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Trending is the best way to listen to music, podcasts, and watch videos!

* Search and stream any song without creating an account.
* Create unlimited playlists, edit, reorder and manage your music.
* Choose your own color theme.
* Watch videos in portrait and horizontal mode.
* Favorite songs you love for quick access later.
* Set your sleep timer so you can fall asleep to your favorite sounds.
* Wake up to your favorite music with your alarm clock.
* Use the equalizer to change how your music sounds.

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Trending Music App Description & Overview

The applications Trending Music was published in the category Music on 2016-09-02 and was developed by Inc.. The file size is 45.32 MB. The current version is 1.57 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Download this update for fixes and to create playlists from your library.

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Ēmily Jean

Fix this PLEASE!!!  Ēmily Jean  3 star

Recently, this past week, my friends and I have been having issues with our trending apps. We can play one song and then the app freezes and we can’t do anything. And when I scroll through all my songs, it freezes then as well. Mind you, I listen to my music on this app all the time and I LOVE IT!!! So please, I’m begging you...FIX THIS.


my app has started to mess up  KSIFox9879  1 star

i seriously love the app! HOWEVER, recently it has been glitchy. For example, once i put on a song, i can’t exit back to the playlist and have to wait til the song is over for it to shut down completely.


App keeps crashing  headhuncho8  1 star

I play one song then the app crashes. And then it only plays one song

Nathan Jendrysik

Great app  Nathan Jendrysik  4 star

It uses to much battery but other than that it’s absolutely amazing. You can download any song to listen to offline which is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t have unlimited.

Adam lee cabrera

AdamLee2009  Adam lee cabrera  5 star

Its good really good

Gloria Sunuwar


So this was my favorite app till last week. It just doesn’t play another song after one song is done or sometimes if stops in between so is there a way to fix this?


Fix it  Delgado442  1 star

Honestly, dis app was good until the most recent update for me. I’ve had soo many problems wit dis app in da past like losing half my music, not bein able to use is w/o internet. But now, I listen to a song and halfway thru, I go to look at it and just freezes. Won’t let me skip a song, won’t let me pause, won’t let me foward a song. After tryin to do dat, it just force closes. And even if a song finishes, it won’t go on to da next. And if I try to go on to da next, it freezes and force closes. Like come on yo, fix dis😒



The update just made this app go from a 10 to a -1.... I can’t listen to a full song ... y’all should go back to how it was


😡  hxishx  1 star

This app keeps freezing up and they are not fixing it


Fix your app  noahv21;(  1 star

When i play music it stops every time and sometimes when i turn of my phone and the music ends it doesn’t play the other song. Fix it


Idk  ishigurung2  3 star

I’m not sure if it’s only me but when ever go on the search bar to search some song to down load it say search only or play on favourite and it just doesn’t work anymore. Yes my internet is fine


I wish I could say better 😕  uknowme_dancinggurl💃🏼  3 star

I really loved this, as I could play/listen/ watch videos or music without using Wifi or data, (you need to download the videos and/or music beforehand). Unfortunately I recently lost everything that I downloaded just because of a previous update 😢😨 It has changed some things, like when I access the app now it always exits and/or crashes when I try to listen to music. Please see into this! Thank you

Workout girl 101

Offline  Workout girl 101  3 star

It has been 2 days since the newest update and I cannot play the music offline like I used to. Disappointed.


The new update has problems  Bdnfencnb  3 star

After the update it starts to constantly crash and when I go offline, the music I favourited were not seen anywhere. Please fix this


Review  Ramamamama  4 star

This is such an amazing app, however some of the music I want cannot play (despite downloading them) and it says that I should just skip it. There is also the issue with just how crappy the video quality is, if you want to include feature; do it, but make it actually work and not be a huge mess.


Good app  brrrrbrrrr  4 star

This is great for offline music, you can’t find that in many apps. But there are lots of adds and some songs are unavailable


I love this app!  K-POP FAN FOR LIFEEE😍  5 star

This app is so good I can listen to music anytime and anywhere which I love it!


Bad review  gsvbhd  1 star

There was to many adds and I couldn’t find the songs that I wanted and when you did before it could load another add comes on!


Songs  Bet.D  1 star

It doesn’t let me load explicit songs


Trouble loading  bigd4ddy83  3 star

Trouble loading a lot of songs on the app please have a look really enjoy putting songs on for the kids


Please help me!!!  Em&Em5871  3 star

I got the app a year ago and I loved it but now every time I try to listen to music I can listen to one song and the app would freeze then make me go to the home screen. I really love this app just wish it would actually work. Please read this and please fix the problem.


Tweaking  Cisco290  5 star

Closes out on everything .


Deletes my huge playlist of 450+ song  Kkgymnastics  1 star

So In the past this app has glitched many times in the sense of totally randomizing the playlist I’ve been creating and gets very frustrating as it takes literally hours and hours to fix when it’s multiple hundereds of songs. But now after this newest update I found that my huge playlist I’ve been adding to for YEARS is totally gone and all I have left is my secondary playlist of around 50 songs!!!!! Needless to say, I’m going to be searching for an alternative app if one even exists. I agree with much of the others comments that it used to be an almost flawless app but now is among the most glitchy and frustrating to deal with. I assume even if that glitch is fixed, there is no way of retrieving my big playlist back


Good!...  CGBros  4 star

It’s not bad...but it does need a little fix on lags and crashes. Love the music suggestions tho! Have a good day/night!! Byeee!!!


I hate this..  GothicUnicorn2010  1 star

Ok... first of all I was trying to listen to my music on Trending and literally it kept saying “ oops! error! “ and there was nothing wrong! Just to be nice I gave it one star! But still add some updates..please and thank you.


Ehhhhh  Dimple$21  3 star

Its ok im glad i can download any song, but y when im not on the app the next song doesnt play i have to go to the app for the app to go ti the next song


i cant see my playlists  snapchatseemyreview  2 star

this app was pretty good at first until today when i try to make a playlist it doesn’t show up!!


Please fix  AGLDAGOD  4 star

this has long been one of my favorite music apps for a while now, but all of a sudden the app’s always glitching and freezing and having many errors or kicks me off the app. It’s very frustrating and I have so much music on here and want to continue using and enjoying this app while listening to my music. I hope you see these reviews and take the time to fix this bug.


It won’t play  Elita-2  1 star

It won’t just play one song but won’t go to the next. I’m about done with this app and about to delete it forever, what is with all the updates their illogical. 😡🤬😡🤬 And FYI all the updates need to stop it’s glitching out the app to much.


Not good  bungbangbeng  5 star



Some songs don’t want to load  Kuba_swieca  4 star

This is a great app and all its amazing for Apple phones because u can listen to free music but some music doesn’t want to load I will rate this app 5 stars if u fix this problem thanks

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