MyFLO Period Tracker

MyFLO Period Tracker [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

MyFLO is the first-ever period tracker and fertility app that tells you what to do to be symptom-free!

Learn why you have symptoms and how to fix your period naturally. Know which foods, exercise, work, social, and love are best at each phase of your cycle.

Learn how to ‘read’ your period and know if your hormones are healthy--discover what your period means about your hormonal balance.

MyFLO helps:
+ Endometriosis
+ Fertility
+ Missing Periods
+ Fibroids
+ Mood Swings
+ Low Sex Drive
+ Perimenopause
+ Acne
+ Bloating
+ Fatigue

MyFLO Features:
+ One touch fast entry: tap icons that matches your daily symptoms
+ Smart tracking: enter symptoms for 2 cycles and MyFLO will adjust calendar to match your real cycle
+ Passcode-enabled: protect your data + privacy
+ Data backup option
+ Track 30+ symptoms like cramps, bloating, headache, acne, cravings, mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, menstrual color and heaviness
+ Learn what symptoms mean in each cycle phase and which foods to eat to resolve them
+ Tracks symptom frequency and suggests 4-week food based plan to resolve them
+ In-depth symptom guide: learn why you have different symptoms in all 4 phases
+ Learn what the color of your period means about your hormonal balance
+ Be notified when you’re in a new cycle phase so you can plan accordingly
+ 4 phase overview of your hormonal changes, how long each phase lasts, and what to expect

MyFLO also includes:
+ Food tips: what to eat in all 4 phases to optimize hormones and fix symptoms
+ Exercise tips: which workout type is best for each cycle phase
+ Focus tips: choose social + work activities optimized for your weekly brain chemistry
+ Love tips: the best sex for each cycle phase
+ Schedule it: add lifestyle tips directly into your calendar
+ FLO Rx: specific 4-week programs if MyFLO detects recurring symptom patterns
+ Partner sync: connect your partner to MyFLO via email. The app tells them when you move phases and how to best support you romantically.

Use My FLO to:
+ Know your menstrual cycle (and when the next period is coming)
+ Increase your chances of pregnancy and improve fertility
+ Get reminded before your next period, PMS, and fertile window
+ Learn how your cycle affects your mood
+ Know the best days to get pregnant
+ Learn what to eat to reduce period symptoms
+ Discover your unique brain and body strengths each week of your cycle
+ Find which types of exercise will support healthy hormones weekly
+ Get off the Pill

What Our Customers Have Said

“MyFLO is worlds better! I quit using other apps because they didn't offer much more than complicated graphs.”

“MyFLO is such a great resource. Other apps I've tried make it hard to sync your actual cycle with their general cycle.”

“MyFLO blows my other tracker out of the water. I love that I can track my symptoms and the app will notice patterns AND give me advice and assistance!!”

“My FAVORITE PART is the cycle email tips to my significant other. I LOVE it and my boyfriend LOVES it too. The weekly tips for loving me better make him feel like he can win with me, and that's amazing. I recommend this app for this reason alone.”

What Doctors Say

“A clear, practical, user-friendly solution to the most pervasive and common gynecological problems women face today.” - Dr. Christiane Northrup

“Alisa is a thought leader when it comes to providing women with the healthcare they really need. Her revolutionary approach will transform your body and your life.”
- Dr. Frank Lipman

“Alisa Vitti teaches you to live in your FLO so you can control your hormones, rather than letting them control you. Take your health into your own hands and relish being a woman instead of cursing your gender.”
- Dr. Lissa Rankin

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MyFLO Period Tracker Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Regular app maintenance and improvements

MyFLO Period Tracker Comments & Reviews

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- Life Changer

I would never have described myself as affected my my hormones. Naturally positive, energetic and self-motivated every day of the month. However consistently (albeit loosely) following the food suggestions for hormones has been a GAME CHANGER for me! I have more momentum, follow through, inspiration... I can go on. For real bullying/peer pressuring every single one of my friends (not on an IUD) into following this. INCESSANTLY. I was experiencing a noticeable change to my daily life after 6 weeks of being intentional. Mama Mia, do yourself a favor and get this!! 1) follow the phases 2) log your symptoms Phase info and recommendations from symptoms have made a HUGE difference... and I wasn’t even struggling! I’d pay $500 for the benefits I’ve gotten from this app and awareness.

- After years of use, I’m so disappointed

I have used this app and recommended it to others for years. I love the functional medicine approach, Alissa’s books and the cycle syncing method. I’ve spent years inputting my data into the app for various reasons as my cycle has always been problematic for me. For the last month, the app will not even open. This happened once before and tech support told me they could not address it and I would need to delete the app and download it again. This means that months and months of notes and data are gone! I have not put this information anywhere else except the app because it was the one place I could track patterns and get suggestions. I feel very angry and sad that all these years of information are likely gone forever. As a therapist who works with women, I have recommended the app to many others for the benefit of connecting mood and cycles but I can no longer do that because the app is so dysfunctional. This is not what the Flo Living model is about, and I am very disappointed in the company for promising and not delivering on this. I recommend this app be moved to an account rather that merely an app. If I had an account with FloLiving, I could input the information and access it via the account. As it is now, the app retains my data and it is not stored anywhere else so when the app doesn’t work, the data is gone. As it stands now, do not download the app until this is addressed.

- Started great at first....

When I first downloaded this app, I was so happy at how accurate it was. A feature I particularly loved was how I was able to input my daily symptoms and the app gave me accurate explanations for them, as well as recommendations on minimizing any unwanted symptoms. After a few months of use, however, I’m not able to input my symptoms, that includes any past or present symptoms (I like looking back to see if I’ve made any improvement). It kinda highlights the date and that’s it, I’m not able to click it. It does let you add your period start date, but I figure the whole point is to track your months progress :( It’s a bit disappointing since I used to ALWAYS be in this app, but since this started happening I haven’t been using it much (I do check every now and then to see if this issue has been fixed and unfortunately it hasn’t). I’m not sure if this is just a bug in the app that needs fixing. I’m up to date on the latest version, so I don’t think its an update issue. I hope they fix it soon, this used to be my favorite app to track my period! Giving 3 stars because it worked well at one point, it’s not working now, but I’m hoping it’ll work again in the near future.

- glitchy glitchy

like many of the other reviews say, this would be such a great app IF it worked. I’m a big fan of Alisa Vitti’s work and that’s what compelled me to purchase this app (it’s the only paid app i have) but luckily i have two other trackers that are reliable. A month into use and suddenly I can’t add any symptoms to my chart, and that is SO frustrating when you are ttc and having trouble nailing the ovulation window. I heard her on a podcast recently saying this is one of the top paid apps for women’s health....if that’s the case why doesn’t it work? how can you keep charging for it if you can’t work out the bugs? So many AMAZING charting apps are free and I would so rather give money to something at least trying to be what it says it is. I would buy the books over and over to support this work but at least the money would deliver something it had promised! and i have to echo an earlier review- the partner feature assumes you are with a man, which is just painfully ignorant. I’m still a huge fan of everything this brand has created, but i’m glad i have other charts to turn to and it definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth. As of writing, this app hasn’t gotten an update in 10 mo despite a developer response that great new things were coming (a year ago).

- Great advice, poor estimation/calibration

I’ve used this app for years but the past few months it’s gotten worse. It doesn’t seem to adjust my estimated cycle due to the current average length of cycles anymore, making it usually 2-4 days off on its estimate of when my menstrual phase will start. It used to take previous data and make better estimations on cycle length, now it seems to just be stuck at 25 days when my average cycle is closer to 27-28 days. This also incorrectly estimates my ovulation, making that 2-4 days off as well. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but now that conception is a goal of mine, being 2-4 days off is a big issue. I also liked how it used to send my partner emails letting him know what phase of my cycle I was in and how he could best support me, which it no longer does either. Unfortunately after years of using this app, I’ve decided to track my cycles with a new one due to the poor calibration of data. It does still have some good features, hence the 3 star rating. It has great advice for movement, nutrition and goals/productivity for where you are in your cycle. For that, i will still refer back to it from time to time.

- If you make a mistake scheduling...

Per the FAQ, if you accidentally schedule a cycle incorrectly there is not a way to delete it. The options are to manually edit the data or DELETE THE APP AND CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. How is this a realistic solution? (btw you have to go to the FAQs to even get to the edit option.) The idea and info within the application are great and really informative. But the most basic of calendar features are far below my realistic expectations. I’ve been using Clue to track my cycles for years and enjoy it, but following a recommendation I purchased this app with the intention of gaining more insight on actionable steps to take to improve and understand your individual cycle. Personally I find the design a bit flat and gimmicky towards women, in that the color palette and wording skews stereotypically feminine like a tacky tampon commercial. It just doesn’t resonate with me; women don’t need to be marketed to about having a period— it’s a fact of life and is oddly softened and glamorized in media lol. I want to feel empowered, not pandered to, you know? The content of what you can learn about your unique phases is fantastic, but so far the experience is lacking so I’m waiting on an overhaul of the interface if I’m to use it again. Because I really would like to learn the insights it could provide!

- It has potential...

I have also experienced some glitches with this app. It literally did not work for over a year meaning that when I opened it it would just be “checking for updates” and never actually open. All of a sudden it started working again so I was excited to give it another chance. Still experiencing some glitches but I do see the potential in this app. I like the exercise type suggestions based on the phase you are in. The food suggestions need serious improvement. No matter what phase I am in the app suggests “lots of fruit and veggies” (like, no kidding), fermented foods and soy. Is this really advice if it is always the same? Based on my doctor’s advice, soy isn’t a great suggestion for women in general due to the potential negative impacts from the estrogen contained in soy (I’m not a doctor) and also due to a genetic predisposition I have to certain types of cancer. But, sure, recommend soy to be eaten constantly. I would suggest that this app improve the food suggestions by asking about allergies, sensitivities or other medical conditions. I will keep trying this app but keeping in mind this app is obviously not a doctor.

- Too many glitches + not queer friendly

I love the idea behind this app, but there are too many glitches that go unanswered (for example, I can’t even add notes right now to each day, the app is just frozen). I’ve emailed support about these glitches 2ce in the past year to no response. It’s also not queer friendly. My parter is a woman, not a man, and the language embedded in the app assumes I’m dating a man. Tbh you might want to consider that a large portion of your following might be 2 queer women who desperately want to get email updates about their partner’s flo. I’m bias, but we’re loyal consumers in the period arena. I’m disappointed because this was my favorite app so far with tracking my cycle. Especially disappointed because the cost of the app suggested a certain level of functionality that simply does not exist and has not for over a year. Ultimately, it seems like just a fancy ad for her book and a way to fund her work (which I’m all about! It’s important work!). Buuuuuuttttt in that case the app should be free until you can afford to make the app useable. Please don’t review her supplements here, as that could not be less helpful to me or anyone else browsing the App Store for a period tracker app.

