways lol Now that I’m at a higher rank (Legend IV [used to be Legend II]), but get invited to play against Mythic Glory or Global ranked enemies, we end up losing horribly. Feels like we’ve been cheated. I don’t mind losing if the match feels fair. PPL still cheat and get away with it. How does someone have a 100% win rate that used to be Mythic Glory rank but currently is Master rank?? something seems a little SUS!! Also, if you pay attention to the Leaderboards, you can see some Ranked games that are only 3 minutes long. SUS!! Starting from #16-#19. The extent of these cheaters just to get up to the leaderboard is ridiculous. PLZ remove these players who still cheat just for “status” clout. And I thought India was banned to play this game in their country? Why are they ranked 1-3 globally? SUS!! besides scam phone calls, what else are they good at? lol jk i LOVE NAAN AND THEIR CURRY!! Also, Mythic players sure like to trash talk a lot. Even towards their own random teammates. It’s true what they say about them. FACTS!! If you want to communicate with me PLZ do it politely. I have made many successful reports towards toxic people and their behaviors in MLBB.

- Cheat loyal players

I have been cheated on so many things and customer support is almost impossible to get a hold of. For a very long time I would not get anything for getting mvp or gold medals. I have signed up for starlight privelages and it does not last 30 days it makes you renew as soon as the new month starts. I just opened a chest that was supposed to give me a new skin and I got skin fragments instead. Nowhere did it list that fragments were a prize and I took a screenshot of the chest for reference. It says “open and obtain one of the following skins randomly: crystallized predator, royal muskateer, pale flame, steam researcher, dark gent, battle Buddha, dark rose, phantom blade. I clicked claim and got fragments. I also found that my friend that I told to start the game has different perks where she was able to partake in something called gratitude draw. Also her starlight membership is cheaper and I remember when I first signed up it was cheaper but I have already spent so much money to support this game and I feel you take advantage of customers like me. I am beyond frustrated because I can’t get a hold of anyone to help. Also as a starlight meme er I should have been able to collect 200 stars instead of 100 but it wants me to upgrade AGAIN. I am not going to do it anymore. I am very disappointed in the way you cheat your customers that try to support you.

- Beware of sore losers

I’m sorry. This is literally the 3rd time I got banned unreasonably. Forgive my tone in advanced but I have to put my foot down on this one. This is unreasonable. I just got banned and I know the reason for it is because I’m not participating in team fight. It’s not my fault my team is feeding. My credit has literally gone so low because of all the sore losers. I already told them to initiate retreat, we need to gank first at least in the FIRST 3 minutes. It’s not fair that my credit is going to go lower again, because 1st: someone didn’t wanna take on the responsibility of actually roaming and killing minions so I go to the turrets when they are under attack, forgive me for being new and not realizing that the enemy might be ambushing; 2nd: someone just couldn’t accept that someone in their team was new at using a hero and accused me of feeding and 3rd: now the teammate wants to feed and we didn’t. I’m sorry that I was a jungler and I wanted to provide good gank for my team. This isn’t fair. I know I’m gonna get a message that my credit has been docked again. This is almost bullying. Please let me know to who I can talk to about this. I’m really not happy. Thank you.

- Really disappointing game

Been playing this game for a while now on and off and when I got back into this game I realized how unbalanced this game really is, like seriously if they get something as broken as valir it’s just game over because they can invade more much a 5 man invade cause apparently that’s a thing in this game. It’s just so unfair when you have 2 people or 3 forcing to defend a buff that’s 50/50 against a 5 man when it should be 100/0 for the team defending it. I don’t understand how these creators made this game. It’s just a money making machine, that’s not gonna be fixed anytime soon. What I’m saying is that fix your game or this game gonna be dead when wildrift comes out. And for any new people that want to install this game warning, this game is unfair and unbalanced. Trust me I’m a mythic 1000 stars I know what I’m talking about. I’ve experienced a lot of stuff. Even the matchmaking I get players that are mythic 5 when the opposing team all have 500 stars and above that’s how crazy this game is. If your trynna climb solo, trust me buddy you ain’t getting far. You either have to be in a team of 5 or else your gonna get players that go 0/8 like I did earlier on today and lost the game due to it. It doesn’t matter how much skill you have this game depends on your team more than yourself so if your really good at this game and have trash teammates it’s a loss. Moonton I’m really disappointed I loved this game back then now it’s just so unbalanced and unfair.

- The Report System is BAD

I played Data, Dota 2 and Lol for a long time about more than 5000 hours combined. This game is great with everything that’s included in the game although it’s very identical to the others but making it mobile friendly is good enough for me to playing it. However, This report system is crap! I only played this game for five days and love to play rank, because of the short amount of time I don’t have a lot of hero’s to play and I use Marksman most of the time. When there is a lot of marksman, I tent to choose a tank. In that game that I was playing, my tank was taking by other people, so I kept use Clint that I was ranked 85th in the state. This guy said “don’t pick Clint”, then he said” don’t take my JG”. So I stayed at top against a tank and a marksman by myself. And of cause I am not winning the lane. This guy cleared the JG farms, I was in the game trying to found my way to farm up at this point but we lost the game. My scores was the worst in the team. After I left the game, I was reported as poor performance?! And they took my credit score. This is BS. If I would just fought my way out and take all of the JG Farm, we prob still loose but I would not be the doing as bad with better performance? If this is how the game works and if letting other people get what they want end up getting reported. I’m just done this this game. To talk to some one about this report need to type in so much ID, battle ID, my ID, Server ID etc. just not worth my time.

- I love this game but there are several things that makes me frustrated

I enjoy playing this game and I have been playing for years now but, first of all I have been not doing great in rank, classic, etc lately because Moonton nerfed both of my main hero's Chang’e and Wanwan. I get that they are very powerful in the battleground but they're hp is very low, they can easily be killed by assassins, and they need a tank beside them. Second of all, these crashes are starting to get into my nerves. I have IOS and every time I play a game it at least crashes once or twice. Once I get back to the game, we are losing instead of winning. This really affects the stars that I have been working on for a while and my teammates starts to get toxic because I left. Third of all The unfair players in the battle field, Right now I am a Grandmaster I in rank and whenever I get into Epic and get in the battlefield, 4 enemy players always go to our buff early game and kill the ones that are trying to get the buff. This always annoy me because it ruins our lineup and it makes things difficult for my team. Fourth of all when I get to Epic and unlock Banning, sometimes whenever I try to choose a hero it does not let me. I try to pick on different hero's but it does not work so, I get stuck with Lesley, yes I have played her the most but, I no longer play her. Please fix these mistakes so I and other players can enjoy this game.


Mobile Legends developers and customer service are useless. First, they lied and said that if you create an account with one OS (iOS or Google Play) that you won’t be able to log in from another OS. that’s a lie. I am an iOS user and My account was hacked over a month ago, from some guy in Indonesia, and the hacker bound fake accounts to 2 of the 4 binding options from the google play store. When I tried to unbind them, the game forces you to either log into the hacked accounts to unbind them, or to contact customer support. When I did, they took weeks to give me an adequate response to my problem. I finally got to answer a questionnaire by providing all of my account information, full with screenshots of ACTUAL purchase orders from my device, Along with the device name. Mobile legends proceeded to tell me that the device name that I provided them was not the device I regularly used to sign in. I had been signing into my iPhone 11 for going on about a year. I’ve sunk hundreds of dollars into Mobile legends, participating in rigged events designed to get you to spend the maximum amount of money for rewards and skins, and I regret ever downloading this game. If I knew that the developers didn’t care about their player base, I would have never played. The actual game is great and fun, but I can’t continue to support a company or developer who doesn’t help when their players have issues outside of their control.

- Lost skin

What can I say. Am a loyal customer and high spender in ML. I almost have all the event skins from epic to legendary ones. Recently I faced a weird issue on losing a won event Lancelot hero skin. I kept playing the 10x lottery roll out until I won the hero skin from roll out which made me spend all the tokens I received from rolling, about 1400 tokens on double exp and elimination effect. I mostly play only brawl games which is more fun for me than other modes. While in the brawl game they asked you to choose which hero to play with I choose Lancelot then I noticed the event hero skin which I won wasn’t there I thought it might be a bug or glitch so I didn’t give it another thought . After a while I checked again in hero’s gallery and confirmed the skin is lost. I am now in contact with ML customer support, but they keep asking on the approximate dates on when I won the skin and when I lost it. As I mentioned before I always brawl only brawl games . Sometimes rank games to reach grand master for the skin. So I have no clue on when I lost the skin. The weird thing ML support have my account ID and server ID they sure can know if I really won the skin or not. And why should I make a lousy false case on one skin which I won fair and square. People advised me to contact iTunes support and the YouTubers . But I still don’t want to make this an issue in a game I really love. I hope this review reaches the game developers and this issue is solved.

- Proper banning, paying, etc systems

MOONTON, your game is good and precisely entertaining to be compared by other moba games here. But heres my complaint about the paying system, banning system, other systems. Don’t focus too much on your heroes, focus about your systems since its stressing us, the victims of the system. Hire people that can analyze this please, specially the banning system. Remember children can easily be fooled and influenced by this, so ban those who predate children! I had a teammate harrassed by a dude on classic because of their profile pictures. I had myself bullied because of cancerous teammates that had no teamwork, i payed starlight back then but its benefits had no whatsoever change in my play. Please have mercy on us that supports you, have more starlight benefits that we actually deserve for paying countless of dollars in such nonsense such as trial cards and useless fragments.. Investigate before agreeing to ban a player, have better playing system for children. Actually give us starlight players good skins, please improve or enhance your systems moontoon stop focusing on useless bugs for now and focus on us that supports u or just gets banned for an unfair reason. Im sorry for the bad english i hope that you guys actually read reviews and do something about us.

- Fix reporting issues!!!!!!!!

This is my second review today! I’ve recently downloaded this game, so obviously I’m still learning how to play it and get used to it. However, I constantly get reported for low performance and “feeding” when I’m not intentionally doing that. Not to mention all the insults from other players, like what do they expect from someone who just started playing this game? Do they expect me to be an expert right off the bat?? It’s so frustrating and unfair how I am put against more experienced players, but yet I’m the one who loses credit points and gets insulted for being a “noob”. This is a bunch of bs! Don’t get me wrong the concept of the game is fun and addictive. They just need to fix all these false reportings and rude players. Also, do others find it weird how you get killed right away by one hit from another player? I barely get into a fight and I’m dead right away without even being able to get a hit! Also, the community is so toxic and so unwilling to even help! I get into the chat and I see nothing but desperate people looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend. This is not a dating site! I installed this because I wanted to play a game that looks fun, but I get rude and desperate people who falsely report others and a company that is unwilling to fix these issues. This just ruins the game!

- Great game but it has its flaws

I have enjoyed this game for about a year and a half now. I would like to say that it is perfect, but it has its flaws. One of the BIGGEST thing is that not everyone is good at the game. You may be wondering why this is a problem.. It’s because it will always put me with a bunch of people that feed (constantly die), while the other team is always full of pros, that dominate the noobs on my team. Another issue is that it will tag out a lot of words, heck it even tags out some of its own her names. I will be trying to explain to someone something, but it’s half in asterisks. On the topic of the chat, it will mute you for 2 hours if you trash talk a lot. It sometimes muted me for no reason. I don’t cuss, or talk bad most of the time, so it’s no reason for me to be muted. Being muted is really annoying because someone might have a pice of equipment that they should upgrade or delete. I can’t tell them however, as I am muted. One of the last problems is the community. This kinda goes with everyone being horrible, but people just talk trash a lot. I do like that there is a mute feature (makes it so you can’t see said persons chats), but it can be annoying to use because they might say something helpful.

