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Local news updates can bring you closer to your community, and we need that now more than ever. Health scares and shutdowns are leaving us separated. Connection is key during these turbulent times. Get ready for your day with an app that delivers local news at scale across the U.S. Receive local headlines, breaking news, and relevant stories that matter to you straight to your phone, with News Break. Be one of the 45M+ locals that trust us to deliver your local news.

Now you can get news you care about directly from your home screen with our newly designed, customizable news widget for iOS 14. It's the best news widget that allows you to follow local and national news topics without any hustle.

Make your home screen a portal to your local community and the world. Get local news, US news and a personalized selection of news stories that matter to you.

Whether you’re interested in celebrity news, political news, business news or any other local news, News Break can help you find it. See all the trending news and get news alerts for what matters to you.

Know what’s going on in your local community and around the world. From curated local briefings to hand-picked national/world headlines, emergency alerts to crime stories, News Break is your must-have news app.

Local News Highlights
• Get a curated daily brief about local news, traffic, events, crime and more.
Follow local news, events and activities.
• Get local weather reports at a glance.

National News
• Stay up to date with our coverage around protests and public safety.
• Browse national headlines and read comprehensive, in-depth stories.
• Use the discovery engine to discover stories from over 10,000 trusted sources, including Fox News, CNN, Business Insider, Newsweek, HuffPost, Reuters, The Associated Press (AP), Bloomberg, Time, and more!

Personalized News Feed
• Get the stories that matter to you with a highly personalized feed, relevant to your likes and dislikes.
• Keep up with celebrity news, business news, sports news and more – whatever you’re interested in!
• Our news aggregator collects and delivers the news that matters to you.
• Get news alerts customized to your tastes.

Your Community News
• Find local restaurants, deals, shop openings, and more ahead of time.
• Read personal and vivid stories from our local writers and content creators.
• Treat us as your personal newsstand, magazine collector, restaurant reviewer, and more.
Create Civic Value - Support the Cause
• Use News Break to revive the local news ecosystem and support small publishers
• Increase local story volume and geographic coverage to stimulate local storytelling and community power

Follow or Block the Trend - It’s Up to You
• It’s totally cool to stay on top of some topics, or totally hate them!
• News Break allows you to follow what is trending, or completely block some topics you don’t appreciate.
• You can laugh, share, think, cry, upvote, downvote, comment, reply...
• News Break is a free ground that welcomes you to express emotions & opinions.

Download News Break today and stay informed on local news!

Better informed, better life.

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News Break: Local Stories App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hello News Break readers! We are working overtime to continually improve your favorite local-news app. Our goal is to help people around the country live safer, more vibrant, more connected lives through the power of local news and information. - This release brings bug fixes and performance improvements Do you have feedback for us on how we can improve News Break? Please email us at

News Break: Local Stories App Comments & Reviews

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- App for local and breaking news’ lovers

In the past few months, my mom and I’ve switched to get my news through Newsbreak. Its entire news feed revolves around our personal interests. I like the way they present the “Following” tab as well as “For You” tab, both delivering personalized news feed. I am also impressed by the numerous good-quality sources they have, which seems to be the key metrics for a good news app right now. The full coverage of local news is the reason my mom love this app and choose it, as my family can get the latest news from our county and the news around the world. I do not get swamped with push notifications that much. .. the notifications I do receive are nice and gentle reminders of good stories that are available to read, which also reminds me that I have the application (which is nice! ). The only glitch is that sometimes they get me the old news stories in the notification, which confused me a little bit. I am looking forward to a way to report this error to the team so that they can do something about it. General speaking, Newsbreak is my favorite news app among several for now!

- Overwhelmingly Negative

I downloaded this app almost a year ago. I’ve loved it because it does provide notifications on what’s happening in my local area. However lately with the current COVID-19 crisis, it’s all the app has become about. It’s great for staying up to date on what’s happening with the corona virus, however as someone who struggles with anxiety, I’m disappointed and frustrated that every 3 hours I’m getting a notification for something virus-related. I could understand if it was letting me know about business closures in my area or info on the ever-changing stay-at-home order, but it’s not. For example, the most recent one had to do with the surgeon general predicting a high death toll in the next week and “9/11-like moments.” Last night it was something to do with Trump’s statements about the rising death toll as well. I get that it’s a news app, but it used to give me more info than just the current world crisis. I don’t need to hear about all the bad stuff, I’d love some more wholesome content. However I’ve decided to delete the app as I can’t see that happening anytime soon. Again, great app for staying up to date, but not if you’re already overwhelmed by it all. I’d recommend not downloading until the pandemic starts to clear up. 2 stars would be my current rating, but before all of this I would’ve given it 4.

- The Best App Right Now

Everything about this app has been what I should have expected expect only one tiny thing. I’ve been using this application lately because of Coronavirus news, and to be honest, I don’t complain, but as I just noted earlier, if you guys can just add this one feature, it will be helpful for not only me, but maybe for many others out there. I think you should add a search field especially for countries and/or cities, so people can search for specific locations/country to get the news they want to know first. Many among us are separated from our families. Therefore, for those who are concerned, their first intentions when they open your application, they intend to look for news about the countries where they came from for their loved ones if covid-19 has worsened or not. This is before anything else. But again, I love you your application and I use on daily basis.

- Used to get vital info but now....

I really used to appreciate the NewsBreak notifs because they were new and informative. In past two months though I have gotten, literally, 3 notifs a day about the Second Stimulus that there has been no new info about especially while Congress is on break. Why do you keep torturing those of us who really need REAL info about the Stimulus because we cannot go back to work? It’s more than annoying, it almost feels like the app is rubbing it in our faces. If you read the comments under each of these articles I am not alone. Last article had 3,000 comments saying exactly what I’m saying. I am turning off notifs and will rely on local news app from now on. UPDATE: I have deleted the app. Not only am I still getting 5 articles a day about this stimulus package still and there’s no new news..... on top of that the app is linked through Facebook so any political article has some of worst commenters who spew hate speech and threaten violence. I spent a few days reporting the comments but it doesn’t matter. The most sane thing to do just delete. I get my news from large political outlets who don’t have uneducated people threatening people who don’t support the president’s narrative. Take out the Facebook link for comments (IE make us make an account) and quit sending the same articles 5 times a day and I will return.

- What you’re really getting

A feed of article headlines and pictures ranging from what Kim kardashian wore to bed (and you’re not gonna believe the reaction) to more serious presidential news. All taken from a diverse spectrum of prestigious news organizations to rinky-dink news outlets I am unfamiliar with that with the click of a story, you are instantly redirected to their news page. The reason for my rating, is that I wanted a more selective group of stories by which I mean I have no interest in knowing “Pregnant Katy Perry looks stunning in no-makeup selfie amid quarantine” or any “no cover” topics in my mind and have no way of weeding out of my feed. Nor do I enjoy when I (admittedly) don’t check first and am redirected from the app to the website of a news source most would find unsuitable for a work setting . Furthermore on the rare occasion I find a story I wish to look into, I click the link, the page nearly loads, crashes, automatically begins reloading, crashes a second time, when I am then left with a dimly lit, gray, blank page, and yet again no interesting story. With my options reduced to worthless page fillers and an eternity of refreshing only to never be able to read the article that made it worth the bandwidth used downloading this app in the first place, I fully intend on uninstalling the second I post this warning.

- Daily CORONAVIRUS information (State links to DPH) outdated

I can only speak for Georgia; the state's Department of Public Health (DPH) link has been outdated for over a month... the link takes you to a "Page Not Found" error. A little editorial work, or delegation thereof by the NewsBreak editors (or even allowing email feedback on the NewsBreak app - I tried that and they haven't even set up an email link for Support!!) and they would have known about the issue themselves without someone having to leave a shoddy review. Additionally, if you live Local to a tired old newspaper - the kind that literally will not allow a single story to be seen/read online (beyond the first couple of sentences) without your purchasing a subscription - you won't ever get any actual Local news. NewsBreak shouldn't even post these stories! It's basically an offshoot of clickbait...." Here's a breaking news story in your area!! [Reader clicks] Oopsy. You'll have to pay if you want to know how the investigation into the unsolved murder of a beloved 83 year old woman in your community is or isn't progressing, though the flailing TimesGeorgian wrote a headline that makes it sound like the sheriff has leads... it's just clickbait to make you buy a subscription and find out the sheriff is still baffled."

