Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming

Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming [Education] App Description & Overview

You can code, too! Advance your career, build apps and websites, or even become a developer. With a game-like, science-backed learning experience, Mimo is just about the most fun and effective way to start coding Python, JavaScript, HTML, and more.

Mimo creates your personalized learning path of bite-size exercises that fit into your daily routine and keep you motivated.

Join millions of coders and start building your future!

• "This way you can work learning to code into your daily routine, whenever you have a few minutes of downtime." – TechCrunch

• "The app’s lessons are bite-size to make it easy to squeeze coding into your busy day." – The New York Times

Choose your experience level
• Beginner (you're about to write your first lines of code)
• Intermediate (you've built small programs or web sites)

Get on a learning path
• Learning to code
• Making apps, games, and websites
• and lots more!

Master the most popular programming languages in the world
• HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
• Python
• Java
• Swift
• C++
• and lots more!

Learn at your own pace
• Solve bite-size exercises
• Practice with coding challenges
• Build real-world projects
• Get immediate feedback

Does that sound like a lot? No worries! We'll help you figure out where to start and where to go. Along the way, you can keep track of your progress, collect achievements and badges, and join a community of millions of coders.

To get started, download Mimo and take your time to explore the app. If you like Mimo, consider starting a free 7-day trial of or subscribing to Mimo Pro. With Mimo Pro, you can learn to code without any ads and with unlimited hearts, unlimited playgrounds, real-world projects, and other fun perks.

You can code, too!

Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are available at https://getmimo.com/terms.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at support@getmimo.com.

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No compiler errors here! We've worked on improving and developing new features to help you have the smoothest learning journey possible. Happy coding!

Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming Comments & Reviews

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- Revolutionary

I had to learn some basic coding because I work at a tech company, even though I’m not an engineer. I found this app after trying to take a coursera course and failing before I could even set it all up on my desktop. This app is ridiculously easy to use, so convenient, and seriously effective. I already knew a good amount of the material just by learning on the job, but it helped fill the gaps in my knowledge and was actually pleasant and fun to use. I’ve never been so impressed with an app, I actually ended up hooking up a payment method to my apple account so I could buy the pro version (goes without saying I’ve never bought a pro version of anything!). Much like Duolingo, this app takes a complex topic and breaks it down in easy to use, super mobile friendly bite sized lessons, perfect for literally anyone. I never leave reviews on apps, but I seriously can’t stress how cool this app is.

- I purchased premium but doesn’t work

I had purchased a premium subscription back in September and it was working great and I loved the lesson plans. I was learning and making progress everyday. Recently within the last few weeks it seems to register that I don’t have premium any more, I try and restore purchases and it says I already purchased premium, yet I still can’t access the 2nd and 3rd stars on courses like I was once able to. I contacted support and it literally takes 2-3 days just for a response and that is ridiculous. It’s been over a week now, almost two since I lost the ability to fully access the courses and still no help from support. They told me fixes that were easily found in their FAQ, in my initial email I even said I already tried it. What is their response to fixing my issue? Of course it was try the thing that I already did and told them I did! This review is more of a review of support and their ability to fix my problem more than it is a review of the actual content of the app. When it worked it worked great, I loved the courses and layout. But when it stops working, finding help or at least a little transparency is an impossible task.

- Amazing app!

I started coding with Mimo a few days ago, and I already am interacting and understanding how webpages and other things are developed! This app allows you to change how you are learning as well, so I don’t have to fear choosing the wrong choose that won’t match my learning needs. This coding app also allows you to create this right away, and quiz you so you retain the lessons you’ve learned! Unlike the other apps I’ve tried that confuse you when you start by pushing you into everything, Mimo eases you into the world of coding with small activities that I personally find fun! This app, unlike the others I’ve tried, does not make me fear the world of computer language, but instead, makes me love and appreciate it even more! I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to learn coding.

- Be careful if you want to just try it out.

About 2 years ago (2018) I tried it out their discounted trial for 2 weeks, then I decided it wasn’t for me and I canceled my subscription, but a few weeks later I was charged the subscription. I emailed customer service (who took so long to get back to me) about the issue, they seemed willing to help. In the end they confirmed with me that they canceled my subscription and I will be refunded. Great! A year later 2019, I got charged on mimo again! I talked to the customer service and told them why this was happening, they told me I was still subscribed, so again, they helped me unsubscribed and get my refund back. Fast forward to this year, 2020, I got charged again! I don’t understand why this is happening after constantly getting confirmed my subscription is now canceled. I checked my account and yes it is not subscribed. Why am I keep getting charged? I am worried that I will have this issue happen every single year for the rest of my life. I really don’t want to be dealing with long customer service waits. I am concerned for their incapability to manage private informations.

- Very slow

I know that learning this kind of stuff isn’t fast, but making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn and I have made 3 already and now I have to wait 4 hours to make the next one. It makes it way too hard to learn. I’m fine with three hearts but 4 hours to only one heart back?! It takes way too long than it should. I have started the web development course and I have only done one and a half exercises and now I have to wait two more hours to even try do do any more. I get you are trying to push your premium program and I’m totally fine with that but it almost forces you to buy it to be able to get far and not lose interest. Your app is the best I have seen in the way of teaching you but it only teaches you for so long and then you have to wait an entire four hours before you can try to get further. I love this app a lot and everything else so far about it besides this one problem, thank you

- I love it!!

So if you’re thinking of getting the app, maybe don’t super duper take my word for it cause I’ve only had it for like a day, but so far I really like it! I have 0 experience with coding but I’ve wanted to learn it for a really long time and this app really helps explain each of the concepts in a way that I can understand and remember it. I personally have the free version and am very satisfied with it except for the fact that you only get free lives. It’s a little stressful doing the exercises and worrying about messing up and then having to wait h o u r s for more lives. My only problem with the app so far besides the three lives is that the pro version if $40 for the whole year and I have $35 in my account😭

- Great...but greedy

I don’t wish to upset the creators of this app by giving a low grade, because the app is great. It works like any of the better teaching apps out there (Duolingo, etc). Very easy, seemingly full of content. ....However, if you make mistakes three times, you have to wait four hours before you can resume, and if you make another mistake, you’ll have to wait another four hours. Patience is key. OR, you can spend $60 and by the pro. That might not be a big deal to you, but if this app is to encourage betterment in a secondary skill (for many of us folks already working hellacious hours) as to better our lives, I don’t find such a high price-tag warranted. Maybe a $10 flat fee, MAYBE...even though the creators should definitely get paid for a nice app, taking money from poor to lower middle-class folks for something that, even if aced, wouldn’t land anybody an actual job could be considered pretty low, ethically....just saying.

- So....

(Here’s some info about me) I am a 9 yr old kid who was/is interested on the subject of coding. First I got scratch. But it was too basic. Not at all related to real coding, at least from my point of view. So, I looked for other coding apps, and I found this one. I liked it but then the COVID-19 offer popped up (for the PRO membership) on my screen, and my dad previously said he was willing to pay for coding if it cost money, so I asked him if he would get “PRO” for me and he said yes. Also this app is unusually fun.(or maybe it’s the fact I enjoy learning I don’t know) And if anyone even sees this (I don’t think anyone will) don’t let this review change your opinion on if you want this or not, I started 1 day ago.

- APPLE, Listen, Seriously.