- Life-changing but the app is very glitchy

I want to like this app. Alisa Vitti and her teachings have helped me eradicate cramps, mood swings during my luteal phase and I have learned so much about my body in the last 3 months. But this isn’t personal towards that at all or towards Alisa. The app is subpar. It has erased my data 2 different times (like entire months worth of logging in information). I’ll go into the app and POOF - everything is gone from the last 2 months. I’ve reached out to the tech team and their instruction led me to delete my data again, and I followed their instructions to the t. Losing all my logged in information is extremely frustrating and feels like a hugeee waste of energy and time. I really hope they update this app, make it more interactive and filled with information. I also really, really hope they’re able to fix whatever bugs are causing it to glitch and delete info. As much as I’m upset about it I still want it to work :-/ hopefully they’ll get it to be fixed soon. I have other apps downloaded that I’ll be looking at, can’t afford to lose my info again.

- Has potential but not there yet

I had heard great things about this app and was very interested to try it out for the cycle recommendations. While I do like the cycle recommendations, the options for symptoms are very limited and I’m now unable to add notes for any day that isn’t during my menstrual phase whereas I could previously. This is a problem for a number of reasons-the biggest being that this app is intended to help the user cycle-sync and understand their hormonal symptoms which is not possible if the user can’t add all of their symptoms. I also like to keep track of when I’m “intimate” with my partner. I don’t have the intent of becoming pregnant and, while I am on contraception, I find it helpful to keep track of thy activity. Having that feature could also be helpful to a user who IS trying to become pregnant. All in all, this app has the potential to be great but it’s not there yet. More symptoms and the ability to add symptoms/notes on all days needs to be added. Until then, I’ll still use (in addition) my trusty Period Tracker Lite as my go-to for detailed tracking.

- Bad app, shames hormonal BC users

DO NOT PURCHASE! **bad tech, shaming hormonal BC, trans-exclusive** It’s not just that this app is incredibly poorly run. It’s constantly glitching, telling me I am on two separate stages of my cycle at the same time. Tech support was no help; they only told me to uninstall and re-install my app which did nothing. They also ignored my follow up email. What’s WORSE is that when you subscribe to this app, you unknowingly pay two dollars to get shaming emails into your inbox all the time about how it is the most disgusting thing in the world to be on hormonal birth control. The content of these emails is only meant to shame women who make the choice to go on hormonal birth control for whatever personal contraceptive or noncontraceptive reason that they have, without offering solutions other than what is presumably the pull out method? It’s so despicable to me that this organization preaches bodily autonomy and knowledge for people who menstruate and turns around to shame people who make a choice in their lives about contraception. And another thing: they use only “women“ in their content, which is incredibly trans in gender non-binary exclusive. DO NOT PURCHASE.

- GREAT idea, needs lots of work

I was so excited when I first got this app. All the functions were working great and it is so much more than a cycle tracking app. HOWEVER, after just four weeks of use, the app suddenly wouldnt open anymore. I ended up reinstalling it as a last attempt, but when I logged back in, it treated me as a new user and all my data for the month was gone! Such a waste and disappointment. As of this review, the last update to the app was 7 mo ago—totally unacceptable in the world of apps. After reading other reviews, it seems this problem has been going on for months with no action from the developer who, by the way, still continues to collect money for a faulty app. For the developer, I suggest pulling the app out of the store until you have dedicated resources to keep up with the functionality of the app. Currently, it’s not worth $2 and it’s harming the reputation of the other awesome work you’ve done in this area. I’d love to come back and try again once you get it together but for now, Im moving on.

- App Doesn’t Work

This app is not as dynamic or editable as the Flo app. I can’t edit my period dates, therefore my cycle predictions are wrong. I thought it might be a temporary bug but this app hasn’t improved for months now. It predicts my cycle as being 2 weeks long, which is not correct due to not being able to edit my period dates. For example, if I forget to log my period started until a few days after it started, I can’t select a previous date. I try to, but it just glitches and won’t accept the date. It doesn’t have as many data tracking options as Flo. Not as many symptoms, moods, etc. Generally lacking in symptoms/things to track. Flo app is much more dynamic than MyFLO. I’ve been using Flo for years now. And I was excited about MyFLO after learning about this program. But very disappointed with this app, especially since it costs money and Flo does not. I find the food and exercise tips helpful but that information can be found in her book. Until this app is improved, don’t waste your $5.

- Super glitchy

One month into using the app I stopped being able to input symptoms, the day would highlight but nothing would happen. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but it lost all my information. That was a bummer, but I kept using it because it started working fine again. I tracked everything for a month and then the same thing happened, I couldn’t input my symptoms. I emailed tech support about it and they told me to uninstall and reinstall, I told them I did that before and it lost all my info, they told me that doesn’t happen. What the what?! But I did it anyways, this time all my info reappeared after reinstall which was good. But then it literally happened again, near the end of the month it stopped letting me input symptoms. Having to uninstall and reinstall this app every month this is ridiculous! Reading others reviews this seems like a really common issue so I’m not sure why it’s not being addressed?

- Not functional

Heard about how amazing this app is about tracking certain things. Tried it & loved it. However the app itself needs a lot of work. Some pages you can’t go back to the previous page. Upon being in my Luteal phase, & skipping a period (I’m irregular with my cycle), it won’t allow me to input any more data. When taping the day, the number turns black. If there’s a limit of days for being in a cycle then that needs to be fixed. Thought the whole point of the app was to track YOUR cycle, not how many days the app allows you to record data per cycle. With what it has as of now, I do think more options could be added in the “symptoms” section. Example, if I’m feeling nauseous one day, maybe it’s because I had food poisoning”? Just to make it a bit more detailed without the app thinking it’s because I didn’t get enough sleep, etc. Really want to use this app, as it has huge potential. However it doesn’t function properly, and think it needs a revamp.

- Not worth it! Doesn’t work!

I’ve had this period tracker for several months and have tried to make it work for me, but it doesn’t. First, I love the information it provides based off where you are at in your cycle. This has helped me to become more in tune with symptoms and to better understand the different phases. However, the app simply doesn’t work! Every couple weeks, it stops working. I have to delete the app and then reinstall it. In a three month period, I’ve had to do this 5 times. It gets to a point where it either won’t allow me to enter any data on a particular date or my previous data disappears. Uninstalling and reinstalling wouldn’t be that big of a deal if it didn’t then pose login problems. It’s a point now where I repeatedly get an error message when attempting to login or even use the “reset your password” feature. In my opinion, there are too many free period tracking apps out there that work better. This one isn’t worth it.

- So far I’m disappointed.

I’ve had this app for about a month. For one thing, it was supposed to cost $1.99 to purchase, but for some reason I was charged a little more. Maybe it was taxes, I don’t know, but it would’ve been nice to be told & not just get a surprise. I’ve also had some issues with bugs...having trouble getting the app to work right at times. I’ve removed & reinstalled it at least twice because of this, which is aggravating to have to keep doing that, especially considering I’ve only had it for a month. But my biggest disappointment is how, although there is some helpful information shared as far as how to improve symptoms & a few other things to focus on during each part of your cycle, the main focus seems to be to sell these special programs that are outrageously priced! So, the amount of free information is very limited. I kind of wish I’d just opted for a free tracker.


I purchased MYFLO supplements that promise a better period after one month. I was skeptical at first bc it just didnt seem realistic. I’ve been suffering with long periods my whole life (I would bleed for 2 months most the time 😭) and was willing to try anything besides birth control. I finally purchased these supplements at 27 years old (after many years of dealing with this horrible period) and within one month I had normal period just like the website promised . I literally didn’t change a thing. I kept my diet the same and I don’t have a good diet (working on that next) I am so happy I made the decision to purchase the supplements and the app. It has change my life ! The app has helped me realize how on track I am.

- Where Has This Been All My Life?!

As I was reading about some scary lady symptoms I’m experiencing, I came across a really comforting article written by the woman who created this app. Who knew someone could comfort me so fully just by helping me understand my body. I literally cried because I’ve never once experienced such a deep sense of care from any gyno/doctor in my entire life. And she did it in one article! I downloaded this app immediately, and I can't believe nobody has created this sooner. A lifetime of sucky periods, and terrible hormonal cycles, and I'm just now getting to learn how to fix it. I’m a huge believer in using food as medicine, so this is right up my alley. It feels so validating to have something that fully supports that method.

- Was working great now it’s not

My period schedule was matched perfectly. One day I logged in and it was completely wrong. An entire week off. It is still not working. I’ve also never been able to use the program to sign up for the coaching advice...just some bugs. I hope they work these out. I will keep the app but I won’t use it until it is updated...these apps are about the only way I know when my period will be so if I can’t rely on it that I can’t use it. Sorry

- Unreliable at best

So disappointed in this app. First of all, once you set up your cycle length when starting the app, you can’t change it. This was a bummer since the app inexplicably changed mine to 37(!) days a few weeks after I set it up. The only way to fix this is to reset the whole app, losing all your data. After i transcribed weeks of data and reset, I was unable to re-input all the data as this app is EXTREMELY GLITCHY and wouldn’t let me access days to add symptoms and notes. This was a huge waste of time, and honestly it feels pretty predatory how many opportunities they take to try to sell their “programs” that cost THOUSANDS of dollars. I appreciate some features like the cycle-specific recommendations for exercise, diet, etc, but there are plenty of books that have this information. Not worth the struggle of losing weeks of tirelessly tracked data because the app is not sound. Skip it.

- Good Information, Needs Work

The information is good, there are recommendations for different symptoms etc and then links to Vitti programs for more in-depth work. Unfortunately, the recommendations are just marked by the date which makes it hard to go back and find specific ones when you don’t remember what day you had the symptom. When scrolling through the calendar it continuously prompts you to add symptoms every time you scroll because it’s so sensitive. Things that would be helpful: -Showing only the current cycle in the home screen -A place where it tells you what number day of your cycle you are on -Having past cycles (i.e. year calendar) on a history tab -More sophisticated tracking of recurring symptoms -More sophisticated tracking for positive eating/lifestyle (i.e. able to track seep daily, common inflammatory foods like dairy/gluten, the type of exercise) -The language is definitely not always inclusive Positives: -Happy to have the partner emails -Love that it prompts you to schedule things based on the phases of your cycle -The colors and design are nice Looking forward to keeping this as a secondary period-tracking app and watching for improvements! It’s definitely a game changer and could really make a difference!!!

