MyHealth BofA

MyHealth BofA [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

Our secure app makes managing your health and benefit accounts easy through real-time access and intuitive navigation to all your important account information on the go! Powerful features of the app include:

Easy, Convenient & Secure

· Simply login to the intuitive app using your same health benefits website username and password (or follow alternative instructions if provided)

· No sensitive account information is ever stored on your mobile device

* Use Touch ID or Face ID to quickly log in to the mobile app

Connects You with the Details

· Quickly check available balances 24/7

* View charts summarizing account(s)

* View claims requiring receipts

· Click to call or email Customer Service

* View your statements and notifications

* Scan product barcodes to determine their eligibility

Provides Additional Time-Saving Options (if supported or applicable to your account(s))

· File a claim towards your FSA and HRA

· Take or upload a picture of a receipt and submit for a new or existing claim

· View, contribute and distribute HSA transactions

* Pay bills from any account and add a payee

· Manage your expenses by entering medical expense information and supporting documentation

* View and Manage your HSA investments

* Retrieve your forgotten username/password

* Report a debit card as lost or stolen

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MyHealth BofA Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The My Health app version 7.4.0 provides you with: * HSA Investment Transactions: Provides the ability to: realign investment portfolio, make fund to fund transfers, perform one-time transfers between cash and investment accounts, and more! * PDF and Cloud Storage Upload: Delivers enhanced document upload capabilities, enabling the ability to upload PDF documents and quickly access and upload documents via Cloud Storage options

MyHealth BofA Comments & Reviews

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- Needs an update that will allow upload from camera roll.

The app has been really convenient and user friendly. I have one complaint/enhancement request. Allow upload from camera fill for receipts. In time of COVID or not, a lot of these receipts that are retrieved after-the-fact, are downloaded electronically. Then you have to print it out and take a picture of it because it won’t allow the nice, clear electronic image that was on your camera roll. Seems easier for whomever reviews it too, for them to not have to review a photo of a piece of paper.

- Major step in the right direction

Clearly the first major app update for this product, and overall not bad. Simple, yet efficient. I like the click to call feature to go right to the automated system to speak to a rep. Claim information is posted just fine and gives the full description of the claim approved or denied. Also like the implementation of certain areas of the app taking you to the mobile version of the website. Would recommend finding a way to have the app auto-log you in to your account from the app. Not sure why people complain about the auto-lockout and having to re-enter info. Practically all major financial institutions have time limits of how long you can be on there without touching anything. Its to protect the most sensitive info you have. It's not going to burden your day reentering your info. Touch ID will eventually come to the app, but that requires funding to work with Apple. Would be a nice feature for some clients, but it's not the end all-be all for logins.

- Makes managing my HSA easier

There are a couple of quirks, but overall get the job done. Developers, please fix the ability to edit text. Right now if I put in text and then move the cursor to edit something to the left, it keeps defaulting the cursor back to the end of the text.

- HSA account

I rarely open my account, usually annually, to bring my records up to date, to make my contribution and to make a large payment from the account. Each time I try to open the account it does not recognize my former password and requires me to jump thru multiple hoops to get a new one. This time I was even asked to put in my “hire date!” I am not an employee! So start again.... I will not successfully get a new password until I finally reach a representative. Your representatives have been very helpful each time, including my rep from this time, Sophia, and then the job is done quickly and easily. Upon finally getting into my account, I find the directions have changed, again, from a year ago and I must go thru a few commands until I find the “bank” record of my account. So I am not happy with your app & I dread coming back next year. It has always puzzled me that this app compares so poorly with my regular B of A account. It does an outstanding job. So it’s not B of A, it’s your app designer. Good luck!!

- Good start but needs work

I will start by acknowledging that BOA has provided an app to support their management of FSA accounts - and for that they get are you positive rating. The ability to take pictures of receipts and upload them to a claim is a positive. However the design could be improved upon to make the information more valuable. For instance: It would be good to see a statement like summary of claims showing the status of the claim as pending, paid, or awaiting doc. Currently you have to go in to each claim to see the status or go to a different screen to see items paid. Another enhancement would be to allow the printing or exporting of information on claims and payments. On the uploading of receipts it would be good if the user had the option of taking a picture of the receipt or attaching an image already taken. Hopefully someone at Bank of America is looking at the reviews and considering some needed enhancements.

- Great until receipt upload

First, let me say, I love this app! The turnaround time is fantastic & I love that it has facial recognition (even though now I’ve heard that’s scary/bad). Anywho, it all goes sideways for me when.... I keep forgetting since there’s usually a gap between reimbursement requests how to upload a receipt. When I get it from daycare/preschool I forget I have to print it out (um, hello, this is all supposed to be digital) and take a picture of it. Even though I get the invoice digitally and would much prefer to simply attach the email or even save & upload the attachment.

- Password reset won’t work

I swear that most of the time I try to use the app on my iphone or iPad, it returns a login error. Tried to use the password reset, but don’t get the emails. This time I called customer service at 10:30 pm CST. Was surprised to get American speaking individual, but still took me 5 attempts to come up with a new password. Seems BoA CAN’T bother providing pop-up stating password can’t be one of previous 8 passwords. On top of that, after I finally came up with new acceptable password via the browser path, neither mobile app would recognize the new password. What a cluster f&@%.