I almost did it again today, Apple! are you a fine print company where WE have to scrutinize every purchase or download I make in the App Store?!? This time with the app Smart Cleaner, you had better post highly visible opt-in notices for your “free” apps that post subscriptions to users credit cards or let yourself in for class actions. If I hadn’t scrolled a little further and tapped on the ‘very fine print’ I would not have known that Smart Cleaner would have been charging me ~$5/week for something i’d use twice a year, $30/per use! I would have liked to check mimo out but am afraid if I breath near their app it would cost me $10, seriously a defeatured free version is better than kind-of tricking some users into a subscription. There's a hidden fee, maybe annual, of $80 that they hit me with AND I NEVER USED IT, not once!! Now I have to hope Apple maybe/might refund me through their text-us-and-hope customer anti-service department. All charges NEED to be verified, and twice as much when it is a substantive charge, $80 is that for most people. My god Apple, I never bought an app for $20, i'd have thought you'd have flagged me or something. This hurts my budget, while others would go hungry because of BS like this. Seriously this deserves class action attention if it is the only way to get these theives attention, Mimo and Apple.

- Really easy & enjoyable.

I love learning new things, coding being my newest venture. I bought the year subscription, and just went to town. I even talked my 60 year old mother into giving the app a shot because she, like myself, enjoys learning new things. When I say this app is easy, i mean, you understand the fundamentals pretty quick & if you don't rush it, and do all the lessons, one by one getting 3 stars before moving to the next, you'll get the hang of it quick. Like I said, my 60 year old mom can do it, and shes a technological dumb-dumb, though, she did rush and get confused at first, but I helped her understand. Anyway, if you want to learn coding, this app is great. Give it a shot.

- Best learning app for programming

Downloaded this app and finished the first basic lesson and ended up upgrading to premium. For those who may be wondering buying premium doesn't unlock every lesson right away. You still have to complete the previous lesson. I saw a couple bad reviews for that reason and wanted to clarify this app is not a rip off you have to follow the lesson plan it gives you. This app is good for any level of knowledge in programming from someone who knows nothing of program to a developer this app really has a nice way of explaining everything thoroughly. Love this app and will continue to use it to advance my career.

- Started great but now it won’t run and lessons are too short.

I should be on my 75th day of learning. However now the app just goes idle after opening. I’ve been trying for an hour including restarting the app and my iPad. I was having a hard time getting it to launch all week but now it just won’t do anything. Other than that.... the “certificates” are pretty much a joke. Yes you’ll learn some basic coding but nothing that should earn you a certificate in anything. Many lessons go without actually explaining the reasons or logic behind the language. It’s easy to advance without having actually learned anything. It was on sale and I’m still pretty sad I spent money on this. I really enjoyed the html, css, and Java Script lessons but everything else is just a sample and they are rushed at that. Don’t waste your money.

- I never write reviews but wow

So seriously I never write reviews never find it necessary but I absolutely have to for this app coming in I did not know literally one thing about coding all I knew about coding was that it’s for computers and it’s how u make apps and stuff like that that is literally all I knew about coding that’s it and I have been using this app for 10 minutes maybe and I already know what variables are in coding the shell outputs content like all this stuff and my mind is just completely blown right whoever made this app like is a genius and deserves to be a billionaire

- Absolutely addictive and amazing!!!

This is by far, my favorite app during quarantine and in 2020! I initially committed to practicing 10 minutes per day, and soon increased it to 20! No need to worry, because I’m on Mimo for at least an hour or two each day! As a teacher of 14 years, this app shows the proper way to teach a subject, and the principles of helping you learn and master coding should be applied to every subject for immediate learning! I love the introduction to new information, the gradual release method used for clarification and mastery, and the constant review of information in various ways! As a teacher, and as an adult learner who’s new to coding, I am completely giddy with joy at what a masterful work of art this app is, and what possibilities it holds for the future of learning! I will check back if/when I upgrade to the pro version!

- Great App So Far

This app is very good so far and very intuitive. I especially like the playground features and would love to see that expanded. The reason why I am rating 4 instead of 5 stars is that there is no browser support when learning (only playground). I find this very limiting and having paid for the pro subscription I would like to be able to comfortably use Mimo at home on my PC rather than being restricted to my phone. Developers if you see this, when this feature is implemented, I will be sure to update my rating to 5 stars

- Great app, but one problem

Let me preface by saying: I get the three hearts thing and i think it’s amazing that we have this app to use which is convenient and fun! However, when I get something wrong on my last heart, I don’t like that I can’t see what I’ve done wrong and the app prompts me to purchase a subscription. I would very much like to see what i’ve done wrong so I can come back in 3 hours and do it correctly. This method doesn’t help us learn and is discouraging. Otherwise great app and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn coding!

- This is very helpful!

I Use this app hoping to learn something about coding but I feel like this is only a great start my main goal is to be able to create some type of game but just learning how to create a website doesn’t really hit the ball i want although this is a really great starter for coding I would like to get into the game creation after I learn to make a website so if there was different classes in this app that would be great!.

- Not the best

It is happening at least once a day the app to restart and the question or lessons you already past, you have to do it again. Sometimes the explanations are very bad, not finished. It also happened i answering the question correctly, but the app gives me Error and is hard to continue, so most of the times you have to restart the app and lose the previous work on that part. I try to contact support with couple other questions, never got a response. For the money i spent $79 i find other places where you can learn better.

- Incredibly basic

Mimo is incredibly basic. It’s so difficult to justify the price for what the app provides. While it provides learners with basic information, such information is easily accessible online - and for free. What mimo does is take that incredibly basic information and places it in a topic-dense app to make it appear to have a lot of content. Mimo educates the student through multiple-choice quizzes but fails to solidify that knowledge through use of repetition or review, something which many coding apps do not provide, unfortunately. Their quizzes also do not encourage reviewing slides if you missed an answer, as they literally tell you the answer in bold font if you pick the wrong one.

- New Update

I am very disappointed to see that this app has recently added “lives.” Once you mess up three times, you can no longer learn unless you buy their Pro package. Or you can sit there and wait hours until you’ve supposedly ‘earned’ more lives. I’ve always hated this concept and don’t understand why the creator felt the need to ruin the experience of this app by adding this new feature. I used to love this app because it promoted a FREE learning experience. Now, even if I find the time to learn, a couple mistakes completely takes that away.

- Good content.

I liked the app when it was functioning OK. I’ve paid for a membership and I have barely been able to use it because it’s always freezing or crashing. I’ve reinstalled , updated it and experienced no improvement. I’ve missed out on a few months of user ability because of it. Update- after Reinstalling the updated version and updated ios Function has improved. Support reached out quickly to resolve my complaints. No noticeable bugs.

- Perfect app!

As an dentist, soon to be an orthodontist, I’ve spent half of my life dedicating myself to the mentioned subject, and had no time to spare for one of my biggest dreams - to learn coding... since I am an absolute beginner, and have no knowledge or whatsoever on the matter of programming, I must say that this app is brilliant, since it explains everything through the examples in a very easy way. It’s almost like a game, exciting and really fun! Coding doesn’t seem so impossible for me now!

- Love mimo!

Love the app; excellent interface and courses. One "SMALL" problem though; it keeps evaluating my right answers as wrong ones consistently; In fact, in a single topic I face at least 3 of these; which is enough to run me out of hearts ! cheap trick though. I liked it better when this heart thing never existed. Anyway, I would much appreciate if you fixed this issue! Thanks a lot for your beautiful app.