- Great app, just needs a few improvements

I love the content on the app and find it very helpful and interesting to learn about the different phases of my cycle. The app constantly sends me notifications that I’m in a new cycle and usually it’s the wrong one. For example today it told me I’m in my menstrual cycle (kinda freaky) and then it later notified me that I’m starting my luteal cycle. When I open the app it’s accurate though it’s just the push notis that are false. It also needs to be easier to edit the period dates. Still a good app that I am happy with though. Update-looking at my calendar it’s telling me that My menstrual cycle happens twice this month. Very confusing. Also, my period doesn’t last that long so I wish there was a way to pick that date range

- So many glitches/crashes lately

Don't know what's going on. This is my fave app for the recommendations/analysis it gives you about your cycle. But my god, for the last two months it hasn't let me log any info! And then when I try to open it, sometimes it just crashes. Have downloaded other apps since ~ may just purchase another one like Clue. *** Updated review: I got some feedback about resetting the app, and that fixed the glitch. But for the past 6 months or so, the app hasn't been predicting my cycles correctly despite entering all my info every month (I'm very regular). I uploaded another app I used to use and it predicted my cycle perfectly within one month. I guess this app just isn't working for me anymore.

- No pregnancy option

I really liked this app. I used it prior to getting pregnancy to help track symptoms/timing/etc, and felt that it did a good job. There is one pretty big thing missing, in my opinion. There’s no option to report pregnancy! On a lot of period apps you can report pregnancy/breastfeeding and they essentially put your data on hold. I got pregnant, and then breastfed for a year, so I basically went almost 2 years without a period. Since there is no pregnancy option, my data is messed up and the app is now unusable for me. For example, when I plugged my first period in it estimated that I wouldn’t have another period for the next 3 months. 28 days later I started and reported my next period, assuming it would level out, but alas no. I will be finding another app.

- I used to love this app, but now it won’t let me log in

Loved the app, but all of the sudden, it stopped letting me add my data. I though I needed to update the app, but there wasn’t an update, so re-downloaded it. Now I can’t log in to my old account, no matter how many times I reset my password. I also tried creating a new account but couldn’t because my email is still affiliated with the old account that I can’t log into. Anyone else running into this issue? Super bummed Update: my login still won’t work and I’ve reset the password 4 times now. Don’t buy this app. It takes advantage of people with periods and instead of empowering us to understand our bodies, capitalizes off of them in an already inequitable industrialized version of wellness... just like the doctor the prescribes birth control to treat hormonal acne or pms.

- It is apparent no one is working on bug fixes

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this app. This app has the potential to provide such powerful information, however it is extremely inconsistent in when it decides to actually work. I support Alissa Vitti’s work and highly recommend you buy her book and read it! Users of this app would really benefit from the symptom-specific feedback that Alyssa can provide, but it just doesn’t work often enough to be helpful. Major issues (many others have mentioned these in reviews dating back to over a year ago): -App randomly stops accepting new data input. Can be fixed by deleting and reinstalling the app but will not work at all until a reinstall is completed. -The partner email notification does not work. -Incorrectly saves answers in the daily feedback forms (Example: “is this cycle better than the last?” - this will always save a “yes” answer even if I fill in “no”) In summary, it’s obvious that no one at this company is paid to work on bug fixes and if they are, they’re not doing their job. I still use it for some loose recommendations but it’s not accurate enough if trying to conceive or if using it to prevent pregnancy.

- Great info, terrible design

I love the info available in this app, but the design is so frustrating to use. For starters, the four phases are in four very similar colors. They’re not easily distinguishable. You can’t scroll through your calendar because when you press the screen to scroll, it opens whatever day you touch. It also automatically selects the end date of your period when you enter a new period. So you either have to wait until your period is over to log all your info/symptoms (what’s the point?) or allow it to select your end date, which isn’t always accurate. I wanted to switch from Clue to this app for the info about mood and energy and nutrition, but it’s so frustrating to use that it’s not even worth it.

- No good. Love the concept but app needs work

I love the philosophy and science behind the app, and I trust Alisa Vitti’s work and her books have helped my cycles.. however, this app is terrible. I logged the end of my period and it says my next period is to begin in 5 days. Obviously inaccurate and can’t be relied upon. Also when you try to scroll through the months, it clicks open the date your thumb landed on and it’s quite irritating. It’s like it’s not been built with scroll sensitivity. Honestly, it’s not appealing either design wise. I wish I hadn’t bought this app. There are others that I get more value from and are free. I would love to see it redesigned and relaunched with better functionality/more features because like I said, her work really is stellar. She just needs an app to complement it!

- Too early to rate

I had the same issue as a reviewer before me (Sarahsiders *June 14th) and was very disappointed. I was not able to log in for days because the app said “searching for updates” although there were none. But, since I’ve only been using the app for a month, I decided to try to delete and reinstall the app. It warns you that all the app’s info will be deleted. After doing so and logging back in, I was glad to find out that all of my information was still there. I didn’t want to necessarily rate this app since I haven’t used it long enough, but I wanted to get this info out there.

- App crashes constantly

I have had to delete and redownload this app three times in the last month since I have purchased it. Sometimes I’ll open it and none of the buttons work on the calendar to track patterns. And every time I have to delete it I lose all the information that was previously stored. As of today, when I open the app it says “loading” but it never opens. Then it told me I do not have internet connection (not true). After deleting the app and downloading it again, it is now saying my email doesn’t exist. Seriously becoming annoying and frustrating considering this is an app I PAID for. Looking at history of the app, it seems like it is never monitored/updated for bugs.

- Decent but doesn’t adjust properly

Overall, it’s a helpful tool and I was able to see some changes in symptoms by following the suggestions in diet and lifestyle for a given symptom. My only complaint is that I’ve been using the app for I think over a year now and it hasn’t adjusted to my cycle. It consistently tells me I’m several days ‘late’ when really, my cycle has just become longer. I would think after 6+ months of a consistent 30-31 day cycle (and logging the start and end of my period each month) it would stop telling me I’m a week late for a 24 day cycle every month. Obviously can’t trust the ovulation estimate either based on that.

- You can’t return it - don’t buy

I regret buying this because they don’t let you return it if you purchase and realize it doesn’t fit your needs. As you know all women’s needs are different when it comes to tracking periods. There are many apps out there and they won’t all be a good fit. It’s ridiculous that they charge money just to TRY it, but if you find out it’s not a good fit you can’t return it. I knew I couldn’t use this within 5 mins of purchase but I was stuck with it. This app doesn’t offer tracking of Basal temp or Cervical fluid which would have been nice to know. In contrast the Kindara app lets you use it for free for 2 months and after that you have to pay. Don’t waste your money, this is a basic tracker that lacks a lot of features.

- Great idea with room for improvement

I have listened to many podcasts and have read her book. I’ve got to say, it’s quite a revolutionary concept in terms of taking control of our bodies and health. However my main complaint with app is how many times I’ve had to re-download it because it freezes when you try to log symptoms. I don’t mind because I like the app but I would highly recommend that the developers figure out another update soon, which I’m sure they’ve looked into already. I’ll give it five stars when I don’t have to download it every month 😊

- Glitchy and poor customer support

The longer I’ve had the app, the more issues I’ve had and have had to delete and re download it more frequently as it just wouldn’t work. When it did, it predicted my period to a T! In-app purchases (like the skin or sleep programs) are where I have issues. I paid nearly $50 on JUNE 10th of 2020 for a program and it was never delivered. I’ve contacted customer support 3 times since then to get either a refund or the program I ordered and I’ve never received a response. Love the idea and philosophy of the Flo method, but be wary that customer support is relatively poor and could lead you to lose money.

- Report feature? Love the app!

I really love this app. What would make it 5-stars for this peri-menopausal woman is a report feature and more flexibility of my cycle. I had a cycle two weeks early not long ago. Ugh! Not sure how to adapt this to peri menopause and fluctuating cycles. That would be a great addition too. I struggle with severe stomach issues during luteal phase - but not every month. Would be nice to see when improvements were as related to following the food plan using the ‘how did you support’ feature. Keep up the great work! My husband also likes his emails as a reminder of my cycle.

- Waste of time

Just take a look at when this app was last updated - a year ago! It continually glitches - missing periods despite adding it, logging random period dates, inaccurate cycles - everything just glitches. I’ve emailed support only to be told to delete and reinstall it, which I now do every time I have my period because it fails to actually log my period. What’s the point? The amount of time I spend getting it to work is ridiculous. Believe me when I say that the free Flo app is your best app when it comes to tracking your period. You don’t need to spend anything (unless you want their premium version) and they are ALWAYS updating the app to stay up to date and to maintain it. Download that instead!!

- A nourishing app that empowers females

Become intimate with your cycle, your skin, your hormones- learn your body’s language by tracking your symptoms and then connecting the dots with Alisa Vitti’s “WomenCode” wisdom. More acne this month? Probably excess residual hormones being processed by your liver or a sign of bacterial overgrowth in your gut. Then the user is provided with food and lifestyle advice for how to self remedy. I enjoy this app, I think interface wise it’s not top of the pack but it can hang in there with the rest of them. Would recommend highly to any friend.

- Disappointed

I really loved this app, but had a few issues with it working. The first time the team was great and quickly resolved the issue. This last time was a few months ago and something happened where I couldn’t log in to my account. I tried everything - reinstalling, resetting passwords/etc. I reached out to the team almost five times and would get responses they were busy and looking into it and then I finally heard nothing at all so gave up on all the effort I was putting into making it work. It’s hugely disappointing because it was a great app and the only one I’ve ever had to pay for, so a huge bummer customer service was not great.

- Used to like it a lot

I’ve had this app for over a year now, maybe two. When I first got the app it was extremely helpful as I could track my symptoms for the entire month. This was useful for looking back and comparing my activity level and eating habits for that month with the current month and how heavy my periods/symptoms were. I’m not exactly sure when it happened but now I can only add symptoms during my period and not any other day. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or maybe just my phone? Other than this huge feature missing, I have really enjoyed this app. It’s been super helpful.

- Stopped working

I love the idea of the app. I’ve read the author’s work and I am a fan. However, the app has some tech issues that do not allow it to work properly. There’s a chance it’s just for me but seeing the previous review, maybe not. Since downloading the app 6 months ago I’ve never been able to send out the cycle emails. I’ve attempted and even reached out to tech. It hasn’t worked. Also, I’ve been tracking symptoms on the app and today when I looked back, my notes are gone. It’s unfortunate because that is a huge feature of the app. Please address these issues otherwise there are many other period apps out there.

