Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App

Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App [Education] App Description & Overview

Learning to code can be easy and fun. Advance your career, build apps and websites, or even become a developer. With a game-like, science-backed learning experience, Mimo is the world's most effective way to pick up coding.

Mimo creates your personalized learning path of bite-size exercises that fit into your daily routine and keep you motivated.

You can code, too: join more than 6 million coders and get programming!

• "This way you can work learning to code into your daily routine, whenever you have a few minutes of downtime." – TechCrunch

• "The app’s lessons are bite-size to make it easy to squeeze coding into your busy day." – The New York Times

Choose your experience level
• Beginner (you're about to write your first lines of code)
• Intermediate (you've built small programs or web sites)

Get on a learning path
• Learning to code
• Making apps, games, and websites
• and lots more!

Master the most popular programming languages in the world
• HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
• Python
• Java
• Swift
• C++
• and lots more!

Learn at your own pace
• Solve bite-size exercises
• Practice with coding challenges
• Build real-world projects
• Get immediate feedback

Does that sound like a lot? No worries! We'll help you figure out where to start and where to go. Along the way, you can keep track of your progress, collect achievements and badges, and join a community of more than 5 million learners.

You can code, too!


To get started, download Mimo and take your time to explore the app. When you're ready, start a free 7-day trial of or subscribe to Mimo Premium.

Based on learning science, Mimo Premium is a subscription that helps you retain and strengthen your knowledge with advanced lessons and real-world projects and unlocks the full course library. Mimo Premium is USD 9.99 for 1 month or USD 59.99 for 1 year, quoted in U.S. dollars (prices may differ in countries other than the United States). At confirmation of purchase, payment will be charged to your iTunes account and your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period at the price of the chosen subscription. Any unused portion of a trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. You can cancel your subscription (i.e. turn off automatic renewal) in the Account Settings section of your App Store or iTunes settings after you have made the purchase. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are available at https://getmimo.com/terms.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at support@getmimo.com.

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Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Explore cool websites created by other learners on Mimo. Find a website you like? Then tap the remix button to get a copy of its code and customize it the way you want.

Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App Comments & Reviews

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- Money!Money! And monneyyy

Too expensive . Like put some stuff free and the stuff that is free make it good. Also no free trial.

- As a person who can code, this is a scam

This app teaches very basic things about coding. This is a complete rip off and is a waste of money. Use codecadamy or something similar to actually learn about coding

- Mimo

I love Mimo!

- My review

I love this app it is so amazing and it is helping me reach my dreams of becoming a developer and programmer thank you so much and keep it up. 5 stars

- bien mais...

C’est bien mais le problème c’est que la version française n’est pas disponible donc je comprend moin de la moitié

- Nice pricing

For only web access and no web access???

- Bery easy to learn, and worth the money

I would say that this app has a lot to offer if you don’t know anything about coding and want to learn from the scratch, don’t read the comments with 1 start. this is the best app i have ever came across to, i bought a one year plan and it totally worth if you know how to make use of it, i would say it’s 10/10! thanks to the developers, keep up the work!

- I’m actually learning something

Most educational games are expensive and useless. Although you have to pay for some things... I’ve learned so much with the free version. I’ve only used Mimo for a week now, but I’ve learned more than anything I learned in an entire semester of coding. This app is amazing and I’ve learned so much!!

- Look good

Don’t understand quite yet but pretty decent app

- Mimo: best thing since sliced bread.

Mimo is one of the best apps for learning to code. There are many high quality courses you can get without buying pro. I totally love this app.

- Duolingo but for coding

Same thing as duolingo but more pricey and expensive

- Please Fix

Was having a great time with the app, and it was super helpful and informative. However, my app has lost all progress, and I can’t finish any of the modules anymore. I’ve updated to the latest version of the app. Please fix!

- 🧲🧲 Magnet Magnet

My Child Likes it

- Woah

I feel smarter it’s amazing


This is useful for someone who’s looking for some fun or some useful learning tools the app is very immersive with its users I LOVE THIS APP! 🥳

- Best app every

It a very good app to learn to code 10/10 would recommend (This is not a fake review)

- Really...REALLY! Annoying bug..

