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What is hero wars - fantasy idle rpg app? Welcome at long last, Brave Hero! Whether you’ve come to relive your favorite moments of online-RPG gaming or are just looking to slash your way through a few levels, Hero Wars has you covered. Come for the refined RPG gameplay, stay for the glory!

Many centuries ago, the enchanted lands of the Dominion knew an era of unparalleled peace and prosperity. However, these halcyon days met their abrupt end when the ruthless hordes of the Archdemon invaded the land. Their uncompromising cruelty and terrible force routed entire armies. Yet someone must resist—the time has come to rise up and save the Dominion from its cruel captors!

● 50+ Heroes with unique skills
● Epic Guild battles
● 13 Campaign chapters and 190 Missions
● 8 game modes
● Exciting Special Events
● Puzzles with rewards

Luck be with you in battle, Brave Hero! And remember—we are always here for you at support@herowars.zendesk.com
The Hero Wars Team

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Hero Wars is compatible with the following devices: iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, 11; iPad Mini 4, Air 2, 2017, 2018, Pro.
The following devices are NOT supported: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPad Air, Mini 2, Mini 3, iPod Touch.

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Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG Version 1.138.11114 June 2022

An eerie update! Morrigan's Buff The necromancer now summons more skeletons and reaps a grim advantage from other heroes reviving. New Brawls Assemble a team with Morrigan and others to check her out in battle. Fight, win, and earn rewards! Generals' Commands in Global Championship That's right! Starting on June 21, Generals' commands will be available in the Global Championship, which is a huge quality-of-life improvement for both generals and champions. Give those bones a good shake!.

Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG Version 1.135.10127 April 2022

Spring is full of life! Spring Sale A great big bouquet of sales and discounts awaits you! Jhu’s Special Shop Visit it to purchase the hero himself and a ton of valuable items. Jhu Buff The “The Spirits Will Heal Me” skill now restores much more health, while the “I See You” skill triggers quicker and lasts longer. Show the Dominion that you can’t be stopped!.

Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG Version 1.130.00515 February 2022

Legends Draft in the Dominion! A new tabletop game is picking up steam in the taverns of Strongford! Join in the fun, gather a team of random max level heroes, and challenge other players from around the world. The creator of this game, who requested not to be named, warns that it's extremely addictive! Rise to fame throughout the Dominion!.

Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good Game, But You’ll Spend Money

The game itself is really cool. Lots of variety, good graphics, and there are (at first) ample opportunities to gather items, emeralds, and coins. I will warn new players though: you can get to Level 40 fairly easily/quickly spending about $20-30, but after that, you will be stuck on Chapter 7 and it will then start becoming much more expensive to level up and progress. If you are looking to continually progress and become competitive without waiting months, expect to spend hundreds of dollars. The blockages occur first with emeralds (mostly) and energy (to a lesser extent) - you need energy to play/raid levels for items to level up characters, and you need emeralds to pay for the key things that allow you to level up your characters more strongly. Emeralds in particular are the main currency here - and as you continue in the game, the number of things that ultimately require emeralds grows quickly. Gold is also required, but is not constrained as much as energy and emeralds. I’ve been having a lovely time with the game overall, but at the moment I know I’m stuck unless I start shelling out more money. I’m not saying it’s bad to pay for things you enjoy, and I don’t think the game is bad for this reason, but I do feel emeralds get to be a bit expensive. I would play this game more voraciously if the cost of emeralds was lowered. As of now, without spending hundreds of dollars, I’m probably going to be logging in and playing more passively.

- Hero Wars review

Okay, it’s a gattaca game, if you don’t like those we’ll take a hard pass. Okay so you like gattaca games? Then this one is pretty entertaining. By far the deepest character progression of any of these games I’ve played, layers and layers of things to improve your characters. Quite a few games modes and different characters shine in different roles, a good sign. So with any of these games is it pay to win? So I did very well without paying anything but it is obvious that if I were “competing” with someone money could push one of us ahead easily, so you can have fun free to play but money is going to make moving up way easier. They have a vip system and vip rank 1 is the one that really matters, it gives unlimited instant auto battles, very nice. You can get this by spending $2 so not bad.. I bought a $10 gem pack when they were on a x4 special, this was hugely helpful and I don’t see spending anymore on the game. I don’t see anywhere in the game where a lack of spending will stop me, it will just slow me down but I don’t mind that at all, these games are a fun diversion for me, I don’t need to be a “top ten” player on a mobile game… All in all I say if your a gattaca fan try it out, it plays fast and will have a few features you wish the devs of other gattaca games would take notice of(hey raid their take on a hydra boss isn’t rocket science…).

- I spent 500$

This is not a free to play game. The puzzles are to make you download the game they don’t continue. Gems, gold, artifacts for hero’s and titans, equipment, skills, skins and gift of elements all cost money. All are necessary. (Grey) (green,1) (blue,1,2) (violet, 1,2,3) (gold,1,2,3,4)

- Fun and Semi-Casual

I have been trying to find a fun game that doesn’t consume your time and money. The game does offer instant completion features, however you will have to purchase a pack to get unlimited raid tickets to do so or earn them each day in game. I have paid $1.99 to get these unlocked and that is all. Otherwise the progression is reasonable. The graphics are pretty and funny. The characters are very cartoonishly designed but still nice. I do recommend giving it a try to at least level 50 before you decide. I think the $1.99 was at least worth it to speed up grinding that would otherwise take several minutes. The basics are to gather heroes and later on titans to farm items and resources to level up further and summon more playable characters. Team synergy is very important especially in arena areas where it is on auto. I have 20+ heroes and while I do primarily use the base team I received when first starting the game, I also try to split resources to make well balanced alternates for further progression. One thing I do like about this game is the fact it shows you who needs something, where to get it, and takes you there with one click. Overall I think the worst thing I have found is the difficulty level increases abruptly, and it took me several days to get moving again due to the energy and gold limitations from trying to play as free as possible.

- Fun, but could use some tweaks

Overall, the game is good but as with everything in life, there is always room for improvement. Some of those include: 1. The need to spend gold on almost everything compared to the ability to earn in game is off-balanced. You can spend emeralds to get more gold though. 2. If you aren’t going to spend any money on this or watch a million videos, this isn’t the game for you. As with most free games, you’re either paying with money or time to get anywhere, nothing in life is free. 3. The Grand Arena could use some work. Having three teams is great, but without being able to see your competitor’s team, it’s hard to make a good strategy for it. 4. More titans. Just, add more titans to the game. 5. As a note to 4, there needs to be a way to heal the titans like you can heal heroes in the tower. 6. Last note: overall clarity of how guild wars works and maybe a character role indicator on the main character page would be helpful. I go into free games knowing they aren’t free so I take that aspect out of it when leaving reviews for them. For a mobile free game though, there are a lot of different game mechanics and if you aren’t good at one, you’re probably going to find one you are good at. Give it a shot, grind experience, and you’ll have a good time.

- Worth every penny

And yes I do spend a bit of coin on the game. Hey, even game programmers need to get paid every now and then, and I have enjoyed this game for quite awhile now. I usually just get Valkyrie favor, as that seems to provide the best bang for the buck. I do sometimes spend on soul stone packages, especially the super titan packs when they come up. Yes, at times it can be a grind, especially when working to create the gear needed to promote your heroes. But even then the game is still enjoyable and I have spent many hours over the last year playing it. I have finally reached the max level of 120, but my hero’s and titans still need more work. They introduce new hero’s into the game from time to time, just to shake things up a bit and keep it interesting. This game carries the Official Grandpa Seal of Approval. Yes I am a grandpa twice over :) And they open up new servers on a regular basis. The last time that I checked, and it has been awhile, there were over 400 active servers. To give you a rough idea, I am playing on server 116, and my brother started playing, but he is on something like server 450 or thereabouts, so you don’t have to worry about trying to compete against players that have been building their hero’s for over a year. So, what are you waiting on? Come on and join the fun.

- Great game

This game is great (though not perfect) it is possible to progress through to the end game without spending money, but it will be at a much slower pace than those that do spend money. (So pretty much pay to win at a faster rate-a large portion of our guild members do not spend money and we are still in the top 3 guilds on our server). The guild wars are set up in a way that emphasizes communication and coordination between members(which is something I like). All of the hero’s have their own feel to them and do not feel bland. I like the titan system, but a few new titans wouldn’t be a bad thing to have a little more choice in viable teams. The one thing here that needs work in my opinion is the chat system. When trying to chat, it is very easy to send incomplete messages and many people do so often. Also there is no private message feature(which in my opinion would be helpful in preparing who you want to use for the guild wars, and for reminding them that they have an attack left. Or for just getting in touch with people in general because messages get lost in the chat system easily. All in all the game is great(and I have no issues with the in app purchases because the company has to make money for the games constant upkeep) but I would appreciate an updated chat system!

- Extremely for pay to win players!

