Zip—Zap [Games] App Description & Overview

Touch to contract.
Release to let go.
Bring the clumsy mechanical beings home.

· · ·
over 100 levels
no ads
no in-app-purchases

»brilliantly designed« – gamezebo
»a lot of heart« – pocketgamer
»clever« – toucharcade
»excellent« – macstories
»absolute joy to play« – platformalist

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- More fun than an erector set!

This game starts out easy but quickly becomes a challenge of timing and finesse. There’s something strangely satisfying about making these odd contraptions fall apart when you solve them. I could play this for hours. In fact, I have! I’m currently in my second go-round to see if I can get through them any quicker than the first time. Thanks for a great game!

- Awesome

Sometimes a simple concept can make for a challenging game. This is one of those times. Don’t let the minimalist style fool you. The mechanics take a little bit to master (mostly training yourself not to swipe). It helps to imagine the moving pieces as a tiny gymnast. I also like that it has an erector set type of theme. It reminds me of the hours I spent building with some playing with such toys as a kid.

- Fun

It took me a little while to get the hang of some of the puzzles, but nothing was too frustrating. Nice game!

- Good game

I like the physics of it all and I enjoy the simplicity and the no ads!

- I dig it

Just finished all 9 levels and I hope the developers are planning on releasing more. A “create your own” option would be great too, just like their other game Supertype. Zig Zag is original, challenging and fun. Get it now, thank me later.

- 4 instead of 5 because I want more levels!

Almost perfect... needs more levels and a little bit more put into options and control. Gets repetitive which is one reason I’m surprised the dev stopped where they did. Anticlimactic.

- Love the simplicity!

I’ve only just played the first level of puzzles and I’m hooked! Each puzzle is there for you to solve, and you can reset as many times as you need to figure it out with no penalty! I’m tired of in-app purchase games. This one is refreshingly challenging, simple to learn, and doesn’t bother me with an ad or something I need to purchase to be successful in the game every level. Excellent!

- Hours of fun


- Really good game download now!

It is really good despite being hard in some lvls it is a good quality game, please download or buy all of their games! I love them, D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D N.O.W

- Threw It Away Once

Then went through my purchases and gave it another go.

- An incredible and unique game

Wasn’t sure what to expect but I was amazed by this game. As someone who loves bite-sized puzzle type games this is easily in my top 5.

- Deceptively Clever Absolute Fun

Clear your mind and relax with Zip Zap's well crafted, straight forward, yet deceptively simple little puzzlers. ⚠️ A Warning, To avoid reliving the nightmare of high school physics, recall instead, lidealic summer days at the playground or pinball arcade and you'll quickly discover that summer play taught you "all the physics you'll ever need" to enjoy each clever challenge. Just tap the screen, it's that "simple." 👍🏼👍🏼

- Get it

Very fun and will make you struggle but it’s worth it.

- Awesome!

5 stars!

- Great game but...

I beat the game in 20 minutes. More levels please...

- Great app, fun and puzzling

Well done combination of challenging physics-puzzle with satisfying movement and interaction of shapes. Nice job!

- Great!

I love this game! I love video games, but I’ve been too busy and tired lately to be interested in very many video games. That’s where this game helps. It’s a little challenging and addictive. It’s probably the only game right now that I find is fun and requires low energy/effort.

- Great app

Awesome puzzles

- Nice

Really cool game love it 😍

- rip

decided to charge me $2 (got an emailed receipt) when i tapped on some thing i don't remember even though i don't have any method of payment linked to my apple account. good luck with that one chief


quick dubs

- Poopypants

Dude sickest FN game!!! Love it eeerrrrrr

- More levels please I miss a challenge

The title says it all Phil, add more levels or custom level creation where people with the game can’t race against time/ each other in a co-op setting to speed run levels.

- Horrible, waste of money

So stress inducing it literally made me have anxiety and stress. The physics of this TRASH game make me cry. I hope the developer stops creating horrible games like this. DO NOT BUY

- Great game

This is a great game I am looking forward to a part 2

- Just not good

This game looks like a really fun and challenging game from the outside, but right when you begin playing you notice the flaws of the entire design and goal of the game.

- More levels

Great game but needs more levels

- 5 stars

Best game ever! No ads, no purchases, it’s the perfect game.

- Phenomenal game!

I absolutely LOVE this game, it’s so fun and well made

- Great game....but

This is a great game, worth every penny. But I feel adding a level creation mode would be a great fit for this game.

- thank u kamibox

anytime i see the 3-D k at the beginning of the app preview in the app store i get it this is by far one of my favorite games thank u!

- Why

Es muy corto It is too short

- Sloppy Mechanic

The puzzles are not very satisfying to complete, as the mechanics to the game are very sloppy. The controls make some of the puzzles just feel haphazard and random, instead of feeling like there is a tightly controlled solution. I was bored of playing it in about five minutes.

