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ParkNYC is a convenient way to pay for parking with your mobile phone at all metered parking spaces in New York City. ParkNYC is brought to you by the New York City Department of Transportation.

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- Worked once maybe 2 twice.

Had to delete it. It only worked once. It's a shame because it has great potential and I would rather pay the app direct then have my credit card scanned at one of those meters. It's a shame. Because in NYC it's more expensive to park and to be able to use this app while not having to exit the car and find the meter would've been great. The issue was I would input my zone and time and click send. Then nothing would happen. I would go and check email to see if they emailed me the confirmation and they wouldnt I would waste time thinking it's wifi sitting in my car and people would come by thinking I'm leaving my spot. No I was just waiting to see if it went through. Also the other issue is it only alerts you by email when you're close to your end of time and who checks their email when they're out shopping. A text should be given or an alert that's audible on the phone would be better. Fix the app and maybe I will redownload but otherwise I want my refund of 25 dollars.

- Lot of potential

The app needs a lot of bug fixing. It used to work like a charm especially because parking in Manhattan is ridiculously difficult. It continues to glitch regularly. As of right now, I have to delete and reinstall after every single use. I can't tell if its a way for the city to just be able to push more parking tickets or because of "covid" they aren't able to get to updating the app. Regardless, it is a little embarrassing that the most prestigious city in the world doesn't have a fully functional mobile/app for parking meters. I've asked traffic officers if they know whats going and they suggest calling and paying via phone.... yes, they said "pay via phone" and just continued to move on. The app doesn't work, the actual meter zones are not always dependable so now we must spend literally 10 minutes to call and pay the muni-meter cia cellphone. Fixing the app would be beneficial for the general public but I guess who cares about the general public when you can make $65 for every vehicle parked without paying the meter. Thanks DeBlasio, you are the man (sarcastically). But in all seriousness thank you for the Alternate Side Parking reform, looks like maybe you're not all bad.

- Super Convenient!! (with minor flaws)

Download this bad boy right now. I’ve been using this app for 2 years and I love being able to just get out of the car and not have to finangle with the machines to pay. The app is super convenient and quick. I totally get the frustration of the other reviewers, but I feel like most people who use this app love it, but as with most things, people who have problems with it are the most vocal. Being unable to extend past the max time is annoying, but the app never claims to allow that. When I know I’m staying longer than the max time, I just pay at the machines first, and then when that time is up, I pay via the app so I don’t have to leave wherever I am. Works smoothly. Onlyyy problem I’ve consistently had is that when the app feels like it, it won’t let you pay for the time. You’ll have to delete the app and re-download. It’s really frustrating, hopefully it gets fixed soon! Otherwise, it’s a great app and don’t listen to the negative reviews, make your own judgement. :)

- Deceptive tutorial and help feature

The app boast an “extend time” feature. It’s tutorial does not caution that extensions can’t be made beyond Max parking time. In other words, unlike paper generated parking receipts, you can’t add an extension of a second session. The fine print says there’s no extension beyond 5 minutes before expiration or if you select maximum time. I understood that to mean select 45 minutes on a one hour parking spot and extend for another hour between 15 and 5 minutes before expiration. It took 2 tickets — both appealed and denied — to learn that the app allows only one maximum time session! I’m an English teacher and have no issues with literacy. When you create an app that can replace a meter, but will eliminate a very important feature of the meter we’ve used for decades, that detail should be stated loud and clear in the tutorial and in the Help feature. How hard is it to write: a car is only allowed to park up to the maximum time. No back to back repeat sessions are allowed anywhere in the parking zone. At least 30 minutes must pass before you may park again in the same parking zone?

- Inconsistent and Buggy

I wish I could give this app a great rating because the purpose of the app is to make parking life a little bit more convenient. However the app crashes and / or does not register a function command. For example, it will allow me to select my saved zone, select max time, then don’t register “Start Parking”. I then have to log into the site (mind you - is also buggy) to put in my parking time. It makes the app inconvenient. Developers please look into the bugs and try to work out the kinks. Looking forward to seeing improvements. Thanks! Update: a year later the issues are still there. In addition (see high line life’s review) there are issues reworking in a zone using the app after time expires, force closes, and constant reinstalling of the app. The developers have not released an update in over a year. This app - although is a staple in a city like NYC, a city the thrives on convenience, is critical. Please look into these issues or another developer will and take your business.

- PLEASE Remove this app from App Store.

Those developers that are working on this app to fix all the issues need to be fired. Worst app I have experienced in my life. Constantly crashing, every week or two I need to reinstall it. Got couple times parking ticket even after purchasing mini meter ticket through the app. You can not add more vehicles than 5, my question is why????? Why is there a limit on it? I have delivery business with 7 vehicles and it’s a burden for me. Please Apple take this useless app down. It does not deserve to be listed, the rating speaks for its self. It’s a tragedy that in 2019 soon to be 2020 this city and developers can not create properly working app. Total waste of city money. I think friend or family member from the mayors office got this job, and is taking money out but has no clue of how to create working app. I am annoyed and discussed by this. Developers are total garbage in what they are doing. I hope they ready this and take the app issues seriously. Please fix this crappy app. Once again PLEASE, PLEASE.

- Use to work

Use to work just fine for a year , only issue I had was the 30min wait period between adding more time to the meter if you’ve already reached maximum time allowed and still in the same spot but I guess that’s so people don’t monopolize the parking space but if I paid at the meter with my card or cash directly you can still do the same thing you’d just have to keep coming back outside to your vehicle to do that so whatever. But now for months I have not been able to use the app put in the meter information and when I press confirm to pay nothing happens.... was convenient prior to this issue now it’s useless and what’s crazy is they just took a new $25 payment from me prior to this issue and I have only been able to make one 50cent purchase since so I guess after months of hoping it would start working again I have to just call it quits and ask for a refund. Technical support was no help over the phone with the apps issues

- Faulty app leads to parking violations.

This app is faulty and should be removed / banned from the App Store. Additionally, the Developer responds to all reviews with the same inadequate response. I can see from the reviews that users have been experiencing similar issues for over two years, and the developer has yet to resolve any issues. I think the best solution is to raise this issue with the Mayor De Blasio Administration, Department of Transportation, New York Police Department Bureau of Traffic Law Enforcement, and 311. Please contact them to express your concerns. Below are a few following issues: 1. Not all parking zones are shown. 2. Parking zones buttons often appear empty with only the outline of the button shown. 3. If you parked in a zone for the maximum time period, but decide to move your vehicle elsewhere in the same zone, you cannot complete your new transaction on the app. 4. On the checkout screen, the START PARKING button often does not work (ie does not complete the transaction). Beware that you may have not completed your purchase and are at risk of a parking violation. 5. The app is not compatible with Apple Pay. 6. To resolve item #4, I have to frequently reinstall that app. However, reinstalling the app does not resolve issues #1 or #2. 7. The app often says “no network connection” after starting a parking session, even if your iOS has full LTE service or Wi-Fi. 8. The app design is dated, buggy, and has a poor UX experience.