- Really fun but needs some fixes

First of all I have to say this game is really fun and I have been playing for more than 2 years now. I like this game because it is not just pay to win. You need skill and determination to win matches which makes this a really interesting game. The gameplay is amazing and matches are mostly fair. I say mostly fair because I still get matched up with feeders and afk people even after the credit score update. However, this is still a great game and Moonton is doing a great job by constantly improving it. Sadly, every hero Moonton releases is OP and breaks the game. Literally every new hero they release is broken and Moonton doesn’t do much to balance them until months later. But until they are balanced, it is really frustrating to go against them. However, one thing makes matches more fair and that is draft pick because in draft pick you can ban heroes. But draft pick is only for epic rank and above and if you haven’t reached there yet, it will just be versing the same OP heroes every round and losing a lot. With all being said I still think this game is really good but needs a lot of improvement. Thank you for taking time to read this long review ;) P.S. I can’t update to mobile legends 2.0 on iOS 13.1.2 right now. Is there something I’m missing or is it not available on iOS 13.1.2 yet? Please reply.

- I love this app... but

I play often and I love this game the format the gameplay the story everything. I admit I even spent money on this app and I never do that. My only problem is that every time I play I get kicked out, I’ve checked my game always has the most recent update my ping is at 22 and above I’m always in the green and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Every time I start a rank, classic, brawl —the game doesn’t matter— I get kicked out which is unfair to my teammates and I. It’s like my team is always at a disadvantage not having me for the first 3 minutes or so to close out the app restart and get through 2 separate loading processes plus the opening screen ads. And I’ve tried to go to the help page but it froze my computer so I am at a loss. If the developer could fix my problem I’d give it 5 stars but if I can’t play how much fun is it? Update as this keeps happening my credit score keeps falling making it seem as if I leave the game and inconvenience others on purpose. As this is the systems fault I feel it’s absolutely unfair that the game penalized me for its own short comings. I have tried to contact support again with an error page occurring and when I try to click the link if this occurs the next page never loads or there is nothing there. I just want to play this game normally, and I hope it’s not my account that’s corrupted or something like that, because as mentioned before I have spent money on this.

- Not fun no more.

This game has been really fun. Until every time I go classic, the first 2 min, I get a two-swipe killed inside my own tower by an ADC! An average game is around 20 mins. Tanked up with armor and I still get kill in 2 hits. Not even tower can take me out that fast. Even my own team is wipe out inside a tower by one ADC for example Alucard with NO ARMOR! Customer support, don’t bother, because it’s an automatic bot answering system. No rewards for reporting hackers. I’m not a sore loser, but if they can survive at my spawn point and kill me. I’m sorry, that’s rigged. Fix the customer report, replace it with an option where we don’t beat around the bush to send a simple email. Stricter sentence for hackers. Instead of this 2 point system and can’t match play, ban completely if they breach rules and terms! What’s the point if you have hackers who can hack into your system and you punish them with 2 points for being good. Who would want to play that game fairly again. I’m getting tired of having 5 players throwing all their ults at a single player. Yet that single player’s life bar doesn’t move and we end up at spawn point just waiting for the game to end. If this game showed the statistic of how much damage I received. I would post the first minute of how an average min goes and how a hacker 1 shot me, but it doesn’t. Please put more effort into securing your system. Internet might be big, but you should know the difference in coding as soon as the game started.

- Horrible reporting system and toxic community

There is no investigation into reports, you just get banned if you get reported. Like for instance, you’re trying to learn a difficult hero and get reported by toxic kids because you are trying to learn, in a casual match. Really not a good system at all. Pretty much every other match someone is spouting racist, bigoted or just generally insulting comments. Obviously not all are that way but there are enough that it ruins the experience. But hey don’t worry they only ban people who don’t preform well. Update: 110 credit score, dominate most games not the best but better than most, try to discourage toxic players, spend money on the game... pretty much exactly the type of player the devs should want to play there game. Well again I get a ban for feeding. Why? Because we got decimated. The entire team. There was no intentional feeding, tried my best the entire match but there was nothing I could do. They just steam rolled us. Of course there was one player who blamed everyone else and reported me for feeding. Despite everything I stated in the beginning I got banned for this one match just because someone reported feeding. You know how many times I reported players for being racist or just insulting other players and you know what they get? A warning! Yep, that’s it. I love this game as far as gameplay but their reporting and banning system is complete bs. And my rating will remain what it is until they fix it.

- I love this game, but about favoritism...

I love this game I’ve been playing it for a really long time and really the only character I use is cyclops, a character that’s been in the game for as long as I known. You don’t know how excited I get when I find out they’re releasing a new skin for him, cuz he literally only has like 4 skins as of this review. Then I see a character like Miya (the main cover of the game) and she has all these cool skins they added for her, and then I see Layla which is a character that’s used a lot and she has a lot of skins too, and then there’s new characters that get added to the game and they get a lot of attention and end up getting a lot of skins as well. I kinda get bummed out cuz I feel like they should focus on hyping up every character so people can spread out and maybe find interests in playing other characters, because the characters who get a lot of skins are pretty much the ones being over used every game, like you mostly see a lot of Layla’s and Miyas and stuff. I know cyclops isn’t the only character that’s been thrown in the alley, theres absolutely more people who would like to see their main get some good skins.

- Ranking

They are trying to make a good game. It’s well designed, art is great. But they think that they can punish any small mistake. If you lag, the punish you for ‘exhibiting afk behavior’ which they then take control with an ai. Another issue is if you don’t do the best in brawl mode, which they provide two characters for you to choose from. When provided with two characters I never play, I chose one. I didn’t do spectacular, and I got punished by the system for ‘poor behavior’ when I tried my best with a free character I’m never going to use and against good characters and players, not to mention that I lost 3 credit points from the system and then lost 4 from players reporting me. I actually got kills and assists too, and it’s in BRAWL, which death is a necessary part of that mode. They also record and infraction on your account. If you leave, because yeah, life happens outside of the game, you get punished. This game has so much potential if they would fixtheir punishing system. I normally play causally, and I think they should have way less of these punishments on that mode, because, as I have already stated, life happens. Ranking mode I totally understand the harsh judgement, but causally is how most newer players get into a game, and this game doesn’t do a good job if you have an external life outside the game, perfect internet connection at all times, and endless hours.

- Very fun and competitive game!

When Moonton launched this game back in 2016, I was really confused about the details and the mechanics on how to play this game. My bestfriend introduced me to this game in 2017, I hesitated at first because I am not a “gamer-girl.” I mean, I do not like to play mobile games. Until all of my friends installed this app and they forced me to download this app on my phone. I read the details of this game and I was frustrated at first. But when my friend taught me how to play this it was really enjoyable. I always play whenever I have free time and it seems fun though. This game really increased my sportsmanship and competitiveness. I also get to play with my friends through 5v5. Heroes also have their own unique powers and skills that makes us easier to destroy turrets and defeat enemies. I really am moved by this game. Great! But the problem is, ML can use a lot of battery percentage causing the phone to have a bit left. As said, ML uses 20% usage. And also, it is always lagging whenever we are in a battle. It uses so much internet that causes us to lag and lose in a battle. In buying diamonds, you should decrease the cost of gems so many players could buy more skins of certain heroes. That’s all. Thank you for this wonderful game, upgrading is a must.

- The game

I love this game, I am always on it. Tho your game has sound and video issues sometimes your system doesn’t catch and you take my score down multiple times for the same incident when it isn’t even my fault my screen isn’t matching with the battle, which is another reason I understand some times people have to put their phone down, they are adults can’t always be on their phone with that being said I like the afk score system but it has flaws such as being scored for the same incident multiple times taking your perfect 100 down to an 89 for ONE incident. It’s a bit ridiculous and some poor sport can even report you for something that didn’t even happen so your score system needs better development if you’re gonna take peoples privileges away from playing their game on their OWN phone for afk or bad behavior. Also you should only be allowed to report a certain amount a day or when someone goes afk in rank mode the first time it’s excused from your star score but any other time that a WHOLE ANOTHER person causes by going offline/idling I feel a star shouldn’t be taken period since the level of the game is very unfair it’s not like the bot you program is any good and runs around not helping the team. But if all these problems were fixed this game would be a 5/5

- “Report” :)

Honestly i love this game and i play it almost every single day ! Just one thing that gets on my nerves and annoys me is that i face the same issue every time i play with childish people.. for example im playing rank mode and during the game i farm drop in team fights and so on.. in some cases the other team is ahead so what i try to do is when my time is in a fight i try to push in any other lane to take advantage which is a good thing got us as a team to drop a tower or two ! When the game is done and either we win or not sometimes they report me just because im not with them a several fights !!! And my rating is higher than theres ! This is very annoying honestly ! And how dumb the reporting is done is that even though they report me as AFK and im in the game and my rating is either 8 and above or even MVP i get banned !! Just because people reported me doesnt mean that im supposed to get banned ! Plus the report isnt proper or fair or even right ! I lost many credit points because of this issue and im continuing to loose them!! Im guessing im not the first person bringing up this issue and im a 100% sure no one will take any action towards it.. :) Solve this issue because it isnt fair !!!!!!

- Amazing game but

I love this game it’s very fun but what I don’t like is that hero’s like Angela her attacks barely do any damage and her mana goes down really fast. Also I don’t like how you actually have to buy diamonds it would be nice if you got diamonds for when you log in like you do with battle points and when your in a match because their are a lot of people like me who can’t buy diamonds and their are a lot skins I wanna get but I don’t have any diamonds. Overall the game is amazing I love it but I would like if you could get diamonds like in a match and when you log in like you do with battle and also it would be great if Angela’s attacks were stronger and if she did not lose her mana really fast. Also the lag and crashing is annoying, I can’t play without it crashing every 5 minutes. I’ve tried everything but the lag and crashing won’t stop every update makes it worse. Whenever I update mlbb the game gets more laggy and the crashing happens even more. It used to crash only 1-3 times but now it’s even more than that please mlbb fix this it’s annoying and I hate going afk because of how the lag and crashing is.

- Report hacks

The game itself is nice but you can go through 10-20 games with mvp and good stats and have 1 single bad game and you get reported and get hammered by thier faulty useless reporting system. You get smashed for 10+ negative points and lose battle point cap. On top of this the system is entirely rigged so if a group of 2/3 friends play with you on your solo classic and rank your at thier mercy. Do what they say or they report you at first chance. Since the system sees more then one person collectively it’s automatic nothing can be done. They tryed a appeal system which only saw it once before they booted it. Again useless because the system is being abused everyday by people who are salty because they lose one game. I wouldn’t recommend this game at all since the reporting system will make you want to quit after so many good games you get brought back to the point that you gotta do 10-20 games again just to get perfect credit score of 110 only to be hammered again on 19th game and have to start all over. ***Move onto other titles if you do your research and check other games with less headaches***

- Mobile legend Changes

This is a fun game with great potential, can easily be a 5 star game, however the whole match up system is terrible, they put you with people who don’t speak the same language and look like they’ve never played a video game like a bunch of cave men discovered fire. The game can’t really tell how good you are and if it did it should probably team you up with more comprehensive people, and yeah I understand the more games you win the better match ups you get, hah not! really I loose because I get cavemen on my team or straight up children probably who have gotten carried by goats and landed their way into a match they don’t deserve. What they need to do to change this game from a headache to a hand magnet is to stop the whole team cc bs, what I’m talking about is the ability to troll your own teammates because you don’t know how to play the game or are just mad that someone is better than you, ban jawhead, understand that there’s a potion for it but there is no need for one, waste of my time to worry about shitheads, oh and definitely change the matchup options like play with people in U.S only and team up against whoever, I swear the lack of communication and comprehension in this game makes you really want to bad mouth this game.

