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MyFLO Period Tracker App Description & Overview

What is myflo period tracker app? MyFLO is the first-ever period app that helps you care for your changing hormones from your first period to your last, lets you sync with your cycle, and shows you how to fix your symptoms naturally.

This is the only official Cycle Syncing® app built by the creator of this method, Alisa Vitti, author of WomanCode and In the FLO and founder of FLO Living.

MyFLO helps with:
+ Endometriosis
+ Fertility
+ Missing Periods
+ Fibroids
+ Mood Swings
+ Low Sex Drive
+ Perimenopause
+ Acne
+ Bloating
+ Fatigue
+ Acne

MyFLO Features:
+ One touch fast entry: tap icons that match your daily symptoms
+ Smart tracking: enter symptoms for 3 cycles and MyFLO will adjust the calendar to match your real cycle
+ Ability to easily delete your data
+ Track 30+ symptoms like cramps, bloating, headache, acne, cravings, mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, menstrual color, and heaviness as well as BBT, Flow, Discharge, Functional Health, Mood, and Cycle Syncing
+ Learn what symptoms mean in each cycle phase and which foods to eat to resolve them
+ Tracks symptom frequency and suggests 4-week food-based plan to resolve them
+ In-depth symptom guide: learn why you have different symptoms in all 4 phases
+ Learn what the color of your period means about your hormonal balance
+ Be notified when you’re in a new cycle phase so you can plan accordingly
+ 4-phase overview of your hormonal changes, how long each phase lasts, and what to expect

MyFLO also includes:
+ Food tips: what to eat in all 4 phases to optimize hormones and fix symptoms
+ Exercise tips: which workout type is best for each cycle phase
+ Focus tips: choose social + work activities optimized for your weekly brain chemistry
+ Love tips: the best sex for each cycle phase
+ Partner sync: connect your partner to MyFLO via email. The app tells them when you move phases and how to best support you romantically.

Use MyFLO to:
+ Know your menstrual cycle (and when the next period is coming)
+ Increase your chances of pregnancy and improve fertility
+ Support your body in minimizing perimenopause cycle changes
+ Learn how your cycle affects your mood
+ Learn what to eat to reduce period symptoms
+ Discover your unique brain and body strengths throughout your 4 phases in our personalized Cycle Syncing® feature
+ Find which types of exercise will support healthy hormones weekly
+ Tips for getting off the Birth Control Pill

What Our Customers Have Said

“MyFLO is worlds better! I quit using other apps because they didn't offer much more than complicated graphs.”

“MyFLO is such a great resource. Other apps I've tried make it hard to sync your actual cycle with their general cycle.”

“MyFLO blows my other tracker out of the water. I love that I can track my symptoms and the app will notice patterns AND give me advice and assistance!!”

“My FAVORITE PART is the cycle email tips to my significant other. I LOVE it and my boyfriend LOVES it too. The weekly tips for loving me better make him feel like he can win with me, and that's amazing. I recommend this app for this reason alone.”

What Doctors Say

“A clear, practical, user-friendly solution to the most pervasive and common gynecological problems women face today.” - Dr. Christiane Northrup

“Alisa is a thought leader when it comes to providing women with the healthcare they really need. Her revolutionary approach will transform your body and your life.”
- Dr. Frank Lipman

“Alisa Vitti teaches you to live in your FLO so you can control your hormones, rather than letting them control you. Take your health into your own hands and relish being a woman instead of cursing your gender.”
- Dr. Lissa Rankin

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App Name MyFLO Period Tracker
Category Health & Fitness
Updated 26 August 2023, Saturday
File Size 97.59 MB

MyFLO Period Tracker Comments & Reviews 2023

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After years of use, I’m so disappointed. I have used this app and recommended it to others for years. I love the functional medicine approach, Alissa’s books and the cycle syncing method. I’ve spent years inputting my data into the app for various reasons as my cycle has always been problematic for me. For the last month, the app will not even open. This happened once before and tech support told me they could not address it and I would need to delete the app and download it again. This means that months and months of notes and data are gone! I have not put this information anywhere else except the app because it was the one place I could track patterns and get suggestions. I feel very angry and sad that all these years of information are likely gone forever. As a therapist who works with women, I have recommended the app to many others for the benefit of connecting mood and cycles but I can no longer do that because the app is so dysfunctional. This is not what the Flo Living model is about, and I am very disappointed in the company for promising and not delivering on this. I recommend this app be moved to an account rather that merely an app. If I had an account with FloLiving, I could input the information and access it via the account. As it is now, the app retains my data and it is not stored anywhere else so when the app doesn’t work, the data is gone. As it stands now, do not download the app until this is addressed.

Great app, just needs a few improvements. I love the content on the app and find it very helpful and interesting to learn about the different phases of my cycle. The app constantly sends me notifications that I’m in a new cycle and usually it’s the wrong one. For example today it told me I’m in my menstrual cycle (kinda freaky) and then it later notified me that I’m starting my luteal cycle. When I open the app it’s accurate though it’s just the push notis that are false. It also needs to be easier to edit the period dates. Still a good app that I am happy with though. Update-looking at my calendar it’s telling me that My menstrual cycle happens twice this month. Very confusing. Also, my period doesn’t last that long so I wish there was a way to pick that date range

Good, could use some improvement. I recently downloaded this app and so far am generally pleased with the experience. I love that MyFlo gives you specific recommendations based on your symptoms and current phase in your cycle — this is very helpful and informative. However, I would like to see more in terms of emotional wellness. For example, I would really like to see specific symptoms (and corresponding recommendations) related to mood such as anxiety, irritability, happiness, sadness, apathy, calmness, depression, etc. I believe these are important aspects of/insights into our cycles and provide valuable information about our health and wellbeing. Having recommendations for various mood-related symptoms such as these would greatly help so many women/menstruating people. I also do not love the format/functionality of the app but it is user-friendly and overall would recommend. For these reasons I will continue to use my previous tracking app alongside this one, but hope to see this app grow in the future and overall would definitely recommend!

GREAT idea, needs lots of work. I was so excited when I first got this app. All the functions were working great and it is so much more than a cycle tracking app. HOWEVER, after just four weeks of use, the app suddenly wouldnt open anymore. I ended up reinstalling it as a last attempt, but when I logged back in, it treated me as a new user and all my data for the month was gone! Such a waste and disappointment. As of this review, the last update to the app was 7 mo ago—totally unacceptable in the world of apps. After reading other reviews, it seems this problem has been going on for months with no action from the developer who, by the way, still continues to collect money for a faulty app. For the developer, I suggest pulling the app out of the store until you have dedicated resources to keep up with the functionality of the app. Currently, it’s not worth $2 and it’s harming the reputation of the other awesome work you’ve done in this area. I’d love to come back and try again once you get it together but for now, Im moving on.

Unreliable at best. So disappointed in this app. First of all, once you set up your cycle length when starting the app, you can’t change it. This was a bummer since the app inexplicably changed mine to 37(!) days a few weeks after I set it up. The only way to fix this is to reset the whole app, losing all your data. After i transcribed weeks of data and reset, I was unable to re-input all the data as this app is EXTREMELY GLITCHY and wouldn’t let me access days to add symptoms and notes. This was a huge waste of time, and honestly it feels pretty predatory how many opportunities they take to try to sell their “programs” that cost THOUSANDS of dollars. I appreciate some features like the cycle-specific recommendations for exercise, diet, etc, but there are plenty of books that have this information. Not worth the struggle of losing weeks of tirelessly tracked data because the app is not sound. Skip it.

Nice, but missing some features. Love how the app lets you track symptoms, gives you recommendations, tells you what that symptom means, let’s you change the start and end date of present and past periods. Overall, I like it. DO NOT use the app to prevent pregnancy, did not accurately tell me when I was ovulating. Missing features to include tracking pregnancy on chart and end of pregnancy (termination or miscarriage). Found out I was 6 weeks pregnant end of May, the pregnancy ended a couple weeks later. I am on my 4th cycle after that and my period calculator still says my cycle comes every 40+ days when it has been a regular 28 day cycle. I like the app, but wish they would include new pregnancy/end of pregnancy buttons, symptoms, etc just like like the menstrual cycle info. And use this info to update the menstrual cycle algorithm. Again, DO NOT use the app to prevent pregnancy. I think I ovulate much earlier in my cycle than what I thought (and what is traditionally taught in school ~14 days).

Internal server error. Firstly, the app had a major design problem in that when I opened it, it said it was searching for updates for several minutes but then it would not prompt you to update, it just got stuck on the loading screen. Then, I updated manually, had to sign in again, and I was prompted to change my password. Tried to change password and I keep getting an “internal server error” message, making it impossible to access the app. The timing of this is kind of suspicious to me. Considering the recent leak about the repeal of Roe v Wade and the data that this app has access to, I’m concerned with how my information is being used while I don’t have access to it. Fix this! Give us a progress update! Something! There are tons of reviews complaining about this already. I’m grateful I didn’t enter more specific data besides just tracking the dates

Has potential but not there yet. I had heard great things about this app and was very interested to try it out for the cycle recommendations. While I do like the cycle recommendations, the options for symptoms are very limited and I’m now unable to add notes for any day that isn’t during my menstrual phase whereas I could previously. This is a problem for a number of reasons-the biggest being that this app is intended to help the user cycle-sync and understand their hormonal symptoms which is not possible if the user can’t add all of their symptoms. I also like to keep track of when I’m “intimate” with my partner. I don’t have the intent of becoming pregnant and, while I am on contraception, I find it helpful to keep track of thy activity. Having that feature could also be helpful to a user who IS trying to become pregnant. All in all, this app has the potential to be great but it’s not there yet. More symptoms and the ability to add symptoms/notes on all days needs to be added. Until then, I’ll still use (in addition) my trusty Period Tracker Lite as my go-to for detailed tracking.

So frustrating. I used to love this app. When I first used it I was impressed by the comprehensive approach to syncing our lifestyle with our cycle. If only I could access these tools now. A few months ago, I had to get a new phone and had such a hard time logging in. Everytime I tried to open the app I got a display that says to reset my password. I follow the directions to reset only to be shown an ‘internal server error’ message again and again.. SO FRUSTRATING. I finally deleted and redownloaded the app and finally was given the option to say ‘forgot password’ and successfully reset it through an email inbox message. Logging in with my new password finally was great! However ALL my information, years of tracking gone. Fine, I decided to start again. Again somehow got logged out and the same ‘you need to reset your password’ dialog and ‘internal server error’ message. So I stopped using it. Just now I went through the same process to reset and log in but now the problem I’m dealing with is the inability to edit my period. After months of not being able to log in to this PAID app, I tried to input my cycles from the last few months. TO NO AVAIL. Frustrated after trying so hard and so many times to figure this out. I wish this app worked because the information is great, but unfortunately it simply does not after several months of the same issues. Others seem to be reporting the same thing and I have not seen any improvements. Not worth the trouble.

Super glitchy. One month into using the app I stopped being able to input symptoms, the day would highlight but nothing would happen. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but it lost all my information. That was a bummer, but I kept using it because it started working fine again. I tracked everything for a month and then the same thing happened, I couldn’t input my symptoms. I emailed tech support about it and they told me to uninstall and reinstall, I told them I did that before and it lost all my info, they told me that doesn’t happen. What the what?! But I did it anyways, this time all my info reappeared after reinstall which was good. But then it literally happened again, near the end of the month it stopped letting me input symptoms. Having to uninstall and reinstall this app every month this is ridiculous! Reading others reviews this seems like a really common issue so I’m not sure why it’s not being addressed?

