Snipers vs Thieves

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Play as SNIPER or THIEF!!!
Multiplayer Asymmetric gameplay. Two Unique ways to play, as the SNIPER, take out the THIEVES and protect you CASH from being taken. As the THIEVES

Protect your CASH as the SNIPER or escape as a gang of filthy THIEVES!
Play online with FRIENDS in FAST PACED REAL-TIME PvP battles!!
Prove you are the BEST OF THE BEST!!


Two UNIQUE ways to PLAY!
Assemble a deck of EPIC GADGETS to use in BATTLE!
Collect and UPGRADE over 20 NEW GUNS!
Choose from over 150 MASKS and 30 SUIT COLOURS!
REAL-TIME PvP battles!
Missions to prove your skill!




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- Very fun! Would recommend!

I love this game so much! I've had it ever since it was released basically. And I’m very happy how much it’s grown! Lately though my McDonald’s WiFi has been acting up and I’ve been losing connection to matches but still getting charged the money for joining one. I think there should be a system added so when you lose connection, you don’t get charged. Of course the system will have to know the difference between “losing connection” and “leaving the match/rage quitting”. Also, people who rage quit should get charged extra money depending on what job they’re doing. Like the higher the job, the more ur charged extra for rage quitting. I think this will be very helpful. Especially to the people who lose connection a lot. And the people who are tired of rage quitters. And doing this’ll most likely reduce the amount of rage quitters... hopefully. Anyways, keep up the good work!😁👍

- Fun!

I am an avid gamer and have been so for years. I don’t write many reviews but I did for another game I am playing and for this one. This game is super fun and is put together really well. So you wonder why I only give it 3 stars? It’s seriously fun at first, but the more you level up, the harder it becomes and the more real money you have to spend. I’ve already put a lot of money into the game but I can’t keep doing that and it’s sad because you have to if you want to stay competitive. Yes the developers will tell you that you can play without spending money but that’s only if you want to lose at both sniper and being a thief. The cost of everything is ridiculous, especially the cool down of the gadgets. Everyone has their favorite but you can only use them once or be prepared to pay to use it again real soon. And, the guns are horrible. I’m playing another game with guns that this game should take lessens from cause they are way better. And, I’m not sure about ranks and stars but I am at 32 stars and I’m being put in a game with 48’s and 50’s and the sniper is that high too which makes it extremely tough. Anyway, I’ll continue to play but I’m not going to continue to spend real money unless they start giving us a little more. I don’t mind spending real money if the game is fair and offers more, but when it gets to the point where I can’t win anymore, I’ll delete it and move on.

- Addictive game, but too many bots.

First off, I love this game. Like, LOVE this game. The only time I put my phone down is if it’s at low battery. This game is very addictive, which is what any game should try to accomplish, and this game does it well. But there’s one problem, and it’s pretty big. The bots. I heard that the only reason that this game has bots is because it can’t find any online players fast enough for the player’s liking. If that is true, then I wouldn’t mind at all if I had to wait a little longer to find real people rather than bots. I’ve played lots of FPS games and most of their wait times only took about a minute or less. It would be great if it would be like that in this game rather than trying to rush the loading. Also, the sniper bots are WAY too op. When I know that the sniper isn’t looking at me, (by looking at the scope on the top left of the screen) literally as soon as I move out of shelter, I get shot at. But on the other side, if I’m playing as a sniper then the thief bots are the dumbest bots. They very rarely dodge. The only time I don’t play against bots is if I’m in a heist, but even if that’s the case, clan members aren’t going to be active 24/7. Even through all of that, I still play this game. If I don’t mind it, then someone out there wouldn’t mind it either, so get the game.


So I like to play games without paying and before the new major update the game was super fun and easy, not to mention straight forward. When you’d jump out into the open to charge your adrenaline meter it was like super fun because you didn’t know if you’d get shot or not haha and knowing you only had 3 tools to help you was like knowing you had one shot at stealing the money. And the snipers were super easy to use not to mention realistic where you could only see what you were zoomed in on. The game turned into trash after the update, I don’t know who pitched this idea for the new update but get rid of that guy like seriously; every shot feels like 2 seconds before you could take another shot (and god forbid you actually reload) when you put your thief in there open, there is no adrenaline meter to charge so they basically got rid of the whole sprinting and the tools arnt even tools anymore, put it this way it’s like when you reach for a peice or sweet bread that you had been eyeing for days and when you finally decide to eat it, you find out it was moldy... so you trash the bread anyways; this game was fun and the perks you got to use before the update was fun AND fair. Don’t download this game unless you literally just like to tap where you want to go; at least before there was more to the game then just tapping the screen

- Need improvements

I really enjoy the game but it still needs improvements. I liked it better whenever you did a barrel roll instead of jumping up into the air like a ballerina while dodging in the current version of the game, dodging seemed more efficient and something that you needed to do whenever that was the case but now it’s pointless to do so cause it doesn’t get you anywhere, anything at all it just slows you down. Also, whenever a sniper shoots some type of explosive at you, sometimes you’ll fly off the map and there’s nothing you can do but either wait out the timer or close out of your app. Playing as the thieves in the 12th job is quite tough given your gadgets can only do so much for you. Seems like the ratio is very small for the success rate of escaping in that particular job. I also liked it more whenever you’d get a stamina boost whenever you taunted so you could run faster whenever moving to a different cover, now the taunting feature is pretty pointless and doesn’t affect gameplay at all. Overall, I really enjoy the game but there need to be tweaks for the thieves to make it a more enjoyable experience for them.

- One of the best

I seriously have a problem where I get bored of games easily and end up deleting them within a couple of days. I’ve had this game for a couple months now and it’s super fun still 😁 I would suggest adding more gadgets like maybe for sniper a flaming bullet/trap/air drop where when the thief is affected will take continuous flame damage but as a side effect will run slightly faster due to the adrenaline. Something like that. Even new maps or a new game mode would be awesome! It would also be cool if you could create a party with your group where four people in your group are the thieves and one person in your group is the sniper, like a party match.. just to practice or something. This game is so well-executed and I honestly laugh every time I hear the sniper grunt angrily when missing a thief; really fun game. The seasons with the gold and money and eventually mask really keep players hooked into the game

- Addictive, Different and Fun.

Playstack has outdone themselves. Snipers vs Thieves is definitely an improvement from Magnate. First off, it's addictive. That's all a game needs to be. It needs to keep your attention. Many different games such as Merge House and Marvel Contest of Champions are fun for the first week or so, but they (as well as many other games) begin to grow old and boring over time. I've been playing this game for the past month and I still think it's fun. That doesn't happen often. Well done. Second, it's different. Sure, it feels like 3D Sniper Assassin on sniper mode, but I never thought to have been shooting players in real time. Neither did I think I would be running from the sniper. Yet another reason as to why I enjoy it so much. Lastly, it is fun. So much fun. Like I've said before, I've played this for about a month and I can't stop. I need help.