- Absolutely terrible

I don’t understand why this game is so popular. From every other MOBA I’ve played, this game is by far the most unbalanced with irregular mechanics. It makes absolutely no sense why you should require every individual who wishes to play without paying a single cent, over 20-30 hours to accumulate enough coins to unlock a character as well. There’s simply too many features that are just screaming for you to pay upfront just so you can enjoy the overall experience. Poor character designs and gameplay only ravaged my experience as well. As it should be understood that every character has their strong suit, it’s just absolutely unbearable to be able to do anything against players who have yielded hundreds of hours into this game, causing for an unfair gameplay no matter where you go. This will by far be the most disappointing MOBA I will have ever played, especially for its stupendously huge community. I would have expected a better experience than fancy visuals and the array of characters to play from, that you can’t even play without investing hundreds of hours into. Not everybody has the tenacity or endurance to put into this game. It should be more flexible and enjoyable for players all around. It’s player base is toxic and unbearable, not to forget. Nothing about this game screams at me that it’s amazing, and I’m left with disappointment.

- Terrible CS

I have played this game for over two years. I have invested days worth of play time and quite a few dollars, as well. However, after reinstalling because of constant lag on multiple stable networks (which I had to do numerous times over the years), I was one day unable to access my account. I was not overly concerned, and hit up the CS robot (the only option), followed the steps, and submitted all forms, documents and proof of account ownership required. After several days, I did it again. And so on....for over a month now. All with the same result-empty air. Not even a cricket chirp. It is hard to put into words how let down...taken advantage of...robbed...I feel. I really don’t know what else to say except my last post to the “Customer Support Bot” of “Your CS is non existent and I REALLY didn’t want to have to be put in a position where I had to ask for my money back and write a bad review for this game. However, the lack of....anything....on your part in resolving my lost account issue leaves me with literally no other choice. Except just saying “oh well”, which I will not do. I literally don’t have the words to express how disappointed I am.” .....(Thanks copy/paste). I was going to post a few pictures here to demonstrate the process I repeated multiple times, but apparently that’s not possible. This is only the second time I have ever written a review of anything in my life. Good luck all.

- update crash twice now

i have been playing this game for about 3 months now, purchased a lot and just bought a starlight seasonal membership last night. i have done this because overall the games addicting, and i don't care about all the wrongs and negativity other people think it has, as i play just to talk and have fun with people. I have given this app a 1 star because after last nights update and i updating through my app store ... when logging on the system reads as though i wasn't able to update or haven't yet. when clearly i have if i go to the app store and its says that the app is up to dat. Now this isn't the first time this exact thing happened, i had the exact same problem and trued to go to customer support but its just so complicated their that i couldn’t right about the trouble i was having so after awhile i was able to email them, how? i forgot but i guess being on the support app helped that. i didn’t get a email back until 6 days later... in the meantime i was inpatient, (as i said the games addicting) and uninstalled the app. so therefore i had to make a new account hit level 8 and the switch accounts back. Now i figure i have to do the exact same thing, which i really don't want to, especially everytime there is a update. so until they can at least help me or create a better way to log back into your account then my review will remain a one star.

- These are just some things that I would like to say!

I want to say the i frickin love this game! But I just want to point out some things! So um one time I was in a match and my parents called me not knowing it was online and they called me for something important! So I went to them and I helped them but I had to wait a whole DAY to play again I literally cried... but the point is it was an emergency and I had no way of telling the game I could not play so can there be an emergency mode so like if you have an emergency in the middle of the match you can press that and get back into the game and if it’s over you don’t have to wait to play, that’s just an idea! My second thing is, Can you make it easier to get money??? I mean I see so many characters I want and I don’t wanna spend irl money on game money! And after I buy one character I can’t buy anything for like a month!! Please make like quests that give you money if you complete them! It would help you get money way quicker then you can get more characters and outfits!:) That’s all I had to say! FYI I love this game I’m not hating just giving you ideas!

- Amaaaaazing game!!!

I love this game there’re are a bunch of heroes and characters who’s story’s really add to the drama and fun if anything in my opinion the only bad thing about this is there’s not a whole lot of game modes or maps seriously you only have one map and just a different design for if you want a load of people (not that you don’t already) you should add where the map can change every so games I also think to keep the game fresh and new you will need more heroes and game modes the only games seen as good as this was vain glory until their update but the way you have almost made vain glory move aside so you could shine in the spotlight as well only more thing you need neeeeeeed to add is where you can defeat a jungle monster and it can go on the middle lane and help the teammates you would have the best game in existence and you would be number one in the whole App Store there’s only one 5v5 game better than in a show I watched a few years ago but forgot the plus it was not on mobile just pc so I have to say I think this game has a lot of possibility’s of becoming the best 5v5 srry I wrote such a long review have a nice day good luck 🍀🥳🥳🤣😁😆😉🤪🤑👍

- 50/50

I think it’s a great game, obviously got potential because it has esport events. I like the graphics, like the smooth gameplay the touch haptics a little late and how the game is played, the setting of it it’s game modes are great. I like the Duo Battle Royal you guys had with Beatrix, some of the hero’s could use a damage nerf like gusion, cyclops and wan wan. Issues: This game has more bots than players, most of the foreign players say racist messages, I’ve seen a few players in-game talk about folks parents in game and wish death upon some of the family. This is some of the things this game devs does not expose or handle they let it happen especially foreign decent players. This game is just a game, unlike the esports players who get paid, these players are recreational players such as myself but you folks will allow people to talk about people families and when those people retaliate and those being targeted and offended are the ones penalized, I would not recommend this game to any of my friends... This is what I seen playing in ranked and mostly in classic. Regardless if it’s online or not no one should talk about people families nor ethical background. Translation comes in handy on this game. Suggest players use it. You’re welcome.

- Could be best 5v5 mobile game IF...!

I’ve played mobile legend for over 6 years now. And I got to say that this is one of the best mobile game I’ve played in my entire life, it’s fun, thrilling, and has amazing quality. Beside toxic players in the game telling each other to “delete the game” it’s still very addicting. And I’ve even recommend this game to others. The problem though is the huge lag in the game. Of course all multiplayer games lag but in this one it’s very common. In majority of the match I’m always lagging and if I’m really lucky I won’t lag so bad to point where the screen freezes. Now the lag is not the baddest part of the game because the CRASH actually takes the cake. In my recent match I’ve crashed about 5 times! I know that it could be low GB but I’ve tried with higher GB in another device and I still crash. I would appreciate it if the developers find a way to end the crashes and prevent high lag in the game so all their supporters and players could enjoy a better and toxic game full of name calling. I’ll continue playing MBL cause I believe that probably in the future of 2020 that this issue would be improve. Keep up the outstanding work developers you have my support! 👌

- I delete your game

I play this game for 5 years. When you are start release. But now every daily daily I disappoint your rank system. I am solo player. I reach mythic with many problem. Nob player . Afk. Many other stupid player. Finally i reach mythic 3 . Today i play rank match at this night 1:20am . I am mythic 3 yeah mythic 3 . You join me faking epic couple myanmar and faing legend 3 . Why? Why they are in mythic rank? Finally i know , you are ranking system is so poor . Poor management make u r game to failure. Dont worry . In next two year. You have to biggest fail.i swaer.I bought manay skin from you. I like you r game . But not now. Please kindly all mobile player , plz see my review and think you should download or not? This game is so stupid because of our myanmar people. I am myanmar too. But i am the solo player who reach mythic with no one. I am good player. I try to reach glory with solo. But don’t hope. Never you get that glory without squad. This game ranking system is so poor . So , i would like to tell Don’t download this game you will be disappointed when you so enjoy this game. Plz dont download

- few stuff that I need to talk about…

Okay, I’m a newb to this game, I joined today. I’ve had problems with the report system and the penalty system. First of all, I was in the middle of a battle and I had to do something real quick. I was gone about like 30 seconds to a minute and I got a penalty from that. Second of all, I just got out of a battle and I got a notification. I got a penalty. I don’t know what I had got it from because I didn’t break any rules the last round I’d played. The penalty system is too sensitive and you have to fix it. I guess, this is my last problem. So I did pretty horrible this one round because I was playing with pretty good pros. After that round I took a break for a while because I did pretty bad. I came back to the game after a little break and it gave me a poor performance notification. The reason was because I was a negative player. I didn’t really do anything I’m new to the game! I cheered my team and the other team at the end of the game. The penalties are too much and it’s unfair. You have to confirm the reports and not just give penalties for false reports. Please fix this but overall, this is a very epic game.

- Almost amazing!

I absolutely love this game. It’s definitely one of my favorites (which I’m sure other people have mentioned), and I would definitely recommend playing it! But I have a problem with this game. I don’t mind being jumped on cause my teammates went afk or whatever happened to them, but I really find it infuriating if you ban a player for ‘bad performance’. It’s hard enough to keep the credit score up to play rank matched, and even more annoying when you take points away for things that you can not control. Such as what I mentioned. It is not my fault if it is my teammates first time playing that character, they’re a beginner player, ect. (Which I’m not shaming them). So banning characters for poor performance, ESPECIALLY when they are the ones doing a decent job, just a weaker character so they can be easily jumped, is as I said, infuriating. I also hate the afk banning. I can understand that the teammates need extra help, but you all have to realize their lives can be busy. So I can understand a punishment for them going afk, but can you please consider lessening the punishment for it? But other than that, it’s an amazing game, great graphics, etc. Thank you, and have a good day.

- Changed for the better?

I don’t ever wright reviews but I like this game as much as it frustrates me and I’ll explain my opinions on this game. I started playing this game when it was new only a handful of characters that being said it has come a long way many more characters and abilities which is great the game is doing good and offering more but now the main thing that gripes me is with development of new characters means new abilities and they have been very focused on assassins/fighter type characters being heavy in damage and ultimate abilities focusing on being immune to damage which is very upsetting when you play against someone who goes 15-0 if you don’t use or have a “broken” character on your team to counter them or carry your team. they leave a lot of older characters unchanged and unable to keep up with new ones. Same goes for tanks if your a person who loves tank hero’s it’s tough in this game even when you have a fully decked tank it’s still no match for heavy dps characters. And there are a lot of people who are toxic. People going afk and losing a match because of it. I’d definitely recommend playing this game or at least give it a try best part is it’s free no harm if you don’t like it .

