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Ugly's Electrical References App Description & Overview

What is ugly's electrical references app? Featuring new menu designs the Ugly's Electrical References App 2020 has been updated to reflect changes to the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC) and the 2020 Edition of our popular Ugly’s Electrical References book. The Ugly’s 2020 App offers the most pertinent, up-to-date digital information for electricians, including table change information, mathematical formulas; National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) wiring configurations; a conduit bending guide with videos, ampacity and conduit fill information, transformer and control circuit wiring diagrams, and conversion tables.

The 2020 Edition:
• Reflects changes to the 2020 NEC
• New look and updated menu icons
• Improved deep linking between menus and content
• Features expanded coverage of the following topics:
o Junction Box size calculations
o Selecting, testing, and using multimeters to measure voltage, resistance, and current
o Selecting, testing, and using a clamp-on ammeter to measure current
o Selecting, testing, and using a non-contact voltage tester
o Overview of important NEC code changes from 2014, 2107, and 2020

Electricians and electrical professionals have used ‘Ugly’s Electrical References’ as their on-the-job reference for over 35 years. Now an app, Ugly’s delivers the dependable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use information you rely on in a way that will serve you even better in the field.


Calculators and Interactive Features

• Ohm’s Law Calculator
• Voltage Drop Calculator
• Ampacity Calculator
• To Find: Amps, Watts, Horsepower, KVA
• To Find: Inductance, Impedance, Reactance
• Three-phase AC Motor Data: Starter, Breaker, Heater, Wire, and Conduit Size
• Power Factor Correction
• Full Load Current for Motors and Transformers
• Locked-Rotor Current Calculator
• Offset Bending Calculator
• Conduit Fill Calculator
• Conversions for Area, Length, Temperature, Time, Volume, and Weight
• NEMA Wiring Configurations

*Pinch & Zoom for improved readability
*Conduit Bending Video Tutorials
*Search function helps you quickly find what you need to know
*NEC Updater outlines and explains changes to the National Electrical Code©
*Electrical Safety including definitions, boundaries, procedures, PPE guidance, and life-saving *First aid procedures
*Blueprint symbol identifier
*Bookmark your commonly used screens
*High-definition images and interactive tables that can be zoomed in for detail
*Works offline
*Great for electricians, students, engineers, contractors, maintenance workers, and military

Interested in a buying more than one copy of the Ugly’s Electrical Reference app for your commercially owned devices? Please email info[at]uglys[dot]net for details on volume purchases.

Privacy Policy -
Terms of Service -
Support –

The Ugly’s Electrical Reference app is part of the popular Ugly’s Professional Reference® series, which is an imprint of Jones & Bartlett Learning. National Electrical Code and NFPA 70 are registered trademarks of the National Fire Protection Agency and are not associated with Ugly’s Electrical References in any way.

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App Name Ugly's Electrical References
Category Productivity
Updated 15 February 2023, Wednesday
File Size 57.61 MB

Ugly's Electrical References Comments & Reviews 2023

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Clunky. I was looking for a digital copy of the book. This is a watered down version that operates clunky and isn’t ideal for an electrician in the field. Better to just keep carrying the book

So much info. I have the pocket reference book and I gotta say, this app is a lot more convenient. Also has calculators built in which makes it more convenient. All the sections are searchable so you find what you’re looking for faster. If you even so much as think about touching an electrical circuit, even if just for fun, you’re gonna want this app.

Collects Privacy Information. I would rather pay for the app than lose my personal information.

Solid reference, at its best when bookmarks work.. Bought this about 3 years ago, have used it at least once a week since then to verify details of my work. If you made a bookmark it would work sometimes, but bookmarking seems to have improved recently. Makes referencing a lot easier.

Helpful to apprentices and even journeyman. I’m an apprentice electrician, I used to have the actual uglys book, but with the app I can access information alot quicker. Especially at a job site, where time is money. A journeyman who I was working with told me to get the app instead because if I don’t have the book with me at work, and I really need to know something, then I have to go on google which takes FOREVER to get factual information. Versus on my phone, I’m going to have my phone with me where ever I go. Therefore I have uglys references with me 24/7. Sometimes I read it when I’m not at work because I constantly want to learn new information. It’s definitely worth the money!