- Worst parking app so far

Locked me out of my account and when i try and unlock it by resetting my password, it links me to their website asking me to put in the zone number. When i put im the zone number, it then tells me my account is locked and resends me an email to reset my password. Then rinse and repeat, its an endless loop, i never got to recover my password and all this while in a spot trying to pay through the app because i had no quarters. My suggestion to make the app better, when people create an account, have them create a password and confirm their password as it seems whatever password i had put i had misspelled. Since youre not asked to enter the same password twice, you wont realize you had a spelling error until you try and login. Also, the $25 minimum should go, imagine having to park in nyc for just one hour and having to deposit $25 in an account just to use $2. Then never using the remaining $23 for who knows how long since I rarely drive to nyc.

- Tap Tap NO Meter Time - DISAPPOINTING!!!

So very disappointed with how the issue with the APP not working on the iPhone was not communicated to the using public by the developer &/or company. I kept tapping (several times) on the APP thinking I was doing something wrong; I became extremely frustrated waiting for some response. I sat inside my car wondering if it actually worked or not??... I was only wasting my time and getting even more upset!. When the APP worked, it worked perfectly!... it even allowed you to extend the meter time remotely to its maximum time allowed (very convenient when it rained & snowed) - ‘one caveat’.. was the fact that you can’t restart the time for the parking; you have to go back outside to the meter and pay manually with your card or cash. I had to call in to the company and eventually get an answer on the issue. The Rep. stated that they are aware of the issue with iPhones not working properly with the APP. No other solution was offered but to delete it and try to reinstall - same issue persisted. My suggestion to the Developer; you have access to send communications to your clients, therefore, send a Notification on any problems or issues you may encounter in the future. Sad to say that I have ‘DELETED’ the APP hoping that one day you will send communications on the issue being resolved and getting the opportunity once again to use it in the near future.

- The number one most unreliable app

Unfortunately this app is a necessary evil to have when parking on the streets of New York City. 75% of the time it never works because it has a network date connection error. The remaining 25% of the time you’re lucky if it works. The app will freeze and crash unexpectedly. You will have to repeatedly uninstall it and reinstall it and then sign back in with your account. The New York City parking regulations are so stringent they purposely make it so it’s very easy to be fined by missing the meter past three minutes. Also the New York City parking meter maids have their system Incorporated into this app so they are notified which vehicles parking times have expired in the app and rush right over as soon as it expires to place a $65 ticket on your window. So app also has a double edge sword Being that it’s essentially spying on you and notifying the parking police where you are and how soon they will ticket you.

- Useless

How can refilling the meters be illegal, this is what New Yorkers do all day every day with the muni meter tickets stacked way up high on the dashboard. This app is "enforcing" such a stupid parking regulation. And you can't start a new session until the next day??? Give me a break, what if you were to move your car a few spots up or down in the same zone. Technically the car has moved to a new spot and you have the legal right to get a new session in place. The city of NY stands to gain so much money if you could refill endlessly using the app, people would be paying blindly from the comfort of their own favorite restaurant, or local business. The app was supposedly created because businesses wanted people to stay at their establishments and not leave and come back to refeed the meter. However, now people will just be forced to leave, jump in car and just go home!!! As for the app, I guess it works fine, only had very minor glitches that were unnoticeable.

- Must have this fixed -

This app worked for me for the first few months and then it doesn’t allow Me to make any payments anymore . I can log in add vehicle , select zones , check the map function for zones numbers , everything work right up to the point of having to pay for time. I spoke to the nyc agency handling it and they said “it should work” . Yeah obviously but I didn’t expect much and requested a refund of my balance . My workmarpund is simply to just go to their website version of this and use it there . It works as intended with another issue . You cannot add time like the app allowed you to do . Also the time counts down for you but because it is a website if you shut the browser you lose the constant connection and it is not accurate. You must got back to watching the clock. Total shame as I know it should work but no clear way to get help or get this fixed . I have had this issue for about a year now .

- Got a ticket wish I read the reviews

This app is pointless and a scam by the city to give more tickets. After the hour expired it wouldn't allow me to pay for an additional hour. I thought the whole point of this app is so that I don't have to keep going outside to pay the muni meter but if it is a one hour parking area it will not allow you to pay for an additional hour. Stupidest thing I ever heard of don't even waste your time. In response to the developers response: I understand what your saying but that law isn't really regulated. It's like getting a ticket for jay walking. It's a law but no one actually gives you a ticket for it. People at my job park their car on one hour meter from 9am to 6pm and just keep feeding the meter and no one ever gets a ticket. It's not your fault your just the developer and the app would have actually been really great and convenient. Maybe the hourly limits on meters should be banished or at least increased 🤷‍♀️

- Must pay up front? What a scam!

The app should allow users to 1) look up parking rules / hours / prices without an account or at least without a $25 minimum commitment. 2) create an account without registering a car. I don’t own a car, but when my sister comes to visit, rather than have her put a $25 deposit down so she can use the app, I would use the app on my phone to pay for her parking or a friend’s parking 3) forcing a minimum deposit of $25 is so archaic and grabby. How did the MTA implement RFID payments so easily and you want us to make this much of a commitment to park on the street? You need a better software team. This app should be rebuilt from scratch. It should be “wow New York made paying for parking super easy and intuitive!” Instead, you’ve made it, “hey did you download the parking app?” “Yeah, bro. Why do you think my car got towed?”

- Interface broken, cannot start ticket session

I noticed there is a pretty crippling issue with the current version of the app (updated a year ago) when using on iPhone X with iOS 11.4.1. When going through the application all the function of the application seems normal and works without fail. Until I try to confirm my parking session and press “Start”. This button does not activate at all. I can see the animation of the button press down but the application does not progress to start the Parking session at all. I have tried uninstalling the app, restarting the phone, reinstalling the app, resetting settings on my phone and have verified the app working on another iPhone X using slightly older version of the software. I use the app prett frequently and would like to continue to use it with Apple’s latest version iPhone X. Please consider updating the app to fix this bug for the newest phone users.

- Park cash free

I have been using this app since it came on line in the 5 Boroughs of NYC. Has become my meter parking aid especially when there isn’t any available coins. Just tap in the zone number, pick the time you need. The meter’s do take charge cards, but don’t provide the benefits of using the NYCParking app. Such as extending your time as long as the limit is not exceeded. But, there are cliches from time to time. Case in point, when I wrote this review, the app would not function, good thing I had alternate payment option. Note. If you have more then one registered vehicle on the app, you need to save that vehicle as your main for that transaction. In NYC, you can’t extend the time pass the limit. 30 minutes of time need to pass before the app will allow you to reuse the app at that parking zone.

- Not government work if you don’t have to do it twice

This app is 56mb. I know this because I have to redownload it over cellular data almost every single f&%#ing time I use it. It is so convenient...but simply does. not. work. half the times I go to use it. The ‘Start Parking’ button doesn’t respond, and the ONLY fix is to delete and reinstall the entire app. The developer hasn’t updated it in over two years and has no way to contact them directly for feedback. They took our tax money and ran away with it, leaving a half an app behind. To whoever developed this and refuses to fix it - I hope you lose your money in a bad divorce and that your kids grow up to resent you. Die in a fire. UPDATE re:developer response. It looks like you’re working quickly to copy and paste responses to bad reviews. I’ll believe the fixes when I see them. And - did you just tell me NOT TO USE YOUR APP and use a website instead?!

