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Create your Sims, give them unique personalities, and customize their world with more detail than ever before on mobile. Experience your Sims’ lives as they choose careers, party with friends, and fall in love.

Customize Sims with distinct appearances, hairstyles, outfits, makeup, and personality traits.

Personalize layouts and designs, choosing from a variety of furniture, appliances, and decorations.

Guide the stories of your Sims’ lives from careers and hobbies to relationships and families – even Risky Actions! Start a family and pass down powerful Heirlooms.

Host and attend parties with other Sims to socialize, earn rewards, and develop romantic relationships. You can even move in with other people’s Sims.
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The Sims™ Mobile App Description & Overview

The applications The Sims™ Mobile was published in the category Games on 2018-03-06 and was developed by Electronic Arts. The file size is 121.64 MB. The current version is 13.0.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Get ready for a new way to style Sims! We’ve revamped Create A Sim to include the introduction of fashion brands and loads of fresh items. Plus, choose the Stylist career for your Sim so they can keep up on hot trends. You can also change the looks of Sims around town as well as kids and toddlers in your household! And, you’ll now have more control over when your Sims age and move out. We've also made some stability improvements. Thanks for playing!

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The Sims™ Mobile Reviews


Love it. But could always be better.  Cassiundra  3 star

Love this game since 1998! Couple things I miss, is the ability to sell things you no longer need. Or accidentally buy... Also I miss being able to build your home from scratch. And erase walls. I also miss some of the older features like, being able to have ghosts that haunt you. Becoming a alien, and or other creatures. I do feel that the tasks to get married and have a child are extremely long, and repetitive.


Needs several fixes.  Kt8021  3 star

There are a lot of fun things for the home to decorate however it’s absolutely ridiculous that those things break each and every day! Nothing in a real home is broken that much, even with a slew of kids around and they break everything! Furthermore, the children should be playable characters as children. It would add a lot of depth to the game. There should also be pet options, as that too would open up several interesting events and challenges. What’s more, one should be able to have a swimming pool, a deck etc. Those are items that people often have in life and enjoy fully. That would also open up career options or hobbies et al. To expand land, a small area should not cost upwards of 10,000 dollars, one should be able to work to clear that land DIY as well. Again, more career options and challenges. To fix the house or room size it should not be over 10,000 each time. You should have the option to attempt DIY on that as well. Overall there are, as you can see, multiple areas for this game to be improved and more worthwhile to play. Ie: Draw more in and keep them. Lastly, a Sim character should be able to advance beyond level 40 and with that options to be rewarded for loyal game play. (I would run out of review room if I went on any more) UPDATE: The more I play, the more I realize what a money-grab it is. There’s no reward for loyalty, progress etc al. Instead they penalize the higher levels and further progress by consistently raising the cost of building/ buying/ unlocking. It’s impossible to continue lest you spend a LOT of money to do so. Not to mention with the latest update, it freezes incessantly and children/toddlers/NPC go missing very regularly. The update has made everything worse.


Great game  best1002  4 star

The Sims Mobile is a great game, but the creators could make a few changes. Some changes that could really help are letting users sell their items like in Sims 4. They could also give us more land and make things cheaper. Plus could you please add an option of building a second level for your house and make it more realistic to Sims 4.

miss henny

More diverse hairstyles  miss henny  4 star

Great game really fun!! Only complaint is that there isn’t really a big selection of diverse hairstyles meanwhile there’s a whole section dedicated to white ppl hair :(


Sims is amazing  minny.maddie  5 star

I have been delighted how you can have marriage and family matters and fun activity’s!theres no way anyone would..would give it a 👎🏼 sign


great but PLEASE  āLysSā  4 star

Game is amazing, but i hate how everything is in real time. I don’t want to wait four hours j to play


Sims  highnjo  4 star

I love ur game but I hate the fact they have energy things

trey duhon

My kids  trey duhon  5 star



Keep on Improving  bdishwwb  5 star

This is a wonderful game. Just gotta add more stuff keep on improving and just keep the bits coming!


Deleting Sims!  Simple_Question  3 star

I’ve played sims mobile for a while now, and accidentally clicked on the crib, trying to X out, clicked the baby action, I really would like a “Delete Sims” button, it would be much easier, and helpful! I think many sims users would like that as well, but for now, I’m not going to play it as often. I would like an update, and I think many others would too.