- Dodge animation

I love playing the game but how do I change my dodge I’ve been switching masks and nothing is working I liked the game before I realized that everyone has the same dodge the ballerina jump it baffles me why out of all dodges people would choose the ballerina also why are players forced to use 8 gadgets I had a strat as the sniper that would guarantee victory but now I’m forced to use useless gadgets like the jack hammer nobody even tunnels anymore but that’s not your fault but maybe it is since people are saying that you reset everyone I know you are gonna update the game again please make it so you can un equip gadgets to one of them, make spots where thieves can’t just get blown out of, and return different dodge animations to different masks of course these are optional but I was pretty disappointed when one of my favorite games took such a fall before the update the game used to be more strategic I liked that you could run out of energy but still dodge it made the game more of a challenge and better for most fans I’m guessing

- Very addictive

Game is really addictive and would love for this game to grow more. I love that it progressively gets harder but at a steady pace. As long as you don’t level up too fast your snipers stay good and give time to get a better one. As the thief I love that it gives gadgets to give that edge to ease that constant pressure. That and the icon saying that the sniper is looking at you or not. The pressure stays on all the time until you either get shot or hear those amazing fireworks saying you made it. That is unless you are the sniper. The tournaments and clan wars are so addictive to try and stay in front, great game. The only reason I chose four stars is because of how expensive it gets. It starts light but if you don’t level up the right items, 3 million can take a long to get back. And how fast upgrading gadgets gets expensive is kind of ridiculous. All around a phenomenal game and not quitting any time soon. Keep up the good work, Playstack!

- Most Epic Mobile Game!!

It’s so addicting, this game got me playing everyday, with my friends in heists. Very little bugs but most of it, it’s addicting very easily. I’ve been playing this game the first week it came out, I miss a little bit of the old days where the intro is opening a vault and boom there you can choose what you want to be either a sniper or a thief. I want you developers to add back the news thing like when you die as a thieve back in the day you get to spectate and it was like “Cops arriving in 0:00 seconds” and it looked like it was on the news-ish. Ya know?? I missed that part and you get to see which thief escaped or died last. Anyways other than that I highly recommend downloading it’s very easy and addicting (in my opinion) other than that it’s awesome, keep up the good work developers 👍👍!!

- This game can be way better

The snipers gadgets are too overpowered, the rocket does damage, knocks you out of place, and if your in a unlucky spot, you can get stuck. There’s one point I was knocked out of place behind a building, and the snipers still hit me, like what? That’s a bug. If you get knocked out of place, its like a guaranteed loss for you and a win for the snipers. Don’t get me started on the dodging. Ballerina? It’s useless, take it out of the game if you can’t change the dodging system. I bet everyone has the same opinion. It’s like the game’s unfinished, it really needs and update, but not a bad one, you already made it worse with the current update. Things also go up to “EPIC”, so where’s “LEGENDARY”? There’s like 5 outfits and 50+ mask, you should add more outfits. Also when you pay to upgrade gadgets, do you know how much the price can go up to sometimes? Lemme tell you, it can go to 500k and instantly jumps up to 2million. What the heck!? 2 more things, slow down on the ads and pls change or add better thief gadgets in the game.

- I liked it way more before the update

It’s fine now I guess not really though and guys thanks for the free gold and money but I had some really good masks before the update that I can’t get with this gold your giving me... (I changed my name from xXTheLegendXx to That1LeaderXD) but this mask thing is retarded. I payed 10-20 dollars on this game and I liked my masks so I bought some ya know. But now.... where are they? Oh you took them from me. I would really like to be able to dive again and such and that just made it more competitive for the thieves because it took more skill instead of just using safes and such, I also liked how you guys made it so there were 4 thieves, Heck I was playing this game back when you had no balancing matchmaking and you would get demolished just because you where level 30 and the sniper was lvl 60. I know you probably won’t read this review or anything but I would atleast like some of the old things to go back in like the competitive system was 100% better before now you play against bots and some people that just use crappy abilities to escape.

- Why

Why does your game do this I mean it’s a good game but why do you guys keep doing this I had a account then you guy reset it I make good progress I purchase the some wood mask now you bring back my old account and I don’t have some wood with the money and gold you gave me for it and I lost all my mask money and gold I’m back to being a lv12 and I’m broke Edit: and if you guys want to fix this my old account is called doge and the new one is called some wood Edit: ok this is not funny anymore you you guys made me go back to my old account at this point I’m fine if you guys bring me to the some wood account because you bring me to the doge one and you didn’t give me the thing I had on the some wood account so can you bring me back to that one

- SVT gone

I used to love the game and play it every day, but after the new update I lost all the masks I ended off spending at lest over $100 on and all my progress from my dedication to the game. The mask do not even matter anymore because all of the dodges are the same and it’s at the point with all the cheap and overpowered sniping gadgets that i don’t even like being a thief any more. I used to only play as thief but not any more and with their being no levels my level 50 goes down the drain, I loved being maxed level because I could show people how good I was but now the game is just not very Enjoyable. I got back 500 million cash and 20k gold but that still doesn’t make the game fun because everything is gone and all my progress. I even used to tune into your live-streams but I stopped, because it’s not even fun to watch you guys anymore. Also you get gadgets at random times so if I need to heal and don’t have the heal gadget up I can’t heal and die. I wish the game could be back like it used to be when it was very fun, but it will never be the same.

- Fun game just needs some fixes

The game is fun you can’t deny that just the matching system needs to be fixed because it’s not fun when your a sniper agents all level 20 people that you can’t kill or those people with horrible WiFi that you can’t hit either. It honestly irritates me that every time someone with bad WiFi is playing and im the sniper every time I shoot them it says lagggg or the other things it says and I literally can’t hit them so it just makes it not a fun game anymore. So please fix to were you get put with people on your same level or close please and make it so you can hit laggy people too. Thanks Edit: and again with the not being able to kill people I was just in a game with all 4 theivs as level 20 and higher and I couldn’t hit one of them because every time it said lagggg and all the other stuff you guys seriously need to fix this because it’s not fair at all to anyone who is a sniper or a thief because if I’m. A level 12 with a level 29 sniper I might as well just quit because I have no chance at all to win


This game was something that me and my friends played in school all the time on our school iPads. It was great for just playing a game w your friends and just having a good time. The sniper and the thiefs were very balanced and either one could win. We would always look forward to the next mask or something in the trophy road thing I can remember. I think it was like a season thing that refreshed every week. It was very straight forward and very fun and exciting. Then there was an update that I checked out over this passed summer and it was garbage and changed the whole game and made it so annoying for the player. It like they didn’t want you to play anymore. I got on and I didn’t know how to do anything. They literally made a whole new game. And it said that because of some glitches in the updated that I had to start fresh and they gave me like 3k cash which was pretty upsetting. I really enjoyed this game until they made it a whole new game. Please revert to the old one and just make minor changes.

- Good game but...