- App is simply not working and support does nothing to help

My app worked a few times then eventually had the same issue as some other users. When I get to the point where it says “start parking” it just doesn’t work. I also thought it was bad reception etc... nothing worked except when I deleted the app and reloaded it again; at that point the app worked once or twice and that’s it same issue again! I can’t keep deleting and reinstalling it! So I called support and the guy was not really helpful And asked me what I DID to try and solve the issue, only thing i got was an email from support to get this solved. Fast forward 2weeks later support never reached back, they keep taking my money and I can’t use the app unless I call Park NYC and pay over the phone. Such a waste of time! It’s too bad that people running the App are not professional because it really could be a useful app!

- BEWARE: You can get a fine!

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! I’ve been using this app for over 3 months. First 3 months, no tickets. Then last week I parked in a 2 hr zone. I paid $8 for 1.5 hrs. I got the confirmation email. I came back with 15 mins left.... and a ticket on my windshield for not having the “receipt displayed.” Now I have to print out the email and mail it yo fight the ticket. Waste of time. Also, I tried emailing the app at the address they keep posting here. I got a confirmation email saying they got my email, and will get back to me ASAP. It’s been a week now. No answer. UPDATE: it’s been just 2 weeks since I got that fine. I just got another fine today for $65 while using the app. “No valid receipt visible in dash”. I think that some officers don’t have access to the app or they need fill their monthly quota, and this is a great way to give out tickets. I called 311 and filed a complaint against the app.

- Wish it worked

Update: 2 years later and this crap still doesn’t work. What a shame Used it for about 8 months. It was great! The all of a sudden, 4 months ago, you can’t submit the order, or payment for the meter. They never fixed it, never updated it. It’s like no one is on top of this app at the DOT. I hope it makes a come back. You can try logging on in the website on your phone but sometimes it just easier to walk to the muni meter and pay by the time you have to enter your password and enter the time and stuff. Update: received an email on deleting and re downloading. Setting it up. This app still hasn’t worked in a year. I even log on on-line. Still doesn’t work. It’s the app and the site that isn’t functioning. Either up date your crappy app or don’t bother offering it. I have an iPhone 8+. It stopped working with my 6 back then. So frustrating.

- Missing a critical feature

I can’t imagine that the designers of this app ever owned a car or fed a meter. Their product is a ticket waiting to happen (and we just got one). It offers two-car families no convenient way to see which car you’re actually buying time for. Worse still, it links accounts at the server level, not the device level. I had to go through the settings and make my car the primary vehicle when I used the app. That setting automatically updated my wife’s phone without her knowing it. So when she parked her car and used the app, she got a ticket. Any app designer with half a brain would put the license plate # front and center before the user committed to the fare, and they would have made choosing a different car or adding a rented car easy and intuitive. One star for the developer’s lack of consideration for how people might use this app.

- Garbage app

When the meter was broken I didn’t want to take the chance to leave my car without a parking voucher, so I tried this app. I’ve used it plenty of times, but the times it does not work are more than the times it does work. Buggy, crashing, slow/not connecting to network (with full bars), it’s just a garbage application. It’s sad to see that the application used for parking is so terrible and the corruption of the city prevents us from ever having a functional parking application. Edit: Delete the app, reinstall it and now it functions. I had to look at other reviews and responses from the app developer to finally figure this out. But why not just push out an update? Why would we need to delete and download a new version. This app still gets a low rating because I tried using it so many times and it failing and never knowing how to fix it.

- ParkMobile and its affiliates are trying to rip you off

This ParkNYC app, which AFAIK was originally developed by New York City, used to work pretty well. There was a separate app called ParkMobile which had a much better interface, but was only available for metered parking outside of NYC (Westchester, etc.). At some point within the last few months, ParkMobile seems to have taken over the ParkNYC app, as this app now says “Developed by ParkMobile”. Two things happened around the same time: 1) The ParkMobile app began working within NYC. 2) The ParkNYC app stopped functioning. You can’t enter any zone numbers anymore. The app doesn’t recognize them, and the app hasn’t been updated in four months. You *can* use the ParkMobile app, but it charges you an extra 15 cent “transaction” fee for each purchase of parking. Seems like ParkMobile intentionally broke this app to drive people to their own app with the extra fees. Meanwhile, this app continues to hold onto your money that you’re forced to place in your “account”. They’re ripping you off. If the ParkNYC app doesn’t get restored to full functionality with no fees, delete it and get your money back. Don’t use the ParkMobile app either. Save your money. Use the muni-meters directly, or carry quarters in your car.

- Rarely Works

This app used to work but now works maybe 1/4th of the time. Plenty of network errors, bad login attempts and generally a bad experience. Worst than the bad user experience is not knowing whether or not your payment has really gone through. Nothing quite like paying to park and getting a ticket anyway because the app actually encountered an error. The app also prevents you from paying to remain in the same zone once your time has run out, despite being able to do so at the physical meter. This is easily the worst app on my phone. Seems like it was developed in 2013 and has been abandoned since 2019. There are no updates and I don’t anticipate this app getting any better. If I could give half a star, I would. It is now more convenient to physically walk to the meter and pay in person - at least the meters work.

- Worked Okay but now....

I used this app successfully for about a year before I noticed a flaw. The first problem is the fact that this app won’t allow you to feed the meter again. And yes, I’ve heard the argument about DOT regulations but seriously, what is the point of the app if I’m required to physically go outside and feed the meter once my time runs out on the phone? I’ve used similar apps in the DMV, and you’re allowed to feed the meter from your phone once your time has expired. The second issue is the fact that the app stopped working. The start parking feature won’t go through. I’ve deleted the app,reinstalled the app, updated my credit card information, but the app won’t allow me to the park. I’ve updated my IPhone, still no success. I guess I will be feeding the meter manually now because I’m deleting the app.

- I’ve gotten a ticket while using the app.

I got a ticket while parked in the zone that I paid for. I just walked into a store and by the time I walked out, I was getting a ticket. I was gone maybe 5 mins and had 25 mins left. The ticket even said I was parked in a different zone but when I disputed it the city didn’t care and gave me every excuse why I was wrong. The ticket even shows the address that I was parked in front of which doesn’t match up to the meter number on the ticket. I showed pictures of the address and the meter in front of the address but it didn’t matter. Also, the app has to be deleted and re-downloaded often because as you go to try to park, sometimes it won’t let you park. It doesn’t show anything at all sometimes and you just keep clicking the button to park and nothing happens.

- Needs improvement

When it works, it’s great. More often then not the meters and the app is not working. If it doesn’t let you start your parking session, deleting the app and downloading it again helps. If you already started parking in a zone (and want to change vehicle) there’s no way of switching (I’ve accidentally pushed “start parking” and by default the session starts with my primary vehicle, when I’m driving a different one). It also charged me for a session that didn’t work. In the past, it also didn’t allow me to park due to insufficient funds (yet there was $20 preloaded on the app). It would be fine if the outside meters accept credit cards easily, but more often than not I’m trying for 10+ minutes to pay with my valid credit card that always says not valid.

- Ugh

So much potential my manager told me To download this instead of running to refill all the time. Going to the city for 2hrs, I parked and used it. At first it worked. I was so excited! And then 5 minutes before my hr was over I went to refill. It didn’t let me. So I figured maybe wait until It’s done. Did that, nothing! Tried over and over. Mind you, I parked in LIC Queens and today worked 2hrs in the city. I gave up accepting I’ll jut have to get the parking ticket. Something told me to try again an hr later and it worked... WHAT THE? If I were physically there, I would simply have to walk out to the meter, insert my card or quarters and place the printed paper on my dash... This did NOT let me refill AND kept saying “Maximum restricted in zone” BS when it’s physically legal and possible and has been done as long as you pay!