- Poor Site functionality

Previously had “touch screen “login capability When attempting this time it required a brand new sign in and did not offer for me to use fingerprint. Which then caused me to have to reset my password, which a request was made online via a laptop, but the email never arrived. Had to wait 24 hours and just redid the request to be able to reset password which the email arrived immediately. So if the touch/fingerprint sign-on had worked initially Action would have been completed much more efficiently and when expected. Additionally, the camera feature is excellent for you bees and the invoices. However for the canceled checks that are required to show payment, they need to be downloaded from the bank site and therefore you have to go use a desktop in order to upload that portion for validation. Not exactly helpful

- Too many glitches in the system

This app is terrible. I can’t even use the mic to dictate. When I had to choose which reimbursement to submit the claim to, there were two to pick from. The one I picked first was for last year, but there is no way to tell until you fill out all the info, take a picture of the receipt and wait. Then it tells you the dates were wrong. It seems 2019 is still showing that you can submit a claim. I thought it was too late for 2019. You cannot tell by looking at them both. It’s trial and error.

- Constantly locked out

We have been long time BOA customers but the HSA has given us more problems than I could have imagined. Our password works once in a blue moon and we are constantly having to reset it. Also, resetting online is not a possibility. So it requires calling and sitting on hold. Reset the password, it works for a week...kicked back out. It isn’t incorrect password entry bc I use facial recognition for most of my passwords. Their security set up is flawed and it is pretty annoying.

- Not entirely satisfied

My card gets blocked for inconsequential money amounts ($12) if the receipt provided isn’t exactly to your specifications without sufficient notice. This has happened to me on several occasions and it’s quite frustrating when I go to use the flex spending card and it’s blocked. It’s even more frustrating when I know I have quite a chunk of $ on the card and am in no way close to depleting it with my co payments.

- This is the worst flexible spending account I have ever dealt with.

If you have a choice do not use this company for your flexible spending account. The people that actually process your claim are locked behind an impenetrable wall and use every rule they have to keep your money or deny a claim based on some little loophole they find might work. I have spent countless hours on the phone with them trying to rectify a few claims to no avail. I will never do business with BofA again. You have been warned, don’t go crying when they do it to you!

- Horrible experience with BOA HSA

My account was over by mistake whole I was on maternity leave. My tax person is the one who notified me. I then spoke to 3-4 different people trying to rectify this overage mistake and the whole process has been a nightmare. Every time the correct amount was put into the account it had already accused more interest before I could remove the overage. I don’t wish for this to happen to anyone. Over 6 weeks later and still unable to confirm with my tax person that this has been rectified.

- App malfunctions frequently

I have months where this app won’t open. When I do get it opened, it crashes frequently. Most frustrating app I have every had in my phone. Serious bugs that continue to pop up. BOA you need better than this.

- Easy to use app but confusing

I like the app, however, there is very little to no explanation associated with the actions. It is unclear if I pay for an expensive using my credit card how to get that reimbursed. It would be helpful if there is a section on the app such as frequently asked questions etc. it would definitely make this have more user-friendly

- Need some updating

In the past I was able to upload a receipt from my camera roll, now I only have the option to take a photo, even when adding to the receipt organizer. Not convenient since I receive/view emails and receipts on my phone so I can screenshot and save.

- Worst app!

The biggest issue with this app is that it only allow photos of receipts. It should allow files to be attached as well. It's pretty difficult to take a legible pic of a full page document or one that has multiple pages. Being able to attach a file also would make sense. My other issue are with the program itself. After several years of participating, it just seems the past couple of years have been a COMPLETE headache.

- Easy to use app

Never had any issues with crashing or slowness. Interface is extremely easy to use - easier than website version. This is one of the best functionality apps on my phone.

- So convenient!

Live how simplified this app makes tracking medical expenses! Pay bills, scan and track receipts and expenses, transfer in/out. I pretty much have never ran into an issue or a need that the app does not have an easy and intuitive solution for.

- Not the most useful

This app doesn’t show you everything you need—my card was turned off due to a repayment request that the app doesn’t show ANY information about, but the card is still showing active on the app. Not only that, I don’t get any of the debit card notifications through the app. The only useful thing about it is that you’re able to file claims through it.

- Easy to use but one suggestion

I love the app! It makes it very easy to reimburse my expenses. The one suggestion is that it lets me add a picture of the receipt for tracking purposes on the expense that I submit. That way I don’t have to go back to do it later and I don’t have to keep the paper receipts on hand.

- Needs receipt upload function

The only thing I hate hate about this app is that I have to print out stuff and then take a picture rather than upload it. That makes it a big hassle and seems very preventable. Ability to upload in addition to using the camera it seems an obvious add-on.

- Easy

The app is easy to use. My only ask would be the ability to upload a file from my email versus having to print and take a picture of it. Paper waste.

- Love the updated Upload Options

The options to choose files from different locations (use camera, upload photos or documents) is an added benefit to make the app easier to use.