This is a really addicting app and I play it a lot and it’s really fun but there’s one thing that is getting me annoyed about and it’s about that when your playing with your friend in a heist and you accidentally like swipe up or something or exit the game and then you come back to the game like your character like freezes then like you can move around the camera but you can’t play and use your character and move so then you have to start all over again close the game jump back in join your friends heist or yours then we play again but I don’t like having to like do all that stuff again so pls fix this glitch but otherwise this is a awesome great fun cool and entertaining game but just fix that glitch and then this will be a five star game and then I won’t have to worry about this again

- Dodges

Hi my in game clan is munkybut and I am Tunedout74. I have been playing for a while now and I really enjoy this game. I could play this for hours but you have made it so difficult for the thieves to win first we get 15 min cool downs on all our power ups and I know it’s to make it fair so I just pay to remove it. These could let us get to the van super fast and it was great. But you guys have removed all the dodges in the game to be so much slower and the thieves have no chance. And when I say no chance I mean no chance we move slower doing a dodge than running which means the snipers are getting more rank than anyone I am rank 6 and now I’m almost back to 7 because I get shot so fast because of how slow I move its ridiculous so please change it back to the normal dodges so I don’t feel like a meat shield. If you want the snipers better than make them not make the thieves worse

- To complicated and confusing

Ok I first downloaded the game when my friend told me about the game and I thought yea this game looks fun and as I continued playing I was addicted to the game but I stopped playing for a long time and when I got back on I was bombarded by the new stuff and new tabs and new selections and new item usually on games when this happens it takes me a while to get used to it but as I continued playing it got more confusing and complicated and I couldn’t handle all these new things and I stopped playing I later deleted the game along with my friend he did the same thing and we couldn’t keep up with all the new stuff and items coming out and we talked how it used to be simple and now it’s a war zone and please just bring back the simple days please cause things were just to complicated and confusing please bring back the simple days

- Missed the mark (Rework)

This game was tremendously fun I had so much fun playing the game. It was a fast paced PvP sniper shoot out. Gadgets were fun and unique. You charged up your adrenaline. Every mask was unique and had its own different dodge. This game was perfect. So when I came back to play it again I was extremely disappointed when I found out they reworked the entire game and made it a campaign. The developers totally missed the mark on this rework. They have watered down the gameplay when playing as thieves, masks are now useless and only serve as a costume. Snipers have been completely buffed out, just buy the right gun and you can shoot around 5 rounds in 2 seconds. Players who are new to the game and haven’t played the old update are going to like this game because they haven’t played before the rework but old time fans like me were very disappointed. How do you fix this? Just bring back the old SvT and you’ll have a fun game. Thank you for you time and reading my constructed criticism.

- Fun game, at first.

Yeah. The game is really fun, and it is easy to learn. The abilities are fun and it seems like a perfect game. At least, it did. The issues start to become clear around job 9, in which it is almost impossible to play as sniper with the way items work currently. Playing sniper in this mode means you are constantly barraged with missile after missile, not only lagging my game but making it impossible to do anything. The issues specifically are: the flare gun blinds you if you aren’t even looking at it, meaning that you can get blinded without having a chance of stopping it. The eel missile that disables sniper abilities is fine, until so many are shot per game that it lags the game and then the sniper has to rely on the now lagging sniper, which alone is difficult to take on 5 people, especially since the missile thing gets launched a million times per match

- Okay

This game is pretty fun and easy, there’s just a few glitches that need to be fixed. On the Village map, there’s a cover at the beginning where your guy/girl with run along the fence a bit and then run back which wastes time and gets me killed a lot. Also, when behind cover, the sniper can still shoot you and kill you even when your not using a gadget. Also, the sniper bots are super overpowered. I have the gadget that makes you invisible and fast, and the sniper landed 3 headshots on me and their laser didn’t move anywhere off my head it was directly trained on it and the killed me in one move! Also, many, many, times I have shot directly at thieves in the body or head and they just miss. It doesn’t make any sense. They just don’t hit when the bullet should hit them. I would give it a 5 star if these were fixed, but for now, 3.

- Way better than it looks!

When I first saw the thumbnail it looked bad to me. But I thought I like games with guns so why not try it out. Without the mentioning of the gadgets I probably wouldn’t have gotten this game. But when you actually open the app it is so fun! Ever since I downloaded this game I never played anything else! This is so addicting! Having fun while either being a thief and scurrying to covers and using gadgets for criminal reasons or being a sniper with the help of gadgets to bring justice to criminals the excitement is real! I love crushing the sniper or thieves fragile spirit! Uniting with clans and earning rewards gives a social vibe to the game. The variety of masks is unreal! From cardboards boxes to jelly!

- Fun but broken

I’m an “early access member” and I don’t mind the 2.0 update of the game. The in-game challenges you can complete are broken. They don’t match with the job # you’re are currently playing and sometimes they don’t give you the rewards for completing them. Give the guardian drone a buff. “horde mode” for job 8 is soo difficult I cannot get more than 10 kills without being bombarded by KO rockets which makes it impossible to get a shot once they’ve landed a punch. So the challenges that require 23 or 40 kills are entirely unrealistic for me. I wonder if any thief has completed job 11. With the shotgun mod I can take out a thief in the first move, ending the game within 5 or 10 seconds once I get the gadgets rotated. If you could also add customizable scope sights that would be amazing. That default upside down V crosshair is very annoying.

- Fun but glitchy

It’s a great game and very fun. The only problem I have with it is how much it glitches. As a thief I am shot all the time when I’m behind cover. I understand that some cover can be destroyed and some cover doesn’t fully cover the thief but when I am shot when I’m behind cover that’s meant to fully cover me all the time. It’s very annoying and makes me lose points constantly. Also when moving from cover to cover sometimes my man will glitch out either when just moving out of cover and stand out in the open glitching back and forth leaving me open to be shot easier (generally when I’m wearing a barrel or some kind of disguise and getting on a zip line) or when I’m crouching into the cover I’m going in to my man will start to glitch and won’t fully make it behind cover when he stops and this also leaves me out in the open to be shot.

- More Skins And Fix The Sniper

Usually when I am a sniper my screen moves to quickly and it's harder to scope! Plz add a button in settings so you can choose your sensitivity lvl. Also... So far the SvT department has only created 2 ! Skins - a male and female suit!! There should be at least 10-30 skins like there are about 30 cards . Also if you add lots of masks and bags that go with them , shouldn't there be a skin / or suit to go with the mask , bag - maybe a sniper skin to match as well?! Well that concludes my rating - suggestion thanks for (hopefully) reading this plz add skins and have a Great Evening New Players Here's A Tip... P.S when your a sniper and you hear that buzzing sound just click "settings" and click "Turn off buzz" so it doesn't get annoying

- Used to be addicting

I was an older player of this game and it used to be so addicting, I would play it for hours. Now when I enter the new update my game crashes in a few minutes of opening it. I can at least play one game with a 50/50 chance for it not to crash, and when I’m inside of the screen where you can choose your weapons and gadgets, a few minutes in and the game crashes The update is very fun nonetheless, I can still enjoy it but, the crashing is ridiculous and so are the ads after EVERY GAME, they crash my game every time What I’m trying to say is, you should at least add a low quality mode for the older phones and iPads, so that older player can enjoy the new update and so can newer players.