Great game but needs improvement  JJlevo675  3 star

Too many tasks in the way and too expensive to complete them all. Would be great if next update could be a lot more like sims 4. If possible it would be awesome if there were holidays. Or if the sims had specific needs and wants. I love the new clothing updates


awesome game,just one problem  yassthiccyniccy  4 star

i love this game and don’t want to stop playing, but trying to complete challenges like marriage and babies can be near impossible with the time given.the lasts few days my service and data has been out,so I had to start over the baby quest,AGAIN. rip haha


The sims  BitchLasanga  5 star

GreatGame! Been playing it for 2 years now but for some reason I can’t unlock woohoo I also don’t like the fact that the baby quest is limited time why can’t it just be like in the sims 4 where all you have to do is press on your double bed and then it comes up with Woohoo and try for baby🤯😒


Game freezing  GaMZeLeE  1 star

These days the game keeps freezing.. ea you need to fix this up

Charlotte Gerber

Great game  Charlotte Gerber  4 star

It’s an amazing game and I love it but you do tend to spend a lot of money on it and and I really want there to be an update where your children can be playable it’s really annoying that you can’t. Please make it so that you can get sims cash more easy!


The Baby Quest 👶🍼  JeffTheMooseJuice123  5 star

I absolutely LOVE this game! You can do almost anything, and you can even have and name kids! But I find the baby quest really hard, I’ve tried to complete it over 11 times, but I always run out of time. It used to be something like unlock player level blah, but now you need to unlock a player level and complete multiple quests before the timer runs out. I think it’s a good idea, but the quest events are all eight hours, and I don’t have time to constantly check the game. Other than that I really enjoy the game! Thanks for reading this! 😁👍


Customer Service is not Helping  Madre58  1 star

I’m so livid. Over a month ago all Progress was lost it went back to Create a Sim! Various Customer Service attendees have told me different will be fixed soon... I will be rewarded with 100 sim cash pointless if I cannot get in. Besides I had over 500,000 coins. I was at the highest level had unlocked everything, unlocked all land plots etc. Now they are trying to tell me I was only at level 6 🤷‍♀️ seriously 😳 after starting when it was first launched here in Melbourne & spending over $170.00 in real money over a period of 12 months. I find it hard to believe they cannot restore my progress and or Refund my money! I don’t know what to do now????

pineapple 369

great game but this happend  pineapple 369  1 star

i have had a baby for 4 days now and it still hasent aged up what happend i have done 4 events with her and he trait ha 3 stars i dont get it😕


4 Stars  EGM05  4 star

This game is amazing, not glitchy for me. Can there maybe be a thing added where you can get simoleons by writing motherlode, same as the computer? I wanna cheat. Lol.

dctb ujm

Boring  dctb ujm  1 star

Boring boring


The best  dogcatlove12  5 star

What I love about this game is that u can be what you want and sooooo much more if you have a a medical problem you can stop it if you are ugly you can be pretty thank you sims thank you


I lost my history when I updated it  YEET 😜  4 star

I love this game but when I updated it I was at level 1, all my sims where gone, all my furniture was gone, my sim cash (witch I bought with real money) was gone, any clothing I had bought was gone, everything was gone so... I really liked this game until I lost all my history 🙁


It’s okay  Hellogoodmorning2344677  3 star

Other than the horrible graphics and wait time it’s actually a pretty fun game. I downloaded it a couple years back but it was very boring at first. I see that they made some changes?? I wish the graphics were as good as they look on the ads. We should be able to customize our sims more and have more than 3 hairstyles and a few outfits to choose from. We should be able to choose the makeup and facial features like you can on “Sim’s mobile”. Some of the objects you have to buy are so expensive for no reason because they don’t even cost that much in real life. I don’t think there should be wait times like 22 hours because if you’re like me then you’ll forget about the game until days later which is why i deleted it the first time. I stopped having interest in the game when i had to wait DAYS just to get something done. Nobody wants to spend their own money to purchase “Life Points” just to speed up time. The pc version had a fast-forward and pause button. I get that all of the games have evolved and you have to spend money now but i think the wait time is just a very ridiculous. I know that spending that much time on your phone isn’t healthy which is why i can only spend maybe an hour but you can’t get anything done in that time because you have to wait HOURS and it’s just very annoying. I love the concept of the game. I just wish some adjustments were made and the game would be so much better!! Ugh.