Good App but not LGBTQ Friendly. I RARELY write reviews especially ones with criticisms, but I feel this is something that needs to be said. I love this app and all of the tips it gives with symptoms. I could take or leave the pushes to sell their products but hey, I get it. Gotta pay the bills. I am a cis woman who is in a relationship with a woman. Something that irritates me about this app is it defaults to tips about my relationship with my partner as if it is a man. It’s 2021. Not every woman is in a relationship and not every woman is with a man. And cis women aren’t the only ones who bleed. This is a quality app with good tips, but please stop thinking that because I have a uterus I must be with a man. Thank you!!!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Janky but well intentioned app!. Love the concept and help but have to repeatedly at least once a month delete and reinstall bc of janky ness. Mostly, the app just freezes when you click a date and won’t let you add any data. I hope the developers continue to support it. The concerning part is that you pay for it and that issue has been ongoing since I got the app over a year ago. You’d think if someone were on it, there would have been at least a few bug fixes by now. I love the suggestions and the symptoms and break down of the phases. I hate the calendar view and wish they made a circle/wheel view too, that feels more like a cycle to me and helps me visualize the phase better too. I’d settle for just fixing the bugs so I don’t have to delete and reinstall about every 5th time I open the app. Major nuisance.

Started great at first..... When I first downloaded this app, I was so happy at how accurate it was. A feature I particularly loved was how I was able to input my daily symptoms and the app gave me accurate explanations for them, as well as recommendations on minimizing any unwanted symptoms. After a few months of use, however, I’m not able to input my symptoms, that includes any past or present symptoms (I like looking back to see if I’ve made any improvement). It kinda highlights the date and that’s it, I’m not able to click it. It does let you add your period start date, but I figure the whole point is to track your months progress :( It’s a bit disappointing since I used to ALWAYS be in this app, but since this started happening I haven’t been using it much (I do check every now and then to see if this issue has been fixed and unfortunately it hasn’t). I’m not sure if this is just a bug in the app that needs fixing. I’m up to date on the latest version, so I don’t think its an update issue. I hope they fix it soon, this used to be my favorite app to track my period! Giving 3 stars because it worked well at one point, it’s not working now, but I’m hoping it’ll work again in the near future.

JUST TERRIBLE DONT WASTE YOUR $ or TIME.. The apps functionality is so bad all this did was add another layer of stress to my life. I'll go back to using my calendar app to log my period because this is just a big NOPE for me. This app will not let me add the end date of my period it just decides when my end day is. my period doesn't last the same amount of days every month so this is stupid. Also this app is currently telling me I'm menstrating until September after just finishing my period so I'm not sure if this app has some sort of bugs that need to be worked out but it's too much of a mess to use. You would think adding a start and end date to my period would be simple no this app complicates everything by giving you little control which is pointless. It's telling me I'm 60 days late on my period as I'm trying to add the period I'm currently having which it will not let me. I'm deleting the app off my phone.

Days since app failure. I love this app and have been using it for years now. I have recommended it to multiple friends and usually only have good things to say about it. Except, it’s been about a week since it stopped opening and sires internet connection issues. I have restarted my phone, used different internet connections, deleted and redownloaded the app… and then went to google to see if I was the only one. Turns out there is a whole Facebook community complaining about the same thing. I’m super bummed that they have not addressed the issue and haven’t even sent any update or posted anything on their website to give the users any information about when it will be back up and running.

Not worth paying for!. As many other reviewers have said, the app is very glitchy. I’ve had multiple instances where I try to “edit” symptoms for the day and I’m not able to do so. I was told to delete and re-download the app, which worked... for a a few weeks. It’s back to glitching again. The information it provides is useful, but it’s also the exact same information every time (ex: acne, probably due to liver congestion from excess estrogen) vs changing based on your data. You really could just skim the book or take a picture of the symptoms to refer back to when you’re experiencing them and need a reminder of what might be helpful and use a different app to track symptoms and cycle (and there are TONS of apps to try, I really like Ovia). I expected WAY more from an app I was paying for. Many of the free apps provide far more useful information. I’m deleting this and will not use again.

Life-changing but the app is very glitchy. I want to like this app. Alisa Vitti and her teachings have helped me eradicate cramps, mood swings during my luteal phase and I have learned so much about my body in the last 3 months. But this isn’t personal towards that at all or towards Alisa. The app is subpar. It has erased my data 2 different times (like entire months worth of logging in information). I’ll go into the app and POOF - everything is gone from the last 2 months. I’ve reached out to the tech team and their instruction led me to delete my data again, and I followed their instructions to the t. Losing all my logged in information is extremely frustrating and feels like a hugeee waste of energy and time. I really hope they update this app, make it more interactive and filled with information. I also really, really hope they’re able to fix whatever bugs are causing it to glitch and delete info. As much as I’m upset about it I still want it to work :-/ hopefully they’ll get it to be fixed soon. I have other apps downloaded that I’ll be looking at, can’t afford to lose my info again.

Bad app, shames hormonal BC users. DO NOT PURCHASE! **bad tech, shaming hormonal BC, trans-exclusive** It’s not just that this app is incredibly poorly run. It’s constantly glitching, telling me I am on two separate stages of my cycle at the same time. Tech support was no help; they only told me to uninstall and re-install my app which did nothing. They also ignored my follow up email. What’s WORSE is that when you subscribe to this app, you unknowingly pay two dollars to get shaming emails into your inbox all the time about how it is the most disgusting thing in the world to be on hormonal birth control. The content of these emails is only meant to shame women who make the choice to go on hormonal birth control for whatever personal contraceptive or noncontraceptive reason that they have, without offering solutions other than what is presumably the pull out method? It’s so despicable to me that this organization preaches bodily autonomy and knowledge for people who menstruate and turns around to shame people who make a choice in their lives about contraception. And another thing: they use only “women“ in their content, which is incredibly trans in gender non-binary exclusive. DO NOT PURCHASE.

App could use some work. Love the concept, but the app could use some work. For one, there’s a persistent glitch that many have mentioned. At a certain point, the app stops letting you add symptoms. You have to delete and re-download. Not the end of the world because your data is saved in your account, but still annoying. Then there’s the app itself. It’s a tracking app, but it doesn’t summarize the data to tell you anything. I can only look at my symptoms on individual days. The app doesn’t tell me if for instance, “cravings” is my most common symptom. I would expect to be able to see these symptoms in a chart or graph to really be able to understand how often I’m experiencing a symptom and how how to address it

It’s okay. I like the app. I wasn’t expecting everything to be behind the subscription, I just use it to track my phases until I get familiar. I don’t like that it doesn’t take into account things like Pituitary Tumors that could effect the length of your cycle. My cycles are long because of that and it tells me “CYCLE TOO LONG” but doesn’t let me add in things that might be causing it. In this instance, is causing it. I haven’t found a place to add that in. Only a place to pause for pregnancy. To top that off you have to pay bookoos of money to access anything like workouts, meals, etc. Not even a preview of it. But it’s okay, I just google that stuff. I read the book and thought this would be a good way to track which phase I’m in so I can sync my workouts with my cycle. It’s helps for that.

App Doesn’t Work. This app is not as dynamic or editable as the Flo app. I can’t edit my period dates, therefore my cycle predictions are wrong. I thought it might be a temporary bug but this app hasn’t improved for months now. It predicts my cycle as being 2 weeks long, which is not correct due to not being able to edit my period dates. For example, if I forget to log my period started until a few days after it started, I can’t select a previous date. I try to, but it just glitches and won’t accept the date. It doesn’t have as many data tracking options as Flo. Not as many symptoms, moods, etc. Generally lacking in symptoms/things to track. Flo app is much more dynamic than MyFLO. I’ve been using Flo for years now. And I was excited about MyFLO after learning about this program. But very disappointed with this app, especially since it costs money and Flo does not. I find the food and exercise tips helpful but that information can be found in her book. Until this app is improved, don’t waste your $5.

It Just Stops Working. I began using this app many months ago and loved it. I’m not sure what changed but the app won’t even open for me anymore - even after deleting/re-downloading it. Prior to this glitch, I noticed numerous issues in the app while trying to input my symptoms and tracking my month. It wouldn’t allow me to input a period I had missed (due to glitches) at the time. It’s become less and less useful to me. I was super excited to learn with this app as I had begun diving into the book as well and had begun trying to rebalance my hormones I purchased from the site. It’s disappointing. I hope this app can get things together again to make it useful. At this moment and time though, I will be using a different app and I have to say this app is not currently worth the money it costs, unfortunately. 😔

Not my favorite period tracking app. This app just gives me anxiety. Every time I put in a symptom it tells me there is something wrong with my body or hormones. If anything this app messes up with my hormones by worrying me for no reason! I don’t like how this app and its books advertise a 28 days cycle as the norm, in the front page too may I say! When will people realize that our bodies are not Swiss clocks? If a period changes by a couple of days, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have a hormonal imbalance. Factors such as travel, moods and GENETICS play a big role in this as well! There is nothing serious about having sore breasts before a period; why do we have to make a big deal out of every tiny little thing? We are human! Small common symptoms shouldn’t be a reason to scare customers and make them think something is wrong with their hormones, or advertise yet another brand of supplements. I will stick to my old period tracking app.

App will not work.. I started reading the book that was wrote by the author who I assume created this app. That is what made me download and purchase the app. Its been a few weeks of tracking; loved the insights, recommendations & advice it gave to me. Now I am unable to even sign into the app. Ive tried all problem solving solutions and still nothing. The app is telling me not connected to the internet, none of my other apps are telling me this while I try to open them. To be honest I loved this app and being able to track and follow my cycle. Please fix this glitch! I have read some other similar reviews. So after deleting and re downloading I thought maybe all the bugs had been worked out. Now I am unable to edit or put in my symptoms PLEASE FIX THIS APP

Really good app that could be great with updates!. I never write reviews but I love love love this app/idea enough to ask for some edits to make it even better. Only app of its kind I can really find. Would love to see it be updated in response to all the reviews. Some suggestions: -Right now any selection of the “Cramps” symptom under “I am experiencing” displays recommendations based on mid-cycle ovulation cramping, which is obviously a mistake. A bit annoying bc managing cramps is a major reason I use the app! -More options for tracking under “I am experiencing” for both negative symptoms and positive signs - at the very least, please add some buttons for mental health/energy like “Inattentive” “High Energy” “Anxious” “Focused” “Distracted” “Verbal” “Inward Focused” “Sociable” -This is a long shot but would really distinguish the app: Allow the tracking of more than one person’s cycle (like multiple calendars you could toggle between) - for family and friends of the user. I would love to track my partner’s cycle on the same app. -Please disclose your privacy practices. This is very sensitive to e info and we deserve to know what’s being done with it, and to opt in or opt out.

So far I’m disappointed.. I’ve had this app for about a month. For one thing, it was supposed to cost $1.99 to purchase, but for some reason I was charged a little more. Maybe it was taxes, I don’t know, but it would’ve been nice to be told & not just get a surprise. I’ve also had some issues with bugs...having trouble getting the app to work right at times. I’ve removed & reinstalled it at least twice because of this, which is aggravating to have to keep doing that, especially considering I’ve only had it for a month. But my biggest disappointment is how, although there is some helpful information shared as far as how to improve symptoms & a few other things to focus on during each part of your cycle, the main focus seems to be to sell these special programs that are outrageously priced! So, the amount of free information is very limited. I kind of wish I’d just opted for a free tracker.

Not worth it! Doesn’t work!. I’ve had this period tracker for several months and have tried to make it work for me, but it doesn’t. First, I love the information it provides based off where you are at in your cycle. This has helped me to become more in tune with symptoms and to better understand the different phases. However, the app simply doesn’t work! Every couple weeks, it stops working. I have to delete the app and then reinstall it. In a three month period, I’ve had to do this 5 times. It gets to a point where it either won’t allow me to enter any data on a particular date or my previous data disappears. Uninstalling and reinstalling wouldn’t be that big of a deal if it didn’t then pose login problems. It’s a point now where I repeatedly get an error message when attempting to login or even use the “reset your password” feature. In my opinion, there are too many free period tracking apps out there that work better. This one isn’t worth it.

Really bummed!. After reading the reviews I thought this app sounded like exactly what I’ve been looking for to track my cycle and corresponding symptoms and identify patterns. Unfortunately I have had so many tech issues with the app not working that I have barely been able to use it in the three months I have had it. I’ve been trying to log my period for 9 days now and haven’t been able to get in - it just says “checking for updates” forever. Today I tried again and was prompted to reset my password and it keeps giving me internal errors every time I pick a new password. I am too annoyed to keep checking back, and am forgetting all the things I wanted to log and what days. Hope this works better for other people!

