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Creative productivity. Intuitive Design. Powered by Humans. Free 2-week trial.

Design and build incredible graphics, diagrams, process charts, website and app wireframes—from the painlessly simple to the infinitely complex—inside OmniGraffle 7. Create everything you can imagine in the ultimately scalable and easy-to-use app for precise, beautiful graphics.


Discounts and free upgrades to OmniGraffle 7, both Standard and Pro, are only available to those who purchased an earlier version from the App Store. Double-check that you purchased a prior version from the App Store via the “Purchased” tab in the App Store app. If you need help, please email [email protected]

OmniGraffle 7 is an entirely new version with improvements as fine as tweaking individual Bézier points in typography and as broad as the artboards your type is laid out in. Elegantly organize your Infinite Canvas in a brand new Sidebar and improved inspectors.


With the free two week trial, you can try all of the features of Standard and Pro without buying anything. After the trial, you can continue to use OmniGraffle to view documents for free.


- Unified Sidebar: improved interactions with objects, layers, and canvases in a newly organized sidebar. 
- Point Editor Tool: Immediate access to each and every point on a shape.
- New Export Panel: With just a few clicks, export your graphics in multiple resolutions, perfectly named and organized. Batch exporting, filling set dimensions, and previews are all included.
- Infinite Canvas: make your canvas expand automatically in one, two, three, or all directions.
- Keyboard Shortcut Sets: customize every menu bar command and tool with your preferred shortcut, or choose from a few different sets from popular apps.
- SVG import: paste in SVG code or import SVG files directly to OmniGraffle. 


- Artboard Layers: Use artboards to set up advanced, exportable elements, or as another way to organize your canvas.
- Convert text to shapes: convert text to make tweaks to character shapes or add complex styling.
- Convert lines to shapes: turn a line’s stroke into a shape with easily editable Bézier points.
- Plus:
- Shareable Keyboard Shortcuts
- Artboard Tool


- Visio import/export: Open Microsoft Visio® documents (VSD or VDX) directly in OmniGraffle, as well as Visio stencils (VSS) and templates (VST). Export to Visio XML documents (VDX).
- Shared layers: Easily update common elements that you'd like to display on multiple canvases. Layers can now be toggled between normal and shared.
- New controls specify which edge or center of an object is reflected in the Geometry Inspector. You can set the X and Y coordinates of a selected vertex point.
- Non-destructive shape combinations: Easily create new shapes using combinations of existing shapes (with support for union, intersection, and subtraction). Combined shapes can now be uncombined into their component shapes.
- Resolution-independent Display Scale: When zoom is at 100%, match an Apple point, PostScript point, or screen pixel.
- Photoshop export supports the export of OmniGraffle layers to Photoshop layers.
- Tables: Group shapes using tables, making it easy to add new rows or columns of your template shape.
- Xcode import: Generate a Class diagram of an Xcode project automatically.

For the complete manual, visit our website!


If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you! We offer absolutely free tech support: you can reach us by email at [email protected], by phone at 1-800-315-6664 or +1 206-523-4152, or on twitter at @omnigraffle.


OmniGraffle 7 App Description & Overview

The applications OmniGraffle 7 was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2016-10-11 and was developed by The Omni Group. The file size is 116.87 MB. The current version is 7.8 and works well on 10.12 and high ios versions.

OmniGraffle 7.8 improves the algorithms used to route orthogonal lines that connect objects. Any document opened in this version will be updated to use the new algorithms, so you should double-check that the lines in your diagram still look the way you’d like them to.

• Orthogonal Line Routing — OmniGraffle 7.8 brings significant improvements to OmniGraffle’s line routing algorithms. Any document that is opened with OmniGraffle 7.8 will automatically be updated to use the new orthogonal line routing behavior.
• Diagram Layout — The new “Connected Objects” option in the Diagram Layout and Style inspector makes it easier to enable auto layout without accidentally moving content that isn’t connected by lines in your diagram (like a header, footer, or logo).
• Diagram Styles — Diagram Style options have moved from the Format menu to the Diagram Layout and Style inspector. You can choose between styling All Objects or Connected Objects and there is an option to continuously enforce the diagram style. Hold down the option key and the buttons only apply to the selected objects.
• Auto Layout — Automatic Layout operations are now animated to make it easier to see where your content is shifting to. Auto layout has also been updated to improve performance and produce more reliable results.
• Line Connections — There is a now visual distinction between lines connected to an object and lines connected to a specific magnet on an object. If a line is not connected to a specific magnet then the line’s selection highlight will continue past the line ending to the center of shape and through any magnets that are influencing the line’s path.
• Outline Sidebar — The Outline sidebar now converts pasted lists into individual objects based on line breaks making it easier to get outline content into OmniGraffle.
• Line Magnets — Circular line magnet indicators have been replaced with color coded diamonds that indicate what type of point on the line the new line will connect to. A blue diamond indicates a connection to a midpoint, a red diamond is a connection to the tail of the line, a green diamond is a connection to the head of the line, and a connection to any other point on the line will be indicated by a pink diamond.
• Lines — “Remove Midpoints” (in the Edit>Objects menu) has been renamed to “Remove Midpoints and Reset Handles” and will now reset orthogonal line handles in addition to removing line midpoints.
• Sidebar — The left sidebar can be made much wider to accommodate long titles and deep hierarchies.
• Diagram Styles — When using diagram styles, customizations to a object’s style are now preserved when moving that object to a new position in the hierarchy.
• Mouseless Editing — Fixed a few cases where selection would be lost while using the outline tab of the sidebar to build a diagram. These improvements make it much easier to build your diagram from just the keyboard. Also, pressing Command-Return will now toggle label editing on and off.
• Orthogonal Lines — There is now a specific icon (a crosshair) to indicate when an orthogonal line has been pinned to a path as opposed to using automatic routing.
• Magnets — Magnets now appear as you are approaching a shape while drawing or moving a line to make it easier to target those magnets. Magnets also grow in size to indicate when a line is connecting directly to the magnet instead of the shape.
• Scripting — Object ID Numbers are now changed less frequently, making them a more reliable tool for scripting.
• Text Entry — Fixed a bug that caused auto-correct to end text editing of a label before the user was done typing.
• Presentation Mode — Fixed a bug where canvases would be blank in presentation mode when presentation mode was started on a canvas other than the first canvas.