Everything here needs money. You can play for free but you will just end up in frustration, and punching bags for those who pay. Drop rate for free to play is also low. They always come up with things for you to pay for. Hard work, grinding, and doing all quests won’t get you far. It will take you 10 years to reach what can be accomplished in a month by those who pay. If you plan to pay just by small amounts, it still won’t work. So for this game, it’s either you go all out or stay away. Skills don’t matter here too. Just put all your money in and max all characters, you will be undefeated. No real need to plan your team synergy and strategy once you pay for everything to max. Guild dungeon is impossible to play to 150 titanites if you aren’t paying. They have also added more way to increase the strength of the Titans by paying more which greatly increases the gap for non-payers. Still a game of pay or don’t play. New things added for Titans which will further increase the gap for heavy spenders and free to play. Truly a hardcore pay to win game with only money generating income in-mind for developers. Honestly, there are a lot games out there where you can spend heavy with more in-depth game story and quests, balanced chances to play with non-spenders, grinding choice for non paying players, skill and analysis dependent games, and a lot more which is entirely dependent on your taste and playing style. I just don’t recommend this game at all.

- Pay to win and the ADS are fake

Great game to start off with. It is extremely well balanced with the way the characters and teams work but like the title says it’s “pay to win” meaning if you don’t spend money this game is going to be extremely difficult to keep up with and if you can’t handle it then people in your server will stomp all over you with their super high level characters and it will be even harder to get anywhere then because you won’t get “guild wars” rewards because no good guild will want you (your too low level due to not spending money) while the ones who do spend money will get into those good guilds and get a massive amount of rewards. Another thing to note like I said in the title “the advertising is fake” not a single ad they show has anything to do with the game. If anyone who works for this company is reading this then I highly suggest changing your ads because when I got the game I almost immediately changed my mind due to the ads and the game not matching (it’s usually a good sign the game is a terrible game and is just trying to deceive people into playing a game they know is bad). With all this said, I will say it again, this game is very enjoyable.

- Hero Wars

Interesting game. Enjoyed playing. The limitations are frustrating. I’m off and on anymore. While there are some interesting twists and events, the rest of the game isn’t as much fun as it first was. Artwork and graphics are still top notch. I’ve gotten VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY unhappy. I level up characters, but the game makes the levels even harder. It always seems that just when I can play with ease, your game wratches up the boss levels to just beyond my character limits. The tower for example, at one point I would as able to clear all the levels, then suddenly, the levels doubled in difficulty. Now I can’t get much more than halfway, if even. I have quit playing the Tower. Also, I still have an issue with the two arenas. I can’t keep up with the big money spenders (or your beta testers that have the best stuff). There is always a core group that is always ahead of the main game, and us mundane players can’t hope to beat them. I understand you want to make money. But like all of these games, you sacrifice game play for max profit. Sorry. I’m not enjoying some of the game, and it won’t be long before I’ll have to drop it as well. I don’t mind being challenged, but hey! The game should be fun too. I am close to deleting the game. And I have spent a few hundred Dollar$ on this game. With nothing to show for it. I hope you are happy with your creative endeavors. It’ll be all you can have.

- Fun and Addictive!!!

There are enough different events in this game that it keeps you entertained diversely for hours. It’s a blast if you have the time to waste, and trouble if you’re trying to get your work done. I haven’t grown tired of it yet!! It gets too difficult too quickly. We need periodic larger rewards to keep us engaged. I’m still with this game after 3 months. It’s still very challenging and lots of fun. Still going after 6 months!! Still going after 9 months. I have hit a point where it is extremely difficult to advance, but others have done it, so there must be a way. It’s still engaging. The special events around holidays are very fun!! Not enough time in the day for the fun this game provides. June 30, 2021 Still going strong. Playing this game every day. My wife doesn’t like that I have it up so much, but it brings me joy. The game is challenging. The guild is fun if you’re with good guid members. August 13,2021 - still LOVING this game. One of the few I have spent money on. Sept 23 and still going strong!! Halloween, 2021, and the game is still part of my daily entertainment. February 2022…we need help promoting titans. It’s too expensive. But I’m still playing.

- Review

Overall good game. One issue is with prices to buy stuff. If they were a lot cheaper I would purchase more and be able to play longer which is good for the game but as is I run out of energy, diamonds, and especially gold very quickly each day and have to stop playing. Again really like the game just wish I could play more for long stretches and not have to wait to get gold. Wish as you leveled up that you could get bigger prizes like more gold, ruins, skin stones, etc. seems a lot of days now I don’t do much. The glitches have been fixed so thank you but I have never received anything for all the issues I dealt with over those several months. Can something please be done. The new titan artifacts are ridiculous. How can there be people with max teams all ready, you really screwed the pooch on this one. I will never spend another dime on this game unless this is fixed. Artifacts should be burned not white little small events would be OK but you shouldn’t have to spend several thousand dollars to match or titans. I would rather buy a house with my money. Other then screwing up the game with Titan artifacts you also made them cost way to much gold. You really need to lower price to upgrade or make it easier to farm gold. It’s getting crazy and you will keep losing players.

- Support leaves much to be desired

The game is nice looking, but often enough times there are game mechanics that don’t operate as described like immunity from attacks. Also, the game has so many layers of unnecessary complexity with all of the different currencies / exchanges that have to take place. Plus, the mini games are a selling point, but they seem to stop after chapter three. If that’s a glitch, then the support hasn’t responded to my report from last week and no resolution is in sight. The game heavily weights those that are willing to pay for the upgrades, but it stinks for those disadvantaged. I find it strange that the visible metrics on which to determine ability to win battles are not as useful because I can punch above my weight based on group power rating in one area and lose based on the same metric in another area. In addition, the weapon and armor rank upgrading system seems silly to have to get the same item from one rank to the next, so does the character have to turn in these materials only to then go find them elsewhere? Weird? Plus, the ratio for obtaining items versus attempts seems to be way off as I can battle 6 times and only get one character card even though each of those battles was 12 energy, but that could just be me since I’m only giving them ad revenue instead of direct revenue.

- Would give it 5 star if these were fixed.

Great game overall. Just a few minor things that I wish to be fixed. Definitely the tower needs to be fixed because I’ve been playing a solid 6 months, pretty close to everyday and never have I made it to the top of the tower, I honestly don’t even know how many floors of the tower there are, just should start the level one floor with an easy win instead of an 80,000 team power... Also I like being able to have a bunch of heroes that are upgraded and pretty decked out (only way you can even attempt to make it far into the tower) but it’s really hard to do once you get into the violet ranks and like level 60+ because it’s so expensive, it cost like 300k gold to get one piece to equip on your hero and you have to get all 6 before you can promote your hero and each mission gives you only like 1000 gold. So to try and keep up with even 5 heroes (full team) is extremely long. It would be better if it didn’t take as much energy to do one mission and it gave out more gold per mission. Or maybe a gold rush event type deal? Still play it pretty loyally just a few things that I think should be fixed.

- Fun, challenging and not complicated

I have enjoyed playing this game and started looking for free to play game. This game could be played without spending much but it would be a very hard to have enough gold end resources to be competitive. You would end up a very high level weak player. There are nice free daily bonuses for energy and great free rewards in the campaign if you check the Facebook page to find out where the bonus is located. I will keep playing and try to keep spending down. The skins are great for a bonus to hero but too expensive in my opinion and for a free player , 5000 skin stone cost for just one skin unlock is way too much! Thank you for the events and for making a great game! I just wanted to update my previous post and drop my review from 5 stars to 3 because I have been billed incorrect amounts for I game purchases 4 different times!!! I am considering dropping it to 1 star... I keep getting automated canned responses that just state the Terms of Service and that the company doesn’t issue refunds. I will take it with my card service provider and Apple to get refund but it’s sad that they don’t take care of their players better.

- Addicting and Endless Pay Walls if you plan to win.

Started this game thinking it would be a fun quick game to try with the full intention of not playing more than an hour or so and then I was hooked early on. Now I’ve been playing for over two years and can’t stop because I’m so invested at this point and I’m finding that it is incredibly hard to progress without paying outrageous amounts of cash. And by outrageous I mean people have paid thousands to stay on top. Real games like COD and Halo don’t even cost that much and that gives you a real 3D experience. This is just a 2D phone game with basic animations. I could see $10 for the lifetime of the game and then let peoples hard work and determination govern who is on top but putting everything behind a pay wall is ridiculous. Or better yet have servers for people who pay to win and servers for those who don’t. Personally if I were looking to start playing I wouldn’t. It is fun for a bit when you can progress quickly without paying but by the time you’ve played for a while they have trapped you it’s hard to break away.

- So Many Fun Things to Do!

I’ve played so many of these types of games, one I even compete at a very high level on, and I can say, speaking from a long history of serious experience, that this is one of the best games of its kind out there. It’s simple enough to learn without much confusion (most of it anyway, the glyphs and artifacts can take some a wee minute to get the hang of), and it offers a variety of things to do. Great thing is that I can play as little or as much as I want without any problems of missing out on things or running out of things to do. That’s no easy feat for any kind of game. I’ve been addicted to this one since I started, and, yeah, I spend some money on it, but that’s because I wanted to, not because I needed to; and only because I was impatient. There’s things you can do to prevent you from needing to spend money, so all you need is time and patience and there’s nothing I couldn’t do without spending money. I’d recommend this game for anyone that enjoys multi-faceted adventure games, as this one rises above most, if not all, games of its kind. Soooo much fun waiting for you in it!!!