- Boring if you know the basics.

I picked up this app hoping that I could learn a bit more about python. At the start, it lets you pick your skill level, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. I picked Intermediate, yet I had go through all of the basic steps of python. The useful stuff that I need to know, is at the very end, and I have to complete everything before. It gets really tedious and makes me not want to keep going, the good projects are locked behind pro, I know you have to make money and all, but you're limiting people who want to learn. Pretty good app otherwise.

- Thank you so much

I’m a young coder and I’ve been taking lessons and loving them. I can’t buy premium but I’m willing to wait. I’m really inspired and super thankful you developed this. I plan to make a chatting websites for family and friends to be able to hang out and talk to each other and while we’re in quarantine I have a lot of time and I’m using it wisely. Once again, thank you for this wonderful design.

- Best app for beginners, BUT...

Recent updates have made it a bit difficult to differentiate between previously mastered skills, new unlearned skills and updated skills with new lessons... Stuff like changing profile pictures, perhaps commenting on playground’s and sharing, maybe doing social projects on the app, would be genius and would make this app the absolute cream of the crop and absolutely worth every penny. 💰

- This App is Really Great for Anyone

This app not only is customized for your experience level, but also takes the time to make sure you understand why you did what you did with short multiple choice. Every thing explained isn’t explained in a real complicated way that you don’t understand what you are doing. Overall, I recommend this for everyone and anyone!

- Rip Off Alert

I purchased the “Premium” full year subscription. However, it did not unlock ANY of the features. It did however debit the full year’s subscription fees from my back account. It keeps prompting me to purchase yet another subscription for the premium full year and the restore account option says I have no subscription. Terrible rip off app. Stay away.

- An interesting but unfinished Product

Overall, the concept is fantastic. A great deal of courses beautifully laid out for learners. However, the courses are just a bit too simplistic and do not really allow for actual learning. Further, the the daily challenges need to be fleshed out fully, as they are lackluster and limited to a couple programming languages. Mimo provides a good first look into programming, but I do not recommend paying for a yearly subscription as you can find far more extensive resources on the internet.

- Please Make Less Expensive

I love the style you teach but please don’t make almost everything premium only. I’m sure more people would get it if it was at a more reasonable price because we kids don’t have the cash so please make it $5.00 a month it will make people more happy and won’t damage your profits because then more people would pay for it.

- Coding made easy

It very concisely shows just how easy it really can be to learn coding. It truly does help with taking just 5 minutes out of your day to learn a little bit of coding,it’s legitimately fun and easy, and everything is made so easy to remember. Having a visual result of your work is not only very rewarding and satisfying but extremely helpful for a frame of reference.

- Love this app!

I am currently going to school for Computer Science and, the help this app has given me is astounding. This app breaks down each concept and, gives it to you in a much more simple way to understand the information that is given to you. I have learned more from this app than I have from Codio and Zybooks. 11/10 definitely recommend this app.

- Amazing

I have the premium subscription and it is fantastic. The teaching process is very clear which allows for the information to be taken in easier. The glossary is very useful for small reminders on some topics, more complex examples would be useful. And completely aside from the coding, it’d be cool to have some glossary of the different images we can access.

- Fun app but needs to be more accessible

This app has been a terrific on-ramp for me to learn programming. It gamifies the learning process and makes it easy to get started and keep going. it is well worth the subscription fee. However, we users have been asking for dark theme and a large text option for the visually impaired, but that has not been implemented.

- Too many lessons

I have been going through the HTML course and there are far too many lessons. I feel like I’m having to learn how to design web pages. I just want to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, what’s with the leaderboard? Why would I want to be encouraged to spend more time learning when I could be watching TV? Great job making me feel smarter, Developers.

- Takeaway

I worked extremely hard for the progress i have gained in the six plus languages that i have studied over the last two years. When someone behind the scenes that barely knows one thinks that I’m behind the curve on learning, I would encourage that person to devote the time and effort i have to this study before voicing you opinion on everything i have worked for. I didn’t get through the course by coasting. I actually learned the material, for multiple languages. Don’t hold me to a standard that you were never able to achieve. You’re not even on my level.

- MyMimo

I’ve tried every programming based app there is and so far Mimo takes the cake for fast paced clever learning for a wide range of languages. They’ve set it up so you can almost lazily start learning difficult material quickly. Definitely worth the inexpensive upgrade and certainly worth your time otherwise misused on your phone. ;)


You guys SERIOUSLY ruined the app by rearranging the layout of the app. The app is incredibly buggy and Projects and lessons I mastered an finished are now , UNFINISHED? I have to redo almost all of them all over again. And it doesn’t even matter if I do them anyway because there are so many bugs now that the next day for some odd reason, the lessons and projects I completed and have proof of completing, reset themselves and are labeled as unfinished ?? I’m so confused as to why you guys decided to rearrange things . Was I not suppose to learn what I learned the past few weeks in order or what?

- My favorite app!

I honestly stopped in the middle of a quiz just to rate this app 5 stars. The lessons are so detailed and informative, and I love the pop culture references that are sprinkled throughout the quizzes. I’m applying to start a masters program in Cybersecurity next year and I’m getting myself prepared with the help of this app. It’s truly worth the subscription price, it’s been a great investment for me.

- A decent start, but far from complete

I downloaded to learn Python and it covers some of the beginning concepts and basic coding, but is far from a complete course. Of the material covered, Mimo does a very good job explaining the basic commands, data types, conditional statements and Boolean logic, while and for loops and Def functions. The course’s strength wavers towards the end as it glosses over Dictionaries a bit and then that’s it. At the tail end, it also glosses over the object-oriented aspect of the language but really doesn’t do it justice. Input() is completely absent from the course among many other Python functions and doesn’t even work in the playground. It’s a decent supplement to the very beginning of a full Python course but you won’t actually be able to write programs at the end of the Python path.

- Thank you!

Whoever the people are who worked on this thank you for not making a piece of crap app just to make a few bucks! I can really tell their main priority is to give people a way to access world changing information without having to go through an overpriced “education” system. Respect!

- This app is GREAT! But...

This app is very cool and makes learning coding fun. My only problem is that you have to pay for using a playground. My child keeps on wanting to test what he is learning somewhere. So I looked around the app and found the add a playground button my son was happy until i had to tell him that we had to pay for it. After that he was very sad. So honestly i am very disappointed.

- First time user here.

27 years old and I just enrolled in college for software development, starting off at ground zero as far as knowledge and capabilities go. I went ahead and searched up a coding app on Google to get a jumpstart on what I’ll be getting into, so far so much frickin’ fun. Great experience, super informative. Thanks for making learning this exciting for me Mimo 🙃.

- Can blind people use this app?

I need this app to be 100% accessible with voice over support before I lock into a subscription. Can you please add video description to all of your video courses and voice guidance for all of your interactive courses. Please make these major changes in your next update.

- 💕💕💕🍭🍭

I'm sure I've never write down a review or even rated an application before always find it quite annoying at really winds me up when something like that pops up on the screen while I'm use that app , put know really its like involuntary finding my self pressing to write a review cause its really educative and reaaaally fun

- Great app for learning coding if you’re completely clueless

I knew literally nothing about coding when I started this app. The app takes you at your knowledge level and works from there. I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks and already have learned a lot. 100% recommend.