- Awesome game, but...

First off, I love this game and would rate it five stars but its problems are keeping me from that. In the few days that I’ve had this game, I have had a HORRIBLE problem with the game kicking me out. What I mean is sometimes when I move to another screen in the menu of the game, the sound will stop, the screen goes black, and I’m back on my home screen. The worst part is, it happens pretty much every five minutes! Then it has to load me back in and it takes a really long time to get to that same screen. This leads me to the next problem. Now that I am in a bad mood from being kicked out, the thieves or sniper use too many overpowered gadgets and I end up dying or not getting any thieves. So I leave and quit playing. This stupid cycle repeats over and over and it leads me to writing this review. Please at least try and fix the kicking.

- Update and you give us gold to compensate..

I genuinely loved playing this game before the update, the masks which gave you special diving or stamina or damage boost etc.. loved it, it made the game unique, I’m discouraged and overall disappointed at the massive change, you guys had a good thing going and now you’re just like every other game on the store, I have several games on my phone and a lot have updated recently and all in all not too bad in fact kind of happy with a few, but out of all the updates I’ve gotta say.. by a landslide you guys royally screwed this game up.. I don’t mean to come across as rude but.. really? I spent probably more than 100$ in this game and I think the “compensation” was trash, bring back the old ways I don’t give a crap about the new menu or all these trashy new game modes, what you guys had was a blast and a quick learning curve, sincerely highly disappointed ex-fan 💔

- Not bad

So I kept seeing the ads for this game and thought “nah it’s just another one of those pay to win or a rip off game” but I downloaded it Today and I got hooked instantly and I can’t stop playing it. This game is actually good and even with there being in app purchases it doesn’t make you OP or better than everyone it gives only a slight advantage nothing crazy which I love. My only recommendation is lower the time for cases to be opened to at least 45 minutes or 30 for the lower ones and 1 hour for the better ones. Not a complaint I absolutely love this game. I will definitely recommend to all my friends. Keep up the good work.

- Horrible, game provides you with extra-tough players.

This is a great game, the training option is reliable to me, but I prefer not to use it as it gives low cash (and, also to be a normie because SvT isn’t a bot fighting game) so I decided to stick with “play” positive is that, it’s fun, thrilling, and give better money, negatives are (which stood stronger than the positives listed) is that the game provides with totally hardcore-beaters of doom, while you are just nearly average. (No insults to others) since this happens, a masterminded player vs. a average player would be 99.9 percent of them winning (or like 97.9%) instead of the averages, I recommend that this game should add this engine (or whatever it is called to choose the players your level and win and loss ratio) thing, it really helps, it makes players less likely to rage (like me) and provide a fair advantage to all, that’s all I have and I hope you read this.

- Good but...

Snipers vs thieves is a great game and I would recommend it for a friend but i played in early release and the one thing that i would want back is the adrenaline. I always loved getting max adrenaline and then just booking it to the next stop. I deleted the game for a while because I got boared of doing the same thing over and over again. 1 year later, I see that I downloaded it and i thought to myself “I remember this game and i loved it” So I downloaded it only to find out that they taken out so many things and changed it so much even though it was just fine the way it was in Early release. Nevertheless it is a good game to play if you are new and have never heard of it but if you were there from the start its hard to think of it as the same game.

- Would highly recommend

This is honestly one of the most action packed and creative mobile game that I have seen in a long time. You can join/ create a clan and go on heists or work for the police and snipe the robbers before they can reach the van or you can make them run out of time. Overall, it's an extremely easy game to start playing and one of the best parts about this game is that I never experience any lag spikes or anything like that. (And that's with me playing on an iPhone 6) All around, this is a super fun game to play with friends or by yourself. I would highly recommend downloading this game.

- ruined this game for profit

i played this game when it was in beta, with stamina and the sniper eye telling you if he was watching you, and you have completely ruined this game to make money. there are constantly targeted ads and “special offers” to cover up that you got rid of the heat of this game and replaced it with a cash grab. The beta was extremely fun and easily the best upcoming games i had played, and continued to play until a couple years ago when i changed to ios and sadly forgot about this game. i recently rejoined this game and you have changed it for the worse. no stamina (so the thieves can just run and continuously dodge) no customizable dodges, way to many OP gadgets with almost no cool down, and all together you have just changed the game beyond recognition to the point it’s obviously a cash grab. i hope you change it back because it was truly fun in the beta

- What I am talking about...

Ok, this game is very good! It is very addictive and I don’t sant to stop playing. But there is a problem with this game. My Game Crashes. Its all because of the ads. When I want to play a match, the ads come and it gets my game to crash. Also, when I ACTUALLY GET to play a match, so I continue and play through the end. I actually complete the match, and after that, the ads come again and get my game crashed. Please fix this mistake! I really want to have fun playing this game because I like it and my game crashes. If this game does not get fixed I guess my only option is to uninstall it, and wait for more news of the game to see if the game has any bug fixes or anything like that.

- Great Game but...

So I used to play this game before the beta and it was cool with all the bags that helped earn more money. Now with this new update a lot has changed along with these bags. But this isn't the problem. The problem is the snipers in this game. So I downloaded this app about two days ago after not playing for a couple months and noticed the snipers were missing shots that were on target. At first I thought it was me, but as the game went on more I realized it was actually the game. This may be a small bug with the new update as I don't remember this happening a lot in the past. Anyway I just wanted to bring attention to this glitch because I've lost a lot of games because of this.

- Bring old update back

The old version of this game was Better. The masks actually did something unique instead of cosmetic, No rocket abilities, fun events. But now the new update.... ugh I hate it. Every game it’s all bot players, more ads, and a less players. This game just became a disappointment. I still love the game for creativity BUT MY PROGRESS DISAPPEARED DOWN THE DRAIN. I SPENT SO MANY HOURS IN THE GAME WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS! I’m even more disappointed in this game. If you want the fan’s love back change the game back to the old version I understand that games change after the years but playstacks will go down if you don’t change it back. I will only play your game to remind me of the times the game was super great. And please stop putting people into games with bots it makes the games less fun.

- Great concept, lacks improvement.

First time writing a review for a game. I was always want to find a game that won’t waste too much time, like when you are waiting to pickup your car in garage, subway...etc. this is the one! It’s fun to play, easy, nice graphic. But the developer should give us more missions, Because you got nothing to do after job 12 besides upgrading your gears. And shooting bots are not that cool. Before the latest update, you can open 4 chests by finish 10 games a day, it now they count by logins, once a day. Wow, 10 times slower, I understand that the developer needs to make money, but I think you can simply create some very attractive custom and sell it for real $. Not just mask and color, maybe some blinking or glowing color space suit?

