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Join more than 4 million learners: learn to code, make apps/games/websites, automate your life, and much more – no matter how much experience and time you have! Mimo creates a personalized learning path of fun and effective exercises, projects, and challenges that fits into your daily routine and keeps you motivated.

• "This way you can work learning to code into your daily routine, whenever you have a few minutes of downtime." – TechCrunch

• "The app’s lessons are bite-size to make it easy to squeeze coding into your busy day." – The New York Times

We help you master:
• Programming from scratch
• Making apps
• Making games
• Building websites
• Becoming an ethical hacker
• Automating your life

These skills include programming languages like:
Swift, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Java, C#, C++, Ruby, Git, command line, and more.

Mimo is the best and most personalized way to learn to code on a tight schedule. Along the way, keep track of your progress, collect achievements and badges, and join a community of more than 4 million learners.


To get started, download Mimo and start a free 7-day trial of or subscribe to Mimo Premium.

Mimo Premium a subscription that gives you unlimited access to all tracks, courses, and other content. Mimo Premium is USD 9.99 for 1 month or USD 29.99 for 1 year, quoted in U.S. dollars (prices may differ in countries other than the United States). At confirmation of purchase, payment will be charged to your iTunes account and your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period at the price of the chosen subscription. Any unused portion of a trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. You can cancel your subscription (i.e. turn off automatic renewal) in the Account Settings section of your App Store or iTunes settings after you have made the purchase. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are available at https://getmimo.com/terms.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]

Mimo: Learn to Code App Description & Overview

The applications Mimo: Learn to Code was published in the category Education on 2016-08-22 and was developed by Mimohello GmbH. The file size is 190.67 MB. The current version is 3.13.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.


The World Wide Web:
We've bottled it all up and put it inside our app. Ok, not really, but all you need to know about HTTPS, domains, and subdomains are neatly packaged and transferred through our secured servers towards an IP address near you. Enjoy!


We heard how great everyone was doing at reaching their daily goal so we're challenging you to reach for the stars!


With more courses than ever, we worked hard to make courses more searchable and easier to navigate than ever before. Check it out!

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Mimo: Learn to Code Reviews


They stole the app that I paid for  Hiyat  1 star

I paid FULL PRICE for the Java, Swift, AND the Arnold C language. Basically they "updated" that app until it was unusable and replaced it with this crap. Can I please just have the apps that I paid for? I still have them installed on my device. I don't want this mimo app on my device. The apps that I have already paid for were a better quality. This new app is crap!!


Good stuff!  Rsep125  4 star

It’s user friendly and helpful in moving forward. Unfortunately there isn’t exactly a way to ask questions or search for specific functions easily.


How do I cancel?  Dalton.naylor  1 star

How do I cancel my free 7 day trial? I’ve looked for quite a long time and can’t seem to find it. I don’t want to get charged sixty dollars.


Great app!  Greatwun  5 star

Great, easy as well helpful app! I’m having fun. My review, I really like this app! It’s well thought out. I’ve tried others and this one is my favorite.


New to this  Lukemoney300  5 star

Just started using this... I was super sleepy but all of a sudden, it had me so excited that I was annoyed by the wait time on my next challenge lol! Love this app so far.. the fact that they make you type out codes makes memorizing a whole lot easier! So many options to learn from. Thank you for taking the time to create this!


Worst app ever!  Ladybug993647  1 star

I don’t know if it is just mine or if others are have the same problem but when I downloaded the app I was excited to start to learn more about coding but when I opened the app it turned out I needed the premium subscription to do anything! I really wouldn't have even minded only getting to do a few before you have to pay but I just really wanted to be able to do something! It was a complete waste of time!


Waste of time  d3x73r343  1 star

Doesn’t let you do anything unless you buy premium. Every course is locked and is only able to be accessible with premium


Great way to learn on the go.  Senorking  5 star

Really great app.