Great App!. I love this app, I’m a maintenance Technician and I use this app a lot when I need to reference back to drawings and schematics

Easy to use. Great interface, comes in handy more often than not

Buggy on iPhone. Same great data as contained in the print edition but app crashes nearly every time I use it. Also I wish when the text referenced a page number it was a clickable link to the page.

Can beat it. It’s super easy to find what you are looking for. Has pretty much everything you need to figure out the job.

amazing if you can get it to work in your favor. at this exact moment i can’t for the life of me get the app to work. here’s what i mean, so me and my fellow classmates both bought the app so we wouldn’t have to carry our ugly books with us to class. now the app works for my buddy fine when ever he uses the search function by typing in key words for specific section. but when i try to search up the same topic nothing happens i could literally type in the same exact word he just input and nothing would show up for me. but for him it pulls up each section with keyword in it.

Much handier than the paper version. I’m still learning my way around the app, and it’s not something I need very often, but what a wealth of information.

Great pocket guide. Always used your paper guides and now using your app allows me to not forget to have it on me.

Nice and quick way to access Ugly App. Nice way to carry app on phone. Wish there was a better/quicker way to access certain sections, but once you spend time with this you get the hang of it.

Awesome App. This app is great because now I don’t have to keep up with my Ugly’s Book because it is always with me.

Worth the $. Anytime I forget a rule or don’t know something I can find it on my phone. The 1 thing that is always with me. Can’t beat a quality app.

Great App!. Very handy, I don’t need to lug my hard copy of Ugly’s around with me on jobs. Nicely laid out, easy to find info, and it updates automatically...

Pop up. Would be five stars but review pop up is super annoying

Don’t like the new version. This went from my go to reference to a source of frustration. With the last update all my old bookmarks had to be replaced because they no longer sent me to the right reference. When I bookmark a chart it places the bookmark on the section not that actual chart like it would in the previous version. I’m finding the information just not as easily as I did before. I also have to be careful that I am on the right reference where before I clicked a bookmark and I was instantly on the reference I wanted.

Amazing!. Just as easy as having your Ugly’s book in your back pocket at all times. A great app with an easy search of topics and info that your seeking immediately.

Really good. I really like the calculator function on here. You can put in all of the values and you don’t need to memorize the equations when you do it. I like the ugly book for a study reference still, but I love this app for when I’m actually doing work and need an answer now.

Word great resource.. Only reason for the four stars is because every time you open the app it requires you to click twice that you don’t wanna do a review right now. Very annoying especially when you’re trying to use the app.

Great app only 1 problem I would like to see get fixed. Really good app the only problem I would like to see fixed is I wish you could just type in key words and pull up the sections

Nice. Comes in handy for things you may forget from time to time.

Waste of Money - Browsers Are Faster!. Not once has this app opened or worked in a timely manner. Every time I try using it takes so long to respond to an inquiry that I end up switching to search on the internet. I don’t think this app has ever worked for me.

On hand!. The book continues to wear-out but the app is on hand on the most used tool (the phone) on work site.

Coming in clutch!. This app has been a huge help! Today we needed to do a 4 point saddle and we weren’t sure how to do it exactly and I opened the app and there it was! Even a video tutorial for us visual learners! Came in handy when I needed it! Definitely recommend to any level electrician because doesn’t matter how high you climb the ladder we’re all capable of forgetting things. Trust me I know!

Not the book.. Was hoping to have all the information the book has on this app but it does not. Will buy book instead.

Quick Check. Let’s face it, the load and pressure in the electrical business is hard enough at times. With all that we have to know and remember is madness on some projects. This app really is the ‘Let’s make sure!’

Helpful quick reference. Would be nice to have a few quick NEC references too

This is worth its weight in gold. As a working electrician, I find this to be the most helpful of all the electrical apps on the market. It’s easily as useful as the actual book and the calculators in the app take away some of the math one normally must do on the job site.

Good, but needs better offline usability. I find the book very useful, and I find it even better to have it right on my phone. The calculators are handy and I use the conduit bending section a fair amount. I’d give five stars if all of the text and diagrams from the book were available offline. It would be nice if you could download everything using wifi and then have it available without using data or needing good service. But I can always go get the book.