- Buyer Be Aware...

Wish I had read the reviews before pouring all my private info into this company. There is no reason to use it if one intends to park for the maximum metered time, because after that the app will not allow you to purchase additional time. I found that out today while caring for my husband who is ill and recovering at a rehabilitation facility in Queens. I was in the midst of feeding him lunch when I got the notification that my parking session would end in 15 minutes. Great, or so I thought, I’ll add another 2 hours without having to leave my husband and go to my car. Wrong! So frustrating that you cannot purchase time as you can from the machine on the street, which I will go back to using. P.S. I would have given the app zero stars, but you can’t post without a rating.

- Convenient

This app is definitely convenient and has worked for me every time (mon-fri) for at least 2 months. My only complaint is that unless I start my parking session on the app at exactly 7am, the max time option (12 hrs in this particular area), will end when you start it. Sometimes I need 12 hrs and I’m there at 6:20 am, if I had used the Munimeter at that time it’d automatically give a receipt for 7pm. I don’t want to pay more money when I payed for he max time nor do I want to walk away from my vehicle at 6:20 am without either the app starting a session or without a receipt to put in my windshield. SO WHY DO I HAVE I PAY MORE THAN $8 ON THIS APP TO PARK EARLIER THEN WHEN THE MUNIMETER AND PARKING REGULATION BEGINS AT 7 AM IF I DON’T HAVE TO ON THE MUNIMETER ITSELF???

- Cops give tickets anyway and can’t refill meter, so literally pointless

I got a 65$ ticket (which I am now fighting) after paying for parking using this app. The officer who wrote the ticket was still nearby so I asked him about it but he said he didn’t understand how the online system works. Seems pretty pointless to me in that case, and that’s without even mentioning the outrageousness of not being able to refill the meter. I had to run a mile in flip flops to get back to my car in time to avoid a ticket because I didn’t know, that for some unbelievably stupid reason, you can’t refill the meter. I wish I could rate this 0/5. Developers will probably now reply something like “we apologize, but we are too dumb to make an actual useful app but we’re going to blame it on DOP regulations.”

- Cannot extend meter time

The app seems like a great idea, allowing you to do remotely from your phone instead of walking to the physical meter and adding more quarters for an updated paper stub. Not so. The app is designed to catch you off guard and generate more revenue for the NYC Dept of Finance and their never ending thirst for more money. Not only can you not add more time through the app once the max time has expired, the app simply won't let you park in that zone for the rest of the day. Like many first time users, I paid for an initial 2-hr time through the app as I headed into a meeting, thinking I could add more one after the initial 2 hours are up. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Got a nice parking ticket too, to remind me the city will stop at nothing to generate more cash from motorists. I'm going to stick to good old quarters.

- Waist of time

This app could be good if it allowed you to add time to your parking. When I downloaded the app I thought I was able to add time to parking from my phone well as I was at a Doctors appointment the time ran out on the meter when I just knew I could add Time to the meter with the parking app the app rejected my payment and I got a ticket. I don’t know why it won’t allow you to add Time your paying for it either way whether you go to the meter and put a ticket in the window or pay for it from the app which is very convenient. I honestly believe that it was set up for people to get tickets cause everyone including me didn’t realize that you couldn’t add Time until it was to late. I got a ticket. Don’t Waste Your Time With ParkNYC App it’s not worth it. I do not recommend it.

- Stopped working.

I have had this app for some time and it was working perfectly! That is why it got two stars. Because it was working at SOME point. However for the last 3 months I have not been sole to use the app. I emailed customer service and they said, “ There are plans in the works to make big changes to the ParkNYC program overall, however until those plans are implemented we have received word that all actions towards updating or fixing errors with the current ParkNYC app have been postponed.” They suggested I use the web browser for meters. What is the point if I have to go online? This is such a big disappointment given that NYC is a HUGE city and there is not a functioning app for meters.

- Conflicted

I use (or attempt to use) this app at least 5-10 times a day. I am conflicted because many days it works fantastic. It’s easy to plug in the zone and - away you go. But... Many days the app doesn’t work. It will tell you it doesn’t have a network... when there is clearly 5 bars... The best and most common issue, I call it the ‘nothing’ issue. The app does just that: ‘nothing’ let me explain. You log in, plug in zone, select time limit and then press the start parking button, press it again and again and again and NOTHING.. so you repeat the process and still NOTHING. Must go to the browser and try, that funny because it logs you out twice every time you log in. So if they could only fix the ‘NOTHING’ error this would be ***** 5 stars

- Pointless (Still Got A Ticket)

I used this app for the first and last time in June when I was in the Bronx for a training for my job. Initially I paid at the meter and left the ticket on my dashboard. But since I was busy in a training I could not continue to come outside so I decided to use the app. I was able to pay the meter in the app once I saw my previous time ran out. I thought all went well until last week (August now) I received an outstanding ticket in the mail for "not paying meter", when I paid back in June and no ticket was displayed on my windshield at the time. Luckily my ticket was dismissed after I fought it. In the end if the ticket officer is not going to scan your license plate to see if you used the app the city is promoting then what is the point of the app???

- Lack of service

This app could be really great. There has been no maintenance to the app. The only way it works is to delete and reinstall it. After that it only works for a few used and I have to redo the process. I don’t understand why the app can’t be updated to work more efficiently. The app has many great features and could help a lot of people and save time, it really isn’t fair to the user. It feels as if the app is deliberately ignored and neglected to ensure the user gets tickets. I hope someone with the ability to do something and reads this and does something. If the city is in the business to get tickets then just be honest. I’d rather the city tell me that they want tickets then just make an app with their eyes closed and not do anything about.

- Surprisingly not good

Parkmobile’s other app works tremendously well and in multiple markets which is convenient. For some reason, they built a separate app for NYC and it all went downhill. First, this app wont take small payment. You have to fill your “wallet” with at least 25$. Good luck trying to get a refund if you’ve already paid. Second, the map feature to select a zone has not functioned properly for the several months I’ve been using it. I’d love for this to work better as it is much more convenient than using your card or quarters at the meters, which often don’t work as well. ParkMobile, tell NYC to pay up for you guys to fix this. They take our taxes and ridiculous parking fines but can’t afford to fix the app? Come on.

- App works great, but you still get parking tickets

I have used the app many times and it works great, but I have still received several parking tickets. Unless you want to waste time fighting parking tickets downtown, ditch the app and pay at the meter. For instance, if you enter the parking zone number from a sign directly across the street (like you would with a mini meter), the meter maid will still write you a ticket even though you paid for parking on the app. Save yourself the frustration of parking tickets and use the old fashioned paper ticket on your dashboard. Shame because the app has so much potential to take NYC into the 21st century, but an overly complex system makes it more practical to pay at the meter.

- Conveniently inconvenient

Works. But it doesn’t tell which meters allow you to replenish time. Waiting 30 min before using to use again in the same zone doesn’t discourage people from the taking the spot again but only discourages people from using this app. If the DOT does not regulate how long you can occupy a meter space for, why are you limiting the replenishment frequency? Aren’t you only adding another layer of inefficiency??? What’s the difference btwn a person getting change and feeding the meter every hour vs the goal of this app??? New Yorkers pls download with caution. Sounds like this company is getting a kick back or colluding with nypd :in response to the developers comments:NYDOT specifically told me to inquire with NYPD regarding parking enforcements. App is trash.