If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free tech support; you can email [email protected], call 1–800–315–6664 or 1–206–523–4152, or tweet @omnigraffle.

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OmniGraffle 7 Reviews


Without peer  Begemotike  5 star

I use OmniGraffle for two things - UI mockups that includes click events. These are used to show clients website concepts in both mobile and desktop format. The second is to whip together network diagrams and explanatory charts for clients. I’ve used Viso, XYZ Microsoft product flavor of the day, and various free online versions, and it’s almost shocking how there is no comparison. Omnigraffle rewards anyone by allowing complete novices to hop in and make an outstanding flowchart; but the minute you start peeling back the layers of tools you realize you’ll spend a lifetime leveraging this application in more and more powerful ways. Worth many times what they charge for it. If you want free, go suffer with some other products. But if you are a professional who needs a real tool, then look no further.

It used to be great.  1 star

But Omnigraffle 7 is slow and buggy. I’m running a 2017 Macbook Pro and it constantly lags and is unusable. Sad, because I’ve loved this product for years. Now today, after it auto updated to 7.8, my Omnigraffle doesn’t work at all. It claims it needs to be registered again even though I purchased v7 through the app store. Seriously, this product is terrible. I would not recommend it.


Fraud of a company  fla5hfire  1 star

Bought this last summer, now I don’t have access to it since it upgraded. This is FRUAD, and I will be calling the BBB on their practices, and request that Apple Store pull all of their packages off Apple Store. This company needs to be sued out of existance. DO NOT BUY, STAY AWAY FROM OTHER PRODUCT THEY SELL.

Davidicus I

Powerful App for Graphics  Davidicus I  1 star

There is really nothing as powerful as this app I have run across for making design diagrams the exact way I want. Some programs are faster and more pre-built, but when I want something to look like I want it to look, this product has no peer. I find diagrams to be one of the most important tools for communication, a picture is worth a 1000 words is not far from the mark. This app requires some investment in time, but for me, it is well worth it. Thank you for making this app so powerful and pleasing to the eye.

San Diego Rich

Crashes every time I try to print  San Diego Rich  1 star

I just started the free trial. I made a workflow diagram, and tried to print it… it crashes every time.


Wow- worst "upgrade" of all time.  Noefresh  1 star

There’s upgrade pricing and there’s complete robbery. Why on earth should longtime customers have to buy at the same price as brand new users. I know the App Store doesn’t make it easy to do upgrade pricing but it sure makes it easy for me to drop this app for something else. Good-bye forever Omni Group, it was great times while it lasted!


Unethical upgrade policies  gphx56  1 star

I had a paid previous version of serveral products. A new version was push by Apples website. All the applications are require that I repuchase or install from their OMNI website the previous version. They have a habit of requiring a upgrades payment for major versions. The cost is generally have the price of the full version. THE FACT THAT AN UPDATE WAS PUSHED THAT AMDE THE APPLICATIONS COMPLETELY UNUSUAL AND THEIR SUPPORT WAS USELESS. MY RECOMENDATION AND OPINION “CHOSE A DIFFERENT PRODUCT!” I WILL NEVER USE THEIR PRODUCTS AGAIN!


Upgrade not an upgrade - it’s a say goodbye to your documents  My_muzak  1 star

Like others I came from an old version of omnigraffle only to be screwed with opening past documents. Not how you should treat past customers. How do you think this is a sustainable model? It’s clear there is a market for this software, and even more clear that omnigraffle is insanely overpriced. It’s ripe for a competitor. Any of you young software developers out there looking to make a profitable business should outright copy the main features of omnigraffle (and do it well), charge a 1/3rd of the price, and I guarantee you you’ll easily take half of their customers.