No part is free  butterfly68  1 star

I was going through the app excited to use it and I chose something and it said that I needed a premium membership and then I choose multiple other courses and it said the same thing


It’s ble  Byjtrogers  4 star

The free courses don’t teach much at all. I was disappointed in that. The reviews were appealing enough So I payed the subscription, it’s like $10 monthly. It felt worth it for a while. I got half way threw two courses; Make a Game and Build an IOS App. Both are practically identical. I did something every day for almost 3 weeks. I started to feel it was dragging on and on. I stopped opening the app a week ago and have all but forgotten all about it. It lost my interest and now I’m back on YouTube to learn coding. The app wasn’t engaging enough and I wasn’t getting anywhere fast.


Don’t waste your time  Rahoodle  1 star

You can do zero exercises without being charged. You can sign up for a free seven day trial after which you will be automatically billed $90 for a years subscription. So many more affordable things out there. Also this app is cheaper everywhere else in the world.


Stupid  clev2010  1 star

I want a coding app, not a scam. I have a child account, so I can't do in-app purchases. Don't get this app.


Useless  Evat375  1 star

There’s literally no point this being a free app, there’s nothing you can do for free and the subscription is so expensive there’s no way it can be worth it

yeetus retus

Not even usable  yeetus retus  1 star

It always asked you to pay them for absolutely anything it won’t even get you one free course with is stupid


I don’t understand  Teddytree06  3 star

WHAT IS THE FIRST COURSE FOR MAKING AN IOS APP I first opened the app,and tried to open the first course I could see for the course I chose and it said I had to pay I don’t have any money Please make some courses free I know you need money but still Not everyone has money

Reg is in heaven

Friendly  Reg is in heaven  5 star

Fairly easy and friendly to begin.. perhaps a little more “I’m really learning stuff here” feel might lend to more subscription


Straight and easy  [Au]Kirito  5 star

As a first time absolutely beginner coder I was impressed with the step by step process. Feels like I’m having a one on one transit experience.


Disappointed  Mr_Bazzle  2 star

The app was looking really good, it felt really well done and intuitive. Then I realised you had to pay $15 a month, which is too much for most interested students. I would much rather that the app was sponsored and had ads.


MIMO  codepro123  5 star

It is a nice app about coding and hacking teaches me all lot

dhbdbhbvh ugh

Awesome but expensive  dhbdbhbvh ugh  3 star

I did the first lesson and was super thrilled and then it turned that you have to pay $15 a month to continue learning and it was quite disappointing. If it told you when you launched it that after one lesson you will need to pay that would’ve been much better. If you don’t want to pay for it, I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you want one of these apps and you’re willing to pay $15 a month then I would definitely recommend this app.


Should have a trial  Ahmad3essam  1 star

This app only lets you access the first lesson only


I love Coding  💩🥊💩🥊💩  5 star

Coding is fun!!!


Hi  buttsg  5 star

This is so fun thank you

Star Charlie

New to Programming/Code  Star Charlie  5 star

I recently got into programming, about less than four months ago. I have used code academy in the past and just haven’t been able to afford the Pro membership. So, I found Mimo in my search of another app I could use, but I found a paid membership there also, However seeing the price I thought I should do some research and maybe get it. Honestly, I didn’t do much research, ahah someone on reddit said I could get the education for free somewhere else and offered a link. Although I am able to retrieve Python and other programming courses another way at no cost, something was telling me try mimo out and i listen to my gut. So here we are! I am very much liking the UI of Mimo, the voice of the teacher is relatable and helpful for retaining info, the color scheme offers learning perks as well (as I’ve been told having different colors in your notes is helpful for both sides of the brain), the curriculum is current and understandable. I am very pleased with my purchase and I am wanting to spend hours here in my zone. I am so glad I am learning how to code and Mimo even offers courses for learning how to make a game or become a hacker! I love it!!! I’d like to make games in my future and this app empowers me in so many different ways. Highly recommend ❤️

bendella the wolf

Love it but....  bendella the wolf  5 star

I love it but you need to make more freee plzzzzzzzzzz

brianna toca boca

Coding is for everyone  brianna toca boca  5 star

I love it! The choices you can choose to code is fun. It’s for everyone!