- It’s more fun than it looks

Its dirt simple model of interaction (a single “button”), plain graphics, and small number of different elements make this game seem like it will not be much fun, yet I find myself strangely enjoying it much more than most puzzle games I’ve tried.

- Great game, very well designed and polished

Highly recommended.

- Update and ADD levels

I’ve had this game for a long time and it’s amazing. There hasn’t been an update in a while, so there haven’t been any new levels, which is a shame. Really wish they would update it and add some more levels.

- Great game for grandparents to play with five-year-old grandchilden, a very nicee thing.


- Great game but...

This game is so fun but it would be a lot better if there were more levels.

- coolest mechanical minimal game!!!

I usually don't even listen to app music, but this has the most perfct music and sounds. The little creaky sounds while the metal is swinging, for example. It's just so perfect and adds to the fun of this simple yet fun game. I love it so much 💙 even though I didn't expect to - VERY cool 😂

- It took a bit

Once you stop swiping and relax, this is a fun game with both easy and maddening challenges. They are all doable but not so quickly that you get bored.

- Great game

Great game but it was honestly to short they need to add more levels

- Worth a playthrough

It’s a fun little quirky game. Pretty color aesthetics, making use of a simple pallet. The first few levels may be rather easy, but they do make use rather well of the game’s mechanics. I haven’t played the rest of the levels yet, so I can’t say much about them yet, but I’ll keep on playing nonetheless, specially since there are no ads and none of that stuff that just gets in the way of gameplay, AND IT’S FREE! How often do you get to see that kind of game with no ads and no in app purchases? It’s this kind of stuff that makes me want to shell out a few bucks to such generous authors.

- Simple yet challenging

A rare combination

- Amazing mechanics

Seriously. Amazing.

- Good game

Ok so I paid for this and LOVED it.... for 3 days. Then I had beaten all the levels. It neeeeeeds more levels! Please update! Otherwise a great game.

- Another Home Run for Kamibox...

I’ve played through this game 17 times, and I still giggle. The music, the game sound effects, the physics... It’s AMAZING!!! 5 stars (as per Kamibox’s usual). *** PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEEEEEEASE!!! *** Please add a level editor... Please add more levels... Ridiculously fun game. WICKED fun game. >M<

- Great game.

Great game. All around a mind puzzler and thinker. I do think that there could be more levels between worlds 5/6, but it feels long enough as of right now. If I could change this game I would give a slight color variation for colorblind people because the green on orange isn’t to appealing for those people. Other than that I feel liked with consistent updates and bug fixes this is a great game.

- Never fails to please

This game looks very clean. It plays smoothly. It’s easy to learn, hard to master, but not difficult to the point of frustration. What more can I say? Download the dang thing.

- Ledgendary

Best game I’ve ever played. Please add more levels or a level editor like your other game okay.

- Awesome game. More levels please

Not usually a fan of puzzle games but this one got me. Absolutely love it. Needs more levels please!

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- Best Game Ever!!

Definitely worth the $3 y’all, this game is so fun and addicting! Needs more levels though

- Extremely fun game

Got a great bit of fun from this game! Really simple and fun. However, it's a little short. I suggest you check out other games from this developer, they're all amazing!

- Amazing!

Only thing I want is more levels!!!!



- Needs level editor please

Add level editor please

- More levels!!

Great game guys, but there isn’t enough levels. I litteraly finished the whole game in a day

- A lovely game!

It’s challenging, calming and so satisfying when you figure out the strategy. Perfect for when you’re waiting for something to happen —bus or train arrival, sleep, birth of your child...okay, maybe not that last one but, I’m pretty sure it could work there! Nice work!

- Wow! Genius!

Such a great simple and addictive game! I finished it and beat every level! Please add more! Seriously though, been waiting years now, make more levels!! 'Cause you know, 144 levels isn't enough! 😅

- Ahhhhh Nice

Good game with good physics

- Fantastic game

And they only ask you ONCE to review! Refreshing.

- Oddly fun.

This shouldn’t be my type of game, but I have a lot of fun playing it because how unique the idea and levels are. Good job guys.

- Love it

Me and my GF had a great time. Best Before bed game ;)

- Super fun!!

I really like it

- Review

Very good and quick game on the go really fun!

- !

Just get it so good

- Simple yet satisfying.

This game is so frustratingly good. Once you figure out how to solve a puzzle, your determination is tasted and your patience is rewarded. It can be difficult for all ages, from 4-44. Great game.

- Why

5th level = why

- I'm enjoying it

This is an interesting game. Basic, fun physics puzzler. Definitely worth checking out.

