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Audm presents the world's best long-form journalism, read aloud word-for-word by celebrated audiobook narrators.

Listen to hours' worth of new stories every week, from publications including:

* The Atlantic
* BuzzFeed News
* Esquire
* Harper's Bazaar
* Foreign Policy
* The Daily Beast
* The New York Review of Books
* Outside Magazine
* Backchannel
* ProPublica
* London Review of Books
* Tablet Magazine
* The Atavist
* Epic Magazine
* Pacific Standard
* Guernica
* World Policy Journal
* The Bitter Southerner
* The Marshall Project
* The American Scholar
* The Morning News

Add stories to your playlist to download them, then listen on the go -- even with no Internet connection. Within a story, jump to any paragraph by tapping on it. Choose the narration speed you like best.

After your free trial, you will be charged $6.99/month for access to the entire Audm catalogue. Payment will be handled through your iTunes account. The first charge will occur when your trial ends. Your subscription will automatically renew 24 hours before the end of each subscription period. You may cancel your subscription by going to iOS Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Manage. If you cancel in the middle of a subscription period, your cancelation will become effective at the end of that period.

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Audm - The Atlantic, WIRED App Description & Overview

The applications Audm - The Atlantic, WIRED was published in the category News on 2016-09-02 and was developed by Listen In Audio Inc.. The file size is 38.06 MB. The current version is 1.1.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Great service with a poor app  VictoryCig  2 star

I love the Audm service. The articles and sources are top notch, and the readers are clear and expressive at various speeds. The app, however, is slow, often unresponsive, and sometimes crashes. It doesn't make use of standard iOS gestures or UI elements, and it doesn't provide enough visual feedback to indicate a user's interaction has been noticed by the app. (For example, selecting download for later doesn't give any feedback that it was tapped. The share button doesn't seem to work at all while listening to a story.) I'd love to see the app use native UI and implement better feedback. I'll likely allow my one month subscription to lapse, and may check the app out again after some updates.


Bad update  Jesse1244557  2 star

I quite like this program but the latest update is a mess. I'm using an iPhone SE with latest version´╝îand I seriously can't get any thing to play. Hate to have to end my subscription . Can you fix it? Update, September 15: I appreciate the response, but since it was made, 15 days have passed and all I received was a bill for $7.37. I've tried to be patient but it hasn't been a useful program for almost a month. I'd appreciate at least one free month to try to keep up my interest.


Forced Subscription and Limited Content  sixthhour  2 star

Interesting idea but the forced subscription and limited content inhibit a positive user experience. To try out the app, you have to subscribe. Sure you can cancel the 3 day trial but good luck with that. You can't even cancel within the app. There should be free preview content. Even an excerpt of a story would be better than a forced subscription. Normally, I would delete an app with this gym membership style of subscription. Instead, I signed up and set a reminder to cancel my subscription. Now, to the content. I came here because of an Atlantic article. The article was fine. The readers voice took a little getting use to. It was a little to monotone and was hard to focus on at first. During the article I was annoyed how frequently the current US president's name and actions were mentioned, especially when it wasn't necessary. I don't like him nor this constant obsession with him. You might think this has nothing to do with the app. When I took a look at the other news sources, I realized that they are mostly unabashedly left wing sources. Even the technology magazine Wired has drifted from its roots in order to find a new audience. I'm looking for both sides to the story. A little left and a little right. Most of us are not extreme right or left. I want compelling stories without the petty drama. In an app like this, there needs to be more moderate content. I understand that this could change in the future. More international sources would be great too. I know you've got to start somewhere and this is a good start. I might give this app another chance. I'm just not sure I will want to pay in the future to find out if the app has improved.


Concept and Content Great. App - Not So Great  LDCYE  3 star

As other review mention, the selection quality, long-form journalism made available for walks, car rides, etc. has been very enjoyable, although expensive. But the app itself has been very disappointing and frustrating. Running on iPhone 7 128GB version with latest iOS. It is slow to load and very unreliable while playing. If I begin play and have my screen shut off, it stops playing. In a 50 min audio article, I have had to open my phone (and the app, since control through Control Center doesn't seem to work) about 10 times to restart the audio. I went to the Audm website for troubleshooting or support, but found nothing.


Just the service I was looking for  Illustrate352  5 star

But I suggest you reconsider of the app's name and the icon.... For an Audible and Podcast fan, the name and the image are not sticky enough. I think the app can grow much faster with rebranding.