- App needs a search and filter feature

App is pretty good, but needs the ability to search the headlines for keywords. Also needs a filter so that certain sources may always be omitted from results, e.g. always exclude CNN, etc. Also, the ability to mark story categories that you don’t want to see anymore would be useful. Say a story pops up about sex or gender issues, and you just prefer not to see those type of stories anymore. Also, big ads which appear as if they are stories are repeating or often shown. It would be nice to mark or tag the ad and say “I’ve seen this, I’m not interested, please don’t show it to me anymore thank you”. The app is surprisingly fast and responsive. There are so many news apps out there, this one seems to distinguish itself by it’s responsiveness — its very fast. The big ads appearing as if they were stories is an interesting take on generating ad revenue, but they are not obtrusive (at least in 2 column landscape mode on an iPad since real stories appear on the left, while the ads feed appears on the right column with other real stories.) The app needs more features as I have mentioned to make it more appealing.

- Racist Community Cancels Out App’s Helpfulness

This app compiles news ranging from national headlines to local news and does a decent job with that. Unfortunately I’m deleting it because I cannot stomach the HORRIBLE people in the comment sections. I’m confused why it’s so overwhelming. I would love to just disable the comments and not even have the option to click on them. I don’t even understand the idea of public commentary on news. If I wanted that, I could go to my social media and get it from my own community and educated people I trust, not some racist keyboard warriors. There should really be a moderator so people don’t have to run into hate speech on EVERY post. People calling the late John Lewis racist slurs on an article about his memorial. I’m sick to my stomach with some of the stuff I saw. I’ve seen where other reviewers have suggested removing the comment section as well, but it hasn’t been done and despite NB saying they have began moderating more ... there’s overwhelming evidence that they actually haven’t. This app is not worth subjecting myself to same ignorance and hostility I tried to get away from on FB. I’ll find something else that works for me. Maybe I’ll come back and check on it in a few months.. but I just can’t right now.

- Good for a fast read.

I started out loving this app. It was great for my local news. It gave stories sometimes first, sometimes those I couldn’t get elsewhere. I started using this app in February. By April it started having so many bugs it was barely useable. If you actually get linked to a story shown, and then want to follow on to another shown below, it won’t follow the link. So then you think ok, I’ll open it in Safari, but then you get the first story and can’t find the one you wanted to read on the homepage of that news outlet to which have been directed. It is terribly frustrating. This app has the potential to be one of the best news apps for local news and has done a great job of keeping readers up to date on the corona virus and its ramifications in my area. But it is not quite at being fully integrated. I end up loving and hating it at the same time. I admit to being a news junkie so I always want to read MORE. Developer, please, bring this to the next level. For those who want a fast read of generally what’s happinging in your area, give this a try.

- Has potential, but hostile comment sections are causing me to delete the app.

This app has potential. I like being able to quickly get news without going to Twitter or somewhere else. It’s a quick click. For the most part articles sent to notifications have been relevant (although the frequent click bait stimulus articles have been annoying). However, the comment sections are horrible. For some reason racist, anti-mask Trump supporters have flooded this app. They leave awful, aggressive comments and harass anyone who has a differing opinion. I have attempted to have civil conversations in the comment sections (and have seen others attempt to do the same) and we have only been met with aggressive hostility. These comment sections either need to be deleted or need to be heavily moderated. I haven’t seen an option to report comments either. So unfortunately, I will be deleting this app to protect my own mental health and caution others about downloading it. It’s draining. Keeping up with the news can be draining enough, but the hostility in the comments is disgusting. I will be checking out other news apps and am hoping to find one that hasn’t been overrun by hateful bigots.

- So, I have a friend I’d like you to meet...

In this day in age.. where all news is biased. A friend of mine shared one of your articles. So I do the natural thing. Download your app just so I can read it. Even allow the “push notifications.” Because, As rare as it is, I actually, genuinely, still want to hear what people have to say!!! I really enjoyed this channel for a few days. Fast. Direct. To the point. And then. As we are known to say in the south. “Welp?”. (Sarcasm inserted). I know I’m a nobody and I am just a little tiny review. And maybe I’m just fed up like everybody across the nation is for so many reasons. Ya know. I guess for what it’s worth. I’d just like to see a small news company be the change. The one that speaks all sides. Actually fact checks. All sides. Real is what people want in this digital driven age. People are afraid of the truth. They don’t always like it. But whether they know it or not.. people respect it. Thank you. Disclaimer. I do not troll the internet, nor am I some new self proclaimed activist or wannabe. I think I’ve written 3 reviews for anything in my life. Just felt the need to vent or whatever. Or at the very least. Maybe give someone a good laugh. Maybe I should like many people. Just get a diary. Welp!

- I like this app but...

I like the news, I like being able to track the virus cases in my city and I like being able to track the protests. Of course there are some repetitive articles, but this app doesn’t report the news it compiles it in an easy place for us all to see. What I really hate about this app is the community, doesn’t matter what article you go to you’ll find terrible terrible bigots in the comment section. These comments really need to be moderated, and a lot of those people really should be put on a watch list. They think because they’re just sitting behind a phone screen they can say what they want, but that’s not how it is. Everyone needs to learn that the comments they leave effect people, it’s not what you meant to say it’s how other people perceive what you say that matters. Some of these comments are just so heinous and terrible skewed towards incredibly racist undertones and even sometimes it’s so blatant you’re just surprised. If we’re talking about the actual app though, it’s pretty great, but I think you should disable the comments seriously.

- I love the app, but not the racist comments

I really liked the app because it gives you up to date local, national and international news. I also loved the separate tabs to fit what you’re looking for because I felt overwhelmed constantly hearing about COVID 19 and police brutality. Sometimes I just need a break and want to read something light and entertaining. Unfortunately, I had to delete the app because the amount of racist comments under most of the articles I read was extremely disheartening. Of course, I have the option to not read the comments, but sometimes I actually like to comment myself or respond to comments and have dialogues and hear different points of view because we can all learn from one another. Obviously, not all the users are racist, but about a good 95% of the comments I’ve read have been posted by small minded, racist, uneducated, bigots. I’m not sure if other news apps have this in common, but I couldn’t tolerate the ignorance any longer. I love app, but I felt myself getting angry at some of the thoughtless, ignorant comments (especially about children). I would rather do without the negativity.


Nothing but a bunch of racist sexist white supremacists!!! Anti maskers, and anti blm people!! AND full of KARENS AND BILLYS!!! AND TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!! Very terrible environment for ANYONE! This app should be deleted if its purpose is just to entertain the racist folk . They will comment on coronavirus posts and say masks kill you or that is has something to do with the government when your health has NOTHING to do with Politics. They will comment on BLACK LIVES MATTER posts saying racist remarks, saying those people deserved it, saying bad things on their name, or saying the police were in the right to MURDER innocent people!!! Talking about how it was right of the colonials to steal the land from the indians, racist again ALL races and religions, this is just a horrible environment period. Dont download this app. Use apple news or fox 5 news instead, or just watch the news . This is a terrible app. this is a terrible world filled with evil people.

- Great when it works

I love the fact that I can see all the news stories in one place instead of trying to look all over the web for them. However, I also deleted this app due to the many glitches I have encountered which cause frustration when there’s a story your really interested in reading. I’ll receive a notification for a news story, and after clicking it, the app will open up. Then 9 times out of 10 I’ll click to open the story and nothing will happen. I have to close the app and then reopen it, then try and search through the articles to find the one I received a notification for. Since I tapped the notification, I’m not able to tap it again. I usually just give up and go search google. The same thing tends to happen with the stories I might be interested in that show when scrolling to the bottom. The first link might work, but the rest won’t work at all. Of course when I go online to use the news-break website, I always end up getting redirected to open the app for the article.

- Repetitive posts

I like this app for the fact that I can can pretty current local news. The biggest down side is that there is a repetitive almost and onslaught to just make a news break about the stimulus check. The post are over and over saying when you will get your stimulus or how much you will receive them but when you pay attention there really is no update at all. It seems like it is just making people who have the app anxious or aggravated that we don’t have the stimulus check yet. If there is not a real actual and factual update then don’t post a news break stating the same speculation reworded. Your only making your users more and more impatient for the stimulus. I never see a repetitive post about anything else. I hope this is not politically motivated because this is not news if there is no actual updated news to report on the same subject. I don't want to delete this app because it is good for local news like is previously stated but I will if I keep getting flooded with the same non-news post about the stimulus.

- Needs better speed on older devices....