- Idea

I love this game, but add a level editor!

- Nice one hand puzzle

Great while holding a baby

- Great fun

Relaxing rhythmic fun

- Much better than I thought

At first I thought, OK…cute…not bad, but now that I am in the middle of the series, I am in awe of the inventiveness and creativity of the puzzles.

- Great Game, Sometimes Hilarious

I like the imagination that went into this game and enjoy that it sometimes can be funny.

- Really, really cool.

And there ain't no more to say.

- Zip Zap

Zip Zap

- This is really cool.

Simple and innovative.

- Make more levels

This game is great but I need more levels

- Fun

I like it

- Good

Really nice puzzles.

- Great Game 😊

Good game. It had very simple yet nice design and super difficult gameplay later in the levels which most games need nowadays because they're too easy. Very addictive 108 levels. Only issue: not enough levels 😂

- Confused

I completed The six, why can't I get in Seven ?

- Frustrating, but fun!

Frustrating, but don't give up! After a few impossible levels, a really clever and amusing level.

- Good

So damn good

- Great

Fun game

- Levels

Please add more levels!!

- Wiggle worm mechano

Silly fun.

- Crazy-making, but great fun

A terrific game.

- Pure fun

A lot of ingenious fun in a very smart and well done game

- Great game

Great game for all ages

- Fun

Love the music, very addicting and fun to play

- I finish it :(

Please update

- Challenging And super fun

I was super good at it which mad it not so fun but getting up the ranks makes it more Challenging and FUN

- Makes you feel smart

Very fun👌 I realize it doesn't necessarily matter what I write here it just gives awareness to the game, sooooooo ... it's great.

- Review

Pretty good

- Just a fantastic game.

This game is challenging and rewarding. Lots of fun and the physics are amazing. I played this game so much :)

- Fun and challenging

Great fun.

- Stupid but cute

Every movement is stupid but so funny and cute!

- Nice


- Great gift

This clever little app is simply stimulating.the only app I've kept for more than two days no bothersome interruptions.I'm going to give this to mom for Mother's Day.

- Simple fun

very easy to get but also challenging, tons of fun.

- Bought This by accident

This is probably one of the best games I have bought accidentally

- Amazing

For a price of 3$ it’s really good! I think of it as a little robot we control and I have to get it to brake by touching the button/circle It’s a pretty dumb thought. 😆

- Non-gamer hooked

Not a video gamer at all, but I keep an eye out on the App Store and buy them for my wife. I got Zip Zap and it looked so cool I just had to try it...and yep, it hooked this non-gamer! I went through every level...can’t wait for more.

- Amazing game

I love this game, but there is no more levels after 9 please update and I’ve reset 5 times till I could complete the game in 1-2 hrs

- Cool


- Sweet!

Cute physics puzzles in this super accessible package. Love it!

- Awesome

Best game since Super Sharp & Rag Doll!! To the sook that said it becomes luck, there is no such thing as ‘luck’ in this game Like any progressive learning you become better through repeated practice, as each game becomes more challenging you either learn or you become a sook Great game for those that enjoy perseverance

- Zip zap

Awesome game

- Nice


- Great app

Fantastic app... love it. I can’t fault it. Very enjoyable and tactical. Are there new levels coming?

- Starts great then becomes a bit annoying

This game is great fun at the start because you have to think of the solution then execute, as your progress finding the solution become harder which is great, but execution becomes near impossible. Repeating the same puzzle 400 times doesn’t define skill it becomes more about luck.

- Love it

This game is a master at making you think. By using physics and your smarts you have to try and overcome the levels. This game is fantastic. Only one problem. Please add more levels and make them more challenging.

- Fun

I like it

- Best game!!

This game is so awesome, it's definitely worth the money. I got it for free because of the free app of the week thing... Anyway, really good game and keep the updates comin'

- One of the best puzzle games I've played in Yonks!

A great example of the importance of building upon simple game mechanics

- Careful, very addictive!

This is a gorgeous, clever, intuitive game. Very clever, perfect musical accompaniment and NO ADS! Worth the purchase for sure.

- Best game ever

So addicted to this game!

- Love this app!

Thank you so much for this app, developers! Totally agree with others regarding the remarkably simple, expansion on a single concept etc, and there were more than a couple levels that took hours to get past toward the end. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! (At the risk of sounding greedy - especially considering I was lucky enough to get this during a 'free for a limited time' promo - any chance of some more levels soon?)

- Really great game

Was fun to play, and a real challenge at some points. I guess it could have done with a bit more guidance on timing for the puzzles involving 'simple' full rotations, but that honestly didn't detract from the experience.

- More levels! 😩

This is a great game. I'm hooked and desperate for an update with new levels!!!!!

- Simple done perfectly...