So helpful!. Each month because of feedback and suggestions I receive after using the tracker, my period is improving! It used to feel like 2 weeks of every month we’re lost to me because of super low energy, mood swings and physical discomfort. This month only had one day of that kind of low energy - just before cycle started AND no eye headache accompanied this switch in hormones. I am turning 50 in July and this should be when I start saying things are getting harder because of my hormones but actually they are the best they have ever been : ) thanks so much!!!

Not a good app. I next to never leave negative reviews but I have to here. There are free period trackers better than this. The concept of MyFLO is great, but the app itself it just not functional or easy to use. If my period starts at a different day than the app thinks it will and I have to manually change it, then it seems to throw off my whole cycle. So basically none of the info it’s giving me (in terms of my current stage and potential symptoms and help) is accurate. Right now it has me as 6 days late...but my period starts tomorrow. This is not accurate and it seems really difficult to fix. Alisa V has a great books, but it’s super disappointing that her app - which we pay for - is so messy. Don’t download. I wish I’d listened to the reviews before purchasing.

Not Impressed. I had listened to a podcast in which Alisa had talked about this app and how it included ideas for how to eat and exercise during each phase of your cycle. I downloaded the app thinking that it would take a lot of the guess work out of the tumultuous relationship that I have with my cycle. I was so disappointed that the “food” suggestions are limited to three or four items, rather than the robust list that I was hoping for to help me create more meal plans from. The exercise suggestions are okay- I’ll give the app the benefit of the doubt and try to implement some of the suggested intensity (or lack thereof) levels advised for each phase of my cycle to see how it affects me. I suppose the app could be useful for those who make the in-app purchases, but truth be told, considering there wasn’t anything advertised upon downloading the app that said “in-app purchases,” I was jaded into thinking I was getting a really great deal for the $1.99 that I paid. That just wasn’t the case. If you want the most out of this app, just know that you’ll be dropping another $1k+ in addition to the cost of the app. Overall, just really unimpressed. I’ve gotten better value out of the free Clue app that I use for cycle tracking and will continue using that over this.

Great Concept, Poor Tech. Firstly, I really like the features of this app. I love that it recommends food, exercise, work, and lifestyle suggestions for each phase. I also like how I can log symptoms and it gives helpful info as to why you might be having those symptoms as well as tips to reduce any unwanted symptoms. What I don’t love about this app is how glitchy it is. It regularly takes forever to load, sometimes just doesn’t load at all and I have to go delete the app and then reinstall it for it to work again. It also keeps showing that my cycle is 26 days when I’ve been logging 28 day cycles for over a year now. Sometimes the calendar is glitchy and doesn’t let me end yet symptoms or change a previous cycle. Sometimes certain buttons just don’t work. I would give this app 5 stars if they solved the tech issues. It makes it really inconvenient to have an app that doesn’t work half the time. Deleting and reinstalling regularly is annoying and inconvenient too. It would just be nice to have an app that works like it’s supposed to.

Where Has This Been All My Life?!. As I was reading about some scary lady symptoms I’m experiencing, I came across a really comforting article written by the woman who created this app. Who knew someone could comfort me so fully just by helping me understand my body. I literally cried because I’ve never once experienced such a deep sense of care from any gyno/doctor in my entire life. And she did it in one article! I downloaded this app immediately, and I can't believe nobody has created this sooner. A lifetime of sucky periods, and terrible hormonal cycles, and I'm just now getting to learn how to fix it. I’m a huge believer in using food as medicine, so this is right up my alley. It feels so validating to have something that fully supports that method.

MyFLO. I purchased MYFLO supplements that promise a better period after one month. I was skeptical at first bc it just didnt seem realistic. I’ve been suffering with long periods my whole life (I would bleed for 2 months most the time 😭) and was willing to try anything besides birth control. I finally purchased these supplements at 27 years old (after many years of dealing with this horrible period) and within one month I had normal period just like the website promised . I literally didn’t change a thing. I kept my diet the same and I don’t have a good diet (working on that next) I am so happy I made the decision to purchase the supplements and the app. It has change my life ! The app has helped me realize how on track I am.

glitchy glitchy. like many of the other reviews say, this would be such a great app IF it worked. I’m a big fan of Alisa Vitti’s work and that’s what compelled me to purchase this app (it’s the only paid app i have) but luckily i have two other trackers that are reliable. A month into use and suddenly I can’t add any symptoms to my chart, and that is SO frustrating when you are ttc and having trouble nailing the ovulation window. I heard her on a podcast recently saying this is one of the top paid apps for women’s health....if that’s the case why doesn’t it work? how can you keep charging for it if you can’t work out the bugs? So many AMAZING charting apps are free and I would so rather give money to something at least trying to be what it says it is. I would buy the books over and over to support this work but at least the money would deliver something it had promised! and i have to echo an earlier review- the partner feature assumes you are with a man, which is just painfully ignorant. I’m still a huge fan of everything this brand has created, but i’m glad i have other charts to turn to and it definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth. As of writing, this app hasn’t gotten an update in 10 mo despite a developer response that great new things were coming (a year ago).

Not functional. Heard about how amazing this app is about tracking certain things. Tried it & loved it. However the app itself needs a lot of work. Some pages you can’t go back to the previous page. Upon being in my Luteal phase, & skipping a period (I’m irregular with my cycle), it won’t allow me to input any more data. When taping the day, the number turns black. If there’s a limit of days for being in a cycle then that needs to be fixed. Thought the whole point of the app was to track YOUR cycle, not how many days the app allows you to record data per cycle. With what it has as of now, I do think more options could be added in the “symptoms” section. Example, if I’m feeling nauseous one day, maybe it’s because I had food poisoning”? Just to make it a bit more detailed without the app thinking it’s because I didn’t get enough sleep, etc. Really want to use this app, as it has huge potential. However it doesn’t function properly, and think it needs a revamp.

So many glitches/crashes lately. Don't know what's going on. This is my fave app for the recommendations/analysis it gives you about your cycle. But my god, for the last two months it hasn't let me log any info! And then when I try to open it, sometimes it just crashes. Have downloaded other apps since ~ may just purchase another one like Clue. *** Updated review: I got some feedback about resetting the app, and that fixed the glitch. But for the past 6 months or so, the app hasn't been predicting my cycles correctly despite entering all my info every month (I'm very regular). I uploaded another app I used to use and it predicted my cycle perfectly within one month. I guess this app just isn't working for me anymore.

Great information but the app itself needs work. This is by far the most informative period tracker I have tried. It has huge potential for improving wellbeing. However, the app doesn’t always feel native. It doesn’t have support for ApplePay. I tried to purchase some additional support and even PayPal didn’t connect correctly, so I couldn’t make the purchase. Also I don’t understand why it doesn’t seem to be syncing with Apple Health. I’ve been using another app for period tracking, and I don’t see why it can’t see some of that information. I want to use this app and enjoy it. I want to purchase with ApplePay. I want them to make it easy for me to feel better and use their app to improve my health. I want to pay you money and you’re making it hard for me to do that. It’s energy I should be spending on feeling better. You have the best information and I want it to be easy to access it.

Glitchy. I’ve been using this app for years and it has always had a few bugs, but I really liked how it informed you about all your different hormonal cycles. For the past month, however, the app just won’t open. It’s stuck on “checking for updates” permanently. I’m going to attempt to delete the app and reinstall but I’m bummed about losing my past data. Also, since I haven’t been able to check the app, I was unhappily surprised by my period today 🙄 Update. Now that I’ve forfeited my data and downloaded the app all over again , it’s just stuck on ‘getting data for the first time.’ And then it tells me that I should check my internet connection. I’m literally sitting three feet from my router and every other app and browser is working just fine. Really frustrated. Knocking off another star.

Too many glitches + not queer friendly. I love the idea behind this app, but there are too many glitches that go unanswered (for example, I can’t even add notes right now to each day, the app is just frozen). I’ve emailed support about these glitches 2ce in the past year to no response. It’s also not queer friendly. My parter is a woman, not a man, and the language embedded in the app assumes I’m dating a man. Tbh you might want to consider that a large portion of your following might be 2 queer women who desperately want to get email updates about their partner’s flo. I’m bias, but we’re loyal consumers in the period arena. I’m disappointed because this was my favorite app so far with tracking my cycle. Especially disappointed because the cost of the app suggested a certain level of functionality that simply does not exist and has not for over a year. Ultimately, it seems like just a fancy ad for her book and a way to fund her work (which I’m all about! It’s important work!). Buuuuuuttttt in that case the app should be free until you can afford to make the app useable. Please don’t review her supplements here, as that could not be less helpful to me or anyone else browsing the App Store for a period tracker app.

Great advice, poor estimation/calibration. I’ve used this app for years but the past few months it’s gotten worse. It doesn’t seem to adjust my estimated cycle due to the current average length of cycles anymore, making it usually 2-4 days off on its estimate of when my menstrual phase will start. It used to take previous data and make better estimations on cycle length, now it seems to just be stuck at 25 days when my average cycle is closer to 27-28 days. This also incorrectly estimates my ovulation, making that 2-4 days off as well. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but now that conception is a goal of mine, being 2-4 days off is a big issue. I also liked how it used to send my partner emails letting him know what phase of my cycle I was in and how he could best support me, which it no longer does either. Unfortunately after years of using this app, I’ve decided to track my cycles with a new one due to the poor calibration of data. It does still have some good features, hence the 3 star rating. It has great advice for movement, nutrition and goals/productivity for where you are in your cycle. For that, i will still refer back to it from time to time.

Life Changer. I would never have described myself as affected my my hormones. Naturally positive, energetic and self-motivated every day of the month. However consistently (albeit loosely) following the food suggestions for hormones has been a GAME CHANGER for me! I have more momentum, follow through, inspiration... I can go on. For real bullying/peer pressuring every single one of my friends (not on an IUD) into following this. INCESSANTLY. I was experiencing a noticeable change to my daily life after 6 weeks of being intentional. Mama Mia, do yourself a favor and get this!! 1) follow the phases 2) log your symptoms Phase info and recommendations from symptoms have made a HUGE difference... and I wasn’t even struggling! I’d pay $500 for the benefits I’ve gotten from this app and awareness.

Frustrating to use. I was excited to start using this app when I heard an interview discussing it. It was a bit frustrating to pay for the app and then find out I had to pay more money for more information. I was still able to learn some basic and helpful info without paying more money though. My biggest frustration is that I paid for the app and it is incredibly slow/doesn’t have good functionality. I’d expect something I paid for to work better than free apps. It takes a while to open. But once open, it is difficult to add symptoms since there is a lag time between clicking on a day and when the “enter symptoms” box opens. There is also a lag time when I go to “save.” So I click again and end up opening something else inadvertently, which I have to patiently wait to close. I end up not really using the app much because it is so frustrating to navigate.

Loved it at first. I’ve been using this app religiously for several years, and I love the ability to see different recommendations for different cycle phases and share with my partner or doctor if needed. However, for several weeks, with the worst being today, the app does not function properly. I cannot input new data. When I click the date to add symptoms, the date just sort of… stays stuck on highlight, and I can’t do anything else in the screen. I’ve closed the app and reopened, I’ve removed it and re-downloaded it. I am disappointed that such potential has been wasted, no updates appear to have been made in over two years, and tech support is nil. I’ll be going with a different app that doesn’t give me extra issues when there’s enough to manage.

Great idea with room for improvement. I have listened to many podcasts and have read her book. I’ve got to say, it’s quite a revolutionary concept in terms of taking control of our bodies and health. However my main complaint with app is how many times I’ve had to re-download it because it freezes when you try to log symptoms. I don’t mind because I like the app but I would highly recommend that the developers figure out another update soon, which I’m sure they’ve looked into already. I’ll give it five stars when I don’t have to download it every month 😊

Good Information, Needs Work. The information is good, there are recommendations for different symptoms etc and then links to Vitti programs for more in-depth work. Unfortunately, the recommendations are just marked by the date which makes it hard to go back and find specific ones when you don’t remember what day you had the symptom. When scrolling through the calendar it continuously prompts you to add symptoms every time you scroll because it’s so sensitive. Things that would be helpful: -Showing only the current cycle in the home screen -A place where it tells you what number day of your cycle you are on -Having past cycles (i.e. year calendar) on a history tab -More sophisticated tracking of recurring symptoms -More sophisticated tracking for positive eating/lifestyle (i.e. able to track seep daily, common inflammatory foods like dairy/gluten, the type of exercise) -The language is definitely not always inclusive Positives: -Happy to have the partner emails -Love that it prompts you to schedule things based on the phases of your cycle -The colors and design are nice Looking forward to keeping this as a secondary period-tracking app and watching for improvements! It’s definitely a game changer and could really make a difference!!!