- Fund Details nav bug

If I’m in the Investment Summary and go further into a fund’s details, when tap the back arrow from the find details page it goes all the way back to the Home page instead of the desired Investment summary page. Instead of even having to do this I’d like to see total return (or time weighted) by fund all on the Investment Summary page.

- Can’t upload receipts!

Every time I try and take a picture to upload my receipts, it gives me an error message. Now I have to scan and upload it at work which is really inconvenient.

- Easy to manage HSA expenses with this App

It only takes a few minutes to distribute funds for expenses using this app. I find it faster than the website. It’s easy to see your expense history as well.

- Why can’t I upload a receipt from the camera roll?

Please fix this. When I have an electronic receipt there is no way to upload it. The feature to upload from camera ONLY allows you to take a picture of a paper document at the time of upload. If I already have a screenshot or a PDF receipt I can’t upload this unless I first print it and then I take a picture of it. Please fix this and I’ll change to 4 stars

- Horrible app, even worse customer service

The app doesn’t apply you to upload receipts, only take pictures. Any excuse for BOA to deny claims. I’ve been trying to get reimbursed for a DCAP claim for almost a month and have called them almost a dozen times, many times with my employer’s HR on the line to clear up the problem. It is still not. I will never participate in another FSA after my experience with BOA

- Good App - small missing feature

Missing a couple of features that would make it five star, but good intuitive app. Ability to filter to payments and payee Ability to set up reoccurring payments Both would be nice

- Great update in ages

a great update to the app so you can contribute and everything from your mobile. They still have to improve a lot and put in more features like finger print login and all.

- Meh - could be better, but getting there

There are ways to make this easier. It would be nice if when you’re filling out the claim forms you could select from accounts that actually have money in them rather than have to go back and look at balances.

- Developers stepped it up

It looks like the app is using the new and increasingly popular Flutter framework to make their app, which is leading to a nicer looking UI and responsiveness in the app. It still doesn’t feel very mature compared to the BoA’s main banking app, but it’s a step in the right direction.

- Claims Process

When things are self explanatory, this is an excellent app. When there are any issues that need to be cleared up or confusion, it seems very difficult to understand the messages back from the reviewer.

- Convenient…

I love this app but only gave it four stars. I created a double entry by accident and could not find a way to remove that entry. So I went online and there is no way to perform that transaction. I had to call and speak with a representative.

- HSA app

It’s fantastic to view all the contributions in one App to HSA. If only all the bills can be sent to this account and can be from the app like we pay credit cards it will be great. Of course that should be an optional subscription based.

- Brad Estes

On one bofA sight I have to Re-sin up to make a deposit into my account. On another it saved the information I set up last year. I try to pull up my tax form by hitting the link and then it says see attachment, but there is no attachment. And then I click the chat icon and bofa still doesn’t have it up and running. I guess that’s what I get for $2.50 a month? I thought you were better?

- Easy

Easy to navigate through the app and find items that you are looking for.

- App is poorly designed

This app is straight up garbage. Error messages constantly when trying to upload receipts or file a claim. When you go to file a claim it shows multiple accounts but no way to distinguish which one is which. I called customer service and they only told me to try later. It’s embarrassing that we have something so poorly designed.

- Always availability to help!

I have to say that there is always a BOA representative there to help me when I need it. I do most of my banking after hours and sometimes I need assistance.

- Missing link capability? Major fail.

There is no way to link the receipt photo to the expense? Receipt photos live in one area of the app and expenses are elsewhere? When you need a receipt you have to scroll through a series of tiny photos? May as well leave them in a paper file. Am I missing something?

- Easy to use

Very easy to use. Sometimes hard to find what you are looking for but for the vast majority of needs the app is fantastic.

- Quick and easy

Great way to schedule payments and keep track of everything.

- App friendly

So easy to use and love that you can upload all documents straight from your phone

- Easy Button!

This app allows me to not only make transactions but also easily find past transactions to recipients.

- Easy to use app

One suggestion is if we could upload documents stored on our phone vs taking a picture.

- Easy n convenience

Very detailed app, you can view transactions transfer in between your bank account or upload receipts.

- Easy to use and convenient now that it’s an app

I enjoy the app because of its convenience and seems to function properly consistently

- Tax free saving and investment for health

If you want a generation to save for rising health costs - this is the way to do it. Self reimbursement. Easy investment transactions. And, everything is tax free if you spend it now or later on health expenses.

- Manageable funds & User Friendly

This app is by far very simple to use. Very well layed out from design to font to account information to accessibility of funds.

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MyHealth BofA 7.4.0 Screenshots & Images

MyHealth BofA iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

MyHealth BofA iphone images
MyHealth BofA iphone images
MyHealth BofA iphone images
MyHealth BofA iphone images
MyHealth BofA iphone images

MyHealth BofA (Version 7.4.0) Install & Download

The applications MyHealth BofA was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-12-02 and was developed by Bank of America [Developer ID: 284847141]. This application file size is 20.11 MB. MyHealth BofA - Health & Fitness app posted on 2020-12-01 current version is 7.4.0 and works well on IOS 11.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bankofamerica.myhealth

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