- Feature overload

Game is fun enough to start, gives you a few heroes to level up but after awhile you realize the recurring theme is in-app purchases (a lot) to really progress past the first couple upgrades. You start with promotions (items from battle rewards), rarity/stars (which can’t be leveled up very far without in-app purchases), and skills (from gold). After a few levels, the game introduces artifacts (in-app purchases) and then skins (in-app purchases) and then skin investments to increase stats (in-app purchases), then glyph enchantments to increase stats (in-app purchases), then elemental gifts (in-app purchases)…you get the idea. Anyways, you get to lvl30 and join a guild only to find that now you have to also build a team of elemental titans that also gets unlocked and leveled up similar to the original heros (more in-app purchases). It honestly feels like the developers tried to include as many feature enhancements as possible to drive more in-app purchases. Personally I’d give the game a 1 star rating because of the obvious greed explained above but it never claimed to be a F2P game, in fact early on, you get the feeling that it’s going to take real world money to progress so I’m setting on 3 stars.

- It’s a scam game, false advertising, prays upon addiction in children..

Pay to win, unethical and prays upon mental illness and children. You’d think Apple would know better, because they are extreme liberals and use buzzwords like “equality and inclusivity.” Oh, and they hastily deleted my first comprehensive in depth review about the severity of this NASDAQ scam app. This is a falsely advertised game and they were sued for it so as a justification for not being taken off the App Store they included those fake puzzle games but just for two “chapters.” Thought the game was all about puzzles… apple makes money from this app though, so by that double standard what they’re saying is that this app is ethical and allowed to mislead. Their customer support is a joke and do not refund the accidental purchase of their virtual currency which isn’t even trade-able, you literally can only use it yourself and in the game, it’s not real money.. this company has merged with Russians and they absolutely make nothing but excuses and will not talk directly to you. This game and all those “energy” pay to play more games need to be removed from the App Store. This is not the American way. Americans should only have fully playable games, not these manipulative class warfare games where rich people who can pay for more in game features, get to stomp all over poor people.

- Enjoyable Game

I’ve been playing Hero Wars for several months, and overall I find it to be an enjoyable game. The graphics are well done and there are a number of different areas in the game. What first attracted me to the app were the mini-games, which are only available with the first several mission areas. After that… no more mini-games. I also quickly got to the point where it became extremely difficult to make forward progress in the game without making in app purchases. As your characters increase in level, it takes more and more stuff ( e.g., gold, artifacts, soul stones, experience points, etc.) to level them up. It would really be nice if the amount of these kinds of things that you can obtain as part of the normal game play also increased proportionally ( I.e., no in-app purchase required, and preferably minimal advertisements to slog through). The developers will probably tell you that you can play the game without in-app purchases, and you can; however, the very slowed progress you will experience will become frustrating.

- Fun but has tons of bugs

This game is a lot of fun to play, but the bugs I have to deal with makes it almost unbearable to play. The game crashes daily (multiple times) usually when I’m doing dungeon. It’s most frustrating when it happens during guild war as you cannot replay an attack. When I first reached out to support they told me I had to delete and reinstall the app to fix the problem. Did that and it never fixed it. I have the same issue on two devices. I even went the nuke route to completely wipe my device and I made sure no data from this game was saved in my backup, yet the problem continued. Now, today the game wont even load on any device and when I sent a request to support on their website I was sent an automated response to submit the request in game. How do you do that when the game won’t load??? For someone who has spent hundreds of dollars on this game this might be the last straw for me. I’m going on 5 hours now with no ability to connect even when I switch my phone from WiFi to cellular and did all basic troubleshooting for resolving such issues. I’m beyond frustrated with the problems. I never had to deal with these persistent issues on other games I’ve played.

- Stealing Money through broken platform

The App has been broken for iPhone since it’s last update. About 20-30 times a day the app will glitch and force a restart. In the middle of a campaign battle it will force a loss. This loss carries a penalty of 2 energy. I have paid for energy potions and emeralds which both pay for energy. I have reached out to the Hero wars zendesk email help and they have responded with AWFUL customer service. I’ve never dealt with a company before that has basically told me to go F myself over like a $5 reimbursement. It has become a huge issue for me, not because of the money...I have spent hundreds in the game and can simply get Apple to refund my money for their theft. It is an issue because no one should be allowed to handle a customer this way. 1st the techs lied to me saying this wasn’t happening. Then I provide them with proof, oh yeah this is happening, we don’t reimburse this. I don’t care if you normally reimburse something. If your mistake costs me money, you pay for it, not me. They refused to let me speak to a manager, saying uhhh we don’t have a manager....HA! These guys are insane with how they think they can treat people. Mine isn’t the only story like this, but what would you expect from a game that started off of a bait and switch campaign.

- Fantastic game!

I do enjoy playing this game! I love collecting the heroes and the many different ways you can level them up! Sometimes the battle system seems a bit unbalanced, especially in the tower battles! They should get progressively harder as you advance up the floors of the tower, but instead they’re just completely random! I might battle a full team of level 50, purple rank heroes on floor 1, and then a team of level 47, blue rank heroes on floor 2! Seems a little backwards! I also think that instead of skipping “floors” based on the number of wins you have, you should be able to skip “battles” based on the number of wins you have! For example... winning 2 battles in the tower should get me to floor 5; skipping the battles on floors 1 and 3, and claiming the prizes on floors 2 and 4! Instead of winning 2 battles only getting me to floor 3! I’ve also noticed that some of the battles in the special events have been severely unbalanced as well! But besides all of that! This is a very enjoyable game! I’ve always enjoyed these grindy kind of games! It makes the leveling up worth the work! 😄

- Great Game but not Perfect

Love the game but it has issue on the upper levels. I’ve invested a good sum of money to keep my characters on top and strong. Trying to advance my characters out of the violet into the yellow has been more of the challenge than what the game plays out. With every character that needs the Book of Fate to advance, I’ve lost my items when I press the create button. I thought it was me at first, but after invest a LOT of emeralds to achieve the item needed, it occurred to me that there is a glitched in the game and it keeps taking my money. I found a way around, by buy even more emeralds (spending real money) and advancing my characters through a Merchant Special Offer. I’ve complained and put in a ticket but I have not heard anything back and it has been about two weeks. I have begun to start to loose interest in the game because of these issues since I’m in a level of the game where it’s getting very hard to advance and with the glitch, I really don’t want to invest any more money just so I have to figure out ways to advance in the game.

- Hero’s War Review!

The content below is what this game use to be like, but not anymore. They added Hydras heads and destroyed the game. Literally, people quit by the groups at a time. The cost is very expensive to play, and very soon will come to a deadlock where I won’t be able to do anything for heroes or titans. The best part about this game is the guilds for teamwork and the people sponsoring the game keep actively engaged with the people playing the game by proving hidden treasure almost daily which is awesome. Love the titans. If there was one draw back to the game, it would be the lack of energy, which leads to the shortage of gold. They need to increase the daily amount of energy where you can get gold and EXP to upgrade your hero’s. Bottom line, with this stagnation this game becomes play one time a day and you are done. I would like to play more per day, now taking in to consideration not paying for it either. I have paid my fair share to get me where I am at now, but some help to keep me going until I can afford to pay for my own faster progression would be nice.

- Fun but Potentially Could Get Expensive

My biggest gripe with this game is that the advertising that drew me in to downloading the app was completely misleading. I was under the impression that there would be puzzle-solving mini-games (as their social media ads portray), but there are none. Regardless, the game is pretty fun but has the potential to become expensive if you have no patience with leveling up and progressing slowly. Almost everything in the game can be bought with or traded with Emeralds, which translates to real-world dollars eventually. Of course you CAN earn “free” Emeralds by achieving certain tasks while playing, but it’s very easy to blow them all in one go doing basic functions in the game. They like to advertise “deals” and “specials” for buying emeralds, but these are hardly ever worth it and I’m almost ashamed to say that I have spent too much money (ANY amount is too much, really) on this game. The developers really should tweak the way characters level up to make it easier and keep players engaged. Also, what happened to the story? There was a storyline about a kingdom in peril with the first few levels but now it’s just grinding through themed areas. BORING!

- 100% Classic Pay to Win

Don’t let the easy on-boarding fool you; this game is 100% pay-to-win, especially once you start getting into the guild/arena stuff. To the devs credit, they have created a lot of different game mechanics, but the underlying game design is centered on making you believe that you are getting a “deal” when you spend $15 on a skin that “normally” costs $75 or when you pay 5000 emeralds (their currency, 5k is about $30 irl) to upgrade a character rather than wait. Skins are almost required in the late game as they give your character an added stat bonus. The more skins a character has, the more stat bonuses. What tipped the scale for me was their recent event where, if you completed a bunch of quests in a 3-day span, you could get cool prizes. In the past, a seasoned, diligent player could complete enough quests to get some or all of the top rewards. In this case, one of the top rewards was a skin for my favorite character as well as my top DPS character. However, the only way to complete the quest was to spend 55,000 emeralds, which roughly equates to spending $200 irl. If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a small high, then this game is for you. Otherwise, you’d be better off spending your money elsewhere.