Everything was going well and i’ve decided to upgrade to mimo pro. At that point, my progression was never saving and I had to start over and over again at the same point... I tried to delete and redownload the app but it was always the same. The app is cool, don’t get me wrong. But the fact that I can’t use it as I wish is just very disappointing. (Mimo, if you can fix my bug, i’ll restart to use the app)

- Good

Very good game

- Meh

Good app but we do have to pay for it and almost no body is working at this time

- Great learning experience

Nice app, great lead experience. Nice way to learn HTML. I am just refreshing my HTML code learning experience.

- Overpriced

Beyond overpriced. Enjoy your one star.

- Good app but confusing

I loved the app.in HTML and CSS however when I got to Javascript it got confusing. It dosn't explain why you are doing it or where you would use it to code a website or app. I found the same with swift. The difficulty eslcelates way to fast and I got lost. I also still canont build an app for iPhone after completing the course. It would be nice if I could as I paid quite a bit of money for this app.

- Great

Easy learning to start understanding the basics of coding in a fun way.

- love the app

I am learning sooo much! I have been considering a career in web development but I didn’t know where to start. Using this app made me realize coding could be in my future and might finally find work that I am passionate about. Only 4 stars because there are come kinks in the app. For example two of the exercises told my I had an incorrect answer, when the answer was correct. Because of this I couldn’t move on to the next question, I had to skip the whole chapter.

- Great app

Easy to learn and very helpful would recommend:)

- Impressionant

Cet outil est complet et facile a prendre en main gratuitement

- Best purchase for app coding

I had the chance to get 50% off Compared to all the others this one is intuitive, user friendly and no useless ads. Bravo !

- I’m 11 and leaning to code!!

I’m new to coding and I have no experience, and me and my friend wanted to make a game so we looked for tutorials and came across Mimo and we are learning to code very quickly!

- Wow ok

I tried it and then it asked me for a rating before it showed me all of the premium stuff. Not worth it, would be really good if it was cheaper tho....

- Effective tool but leaves a bit to be desired

I’ve completed every course currently available, overall quality content that would be extremely beneficial to anyone learning or refreshing their coding skills. While there are syntax-based discrepancies (missing arrow functions, support for lambdas in a variety of languages) I only found 2 key issues: 1) there’s little or no attempt to explain (or implement) optimization (or why optimization is important). 2) Variable declaration in the JavaScript courses. Everything is declared using the ‘var’ keyword which, save for a few very specific scenarios, should be replaced with ‘let’ to prevent scope hoisting. There’s no reference to ‘let’, ‘const’, or hoisting in any of the content and while ‘var’ might be a convenient catch all, it should be explained to beginners why it is important to avoid using it in real scripts.

- Where is premium?

On my other device, I bought premium, but when I come on this one, I dont have it. WHY?!?!

- This is super good

It’s easy and requires no time for you to learn

- Expensive

Very expensive. I'm not impressed at all.

- Super Useful!

All the lessons are really clear and it’s

- Great app

Loving this app !

- Horrible and expensive

If you wanna pay $44 a month sure but you can’t get anything or do anything besides see the names of the courses. If you want to learn for fun it’s not for you. I don’t even have a chance for a free trial so you can’t even try it out. I understand you need to make money but at least make some things free.

- So worth it!

I am so happy this app exists, wonderful layout, easy to understand and very impactful. I bought the premium after the second day!

- Don’t need premium

The app works well even without paying for premium and makes it clear what your learning.

- Very great app but...

It’s a very good app to learn to code but the fact you need a subscription to access projects and stuff is annoying

- Grrr

This app is good, but you can’t use the editor and learn other things than web without paying ... For me, it should be possibe to learn a couple things for free, not just a SINGLE language, and be able to use what we just learned, by programming! And have all of what i just said for free. Seriously, why are you forcing everybody to pay????? This is BAD

- Great app! Misses something..

Hey! I’ve been using this app for a couple days now and I love it, it’s helping me get better at coding and learn new things. There is one problem though, there should be a “review” for each level/topic without needing to get premium to pass to level 2 for that topic, because it’s hard to keep going forwards in the app’s levels while remembering everything, so once in a while, I’d like to redo a previous level to refresh my memory on that subject. Is that option available in premium? Thanks!

- Learning with Mimo

Very easy and fun

- Best game in the worldd!!

I would highly recommend it because it’s so addicting and fun!! I love it tons

- ❤️❤️

The best app to easy learn

- Cool


- I like it but

I like the design it’s perfect but it’s really expensive and I don’t want pay 75+ dollars a year

- Great App

I am enjoying this app very much. Coding is not something I thought I could ever learn, but it’s surprisingly fun and easy with Mimo. ** I am experiencing frequent app crashes though, which is odd because I’m using my brand new iPad. Please contact me to help because it doesn’t save all my progress, and my iPad is all up to date so it should not close. I’m a paying user and frankly it’s not that expensive for what you’re getting so I don’t know what other raters are talking about... 40$CAD/yr is not bad!