- Need to get in touch with support!!

I LOVE THIS APP. It’s so helpful. I had the premium version, but, I got a new phone and it logged me out. I forgot what my login info was, so I tried to log in using several different methods (Facebook, Apple ID option, etc), and I accidentally made three new accounts. I finally figured out what my original account was that had the premium features on, but I’m terrified that my three other accounts are going to get charged/automatically upgraded once the 7 day trial ends. I love mimo but I don’t want to have paid for it 4x!!! Help!!

- Not the best

The app doesn’t let you revise what you took if you don’t have mimo premium and it doesn’t let you try what you learned if you still don’t have mimo premium. There are just so many websites and videos that can make you a better programmer and you can practice what you learn on websites, For example, w3schools is one of the best websites that teaches you real HTML and JavaScript and whatever you want. I’m just saying that it isn’t really worth it to buy premium when you can have better skills in programming from websites and online videos.

- Great job MIMO TEAM

I finally found the app that allows me to have a fun an interactive experience with coding so that I can understand more about it and learn it without falling asleep or having to re-read everything twice. I’ve already started some projects through the app and I’m excited to finish it. I AM THANKFUL FOR THE CREATORS OF THIS AMAZING, WELL-MADE, WONDERFUL APP ✊✊💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🖤🖤💛🧡💜🧡💚🧡🧡❤️🤎🤎🖤🧡🤎🧡🖤

- Amazing App

I have honestly been looking for an app like this for a while. Mimo surpasses expectation and is excellent. I’m having fun and I feel like I’m actually learning too. First day with the app and already highly considering signing up for the Pro version. Bravo to this team. If I could give more stars, I would.

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- Worth Every Cent!

I originally bought this app thinking it would teach me a bit of JavaScript, but it has taught me so much more. Yes you have to have a subscription to do the full courses. Netflix is $10 per month or $120 a year if you have the cheapest option. Where Mimo premium is only $4.10 per month or $50 a year. Worth Every Cent!

- Free version is okay, but needs some adjustments

I do not use the paid version, as I think free version is quite good. But there are two things that are bugging me. One can be left alone but the other... it annoys me TOO MUCH. Let’s get into that one first. When I try to go back into my lessons (that I’ve already done) the app assumes that I want to go into a further lesson of that. The paid version. I just want to redo the lesson because I haven’t been on the app for a week or two and it doesn’t let me! Please add something asking you if you want to buy the paid version OR start over the lesson! If you add this in a future update I’ll be sure to change it to five stars! Okay, into another one! I don’t believe people should pay to make a project.I cannot do the lessons and it’s really bugging me! I can find other apps who let you do all the lessons without paying for them! The only reason I still use this app is because it is more understandable than any other app. You can keep the different parts of the lessons that you have to buy with Premium but don’t limit whole lessons if you know what I mean. This worked only with my first project, all other projects got limited to me. At least put some more projects that people who don’t pay use! Also add an option to edit your projects. They are useless otherwise. Thank you for taking your time and reading.

- Learn to make a new website

This app can really teach you how to make a website! It can teach you how to make links, buttons and more! Also, you can practice making a website on this app (but requires pro version). But there are some big problems with this app. First, horrible basic spelling. It says ‘color’ when it should be ‘coloUr’. And it should be ‘grey’ when this app says ‘gray’. Secondly, you MUST be very precise! This app doesn’t let you pass even with only capital letter or spelling problem. (Or maybe you MUST be very precise, idk) Third, sometimes it says you’re wrong when you’re actually right. (Or maybe I think that because of the fourth problem) Fourth, when you press ‘see solution’ it doesn’t tell you what you did wrong. They could’ve made things we got wrong to be bold, for example. They only tell you what you need to do to get it right but didn’t even tell you what’s wrong! Overall: 4.5 stars for the positive but minus 1.5 star for all the negative. I would say 3 stars for this app.

- Easy to follow and well worth the $

I feel like i have progressed heaps over the last month using this app. I complete 10-20mins a day on my lunch break and am really proud of how I’m progressing. Great user interface and so much content to work through! GREAT

- Ok, but some annoying aspects

Ok concept, but lots of extra clicking while navigating courses makes for slow progress. Makes out you’re getting everything right, but pretty much impossible to get something wrong. Sparks multiplier doesn’t use your current level, it’s always saying I’m level 1, but I’m level 7. Can’t revisit completed lessons unless you upgrade to pro.

- Must have app‼️‼️‼️‼️

Hi there I recently downloaded MIMO I’ve only done the free version for a few days but I’ve learnt SO MUCH it’s really easy to understand and the coding skills it teaches you are SO useful thank you soooooo much for creating this app ❤️

- Acceptable but flawed

You learn content in a similar fashion to duolingo and other teaching apps. The content is pretty good, and it’s useful for me to go through some coding material I haven’t really touched on in a while. I have paid for subscription, but only due to the offer of half price. I wouldn’t pay the full price for this application because the learning is not deep enough to warrant almost $100AUD. I still receive “Subscribe” demands even after paying for it too which is a little irritating, and also left me confused as to whether the purchase worked successfully.

- Best app ever!

I have learned sooo much in a day with this app, it is the best. Even without pro is is still amazing. If you are thinking about getting the app do it.

- Not worth buying.

Frequent crashes on latest ios stable iPad 6th gen. Very limited content. App has potential with “gameifying” coding learning, but often gets answers incorrect, crashes part way through sections,and all available content can be completed in 12 weeks of 10-15 minutes a day.

- Good so far!

Have look at coding videos ebooks but this is good thus far, interested to see how it performs as things get more complex.

- Hearts

Great learning app before the new feature of hearts now basically punishing you when making a mistake and have to wait 4 hours before you get new heart, which is not how you learn, most people learn from mistakes. Now it’s just forcing people to get the pro version.

- Great app but problem with subscribing

Hey! This is a phenomenal learning app, easy to follow and great techniques. Only issue I have is it won't let me upgrade to the full app. Will change it to 5 stars when the issue is fixed! Thanks Devs! - Simone **Edit** problem is fixed! Love the app and staff are very kind and helpful. Keep up the great work guys!! :D

- Okay

This app is pretty cool but it doesn’t let me look at any of my playgrounds without paying and I’m up to the hard stuff but then I also have to pay!

- Actually good

I’m normally quite hard to please but this app is pretty decent for coding.

- Kelsall

Very simple and easy to understand

- Family Opinions

It is really dumb. It has millions mistakes I’m assuming as a hyperbole e.g Which one of the following “displays?” ________________ A. Kit Kat B. Give me a break _________________ I mean what do you mean by that. And unfortunately it has NO KLC. On the other hand when it comes to this dumbness, We apparently have hearts I mean aren’t you a app to LEARN coding? Wasting our lives waiting for the hearts - for the people who doesn’t pay.

- Not for me

The study pace is extremely slow. Comparing with similar apps such as py and SoloLearn, its exercises are highly repetitive, which makes you get bored quickly.

- I love this app

This app is better than lecturers

- Easy to use

Perfect for beginners

- I love coding

I'm enjoying coding like never before!

- I ❤️ Mimo

I love this app, super easy, interactive and informative, great platform

- Opinion

Actually ok

- I love M1M0

Absolutely love it!!! So easy to learn

- Love M1M0

It is such a helpful app it helps me sooo much! Thanks Mimo!