Great app in theory. I was so excited to use this app and track my symptoms and keep track of my period, but it never seems to work quite right. It lets you put in your daily symptoms, but won’t let you go back and read it at a later date. The most annoying part was that I would still be on my period, but the app wouldn’t let me enter when I finished my period. It just automatically ended it and wouldn’t let me change it. In addition, I just track my period this past week, but the app doesn’t have the emojis next to those dates like it should so now I have no idea what day I started. It’s supposed to highlight the days in different shades so you know what phase you’re in, but it was not accurate at all. I would be on my period starting on February 22 and then it’s say my next period would be March 4th, with all the phases in between squished in that short time frame. Don’t buy this app. It’s a waste and very frustrating.

If you make a mistake scheduling.... Per the FAQ, if you accidentally schedule a cycle incorrectly there is not a way to delete it. The options are to manually edit the data or DELETE THE APP AND CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. How is this a realistic solution? (btw you have to go to the FAQs to even get to the edit option.) The idea and info within the application are great and really informative. But the most basic of calendar features are far below my realistic expectations. I’ve been using Clue to track my cycles for years and enjoy it, but following a recommendation I purchased this app with the intention of gaining more insight on actionable steps to take to improve and understand your individual cycle. Personally I find the design a bit flat and gimmicky towards women, in that the color palette and wording skews stereotypically feminine like a tacky tampon commercial. It just doesn’t resonate with me; women don’t need to be marketed to about having a period— it’s a fact of life and is oddly softened and glamorized in media lol. I want to feel empowered, not pandered to, you know? The content of what you can learn about your unique phases is fantastic, but so far the experience is lacking so I’m waiting on an overhaul of the interface if I’m to use it again. Because I really would like to learn the insights it could provide!

Clean & Simple App. Most of the menstrual and ovulation tracking apps on the market today are the most ridiculous, comical things I have seen, but not this one. It is simply designed, simple to understand, and doesn’t overwhelm you with information. Most of the apps these days treat you like you are a teenager who needs bells, whistles, and emojis to understand anything. There really does need to be an industry intervention to stop this foolishness. I couldn’t take it. I am so glad I found MyFlo. It tells me only the essential information I need and doesn’t treat me like a 13 year old. It treats me like the 45 year old woman I am. Thank you! 🙏🏽

THIS is THE app. If you need a period app, this is the way to go. I read Alissa Vito’s book In The Flo and it has changed my life. Learning that women live on a 28 DAY cycle instead of a 24 HOUR cycle (which men’s bodies do) was a total game changer. Not only does this app help you track your period with insane accuracy, they also give you insights on how to treat your body, mind, and spirit well throughout all FOUR phases of your cycle. It gives you tips on what to eat, how to exercise, and the best ways to socialize treat yourself, and e in a relationship during each phase of your cycle. I had so many symptoms every period but after syncing with my cycle they all went away! This app is a god send!

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App not working. My app hasn’t been working for two weeks, data won’t load it just keeps circulating as if it’s refreshing. I’ve tried updating, re-downloading etc. Unsure where or how to fix. Please help, I love this app.

Not worth it, glitchy & inaccurate. Bought this thinking it would be great and accurately predict my cycle but it has stuck to a 35 day even though I have been 29 days for the past 5 months. You can’t see what day of your cycle you’re on so you have to manually count, can’t scroll up on the calendar without it going into the day your finger landed on... To be honest it felt like it was just there to sell the courses... The redeeming quality was how in depth you can log in your symptoms for the day. Since moved on to using Natural Cycles which so far has been more accurate after 1 week of use.

Great concept, poor execution. I really love the concept and if the app actually worked, I would be over the moon. Unfortunately it doesn’t and it defeats the purpose of having a period tracker if I had to reset my app every month as the period phases are never right and I have been told there is no solution at this point (ie resetting app in order for the phases to correct themselves & simultaneously wipe out all data and you’re back at square one)

Good, BUT. So far, I really like using the app to track my cycle. I’ve read the book, and so this was the only cycle tracking app I could find that tracked all stages of my cycle, not just the menstrual. It is occasionally glitchy, but quitting and restarting the app seems to help, and I remain hopeful that a future update will fix this bug. My main point of contention however, is that in the book, Alisa specifically states that while our common societal acceptance is for the menstrual phase to be week 1, this is not in fact the case, and it is instead week 4. And yet, in the “My cycle phases” section of the app - while it does list the phases in their Alisa-ordained order - when you click each one for more information, the purple section under the heading says “phase one” for menstrual, “phase two” for follicular, and so on - completely contrary to what Alisa teaches us. (?!?!) Why on Earth her own app undermines her writing with this oversight is beyond me - the logic is good, it is based in nature, and the app should reflect her point of view from the book. Otherwise- what is the incentive for choosing this app over another with more bells and whistles or a more modern aesthetic? The selling point is Alisa’s viewpoint, so logic would dictate that the app should follow that to the letter.

Not enough updates or new information. Honestly, looking at the same explanation and advice every time is really turning me off this app. Surely as time goes by the developers could have added new content or at least some different suggestions in. Getting stale... what made this app stand out from the rest in the beginning has stopped.

New app = confusing experience. I used this app some years ago pre-conception to track my cycle. It was simple to input data and track with occasional helpful tips. I have started using the app again recently. The newer iteration, while beautifully designed, is a complicated user experience. As mentioned in other reviews I’ve lost access to old account and data, am prompted to sign up regularly and am guided towards expensive plans. I am only interested in tracking in the simplest way - more like what the old app offered. If profitability is now a central priority why not charge a one-off fee for the app rather than include confusing plan / supplement upsells and complicated functionality.

Great concept, but disappointing main function. A great concept for an app-and fantastic food/lifestyle advice, but huge error that doesn’t ever get fixed with correcting ‘next expected period’. Have reported this several times & never fixed. Its ALWAYS one week out-has been for over 2 years of using it. Seems simple for an app to be corrected if thats exactly what its about..

App doesn’t work. I used this app for about a month then it stopped working about two weeks ago. I can launch the app but not use any of the facilities. I thought about deleting it and downloading it again but having read other reviews it seems this is a common and recurring problem so don’t think I will bother. Seems like a pretty handy way for the company to make a few dollars then not deliver content. It’s a shame because I like this app more than others I’ve tried and think it has potential. But it just doesn’t seem to work consistently.

Great at the start.... Initially loved this app! But for over three months it hasn’t let me add any new data, period dates, nothing. It continues to freeze or crash I’ve tried deleting and re-loading the app but still same problems:( please fix these issues! Such a shame it was so great with all the info and tips when it was working.

Dissapointed. I have been using this app for years to track my periods and menstrual cycle and lost all of my data that before now was essential in understanding my body and getting my hormones on track. The new design is confusing and i’m put off starting over again in fear of losing this info again.

Good app but needs fixing for longevity.. The MyFLO app is a great concept for tracking your cycles. But the only extremely frustrating issue with this app is that it regularly freezes, disallowing you proper usage and access to your daily entries. The only way to fix the issue is to delete the entire app, and then go through the whole process of reinstalling the app, signing in/passwords and sitting through the introductions & tutorials all over again.

Good app but constantly freezes, crashes and won’t open. I really like this app and I enjoy using it a lot, but it’s so buggy and it seems to be getting progressively worse. I’ve had to delete and re-download a few times because of it, and I’ve had to re-enter data because it only seems to remember half when I log back in. My app won’t even open at the moment. :(

App doesn’t open. I’ve had this app for almost a week now - the last 3 days I’ve tried to open the app and it just won’t open! It stays on the loading screen which says “checking for updates”. I’ve only just now read past reviews and it seems as if this is a regular occurrence. Very disappointing - going to find another solution I think.

Disappointed. Disappointed with this app. Been tracking my period with this app for a couple years now. Every so often it randomly ask me to reset my password when I go into it. Today I have gone into the app and been asked to reset the password, when I type the password in it does not recognise it. I am locked out of my email from being able to access the link to reset the password for the app also so now I am completely locked out of the app! That’s years of data lost and now I have to start all over again. Have gone onto the website to try to log in but the website is not recognising password either. This app should not be allowed to randomly ask us if we want to reset the password. They’ve just ruined a good thing with this!

Great app but deleted all of my info. I love this app and all of the information and guidance it has to offer, however I went onto the app and noticed all of my information was gone and I had lost all of the months worth of tracking I had been doing. I am Unsure why this happened but I am alittle sad I have lost everything. Besides this, this is a great app and I would highly recommend!

I love the app BUT.... This is a great app but it freezes! Yesterday it said “checking for updates” the wheel started turning- and turning -24 hours later! I opened the app and yes I was still seeing the same pink page with “checking for updates”. So frustrating when you want to log your daily info before you forget how the day went for your hormones. Please do a fix for it.

OMG could’ve spent 100x for all this good info. I just downloaded the app today and just... wow. I’m in awe of how informative and well designed it is. I love that I can look up what food is good for me in this stage of my cycle, then schedule that meal in my calendar with a click of a button. So many more cool functions I didn’t know I needed but I’m so glad they’re included. Best app ever.

"Checking for updates" since 27 April 2022. Not sure what's going on but the app has been stuck checking for updates and am unable to get the application to work again. I'm afraid I'll have to delete the application and lose all my data. App developers - can you please rectify this issue as I would not like to delete the app but it's looking as though that's what I'll have to do. Cheers

3.0 “new look” not so good. This app used to be really good but since the update to 3.0 it doesn’t do what it used to. Previously any time you logged a symptom it would give you information and a fix to help balance a specific hormone that’s causing that symptom (for example, cinnamon tea for night sweats and why it helps). Now you can still log symptoms but the only fixes it gives are based on a one-off assessment and said fixes are mostly focused on purchasing their supplements. Seems as though it’s all about money now as opposed to helping women improve the health with simple and easy remedies.

Unhelpful Support. Frustrating if you have an irregular cycle, as it automatically guesses your period and there’s no option to override. Tried emailing for support and got halfway through an email chain with a woman named Holly, who asked for clarification of dates to change it on their end, but then nothing was fixed and emails were left unanswered (even after following up 3x). Low/quality service, and now I can’t use the app because it’s inaccurate.

Freezing app. I’ve had the the same issue as Melissa Lee Honey above. Love the info and function of this app when it’s working - but I’ve also had to delete and retrack because after a month of tracking it just freezes and won’t open. It now says ‘checking for updates’ but never opens. I still get push notifications but can’t open the app. Please fix this issue as I don’t want to delete the app and use something else, but I can’t use it at all at the moment.

Great idea - but it just stopped working.... I love the idea behind this app and was really excited to use it. However, about 10 days in to recording, it just stopped working. I click the “+” to add symptoms and just nothing happens. I’ve updated the software on my iPhone and the app scans for updates when it opens and doesn’t say there are any. It’s very disappointing.

Doesn’t open. I loved this app and had a quick skim through, after just ONE day it no longer loads or opens, which is a real shame because the information inside it was really gold. Is there anyway the developers can fix this? It keeps telling me i have no internet connection and it can’t open when i’m clearly on 5G and have wifi too…

Had it 7 days and it has FROZEN. I’ve only had this app 7 days, and now it has stopped functioning and I can’t make any entries. There is no-one to contact, to troubleshoot, or rectify the issue. I don’t want to delete the app and re-install it, as I’ve entered a large amount of information, and don’t want to risk losing it all (I would never be able to remember it all). This is the first app I have ever paid for, and the only app I have ever used, that has stopped functioning. When I set it all up, I was thrilled with what it seemed to be offering, and what it seemed to be capable of - now I’m annoyed, and hoping that someone has an interest in rectifying the situation. It would a real shame if this app doesn’t work, and a waste of my valuable time and effort and details.