Better than a hard copy. It’s just easier in every way

App does not work as advertised. It has the usual solid, key information that the Ugly’s book has, however the app functionality is terrible in three key respects. One, the search function is so basic that it’s almost completely useless. NEC article number references won’t show up in search results, as well as any number of other basic key words and table titles. A pdf document is more searchable, never mind that a book index would contain more “searchable”information. Two, the bookmarks function doesn’t work at all...if I bookmark a page, when I go back to the bookmark... it takes me to the wrong page every time, even though the title of the bookmark is correct. It’s very frustrating!...Especially for something that is not free. And three, sometimes when I scroll through a section, the app will ”glitch” and send me to a completely different section with no way to get back to the section that I was originally looking at without going back through the menu titles and subsections and re-selecting my original page. I’m not sure why this app lacks the basic functionality that it itself indicates that it is capable of handling. My version utilizes the latest update. What’s the point of buying this app if it doesn’t even work as advertised. I don’t know that I would buy the app if I could go’s failure to work as advertised makes it a hard sell over just getting the book.

Ugly is beautiful. Quick useful information right at your fingertips. I highly recommend this app!

Bookmark problem. I have the actual book and on the app i bookmarked everything I wanted to save but when I go back to check my bookmarks they are a completely different page. Please fix this ASAP!

Well worth it.. We all know what we know. But there were too many times I forgot stuff; due to time constraints. This books is a great reminder of stuff & over a broad range of topics.

Great, but…. We all know Ugly’s is wonderful, and having it available on our phones is so convenient. However, unless I leave a review, every single time I open the app, I get the pop-up asking for a rating/review. For that, I deduct 3 stars.

Easy and Handy. It’s nice to have this book at my fingertips and not carry an extra book.

Ugly’s. This is a great tool. You don’t have to worry about forgetting it and no more dog earring pages to find them again, with the bookmark option. I also have the hand book, but I think this is better. The search bar is amazing, plus the built in calculators! I haven’t used it much, but expect to in the future.

For apprentice and journeymen alike. Has been very helpful starting out in my study’s and even my teacher uses it when we have to do advanced calculations.

Great but... I have the physical Ugly’s book and am currently in school learning the trade. I enjoy the mobile version and like that I can just search up topics but the app should be improved a bit. When I set up a bookmark and then have to go back to it, it won’t be in the same place I set the bookmark. It jumps a few pages before or after where I set up the bookmark. Overall though it’s most certainly worth it and I’m sure I’ll use the mobile version more than the physical once I’m out in the field.

Very handy App. Very handy when speaking to a customer and you can show them the requirements (motor size, wires size, etc.) right there in your phone or tablet screen.

The Ugly Book has been my go to for years!. As a contractor, I have worn out several physical copies of Ugly’s Electrical Reference. Now having it easily searchable and always at my fingertips has increased our efficiency. This app is superb!

Perfect!. This thing is as handy as a back pocket (and fits perfectly in one also).

Just wanted to have a written Uglys. So I really like the Uglys book for reference anytime I need it. I purchased this b/c I thought that’s what this was but it’s an app with interactive functionality that then references parts of the original Uglys. I emailed Uglys twice to see if I am just not using this correctly but they never responded.

Great resource for engineers and electricians. I use this all the time. It is a great replacement for the traditional ugly’s book. Really saves time in looking up data in tables and equations. Highly recommend.

Great reference guide!. Definitely helpful as study guide, quick reference, and getting familiar with electrical.

Helpful App. Sure beats carrying a book around. Comes in very handy for verification of things I don’t have memorized.

Interactive searchable Uglys App!. I originally gave this app 4 stars when it first came out but stated it needed a lot of functionality upgrades but has since then added everything I said was wrong with it. Now with pinch to zoom, completely searchable topics and text, and instructional videos such as in the conduit bending section, and pdf versions of the newest Ugly’s version, this app is as good as having the hard copy of the book in your hands at all times, but quicker for topics look up!!

Great resource.. I use this app almost daily for checking power and cabling, this is an awesome resource to not carrying around the small spiral bound and easier to navigate!

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Great knowledge. Great book used for years, not up to date though

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This is the one to buy!. As a Electrical Contractor this is my go to app

Love it. Use the app all the time. One of the best ones I have purchased!

Poorly thought out and limited info. Not at all like the actual Ugly's book. Very limited and hard to find information. Not something I’ll use often as an electrician. Can’t even find conductor ampacity!

Video’s won’t play on IPhone 11. The app is great and supremely useful. However the conduit bending videos don’t seem to work.

Awesome. Everything in the book and some!

Good. Other than constant prompt for review!!!!. Title says it all.