A simple idea done well so it gets complicated. Brilliant.

- Very good

Excellent little puzzle solver.

- Interesting

Still coming to grips with it but learning

- It's Awesome

It's a great puzzle game which entertains you.

- Just finished it, and I feel mightier than a god

Delightful concept! So frustrating! Jaunty accordion music!

- Amazing design

Good graphic. Great idea. Addictive. The physics feels so real.

- Awesome

Great game supper fun and so addictive But PLEASE make level 7-15 easier!

- Addictive

Heaps of fun

- Zip zap

The graphics and animation in this game are AMAZING, I'm addicted!🤗😃😝

- Fun


- Levels

I started playing this game because my friend said there is unlimited levels. I got to level 9 and completed the last level (it was very hard) and there are no levels left to do. I now don't know what to do with my life. I feel completely betrayed by my friend and will never trust again. Please make more levels so I can gain my life back again. As I type this I continue to feel a sense of sadness in my life more and more. I'm empty inside :(

- Sir


- Nifty

A nifty little game ;)

- Brilliant!

Fantastic game! No ads just great fun with a catchy soundtrack.

- Investigation Required??????????????????!??????????????????????????????)???

:) Bodoh sekali :(

- Love It

Fantastically simple and very addictive.



- Beautiful

Amazing game. Challenging, fun, plenty of variety, well put together. Would recommend.

- Awesome

Such a fun and satisfying game!!

- Excellent

Awesome game

- Different

I just started playing this game & I knew within 10 minutes of playing I would be hooked. Different but in a good way.

- Great app

Could probably offer more tutorials but mostly self explanatory

- Brilliant

Reminds me very much of The Incredible Machine. Really clever!

- Great!

A very clean app with a nice little sense of humour

- Great Game!

It's a really good time passer and a real original game.

- Great.

Quick and good. Like this review.

- Crazy simple fun

Simple challenging fun for free!!

- Great fun

Keeps me intrigued.... Love it!

- Fun

A good set of challenges to while away the time with

- Must have

Good little game, fantastic idea.

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- Yes get it!!


- I download a lot of games...

I usually delete most of them in the same day, either out of boredom, too many ads, or just being too easy or repetitive. Zip Zap is the opposite of that. It’s fun, creative, and challenges you to think outside the box. It starts easy and gets more difficult as it goes.

- Awesome


- 👍 Good Game

Great game defiantly worth the money.

- It’s pretty great

It’s pretty great lol

- Like puzzles? Bored? This is the game for you

I love puzzles, and I was starting to get bored. My brothers introduced me to Zip Zap, and I fell in love. It challenges speed, dexterity, and logic. There are the extremely hard levels that want you to rage, but it’s all part of the fun. The mechanics make you think about timing and even physics. While some are luck based, it’s quite enjoyable to watch the pieces fly off to crazy places. I recommend this game all the time, and I can’t say that it’s not worth the $3(?? I forgot). 10/10 would buy again.

- Best App/Game Ever

This is best thing I have ever played. Please make more levels. I don’t care if you charge me for them. I will gladly buy and support

- Cool Game

6 worlds or 1 world, it’s a cool game to play here and there. I have many things going on in my life, so there’s no time for playing any game longer than 10min. Congrats to the developer on this one.

- Brilliant

Innovative and simple. A single touch brings life to these adorable mechanical creatures, leaving me on the edge of my seat. The Russian influenced music chugs along in harmony with the wobbly jumpy machines. I play this game with a smile on my face.

- Polished, clever, and fun

One of the best mobile games ever. I love the one-button mechanic. I recommend Zip-Zap to people whenever mobile games come up in conversation.

- Great


- Incredible

In all situations, you can play this game and be pleasant *-*

- Best most awesomest

Finally beat the last level. Absolutely insane addicted but out of levels. If you don't play this, you're missing out on a teeth gritting good time. More levels please!!!!

- Great game but...

This was a great game to play with tons of stuff to do and very challenging but fun. One thing that takes away that one last star is that I finished the game over a year ago and still no new content.

- Poopy blox

Plz add a level editor plz

- Fun for the most part.

A majority of the puzzles are ‘skill’ and mechanic based but in the later levels it’s just brute force/luck. I even looked a few of the solutions after I felt I cheesed a few levels and it was the same method in the solution videos. Still a fun game though.

- Not very satisfying

Points for no ads or in-app purchases. Nice design. However, it falls into a trap that many physics-based puzzle games do: some levels just feel like success is random. Some levels are really good, but you tend to get through them quickly. Then you wind up stuck on a level where you’re really just flailing around until you happen to win, and there’s no strategy involved. It’s a nice game ruined by the 5% of levels you’ll spend 90% of your time on, feeling frustrated and just wanting to move on. Thankfully, you don’t need to do the levels in order.

