Never ride alone again. Zwift is an online 3D world populated by cyclists powered by indoor cycling equipment. Pair a bluetooth cycling speed sensor, power meter, or smart trainer and away you go!

• Participate in group rides or races scheduled throughout the day
• Full library of individual workouts and training plans available
• Climb an epic mountain, zoom around central London, sprint through an Italian villa, and more
• Ride at your own time, at your own pace. If group rides or training isn't for you, just log in and ride with others how you wish.

• Cycling Power Meters
• Cycling Speed Sensor (for non-smart trainers)
• Cycling Cadence Sensor (optional)
• Heart Rate strap (optional)
• Smart Trainers

• Wahoo KICKR & SNAP
• Tacx Smart models
• Elite B+ models
• Kurt Kinetic inRide
• Kurt Kinetic Smart
• Cycleops Bluetooth models
• All classic (non-smart) trainers, with use of a Bluetooth speed sensor

• Zwift monthly subscription lets you ride as much as you want for $9.99/month USD. Prices may vary from country to country. You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account, and your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase.

With access to Apple Health, Zwift and save your activity data as well as allow the use of an Apple Watch for realtime heart rate data.

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Zwift App Description & Overview

The applications Zwift was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-12-10 and was developed by Zwift, Inc. The file size is 536.81 MB. The current version is 1.0.17783 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Added a Route previewer to help visualize the roads you can ride
• Added feature to allow some events to be joined after they are started
• Events can now have backup ride-leaders in the case that the expected leader does not show up
• Custom daily targets are now available for runners
• Workout ERG with powermeter+smart trainer support added
• User interface is now localized for Japanese language.

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Zwift Reviews

Gripper Do!

Great app and awesome update.  Gripper Do!  5 star



Stellar Training Program  TheBrickPhoneBandit  5 star

This is not just looking at graphs and numbers on your trainer, this program has it all! There are fully-fledged 3D environments, you can join group rides and races, as well as make your own workouts. The workout programs that are already created are awesome! This truly increases my own desire to train with the fun interface, encouragements from others, and the ability to ride very expensive bikes in the program that cost thousands of dollar in real life. TL;DR This is simply the best. Even if it's just raining outside and you wanna to get the feel of riding outside, hop on the trainer an spin. It can't match the experience of cycling outside, nothing could, but the way that they do it is utterly amazing. However, I have noticed that when I select route preview it crashes every time. Please fix this because I love that feature! UPDATE: Wow! I wrote in a review that the route preview crashes and they fixed within the week! So cool! Thanks devs!


Default user can't login in this version until typing email and password again each time  bgg71  3 star

I am afraid to use it to race since I don't want to lose my workouts if connection is lost as it happened in previous versions. I started the new version and noticed a new bug: each time i start the app, it says it can't log me in (the saved user) with my username and password and I have to choose to login again, manually and type in my email and password. This is annoying since we iOS users don't really like typing passwords. That's why we have a Touch ID. Also, this never happened until this last update. This is not a bank account and the user an password were saved in the app and was logging me in with teh saved user if without any extra typing.


iPad app freezing up  Mrobeys  2 star

With the latest update, the app freezes an I am unable to use.


Love the program, but last update...  Purdue1000  5 star

The latest update crashes at the end of every ride on iPad Air now... please fix it. Zwift quickly resolved the issue, changed to 5 stars! Great app!


Great app, Great future!  randywsandberg  5 star

I have been using Zwift for well over a year now. First on a MacBook Air, then on an Alienware Alpha running Windows 10, and now on my iPhone SE as well as my iPad mini 2. All great experiences thanks to Team Zwift. But, what I am really looking forward to is Zwift running natively on my Apple TV. That's going to be AWESOME!!!


Works well  LTPix  4 star

Good app! I use it with my Wahoo Kickr and stream from my iPhone 7 to my Apple TV.


Problem w speed sensor w Viiiiva HR monitor again  Brad765436  1 star

This was fixed in a previous version and now is having the same issue w the Garmin speed sensor not being picked up. Cadence works perfect.


A week delay before riding?  harrymacz  1 star

Never had a riding app tell me I have to wait 7 days before I can ride more than 25 minutes per session. I'm going to put on my hr monitor, strap on my cadence sensor, get the Zwift sensors up, drink a half liter water, climb on my bike, fire up a Swift ride, all for a 25 minute work out? No thank you. Back to Sufferfest and Peloton.