- Fun game

Overall this is a pretty cool game. There is lots to do and well it is a grind type of game, it doesn’t feel unbearable. At least it hasn’t yet. I feel like I can make good progress every day, just by completing the tasks that the game presents you with. Which by the way there are plenty. There is a steady flow of in game challenges given to you that can be completed by doing normal things like spending energy or participating in a certain game mode. These challenges often provide petty good rewards and are varied enough to keep it interesting. Don’t get me wrong you can definitely get sucked into spending a ton of money to keep up with all of the different elements that you can upgrade, but it’s not a must. There is some control in battle but not a lot. Most of the skill comes from figuring out which heroes work well together and creating the best teams. Brute force doesn’t always get it done here. You have to pay attention to team synergy. Only four stars because there isn’t a whole lot of player control in battles and it is a bit grindy.

- Stay away from this game at all cost... delete

This game starts out by having false ads for what the game might be... then you think ‘heck why not ?’ - from there you will fine the game interesting because they’ve done a solid job on creating a game that has logic and development. The sad part is, just like every other game, they are about making millions and millions off of their players. It’s an addicting game that honestly should be sued for false advertising and manipulation of game odds to generate profit. I have seen dozens of times when you need that last ‘X’ and the only way to get it is to spend money. There is zero chance to be competitive unless you spend hundreds ... multiple hundreds of dollars to win. I also had the bad luck that I let my nephew play for a very short window and did not realize my giving him access to my phone would also allow him to spend money. I requested a refund for that very specific time frame ... after stop spending well over $1000 in other times and it was denied. Just run now...

- Fun game

I’ve been playing for about 6 months now. It’s a fairly generous game for F2P but I would still recommend spending at least $2 to get unlimited raids, which are critical for long term enjoyment in this game. Finding the right guild is also critical. If you are comfortable with a little spend, Valkyries Favor is a cheap way to get a little bit more out of the game. Watching ads is voluntary in this game but, if you are F2P, spend the 10 minutes a day to watch all the available ads. It’s worth it. A note to the devs: You should provide honest discount statements on Treasure of Dominion. The exact same deal, offered twice, less than a week apart, for two different prices are not both “80% off” as the app claims. Nor is your valuation model of the components in a deal consistent across multiple offers. Saying all of the deals are 80% off is false advertising. Be honest with the people supporting you. UPDATE: I have had this in my last 3 reviews and nothing has changed. The 80% is a lie.

- Fun challenging!

Great game, fun and challenging. It will cost you a lot of money if you want to speed progress. Play the events and enjoy the game! Very competitive. Love the artwork and animations! Maybe can we get a team total on the summary page from a battle? Also maybe in training be able to see the summary [i] and the play back button. I was also thinking if we could have a training button to attack our teammates champions on the map for training. Thanks! I was also wondering about the training section, if after your first attack if you could get a pop up to attack a second time if you lost. Choose another team and attack the same hero’s without them fully healed. Another option which might be easier is to not reset the training team until it is beat. That would also allow team attack tests. This would be helpful to prepare fight against harder opponents. It would also be nice to be able to attack back teams in training! Also like the global wars.

- Fun for a week for most

I like the mini game puzzles. There is only a handful of them at the start of the campaign. Gameplay moves fairly quickly at first. The rate of 1 unit of energy every 5min is fine at first. Once you get into the higher levels and character ranks (over 40 and Violet rank) it starts to really slow. When you have to do 160 raids (@8 units of energy per raid= 1,280 Energy)to gain 20 of one item, and your character is going to need 3 of those items to level up (3,840 Energy, =19,200minutes, or 320hours, or 13days), and 4 more of your characters are also going to need that item… It would take months if you didn’t pay $$$$ to gain energy or just have a character bumped up to the next tier. Certain characters are OP. Invest in those characters and you’ll make it to the top 30. Join a strong guild and you’ll get tons of free stuff to help you level up. I’ve been playing for 6months now, and there have been many improvements. I’m still quitting the game as of today.

- Heroe

The game is pretty cool but developers need to implement new stuff to make it more interesting.- 2- New implements in game are pretty cool, but still faraway from being the best game due to some lacks in heroes.- 3- Game has become more balance, hope another skin event come soon 4- some servers are just dying, have you think about merging servers?... that could be cool.- 5- My game experience and expectations are coming down because of titans artifacts and Hydras.- 6- Pretty excited with new changes, still struggling with Hydras but the game is awesome.- 7- Excited about New hero Isaac waiting to see how it will work.- 8- Well with the last upgrades and addings the game has become more interesting. All is cool, brawl event pretty nice to try on maxed teams.- 9- I think is time to add restart the campaign missions and add new daily calendar rewards, but the game is still very interesting.-… Just enjoying the game.- Last brawl event quite interesting about factions… but still waiting better daily rewards and new campaign chapters.-

- The support team is horrible

The game can be good. But it due to how it plays and its constant changes and events involving money, a good support team is extremely important and that is where this game fails really bad to the point I can’t recommend it. You need to spend quite a lot of money to get direct access to the support team to begin with which shouldn’t be required because support for a constantly changing game that uses money is really important. When you do get access they will still ignore your questions and when they do respond they appear to lack any customer service skills and focus on things that are irrelevant to your questions. They also show no empathy and even attack you for asking something they cannot fix and act like it is wrong to ask it in the first place and you are stupid and entitled to think otherwise. This is pathetic. They should encourage people asking questions not deter them. I also am not a fan of the digital only customer service. I prefer being able to communicate verbally which appears to not be an option and my guess is because it is easier to ignore digital complaints. Until this is fixed I can’t recommend this game at all.

- Frustrating

Love the game, but you’re extremely limited unless you “pay-2-play” so to speak. The developers are very crafty selling “special events” & “discounts” to pry more money out of your wallet. No matter what you spend it’s never enough & you won’t be competitive unless you spend at least $100. Not even then will you be as competitive as you’d like to be. You may ”just be passing the time,” but you’re limited and again - they know how to market their product well. You’d think they’d be more empathetic to job loss during this Covid-19 pandemic, but they’re capitalizing on it and making money hand over first. How do I know? Most of my guild has spent $50+ minimum, several have spent $100+, and the top 5 won’t admit how much they’ve spent. It’s fun, but the game is a competition and you can’t compete unless you spend money. The down side is, you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about until you reach that point. Also, once you make a purchase, THAT DISCOUNT DECREASES - THEN GOES AWAY COMPLETELY! Again, fun game, but they want your money and are very good at getting into your head & your wallet.

- Hero Wars

I really like the game. However, Like many mobile games it gets expensive. To be competitive you can expect to spend hundreds of dollars and spend a lot of time waiting for resources, years! Would I be better off passing on mobile games all together and buying a new console with several games? I’d save money that way! I was lured into this game by the puzzle ads and became quickly consumed by the desire to be competitive with the guild and then server and then cross server battles. Hundreds spent and I’m still a small fish. The developers set it up to give minimal energy which is the driving force of the game. Without it you sit and wait until you have 6-24 to start a mission which will give a random reward when you are after a very particular item. The odds are against you at every turn forcing you to quit or spend another $20-$60-$100 to remain relevant or progress a little bit. The higher lvl you are the more resources/energy will be required, which ultimately = money, money,money. If the developers of these games found a way to make money grow from trees! I’m in the wrong business!

- Review

I really enjoy this game. A few things I would change. I can’t always watch all the videos to get my daily bonuses. I usually only get to watch 2 before they start freezing. Have to fight way too many battles to get what I need to promote my heroes now that I’m at level 50. I might have to fight 30 battles just to get a couple of parts that I need. I think that is a little ridiculous. The rewards for about everything need to be way better. Especially for the higher ranking people. Some of the rewards I get literally barely help out at all. Another thing that needs to improve is the chest. I keep spending really money to buy emeralds and Favor. I keep opening chest and opening chest and opening chest and many times I get 1 player card. That is terrible. I have been playing for months now and I still can’t get Cleaver or any of the 3 Heroic Titans. I also never can hit anything big in the Money wheel. Maybe I’m just the unluckiest player in the World. I do enjoy the game but sometimes it seems the game really is here just to try to take your money.

- Emerald rework and story update.

This game is the best one I’ve played in a while. BUT I have an idea for a new system for emeralds by using coins, energy, or watching videos to receive various amounts of emeralds. The range is up to the devs. It’s just a thought I wanted to mention. Also, I have an idea for the games campaign. You see, once you beat it, there really is nothing else to do. So I have an idea for there to be an option reset the campaign but NOT your hero’s and to expand the campaign for a bit more content, and to add some features from the desktop and laptop versions. If you can do it, please do! P.S update broke a few things: the Outland bosses appear HUGE and the shop won’t automatically refresh its stock. I have to physically close the game and reopen in to show the items AND I had this issue since the summer sale: I’m not able to buy ANY of the special offers. So please devs, if you’re reading this, please take this into account.

