Wherever you are, get the brand new Official MotoGP™ App now and enjoy the best all-inclusive tool for following the World Championship in detail.
The Official MotoGP™ Application is the only official app which provides a spectacular range of features to help you follow your favorite sport, such as Live Video multicameras in HD, Live Timing & 3D Tracking and Audio Commentary of each practice, qualifying session and race during the MotoGP™ World Championship – all available in real-time and on demand via your smartphone or tablet.
On top of that you can get all the latest news and photos directly from the paddock, the calendar and timetables, results, exclusive rider info and statistics from every Grand Prix.
Key features include:
• Live & OnDemand VideoWatch all Grands Prix Live and OnDemand in High-Definition, as well as exclusive content and the best moments of every session - from every race. Enjoy more than 45,000 videos from 1992 to the present day including full races, interviews, summaries, features, reports and much more.Pick your favorite layout and watch up to 4 of the 6 available feeds simultaneously! You can also pause or rewind the action via DVR feature. • Live TimingFollow the action as it unfolds with the extensively updated Live Timing feature, and watch lap times progress as the riders speed through each sector of the track. Weather info, split times, sector tracking and exclusive data allows you to see exactly how the riders are performing throughout each lap and chart the riders as their teams and mechanics do. All available Live & OnDemand.• Real-time 3D-Tracking Follow any rider in real-time around the track - zoom in on the action on the enhanced and interactive circuit maps to follow a specific rider or pull out for a wider perspective to see the whole field. Change angles and perspectives as you wish during sessions and races. All available Live & OnDemand.• Live Audio CommentaryFollow all the sessions of every Grand Prix with the Audio Commentary from the commentary team. All available Live & OnDemand. • Latest News & PhotosBe the first to get all the latest preseason news, plus updates during race weekends and between Grands Prix throughout the season - including more than 200 new photos per Grand Prix.
• Inside MotoGP™The MotoGP™ guide has been significantly enhanced to feature everything you could possibly need to know about the world of MotoGP™, including technical info on the bikes, a detailed history of the sport and enough info on all the rules & regulations to satisfy any huge fan of the sport!
• Events InfoGet all the information you need for each circuit, including key data, racing stats and records, videos, directions and much more.
• Riders and TeamsCheck out all the stats, pictures and information about the riders and teams of the MotoGP™ World Championship, updated prior the start of the season!

MotoGP™ App Description & Overview

The applications MotoGP™ was published in the category Sports on 2016-11-14 and was developed by Dorna Sports S.L.. The file size is 56.79 MB. The current version is 1.3.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Language options also uniquely unable to use AirPlay  Kirnostik  1 star

Overtaking Hotspots: #QatarGP French = Ambient English = French Ambient = English Seems like it's not ready days before the season begins. Well into the season, this app is singularly bad at using AirPlay. All other apps with video perform better. ALL other apps. You guys can do better.


Extremely Basic  GGator  2 star

I finally bit the bullet and paid for a subscription to watch MotoGP. Then I bought a Chromecast to watch it on my TV. This app said I could use my iPhone 7 as a remote, but it only allows me to hit "play" and that's pretty much it. I'm unable to rewind to sections I miss, and have to wait for a chosen video to end before choosing another. I also am unable to watch past season races. As a new subscriber this season I'm not sure if I just expected too much for money spent.


No longer working on iPhone 7  TexRob  1 star

Works fine on my 4th gen ipad with the same version of iOS, but I can't stream from it to Apple TV anymore? Is this an apple thing? I cancelled my outdoor Tv for losing airplay support as well.

CF Creative Artist

Interface Design slightly improved  CF Creative Artist  1 star

But the app has taken two steps back. User experience is not satisfactory sinc menu and user flow is not intuitive and cumbersome. Also things that were improved in 2016 are now broke again... AppleTV support is very questionable since it must be activated in the iPhone settings and can not be done directly in the app. Highlights navigation is sluggish and when you pick a breakpoint the video jumps there like "10" min later. Aweful for an app that is payed for thru subscription. Update! AirPlay completely screwed now!!! How hard Can it be?


Love GP, app needs work  Mavaeil  3 star

The app could be great if it didn't keep running in the background on my phone while casting to Chromecast. I hit the cast icon and hit the home button in iOS and then I continue to get audio from the app even though it's playing on my tv. Pretty annoying. Please fix this and I'll give you 5 stars.