- New Update

The only reason I am giving this game a 2 star rating is because of the new update, which ruined everything. Now, being e thief is extremely boring because you can’t dodge, making the masks useless. Before, I actually had fun playing thief with my clan mates, but now that’s gone, too. Being a sniper is almost worse because the only way to be good is to have a good sniper, but with the jobs, you have to play the job and have a chance to get the sniper, but since the sniper you already have is bad, you can’t complete jobs, so you can’t get better snipers, please just bring it back to how it used to be, the dodging and the good snipers. Oh and don’t even get me started on the gadgets, because now, no one knows what each gadget is or does because it looks way different, and they are either trash, or OP.

- Not even good

I’m not even gonna start about the zombies update and you can’t even play multiplayer anymore! If I could play multiplayer this would have gotten a 4 star review a couple years back I played this game everyday and loved it because it had multiplayer so I wanted to play multiplayer and guess what new things? Yes multiplayer removed yes. Please bring back multiplayer and the bugs in this game like how I can’t even run playing jobs. Some of these removals have made the game so boring. Zombies is bad because half of the shots I hit them in the head, and don’t even get me started on how much health the zombies have all of my shots are on target with the head and still don’t connect this is my honest opinion I’m not saying the game you created is bad but I am wanting you guys to bring back multiplayer

- Has potential but has balancing struggles

I enjoy being a sniper, just sitting back and calmly taking out thieves. But it's extremely hard to be a sniper because of so many balance issues, and I'm going to list them out right here. The lag issue: every one who has played sniper goes through this, even when actually managing to hit one of the thieves that roll all over the place, they take absolutely no damage, and you're one bullet down and far ahead. I've shot a thief 8 times in a row only to watch him dolphin dive into the van without a scratch. (You owe me a new phone, I threw this one and it cracked) Snipers: The snipers are poorly made. And the system is even worse. You have to buy snipers to deal more damage while thieves can simply level up and become miles better than you can dish out damage) Dodge spam: thieves can very simply just roll to their next piece of cover. This is extremely hard to hit (impossible), and there doesn't seem to be a good drawback to spamming dodge. Maybe a delay after you land? The lag problem... again: FIX IT. ITS AS STRONG AS PLOT ARMOR. I FEEL LIKE A FREAKING STORM TROOPER TRYING TO SHOOT AT ONE OF THE MAIN CAST. IT CANT BE DONE.

- This game is amazing, but needs improvement

I love this game a lot I love the setup I love the physics of the game and I love the power ups, but this game has many downsides. One of them is the first 3 jobs, its way to hard to win with robbers and to easy for the sniper. My second issue is some times at the beginning of a game my person is stuck in the state like someone is there so I get slowed down and gives a chance for the sniper to kill me. Thirdly when I’m stuck in the searching process I’d like if it takes some time we can leave and my fourth and last dislike is that there are to many ads, but put that aside the game is so great and say everyone should play this even with these “minor issues.” Thank you for a game like this

- Almost 5 Stars

This game is great. The only thing from giving it 5 stars is few things like adding a feature to customize the thief and sniper separately. They’re masks that benefit each player differently. And maybe add a cosmetic feature for the players to give them new suits or clothing for the sniper like police gear or something like that. The game play is smooth but sometimes when you play and a teammate dies or you kill them off the spawn people rage quit making the game lose connection. Maybe add a feature where you can go back to the lobby without cutting off the current lobby? But other than that this game gets 4.5 stars from me. High Risk High Reward.. if you can get out alive

- Good game

I used to play this game back then. It was really fun, & addictive. When the major update came, it made the game much more fast paced & competitive. When the 2nd major update came (the current one), it really is good, but is a little difficult even with 8 gadgets at my disposal. The only thing I recommend you to fix is the last 2 stages. The first-to-last one (kill 1 thief to win), seems a bit unfair & you should increase the health of the thieves. The last one (2 snipers), also is unfair (since you have to deal with 2 snipers), and I was hoping you’d increase the health of the thieves. Overall, this game is great (and it would be greater if you’d take some of my suggestions). EDIT: Don’t forget to nerf the caltrops/fix the caltrops issue. (When you finally get out of a caltrop zone as a thief, the animation still plays, rendering thieves useless and giving snipers easy kills.) There’s also an issue where the dodge potion doesn’t do it’s job. (When you consume the dodge potion, you’re supposed to dodge when you tap the screen.) Overall, this game is still great.

- Ad Glitches

Someone needs to check the Ads on the game itself.. Something's wrong, I'm on the lastest update, but when you watch one of the Ads like at the bottom for the $4k, 80% of the time, it just goes to a black screen, and after you get done with a thief job, it asks for you to watch a video for 2X the money.. Well half the time it goes to the black screen for a long time, the other half it lies to you, when you watch "the whole thing", it says it's only giving you like 1.4X the money.. That's a rip off, don't be like those people, please, you have such a really fun game going on here..

- Super duper ✨

It’s a really fun game and one of the few that actually keeps my attention and that I don’t get bored of. However there a few bugs when I am thief the controls for looking around are inverted and it’s very annoying, also in the home screen the sniper is holding the wrong gun, it’s white for some reason with the wrong scope. And I think we should be able to look up other clans even if we are currently in one. Btw if you could please change my clan tag from Dmfkz to DMfkz that would be like really great. It was a mistake I made and I hate it, please help me out. Clan name is Da Muthafukaz and I’m the leader lipsly.

- Absolute Zany Fun!

USED TO PLAY THE OLD VERSION ALSO. The developers need a standing ovation on game development and fan base communication. You rarely ever see devs responding to customers in such a timely fashion as the team over at FoxGlove. Easily a five star sniper game with a twist like no other. Thieves rule the world in this game IMO. Play as a thief or a sniper depending on your play style. Sniper try to stop the thieves from escaping the scene with loot while the thieves try their best to escape with their loot. Graphics are superb, gameplays smooth. There’s hilarious comedy, excitement, suspense and drama all rolled up in one game of cat and mouse in a very vibrant cartoonish way. Cant put it down!!! RsR Thief Clan over here, Rampant Rhino.

- It’s ok

As an avid game enthusiast who has been playing video games all his life, this is one of the best I have had the pleasure to stumble upon. Snipers vs thieves is a game where you have to use wits,brawn, and battle smarts to be able to escape safely. I can safely say that my brain has never been truly utilized like it has when I play this game. Thank you for stimulating me to become a better person, as this game will not only work your brain, but also your social skills and sexual endeavors. Overall this game has changed my life, and I’ve dropped over 200$ into this game. Thank you for the best gaming experience I’ve ever had.

- Best game ever!

This game has all of the things that completes the secret potion of fun! And combined with team work and clans, heists, I could go on for days! Get this game right now, and delete it if you think it’s a waist of time but once u get your hands on this game, ohh no boi u ain’t gonna stop playing! Play with friends in clans and play regular online games with players around the world! Be a sniper, and take on the crimes or be a thief and start heists... but be careful there are many guns that the sniper can choose from! Hey one more things theres also power ups to get away or to defeat those mean thief’s! Try it out now for free in the App Store!