- Been great so far!

Started having a few glitches with the app after 5 weeks of use, when I contacted the company they suggested I delete the app and reinstall it to make sure it had all of its updates. I was concerned that I would have to pay for it again and start all over, but that was not the case! All my info is there, the app downloaded again without a problem and is working seamlessly! Thank you!

- Please invest in fixing the app

This app worked great for about 1 month of use and recently, it doesn’t save data I input, it always tells me I’m late and will switch phases from one day to the next. I contacted support and was told to delete the app and start over. Thankfully I don’t have that much data but honestly it’s not worth keeping up with it when you have to keep track outside of it anyway in case it malfunctions. I’m sticking with my Natural Cycles app which you can log all the same info. It unfortunately doesn’t give you the food or exercise info but other than that this app isn’t worth the effort right now. Please fix the app!!

- Bad customer service

Terrible user experience. The app has so many glitches. For example, you can’t scroll up without accidentally opening on a day, the app will get stuck on pages so the only way to get out is to close the whole app and they will charge you for add ons without your knowledge. I tried to purchase an additional package through the app twice and both times the app glitched out and I was not able to complete the purchase. Checking my bank statement, I just realized that I was charged twice but never received what I was trying to purchase. It is incredibly frustrating that they do not a call center and I cannot speak to anyone to have this issue resolved.

- Disappointing

First paid app I have ever purchased and currently very disappointed. I bought the app over a year ago. Liked that I could add symptoms with the hopes that I could eventually track and manage cycles better of course once I had some data saved. Entries were consistent and fine for about a year. Recently the entries have become a hassle and very glitchy, my last two cycles are totally screwed up and the customer support I received was sub par. I was told to try reinstalling the app but this solved nothing. Wish I could at least have an easy export of my entries so I wouldn’t just lose all the data I’ve spent time and energy on entering. Overall very disappointed and frustrated.

- Totally Useless

Please don’t waste your time. I never leave reviews but I’m just soooo bothered by this App that I felt compelled. I HIGHLY recommend Clue or even the Health app for iPhones. This one is not user friendly. It’s a$$backwards on the functionality. Not intuitive at all and then when you do figure it out they just want to up sell you. I’m sick of the emails that Alisa just wants to help but only if you BUY BUY BUY!!! Clue just politely asks to upgrade but your not inundated with extra purchasing requests. I’ve learned so much about my cycle from CLUE AND THE HEALTH APP and just how completely useless this app is. It’s by far my biggest app purchase regret. And the worst 3 bucks I’ve ever spent. I feel completely swindled.

- Decent app, some bugs

Overall, I have really enjoyed the app, mainly for its cycle suggestions, and symptom tracking abilities. However, I have had difficulty with it saving my notes (which is a very important feature to me since it allows me to track details and emotions) and lately it has just started majorly throwing off my cycle tracking. (Ex. My cycle is always 25-27 days, and it somehow started saying it was 18 days, and says I am late etc) Since that is the main focus in a cycle tracking app, I may not be using it moving forward unless the software is fixed.

- I love it when it works

I downloaded this app right after I finished reading the book, excited to get some insight on how to exercise and eat to improve my period. It is awesome! However, I feel like it keeps having glitches. I contact support everytime and they keep telling me to delete and download it again. I have my auto updates on and I still have to do it periodically, which is a bit of a bummer. My latest issue was not being able to click on the current day to read recommendations or track symptoms. Help! I don’t want to give up on it since I truly enjoy the idea behind it

- I like it - for the most part

Great tracking app. Easy to read and use. The cons - I have to delete and reinstall the app every couple of weeks because it stops responding to the buttons when I try to add my daily tracking. Also, some of the recommendations can be alarmist. If I have spotting right before my cycle it still gives me the advise that I may have a serious medical condition and reach out to my doctor immediately!! I would love to see them add mood tracking as well. That’s helpful.

- Should be better

I really wanted to like this app since its one of the few that connects menstrual and lunar cycles and its not free. I dislike that you can’t add personal information all at once, it asks for info when you go to add notes for a day (ie. are you on birth-control?) I feel like this is something that should be asked right at front, along with several other key factors. The app is also hard to understand and to use. I wish Apple would let you test drive an app before you purchase as this is something I wish I could get my money back for.

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- Supportive/Educational

I downloaded this app from a recommendation from a podcast I regularly listen to. It’s helped me understand how my body changes throughout each cycle and within each phase of that cycle. I love the information provided about each phase which includes tips to best support your body, mind and energy levels during that time. The app is user friendly and the notes section has become somewhat like a daily journal entry. Really enjoying learning more about my body and how best to support/honour being female.

- Constantly having trouble opening this app

Although I really like the concept of this app. It has been very helpful with giving information and keeping track. That’s why it’s so upsetting to me that after using the app after a month it always stuffs up. It never lets me open it and I have actually sat there for half an hour once to see how long it took to open so that I could keep track and use it. After half an hour it still didn’t Open. It just freezes. This also happened everytime they update thier app. Although I update the app and my phone it still freezes and doesn’t open. So I’ve had to delete it and re track everything again. I’ve had to delete and re download this app 3 times already. I don’t want to keep losing my data and tracking because it’s just getting annoying now. I may have to get a different app if this keeps happening. FIX THIS ISSUE!!!

- Excellent way to learn about my inner self

So far, it looks so easy. I don’t have any major issues around my cycle, but I wanted to learn more about it, get my mind and body in synchrony, and listen to all the little cues that my body is trying to scream out. I love that this app allows me to learn about my inner self in an easy and not time-consuming way.

- Great app but...

This app has an awesome concept and I love the level of information it provides so women can take charge of their health and well-being around their monthly cycles. I did however notice that in the recommendations for the menstrual phase under “love”, it only refers to your partner as being male, which was a little unsettling. This just assumes that if those using the app are in a relationship then it is with a guy. It would be great if they could make it a little more inclusive for those using the app. Otherwise I have found the app helpful, easy to use & informative.

- App doesn’t work

I used this app for about a month then it stopped working about two weeks ago. I can launch the app but not use any of the facilities. I thought about deleting it and downloading it again but having read other reviews it seems this is a common and recurring problem so don’t think I will bother. Seems like a pretty handy way for the company to make a few dollars then not deliver content. It’s a shame because I like this app more than others I’ve tried and think it has potential. But it just doesn’t seem to work consistently.

- Freezing app

I’ve had the the same issue as Melissa Lee Honey above. Love the info and function of this app when it’s working - but I’ve also had to delete and retrack because after a month of tracking it just freezes and won’t open. It now says ‘checking for updates’ but never opens. I still get push notifications but can’t open the app. Please fix this issue as I don’t want to delete the app and use something else, but I can’t use it at all at the moment.

- Have to delete and download again every month

I love this app but every month after I’ve entered a period I am unable to add new symptoms to any day and have to delete the app and download again. This has happened too many times that I don’t bother entering symptoms anymore (which completely defeats the purpose of the app). I switched to this one from clue because of the cycle syncing extras but if this doesn’t fix it looks like I’ll have to change back.

- I love the app BUT...

This is a great app but it freezes! Yesterday it said “checking for updates” the wheel started turning- and turning -24 hours later! I opened the app and yes I was still seeing the same pink page with “checking for updates”. So frustrating when you want to log your daily info before you forget how the day went for your hormones. Please do a fix for it.

- Great app but deleted all of my info

I love this app and all of the information and guidance it has to offer, however I went onto the app and noticed all of my information was gone and I had lost all of the months worth of tracking I had been doing. I am Unsure why this happened but I am alittle sad I have lost everything. Besides this, this is a great app and I would highly recommend!

- Good Idea, but...

I bought this app specifically because I could sync my partner. This feature has never worked, and the makers are aware and haven’t fixed it. I don’t like that you can’t change your cycle length after registration. My cycle length has been stuck on 14 days and it’s a bit annoying. I love the basic information it provides, but dislike the fact that she is always trying to up sell. Sort of feels like a taking advantage of vulnerable women gimmicky type thing.

- Women need this app!

It is so amazing to see that Alisa has created an app which actually helps women to properly understand their cycle! This is so important for every woman to know and I love that she has outlined the 4 phases of your cycle so clearly! She’s a Wonder Woman.

- Doesn’t learn your cycle length changes

I asked to have my cycle length changed through the help section and they said I can do it through edit my cycle in the app in FAQ which was pretty strange to begin with, so I messaged them because I certainly didn’t want to lose my data. So they knew I only want to change my cycle length moving forward to make ovulation and next period more reliable. They did alter it and lost all my previous 2+ years data. Said sorry about the miscommunication... The app didn’t update with over 6 cycles at much shorter length. Other frustrating thing is when you lodge symptoms, the recommendations are the same no matter what part of your cycle you’re in. So all very automated and doesn’t give much insight to your specific part of cycle or symptoms at that time and is mostly a sales pitch for all their courses. Not happy about data loss...

- Clean and easy to use, please add BBT tracking!

Still playing around with this app, but it Looks like a really interesting tracking app, the prompts are great. So far have found it clean and simple to track, but am disappointed I can’t track BBT! Would be great if this was added as a feature - unless there is the ability to do this and I haven’t found it yet?

- Not my favourite

I really enjoyed the phases breakdown and extra tips regarding food and exercise. I found that it didn’t actually predict my period very well as it only seemed to take it account the last period length when predicting. Perhaps this was me miss using the app, but i guess that also means it’s not very user friendly. You also have to be online to access it, which wasn’t always convenient.

- Good app but constantly freezes, crashes and won’t open

I really like this app and I enjoy using it a lot, but it’s so buggy and it seems to be getting progressively worse. I’ve had to delete and re-download a few times because of it, and I’ve had to re-enter data because it only seems to remember half when I log back in. My app won’t even open at the moment. :(

- App doesn’t open

I’ve had this app for almost a week now - the last 3 days I’ve tried to open the app and it just won’t open! It stays on the loading screen which says “checking for updates”. I’ve only just now read past reviews and it seems as if this is a regular occurrence. Very disappointing - going to find another solution I think.

- Disappointed with features

While the overall concept off the app is good and informative it lacks features and is very static. Most other cycle tracking apps enable you to view stats and you can track more detailed symptoms like different moods, if you’re feeling sick etc. Seems more like a promotion for Alissa Vittis lifestyle products rather than a useful app.