Signing up and website issues. I want to give this app 5 star’s genuinely because of the great reviews but … I’ve paid for this app and I’m not able to sign up via mobile or PC. Are there any issues/bug fixes happening?

Upgrade ruined it for me. I used to love this up but the recent upgrade ruined it unfortunately. Apart from losing ALL my data when they upgraded (I’ve been tracking for years with it) it’s not intuitive anymore and I don’t get as much out of it anymore. Not sure why it was necessary to change the app from beautiful, easy to navigate and logical to this

Not my favourite. I really enjoyed the phases breakdown and extra tips regarding food and exercise. I found that it didn’t actually predict my period very well as it only seemed to take it account the last period length when predicting. Perhaps this was me miss using the app, but i guess that also means it’s not very user friendly. You also have to be online to access it, which wasn’t always convenient.

Clean and easy to use, please add BBT tracking!. Still playing around with this app, but it Looks like a really interesting tracking app, the prompts are great. So far have found it clean and simple to track, but am disappointed I can’t track BBT! Would be great if this was added as a feature - unless there is the ability to do this and I haven’t found it yet?

App reset after years of tracking. I have been trusting and relying on this app for years to track my period. They updated and all the data is gone. The same thing happened to a friend. When I logged back in was trying to sell me vitamins rather than track my period. So what good is this app if It now doesn’t do what its supposed to do?

Supportive/Educational. I downloaded this app from a recommendation from a podcast I regularly listen to. It’s helped me understand how my body changes throughout each cycle and within each phase of that cycle. I love the information provided about each phase which includes tips to best support your body, mind and energy levels during that time. The app is user friendly and the notes section has become somewhat like a daily journal entry. Really enjoying learning more about my body and how best to support/honour being female.

Shame it’s gotten glitchy. Sadly, after several years of using this app I am leaving. It’s become glitchy and the data has become buggy. Doing strange things, changed dates of what I recorded and no longer reliable. Disappointed as I had a few years of data here but can’t rely on accuracy from past month. Just tried to record a new cycle starting today and it won’t show on my calendar.

Have to delete and download again every month. I love this app but every month after I’ve entered a period I am unable to add new symptoms to any day and have to delete the app and download again. This has happened too many times that I don’t bother entering symptoms anymore (which completely defeats the purpose of the app). I switched to this one from clue because of the cycle syncing extras but if this doesn’t fix it looks like I’ll have to change back.

Good Idea, but.... I bought this app specifically because I could sync my partner. This feature has never worked, and the makers are aware and haven’t fixed it. I don’t like that you can’t change your cycle length after registration. My cycle length has been stuck on 14 days and it’s a bit annoying. I love the basic information it provides, but dislike the fact that she is always trying to up sell. Sort of feels like a taking advantage of vulnerable women gimmicky type thing.

So many bugs unfortunately. I love the idea of this app but there are just so many issues and bugs. One being, I’ll track my symptoms and when we make love and yet when I reflect back on previous months where a little dot is below a date, (the dot let’s your know this is when you have tracked symptoms in the past on a certain day) the symptoms aren't there or tracked. Basically the best the app does is let you know where you are in your cycle, it’s has so many other great features but they never seem to work.

Good but not Great. Great app to learn about the different cycle phases and what they mean, especially if you’re keen to ‘cycle sync’ however the app has a tendency to just ‘stop working’ every so often and the only fix is to delete it and re-install.

Doesn’t learn your cycle length changes. I asked to have my cycle length changed through the help section and they said I can do it through edit my cycle in the app in FAQ which was pretty strange to begin with, so I messaged them because I certainly didn’t want to lose my data. So they knew I only want to change my cycle length moving forward to make ovulation and next period more reliable. They did alter it and lost all my previous 2+ years data. Said sorry about the miscommunication... The app didn’t update with over 6 cycles at much shorter length. Other frustrating thing is when you lodge symptoms, the recommendations are the same no matter what part of your cycle you’re in. So all very automated and doesn’t give much insight to your specific part of cycle or symptoms at that time and is mostly a sales pitch for all their courses. Not happy about data loss...

Women need this app!. It is so amazing to see that Alisa has created an app which actually helps women to properly understand their cycle! This is so important for every woman to know and I love that she has outlined the 4 phases of your cycle so clearly! She’s a Wonder Woman.

What happened?!. I have had this app for 3 and a half years. I have recommended it to countless friends, bought many copies of Alisa’s In The Flo book and given to friends because I believe in it so much. Recently, I tried to login to my account and I had to reset my password, I had no other option. When I logged back in, the app that I had loved for years, was gone. All my data I had entered over the last 3 and a half years was gone. Everything that made this app so helpful and unique is gone. In the old app, when I entered my symptoms it would tell me what was going on and what lifestyle, diet fixes were needed. It was absolute gold. Now that that feature is no longer available I don’t really see the point. I am honestly devastated! My partner and I are trying to get pregnant and so this cuts even deeper. All the value was removed and, the upsell to supplements and vague answers were added. It just feels like a new marketing person was put on the team and said you need to sell more stuff, change your app to make people buy in order to get results. Which hey, I’m not against purchasing the supplements but please Alisa, I am begging you, put the things back that you took out of the app! This new version is a huge step down to the old app.

Constantly having trouble opening this app. Although I really like the concept of this app. It has been very helpful with giving information and keeping track. That’s why it’s so upsetting to me that after using the app after a month it always stuffs up. It never lets me open it and I have actually sat there for half an hour once to see how long it took to open so that I could keep track and use it. After half an hour it still didn’t Open. It just freezes. This also happened everytime they update thier app. Although I update the app and my phone it still freezes and doesn’t open. So I’ve had to delete it and re track everything again. I’ve had to delete and re download this app 3 times already. I don’t want to keep losing my data and tracking because it’s just getting annoying now. I may have to get a different app if this keeps happening. FIX THIS ISSUE!!!

Please fix bugs!!!. I really love this app, and find everything it has to offer so insightful. However I find it crashes every few months and I’m having to delete and re-enter my data, meaning I lose all of my tracking! So frustrating :(

Not very reliable. The app keeps crashing for me almost every couple of months - many of the functions don’t work intermittently, which makes the calendar get all messed up. It’s way too unreliable for cycle tracking. The recommendations page also never works for me so I don’t feel I get much from it. If you’re using cycle tracking as a contraceptive method, definitely invest in something more reliable

Excellent way to learn about my inner self. So far, it looks so easy. I don’t have any major issues around my cycle, but I wanted to learn more about it, get my mind and body in synchrony, and listen to all the little cues that my body is trying to scream out. I love that this app allows me to learn about my inner self in an easy and not time-consuming way.

New update lost data and poor user experience. I used to love this app, but since the update I can’t access my old account, so had to start a new one. LOST YEARS OF DATA. The new interface is to big for the screen and I can’t access all days in the calendar. Disappointing.

Love so much about this app, but don’t like the heteronormativity. I’ve been using this app for ages and only stopped recently when it was updated and seemed to lose my account. I’ve re-registered and put my details in again but was disappointed to see that even with all the updates it’s still not inclusive for LGBTQIA people. My partner’s female and there was nowhere to add that information so in the tips on the menstrual section it says to send my partner for a “guys night out” and if I have kids then it’s great for them to have a “day with dad” whilst I go to the spa. It would be awesome if there could be more fields to describe your identity and sexuality to ensure the app was inclusive.

I love everything except the glitches!. Definitely the superior cycle monitoring app in terms of relevance and the user friendly aspect but it often glitches and doesn’t allow me to add daily notes/symptoms. I find myself having to reinstall far too often.

Miss the old app!. New app is not great, lacks all the information the old app had. I understand everyone is trying to make money but the new app seems to be exclusively trying to sell things. When the update was done all the data was not transferred so I lost over a years worth of tracking. I think I’ll be looking for a new period tracking app.

Disappointed with features. While the overall concept off the app is good and informative it lacks features and is very static. Most other cycle tracking apps enable you to view stats and you can track more detailed symptoms like different moods, if you’re feeling sick etc. Seems more like a promotion for Alissa Vittis lifestyle products rather than a useful app.

App freezes and loses data - stops working. I really loved this app, it was so useful. However it keeps crashing and freezing so then I have to delete it to refresh. Even after deleting it and redownloading loading it, the app won’t open. So disappointing because now I have to find a new tool.

Great app but.... This app has an awesome concept and I love the level of information it provides so women can take charge of their health and well-being around their monthly cycles. I did however notice that in the recommendations for the menstrual phase under “love”, it only refers to your partner as being male, which was a little unsettling. This just assumes that if those using the app are in a relationship then it is with a guy. It would be great if they could make it a little more inclusive for those using the app. Otherwise I have found the app helpful, easy to use & informative.

Essential App for all women. By far the best period tracking app I’ve ever used. An essential for all women who want to truly know how their bodies work. I recommend this app to all my health coaching clients. I hope one say all women will use this app and understand their bodies the way Alissa teaches.

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Deleted all my info. I use this app to keep track of periods. Today I needed to know the first day of my last period for a medical appt. I opened the app, it was all new and wouldn’t let me log in. I reset my password and it had me start from scratch with all my previous periods deleted. YEARS of tracking. Why?!?!

Used to be the best. Before the update this app was amazing, I used the symptom insights to find out I needed more magnesium and vitamin E and it actually worked, now they seem to have removed that feature, the app is just a way to sell their overpriced supplements, they took out everything useful

Doesn’t work after just a few weeks!. This app desperately needs an update and I wish the creator would acknowledge it, given that she actively promotes using it as part of her plan and in her books. This app is unusable. You can track symptoms for just a couple weeks, although its not very user-friendly and quite ‘clunky’... and then it just won’t let you track anymore. It’s also sending alerts for the wrong phases. And the partner email option hasn’t worked once. It also has question after question in the faq about what to do when the user makes a mistake... if the app isn’t user-friendly enough that you need an overly detailed faq about how to avoid it, don’t you think it’s time for an update? I’ll be switching back to the Clue app.

Internal Server Error. Paid for the app but now cannot use it. I was notified that the password must be changed to protect health data but an internal server error pops up when trying to save the new password. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t help. Restarting my phone doesn’t help. Now the app is useless. Barely 3 weeks since I purchased it.

Lost all tracking progress. I think they updated the app which logged me out. Tried to log back in, and it had me restart everything. I was just hitting the 3 month mark with logging, so I was able to get some insight, but lost it all. Also the new update is far uglier than the old one. Not happy overall.

Won’t work, internal error message. I’ve used and loved this app for over a year. It suddenly will no longer work and keeps giving me an internal error message everytime I attempt to log in or access the app…

Love it BUT.... It was great before IOS14 update ... can’t input information in it now, and if I dis-install it I will lose all my data !! Please fix this ! Thx

Meh, a let-down. $ to download and $ for content. I used to use it, but then I found out about flöka for personalized recommendations. Much happier now.

Great Resource. Great resource for tracking your period and learning about your cycles. The reason I rate it two stars is because on two occasions the app has logged me out and when I log back in all my information is gone. Incredibly frustrating when you’ve been tracking with them for many years.

Glitches. Had app for over a year, then all of a sudden I couldn’t log in and now I can’t log anything, and lost track of my cycle and data. Changing apps immediately 😒

Not good. I preferred the look of the previous version. I no longer recommend the app to friends.

Don’t upgrade to 3.0. It’s still a mess. Let them figure out all the kinks then maybe, but I regret allowing the update to 3.0 and miss 2.0

Please fix the basics!. I would really love to love this app. I love the book and want the insights and detailed information this app provides. I would love to recommend it to friends and clients. Unfortunately the basic use functions have been a pain and make the app unusable! Please fix the basics that don’t function well like just now the app asks me to reset my password but when I do so the app prompts the typewriter screen on my phone to cover over the “enter” button and I cannot find a workaround. Therefore I actually am not able to access the app at all. If this is a paid for app I expect it to work consistently, especially with time sensitive information that is necessary to make better insights. I have to keep my other tracking app since I cannot rely on yours.

