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“Gorgeous App for Making Movies on Your iPhone” - Kyle Vanhemert, Wired

Spark Camera makes it easier than ever to capture a weekend, a vacation, or anything that makes your life light up. Spark's long format and vertical videos are perfect for sharing on IGTV

+ Simply press and hold to capture as many moments as you’d like in 1080p HD and 4K.
+ Easily access advanced camera controls for FPS and stabilization.
+ Choose from over 20 stunning filters by simply sliding left and right. Adjust the intensity by sliding up and down.
+ Add music from your iTunes library or our hand-picked music library to give your video the perfect mood
+ Narrate your videos with one-touch voice overs.
+ Trim, reorder, and delete clips from your video with a beautiful and simple interface
+ Adjust speed and volume on every clip for complete creative control.
+ Share your Spark with your friends on Instagram, IGTV, Stories, Snapchat, iMessage, or anywhere else.

Spark Camera gives everyone the ability to create beautiful video memories.

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at [email protected]

Spark Camera - Video Editor App Description & Overview

The applications Spark Camera - Video Editor was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-08-18 and was developed by Dayworks.. The file size is 70.59 MB. The current version is 2.3.5 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

iPhone Xs Max – We made some improvements so that Spark works great on the new iPhone Xs Max! This includes UI and functionally improvements to take advantage of the iPhone Xs Max's camera.

Music Looping – We'll now automatically loop your music for videos that are longer than your music track.

Story Splitting – Now you don't have to use another app to split your video into a bunch of clips to post on your IG Story. When you save a Spark and tap on Instagram from the Share Menu, you'll now have the option of splitting your video into smaller parts for your Instagram Story.

Zoom – You can zoom *while* you're recording by sliding your finger up. We know... this should have already been a feature, but better late than never!

Up next – We're working on clip rotations so that you can fix any clips that are in the wrong orientation.

Thank you for all of your amazing feedback and for sharing Spark with your creatives! We're working hard to bring your ideas and suggestions for Spark to life. If you're enjoying Spark, please give us a review in the App Store :).

We're reading all your emails so please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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Spark Camera - Video Editor Reviews


Love it  vlogger123  5 star

I love this app but would like the ability to split clips


So good! Only one thing I would change.  Sky633  4 star

When you are editing the beginning of individual clips, it also edits into the music in the preview.. so if you’re planning the beginning of your cuts around the music you’re doing, it really screws it up. I wish I could explain this in better detail.. but I like to edit my videos to the music - and this just makes it hard. The only work around is to film the beginning on each clip perfectly, or film them in an outside app, cut it, and then import. It would be so awesome if it was just automatic! I would literally use this app every day if that were the case! Aside from that, love it!


Quick and easy to learn!  a.najera  5 star

Minutes after downloading I was able to create something amazing out if she doesn't clips from my last vacation. Built in music is amazing



as someone who relies on quick simple edits for multiple clips this is a breeze. Check more @ skinnywashere


Great for stories  BobYourUncle  4 star

This is a great app for your insta stories. The UI isn’t the best for trimming clips though. Needs a way to scrub through clips.


Perfect for stories  Tokyojosh  5 star

Perfect for Instagram stories and editing quick videos. I’m an avid vlogger and love this app. The constant updates are amazing A MUST BUY !


great  icelundgrl  5 star

awesome app. better if there is a way yo add texts at diff clips. also if there is option to not always have to press and hold to record. thanks!


Vídeos  lalovaz6  5 star

Muy practico y fácil de usar


Wow!  rudolfosantos  5 star

By far the best instagram story editing app, enjoy!


Won’t let me save to my camera roll  Ceddaadcbbddcdccbc  1 star

I saw great reviews for this app and was excited to use it. But after I made my movie I couldn’t add music. It wouldn’t play and my clips would go black. Also it won’t let me save to my camera roll. Whenever I try I get 2 pop up options of opening it on Instagram or IG TV. When I push Instagram it will open the app but nothing will happen. If I PAY for an app in a world with so many FREE ones there should be no big issues. I shouldn’t have to go to iMovie to fix what this app couldn’t do. I’m not a fan of iMovies transitions but it looks like I have no choice since this app won’t work for me. Also I’m disputing to get my money back. #petty


Great app for editing “Vine” style  cgwongifer  4 star

Amazing app, easy to use. The editing is a little clunky (and time consuming due to its clunkiness - would love to work with you to fix this), but manageable. You can come up with some really creative videos with this one, a staple for your content creation arsenal.


App shuts down  thevindaaloguy  3 star

Whenever i am trying add the same video twice from the spark menu which you find when you click the plus button on the right hand top corner, the app just shuts down.


Superbbbb  wokehwokeh  5 star

This apps is take video to another level... loveeee it

Suk kr

So hard to use this app.  Suk kr  2 star

I paid for this thinking it’s very easy to use as shown in the video on YouTube but soon realise that it is not that easy and it is so complicated expect starting the video by pressing on screen.I made a video and it kept choosing different options by itself and than stuck on one thing and wouldn’t move to another option/video. Chosen song lines to play in the video and it kept selecting different lines than what I want. I don’t think this is optimised for IPhone X’s max as the options at the corner so hard to select unless you press them few times.Waste of money really.