- Paid Premium subscription but content still lock

I paid for the subscription and the app does not recognize it. I waited for about a week after I email a complaint but still no response. Anyone has the same problem?

- Wanting to code

I either don’t have the time or disposable funds( or both) to take classes but this lets me learn on my downtime at work without a computer. Thank you guys, this app is great!

- Paying for it

Decent app but with all the ressources out there teaching programming for free, it’s hard to justify paying for it through this app.

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- Thank you!!!

Finally I understand this!

- Stop Me

I. Can’t. Stop. Coding.

- Amazing day 1


- Jami

I despised coding. I thought it was so tedious. It seemed like complete jiberish to me. So far, this app has changed my whole outlook on computing. It is not as bad as I thought whoever made this app is very intuitive with teaching.

- Awesome learning pace

Would recommend this to people that are trying to pearn coding!

- Very Nice Learning App

I love it

- Excellent! A suggestion...

Would love to learn about smart contracts and solidity w mimo or similar app. This app makes learning fun. Thank you

- 100% Get This App

There is nothing wrong with this app I 100% recommend it

- Better than grasshoper

My friend told me about this app and in 20 minutes I learned more coding than I would in any other website. And it explains everything very thoroughly so you still remember everything.

- 3 reasons

.3 learn to code! .2 have fun .1 become a web designer

- Review

Very interesting. Makes learning easier.🙃

- Not the best

It is happening at least once a day the app to restart and the question or lessons you already past, you have to do it again. Sometimes the explanations are very bad, not finished. It also happened i answering the question correctly, but the app gives me Error and is hard to continue, so most of the times you have to restart the app and lose the previous work on that part. I try to contact support with couple other questions, never got a response. For the money i spent $79 i find other places where you can learn better.

- Scam

The premium is BS. I’ve been waiting a month for support to add premium to my account, after they processed payment. I get the same auto responses from them to fix the issue. Don’t waist your time or money. I’ll be filing a complaint with the BBB.

- Great app highly recommend for any beginner

Coding made simple !

- Great


- Can’t unsubscribe

The app and website do not jive, ironic that its an programming app.

- Perfect app!

As an dentist, soon to be an orthodontist, I’ve spent half of my life dedicating myself to the mentioned subject, and had no time to spare for one of my biggest dreams - to learn coding... since I am an absolute beginner, and have no knowledge or whatsoever on the matter of programming, I must say that this app is brilliant, since it explains everything through the examples in a very easy way. It’s almost like a game, exciting and really fun! Coding doesn’t seem so impossible for me now!

- Bruh moment

Great app, works fine, but while I was doing the HTML code for fun I was flying through answering questions, and I got one wrong so I looked more into it. Apparently, the correct answer is “Because headers with smaller numbers are bigger” when asking about why h1 is bigger than h2. Blatantly incorrect and now I’m butthurt I lost my flawless answer streak.

- I love this app

I love this app I just started today and I already know a lot about coding.

- Need to get in touch with support!!

I LOVE THIS APP. It’s so helpful. I had the premium version, but, I got a new phone and it logged me out. I forgot what my login info was, so I tried to log in using several different methods (Facebook, Apple ID option, etc), and I accidentally made three new accounts. I finally figured out what my original account was that had the premium features on, but I’m terrified that my three other accounts are going to get charged/automatically upgraded once the 7 day trial ends. I love mimo but I don’t want to have paid for it 4x!!! Help!!

- Awesome

I purchased premium and it makes a huge difference. This app + another source has made learning HTML a huge help! I suggest adding flash cards next!

- Enjoy learning

It's a good app to learn codes

- Real nice

This is so cool you guys Really neat 5 stars cuz I love it’s

- Great App easy to use

Easy for beginners I really enjoy the app!

- It’s good

It’s really good to learn new stuff and building games and websites :) It worth it to download

- Trying premium

I was on the SQL lesson today and no matter what answer I selected it would not turn green, like every answer in the selection was wrong. I like the app overall, but would appreciate if these bugs could be fixed.

