Animal Sounds Pro - Nature Voice Effects Simulator

**Welcome to this funny app!

We provide lots of different animal sounds. Including bat, bear, bee, bird,camel, cat, chimp, deer, dog, dolphin, dove, duck, eagle, elephant, goose, horse, lion, meerkat, monkey, mosquito, mouse, owl, panda, parrot, peacock, pig, seagull, sheep, seal, tiger, turkey, whale, wolf, zebra, etc.

You can teach your kids to recognize these animal sounds, and you can also communicate with these animals by using these sound effects. You might found out much more interesting methods to play these sounds by yourself!

It's very convenient to send these sounds out with your friends by using the Share Feature. Let’s go try this app now!

Please Note: Make sure the volume is turned up and the ringer switch on the side of your phone is in the “On” position while playing sounds.

Animal Sounds Pro - Nature Voice Effects Simulator App Description & Overview

The applications Animal Sounds Pro - Nature Voice Effects Simulator was published in the category Catalogs on 2016-09-08 and was developed by Ying Zheng. The file size is 27.25 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

* Performance improvements.

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Good  Youknowme2welldontcha  3 star



Pretty good  Dkddkdkdkdnsn  3 star

Lots of ads

Bobby 5467

Arghhh!  Bobby 5467  1 star

Can't stop it from forcing me to write a review. Even after buying it.


Not good  Chaunceween  3 star

Too many popups


👎🏻  The_Beardo  1 star

Free version full of adds. Paid version has no sound. Rip off!


Great...when it actually works  Jacobh2  1 star

My toddler loves this app so much that we bought the ad free version. This has way more animal sound options than other similar apps. The problem is that this app only works sporadically. Some days it works perfectly and she is entertained for long stretches. Other days, no sound comes out no matter how much we tap on an animal picture.

J Swiggins

Stop asking  J Swiggins  1 star

No, I didn't change my mind about leaving a rating after the first time you asked, let alone the 20th, and my siblings didn't either. Completely disappointed. Steer clear from the pro version of this app (or any version) unless this issue goes away.


Good for what it is  stealthycs  3 star

Buy the add free version to avoid anger and frustration...


Stop asking  Agwoodrow  1 star

Paid for the pro to get rid of the ads for my kid and then after Everytime he clicked it asked him to rate it. So there is your rating.


Constantly prompts you to review  1401blueheaven  1 star

Literally every second or third animal sound is followed by a request to rate it. And this is the PAID version! Super annoying.


Terrible app  Morteza890  1 star

Forces you to write a review


Mr  Grtiops  2 star



Yoga  Pbd163447  5 star

Great for my kids yoga class


Ok  Missliss1987  3 star

My son found it ok but the pop up review was annoying

Catch review

Yay  Catch review  5 star

Love it


Forced review.  K-Rolla  1 star

Force me to review an app I paid for, you get one star. I hope it was worth it.

Lumberjack Lars

Total crap  Lumberjack Lars  1 star

Total crap


Great App for my 19 month old.  Pharpst  3 star

Great app for my 19 month old. I just hope writing this review will allow me to listen to the sounds with him instead of being interrupted.


Good for sounds. Enough with the do you want to rate notification!  Ike_P  3 star

Good for sounds. Enough with the do you want to rate notification even in pro.


Stupid  Bigough13  1 star

Keeps asking me to leave a review so here you

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