- Very addictive

Solid game, more fun than I thought it would be. Lots of different heroes to upgrade. I’ve been playing for just over 2 years now, and I log in pretty much every day. I’ve spent a little bit of money on the game, $54 over a little more than 2 years. The first purchase was $2 to allow for free raids forever which speeds up the game a lot, I would definitely recommend that purchase. Then I made some various other purchases to get upgrades a little faster. Overall, it’s a very addictive game. I also really like the league wars as you fight against other teams, and they keep adding new heroes to keep it interesting. They put a lot of thought into having specific heroes to counter other heroes so that one team doesn’t dominate over all other hero teams. It keeps things very balanced. The guild wars are good because they keep you connected with your team so you have lots of people to discuss different strategies.

- Fun, engaging time sink

The variety of heroes in the game and different teams to make are amazing and create a cool experience. I’ve spent some money on this game and am still nowhere near half as powerful as the top guys on the server. It’s not skill based whatsoever, it’s based off of which guilds have the most money. With that said I still enjoy the game, I’m in a Japanese guild where I’m one of 2 English speakers and it makes for some pretty cool interactions learning each other’s cultures. We are a silver guild and I find it quite unfair that we had to make it to silver to be able to get special skins for heroes and stones for some of the best heroes in the game. Gold gets even more perks. It literally just helps the strongest guilds stay stronger. More rewards are deserved but not those that give you such a huge advantage in the game. I do wish there was more variety in titans. Out of the 12 there are, maybe 6 of them are actually useful, possibly 7 depending on the type of attacker you are. Another negative is that if you have an iPad, the game is borderline unplayable. Can’t see most of the screen because it’s made for iPhone. I can still get battles done and do basic things but the aspect ratio is incorrect for iPad. So yeah if you’re ready to spend money(no I don’t mean 50 bucks, I’m talking hundreds to thousands) then you will have a great time. Otherwise it will take yearsssss to be a champion in a competitive guild

- Fun and amazing game

I really get competitive about this game and they do about two events a week that keep the game interesting. It’s really hard to get far without spending money tho but there’s not much I hate about this game. I would like to add that the game developers are really good about mini events, and I know it takes time, but some new characters and chapters on story mode would be amazing. As well as, say, some air titans😉😉. They continually update and keep the game fun! New titans would rejuvenate the game for the original people who started it awhile back all in all amazing game! I think I finally unlocked a lot of the late game things but I can’t get cleaver so it’d be nice to improve his chances a little more. I’ve been playing for 2 years and still don’t have him lol. They finally added something for gold late game with this newest update, you can purchase skin stones from the vip shop using gold which is abundant late game.

- Entertaining game with potential

The game in itself is entertaining, once you complete the first few chapters, you can play mini games and enjoy a progressive team effort game. After this it is considered that you like the game and the game starts to be come really hard as levelling up heroes becomes more and more time consuming. So from chapter four in the campaign onwards, you really need to pay to keep moving forward without getting frustrated. For some reason they stop doing all the mini games too and the image in the game icon of Galahad holding an avid tube, did not make any sense so far. If they would make a little more effort to make the it more interesting by adding a hero story instead of just grinding to level up with no other goal than becoming stronger and stronger, the game would get much more value. In a nutshell the beginning of the game is interesting, but difficulty and progress becomes much slower after chapter three at which point to be able to continue without frustration, you’ll have to give a contribution.

- Patience or pay to play

This is a great game with some really cool battle mechanics the further you go. If you have patience and only 20 mins or so to dedicate to playing per day, you’ll never need gems. The game gives you a great deal through special events and regular quests. If you’re looking for more action per day though, you’ll have to purchase gems or special resource packs. Compared to similar games, the packs are pretty expensive. I don’t mind spending some cash but even $100 won’t get you far after you’ve purchased the first few packs. Overall, it’s a really fun game with a lot of different play modes. I advise looking up some player guides for more in depth knowledge on units and teams to get the most out of your battle attempts because if you spend resources on every unit you get, you’ll run out quickly. You need to pick a good attack and def team out of your available units and focus on those. Give the game a shot!

- Enjoy the journey

If you play this game as if there is a destination or end point you will go crazy...and possibly broke. ENJOY THE JOURNEY. The journey is the game. The game is the journey. The game kinda falls into two parts. There are daily tasks that will become exceedingly boring and button pushing and then there is the teams of heroes you need to invest in and assemble...and battle other player’s teams. The possibilities are endless. The designers keep periodically adding new characters or updating old ones which can get kind of frustrating as you have invested characters and now must adjust to take into account the new players, skills, updates and combinations If I could have one wish I would hope they could come up with more quick fun puzzles and collaboration. My suggestion runs something along the lines of grabbing three players and allowing them to build a grand arena team based upon their 5 weakest heroes. Then pit them against other player combos. I think this would be a boost for the developers because people would invest in a broader range of characters and it would be some fun interactive quick tournaments. Maybe you can enter the arena up to five times and win a bigger chest if you win, a lesser chance if you lose. Much like Outlands. It would also be nice if the “quest” continued on to some meaningful conclusion. Wishful thinking on my part See you in Dominion

- Awesome!!!

The game is incredibly entertaining and awesome to play. The different strategies when you’re in battle are brain twisters. The games creators were master computer geniuses. The more I have played and learned about the different skills of each hero the more I find it satisfying and rewarding. It is truly a masterpiece of a game. It’s a modern, creative digital chess game, designed to engage the mind and keep the creative juices flowing. My one complaint would be cost. To play effectively costs a considerable amount of money (and yes I mean hundreds/thousands of dollars) to play with the big boys/girls. It would be great if the game creators offered significant special deals (particularly to long-time loyal players)or even better, made the game more affordable for everyone. As is it is an addictive kind of fun that allows players to engage with each other and to assist one another while growing your own characters. Hours and hours of entertainment.

- Getting boring

It is a pay to win game. This game can be played for free, but you will not get very far. Nearly all advantages in the game require payment. When you decide you have had enough and stop paying, you realize how slow and boring the game is, regardless of your VIP level. You want faster gameplay? $5 every two weeks. May not sound like a lot, but it is $130 per year. There are many events that occur. All are free, but limited. Want better/more rewards. Payment required. Payment makes it fun. Free emeralds require putting up with the possibility of spam to your email, or phishing. I would advise against it. This game caters to high level players and players that pay. If you’re not willing to spend hundreds of dollars per month, I would be cautious and probably go for another game. If you are here because of the ads featuring the mini-games, turn around. There are only a few of them. New ones are never added. I haven’t seen a mini-game since my second week of playing in the summer of 2020.

- An addicting game that is built around a pay wall.

You have successfully built a game where the player gets addicted and pays RL money to even progress in the at a satisfying level. It is engaging, with cool characters, it has WAY to much to do that gives you the illusion that there is tons of stuff to do within the game. So you shouldn't have to “feel” like paying RL money, but when you dig deeper, everything is set behind the “pay wall” (gems) Its a typical phone game where you pay to win. If this company actually wanted to create a mature game instead of focusing on just making money, which they never will because I'm sure they are making millions off this game, they should obviously get rid of the “pay wall” (gems). I would call this game (and the developers) a modern crack dealer. Congratulations to the developers, you got me hooked, i hope u enjoy every penny i shamefully give to you.

- Variety is the spice!

Appreciate the variety. No one all powerful team nor one guaranteed option. The variety makes finding unique combinations fun! It is easy to slip down the hole of spending to catch up or keep up, but keep a focus on 5-7 heroes and they will suit you will. One damage dealer, one improving the damage dealer, one tank, one healer, and one you can rotate out here and there to further improve healing, control, or damage. It will take you to the end game more often than having the “perfect combination”. Also keep in mind there Magic and Physical attack types. Keep like together. Look at weapon artifacts to understand how each hero helps his team. Armor, Magic Defense, Magic Attack, Armor Penetration, etc. Those temporary buffs enhance the whole team and can make a huge difference in battles! One last thing. If you are just starting, it is best to start on the highest number servers you can.

- Time or Money

This is a decently fun and addictive game to play. There is a whole lot to do in it and a long list of things to level to make your characters better and more competitive. However, you really must choose to spend a lot of time or a lot of money, or both to get very far. My biggest criticism at this point is that you will be forever short on coins unless you spend gems and money to get more. The game is not generous at all with coins no matter what level you are or how many characters you have to level. I would suggest either increasing the amount of coins you get for completing each campaign level based on the Team Level, or increasing it based on the total power level of all the unlocked characters combined. The more characters you have the more coins is required to keep them all useful. There are so many other things that bottleneck development of the characters or tempt players to spend money in game, giving better coin rewards would go a long way to help.

- The advertising does not reflect the game at all.

This game lures you in with the puzzles that are non existent once you begin playing. It kills the replay value of the game. To be competitive you have to spend a considerable amount of money. The only reason I’ve stuck with the game is the friends I’ve made through the guilds. The power balances are completely off on the hero’s there’s the investment powering them up doesn’t reflect the payoff. Just when you think you’ve maxed a hero out they release a new skin for them and it’s back to spending and grinding which eliminates any possibility reaching a “finish line” without spending money. Nexters make this interesting. If a hero is used on an expedition then they should NOT be available to fight in the arena or grand arena. Give us the option of opening all the chests in the tower when we reach the top. It get frustrating given the astronomical amount of money we spend the game that we STILL have to pay for Valkyrie’s favor every couple of days. Any in game purchase should automatically extend Valkyries favor!!!!