- Had it 7 days and it has FROZEN

I’ve only had this app 7 days, and now it has stopped functioning and I can’t make any entries. There is no-one to contact, to troubleshoot, or rectify the issue. I don’t want to delete the app and re-install it, as I’ve entered a large amount of information, and don’t want to risk losing it all (I would never be able to remember it all). This is the first app I have ever paid for, and the only app I have ever used, that has stopped functioning. When I set it all up, I was thrilled with what it seemed to be offering, and what it seemed to be capable of - now I’m annoyed, and hoping that someone has an interest in rectifying the situation. It would a real shame if this app doesn’t work, and a waste of my valuable time and effort and details.

- Great concept but app doesn't work

I love this idea but unfortunately the app is always freezing and doesn't let me view "my recommendations" which sort of defeats the purpose of it. It's disappointing particularly when you have to pay for it. I also purchased one of the programs and what I received was nothing like what was described. I'm still waiting to hear back from the help desk.

- Great concept, poor execution

I really love the concept and if the app actually worked, I would be over the moon. Unfortunately it doesn’t and it defeats the purpose of having a period tracker if I had to reset my app every month as the period phases are never right and I have been told there is no solution at this point (ie resetting app in order for the phases to correct themselves & simultaneously wipe out all data and you’re back at square one)

- Great concept, but disappointing main function

A great concept for an app-and fantastic food/lifestyle advice, but huge error that doesn’t ever get fixed with correcting ‘next expected period’. Have reported this several times & never fixed. Its ALWAYS one week out-has been for over 2 years of using it. Seems simple for an app to be corrected if thats exactly what its about..

- Not enough updates or new information

Honestly, looking at the same explanation and advice every time is really turning me off this app. Surely as time goes by the developers could have added new content or at least some different suggestions in. Getting stale... what made this app stand out from the rest in the beginning has stopped.

- I have been waiting for this

I have needed something like this in my life for a long time. This is easy, simple, informative and helpful

- Great at the start...

Initially loved this app! But for over three months it hasn’t let me add any new data, period dates, nothing. It continues to freeze or crash I’ve tried deleting and re-loading the app but still same problems:( please fix these issues! Such a shame it was so great with all the info and tips when it was working.

- Please fix bugs!!!

I really love this app, and find everything it has to offer so insightful. However I find it crashes every few months and I’m having to delete and re-enter my data, meaning I lose all of my tracking! So frustrating :(


Just what I need to help guide me through fixing my hormonal imbalances.

- Great concept but poor functionality

If this app consistently worked properly it would be amazing. I was able to add symptoms each day for about 1 month but now when I tap on the date nothing happens. I also can’t access past dates to compare. Disappointed 👎🏽

- Stopped working

I downloaded the app because I love the concept behind it. I ignored the other reviews thinking surely it must be fixed as so many reviews have mentioned the same thing. It worked great for a month & now I can’t add and track any symptoms, the ‘+’ symbol has stopped working completely.

- Could be better

Like many others here, I do love the concept and it could be really good if a few major issues were fixed. I can no longer add symptoms which is very important for me to keep track of with certain health issues. Disappointing for a paid app.

- Very useful

Fantastic app & used to be very useful! However, there is no setting for when you’re pregnant, postpartum, etc. This has affected the app’s ability to predict my cycle now that I’ve returned to normal.

- Glitching for ages now

When I’m tapping on the date nothing happens anymore. I can click on tomorrows date and it tells me what phase my cycle is in but it no longer allows me to enter today’s symptoms. Very disappointing and I hope it can be fixed soon because I really enjoyed using this app. Updating my phone has not helped.

- Disappointed

Love the idea of this app but after only a week of using it will not let me add any more symptoms etc Disappointing that after all the comments stating the same issues this has yet to be rectified and you are still taking money from people, very poor

- Doesn’t work after a month

I’ve had this for a month and just like everyone else have come across the same problem! So annoying because I don’t want to delete the app in hopes that it will fix it as I will loose all my current data! FIX THIS ISSUE CLEARLY THERES A BUG

- Crashes a bit

If/when you upgrade so it doesn’t freeze/crash, it will be a better app

- Please fix the app.

Wonderful if it didn’t stop working. I’ve paid for something that I want to use. So please let me use it.

- Not good don’t waste your money

Can’t even see when my last period was because it doesn’t show you in the calendar or any other part of the app? Isn’t this supposed to be the main point of the app?

- Freezes often

This app freezes every few weeks. It would be a great app if I didn’t have to keep reinstalling.

- Helpful and Informative

I found this app whilst searching for information on addressing 'womens issues' naturally. I've been using the app for a few weeks and have found it provides some great practical information in easy to understand terms. I am really liking the tracking tool although would like to be able to input more information for my personal reference - perhaps an extra box to include free text? I would definitely reccomend this app for women of all ages looking to become more educated and aware on their own bodies and how they work.

- Great but please update!!

Its really good but keeps crashing needs an urgent update!

- App doesn’t work.

I love this as an extension to Alissa Vitti’s books. However the app doesn’t open after one month, rendering it useless to me.

- Would love be more 'recommendation' options

I have been using the FloLiving app for two months now in partnership with the FLO living book. I would recommend this app to any woman looking to track her cycle and improve her menstrual health. I have already recommended it to some friends. I had some difficulty setting it up as I haven't had a period since giving birth to my daughter due to breastfeeding- and I have a history of PCOS. That being said I have now had two regular periods in a row- so following the recommendations in the app and eating the foods recommended the book is definitely helping me get back to a normal cycle. I love the recommendations of what to eat and do for a healthy cycle and I love the fact I can chart my cervical fluid- it is really helping me get in touch with my body. I have been able to accurately estimate when I have ovulated both months! I just wish I could see the recommendations for the ovulatory phase and luteal phase as I haven't been able to see these as the app is estimating I will have very long cycles due to my previous history, but I do love that it re-estimates my cycle once I have entered in my period dates. Also in the menstrual phase there are lots of symptoms options and recommendations for fixing these problems, but I find I have some of these symptoms at other times of the month too- would love these to appear throughout all parts of the cycle too. All in all though- thanks for a great App FLO Living!

- So disappointed

As a naturopath myself, I was so excited to see this app and thought it sounded like a brilliant tool to share with my clients. However, it is nowhere near as good as it sounds. To track your cycle properly, you really need to be able to keep a record of all symptoms that are occurring each day, and this app only gives you 5 very basic symptoms (none of which were relevant to me), and does not allow you to add your own. So being able to monitor and find patterns becomes impossible. My bigger issue with this app is that the majority of features advertised, are not included with the app - you have to pay large amounts of money for them. I understand the developer is a specialist and deserves to get paid for her knowledge, but she should be transparent and advertise the true costs involved. The app is a lot of smoke and mirrors in an attempt to lure people in to purchasing the big ticket items. I hope someone creates an app that actually delivers on its promises, without wanting to charge women a fortune for teaching them the innate knowledge they have within anyway.

- A good start

I think there’s some good ideas behind this app and it could still develop and grow into something more comprehensive. I don’t think it includes enough symptoms to chose from and it could include your daily life more. As in sync with daily events. Like if you had a major stress event which will have an impact on your cycle, or if you’re travelling to a different time zone, taking the morning after pill or a big change in your diet etc. You should be able to pinpoint in your calendar any unusual activity which will have an impact on your cycle. So a good start but should keep improving. Also I’m not using this in the USA so sometimes the daily recommendations do not make sense, like the one about recovering after drinking on July 4th was completely irrelevant to me and especially as I am a non-drinker, I do not find those tips useful. It’s a good concept but needs more development.

- Love and loathe

I lovED this app and recommended it to a few friends. While using it I enjoyed tracking symptoms and appreciated the suggestions given. I didn’t like how expensive the plans were to ‘solve’ symptoms, especially given the length of the plans. It would be good to have more cost efficient/free ‘taster’ recipes or ideas available for each symptom. I also would appreciate a dietary option to use while breastfeeding or pregnant. Since the last automatic content update I have been unable to use the app at all as my screen constantly says ‘checking for update.’ For this reason, I would not recommend this app to others. Get the updates sorted please!! And for anyone looking, I suggest finding an alternative app- don’t pay for this one!

- LOVE this app

Far better than other period and fertility trackers I have tried because it is so comprehensive with symptoms and tips on how to treat them- not just log them! The concept of educating women about their symptoms and the 4 stages of the cycle and how to be in flow in all aspects of your life, is brilliant and I wish this was taught to every young woman to help her understand her body. And the emails to your partner so they can better understand you- just GOLD!! Thank you FLO living team for creating such a helpful resource.

- Intersting

Having never tracked my cycle before, i am finding this app very interesting and informative. Knowing what phase I am in in my cycle and being able to read about what my hormones are doing is a great way to understand what is going on in body. I've only just started using this app but I look forward to tracking symptoms and getting advise on how to further support my body in each phase.

- Great but could do with improvements

I agree with other reviews about the symptoms. I experience other symptoms to those listed so this would be a very helpful improvement

- Ok for basics, needs improvement

I got this app to track my general cycle so I know when to expect my period. However when I’ve hoped to get more involved in the “MonthlyFlo” program the app fails and I can access it. It also doesn’t allow you select your own symptoms (my symptoms didn’t seem to match what was offered) or write notes so you can figure out the emotions of your cycle (like when you tend to get emotional or moody etc).

- Not the best, but some good features

I have to agree with some other reviews that the list of symptoms isn't wide enough. And it would be helpful to type in your own notes. I like to know what day I am in my cycle and this app doesn't even do that which is like period tracking 101... I do like however how it makes recommendations on exercise etc. I also like how it sends emails to my husband so he can be more in tune with my hormones.

- Ok but not as detailed as some free apps

The list of symptoms is far smaller than the previous free app I was using. Should be able to add our own. Also not able to put any past periods in to give a history is a fail. Looked better in screen shots than it is - not worth the money at this stage. On the plus side it does have a nice interface.

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- Love it BUT...

It was great before IOS14 update ... can’t input information in it now, and if I dis-install it I will lose all my data !! Please fix this ! Thx

- Great App!

I would highly recommend this app. It’s helped me deal with my PMDD. My only recommendations would be to have the ability to add the type of birth control that you’re using (i.e IUD, pill, ring). Also, to have more detailed symptoms when it comes to mood. Apart from that it’s great!

- Meh, a let-down

$ to download and $ for content. I used to use it, but then I found out about flöka for personalized recommendations. Much happier now.

- Great until it stopped working

I can’t add new data anymore

- Can’t input symptoms anymore

I love this app and I use it to track my cycle and periods but I can’t input any of my symptoms since the update, and I have to delete the app and reinstall and sign in every time so it works again. Happens so often!