Epic Fail  0055D  1 star

Spent about half an hour filming some great footage of the kids playing... did all the edits and added a song from Sparks library then the app crashed. Opened the app again went to that video and it kept closing the app when I tired to play it. Every other clip I’d made prior to Spark adding music to their library worked however since expanding their library it’s been terrible. Some great footage lost. Very disappointing.


Average for the price you pay but like the interface overall  Dk2393  3 star

The app is bit funny in start to understand but once getting a little use to I guess it is quite user friendly. Bugs when trying to delete a short scene out of main grid just by dragging the clip above to the trash bin sign the app keeps crashing. Would like more transitions to make it more valuable for the money you pay.


No imusic  W1cey  4 star

Been super fun learning the video editing side of things great for social media adding voice overs works fine but every time I try and add music from imusic it freezes my video and I’m unable to use the video until I remove the song


Great go-to filters  glennslens  5 star

Easy to use and great effects, extra films are really film worthy


Almost amazing  G-Muz  4 star

Spent hours editing a video. And on the app it was great. However exporting it to my camera roll, quality was lost and more importantly it was in a very small, portrait only format. I wanted it to be landscape. If developers could fix this problem the app would be one of my most used. Thanks


拍摄中很灵活运用!  紫水晶28  5 star



Share sheet  NEWyorkOne  1 star

Where's the share sheet? Bring it back

anonymous 637289462783

Good app but limited music selection.  anonymous 637289462783  3 star

I don’t like that you have to connect to Apple Music. Please enable Amazon Music and Spotify.

creampouff cc;;

PLEASE ADD FEATURE TO ROTATE VIDEO  creampouff cc;;  3 star

Great app. I love the concept but there could be some improvements. It’s great to be able to record for as long as you want and adjust the speed of individual clips. However, there are some features that would make Spark 1000x better. 1. ROTATE VIDEOS. I cannot stress this enough. In the fleet of the moment I Spark a clip but it turns out upside down or rotated the wrong way. When I export the video I have to put it on my computer and individually split up the messed up clips and rotate them on iMovie. 2. Add clips from camera roll INTO an ongoing spark. This is also something I have to do on iMovie because I wanted it added to the video. Also very inconvenient. 3. More versatile filters. The color grading on ‘Tokyo’ is pretty much the only one I use. The others don’t suit a lot of the style of videos that I make.


Cool app but  Dr-Groovy  3 star

Cool app but fails to upload to Instagram every single time. Developers also don’t respond to emails.


Love it!  Alex333berg  5 star

Easy and great result! I would love to get more options and the possibility (with a paid, newer version) to work on it on my computer.

Ally Nielsen

Love it, wish it had an iPad app!  Ally Nielsen  5 star

I use this app all the time! Although it would be great if this app had an iPad version.


No 4K for iPhone 8+  Reviewer171819  3 star

I cannot use this app for best video quality. Looking for better options.


Easy way to document your life.  jaybroho  4 star

I’ve been using this app daily for the past 6 months to quickly shoot my day with my wife and kids. It’s a great reminder for me of what we did that day even if the video is only 4 - 10 mins long. I can always look back and see what we did they day but more importantly see and hear my kids at a particular age something you can never achieve with just a photo and your memory. What’s great about the app is I don’t have to use a movie app to find the videos for that particular day then add it to a movie project then export. This makes it super easy to shoot then save to camera roll then back it up to an external drive. So overall I love the app and love it even more that it finally records in 4K. There are a few things I ran into that I’d love to have addressed. 1. Locking orientation. I only shoot landscape but since I can’t lock the video to shoot in landscape I need to configure my phone to unlock the orientation. It’s no big deal but when I open the app in portrait I have to wait a few seconds for the app to recognize that I rotated the phone to landscape (if its was in portrait). Again no big deal but sometimes those few seconds are precious when trying to film something memorable. 2. No more visual scrubbing tool. Before they updates to 4K it was easy to scrub through the video using your thumb. I’m not sure why it was removed but I’d love to have that back. Either that or have a way to easily go to the next or previous clip without having to pull up the circle thumbnails. 3. Show what’s recorded in portrait or landscape. Since it’s all circular thumbnails it’s really hard to see how a video has been recorded until you play the clip back. 4. It would be great if you could add visual tools like putting the current time and weather ( or just plain text). Currently I’ve been using Snapchat recorded in landscape to add those things then saving the video then importing to spark. If there’s a way to already have that it would make it a lot easier to document the clip without using any other external tools. That’s all I can think of so far but overall I love the app and is my go to app for documenting my life.


Focus Glitch  Ejaazi  2 star

The slightest movement and it had to re-focus everytime, even with stabilization being on. Unusable.....


my go-to vlog app  Makalalaaaaaä  5 star

I love this app so much. whenever my friends and I are out and wanna document our experience, this is the first app I open. it's a very simple layout and easy to navigate the app. and I absolutely love that it already strings the clips together for you (however u can customize it by adding a transition or changing the order of the clips). 10/10 I would highly recommend


Amazing  Daire676  5 star

Best app ever

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