Not nice!  cdeerinck  1 star

Ok, so I have enough critical Omnigraffle documents that I can’t afford to lose, so I figure I will bite the bullet and pay for the upgrade. I am met with this lovely jewel: “If you’ve purchased an earlier version of OmniGraffle from the Mac App Store, you may be eligible for a discount.” *** may be eligible ? *** The software ask you to tell it where the old version is. I do this, and it says “The selected application is not a Mac App Store edition of OmniGraffle 5 or 6. It is in fact Omni Graffle Professional v5, but purchased directly from Omni. They know I have the old software, but choose to not give me credit for it. So no discount. Theivery at it’s worst. Now, I will use the 2 week free trial to pull up every document I have, and print them to PDF, and if I ever need to update them, I will use another app. I simply do not choose to do business with a company that treats it’s users like this.

Anonymous BSD 4.3 hacker

Used for years  Anonymous BSD 4.3 hacker  5 star

I have used OmniGraffle for years, on and off, for various technical drawings. I am currently using 7.7.1 Pro. It is really useful and powerful. Sometimes Visio export/import doesn't work completely. I mostly blame Microsoft for that, though. I wish it had a DWIWIANAA (Draw What I Want, I Am Not An Artist) mode :-)


Caveat Emptor  velcroBrain  1 star

I have OmniGraffle Pro. It does (or did) everything I needed. But months ago it started crashing when ever I launched it. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a fix. My guess it that the Omni Group is not motivated to support earlier versions. That would be fine if like a lot of software vendors with frequent releases they either provided free, or ‘non-profit’ upgrades. I paid around $300 (AUD) for my copy. And now I guess I have to fork out half as much again - when I don’t need any features my now worthless version had. So what I am going to do is use the free trial period to see if I can actuall open my OminGraffle files, convert them all to SVG, or Visio or something else. And then look for a replacement. So before you pay a few hundred for this - ask yourself how soon you are willing to find yourself with an unsupported version.

Dave Sag

Best in show  Dave Sag  5 star

I’ve been using OmniGraffle for many years and it’s still the very best at what it does. Yes it’s comparatively expensive compared to other App Store apps, but it’s a work tool, not a toy, and I’ve found it pays for itself many times over. Omnigraffle makes diagramming easy. The resulting diagrams always look fantastic. I’m a software developer and I use it mostly to draw flow charts, object-relation diagrams (like a less formal UML) and service interaction diagrams. I use these diagrams both as an aid to understand what my clients want, and also to communicate to my clients the details of what I am building for them. If I had one request it would be for multi-user support, ala how Pages and Numbers etc do it.


Omnigraffle 7 is great  tjoepar  5 star

I’ve been a long time user of Omnigraffle and it has met and exceeded all my needs for years. It has allowed me to almost flawlessly work with microsoft tribes and the products they use. Good products cost money becasuse a lot of care and development is being put into them. Good customers read all the notes so they avoid surprises. This application is deserving of good reviews for its capabilities. Yes I use OmniPlan as well - also great!


Don’t get fooled  Wolfhound_2000  2 star

Sorry, I don’t care how good the app is (and this is quite good), if the developers resort to this sort of trickery by suggesting the app is free only to charge hundreds of dollars to use it after a month, then they get 1 star. Very poor performance Omni Group. Try lowering the price to something reasonable to non business users. Other developers are doing that and seem to have many more happy customers. Wish there was a zero rating! UPDATE: Appreciate the response from the Developer and the clarification in their product description - bumped rating up. Still think this is way too expensive for the average user. The Omni Group do produce great products and they would have a huge percentage of the Mac users (including me) if they would just reduce the price of their products. Around the $30-50 mark would make me jump on board, but over $300 - no way. I’ll use cheaper and still adequate options in the meantime.


These people are pirates  DDK1313  1 star

Because I bought previous versions (up to v6) of Omnigraffle from their website rather than through the app store, I was not eligible for a discount on the upgrade to version 7. This is a blatant rip off. I need the app, and like it, but the pricing policy is very unfair. And the app is way overpriced.


Not Free… more like Demo or Trial version  pmaddox1976  2 star

This is a 2 week trial version. To unlock requires a $150(!) in app purchase. However, having used prevvious versions, this is probably one of the most powerfull flow-charting vector graphing apps available.


What a con  scootre  1 star

NOT FREE. The “In-App Purchases” listed for this product on the App store says: “Free Upgrade to v7 Pro = FREE”. Nowhere can you unlock this because it doesn’t exist. What is going on?


This IS NOT FREE  Thavith6502  3 star

This is a great product, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure why they resorted to this kind of “false” advertising. I downloaded it thinking it was a free version, but it’s not, it’s free only for a trial period. Free + In App means Free forever, and I can opt in a buy extra features as needed… This is Free for a month, then unless you pay the $200+ (can’t remember the price) it goes away. This company was one of the first to write ObjC code, way back in the NeXT days, so I have a lot of time for them. I just hope they can stop this practice of saying it’s Free when its clearly anything but. Just change the text at the top of this page to say Free Trial for n days.

OmniGraffle 7 Comments

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