Bay area runner

Off the amateur podcast  Bay area runner  2 star

Great app. Now I don't need to fully depend amateur podcasts. The selection can be improved but great start and love the long form on long runs. Pricing is an issue. Audible, Spotify etc has exponentially more stuff. I would say sure winner at 2.99 price point. Additional inputs after extensive use - Taking 2 stars off the review. 1. App is slow, especially navigation and performance in 4G areas. Used the app extensively at our Aspen retreat and Rocky Mountains roadtrip. Audible and Apple podcast and Spotify worked just fine. Not Audm. Simple caching is itself missing. 2. Content is great. Much better than anything out there. 3. Pricing is off at 6.99. This is more like a 1.99 to 2.99 app. Will be discontinuing.


Auth  listener20984  4 star

//my bad, I didn't see the update, looking forward to trying out the app! Give your users other auth options - i.e. don't force them to authenticate using FB only.

Iced Teaparty

Wonderful app  Iced Teaparty  5 star

The Audm app is edited by excellent editors who scour the literature news world for fascinating and valuable articles on a wide rand of topics. Articles are presented by skilled readers. A great experience for commuters, for those who'd like to be read to, and anyone who can't read but needs their information fix.

Elle 1957

Fantastic  Elle 1957  5 star

Audm is a fantastic way to be informed and entertained!! I'm enjoying the wide variety of articles from many different publications!


Learn Something New Every Day  culverfran  5 star

Great curation of articles - I always find something interesting to listen to and most times it's a piece I wouldn't have picked up and read. I am constantly introduced to new subjects and I feel like I learn something every day. The readers are great, too, which is an issue I have with similar apps/programs. I am always recommending it to others - whether it's my 70 year old mother in law who likes to listen to books on tape or my 24 year old cousin who commutes an hour to work each this app.


Audi  Kutklose1  2 star

Love the content but the app is so sluggish and unresponsive, it's almost unusable


Amazing content - terrible app  Greatdreamer1980  1 star

Just to be clear: The content offered is first class. A great selection of some of the finest journalism the US/UK has to offer (only the New Yorker is missing). Unfortunately the app is frustratingly buggy that I gave up: Frequent crashes, articles stop playing right in the middle, downloads not working, button in-active (e.g. the "+" button to start a download works approx. every 10th time for me...), downloads suddenly vanishing (especially frustrating when you boarded a 12 hour flight and were looking forward to listening to some articles) etc. Unfortunately the app also did not improve at all over the last few weeks - which is annoying as the problems are so glaring that also the developers have to be aware of them.

longform listener

Amazing, awesome concept and articles; buggy and annoying app  longform listener  3 star

This app is a godsend, but it is buggy. It stops playing mid-article. Stops playing, as in you have to re-click the play button. And there's no assurance it will start again. It might just crash. Or do nothing. It also pauses for seconds, then starts again. And there's no way to know whether it will restart again, so you spend 10-20 seconds waiting for it to restart, which it might do, or you might have to interrupt what you are doing to restart it. It also crashes spontaneously. And- it'll hangs for >5 seconds. No button pressing works. It's just frozen. Then it starts working again. Or, it hangs for >5, then crashes. Sad! The audm idea is amazing. The implementation is very bad. If this could be reworked, audm could be a juggernaut of a service. Here's to waiting for that.


Great app and idea!  Nick46789975  5 star

I've been waiting for a service like this forever! They still don't have quite as much content is I would like, but the content did you have comes from a great sources like the Atlantic, and I'm sure they're in the process of adding more (any chance of adding wired?)


Buggy, limited functionality, not worth $7/mo  Me1783560  2 star

The first item that I downloaded to listen to was dogged with playback errors. Just stopped playing about 6 times in an hour, I had to stop my run and restart. I couldn't search for the older content from the Atlantic which was the reason for downloading this app; you only get a short menu of current items. Not worth $7 a month with these limitations and problems.


Super simple, super great  AndreyF  5 star

Found this via reference in a publication I frequent, and was super impressed with this little app. It's everything you need and nothing you don't: great but manageable selection of stories expertly read. Great for morning showers, commutes, and the like!


So glad I found this  Tiwolf13  5 star

Perfect if you love long form journalism but don't have time to sit down and read it often.


Nice effort but useless  DesignatedDriver  1 star

App is not ready for prime-time: it needs to be in constant contact with the net. If I download the clips for later listening when I am offline, then it refuses to play because it is unable to validate my subscription. I have tried to work this out with the company for three months but it just gets worse. I'll just read the articles instead as this service is not ready for production.


App is free but  Pccathy  1 star

Service is $7 per month. No thanks.


Amazing  Jsouvi1969  5 star

Such a great idea. I'm an avid podcaster and reader. To be able to get Atlantic articles and other great content read to you while on the way to work is an idea that is ahead of its time. I can't subscribe to every magazine or read every article. So far I have enjoyed the wide variety of articles that Audm has placed in it's queue.

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