- Time increments are not every 15 mins, but 12 mins

If you pay with coins on the parking meter you get time increments as 15, 30, 45 minutes, etc. But via the app are 12, 24, 36, etc. Initially started as it should, but in the last year it changed. So if you know you’ll be parking for 15 minutes, the app charges you $0.50 or whatever the rate is, but will give you 12 minutes instead. The app developers said that’s what NYC told them to set them as. So, I think the app is getting a percentage of the cost, in other words, the user is paying each time the app is being used. This is understandable but it should be clarified upfront, that my $0.50 won’t get me 15 minutes but less.

- Never works!

Such a shame. This would be a great and convenient app if it ever worked!! Unfortunately, it rarely does. As I write this review, I sit here completely soaked from the rain, because instead of adding time to my meter from the dry restaurant, I was forced to leave my lunch and run blocks to my car in the rain because, you guessed it.. the app did not work! For the amount of money it costs to park in nyc, I would think they could have a decent app. Anyway, that’s my review. As a side note to those who will download it anyway, like I did. Beware that once you max out your meter you WILL NOT be able to add time to your meter. So if the limit is 2 hours, do not think you can travel from your vehicle and then add time. Hope this helps.

- Garbage

This app is useless nothing but crashes and error messages. I’m even getting a Win32 error on an iPhone, how is that even possible! I thought win32 is a Windows error. Unbelievable pice of garbage and a waste of time. It hasn’t been updated in 2 years! Coupled withe fact that undermaintained NYC parking meters can’t seem to be able to read a credit card half of the time make for a very frustrating experience. Keep a bunch of coins in your car because chances are this app will not work. Update: Now I keep getting “Invalid Zone Number” errors. Save yourself a lot of frustration and don’t bother with this app just use your web browser and do it in the DOT website, it works and the interface is the same.

- Full of glitches

I rely on this app almost every work day to pay my meter before I leave in the morning. Unfortunately the app has two major glitches that have caused me to either get a parking ticket or have to run out at 7am barely awake to pay at the meter. 1) On the map section you should be able to select which zone you’re parked in. Half the time the zone number doesn’t appear to click on, so you’re stuck looking at map pinpoints unable to select your zone. 2) If you’re able to get past that, twice now i’ve gotten to payment and the “start parking” button just doesn’t work. Truly amazing how NYC can’t provide such a basic service and then let people get parking citations over it.

- Bug with the amount (recharge) slider

I was in the city trying to set up the app and the slider indicating the amount to recharge (I think that’s the right one) went all the way to the left and got stuck. I therefore couldn’t create my new account because I couldn’t get the slider to move to the right. I was only in the city for two hours and wanted to park on the street but the app was more trouble than what it was worth. I thought it would be easier than using the pay stand but boy was I wrong. I did NOT want to recharge the app at the $50 level so maybe this app isn’t designed for infrequent visitors. Pittsburgh has an app that works great for their out-of-town visitors if you need an example of one that works well.

- Smart but STUPID CRAP!!!

I will quickly summarize the bad: *If you have more than 5 cars, you can not add them. Especially if you run a fleet. *If you accidentally park the wrong plate, you can not end the current parking session so you will not be able to park another plate at the same meter, because you are already parked there. *If you park at a meter for longer than you need and then you move to another meter, you have to park again or you will get a ticket. *if your phone gets an update, the app won’t work. *if you are far away from the car and you want to extend your parking, you can only do it once and only if you are in the same area. *if your family member need to park and they have no change, you can not pay for them even if it is your car, because it reads you location and the app sees you are somewhere else. *if you are in a rush most likely the app will take you longer to park, then if you just feed the meter, because is simply a bad design not well thought thru... it’s only made for the city to make more money off parking fees and tickets

- Start off well but...

It worked great for months and now suddenly it doesn’t anymore. When I click on “start parking” it doesn’t respond. My partner has the same issue. We have enough money loaded so that can’t be the problem. Please fix this because this app has tremendous potential! The DOT will hopefully allow for reloads in the future but regardless this app is better than feeding the meters that often don’t even work (and then I’m forced to hunt down one that works.) Also please add the option to stop a session instead of letting it run out. And if that remaining time can allow for a refund or less charge that would be even better.

- Do not use this Ap

I used it for a few days while in NY. I have a car registered and insured in ARIZONA. I was putting money in the machine to park and discovered the park NY Ap. I received a ticket because the Ap draws attention to the parking unit. They gave me a ticket....not for expired time.....but because I have a clear....not reflective cover on my plate.....which is 100% legal in Arizona. I called the local precinct. They told me a regular police officer would not ticket the car since it is out of state. He also went on to explain that the Ap will draw attention to the parking police to check your car, plate mounting, registration etc! DO NOT USE THIS Ap. It’s just another way for the parking police to give you a ticket And make more money for the city

- App not working now.

It has been working great until this past week. Now when u go to start a parking session it does nothing. At least the machines take credit/debit cards or I’d be stuck! Update: Great response! Apparently all of these complaints aren’t enough for you to create an update to fix the issue everyone seems to be having! Deleting and reinstalling the app would mean I lose whatever money I have on it already. Why would I do that? Luckily I don’t use it so often that I have to delete, but when I need to use it I would like it to work properly. It’s been almost a year since your last update. Fix the problem already!

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- Helps you to get a parking ticket

Glitchy and hard to use. Got an error message when trying to extend my parking session. This app threw an error which resulted in offline parking ticket. Disputing a ticket did not help. Worse experience ever. Avoid using this app.

- Absolutely useless

Take your money and you get no service in return. App is terribly designed and none of its features work! Why was this chosen as the only way to pay for parking in one of the premiere cities in the world?!

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Super glitchy! Had to input vehicle information numerous times. As a tourist, this is very unreliable especially since this is the only means to pay for parking.

- Buyer beware

Where do I begin: - Under no circumstances will they refund you - The app doesn’t know what zones are prohibited to park in - The app asks for your vehicle type but doesn’t enforce it if the zone is reserved for commercial vehicles only - The “parked at this location” feature doesn’t work and led me 10 blocks away from my car - Customer service is crap and very rude - UX sucks and is misleading - It’s the only way for visitors to pay for parking! Use at your own risk!

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- Fix for app not working

This app breaks on me often, I enter the parking zone number and time, but when I press start parking nothing happens. When I run into this the only fix is to go into Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage, find the ParkNYC app, and delete it. By deleting the app this way, it removes all of the extra files associated with the app, these extra files aren’t removed when deleting apps the usual way. Once you delete the app, reinstall and it should work fine. Pretty crappy app though, you’d think with how expensive parking and taxes are in the city they’d invest in an app that get frequent updates and support. I don’t think it’s been updated since 2016, as a result it looks awful on newer devices with FaceID.

- Not reliable

This app is not reliable at all. There’s time when you want to park and it just doesn’t work unless you do it thru the website. I almost got fined trusting this app. It needs a major update plus from what we pay in parking meters and the amount that the citations cost it should be a great app with 5 star ratings but I guess they just don’t care all it matters is hammering us with fines that are overwhelming expensive yet you can’t provide a good app for us but can have so many traffic officers handing out tickets like if they money. Get your facts straight and give us a good app so we have to deal with these stup*id fines because your app doesn’t work like it should. Look at the rating it says it all.