- I want to love this app...

But it’s so buggy. It never saves my notes, often messes up my dates. I swear it’s not pms, it’s having to deal with technology.

- The app stop working properly

As this app is great for providing helpful tips to improve your life style. But after a week of using, the app don’t let me input my symptoms into the chart.

- Love the app idea, too many issues

I have to regularly delete the app and reinstall because it just won’t allow to me put in my info. It also keeps asking me the same questions so it doesn’t seem to be getting to know me more or better. Not sure what the point of the questions are. But....I do love it if it would work properly. The info is great; knowing the different phases of your cycle is done well. Tips and recommendations based on symptoms is great.

- Awesome app, tons of info!

I have learned so much about my infradian rhythm, thanks to this app! I am naturally scheduling my month around my energy and hormone levels based on my cycle. I’m definitely feeling more connected to my body and my rhythm. What a great app, full of awesome info!

- Poor mechanics, great content

I have been enjoying this app for the content, but I’m finding it to have multiple issues in terms of the mechanics. I’ve had to delete the app 3x and reinstall for it work properly in the past two months. My husband signed up to receive the partner emails, which never showed up. After emailing them about the issue, it still hasn’t been fixed.

- Great content, but too buggy

I love the books and content, but this app is always buggy. It regularly prevents me from being able to log symptoms and I’m tired of having to delete the app and “reboot” to get it to work. It needs an overhaul!

- Not working properly

I really wish the app would work! For everyday of my cycle excluding menstrual phase it says I’m in my follicular phase! I’ve tried reinstalling the app but the same thing keeps happening. Please help Emily

- Limited information

I thought this app would contain information about diet and the phases of your cycle, but it is extremely limited. Definitely not worth the money if you are looking for the education and information aspect of this app. I wish I would return it.

- Yay


- Never really worked for me

I used to be able to input data into my calendar but not anymore? This is after I’ve had to reset my calendar a few time’s because it got all the data input mixed up?

- Very heteronormative

Honestly, I really wanted to like this app and I do appreciate the insights but it’s very heteronormative which is damaging and really turns me off of the app

- Not enough user input, really won’t give you insight on YOUR cycle

Disappointing. I’ve been annoyed with this app since I first downloaded it because you can only enter your current period and the one previous. On that information alone this app cannot truly allow you analyze your cycle. While the weekly input is very insightful it’s very general when the app doesn’t allow you to tweak your cycle to hone in on the user’s individual cycle... hopefully they will have a look at other apps out there and add functionality!

- Glitchy

Just deleted this app. Was willing to pay for the features, but I’ve had it for 2.5 months and it has glitched numerous times and I need to delete and redownload each time to make it work. Would rather get a free way that works more consistently.

- Love love love this app.

It’s been freezing at the open page a lot the last few days though, and I haven’t been able to get past it to log my info. What’s up? *Edit: I emailed them and they responded with 1 business day with a list of trouble-shooting instructions. The app has recently updated and that’s why it was stalling. I simply un-installed then re-installed the app and it works great again. I could not recommend this app (and accompanying book) more highly!

- App is permanently frozen!

App just started freezing today and I can’t enter any info or do anything!

- Freezes

The app was working perfectly fine for 2 weeks and now I can’t track anything because I click on either that date or the add sign and it flashes but doesn’t open the window to track symptoms. It’s a great app I loved using it but now it’s really frustrating that o can’t anymore. Would be great to get this issue fixed.

- Stops working

This is the second time trying this app and I have never even been able to track an entire cycle, because the “add” button stops working. It just flashes as though it’s trying to work but it’s frozen. I do think it would be a great app but it needs fixing ASAP!

- Freezes

Hi I loved the app but I should not have to delete it and reinstall basically every other month because it freezes on the home screen the reason I’m using this app is to track irregularities in my period and it’s quite difficult when I have to basically start fresh every other month I know I’m not alone with this problem if you could please fix it that would be amazing

- Love

Love the app, love the description of each phase of cycle for all aspects of life(style). Do not like how it repeatedly malfunctions and I have to delete and reinstall every couple of months.

- This app has changed my life.

Thank you.

- Great Until it Wasn’t

I’ve had this app for a little over a year now and it was great for tracking my symptoms and of course my actual period. I used this app everyday. Suddenly in the middle of November 2019, basically every function within the app stopped working. I am now only able to scroll through my history and add/stop a period. I can’t click on any days to add symptoms, which was the reason why I had purchased this app in the first place.

- Not working

I loved this app, but 3 days ago it completely stopped working and won’t open. The screen has said ‘checking for updates’ for 3 days strait. The only solution seems to be deleting the app and reinstalling, which will delete of all my data - making the app useless. It’s very frustrating!

- Not Sure of Its Usefulness

I’m only one cycle in but my first thoughts are that the recommendations are a bit generic and repetitive. Also with every single recommendation or tip comes a sales pitch for one of their additional programs which is a bit annoying. I understand the marketing strategy but honestly it’s not a little annoying when it’s at the end of each tip. It would be really nice also if this were a legit period tracking app with an option to track BBT.

- Unreliable

Unfortunately this app is not worth paying for. It continuously pushes you to spend more money on the program and sends annoying emails with “information” that you have to pay for. My cycle is very regular and it always track me as a 5-11 day cycle. This is irritating when trying to track your period. I don’t find it user friendly as adding my period is annoying, and most times not achievable. I have used better apps for free. One positive note is that it gives you information based on your cycle and what to eat and exercise. But, I can also google that for free.

- Not working properly

I really loved this app for keeping track of my symptoms but I noticed that it won’t allow me to click on days to input my symptoms anymore? Kind of annoying

- Reinstalled

I have to reinstall the app every week because she stop working all the time.

- Keep having to reinstall

This app is flawed. It stops working after 2 weeks and the only fix is to delete and reinstall which is such a pain. I shouldn’t have to do this for a paid app. Also all personalized recommendations are just trying to sell you a special diet or supplement plan. No free advice.

- Loved! now it’s not working/ not as helpful.

I loved this app it helps me daily. but now I can’t enter symptoms on days, since the latest update. is this a glitch or was this feature removed? disappointed!

- Privacy breach?

Just came across many different articles that your app shares information with Facebook. Very disappointing. I am erasing all my data and deleting the app. I'm sure I won't get my money back, but my info isn't yours to give.

- Just ok

It crashes a lot and some of the advice is not helpful or relevant. It would be better if it was just a more detailed tracker.

- Super unreliable

The app is broken to the point you can’t enter any data at all. It’s now just advertising for the programs and nothing more. Completely useless. I want my money back.

- Can’t add symptoms

I recently switched to this app from another tracking app because they claim to help track all my symptoms. It worked the first week I got it, then suddenly I couldn’t put in my symptoms anymore. Not only that but it’s not accurate at predicting my next period. Given that the other app I use was free and works perfectly, I was expecting this one to work a little better. I frequently check back when it does updates to see if it’s suddenly starts working again, but it never does.

- App stopped working properly

I’ve been using this app for 2 years and have loved it, but recently the symptom tracking doesn’t work anymore. This is a big part of why I use the app! Hopefully this is fixed soon or I’ll have to find something else.

- Not working

It was great for the first couple weeks and now it never lets me add symptoms when I’m actually experiencing them. I click on the + and nothing happens. Very frustrating.

- Not working

The latest update has made many features unresponsive. Before the update, the app was ok, but not very intuitive. Took some work to learn how to navigate it.

- Great info, poorly designed app

Found the info super informative however it’s hard to navigate the app

- Too hard to use

Not user friendly at all. I was looking forward to it but when you can’t easily fix your period start and end dates (somehow I have 5 periods a month 🤔) it’s too much of a hassle for me to want to use it. Many of the previous issues are still prevalent, the app is not well maintained. Hopefully they can turn it around. Was looking forward to using the platform.

- Love the app but needs to be fixed ASAP

I cannot add any symptoms anymore. It worked great for the first 2 weeks and all of a sudden nothing happens when I click the plus to add symptoms. I have emailed support and haven’t heard back yet and it said things should be resolved in 48 hours. I hope this is fixed soon. I have had to resort to using another tracking app for now which is disappointing!

- Good Idea but Poor Execution

This app in essence is great and helpful. But it is very challenging to edit the end date of a period, or edit the log of a previous period. There is not place to put “notes” to track for yourself if you have other symptoms aside from those listed and you can often get stuck on a function page with no back or exit. There is a lot of pushing of products as well. I had high hopes as someone with PCOS but felt like this app is more user friendly for those with typical periods already...

- Flow never felt so good

So happy Flo came into my life to track and take advantage of my strengths throughout my cycle.

- Not great; can’t track symptoms all month

I originally loved the advice if gave for each phase, but it’s frustrating now that I can no longer add symptoms for any days other than during my menstrual phase. Most of my symptoms happen in the week before my period! It’s clear this app is just meant to sell their 4-week paid programs. Which is fine, but then it should’ve been free to download. Also, if you miss adding your period, it often glitches and doesn’t let you add your start date accurately.

- Updated version even more amazing!

Have found this a very useful tool in my wellness since the app was released. New updates have it working really well.

- Feedback

Needs option for putting in unprotected sex. Can get back out of certain functions, which is annoying.

- Glitches!

I would not recommend downloading!! The app is not tracking my cycle correctly... keeps telling me my cycle is too long or I’m late for my period for 30+ days even though I log my period in the app! Then when I add my symptoms for the day and look at the recommendations I can no longer get back to calendar view. I loved reading woman code but I am severely disappointed with this app. Hopefully they can fix it.

- This app clarifies so much!

This app clarifies so much! Food and health directly related to cycle and menstruation issues, so helpful! I changed what I ate at different times of the month and could tell what was effecting how I felt. And I could set my work schedule to my “power to talk” times of the month - so good. I booked around my period as many appointments as possible and figured when to chill with my workouts to not strain my bio-system. I must be past my trial after 4 months or so as I can only add when my period starts and stopped. Good source for advice to go further with major issues too.

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- Great app! Need more inclusivity

I love this app for helping me determine how to fix certain period symptoms naturally. It’s also great for tracking your period through the different cycle phases. However, throughout the app it refers to heterosexual relationships. Not all women are heterosexual and would love to see the content rewritten in a way that is more inclusive to all sexualities and lifestyles. Queer women have periods too!

