Animal Sounds Pro - Nature Voice Effects Simulator

**Welcome to this funny app!

We provide lots of different animal sounds. Including bat, bear, bee, bird,camel, cat, chimp, deer, dog, dolphin, dove, duck, eagle, elephant, goose, horse, lion, meerkat, monkey, mosquito, mouse, owl, panda, parrot, peacock, pig, seagull, sheep, seal, tiger, turkey, whale, wolf, zebra, etc.

You can teach your kids to recognize these animal sounds, and you can also communicate with these animals by using these sound effects. You might found out much more interesting methods to play these sounds by yourself!

It's very convenient to send these sounds out with your friends by using the Share Feature. Let’s go try this app now!

Please Note: Make sure the volume is turned up and the ringer switch on the side of your phone is in the “On” position while playing sounds.

Animal Sounds Pro - Nature Voice Effects Simulator App Description & Overview

The applications Animal Sounds Pro - Nature Voice Effects Simulator was published in the category Catalogs on 2016-09-08 and was developed by Ying Zheng. The file size is 27.25 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

* Performance improvements.

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Him  btsullivan517  3 star



Good  CortyB  3 star

I wish there was an option for making your own playlist.


Animal sounds  Zscott858  3 star

App is fun but requests for a review are annoying


Stop asking to review geez!!!  Meatballs21  5 star

Love sounds but don't ask me again to rate it


Ads are annoying  Moshe123  1 star

See above Constantly requesting that I rate the app Annoying!!!

AreYou Kidding me

Forced review  AreYou Kidding me  1 star

Purchased add free version and now forced to review to prevent review request pop ups every few seconds


Nice app  Sholove224  3 star

Realistic animal sounds


Beware! Annoying pop-up in paid version  RSSfan  1 star

Must stop pestering to rate app. Do not order!


Review  Sisokaduta  2 star

It won't stop asking me to write a review


You wanted a rating  JPMGrayscale  1 star

Constantly asks for a rating, even after purchase. I'd give it a zero rating if I could.


Pushy about reviews  Jaygeewu  2 star

This app asks you to review it every five seconds. It interferes with the ability to play animal sounds.


..  Docfreeze8  3 star


k. manning

annoying  k. manning  1 star

Man they ask you to write a review so often. I downloaded this for my kid but it's hardly usable with how often it intrrrupts.


Already rated it  dashco  1 star

Annoying as hell. I rated it, and paid 99 cents for it and the pop-up still asks me to rate it. I'm deleting it.


Stop asking me to write a review  JimmySireno  1 star

I bought the app to make it playable for my toddler- only to have the experience ruined by CONSTANT requests to review your stupid app. So here's my review - you win...


Annoying at times.. but not for the animal sounds  JulesAlexandra  3 star

If you don't buy the app ad free you get maybe one animal sound before you need to watch an ad, then once you buy the app for a dollar you get asked to write a review every other animal sound. I already had paid a dollar for the app to get rid of the ads, and now I'm writing a review in the hopes that I may be able to use multiple animal sounds for the kids I work with without getting annoyed/interrupted after every other animal noise played.


Good app  Preachermanbob  5 star

Good app

Shoe or

Rate me  Shoe or  2 star

Hey rate me.

jess home

No sound  jess home  1 star

I am annoyed that the app had so many pop ups so I bought the no ad version and you can't even hear the animal noises?!?! 😡😡😡


Bad  algrider  1 star

Every three sounds a prompt comes up to write a review and my daughter has to hand the phone to me to get out of it. Very annoying.

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