Automatic Call Recorder™ for Calls Made with app

The real Automatic Call Recorder that works on the app store.

√ Recording all your incoming and outgoing calls
√ No limit on how long you can record a call
√ International and domestic calls
√ No limit on how many recordings you make
√ Transfer recordings to your new devices
√ Upload your recordings to Dropbox!
√ Email recordings to yourself
√ Share recordings via SMS, Facebook & Twitter
√ Label recordings so you can easily find them
√ Recordings available as soon as you hang up
√ Access to call recording laws
√ Cheapest way to make international calls
√ No merging or any other steps, just dial a number and record your call
√ Turn your iPad/iPod touch to an iPhone

How to record an incoming call?
- Accept the call from Phone app
- Open the Automatic Call recorder app
- Press on Record
- You will receive an incoming call
- Accept & Hold the incoming call
- Merge the calls
- The recording will start automatically
- Once finish, go back to Automatic Call recorder app to see the recording file.

For any issues email us : [email protected] or call us: 506.803.3437

Note: When you verify your number, do not enter the country code. When you call a foreign number, just select the appropriate country flag. To record your call, turn on the Call Recorder from Account screen. If you can't verify your number, contact us by email immidiately. Also when you download this app you will have 200 coins for free international and domestic calls and records, more coins can be acquired in app. Note that the switch for automatic feature should be turned on from setting screen.

Automatic Call Recorder™ for Calls Made with app App Description & Overview

The applications Automatic Call Recorder™ for Calls Made with app was published in the category Business on 2016-09-16 and was developed by Myrtha Murat-Vernous. The file size is 18.95 MB. The current version is 1.2.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Ready for iOS 11
Fixing minor issues

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Automatic Call Recorder™ for Calls Made with app Reviews

Yo Mommio

DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY  Yo Mommio  1 star

You need to verify your phone number but the code doesn't display until AFTER the app automatically calls your phone.


Never buy it  jansegc350  1 star

I just paid and downloaded this to my phone. It says phone vérifications but i never receive. After it says my country Issa not eligible. Please dont buy. Fake.....


Verify number  Jasimmostevens  1 star

I just paid 2.99 and downloaded this to my phone. I can't use it because it says to verify number, the phone rings asking for a 6 digit verification number and it never shows me a verification number.


Can't verify  pisssedddd  1 star

Dude, you're asking mer to verify my number but you're displaying the code AFTER the call is made which makes the code hidden since there merge call screen covers the code. DEAD LOCK


Wasted money  Feonica  1 star

Just like the another review, I paid for the app and I had the most hassle in trying to get the app to work. I emailed the developer and have not had a response! Don't buy this app!!


SCAM  RayLavette  1 star

This app does not work. Complete scam!!!

Professional App Raters LLC

TOTAL SCAM BRAWRE!!  Professional App Raters LLC  1 star



Horrible payed for an app that doesn't work  11xbabyx28  1 star

I use to have this app when I had my Samsung I loved this app now that I have an iPhone this app is absolutely horrible I can't even get ahold of its developers to refund me my $ why have an app that doesn't work


Not working  Only1t1978  1 star

The app is not working. I enter my phone and click verify, I receive the call and it ask for a 6 digit verification code but I don't get a verification code. I remain on the line and go back to the app but it displays a black screen with a record button. Still no verification code.


Awful  Concernedcitizen250197  1 star

Total scam. Total waste. Thought this would really help with work, but it's just a money hole. Zero stars


AppToday AppToday 3 star

Top #iPhone Business #Apps 10: Automatic Call Recorder™ for Calls Made with app from Myrtha Mur -


Convenient and fast  JamesR86  5 star

I often need to record calls because I can't remember the long instructions. this app is a real godsend.

Level 93 stuck

Terrible app!  Level 93 stuck  1 star

I use a call recorder to record calls with my abusive ex husband. I recently switched to iPhone and thought this was the same app I had on my Samsung..... NO! You have to have credits to record calls on this app. NO THANKS! I deleted it as soon as I opened it .... total joke!


Waist of money - don’t buy it  Lenchik  1 star

I purchased this app for automatic call recording purposes, it does not automatically records. You only given like 5-10coins that is about for one-two minute call then you have to buy coins just to be able to record calls only when made inside the app. When I tried the app, it only recorded my voice and not the other person on the other line. It does not work on incoming calls. I requested for refund but no reply.


Very useful app!)  Ali_Ammy  5 star

I often use this app. Downloaded because it records phone calls, it is very necessary in important negotiations. It seems to me that this is a useful application for journalists. After all, they sometimes do not have time to record a lot of important information at once.


Aweful for iohone  Loghtman1985)&)/)  1 star

I had this app on my android and it worked great and it was free but now I have an iPhone and I had to buy this app although I had it free on android and the worst thing is that it doesn't work worth of crap on iPhone. It is absolutely useless and I'm pretty sure they won't refund it. If you have an iPhone look somewhere else


The most helpful and easy to use for everybody  Katherinesl  5 star

This app is among my most frequently used apps. No limit of recording calls, the opportunity to record not only domestic, but international calls and the possibility to make international calls are the most important and helpful for my job. The app is cheap and easy to use for everybody. The audio quality is perfect.

Irine Kashina

Flawless app  Irine Kashina  5 star

There're tons of similar apps but I prefer this one, during months of using have no complaints


No complaints  RRRAMPAGE  4 star

This app has a rather simple interface but it doesn't prevent it to be a powerful and helpful utility which automatically records all my calls in good quality


Bad, very bad!  EduardPapapius  1 star

Can't be used, it's crashing every time doesn't matter what you do !!!


I want my money back.. cheated  Dineshsidd909  1 star

I paid $2.99 and bought it.. + I bought 200 coins to make calls coz they charge you 5 coins per min .. it won't record incoming calls.. it calls on speaker phone only.. Bloody idiots .. have some ethics in business.. I gonna sue you for sure

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