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Geekbench provides a comprehensive set of benchmarks engineered to quickly and accurately measure processor and memory performance. Designed to make benchmarks easy to run and easy to understand, Geekbench takes the guesswork out of producing robust and reliable benchmark results.

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The applications Geekbench 4 was published in the category Utilities on 2016-09-10 and was developed by Primate Labs Inc.. The file size is 76.83 MB. The current version is 4.3.2 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Fix a crash that could occur when launching Geekbench.

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REALLY GOOD  sammy13243546576879810  4 star

Geekbench is helpful, easy to use and not complicated at all. Geekbench is informative. Geekbench is very helpful in many ways such as 1. It tells you all the specs of you device 2. Compares your device with the average of other devices 3. The app isn’t really complicated or glitchy overall the app is great!!


Love this  TheaCakesnCream  5 star

I love using this app to see how fast my phone is compared to other devices people have

Gig feet

Not updated for iPhone XR/XS/XS Max  Gig feet  4 star

If you go to the compare section, it doesn’t show the iPhone XR/XS/XS Max comparison. It has none of them. Other than that, it’s a great app!


Lame  JEmlay  1 star

After over a year I still get a zero score for metal on my iPad Pro Gen2. I talked to support about it and they simply don’t care. They stopped responding to me. So I guess I care about your stars as much as you care about the iPad Pro Gen2. And why would you release an update to this app without including naming support for the A12X? You guys really couldn’t care less.

TurboDrop Tech

Insanly Good!  TurboDrop Tech  5 star

I bought this app to compqre between updates because i saw it on YouTube. I found ky iPhoje 6s is faster than average!!! You made my phone enjoyable again!

Colin Steinberg

New iPhones  Colin Steinberg  3 star

Please update for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and the new iPads.


Just fine.  alvinliao09  5 star

I have an iPhone 6s Plus 128GB and with this app, I get a result of 2542 single core and 4459 multi core, which is slightly higher than average of this phone. Only complaint is the Android version on Google Play is free and this iOS version costs .99 USD.


iPhone XS/XS Max  Noah024  5 star

I love this app! I’m curios, when will this app be updated and optimized for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users?

Quantum Strings

Low scores  Quantum Strings  3 star

I just got the iPhone XS and my multi-core score is only 9,800 (lower than iPhone X). The single core is coming in fine at 4,800. Does this mean my new phones processor has a glitch?


Great and Fast  Aarskringspier  5 star

Excellent app to test the performance of your phone. It’s light and quick and gives excellent info for how your phone is running compared to similar devices.


Amazing  _andzzzy_  5 star

People complain that it doesn’t work on older phones eg. iPhone 6 and 5. People complain it’s not similar to other results of the same model and that may be because of battery deterioration but it seems to be working extremely well on new iPhones like iPhone 8, 8 plus and I0. I tested my 8 and the results were similar to other people’s results, in fact higher so I think this is a pretty trustworthy app.


Promising but...  Texmax12  2 star

The app still doesn’t have iPad 10.5 base scores and it rated my iPhone6 plus as running faster than the base score for it when new. My Phone6 Plus is showing all the hallmarks of being throttled, but the app says it is running faster than ever. For instance, It now takes up to six seconds for the camera app to load.


Throttling on iPhone 6 Plus  Ho&Family  1 star

When my iPhone 6 Plus was throttled last week, I ran Geekbench 4 and the results are similar to the launching day. But, the iPhone 6 Plus was too slow to take pictures, and it took 6-20 seconds for a screenshot. Two days ago, Apple admitted that it throttled older iPhones. Due to worn battery? Not my case! My iPhone still has 94% battery on design capacity, according to coconutBattery app on Mac.


Doesn't work  Craigus86  1 star

Just paid for this app and it doesn't work, can't run a benchmark because their website seems to be down at the moment and the benchmark won't finish without it.


Simply Brilliant  beastyplayz  5 star

This is the only good Apple mobile benchmarker on the market today, simple to use and easy testing. 10/10


app is broken  igor.gutsaliuk  1 star

CPU Benchmark is broken in the current version. UI freezes at 04:50. iPhone 6, iOS 11.2.1

Tobbi G.

Doesn’t work  Tobbi G.  1 star

App unfortunately doesn’t complete running any tests on my 6s+. It appears to finish but then locks up and stays like that indefinitely. Clicking on any of the tabs on startup also results in a lockup. While it’s a cheap app I can’t recommend it since it doesn’t work at all. Hope it gets fixed at some point.


Keeps Crashing  Gmanhomerun  1 star

Waste of $.99 Wanted to test my cpu frequency to determine if I should replace my battery. Don’t buy. Keeps crashing


Good, one request  Benmattson  4 star

Works as expected. I have one request - let us change the title of or add notes to tests in our history. Just to keep things straight.


Great benchmark app!  EEK47  5 star

It checks your device performance, compares to what's expected, and keeps a history for future comparison. Very nice, and easy to use.


Doesn’t run  Morcrist  1 star

Says it needs an Internet connection to connect to the geekbench server


No results  mileserickson  1 star

I just paid 99 cents for this app, and the benchmark runs but the app will not display results due to a connectivity bug. My iPhone 6S is actively connected to the internet. I've run the CPU benchmark twice, and both times it has failed at the end with a vague "Cannot connect to Browser" error. The error message says that Geekbench requires an active internet connection, but I already have one.


Sure seems like it does a lot  Cygnusx3  2 star

Run dozens of tests but I have idea what they all mean. It attaches a numeric value to the results but again, I am not an engineer, I have no idea if the results are good or bad. I just wanted something that would tell me if my battery was degraded.


More important now than ever  --**  3 star

Older phones/iPads use this first to see your current and theoretical performance. Then decide if you need a new iOS device

Keneth Echevarria

Great  Keneth Echevarria  5 star

Esta aplicación es lo mejor

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