- Very good!

No shooting, no zombies, nothing but fun.

- Fun

Simple game to pick up and after 20 min, I’m still having fun. 👍🏻

- Great fun


- Game is cool (:

It cool, fun and all. Just wish there was more levels ): !

- So Much Fun. Addicting AF!!

I'm up writing this review at 3:35 AM because I couldn't sleep as a result of some stressful events going on at home. I started playing this game just to finally check it out (I downloaded it a while back but never played it), as well as to try and get my mind off of stuff. I have to say that this game truly accomplished giving me some much needed joy. I had so much fun playing it for the last 20 mins that it not only took my mind off of my worries, but I was actually laughing (quietly - everyone is asleep) at myself about my gameplay. I love it!! Thank you so much for this very entertaining game!!

- Great Engaging Puzzle Game

This game is great. It’s a puzzle game, keeping my brain engaged and helping me improve my problem solving skills. It’s also a lot of fun. Every level is different so it keeps it interesting, and it’s a really fun, unique, and original concept. I love it.

- I need more levels!

Just letting the devs know how much I appreciate this simple game, and I would be willing to pay money for more levels. I've beaten every one at least twice! Love it. Thank y'all.

- Only 9 levels

I've completed nine levels and want to know how to move onto levels 10 and beyond?

- Great! But...

This game is great! It is an innovative puzzler app like no other! However, there are some things that aren’t there that should be, so I could rate it five stars. First of all, there need to be hints if we are stuck on a level. It’s not too big of a concern, but I would like to see it added. But one thing I absolutely, positively, 100% NEED: A level maker. Then, people would never stop playing this game and it would be the #1 app on the App Store! (For me at least, but the rating would definitely go up, and you money will too!) Please add this and many ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ will be granted! Keep it up! -kuleguy59

- Great Game

This is a great game, it really draws you into it right from be beginning, quickly picking up in difficulty. Tons of fun.

- New landscape worlds music is awesome

My kids will sometimes want to open the landscape worlds only to hear the music. Great job!

- not worth it

Apparently only six levels; not worth the price for what you get. Also too many of the puzzles have arbitrary or random solutions that reward repeated clicking over elegance.

- Great game!!

A fun puzzle game, with many levels and a fun gimmick. I feel that it’s a little short, even with six worlds, i feel you should add more 😉

- Simple one touch physics

Simple yet Challenging. Perfect to pick up and mess around with for a few min

- Huuge Fun

This is a great game, I just have a small request with the sound. Turning off the sound doesn't actually turn off all the sound. Can you please fix that?

- L O V E This!!!! SO SIMPLE, BUT NOT!!!!


- Excellent physics for such a minimalist gem

One-touch gaming creates quick bursts of satisfying gameplay. A great time waster.

- Fun app

Intuitive to play and fun

- Test your wriggle skills

What would it be like to be a multi cell organism? How would one move around? Something like the way these tinker toys wriggle and squeeze to move through a set of mazes. Light fun.


I got and I'm happy that I did cuz it's super fun

- Can’t mute sound effects

Can’t mute sound effects. Even when it says they’re off they’re on.

- Amazing game!

This deserves 5 starts no doubt. My friends and I had a great time with this game because it's so fun and challenging. Besides all that, I have beaten the game and it’s pretty much useless on my phone now. Maybe try making a mode where you can continue playing somehow.

- Super Fun!

Incredibly fun game, works well!

- Are there more levels?

Good app, I completed level 1 thru 6. Are there more levels?

- Pretty entertaining so far.

Through the first level in 10 minutes. I hope it isn't too short.

- Terrific time killer

A lot more fun then I thought it would be! Great game while waiting in the Doctors Office.

- Just great !!!

Graphically handsome and fun

- Satisfying

It is a challenging game and will test your patience but it is fun and it is rewarding when you succeed.

- Get it now.

Simply brilliant. Fun, challenging, and humorous without saying a word.

- makes you laugh

There are more than 6 worlds

- This is the best

This is awesome

- Cool game but not worth it

This game should not cost $2. The amount of content is not enough. There definitely should be more levels

- Simple, elegant, fun!

I love the look of the game and it's challenging

- Why though

Why is this a thing And why does it keep saying swiping has no effect Clever though Omg 7 - 15 is ridiculous. Screw you. I'm going to have nightmares.

- Ingénieux!

Divertissant. Sans etre difficile, le niveau du jeu offre de beaux moments de réflections !

- ⭐️

One of the weirdest games I've played but it's really cute and I love how simple it is

- Ingenious..., excellent tester of one's "mechanical" thinking and manual dexterity, if one-finger operation can be called that. Try the game and you'll see what I mean.

