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"A vacation for your ears."

Travelear promises to take your ears on an adventure like never before! You can finally go to a variety of destinations and environments with a pair of headphones and the click of a button. With Travelear you can hop across the pond and experience the hustle and bustle of London's famous Flower Market or even take a trip down to New Orleans jazz-filled streets. If you're not in the mood for a new city sound then you can always get up close and personal with forest wildlife or simply sit back and relax on your porch as a summer thunderstorm passes by. Let our sounds immerse you into an environmental narrative and make you feel like you are actually there.


- 3D experiences created exclusively for Travelear
- Organic recordings designed to tell a story
- Captured with the latest in 3D microphones
- Recorded and composed by Professional Audio Engineers
- HD sound quality
- HD images provide a visual for the experience
- Map View allows you to choose your destination

Take a break from your day, go somewhere fun. Sit back, relax, and choose your destination.

Travelear: Listen to the World App Description & Overview

The applications Travelear: Listen to the World was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-11-21 and was developed by Nicholas Culpin. The file size is 20.24 MB. The current version is 1.2.5 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Improved accessibility for Voice Over! New Layout!
General Bug Fixes

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I love this!!  TheCopperPenny  5 star

I use this to fall asleep, relax, and get inspiration. It all feels so real! It’s insane how I can feel like I am right there at the location. I love the variety of places and sounds. Keep it up!

Young Jediaaaaqq

Wow amazing!  Young Jediaaaaqq  5 star

Wow! This is amazing! It’s amazing virtual reality audio. Not to be offtopic, but as a matter of fact, I might be testing a virtual reality game that kind of like this, called circus Masters revenge which you use sound to shoot enemies. Anyway, do you think you can add some more things, for Halloween as well? Like the haunted mansion ride at Disneyland, or even some Star Wars things? Also do you think you can add a walking feature where you can virtually walk anywhere and it will pick up where you walked? This is a great app! I strongly think you should develop games for the blind as well. It’s the same concept, only a game. And Audiogame. Keep up the great work!


Loving the new layout and accessibility  ClockworkBlue11  5 star

Reading other comments that’s great you guys took the blind community into account with this version. I’m not blind but I still really enjoy the app.

Lights rage

Wonderful app  Lights rage  5 star

I love how the app developer consider accessibility in this last update. We desperately needed it. When we contract with the developer he was quick to respond. I like that in a developer. Someone who is considered to the needs of the users. Furthermore.. I appreciate the fact that the sounds are absolutely recorded, and we can be worst way to darn near anywhere.


I love the idea of this app...  pollygrrr  4 star

I love the idea of this app, and the recordings it does have are beautiful, gritty, hypnotic, whatever you want, sort of. There need to be more!!! That is my biggest criticism. I rarely rate apps, usually only when there’s a problem, like a lot of other people. But I think this app could be something truly wonderful, the companion to something like Google Earth, which has elevated the armchair traveler (or housebound person, like me,) into an actual sightseer. With Travelear people could expand their experience to the all-encompassing sound of places they love or have dreamed of visiting. Of course the recordings they have at present are a small but decent collection of exotic white-noise, but they’re also wonderful in and of themselves. I will probably never travel to my favourite city—London—again, but hearing the very familiar sounds of ‘The Tube’ was like coming home. I also use this app (and other better ones, in my opinion) to evoke a mood or a time or a place when I am reading (big fan of historical fiction.) Travelear, with more places, sounds, & choices would be an app I would use every single day.


Please fix  Feno3344566666666666644  3 star

Great app but this app need to be fixed. App crashes after using it for a few minutes.


Whisked Away!🗺👂🏽  eightiestvkid  5 star

I have been a fan of this app since day one, and they manage to keep making it better with each update! As a New York-born and east coast-raised L.A. transplant, I'm constantly shuffling between "TIMES SQUARE," "GRAND CENTRAL STATION," and (my personal fave) "NEW YORK CITY SUBWAY RIDE." You can even curate your own playlist/queue and tailor Travelear to your listening likes! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


Great for the whole family!  moonmama327  5 star

Love this app! The recordings are so unique. I have a three year old who loves listening to the bees and subway during the day. At night he falls asleep listening to rain or waves. The fact that the recordings are from real places has sparked fun conversations in our family too. Thanks Travelear for an awesome app! Can’t wait to hear what you guys record next!


Needs more vacations!  sarandipt  5 star

This is app has brilliant beautiful 3-D sound. The only thing missing is MORE! EDIT: ... and a Random button (that doesn’t play repeats too often).


Add More Sounds Please?  Kyitari  4 star

That, or create ways users can add their own while traveling? (E.g. the way LibriVox does). Right now the scope of the app is very limited. This idea has the potential to be able to transport users to thousands of locations around the world. You need to grow it or create a way for it to grow organically.










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