App no longer works. So terrible! I really believed in Alyssa and her mission. I wonder what happened? Frustrated to lose all my previous cycle data and not be able to login to the app anymore due to the “internal server error” I get after being forced to change my password. I guess this is the end of many years on this app and time to find a new cycle tracker

Used to be great. This app used to be wonderful and give amazing information that was personal based of off my cycle and symptoms, but now it’s awful and often crashes, doesn’t allow me to save tracked items. I wouldn’t recommend this app anymore

Upgraded App. I don’t find the new up, user-friendly. Whenever I open it it either tells me my password is wrong or I try to sign in and it tells me I’m already signed in and I need to sign out before signing in. Really frustrating…

New version not great. With the new version, I find it difficult to find and read information about what phase I’m in and what I should be doing in it. The partner sync feature also doesn’t work - no emails have come thru

Not working. I haven’t been able to use it since the updated version. It asks me for a new password but when I try it there’s an error message. I really need this fixed as I use this app a lot and I need all the info I put it there.

Bogue très souvent. J’ai perdu mes données 6 fois dans la dernière année du à des bogues de l’application. Vraiment pas super, les graphiques et l’ancien visuel étaient beaucoup mieux également.

Can’t log in?. I like the app, but it regularly tells me to log back in, but then doesn’t let me because it says I’m already logged in… there’s no way around this except for deleting and re-installing the app. It’s extremely annoying.

Doesn’t work anymore. It used to be amazing but now just says “internal server error” anytime you try to login. Sad because I used to love this app.

Great but.... The app and Flo Living methodology have changed the game for women who want to embrace their period and live synchronously in tune with their bodies. BUT about once a month I have to delete and reinstall the app as it won’t let me add daily logs; pretty silly for a paid app.

New Interface is Terrible. This used to be my favourite period tracking app but the new interface makes it almost unusable. I’m going to be deleting this app and switching to a different tracker. The old interface on the app was far superior, please change it back!

End of a long relationship?. I have used and loved this app for years but since the last update I cannot get in. It asks for a new password and then says there’s an internal issue. I hope they can get it sorted out, but the most recent update was 2 months ago. Hopefully a fix is coming soon. I see a lot of similar recent comments. When it was working I learned so much about my cycle and became much more aware of my menstrual needs and how it can benefit my life/habits (ie when to take it slow, when to be more active, etc)

Can’t change cycle length. My cycle has decreased by 5 day in the last year and I am unable to change that in the app... it keeps doing 33 days which was my old cycle length so I have to always subtract 5 days

Paid app. Zero features available to you. I logged out and could never get back in. Just do your own research and use the Apple health app.

Can’t Login Anymore. Since the app was updated, I am prompted to input a new password but because I get an internal server error - the app is unusable

Great if I didn’t have to re-login every 5 minutes. I loved this app but it seems like all the time I have to reset, relogin, etc - VERY FRUSTRATING About to look for something new as this is less convenient than it needs to be

You’re paying for a glorified supplement ad. Even though is was under $3, this app is not worth it. It’s limited in what you can track, and its obvious goal is to get you to purchase supplements. Worst of all the advice and supplements aren’t based on any actual evidence.

Bah humbug. It’s a good app, but I cannot deal with one more reboot kicking me out of the app, wiping my data, not accepting my password. Really frustrating. Wish the developers would just leave it alone.

Not a fan of the upgrade. I loved this app but the new upgrade is hard to navigate and I’m constantly being signed out. When I try to sign back in it stays I’m already signed in. So I can’t access it :(

Money grab. Her book isn’t worth the money either, more useful information through that tho. At least if you get the book on a e-book website you don’t really pay for it. Just saw someone else’s review that encourages another app called Floka, hopefully it will actually run and it’s free.

Partner sync doesn’t work. I thought the feature to give updates to your partner during each phase was really cool but I should have read the reviews. Wasted some money here and it’s a shame because this app looks like it could be great. Where in the world is the creator?? How can you not keep an app that you promote constantly up to date!?

Don’t recommend this app. I’ve used this app for only a month, then, after I made an update, all my data got erased and replaced by info i did not put and that I cannot even remove or replace with my actual data. I’ve been in contact with Support for a while and they have never been able to fix it. They gave me a code so I can subscribe to the Flo28 Cycle syncing membership but I’m not even able to use it and I have no idea of hie to make this work since no explanation came along. Plus, when I try to get to my account through their website, it gets really confusing since each time I want to get to one of their portal (monthly flights or flights 28) they ask me for my username and password, which seem different depending on which portal I want to connect. Honestly, why did you guys made things THAT complex?? Knowing that I gave my money and support to this app for nothing and that i can not even count on any support to solve my problems encountered is really frustrating. That is why I do not recommend this app at all !

Used to be good, now glitchy. You need to reset your password every few months, and it just always gives errors when I try to reset. It’s absolutely frustrating. I’m often in poor wifi and it takes me hours to reset it. I’m just trying to sign in to see if I can expect a cycle. I have to uninstall every time. I would not recommend. The calendar is also so confusing. You just scroll through the weeks without any proper distinction between the months.

Unnecessary data collection. The new app update is terrible. It’s missing basic features like being able to change your email address, or make calendar changes if you made a mistake. Plus it now requires you to share your phone number. The new version looks like it’s designed to sell the company’s products not to actually be helpful with tracking.

All data lost with new update. I’ve been using this app for years and have even paid for the premium version but with this new update, all my data was lost. Dealing with a possible pcos diagnosis and now I have no record of my previous cycles. I’m so angry and disappointed.

Used to work. A recent upgrade and now I can’t access 2 years worth of tracking. Had to create a new password etc and in the new app you have to create a profile with more information than I want to give an app (my phone number!?) disappointed because I have been using this to track cycles and symptoms to work with my naturopath around hormone balancing. Put too much faith in technology:/

Took my money!. Had to pay for the app and it says “internal server error” whenever I try to set it up! Garbage!

Requires phone number. There’s no reason a period tracking app should require a phone number to use it. Especially when customers have already paid for the app. Get a different app that values privacy and protecting your personal information and your private data. 0 stars.

Company will ignore you if there is an issue. I tried to use this app a few years & re-downloaded it recently. I had old data in there which was causing my predictions to be off. So I used the help function in the app a few times & even tried reaching out on Instagram with no luck. It’s disappointing because I paid to download the app and then paid for a membership. I noticed this has happened to other people as well.

Liked the old app better. I keep having issues—can’t login because it says I’m logged in and the app is not as user friendly as the old app. Hoping it will get improved because I loved the old app. And really hoping I don’t t lose years of data if I have to switch to another app.

DONT PAY FOR THIS APP!. I rarely pay for apps but heard about this one on a podcast. I was excited to use it, given the details it would offer. It worked for about 6weeks and then crashed and locked me out and won't allow me to sign back in. The app is completely useless. It sucks because I paid $3 for nothing, and I stopped using my other tracker when starting this one so now I have to start tracking all over again. VERY unimpressed. Don't waste your money!

Updates wipe your data. I have an account? And i save my symptoms and was using the app to chart my symptoms for medical reasons for pmdd. The app has gone for 2 updates and both times I’ve lost all my information saved on my account. The first time was only a few weeks in I thought I made a mistake and now I’ve lost like 7 months of notes I was using for healthcare purposes. There’s no point in using an app if it deletes your data when you update. I don’t understand why it wasn’t saved in the account?

Used to be great now its glitchy and doesn’t work. During the time I was trying to get pregnant (after tracking my cycle for multiple years on the app all my data was deleted after they over hauled the app) it is extremely glitchy now and constantly messed up my cycle dates. The month I became pregnant and missed my period the app kept pushing my period further into the future and not recognizing that I ‘was late’. I began questioning it after a few weeks of confusion and back logged my cycle on a different app which then told me right away I was 16 days late. I’ve used this app for a long time after hearing the founder on a podcast. At first it was such a great tool to live in flow and best support your cycle, since they overhauled it, it doesn’t perform well.

Phone Number Needed. I’ve used this app for years and have found it to be beneficial. However, I am very unhappy with the updated app now requesting phone numbers for people who have already purchased the app and have been using it for years. Please make adding a phone number optional and not mandatory.

Too many bugs!. This app glitches constantly. You’ll basically pay $3.00 for an app that will work well for one week and then freeze every time you open it, glitch out during use, or lock you out of your account altogether. It’s terrible.

New layout so cramped. That’s what I’m already trying to avoid! Lol. Really dislike the new layout, the title of the new month is small, and the distinction between the months is nonexistent. Most days when I do remember to open up and look at the calendar in this app, I’m already in a little bit of distress like what is going on with my wild hormones today… So opening up to this unclear new calendar, layout… It just adds to the distress, so I close the app and think about finding a new one to track my cycle. To the app creators/ developers… Perhaps consider..?

why can’t i see any real data?. I like Alissa Vitti which is why I paid for the app but I hate that I can’t see which day of my OVERALL cycle I’m on (it only says Luteal Day 2 of 12) which is not very helpful for planning. Also, I can’t see the average length of my cycle and period length, but even free apps allow this. Regret paying for this app. Not to mention they mention assessments but it’s really just a sales pitch for their supplements, which you can get everywhere.

They wipe your data with every update!. As other reviews have stated, you will spend MONTHS recording and tracking your cycle and symptoms to the lose ALL of your information when they update the app to a newer version. Many users rely on their tracked data not only for themselves, but also to share with their healthcare providers. This is simply UNACCEPTABLE!!! I will be deleting my app and starting over yet again with another app provider. Alisa Vitti get it together.

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Thankful. This app is going to be a life saver. It’s back up and running and seems better than ever. It was down without notice for several days, which was a little unprofessional to not even send out an email.. However I had a feeling they were just sprucing her up. (I hope all the negative reviews are fixed!) I am SO very happy to be able to go into so much detail about myself and my body. Thank you for this amazing information and knowledge that you and your team have put together for us ladies. Xoxo

This App is Amazing but Needs an Update. This app is honestly a huge life saver. I use it daily for tracking and information on how to be most productive throughout my work weeks. Lately there’s been glitches that don’t allow you to input your daily data anymore. I know it’s been reported on here before. I’m not sure if it stops working when you get to a certain number of entries, but it’s been disappointing not being able to track my progress all in one space the last 2 weeks.

So many glitches/crashes lately. Don't know what's going on. This is my fave app for the recommendations/analysis it gives you about your cycle. But my god, for the last two months it hasn't let me log any info! And then when I try to open it, sometimes it just crashes. Have downloaded other apps since ~ may just purchase another one like Clue. *** Updated review: I got some feedback about resetting the app, and that fixed the glitch. But for the past 6 months or so, the app hasn't been predicting my cycles correctly despite entering all my info every month (I'm very regular). I uploaded another app I used to use and it predicted my cycle perfectly within one month. I guess this app just isn't working for me anymore.

Update is a big sales push. This app has honestly been a disappointment from the beginning. However, at least it was easy to navigate to track my cycle and/or view what’s best for each part of the cycle. Now that it’s been updated, everything is about pushing their services, they’re tracking way too much personal info without providing value in return (unless you invest) and it’s no longer simple to navigate or track my cycle. I stayed with this app since I paid for it originally but am now moving on. Also, good luck with customer service — last time I had an issue it took weeks to resolve. Again, major disappointment.

Ridiculous. It was really important to get on this app in order to find important data from my previous cycle. For days I Have been getting an error message trying to open the app every time. It says "unable to get data, please check your internet connection." thought the issue was my phone so when deleting and redownloading did not work, I downloaded it on my husbands macbook. Keep in mind this app is $1.99 to download. Still getting the same error message. Also wish there was someone I could call to help get this situation resolved. Loved this app when I wasn't having these issues. This is my only app I use to track my cycle so now have no way to access the information I need.

Dislike the calendar. I love how this app has so much potential but the calendar is what will make me not use it. I prefer a calendar similar to a normal style calendar that is similar to the one on our phones. Something I can quickly glance at and know what day it is and what part of my cycle I’m on. The calendar on this app takes a minute to find the day and than figure out when the weekend is. It’s too congested and the writing is too small to be a quick glance. It would be nice if the app gave different calendar selections for those of us who want a more simplified calendar to look at.