- Games a joke

This game might look fun but it is completely terrible. First off you can’t even control the thieves and when you direct your character to go a certain place it keeps on getting stuck to the walls which gives the snipers a easy shot. And the problem with the snipers is that the thieves have such a advantage with perks all they do is spam their perks because they have infinite which makes it hardly impossible to snipe the thieves. Plus there are so many pop ups asking you to buy their special packs. And almost every round there is an add which gets really annoying. There is also a huge glitch in co-op whenever I try and play with my friend and I tap the truck it keeps queuing me up with a random player. This game needs so much improvement. It’s honestly not worth your time.

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- Great game

I got this game because I was bored and it turned out to be one of my favourite games to play when I’m not doing anything important, it would be cool if you could re-use mods so you didn’t have to buy new ones each gun/bag, and one thing that annoyed me was when I was the thief and I was making a run for the van, I was low health and just leaped into the van and just as I went in and the escape symbol came up he shot and managed to kill me, It only happend to me one time but I figure it’s happened to other people aswell Also could yous maybe give the sniper 3 stars if they get like 4 headshots in a round because I do that a lot and it still isn’t that worth it cash wise.

- It's satisfying

The gadget menu is satisfying and they've made it kid friendly with no blood or body parts but there is a glitch I was using a trash can to defend my self from the sniper and he shot the trash can off oops I forgot it's not a crash can (safe) yes I was hiding in a safe and when he shot it off there was just a pair of legs walking to the escape van I didn't take damage because he just shot the trash can and yeah funny glitch (to creators) fix glitch plz

- This is a great game, but there’s just one thing...

All in all, this is a fantastic game, especially now that you’ve fixed the LAAAAAAG problem. There’s just one problem though, it’s the amount of money you receive as a thief. I’m a level 20 player, and the snipers are costing me much more than I can achieve in multiple days. I’m getting less than $5k each round, and the next gun for me to get is 240k. And I obviously don’t always get to the van each round. The same story applies to the sniper. This is a problem! I’m in highschool (Australia), so I don’t have much time to spend on this game, not even weekends. So please, even if it is just a by 5-10%, reduce the spill rate of the thief’s bags, and give snipers more money when stopping all the thieves. Thankyou


A few years ago when I try to get this game it just crashed now it’s works yay :) but this version is uh well I got one of the best snipers of a ad yeah you can get all the best weapons and items from just a ad I don’t think that’s how it works I’m only level 5 and like I said I got the best sniper please fix the ads or just get rid of it everything else is perfect thank you if you listened:D

- Snipers vs who?

Really love this game as it is both fun and unique and have recommended it to a ew of my mates who now play it as well. Although we have issues with a few things. One being the invisible potion that the thieves take to remain hidden from the snipers but the thing is the snipers can still see the thieves by looking at their shadows and just shooting them down making the thieves an easy target because they walk really slowly. Also my mates and I feel that there should be more gadgets that give thieves he upper hand in some situations (although we just started playing and haven’t yet looked at all the gadgets so these opinions might change) and yeah pretty much being a thief is hard and being a sniper is easy. There should be more balance between the two.

- Redownloading

I used to have this game and thought it was really good. I used to be the in the top 100 players most of the time and was doing great. After a few months I started playing other games and eventually deleted Snipers vs Thieves but now I’m gonna download again because I remember how much fun it was.

- Great game but needs some changing

Hi I really enjoy playing this game but this game needs some changing. I played this game for only a week and I'm level 15 but I keep finding level 30 snipers and I get kill very fast cause they have a better weapon and if I play as a sniper I'm only able to kill one guy. Everything is great about the game it's just I keep finding higher level players. If you are reading this please fix the matchmaking thank you

- Lag and pairing

I only started playing two weeks ago and this is a great game in my opinion. My only issue with the game is the lag and the pairing. Sometimes when I press go, it takes around 2 minutes to find other online people and sometimes when I find the people, the game lags and kicks me out. Overall I think this is a good game. Hope you fix the lag.

- The removal of normal dodging

This update did do a lot and made the game better (in my opinion) but there is one major flaw which is the removal of dodging normally as a thief it makes the class hard to play as without good gear and made the game less about skill with dodging at the right time and more about better gear if the developer team reads this I just want casual dodging added back. Other than that the game is pretty great Thank you for reading

- I love this game

What I really like how as a thief you can get to cover to cover and it’s really fun trying to get to the van and go to victory it feels real and fun as a sniper it’s cool like how your a guard and you have the powers and abilities to kill them it’s just a great game keep up the work and do more updates good job on making this game better thx (:

- The new update

I do not like the new colours and thought the old textures were fine. The new system of getting new weapons is terrible I lost all my good weapons and bags (I had the revenge seeker) and the new interface is quite confusion but the gameplay has not changed and game is still fun

- Payday continues..

Amazing, 100% heistable content. Refreshing game after all these other inbred copies. To the devs, please add more content, personally happy to pay for more, I love SVT. Snipers need to be nerfed a little, top end. “Basically a Cannon” is too powerful. I do love 1 shorting people myself, but I believe it’s too powerful / too easy. Would hate to think what that leaderboard sniper is capable of. OR make the thieves stronger?. Changeable suits? More snipers? More maps? More gadgets? Team snipers vs heisters? Thanks for a quality game in the market. ——————————— I take back all of the above, the new update is and will be beast!!!

- Bad Internet just wasted a lot of my in game cash

I love this game it is fun and since I played in early access I got a bunch of cash and gold because everything else I had, had to go. BUT whenever I play half the time I load into a game and then it takes me out straight away before the game starts and I lose money :(

- Friends

I love the game and I only got it a few days ago with my friend and we have been having trouble trying to get in the same game because of how you can’t be friends with any one. If you add that me and my friend will be very happy. Kind regards


I have played the game and then the camera began filming me I turned my phone of instantly I then went back on the game and I heard a high pitch noise and my phone started filming again I have now deleted the app and I’m scared for my life

- Great game but impossible

The game is addicting but it is impossible for me to complete some of the missions. Not because it is hard to do but because it doesn’t complete. One mission which says kill a thieve that is taunting and so I did but the mission never completed and another mission saying to kill thieves with explosives... well you get the point

- Great game but can be better

This game is a great time killer, the up grades and masks are fun. The video watching to get double amount of money is a trick...never get any extra even if you watch it. Even sometimes when you get big sum like 20+k it’s not what you really’s a pity here other wise it’s a fantastic game

- No mind game potential

This game is quite good for what it is, but not having free movement makes it impossible, to potentially mind game the person whoever is playing sniper. Having free movement would allow more “jukes” or other things that thief’s could use to their advantage, besides a couple of abilities that somewhat help the thief’s to make it a little further

- Glitch problem

Hi, I was trying to figure out to play the game after a new update. However, it like glitched like 8 times and then I turned it back off however I still had the problem. Could you please fix the game so I can play it. Thanks

- Come on...