- Basic AF

Too basic. I suggest programming newbie to watch some coding YouTube channels instead of paying for the pro

- One problem

Make it so you can review WITHOUT purchasing pro

- Awesome job

Enjoying immensely

- Dear Mimo

This is great and enlightening

- It’s a pay to learn app

I thought I can learn from this app, but now I realize to go further I have to buy premium

- Thoughts about this app

The app is nice it tells you about stuff but doesn’t actually show you how to hack and that was the intentions of me getting this app just wish you could show how to make a botnet or softwares to crack passwords ect.

- Fun learning html at Mimo

I just started and it’s easy to understand

- Muy buena

Hasta ahora he aprendido bastante, de una manera muy interactiva

- App is stuck. Please fix this so I can write a new review

The app is a great idea but once I paid $60 to go pro it is stuck and not letting me move on to the next level. I keep having to repeat the same level just to see if it will move forward. I am very annoyed right now please help and fix this so I can give a new rating.

- Grate app

I have never seen any other app like it and it has a great way of teaching

- Cool.

This is pretty cool but I didn’t fully understand the directions

- Impressed

This is amazing I didn’t know coding could be this simple

- Love this app

This app is amazing

- It really works

I really like learning to code and it’s really helping me develop my coding skills

- One issue

I’ve gotten to the js part but there is one problem. I’ve gotten stuck on a question and instead of the app providing an example to solve the question, it just provides vague tips that pretty much don’t make any sense at all if you don’t understand the terminology involved.

- Good, but bad.

It’s too expensive.

- Lesson will not let you pass even with correct answer

In the styling with tags lesson, the question “catness” it states to put the sentence “book an appointment with one of our qualified trainers today” between the strong tags, even after choosing to see solution it will not let you pass to next question, continually telling to do this even though you already have

- Not enough SQL

I was really excited about the design and usability of the app. The amount of free content convinced me to go Pro in order to access the SQL training. If I knew how little content there was for SQL, I wouldn’t even have bothered with the one month subscription, but now I’m out 60 for the year. Balance your course content!

- Great app

Great app so far. I’m learning a lot in a very short time. Remember to take lots of note.

- Amazing!


- ok

I want to code on it but it will not let me

- Honestly a easy way to learn!!!

Would work well for any learning’s. Would help me teach my kids with their schoolwork. Would work well

- Love this!

I’m doing freecodecamp.com and just started paying for this. It’s incredibly convenient, fun, and easy to use. The glossary feature is excellent and the leadership board keeps you motivated to practice. I love it.

- Not worth it

Really not good. You can only learn one lesson at a time, and I want to know something else, not html. This app is good, but only if you want to shell out 59 bucks for a coding app.

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- I love mimo

I learned a lot of coding in mimo I love it I didn’t know these things but I learned it it’s so good I will give it 5 stars

- Wow

Only just started, but blown away so far. Makes it fun and informative!

- Yeah

Fun and easy to use so far.

- So far so good

Only 2 days in and with minimal prior knowledge on most of these subjects it’s very much flattening the learning curve.

- Great!!!

I think Mimo is great as it helps you to learn to code from the start. I am a beginner and I am already loving it. You should get this app so don’t hesitated because I know that if you get it you will definitely love it as it helps you take small easy steps

- Good App for beginner

Great app for people who want to start programmee journey.

- Coding school

I like to code to create a website it helps me to build a playground

- Mimo

You can’t do much on the app without spending money. Would not recommend as it drains quite a bit of battery, it costs unnecessary money.

- Wow

Wow, not really ever been interested in code as I didn’t think i would be able to do it; in actual fact I’m enjoying it so much I’m reconsidering my current career (though I imagine I have a lot more to learn in the meantime). This app makes everything so straightforward and cleverly guides you through step by step. For someone what has no experience whatsoever I’m really impressed thank you and keep up the good work!

- Great!