- It works sometimes

I have had so many issues with this app. 90% of the time when I open the app it says it is experiencing issues and to check back. When it does work the notifications sometimes work and other times show up an hour later. Sometimes the app tries to charge the incorrect rate. This app needs help since it makes a huge difference in the ability to avoid a ticket. Btw, I got a ticket today expecting the notifications to alert me to either add more time or leave. And it did not email me or send a push notification. The notifications arrived sitting in the same spot later.

- Idk what everyone’s talking about

So I downloaded ParkNYC and here’s something’s to know: Pro’s: 1. FN AMAZING. Worked first time I tried it and every time since. 2. Saves me time, especially when I’m running to an appointment I’m late to and don’t have time to battle the meter and the change in my wallet. ****THE BEST PART***THE BEST PART**** 3. Couldn’t find the sticker on the meter and the app is able to locate me and find the nearest meter zone numbers. I didn’t have to run back to the car. Con’s: 1. Gives off false network issues but everything is working just fine. 2. UI could be a tiny bit more high res looks dated but hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I would definitely recommend this app to everyone. P.S. I’m a bitter Bronxite so it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to public transportation and on street parking. This app is a good app.

- Horrible (do not install)

This app is horrible because it is unpredictable. It works every once in a blue. Definitely has some bug issues that needs fixing. The few times i have got it to work, it has been great and super convenient, but being that it rarely works I have stopped depending on it and uninstalled it from my phone. Sometimes I think the city prefers it that way to catch people of guard. You are in a meeting thinking you will be able to pay meter with the app, but then it doesn’t work and you got yourself a ticket. Noticed how anything related to the City and making payments rarely provide easy assistance? Same with the DMV website. I don’t think it is a mistake.

- Worst App Ever

This is probably one of the worst apps every put out. I am amazed the city stopped selling parking cards before this app was perfected. Some NYC traffic agents continue to give tickets because they are not aware of the app yet! I was dumbfounded. Forget about the app freezes, glitches......glitches let me tell you about the glitches. If you miss the extend parking time period and go back to put an additional hour in, it states you can longer park because it is now over the alloted time. I own a business and if I would have an app like this I would have been out of business a long time ago but they have the upper hand. We have no other choice but fo use this atrocious app.

- Works great! Happy to have it, finally!

The app works great. The people that are complaining about not being able to extend the time should know that you technically only have up to the time on the sign to park. I have used the app 5x already and there have been no problems. I love the convenience of just punching in the space number and it’s set. No fumbling for quarters or using a card that doesn’t work in the machine. Thanks for finally creating this!

- Convenient but why can’t extend past two hours

Okay I get it. You reached maximum time but why can’t you immediately purchase a new 2 hour parking window immediately after. This morning I purchased a two hour window. Walked to my car and refilled meter for another two hours. When that ran out, I was able to purchase another two hours via app. Exceedingly annoying to have to go to my car. Esp since the app was made to be convenient. Convenient in that two out three I was able to use app. But should be 3 out of 3.

- Nycpark

This app worked fine for about 3-4 months. Suddenly it stops working so not try uninstalling or reinstalling the app. It will charge you again even if you have a balance on your account. The worst is trying to get someone to address the issue. No customer support. Tried to contact owner’s of the app, and they directed me to 311 ( though the gave the ten digit number). 311 csr then read the disclosure that they have and it says to contact the owners of the app. Called them back again, it turns out that they’re a call center located in the Philippines, and they don’t have customer support, just an extension for you to leave a message. I give the 0 stars it’s not worth the aggravation

- NYC scams you and me

Would’ve been an OK app if it was pay-as-you-park, but they make you load a minimum amount of money into their “wallet”. If your parking fee was less than that amount and you don’t park in the city ever again, they’re keeping whatever funds you didn’t use from that original down payment. Congratulations,’ve just given NYC an interest free loan. You can cancel their ability to charge your card, but if you want the rest of your prepaid dollars back, you must go through a convoluted refund process that they say could take 90 days. Why, you may ask, is it so complicated to get a refund? You know the answer. Fug you too, NYC.

- Let’s elevate the experience

I’ve been using this app since its initial inception a few years back. I have only encountered 1 problem with it and it was minor. This App actually help me beat a ticket since I was cited for being at a location my car wasn’t even in, fortunately I was parked elsewhere at a meter and was able to retrieve that information to fight the ticket. Now... what I would really like to see, and what I believe this app now needs, is an Apple Watch version that will allow you to park, extend time and give you Notifications when your time is expiring. If this could be added then it would certainly make it top notch. Please look into this.

- Works intermittently

When this app works, it’s great. I love not having to search for quarters & being able to extend the time especially since the HUGE increase in meter fees $0.25 for 12 minutes!!! Thanks for letting us all know that Comrade DeBlasio. The problem is that it doesn’t always work. Mostly when its cold and inconvenient the app will not load. That’s frustrating & annoying. Definitely needs tweaking. But as I said when it works, it’s a pleasure - you must read, however, and be careful about those zones that only allow 1 hour, etc. you will not be able to extend the time.

- Needs update to fix bugs - sessions do not start

I’ve been using this app for about 2 years, and this bug has been happening more and more frequently: I enter the zone number, set the amount of time - then click start session - but it does not work. The button simply indents without start a session. Force quitting, deleting and reinstalling the app, logging in an out, etc, does not fix it. It used to happen occasionally but now it never works (using iOs11). This app has not been updated in a while (if ever) and needs one badly. When it worked it was great. But now it is useless.

- Overcharges for parking

The only advice I can give is: stay away and never use this app!!! I used the app to pay for 10 min parking in a zone which costs $4.50 per hour which with the machine would have cost me 50 cents. However the app charged me for a full hour and withdrew $4.50 from my balance! I even got an email clearly showing I was overcharged which I sent as evidence when I requested a refund. But the only reply I got was that they don’t issue refunds and I have to complain to the Department of Finance. So if you have spare time and money feel free to use the app, but I don’t so I will delete it and will instead use the machines to pay for parking.

- So much potential!

App is easy to use and beats trying to find a muni-meter that works, BUT, why does it keep locking up?! I got all the way to the ‘park now’ screen and then the spinning gear and then nothing. It wouldn’t proceed to the countdown. So, I waited a few weeks, reloaded the app and it worked like a charm..... for a few days. TODAY, I AM BACK TO SPINNING GEARS AND LOOKING FOR MUNI METERS. Come on folks. Get this app straight. ADDENDUM: Despite my initial issues, the development team seems to have gotten things running consistently. I cannot live without this app now.

- Worked Great Then Stopped

I was very happy with this app when I first downloaded and used. In fact, I estimate I used it more than 25 times without issues. Then one day about 3 months ago I tried using and it and could not get it to work. I checked my wallet as well as entered and removed the parking zone multiple times and it would not start a session. Most frustrating is that it gave no indication of why it was not working. Luckily I was able to call the toll free number and pay via phone which miraculously recognized my account and wallet balance. Equally frustrating is the total lack of helpful support or technical assistance.

- Logic Required

Works great. It seems a lot of people using this don’t understand the actual rules of metered parking. 1 hour means 1 hour before having to physically move your car. You can’t keep extending parking time beyond the stated sign limit. Even using traditional meter tickets, if a cop marks your tire and recognizes you’ve been parked there longer than the allotted time per park, you’re at risk for getting a ticket. Simple as that.