- Mumbo for mayor

Mumbo for mayor

- I never write reviews but this deserves one

I have been waiting for an app that does this for a long time as I am constantly coding and getting ideas. But it's always good to practice so I downloaded the app thinking it was going to be subscription based garbage but it really does do what it says in the description. It's great for beginners or if you want to freshen up your skills but overall I think it's great and look forward to the further updates. Thanks

- DO THIS NOW!!!!!!!!


- Don’t be fooled

The app is free and it seems quite good, but if you’re expecting this to be a freemium-style app, don’t be fooled. There is no (useful) content available for free and it only offers a subscription payment model which will end up costing a _lot_. (Also note that the annual subscription is displayed as an amount per month, but you will get charged a whole year at a time, so don’t think you can sign up for a short period and then stop your subscription earlier than 12 months.) Unless you’re a total beginner, you will be able to get through the content very quickly, so an annual subscription is unlikely to be necessary, but a shorter subscription is much more expensive. The app would be far better if you could pay a (small!!) one-time amount to buy each course.

- Basically a ‘Pay to actually learn something’ kind of app

‘Mimo’ seemed to be a good app at first glance, but after installing the app, it seems otherwise. When starting a track, there is an introduction at the start, which teaches you literally nothing. If you want to get to the actual learning part, you have to pay for a subscription. I understand that someone had to dedicate time to writing the information, but they could have found a different way to obtain money, such as a range of free tracks and some premium-only tracks, that require a one-time purchase to unlock, or a premium subscription. I don’t recommend this app to anyone, unless you are willing to pay monthly or yearly to learn programming.

- Decent

I guess I’m in no position to right a review but here it goes anyway, I haven’t paid for premium yet so I haven’t been able to try out any of the courses. I like how this app breaks down things so even kids can understand. I know they want to make money and all but I find it annoying how you can only get the introduction of some of the courses and then you have to pay for either 3 months or a year worth of subscription, I think they should give you more options, I would like to see them add a 6 month option, a 1 month option and a 3 week option.

- Less than 5 mins play, then SUBSCRIBE 👎🏻

I was excited to download, after seeing the average rating of 4.2 stars, but within minutes was disappointed. After less than five minutes playing, I was hit with a ‘subscribe’ demand. The rest of the content was closed to me until I did. It didn’t even let me play for enough time to evaluate whether or not I WANTED to subscribe. If I was able to play more, and then decided it was worth it, I still wouldn’t sign up to a greedy monthly subscription. I would, however, happily pay a REASONABLE one-off amount for access. Subscriptions really are plain greed. I know you’ll respond and say ‘oh, but we have to update the content’. I don’t care. I just want access to what’s there now. I’m not interested in signing up to something more expensive than my Netflix subscription, and frankly, not interested in signing up to anything, period. Change your payment model, I’ll happily change my review. It looks like you’ve got a solid thing on offer, but I can’t even really say for sure!

- So good!!!

I love this app so much! Got it last week and have been doing the courses everyday and already I feel like I know years more than what I did then. It starts off easy with just the basics, but as you progress, you learn new things, while the app drills the old things into you memory so they almost feel like second nature! This app is a 10/10 for me! Highly recommend downloading it and giving it a try!

- This is so good!

I normally don't care about reviews but this app deserves a positive one! I have had Javvy and swifty for a long time and they have impressed me, but Mimo takes it to a whole new level, I have had Mimo for like less than a week and I got so much info from just the intro of the HTML course! This app deserves more attention!

- Awesome but expensive

I did the first lesson and was super thrilled and then it turned that you have to pay $15 a month to continue learning and it was quite disappointing. If it told you when you launched it that after one lesson you will need to pay that would’ve been much better. If you don’t want to pay for it, I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you want one of these apps and you’re willing to pay $15 a month then I would definitely recommend this app.

- Not so good.

The app seems good for people willing to learn programming at first, but it just gets worse and worse Firstly, you only get ONE free chapter of each course for free, people who aren’t total beginners could fly through that VERY QUICKLY (like myself) I saw a response earlier that the payment helps support the developers research the programming and input it into the app. Excuse me what?, You are making an app that is literally trying to teach programming, coded in swift. And saying that “we need to research these programming languages” At LEAST make the entire SWIFT course free and make it so that you can one-time purchase courses instead of paying for an ENTIRE subscription to learn one programming language Also, did I mention that when it says “$$.$$ monthly” for a course, it instead charges in yearly increments, so you can’t cancel 6 months in. Anyway, that’s it for me.

- It’s amazing but..

As I’m still a student in school I kind of need to have all the courses I need for free but when I found out you had to pay it was kind of disappointing... I was wondering if you could make a program for students maybe? The price is pretty good but, I use my money on my animations and gaming stuff and since this on my mother’s acc because I’m not aloud one it’s her money.. Any ideas to help me though?

- I never write reviews but..

I never write reviews, but I've been looking for an app like this for such a long time and didn't think it would ever exist. When I watch videos or am in my lectures about programming or any other class I'll forget it within the day! It's so difficult to learn even though I want to. But this app is different it has such a beautiful interface and quizzes you so you remember the content. I'm just so happy with this app even though I only just started using it. Also I'm only using the free version have not upgraded to the very affordable premium yet..yet.

- Beautiful!

Makes programming much more understandable, easier and fun. With the amount I paid I’m actually getting more than I expected and everybody can become expert at web and programming using this up + their amazing website. One of the most elegant apps in the App Store.

- Not much free material

Love the app but 90% of the content appears to require payment. Some content is recycled between different programming languages which is disappointing but kind of understandable (don’t need to have the same concepts explained the same way). Two stars because I haven’t been able to do more than the entry level exercises... If I could take one to completion I’d probably know if the app is worth the money...as it is...I just don’t know.

- Pay to do pretty much anything

I honestly know little about this app because most of it is hidden away behind a paywall. I just wanted to freshen up my skills but instead I got a few short slideshows with basics I already knew. Lesson one is free but the rest are all premium so if you don’t want to pay yey much a month just look for another app or something.

- Yes you have to pay..

This isn’t a free coding course, but it is a cheaper alternative to doing an actual coding course, the lessons are short and easy to understand, revises previous learning in each lesson, makes learning a quick, easy and painless affair.

- Premium

This app has really helped me a lot with my coding but there is one thing that is annoying which is premium because complete one lesson and that is it unless you buy premium and I just want free coding lessons but I understand that it is how you make money but allowing something one or two lessons would be better than just one thanks

- Enjoying it so far

Been wanting to learn coding. Have no prior knowledge. This app showed me the basics. It’s a logical language Took the 1 month subscription to try it out. Been few hours and still playing with it. Let’s see how far I’ll go.

- Too expensive

I was really excited to start using this app. However, the monthly/yearly fee is too much and I understand you need the money to add new content and stuff but there are other ways you can go about getting your money. Such as: having an ad(s) after every chapter (I honestly wouldn’t mind that) or having a reasonable price of a onetime fee which would benefit both of us.

- Mimo

It's a great app. Although I got one free chapter then had to share Mimo on social media to unlock the next one then any after that I had to get premium. I will be getting premium because of how amazing the app is. The premium price is really good as well, in my opinion.

- Cool but most content you have to pay😭

This is a very good app that teaches a great deal of real life computer knowledge you probably wouldn’t get from anywhere else. The sad part is that you can only start the first part of a course before having to pay for the rest.