No response from developers to either my earlier review or to an email to their support asking for help several months ago. I cannot seem to get rid of real estate (home for sale) notifications constantly showing up in the news feed and as notifications. The notices are for my area, but the sheer number of them is ridiculous! I do not know if this is tied to the newspaper in my local area being used as a news source or not, since Newsbreak will not respond to me, but it is annoying enough to delete the app. Earlier review: I like this app a lot, but is slow as heck on my iPad 4. Since the app supports back to iOS 9, there should be a way to refine settings a lot more in order to help the app perform far better on older devices. It is sloooooowwww when trying to load any sources that are media intensive. It would suit me just fine to block those sites or to block video in general as a setting. I don't need it. Great variety of news though, and more importantly, it really pulls in my local news for me.

- Local News

I love reading local news when I am not at work. Bigger papers do not cover important news in my community and I need to be informed to feel comfortable living in Islip. I grew up in Islip at the time when the only local news was the Islip Bulletin which we had a subscription for at home. With the internet and great reporting, your “newspaper” has improved my quality of life because I feel less isolated from my community. This is very important during the COVID outbreak and for the aging population of Long Island who may not get out of the house as often as they did when younger. I hope that you continue to inform people of news, jobs, and events. I also want to congratulate you on a job well done and give you my best wishes for the future! Thank you all for your excellent work which is greatly appreciated!

- Avoid the comments

Update 2: It appears the devs have allowed the blocking of news sources soon after my first review. You earned a star! Still, those comments are terrible though... Update 1: This app needs to disable the comments section completely or at least give people the option to disable it themselves. They are worse than Facebook. Probably equally as bad as Twitter. Though I admit I’m not on either anymore. People say the most vile, hateful things to each other and about the world in general. It really detracts from the purpose of staying up to date with current events. Original: I love that I can just get the top news stories and local headlines. However, I’m tired of accidentally clicking on certain news sources. There are certain ones I want to block and never have my data affiliated with, yet there is no way to do that currently. Please fix that.

- ads and irrelevant stories

I checked out this news app after having refrained from using one for over two years because it is #1 in the news category in the app store. I deleted it after 2 minutes. It's littered with ads, and the built in browser is clunky. The amount of information you'll obtain in a few swipes is miniscule because news headline links take up an entire page. Terrible UI design. If you need news on your phone, do yourself a favor and buy an adblocking app like 1Blocker and add the safari bookmarks of reputable news sources like Reuters to your iPhone's home screens. You'll get no ads, you'll be able to CHOOSE the sources you want to read from and overall will be a more active digester of the news. Why anyone uses these ad infested hunks of UI garbage is beyond me. Don't download. They also sell your digital soul to the devil and God knows to whom such a small little company like this sells your data to. They also have no option to delete your account through their app. Sus.

- Great app

This app is perfect to keep up with local news and other topics of interest. I love the push notifications and would give it a five star if it wasn’t for one frustrating glitch. Whenever a notification of a story pops up on my phone, and I click on it to read, the story opens for a brief second and before I can click on it to read, the app refreshes it’s stories and I can’t find it anymore. I’ve resorted to seeing if I can beat the refresh it’s part of the fun. But seriously can you make it so that the notification actually open the story directly? There have been times I wasn’t able to find it and had to resort to searching on safari or just not reading it. This app is wonderful and that glitch doesn’t take away from its great features. There isn’t another app like it that I can find, so I will make it my go to. Thanks for developing it. Great work.

- The truth about Parler

It’s this simple, Parler does not atop the truth from getting out, which SOO many people want to see happen. They don’t want people to know about what’s REALLY going on, just whatever suits there narrative, which is simple- FAKE NEWS! On Parler you are free to be yourself, have total control of your own posts and who comments. I have been using it for a little over a month and I’m so thankful to meet soo many other patriotic people who are awakened to the truth behind what’s happening and why. We want you to think for yourself, and in order to do that you must be given all the information. Even that which you don’t want to believe is true. The truth isn’t always pretty, but there is so much beauty and love that you can’t see also because some people don’t want you to! Here you can. Here you are welcome.


This is a beyond my expectation news app! I love how it feeds and notify my what is going on in my neighborhood, my county and other states! Not to mention “Classified Ads”, you can Like, Share and Comment! (No thumbs down though). If you missed your notifications and want to be updated. Just go to your “inbox” and it will show the notifications you missed. So far the app has not crash yet and it’s fast! GREAT JOB! Looking forward to a feature to be able to Listen on audio option instead of reading the text. This helps keep updated on the news if you are driving or taking a break. Adding videos would also be nice to have. Instead of just awesome pictures! :) Adding Stocks/Finance is another feature I would like to see and be able to import my broker to see my investments gains/loss.

- I Loved It At First, But.......

This was a terrific app at first. I particularly loved the ability to see local news stories. But the app gives the headlines, and a sentence or two, and then has a READ MORE, and you click that to read the entire article. The articles themselves open from a separate news source, a newspaper etc. The problem is that after 2 weeks of using this app, most of the time when I click the READ MORE link to read an article, most of the news sources it takes me to tell me I’ve maxed out on my number of free articles, and want me to subscribe to read anymore. And we’re not talking about free subscriptions, you have to pay to subscribe. So, though it’s not the fault of the app itself, the app is no longer useful to me since the news source they’re linking to for a given article will no longer let me read their articles. So sadly, I’ll have to delete this app, since all it’s capable of in my case now is teasing me with headlines from articles I can’t read.

- This app rocks for local news

News break is the best app I’ve tried for getting local news. I’ve tried many, but for most of the others, that means news from the nearest large cities. I live in a rural town and finding truly small town local news news online is difficult. Yes, you can go to your newspaper’s site, but that’s just what they cover. News break grabs all three of the very small towns in my community and spoon feeds it to me. That includes special events! There’s one large issue. If you share a story, people have to download the app to read it. Sight unseen, none of my friends has, so I no longer share because they resent being sent an article they have to download an app for. I wouldn’t download it either. Most news sites allow one to go to a link on the web rather than demanding a download. Seems like a much better way to get new subscribers.

- Real journalism that brings the truth—- not just some boy readings screen selling PHYOPS

Before the corporations got rid of TRUTH TELLING WRITERS and journalists who risk there life for truth. The last of them was like on the 80’s. Now corporations own every news station and pump SENSATIONALISM to make I scared, to make u consume to make ur kids want a bunch of stuff they don’t need Boy they really thought it breaking the union up for a corporate was good but only for a hand ful at the top. I always felt that in order to truly change or truly believe u must be giving the whole truth for and how u make a true choice. This app is like that if they ring truth they will grow bigger and it will go far faster. Happy to be a reader of new not a tv watcher of poo. Ohhh Incase u don’t know what sensationalism is our military call it PHYOPS. pretty scary.

- Four stars but maybe five?

I love this app for having local news but some of the news outlets won’t let you read their articles without a subscription, namely the Minneapolis Star and Tribune and the Virginia, Minnesota news paper and the Hibbing Daily newspaper. I am asking you to check with the news outlets you use to see if they require a subscription or not. If they don’t I hope you will drop them because it is annoying to read a headline only to go in and find out you can’t read an article unless you pay for it. There are so many free news outlets online that I can’t imagine any news outlets not offering free reading of their news. Also, the app keeps sticking in place when I try to scroll to read the news. Sometimes this happens repeatedly and I cant do anything when it freezes up like that so I have to leave the app.

- Disaster in Comments and Inaccessible Stories

The comments sections are populated with hundreds of Trump loyalists who are pushing baseless “fake news” allegations as well as statistics such as “80% of America wants [party leader] out.” Allowing these comments to circulate is in and of itself enabling fake news to propagate because it’s appeared to have convinced a good number of people that reliable news outlets are indeed “fake news.” Another one-star review below said that this app was “fake news” and a developer appeased the person by saying something to the effect of “we’re doing our best to filter out bad news, please continue using our app!” TL;DR The developers need to be more responsible when it comes to combatting blatant lies in the comments sections. New/younger readers are getting tricked into thinking anything critical of Republicans is “fake news.” Also, the app links the full stories in each of their posts, but you begin to hit paywalls if you do it frequently enough. News Break should consider negotiating subscription plans for users who pay a premium.