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- Very frustrating if you are not rich

Have given this only 3 stars as even though I really enjoy this game and the variety of games you can play, it very soon becomes apparent that after about level 48-50 you have to pay money if you want to progress at all. By that stage the developers probably hope you are addicted enough to cough up. I did pay small amounts but soon found that even with that investment progress was virtually impossible. You need energy and coins to progress and because items need more and more energy to collect you use your free energy up in no time flat. And even if you do collect the items, it costs increasing amounts of coins to pay to level up. The campaigns quickly ramp up to a level where you need ridiculously high level heroes to beat the opponents so you can’t earn any money like that. It just becomes impossible to move ahead without paying a lot and this has left me seriously considering deleting the whole app in despair and frustration. I can understand that developers need an income but this amount is a disincentive. Please try to make this playable for those of us who only have modest access to funds....

- Great but need some improvements

I have spent more than 1 weeks to play and feel really addicted. The content is great. However, I suggest that the resources in game like energy, gold and emeralds could change a bit to increase players’ interactions. For instance, we could have some relics that can boost the time that refill the energy ( eg from 6 mins to 3 mins depending on the level of the relics) which can be upgraded by arena coins or whatever coins. Also, it could have other relic that generates the emerald slowly like 1 emerald every 6 or 8 hours. And the gold, of course, please increase the amount of gold for each campaign. It’s like nothing compare to the amount players spend on heroes and other stuff. You should balance from earning money for company and game’s interactions. Don’t force people to use emerald on too many stuffs. There are many games that don’t force users to pay much in games and still succeed such as Summoners War etc. Cheers. Hope to see some updates soon.

- Fun and addictive

- Great game to play a little everyday. - Need to make a small purchase to make the speed of levelling up hero’s bearable. - Lots of tasks to do, community and storyline so you can never get bored. I love playing the game aiming to develop the best hero team. To speed up your progress, I highly recommend purchasing something in-game. However if you have amazing patience, you can still make the same progress in the game while not paying a penny which is good. It would be even more awesome of a game if drop chances for items to level up hero’s was more frequent, especially for those above level 50/60. Also, getting soul stones for hero’s is a slow process unless you have lots of gems during a special event. I guess all these slow processes are good for making the game last a long time and/or persuading people to make in-game purchases, however without making things happen more frequently people can get frustrated with the lack of improvement and hence stop playing the game. Overall, the game provides fantastic, long-lasting entertainment. I would definitely recommend playing the game and seeing how far you can get without having to pay anything or commit yourself to the game. Oh and also, the mini-games they promote advertisements aren’t actually in the game at all, only on social media pages.

- My review

Hi the game is fantastic very enjoyable team is good too the cost of gems is way to high and sometimes out of my reach not that financial lol I’ve tried free gems but most of the time not suited to their survey out of luck all round the game keeps dropping out and you don’t seem to be doing much to fix it the titan upgrade was good can you make it a little little cheaper the reason so many people drop out is they can’t afford to keep paying your high prices costs are way too HIGH not impressed with the last upgrade took to long to fix your problem not enough compensation for your outages Maybe we can start calling this game war bugs hero lol your doing good it would be nice if I could afford to buy more stuff thanks just wish I could afford more to be up there with the other players still getting way to many bugs

- Good game but...

The game is pretty entertaining and has some cool gameplay styles to keep me playing for a while but it gets very pay to progress which is the major downfall with this game, towards some of the higher levels 50+ you don’t earn anywhere near enough gold to upgrade anything prompting you to either buy gems to be able to purchase gold or wait till the next day so you can start to progress the only negatives with this game is the total energy limit making it hard to get the items I need to upgrade and how expensive upgrading becomes for how little you earn, I get that since there’s no ads it’s how they earn money but maybe a little balancing so they can still earn money but make it playable for those who don’t wish to spend

- Keeps me coming back every day.

Started because of the puzzles, which quickly fizzled out. But the slow progress of building characters keeps me interested. Many of the same battles become boring. Keeps getting better. Buy Celeste early, a great hero, and you get instant raids forever which really speeds things up. Get in a good guild as soon as you can. Initially takes a long time to do all the daily tasks, but eventually you get raids for nearly everything. You need a lot of patience. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy.

- Great!...BUT

Great game you get what you get it’s basically as advertised which is amazing honestly BUT after a certain level leveling up becomes a nightmare and most things like the main campaign fall the way side and tasks that done do much are now requested to even get enough coins to be able to progress the game, gems get harder to find and obtain and it becomes a “do I wait for TOMORROW or do I pay to get some resources” sort of game so on that side it’s not good I don’t want to play a game where I have to pay to progress. I’ve been doing pretty fine with only having to make 2-3 purchases to even get a perk or doing a raid which I though was a bit bogus but it’s a fun game. If you have the money you’ll do amazing. If you don’t then haha good luck! I’d like if the game gave you more perks or something so you’re not trapped into buying anything but who am I kidding that’ll never happen

- Money Sucking

The game divided into too many limited resources for players in order to play ( energy, soul stones, battle availability, valor, seasonal pass… etc). The purpose of this is trying to narrow the accessibility and the progression of players playing the game without paying with real money here and there. Should have kept it simple with just coins and emeralds or at least less restricted playing flexibility. The game is literally the definition of pay to win, with skills base for players to develop is next to zero. It’s quite a shame because the game’s concepts is not bad and very enjoyable to play on your downtime or when you’re commuting on public transport, lunch break. But its hard to keep the excitement going with the slow progress causing by the finite resources. If you’re an F2P, it will take you months to years to actually unlock all the funs that the devs are trying to provide.

- Great game!

Nice game, it is def a pay to win game since everyone is doing it or just the day 1 players have gotten too strong to reach but aside from that it is a pretty cool game love the overall game play it offers to keep the user looking for things to do also the strategic approach needed to win guild wars but I gotta say the most important thing about this game is “team work” inactive guild members (freeloader) and not meeting daily targets to achieve better rewards meaning if no progress your def choosing the slowest way up. Find a good guild that suits you, build some good chem with the players and help out with the daily tasks to become number #1 Thanks for the free skin! Lol :P

- Fun game to pass time

Good concept and easy to break into short stints with many areas to keep game interesting. If you are not patient you would need to invest in gems to keep progressing and upgrading quickly over lever 55. Daily rewards really help if you are happy to log in each day and video for rewards and tickets are great to keep building without paying. It is good that there are so many skill trees for hero’s that you can easily change gameplay by swapping hero’s and really try matching best skills. Arenas and towers are fun and short to play adding to the quick format or you can do everything and kill hours.

- U need a lot of cash to play this game

Don’t get me wrong it is a fun game and I really enjoy it however you are only greatly rewarded if u can spend the cash. When u start it’s a real whirlwind and it seems u can go up the ranks really quick, alas this comes to an abrupt end. Unlike other games u don’t gain energy over time u must login at certain times which is the downside and makes it hard to play the quests. You also run out of in game currency really quick so again u need to pay with the bought crystals u keep having to buy. It also has a vip for how much u spend on it, compared to the money u have to spend it’s really little reward. Put all this aside and its a pretty cool game to play

- Victory

I little girl walking around she sees a stone she wants to touch it but it starts to glow but she touches it and gets knocked out by a guy behind she wakes up in a cabin The guy told her you should not touch the stone now you have the strongest powers in the world you now have the powers to take victory over the villains she had blonde hair and gold and blue metal close she had Blue eyes she was beautiful and as a crown she had a blue diamond in the metal golden blue crown she had all different coloured powers she had Alfie is but her powerful list powers were purple and two years later she had victory she was crowned the queen of victory. THE END

- Great game but I fear the long term $$

This game has beautiful graphics and somewhat interesting gameplay. The downside is that the game does encourage prolific spending. There is very little in terms of recommendations or strategy building and experience and memory play a huge part in discovery of what are great characters to level-up. It does become frustrating when you have built up a character only to find them to be average at best, but I guess that is where the reward of playing pays off.

- Great Graphics and Gameplay HOWEVER

Its really a great little time waster game and got really addicted at the start, but soon realized that it would need more money if you want to get anywhere with it. Already spend over $90 and only at VIP level 7. The game does not allow to progress without putting in some real money. There is no way to harvest energy or cash that does not take more than a day. As i said i have already put more in than i should have, but I refuse to put in more and my interest is waning due to the time it takes to farm for Gold and Energy to be able to upgrade anything. If you not willing to put in some huge $, don’t bother.

