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Play fun learning games and cool quizzes anywhere and anytime, on your own or with your friends. Kahoot! makes learning awesome - and homework, too!

Hey, masters of curiosity! We are Kahoot!, known for our game-based platform that makes learning awesome. Anyone can create games for any subject or topic - it’s simple and fun. Games of Kahoot! (or simply ‘kahoots’) are played in classrooms and other social settings all over the world. Did you know there are 50 million people every month creating, hosting and playing kahoots?

Now, we’ve built this free app so that you can play Kahoot! after class, too! During lunch, on a school bus, at home - anywhere, anytime! Find a game in our library, or play one you receive from your teachers or friends.

Here’s what you can do with the app:

Play and train classroom superpowers after school
Instead of pen and paper tasks, your teachers can now assign homework as games. Our goal is to make homework awesome this way! You can also replay classroom kahoots for revision - practice makes perfect ;)

Take on challenges - and challenge others!
You’ll receive after-class kahoots as challenges - watch out and see if you can get the top score. Found a tricky game? See if your friends can hit it out of the park - you can send challenges, too!

Play cool quizzes in single-player mode
Are you a trivia master? Or maybe want to test your memory? There are millions of Kahoot! games out there - find one you like and give it a go! You can play whenever you want in single-player mode.

Join games hosted in a group
You can also join a live kahoot hosted in class or another group setting. The questions will appear on the shared screen, and you’ll have to use the phone as the controller to answer.

It’s not just the teachers and students who get all the fun! Anyone who enjoys a good quiz and is interested in learning along the way, can find and play a game on any topic.

Play, learn and have fun Kahoot!’ing!

Kahoot! - Play Learning Games App Description & Overview

The applications Kahoot! - Play Learning Games was published in the category Education on 2016-09-20 and was developed by Kahoot! AS. The file size is 36.89 MB. The current version is 2.1.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Ho-ho-holiday update! It comes with a "Xmas egg" - can you find it?
- Get in the festive mood with our winter and holiday kahoots
- Search was improved to give you more relevant results
- Kahoot! looks even better on iPhone X

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login Problem  ImPowerful  4 star

It was good until I tried to create a game. It told me to log in and I entered the correct info and it says that it’s incorrect. I reset my password and entered it and when I tried to enter it it says Incorrect password. Idfk what’s going on. Idk what I should do PLEASE FIX


GUESS WHO WON  MeOksj  5 star

I didn’t but it was still fun

Super Diabetic

Kahoot  Super Diabetic  5 star

The kahoot app is awesome. I love testing my friends! I have made a ton of tests like a Matilda test and many others. This app is also educational I have made a math test! This app gets five stars!thank you kahoot


Good  zandergr8  5 star



MUSIC FOREVER  RaymondDraymond  5 star

Kahoot is awesome but for some reason the kahoot music just keeps playing! but worst of all is THAT IT’S ALWAYS THERE EVEN IF YOUR NOT ON KAHOOT! PLEASE [email protected]#KING FIX IT!


Kahoot Review  vietnub  5 star

I love the app, we use it in school all the time. If there's one thing my classmates and I absolutely adore, it's the amazing soundtrack you guys have created. Please create a soundtrack.


Love it!  Alpoitdcvhgfcc  5 star

Kahoot is very effective in helping students learn and is very fun for them. I would highly recommend it. -E.L.S.

Picksaw gone

Geoff  Picksaw gone  5 star

The Soundtrack sounds Good


I love it  Yeeeettthhhhh  5 star



Get it.  abbanfmsnsjamngdjsjbeheh  5 star

This app is pretty dang Great! We use it at school all the time. It allows you to learn things quickly in a fun way, or you can just review what you already know.


Shocking game  Malaki1020  1 star

Finding Nemo, Finding Dory. Bit of a difference. Fix your game


Christmas update  lrh3370  1 star

Ever since the Christmas update my iPad wont load up the enter pin area, this is extremely frustrating

Why Does It Edit Itself

Good stuff  Why Does It Edit Itself  5 star

It’s just gr8...


Few issues  MozzyH  3 star

While I do enjoy kahoot, I’d like sone better sorting options when searching for kahoots. I’m also apparently unable to change my selection of opponents from the AI to friends, no matter what kahoot I select. Oh, and the in-app game maker would be excellent also.

Kahoot is dumb

Hate hollow even  Kahoot is dumb  1 star

I hate the halloween theme.

Angry Kahoot Enthusiast

This is rigged  Angry Kahoot Enthusiast  1 star

I had a whole year kahoot game and it had 45 questions. I was wining on the 44th question but lost by 1 point b the end of the last question. It is obviously broken please fix or I will sue


👌👌😂😂🔥🔥  Blyeh  5 star



Love  Cjdjudhxbs  5 star

I love it


Music  Ryanamo12  5 star



Fantastic but beware with children  Jmk1982  1 star

My class were really excited to see this update as I can now set Kahoots for homework and add the link to Google classroom. But I am disappointed that the kahoots that can be played have not be checked. On the first night my students found quizzes with swear words and violence. This was found in the videos that appeared in some quizzes. Please fix! Or allow a setting where you can turn off access to public kahoots


iAppGuideiAppGuidecom3 star

The top free iPad education app is Kahoot! - Play Learning Games


data about datatrendsmetadata3 star

Charting Free US #iOS #Apps Kahoot! - Play Learning Games Rank 97. 🔻-17 Released 1.2Y ago


data about datatrendsmetadata3 star

Charting Free US #iOS #Apps Kahoot! - Play Learning Games Rank 80. 🔻-18 Released 1.2Y ago

Biley mraden

Great just kinda sensitive  Biley mraden  4 star

Love the app and it’s helped tremendously with test! Just one thing that had always set me and my classmates of! How sensitive the screen is. I think y’all should add a submit button for after you answer you must click submit!! Y’all may not like this, but I wanted to make sure y’all were aware. There is nothing worse than being in first place but being moved down because of this! But overall this is a very well and put together app and I can’t wait to see as it grows in the future!!!


Pretty good  Itsyoboytraahcan  5 star

It's a good app


Old kahoot needs to come back  kew117  1 star

This is dumb I need a retarted app to do school work like ummm this is dumb kms


Great App but critical detail to fix!  Spoofdogg  3 star

Love the app for many reasons but there's one flaw that needs to be addressed: the timer! The timer blocks crucial information that prevents the player from an accurate deduction. Please move it off the problem screen. Thanks!


Timer placement  dro3636  4 star

I love the questions. However, on a couple of questions, the timer was placed on crucial information. Because I couldn't read the info (due to the placement of the timer), I got the question wrong.


Small but weird  Mookie100  4 star

I was normally playing around with Kahoot! But something weird happened. Some reason when I was correct it said I was wrong.


Horrible  showjfhs  1 star

This is a terrible app and you should NEVER play it at all.


Please fix the bug  Arissa75  2 star

The app for some reason won't let me play with my friends using the app and it says connection failure Btw this is using the new app update


The timer blocks some  JoshuaScott!  3 star

It’s a fun app and has great quizzes but I have an iPhone 5s and for many questions, the timer blocks part of the question so I can’t answer it correctly.


Great App, Dude!  Rick_A_M  5 star

Awesome! I will use this app at school for quizzes! Next time I do a science quiz in next school issue, I will use it!

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