You can’t return it - don’t buy. I regret buying this because they don’t let you return it if you purchase and realize it doesn’t fit your needs. As you know all women’s needs are different when it comes to tracking periods. There are many apps out there and they won’t all be a good fit. It’s ridiculous that they charge money just to TRY it, but if you find out it’s not a good fit you can’t return it. I knew I couldn’t use this within 5 mins of purchase but I was stuck with it. This app doesn’t offer tracking of Basal temp or Cervical fluid which would have been nice to know. In contrast the Kindara app lets you use it for free for 2 months and after that you have to pay. Don’t waste your money, this is a basic tracker that lacks a lot of features.

SO disappointed. Get the other flo app. I switched from the other flo app to start using this one since i follow cycle syncing. But this app is so poorly done, crashes, and after almost 2 years of logging my data to track my period — it just stopped loading when i try to log in. Its been like this for days as i’m trying to plan trips & schedule doctors appointments. I even deleted then re-downloaded the app. Ive never ever written an apple review but the poor quality of this app is dangerous in my opinion. I cant see when my last period was and now i cant see when i could expect my period for this month. I am not going back to using this app ever. Unreliable. Cant trust the tech. Irresponsible & wasted my time!

Loved this app before the update. I’ve been using this app for about a year and absolutely loved the previous version which gave me all the information I needed about my cycle, which phase I’m in and correlating symptoms, etc. but with the recent update I find the app is a bit harder to navigate and have run into issues where my cycle information completely glitches and it takes more than a week emailing back and forth with tech to resolve. Giving it 3-stars because I do enjoy it but the issues with the app itself have been stressful, because I heavily rely on being able to track my cycle accurately

You changed the app!. I noticed you changed the app! I love how you can get more detailed about your symptoms now but I’m wondering where the “Read recommendations” area went? Before if I logged a certain color of blood for my flow or a certain symptom, I could read recommendations on what that symptom meant and how I could fix it, now I can’t find that part. Some symptom fixes are not directly dictated in your book either. Without that part of the app, I’m just left in the dark, what’s the point of logging symptoms if I don’t know how to balance it out?

THANK YOU FOR UPDATING!. I probably wrote this while they were updating the app in the last couple weeks and gave it 3 stars: I switched to this app after reading “In the Flo”. The book is AMAZING! I was loving the app for the first couple weeks it worked. After 2 weeks of using it, I can’t even get into it. All I get is the opening page that says “please wait, checking for updates”—and then it never opens. I tried closing the app, deleting and reinstalling the app. But now it says it can’t connect to the internet. PLEASE update this app—especially since it is still advertised in books, interviews, online, etc. It really is a valuable tool. There isn’t another app like it but I can’t use it if it doesn’t work. Update 5 STARS: THANK YOU! The app is even better now with the update. So so happy and love everything I’ve seen so far.

It is apparent no one is working on bug fixes. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this app. This app has the potential to provide such powerful information, however it is extremely inconsistent in when it decides to actually work. I support Alissa Vitti’s work and highly recommend you buy her book and read it! Users of this app would really benefit from the symptom-specific feedback that Alyssa can provide, but it just doesn’t work often enough to be helpful. Major issues (many others have mentioned these in reviews dating back to over a year ago): -App randomly stops accepting new data input. Can be fixed by deleting and reinstalling the app but will not work at all until a reinstall is completed. -The partner email notification does not work. -Incorrectly saves answers in the daily feedback forms (Example: “is this cycle better than the last?” - this will always save a “yes” answer even if I fill in “no”) In summary, it’s obvious that no one at this company is paid to work on bug fixes and if they are, they’re not doing their job. I still use it for some loose recommendations but it’s not accurate enough if trying to conceive or if using it to prevent pregnancy.

Great info, terrible design. I love the info available in this app, but the design is so frustrating to use. For starters, the four phases are in four very similar colors. They’re not easily distinguishable. You can’t scroll through your calendar because when you press the screen to scroll, it opens whatever day you touch. It also automatically selects the end date of your period when you enter a new period. So you either have to wait until your period is over to log all your info/symptoms (what’s the point?) or allow it to select your end date, which isn’t always accurate. I wanted to switch from Clue to this app for the info about mood and energy and nutrition, but it’s so frustrating to use that it’s not even worth it.

Stopped working. Downloaded the app and starting using. I was excited about the features and had hope I would be able to get my cycle regulated better. It stopped working within the first week of using it. I open the app and it just shows the logo with a “Checking for updates. Please wait” message, only it never finishes checking and won’t let me into the app. I deleted it and downloaded it again and now it’s forgiving me the error message “Unable to get data. Please check your intervener connection.” My internet is fine. All my other apps and computer are working. What a waste on money and a big disappointment.

Great idea but app doesn’t work right. It’s impossible to update the app, the most frustrating thing is if my period is off by a day it won’t let me put in my period start. Apparently I accidentally logged something wrong in the beginning and it won’t let me update it so it makes every AND I MEAN EVERY THING wrong in the app. After months of trying to make it work, thinking it’s user error and i just need to approach it with a clear head, I deleted the app... and it’s STILL sending me incorrect app notifications.... which lead me to this review, or I wouldn’t have left one. I had high hopes after I heard her interview on a podcast. But now I’m soo frustrated with this thing I’m pretty sure I’ll never use or listen to anything in relation to this creator, author or company.

The tracker is really not easy to use. I LOVE the idea of being able to see the recommendations for the phase I’m in. I read the book by Alisa Vitti and was excited to be able to not go back to the book to find out what I should do. But the user experience of the calendar is just terrible (make your own judgement—there’s a question ‘how do I change my period start date’ in the FAQ section). If I forgot to input my data to the app, I can’t even go back to the previous days. I’m still in my period, and wanted to input data, the app is already telling me I’m in follicular phase and I can’t even change it. I haven’t even indicated my period ended! Super frustrating and annoying. Two stars only for the app idea. The execution of this app is just terrible

No good. Love the concept but app needs work. I love the philosophy and science behind the app, and I trust Alisa Vitti’s work and her books have helped my cycles.. however, this app is terrible. I logged the end of my period and it says my next period is to begin in 5 days. Obviously inaccurate and can’t be relied upon. Also when you try to scroll through the months, it clicks open the date your thumb landed on and it’s quite irritating. It’s like it’s not been built with scroll sensitivity. Honestly, it’s not appealing either design wise. I wish I hadn’t bought this app. There are others that I get more value from and are free. I would love to see it redesigned and relaunched with better functionality/more features because like I said, her work really is stellar. She just needs an app to complement it!

Decent but doesn’t adjust properly. Overall, it’s a helpful tool and I was able to see some changes in symptoms by following the suggestions in diet and lifestyle for a given symptom. My only complaint is that I’ve been using the app for I think over a year now and it hasn’t adjusted to my cycle. It consistently tells me I’m several days ‘late’ when really, my cycle has just become longer. I would think after 6+ months of a consistent 30-31 day cycle (and logging the start and end of my period each month) it would stop telling me I’m a week late for a 24 day cycle every month. Obviously can’t trust the ovulation estimate either based on that.

3 years of my data gone with no help from customer service with this new update.. 3 years of using this app, they updated the app, all my data is gone. I followed up twice with support and they had no genuine response. Right now I’m just trying to figure out when my last date was and will be using the Apple app going forward. I really feel so disappointed, annoyed, and by the way as a UX designer - did you not do user testing? The scrolling calendar was the best part of the app - why would you do away with that? Your designers shouldn’t have taken that away. At least if you did this big of an update - you should have good customer service who can explain why 3 years of data would disappear. So uncool.

I used to love this app, but now it won’t let me log in. Loved the app, but all of the sudden, it stopped letting me add my data. I though I needed to update the app, but there wasn’t an update, so re-downloaded it. Now I can’t log in to my old account, no matter how many times I reset my password. I also tried creating a new account but couldn’t because my email is still affiliated with the old account that I can’t log into. Anyone else running into this issue? Super bummed Update: my login still won’t work and I’ve reset the password 4 times now. Don’t buy this app. It takes advantage of people with periods and instead of empowering us to understand our bodies, capitalizes off of them in an already inequitable industrialized version of wellness... just like the doctor the prescribes birth control to treat hormonal acne or pms.

Buggy app continues to be unusable. I bought the app (and the book!) but haven’t been able to actually use the app as intended due to a bug. (The period end date feature is grayed out/unusable on the app, so it’s impossible to accurately track your cycle based on this one bug.) A year ago I contacted support about this, which they confirmed was an ongoing user issue but a big update was coming in Dec 2020. I’ve since updated, deleted, and re-installed the app several times with hopes that I can finally use it. I am still running into the same problem, which is a bummer as I was (am still?) looking forward to using it as a resource. Meanwhile, Clue is an excellent cycle tracker and I’ve been using it for years. I was hoping to use the two in tandem.

Great idea with room for improvement. I have listened to many podcasts and have read her book. I’ve got to say, it’s quite a revolutionary concept in terms of taking control of our bodies and health. However my main complaint with app is how many times I’ve had to re-download it because it freezes when you try to log symptoms. I don’t mind because I like the app but I would highly recommend that the developers figure out another update soon, which I’m sure they’ve looked into already. I’ll give it five stars when I don’t have to download it every month 😊

Life changing!!!. This app has helped me naturally heal my menstrual cramps, tender breasts, and a few other symptoms I’m still working on. I even found out that my fertility isn’t as strong as it could be and I plan to work on that before me and my husband start trying for kids to avoid any miscarriages or struggles. I’ve learned so much about my body and what it’s telling me, and I love the lifestyle and food education they give you. The world is evolving and people are finally realizing that women’s monthly cycles have so much to do with their health! I would recommend this to anybody!

Feels like I joined an MLM…. I liked this app at first. No dumb cutesy graphics with flowers and hearts. Felt more clinical and medical, and I loved the detail I was able to put in. I also liked the suggestions like, “take it easy this week” or “this is the week to finish some projects.” However after about a month of using it, the app completely went down at one point, I keep getting annoying emails from them at least daily if not more, and now the founder has launched a shop selling her own supplements that they keep pushing on the app. I just wanted a way to track my symptoms for my doctors but it feels like I joined an MLM with them constantly trying to tell me my hormones are out of balance (they’re not, I had them tested) and how I need to buy their supplements.

Used to be a fan…. This app used to be incredibly helpful and intuitive to use. I relied on this app heavily for nearly a year and was so satisfied, like telling everyone I know to get it asap. Now this new update is atrocious. I have been trying for ages to understand how to get around it and it is SO disorganized and complicated and far less sophisticated than the previous version. The suggested solutions when symptoms are logged are gone and now it’s unclear to me what the value this tracker brings vs any other now. It is clearly pushing users to their own products rather than offering solutions in line with FLO living lifestyle that don’t cost $300 a month… so so so so disappointed.

Great app, but it has a glitch. Unfortunately this app only works correctly for a short time, for me it was 3 weeks, before it stops letting you input your symptoms for the day. I find keeping track of symptoms was super helpful for me to pinpoint ovulation and see improvement over the month. I was using it everyday and was really loving the app when suddenly it stoped working. I reported the issue but got no response and it hasn’t been fixed. Until it’s fixed the app is less helpful than one of the free versions like Clue, which I use instead now.

Don’t waste your time. This app works great for a month or two before it crashes over and over again. I’ve reached out to support and they were not helpful at all. Simply deleting and reinstalling the app does not work. It’s difficult to navigate when you need to update your cycle and for me, just messed everything up even more. I can’t use the app at all now because my phases are completely wrong and I can’t change it. I had high hopes for this app because I love Alissa’s book and really wanted a tracker that would be in synch with the flo protocol. Unfortunately, after numerous attempts at troubleshooting I’m so sick of this app. I’m going to find a new one and definitely would not recommend to anyone. It’s a total waste of time.

The new update is not fun. Not sure who decided this color scheme or the way of tracking periods was better than the old one. Super disappointed and is not as intuitive to use. I liked that the different days of my phase of my connected. Now the individual dot days look like a 5th grader took a crayon to a calendar (in really ugly 80’s colors). Ugh. Wish they would have actually gotten input from religious users instead of creating this in a silo. Bad updates can happen to good brands, and make them lose brand affinity. Super sad that she’s worked so hard and then some app developer ruined it.

