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Callblock is the first app that lets you stop telemarketing phone calls in iOS (, with the world’s biggest directory of telemarketers – now over 3,000,000 classified entries from over 100 countries!

The app is able to identify 86.7 percent of telemarketing calls correctly with only 1.7 percent false positives on average.

Note: Callblock *cannot* block calls with no caller ID – this is an iOS limitation, but most telemarketers don’t block their caller IDs. The app is free to try for one month then will renew automatically using your Apple account for $1.99 monthly or $19.99 yearly afterwards – you can cancel anytime by going to your account settings in iOS or iTunes. See Callblock’s terms of use at and privacy policy at

You love your iPhone – except sometimes the phone part and, in particular, the telemarketers often on the other end of the line. Telemarketers make 148 million annoying, time-wasting calls per day according to consumer group Private Citizen and do-not-call lists (where available) do not work (and weren’t even meant to for many types of telemarketers) according to governments themselves. Callblock helps prevent these calls.

The app blocks unwanted telephone calls not iMessage, SMS, or MMS messages. To allow Callblock to block calls:

1. press the Home button on your iPhone,
2. tap the “Settings” app,
3. tap “Phone” > (under “Calls”) “Call Blocking & Identification”, then
4. toggle the “Callblock” switch on.

To unblock calls, navigate to the “Callblock” app. To add or remove a missing or misclassified caller, tap the “Add caller” button.

Enabling Callblock or making changes in the app may take up to a minute to take effect.

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Callblock was created and is maintained by Rocketship, an award-winning app studio whose mission is to design and develop the finest mobile and web experiences.

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The applications Callblock: Adblock for unwanted calls was published in the category Productivity on 2016-09-17 and was developed by Rocketship Apps. The file size is 98.83 MB. The current version is 1.5.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Updated telemarketer directory.

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Helps so much!  Zjjghjuggjikjbgy  5 star

When I bought this app I wasn't sure whether it would work or not but it really helped me and stopped me from getting those annoying telemarketer calls!

steve the rican

these apps are a scam in its self  steve the rican  1 star

how u gonna put this in the free category but then once the app is open thay wanna charge you 10.99 or 1.99 a month im good ill stay with hiya an block with my own hands.


Doesn't work so good anymore  aplnub  3 star

It is hard to tell of an app like this truly works. Over the past few weeks (today is August 25, 2017) the number of unwanted calls has went through the roof. I gave the review 3 stars because how does one truly know of these apps work? The only way for me to judge it is based on the number of calls I get. I get a lot of crap calls these days.

Raindeer Alpha

Functional and beautiful!  Raindeer Alpha  5 star

Finally, dinner time calls about "winning" trips and collecting debt I don't have have ended! This app makes blocking incredibly easy, and at a low price. Plus, it's a beautifully simple app. Only one attractive screen to control refreshing and controlling block lists, plus the ability to add custom numbers! It's really incredible how much one can appreciate the absence of unwanted calls.


Absolutely AMAZING App  Gjxgbvcf  5 star

Have you ever got constant calls from IRS scammers? Or just scammers in general and random people you don't know? Well no more! This app is amazing! Simply just block them and never hear from them again! I know from experience I used to have soo many random numbers calling me and I got so fed up. Now I don't have to worry and trust me guys it's great! Also Callblock blocks all junk calls with a directory of 3,000,000+ telemarketers in a whopping 100+ countries! I would recommend this app 10/10 for anyone who gets junk calls constantly! Also the first month is free soooo go try it out!!


Junk  Jlb100  1 star

Does not work


Life is good  HeydarAliyev  5 star

Keeps those mongrels off my phone.


Call blocker... simple but stellar!  KailynDekker  5 star

The simplicity of the app is its greatest feature. The app gives you step by step instructions on how to set up the call blocking feature through iOS and allows you to add numbers to block once in the app. I get so many calls from fraud rings in Michigan that call and say you've won something and in turn grab your information and steal your identity. With this app I have been able to easily block the numbers so I don't have to keep denying the call. It's also nice to note that the app itself blocks over 3 million numbers from known tele-marketers around the world. There is a nominal fee associated with the app after the free trial but it's very affordable and acts like a monthly payment through the App Store like my Apple Music and Netflix account fees. There are no ads ( thank god! I hate apps with ads) and no surprise charges after the monthly or annual fee is paid. I'd recommend this to anyone who receives tele-marketing or annoying phone calls from unwanted callers.


Works as advertised  Howkim  3 star

But I just discovered that my iPhone has one built in and free. I'm on a limited income and $1.99 per month matters. I just attempted to cancel, but the instructions given were incorrect.

David Wiltson

Excellent  David Wiltson  5 star

This app worked well for me. Never more I got those annoying ads.

Thatt guy!!!!

Works great but...  Thatt guy!!!!  4 star

I still get the occasional scam call or so. There should be a way to report numbers. If there is it's not easily noticeable.


Works as Promised!  KMitchellD  5 star

I was getting bombarded with random numbers around the country calling me daily. No longer receive any of them! Thank you!


Love the idea. App is pretty easy to configure  Timothytripp  4 star

The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that there's no log of calls actually blocked, so it's hard to tell that the app is actually working. If they add this feature I'll revise the review to 5 stars!


Much better than the other apps  Bsneddz  4 star

After a bumpy start due mostly to an iOS bug outside of CallBlock's control it's off running now! Many of the calls I get are being tagged by CallBlock and with the Add Number feature it's possible to submit new numbers (they also immediately take effect for you). Would be nice when blocking calls to be able to see statistics on how many calls were blocked.


Doesn't feel like it works  Ottoman42  1 star

Still get spam calls from the same number day in day out. I have to manually block them.


Unusable  forgetr  1 star

I can't enable this app in Settings > Phone > Call Blocking. It just refuses to show up in the list. Until this is fixed, I guess I have to use Hiya with their atrocious privacy policy until this is fixed.

Unhappy 2124

Unhappy  Unhappy 2124  1 star

Poor app. Latest update (currently 11/15/2016) broke my subscription so I can't use the app. My advise: move on and wait for the carriers to fix this issue.

Fairly Incredible

Works and isn't creepy!  Fairly Incredible  5 star

This is the only call blocking app that doesn't send all your information to a remote server all the time. Seriously; read the "privacy" agreements of the other apps and be horrified.


Works as advertised  StupendousMan  5 star

A few month back I began receiving 6 to 8 telemarketing calls every day. Since installing Callblock it's down 1 to 3 per week. Telemarketers can create new phone numbers so nothings going to be perfect, but it's dramatically better. For those of you having problems with this app, Apple has acknowledged problems with CallKit -- the framework that Callblock depends on -- and apparently things are going to be fixed in iOS 10.1. The developers really seem to care that they're releasing a good product. When I had questions they got back to me very very quickly.

Oscar Irun

No more telemarketers!!  Oscar Irun  5 star

Finally I got rid of those annoying telemarketers. No calls from them since I got this app. Thanks!!!

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