- There are better free apps

I was so intrigued when I heard about synching what you eat and how you exercise with your cycle, it made total sense and I wanted to know more, so I bought the app. I find the layout calendar to be difficult to read, and all the extras I thought I would be getting by purchasing the app are things I already got from listening to podcasts about this. To get any in depth information it asks you to make more purchases. If you are interested in synching your cycle, I recommend listening to podcasts or reading the book and using the app Ovia, it’s much more user friendly.

- Not maintained

The last update was almost a year ago, wish I'd bothered to look at that before purchasing. I got this after I heard Alisa rave about her app and all of it's cool features on a recent podcast. Both my partner and I were looking forward to the partner syncing feature but he only got the email saying he would get alerts, and never got one saying which cycle I'm in as it changes. Emailed customer support and they said it was a known issue and they were working on it but after seeing how long ago this app was updated I don't hold much hope. The info is cool but can be found in all of her books, so I would hold off on the app until it works.

- Has potential but extremely buggy, I give up

Loved this app at first, it has great potential but after a couple of months I couldn’t log back in. Customer service was terrible, didn’t help at all. Should get a refund after giving it a chance. I tried EVERYTHING: updating, deleting, restarting, reinstalling, etc. I had given up. 3 months later I gave it another chance hoping they had fixed something but I wasn’t able to log back in again. I give up. Don’t waste your money. Seems like no one cares to keep this working or about the users not being able to use it after paying for it. Extremely disappointing.

- Wasted opportunity!

I love Alisa’s work and this app could be so great, but it is a huge pain for those of us trying to figure out our cycles. Making even the slightest changes completely throws it off. It makes all the other features useless. There are plenty of free tracking apps better than this. You’d think given Alisa’s audience she’d have the absolute best since many of us are trying desperately to normalize our cycles. The fact that this is a paid app makes it an even bigger disappointment. And it hasn’t even been updated in a whole year?? What a waste of a fantastic opportunity to make something that could truly help people.

- Great app but glitchy

I love the way this app is designed. I love how many elements of your cycle you can track without the app feeling cumbersome. Its super educational too. I found the app from reading the book WomanCode. However — it’s glitchy!! Sometimes the app seems to forget all the previous days’ information that I’ve logged and it’s as if it’s completely disappeared. But I’ve found that if I delete the app and then re-download it and log in, it comes back. But this is really annoying and I hope they sort it out soon.

- Don’t buy!!

I purchased this app because I loved the book. The app was mentioned often within the book. I thought that this app would help me know where I am with my flo and help guide me in what to eat with recipes, how to help PMS symptoms and and give me more information on how to navigate and sync my flo. It’s a sham. Even after purchasing the app there’s still more fees $$$$ to get any information. Mind you I’m not cheap but paying $1500 to get information sent to your email is not worth it in my opinion. Don’t buy the app. Get the book. There’s better apps out there that help you track your flo and some of them are free. Oh ps the interface is boring and outdated.

- Does not function properly

This app has potential but has a few bugs. When you enter certain areas, it appears to be impossible to return to a previous screen. For instance when I read more about the phase I’m in, I can’t return to the calendar page unless I completely close out the app and restart. It’s very frustrating. In addition, to really drill down on improving health or issues you may be experiencing, you are always directed to very pricey content to purchase. In essence, the app functions to get more money out of you which feels a bit deceiving.

- Worked but not anymore

I thought this app was great. I was just using it to note symptoms I wasn’t using any of the systems and it was good because it has a lot of options for symptoms. After about 3 months, it stopped working. I can’t add any new data or edit any old data. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. When I went to login after reinstalling, it said my password was incorrect so I updated my password and then it still said my password was incorrect. I give up. I hope it gets fixed though because it’s a great way to keep track of the basics.

- Love the function, hate the glitches

I love this app! I love the recommendations and guidance that has helped me reduce so many of my problematic symptoms. There is only one downside to this app and that’s how GLITCHY it is!! It’s constantly freezing or just simply not functioning properly. The last few days I haven’t even been able to log my symptoms because whenever I press the day on the calendar it just simply doesn’t open the symptom log. Super annoying to have glitches like this be a regular thing on such a great app!!

- LoveD it

I want to give this app all the stars but after my pregnancy and breastfeeding, I didn’t have a period for almost two years! I’ve been using it (again) for over a year now and it still thinks I’m in luteal phase ☹️ and constantly tells me “cycle too long”. I’ve tried everything tech support said to do and nothing works. Luckily, I’m not trying to have another child so I’m keeping it for the recommendations that are applicable but even still, are they really valid if I’m not in the right phase?

- Not user friendly

I did not like this, at first it seems much better than other ones I’ve used as far as information and giving tips, etc. However, it is not easy or fun to you and I find it frustrating. You can’t scroll through the calendar effortlessly which is a necessity for me. It’s not easy to “start” and “stop” your period if it doesn’t align with the apps predictions. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I deleted it and will stick with the other one I was using, much more simple and efficient. I think this one is overkill and not user friendly. Bummer. I recommend period tracker lite

- Glitchy and disappointing

First, I LOVE the cycle syncing method and paid for this app (even though I use another one that’s been great) because I’m ready to be in sync with my body. However, this app leaves a lot to be desired. What makes it worse is I can no longer track anything because of the glitches. In future updates the creators need to fix the bugs and should consider adding more tracking options related to mood. There are so many things the book and website talk about tracking that’s not included in the app.

- Like it, but would love it if it didn’t stop working so often!

Everything about this app is great; however, I’ve noticed that after X amount of time, it will stop working. This usually happens after I track and log a period, weirdly enough. No matter how many times I tap the (+), I can’t log anything else. The fix for this is deleting the app then re-downloading it which is seriously annoying. Please fix this! I see that the last app update was 10 months ago — yikes!

- So sad

I LOVED this app but now it’s calculating my period an entire week too early. I try to update my cycle that I’ve started and it put that I had my period a week and a half ago instead (just 12 days after my previous one). You can’t scroll the month because it immediately goes to the option of editing that day’s symptoms. Although the app says I’m in my menstrual phase now, the main screen shows that I’m in ovulation. I really hope they’ll fix this! Downloading a different app for now and I won’t be recommending this one anymore. :(

- Don’t waste your time...

While I enjoyed this app when it worked, ultimately it had too many glitches - from the screen freezing and not allowing me to input data, to not saving any of my data, to completely botching my phase cycle days. I had to delete and re-download the app multiple times, but not even that has worked to solve the latest issue. When I emailed support, they said an update was coming out “very soon,” but I have yet to see it. The concept of the app is good, but overall disappointing and a waste of time.

- App won’t open

I was using the app, which was fine and I liked the info it provided for the first couple months but no new info ever comes up so it’s just seems “canned” at this point. But what is most problematic is that for the last three weeks I haven’t been able to open the App. It just shows a spinning wheel and sayid it’s “checking for updates. Please wait...” but nothing ever progresses. I don’t have access now to my cycle tracking, I’m really hoping I will be able to get back in, write my info on a regular calendar and delete the app.

- So confused and really disappointed

When I downloaded the app it worked SO well. I was so excited. For the past 3 or four periods this app has absolutely sucked .... I have no idea how to say my period started and when I do it creates and whole new cycle. Idk how to correct it and when I reached out to ask for help the reply wasn’t very helpful. I hope Alisa and her team get this app working bc I was excited about it and then I co to use to have to delete my data in order for it to work again. Please team fix this or help us understand how to fix it.

- Great info, not enough features

The info is great on this app. I like the way you can learn what foods to eat and how to work and exercise at different times of your cycle. After a month or two you kind of have everything memorized. No new information is available. Also, my cycle length has changed since I got this app over a year ago. It would be nice if the app would change the cycle length for you based on the information tou give it like other period apps do.

- Doesn’t work - not worth spending money on

I heard good things about this app from a friend but it hasn’t lived up to it at all. There are many things about the app that are clumsy and don’t work properly, mainly in its UX and navigation. It seems like the primary purpose of the app is to get you to buy their products and not actually help you track your symptoms. It’s too bad, because it seemed promising as a more in-depth tracker than my previous app, Clue. I’ve used the Clue app for 7 years to track my cycle and I’ve loved its ease of use. It’s free and is worlds better than MyFlo, so I’m going to go back to using it instead.

- Will change if it improves!

I have to start by saying that I really want to like this app— a lot. I used it awhile back and found it useful. When I committed to tracking my cycles again, I chose to resume with MyFlo because it seems to be the only period tracking app that doesn’t sell personal health info (I hope the other big ones have changed that!). But, to be blunt, it is proving to be annoying to use. Holy moly. When I am on the main page with the calendar, any time I try scrolling, it selects a day to make an entry. Make it stop!

- Great idea, poor execution

I was excited about this app, but it is really lacking in ease of use and customization. I forgot to log my last period on the day it started, so I went back to choose my start date later. It was difficult to do, and now it tells me I only have 6 days between cycles. For example, my last cycle finished the 19th, and now it says I’m late for the next cycle. Hopefully it gets back on track once my next cycle actually starts...but it’s annoying that I can’t input the number of days between.

- Terrible at period prediction and insecure

I tried the app over three cycles and it could never seem to predict my cycle correctly, she though it is regular. When I submitted a help ticket, I was told that someone from the company logged in to my app to fix things and I find it very strange that MyFlo doesn’t think it grossly inappropriate for the app to have the capability for them to just drop in and peruse around and edit our personal info. Even still, the tech person still didn’t fix the problem. I’ve deleted the app and will go back to the password protected period tracking app I used before.

- Great when it’s working

This is a great app when it’s working. However, every month, when my cycle changes phases, the app will not let me input any info. It freezes up. Customer service told me to delete and redownload and I won’t lose the data from past cycles, but I do end up losing it each time! So it defeats the purpose of the app getting smarter with each cycle I have, as all the info is lost and can’t build on previous months. Also, customer service sometimes takes a full week to respond, if at all.

- Beware!!! Many technical issues. Waste of $$.

I rarely pay for apps because typically there is a free option that works great. This app was recommended by my SIL. It started great, but after a month it appears to “time out” when I want to add symptoms. I loved that it gave me suggestions for symptoms that I was having, but very much disliked that they try to push their other products on you. Overall this product has nice features, but since they clearly cannot support their own infrastructure I will warn all to stay away from this scam.

- Disappointing

I want to love this app so much because I found it helpful but it is beyond irritating how often it “crashes.” I try to log in and it’s just the opening screen with a spinning loading circle on the bottom left corner saying “looking for updates.” But it is not looking for updates, it’s just stuck and the only way to get back in is to COMPLETELY DELETE the app and then re-download it back onto your phone and log back in and hope your info didn’t get messed up. The Moody app is way more reliable which is sad because there’s good info on this one.