Decimal points. I gave it a 3 due to the fact on the calculations you can only go to thousand and the hundredth decimal point

Great app. Are use it all the time for electrical estimating purposes.

Good. Very good and easy to use

Great for toolbox. Awesome accessibility for an already awesome quick reference guide.

Fire Alarm. Somebody could suggest me any application like this one for Fire Alarm Detection.

Amazing App. This version is really useful !!!! Thanks for all the updates released

Save your money. There are a couple of better apps out there and less expensive. Don’t get me wrong the are a couple of good features but I’m not sure if the price is worth it . Disappointed in some of the calculation features and the bending conduit portion.

Super!!. I always love and use The Ugly Books👍

Amazing. This app is awesome has all the info u need a must have

Awesome!. A must have for any electrician! Especially helpful for those new to the trade!

Calculation portion of app does not work. The calculation portion of this app is correct. When finding kw or hp of a load you get numbers that are way off

Great app. Use it all the time!

Nope do not buy. Only writing review because when I finally use it, it asks me every..single...time to. Bookmarks erase. Just really do not care for the app.

Great for refreshing information. I’m a apprentice and truthfully love the videos the app provides!

The best. I love this app just everything that you need in the field...

Fix please. Nice app, but HP/W/KW tools can be off by a factor of 100. It tells me a 400w 230v single phase with PF of .95 draws 183 AMPS. It should be 1.83, that or I have hundreds of machines in the field melting wires…

Awesome ugly’s app!!!. Easy to use on iPad and iPhone. Keep up the good work!

Great app with poor support. This app has some decimal place inaccuracies in their calculations. E mailed them to let them know, no response, no fix

PDF. It would be nice if a PDF of the book was available via the app.

Not worth it…. Just wanted a pdf version. Not easy to use. Not user friendly at all. Just buy the book, a lot faster than trying to use this app.

Helpful. Handy for quick everyday reference and calculations

Great app. I’m only here to get rid of the notification to review it every time I open the app.

Pretty Good. Motor calcs a bit off but you should be using nameplate FLA anyways.

Excellent quality. Please get this app..I used all the time and it's like a Bible for electrician people

Review. Writing this bc it keeps asking me to

A MUST HAVE. This is where I turn to EVERY TIME I need to check or double check anything- SUPER EASY to use

Convenient. It is so nice to always have Ugly with me!

One star for the “rate this app”. No one likes being bothered by useless adds. If someone want to rate your app, they will. This add is so annoying I feel so compelled as to leave this one star. Would do less if possible.

Most recent update ruined app. Most recent update made all shortcuts lead to the same place on iPhone. Don’t waste your time currently. Tried contacting them before leaving a review but no response .

Annoying pop up. Annoying pop up until reviewed

Good just needs to stop asking for a review. Good reference

Get it don’t wait. Yes it’s that useful!

Easy to navigate. Pretty good app!

Does not work, do not buy right now. If you select the content you wish to view, doesn’t open the correct thing. For example Ampacities of Insulated Conductors opens up Sizes of Rigid Straps

Awesome App. Great app, easy to use. Use this app often at work.

Electrician. Just an awesome experience

Bookmarks Need Work. Bookmarks do not function properly - they will have the correct title but take you to a different page.

Electrical guy. Great app to find the stuff you should remember but lack the want to remember

Fine. Only reviewing so the app will stop asking me to review it.

Very helpful. Works great for quick reference and calculations

Great. Love this app use it when I get in a bind

Pretty good. The only suggestion I might add is a box fill calc

Can’t zoom in. Needs a keyword index

Waste of my money. Every time i find what i am looking for, i will click on it and will kick me out of the app. Whether i search for it or find it manually, it kicks me out. Never fails. I want my money so can i buy the real thing.

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Language English
Price $12.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.8.2
Play Store com.ascendlearning.uglys
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

Ugly's Electrical References (Versiyon 1.8.2) Install & Download

The applications Ugly's Electrical References was published in the category Productivity on 2016-12-09 and was developed by Informed Publishing [Developer ID: 351739093]. This program file size is 57.61 MB. This app has been rated by 977 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Ugly's Electrical References - Productivity app posted on 2023-02-15 current version is 1.8.2 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ascendlearning.uglys. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Ugly's Electrical References App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Optimise Bookmark Locations • Fix usability issues with ePub

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