- Super fun for when you have a quick minute


- Cool

Pretty fun game

- Fun

Good game and good price

- Perfect!

I never leave the sound on for games, until I found this one. I even laugh out loud at the game and at how I move my body as if it would help lol I am addicted!

- Sets a good example.

This is how all games should be. No IGP and no ads after every level. Very fun puzzles! Still working through them but they make you think a little. A dash of luck can help too!

- Full marks!

Feels like I'm giving my brain a bit of a wake-up.

- Very Interesting

So simple yet very intriguing.

- Hooked

This reminds me of the old Meccano set my friend had when I was a girl! The puzzles are fun and challenging, not because they are hard, but because they challenge you to be patient and think things through. Great game!


Get this game for sure its so fun its perfect and its free!!!!

- Simple, but unique

A creative and fun game with interesting and puzzling levels

- Fun Game

Just the right amount of challenge to make it interesting and relaxing at the same time.

- Fun

It needs more levels though

- Very good

Simple but complex

- Really fun


- Great Game!

Really fun game to play when you're bored and makes the time fly. Not too challenging but still fun!

- Simple and Fun

Nice cute game, love it!!!

- Funny. Cute. Playful.


- Awesome

Must have

- Very Fun!

Fun and addictive

- Fun

This is great game.

- Amazing

The games simplistic design is new and creative and they used it to make a challenging but fun game. That is why I rate this game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Cool game

It's pretty entertaining

- Awesome

Its simple controls are sick

- Fun

Neat mechanics, not too cheaty. I like it.

- Pretty damn fun


- Pepe

Wow I really love miles mckenna

- Fun game

Unique game play


This game is fun and need skill it also is a good time waster if u have no internet

- 10/10

Easy to pick up, easy to learn, fun to play!

- Fun and addictive

Addicting game to play. Can't stop.

- Great

A Interesting game 😉

- Get zapped

Nice, fun game

- Awesome, but needs a level editor/creator.

Great game, but actually has 96 levels, not 100+. Also, this game would be even better with a level editor, I'd love to create levels that challenge my own skill! Overall, great game, just needs a level editor for 5 stars

- Lots of fun

Good challenging puzzles too.

- Beautifully Simple and Clever

For such a simple concept, the designers really made an amazingly challenging and interesting game. Highly recommend!

- Simple gameplay serious thinking

Intuitive controls, clean design and realistic physics make this addictive game one of my new favorites

- Good


- Simple but Fun & Creative

5 stars for no ads and a well designed game. Great job.

- Lovit

It is one of the best games I have ever played and I play it every day despite my very short attention span. If you could ad more levels though, as I completed all of them. That would be awesome

- Good Game

It's a really fun and creative game, but for some reason gets a bit repetitive afterwards.

- Fun

So fun

- Very good

Surprisingly good!

- Eh

Don't get me wrong, it's a good idea, simple, smooth, easy to pick up, but I got bored of it quickly. Not my thang

- Awesome


- Good puzzle game

It's good. Not to easy, have to put it down on occasion to let things simmer, but really fun

- Cute and Fun

I love this game

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- Fun little game.

Just got myself a new iPad wanted a pick up and play game. Have to say this is a great little game. Easier to pick up and hard to put down. Well worth the time and money.

- Waste of money

How they have the nerve to charge for this I do not know. Played it for 20mins and got bored.

- Great game but Swipe restart a little annoying

Love this game. The only downside is swiping to restart a level becomes very tedious and annoying. If struggling on a level for a while thumb begins to ache for having to swipe to restart so many times. Either should be better at the game or would prefer a restart button to tap.

- Puzzler

Great puzzles, some quick to figure out and some will keep you guessing and trying again and again.

- Dull

Keep doing the same thing over and over again until you randomly succeed. Don’t waste your money.

- iPhone X

Yeah it’s working.

- Levels

Game is perfect didn’t stop playing till I beat it but that’s the thing when I beat the game there where no more re levels to play either I delete the game for more space or play earlier levels so devs if your reading this please add more levels

- It is the perfect game for my brother he just loves it

Before he didn't know about it and he used to annoy me but now he has got this game so it keeps him busy so now he doesn't annoy me thank you so so so much it makes me very happy

- Superb entertainment.

A most enjoyable brain teaser, pure entertainment one can never say that it’s boring it definitely isn’t. It’s well worth 5 stars. The introduction is excellent and who could ask for anything more. Now back to it, I’m new to this game, so must get cracking. Well done out there.....

- Worth it

Really enjoying this over Christmas break!

- A favourite!

One of my favourite games, completed a while ago but can’t bring myself to get rid of it off my phone. Not the ‘most’ replay value once completed, but really hope they make more levels or a second one!