- In app purchases are misleading

It’s supposedly $7 per month for premium but in reality it’s $80 per year charged yearly. That’s a big difference in what’s stated compared to what’s actually charged, especially for what is essentially two chapters of beginner programming over multiple languages. I do think there’s potential for apps to streamline the learning process, but this is really underwhelming. The gym membership approach to subscriptions doesn’t inspire confidence in their product either.

- Easy and intuitive

Perfect for the learner. Easy, plain language instructions. Would even be able to be used by a person who hasn't used a computer before.

- Seems fun but not sure about buying

The presentation is great, but I wanted to try more of the course I was interested in, in order to decide whether to subscribe. Instead I can try a little bit of the beginnings of each course. Also, if I did try it I’d want to do just a month, not have to invest a whole years worth at once.

- Hm

I love the app but I wish there was a more helpful hint or we could get the answer to questions we are stuck on, Ive been stuck on a question for really long and don’t have any option other than spending 20 minutes looking for answers.

Payoneer 💰

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- Don’t need premium

The app works well even without paying for premium and makes it clear what your learning.

- Overpriced

Beyond overpriced. Enjoy your one star.

- Wow ok

I tried it and then it asked me for a rating before it showed me all of the premium stuff. Not worth it, would be really good if it was cheaper tho....

- Expensive

Very expensive. I'm not impressed at all.

- Best app every

It a very good app to learn to code 10/10 would recommend (This is not a fake review)

- Woah

I feel smarter it’s amazing

- This is SO Fun!

I just started and I'm Loving it! Thanks for making this app

- Really...REALLY! Annoying bug..

Everything was going well and i’ve decided to upgrade to mimo pro. At that point, my progression was never saving and I had to start over and over again at the same point... I tried to delete and redownload the app but it was always the same. The app is cool, don’t get me wrong. But the fact that I can’t use it as I wish is just very disappointing. (Mimo, if you can fix my bug, i’ll restart to use the app)

- Um

So the free version only has Python and web development as options. If I’m not mistaken, I’m assuming the other languages are locked behind a pay wall? Nice..

- Amazing but

I shared Mimo to 2 people and I don’t have my week of pro.

- What an awesome app

I didn’t even know what coding was. Now I feel like it’s comprehensive. I feel so techy now :)

- I love this but

Why did u add hearts it ruins the whole thing btw I won’t delete this thank you

- Mimo

Ça sera vraiment cool si vous ajoutiez la langue Française dans l’application parce que vraiment compliqué souvent d’apprendre mais cool aussi car on apprend de nouveaux mots en anglais

- Pleasantly surprised

I didn’t realize coding is this simple. I’m very happy i downloaded thus app

- Slow progress

I like the app. But since I started learning code via other mediums I’ve realised how slow the progress on MImo is. The app also has a weird way of teaching you about new things while not making you practice that new thing in the exercises; I’d say at least 50% of the problems are just “display the variable”. Not very useful when you’re trying to learn about the intricacies of functions

- Good, but as this:

A programmer route. Since there is web development, make a section for free software programming like python, Java, and c++. 🙏

- Mimo

I Love mimo and the app helps me

- Writing code

Fun easy way to learn to write code

- Best for learning code

Ignore other reviews about it being overpriced, because you don’t need premium for the app to work. It’s pretty much Duolingo, but for coding. I love how I can look at other people’s work. I’ve been using the app for three days and I already think that anyone who wants to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript should get this app.

- Love it so far

I’m trying to learn Swift, and this app is helping. It’s more basic than I'd like...but I figured I’d start right from the beginning to learn the correct syntax. So far, I'm enjoying how it moves through the topics.

- Very good

I really like it but it’s just I wish that there was a way to get more hearts like doing a practice quiz and also I wish premium was cheaper😢

- DuoLingo for Code

Great app and fun to use. Only issue I have is that when I make a mistake on my last heart, the notif blocks the question. When I try exiting out of the notif to see why I got it wrong, it exits out the question completely. Please fix this! I want to see what I did wrong :(

- Love it!

Amazing teaching style that cements the ideas by asking questions. Awesome and fun to learn!

- Could be a 5 star

I would rate this 5 stars, but 3 hours to wait if you mess up 3 times? That’s a little to long, and I’m not paying 44$ a year just for that, shorten the time to like 1 hour and it’s 5 stars.

- M1M0

Living this little helper ... Coding made easy is for real

- Fun !

It’s really easy I like it :)

- Learn quickly

I’ve learned more front end programming in the past two days from this app than during a month on Coursera. Simplified, well paced repetition, and fun. Thank you!!


I love Mimo! For the past few days I’ve been doing it everyday. Now, I’m on html intermediate now. If I could I would give a 10 star! There’s only one little problem: you have to wait 3 hours to get 1 heart back. For the developers out there, I love Mimo, but can you please make it so that you have to wait a little shorter, for a heart?

- It’s so hard

After my first lesson I had to wait so long

- Pretty decent app to learn the basic

Have u try Duolingo? This app is like Duolingo but for coding. It certainly won’t make you a programmer, but it will get you to a level where you understand the fundamentals. From there, going further depends on your ability to push it or not.

- It's quite helpful imo

i downloaded this app after realizing never coding for two years was making me lose all my programming knowledge. I gave it a shot and I couldn't be happier with the format. I can't speak for beginners learning for the first time but i think this app does a good job of clearly and concisely explaining the concepts needed to code in quick and easy steps! It doesn't take too much time out of your day and gives reasonable exercises to test if you actually learned something. I'm only learning Python for the first time(I'm a java/java script programmer) and the app makes it easy to grasp the concept and language in a matter of days. I haven't spent any money on the app and yet the service is still very useful and actually makes coding fun! The more hands on format even on a smartphone actually keeps you learning instead of having to find your own projects while watching youtube videos. There are no terribly long ads, and if you run out of lives, it's more of a sign to simply take a break and start again the next day to review the concept again so you actually get it. I don't really understand the poorer reviews since the app makes everything simple and easy to use with minimal ads and it's free. I suggest you try it if you're interested in coding or want to keep your mind in the loop of the coding language like myself :) when i use this app, i actually feel like i want to learn more programming instead of it being a hassle on my day-to-day life

- Got this During The Coronavirus.

I just installed this app like 45 minutes ago. I find it really good, and at first I knew NOTHING about coding. Not even a thing. But, after 45 minutes of using this excellent app,I learned so much from simple quizzes and notes. I learned about open and closed tags, line breakages, headings, titles, and more. All within less than an HOUR. I found that incredible, and it is one of the best educational apps I have ever had. I only wish that the heart feature were to be removed, because I want to continue learning, however this ‘heart bar’ blocks me from doing so. It is a terrible feature in my opinion, and I hope it will be gone soon in future updates. However, the app itself is great, couldn’t be better, and it is an awesome idea. I am very greatful; highly recommended.

- Best Application

Thanks to this application I’ve learned how to code! Best application 🔥

- Great way to learn how to code passively

I don’t pay for apps but this one I did

- No Java

In the description it shows different prog languages. But after downloading I have only 2 option webdev (html, javascript..) and python and nothing else.

- Amazing app but fix bug

I’m learning so much. The issue is that there is a bug in the app. It doesn’t allow me to proceed to the next page and I have to restart the lesson which is inconvenient. iPhone X on iOS 13.6.1.