- Good Developer, Toxic Players

Honestly this is THE best-developed casual MOBA game in the market. BUT the matchup system and toxicity are driving me away from the game. I would get matched with AFK players five games in a row while the opposition team suffers the same, which completely ruins a 5v5 game. It gets even more frustrating when teammates or opponents are toxic. Speaking of toxicity, I mean plain racism and cyber bullying. It’s way more than just players harshly commenting on others’ skills or whatsoever. It’s PLAIN RACISM.. ask any players who spend longer time in the game. As soon as they see certain flags or profile pictures, the racist comments would just flood before the drafting is even finished. For more cyber bullying, poor kids playing this game better have a strong mind to hold on or turn off the chats. The problem is the developer doesn’t pay much attention to this. The reports won’t do anything to violators but reduce a few in-game credit scores. Honestly if the developer wants more players to join the game, they should spend more efforts making the game environment less frustrating. Wins and losses in MOBA games are very common and natural, but having no enforcement or maintenance on player behaviors is irresponsible.

- Matchmaking is busted

So I’ve been playing for a while now and each time I want to play ranked there’s a few issues. First half the games I play have trolls in them, people unwilling to switch characters,people who go afk just to then come back mid game and say some random excuse, people who will run down mid cause they didn’t get the character they wanted. I’m in epic 1 and can barely get back into legend but the problem is that match making isn’t good. I wish there was a way to exclude people in certain categories like say if you wanted to play against people in your region, like that would make it so much better and it would break the vocal and written language gap for people to play more tactical and team based. Most of my games are with people in other countries and I’m always in vc but I can’t understand anyone and it’s frustrating because I want to play the game but I can’t since the vc doesn’t have the same options as game chat. I really love the game but the matchmaking for ranked is just god awful. I wish it could be more user friendly since so many people in epic-mythic are acc buyers or trolls and it makes the game so unfun since I’m playing with people that have the skills of elites and masters.

- Horrible Matchmaking

I have been playing this game for over 3 years, and I feel like quitting sometimes. Before, this game wasn’t as popular as it is now, and when you send a survey to the customer service, they actually reply to you. But now, as the game gets more players, they started to ignore what you submit. And that is a really big problem. Second, unbalanced hero power. Heroes like Yu Zhong, Khaleed, Barats and many more. Basically, the new heroes are all over powered. To prove it, the ban rate of these heroes are really high in ranked. So hero balance does not exist in this game. Third, unbalanced match making. You guys should really take off “5v5 fair MOBA game” from the title. The match making system is absolutely trash, you get teammates that are skill level equal to Elite. And I am Legend I. Almost never getting some high skilled teammates, so basically solo ranked is not a good idea because no matter how good you are, your teammates will either feed or AFK. If this happens one or two times I’m fine with it, but it seems to be happening every match I play, I am very disappointed in this game, buffing unnecessary heroes, nerfing unnecessary heroes. Overall, I am giving this game a 1 star until this problem is fixed. And I do not recommend playing this game, because people in this game tends to be very toxic and Moonton will do nothing about it.

- This game is amazing! But it’s horrible and I don’t wanna continue...

I love this game it’s like the only game I’ve been playing for over a year now. But as time went on this game got worse. The match ups are broken when I get in a lobby with all my friends we get try hard mythical glories on enemy team. When I solo que I always get feeders on my team. It’s impossible to keep my wr above 50% Bc I can’t do anything abt the match up system. And if you win two games in a row which you need to get ur we up you face enemies you don’t stand a chance against. I love this game so so so much but idk if I can deal with this anymore. I’ve been playing other games but nothing is as good as mlbb. I love mlbb sooo much I try custom but it’s boring cuz I destroy my friends. I don’t like any other game mode that much. It’s just impossible you know? I got mvp with fricken Eudora 8 games in a row, all loss because mlbb doesn’t know how to match make. But the old mlbb is a 5 star now it’s a 3 star. I’m just rating it 5 star Bc it won’t get read if I don’t. Don’t download don’t get sucked into it. The community is toxic and racist as well.

- Needs WAY Stronger AFK PUNISHMENT!!!

I love the game, but the AFK punishment is far to weak. People are taking advantage of it at their teams cost. We all suffer from AFK, and they only lose 5 points and a small time they can’t play. A player will literally go AFK if you take their preferred player, die to early in a game or is mad because someone on the team tried to give them some advice. I have never been AFK once besides having a network issue. I’m in Epic/Grandmaster area and it’s ruining the fun for me and a lot of my friends. It’s almost impossible to win when a player goes AFK, it’s not our fault but we are punished the hardest by losing the star. It waste about 1 hour each time you lose a star due to AFK because you need to win 2 games to catch back up. I understand we can’t always get star protection because that can be exploitable. However, can they please lose 2 stars if they go AFK in a loss? I would feel satisfied. That message saying my report was true and they lose -3 credit with small time not able to play doesn’t make me feel satisfied at all. Please consider having them lose way more credit or some extra stars. I can tell you this is a community prob in grandmaster and epic rank. I’m tired of it please help us. This is a potential 5 Star game.

- Wow

New update doesn’t allow u to by a jungle item unless u have the jungle spell called retribution. They can’t balance hero’s correctly so the take on the role of change the way u spend your coins in-game. Bad bad idea. The only reason they did that other than just balance hero’s is only because they wanted to make the people who new what to by weaker in-game. And there’s a certain hero this really messes with if you know how he works. This is the lowest this game has gotten and it really hasn’t been that great, yeah let’s take the fun of knowing how to play away from people but let totally forget about the higher ranks cheating for things like a maniac(4 kills in a row) or maniac(5 kills in a row). Let not worry about them at all take away my items bc I don’t need a spell just so I can’t achieve those “as easy”. This game has gone down hill so much tryin to be like League of Legends(LoL) and as long as it’s been out, it has never been on the same level. The creators get their dicks hard on a new hero making them OP (overpowered) then barely nerf them as they realize that hero is too strong. Good job moonton for letting your longest lasting fans down. Only way your getting a good rating anymore is from someone who just discovered this game after the update. Not that they care about the people who have been playing anyways.

- Love the game but a quick question...

I have played this game on and off for a while and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the unique characters and such but as of recent a single characters design and play style has made me re-download the game again to enjoy for another long while. The character I am talking about is Dyrroth. The only real issue I’m encountering was when everything was completely downloaded, including all the characters and skins, Dyrroth is not on there for some reason...? I’m not sure if this is happening to anyone else but I just found it a bit strange because I’ve seen gameplay of him before and I don’t understand why he wouldn’t be available to me for purchase. I tried googling it to see if anyone else was experiencing this but it seems that no one else is. It’s like he was never a character added to this version of the game which had me quite confused because I know that’s not true. I’m just hoping I can get a little bit of help maybe because I would really like to try playing him. But besides that I really do enjoy this game and will keep enjoying it for a long while. Thanks again!

- Cancerous Community

Now I’m being honest, it’s addictive as hell, but the community is a downfall. Whatever you do wrong results to you getting trash talked and being called a “noob”. The community doesn’t really bother helping those who start the game not knowing anything, and about all of them think that everyone can just join the game and know everything that is required in a certain rank. The developers don’t even really bother helping out the community as well. They did add a “mentor and apprentice” system, but that barely helps. Most people wouldn’t even bother accepting those who need help. Many have quitted for this reason and another reason is that it’s sorta a money pit. Example: the lucky spin for the Legendary skins like Modena Butterfly, you have to spend over 10,000 diamond which is about like probably $200 dollars. Is it really worth it? They also have another one which is for limited time, really cool skins, which you have to get everything in the spin and then get the skin, and it’s about 1-2k diamond which is a lot. It’s not worth it. And the developers are corrupted in my opinion. There’s this cheating system called 221 or 22 that was recently found (and most players that do it are in NA so be careful), and they support it. So to all new players, please be aware of the community you are gonna enter.

- Great game but

This game is an easier version of League of Legends basically. I find it fun to play when I’m out on a long train or car ride and need some more action than Angry Birds. The champions are so much fun to play and the similarities between this and League of Legends has made learning really easy. I also love how you can just purchase items without having to recall back to base. My only concern is, I’ve never played negatively in my games, EVER. I don’t trash talk or even speak negatively of other players. If I do, it’s definitely not in the chat room and I would keep it to myself. I’m not one to harass another player for being bad. What I don’t understand is the game is telling me that I am severely violating the policy and I’m being threatened by the game that I will be banned. Don’t know how that happened. Could it be because I pub stomp and go at least 10 kills and no deaths each game? Am I being reported for being good at the game? I can’t know for sure other than the game is constantly telling me that I’ve done something wrong but I won’t tell me what that is. If this is a bug of some sort or if your reporting mechanism is working properly I would ask that you guys fix this promptly. I love this game but it’s a shame that this is a problem.

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- What happen developers? An honest review

I’ve been a fan of ML since the beginning. And i love every bits of it. But since the past updates, the game doesn’t run smoothly and i always experience bugs and lags. I have a good internet connection but whenever i pair up with my friends, my connection or “ping” started to turn up higher. Like if i’m at the homepage of the game, my internet signal is green as the grass but when i join my friends it started to go higher and turning into red (from 23 then going to 284 or 290 suddenly). This has always been my problem for the last 6mos and i thought it will be fixed by upcoming updates, but i guess not. I have uninstalled the game before and didn’t play it for a month because i got sick and tired on how the game runs. I just recently started playing it again, but again this latest update makes it worst. These problems have been affecting the quality of ML and the experience. It also leads to being reported and losing stars/rank. I hope my review will reach the developers. Try to listen more to your players and improve the game more. Read our reviews. I hope this could help. And for the meantime, i’m going to uninstall the game again.

- Broken system

Believe me when i say that this is a great game and should be tried out if haven’t yet but there are a few things that needs to be adjusted. First off, this is a pay to play game, you can tell because skins for a hero gives them a slight boost in-game and puts free-to-play players at a disadvantage and i do know that there are events where even free-to-play players can obtain a skin but they’d end up with a skin for a hero that they don’t even own, which would make that player feel disappointed and feel as if they have wasted there time to even partaken in that event. How this could be fix is that the game could give you a slightly higher chance for a skin of a hero you play most often with. Secondly, the match making system....oh boy the match making system....can’t trust no body at all, even if there’s a mythic on your team don’t get your hopes up on being carried and put less efforts in the game, cause you know why? It’s likely that they are cheating and abusing the matching system using 2-2-1 (search it up) it’s so annoying for players who tries to solo queue and climb the ranks trying to deal with toxic players like this (i go on major losing streaks and i even cry at times...) I really don’t know how fix this but one suggestion could be ‘mythics only versus mythics’ anyways...add me ‘Rxsh’

- Terrible Matchmaking, Gambling features

The matchmaking algorithm (like hearthstone) is designed to keep average players at around 50% win rate. Therefore teaming up with completely trash/noob players when soloing becomes more common the more you win, eventually leaving you completely unable to progress. You need to play with and against progressively more experienced players to improve your own skills, like any competitive game or sport. I actually hate with a passion that this sort of thing isn’t illegal. The game design is centred around a gamblers psychology which draws the player in to giving away their money with minimal, to no real reward. Therefore rigging anything within it’s features is actually directly or indirectly affecting how much a person may choose to spend. More often then not they do. Especially when as a new player you feel an edge can be gained from a purchase. There doing something even worse then P2P. Because nothing you buy gives you an edge. But your led to believe it will. Most good stuff is locked behind some gambling feature or another. A child can’t enter a casino but can DL ML:BB and begin to hone there gambling addictions. Why not just have a soul Moonton and do the right thing. No fixed matchmaking algorithm and more reasonable pricing on purchases with nothing resembling a gambling feature.

- Great game! But some players...