I’ve been using this for just a day and I already like it, its pretty much Duolingo without ads! And it teaches main features to writing a page, might update if I change my mind

- Overall happy but I have suggestions;

The main question in my mind is should I upgrade to pro...and the answer is I don’t know! They don’t let you try any of the pro content to see what you’re going to be buying. The thumbnails for the pro content looks great, but how do we know it’s worth £££? So I would like to see them start letting you trial a few of the pro content. Now the content they give you is absolutely jam packed with information, and there’s a heck of a lot of it, and they are very good at teaching you it from a first timers point of view. But sometimes things aren’t clear why we need to learn what we’re learning and where it would be applied in real life, I’d love to see them add in there more visual content which shows you why you’re building what you’re building, and where it would fit in on your website or app. That would be a great tool for learning. They do this more the further you progress, but for me I think it needs to be on every lesson, if they want this to be the best coding app out there, then more pictures and examples with the code please 👍 I give this 4/5, my only complaint is they don’t allow you to try some of the pro content so you know where your money is going. Remember, there’s lots of you-tubers out there giving this content away for free, so if we’re going to pay, we have to know that the pro content is a Far better learning tool than just watching a video on YouTube... That’s what you’re up against, an app world that is free but paid for by adverts from big businesses. When everything is free and this is £45 it’s hard to bite the bullet! Will do another review after I’ve tried the pro content if they ever allow you to try it and I’ve upgraded 🤓🙌

- Great for beginners

I’m 40 years old and I’m njust stat grade out fining it so easy to follow and the information coming in is sticking,

- Fun and educating BUT some issues

This app does a great job of making you learn and understand coding step by step. I had no experience in coding and I’m really enjoying this app. But, once I started progressing (even by the second or third day), the challenges would many times freeze or the software would become very slow. The learning material is pretty well thought out and organised and there is a nice flow from easier to more difficult things, but sometimes when completing projects of material that you have supposedly already done, new things pop up that you haven’t seen before and are not included in the path of lessons.

- Amazing app

It teaches you to code so easily but sometimes when it gives you a quiz it says none of the answers are right and you have to skip the but otherwise a great app

- Best game ever !

Best game ever!

- more habitat

I first time see you well diferent to edúcalas.but more times change all is more grammar codes and le gives is difficult onli English need Spanish do

- Poor Support

This is a great app but support is very poor. For days, I have written requests to the support team without getting any response in return. I have paid for a pro version but not been able to use it on my PC though it works on my phone. Let me get the full benefit of what I have paid for!

- Hey there

Mimo is a excellent app to learn code “no worries” If u don’t know code before because with the Mimo app is very intuitive going up in the interfaces. Cheers 111

- Great game

I looooooove the updates of mimo. It taught me how to code even though I’m eight!

- Idiot proof!

I know more about what comes after death than I do about coding and all of a sudden I’m Mr Robot

- Great but costly

This app is amazing for learning code but I would like it to be a bit cheaper.Instead of charging you,the app could display an advert before a lesson.

- Fraudsters

App doesn’t let me go past level 1 even though I’ve completed it 20+ times. Spoke to customer service - guy called Diego Toledo - and he avoided offering me a refund and didn’t help me with the bug fix and instead palmed me off saying there’s a new update coming which will fix it...guess what? It didn’t!

- Almost impossible to cancel your free trial or your subscription

I thought I have cancelled my free trial but they charged me the “Pro” even when I contacted the App Store. Now is almost impossible to cancel my subscription. They don’t have the option through the app and you need to navigate different platforms for answers. It’s a shame they decide to make the cancellation so complicated to trick people into staying in an otherwise “just ok” app.

- Good so far

Enjoying program so far although very American so makes some questions confusing if you are not from the US

- Helpful

You can really learn about different aspects of technology and how to code with this app. I went into it not knowing any prior knowledge but, now i have a basic understanding of code. I want to carry on learning with this app and see where it can lead me and others being young, it opens a lot of opportunities. Definitely recommend to anybody the only annoying thing is to unlock some content you have to pay on a monthly subscription.

- Keeps asking me to get pro

Nice but after I completed the test to see how much I know it keeps on asking me to upgrade to pro so I can’t even do basic httml, otherwise would be a good app

- Absolute Gem

If you are a beginner this is the right thing for you to start learning on how to develop. Love it

- Downloaded to learn more c++, and it’s “pro”?

This is retarded I uninstalled

- No pro

Great but needing pro to access playground is annoying

- Great way to learn coding on mobile devices

I am currently learning to code on a laptop but I wanted an app I could practice coding on a mobile device. This is perfect. It’s great for the fundamentals, great for revision.

- Great app

Amazing app, really good at teaching and understanding code and what each thing dose, I really recommend it.

- Quick and easy to learn

So far so good I really like it! It is very easy to learn and you can set up your own time for learning.

- So easy and interactive

Very easy to use and interactive

- Great app for newbies to coding

I love using this app, I’m a total rookie when it comes to coding, this app is fun to use, and is put together in a way which helps you to retain the knowledge learnt. I’m pleased I chose to sign up for 12 months 😀

- Premium cost is way too high!