- You must put at least $25 in a virtual wallet

I decided to ignore the reviews. We are in a pandemic, so how bad could things be. Well, I didn’t finish the registration because they require you to put a minimum of $25 in their virtual wallet. Which means $25 would have been charged to my credit card. I don’t mind putting money into their virtual wallet, but they should allow you to decide how much you want to put in. I only want to paRk for 30 minutes, which is around $5. After that, I would still have a $20 credit within the app that I would have to use. If they were to fix this, I’d be happy to provide higher stars...

- Glitch NYC

I’ve had this app for years. Since the week it came out. The app glitches ALL THE TIME. At least once a month the pay button just doesn’t work and I have to delete the app and reinstall it. Recently there is no network connection. I thought maybe its a problem that’s unique to me or my phone but everyone I speak to has the same issue. The problem in this corrupt city is that If only the NYC parking people actually used the app instead of just getting parking permits and not paying for parking then perhaps they’d encounter some of the many issues we have with this horrendous unreliable snafu of an app.

- Worked twice then bs after

The complaints about this working only twice is pretty common. So after using $5 of the mandatory $25 prepay you’re crap out of luck. Here’s what keeps happening: I park my car, I type in the parking zone and time and press the Start Parking button and nothing loads. Repeated this multiple times. So they got my money and this app doesn’t work. I emailed tech support and all I got for reply was this copy and paste explanation of the DOT not allowing time extension after my first meter which has nothing to do with my complaint. This is what happens when you leave govt in charge of something now imagine healthcare

- Love it but needs more

I received a ticket for parking in a commercial spot, where the posted sign that noted “commercial use only” was blocked by numerous trees, and the ParkNYC app didn’t have any indication that it was a commercial only spot. I would love to see ParkNYC have a special notation in the app for zones that are specific to non-passenger vehicles. Otherwise this app is killer and has worked very well for me. But those notations would make a HUGE difference and increase the convenience greatly.

- Does not work !

Not the developers fault, seems to me that's NYC parking department does not update there system to work with this app! I used it about 10 times and got hit with "failed to display ticket in window" 3 times out of the 10 times I used it. Now I have to take time out of my day and try and dispute the tickets! when I actually spoke to the officer who wrote my ticket she actually re scanned my registration and nothing came up as paid , so for some reason there is a server communication issue between the equipment and the app. Until this problem gets resolved I will no longer be using this app Great idea bad experience

- Great app - Usually works

This thing usually works. When it doesn’t I miss it and realize how much convenience it adds to my life. I use it around 25 times a week and once you get familiar with it and accept its limitations it provides great convenience of paying your parking either sitting in your car on a rainy day or after you’ve crossed the street by bolting out of your car to time the lights.

- No stars!!

App would be if it actually worked!! I’ve had to delete and reinstall in order for it to pick up parking zones. Even if I go to the map and touch a zone, it’s not recognized... type it in, doesn’t recognize the zone number! Says something about QR and I’m not even using QR. It’s annoying, every time I want to use this app, I have to go through all that process of deleting and reinstalling! You would think it would be fixed by now, but it’s been almost a year of this! Can you fix it already? Apparently I can’t leave a no-star rating and have to put at least one star! Fine!

- Trash but no other option

To be honest. For a city that has the one of the largest incomes of the world and we can even make a decent parking app. In times of COVID, the last thing I want to worry about is my app having a huge glitch where I have to delete and download the app each and every time I need to park. Every time I redownload the app I can get the app to work but the next time it will not let me park giving me an “invalid zone” error. The app always say invalid zone even after I make sure the number. I wish there was a third party vendor that can take over. Keep the quarters in your car trust me you’ll need them.

- Extremely Convenient

This app is extremely convenient. Ignore other reviewers who complain that it doesn’t allow you to extend past the zone time limits - DUH! It never claimed to do that. You can remotely add time up till the time limit. It’s a godsend that you can pay the meter on your phone rather than fiddling with the machine on the street and putting the ticket on your dashboard. This app would be 5 stars if not for some technical bugs.

- Worst Parking App EVER

Downloaded the app it held money from my credit card and when it came time to renew the time on my meter the app kept giving a message saying “1 hour only” like I’m not allowed to add another hour to my meter. Thought maybe it was a glitch on my phone tried signing in on my girlfriends phone the app wouldn’t recognize my password. After multiple tries I used the “reset password” prompt. Tried resetting my password and constantly got the message that the email “token” wasn’t recognized/invalid. What the hell is the point of this stupid app? To give people cardiac arrest because they’re afraid they’ll get a ticket?!

- Big time timesaver

Putting your credit card into the meter machines is generally not a big deal but waiting for the approval sometimes seems like forever.....and then it sometimes won’t accept your card. This happened to me 3 times in one parking attempt🙁 This app saves you the trouble and it works without a hitch, from the convenience of inside your car.

- Why no texts

The FAQs mention receiving text messages as a notification option. I can’t see any place on the app to choose texts. Notifications by email require checking emails. Text messages would be more convenient but it seems that’s not an option. I sent a support request via the app regarding text messages and 2 days later I received this reply via Zendesk. “We apologize that due to a higher than normal volume of requests we have not yet assisted you. Do you still need help? If so, please respond to let us know and we'll be happy to help you ASAP.” Really?? Can there be that many requests that it takes 2 days just to ask if I still need help? My response was “Yes” The app itself works fine and being able to have Favorite zones is very helpful.

- Convenient but impractical

I was glad to be able to pay for parking meter remotely. But once the 2-hour limit was reached, I was not able to start another parking cycle. The app described it was trying to prevent people from overstaying at a lot. But that makes no sense if I’m able to stay at a lot for multiple hours by renewing the meter in person. Also the app forces you to pay at least $25 (up to $160) for a “ParkNYC wallet,” from which the app will automatically deduct your meter cost. I don’t see myself using this app for another few months since I don’t own a car but use rental cars from time to time.

- Stopped working

I used to use this app all the time and now it just doesn’t work. Completely broken. I enter the zone and time and the start parking button does nothing. No parking session is started. Have to get a ticket from the machine like an animal. Fix this!! Update: Thank you for the developer response. Deleting and reinstalling the app has resolved the issue and it is now working as before. Still not perfect but updated my rating.

- It's NYC... what do you expect?

Have had to delete and uninstall numerous times just to get it to work. Doesn't recognize about 20% of the zone numbers. Frequently says that the zone has no charge to park when it actually does. Never allows you to extend parking once your session is expired; always says maximum time has been reached, even after only 15 minutes. I almost think it's intentionally backwards and broken just because that's the way things are in the great city of NY. Just waiting to wrongly get ticketed and then have the Dept. of Revenue not recognize the app as proof I had paid before I finally give up on it.

- Great, not sure why low star rating

I have been using this app for years and it has never let me down. The only catch, as with any parking app, you can only pay for the max once. So if you needed to stay longer than the max allowed, pay with a ticket first and once your ticket is up, instead of going back out to the car, use the app instead. 👌

- Annoying Waste of time and money!

First off they make you load $25 dollars in order to even use the app which is a lot of you’re not using it all the time like myself. Secondly, I have money in my app account, but for the last three days I have had to pay cash at the meter because the app refuses to allow me to initiate my parking. Lastly, this is my second time giving this app a chance and the last time I decided to cancel the app and get a refund for the money I still had on the account they took about 2 months to send out a CHECK in the mail! Worst experience with an app ever!