- Best game ever

I brought this game for my son. It has really helped build his skills

- Proper puzzle game, beautifully simple

Cracking break from advert riddled repetitive puzzle games. The levels increase in difficulty and theres no cheat style iap boosts, solve it or pull your hair out. I look forward to more levels being added later on


Loved this. Would have happily played it for a thousand hours. Hope there’ll be more levels or a sequel :)

- G A Y. B O I I S. A. G A Y. B O Y

G. A. Y. B. O. I. I. S. A. G. A. Y. B. O. Y.

- Ok, deteriorates

I like the fact that this isn’t freemium. But it bills itself as a Rube Goldbergian physics game where you solve puzzles using your ingenuity. It kinda feels that way at first, but by the later levels it lets itself down. By the end it’s just yet another frustration game where the difference between losing and winning is luck and a lot of mindless repetition.

- Cool little puzzely game- worth it!

This game is so cute and frustrating at the same time I love it! I can't think of anything bad to say.

- More levels please!

Amazing, fun & quirky game! More levels please!

- Love it!

Perfect and addictive game to pass the time.

- Great fun.

I like this app. Increasingly difficult and inventive but simple puzzles. Worth the money

- Fun but addictive

Very clever little game, few instructions required, you learn the quirks as you play. Really fun but hard to put down - I’ll just play one more!

- Too short is my only criticism

Just a question of mechanics & physics. If you do one action, what will the counter action be. Fun trying to attempt the levels, but you do get rhythm going. On some levels you’ve got to have quick reflexes.

- its great

its honestly a great game has a lot of puzzles too best of all its free

- Wow

Best game. Hands down.

- Brilliant and original

Such a simple concept but devilishly tricky

- Zip zap

Very addictive and lots of fun. Principles of physics are helpful.

- Fab

Frustratingly addictive. Some levels I can’t play without swaying my iPad around. You’ll understand why....

- Good game, patronising developers

Developers: I’m not swiping from the left because I’m trying to swipe for no reason, I’m doing it because it feels more natural as a ‘reset’ than swiping from the right. Stop patronising your users.

- Clever, simple

Clever little simple game. Can pick it up and be into it in seconds. More like this 👍🏽

- Give it a chance

Seems awkward at first but quickly becomes fluid... a bit like the music.

- Zip zap

Fantastic game haven't seen anything like it before.

- Love it..

I've spent hundreds of pound on games that just get you hooked, then rip you off and no matter how many emails you gets you nowhere. But this is a little gem, highly addictive and deceptively hard and DOSEN'T rip you off. Play it, I guarantee you'll like it

- Ye


- Pure genius

Fun and original game :)

- Great

Great game, very addictive, but I'm confused, I've finished all the levels (up to 9) but the last two level "packs" say they're incomplete? They're not! They're finished! More levels please!!!

- Simple

Simple game to understand, one of those games that's fun to get frustrated at!

- MORE LEVELS, P-L-E-A-S-E. . . . !!!!!!!!!!

Simple, additive, very challenging and great fun!!! No ads!!! Only 2 more games to do now. MORE PLEASE ASAP!!!!!

- Really good! A bit short though

Really great game, simple concept that's easy to grasp and semi difficult puzzles. my only issue being I finishes this game in less than an hour.

- Very good.

Just hard enough.

- Simply compelling

Elegant puzzle that can take moments or addict you for hours. Be warned! Another well thought out game from this dev. Thank you.

- Great game. Simple and challenging


- Puzzling

It took me longer than I care to admit to figure this game out. Now I have, I love the puzzles presented. 100 get this game

- Neat

Very nice, user friendly interface, smooth animations, good colour palettes and sound effects. Definitely a game worth 5 stars.

- Frustratingly Brilliant!

This is a very simple & basic thought out game that just gets you addicted from the start to the end. Like most games it starts off easy & gets progressively harder through the levels. Be careful though, if you have a short fuse, you'll be wanting to throw your phone down in frustration at the latter stages. On completion of the last puzzle though... a great sense of relief you've completed it but also frustration that the game is over. I want more more more please!

- really fun, addictive, physics in action!

love this game!

- Brilliant!

Simple yet fun and addictive! One of my favourites to pass the time. Hoping for some new levels soon, as I have finished it and now replaying through again 😁

- Wonderful

An absolutely fantastic gaming experience. Tapping to make these little things move around to solve puzzles is great and a really simple but effective design, but it's been created with an amazing depth of character. The little things seem almost delighted and very excited to be moving and jumping around, launching themselves at things or accomplishing tasks and the music adds an excellent light-hearted tone and feel to the whole thing. Looks, plays, feels and sounds great!