I’ve been a fan of this game for a while, it’s a really great game and in app purchases aren’t super expensive which i think is awesome. However I think there should be more monitoring on chats or just an option to hide the chat in general because there are so many rude players who can really negatively effect your enjoyment of the game. When I first started playing I wasn’t very good, obviously, and I had a LOT of people calling me names and just being plain mean. And there’s no way to avoid it. Sure you can report them afterwards but it doesn’t do much while you’re playing and having to see them all say that. It would probably be hard to monitor EVERY game so i think adding a feature where you can hide the chat would be helpful so you can avoid getting mean messages while playing. I’m still giving this game 5 stars though because It’s the people playings fault this is a problem, not so much the game itself.

- Fix Matchmaking

People keep asking why there’s so many bullies? Why people keep talking badly about new players? It’s obviously because of the matchmaking, not the person in general. I’ve played Classic so many times and the amount of games I’ve gotten where I have Elite, Grandmasters and Warriors on my side while the enemy team has Legends and Mythics. You guys need to fix the matchmaking, it’s not even fair for the new players. How are they suppose to learn how to play if all they can do is die considering you match good players with new players. You need to seperate Warriors - Master and Grandmasters - Mythics because it’s not fair at all whatsoever. I’ve been losing and I’ve not been enjoying the game because I keep getting unbalanced teammates, I understand it’s at random but the amount of times I’ve been paired up with new players against pro players. How is that fair? Even when I have pro teammates and we’re going up against rookies it’s sad because they can’t learn how to play. This might actually raise your stars up if everything is balanced out more because even after losing 7 games, I get one good game and that’s it, is this how the game runs? You lose 7 matches so you’re automatically paired up with rookie enemies? Please fix the matchmaking, it’s unfair on everyone that plays.

- I hate the reporting system. Get it fixed.

I love mobile legends more than the next person, however this reporting is thoroughly ridiculous. Before downloading, I suggest reading both my, and other’s feedback. Being reported for being AFK (Away from keyboard/device), Feeding (Not playing it safe) and Low skill is so nasty! I got reported for feeding and now I can’t play ranked! What is wrong with you!? It’s hurtful! Think of others! Stuff that should be reported should be swearing, hatefulness, scamming, all of that stuff! And what do you do? Exactly! You should know! Think of the new players, people who don’t know how to play that well, etc! If you’re afk, just tell your team and you should be fine! Please remove the current reporting system, and make it fair and reasonable! The bullying is so extreme! They call people terrible and horrendously names, report you for reasons that feel like bullying, and you should read other’s feedback too for more! If you don’t get this bullying fixed, fix that reporting system and become more strict, you’re game could possibly get shut down because of cyber bullying. What would happen to your company’s reputation!? I love mlbb, but I don’t want to play if this is what happens. I love your company, and I don’t want to see it destroyed because of this. - An angry player, IsLoves Puppies YT

- Unfair reporting, strange matchmaking, but great gameplay

1. The reporting system is really unfair. Being able to report a player for ‘low skill’ or ‘feeding’. Most people wouldn’t enter this game with the intention of being the worst player in their team. I’ve been on the receiving end of bullying in game chat, as well as reports for having a lower KD ratio than other higher level players with top line heroes to play with. 2. My first two days playing this game I was rewarded with mvp on a number of occasions, against formidable opponents relative to my skill level. Now I’m constantly being matched against ‘Elites’ and the like, people who p2p, with top tier heroes, skins, the works. Which leaves a noob like me in a crappy position. I want to play the game, I want to get better and build my skill, but I’m finding that difficult when I’m constantly put down by my teammates and now regularly the worst player in the losing team. 3. Overall, the gameplay and concept is fantastic, the graphics are great, occasionally I get lag issues, but nothing too bad. Just the other points mentioned above that make it hard to want to keep playing. Nobody likes to lose, but nobody wants to be targetted by master players for being a noob.

- Only 2 things y’all need to fix

So um there is only 2 prom lens I have with this game how people can be so rude and mean my cousin was playing this game and she was really sad because her team was calling her noob so she never played that game after that so can you take away the option to report people for low skill because that happened to me and I already have low self esteem I don’t need this too so yea and also take away the chat option what I have noticed during the few years I have been playing this game nobody uses this game unless they are hating on you for low skill or just using a starter character like Layla do maybe I will pick this game up again if you take away the “chat” option and the “ reporting low skill thing “ please I know people actually try to have low skill but think about the people who are actually new to this game and think how they feel about how many horrible people play this game is really disappointing seeing how good this game is but those are my only complaints otherwise this game would have been great thanks for reading oh and one more thing this game sometimes is the reason why I don’t play games like these - a random Korean person you don’t know irl

- Big improvement needed.

I loved playing Mobile legends and I haven’t played it in a while. So I decided to pick up the game and play it with my cousin. HOWEVER I am fairly disappointed with the changes and what have been added. I highly suggest that you remove the option to ban someone because of their “low skill”. I think that is just being mean. It also shows disgusting behaviour of other players from around the world saying very mean things. They banned my cousin for being bad. And my cousin was a new player. I feel like this is a feature you need to get rid of. Because it’s not making people happy. And certainly won’t make first timer people choose to play this game again. It’s through options to ban people because of low skill is what’s causing cyber bullying or so to happen. My suggestion is if you want people to enjoy your game. Remove that option. You basically copied league of legends and that’s why you got sued and lost money. League doesn’t do that, which is why they are successful. You need to give people a chance when they are still learning. And people with foul language in the chat should automatically be banned by the game developers. Please don’t be a disappointment for the future. I have high hopes for this game to improve.

- Reports bullying me

I think this game is awesome and everything but one thing I hate is reports. I have just started the game and I was new to the game but ppl started telling everyone to report me for ‘low skill’ I have then discovered that u can report ppl for ‘low skill’ I think that is extremely unfair as most ppl don’t ‘try’ to be bad. Also most of the reports are inconvenient such as ‘feeding’ and again no one intentionally feeds. This is extremely annoying as reporting someone to be bad at the game is a type of bullying in my opinion and I hate that u can do it. If there was a report for ‘bullying’ I can understand but those reports were rude and I just started so I felt like everyone was just being mean to me. It made me feel very uncomfortable. I hope u understand that those reports were kinda bullying and inconvenient. Please fix this so I can play bully free and play without ending up feeling bad. I know this is a whole bunch of writing about the reports but I think it needs to be fixed as ppl like me that takes time to get better at games gets offended. This ONE change will make a huge difference for me. Sincerely yours, Sakura

- Matching problem

First of all, i quitle like the game, i like prefer playing 5vs5 than those shooting games. And i can play this game overnight without any coffee. But one of the things that make me feel so uncomfortable and sometimes i also shout out loud, it makes my roommate shocked, that is the matching system. As original, the normal match mode allow us to find a team to play with if we dont have a team, the problem is why the system mix new players with those who already played this game before, it is not equal and fair because sometimes, the enemy got all of those trained players and for my team, just me being teammate with all of those newbie players. Sometimes it makes me feel very annoying in that situation. I hope the matching system will improve about this field. Surely there're thousand of other players are concerning about this problem. As you said creating a fair game, but this is not fair, this is annoying Thanks, Kaitf1995


Mobile Legends is actually one of my favourite games, and I would really like to give it a five star rating. However, recently my game (and many others') has been lagging so much during gameplay and there are times where my game just completely closes, forcing me to reload the whole app. This not only disrupts me, but also affects my team members due to my player going 'afk'. Almost every game I play, I encounter teammates who are afk during the first few minutes of the game or they go afk in the middle of the game because their game shut down, turning the game into 4v5 or even 3v5 (no longer the 5v5 it's supposed to be). On top of this, the wifi connection is constantly disrupting matches, as it will keep jumping from like 20 to 300, which only adds to the lag, and I cannot play properly because I die for no reason. Overall, these problems are affecting players' credit scores, win rates, ranking in rank, and there is also the potential that teammates are badmouthing each other due to something the player is unable to control. Mobile legends PLEASE fix this bug ASAP. Thank you :))

- Mobile legends pliz get rid of cheaters

I think this game is awesome as well. Its just many people uses cheat in this game just because they want to win so BAD. But when you look in the other team’s side it is so unfair. They also want to badly win the game but they cant because they get blinded by the black shadows. So when someone is killing them, they cant see and so they resurrect. You know, its not BAD to badly want to win the game but it is bad to cheat because thats the norm. Even on School they dont allow cheaters. I am just fifteen years old and I get lose many times because when someone is killing me, all I saw is black shadows on my screen and I dont see the enemies killing me. I dont know if that happens also to my teams but all im saying is I wish you all could just get rid of the cheaters because when I grow up I am gonna report mobile legends as a game of cheaters and im gonna get rid of the game i am telling ya. My dad got lots of $ in our bank account.

- I don’t know what half these reviews are talking about, this game is great!

I’ve been playing this game for a bit over a year now and I can safely say that I’m going to be playing for way longer as well. This game is the closest alternative to Lol but with more simple mechanics and ‘noob’ friendly. It makes me ashame of the community when I come on to the reviews of this game to see ‘paid to play’ or ‘broken system’. For one this game is not paid 2 play as I am a free to play player and have reached the highest league in ranked known as mythic. The only thing you can pay with real money would be skins which have no benefit in ranked mode. Second the matchmaking system distributes the players based on skill level so having a ‘noob’ on your team means that the other team will more then likely have one too. I’ve honestly got no suggestions for the game the story line has been amazing. Keep up the good work :)

- Reporting system and matching game

The reporting system is so ridiculuos. For examples, i was a beginner (warrior) i played classic because i want to learn more before i play rank. I was learning estes hero and i die once in that game we were lost and surrender because our enemy team was too good and someone reported me for mild performance, my credit score get deducted 3 points. Which is where i do not understand why is happened. Everyone was mostly bronze only one silver. And why would they have to reporting because my performance is mild. I mean i am not afk, swearing trolling or anything. This make me so sad. This online game is good. But the systems need to get fix. Even in classic dont never ever hope to find an easy enemy cause i realised sometimes i have to fight against legend and mythic which is so unfair for me as a warrior and new in this game, how can i learn , i dont wanna lose start i dont wanna get reported what should i play? Vs A.I was not the best idea because this is online game, it should be versusing online people. I hope they can fix it and be fair to everyone especially new players. Thank you

- The game is good, but with so many problems

Matchmaking is very dodgey. It needs to be more fair, and when playing ranked, I always end up with the AFK people, and I lose stars a lot, even when I’m MVP Loss. You need to add trial cards for heroes for every single one, because I’m tired of getting the exact same trial cards. The spinners in the shop are super rigged, I spent plenty of diamonds on the magic wheel, but every time, I only get emblem fragments. The game is extremely glitchy, causing lags throughout game. I have a good device and internet, but the game keeps crashing, having game penalties. I try resuming back to game asap, but sometimes I get credit score deduction. Also my friends have tons of BP, and she really want to buy me a hero since I don’t have enough cash, but when gifting, you have to spend diamonds. I really want to gift and receive trial cards and heroes.