- I love it

I love this game There’s not much to it I just play this pretty much every day, it is it’s just one of the best mobile battle games that I could possibly come across it’s so good I don’t think there’s another game they could match this it’s just 5 out of 5 star rating I definitely think you should download this game I would like to know how long it took the creators of the game that long it took them to make it because it was a bit a lot of time it is one of the best games ever

- Interesting game but hard to progress without paying

This is an interesting combat and strategy game with a lot of layers and complexities. There are so many things to keep track of, but you get used to it. The only drawback is that in order to progress through the game as you become more involved, you need to start paying for items. You can still progress without payment, but very slowly after adventure section 7

- Impressive but boringly basic

The visuals are relatively stock standard the designs are also pretty basic ,it’s all alright but not too stunning, the villain designs are far more engaging then the hero’s which the default hero is as generic as they come. All of this would still make the game a 4 star game but sadly the gameplay is the really boring part of the game l. Combat is handle for you which means the combat allows for no tactics or real gameplay other then pay money level up hero’s and continue. The puzzles are the single redeeming aspect of the game and should be the game in it’s entirety as the fighting and combat are serviceable at best and mind numbing at worst.

- Dishonest and misrepresented

The game advertised as a puzzle but in reality, there are just two puzzles at the beginning and then it is absolutely nothing like the ads. The game requires large purchases to progress quickly. Okay if you are patient and only have 5 minutes to spare each day but frustrating if you want to immerse yourself. They also give you a chance to earn in game currency by completing surveys (which all ask way too much personal information) but the reward offered by completing the survey comes through as a much lower figure in game (if at all)!

- Solid game

A fun game, easy to get the hang of, good community battles; would have been nice to have a section for the puzzles they promote in the ads, you actually only get like 2 which doesn’t form part of the game. It’s a grind above level 50 if you don’t want to pay, but the deals are reasonable compared to games like Last Shelter and if you’re patient enough you can do it with the in-game daily allowances over time.

- Enjoyable

I’m enjoying the game. Because I won’t spend $$ on it, it’s taking a very long time to build powerful characters. I recommend concentrating on 1 favourite at a time. You can’t begrudge the developers for offering special concessions to in app purchasers, but it would be nice if there was a “wild card” once in a while for tight people like myself. I’m still playing the game after many months. It’s still fun.

- Enjoyable and fun

I constantly saw this game through ads on another game and thought I’d give it a go. I was hoping it would be predominantly the puzzled that you see in the ads, but it’s not. It is however enjoyable and it isn’t littered with ads, which is great. The concept is simple and the gameplay is fun. Everything can be earned with time/luck from what I can see at the moment but of course, cash will speed things up.

- Great game no money needed

I have been playing this game and enjoy it so far I have not needed to spend a cent. If you play all of the game the way it is meant to be then you are able to level up quite quickly. If you are a gemmer then you have that option and I assume that it’s quicker. I personally am happy with my progress and the speed of leveling up without spending money. Great game Thank you

- Long game but really fun

I really love this game. It’s a massive time sink but worth it. I’ve been playing for over a month and slowly getting through it as you start to build up your team to take on the campaign, other players, the tower or the dungeon. There is a limit to how much you can do each day and paying money will speed things up buts it’s definite achievable for free. Would recommend, pretty fun

- Cutting out a lot

While I do enjoy the game I can’t play it for periods of time longer then five minutes and I know that it is not my phone and at this moment I can’t purchase things if it keeps happening I am getting be more and more frustrated at this game because I can’t do many challenges or anything like that because before I complete even half of anything it cuts out and the videos for the tickets only work 50% to 75% of the time which also very annoying

- Great game, but Tower unfair

I really enjoy playing this daily. But, if for 1 day you forget to play tower, you drop down to level 1, fine. PLEASE make the tower fair by seeding the levels to individual player’s team abilities. I currently have 46 warriors, all at around lvl 60, all at pink promotion, 3-6stars, yet I could not get past the first floor!!! RIDICULOUS!! My opponents at first floor were all 70+, pink 3-4 stars and defeated all of my 9 teams meaning I couldn’t progress for the day - this is by far the most unrealistic and unfair part of this game 😡😡🤬

- Enjoyable, but you have to pay to compete

The game is fun to play, engaging, lots of different things to do. It doesn't update chat and mail very well, you have to restart a lot for it to update certain things. It is also very much play to win. If you wish to compete you will need to pay a significant amount of money, and to be on top you are looking at a thousands of dollars regularly to be competitive. You can play casually though, which can be fun.

- Hero Wars

Hero Wars is an enjoyable game. You acquire heroes, raid dungeons and duel other players. It has a lot of material to keep anyone who enjoys Fantasy RPG’s entertained for hours. However, It is heavily controlled by people who pay to win. To progress faster and unlock the heroes / equipment you desire you must be willing to pay the $$$. They bombard you with special events and gifts enticing you to purchase more and more in order to continue your quest to be the best. All in all it’s a good game, just don’t expect it to be a game where you can climb up the ladder with only time.

- Good fun

This game is pretty good because there are quite a few different things to do so you are not just stuck doing only the campaign. I find myself able to spend an hour or two each day playing without getting bored. There are lots of different characters to make your own unique team.

- Very good!

Highly recommend, very captivating game and you don’t have to spend money to have a great time! An issue I’m having however is wishing that direct message was a thing, server chat is good but I want to directly message people!! Also, the videos have been a bit hit and miss but it’s not too inconvenient.

- Misleading, boring nonsense

I downloaded this because I thought it involved the styles of game and puzzles in the Hero Wars pop up ads in other games, but these end after the first couple of campaign levels. Thereafter it’s just endless days of tiny incremental upgrades to a whole bunch of silly make-believe and poorly integrated power ups and character levels, all of which progress at mind-numingly slow rates unless you’re prepared to stump up serious amounts of cash! So, I came, I saw, I did not like and I deleted (thankfully without spending a cent)

- Hero Wars

Great game. Not exactly pay to win. But the option is there but definitely not necessary to enjoy or beat the game. I do recommend purchasing something that gives you unlimited raids because it saves so much time. I don’t usually play mobile games and definitely not of this genre but I’m hooked. Can be a little clunky and slow at sometimes but still worth the time.

- This is a great game

You don’t receive any ads so you can play to the best of your ability without being stopped halfway, the battles are tough but very challenging in a good way and almost everything costs coins that you earn in the game and not by purchasing it and getting ripped off.

- Mr

The game is endless which is starting to make it a bit of a grind and frustrating. Same things over and over. Will probably stop soon. Still have not stopped but. Third time I’ve added a review and I’m still playing? Fourth review now and the game is still frustrating but yes I still enjoy it.

- Addictive

I’ve been stuck in to this since downloading. I would like for more of the mini games that happened as rewards for completing the first 4 zones in campaign. Other than that, it is fun and you don’t need to spend any money on the game or are forced to watch any ads.

- Fun but not like the add

This game is very fun but is nothing like the add you have to go through levels and you don’t get to do the castle fight the add was showing unless you have to wait till a certain level then that makes more sense but I was hoping for a add like game turns out it’s nothing like the add

- Cool game.

Nice graphics, Nice art, but bring your wallet. You are also at a disadvantage playing on iOS with this game. As all “tasks” to earn extra / large amounts of gems are all money based. Other platforms have better deals. Leaving iso players behind unless you spend good amount of money.

- Very bad advertisement videos watching experience

Some stupid videos ruined the game. You can’t play it, the video stuck at the beginning or the middle; and you can’t close it cause you can’t find the shut off button. Actually you can’t find anything to stop these stupid things and they’re just hanging there forever. Please check your advertisement videos. Otherwise no one like playing it anymore

- Don’t waste your time

Terrible game that keeps crashing with poor customer support that penalise players for their own glitches in the game. To use the chat function I literally have to keep rebooting the app. Lastly, the advertising of the game is misleading as there is only 1 of the logical loot puzzles outlined in the ad found on social media in the tutorial and nothing further into the game. Total click bait scam. This game is also pay to win, you don’t get very far without having to buy a lot of gems.

- Gold wars

Really good catching game, unfortunately after lvl 100 it’s all a metter or who spend more. Definitely a game that is enjoyable to play, also because of the guild wars, but they should improve some stuff to let the Free To Play customers integrate better with the game and the other players, maybe with some sort of exchange between guild members of hero or titan tokens to balance more the guild members. Overall a good game.

- Loving the game

Addictive, I could play all day. Quality, fun game play, and also a social aspect make this one of the best mobile games I’ve played yet. Very few glitches or ads, unlike other games. You choose if you want to watch an ad for a reward. Well done team.

- Hero wars clan member

Awesome game, lots of battles to compete in,but, to move forward in the game you need to spend a lot of cash for little reward, when upgrading team members the gold disappears to quick for what you’ve paid for & for what you win when raiding or battling. The Black Douglas

- Excellent game and not greedy

Awesome and fun game. Plenty of different things to do, not (overly) Grindy, very generous with resources so you can go a long way before even thinking of paying anything - although you should, as one purchase gives you unlimited auto raid tickets. Rarely do I ever make IAP, but happy to on this game - mainly because it’s not greedy.

- Hero’s war

Ridiculous how hard it is to get to gold 4+. For all hero’s. There are a couple of players that obviously play the game but work for the company and they’re always hitting the jackpots daily. The ones we normal people are lucky to hit once in our lifetimes. Be prepared to spend a very long time going nowhere. It takes an eternity to build up hero’s and Titans. Titans in particular. But hey. If you have a lot of money to waste this game may be for you.

