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Wherever you are, get the brand new Official MotoGP™ App now and enjoy the best all-inclusive tool for following the World Championship in detail.
The Official MotoGP™ Application is the only official app which provides a spectacular range of features to help you follow your favorite sport, such as Live Video multicameras in HD, Live Timing & 3D Tracking and Audio Commentary of each practice, qualifying session and race during the MotoGP™ World Championship – all available in real-time and on demand via your smartphone or tablet.
On top of that you can get all the latest news and photos directly from the paddock, the calendar and timetables, results, exclusive rider info and statistics from every Grand Prix.
Key features include:
• Live & OnDemand VideoWatch all Grands Prix Live and OnDemand in High-Definition, as well as exclusive content and the best moments of every session - from every race. Enjoy more than 45,000 videos from 1992 to the present day including full races, interviews, summaries, features, reports and much more.Pick your favorite layout and watch up to 4 of the 6 available feeds simultaneously! You can also pause or rewind the action via DVR feature. • Live TimingFollow the action as it unfolds with the extensively updated Live Timing feature, and watch lap times progress as the riders speed through each sector of the track. Weather info, split times, sector tracking and exclusive data allows you to see exactly how the riders are performing throughout each lap and chart the riders as their teams and mechanics do. All available Live & OnDemand.• Real-time 3D-Tracking Follow any rider in real-time around the track - zoom in on the action on the enhanced and interactive circuit maps to follow a specific rider or pull out for a wider perspective to see the whole field. Change angles and perspectives as you wish during sessions and races. All available Live & OnDemand.• Live Audio CommentaryFollow all the sessions of every Grand Prix with the Audio Commentary from the commentary team. All available Live & OnDemand. • Latest News & PhotosBe the first to get all the latest preseason news, plus updates during race weekends and between Grands Prix throughout the season - including more than 200 new photos per Grand Prix.
• Inside MotoGP™The MotoGP™ guide has been significantly enhanced to feature everything you could possibly need to know about the world of MotoGP™, including technical info on the bikes, a detailed history of the sport and enough info on all the rules & regulations to satisfy any huge fan of the sport!
• Events InfoGet all the information you need for each circuit, including key data, racing stats and records, videos, directions and much more.
• Riders and TeamsCheck out all the stats, pictures and information about the riders and teams of the MotoGP™ World Championship, updated prior the start of the season!

MotoGP™ App Description & Overview

The applications MotoGP™ was published in the category Sports on 2016-11-14 and was developed by Dorna Sports S.L.. The file size is 56.79 MB. The current version is 1.3.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Older videos and AppleTV  LemansFanUSA  3 star

The app has slowly improved over time. However, all of the videos prior to 2002 which are suppose to be part of the subscription are now missing from the app as well as the web interface, which is really disappointing. What I could really use is an AppleTV app so I can watch on my television without having to use the somewhat troublesome airplay feature. Come on Dorna. That should be a given for any video streaming source at this point.


Don’t waste your time  InkDeviant  1 star

This app is terrible. Period. The interface is confused and all over the place. The “back” button is located differently depending on which screen you’re in. The app dies after watching a video for about 30 minutes (super awesome on race day). The AirPlay functionality doesn’t work with my AppleTV (Gen 4). I just get a mirror of my iPad that says the video is “playing in AirPlay” on my TV screen. Completely unstable and borderline unusable. I’ll just stick to viewing through the website.


Bring back the old version  DydekD  1 star

This app used to be flawless. No jitters, no delays, no problems of any kind. The 2017 version will be THE ONLY reason why I will not be renewing my subscription for 2018. It's just to painful to use. I love the sport, the commentary. But the app is no longer a viable option to watch the races. Will have to look elsewhere.

Loud V8 Noises

Videos Won’t Even Play  Loud V8 Noises  1 star

Can’t you fix the garbage app? The races won’t even play on iOS from the no spoiler section. It’s the worst. Please fix this POS.


The app needs improvement  Motardinn  2 star

I'm subscribed to video pass, but I can't connect my phone to any TV. I get this problem only with the motogp app all other apps works fine Thanks


Unusable app  angry-user1648  1 star

Crashes every single time I try to watch a video live or on demand. Fix this or I won't be renewing my videopass.


Better?... no, ignore-garbage  derboreno  1 star

20170924, App still crashing at least once every race on an iPad. WTH? Seriously, bring back Video Pass because this app is a FAIL. Had been crashing regularly on iPad all season. Video Pass was much more stable. 20170804, Would give this a zero if it was a choice. go back to the Video Pass app until you get this sorted. update screen constantly comes up and does nothing. MotoGP app is 0.01% functional; way to go high school designer kid.

Old Johan

Good and bad  Old Johan  3 star

Love they brought the MotoGP to the app, added Chromecast ability. BUT, it's crashy, finiky and needs work in that area.


Keeps crashing  dan****  2 star

I want to enjoy this app but during every race the app will crash at least once. I noticed I pay extra attention to which the race is at so when it crashes I can restart the race and jump to where I left off...


motogp league  aqoesaya  3 star

Why motogp league is not included in the app


Sensational viewing - Aussie viewers take note  duBe68  5 star

I have been less than complimentary of this App in the past but I have to admit a few things now: 1. I was on ADSL2+ with a domestic-grade, all in one modem-router-WiFi setup. I had noting but bad things to say about this App 2. I recently moved to the new VDSL offered by NBN and, whilst I was at it, migrated to a pro-sumer grade modem and Ubiquiti Pro UniFi WiFi network Now I know why the people behind the MotoGP App were so sure the problem was with my ISP! The quality and stability of the MotoGP App, now I've got a half-decent setup, is FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!! Video quality is INCREDIBLE HD and AirPlay is so stable that I have not had one single drop out since I've now watched Silverstone & Misano 2017 meetings (yes, every single last minute of the FULL coverage offered) and I can say, without fear of contradiction, this MotoGP App is OUTSTANDING! For Aussie viewers, take it from me, don't be too quick to blame Dorna for your connection &/or network setup. Try what I've done & you too will be enjoying AMAZING MotoGP action!