- Good game but one problem...😫😫😫

Mobile legends is the best game in the whole entire world!!!but there is one’s not the characters or the maps or anything’s just because of one problem...when I leave the match a box comes up and mail saying that I was afk/disconnected and 5 of my points were taken away but how is that a violation?!!!! You can’t just take away points from people who were AFK or disconnected because they might had something else to do and had to leave the match! So please fix this problem and correct these things cause when I want to get in a mode I want to play it ASAP! So please fix this if you can. Thank you and good luck mobile legends

- Please look into this

So i have only just started playing this game a few days ago and i was hooked straight away. However, there are just too many downfall that i have decided to stop playing. First of all, there is absolutely no place for a newbie like me. For someone who know how to play and get it good for you. Me on the other hand, learning how to play for the first time of course i’ll get killed many times! but the problem is people will called you names and report you for feeding and i didn’t even play rank just classic to practice. I did play with AI before i tried classic but the difficulty of playing with computer and real person is not the same. How or where else am i going to practice? When people never give you a chance to do so even the system doesn’t even care and just take your credit points because someone reported it without even looking into detail like whattt? So done with this bully. Byeee

- money is all they want

Mobile legends has great characters but i'm really disappointed. First of all, the ping gets really high when playing with friends. My friend has perfect wifi but still has a far amount of ping. This needs to be fixed. She cannot enjoy the game at ALL because of this. The matchmaking is terrible. For some reason whenever i play a game, i'm always matched up with pros that are far more greater than me at playing the game. They won't fix this at ALL. People have been complaining about this for so long yet, they won't fix it. This shows they want money. They want us to buy boosts with real money and play the game a lot even though we can't win. I can't even get good at the game because of this. My team fails because of this. Because of that, cyberbulling is a big thing. People will report you for "feeding" and call you a noob and other insults. This is what i hate the most about this game. I need everything to be fixed. This ruins the whole game.

- Bad things

U guys don’t really care about review!! It’s really retarded u all care about profit and money this game has bad matching making we should deserve a gift! Ok money profit that’s all wow u guys don’t care so improve the game and make People happy!!! Ok it’s So stupid The system of the game UPDATE! Money stupid profit don’t care u should care then why did u Make the game when u don’t care u Idiots! So Please CARE FOR US U only update for new skins hero and modes to make us happy but that is not enough so pls improve the game and I see u guys don’t Reply to FEEdback!!! That’s proves u don’t care!!!! About the review!!! This game says “FAIR MOBa!” Wow pls change that or make it that way broken system and matchmaking! So pls Legend vs legends MYTHIC VS MYTHICS it’s really unfair to all the people who love the Game! And looks like u don’t care so CARE I started loosing streaks I cry sometimes because it’s so annoying because of matching with toxic players and trolls ok FIx the game pls for all the PLAYERS I’m thinking about quitting or UNISTALLING

- To Developer.

I’m playing mobile legends since 2016 or 17 I love this game in fact more than any other mobile games however there’s always been a problem not to mention as many players have already said it all enough but the problem I’m facing freaks me out. Like In the middle of the battle the game completely goes back directly to my phone home screen and when I enter again it stars with the whole process and sometimes when I finally enter the battlefield the game will be end or almost end and I get reported or AFK behaviour punishment moreover my rank decreases and it’s absolutely ridiculous. Nothing on this earth makes me furious dn this MLBB problem. Begging the developer to fix this asap. I’m tired of installing and uninstalling this app. If it continues it’s high time for me to jump onto next game app! Good day 🌸 Love, Layla player 🌸

- Unfair system

I’ve been playing this game for a while now, this game is very addictive and I love all the unique hero’s and learning their skills and mastering them. I highly recommend getting and playing this game, this game will take all your free time (and my study time). But there are some problems that I’ve noticed about the game; -The reporting system I find the reporting system to be very unfair as any player is report another player (even if the claim is false or insignificant). Making new players feeling unsafe and scared of people reporting them for unfair reasons and they feel like they should not to play, creating a more toxic atmosphere. And the players who do violate the rules don’t get punished enough as they should. -matchmaking I also find the matchmaking unfair. Most of the time I queued up, I go up against people way above my league. I understand queue times would be long but I prefer a little longer queue to be with players with my skill level. -pay to win I don’t see this being much of a huge problem like other games I played, but paying will give players advantages, they recently revamped Freya and made her a lot stronger and now the only way to get her is to pay. I would suggest adding a way you could earn these diamonds for free.

- Great but so much trashtalking

I’ve been playing Mobile legends since 2018 and i like every thing but only 2 things that i truly TRULY hate. The matchmaking is terrible, they would give you a winning streak, followed by losing streaks which is horrible if you are a rank player. And the people do so much trash talking even if they are the same rank. Higher ranks would call newbie idiots for doing so and so. They even do that if the victim has a lot of experience using that hero and if they die like 4 times, the trash talking starts. Its like they are the best when they aren’t at all. I hate that we can’t force people to stop trash talking and i would rather delete this game. The talking would go so harsh that it makes the player delete the game, out of rage or feeling guilty for being a newbie. I think the trash talking should have a harsher penalty because its becoming a big problem and it hurts my heart.

- This is not a criticism but I just think it’s unfair

I honestly really like this game, but I was playing a round, and our team was losing really badly and the other team was really strong. We voted to surrender and in the comment section, a player from the other team said ‘what a bad team’ I said it was a bit unfair since you were way stronger than us with better characters. When I left that, I wanted to play another game. But a messages pops up saying, ‘ you have been suspended for a 6 min for being violent in the game. I honestly have no idea what I did wrong! The next day I wanted to play again and another message pops up. You’ve lost 15 points because of violence action and after 90 points is gone you can’t play rank. I’m really frustrated about this and can you at least tell me what I did wrong. I like and I’m not putting criticism but just I think it’s unfair.

- Astoundingly terribly developed piece of software

This game lacks the ability to store and/or watch replays... so you can’t even really improve your gameplay unless someone is watching you play, or you use a screen recorder (which increases CPU usage which can contribute to latency- which is a big issue). Additionally, there is a hero that can only be unlocked by purchasing diamonds. If you want to remain free to play, you will never unlock her. Additionally, when you are in a group, the exit button and minimise buttons are switched. The convenient button is to exit the group. I always end up leaving the group by mistake. Also you cant use bluetooth headsets to communicate in teamspeak. During matches you can’t see names of the heroes (only the players) which again makes it incredibly difficult to improve. All in all, im only playing this game to chill with my mates. If my mates didn’t play this game I would have literally no reason to play this as it’s riddled with terrible software design.

- Matchmaking

This game could be worth a 5-star but matchmaking in classic and rank is a joke. Im pretty sure a lobby of people will pair against another lobby. It’s pretty fair in that regard but solo queuing is impossible. I’ve reached mythic and after the season ended a couple days ago, I’ve been paired with people who aren’t aware of how to adjust or how to play their role or play as a team. Multiple times I’ve been left without a tank, sometimes too many many damage dealers, some do not even know what the buff is and who is more important to take the buff. These are all mythic players. Currently I am in a 7 loss streak and I have about a 37% win rate on less than 20 games or so. In most, if not all, of these losses, I’ve come out as MVP and showed significant difference in skill than those in my team. I try my hardest to win and not give up but it is almost impossible. I play on oceanic servers.

- Just build an AUS/NZ server already

If u want to release the game in this continent, make sure whoever downloading from Oceanic App Store is going to have normal gaming experience. By normal, I mean no ping spike when I’m playing with fastest NBN, I mean no sudden frame rate loss that results in mad sudden death in team fights. If u not ready to treat your clients with respect they deserve or u just don’t give fk about their feedbacks, just don’t release the game into the market. The most ridiculous thing is, when advertised as real ppl MOBA, now the game doesn’t allow me to join the matchup and suggested bot game. It has been like this and not even a single fix was released, how arrogant can u be, Tencent? I have seen lots of ppl complaining same thing s since long time ago, they just don’t care. This is just stupid. The game itself is actually of good quality, nice graphics and nice champions but this network work issue just simply killing it. BTW, release the switch version into AUS pls!!!!

- Lag lag and unfair matching

Super lag in match, after every updates it seems getting worse. I was kicked out of game sometimes even in match then tried log in again but unavailable. After deleting and downloading again it was fine for a while. But even my ping so good it still terrible lag in match. And even it wasn’t your fault when u have been forced for log out you still got punishment from afk. Match game is such a joke. You must be super lucky player or be a GM if u want win all the time because Almost every 2 or 3 wins you will match with nobs and lost 2 or 3 times. This morning i was in a match and been forced log out again, then the game ask me for update. I updated it but can’t log in again. I know I will got punishment for afk again but I m so sick with this game. This game just make u more stressful. I decide delete it and never play again. Through my epic rank with plenty skins I purchased before it ruin my life.

- Addictive but extremely annoying

I live in an area with very bad wifi (all I have to play network games is my dad’s phone). As a result, my ping spikes frequently and my character jumps in time or is a few seconds late with directions. Because of this, I have to wait for my game to catch up with where everything is and render it. This usually takes about 5-10 minutes and sometimes the reconnecting sign shows up. At that point I just give up, I stop reconnecting and refresh the app. When I hop back on, I’ve committed a “serious violation” by being afk, my credit score is lowered so I can’t play ranked anymore, and I’ve been banned for a minute. This happens every time (I know the reason why they have to lower my credit score) but hopefully u guys can make it easier for people with lower ping and slower wifi to play the game (custom is getting boring, since you can’t grind gold and get new heroes). Thanks for your time.

- Matchmaking system and game overall

Please do not play this game! It affects your mental health. That’s what happened to me. You start to get addicted and then u neglect everything in your life for this game. It affects your mental health TRUST ME! The matchmaking system is pure trash. When you are in mythic rank u get matched up with legends and epics. Even though THERE ARE MANY MANY MYTHICS IN YOUR SERVER. Thirdly is the toxicity in this game. Even though they made a new system to identify swear words, IT DOES NOT HELP. You will still receive racist comments (a lot), Getting made fun of because of the country you come from and people calling you many many swear words. Moonton barely even tries to prevent this. They literally ignored your reports on people who intentionally feed, Use profanity and idling/ going offline. It is very frustrating for me. This is how it affects your mental health guys and girls. Please do not download this game!!! PLEASE.

- Bit unfair when match making but over all pretty good

Ive been playing for a few months and I never grew bored and uninterested. It’s a great game though a noob like me gets scolded and gets called out for dying and not being able to contribute well for the team during matches. I would always get matched with people who are more skilled and has better skins and such which I think is pretty unfair as were(other people like me) unable to get better. It also makes me wanna just avoid playing ranks and matches cuz whats the point when your going to get told off and you’re also not leveling up. I’d be great if you guys could match players with other people who are on the same rank as them so they can improve and work their way up instead of going head on with pros without them having experience(?)

- AWSOME GAME but...loading screen is stuck help

This is one of the best games I’ve ever played and is my favourite but recently I haven’t been able to play because whenever I go on the app it wouldn’t load all it would say is ”unpacking resources please wait” So wait for many minutes and the bottom bar doesn’t fill up. I also wanna talk about how whenever I have low skills then someone would always call me a nub and say I’m new and they tell everyone to report me. It barely happens anymore but it happened when I was new, I want new players to play without getting any hate and also could make them not want to play anymore. So I really hope you can fix this problem that I have been struggling with, Please respond but this is still my favourite game. Thank you

- 1.Matchmaking is broken af 2.Ridiculously op heroes

1.Seriously, I had so much lagging. why do you keep on matching us up from different areas where a lot of players would lag so much that they could not enjoy playing? Not to mention whenever we do rank games, we matched up against really high ranked players like mythic 120+stars while we are still on epic. How does that happen? We get matched up against mythic yet we can’t do mythic to team up on our side as epics when playing ranked. 2.Yes. I know team playing is crucial to win this game. But recently, there has been a lot released that unutterably overpowered heroes that could easily sneak in and out with dealing so much damage in a blink of an eye. This is too much. Team of these Assassins would make your team’s tank player feel very useless unable to protect their teammates. And now moonton is about to release this aulrad, that again. Will one shot everyone with literally one single hit.