- Serious problems hide good potential

This is a solidly written app that suffers from horrific editing. It’s all click-bait all the time. Nearly every headline is a variant of “Wait ’Till You See This!” Just tell us what “This” is and we’ll decide if it’s worth reading. Instead we’re treated like children who haven’t gotten past object permanence and must be fed passive-aggressive headlines to respond. I dread using it because there’s so much sewage to wade through and the leads are all buried in the clicks. The comments reveal their target audience. Very heavy on right-wing sources like Fox and Washington Examiner, etc. It’s the digital reincarnation of the National Enquirer. If you look at the advertising they attract it matches their editorial bias so they’re trapped and so are the users. If they had better story choices they’d attract better advertisers (maybe it’s ad sales force that keeps them in the gutter). But they sometimes post local news stories that are important to be aware of so I haven’t deleted the app.

- App

Enjoy this app! I like that it provides local and global news,tracks what I read to curate a feed specific to my interests and updates to provide local content whenever I'm traveling! I have one tiny issue though, which is certain headlines will only allow you to read a few sentences before requiring a subscription to finish the article. Some do offer a limited number of free articles/free reads before requiring said subscription, while others ask right away. I don't see the point in having an app for ALL my "news needs" that also requires subscribing to several newspapers to finish reading articles. 🤔 but it's also just as easy to close the tab and find the story elsewhere (if I'm truly that intrigued) 🙄 as it is to complain about this issue. Hopefully that changes in the next update or two!

- News break app: the strait dope and more

Great for keeping up to date with all the latest crime news and more. I haven’t found anything that even comes close to Newsbreak and a single news station app or even several local station apps leaves much to be desired especially covering multiple breaking national news stories in a single feed. Ability to add multiple locations makes Newsbreak even more enlightening and keeps me apprised of what’s happenings round me. The most annoying thing about it is is that in a single newsfeed there are multiple listings of the same story which is quite irritating. For example if I list my home city is San Antonio enter local it will bring me all the late breaking news stories and I might see the same story eight times. Just need to see the story once in a feed there is new info needed to be added to provide an occurrence unfolding and developing.

- News Break

News Break is my favorite news app!!..i’m so impressed w/news stories from around Upper Penninsula & northern part of Lower Penninsula..stories i wouldnt know about otherwise since i live in mid- Mich..for instance i learned that the West side of the state has a school to teach people to fly a plane..i never knew that!..just recently i read a lengthy article about a secret child pornogrophy ring illionairresmmwhich is native to Mich..membership is made up of multi-millionaires in the state..seemingly having law enforcement protection..??lots of money changing hands..a few discarded dead children’s bodies abandoned in a snow bank..once i started reading about this story i couldnt stop reading..i’m so disappointed that Mich has this for its underbelly..w/any perpetrators ever be arrested/prosecuted??..thank you!...

- Nothing but nonstop ads

This new app used to be amazing, covers all the major Outlets and you can search what you want. But it changed and now it’s nothing but nonstop ads. You can not view a story without watching an ad, the minute you open the app and ad starts. Half way through reading and an add shows up. And you can’t X out until 15-30 seconds. Will be deleting today. Maybe they will change it seems like every review lately is about nonstop adds. However they only show you the good ones which is why I have this app 5 stars so you will see it. I really rate this app at 2stars if they remove all these crazy ads, I mean it’s nonstop, then I will give it 5 stars again, but for now I’m deleting it from my phone.

- Amazing for local news

I thought the last thing I needed was another news app with content from a lot of different sources. For some reason, at some point, I went ahead and installed News Break. I’m very glad I did. There’s good coverage of national, international, entertainment news, etc., all in a minimal, very easy to use interface. But what I’m most surprised by is how much local and regional news this app uncovers and pulls. There’s far more than I got from any other app, including from some of the original apps that News Break uses as sources. Not too many notifications either, which means I can actually pay attention to the ones I get. Overall I’m beyond pleased and have deleted the other news apps instead.

- Great reader, needs a few features

The app’s support for local news puts it on a usefulness tier above curated national news apps. It’s a great aggregated news reader in most respects. The biggest problems that I’d like to see addressed: 1) stop automatically resetting and refreshing all the time, especially during app switching. I often lose my place (in the feed and open articles being actively read) when I need to use another app for something while reading news. 2) provide an keyword search. 3) provide a ‘clicked’ history list so it’s easier to find an article you saw but didn’t finish reading before an unexpected reset. 3) add filters / preferences to the feed to tune for subject matter, or at least black/white lists for keywords and sources (eg never want to see “Vox” content).

- I like it.

I like that I can get the news reported without bias. There are enough news agencies out there who slant the news. I like to make my own mind up, just give me the facts. One thing would be helpful, I often get stories about places that are not local. They don’t give you the name of the city or state in the article so you are left guessing. For example, a recent story stated that two local eateries were closing, but I had never heard of the eateries. I had to google them and they are not in our state. That’s not exactly local. I don’t mind reading the story but if it says “local” in the headline it really should be local. I shouldn’t have to google to find out the “where”. Thanks for your service.

- This is a fake review system

No matter which star you push it becomes a five and submits it. This is a fixed or rigged rating system. My rating was actually a 4, so why did they feel they had to cheat, when that was actually a fair rating? Nothing can be trusted anymore. Candidates and corporations think about that! You can’t even trust your own polling sources. They are lying just to keep you happy and feed you what you want to hear (and I’m talking about both the public and the data source)!! I just wrote a along Editorial piece supporting mainstream media and now you do this to me? What is wrong with this country is people are trusting computers when they have all been programmed by people!!! Wake up!

- Great idea but needs improvement

I’ve only recently downloaded this app and totally enjoyed being able to interact with other readers on different articles. Unfortunately it is too difficult if not impossible to return to a specific article and comment when someone replies to something you post on an article. I will probably end up deleting this app because it’s too much to deal with some of the harassing responses to my comments and not be able to go back to it and defend myself. I have tried sending the articles to myself vis messenger so I can keep track of them but the articles are not received even though it says the share was successful. I even tried sending one to a friend but the result was the same. When I go to my messages and tap on a reply to my comment, nothing happens.

- Great News fix but two things

The addition of police scanner was a stroke of genius but please remove the opening audio ad I can’t stand it. I have other scanners I can use with visual ads. I don’t want to click on NYPD and immediately hear in detail some lady talking about her contraception issues. The website has the founder’s face on the home page which I can’t stand any more, please put some useful headline rotation above the fold and not the news break founders face I don’t care to see him any more. Other than that the user comments I find even better than the la times, don’t ever get rid of them. There is an immediacy about the user engagement that surpasses other news outlets.

- Not sure yet

I was pleased to see an app that would keep me informed about local news. And I liked getting notifications of what I thought would be breaking news. I've only had this for a short time, and just a few minutes ago, I got a message about an accident near here that harmed six people. I was about to pass the info on to people I thought might be effected by it when I noticed that it was dated 4 days ago! Definitely NOT breaking news. And I’m glad I didn't make my friends unnecessarily nervous about possible injuries to family or friends! It's fine to have older news articles about things that happened locally, but, please, don't send a notification unless it’s breaking news! I got a notification from another app that the Secretary of Labor just resigned! That IS breaking news!

- Freezes

I enjoy this app (when I’m able to read the story that I receive the alert for). When I tap on the alert an advertisement usually for a game comes up which I have to watch prior to viewing the story however 80% of the time at the end of the advertisement I am unable to tap the “X” to opp out of the advertisement it’s like it freezes so I tap on the icon to get the game which takes me to the App Store I then tap the arrow to take me back to the News App which takes me back to the game advertisement. After going back and forth several times between the advertisement and the App Store I realize that I’m stuck unable to view the story I then delete the app and add it again. I’ve done this 3 times already today is the 4th time so I’m just going to delete the app as It is very frustrating to have to delete and add constantly. Please fix the problem!

- Good news - Bad app

The news and localities are appropriate and interesting. I believe they are generally well written and informative. I believe they could be enjoyable if it was possible to read them, but is a vexing trial to be able to read much more than a headline and lead paragraph. The insertation of the advertisements while the article is being read makes using the app a frustrating abomination. I think of it as the app from hell, possessed by demons whose ambition it is to drive readers to insanity. Inserting the advertisements into the text while the text is being read causes the text to "jump" from the the screen requiring scrolling to relocate your reading position. There appears to me to be no logic in the direction the reader must swipe to find his/her last position. It is entirely possible to get so lost that the reader cannot even relocate article to finish it. I believe that instead of the being an app of news articles interspersed with advertisements, it is an app of fast moving, barely readable advertisements with scraps of news articles hidden among them. I had a similar app with a national news slant, and I deleted it. I will look for a new app for local news and probably trashcan this one.