Need to log in every time  FBrendan  1 star

Need to log in every time. Very frustrating. Content is good.


MotoGP  Wild123Wild  1 star

The upgrades are terrible, continuously drops out, difficult to navigate compared to the previous version. No longer provides an option for local times which was very convenient. Really disappointing


Chromecast still isn't reliable...  bongoracing46  1 star

It's been almost a year since you introduced Chromecast and it is still unreliable. Seriously, $200 for unreliable casting??? All that money and you guys can't fix it??? We should be getting a discount until you fix it.

Mj yewwww dogg

GEART APP! ...But  Mj yewwww dogg  5 star

I love this app, the recent update before the start of the season has made all seasons (or at least a whole lot more) available. I actually love this app now and using it with my Chrome cast is seamless. I work in app development so naturally have some things i would change to suit personal preference, yet this isn't anything to call out. One thing i would like to call out though is the inability to download a local copy (like YouTube Red, TED etc.) for viewing offline. I love watching my races while commuting and on planes BUT without this feature i cannot. I really would love this to be added. As a summation it is great!


Qualifying & race results  Colinrd  2 star

It's almost impossible to find qualifying & race results. It took me days to workout I had to navigate through the calendar. Make it easier with its own menu.


Come on Guys!  nauseousclown  1 star

If someone is going to subscribe to a $200/year subscription you need to provide, at the very least, a stable app. AirPlay is unusable and I'm only using that because you haven't developed an Apple TV app. I chose to pay you rather than steal, but you are making me regret that decision. If this is not fixed soon, I'm unlikely to support you in the future. Pick up your game!


Waste of money  Aiahsbsmal589  1 star

I shouldn't have bought the app this year. None of the perks from previous years are available. All of the useful features are large additional costs. All of the info provided by the app you can find on the internet for free. Waste of money!!


Like Jack Miller, It Keeps Crashing!  AndyRoo-Aust  1 star

Not much to say that the others below haven't said already. Just thought I'd write this whilst I wait for the app to restart after the 5th crash for the night. Trying to AirPlay to AppleTV (TVOS). Also like Jack Miller, the App Devs seem to be taking the wrong path around the track. Reliability just gets worse and worse with every release. This is my 3rd year of subscribing but I can't keep throwing money at a group not up to the task of writing and testing a stable app. Shape up dev guys/gals or go join the Formula1 crew. F0XTEL, you treat me mean but I'm going to have to take you back.

Peter Eightcents

Money grab  Peter Eightcents  1 star

Originally I paid for the app and had access to timing video etc, and thought that was ok for a season Now I have to pay $150 odd for a video pass ( for the one season) and pay also to see the timing It seems like all these apps are jumping on the subscription band wagon and simply want to make money quickly. I'll just watch and record my free to air. Try not being greedy money grabbing a-holes and perhaps you'll have more people (customers) come back. get real with subscription costs. Even st $50 a year it would be expensive Seeya Good luck Done


DeathsStalker RVT DeathsstalkerR 3 star

I liked a @YouTube video MotoGP™ Rewind: A recap of the #FinalShowdown


Ezee-Source ezeesource 3 star

MotoGP™ Rewind: A recap of the #FinalShowdown


Motorsport365 Motorsport_365 3 star

MotoGP™ Rewind: A recap of the #FinalShowdown


Where is airplay  Bwpsg42  1 star

I can't airplay to my Apple TV. It will play about 5 seconds and then drop. How about an app for Apple TV.


Chromecast broken  Mbh7070  1 star

Streaming to chromecast doesn't work correctly.


a rip-off  salvag63  1 star

TimingPass does not work ! this is an absolute rip-off. UX of the app is a nightmare


Fix Video Pass for previous purchases  Ducphone  1 star

Have Video Pass on auto renew annually. Fire up the VideoPass app a couple of days ago and get directed to this new MotoGP/VideoPass combined app. Go to restore the VideoPass annual purchase and no dice. Not cool at all. Two thumbs down!


Bring back last years version  Shaunmull  1 star

Latest version is terrible, no air play support and connecting to live simply doesn't work. Why am I paying $130 if I can't view races live, I can catch the race results and highlights free online.

Honda bill

Works Great!  Honda bill  5 star

I really enjoyed this app for 2016 and was concerned when I read the reviews on the upgrade. After downloading and using it today I would say the app is better than last year. No problems using AirPlay from iPad to Apple TV.


Finally a worthy effort  G92648  4 star

Still ton of cleanup work but progress shows - well done Add headset controls, background play, video comment section, Apple TV

R Naser

Can't Stream to Apple TV  R Naser  1 star

This is my third season subsribing to the video pass/purchasing this app. $139 and it won’t stream to my Apple TV for the 2017. Needs to be fixed immediately. MotoGP needs to take care of the fans it has in the US!


First day with new app-plus update  Darrington1988  5 star

The video links are linking to the wrong video. Hopefully the kinks can get worked out soon. I now have had the app for a few weeks. It has had a lot of improvement. Much better functionality and content than the previous app. I wish there was an app to go on my Apple TV.


Bring back Video Pass App  Guerrillaemail  2 star

Constantly crashes on everything except 10.2. Had no problems with the Video Pass App. Come on Dorna, the seasons begun, if you want to sell the new paid-tracking package maybe fix the video and reinstate some trust.

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