- Random errors when you don't have any

I like this app, but unfortunately there are still some bugs in the app. I just finished the chapter on joining lists for python and i lost two hearts for no reason. On one instance you have to add to list togheter with the "+" sign but there are two you can pick from and if you dont pick the right one you are wrong for some reason... the second one, the exercice ask you again to add two list (round_1 and round_2) without telling you which one to put first. Logicaly, i put round_1 first, but it was wrong. How am I suppose to know which one to put first if you don't tell me... Anyway apart from that, i really enjoy using this app.

- Life Changing

If you have a hard time sticking to traditional learning programs this app is perfect for you. You can grab your phone and learn by doing right away. It’s easy to understand what your learning path is and at the end it even gives you a certificate. I could not recommend enough.

- Good app

Fun and easy to learn

- A m a z e

Such amazing Many code So community Very Amaz

- App design downgrade

The new heart system is terrible for beginners, not only does it make making mistakes a bad experience, it also ends all practice you would’ve done or gotten, because then you’re stuck behind a 4 hour paywall. I don’t know about everyone else but for me this is a deal breaker, made me lose interest in wanting to learn to code causally, and yes I understand they need to make money but I’d rather pay for an app that lets me use it freely, or have to watch the occasional ad here or there which this app also contains.

- App was great before addition of hearts

hearts have shown up and they make it so if you get a question wrong you lose one then wait 4 hours to get another. You can’t code if all hearts are gone. Learning becomes harder that way, and it plays like a bad mobile game with cash-grab gimmicks. Before this the app was great even without having to pay $100 a year. Otherwise a very good app

- Please

add Russian language

- Lovely!

Easy to pick up and practice- I’ve been looking for a way to practice my coding in my day to day life for a while now, and this certainly didn’t disappoint! :)

- Great app

You can choose between python or site designing, I chose python, and it’s helped me a lot!

- Amazing

I really liked this app and it really helps to learn coding

- Loving it !

I enjoy the app so far. It was really easy to understand how coding work even i have zero background :)

- Codified

This actually works

- Wow

This app honestly if you are a beginner and you want to learn coding while we’re all lock down. I am fully honest, this app is amazing. I haven‘t tried the premium part but so far it is amazing. You learn a lot so easily and in a fun a way. Even though you have 3 lives and if you lose them all you have to wait an amount of tine such as the Duolingo game. It is hard to messed up because how fun and nice this game is. I play it on an Ipod not a phone or a computer but I am convinced that with a computer this would be amazing. I just want to had that I would like to make this game available in many other languages, such as the french, Spanish, italian, german, Portuguese, mandarin or else. It will be more accessible for people around the world. Honestly, for the creators continue the good work and you might reach the top 1 of your category on the App store because this game is amazing. If I could I would have played 3 hours without stopping. You have to try it at least, you learning while having fun. How great!!!

- New Mimi

Just started using this app and I love w!

Libertex 📈

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- Great social media replacement

This app is definitely not enough to learn coding, but if you have other sources you study from - it is a great and easy way to test yourself on the go. Quick tasks that you can complete with a phone in one hand, yet review your knowledge and advance skills.

- Trucker2Coder

I’ve been hearing my Trucking industry is going down and I should learn coding. I decided to give it a try. Idk if it’s this easy or the app is just this AMAZING, but I’m blowing my leaderboard away. I’m really addicted!! It really makes learning so simple. Looking forward to joining the coding community. GREAT APP!!!! See y’all in the future!

- Great way to learn

I really appreciate how this app goes through lessons. I’ve read its repetition that makes a good coder. The repetition in this app isn’t repetitive that I want to move on but that I grasp every aspect of each lesson. I’ve tried multiple apps and this one is by far my favorite.

- Learn the fun and easy way!

Great fun and easy way to learn! Learn by doing several exercises and completing levels. The leaderboard keeps you competitive and wanting to challenge others! The app crashes sometimes but not often; I guess they’re always working on fixes... Overall: my choice as a beginner in programming. :)

- Sooooo worth it

OMG! I learned Coding better on this app better than The web design Class I had to take in college. This app it makes it fun to learn coding. I know this app will help me further advance my skills as a graphic designer. I feel more confident that I can be both a designer and a programmer.

- If you have any interest in coding get this app.

I’ve been nonstop on this app for the past 10 days, it’s addicting. My only gripe is that I do not understand how the score multiplier works. It always seems to be on level 1 and I don’t know how to increase it :(

- If I could kiss the person who did this app I would

Bruh, I literally play this for fun. I knew nothing about coding and now I spend hours playing with it. This app should be given to every kid on the planet. It’s so easy and so fun. I am for reals a big fan 💓💓💓 thanks for the amazing content.

- Love!

I love this app because it’s very intuitive, but you really need to go through and proof read. Although I love this app, it doesn’t say much for you, as a developer, to have grammatical errors throughout your app. I’d give this 5 stars, but if I’m tipsy and catch these errors, then you, as sober people, should have caught them also. =)

- Better than grasshoper

My friend told me about this app and in 20 minutes I learned more coding than I would in any other website. And it explains everything very thoroughly so you still remember everything.

- One suggestion

I will love to see a privacy setting that allows you to put who can see your profile and who can not. Then I won't have to worry about who is seeing my profile! Overall Mimo is a great app.

- A free coding game wait what...?

I would give five if it just didn’t have a member ship to do all normal thing and it’s not as fun after the first project... if the membership didn’t have to give you all the good stuff was removed I would be happy EDIT:I’m a kid who can’t buy premium so it’s really frustrating to find out

- I really love this app but...

It not worth paying for. I understand the material better than any other app but they don’t have the full course of everything you get access to in paid version. And when you can’t figure something out, there no help option to help understand your mistakes. You have to skip it.

- Really

It takes like 30 hours to complete one part of Mimo. Like every question is the same and super easy. I paid thirty dollars for this app, and I am not happy. Mimo doesn’t even have the input() function, and more. The self coding part glitches for everyone that tests it out once. Is great design, but please make it great working too. I am glade this app exists but this is what people need so please make it that way.

- Decent for learning syntax, has some messed up questions

It’s helped me understand my options more with coding but some questions marked my answers as incorrect because of some arbitrary rule not outlined in the question. Really frustrating to know the right answers but have to stop learning because of secret rules outside of the question.

- Great app

This is a great app especially if you want to get some good basic knowledge on coding and types of programming. Just know that many things are only available through premium and the free version is limited.

- Not hard

Sometimes it gets a little confusing ,but it breaks things down in a way that a person who never coded before can understand.

- Free trial

You get the app for free for 1 month then you are charged for a whole year which is a little pricy. So I highly recommend downloading this when you have a lot of time!! It’s very fun and doesn’t involve punishments like Duolingo does.

- Suggestion

The app is really good for learning, but it would be nice if you could buy the pro version for a limited time with the coins or have a division where you get free pro as long as you stay in there.

- Great for any level learner

The interface of the app is user friendly and actually helps me understand the structure behind coding I learned how to create a webpage back in high school but this app makes this way more understandable 👍🏽

- A True Learning Resource.

Mimo does exactly what it says it will. I e already been using this for about an hour and feeel significantly more comfortable coding at least the basics now. Who know what’ll happen in a week, or month maybe?

- Best learning app ever!

I’ve never in my life written a review or anything like that but this app is crazy! I took some coding classes during high school but it’s nothing compared to what the app teaches you and it’s so easy and simple to learn! I love it!