- My wish list regarding the app abilities

Great job try to offer your views in categories such as: gun violence/Drug arrest/missing persons/political/ ect./ then program the app to give us the ability to search the topic of our choice. Such as the ability to parsay narrow an dial in the subject matter of our choice along with the city and state:Example if I chose to on a Monday to dial in the number of shootings in Chicago over the weekend. Then I could go to the political response regarding the shootings in Chicago and thus have a better knowledge of the overall situation and political situation regarding the matter!Perhaps a WASHINGTON REPORT: the latest DEMOCRATIC PARTY BREAK DOWN AND THE REPUBLICAN BREAKDOWN AS WELL. Arrest in your area ect you see what I mean!Thanks!

- Could have been great (read on)

So I, like so many in the world today, are looking for a reliable source for news without bias and nonsense, something that is not falling into this latest trend of “fake” news (and at least tries to be balanced). Since the Apple news app has such limited options if you don’t want ridiculous alt-left sources I tried this app. In 3 of the last 3 days I have been blasted with major story’s that seemed very serious & valid involving the government, and caused me to open the story, which ended up being 100% fake. It was almost like reading a supermarket tabloid that appeared legit and made you think something very serious happened, then once you read you find the headline absolutely was a bait and switch. This app allows the crap information to come through and appears to allow politically biased and fake foolishness to be displayed. I will give it a couple more days to ensure it’s not isolated, but the plan is to delete the app if it continues. I’m not interested in games and bs when I want news! (NOTE: I made it a few more hours and 2 more bull crap stories came through,..I deleted it then) Another thing, I like to be notified when breaking news happens, sadly this app doesn’t allow for custom sounds on the notification, so whatever your txt alert sound is will belong to this app too. Bummer!

- Needs work. Right now it’s aggravating.

In general I like this app. It provides me with news that’s local and news that’s hard to find elsewhere. It does have some annoying problems. I can’t share from the app to Facebook. I need to open the story in my browser first. If I forget and try to share from the app, it freezes and needs to be shut down and relaunched. Unfortunately, once you look at that story, it disappears from your feed, AND THERE’S NO WAY TO GET IT BACK. That’s soooooo annoying. It’s fine if you remembered, or even wanted, to save it, otherwise it’s gone forever. And there’s no way to look at a viewing history, because there isn’t one. PLEASE.... at least give us a viewing history, or some way of getting back to an article if the app freezes. I’d give you five stars if that were possible. In the meantime, I’m just frustrated.

- Allowance of Blatant Racism

I love the News Break app, and found it convenient to use for local alerts in the last few months regarding COVID-19, wildfires, and local news. However it hurts my heart not only to see the overflow of racist comments. It hasn’t been one or two comments but hundreds. I understand that people have political preferences. But the outright bigotry is unacceptable and unforgivable. What hurts more is that News Break allows these comments to appear. One could say “well, maybe just don’t read the comments” “don’t be so sensitive to what others are saying” “it’s Free Speech” etc. I am often interested in seeing what other people have to say in response to the news. Unfortunately, most of these people shamelessly express so much hate. I’ve seen these comments since the day I downloaded the app back in March, and tried to forget about/ignore them for too long. Every article about any person of color, especially those which discuss criminals of minority background, feature a comment section filled with racism, bigotry and hate on MOST of the comments. This is what News Break ALLOWS. Very good app for news notification, but I can no longer support an app that makes allowances for blatant hatred. News Break, please do better.

- Lies! Journalism at its worst!

I’ve been using this app for news throughout 2020. I liked the idea that it combined news outlets into one area. I received a notification of a new local story. The story was about a teacher who stapled her student’s mouth shut. Horrified, I looked more into it and this is where I found the truth. This particular story has been posted several times over several years. It was never true. I’m disgusted that it was sent to me as “news.” In a time in our lives where the news is being watched and read meticulously with both a pandemic and a presidential election, this is a really bad time to post not only incorrect information but to completely make up a story. Jeez, and they couldn’t even do that. They had to use somebody else’s made up story! I’m seriously disgusted about the filters they used to bring me news. Deleted and I urge anyone else to find a different source.

- GRU Troll Alert

Inside this app is some very good news and articles. That being said be aware as in all forums and places we leave comments or thoughts, we will encounter Trolls. By now we all know what they are, however the game has changed and their are people who purposely incite just to cause division. That being said this app is great at getting very varied news sources. But Traveler beware.... *****Update****** So some sites in this app act more like honeypots then actual websites. What do I mean by that? Well let’s say you produce a website and act like a FRINGE news org....then capture all IP traffic as well as phone information. What they use it for one is left guessing. But based on most of the forums it’s just a GRU (Russian Government Sanctioned Hackers), Chinese Sanctioned Hackers, DPRK Sanctioned Hackers, The Foundation (The Family, The Patriot Movement, 3%ers, Doug Coo lunatics) sprinkled with the normal American yeah I’m gonna have to give a big downgrade for this app.

- False and political driven news

This app is used for propagandas and their editors trying to attract the readers with bombastic headlines in a very sneaky way for instance most recent headline which cause me to delete the app and write this review was: Joe budden have COVID-19. I can understand it’s a news but publishing this headline few days before election it’s used to create stress and chaos Among the USA citizens. When the notification pops up for a second you don’t get it it’s related to someone else rather then president nominee, it drag lots of traffic over something that you may care for it but the timing is wrong. We all get brainwashed everywhere in news and ads related to the election and our subconscious mind can easily get confused with one letter different spell or a name and make us think for a moment that joe Biden is sick. Shame on you news break this awful way to confuse your readers. I’m out no more tricky headlines from you to me.

- Best News App!!

Hands down best news app! I get notifications about local news before my local news apps most of the time. It also updates your location automatically - I went on vacation and was on the way back from snorkeling and saw police boats go flying past soon as I got to shore I got an alert that a girl was killed by a coconut tree that fell (crazy right?). This app pulls stories from a bunch of news apps so you not only get news fast, but you can also get news from more than one point of view. They had an issue with ads getting stuck when opening the app for a few weeks, but fixed the issue.

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- News break is great!

News break is a gods fun way , to navigate,the best fun news breaking at any one moment,news on the move that's what I like about News Break😃😃😃😃

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- Too much liberal bias too few facts.

Mostly propaganda for the anarchists in the democrat party.

- I agree!

I can only agree wholeheartedly with the writer above. This column has found it’s way to my email. I was already finished with any CNN daily dreadful gossip sensations, and this is more of the same.

- what is this

people who write for this are absolute morons and need to go back to school 💀

- No radio as advertised

There’s no radio anything in this app. Don’t know why they’re lying about it having the ability to steam radio. Very strange

- Comment nazis

They delete every comment negative to democrat morons

- Notifications

Always ask for. No, one time is enough.

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- Our Election

Trump needs to get the National Gaurd out, arrest all these workers working with these very late ballots, and the DNC leaders, Pelosi, Schumer & Biden as well as the people who gave huge gifts of money to rig an election where each American vote is supposed to count- confiscate all computers & phones. All arrested must be put in solitary confinement & stay there the entire time this fiasco is being investigated We are disabled VietNam Veterans. This election is a public disgrace to the entire world. The problem is not Russia or some other country but severe problems in our own country. Lincoln was right when he said America would fall from within- we are too close to his prediction!

- Best All-In-One I’ve Found

Before this app, I was using Apple News. However, I stopped using it since it required me to subscribe. That’s when I discovered News Break. It has all types of news from local to national. It even has tabs at the top including “Coronavirus” and “2020 Elections”. I do find myself on the local one more frequently. I just wish there were less ads. I wish even more that they weren’t THOSE ads. They look like the clickbait ones that you’ll find on uncommon websites with cheesy titles and baffling thumbnails. I think the coolest feature is the integration of a “Police Radio” section. I live on the Southside of Chicago so that’ll come in handy. Overall it’s the best app out there for me.

- Fed up

I thought it was nice at first to have local news but it’s turned into a fiasco of negativity and fighting and fake news... comments have people cursing at each other and threatening one another and there are many racial remarks and so forth, PLUS they pay the same outdated news again and again. There was a post about the fishing boat that went down last January that keeps being posted as recent news. Our community still mourns that crew so it’s like they’re rubbing salt in a year and a half old wounds. Not okay! That’s ridiculous stories that, if you research them you’ll find out, are totally made up about ridiculous thinks that are absolutely impossible, and written by illiterate authors who not only cannot seek proper English but cannot spell either. Sooo... after 7 months of continually getting worse I’ve deleted this app. I’ll stick to real news.