I just completed my first section and was asked to review the app, I gave it 5 stars as it was very helpful. However, as soon as I tapped the 5 I was met with a page that told me if I wanted to continue practicing I must pay for premium. I was considering it, until I found out it was almost 10 pounds a month! This price is incredibly steep especially considering how many students use the app and that it is something that doesn’t even count as any certification for your CV or resume. It is a shame that it is so expensive as I was enjoying the new code that I learned.

- Best way to learn code

I first saw this app when I was finding ways to code on the Internet and I thought it would be one of the tricky websites where its extremely confusing but its extremely simple a five year old could Lear. It.

- How good this game is

I have a friend who is good at coding. I was always annoyed about the way he talks, since I want to learn coding. When I downloaded this app, I feel like I can make a website from the first day!

- Not enough content for a years’ subscription

At first it was interesting and I have learned a basic HTML. Aster completing it I have realised that no other languages are available to learn! Half of the lessons don’t work on the phone so have to use a laptop which prevents it from being a handy «on the go learning». The so called courses are frustrating and don’t add any value to your programming knowledge. It ends up being a guess game as the explanations are often not clear or the question is asking you for something you haven’t learned yet. Also the app is slow and often freezing (once a day at least) If you want to learn- stick to more serious apps.

- So easy to use

Anyone could gain coding knowledge from this app!

- Really simple yet effective

I’m new to html and this app makes it easy to learn. It’s great and useful!

- Five star

Great I am learning lots about coding I want an update for this app so I can get even more better

- Too pay to “win”

I wanted to learn about programming for future sake so I picked this up. Everything is locked behind a pay wall - a costly one at that. If it was less, maybe but IMO it’s a bit silly. Nevertheless less, it can teach you a okay amount. No repeats of a lesson to my knowledge though, so savour you’re lessons well. Look to others if you like your money.

- You can Get Everything For Free 🤫

I found this game on a website called iOS gods it lets you get hacked/tweaked games for free and it unlocks everything in the app, Just thought I’d let you all know so you don’t have to waste money on the app.

- Best apps for learning to code

11/10 in learning easy interface and it’s really interesting

- £29.99 per annum deal!

I got the £29.99 per annum deal just yesterday and I’m happy. I know nothing about coding but this app is great at helping me learn. The only problem I have noticed so far is it keeps crashing! And when it does, it starts from where you began. It’s frustrating. And, of course, you can only use it online. I wish I could use it offline!

- Just for fun

I love programming for fun cause it is pretty cool and you learn new programs!

- The app

Just great, I used only for 20 min but looks promising!

- Mimo

Mimo is great for coding and learning how much you want to be a great coder!

- Wow

This is great just great! I never knew that I would be able to learn how to code, it is one of those things I have wanted to learn for ages but never got around to doing it this is great for beginners!

- Fantastic app

This app is an excellent way to learn coding on the go, the tasks and teaching material is very laid out and approachable. Will be purchasing.

- Not good for beginners

When choosing the learning path, I chose “new to coding” (I’m not - I just wanted to see if I could recommend this to my friends, who are new to coding). The very first exercise was to fill in a console.log argument without any instruction on what console.log is or does. Any beginner would be very confused about this. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who is new to coding. It also assumes that you already know HTML (and possibly css) when you probably don’t if you’re completely new to coding.

- I’m not paying!

Don’t pretend to be free, or freemium. I abhor misleading behaviour.

- Why premium?

Well when I saw this I’m happy to learn all the sudden premium:(

- Free lesson

I don’t mind watching ads for free lesson . May be one lesson one ads in one day? Most of the free games has that kind of system already. U should too. Since I am a student , I can’t afford something like that for one year subscription.Even if I can , I can only afford for one month only. One month is nothing if u are going to learn during the free time. I am pretty sure people won’t mind watching ads instead of paying large amount of money.

- Wow, just wow

You let us download it for free but, you make all the courses payed at least be up front about it

- :)

This app helps with coding

- Don’t waste your time

You can do zero exercises without being charged. You can sign up for a free seven day trial after which you will be automatically billed $90 for a years subscription. So many more affordable things out there. Also this app is cheaper everywhere else in the world.

- Stupid

I want a coding app, not a scam. I have a child account, so I can't do in-app purchases. Don't get this app.