- Creative and addictive

Very well made simplistic game and all for free? Amazing

- One of the few mobile games I've played to the end

Tons of levels that make use of a very original mechanic make this game an excellent time-waster. I also play most games on mute but this one deserves a listen! Great game 🙂

- Wig flew

This is such a good, interesting, never-boring, mind-stimulating game. Honestly I love it. Need more frequent updates though, come on!

- Fun simple and easy

Pretty funny game. Love the squeak of the hinges and the nice soundtrack.

- Great Puzzler!

This game and its unique controls make for a fun and puzzling game. Give it a try, its worth every moment.

- Great game

Nicely done

- Good time waster

Easy to play and enjoyable if you're trying to past the time!

- Good fun

This app is great fun and requires thinking! My kids love challenging each other on the levels.

- Excellent

Great game

- Great single-mechanic gameplay

Taking a single idea, and experimenting with how many different ways it can be used is a cornerstone of creative thinking. Building a game off that process without feeling repetitive isn't easy, but the team that made this have executed it perfectly.

- Amazing game

My new favorite. Very smart concept beautifully made. 5/5 amazing game/puzzle!!! Must have and probably it will be in essentials soon.

- Cool physics

Innovative physics engine, nice time-filler

- Love it!

Such a simple concept, but executed remarkably well. I hope more puzzles are in the works, I wouldn't have any qualms with paying for them :)

- Amazing UI and UX

I love it!

- Amazing

So simple, yet so complex at the same time.

- 👍🏼


- good game


- Awesome


- Marvellous

Just like an app should be

- Unique and Addicting

I've only started playing this game, but it's really great. The mechanics give the game such a unique touch.

- Love it!

Fantastic. It's a simplistic, fun game with mechanics that were easy to pick up, and hard to put down :)

- Fun and thoughtful

Very good and sophisticated game. It's got better the more you go.

- Fun game

So far I've enjoyed it, levels vary which is good, fun game to waste time when you need it

- great

simple but interesting

- Cute

This is a really nice game. I like it

- Great game

Fun puzzle game

- Zip Zap


- Cool game

Great little challenges with funky music

- Classy

Minimal, great feeling puzzle game.

- It's fun

Great game 😊

- A fun, incentive & easy to learn puzzler

Quick to learn, hard to master.

- Great game

A game that grows on you.... very addictive. Just get it.

- Marvellous

In the words of Richie Benaud (look him up if you need), just marvellous. Brilliant idea for a game. Well designed, easy to learn how to play. Amazing quality. I especially like the front page of the game. Congratulations on making such an incredible, fun game.

- Quirky

Great little time passer you really have to think on some of the challenges much better than I thought it would be

- Surprisingly good

I think it's a pretty good game and good if you wanna waste a little time in a good way

- Beatiful

A very very beatiful game

- Great great game

Wonderfully simple and responsive

- Simple and fun

Looks like fun.

- Fun but..

It's a fun game, but it consumes battery extremely quickly. I went from 60% to 10% in about 15 minutes.

- Well built and original

Intuitively built and easy to pick up. I usually struggle with new puzzle games that have an overly complicated system to perform simple actions but this one got it right!

- Creative and engaging

Intuitive controls, easy to learn but hard to master.

- Fun. Plain and simple.

Clean simple design. One touch gameplay. Easy to learn. Knocking off a level is a nice, quick time-filler. The game is simply fun.

- Tricky, but engaging

Fun way to kill time. Great brain training.

- unique game style

fun to play, good design

- Fun!

Yep, this is fun.

- Nice

Liked it!

- Polished, fun, great!

A lovely little physics puzzler. Highly recommended.

- Highly polished action puzzler

Original idea and incredible physics driven puzzles coupled with quirky music make this game addictive must have for the money.

- So good

Love it


Can't get enough. Very original and well developed game.

- Zippedy Doo da

Love itttttt

When Sharpay and Ryan sang zip zap zop, pop like a mop I felt that

We take inspiration from South Africa's greatest leader. Zip Zap spreads joy and hope through the social circus.…

@kamyllemachado me chama no zap zip

Zip, Zap and Zop

@giovannafabbris vem de zip zap

@_helomeloo Saudade né? Eu tentei puxar um assunto com vc no zip zap e vc me ignorou

@NatyCrystine Vou te chamar no zip zap

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Zip—Zap 2.11 Screenshots & Images

Zip—Zap iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Zip—Zap iphone images
Zip—Zap iphone images
Zip—Zap iphone images
Zip—Zap ipad images
Zip—Zap ipad images
Zip—Zap ipad images
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Zip—Zap (Version 2.11) Install & Download

The applications Zip—Zap was published in the category Games on 2016-09-26 and was developed by Philipp Stollenmayer [Developer ID: 580506869]. This application file size is 16.39 MB. Zip—Zap - Games posted on 2018-05-22 current version is 2.11 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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