- Worked Well until It Didn’t

I didn’t mind the little 5 second ads that come up every time you open the app, but as of 4 days ago, the ads that pop up can’t be closed. Ever. As in, I can no longer open the app. It just shows me an interactive ad for a game and the magical “X” that appears at the top left corner does nothing when pressed. I emailed support but haven’t heard back yet. Giving it 1 more day to fix before I delete the app. Will update this to a 1 Star if not fixed. Before it stopped working, I enjoyed the app. Local news depending on where I was is frustrating to come by- you have to follow a bunch of different local news stations to get all of it. This app fixed that. Hopefully I’ll be able to use it again...

- Not the apps fault I guess

I guess my problem isn’t really with the app but more with where I live? It says you can focus in and only get local breaking news. Which is true. It does exactly that. But I live in Los Angeles. EVERYDAY I get notifications of the most horrible stories of people (including babies) getting killed. EVERYDAY!!!! Is there nothing good happening in LA you can report about? Do I really need to hear about babies getting killed and stuffed in suitcases? 92 year old men being beaten to death with bricks? People getting shot and killed in metro stations by cops? Bodies found floating in rivers. I’m not kidding. Every single day I get notified of the most horrible stories you don’t want to know about. It’s actually getting depressing enough that I might delete the app.

- From Corinth Mississippi, Alcorn county

I would like to rate this at 5 stars because there’s information on this website or app That you can get to you faster and get updates faster than watching the news sometimes it’s like they can get the information quicker or something. But one downfall I don’t like is some of the names like “TweakTown” Used for news, with a name like that you can tell it’s fake…… And wow at some of the comments and stories that this site has to offer! But overall I still give this up 5 stars…… Prayers going up!🙏🏼🙏🏼 God Bless the Nation!!🌎🌹🌹🌹🌹 Covid-19 you’re not welcome here or anywhere else! WE WILL BEAT THIS!!💪🏼💪🏼

- Love the app But..

I loved this app when I first really started using it. But it’s getting frustrating lately because it’s not working properly. Recently when I select a story to read it just goes to a blank screen as if it’s going to load but it doesn’t ever load. Actually it just freezes up and the only thing I can do is close the app entirely and reopen it. But I never get to read the story because it’s just not there anymore. This is happening so often that I’ve about given up on the app all together. I’ve tried everything. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled many times. I’ve emailed customer service regarding this issue several times with zero response. What gives? Anyone else have this problem?

- Finally..A personalized news app!

I currently don’t have cable television and like being updated on what’s going on in the world. Since I am without cable I have downloaded every news app under the sun and all of them ended up being an annoyance of notifications, not localized for my area, or you had to have a subscription for the “premium” version. I was about to give up till I found this gem! They don’t spam you with excessive emails or notifications, and the best part you personalize it to your interests and location! It’s a miracle I will 100% recommended this app to anyone that is wanting to stay informed locally.

- Review

So far I have had this for about six months and I am happy with all the news that is on here the updates are put on here as they’re happening and I do like that. They are listed as the top one being the most recent story and it just keeps going all day. So when you see that they are notifications on your phone, You do not have to stop and read everything, and there are just some subjects that I really don’t like to read so by the title of each one that gives me an idea if it is something I would like to read about thank you very much for the good news reports

- Could have been great (read on)

So I, like so many in the world today, are looking for a reliable source for news whiteout bias and nonsense, something that is not falling into this latest trend of “fake” news (and at least tries to be balanced). Since the Apple news app has such limited options if you don’t want ridiculous alt-left sources I tried this app. In 3 of the last 3 days I have been blasted with major story’s that seemed very serious & valid involving the government, and caused me to open the story, which ended up being 100% fake. It was almost like reading a supermarket tabloid that appeared legit and made you think something very serious happened, then once you read you find the headline absolutely was a bait and switch. This app allows the crap information to come through and appears to allow politically biased and fake foolishness to be displayed. I will give it a couple more days to ensure it’s not isolated, but the plan is to delete the app if it continues. I’m not interested in games

- Great app but articles shared can’t be viewed!

I installed this app several months ago and enjoyed having all my local news combined into one source! However, I recently deleted the app after discovering that when I shared News Break links on social media, other people couldn’t view the links unless they also had the app, which was frustrating to me. I guess it’s a ploy to entice people to install their app, but I think the #newsbreak hashtag it adds to the bottom when you share it is advertisement enough! I’d like for others to be able to share in the news stories as well, so I’ve had to go back to the 2-3 local news apps I used before. If this could be fixed, I would reinstall it and give it 5 stars!

- Pop ups and word games

I have tried to deal with the glitchy crap here thinking it was the fault of my old iPad but after speaking with others I find that we all suffer with the same issues. You try to sensationalize the articles with wording that indicates exaggerated or false content. If you want to read it many times you are linked to sites that want you to subscribe to their podunk newspaper that you'll never need again, and at a cost. The article is near impossible to read in some cases because the pop ups. Today I try to open the map to locate the RV Park in question and I couldn't see street names and everything I tried moved the map to another state. Right now I can't continue the review because the key pad is over the written portion so you can't see what you write. Good luck peddling this snake oil. Real news is located elsewhere.

- Good Information

I really like the variety of news articles; however, I’m considering deleting it. First, some of the advertising covers the information and I get tired of deleting them to read the information. Second, I like it provides first amendment rights and differences of opinions are offered, but some of the racists rants are a little overwhelming. Third, I don’t like the fact I have a hard time finding previously read articles using their search tool. It took me two days before an article I wanted to share to resurface to share with a colleague. I’m really debating whether to keep it or not because I love the information it provides domestically and abroad.

- I don’t miss the Daily News

I was an avid paper reader. I live in Philadelphia and used to buy the Philadelphia Daily News daily. The price was going up to $3 and I decided I was going to stop buying that paper. I’d been reading it every since I could read up until a year ago. I’m 66 years old so that was a long time. I came across your app and installed it. It’s everything I need to find out the local news and news around the world. I go to the app several times a day because there is always updated news to read. I have recommended the app to several people who like it as well. Renee Towns

- User friendly

App is very user friendly and easily navigated by even the most novice of users. Alerts conveniently appear in notification list with the headline, date & time of posting and small corresponding pictures, making it very easy to determine articles that are of interest of you. Many different types of local, national and global headlines, from many different news outlets, in one convenient location. Great way to scan over headlines in minutes for a quick look or easily get more in depth information on stories that matter most to entertain yourself indefinitely! 👍👍

- Royal Family

I totally enjoy reading about the little ones. Was quite surprised but really should not have been that the Queen Mum loves to surprise and spoil the grandchildren. In an article I read how the Queen leaves small surprises, mementos in their rooms apparently when spending the night. I am sure the love & joy shared is no different than most ordinary family’s! As Love can not be bought but given & received! I love uplifting stories & news to escape all the sadness in our world. But I also believe if we all would just strive daily to show kindness, respect & love toward one another awe what a wonderful world we could share!!

- Great App, but severely drains battery

I love all of the news sources and how everything is compiled for easy access. This is quickly becoming my number one news source app. The only downside to using this app is how much it drains the battery. Within 10 minutes of using it, my battery goes from full to less than half. I’ve even tested it while plugged in to my computer to charge, which I know isn’t as good as a wall charger, but I actually watched my battery slowly drain while using this app when my phone should be charging. If the developers can fix the battery drain issue, then this app would be the greatest news app to date!

- Beware, Google compiles ur comments

I clicked on my comment icon & there all my comments were. Not all comments were from News Break. Some were reviews for restaurants from ‘google reviews’. But the comments were all there in one spot. It wouldn’t take very long to find out where the comment originated from. If u r a passionate person who speaks their mind, and if u say anything derogatory, thugs can track you down, then dox you. Google is big brother! However I enjoy the app much more after I learned how to use it. I can get local news from every town n America. Best news app ever!

- Some not so good targeted “news” sites

This site has good news of local interest and it is timely, but: I am a woman and my news feed has as many photos of men wrestling as of all other topics. I am totally turned off by this topic and would like to indicate that I don’t want this stuff - it would be “news” to some select group that is not like me. There seems to be no way to end this. To make matters worse, my brother, who recommended the app, just told me he never gets these images/stories .... he gets news with photos of women - not dirty pictures - just gals in bathing suits on the beach etc. there must be a way to do something about this.

- If you don’t subscribe your dumb!