This game is amazing! Well... it used to be... I can’t play with my friends! Where is the fun in playing with others when you are with your real friends! I love SvT but I just can’t get over that you can’t play with friends. Developers, if playing with friends is possible, please tell me how to do it. Thank you

- SvT

It is an awesome game with joining clans using codes for masks and money from your favourite YouTubers. Being able to play as a thieve is good fun taunting the sniper but I like sniping more for the fun seeing them try so hard but always fail from the best sniper me

- Reason i cant play

I like this game a lot but i cant play it more bc of a bug that makes it where im at the start of the Tutorial and when it wants me to upgrade my sniper but when i try it wants me to go to titles then im stuck there and cant do anything so im stuck on my old ipad which is bad

- Best game

I really like the game and the background music is so good but the layout of the moving around button and shooting button is very confusing but still I love the game!!

- It was good

This used to be my favourite mobile game until the update. All of my stuff got reset and my purchases were reset. Even if you kept your stuff the games new style is horrible. I was a diehard fan who downloaded the game around day one so I’m really disappointed that this is where it went. So I uninstalled. I feel like I’ve been scammed! It was fun until 2.0 please change it back!

- Cheats

Great game and love playing but there are way too many payers hacking. This morning was a top 100 ranked sniper with around 400 kills. Come back an hour later and I’m not even top 10k with the top ranked sniper sitting at 85,000 + kills. Needs to be fixed all top clans and players are all majority hackers. Also need to earn more money for killing all 4 thieves more than just 1k per round

- A few faults

The game is not enjoyable at level nine because it takes away your trophies 20 at a time. Sometimes trophies being taken away is completely for no reason because if you are playing as the thief it sometimes goes the complete opposite way it should go therefore resulting in death. Please take this feature out in the near future. Thank you.

- Gets old quickly

This is a good game but there is not a lot of gameplay variety And just gets old really quickly it would be nice if there were different sniper rifles but not direct upgrades over all it is an okay game that gets boring very quickly

- Great and frustrating

This is a great game to play with buying masks making clans and receiving cases with loot but it can be frustrating as well because of all the consecration you put up though when playing

- Please read this

Hey, game creators I love your game, it’s really fun but it’s kinda of hard I’m. Mission 9 it’s very hard because when I’m the sniper, I get spammed by rockets, and when I’m the thief, when I run to Cover, and some run to the same cover that I’m going to they block me so I don’t get cover then the sniper, shoots me

- Quit complaining about lag

Seriously, all these people complaining about lag... it has nothing to do with the game. Replace your potato internet and stop whinging. Sniper mode is fine.

- The game is great

I love playing this game and I had the game before everything was changed to what is now and I preferred what it was before but this is still a great game

- Would be fun if it worked

The game is fun but the lag when playing sniper mode if the worst. You might as well not play it. I'm sure they are aware of the issue..... hope they give everyone some extra gold for all the games they lost due to the problem.

- Needs fixing

I love the game but it consistently freezes I close it then open it again and it’s still doing it please fix otherwise it is my favourite game on my phone

- Great game but!!!!

Guys the lagging and the services problem are untimely, how can some players shot through walls car’s and more importantly the getaway van, the video promote says one and give another / ie watch this video get 10 gold then you get 5k in cash and as for tapjoy iv never known them to pay for anything in there promote. Totally love the game but the problems are really frustrating! Kind regards Chief art!.

- Sniper Mode BS

The sniper mode is literally the hardest thing to win because of the stupid lag and every time I connect a shot it just says laggggggg. I will delete this app if not fixed. Pls do I see a lot of potential with this app. Pls fix

- Awesome game

Love your game it is a bit hard to be sniper because most of the time you lose every thing else is great

- The best shooting game I Had

This game is epic it is super fun with so many challenges and things you can buy for your person but the only problem is that it needs Wifi

- Was good...

This game was actually pretty good and I quite enjoyed playing it until v2 came out and now there isn’t even any point in having currrency because it doesn’t do anything because from get gadgets I am really disappointed with this new update please remove it

- It was my favourite game

I really liked the old version of this game. It just got too complicated after the big update and I lost most of my things I would love it if the game went back to the old version

- Lag and money

Bruhh the lag man shot some guy 10 times but he didn't die and the money you get is to slow and snipers cost too much the only way you get a good sniper or good anything is if you play for hours on end which I can't do cause I have a life or you pay real cash to get it cause that's what all the snipers do now and they just one shot you

- Soooo good

I love dis game it’s so good they could add more stuff like freeze rays or heat rays but other wise it’s one of my favourite games and I can’t get on my iPad without playing it!

- Love it! But...

Love the idea of the game really fun but can you add more game modes such as bomb defusing, prison breaks and much more plz it would mean a lot thank you. Have you decided to add these game modes

- Changes please

Can there pls be replays where you can move around and see people getting hit also sharing them. Love the game btw From Some dude

- Same Old Thing

This used to be my favourite games and played it a lot though I am getting bored because it is the same old thing I want something different all the time!

- Great game but keeps crashing

This this a great game it’s my most like game but it crashes a lot plz fix

- Small problem

This game is really cool but the thing is I can’t create my own account like every time I download the game it logs me into my sisters account and there’s really nothing I can do. Thxs xoxo

- Needs a fix

Awesome game and super additive, however whenever you watch ads to double your winnings the game just blacks out forcing a reboot. Please sort this out.

- Clans

When I was making a clan I called it microcharger1 when I pressed create it said the name was in use so I searched up the clan and there was no clan called microcharger1

- I love the game but I have two accounts

I love playing this game just hated. When I deleted it and got it back I was lowered by 3 levels and lost 2 masks. But I still love the game

- Great idea but just a monopoly

The idea of the game is fantastic I loved the game the first 10 times then wile still only a noob to the game a lv 5 comes along with a gun called “ basically a canon “ that you can get by spending money that leaves the game in a stale mate and you just can not win so I ask you what is the point of playing then

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- Fantastic! 😃

How is this game free?? It’s amazing! This being free is such a STEAL. As a thief you dodge the sniper in a showdown with gadgets vs gun. You just gotta get to the getaway van without getting busted! As a sniper you take aim and fire at the thieves in a high awareness game. Make sure they don’t get to the getaway van! Shoot them down. Such a great game, I would like some more updates!!

- Game has way too many issues,

First of all, its way too easy to be the sniper, there are too many ways to kill a thief thats in cover. theres the kraken trap, explosive bullet, explosive firework, railgun, bomb trap, plunger bomb (forgot the name), turret, artillery, etc. Second of all, the glitches. sometimes as a thief you get shot out of cover and your character decides to just spin around in circles or get stuck on an invisible wall until they get shot. After getting hit by disruptor rocket you cannot move your camera for about 3 seconds which is completely stupid. And sometimes when a bullet is a clear headshot but it still counts as a body shot. And now third of all, the gadgets, some of them are huge disappointments and some are way too overpowered, the disappointments are, the turret, because it does barely any damage and takes way too long to actually start shooting, the freeze bullet since it literally just slows someone down for like 5 seconds and not making them super slow like other traps. now the way too overpowered ones, the minigun, it has unlimited ammo and lasts 4 seconds, 4 seconds may seem very little but it is enough to take down 4 thieves from when i play as sniper, the railgun, it makes your fire rate much fastest while letting you see through walls and shoot through them, the thief has very few counters to this and also has to go through all their powerups to even find one. I still have more to say but im not gonna write it all.