- Useless

There’s literally no point this being a free app, there’s nothing you can do for free and the subscription is so expensive there’s no way it can be worth it

- Not even usable

It always asked you to pay them for absolutely anything it won’t even get you one free course with is stupid

- I don’t understand

WHAT IS THE FIRST COURSE FOR MAKING AN IOS APP I first opened the app,and tried to open the first course I could see for the course I chose and it said I had to pay I don’t have any money Please make some courses free I know you need money but still Not everyone has money

- Friendly

Fairly easy and friendly to begin.. perhaps a little more “I’m really learning stuff here” feel might lend to more subscription

- Disappointed

The app was looking really good, it felt really well done and intuitive. Then I realised you had to pay $15 a month, which is too much for most interested students. I would much rather that the app was sponsored and had ads.


It is a nice app about coding and hacking teaches me all lot

- Awesome but expensive

I did the first lesson and was super thrilled and then it turned that you have to pay $15 a month to continue learning and it was quite disappointing. If it told you when you launched it that after one lesson you will need to pay that would’ve been much better. If you don’t want to pay for it, I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you want one of these apps and you’re willing to pay $15 a month then I would definitely recommend this app.

- I don’t like programming but m1mo makes me hate it less

Removes the boring syntax parts of coding and fun pics make it interesting

- It’s amazing but..

As I’m still a student in school I kind of need to have all the courses I need for free but when I found out you had to pay it was kind of disappointing... I was wondering if you could make a program for students maybe? The price is pretty good but, I use my money on my animations and gaming stuff and since this on my mother’s acc because I’m not aloud one it’s her money.. Any ideas to help me though?

- Good but improvements needed

Hey this app is something I enjoy but the fact that you need to PAY for lessons is not that good. You could at least be like World Of Tanks BLITZ where they straight up tell you that in you want to buy a tank or in this case finish all ya lessons you will need to pay.

- Hm

I love the app but I wish there was a more helpful hint or we could get the answer to questions we are stuck on, Ive been stuck on a question for really long and don’t have any option other than spending 20 minutes looking for answers.

- Not free app

This app is written poorly for absolute beginners. The ad claims you can create apps with this free app. Not so. Don’t pay the subscription it’s not value for money.

- YouTube is cheaper

At around $15 a month, it's cheaper and just as good to learn C# from YouTube. I would totally accept an sponsored version of this, if it happened I'd change my review.

- Enjoying it so far

Been wanting to learn coding. Have no prior knowledge. This app showed me the basics. It’s a logical language Took the 1 month subscription to try it out. Been few hours and still playing with it. Let’s see how far I’ll go.

- Amazing

This is an amazing app! Enjoying it very much so far and hope more content gets added! I love the daily task feature ! Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for more content !! Good job guys!

- Paying

I believe that we should be able to get one free course and then have to buy the rest to get a bit more of a taste of what we buy!

- Very good

Great method of teacher. If you’re a beginner all the way up to an expert you’ll find something to learn about in a fun way

- Interactive Coding

This app is like the Duolingo of coding. A fun and interactive way to learn how to code. I could not recommend it higher!

- Pretty much nothing for free

You don’t get enough for free to actually tell if it’s worth paying for. Took 1 minute to go through the free module as it’s so basic


The intro is free and after that you’re expected to pay to go beyond that.

- Cider in the making with this app

easy to use, great examples and i know more about coding than ever

- what i was looking for

i was really looking for a “duolingo” style app for programming and development to help me get over the areas hard to learn from traditional courses and books. this app m1m0 really helped

- Premium

I love the design of this app but I would really enjoy having more free tasks

- Only one lesson

You can only have one lesson for free here.

- ...

I LOVE THIS APP!!! It’s soooooo cool and I feel like I’m one of those people who make apps and get TONS OF MONEY!

- Beautiful!

Makes programming much more understandable, easier and fun. With the amount I paid I’m actually getting more than I expected and everybody can become expert at web and programming using this up + their amazing website. One of the most elegant apps in the App Store.

- Tristan

This app is basically Duolingo but for coding. However unlike Duolingo everything is behind a paywall. The free download is misleading because you only get the first part of each course which is usually how to load a dir or something.

- Premium

This app has really helped me a lot with my coding but there is one thing that is annoying which is premium because complete one lesson and that is it unless you buy premium and I just want free coding lessons but I understand that it is how you make money but allowing something one or two lessons would be better than just one thanks

- Best APP to lean the codes

By far this is the most interesting app I used to learn coding while living a busy life.