- Love it

I’m a hardcore beginner. And I really want to make the best out of this app. It’s very straight forward. It challenges you by making events and comparing scores with others. Really looking forward for what kinds of roads it’ll take me!!!

- You have to update to other lenguaje

The apps is excelent. But the app needs to have other languaje. I saw this app have more than a two years and they did not put the effort to Translate the theory or the question.

- Perfect Coding App for Beginners

I knew nothing about coding when I first started, and now I can create entire webpages. It is the perfect app for beginners who want to learn a coding language. I am not sure how good it is for advanced coders, but it is perfect for anyone who wants to learn for fun!

- Just getting started

Seems like a fantastic way to chop up programming into bit size pieces. It uses the language of the coding world without sounding dry and leathery. I can’t wait till I get to the pieces that are new for me. I feel it will be five stars when I get to that point.

- 3 hearts killed it for me...

I used this app religiously for weeks and then... they added 3 hearts with no way to earn them back other than paying for the app. There is a lot of good work here and the app is probably worth what they are asking for but I don’t want to pay for it. I hope they earned a lot of money making the change. I would like to make a suggestion. Once the certificate is earned have users pay to get it. Thanks Mimo team, I will miss your app.

- Not as complete as the trial lead me to believe.

The HTML courses were great, I just wish the rest were just as fleshed out. The main page ONLY contains the HTML course. Why doesn’t it allow me to choose “my current course”? I ran into a bug that doesn’t allow me to accumulate points towards the leaderboard. It also shows that I missed a day, but have a 7 day streak. I’ve only had this for 7 days. The rest of the lessons seem to be straight up information dumps, which can be found for free online. When going through Swift, the lessons were almost verbatim what you can find elsewhere. Waste of money, seriously regret purchasing this subscription.

- Fun but riddled with errors

I thought this app was super cool but just deleted it after getting “try again” over and over, with correct answers. (I’m not an expert, but I know they were correct because when I delete them and typed the same exact thing it’s marked correct.)

- The codes

So when you’re doing it i don’t really know if it take a while to get to but your not really typing the codes you just selecting things and we’ll I guess that works to but for me in order for me to learn better I have to be typing it or writing it down so if anybody else has the same problem idk if this app is for you

- Good for any age and level

Gives you the foundation so don’t expect to become a professional but a great way to learn the basic knowledge or refresh ur memory ! Definitely 5 stars

- I could only wish for more

As far as the app goes, it does well enough but I do not believe that the limited amount of examples and lack of variety will actually give someone enough to really learn any coding. Just my opinion.

- Awesome Learning Tool

Not only does It provide great information, but learning is fun and interactive. That coding would be difficult to understand or just plain boring. MIMO proved me wrong!! Would recommend to anyone who enjoys learning.

- Great learning experience!

I look forward to each step along the way as I increase my fluency in coding. App is well-designed - to the extent I stopped playing Candy Crush in favor of this ‘game’!

- Best app ever!

My daughter and son absolutely love this app, it has fun features and is absolutely free. It’s outstanding at what projects my kids are making! I wouldn’t mind getting it for myself too!

- I recommend!!

I’ve been wanting to learn something new over quarantine and this app makes coding so easy! I didn’t get the subscription plan, and I still love the app.

- horrible experience

i downloaded this app to start learning the basics and you get 3 lives when you’re “learning” once you run out of lives you have to wait 4 hours to get one more. AND it makes you restart the lesson. ANDD it doesn’t help you with the question if you’re on 1 heart so i waited 4 hours to get the question wrong again and have to wait another 4 hours. complete bull

- Rip off

Not only do they not give any notification or warning when your free trial is going to end, but they automatically change it to a $60 one year subscription. They obviously just care about money. They could easily have it set to a one month subscription or something cheaper. I am completely turned off from ever using this app now, even for free.

- Fantabulous!

This app is so fantabulous and it is the best option for you if really you are interested in learning coding and understand the basics in just few minutes!

- Great app

It’s amazing and you should try it except the hearts I don’t really like them that much but it’s pretty good and if you have lots to spend you might want to try pro

- Help!

Hi I love your app. I think it’s awesome and I’ve learned so much but now when I attempt to access it its not working. I simply get a notice saying I can’t have access it and that I need to buy it from the app store. But I’ve downloaded it a month ago and I have a premium membership. Please fix this so I can continue using your awesome app.

- Like SoloLearn; but leaner

And I mean that in a good way. The app doesn’t have the community and range of projects; but the interface is just what the doctor ordered for actually understanding the finer points of programming. Great app!

- Good way to learn

Not going to lie. The app isn’t perfect. But what app is. What I am really impressed with is that they obviously care about their customers and seek to resolve any issues expediently. That is appreciated very much.

- Hearts are a scam

A learning app should encourage people to learn. And a major part of learning is failing, so why would you punish your users by giving them 3 lives in a learning app? Clearly you only implemented this so users would buy the premium version of the app. The free version is already limited in its content, there’s no reason for the hearts.

- Jami

I despised coding. I thought it was so tedious. It seemed like complete jiberish to me. So far, this app has changed my whole outlook on computing. It is not as bad as I thought whoever made this app is very intuitive with teaching.

- Easy to use and is helping me in programming clas

Is as moldy as good as class, no, is better than class I understand it better and is helping me to understand and boost my grades with knowledge!

- Problem

In the last few weeks I noticed that whenever I try to complete a lesson it says to purchase it . Everytime I try to engage in a lesson it doesn’t work like the app is forcing me to buy rather than use it for free. I’ve lost my streak and believe me that’s kind of frustrating for someone who uses an app for free just to learn.

- Easiest way to learn coding!

I’ve tried many other apps and programs, but Mimo is by far the best! It provides tons of free learning material that is very effective and easy to understand!

- Lesson will not let you pass even with correct answer

In the styling with tags lesson, the question “catness” it states to put the sentence “book an appointment with one of our qualified trainers today” between the strong tags, even after choosing to see solution it will not let you pass to next question, continually telling to do this even though you already have

- So far so good. Few things

It is crucially missing dark mode. The price tag is steep, considering the fact that you can get 6 full web development courses of your choice from Udemy for the cost of 1 year of Mimo.

- Trying premium

I was on the SQL lesson today and no matter what answer I selected it would not turn green, like every answer in the selection was wrong. I like the app overall, but would appreciate if these bugs could be fixed.

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I'm using four apps in my phone to learn to code: SoloLearn, Mimo, Programming Hub and Enki (in the picture). All are great, I love them all! Enki is simple yet efficient, but imho the most professional is SoloLearn. #codenewbie #coding #codinglife

Alice Shackleton

@brrittannyh I got an app called Mimo to learn programming a couple months ago and love it (it’s like a less emotionally manipulative Duolingo for coding) so I subscribed to Codecademy to take it up a notch. Programming is something I’ve always wanted to learn.

Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming 4.55 Screenshots & Images

Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming iphone images
Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming iphone images
Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming iphone images
Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming iphone images
Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming iphone images
Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming iphone images
Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming iphone images

Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming (Version 4.55) Install & Download

The applications Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming was published in the category Education on 2016-08-22 and was developed by Mimohello GmbH [Developer ID: 548016918]. This application file size is 186.98 MB. Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming - Education app posted on 2020-11-23 current version is 4.55 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.getmimo.mimo

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