Not for beginners  Thisupdateaintshit  2 star

My biggest pet peeve is the negative reinforcement that is this app’s teaching platform. I started learning CSS from a different app and clicked into this one to further my knowledge and it was great. Tried to learn JS with no prior knowledge and it just frustrated me. There is no material to review and very poor and misleading prompts, it’s not until you click a wrong answer that you’re scolded or given a snarky response and helped to discover the right way. Who wants to learn like that? I already paid for the subscription of course, they get you that way, so I’ll still use the app to get my money’s worth but I’m not going back to any course on here until I have some prior knowledge of it.

jacquez dean

It’s Great  jacquez dean  3 star

Helping me learn what I should have been learned.Or,wanted to anyway. I like it .. tried looking up info about the cert at the end but didn’t find much .. haven’t subbed yet but I’m looking at the details now trying to see wasup ...will rate up when I investigate more .. ( . )^( . )

Mich chaim

Best ever!!!!!!!!!!  Mich chaim  5 star

I have never seen anything that teaches programming this good and easy!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t get this app, it’s a scam....  Saotran52  2 star

This is a total scam. Why do I have to pay $30 for a yearly membership? Usual yearly memberships cost around $15-$30. I believe that swift playgrounds is better and it is free, no membership needed. EVEN CODE.ORG IS BETTER. 1000+ courses, no membership. $30 for a yearly is a total waste. Tynker is better, you can share projects with people, make your own code blocks, and GUESS WHAT? Their lifetime member ship is $7-$15! LIFETIME! Do you see this? They are not money hogs while you are. I mean, Why can you only do like 3 courses with a free membership? I mean, the people who don’t buy or little memberships would never GET THIS! I not recommend this for the people don’t buy or don’t buy a lot of memberships, don’t pay for or don’t pay a lot for in app purchases. You see this mimo? All other coding apps have no or cheap memberships, and here you are with $30 with a yearly membership. I would like to see you not be money hogs and change the membership to around $20-$15. Unless you do change the price, I will never use Mimo and I will never recommend this to my friends. This is a total scam and no one should use it. Reason why I rated 2 stars is because it may give a good explanation, but there are not enough courses to learn this. I would give this 5 stars if you would add more courses to free players and change the price. Again, this is a total scam and no one should use it. Mimo, do you not care about your reviews!?


I don’t have enough to go on  Andrew_2016  3 star

This app seems pretty good and could be useful but you have to pay to use it and well some people don’t have money to spend there are more than likely free app just like this so go use them if your short on cash I did look around and honestly I couldn’t find anything else that seemed as good as this that was free so if u have the money I’d say go for it


Great app but I can’t afford it because I’m 12  Emma80211  5 star

This app is create and I’ve been learning to code for a year and a half now and I found the starter of this app but this side is that I’m a girl and I’m 12 so I cannot aford this app so it would be great if it was free so I could code properly because it’s the only thing that makes me happy. ;) console.print(Make the app free);


Disappointed and dissatisfied  Knowledgegal  1 star

This app seems like it would be great but the only problem is you need to pay. It doesn’t seem worth it because you never get to see if it’s something you would be interested in without paying


Boring  COnN BONaR  2 star

This app is very boring and for most of it you need a laptop or computer i downloaded it because i like coding but i was not very happy with it and ended up deleting it


My experience  dmort10  1 star

If this wasnt a subscription based app and was a once of payment id consider it, but the minimal amount you receive with the free app and the subscription rate doesnt make it worth it


Amazing app!  JimJams999  5 star

I love it so much!


Bad  Puglover27  1 star

You only get taught what programming is and not how to do it unless you pay. Some people don't have the money for that

Kris harrie

Try  Kris harrie  1 star

Gonna try it out to see what it does. If it’s rubbish then out of my phone it will go.


Nice but not enough to hook ya  Stephen123456654321  2 star

I did one module and it looks like I have to pay to keep going. Seeing as the graphics are so similar to Duolingo, I kind of assumed it would be free (or at least more of it). Maybe I would’ve paid if I had made a little more progress and could assess it more but right now it doesn’t seem worth it.


Lovely  Cvhagar316  3 star

I'm back to edit my review. You've completely changed the app around to make learning much easier. It you could break down the payment scheme so it's not just 1 yearly lump sum I would be able to afford it. I'll have to wait once again

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