- Cyber-bully

I loved this game, no cap. The games is great I never had problems but honest don’t play this game because people in their is honestly toxic. A lot. No matter what u do or many reports you going to make they’re very toxic and they will continue playing no matter what. Ppl who play good get praise and people who like bad get say stuff like “u should kill yourself”, “get a new life”, “delete this game” not only that but they keep escalating it on if they’re have friends with them. I honestly had enough I love this game but I don’t think they should have comment section at all because that where everything happens and if the comment section was never there then it’s wouldn’t be much report bout negative player. This game had make me mentally unstable and lower my self-esteem even though they never saw me in real life, they’re called me “ugly and fat” and all of that. This game should do something instead of just lower their credit score...

- Negative Gameplay. A LOT OF IT 😒

I absolutely love this game. I love how it’s made. Yeah it has a few bugs here and there but all over it’s great. I’ve been playing for a while and finally just got to epic rank. And I knew more skilled people were gonna be playing. I must admit I didn’t play that match very well. But, instead what I encountered was, ‘Zhask, noob. Go kill yourself after this. Not worth living.’ And I know. Stupid right? Just a game. But this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered such negative gameplay. And I know it’s just a game and all and these are just dumb people that have a crack because they think they’re better and you’re “noob”. And it’s really kind of put me off playing it more cause you just get sick of it. Just a warning to anyone that wants to play, hope you have a thick skin because you’re no doubt gonna be abused.

- Spectacular Fail

The utter inability to actually play with people that listen and pay attention in ranked games is absolutely appalling, you guys need to take a serious look at your selves and think, yes I have made an incredible game, yes we’ve had 4 fantastic years and 18 phenomenal seasons. Yet you are still unable to understand that if you were an actual player today jumping into the game, it’s not the baby you once had thought you perfected. It is in fact a completely unbalanced game with some heroes being beyond OP. Yes I know those people who have been playing this game for years are saying “You just don’t know how to use them yet, ya nub” and that’s putting it nicely. But how are players gunna learn if you don’t have a player base that’s thriving and people communicating and cooperating like the game would suggest. Keeping it short, great game with potential but unable realise because of the impending competition that honest I have no doubt will smash this out of the water for those who actually want to pick up a new mobile game that’s strategic , communication based combat. Cheers for reading lads.

- Don’t use money for this game

It’s good app but very disappointing platform. One character can defeat 3 in few single shots is just one of the reason this game is becoming not worthy to use money to buy skins because technically its just a waste of money if a normal character can defeat you in 3 fast attacks. A bullet that can kill you in 2-3 shots, a team of all assassins that will not make you move at all and a character that you paid for but very useless. Players that can play rank mode but they are LAG or AFK but then you will loose star. Because of this it is frustrating to loose due to not so enjoyable game play and players, so what is the point of playing? Lastly it is now getting so laggy and I’m playing in a slow motion that makes me useless when playing assassin or mm like claude. (Even if I got good internet connection)

- Negative players please don’t match with me:(

I am a big fan of Mobile Legends and I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys MOBA type games. The matches are engaging, fun, and balanced which is great! The only downside to this game however, is the negative backlash and players you often come into contact with. In almost every rank game I play the teams are often criticising a player for not being as skilled. I get how this is important in higher ranks such as epic and onwards but in lower ranks I don’t see this as a particularly big issue. Also, the nerfs and buffs that certain heroes get in updates are slightly unbalanced; but this isn’t a very big issue as they can always rebuff or nerf a hero in future updates. Overall, great game, great gameplay and a more or less great community!

- Your right everyone is wrong

Whether your game is full of micro transactions that I myself have bought into hahaha anyways let’s get to the good part yes the game can be very punishing at times but when you really start seeing your progress get better and international friend groups and a satisfying realisation of what it is to actually win or be humbled and learn from your mistakes and get back on that horse and keep going I once was upset with this game cause I was a poor loser who blamed the game but now I see the light that mobile legends bang bang is truely an awesome experience just tough it out see what I mean.. of for the trolls don’t even pay attention to them they just losers in real life.

- Crashing and freezing

This game always crashes and the developers aren’t doing anything about it. The crashes started even before the “speedy” update. After every match i crash end even in game. Please do something about it it has been a huge burden for me and my friends who are also ios users. I had also encountered numerous times where my game suddenly freezes while my ping is very stable (6ms) in game. I have already reported about these numerous time to the mobile legends: bang bang facebook page but they either not reply or give a solution that doesn’t even relate to the problem. All these problems tend to be very annoying and reoccuring hence the one star. These are the very reasons why I decided to quit and discourage many of my friends to continue playing this game. With these problems playing really is just a waste of time.

- Fine Game, Worst Maintenance

I hate the lags most during a team fight and I have to loose star or get killed, not for my fault. Sometimes I had to leave the game due to lags and then I am penalised for AFK!! The players are so annoying at times, and the new heroes are usually made super OP (I guess for sales), which makes it unbalanced game start till end. The MVP is mostly determined by KDA and even when someone has higher hero and turret damage, he/she will be measured as silver. Developers need to figure out a way to see that many players are only going after kills which affects team play. It will be better if the MVP is given on the basis of hero damage, turret damage and turret defence. I love this game, I really do. Miya is my favourite as she is the weakest in the start but can kill anyone by the end. She was awesome with weaken and I wish weaken comes back.

- Mobile Legends- a game everyone needs.

I’ve been playing ML for years now and I love it. It’s one of my favourite games ever. But what I really don’t like is how- now, I know ur not gonna like this- the people without diamonds know that they have absolutely no chance of getting an epic skin. I know it gives u money when people buy but at least put an epic skin on lucky draw every once in a while. Even then it can be really hard to get. But please give us a hope that we might get one. Also, I think give out more trial cards. Try not to give out heroes like Miya and Tigreal, cos I’ve gotten a lot of those lately. Overall, ML is a great game. You’ve done well!

- Payed to verse hackers

So of course, on a daily, I’m committed to the game so I spend money. But the makers don’t really seem to have an idea that there are gamers who hack this game and make it very unfair for those who play and even spend money on this game. Trying to be as nice as possible.. This game needs improvement.. and frankly, you makers are way too busy bringing new things to bring back the old gamers.. and here I thought, I’d give the game another go, but sadly,, you makers have only changed the reporting system making real gamers believe you’ll do something.. question is, have you really? Plenty of BS comes round when makers become desperate for the income. Don’t just change your “concerns” on the reporting system. Investigate people who are cheating.

- Cool! Just a little change, please!

Let’s get down to business. This is a GREAT game. Maybe the charac are a little expensive, but still. Great rewards, daily login, heroes... the list goes on. Still, though. Once, I went to get my water bottle. I was offline for 15 seconds, 15 SECONDS... and it said something along the lines of, “you’ve been offline for too long! As punishment..” whatever after that. maybe when you’ve been offline for like, 5 seconds they should put a 30 second timer on your screen? And what if you want to leave in the middle of the game? You CAN’T! I think this is very annoying. Please fix this, developers! Other than that, one of the best games i’ve ever played on mobile.

- The problems about the game

This game is my favourite, but it has many problems; pretty much anyone can be an assassin, the lag is one of the biggest problems especially the matchmaking Grandmasters feed and trashtalk all because they don’t know how to play. And I have a my own problems I crash after 5 minutes of battling which is not too much of a problem if you just remove the freaking loading screen when players log back in and come to the everyone loading to 100% it takes too long, like you can jump into a team fight and crash before you land a skill it’s even worse if you’re the carry please fix all these problems because I enjoy playing this

- Review

Gameplay was very fun when there was a smaller amount of champions, eventually they added in a multitude of characters in a short space, some champions are not balanced and need nerfs or buffs, but otherwise the balance problems is it relatively good. But the game is P2W in a way, with skins giving buffs and requiring items to make your characters stronger, meaning newer players have less HP and damage, whereas others have a much more benefits, although small, they can make a difference. Getting new champions is very tedious and painful since it can take weeks to get 32,000 coins to get one of the normal characters. Other than everything I stated, the game is fun at times, yet can be frustrating at others. Thanks.

- Worst game ever and worst matching system

I would rather give 0 star if i could because the Most stupid matching system ever, in solo game if any of your hero win rare above 50%, and u have a good KDA scoren, the system will always, always forever match your team mate new player or afker or feeders who can be kills average 1-2 times per minute. And in this kind of team, feeders who eagerly to die in team fight time by time will report you negative play because they think you didn’t joint a must die fight. And the most unacceptable fact is this kind of report will be considering as true and the system will block you to join the next game. This game company just take advantaged of expericlence player to give new player a great game experience which win for free and stimulate them to pay for the game instore purchase. They never care about the normal player who came just for moba experience.

- Pls resell Gwen’s lotus skin

I love ML bB and im hoping that you please resell Gwen’s lotus skin or something girly and pink like that.. pls... and also pls give pharsa a new skin, hope for phrsa’s queen asian version and I will purchase it pls... and like what other people complained here, pls also be strict and review the profanity complaints because I do complain about rude players. I even received sexually abusive comments from an enemy player and I reported it but I don’t think it was punished at all. And i also notice that the matching in classic is not fair, many times teamed with elite and warriors then the enemies are mythic and legends. It’s unfair for the new ones.. they should also enjoy the game. Thanks

- Pay to Win. Bad Ban System.

I started playing this game, I enjoyed it. I got to Master 1 in ranked then just started playing norms just to try out new heroes. I played this one in particular umbrella chick I hated and went 0/11. Instead of the games system fixing up my MMR like normal MOBA’s, no I got banned for 5 minutes. Can’t enter queue and lost 12 credit points. I’m sorry Mobile legends that I play norms “flippin norms!” Not even ranked!! To try out my new heroes like a normal person, but no if I don’t do well with a hero I’ve never used I must be trying to lose?! Seriously fix your system. I’m legit quitting this game over this. I had one of the worst games in 3 months and at the end I get told I’m banned for intentionally feeding? Rub it in some more! If your system actually looked properly you would see I wasn’t just running in and dying, I had assists. Since writing this review I have read other reviews and noticed that a lot of people are annoyed with this as well, that you can be bad because someone reported you for low skill. I’ve also noticed that this game doesn’t care about you. It wants your money. Don’t buy anything. It looks like it will give you an edge but it really won’t. Better yet save yourself the trouble don’t download the game. 😊

- Please help my account!!!

My account is bugged! Hi mobile legends, I played a rank game with Kagura and when the game finished where it would load to the after game results something came up saying recconnect or cancel. I clicked reconnect many times but it wouldn’t connect so i clicked cancel and i restarted my game. I opened my game with it saying (error-9994) I looked through my history and the kagura ranked game wasn’t there but i could see it on the replay page. I cant play classis or any other game modes, everytime i click on “start game”. It wouldn’t do anything and i cant message any of my friends because it says “action too frequent”. I decided to reinstall the game and its still the same. Please help! I dont want to lose my account.