Nima 3

I love it but one thing  Nima 3  4 star

I love a lot of things but the only things nf is that I really want a baby in sim but I play on the IPad and it is so hard to


Okay  qweencimaniy  3 star

I wish it was a little bit more like sims 4

Pug Person😉

Wow.  Pug Person😉  5 star

This game is awesome. I think a funny part of it is that the sims speak gibberish 🤣. I recommend this game to anyone that likes family games or realistic games. This is DEFINITELY my favorite game. Ever.


I wish I could enjoy this more.  TurdsFTW  2 star

I guess I got this app hoping that it would be something similar to gameplay on the PC. Not at all. The creators aim to put you in a corner to buy more coins or money or cupcakes or whatever nonsense OR you have to work hard to get a little reward. It’s just not very worth it. I’d rather pay $10 or so upfront for a game that has everything I want unlocked than have to work so hard at a game to get little progress. It’s just not as fun as I want it to be.


Great But...  KAATTIIEE!  4 star

So I have tried to complete the quest for the bassinet three times. The first time I had the game it was something you buy now with the new updates you have to compete the “baby quest”. I stay up to date with my notifications but I still couldn’t complete the activities within the time frame. I finally completed it today but I had to use nearly all my simcash (around $145) now I have $4. Some feedback would be to make the quests either longer or less activities within each quest.


Couple of things I want  w,w,w,kwkw  5 star

For when you have man sim I wish that you can take of the shirt at anytime even when he is wearing pants or shorts becuase some men in real life take of there shirts and I want a new thing you can do when your sims are husband and wife like there’re make out it’s where where they are the go into hood like in the shower and kiss and all that stuff and another for hasband and wife to like make a kiss thing like where they kiss and a super romantic kiss it’s where the sim that is selected and taped on the other sim there’s romantic kiss so it’s like the one where one sim that’s chosen graps the other sim and leans them down and kisses them not when in events thanks😃😀


Good but needs to be sims 4  SUPERCANDIER  3 star

The title is what I want to say.


Please make it happen  Ellarose2016  3 star

I have a few problems with the game (see down below) Please make it so we can have cats and dogs for not that expensive For having a baby you need a pregnancy story and be able to actually do a whoo hoo like not just standing there and she needs to look pregnant Don’t be charged for the color of the item By the way I looked at the other reviews and I actually agreed with it So please do not ignore Thanks


I love it but  Sligann  2 star

It’s one of the best games I have ever played except could you add pets please??😃 and please make it easier to get kids the time limit is too short 😭


It is a great game  millie24536  4 star

I wanted to get sims4 but it was just for computer please let people with tablets iPhones and iPods play sims4


So good!  kinderkidA  3 star

I love this app but I keep having to redownload as it won’t open! Please fix!


Best app and game ever created but....  mugcrtjbvderguj  4 star

The sims is my favorite and most used app.I would have given it 5 stars but there are just a few problems with it.I have listed them below. I think that you should get rid of llama-zoom! The Daily to do List was way better! Please bring it back! When you get are having a baby it only takes a half an hour! Your sim should have a pregnancy story. I think that you should be able to have pets. Making us waste money on different colors is so wrong!Please change it!!! You should be able to sell items that you have bought but do not want anymore. Please do not ignore this comment Thank you for reading this.


Great  Tasha20113  3 star

I love this game but I lost all my gaming data and I’m back at the start again so it take the fun out of it now


Sticker contest ??  justme2401  1 star

One of my tasks is to gove five stickers away but I’ve already used all my stickers so I waited till the next day but I didn’t get any more stickers now it just says “no sticker contest available “ I really like this game and would give a higher rating if this was sorted out


It’s good but....  eatsleepenjoy  4 star

It’s a great game but everything is soooo expensive. It is soooo hard to have a child too and most of Izzy’s fashion shop clothes I have are ugly as hell

rose gymnast1234

Good game but I need more money  rose gymnast1234  5 star

🗣good game

angry persin

UGH! SO ANNOYING  angry persin  1 star

I can only have a baby on this game if I complete the baby quest...BUT you only have 2 days to complete it! And you have to do LOADS of events that takes AGES and the energy runs down so fast, ALSO I can’t complete any of the events for the baby quest if I have another event to do, for example: If I have to have a date with my other sim I can’t do any thing else and I wanted to do an event for the baby thing but I have to do a date first THEN a romantic dinner and then I could do it! But all the energy was down! PLEASE FIX THIS I HATE ITTT😫😫😫😫

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