- Absolutely horrible connectivity

Game is fun but nearly unplayable with the amount you get kicked for a "connection issue" even with 75MBPS wifi in the same room as the router.

- I remember this

Haha I remember playing this a few years ago and was looking for it luckily I did! Great GREAT game

- Inappropriate add

There is a GTA5 add but the age on SvT is 12+ but if someone is 12 then don’t play this game when you’re 18 then play this game if you want because it’s trash

- Adds Adds Adds

There are wayyyyyy to many adds especially inappropriate ones. It’s soooo bad and unworth it I know you can’t get rid of them but I suggest you do since I’m super disappointed and you don’t want a disappointment of a customer right? Please get rid of them it would save two lives from the inappropriateness. Someone has to delete these adds and other wise if you did this game would be more addictive and more fun.

- Fun

This game is so fun but the first day I played it it worked fine and the next day I woke up and I could not get past the first loading screen.plz fix I really love this game I played it allot!

- No one should play this game

Don’t you play this game because you get stuck on the loading screen 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬

- Best game ever

I love it very good game I saw messyourself play it so I decided to play it

- The game is bugged but it is still fun

If you play as the sniper to Many times on the tutorial. It bugged out

- Great

Good job!this game is very fun and cool!

- It’s good now

Giving 5 star rate because I don’t care even though I now like it

- Way too many ads

Way too many ads not worth the download

- This game is such an amazing game!

In my opinion smartphones games should be like this because its simple and you just have to escape from the sniper or eliminate criminals. Very good grapics from a smartphone game. I rate this as 10/10

- The Best

This app is the best game ever I play it every day and I never get bored

- I mean

It’s ok but it crashes all the time. It also has lots of lag

- So cool !

I love it ❤️ but... it normal I have lost my clan ?

- Trash

the game does not go beyond the loading screen, for it to work you must open and close the application, I have an iPhone 11 Pro so I do not think it is my cell phone

- I like ur game

It is a good game tho it needs to have more sensitivity when ur are the sniper

- Was good...

This game used to be really really fun to play, but some kind of update or something changed the whole system and way you play.

- Cool game!

This game is kinda cool!I like the main idea it’s creative.Thanks for the developpers for taking their time to make this nice game.😃😃😃😃

- Crash

Le jeu arrête pas de crash

- So goood

I can’t hold myself not to play this game🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣

- Goated

This game is not so horrible it was just me I was the trash one I was a bot

- 👍🏻

How do you change your gadgets

- Good

Amazing game. It being free is even better.

- 👍

Too good

- Always crashing

Very fun game but always crashes

- Ads

Ads are around EVERY corner of the game, open the game AD play a match AD just why the ad every 2 mins

- Too many ads

Every time you finish the round, you see an ad and sometimes you won’t even able to close it and have to do an action. This is hopeless, how much money they are making on us,even though it is free. I’d personally buy it for $2-$3 and do not see awful ads.

- ads

way too many ads are shoved into this

- Yeet

There is one problem the game all ways looses connection. Yeet

- K


- Too much ads

There is so much ads that the game is hard to enjoy, every second there is an ad and it’s so annoying, def won’t be plying again until they fix it

- Can I have my items back please?

Such a really great game but still have a little bit of issues! I lost my clan chest. Is it possible to have it back

- Wow is this game ruined

Took a long break from the game. Played it a lot in the past and watched the developers make stupid decisions frequently. I liked the masks, the upgrades, new maps as time went on, dodges, etc. Purchased a lot of items and currency because for the most part, i liked the game and had fun. I took a break while they figured things out. I come back to the game today to find out with the new big update, they stripped me of all my countless hours of grinding and my stuff i purchased with real money to find a new game i would never play and looks awful compared to how it use to. The menus are confusing and ugly. What the heck am i supposed to spend all this money on? I can’t stand this game now. It is total and utter crap. Thanks for stealing my money, destroying the game, ripping all the fun elements from it and basically turning it into a big smouldering POS. Way to kill what could have been a good game. Wow. Such a waste of time. Playstack is a bunch of idiots. I saw this game going downhill a while ago and glad i moved on. Now coming back to this stupid interface confirms the dev team don’t know anything. Could have been so good. Got so ruined. Move along and don’t waste your time or money with this company.

- Can’t play

I get kick out of the game minute. I restarted the app and deleted it and is still is unable to play please fix it

- Good game just hard to play

The game is super fun but every 5 minutes or so it would crash and my wifi is perfectly fine. So please fix this or tell me how to fix it.

- Fix one thing please

It’s a really fun game but sniper job3 is zombies and it is hard

- Annoying

I can’t even play the game cause when I try to it just keeps crashing

- Amazing still love it

The huge update last year I didn’t love but I like it now it’s so fun!

- Annoyed

Every time I try to open the app I’ll get into the intro and then the game will just close itself, any suggestions?

- Awful Game

There’s a glitch that if you get your gun upgrade ready, it thinks it’s in a guide still and traps you in the upgrade rifle screen forever, but sometimes it glitches to the titles and traps you forever. The game’s really bad and I don’t recommend it.

- I only started and I can’t play

I just finished the Tutorial and l can’t play

- Crqshes

Worst game ever

- Il manque

Le jeux est très bien mais il manque les combats libres

- Ads...Ads...Ads

You watch more ads than play the game. And the game crashes all the time. Don’t waste your time.

- Awesome

This game is so fun

- The best game in the world

I can’t stop playing this game 5 stars ⭐️

- Booo

Can even login for more than two minutes don’t get me wrong the game is fun but when I enter anything especially the shop it kicks me out like I’m trying to support you guys when I go to the shop and by stuff but it just logs me out so booooooo

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@ClashRoyale Hey I got a great idea for a new Supercell game! I got this idea from Snipers vs Thieves. Can you guys re-release Clash Royale as it was on Global Launch? Just call it Retro Royale and I'll buy it right now. Just the original 42 cards and a return to fun like I remember 4y ago.

Snipers vs Thieves 2.13.39 Screenshots & Images

Snipers vs Thieves iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Snipers vs Thieves iphone images
Snipers vs Thieves iphone images
Snipers vs Thieves iphone images
Snipers vs Thieves iphone images
Snipers vs Thieves iphone images
Snipers vs Thieves iphone images
Snipers vs Thieves iphone images

Snipers vs Thieves (Version 2.13.39) Install & Download

The applications Snipers vs Thieves was published in the category Games on 2017-08-16 and was developed by Playstack Ltd [Developer ID: 1133080356]. This application file size is 615.83 MB. Snipers vs Thieves - Games app posted on 2020-08-12 current version is 2.13.39 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playstack.svt

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