- Not as good as the traditional Flo app...with a couple innovative features.

When it comes to actually tracking/predicting your cycle, the Flo app has this one beat (you know, the one with the pink feather icon). You can’t log your symptoms, it never seems to predict my flow accurately, and there are constant glitches with the calendar feature. Not very intuitive and easy to use. The nice things about this app are the tips about how to optimize each phase of your cycle (ie: exercise, diet, intimacy, & work habits) and the “Sync with my partner” feature. Ingenious! Unfortunately, because this app doesn’t accurately predict my cycle like the Flo app does, the sync feature ends up being confusing for my partner because it’s never actually synced up with me! I keep this app on my phone just for the phases tips, but ultimately I rely on other apps for my cycle tracking needs.

- Great concept...App resets data

When I found this app I was soo hopeful that I finally found something that would help but after 2-3 months of using I realized that my data was not being stored and that really wasn’t tracking anything. It actually began very confusing cause each time I opened my app it said I was going to be my period. And has continued to reset my calendar to reflect that I will begin my period whenever I open the app. Looking at the reviews here and the lack of comments it’s clear that they are not interested in fixing the app or bugs. Very disappointing.

- Not flexible

I have this app and Ova Graph (TCYF). I decided to give this a try, helpful emails to S/O, recommendations for cycle issues etc. However, this app is not flexible. I’ve had issues with it off and on since I had it. My biggest problem with it is that it is not flexible. This app uses the standard (outdated) view that every woman menstruates every 28 days and predicts it based off math. If you’re not a 28 day girl, then the math confuses itself for your last period and the one before that and predicted period, it becomes a mess. Just keep it simple and do OvaGraph.

- Not user friendly

I was excited to use this app to track my period and different phases. Unfortunately the app is not usher friendly. The calendar is so frustrating to use. Colors are so close together that’s it’s hard to tell. It opens a day when your just trying to scroll through the calendar, so you have to be very careful where you tap to scroll. Not worth the money. I recommend using Ovia instead. I would also try to change when my period was since my period is irregular due to just having a baby and when I went to save, it wouldn’t save.

- Doesn’t work

The app doesn’t properly or accurately track my cycle. For example , I’ll input when I started my period and then it will tell me that my period is due in 5 days. Or when I’m ovulating it tells me that my period is late. It also says that my cycle is only 13 days and the kicker is that when I report that I’m having no symptoms, or tells me what the root cause of that is as though I’m SUPPOSED to have symptoms. A giant waste of money. I do not recommend. There are way better and more accurate cycle apps out there and also the cool gives false and contradicting advise. Buyer beware

- Update pleeeease! 🙏

Recently it’s been really glitchy, and now I can’t even open the day and enter any symptoms etc. I use it every day to keep track of PMDD symptoms so it’s very frustrating. Update: I deleted and reinstalled the app, and I’m thankful that y’all have us sign up for an account. I logged back in and everything is there and works perfect! Love the app!

- Bugs, lacks support

I’d been using it more consistently these past 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately, it stopped working. I couldn’t submit my symptoms. I then ended up restarting the app but lost my data. I saw another review addressed this same issue so I’m not the only one. I sent a inquiry through the help option but haven’t heard anything and it seems like I won’t. Appears this app has no support so it’s pretty useless as it currently stands. It’s a bummer because I was getting into the habit of tracking and using daily.

- Best period tracking app for body literacy

Want an app that’s going to give you real info about your body, not just some predictions and pink fluff? This is the app for you. I’m blown away by the amount of education this app gives on the menstrual cycle. Plus I love the option to send your partner cycle updates. As a fertility awareness educator I highly recommend this app for body literacy!

- I gave it a chance, but I was still disappointed

I had read reviews about all the bugs and glitches, but gave the app a chance anyway. It was great at first, but eventually, just like other reviews stated, it stopped working. I can’t log any symptoms and it does not predict my cycle accurately. Not even close. The only thing I can do with it now is mark the start and end date of my period, but I can also do that on any regular calendar. Not sure what I paid for if it doesn’t even work. Disappointed.

- Good but too many bugs

I’ve now had to re-download this app three times due to the symptom tracker not working - I tried everything from killing the app, re-entering my period dates, and restarting my phone to try to fix it. My iPhone is only 8 months old so I don’t think that is the issue either. It’s really frustrating because I then lost all of my data and had to start over - and the entries with period symptoms and dates is the whole point. Not risking it again and going with a different app.


I love how this is finally becoming accessible to the public without having to individually research each cycle and how much one can be affected by them mentally and physically. Thank you for creating a place to track and keep up with these cycles!! I’ve used 3-4 tracking apps in the past and this just blows all of them out of the water. ESSENTIAL APP FOR ALL WOMEN!

- Uses outdated, non-inclusive language and is in no hurry to remedy

Actual language from the app includes: “Send your partner for a guy’s night out.....” and “If you have kids, it’s a great time for them to have a day with their dad.....” It’s nearly 2020. This app has been out for THREE YEARS. I’m shocked that anyone, let alone an app for women’s health, is using this kind of heteronormative, non-inclusive language when referring to women’s romantic partners. I emailed them about this/tagged them on social media and according to Alisa Vitti, they’re updating in March 2020 — clearly in no hurry to correct this astounding blunder. I’d like my $1.99 back.

- Worst. Liars

Do not download. Support is non existent. The only reason I bought this app is because my sister recommended it as a way to keep my fiancé in sync with my changes and flow. That has not happened because for the last year that part of it has not been working. When I emailed them for a refund or update they said to contact Apple store for a refund and they don’t have an update, it’s just not working and that’s that. And there’s nothing they can do about it and they’re obviously not located in the US so they couldn’t care less about you.

- Doesn’t work anymore

Great in theory, but so many glitches that it’s unreliable, inconsistent, and most of the time not at all functional. I’ve had this app for years and it used to work a lot better. Today when I try to use it, the app won’t even allow me to add a new period to the calendar. I wish it still worked because it could be so helpful to know in detail which week of my cycle I’m in. Alisa’s work is great, it would be amazing if the app matched it. I hope they fix it one day.

- Periods Are Not A Curse

I am so grateful for finding this App and book and can not recommend them enough. I went from severe symptoms to manageable periods. I am now more than every grateful to have an arsenal of knowledge against all of the negative advertising associated with menstruation and instead focus on how it is healthy and should be celebrated as a superpower.

- Glitchy

I love Alisa Vitti’s book and completely believe in her research, but disappointed with the app. I love the concept and it could be very helpful with tracking symptoms and phases, but it can’t track my cycle properly or accurately. My follicular and ovulatory phases always show 1-2 days according to the app and is always saying my period is late regardless of when I select and end date. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it and I keep getting the same errors. Disappointed as I was excited to use it.

- Good app but poor support

The content of this app is great. It’s informative and helps you keep track of symptoms easily. However it crashes every other week and I’m forced to delete the app and then reinstall and re-sign in every time. That makes it hassle to use. Customer support did not have solution to solve this issue other that what I described above. If they can get this bug worked out, it would be so much better.

- Incredible & Informative - but malfunctioning

I love this app as it give you so much detail about what is going on in different phases of your cycle, and recommends foods for healing. The big negative that is stopping me from using the app this past month is... no buttons are working in the app unless I’m clicking on the dates during my period. The “+” button isn’t working, neither is clicking on the dates. I used to be able to record symptoms or what is happening “today” or “yesterday” or any other day. I cannot record anymore... before I would just click on the date and write my symptoms. If this gets fixed I will happily continue using this app - when it works, it’s the best App I’ve found. Until then I’ll use another app called Flo. Ps: yes, I have updated the app. Nothing improved for the malfunctions.

- Used to love it, not anymore

When I first downloaded this, I loved it. Then it stopped working. I contacted customer service several times hoping to avoid losing my data. Not something I could do. I had to uninstall and start from scratch. Now I still can’t update unless it’s the week of my period so the app is only good as a period calendar. There are a lot of free ones out there that do that. For the record, I feel like once I unsubscribed to all of the emails, my app got worse. Before that I was sending all of my friends here. So they lost a big promoter.

- Needs an update

I have read a few other reviews on here and realize I am not alone in my technical difficulty. It looks like the app has not had an update available for quite some time. I can no longer input my symptoms. This is extremely frustrating and sad. I have months of saved trends and symptoms saved into this app. But I can no longer continue tracking my flo. I really hope they fix this issue soon. Getting a hold on my period rythms has been life changing and this app is such a helpful tool, when IT WORKS.

- Fails after a month

I was so excited to use this app as a friend highly suggested it. After the first month, I am no longer able to input any of my information. I have tried to find ways to reach out to report the problem, as I paid for the app and would like to continue using it, but I have been unsuccessful. I am hoping someone can please reach out to help me with this. Not being able to input weeks worth of information makes this entire app pointless. Please fix your problems. I am an iOS user.

- Pretty good

I like the app. It offers some different insights than other apps. I like that it syncs with your partner. I wish it had options to track your mood as well. I think that's the biggest miss I notice right now. Lastly, right now I can't add symptoms. I like the plus button and nothing happens. Hope this gets resolved quickly since it is a paid for app.

- A+ for Interface, D- for nickel & dimming users

Love the concept, love the factual information, love what it tracks and how it tracks. However, I get really frustrated from the pushy sells every page (it feels). I don’t want to always feel like I have to ‘buy more’ to improve my life or feel that pressure so constantly. Would be significantly more tolerable if I hadn’t paid $2 for the app to begin with. Apps are free that push internal sales like that.

- Book is great but app is not there yet

There are so many cool things that could have been done with this app that haven’t. It basically feels like a selling tool rather than something with the end user in mind. I expected there to be a lot more tips and guidance for free which I have not seen yet (day 1). Unless I am willing to pay for it and everything on here has a price tag. Lastly, every time I check something out on the menu I can’t get back to the calendar and so I have to go close the app before I re open it. What a chore!

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MyFLO Period Tracker 1.9 Screenshots & Images

MyFLO Period Tracker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

MyFLO Period Tracker iphone images
MyFLO Period Tracker iphone images
MyFLO Period Tracker iphone images
MyFLO Period Tracker iphone images
MyFLO Period Tracker iphone images

MyFLO Period Tracker (Version 1.9) Install & Download

The applications MyFLO Period Tracker was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-11-17 and was developed by Flo Living [Developer ID: 1152657122]. This application file size is 80.72 MB. MyFLO Period Tracker - Health & Fitness app posted on 2019-07-04 current version is 1.9 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.flolivingalisavitti.myfloapp

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