- Nice game

Keeps you interested. The puzzles dried up as I would have liked more of them including that one where you beat others. As per normal it’s slow without input of money. Then again you need to pay for server space, coding and other expenses otherwise the app goes legs up. Tas

- Really good game

I really like the game but I am surprised because there is no ads! Most of the games I have the have TONS OF ADS, but this game, there is none! The point is this game is true to its players and doesn’t trick you into you into watching ads and giving the creator money.

- Had enough!

I was reasonably happy with your game, but now! You went too far! Got on this morning, to have a go to get a couple of items for one of my characters, and now! I find I have to spend hard earned emeralds on a stupid spinning wheel, to get the item, and YOU won’t let me get it until I spin! That is unacceptable behaviour! I’m done with this game now. And obviously I was too generous with the stars I gave you, but I have to give something so in my generous nature I give you 1 star. GAME DELETED!!!!

- Great game!

Honestly I see adds on games that say they have the pin pulling and a good game but when you download them they are just tower building games. I was wondering about this game, so I downloaded it. It is the only game that is what the adds say it is! 100% must buy

- Good game but greedy

Good game easy to play and fill in time but when it comes to energy recharging basically takes half a day to fully recharge and when spending gems it takes all of them with only purchasing one thing. Things need to improve to make it more enjoyable and be able to spend many hours playing not just play for a hour then wait

- Ripped me off

Was buying coins and was being charged in some cases double what both apple axknowldgement was showing and what they were charging. Contacted them , hopeless , didn’t refund , didn’t even give me the items that was charged extra for. The game is fun, the people running it are fraudulent. I beg you to take me to court over the fraudulent comment. I mean if I’m lying , surely you would . Ruined a good game from greed , idiots Now watch me and several friends drop your rating to 2

- Review ? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

I like the game, unfortunately I’m starting to lose interest in it. I’m at the point where anything I do to rank up my hero’s takes days/weeks. It takes so long, that I feel as if I’m getting no where in the game, where I’m like what’s the point of even playing? I’ve gone from playing the game every chance I got, to if I’m bored I might have a look.

Payoneer 💰

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- Expensive but fun

Fun game but you don’t get much for you $$$

- It’s alright

I’m very disappointed that the fun looking puzzle game you see on social media is not actually a part of the game!

- Fun game, deceptive ads

The game itself is not bad, but unfortunately the ads do not accurately depict the actual gameplay. The developer response to this is "Hello! In our ads we aim to capture the spirit of our game in a flashy and concise manner. We are thrilled to see you were engaged by it! Hope you'll stick around to see if our game is worth your attention." ... missing the point.

- Click bait

In the ads for this game (Ads within other games) it shows completely different game play that is not even found IN THE GAME once I downloaded it!?! It shows it as some puzzle game when all it is really is and auto pilot RPG. FALSE ADVERTISING!!! How is this even allowed?

- Deceiving Ad

if everyone one likes the ad more than the game why you don’t make the real game in the ad. The worst experience ever

- False advertising

People be aware... This game is advertised as a puzzle game all over the social media platforms and it is not. The developer introduced the puzzle mechanic that you can play once or twice only and that’s all. The problem, there is no legislation that force mobile game developers to advertise their game on what they are really and these kind of developers will use any shady tactics to attract new players who will spend their precious money for in games transactions.

- Pointless

No a lot of point in even clicking on a star rating here, the action of this game is all in hitting “ok” at the end of each sequence, no skill, thought or coordination required, a dead gerbil could play this. If your looking for mindless with action music then download this.

- Miss leading and should be fined

Unlawful misrepresentation of a product. You guys are crooks. I only downloaded the game to give it a poor review.

- Not what I expected

I really wanted to play the game in the ad. That was just clickbait

- Bad don’t download this false advertising

It shows it has a puzzle game in the ads but it’s really just a garbage RPG.


Would give ZERO stars if I could. Game looks nothing like the ad (surprise, surprise from this developer). Still upsetting that Apple allows this to continue. Developer response is a canned cut and paste. Don’t bother downloading this!

- Click bait

The makers of mobile games are some of the least ethical people on the planet. The ad is not what you get obviously and this is just another scam gotcha game.


The game itself is good, but not like you’ll see in any Ads. so if you’re here because of an ad, give the game a shot but you’ll be disappointed that it’s not as good as the Ad makes it out to be.

- Terrible

Such a pointless game. Nothing like the ad for it. Should have read the reviews. The upsetting thing is they reply to each review over and over about the same thing: the game isn’t fun and the marketing is just a way to get you to download it. Sucks I fell for it.

- Cash Grab

Please do not download this game. People have to spend over $50,000usd to get anywhere near the top

- Vraiment mauvais...

Très décevant comme jeu

- Ad are misleading

If you are looking for the interesting games from the ads.... not here! Just click bait

- Used to be a good game. Company now only focussed on profits

This game used to be user centred and had good support and was a great way to make friends. However recent changes have shown how little nexters cares about its customer base and all they care about is making money to improve their acquisition by kismet. Strongly suggest leaving or never starting this game. It is not about the puzzles.

- Bad game

The adds you see are lies and the games is bad with or without adds

- Ads are misleading, this is not a puzzle game

Only downloaded because the ad said it was a merge units puzzle game. Straight up lie. So annoyed I'm going to find out who to report this false advertising to.

- Puzzles in ads are 0.00005% of the game

If you are installing the game because of puzzles you saw in ads, don’t waste your time. I’ve played for hours and puzzles showed up 5 times max

- Fun game

Meet people from all over the world playing this game.

- Puzzles

Hi-where can I find the towers as shown in the promo! I’ve downloaded the game, but would like the one shown in the promo video

- Bait and switch

Watch the ad and thought I would give it a try, totally not the puzzle game show. The game pretty much plays itself and you just touch the screen occasionally. Not fun and not involving.

- Trash

This game is complete garbage, the developers are just looking to get your money, way to many bugs and fixes, some players get crazy deals in a day that would normally take more then a year to accomplish for others, drop rates are ridiculous, by far the most unfair and trashy pay to play game I’ve ever seen!!!

- Bugs need fixing

Hey I really enjoy this game but it won’t let me play the game unless I have wifi. It opens and works but says no connectivity in the middle of the screen then will kick me out of the game saying I need to move around and find an internet connection... I have LTE.. makes no sense If they fix it. It’s a fun game tho.... shame tho..

- Nice

Good game. Fast and auto fighting

- I want to rate it a 5 but….

The game is fun and addictive with lots of opportunity to engage with others. Only drawback is that is expensive if you want any chance to advance quickly enough to not get bored. In fact, the expense is so high that I should really deduct more than Just 1 star but I am feeling generous

- Bon petit jeu


- Très accrocheur comme jeu

Le jeu ne perds pas son interêt avec le temps, mais il faut dépenser beaucoup d’argent. Si vous ne voulez pas en dépenser passez votre chemin

- Fun but absurdly expensive

Title says it all.

- Sweet

Cool game bro

- Hero wars

Good fun game. A challenge figuring out the path to the game. Instructions would be good or a guide

- Tomorrownow


- Cool game

I love this game it’s so cool gives you something to do everyday without being too tedious

- Hero wars

Awesome game 👍

- Fun game

Best rpg on mobile.

- Hero Wars Mobile

It would be great to individually message someone in game. Would make it easily for guild recruiting.

- Awesome

Love playing this game! Figuring out which hero’s to fight with and to level up. Which hero’s fights well together. Need to find a good guild to play in, is also a key. Only thing is that you have to pay to play to get ahead or it will be a slow grind to keep up.

- Good and entertaining

It is a good game entertaining

- Lots to do

This game is fun. I’m happy I can actually accomplish things without having to spend real money. It’s a complex game for an older person like me, so many facets to it. But it’s good.

- Highly addictive

Can easily spend hours a day, simple enough game to learn, but the competitive person must apply skill with strategy in combat and resource allocation.

- Hero Wars

Been playing awhile… this game keeps me interested. Lots of different facets to keep me interested

- Addictive game but…

You have to pay $$$ if you want to stay in « the Game » Forget F2P :(

- Great game


- False Advertising

Fake ads for a fake game. Game developers state their game has tons of features and aspects that they cannot cram into an ad, but they do not. This game is super boring, not many features, and all the advertising is fake. Do not install.

- Hurry up and wait

I like the game play, but it seems like after you collect your rewards at the beginning of the day, the rest of the day is very slow. It would be nice to have energy recovery be faster.

- Only game I play

Good time

- Ok game

The game is good but as soon as you make any purchases you don’t win very much. But fun none the less.

- Fun games

My new favorite game!

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Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG 1.138.111 Screenshots & Images

Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG iphone images
Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG iphone images
Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG iphone images
Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG iphone images
Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG iphone images
Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG (Version 1.138.111) Install & Download

The applications Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG was published in the category Games on 2016-12-23 and was developed by Nexters Global LTD [Developer ID: 660706304]. This application file size is 299.5 MB. Hero Wars - Fantasy idle RPG - Games app posted on 2022-06-14 current version is 1.138.111 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.nexters.titanhunters