NHL SKATE: Hockey Card Trader

Topps® NHL SKATE™ 2017: Hockey Card Trader is the officially-licensed digital trading card collection app of the National Hockey League (NHL®) and National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA).
New hockey cards and series released every day based on the live performances of the players!
• Consistent Release of New Cards – Open packs every day FOR FREE with your Daily Coin Reward!
• Daily Contests offer the ability for fans to be grouped together to compete to win rewards. Follow along with the action and acquire points by with your favorite players!
• With all 30 licensed NHL® teams and over 3,000 cards, there’s always something to collect in Topps® NHL® SKATE™ 2017!
• Each of the 300 players in our Series 1 base set is featured on 10 color parallels, each one scoring points in contests at a higher multiplier than the last!
• Watch live games and compete for points in real time against rival fans from around the world! Our scoring system allows users to predict momentum changes, swap cards in their starting six, and feel the excitement of every check, pass, deke, shot, and goal.
- New limited cards to collect that indicate the card circulation number.
- Join and be a part of the most comprehensive hockey card collecting community in the world! Expanded trading allows for up to 18 cards to be swapped in a single deal. Our Trader Score allows you to rate your fellow traders on their trustworthiness and deal-making ability.
- Start LEVELING UP today as winning Contests and exchanging cards gets you Experience Points based on the new LEVEL scoring system.
- Improve your players with CARD EXCHANGE! Collect cards of a lower parallel and special Equipment Cards, then trade them in for a higher boosted variant of the same player!
- Exciting STORE DESIGNS that hold unique offers and special packs!
- Thousands of official digital cards from every team in the National Hockey League!
- Join the best community of hockey card collectors in the world! Chat with players around the world in the Fan Feed and propose trades with up to 18 cards!
- Consistent Release of New Cards – Open packs every day FOR FREE with your Daily Coin Reward!
- The most dynamic card store in the world! New series, artworks, and editions of cards appear multiple times per day!
- Set your ultimate line-up every game day with your best SKATE™ player cards and get real-time scores based on live performances!
- Watch live games and compete for points in real time against rival fans from around the world!
- NEW LIVE CONTESTS: now you can compete with other players to win rewards in contests that last from one game to an entire week!

Stay tuned with all of the game day action and newest card releases!
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NHL SKATE: Hockey Card Trader App Description & Overview

The applications NHL SKATE: Hockey Card Trader was published in the category Sports on 2016-10-12 and was developed by The Topps Company, Inc.. The file size is 242.66 MB. The current version is 6.5.15 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are here!
This update brings access to the postseason leaderboard.

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NHL SKATE: Hockey Card Trader Reviews

Dion Loertscher

Battery killer  Dion Loertscher  3 star

Fun to collect, but this thing will get you from 100 to 20 in less than an hour, especially when using the exchange.


Best Trading Card App Ever  Oweeeeen  5 star

Period it's the best don't listen to those liars who rate 1 star


TERRIBLE APP!!!😡☠️  Bartron53  1 star

Don't waste your time and money on this app. You will only end up frustrated and with less cash. Topps will be happy to take your money but will not offer timely support if you have an issue. Good luck if they respond within 24 hours. They offer no way to contact them except by submitting a ticket, no chat, no phone, no nothing!!! Their stated odds on inserts have never come close to my experience, 1:20, I've opened 30 packs without a hit so many times I quit trying.


Update idea  EZE329  5 star

To make this game even more fun I say that you should do whenever a player of this game goes to any teams hockey arena they should get a team pack of that teams arena


Good App  Zachiechan13  5 star

Great app, could not be more fun than it already is..

Nick Despo

Terrible service and ruins a fun app  Nick Despo  1 star

Topps will ban anyone who has friends on this app and helps someone out. Without warning and without any appeal. They'll ask do this AFTER you purchase coins and will not refund you. Thankfully Apple stepped in and assisted. Topps Skate is an awful app if you want to have fun. It's only ok if you pay Topps.


Bad customer service  SEM1234567  1 star

Topps can't handle a schedule change with their contest and won't make it right with their customers.


Terrible - stay away from this fake app  Ejk1543  1 star

You don't get real cards and they've banned most of their top players for things that everyone on the app does


Terrible waste of time and money  GamingTim1  1 star

You cannot play this game and win without throwing lots of money down the toilet. Trading system is terrible, too many ghost accounts and scammers. Awards system is a failure. Game crashes a lot and sends incorrect notifications. You will be banned if you sell your digital items, swear, or if enough people report you for any reason. But they can't stop the people spamming accounts and sending advertisements.


Great fun!  Mystykle  5 star

This is wonderfully fun and I love it. There is an issue with videos not playing, so I can't earn coins that way.

Blues fan 169927

Cool app  Blues fan 169927  4 star

This is a cool app with nice designs and good insert ideas. Paywalls are getting worse.


Just ok  PALE-EMPEROR  3 star

I was super thrilled for an NHL card trader but with many bugs and slim chances to pull inserts out of packs I'm quickly losing interest. The Star Wars version gives you better chances at inserts.


Very slow  Firedriver19  2 star

This would be a fun app if you were able to scroll through your cards. The app is incredibly slow and very hard to use. The latest update did nothing. Don't waste your tears me till they get it fixed.


Avoid!  Barretta  1 star

This apps is designed to do nothing more than get you to pay real cash. Have enough credits to buy a cool pack? Sorry about your luck; you have to pay cash first to "unlock" the pack.


Will steal your money  Schankin  1 star

Purchased two special card packs. Never got the cards but they got my money. Provided the iTunes receipt to them and never heard back. 5 days later and 5 emails later they haven't yet replied and haven't provided any indication of an intent to make it right.


Good but one glaring issue  Richster13  4 star

I love the app, but the iPad version needs a landscape mode in the worst way. This app suffers from the lack of it more than most. Good all around though, so four stars.


Sold Out  Starterd  5 star

Hey guys the new update looks great! Sold out sign is a little big and bright!


Too many glitches  skeletorsambora  3 star

This has the best-looking base cards of the Topps apps and could easily be five stars. But a lot of parts of the app don't work or barely work for me: scrolling, searching, trading, card exchange.


Money Drain  Vàlhalla  1 star

Not a bad looking game. Community is great! Fun to trade but Topps is greedy. The pull rates are insane and packs are way over priced. What's even worse is they don't have card counts on awards and inserts. It's not even worth it to collect :(. Limited cards /w set card counts are the only numbers that show up. I feel really bad for free players. They don't even stand a chance to collect a set unless they cross trade. Dlvalhalla


Crash!!!!!!!  DeffyJeffy  1 star


NHL SKATE: Hockey Card Trader Comments

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