- So annoying

Sorry, I’m not writing a hate review, but I do NOT like that only the first lesson in every course is free, and I was hoping to become an expert coder, it even insults me on having Unity lessons but all of them requiring premium, because I love Unity but do not know how to code with it. Kind(😒) regards, Andre

- Very helpful app

Good work by the developers. This app actually got me started with html css and other languages.

- Mimo review

I downloaded this app with the ambition to learn how to make an app. I was quite happy and thrilled when I started the course then I realised that you could only learn a small amount for free and the rest you could only unlock with a expensive subscription. I understand the creators need to make money but what’s the point of advertising this app for free when all you can do is learn the bare basics.

- Great app for beginners

I’ve just started to learn about coding and programming. This is the best app from the start to finish . It teaches u the in a such simple way that even a kid can understand . I love it . Thanks for ur great app .

- Is this the same developer?

I have an app named Duolingo and the goals and how the program works is very similar to that app. Well I think that one of the developers have copied the other app.

- Great app

Good app but I’m not sure if making an app on web works ‘cos it didn’t work for me ( on computer)

- seems like a good app but...

i wanted to learn to be a hacker and to build an ios app and i tried the first course and really enjoyed it but it costs money to do anything else. It’s just like paying for an app except it’s a yearly subscription. I hoped for a free way to learn something that i was interested in.

- Not worth the money!

This app asks you a series of questions related to coding which you guess at until you get right. Ultimately I do not believe it is an effective mechanism to teach coding.

- Refund please

I sent an email and haven’t got a reply......

- Seems good but costs $$$

I hate subscriptions. I’m not looking for a subscription service. I would pay say $2 to access a course per course but I’m not paying a yearly membership. Basically you can sell lots of things cheaply or a few things for a lot. I guess you’ve gone for a few things for a lot.

- Nice try, but not paying

Downloaded this app because I wanted to learn more about HTML. It only gave me a single lesson of things I already knew about HTML. Even beginners won’t get any use out of this app - you have to pay for almost everything. I will find another app or website instead of Mimo.

- Ok

It’s good but you premium for everything

- Mimo

Complete novice but I’ll learn. Just follow the instructions. I’m getting it . I only got this today .

- The Mimo app.

Whoever came up with this app is a freaking genius!!

- Enjoying this app

Easier and fun than I expected

- Simply instructive

Good for any beginner from the scratch


Learning HTML at the moment and this is fun and super easy. I was thinking it Would be difficult to learn but thanks to Mimo ,makes me feel i could code excellently.

- It’s awesome

I love the app it motivates me to do well. It’s helping me on my way to become a great robotics engineer. I love it i I love the app!!!!

- Good

the amount to pay is not encouraging

- Great Platform 👍

It’s a really cool and user friendly app. It also gives room to learn so much conveniently within a short period.

- 👎🏼

The app crashes when I try to set up

- Great app

Learning to code faster and easier than imagined it to be.

- I need my refund

Didn’t get no message or notification all I got is a debit alert from an app I don’t even use..please I need my money back..I hope this gets to the developer cus I don’t even use the app and they automatically removed cash from my bank account..I need my money back mimo!!

- Review

I love Mimo...it actually gave some solution to my coding problems

- This app is 100% helpful

This app is 100% helpful

- My time with MIMO

This app has really been so nice; so easy to use with great features.

- Amazing

There is nothing and I mean NOTHING bad about this app. It’s all amazing 100%

- Curious

Can I learn to hack cell phones and other stuffs from this app?

- My MIMO Experience

Just about what I need to start my journey into the world of Coding!

- Amazing

Mimi has simplified all the coding ideologies and made me a master in the making...

- Login with google is not working

Login with google is not working

- Excellent!

Great app and easy to use.

- Easy to use and Helpful

Thanks to Mimo am now a coding master thanks Mimo

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Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App 4.31.1 Screenshots & Images

Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App iphone images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App iphone images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App iphone images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App iphone images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App iphone images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App iphone images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App iphone images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App iphone images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App iphone images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App iphone images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App ipad images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App ipad images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App ipad images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App ipad images
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App (Version 4.31.1) Install & Download

The applications Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App was published in the category Education on 2016-08-22 and was developed by Mimohello GmbH [Developer ID: 548016918]. This application file size is 170.61 MB. Mimo: #1 Learn to Code App - Education posted on 2020-05-26 current version is 4.31.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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