No pregnancy option. I really liked this app. I used it prior to getting pregnancy to help track symptoms/timing/etc, and felt that it did a good job. There is one pretty big thing missing, in my opinion. There’s no option to report pregnancy! On a lot of period apps you can report pregnancy/breastfeeding and they essentially put your data on hold. I got pregnant, and then breastfed for a year, so I basically went almost 2 years without a period. Since there is no pregnancy option, my data is messed up and the app is now unusable for me. For example, when I plugged my first period in it estimated that I wouldn’t have another period for the next 3 months. 28 days later I started and reported my next period, assuming it would level out, but alas no. I will be finding another app.

Wish I could give it 0 stars. This app is truly terrible and I wish I never paid for it. There’s some different kind of issue every time I try to use it and it also soaks up so much data for absolutely no reason ? Every time I log in it makes me rest my password then doesn’t accept any of the passwords I create and it does it almost every single time. It doesn’t let me adjust my periods or change symptoms? It’s so glitchy and inconsistent it causes me even more pain and trouble during a time when I’m clearly already not doing great lol. If this app was free it would almost be acceptable to deal with but I would find a better one. The fact that it costs money is wild. I’ve contacted customer service for assistance SO many times and nothing seems to help

Used to love the app. I have used this app for years like the other reviewers here. I have seen the app go through phases but this new app is extremely disappointing. I have really lost a lot of trust in this company. My favorite feature was the symptom fix suggestions, which instead have become Supplement purchase options. I am a business owner as well, I get wanting to make money but this is doing the opposite of that. With the features in the old app, it encouraged me to sign up for membership which I actually did and loved it. But now the app is all sales and buy this, which gives me no desire to sign up for any membership with her. I will be looking for other alternatives. I currently use Flo app which does explain my cycle. Please return the app to use old features.

App crashes constantly. I have had to delete and redownload this app three times in the last month since I have purchased it. Sometimes I’ll open it and none of the buttons work on the calendar to track patterns. And every time I have to delete it I lose all the information that was previously stored. As of today, when I open the app it says “loading” but it never opens. Then it told me I do not have internet connection (not true). After deleting the app and downloading it again, it is now saying my email doesn’t exist. Seriously becoming annoying and frustrating considering this is an app I PAID for. Looking at history of the app, it seems like it is never monitored/updated for bugs.

New update not as good. I liked the old app for showing me the different phases of my cycle and for suggestions when I logged symptoms. The new app is super buggy. It freezes all the time and is confusing to navigate between screens. Why can’t I log my period where I log symptoms? I also lost years of data when they updated the app. I tried to log my period and the new app crashed. and now I can’t log my period for some reason. The app is no longer a useful tracking & learning tool, it’s now an ad for $150 worth of vitamins. Would rather have paid for the old app and the useful info.

Overcomplicated sales platform. I finally just deleted this app because I can’t even enter my period date without changing my password first I had to reset the password I forgot and then change it and then there was a server error and I was just done. If this was a good app, I wouldn’t have been done, but I have grown tired of them constantly trying to get me to buy their vitamins and offering no other useful information like even my average cycle duration. I got a lot more out of other apps that gave me some stats and didn’t try to sell me anything. I’m fed up now. I’ve lost data on my cycles that I could’ve had in my other apps. And I’d still like to see the research behind the supposed efficacy of their vitamins.

Why new look with update?. I’ve been using this app for about 9 months now and really liked it. The latest update tho is ROUGH!! The new calendar layout is so hard to read and track as compared to former layout. Not sure if layout and color combo was workshopped with enough feedback but it’s a miss step. UPDATED 5/23 Officially deleting this app. When it first launched it was one of my favorite apps. Now, I’m stuck in a never ending loop. The app asked that I change my password, yet won’t recognize my current password in order for me to change. I request link to be sent to my email so I can rest password. And no link ever shows. I tried the web version and kept getting a different error message. So DONE!!

Love the concept, HATE the update.. This app dramatically changed my life for the better. I was dealing with a slew of really disruptive symptoms, and the start of perimenopause. This book helps me identify some trends and keep track of symptoms, and what was working to counteract those symptoms. However, the new update deleted all of my old notes and symptoms. And the intuitive layout is gone. It is difficult to identify when my period is on the calendar, as well as the ins and outs of each phase. Please, restore the previous layout and design. This is unusable I would have gladly paid for this app… The new one is useless to me.

Waste of time. Just take a look at when this app was last updated - a year ago! It continually glitches - missing periods despite adding it, logging random period dates, inaccurate cycles - everything just glitches. I’ve emailed support only to be told to delete and reinstall it, which I now do every time I have my period because it fails to actually log my period. What’s the point? The amount of time I spend getting it to work is ridiculous. Believe me when I say that the free Flo app is your best app when it comes to tracking your period. You don’t need to spend anything (unless you want their premium version) and they are ALWAYS updating the app to stay up to date and to maintain it. Download that instead!!

Updating application creates issues. I have been using MyFlo for about 2.5 years now. I like the app and have lots of data saved in it. That said, this is the second time since I got it that they have updated the app without warning, kicking my out of my account and causing errors that aren’t fixed by the steps provided. Last time it took me almost 3 months for customer service to figure out what the problem was and get me back in. I don’t have much hope that this one will be smoother. It’s a good app but if they can’t update the app without disrupting my tracking, and if I’m going to have to do this every year, I’ll probably move to a new one.

Loved the app before they updated it!. I have been using this app daily for almost a month until they updated it just a few days ago. I absolutely loved this app and even my husband noticed it was a complete game changer for me. It helped me to understand what was going on in my body and how I could help myself by eating and exercising according to what my body needed. I told every women I knew about this app! I was so excited to finally feel in control of my body and emotions especially during pms… All of that has changed. Now they want you to pay for a membership and supplements. I can’t find any of the information on hormones and diet and exercise according to your cycle. That was my favorite part!!! The app use to be great, but now I will be deleting it. Extremely disappointed.

Do Not Update. I purchased this app years ago and it worked perfectly until just over a week ago when the app wouldn’t load. Was so disappointed that I had not just kept my period tracking in my journal the way I used to. I just used the app five minutes ago and all of my info was there and I was able to track the period I just had. I went to the App Store to look at reviews and it said there was an update. I updated without looking at the reviews and now I get a signup screen. There is a login, but I am not able to login either. My periods have been fairly irregular for the past year, so the information was actually really useful to my doctor, now it is gone. I am so disappointed with this experience. Thanks for being one more thing women can’t count on.

Disappointing to say the least. I was excited about this app and was willing to $$ pay for it if it was going to accurate. Had some glitches as most reviews suggest and didn’t really care for or appreciate wording for only straight couples. I am in a same sex marriage and I hate that the verbiage is for straight couples. There are many reviews from a year ago stating this same thing. I’ve messaged them and they responded ‘stayed tuned for updates’ still have yet to see updates on verbiage. All they have done is change the layout which is not at all pleasing to the eye as you can barely see the months. Just a lot of fancy little buttons and too much going on. Going to find another period app that is much more user friendly.

So helpful!. Each month because of feedback and suggestions I receive after using the tracker, my period is improving! It used to feel like 2 weeks of every month we’re lost to me because of super low energy, mood swings and physical discomfort. This month only had one day of that kind of low energy - just before cycle started AND no eye headache accompanied this switch in hormones. I am turning 50 in July and this should be when I start saying things are getting harder because of my hormones but actually they are the best they have ever been : ) thanks so much!!!

Lost all my info. Switched to this app because the app I used for years and years updated and lost all the info I had input. So I spent almost a year inputting my cycles into this app, and then they redesigned it. When I went to open it, it asked me to make an account and so I did and I lost all my info AGAIN. I have endometriosis and it’s very important to me to keep track of my cycles because of my extreme pain. I’m decently regular thank goodness but I am bed ridden for days and am unable to schedule clients or social activities on my bleeding days. So, it’s important for me to keep track of when I should be starting. It’s just really frustrating to have to start at square one again and not know when my next cycle will be with big projects coming up.

App could use some work. Love the concept, but the app could use some work. For one, there’s a persistent glitch that many have mentioned. At a certain point, the app stops letting you add symptoms. You have to delete and re-download. Not the end of the world because your data is saved in your account, but still annoying. Then there’s the app itself. It’s a tracking app, but it doesn’t summarize the data to tell you anything. I can only look at my symptoms on individual days. The app doesn’t tell me if for instance, “cravings” is my most common symptom. I would expect to be able to see these symptoms in a chart or graph to really be able to understand how often I’m experiencing a symptom and how how to address it

Really bummed!. After reading the reviews I thought this app sounded like exactly what I’ve been looking for to track my cycle and corresponding symptoms and identify patterns. Unfortunately I have had so many tech issues with the app not working that I have barely been able to use it in the three months I have had it. I’ve been trying to log my period for 9 days now and haven’t been able to get in - it just says “checking for updates” forever. Today I tried again and was prompted to reset my password and it keeps giving me internal errors every time I pick a new password. I am too annoyed to keep checking back, and am forgetting all the things I wanted to log and what days. Hope this works better for other people!

Too early to rate. I had the same issue as a reviewer before me (Sarahsiders *June 14th) and was very disappointed. I was not able to log in for days because the app said “searching for updates” although there were none. But, since I’ve only been using the app for a month, I decided to try to delete and reinstall the app. It warns you that all the app’s info will be deleted. After doing so and logging back in, I was glad to find out that all of my information was still there. I didn’t want to necessarily rate this app since I haven’t used it long enough, but I wanted to get this info out there.

Great app, just needs a few improvements. I love the content on the app and find it very helpful and interesting to learn about the different phases of my cycle. The app constantly sends me notifications that I’m in a new cycle and usually it’s the wrong one. For example today it told me I’m in my menstrual cycle (kinda freaky) and then it later notified me that I’m starting my luteal cycle. When I open the app it’s accurate though it’s just the push notis that are false. It also needs to be easier to edit the period dates. Still a good app that I am happy with though. Update-looking at my calendar it’s telling me that My menstrual cycle happens twice this month. Very confusing. Also, my period doesn’t last that long so I wish there was a way to pick that date range

The worst PAID App ever!!. I purchased this app about 14 days ago. After set-up (which has super antiquated technology, being that you cannot input ANY data from a previous cycle which makes it basically useless until it has enough data to sync) I have bad increasing difficulty in opening the app and have it actually function properly. Each time I open the app it says: “checking for updates. Please wait….” It never updates, changes or allows me to open the app. It has been 3-days in a row. This is unacceptable. The purpose of the app is to track and get information pertinent to each phase of my cycle…. I can’t even open the app to request help! Now I notice the app hasn’t had a proper update in over a YEAR! I want a refund!

This app used to be AMAZING. New update killed it. I used to be on this app constantly; it helped me track all the phases of my cycle and if you would click on a date, it would immediately tell you what part of the cycle you are on, and some brief recommendations of how to exercise/eat. Since the update, nothing has been user friendly—from navigating month to month, to adding you period, to figuring out what part of the cycle you are in. I’m also noticing that when I log periods that are out of synch with my precious periods, the calendar doesn’t update my cycle to meet that. It continues as if I’d had a regular 28 day cycle. Now if have no idea what part of my cycle on, except to watch for my own symptoms. Currently looking for a new app, because this just isn’t cutting it

disappointed. I really loved the app before this new update, I was able to make detailed notes on each day of what I was doing & how I was feeling, and it was a very simple and user-friendly interface. however, alllll of my data was lost with the update. the tracking was reset as well. honestly just really annoyed that I lost all my data, lost the accuracy of my tracking, and now have an interface that has wayyy too much going on to even want to use the app anymore. I’m sure the update is a great app in it’s own right, but I bought the old one and am sad/irritated that it’s just ~gone~ now (along with all my data). big bummer. will probably delete the app, it has no use for me now.

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Notes! We've added the ability to take notes in Daily Data -- If you had the old application, all the data from your notes will now be accessible in your history log! You can now add "Cravings" as a symptom We are surfacing the Day of your cycle atop the day of your phase for more visibility into your cycle as a whole.

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