Best news app ever! I have access to so many different types of news from serious politics and current (nationwide and local events) everyone should be reading about. And, I mean that wholeheartedly! As well as articles that make you laugh if you’ve read a sad story and need to smile and access to news I don’t believe you’d hear anywhere else unless you looked for it. I suggest trying it for yourself because everyone is different but I believe this is one of the smartest subscriptions I’ve ever paid for. Hands down! Read for yourself...

- Lots of news... But...

Some of the articles are only able to be seen if you have a subscription to the publisher of the article. Also the comments are in need of major changes, if replying, your reply isn’t put in any order, it can be placed anywhere in the comments, so it hard to follow the conversation. The other is if you want to expand the comments, you can’t report any violations (on an iPhone). Also, if you’re reading the comments and want to block a user, it only seems to block them on that conversation (unless you expand, then they are still visible) that user will still show up in other comment sections. You are not actually “blocking” the user!

- Annoying

This is a great app for getting local news and I was enjoying it initially, but then the pop-ups began. There are so many that appear over what you are trying to read, it becomes an aggravation. There is no way to stop the advertising and out of desperation, I just deleted it. I found it to be a source of stress and rather than add one more item to my list of aggravation, I decided to eliminate it. I understand the need for advertising and the news apps have incorporated the ads into their sequence of stories. This app is similar to The New York Times or the Sunpapers which cover the page with an ad and will not let you move forward unless you pay. Nothing to pay here other than constantly flicking the ad out of your way.

- Like it for awhile but...

I pride myself in reading a bunch of different news sites including more liberal stuff like Huffington Post and conservative sites like Fox News. However, the thing about Fox News specifically is that many of their stories are opinions or written in a way that conveys something that isn’t actually something. Sure enough, a notification popped up from this app that sounded pretty interesting and incriminating. Turns out it was a Fox News article that was full of spin and narratives with very little real story. I don’t mind a notification from Fox News or even a real article from there, but if your going to include them as part of your feed, you have to make sure the article is legitimate. I can’t support an app that feeds into the already massive amount of misinformation America has to endure.

- Great App

I have been using this app for a little over a year and really enjoy it. I truly have no complaints; it’s the only news app I’ve used consistently and one of the only apps I allow location on to receive local news. My only complaint is not directed at the developers or news sources at all, but that the user base is full of crass people using the comment section as a platform to incite arguments and toss racial slurs around. Nothing unusual for social media and easily avoidable but if you want some of that faith in your community to chip away, have a gander.

- Same ole Same ole!

I cant believe there’s nothing else to freakin talk about? Masks, mandatory this, losing freedoms here and there! I know it sure is a distraction from other “uncomfortable” subjects that are coming down, like someone’s trial- that the libs want to hide behind the virus blocking the true corruption. Enough of your chronic “Trump hate,” and the “Corona talk,” and giving any section of your news to bad actors that want to destroy our nation with looting and violence-and dividing the people of this country. I am deleting my new sub to your partisan news app because your so called news is nothing newsworthy at all. Just trying to shock jock the viewers and push your doom and gloom onto everyone rather than lift them up, entertain, and encourage people. I’ve heard Soros is running all news media, and I believe it! Delete, delete, delete!

- Late news

I like getting my news in one app however there are a couple of issues that should be addressed. The time between the original article and the time the app pushes the article is huge. Sometimes 4 hours or more. I want the news but I’d like to have it within 30 minutes of the story breaking. Or faster. Second is the landing page after clicking the notification link. It needs a headline that gives enough information to allow the reader to decide if the article is relevant to them before they open the article. Big waste of time if it’s irrelevant or uninteresting to the app user. It’s an issue for me often enough for it to be an irritation.

- Biased in review section

I like the variety of sources included with this app, but take strong issue with the bias in the review section. I don’t mean the reviews themselves, but my ability to “like” reviews seems based on the publication they’re tied to. For example, I noticed if I read a republican article and happen to agree with a more moderate comment I’m unable to show support. It won’t let me “like” the comment. Only comments that are “with the flow” of the article. The same with any other source - liberal articles appear blocked when I comes to showing support for more conservative comments. This isn’t fair or balanced, and I don’t appreciate being railroaded into responses. Either fix the issue or remove the comments section. It really isn’t needed anyway.

- I want to like it but ....

I have downloaded & deleted this app 3 times and today was the last time. I will not support an app that does not believe in true and correct reporting by journalists and news outlets. I will not support any news media that has an obvious slant, whether it be left or right. It should either be unbiased or deliver both sides of a coin. Something is seriously wrong when anyone or thing hides something, it should cause the average free thinking person of reasonable IQ to become suspicious. At the very least it should be a warning and cause one to question the media (i.e. the 2 or 3, multi billion plus parent companies) need or desire to manipulate a nation; I assure you the cause is unlikely to our benefit. When will the news or media of this country realize that Americans should be informed not influenced?

- A great app with one flaw-brightness

I love this app but can’t leave better than 2 star review as I am mystified as to why the articles are so dim that I have to turn up my phone brightness to adjust. The headlines and blurb text are clear and normal brightness but when you click to read any article, the color balance goes to an dim off-white and it is extremely hard to read and also shocking to adjust to from the main page. Super annoying! So I use this to skim headlines and if I must read something I have to look it up elsewhere. Even the “open in safari” option uses normal brightness but when you click to see the whole article it takes you back to the app. I have no idea why the app does this dim screen effect.

- Typical biased News outlet

I downloaded the app for my local news, which I enjoyed. However, after looking at the National headlines and such I’ve seen the same negative propaganda reporting as with the rest of the liberal media. Journalism used to be a serious job, not a witch hunt. We should hold journalist to a higher standard. There are a many positive things going on in the United States and Washington. There is not a single positive article about anything our President is doing. Consistently reporting negative articles only on our President and other republican leaders continues to aid in the divide between the American people. How about reporting on both sides of the issue? How about a healthy debate? You won’t get it here. Don’t waste your time. I will stick to my local paper for my local news and skip the liberal reporting of this outlet.


Not surprised the money hungry people of this app don’t care about validity. Apart from their strong biases, there’s FAKE news!!! Especially represented in their ads, they try to grab your attention by using a dramatized video of “Patty Mayo” a YouTube’s famously known for creating FAKE police/bounty arrests that he even admits he uses just for entertainment purposes. If you don’t know him, he’s a guy that used to make videos of randomly massaging girls at the beach and touching them sexually for views. He then went on pretending to be a bounty hunter/police officer and arresting people in a very dramatic way. He doesn’t claim he’s a real cop he admits he’s just making fake videos for entertainment purposes. Well this app pretends like it’s real news and uses his clip to grab your attention. What a joke. They just want your money, don’t download this app.

- Biased Media

Up until the election this app has been useful to know the news breaking around my area. This all changed the day of election. This app and it’s publishers resort to bashing Trump with slanderous titles and articles. I figure hate is what drives some people just for more readers. They continue to make these articles without hesitation. Yes you are entitled to your own opinion, but at what cost? It seems like money is their only influence. I’d rather point out that that this is not a political statement nor I do not affiliate myself with a party, this is about how this app has been unfair and biased toward a certain group of people, it’s discrimination against every person who voted for Trump and is blissfully ignoring what is actually happening in this election. This is just a part of a whole scheme to brainwash the masses.

- Is it true?

Not sure of how much I believe in this day and age. So much is political or hate driven since Trump took office. This is a very sad backlash to the first black President being elected and re-elected. It has made it obvious that this country like many others need to look in the proverbial mirror and question their racial bias. Racism is the ill the makes this country extremely sick. Trump is a master of exploiting your bias against people of color and our govt. Be skeptical about politicians but believe in this country and its fabric. I have a dream that people in this country will judge others “not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”

- Serious battery drain

I really like the app and use it quite a bit, especially nowadays, but the battery drain is ridiculous even with location sharing off. I can literally watch my battery percentage go down 1 percent every minute or so. Normally my battery can easily last all day with a lot of usage, including art apps which are resource heavy. In the last few weeks I’ve noticed my battery going down way faster to the point I have to charge mid day. Only thing different is using this app. I tested and decided to not use the app for a day, and battery consumption is normal. Glad it isn’t my iPad, but sad that it is this app that is the problem.