Fail!!!  steveberde  1 star

Im unable to get the app to fill for the full MotoGP race. My latest iPad spins and spins. What a waste. Steve B


Love it, but would like to report a glitch  One.jay  4 star

I love having the ability to watch videos on the app, and stream them to chromecast, but sometimes when I do this, if I start casting, and then exit the app or even out the phone to sleep, the casting will continue (good), but then the audio will also play through the phone (not good). This doesn't really affect the casting, but I have to force close the app to stop it from playing audio on the phone. Then when I restart the app, perhaps to control the video being casted, it loses track of what I'm trying to control and I have to restart the video from the beginning and again find my place.


What happen  GPJL  1 star

All previous versions worked great. This version is terrible. Live timing is live for about 20 seconds then goes backwards in time! No on/off button for commentators. Can only view in landscape. Videos stop. I have gladly paid for my Subscriptions over the years but now I'm not so happy. You owe me Dorna!


Newest update and app version is horrible  MV ROB  1 star

Love MotoGP! Been subscribing for 5 years and happily paying my $100+ a year fee for the best coverage. It's actually the only real coverage I can get. Reason for not giving 5 stars.....HAVING TO TYPE MY PASSWORD IN EVERY TIME I USE THE APP!!!! This is unacceptable in this day and age! Even my cable subscription apps don't require this!! I only have to login into showtime anytime, HBO Go or STARZ maybe once a month!! I was just watching FP3 for Mugello along with Q1 and I had to login after watching FP2 less than 12 hours earlier! Less than two hours after watching Q1, I go to watch Q2 and I have to login again!!! I understand the need to reverify subscriber credentials on occasion, but this is crap!


Spoiler Alert!  Compactdisc  1 star

I'm genuinely embarrassed for Dorna. You choose spoiler alert and then the timeline shows all the crashes that happen. The app disconnects from chromecast when exiting out and begins playing through phone. Lame lame lame


Videos Moto videosmotocom 3 star

MotoGP™ Qatar 2015 — Best Action


#b.K.₩1dodo bay_krizMUw 3 star

Retweeted MotoGP™🇳🇱🏁 (@MotoGP): Is #DutchGP trending where you are? Find out with @motul & #MotoGPBuzz! 🌍...


Wiecliff Sumbayak cliffreynard 3 star

#DutchGP: MotoGP™ Sunday Guide #CRmotogp


No sound  Drftnyc  1 star

No sound from videos from the new app. I would cancel my subscription if I can't watch and hear videos on my iPhone. It worked perfectly fine last year with the old app (video pass).


App Crashing when videos opened  Dk80270  1 star

From the day new app was introduced, whenever I open app to see videos it's crashing - tried after new updates still it's crashing . Someone from Motogp technology team look into this soon


MotoGP 2017  ElViejoGringo  1 star

GARBAGE … 2016 Video Pass App was working great - no problems. Now, we are forced to upgrade to a 2017 App that doesn't allow Apple Airplay. This was the primary motivation for renewing my video pass from last year. FIX THIS OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.


Please do something Dorna  Mikhailway6  1 star

Please either fix this app or let us go back to the VideoPass app that used to work. I have a brand new iPhone 7 and this thing hangs on the start up screen EVERY time. Season is 1 week away. This is really unacceptable.


$$$ exorbitantly expensive  USFreeRiders  2 star

MotoGP is exorbitantly expensive with amateur IT development. Very sad for fans. Get us a new company to run MotoGP.


Unstable and dysfunctional  ChemicalFlux  1 star

Just dl'd to use my subscription and wanted to watch some real legacy racing. Unintuitive interface to find past seasons races, and in order to get to races older than 2011 you have to scroll through each season and wait for the screen to refresh, only to have the app crash once you reach anywhere from 2005-2001. Give me back VideoPass.


No sound  abberc  1 star

Installed on IPad Pro... I get no audio. Please advise!!!


Garbage  hyphend  1 star

Videopass app gets trashed, MotoGP app says must be "upgraded", but already using upgraded version. Unable to access content I've paid for. Rip off. Do not recommend- doesn't work, no communication about changes that deny your ability to access what you paid for. Go pirates, screw MotoGP.


Crashes and Bugs  HDDIV  1 star

Not only can I no longer watch videos on my Videopass app, the new app THAT I HAVE TO USE crashes when I try to watch any race. One star bc this app clearly isn't ready to be published (with GP season right around the corner...).


No audio iOS 10 iPhone 6  Jpodcast  1 star

Please update season is coming soon.

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