- Works But Major Flaws and Errors

Overall works ok. However, the app, or NYC will not allow you to pay for consecutive parking sessions without waiting at least 30 minutes. It’s also does not allow you to export a payment history to email without having every payment sent as an individual email. Worst of all is that the desktop portion of the app will delete your monthly payment history once you download it. So if you download the history before the month is finished, you will have missing payments.

- Great when it works

Here we go again ... it’s AMAZING when it works - and annoying as hell when it doesn’t. Tried deleting and reinstalling and still gives me an error message. Worked great for the last couple of months with no problems but started in again today. So frustrating!!! This happened to me after about a month from when I first installed and once deleted, it started working fine upon reinstalling. This time, no such luck. Please fix this!

- Usually convenient

I haven’t experienced any issues where I get ticketed so I would say overall the app works well. However if you miss the chance to extend your parking session it won’t let you start a new one in the same zone. For example I parked in a 2 hour zone and set the app for 40 minutes. I made it back to my car but realized I needed more time, the session had just expired but I couldn’t start a new session in the same zone even though I hadn’t reached the maximum parking time.

- Awful

Typical government creation. First, they cheat you: you get less time for parking bought on the app than you would if you pay cash. That is the biggest scam, since it’s cheaper for the city to do all of this electronically than it is to deal with cash, printed tickets, etc. And the thing doesn’t even work right. If you purchase ANY amount of time, it won’t let you purchase any more if you’re still out and want to reload. It tells you you’ve hit the ‘maximum’....even if you’ve only been parked for 10 minutes. I’m certain there’s no one with enough sense to fix it. Total garbage.

- The app stopped working, all of a sudden

Although I read the reviews I decided to give the app a shot with the minimum charge possible, $25. Loaded the wallet and the app worked fine until it stopped creating sessions. I still have $4.5 in my wallet but the app is useless. I tried updating the iOS and deleting the app and reinstalling it in vain. They make it very hard to find the costumers service phone number, I still don’t know who to call. It has so much potential but it is a crap, save your money and frustrations. Is this a high school student project? The reviews don’t get better over time....

- Decent app

Most of the people complaining on here are not aware of parking rules. Technically you are supposed to move your car after the time limit expires and that's the reason why the app cannot add additional time. Unfortunately, the app stopped working Andrew gets stuck once I try to pay. I'm hoping after deleting and reinstalling it will work again because it has saved me the headache of having to feed the meter and reminds me when the time is almost up.

- Works poorly.

I parked in only one place until today where I used this application and this place has been preserved in history. Now I parked in the second new place, which is also preserved in history. When the paid time ended, I opened the application to pay and chose this new parking spot in history and made the payment. And when I picked up the phone to check how much time was left, I saw that the application had paid for the first parking space from the saved history, where I parked before. And I definitely didn't confuse anything when paying.

- Lots of potential but buggy

App needs to be reinstalled every 6 months because it just hangs on the final confirmation screen for parking, really annoying when you rely on it and are in a rush. The other annoying feature is that if you wait for time to expire, you can’t add time for the same spot, really ? How difficult is it to figure out if it’s a two hour meter max and I only parked for 30min you should allow me to keep renewing up to 2hrs !!!! Just Common sense

- Got a ticket even with an active session

I liked the app, very convenient, till today when I got a ticket while I had an active parking session. When I came back to my car and saw the ticket, I still had 15 minutes left. My first reflex was to check if I made a mistake with the zone number or the license plate since we have 2 cars. But no, everything was right. I got a ticket for « No valid receipt on dash ». The agent didn’t bother checking the license plate database. One more ticket on his/her credit, right? The city should chase that kind of behavior. I’m furious.

- Cool until it stops working completely.

I loved this app so much- gone were my days of overpaying for a short stay or running out to add more time and waste more paper. However, it’s been several months now that after I added money to the wallet I am not able to park anywhere or to submit a ticket for help. Would love any support to get my money back or a new version of this app that actually lets me click the “start parking” button. (When I do the loading circle next to the service bars begins and instantly stops and yes, have the most updated version downloaded.)

- Not working...

So the concept is great, but poor in execution. The app was quick to charge my credit card the $25. I was able to use this app the first day I downloaded it, but since then it hasn’t worked. I’m able to place the zone, and pick the length of time I’d like, then NOTHING. I keep clicking start parking and it doesn’t do a thing. It’s very frustrating. I closed the app and reopened it. I checked my email, to see if maybe it went through, and nothing. Seems pointless. If it won’t work, they should refund us our money!!! I saw someone else’s post and sounds like I’m not alone.

- Never works

I try countless amount of times to park using the app and it almost never works. It always says there’s a network error. I know it’s not a “network error” because my phone works perfectly fine in other apps. So frustrating to get the app and never be able to use it. You’d think people with kids or the elderly would be able to get a break from the meters, but nope. Someone should really look into this. Don’t make something that doesn’t work. Or not care enough to fix it. This isn’t a recent issue, it’s been going on since the app launched.

- Great potential but doesn’t work as it should

App has great potential but it won’t let you extend to the max allowable parking period. For example, in a 1 hr zone, if I pay for 6 mins and the 6 mins ends I can’t repark for another 6 mins. The app says I’ve gone over the max time period, which is obviously wrong bc I’ve only parked for 6 mins. I would understand if the app didn’t allow me to park for another hour but it should allow me to park for 54 more mins if the zone allows 1 hr total. Why would a driver only park for 6 mins and want to extend by 6 min increments? For pickups that take longer than expected.

- Intentional parking ticket trap

For a minute, I thought that the city was going to finally make it a little easier for commuters to park and pay. Little did I know this app would cost me more money, trusting that it would work at crucial times and the app more often than not failing. I have downloaded and re-downloaded this app multiple times, and every time every update it stops working after a few uses. Do not mess with this app, because at least for me it has cost me and it will likely cost you. The city needs to start working with us instead of against us.

- So convenient and easy!!

LOVE this app! Very easy and effective to use. Very intuitive to start the Meter and to see/know how much time is left (& seems easy to extend the time but haven’t needed to do that, yet)! And - yay! - no more running to the meter and back to the car and no more digging for change or trying to get a credit card to work in the meter.

- App no longer worked

This app has been convenient for me up till recently. It no longer recognized any zone number. Everything turned out to be invalid zone number. Either by enter the number directly or thru map. Tried reinstalling and still the same issue. * Updates after seeing the developer reply * I was a developer myself and I would not put something out there that doesn’t work. Then ask user to go use something else. What’s the point of the app existing then. I would love to use contactless method only if your app would work.

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ParkNYC Powered by Parkmobile 1.3.1 Screenshots & Images

ParkNYC Powered by Parkmobile iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

ParkNYC Powered by Parkmobile iphone images
ParkNYC Powered by Parkmobile iphone images
ParkNYC Powered by Parkmobile iphone images
ParkNYC Powered by Parkmobile iphone images

ParkNYC Powered by Parkmobile (Version 1.3.1) Install & Download

The applications ParkNYC Powered by Parkmobile was published in the category Business on 2016-12-16 and was developed by Parkmobile USA, Inc. [Developer ID: 365399302]. This application file size is 88.64 MB. ParkNYC Powered by Parkmobile - Business app posted on 2020-05-07 current version is 1.3.1 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: us.parkmobile.nycdot

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