Callblock: Adblock for unwanted calls

Callblock is the first app that lets you stop telemarketing phone calls in iOS (, with the world’s biggest directory of telemarketers – now over 3,000,000 classified entries from over 100 countries!

Note: Callblock is free to try for one month then will automatically renew using your Apple account for $1.99 monthly or $19.99 yearly afterwards – you can cancel anytime by going to your account settings in iOS or iTunes. See the app’s terms of use at and privacy policy at Callblock *cannot* block calls with no caller ID – this is an iOS limitation, but most telemarketers don’t block their caller IDs.

You love your iPhone – except sometimes the phone part and, in particular, the telemarketers often on the other end of the line. Telemarketers make 148 million annoying, time-wasting calls per day according to consumer group Private Citizen and do-not-call lists (where available) do not work (and weren’t even meant to for many types of telemarketers) according to governments themselves. Callblock helps prevent these calls.

The app blocks unwanted telephone calls not iMessage, SMS, or MMS messages. To allow Callblock to block calls:

1. press the Home button on your iPhone,
2. tap the “Settings” app,
3. tap “Phone” > (under “Calls”) “Call Blocking & Identification”, then
4. toggle the “Callblock” switch on.

To unblock calls or to add missing or misclassified callers, navigate to the Callblock app.

Enabling Callblock or making changes in the app may take up to a minute to take effect.

If you have questions or comments, follow and message us:



Callblock was created and is maintained by Rocketship, an award-winning app studio whose mission is to design and develop the finest mobile and web experiences.

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The applications Callblock: Adblock for unwanted calls was published in the category Productivity on 2016-09-17 and was developed by Rocketship Apps. The file size is 97.20 MB. The current version is 1.4.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Expanded onboarding, help text.

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scam blacklist account, this developer bought fake reviews from don't download it  kendrick_samo  1 star

scam blacklist account, this developer bought fake reviews from don't download it


scam  kokilamodi12  1 star

All positive reviews from this app are fake, don't believe it! BIG SCAM


Does it Do Anything????  Joe>>  1 star

I can't actually tell if this app does anything. I haven't noticed a reduction in the number of spam calls I get and there is nothing on my screen that tells me the app is active and doing anything. This app just simply doesn't work. I think I got ripped off. Save your money.


Ad calls tripled in a month  FenigDurak  1 star

Tried it for a month and my ad calls have more than tripled in that time. I received 6 just today, the last of which was a guy claiming I called him this morning. I suspect my number has been spoofed and I'm betting it was sold from this ap. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME


Doesn't work with passcode protection  XIXIILXXXI  1 star

The app doesn't show any caller ID warnings or data if you use passcode protection on your phone. This makes it rather useless. I've received half a dozen calls since getting the app and not a single one was flagged while all show as spam with a free reverse lookup search online. I'd caution against the app if you have a passcode.


I Like it!  sjbrown0324  5 star

The app worked as expected based on the description in the App Store and on the developer's website. The in-app instructions are clearly written and easy to follow. Once installed and activated the app even identified and marked with an icon suspicious numbers in the recent calls and voicemail lists on my phone. I received a service call from a vendor and the app alerted me and gave me the option to mark it as an unwanted call. I was originally concerned that type of call might be blocked or sent directly to voicemail as well, but it wasn't. I liked the option to edit the list of unwanted calls since I don't subscribe to caller ID through my mobile carrier. The app gives the option to still allow unclassified calls that don't meet the other criteria to come through. There is ample support for, and access to the developer of, the app via social media and the developer's website. Finally, the 30 day trial is generous for such a nominal monthly subscription fee. That is plenty of time to see if the app will work for you. So far it's working well for me.


Just installed, paid version. Unhappy  Amgmo  1 star

A 20 minutes later, got a junk call. Not so happy. Added the call to the app. So far, no joy. Cancelled subscription. Looks like I still have access for 30 days. Will use this period to evaluate further. UPDATE: just got an email From these guys. Said it takes a while to download the millions of numbers. Ok then. Well, even now - some time later. No Joy. I wrote them back and said it does It work. Period. What an insult, getting a standard email from them. I already voted by getting my refund. Wish there was a consumer warning button. UPDATE: April 28... No change to my previous comments. Still get junk calls. A few days left for this paid version. I will provide more feedback if I get charged in spite of my cancellation. Funny thing is, these guys refused to respond to my last email just because I used a different email from the one they had. As if I am the only person on the planet that has work and personal emails... :-( May 5.... Well well, look at their canned response. 20 days for downloads should be just fine. All we have here are canned responses from these guys. And rejecting my emails to them for help. Lots of other products out there, folks!


Useful.  mysticalweirdo  4 star

I found this app useful because you can add numbers for it to block and it'll automatically block some spam calls. The subscription thing threw me off a bit, but I thought it was worth the free trial.


Doesn't work  Jrr2020  1 star

I get "error enabling extension". Apparently not all bugs worked out yet.


Auto billed via iTunes  RMR707  2 star

I don't want to get a free month, and the get charged if I forget to cancel in time.. if the app is so good, then I would want to subscribe on my own.

Fairly Incredible

Works and isn't creepy!  Fairly Incredible  5 star

This is the only call blocking app that doesn't send all your information to a remote server all the time. Seriously; read the "privacy" agreements of the other apps and be horrified.


Works for me, ignore bad reviews.  aplnub  5 star

This app works. The bad reviews come from ios10 having s bug that caused the app to not work. It was Apple's fault. It works without issue. I recommend it.


Works as advertised  StupendousMan  5 star

A few month back I began receiving 6 to 8 telemarketing calls every day. Since installing Callblock it's down 1 to 3 per week. Telemarketers can create new phone numbers so nothings going to be perfect, but it's dramatically better. For those of you having problems with this app, Apple has acknowledged problems with CallKit -- the framework that Callblock depends on -- and apparently things are going to be fixed in iOS 10.1. The developers really seem to care that they're releasing a good product. When I had questions they got back to me very very quickly.

Oscar Irun

No more telemarketers!!  Oscar Irun  5 star

Finally I got rid of those annoying telemarketers. No calls from them since I got this app. Thanks!!!


Work as advertised  Jorgemiv2  5 star

I have been using this app for 2 days and the number of spam calls I used to get daily dropped instantly. So far I'm happy with the app.


Finally!  susiejerez  5 star

App setup worked exactly as advertised. I had it up and running within a minute. Last year I changed my phone number and since then I've received on average about 10 telemarketing and bill collector calls from the previous owner of my number. Finally! I no longer have this issue. Looking forward to the upcoming features.


better than the integrated app  fpicaza  5 star

Love this app, and this makes sense, since it enhances the built in capabilities of your phone, plus it keeps a database of those pesky telemarketers.

Been Waiting Here

Doesn't work on Unknown calls  Been Waiting Here  1 star

I just called my cell from home line with caller id blocked (Unknown Caller), and the call went through without issue. Also there needs to be an interface to view what calls are blocked and when.


Doesn't work at all!  Pmakercuba  1 star

The app doesn't do what it's supposed to do. A total disaster! Just installed the app. Although I have an email stating I'll get 12 months of the service free, I actually had to pay the app with no options for redeeming my free year of service. I think the app design is not user friendly so they need to work on that.

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