Katharine in CNY

Spectacular on 9.7 iPad Pro and fun, fun, fun!  Katharine in CNY  5 star

I'm not a professional cyclist, nor do I race, but absolutely love Zwift, especially during the winter months here in Central New York. I am, however, an avid cyclist and my bikes are a serious part of my life. This was a recommended program from the bike shop and was set up there on the Wahoo Kickr smart trainer using a laptop. They had never tried it at the shop with a tablet until I purchased the Wahoo Kickr Snap smart trainer from them and had them get me set up on my iPad Pro. The graphics were so crisp with no buffering whatsoever, but that may be in part due to the speed of the iPad Pro. It can also be used on an iPhone, but will not provide the same level of visual enjoyment that an iPad will. I've tried it on my iPhone SE without any concerns as far as buffering or graphics, but it can be difficult to select the course and/or workout mode. My iPhone is better suited for the Zwift mobile link that allows easier access to changing the views you have during your ride, taking a screenshot of what you see on the iPad, etc. I purchased an inexpensive mount for the iPad that uses an ordinary camera tripod as the base. This setup has worked out very well for both viewing the ride and protecting the iPad with a wide base for stability. With regard to the actual activity on Zwift, there are currently 3 different locations - Watopia (volcanic island), London, and Richmond. The locations rotate during the month with Watopia being the most used location. London is featured about 10-12 days each month, and Richmond only 2 days each month. The monthly calendar is clearly viewed within the app. All locations have routes that range from flat all the way up to large ascents, such as "The Pretzel" on Watopia, and everything in between. My smart trainer will increase flywheel tension for ascents to accurately simulate what would be felt on an actual road ride. Watopia by far has the most routes, with impressive visual features such as an underwater tunnel, Italian and German villages, and volcano with flowing lava. Short sprints are also on the routes to challenge you as you ride in real time with riders from all over the world. A variety of races also are available. Zwift also has many different workout modes to choose from. Zwift is suited for the most casual of riders all the way to professionals. When setting up you outfit your avatar with accessories and gear, but as you increase your ride time you increase the options that are unlocked for your avatar. It's virtual gear, but you end up really wanting to unlock the options, thereby increasing your training time and fitness. The setup also asks for age, gender, weight and height to provide the most accurate caloric burn. There are achievements for things like reaching 30 MPH, drafting, completing 5 circuits of a course, etc. Most who have used an exercise bike or traditional trainer can relate to 60 minutes feeling like 60 hours, even with music or watching TV/movies to pass time. Zwift keeps you actively involved the whole time and 60 minutes feels like 60 minutes (and at times feels less than that depending on how immersed you get). The monthly fee is very reasonable, in my opinion, for all you get. Now that I've had it I couldn't imagine not having it and look forward to seeing how it develops over time. Ride On!


James Solis JamesASolis 3 star

@RidePeloton @_elissa_johnson @naretevduorp @seanhannity @FoxNews Peleton is a ripoff product anyway. Get a real bi…


Zwift Rides ZwiftRides 3 star

Live streamed video running up the Watopia Volcano Climb. #Zwift


Hide transamhide 3 star

@hitomiho_ti Tacx training software です。専用ローラー必要ですが。異次元空間の遊びです。ローラーともZwiftとも違い、かなり実走感覚ですよ。


Useless until it saves rides  Truebiz  1 star

Glitches are keeping app from saving rides, making it worthless.


Finally  tashlucky  5 star

It was with the wait. Thank you Team Swift.


Zwift, will you marry me?!?  BikeLikeHell  5 star

Good gravy, is this the best thing since sliced bread or what? Awesome! I've been waiting very impatiently for this app to hit the iPad and Zwift knocked it out of the ballpark. In fact, they knocked it out of the ballpark's state. Synced right up with my KICKR with no problems. Amazing stuff Zwift team. 👏🏻

Muffintops gone!!

Finally!  Muffintops gone!!  4 star

Felt like a little kid on Christmas morning waking up to this app. Everything I knew and loved right on my phone. Wayyyy more convenient to stream to Apple TV now. However experiencing issues with a rides not saving and uploading to Strava. Did a few tests and there is no issue with the computer, only the app. Also please look into Apple Watch integration. Doesn't need anything crazy but it can at least pull heart rate


Won't change resistance  TN_Vol  1 star

I tried three different courses and Zwift wouldnt change the resistance in my smart trainer. When I start the app it does recognize my Tacx smart trainer and my heart rate monitor. The app looks like it can be amazing but it's worthless to me for now.


Great rides but glitches kill experience  Jardilio  3 star

First I love Zwift and have had no issues on the Mac app. This is pretty much a direct port which is a great start but the interface and buttons are way to small on iPhone since it's not optimized for that screen. The biggest issue I have is all the glitches. Three rides now have failed to save, only rides that have saved are some quick tests I did that were only a few seconds long. Then there is the crash on open that happens a few times or the lock ups where it appears to be frozen when clicking a button but if you wait long enough it usually comes back. During ride it seems to work great. Tried this on an iPhone 7 and iPad mini 2 both with iOS 10.1.1 connected to a Kinetic rock and roll smart control and HDMI to TV.


Flawless Execution on iOS  Nursedad  5 star

So thrilled to have this as an iOS option now. Did my first ride this morning and am happy to report that it went very smoothly. From start up to establishing connections to the most important part...the ride, it was a flawless experience. Beautiful graphics with no stutters on my iPad Pro. Thanks Zwift!


Good  Fereekay  4 star

Amazing app. Recommend to gamers


Beta through Release  Sighsoma  5 star

It's nice and refreshing to have been part of a beta project, give feedback, and see results based on feedback. The group at Zwift headquarters have taken things to the "next level" by releasing their first game app. It's not just any game though, this isn't your get out and walk go find Pokémon type app. This is an all out ride your bike till you can't ride any more. Imagine being in a room of your house, gym, garage, or work on a bike that is perched on a trainer. With a little help from Bluetooth sensors, you can explore a whole different SAFER way to ride a bike... with hundred of other people across the world. Race, group ride, chase games, social slow rides, time trials, workouts, etc. you can't get his at a gym. 10.00 a month?? Are you kidding, there's no place like it on Earth, do yourself a favor. Hit "install", get the Bluetooth sensors/trainer/bike, and start riding. Ride On, oh if you are looking for a group to help you get familiar, try Facebook RO4H - a healthy way of riding safer.


Addictive  Iamsecondrick  5 star

Love this app!! Put in 20 miles first day and I'm not a biker. Hard time getting off the bike. Thanks for making exercise fun. Look forward to more courses and fun.

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