- Greatly Appreciated

The problem with thanking people is, there’s always people who get left out. There are so many other Frontline workers that don’t get praised or noticed as they should, whose jobs are as equally important. Like the transportation department, store clerks, postal service, factory workers who have to get food supplies and medical supplies out to medical facilities, and food service employees etc. I’m sure I’ve left some out as well. But I’d like to personally thank them for their services. Feel free to add those I’ve left out because they too are Greatly Appreciated

- Not for commenting

Good for news, but leaving comments is, simply put, complete shenanigans. It randomly cuts off and posts incomplete comments, or doesn’t, who knows, the app decides. It hides the typing window randomly and I have to close down the app completely and restart it.... but then it refreshes the articles and I can’t find the one I was attempting to comment on.... and then someone will respond a week later to a half written, nonsensical comment I didn’t actually plan to post in the first place, posted on my behalf by the app. I don’t necessarily mind that I sound like insanity, I mind that in today’s world of expected digital perfection, I can’t properly comment using this one.

- Very glitchy and tons of adds

I love the app and having access to the news like this and getting notifications on stuff near me however most the time when I open the app I can’t even close the stupid adds I have to close the app and search for the link that interested me and once I find the link I am constantly bombarded with adds while trying to read the article and every time an add pops up it scrolls the screen somewhere else and I have to waste more time trying to find where the heck I was. I would give a better rating if that was fixed or even had less adds and that was fixed might get it a 5 but until then I feel I’m being very generous giving it 2 stars....

- Great Local Alerts... too much unimportant, selected sports stuff

News Break gives me an opportunity to learn about important local events in real time. I appreciate that. What I don’t appreciate are endless articles about certain college football programs, that have nothing to do with my region or affiliations. And, even worse are the occasional conspiracy theory screeds from Trump News and Breitbart sandwiched in between legit releases from CNN or CBS news, as though that garbage deserves equal coverage or consideration. More editorial oversight in that regard would be appreciated. But, I do very much value the portion of legitimate alerts that interest me.

- Good but also obnoxious

I like how the articles generated are local and specifically relevant to where I live. However, it is REALLY obnoxious that you can't edit a comment you've submitted. Because the "delete" and "enter" buttons are one on top of the other my comments often get submitted when I was actually trying to delete/correct a word. Then I have to delete the half-comment that was accidentally submitted and start over. MAJOR oversight. Likewise, I'd like to know why I can like someone's comment and then my like disappears so I have to like it again. And often it won't let me like a reply, only the original comment off the thread. And why doesn't it show you your own likes? Much can be improved here.

- Disorganized Site

While I can dig deep into this app and find news that interests me, I can’t understand why I am constantly getting pop-up notifications about ridiculous non-newsworthy items. How is Miley Cyrus‘s love life news? I have received no less than 5 to 10 pop-up notifications about her love life. Stick with the NEWS!!! Also, I often catch headlines I want to go back and read but as I move onto read other new stories first and try to go back and find the previous referenced story, I cannot locate it. I would like to see organized in a more orderly fashion. I actually prefer certain types of news. Is there a way to sort by category. I.e. sports news, legal news, crime news, political news, weather, etc.?

- Not bad, toxic comments.

The app itself and the service it provides is pretty good. All sorts of news is available from COVID-19, to local and world wide news, even celebrity gossip (not a fan but it’s there for those who are). What really brings the app down though, is the comment section. It’s basically another platform for racists, misogyny, LGBT+ phobia, and all around toxic behavior to fester in. I understand the whole “no censorship” thing, but I feel we should have an option to disable the comment section should we wish to avoid that aspect. And yeah, I know I can just avoid that area all together. But it would still be a neat and helpful feature to have anyways.

- What is Breaking News?

Breaking news refers to events that are currently developing, or "breaking." Breaking news usually refers to events that are unexpected, such as politics, foreign news that affects the world, safety, virus, plane crash, building fire, a shooting, or tornado. it could be anything considered important. It Was Great for the 1st Year and a Half! 30% of my breaking news popping up is repetitive (same articles over & over again, means deleting everyday. 20% is horoscopes, piercings, tattoos, fashion design, ( who wears it best). and ads that many call today "scams!". Therefore for me 50% of your news to me seems useless. I really don't want to delete the app, but clearing the junk is getting old! Thank you for the real breaking news.

- Best App to get news from all sources!

This is one App I never turn the notifications off on! Being that I previously lived in a different state! Still I like knowing the news from there. NewsBreak allows you to set your local news to anywhere you would like! Keeps you updated on all the local and surrounding areas. As well as World news & entertainment news. If your a news lover like I. It’s nice to have several sources in one place! For you to choose what you want if you want! Hope you Enjoy it as well as I do!

- Misleading ads on Facebook

I clicked on this because of an ad that said “Benton County News: Walmart establishes emergency leave policy after associate tests positive for Coronavirus. Install news app trusted by millions to stay informed of latest Benton County local news.” The associate that tested positive is in Kentucky. That’s hardly local. I realize it’s calling it local news because Walmart is in Benton County. But come on, there’s enough mass hysteria without you making it sound like someone in Benton County tested positive for Coronavirus just to get people to download your app. It will be in Benton County soon enough. It could be a good news app; I haven’t used it yet. But now I’ll take everything it says with a grain of salt.

- Too much negativity

I do love news break but it only appears to focus on the negative news alllllll the time! Every news break is negative news! I work for a crisis line for veterans and every call is draining. Then I look on my phone and down my feed is negative news mainly about blacks! Maybe locality has something to do with that being Atlanta but I’m sure there is positive news to report or people of other races doing bad things as well. Really don’t want to be bombarded with that either! But other than that it’s all good

- Broken Links, Grammar, Not Interesting

So basically, whenever I tried clicking on a link, it would never work. Whenever it did work, it always went to a black screen and sent me back. Most every story, there are at least 2-5 grammar issues, which was not pleasant. And that’s if I was even interested in the story. I don’t need to know what people wear to bed. I want to know the real stuff. And even then, most of the stuff I read trying to get a glimpse into the world (because of COVID-19) none of the articles are true. Stuff like how Black Lives Matter is just a cult?? THIS WAS OUTRAGEOUS. I am never coming back nor will my children or grandchildren be downloading this because I would never want to spread this kind of racism and hurtful words into them. I am very dissatisfied.

- Great if you want be updated with the latest murders in your area

I love to stay in touch with my current events. But with the current state of our country right now. It’s one murder or stabbing or killing after the next. This app will do its job and keep you informed. Very well informed. I had to delete it. I hated waking up every morning to hear about a local family being murdered or kids dying in our streets. Sad world we live in today. So the app is great. I just had to delete for my own personal reasons. 5 stars for sure

- Good for news, but lots of biased commenters

The app has lots of information for both local and nation wide news sources. The main problem is the people in the comment section. Lots of people are spreading false information and conspiracy theories that danger other users. There is also a lot of negativity due to the politics talked about in the comments. Mostly conservatives insulting both health scientists and political leaders (past and present). I’ve seen the insults on both sides, ranging from insulting intelligence, appearance, and beliefs (including religion). The news sources are very helpful when gaining information, but the people in the comments are horrible to deal with.

- Content very sketchy

I’ve had this app for approximately 1year now and I agree completely with the other reviews that state the content is anywhere from Kim Kardashian to more serious news. HOWEVER, where this news comes from is very unreliable news sources. I’m deleting this app after (for example) numerous stories from WBCK that are written with an extremely bias slant. You may have 10;000 news sources but you need to vet them out for truth and accuracy. This would also cut down on the way too many notifications of news every two seconds. I’m normally not an anxious person but it certainly created anxiety to get news so constantly. You should also make it possible for the user to be able to block poor news sources.

- Removed the App

I had to remove the News Feed app because I was becoming depressed reading so many negative stories about children and babies. It got to the point that everyday when I would open this site, there would be a sad story about another child being beaten or burned or tortured in some way to cause their deaths. After telling my daughter this, she told me if I click on one type of story to read more about, the web site learns this subject is interesting to me and uses that subject to send me more of this type of news so that I keep reading and get “hooked” by this sensationalism. This is done to keep me as a reader. Well I no longer want to read about these sad stories, and therefore deleted the app for my own mental health wellness.

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News Break: Local Stories App 6.0.0 Screenshots & Images

News Break: Local Stories App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

News Break: Local Stories App iphone images
News Break: Local Stories App iphone images
News Break: Local Stories App iphone images
News Break: Local Stories App iphone images
News Break: Local Stories App iphone images
News Break: Local Stories App iphone images

News Break: Local Stories App (Version 6.0.0) Install & Download

The applications News Break: Local Stories App was published in the category News on 2016-07-15 and was developed by Particle Media Inc. [Developer ID: 1013476412]. This application file size is 90.21 MB. News Break: Local Stories App - News app posted on 2020-12-28 current version is 6.0.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.particlenews.newsbreak

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