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- Mobile legend

Love this game!! Never take anytime to put in a review in a game, but this one rocks!!

- It's a ripoff of league of legends

But mind you it's a fun ripoff, there's "heroes" in this game that have similar characteristics of those of mobas , the map is similar to league , overall it's a good game to play when you don't have a computer to play league of legends , GL grinding scrubs lol

- Very laggy

Even with all the updates and my high speed internet connection, it still lags with hell and it's very unstable even with speed mode on or off. Disappointed 😡

- Still sucks just like 2020

I thought the last update was worse turns out this is way over the board. You make good and non toxic players team up with very toxic and low skilled players, making them lose. I thought we could enjoy this game? Why does it seem like you just want our money with diamonds and skins? I’ll delete ml when Wild Rift comes out officially. This game sucks even more because you even let hackers/cheaters win and damn don’t get me started with the lag. One more thing if you’re gonna make a game don’t copy from others or at least ask permission if you could get some ideas on different games.

- Wow

Great gamme

- Trash

Ur game trash. Kicked me out mid game and said there was an update lost the ranked game and cant play rank. Fix it. Ur game is already broken as it is

- Can you allow me to join please

The title says it all. But I have more. Moonton if you’re going to make a moba game at least make it original like smite or something but this is basically lol(league of legends)but the characters have different names. Also unpopular opinion but for someone who doesn’t really play on pc or mobile but more in console I would like the game to be installable on console....ik it’s literally called “mobile” but like I’m sure it would be better for me and possibly other players who want to play. Why are the characters so ridiculously expensive but you barely get any gold plz either 1.make the characters less expensive or 2.give us more gold or 3.both..... and that is why I gave you 3 stars but I’ll still keep the game on my phone incase you actually listen to your players fir once. Btw I’m pretty sure you lie about the rewards if you for example installed ml but the other game...I remember you saying that if we installed it we would get a skin spoiler alert I haven’t gotten the skin, and the tiktok account you said you have that was also a lie so I’ll change your railing from three all the way down to one. Oh yea there’s more I’ll wright it in Chinese so you understand 给我们更多他妈的是日常的奖励。我们从字面上只能得到50金。我们中的某些字体能使我们花大钱,所以我们不能漫不经心地花钱,所以我们不能他妈的买更多的钱。所以给我们更多的金!

- Don’t ever bother to open this app

Funny ethical company. When your teammate started yelling negative comments to your teammates. Report never works. Instead they banned good players. Give me a penalty for violation. What did I say? Tell your toxic teammate to shut up is violation of what? Really? I was upset and contacted the customer service but no response. The second day they give me a penalty again, for being afk? I’ve never ever been afk in any game. Perhaps this company likes toxic players. so be it. Delete the game.

- Really fun

It's a great way to play league without having to commit as much time into each game. Some of the English needs to be fixed but other than that the game is great!

- Worst Customer Service!

Worst customer service ever, worst second to none... No clear response at all, just money maker! Don’t download this game! Lack of Punishment on Toxic players that ruins good sportsmanship.

- Fix Classic Matchmaking Severa

It’s not a big of a deal but I don’t know how I’m in grandmaster and my teamates are elite and grandmasters. Then, youre gonna match us agaisnt Mythic and higher ranks? How is that possible? It’s rigged

- It’s Mobile league of legends

This game is pretty much mobile league of legends because the real one has yet to come out. All in all this game is really fun in my opinion, and for a mobile game definitely one of my favorites. The game can lag while even on good internet, but if experiencing lots of lag with good internet I’d recommend getting a better device, it’s most likely that your device can’t really handle the game. Overall this game is very good and I would recommend it to all.

- Frame drop

Iphone 12 pro max, but it overheats the phone then frame drops so low it’s unplayable

- Unfairness

Mobile legends would team you up with mythics and legendaries when your rank is an elite. This is unfair and they will call you out for your bad skills when you’re still trying to get better. Fix the match making to make it more fair for players for all ranks.

- Can I give no star?

Too many racist players! Worst match making logic, keeps penalizing me even though i didnt do anything! Just now wasnt allowed to play because I was “afk”? Go fire all your programmers! Useless game!

- Credit card charges

Hello, this developer charges my credit card for a purchase that didn’t go through, I tried to purchase 500 diamonds and my pay Ent didn’t go through and no items been received, after few days I just seen that this app charge my credit card anyways, I need this to be resolve.


We want Estes M3

- Matchmaking

Worst matchmaking ever. You get penalized because of your toxic afk teammates. More then 3 mvp losses streak because of toxic and afk players. And when u get mad and talk in chat I instantly loose credit and get muted. This is literally the worst matchmaking game i ever played.

- Ping

Please make Canadian players have a better, more reliable ping, I’m on the east coast and it’s hard to have a stable game

- Awesome

Been playing the game for a while and loving it

- Happy

I like it. I can connect with my friends in deferent country's

- Freaking lag

Can you please fix it my internet connection is at full but it still lagging. 😡

- Facts

The game always restart not just one time per game but twice or sometime 3 and 4 times like seriously my server is perfect and nothing is wrong but still the game crashes every single time I love this game but if it continues to be like that then I’m done with it

- Cant even get inside the game?

the title says it all..

- Late game crash

The game crashes during late game, especially on team fights even if I have a 3gb free space left in my phone

- No balance, extremely poor design

The game is truly one of the most unbalanced things on the market. Some characters are just multiple times better than others. In addition, it is a pay to win game since some perks are only available for the real money. The design is one of the worst in its class. Can be interesting just for kids under 12 y.o.

- Cross server

Your cross server sucks, like cant enjoh playing with oyher people around the globe. MLBB's cross server is Just pile of crap!!!

- fvck moonton

moonton why my account leave without permission fvck your game

- Bug game

The game is kicked me out everytime when I play for 10 mins


Fun game but would be better if company did not tolerate racial slurs in chat, username, and bio. They take cursing seriously and censor that but “don’t have the time” to censor racial slurs and not let people use them in their usernames. The company is careless and obviously racist themselves.

- Wewantestes

Moneytoon give m3 skin estes

- Fun game. Terrible store.

Was intrigued by the transformers promo, till I realized you can’t buy any of the skins. The only way to get them is through purchasing packs that cost between 13 to 30 dollars for 1 of 6 parts to the characters. Rather then selling the skin for 13 dollars or whatever like every other game does. That aspect of it alone was enough to delete it. This game is a straight money grab. Until they change that I’ll be on other similar games

- Bad

This games mechanics to pick teammates is so bad most of the time you either get bots or bunch of players who are worsened then elite but in legend this game sucks

- Mobile legends needs to upgrade customer service

Whats the point of customer service there are no responses.

- Laging on Nexus

Pls fix the Nexus Update I use phone 8 before the update it was perfectly fine but the update made my screen or FPS Lag plss fix

- Hero power points

It seems unfair that every time you lose a game they deduct 19 hero power and for every win they just give you 1 or 2 hero power, its frustrating, you should investigate this.

- RIP Copycat

Toxic players boring game plus LOL Wild Rift is here so goodluck.

- Trash game

They rig their algorithm to make you lose so that you’ll buy starlight to get more emblems to help you win, their reporting system is a joke, they don’t do anything about cheaters or toxic players, while you’ll get banned for coaching players in your game or being away from a team fight while trying to clear turrets. Just wait for Wild Rift in your region, and if you can’t wait, play Arena of Valor. Don’t waste your time on this dollar store moba.

- Excelling is based on purchasing

Doing well in the game and getting far is based on spending money on diamonds.. they don’t give anything for free and even all their events are hard to finish unless you spend real money to buy their diamonds. No thank you! I don’t spend money on games. Deleted :)

- Really detailed mobile game based off of League of Legends

People say it is a copy of league of legends, it is, but it is still a very detailed and fun game. One of the best games I have played before. “Lag”, your WiFi is bad, don’t blame it on the game.

- Unknowns error

Everytime it show up, nothing helps, because of that i lost my rank, what a hell wrong with this game....


Y’all really nerfed wanwan? She isn’t even good anymore, she does 0 to no damage. Oh and let’s not forget Lapu. Why did he get buffed? He’s areadky so FÛCKING OP and YALL DECIDED TO BUFF HIM AND NERF WANWAN? WANWAN WAS PERFECTLY FINE BEFORE BUT YALL JUST HAD TO MAKE THIS GAME WORST

- Stop resetting accounts with no way to sign in

I love the game. But every single time the game updates I need to start from scratch on my iPad. with no way to get out of the f***ing tutorial set of missions. I have to play 4 games just to be able to connect to Facebook and get into my account. This is horse s*** game does not ask me what account I want to sign in. It does not even check even tho it’s connected

- losing

I lose and to much hacker no fun and ultra lag horable people in game and swearing the game not good I do not recomend

- New update is horrible

I’ve been playing this game for a little over a year now on my iPhone 11 Pro. I’ve never had frame rate issues or connectivity issues until this most recent update. It is absolutely horrible. The frame rate spike is horrendous and making the game completely unplayable for me. I will be leaving this review at 1 star until this issue is fixed.

- Worst game ever

When moonton detects your win streak, they will give you a noob team. I don’t believe it at first because why would they rank you down. But it happened to me (not once but a lot of times). I couldn’t beat my highest rank(legend 5) because every-time i reach 4 stars, there goes the noob team. Then the cycle goes on. It’s really frustrating and a waste of time ranking up. Especially I am a solo player, I don’t know what kind of enemies I will be facing.


Can u fix this as soon as possible b? It’s interfering with my game and I know for a fact that it isn’t my wifi,

- deleting

there's soo many racist people on the game and it's incredibly dehumanizing as an asian who has to go through getting called slurs ("ching chong" "dog eaters" "bat eaters") in-game. the players who get rightfully reported and get their credit score deducted are extremely lucky. they deserve more consequences for their actions. 0/10, moonton does not consider taking serious consideration for verbal abuse.

- Good game but

Good game but, I have a problem with the update. I cant play rank because it says my network is not stable. I do the network test over and over and my ping is literally 40-50 ms...

- Amazing

You have to download this game it’s phenomenal

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I just obtained a new hero Vale in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Let's face off against the world's best MOBA players together!


I just obtained a new hero Vale in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Let's face off against the world's best MOBA players together!


I just obtained a new hero Alpha in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Let's face off against the world's best MOBA players together!

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I just obtained a new hero Alpha in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Let's face off against the world's best MOBA players together!

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I just obtained a new hero Aurora in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Let's face off against the world's best MOBA players together!

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I just obtained a new hero Estes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Let's face off against the world's best MOBA players together!

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Boston Rob

I just obtained a new skin Spirit Woman in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Let's face off against the world's best MOBA players together!


I just obtained a new skin Dangerous Love in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Let's face off against the world's best MOBA players together!


I just obtained a new skin Sanguine Rose in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Let's face off against the world's best MOBA players together!

Philip Morales

I just obtained a new skin Dangerous Liaison in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Let's face off against the world's best MOBA players together!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Screenshots & Images

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang iphone images
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang iphone images
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang iphone images
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang iphone images
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang iphone images
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang iphone images
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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Version Install & Download

The applications Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was published in the category Games on 2016-11-12 and was developed by Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., Ltd. [Developer ID: 910435102]. This application file size is 361.66 MB. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Games app posted on 2022-06-28 current version is and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: