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Welcome to a world of horses and adventure! Groom horses, care for them and show them! Engage in some medieval jousting or role-play the Wild West. Ride motorcycles and camp out under the stars! You can play your way in Toca Life: Stable!

THE STABLE: Step into the stable and can care for your horses. Wash them, brush them, then saddle up for a trot. When you're finished grooming your horses (and cleaning up their poop!), take a well-deserved break in the club room.

THE ARENA: Next, advance to the arena and show off your horse's jumping skills. Hear the cheers when the winners take their place on the podium. After the celebration, you can race motorcycles in the arena — vroom! — or get a snack in the food court.

THE FOREST: Ready to frolic in the forest? Choose your most trusted horse and head off for an adventure in the woods, where you can sleep under the stars in your sleeping bag, then wake up for a swim in the waterfall.

THE SHOP: When you need more horse tack, head over to the shop — you'll find everything you need.

Each location gives you access to the horse transport, so you can get your horses, equipment, bikes and even characters from here to there. Put what you want to move into the transport, close the door and select the new location by tapping an icon. Everything will arrive in the selected location so you can begin your next adventure!

Use the in-app recording feature to create an original video! This feature records your voice as you’re telling the story, along with your characters’ movements. Create videos up two minutes long and save them to your camera roll to share later!

Don’t miss Life Weekly! This is your source for hilarious videos, insider tips and awesome fan art. Tap the lightbulb in the top right corner of the start screen to get updates every week. This free feature gives you fun insights into the whole world of Toca Life!

- Explore four locations: stable, arena, forest and shop.
- Create stories for 24 new characters plus horses and other animals!
- Care for your horses: feed them, lather them up till they're nice and clean, brush them.
- Choose outfits from your favorite themes: medieval, western, everyday stable life and fantasy!
- Hop on to ride bikes in the forest and race motorcycles in the arena!
- Set up obstacles and show off your horse's jumping skills!
- Eat at the food court and use the portable potties!
- Have a campout!
- Snuggle into your sleeping bag to stay warm under the stars!
- Take a canoe ride or swim by a waterfall.
- Make music with magical lily pads!
- Move horses, characters and objects from here to there in the horse transport!
- Record your stories in the app and share with your friends!
- No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like!
- No third-party advertising

One of our top requests for the Toca Life series has been horses! So we made an app that's all about horses! What do you want to see next in the Toca Life series? Share your suggestions by submitting a review, or share them with @tocaboca on Instagram & YouTube!

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Toca Life: Stable App Description & Overview

The applications Toca Life: Stable was published in the category Education on 2016-11-23 and was developed by Toca Boca AB. The file size is 254.95 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Big news! This update has a surprise for you if you’re a Toca TV subscriber!

* The videos you record and save in Toca Life: Stable will automatically appear in your video collection in Toca TV! Now you can watch your own creations on Toca TV, the same way you watch all the other videos you love.
* This feature will only work if you’re a Toca TV subscriber and have Toca TV installed on your device.
* Your videos are only saved on your device — no other Toca TV subscribers will be able to watch your videos.

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Please read this!  goldenrose77  5 star

I love all your games! I have a recommendation for a new one. A ROCK TOUR! There can be a tour bus, a stage with all kinds of instruments, fans, an apartment complex for the band and/or fans to stay in, ya know, stuff like that. Please make more life games! Also, please add a living place! Thanks guys!

Beta days :(

Please consider  Beta days :(  5 star

Hey guys, I love this game so much but I have a few suggestions. For a game maybe you guys could do one like sea world or animal sanctuary/zoo. That would add a lot of fun to the game where you could be a zookeeper/animal handler or trainer or someone who is just there to visit, thanks!!


Please make this game  Okiecowgrl  5 star

You guys should Toca life zoo please make it

A Ruined Life

Please add 3 more stalls!  A Ruined Life  5 star

I LOVE this game and can't get enough of it, but I always try to keep a bunch of horses while there are only 3 stalls! It would be awesome if y'all could add three more stalls, one for each saddle rack. Please consider this and have a nice day! Thanks!


REQUEST  DinaElla  5 star

My request is to make Toca zoo because everyone has wanted you guys to make it. Someone even drew a picture of Toca zoo in Life Weekly! I really hope the creators see this because I've been wanting this for sooooo long.

Sadie Ryan

...  Sadie Ryan  5 star

I LOVE THE SOLTH THING wait did I just say dat... well sorry for the surprise u find him at the store move a green box then u see his head!

by maggie123

Fun but  by maggie123  4 star

I don't think there is not much kids you can use mostly just teens and parents also there should be a house so after the kids horse back ride they can go home and eat dinner


Dear Toca Boca  CaroDSwan  5 star

I simply love it so much,I have one recommendation though, update the game and have a vet, also I recommend that you make an upgrade where you can close the food trucks, but I also recommend you make a Toca Apartment where you have a apartment complex, grocery store, and park.The apartment(s) should have a bed, fridge couch and tv. The park should have a play set, dog area, food truck(s), and benches. Grocery store should have 2-3 check out lines, food isles, and whatever else you want to add. Please take this Toca Boca Crew -CaroDSwan


Hi  Ujghuvjcgyjdhtfckjb  5 star

OMG I have like almost all your games I love them more than any game in the App Store I love finding all of those surprises like the unicorn in the water fall and the super suit and robot krumpt in toca office but can u make a Toca Zoo with a lot of animals like a lion pride and tigers and a zebra and Leopards and elephant and rhinos and monkeys and an a aquarium full of sea life thanks bye


TOCA RULES!  hTRRR  5 star

I love this game! The surprise, the ability to take care of horses, I also like races too! I have a couple suggestions too. 1. Can you add House for people not racing with like a stable and a bedroom kind of like the toca farm house? 2. Can you have like a bouttion that makes the Horses More more realistic. 3.can you make like an alternate universe for the Pegasus and elf’s to live in. please make a toca zoo I love the idea it’s SOOO GOOOOD


Kids and Homes  Hasanyonegotthisnickname  4 star

Hi could u add more kids cloths because there are two kids that have no horse riding outfits . Also could you add a horse wash station or a vet for the horses or a home because they have no beds besides the campsite could you please do one these changes.


PLEASE READ IDEA.  little_miss_angel123  5 star

I have an idea. Toca capital cities. So Paris is know for the Eiffel Tower and you will be able to visit it if you tapped on it. Australia could be known for the Sydney Opera House.New York, The Statue of Liberty and London could be either The London Eye, Tower of London or Big Ben. Egypt could have big pyramids, with you being able to go in and you could se the mummies. There would be lots of secrets and the Egyptian writing you could decode!

Wolf girl4435454

Very good I've got a idea  Wolf girl4435454  5 star

I love the the game 99 percent but it would be even better if you added more people and horse rugs then I would love it more


Horse blankets  goatsXDhorses2  5 star

I really cool idea would be if you could put horse blankets on horses. Like with different patterns that would be so cool and even maybe if some matched a tack or saddle set. That would be awesome. I also have a great idea for a new game, Toca Zoo. That would be so cool if you could have animals and a zoo and you had like a water section, Africa nocturnal and stuff like that and even a cafe and gift shop.


To toca life  Merc8898  4 star

I really like it but can you make toca life free🤝


toca life stable  LITTLEseh  5 star

sorry for sending so much but in this can you make it so you can go on the mountains thx and can you put some more animals in thx 👍

Bellatrix 2009

Is there anything behind the waterfall?  Bellatrix 2009  5 star

Is there anything behind the waterfall?


Awesome Game! PLEASE READ!!!  AlpacassoQueen  5 star

Toca life stables is a great game and I love all the toca games especially the toca life ones. Toca farm is really good as well and I think it would be great if you made toca life space where you can float in some places and there is the spaceship, blast off on earth, the moon and also when you would usually see the sun or moon you should see earth or the sun or both. Toca Life: Fantasy would be my favourite because it would have dragons and dragons are my favourite creatures. Toca life fantasy would have dragons, alicorn/pegacorns, unicorns, Pegasus, a magic warrior and magic princess, serpent. It would also be really cool if there was a secret cave where you create your own characters. I also think it should have a castle or you could make a whole other game with dragons and castles called Toca Life: Kingdoms I know this is alot but it would be so amazing if you did these things! Thanks for reading!!!

rainbow kitty2929291

LOVE IT and add a new one plzz  rainbow kitty2929291  5 star

hi I love all your games but I have to suggestions okay 1. make toca life world where u could go all around the world to different countries and explore shops and site seeing 2.make toca life aquarium where u could explore the different sea life and make your own person hope u consider this thank u

Ca ca loo loo pizza

Great!  Ca ca loo loo pizza  5 star

This game is awesome. My sister and I would like to recommend an idea! African Safari! There would be 3 places.... 1. Savannah, with the native animals and cars going around with tourists. 2. A little poor tipi tent with little children, a baby, parents, a cooking fire and little wooden toys. 3. A mini resort with tourists inside and 2 tiny rooms with a big bed and a bathroom each. Inside there would also be a reception desk and waiting chairs. Outside there would be 3 tables with a chair each and there would be a pool viewing the outback. Thank you, I hope maybe you can consider our idea!

Awesome little kitty

Awesome but please add  Awesome little kitty  4 star

I love toca boca! it's so much fun!But can you add a mountain? I think it's going to be quiet a fun time to climb the mountain and get to the top! *and please more surprises such as the unicorn! I love when you do that! <3


+location.  LittleHusky🦄  5 star

On the map there is a mountain. I think the mountain should be a location for hiking, maybe


Good  Lenasmom  5 star

I like the horses the stables I like everything it's a nice game if you see. This and like horses I think you should get it it fun

picky girl 22

Awesome game but something creepy...  picky girl 22  2 star

This is weird... on my friends iPad her Toca life stable has a little brown cat behind a statue that's normal and it's brown for everyone. But for me the cat is WHITE. And the whole game long it's like "meow meow meow" BUT ITS NOT A NORMAL MEOW ITS LIKE A VOICE. I think it's either the Toca people spying on me or...TALKING ANGELA THE CREEPY WHITE CAT WHO KIDNAPPS CHILDREN WITH A HACKER IN HER EYES. Also other than that this game is pretty boring their isn't a house. Only ONE pretty girl. The rest are ugly and their are no boys that look normal all of them have like ears periced and like a half headed buzz cut. Ugly right. And theirs only ONE cool horse and it's the blue one. Yeah that's basically it. THIS GAME IS KINDA CREEPY

Umbreon girl

Great but I have a suggestion  Umbreon girl  5 star

I think it would be cool if you and your friends could play in the same world

dog love love

Too all you will love it  dog love love  5 star

I have all of the toca life and it's amazing I love all the stories you can make I have ideas 1 toca city: put in a building for a pet store 2 toca school: put in a bunk bed and a palace for the desk 3 toca vacation: put in a post office like city 4 toca farm: I want to be able to make the animals travel to place to place 5 toca stable: put in a house 6 toca hospital: put in 2 homes And can you make a Disney world one and a Disney channel stars


TOCA MUSEUM  👁💗🎤  5 star

I like be all of you're toca games but you could make the best one yet you should make a dig site to fin Dino fossils and of course a museum to look in and I think you should also make a new toca pet a T REX!!!!!!!!


Suggestions  Bumble06  5 star

So I love all of the Toca lifes, but I have some Toca life ideas, Toca bakery, Toca Dentist, Toca office, Toca ski resort or Toca winter. I hope you take one of my ideas into consideration, I would look over and I think other people would too!❤️


Love this game  😋🙂😜  5 star

I love this game so much but I wish you would make a secrete app for the world of the secrete people in this game!!! I can't says the secrete cause my friend would kill me but you created it so you know what I mean!!! Thanks,😜


😻  MoonCraft_23  5 star

I love this app! I think you should add more stables for the horse to stay in. Also could you add a house and a backyard to ride horses? I LOVE TOCA LIFE PLZ MAKE MORE!!!😻

Toca Life: Stable Comments

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